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The other, from June 7, is where Trump Jr. outlines who from the Trump campaign will attend the meeting: Great.

“They have broad outlines that they agree on.

“They have broad outlines that they agree on.

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I train my eyes to trace the outlines of the blinged-out outfits.

The outlines of the coming debate began to emerge just hours after news of Scalia’s death broke.

The letter outlines Mr. Ghomeshi’s progress toward acquiring insight into the attitudes which sourced his offensive behaviour.

“We don’t want to rush into anything, we want to understand the outlines and ethics first.

In a third, solar beams radiate over a hulking warehouse or office building, practically dissolving its outlines.

In total, it outlines 15 violations.

Each of the dark red outlines is drawn in one motion.

“The Infinity Engine” (2014–2017), an immersive installation highlighting the current state of bioengineering, outlines the scientific quest for immortality.

In gray outlines the word “Volar,” Spanish for “to fly,” radiates across the blackness of the wall.

But there is a document that outlines exactly what was in this application.

Summers has a dog in the fight: He wrote a report that formed the outlines of Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda.

The new policy platform outlines the five areas where the coalition is seeking reparations.

The agreement outlines how countries will deal with lowering greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2020.

To get involved, you can check out their interactive world map, which outlines active causes across the globe.

General outlines begin to appear that show what aspects of the building he is fixating on or how he is considering form over time.

This thousand-page tome outlines the sectarian factions that coalesced during the civil war in Lebanon.

It outlines a scenario in which utilities thrive, greenhouse gas emissions decline, and everyone joins hands in song.

NASA maintains a Human Research Roadmap that outlines the knowns and unknowns (the known ones) of risks to the human body in space.

Again, that’s something that gaming just doesn’t have, not obviously, as this Popmatters article outlines.

The North Korean paper also outlines the innovative method by which hangover-causing toxins are separated from the good stuff and imparted with medicinal qualities.

Here it is, with all its transmission lines: The colored outlines (MISO, PJM, SERC, etc.)

The force outlines dozens of recommendations in the 112-page report that was widely praised as progressive and realistic.

But the broad outlines of his economic agenda are fairly clear.

The 2017 report also outlines how Apple is doing on its other environmental goals.

The amendment deals with presidential succession and disability and outlines how the Cabinet can decide whether a president can no longer do his job.

A long history of Trump “frameworks” and “outlines” precedes it.

Part of the document dump is a memo that outlines the way the Kennedy administration tried to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Part of the document dump is a memo that outlines the way the Kennedy administration tried to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Instinctively, we know the shape of the father, the outlines of learning to ride a bike.

You can see it in the bold outlines of the pre-school art that quivers at you with excitement.

Their disposal, according to the office, was governed by NASA Procedural Requirements, which outlines protocols for the “identification and disposition of potential artifacts.”

But Axios published a leaked document this week that reportedly contained the outlines of the White House’s infrastructure proposal.

Biden has engaged President Donald Trump more often than his Democratic rivals, while speaking in broad, thematic outlines rather pinpointing policy.

But we only have the broadest of outlines of what technology will be in 10 years.

As Moeun outlines, “Short-term contracts are like one handcuff on your wrist.

It is to be a silhouette; seen only in your outlines, recognizable more by what is absent than what is present.

—Vox’s Brad Plumer outlines the eight key components of Trump’s climate change executive order.

In dealing with relationship abuse victims, Stanizai takes a similar approach to the one Viciere outlines: reflecting their history and actions back to them.

The film also outlines Begg’s complicated allegiances, the events that led up to his forced confession in Bagram and its aftermath.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Today, the president will sign the bill to reopen the government along the outlines of what we had proposed…

Sunlight burns against your back, painting your blue outlines as you file forward and the walls narrow and voices hush.

The Recorded Future report outlines two parallel intrusions into different parts of the Visma network.

Read is half-American and half-English, something he outlines as “fortunate” because of the long summer holidays he spent visiting family in Brooklyn, New York.

Here, Ng outlines her fears with a golden border allowing her nightmarish dark greens and blues to fill in the empty spaces.

Atwell and veteran journalist Jerry Langton just released The Hard Way Out, a novel that outlines his experiences with the club.

The broad outlines of the plan have been described in op-eds and tweets from people close to Trump.

Go deeper: Defense Department’s new transgender policy outlines harsh limits for troops

The approximately 100-page report outlines, in sometimes explicit detail, Khashoggi’s assassination inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2018.

From the moment Trump proposed the outlines of the deal, Democrats weren’t biting.

This efficiency-oriented eclipse can help couples draw clearer outlines around their partnerships, too.

The portrait is superimposed on a silhouette of a figure riding a winged creature, along with outlines of angles within the picture frame.

They play upstage, backlit, at the center of the outlines of a house.

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In compositions like Papaver field and Vertebrae in bloom, he overlays printed x-ray sheets with thin decorative outlines of plants.

Reuters revealed the outlines of the package on Wednesday.

The game’s description outlines the same features, too, including World Tour, Toad Rally and the Kingdom Builder.

Mayer’s story outlines how Fox News pundits influence Trump and vice versa, and paints Fox News as a propaganda machine for Trump.

The new governance policy also outlines how developers can start committing code to the project.

A report published in the Guardian today includes a training document for Facebook editors that outlines how they should curate the “trending” headlines tool.

It also guarantees them whistleblower protections and outlines procedures when the accused is a religious superior, like a bishop or cardinal.

Go deeper: Amash outlines his 6 reasons for impeaching Trump

Along with listing providers, the Safe Place Project outlines the various legal restrictions on abortion access in each state.

March 2, 2018: Theresa May outlines her economic vision for the U.K.’s departure from the EU.

Go deeper: The Fed outlines potential economic fallout from global warming

Alongside a welcoming public opinion, one can begin to see the outlines of a favorable political economy for a partisan realignment on trade deals.

Facebook’s policy outlines additional examples here.

A new report outlines how that will be a dramatic downgrade in security.

The reunification plan outlines means to locate removed parents, determine their intentions for their children, and address concerns about children’s safety and parentage.

outlines of buried ancient structures appear during a UK heat wave, and art organizations make steps toward racial equity in the field.

His plan also outlines social justice and equity provisions and steps to help fossil fuel workers.

Related: Kaiser Health News outlines five trends it found in the FDA’s once-hidden database of medical device malfunctions and injuries.

J.B. Pritzker is expected to sign the bill, which outlines some of the strongest abortion protections in the country.

Abramson outlines the reasons why you might want to do so (in a word: empathy), but he urges caution.

It still outlines the importance of alliances.

Berberian outlines a model similar to video game development, where partners do much of the heavy lifting for product design.

Campaign support plans are classified, Cloutier said, but he shared broad outlines.

Both novels are built in three acts, script-style, only because I never learned any other way to set up outlines.

Perhaps in surer directorial hands, this could work; if you squint, you can make out the outlines of that better film.

More specifically, the article outlines some troubling details about the Packers’ quarterback.

2262 is helpful to companies like his because it explicitly outlines private sector’s rights to resources they extract in space.

Now the first outlines of Microsoft’s bigger ambition for its unlikely acquisition are starting to come into focus.

Wednesday was the day that the outlines of how Trump planned to fulfill many of his campaign promises became much clearer.

To make them either completely filled or bare-bones outlines would have both been effective decisions.

Working with local parents, Duell poses children on the ground and outlines their bodies with chalk, evoking a series of crime scenes.

She fills in the outlines with recycled bottles of water illuminated by LED lights.

Drawing with graphite, Wilmarth composes a spectral portrait that outlines the shape of a face with the negative space.

The brief, presented by acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark, outlines a number of counterarguments.

Here are the main concerns outlines in the letter.

Or providing the same photographic proof of significant experience Sontag outlines, but mapped onto the everyday?

First comes the theory (suji), which outlines the basic idea.

As Grande dances with the outlines of these animals, Wonder plays the keys as only he can in an empty theater.

In addition, the report outlines that several witnesses were interviewed, statements were consistent and the conclusions were justified by the evidence.”

Prentis fills out bold outlines through a bipolar color palette similar to the one used by fellow illustrator Josan Gonzalez, a.k.a., @deathburger.

This gigantic grid of red lasers is called outlines.

This weekend, however, outlines will appear at Day for Night in Houston.

Comey outlines all of this (and more) in an open letter she penned to the CFDA.

Refugee Agency, the 1951 Refugee Convention is the “key legal document” that outlines the rights of refugees.

The outlines of figures are embroidered onto muslin sewing rings.

On Friday, representatives from 175 nations signed the Paris Agreement, which outlines voluntary carbon emissions and climate targets.

Again, that’s something that gaming just doesn’t have, not obviously, as this Popmatters article outlines.

Thursday’s complaint outlines several ways in which the device isn’t so worry-free.

Cummings also outlines another nationwide concern.

There are plenty more, which Cravalho outlines for true Disney die-hards.Check out the video, below.

States of Focus is a survey exhibition that outlines overlooked contributions by women artists from several Eastern European countries and across multiple generations.

Friday’s report, in contrast, outlines a broad range of 91 technical fixes aimed at boosting stock, bond and derivatives markets.

For one thing, Article II, which outlines the president’s powers, requires that he “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Napier also outlines the sociological components of Miyazaki’s feature films.

In each case, the DOJ has issued a “statement of facts” that outlines the fraud the government suspects occurred at the bank.

Actual pressure — White House visits, policy outlines, the sort of things presidents do when they are leaning on Congress to pass their agendas — might.

“All they have are outlines and a general sense of the arc of the characters.

So I have a sense of what’s going on in the entire year and I always do outlines first.

He’s 27 now, bundled up in a black Miami Heat sweatsuit, polite with an easy laugh as the drawn hood outlines his face.

Marks from a beheading and charred outlines of bodies are still visible in the concrete floor.

The guide outlines some of the things the company monitors.

The association also outlines possibilities of wildfire insurance arranged in tiers of most coverage to least coverage.

The new curriculum offers teachers 12 hours of step-by-step tutorials, handouts, technical setup guides, outlines, lesson guides, and more.

The document, called a tariff, outlines the particulars of the line and the oil that will be delivered.

Kyung Me’s sketches initially appear rough and hurried, with loose outlines and plain washes of color that carelessly overstep their bounds.

At midnight, as the fireworks danced in the foggy sky, I stopped to admire the outlines of couples kissing on rooftops nearby.

Kim outlines the charges that are being brought: weapons charges, attempted murder, robbery, and kidnapping.

NASA maintains a Human Research Roadmap that outlines the knowns and unknowns (the known ones) of risks to the human body in space.

In the book, Raghunathan outlines the multiple ways in which seemingly intelligent, successful people unwittingly sabotage their own chances at happiness.

Patel outlines two types of emotional resonance.

“I haven’t even seen outlines [for the new shows].”

Best known for his chalk figure outlines and shadowman series.

This article outlines how you can take steps to protect your phone number.

The paper outlines a method for multi-advisor reinforcement learning that breaks problems down to be simpler and more easily computable.

I wrote many, many chronological outlines trying to remember everything that I could.

In a moving essay for Lena Dunham’s newsletter, Lenny Letter, Bellisario outlines her experience with mental health.

It also outlines the responsibilities of the cabinet and a 120-member legislature.

In 2010, TDIC developed its Employment Practices Policy (EPP), which outlines workers’ welfare requirements on its projects including the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

Ferriss indeed outlines some interesting tips on managing resources to get the highest ROI on your work.

Mashable explains that the simple illustrated DIY, which is exactly like the Swedish superstore’s notorious furniture-assembly instructions, outlines the process.

The plan, written in 1993, outlines a trilogy story that has since exploded into seven books.

Their “Know Your Rights” page also outlines considerations for card usage.

Lyft outlines bike and scooter plans

To give you an idea, our overview document is 10 pages and outlines more than 150 features in excruciating detail.

Unlike HOPE’s code of conduct, the JS conference outlines specific types of harassment, such as following other attendees at the conference.

Uber CEO outlines mobility plans

The letter outlines several demands, including a $15 minimum wage for all employees, 401k matching, paid maternity leave, lower health insurance deductibles and more.

The agenda the resolution outlines is radical.

Lang said that the unclear outlines of the future shape and the timeline of a deal were creating uncertainty for businesses.

Visible around her, though, are the outlines of provocative models, sourced from pornography.

The map below outlines the most common jobs in each state in 2014.

At some point a battery will be so worn out that it will need to be replaced, as Apple outlines on its site.

The Times story outlines how Apple clamped down on multiple screen time and parental-control apps.

A trailer released by Nintendo outlines exactly what you get, with two big DLC released planned over the course of the year.

In the email, Cook calls for the FBI order to be dropped, and outlines some arguments.

Musk outlines some potential sources, including, he joked (or was it serious?)

Sandberg succinctly outlines what so many women have experienced and the change they want to see.

She outlines six things she believes will make a meaningful and impactful change when handling sexual harassment claims.

(Of course, as Pompeo outlines in the essay, production was eager to shove another man in the mix.

However, it outlines procedures for how citizens can share that footage.

“It feels claustrophobic to me,” he laughs, but then outlines why a new workplace trend requires more than headphones.

NextGen has released a strategy memo that outlines the rationale for their campaign.

It also outlines what behaviors are prohibited in the workplace and mandates that victims have clear ways to report improper behavior.

Jane Mansbridge outlines the ways in which “descriptive representation” can make a difference for public policy and enhance democracy for all citizens.

In 2004’s Think Like A Billionaire, Trump outlines his secret to health.

Shane Kimbrough outlines ISS Thanksgiving 2016 menu.

The document outlines that Tesla will sell up to $1.35 billion in convertible senior notes.

In this, one may glimpse the outlines of an alternate (Catholic?

Facebook has a strict Platform Policy that outlines what developers of third party apps can and cannot do.

President Donald Trump’s advisers have been working on the outlines of a plan for some time.

I encountered a similar sense of entrapment at “outlines,” another beam-heavy installation by St. Petersburg collective TUNDRA.

In his book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet, he also outlines a few basic principles: 1.

The show’s credits sequence for its second season depicts dotted outlines of missing figures in family photographs.

These workout leggings have a distinct “muscle containment stamping” pattern on the inside fabric, which outlines the shapes of your leg muscles.

Perhaps teasing the broad outlines of that deal, Trump also declared his support for a two-state solution to conflict.

If overdraft fees were eliminated as the bill outlines, a few things could happen.

outlines are always bad, too: The thicker the needle, the nastier the pain.

Roberts uses no color or shading in any of her spreads, only outlines.

In season 1, episode 7, Hannah (Katherine Langford) outlines his crime: He emotionally sabotaged her in class by removing “compliments” from her “compliments” bag.

Some of them I sit down and plan and write outlines, and other ones I just talk.”

The brief outlines the enormous harm the restrictions would cause people nationwide.

There is always the risk that tests become “weapons of math destruction” as Cathy O’Neil outlines in her recent book.

Now Musk has written a new paper that outlines the most recent version of his Mars vision.

According to one popular Reddit-born theory, the superheroes’ costumes contain outlines of the insects that inspired them.

The broad outlines of an agreement are there.

But the current legislation only outlines $1 million for compliance.

In a paper, Facebook’s AI Research (FAIR) lab outlines just that as part of its CommAI framework.

His murder mysterious, staged in TriBeCa and elsewhere, with its blood red paint splashed across white outlines, immediately unnerved everyone, including the NYPD.

Jacoby includes interviews with artists who saw the outlines and were terrified that they were witnessing the aftermath of a killing.

After months releasing vague outlines and broad plans, House Republicans are finally working through legislative text on tax reform.

It was a combination of random choice and people whose inner lives didn’t reach their outlines.

Monahan outlines a number of protective measures one should consider before signing a lease with a partner — no matter how solid a relationship seems.

As the company’s S-1 filing with the SEC outlines, The Trade Desk’s business is very healthy.

In “Evidence of a Struggle,” a rusty haze rises off the deep browns beneath, with no strong shapes or outlines.

A line must be drawn between optimism and dishonesty before it leads to drawing chalk outlines on the ground.

They are only expected to present to member states their outlines for future ties early next week.

The Mueller report outlines a specific huge lie Sanders told after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.

Border academic Peter Andreas outlines the case in his book Border Games: Policing the U.S. Mexico Divide.

The list outlines which partners they would ideally like to work with, and which ones they absolutely will not.

It outlines ways to protect information, such as researching apps before downloading them and updating anti-virus software.

Cover image: Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan outlines a federal lawsuit her office filed on Monday, April 23, 2018 file photo.

Wenzke outlines a more mindful approach for college grads who are about to start adulting.

“In the first two minutes, she outlines imposter phenomenon perfectly,” Badawy adds.

Ahead, Pong outlines four important things to keep in mind in order to take full advantage of that second job interview.

She outlines things to try to incorporate and things to avoid in order to ace your next job interview.

My previous article outlines basic tactics for unassigned seat selection at the dinner table.

The infographic below, created by Expedia, outlines some easy natural fixes.

It outlines principles for guiding the smart-city project’s ethical handling of citizen data and secure use of emerging technologies like facial recognition.

The Chamber’s brief outlines what it considers to be the magnitude of the litigation over allegedly inaccessible websites and apps.

The particulars of her experience are unique, but the general outlines are common.

September 23, 2017: Speaking at an event at the University of Texas, O’Rourke outlines a four-step plan for getting to universal coverage.

Lining the bottom are books along with outlines of familiar characters from Cogsworth and Lumiere to Mrs. Potts.

I’d prefer a proportional representation system, for all the reasons my colleague Matt Yglesias outlines here.

Most of the scene has been rigged with this, like a permeable haptic membrane that outlines the world.

outlines are created manually click by click.

The film reportedly outlines how the US created a cyberattack contingency plan, known as Nitro Zeus, in case nuclear negotiations with Iran failed.

A press release from the assocation outlines the new, streamlined labeling system.

The document, dated Dec. 3 2018, outlines key points for bankers to raise with U.S. officials.

Ray’s 2009 arrest warrant outlines those prior events and more.

They have the outlines of familiar fantasy tropes, but the heroism and the failings are distributed equally on both sides.

One of the specific steps the commission outlines is making it easier to offer cybersecurity solutions throughout the EU.

Indeed, an update to Twitter’s photo FAQ outlines the new size limits.

Then he wipes the outlines off and goes back in with primer, foundation, eyeshadow, and contouring makeup.

The plan outlines Musk’s vision for a combined Tesla and SolarCity, which Tesla offered to acquire last month.

This agreement outlines which problems are the jurisdiction of which agency, so they can develop further guidelines without stepping on each others’ toes.

“It is an embodiment of a vision — one of promoting literacy, unity, and forward-thinking laced with tradition, carrying within it aspirations beyond its outlines.

Sure, Democrats will try to use the playbook Favreau outlines to paint Rubio as an ultraconservative.

When Michael Crichton passed away in 2008, he left behind a massive collection of papers: outlines, notes, and several incomplete novels.

When Michael Crichton passed away in 2008, he left behind a massive collection of papers: outlines, notes, and several incomplete novels.

In a note posted to its website this week, Niantic outlines violations of its TOS that can result in a permanent ban.

The patent also outlines way to both store this information and cross-check it with online databases.

Cersei’s brother neatly outlines how screwed she is in an early scene.

The document outlines operational details of a startup founded by Anthony Levandowski, who was a lead engineer in Alphabet’s self-driving car division.

In 2010, TDIC created its Employment Practices Policy (EPP), which outlines workers’ welfare requirements on its projects including the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

They are all characterized by a distinctive mauve hue, soft pink flesh coloring the undulating outlines, dynamic, fresh and pulsating in sensuality.

A second paper in Nature today outlines a competing hypothesis: that it’s ice that accounts for the mass, not liquid water.

But it outlines a broader problem with media and entertainment, and our online environments.

Published earlier this month, it outlines current trends in artificial intelligence and makes recommendations about where the US military should invest and research.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report that outlines some of his expectations with Apple’s 2017 iPhone.

This technique distinguishes Chosunhwa from contemporary Hangukwha — traditional South Korean painting — in which artists use outlines to define figures emphasizing flatness of the scene.

The document outlines what to look for when hiring engineers and high-level developers.

The document, filed last year, outlines plans for an apparatus that can regulate temperature to release heat from a substance within a canister.

Ostensibly, Republicans in the House pushed to release the memo because they believe it outlines surveillance abuses the American people need to know about.

The report outlines that maintenance records show the truck was in good working order prior to the crash, and passed an FHP inspection afterwards.

Though the report outlines the basic functionality of Autopilot, it does not examine whether the system was functioning appropriately.

Still, the outlines of “A Better Deal” at least suggest that the progressive left’s political thinking may be making inroads in Democratic circles.

The video is a gorgeous, minimal affair that outlines the Hubble Deep Image Survey, and puts the scale of that first image into perspective.

A dozen-page press release outlines all the changes and improvements, and the Huracan Performante itself debuts tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show.

The project’s Kickstarter page outlines the various features that make up this particular instrument.

The memo outlines a plan to establish a “global Islamic state,” starting in the United States.

His thin inked line is sometimes doubled-up, so that shadow-like outlines appear around otherwise finished renderings of his subjects’ arms and legs.

From a plot perspective, the vague outlines of the movie are sort of visible: Gosling plays a cop.

CNBC outlines that sales of guns and ammunition account for $478.4 million in profit each year.

While most members of Congress have yet to take a position, outlines like we saw in the health care debate are already appearing.

When I ask for a best-case scenario for founding Otra Nation, Sinclair outlines a complex but surprisingly compact roadmap.

The proposal outlines when the cameras should be used, and how the resulting footage will be stored and accessed.

The Kickstarter outlines that the group will start manufacturing the device in August, with delivery anticipated for December.

François Beaufort outlines the Chrome team’s new approach in this Google+ post that was reported on by Android Police.

The six-page document outlines a plan to use federal grants to spur state, local, and private investment.

The outlines of shapes are more distinct, and people’s eyes, for example, now pop in a very noticeable way.

“It’s all well and good to see people agree on the broad outlines or specific components of a tax bill,” said Greenberg.

“Today, the official documents do not indicate precise outlines for the new Silk Roads, and China is being purposefully vague,” Ekman said.

Hackers have so far only published published script outlines on the web, rather than full episodes.

How else do you explain outlines of nude bodies placed on top of cloudlike splatters of paint and the words “HONEY” and “OATS?”

This year, as VICE News’ Alex Thompson outlines, the conference’s theme was clear: Talk about race.

Here are the 10 instances of potential obstruction Mueller outlines in his report: The news moves fast.

One of the more particularly detailed portions outlines the intricacies of one of Overwatch’s GOATS staples, a Russian hero called Zarya.

Bitdefender outlines two possible attacks, which the company tested in an environment similar to the common home.

In his post, Martin outlines a bit of Nightflyers history.

A draft agreement announced by the FCC and FTC today outlines how the agencies will work together after net neutrality is killed.

The text also outlines protections for migrant children in government custody.

Hogg and others drew 17 chalk outlines on the pavement outside the store to represent the 17 people killed in Parkland.

Hogg and others drew 17 chalk outlines on the pavement outside the store to represent the 17 people killed in Parkland.

The game itself never explicitly outlines these tenets; rather, it uses the choices Charlie makes and her situation to implicitly demonstrate them to you.

Gulftech also outlines a file upload flaw within the devices that would allow potential hackers to gain remote access.

As JB explains in a trailer that outlines his intention, it’s also an experiment in testing the limitations of Fair Use doctrine.

The Coul Links proposal outlines fairways adjacent to the dunes, with stunning views of the nearby Scottish highlands.

Avant Dictee outlines the trajectory of artworks leading up to and beyond the publication of Dictee.

In its response, OnePlus outlines various protocols the company uses to safeguard users’ payment information, including sharing data over encrypted connections.

There’s plenty of constructivist art on display, with strong outlines and vivid colors that are well-suited to depicting uncomplicated heroism.

Within each, different kinds of marks and forms co-exist: dark outlines, aqueous thin and rubbed passages, and delineated color blocks.

The phosphor can burn away unevenly, leaving permanent, ghostly outlines of images behind.

To exist, in so strong and intense of a mind, the solid outlines of her body.

Voice recognition capabilities, as well as GPS and a Wi-Fi-based positioning system are other functions the patent outlines that the drone could have.

Google also outlines examples of requests it received, the context of why the request was made, and the resulting outcome.

The lasers use infrared to lightly scratch designs into the top layer of the jean’s surface, creating the faded outlines and tears.

But the outlines of the final version have begun to emerge.

His post also outlines additional steps Facebook plans to take to ensure users are aware of what’s happening with their data.

But the outlines of the final version have begun to emerge.

But just the outlines of his “security budget” will likely face greater headwinds than usual.

AIS works on the basis of object recognition, understanding the outlines of shapes, and ensuring that they stay consistent from one frame to another.

So, the broad outlines of agreements between the two countries had already been set by the time Siamak was captured.

He has two kinds of images from each data set — complete images and extracted outlines of those images.

Traeger intensifies the effect with thick swaths of black ink and rough-hewn outlines.

“Our Car-Net Terms of Service explicitly outlines that as a subscriber, the customer has the responsibility to terminate the contract when selling their vehicle.

The film’s framing device ensures that we know the rough outlines of his fate and hers, but somehow Titanic keeps our attention regardless.

It also outlines a number of broad guidelines for AI, touching issues like bias, privacy, and human oversight.

“There will be another kind of evangelicalism and you are seeing the outlines of it,” she says.

We only know the outlines of Shadow of the Tomb Raider so far, but it appears to follow all the same beats.

“He’s found outlines of crustaceans, snails and sea worms inside his meteors,” the report said.

Even in the 1990s, you could see the outlines of the four parties and surprising alliances among them.

Sanders’s new plan outlines how to move everyone onto the one government plan in a way that more Senate Democrats could support.

We’ve got 10 outlines written, and we’re deep into refining them now and getting ready to write the scripts.

The paper outlines a comprehensive regulatory regime that would touch virtually every aspect of social networks.

After months releasing vague outlines and broad plans, Republicans have finally unveiled the legislative text of a tax reform bill.

The first agenda the report outlines is that we need to understand how planets form.

FEMA outlines how to prepare your home and your family for a hurricane, like bringing loose objects and patio furniture indoors.

Titled “Delivering Safety,” the 33-page document outlines the technology and procedures Nuro is using to safely deploy its fleet of autonomous delivery robots.

Axios last week published a leaked document that reportedly contained the outlines of the White House’s infrastructure proposal.

THUMP outlines six ways in which clubs can work to stop incidences of sexual harassment and assault in clubs.

The 4chan proof outlines how to find the smallest possible number of episodes for the solution.

To do so, they’ve dug into a bill Sanders introduced in 2013 that outlines what a single-payer system in America could look like.

This administration has been quick to set out the outlines to a real management agenda.

But he outlines a few reasons to remain positive.

So what’s the difference between what the NDAA outlines and what Trump wants to do?

But Apple’s patent also outlines a way for the Apple Watch to automatically adjust its fit throughout the day.

The patent outlines some interesting ways that a dynamically tightening Apple Watch band could send notifications to a user.

The argument that Brooks outlines makes sense.

Below is the full text of the letter they sent, which outlines more ambitious goals to address climate change.

With its dark, brash outlines and surprisingly sensitive interior modeling, “Blue Angel” (1994) could be a transitional work.

The outlines can either appear in the captured photo, or just be used as a guide and disappear when it’s captured.

Creator Joe Swanberg is known for his “semi-improvisational” style, meaning that he gives his actors outlines rather than fully formed scripts.

Like some other paintings in this series, it features subtle tracings of Pindell’s own body that recall chalk outlines at crime scenes.

We don’t know exactly when that’s coming, but the company outlines some useful customization tips in this Bixby rundown here.

Portions of the surface are raised, specifically the outlines of beams forming the sitter’s halo.

That question must be settled before even the broad outlines of the program can be made clear.

Wired’s report outlines some of the growing pains that seems too familiar with startups working to grow at all costs.

Based on more than 6,000 scientific references across 40 countries, the report outlines the impacts of global warming.

Facebook outlines plans to curb anti-vax conspiracy theories In the wake of Pinterest removing anti-vaccine content from search, Facebook is following suit.

Most of those plans are still broad outlines that are just now getting picked up off the shelf.

He outlines four broad areas where he feels that new regulation is needed: data portability, election integrity, harmful content, and privacy.

The indictment outlines communications between Manning and Assange from the spring of 2010.

That allows it to better re-create larger structures, like the outlines of buildings and furniture or the edges of a racetrack in Mario Kart.

For example, he outlines how the data Google collects makes its services more useful.

In her scant free time, though, she devotes herself to crafting elaborate, pulsating soundscapes like the one on this latest release, Approaching Chalk outlines.

(Democrats have announced they’ve reached the broad outlines of a deal on DACA, but the exact details have yet to be worked out.)

Highly graphic in bold outlines of the forms, the severe diagonals animated the space, thereby attracting small children wanting to play in the booth.

A political declaration lays out the broad outlines for this arrangement.

At other times, she outlines bodies in sharp silhouette, revealing partial curves and angles reminiscent of Bill Brandt’s distorted photographic nudes.

Wednesday’s climate budget outlines how.

The bill has since been amended twice, though the broad outlines remain the same.

The 71-page document essentially outlines the rules that insurers need to play by if they want to sell coverage on the marketplaces.

That year, US officials came up with the outlines of their “Plan Colombia” support package for the South American nation.

The former Bravo personality and Christian signed a deal in December that outlines custody, child support and spousal support, according to The Blast.

That year, US officials came up with the outlines of their “Plan Colombia” support package for the South American nation.

Here’s the full Fyre Festival promo video: The lawsuit outlines what the expectations were for this supposedly “luxury” festival vs. the realities.

And at Mother Jones, Andy Kroll outlines how Cambridge Analytica continually frustrated Cruz staffers with technical blunders and missed opportunities.

According to the outlet, the agreement outlines child support payment and custody rights.

Lohan outlines that hosts and guest stars were brought in from the U.S. to help her create her vision.

The deal outlines a faster rise in New York City, but carves out a slow lane for small businesses and surrounding counties.

The Congressional Budget Office, for example, has a 29-page document that outlines its methods.

He outlines — systematically and with clear, graceful prose — the many facets of “memory” that paradoxically complicate our attempts to remember Vietnam.

Nadler said that “even the redacted version of the report outlines serious instances of wrongdoing by President Trump and some of his closest associates.”

Nadler added that “even the redacted version of the report outlines serious instances of wrongdoing by President Trump and some of his closest associates.

As NPR’s Linda Holmes outlines, this is a confusing way to address the controversy, to say the very least.

The plan, seen by Reuters, also outlines the responsibilities of the Cabinet and a 120-member legislature.

The plan outlines priorities to tackle and monitor trafficking and calls on authorities to improve how they work together, implement programs and allocate resources.

The 26-page document outlines the lawyers’ concerns over how Ghosn was arrested, his detention and its conditions.

They confirmed details of the project and the outlines of Daquin’s account of its origins.

The outlines of such a deal are clear.

“Even the redacted version of the report outlines serious instances of wrongdoing by President Trump and his closest associates.

Ms Retno, the foreign minister, says Jokowi is pursuing a “more concrete” foreign policy, and outlines four priorities.

As Eleanor Parker outlines in a terrific post on her blog, the overlap of the Annunciation and Good Friday fascinated medieval artists.

“You know how you hear a headline that one week wine is good for you, and the next week it isn’t,” Przybylski outlines.

If you look closely, you can see evocative details from lost wallpaper, distorted wall outlets, and even outlines of fish bones.

Portis has so much of this down already—the frame, the jumper, the roughed-in outlines of the necessary skills.

The outlines of a partition that would be acceptable to Russia are already visible.

A recent paper outlines the nature and prevalence of these unwanted effects based on interviews with 100 CBT-trained psychotherapists.

The broad outlines of a political deal, too, seem to be slowly taking shape.

The outlines of the announcement, which has generated much anticipation, had been well trailed.

The outlines of a deal can just about be seen; all the candidates are adamant for ending free movement of labour.

The of stillness of her outlines and their use of abstruse symbols recall the artwork of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Fitzgerald outlines five core habits and key strategies for top performance: eat everything, eat quality, eat carbohydrate, eat enough, and eat individually.

The Sleeping Dogs 2 pitch also outlines a number of tweaks to the game’s combat system and open world.

But this op-ed outlines the conservative thinking about the reforms Democrats are proposing.

In the patent, Amazon outlines a network that can communicate with self-driving vehicles so they can adjust to the change in traffic flow.

In documents related to the order, Brown outlines how Belafonte allegedly manipulated and threatened her into staying with him.

But given the wrongdoing the deferred prosecution agreement outlines, the firm got off lightly (the co-operation of the company’s more recent management helped).

The letter outlines seven points for the scope of the “Decolonization Commission” the groups envision: 1.

Trump’s six issues pages, in contrast, average just 374 words each and few provide more than the broadest outlines of Trump’s goals.

The final application the team outlines for RadarCat is an automatic alert system for beverage refills at restaurants.

In the Atlantic interview, Obama outlines a broad philosophy of non-intervention in Middle Eastern civil wars.

The Dodge Viper SRT has track outlines hidden throughout the cabin.

For now the outlines of the plan can be found in a draft bill that passed a first reading on April 20th.

A radical rethink is required—and as the outlines of a new approach start to become apparent, two ideas stand out.

So far, this plan isn’t entirely far-fetched — at least in its broad outlines.

The outlines of a mutually acceptable “new deal” are clear.

Below: Read the full policy proposal, which outlines specific trade goals regarding labor, antitrust, climate change, prescription drugs, agriculture, and consumer protection.

(He also outlines some good defenses against this type of surveillance.)

The outlines of peace are well known.

At one point, a side character, voiced by Liu himself, outlines three levels of freedom: “farmers market freedom,” “supermarket freedom,” and “online shopping freedom.

Taylor Smith, label manager at Montreal art-pop imprint Arbutus Records, outlines the new norm.

On clear days, visitors can crane their necks northeast and trace the outlines of the Scottish coast.

The European Union and Japan reached a political agreement on the outlines of a free-trade pact, overcoming obstacles on agriculture and cars.

Meanwhile in Mexico City, negotiators discussed the broad outlines of so-called rules of origin, which would have a big impact on the automotive industry.

She left “no outlines, notes about characters, drafts scribbled over with revisions and additions” or any other such tantalising clues.

He also outlines an interesting notion of “punctuated deterrence” as a way of responding to such attacks.

It also outlines that the need for multiple cameras comes with a high computation cost.

Over lunch (beef, not worms), he outlines broader goals.

His new book outlines a solution: a guaranteed minimum income, funded by increased taxation of the very rich.

Sykes outlines it best.

Inspected more closely, the royal figure appears preserved under a glass plate pockmarked by centuries of scratches, additional outlines, and over-drawing.

But there are only six months left to draw up the outlines of a trade deal.

As Helen Pankhurst, Emmeline’s great-granddaughter, outlines in “Deeds Not Words”, modern feminists’ aims are less straightforward than those of 100 years ago.

As a result the outlines of a fresh era in Indian capitalism are taking shape.

There were anchors and ships and women whose outlines resembled traditional pinup designs.

Are your script or outlines more visually minded than those you work on with other writers?

Obama’s solution to the problem he outlines in the speech is clear enough: Democrats should win elections.

Elizabeth Collett of the Migration Policy Institute Europe, a think-tank in Brussels, outlines three possibilities.

For the outlines of a plan to save the system are discernible.

In Mitchell’s Hadestown, the outlines of the myth are the same — but here, Hadestown isn’t just the underworld.

Brink Lindsey: The book outlines four case studies of where things have gone wrong.

The lawsuit — to recover the costs of investigating the case — outlines what the City claims Jussie did.

Another text on January 20 outlines a menu for the day, including chicken thigh, StarKist Tuna, Eggs and Smucker’s peanut butter.

By the end of the evening neither man could walk without help, but they had the outlines of a deal.

As Boyd outlines, “Spare Rib was a platform for issues that wouldn’t often have a platform.

Michal Bilewicz of the University of Warsaw outlines three categories of anti-Semitism.

The suit also outlines the many ways in which the women still inexplicably get less, all around, than the men.

The UN report that outlines his past was written in 2001.

The decision was made November 9th and the new reorganization plan outlines how the equity of assets like Beatport and Tomorrowland will be split.

Yet the outlines of a grand bargain are not so hard to discern.

Kabuki’s brightly colored simple outlines resemble the work of animators like Yan Dan Wong and Lori Malepart-Traversy.

Tencent, of course, is the company behind WeChat, which outlines its privacy protections here.

The folklorist Jan Harold Brunvald outlines its most common formula: “Girl wears new formal gown to dance.

Container x-ray scanning is becoming faster, more powerful and capable of identifying not just outlines but also detail, including people hiding inside.

The outlines of a deal have been in view for a while.

The coiffures may be sharp but the outlines of any summit agreement remain fuzzy.

Published this month in the International Journal of Astrobiology, the work outlines what kind of signature a technologically adept species might leave behind.

The firm carefully outlines two (overlapping) ways to reach profitability.

Despite the gridlock, the outlines of a parliamentary compromise are visible.

And there exist the outlines of a path to recovery.

One woman wanted to get a physician’s assistant degree and her journey was typical of what the Sallie Mae study outlines.

His study of light enabled him to develop sfumato, the technique that gives the outlines of his subjects their naturally undefined quality.

Holiday, and various other figures and parties that he outlines below, are helping to change that.

The outlines of a deal were becoming visible.

The dataset outlines more asteroid sizes.

Jo outlines each of her tools in the beginning of the video, which includes a sketchbook, ink, brushes, and a plastic palette.

But on June 16th a leak in the Financial Times revealed the outlines.

Through essays about everything from Sailor Moon to the “Black Girl Magic” movement, Jerkins outlines how race, womanhood and feminism intersect.

Ladsous’ memo formally outlines those options.

Tundra’s team of musicians, sound engineers, programmers, and visual artists reassembled their dazzling outlines installation for this year’s festivities.

It’s possible that in his mind, these recordings were intended as rough outlines to be filled in at a later date.

The Arkansas bill outlines how food words can be used.

Still, in broad outlines, the tests were familiar.

Google says it has removed unnecessary elements from the map, one example being road outlines.

Uber’s white paper outlines several barriers in getting this transportation to market, and how Uber will solve those problems.

The paper outlines air transport pricing for an UberX trip that would cost $111 today.

He shows a braggadocios side on “Wish Come True,” and outlines the merits of the woman he’s courting on “Handful.”

I tried it on a few people, and it seemed to better isolate fine outlines like those around hair strands.

But for now, the current well is helping to curb the various problems Someone Like You outlines when living without clean water access.

Though they grouped together in the bodice, the bird outlines became more spread out and apparent near the illusion neckline and full skirt.

He experimented with removing black outlines and replacing them with color.

Loke from Posh Isolation pushed me last fall, so I collected the outlines and put together these four tracks.

Feldman outlines several different ways a drug company can go about doing this.

“Three years behind all the sketches and outlines in my notebooks.

The report outlines eleven recommendations, which were the product of two years of community meetings and a collaboration among seven local organizations.

The study outlines a few suggestions for mitigating the immediate threat of rising sea levels to worldwide internet connectivity.

The sales document also outlines how commonplace commercial spy tools have become.

It also outlines measures for the post bailout period such as extra pension cuts in 2019 and lowering the tax exempt threshold in 2020.

“There was already uncertainty on how the negotiation would go and what it’s final outlines would be.

In fact, they were seagulls, whose outlines appeared blurred due to the camera’s shutter speed.

Warren, of Massachusetts, released a video in which she outlines her vision of a path to opportunity for all Americans, not just the wealthy.

Dr. Dutton suggests making a plan that outlines how to deal with the various aspects of change.

“I’m trying to write a family drama [centered around] a kid in high school,” he outlines.

But the broad outlines suggest Britain will remain in the EU’s economic orbit for decades to come.

One page, titled “Overview of the Differences Between Satanism and Witchcraft,” outlines the distinction between the two groups.

More importantly, though, Blake is pissed and does many straight-to-cameras in which he outlines his intentions to expose “the real Lucas.”

He wields pentimenti as final products rather than simply sketches or outlines.

The latest plan – drawn up by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and approved in 2017 – outlines priority projects requiring investment of $50 billion.

Other firms have a short description that outlines any other parts of that company’s history that may be of interest to ethically-minded investors.

He curled up against me, his head resting on my belly, my hand tracing outlines down his back.

Volume I outlines the way that a foreign adversary interfered in our elections,” Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) told VICE News at the Capitol.

On the game’s website, it outlines a simple battle system to go with the cards.

It also outlines how their Big-Tech playbooks diverge.

It also outlines how their Big-Tech playbooks diverge.

“Three years behind all the sketches and outlines in my notebooks.

Aiju Social Innovation’s 1 KG Box provides free course outlines and materials in boxes for teachers in rural China.

In response, the U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a motion that outlines some of the tactics used by investigators in the case.

Section 5 outlines how hazardous and other waste (management and transboundary movement) and e-waste (management and handling) should be handled.

Google Street View still has an image of the Australian sign, with the outlines of the logo still visible.

Tiny outlines of death.

You have a right to your Summary of Benefits, which outlines these details.

The site also outlines what your rights are and includes templates of appeal letters to send to your insurance.

Feb 2017 – Trafigura outlines plan to reopen a defunct LNG import terminal on Teesside in northeast England.

One of the auction items literally outlines the beginning of the amusement park.

In the paper, she also outlines another example: It should be forbidden to target people who have addictive tendencies with gambling ads.

The outlines of this proposal stirred controversy when they were leaked last month but Wednesday’s plan provided few specifics.

A warning letter outlines violations in the company’s facilities, which if not resolved can lead to product seizure.

Below, Zuckerberg outlines five tips professionals should follow to overcome the entrepreneurial dilemma of work-life balance.

17 chalk outlines in multiple parking spots were drawn and wrapped in caution tape.

In it, an FBI agent outlines how the government plans to recuperate the $7,360,450 he obtained through criminal means.

The report outlines a framework for applying recommendations from the National Climate Assessment—a macro-level, federally-funded climate change report—on a local level.

This is a fascinating 2.5D universe, with cheek outlines that look pencil-drawn on digital faces.

I haven’t even seen outlines.

Later on, halfway through painting the stylized flags, state outlines, and wardens’ names, I knelt to clean my brush.

Ladsous’ memo formally outlines those options.

Nonetheless, from the published details, it is possible to discern the outlines of the administration’s plan and something of its intentions (tmsnrt.rs/1Q7edSn).

That section outlines that service providers aren’t liable for monetary relief in cases of copyright infringement.

The few answers that weren’t just phrases were pretty basic outlines of various aspects of Trump’s proposed reforms.

Saccharine avatar experiences can color in the broad outlines of our IRL relationships.

The agreement grants doctors increased allowances, outlines a promotion plan and protects doctors who went on strike from retribution.

The abuse report changes are not yet reflected on Twitter’s safety page, which outlines how to submit one Tweet.

I send them outlines and scripts, get their feedback.

We hope outlines in a sentence examples were helpful.