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“And he toured sixty years, three hundred days a year.” Like Charlie Chaplain’s Little Tramp, Marceau’s Bip — in a navy-and-white striped t-shirt, white bellbottoms, gray overshirt with a low-hung crew neck, and crushed top hat with spongy red flower — became an internationally recognizable icon.

As is usual these days, Kadyrov was wearing an olive-green overshirt, a form of traditional Chechen dress that he has made popular among his retinue and has required male public employees to wear to the office on Fridays.

A few days before the opening of Vija Celmins’s retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, last December, the artist, an auburn-haired woman in dark slacks and a slate-blue overshirt, stood in the first gallery and said, to nobody in particular, “This show is too large.” Curators are used to comments like this from Celmins, who is prone to self-deprecation.

But we’ve just moved on so much since then, in terms of the working of these yarns.” Her new men’s collection includes four-piece suits: a shirt, an overshirt, a coat and trousers — all made in very lightweight nylon.

I was taken with an overshirt by Tender made of rough, deadstock linen dyed a blush pink ($308).

Of the temperate brands, there was one exciting outlier: Blurhms, from Japan, which had a phenomenal unstructured burgundy sweater coat, a kind of Oliver Twist chic, and also a waterproof down overshirt that made me look like the Stay Puft man.

True story: A few weeks ago I was at Totokaelo, trying on a black Bode lace overshirt, attempting to rationalize the $500-or-so price tag.

When there’s a chill in the air but it isn’t cold enough for a heavy jacket, it’s time for an overshirt.The best overall goes to the Everlane Heavyweight overshirt for its workmanship, price point and clean, slightly boxy look that stays true to the style’s utilitarian roots while remaining thoroughly modern.

The overshirt, also known as the shirt jacket or “shacket,” is a fall and spring staple that combines the best of a shirt and a jacket.

The overshirt continues to retain a bit of a utilitarian feel, with a dash of the outdoorsy and a streetwear aesthetic thrown in for good measure.

What also differentiates an overshirt from a regular shirt is the heavier material, which can be anything from flannel to denim or corduroy.

The overshirt category encompasses a broad range, from more shirt-like versions in mid-weight cotton to others that are more jacket-like and have linings.

In terms of style, the overshirt‘s potential is nearly limitless.

It pairs really well with jeans and other five-pocket pants, chinos, or even dress pants (depending on the style of overshirt you choose).

The Everlane Heavyweight overshirt takes best overall for its workmanship, price point, and clean, slightly boxy look that stays true to the style’s utilitarian roots while remaining thoroughly modern.

Here are the best men’s overshirts you can buy:Best men’s overshirt overall: Everlane Heavyweight overshirtBest overshirt on a budget: Wrangler Authentics Men’s Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt JacketBest overshirt for sustainability and versatility: Outerknown Blanket ShirtBest overshirt for chores: Patagonia Farrier’s ShirtBest for dressing up: Ted Baker Regle Over ShirtUpdated on 11/12/2019 by Andrew Amelinkckx: Added additional info on why we didn’t include Stio and Frank And Oak in list, in the section on “what else we considered.”

The best men’s overshirt

From Everlane comes a solidly made and handsome overshirt at a great price.

The Heavyweight overshirt from Everlane is a well-made product with an appealing price tag.

The Heavyweight overshirt is made form an 8-oz heavy-cotton twill that’s sturdy but still soft.

Its slightly boxy look stays true to the style’s utilitarian roots while remaining thoroughly modern.When I received the overshirt, a close inspection revealed no defects or loose threads and it appeared to be very well crafted.

Pros: Made from heavy cotton, ethically produced, great priceCons: Has to be air-dried to prevent shrinking

Buy on Everlane for $75.00

The best budget overshirt

This Wrangler flannel overshirt is warm, comfortable, and an affordable price.

Wrangler’s classic quilted lined flannel overshirt is made from 100% cotton and features a quilted polyester lining for added warmth.

It definitely has an outdoorsy look and because of the bulkiness, I don’t wear this out as I would the other overshirts on this list.Pros: Warm, soft, and a good valueCons: A little bulky, not super versatile

Buy on Amazon for $25.99

The best sustainable, versatile overshirt

Attractive, warm, and, nicely constructed, the Outerknown Blanket Shirt is versatile enough to get you from a beach party to a weekend brunch.

The same level of care goes into the design of the Blanket Shirt, with its thick twill-weave that won’t wrinkle, reinforced side seams for strength, and the beautiful assortment of mostly plaids and stripes that the overshirt comes in.

If you’re looking for a slimmer fit, consider going down a size, but in my opinion, that defeats the purpose of an overshirt.

Pros: Sustainably made, well-constructed, versatileCons: A bit pricey

Buy on REI for $100.93

The best overshirt for chores

Patagonia’s Farrier’s Shirt is durable, made from a hemp-and-recycled-poly blend, and can double as streetwear.

Pros: Sustainable, abrasion-resistant, versatileCons: Not heavy enough for colder weather, the Patagonia logo is highly visible (unless you like that)

Buy on Patagonia for $89.00

The best for dressing up

While many overshirts can have an outdoorsy vibe, Ted Baker’s version, the Regle overshirt, has a refined character with a sleeker look and elegant details.

The Regle is a sleeker version of the classic overshirt.

The company’s Good Cotton Denim overshirt is made with organic cotton harvested using sustainable methods.

It’s made from heavy denim with contrast stitching that gives a nod to the overshirt‘s origins.

He was wearing a loose white overshirt, and white pants that stopped two or three inches short of his ankles, and the inevitable felt hat, round and short-brimmed.

Oswaldo Vidal Martín always wears the same thing to court: a striped overshirt, its wide collar and cuffs woven with geometric patterns and flowers.

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