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And he summed up that impact on this year’s oscars succinctly:

Secondly, the video deserves several oscars.

It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in oscars history, to say the least.

In an Allure story about 2018’s oscars beauty looks, it notes that Bedrani used all Revlon products on Gadot.

Not a surprise, because Gadot was named a Revlon beauty ambassador just a few months prior to the oscars.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the makeup artists all stumbled on this wonderful shadow and decided to use it for the oscars red carpet.

LinkedIn will air its first ever TV advert to nearly 40 million people during the oscars show on Sunday.

Each year, the 6,000 film industry professions who form the Academy vote on who should win the oscars.

It’s happened: Netflix’s Roma is officially a Best Picture nominee for the 2019 oscars.

“It seems like they have unlimited resources.” For Netflix to hang all its oscars hopes on Roma makes a certain amount of sense.

In many ways, the film has the kind of pedigree that the oscars love.

Last year, Steven Spielberg compared Netflix movies to TV movies and said that they shouldn’t be eligible for oscars.

Explain intersectionality, because they mentioned a lot in the oscars last time.

Right in the heart of oscars voting season, the Los Angeles Times reported that five women were accusing Franco of sexual misconduct.

It also features a parody of Leonardo DiCaprio sweating out the oscars.

Meanwhile, current Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling opined that the push for more diversity at the oscars is “racist to whites.”

In the runup to the oscars on February 24, Vox’s staff is looking at each of the eight Best Picture nominees in turn.

You know, the Pippens, the oscars, the Stephen Jacksons, the Ceballos of the world?

The 2019 oscars have finally arrived.

The oscars will take place on Sunday, February 24 and air live on ABC at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific.

“La La Land,” which is the odds-on favorite to win big at the oscars this year.

I’m not going to the oscars this year,” he said.

I’m actually going to New York this year for the oscars because I can’t take it.” Watch the full explanation above.

A common misconception about the oscars is that they never nominate big hits.

The more accurate thing to say about the oscars is that they rarely nominate big popcorn movies, which is true.

Let the oscars be the oscars — the lively, ridiculous oscars — instead of trying to make them into some pale shadow of themselves.

Serena Williams made not one but two appearances at the oscars.

It was ultimately nominated for three oscars.

are fired up about the oscars dissing “Straight Outta Compton” — and now we know what Cube himself thinks about it.

The oscars honor three short films each year: one animated, one live action, and one documentary.

The film, directed by Chris Overton, was written by Shenton, who gave her acceptance speech at the oscars entirely in British Sign Language (BSL).

Maybe those oscars skits on Sunday night didn’t sit well with him.

The film was nominated for 11 oscars and won five.

Ben’s been MIA since the oscars.

Casey Affleck will not present the award for Best Actress at this year’s oscars, according to a new report.

The oscars used to feel predictable — but this year, it seems like all bets are off.

But despite small increases for minorities in lead roles since 2002, she remains the only black woman to win the oscars’ Best Actress honor.

Arrington launched the Crunchies in 2007 as a kind of oscars ceremony for the tech industry.

Women have barely been recognized at this year’s oscars, with 80 percent of the nominations in non-acting categories going to men.

The running theme of the 2016 oscars was the awards show’s extreme lack of diversity.

[Shara Tibken / CNET] ABC is moving its oscars red-carpet preshow from Facebook to Twitter for 2019.

Facebook was the oscars’ official streaming partner for red-carpet coverage the last two years, and has worked with ABC on the oscars since 2015.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper stole the show at the 2019 oscars with their performance of “Shallow.

On Sunday, Poo, the executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, attended the oscars ceremony as Cuarón’s guest.

President Barack and Michelle Obama could be walking the red carpet at the next oscars and Golden Globes … and not as guests, but nominees.

Walker also had the opportunity to shoot the oscars rehearsal, which gave him an appreciation of how the ceremony is put together.

Before the 2019 oscars, Spike Lee was an Oscar nominee.

Say what you will about the oscars: They enjoy self-congratulatory liberal agitprop!

For Pose actor Billy Porter, the oscars was a moment to send the world a message: Masculinity cannot be defined by clothing.

It’s now favorite to win the Best Foreign Language Film at the oscars this Sunday.

DeGeneres and Hart dismissed the critics as trolls, and she then doubled down and said it was Kevin’s “right” to host the oscars.

Moonlight is the little movie that could, and the fact that it made it to the oscars at all is a shock.

Nine movies were nominated for Best Picture at the oscars this year (out of a possible 10 that the Academy voters can nominate).

And while the Globes don’t predict the oscars, the film’s strong showing certainly makes it a contender.

The oscars are a big deal for Hollywood’s actors and artists — but they’re a big night for fashion, too.

White and metallics were a major trend at the oscars.

Good Time, The Lost City of Z, The Unknown Girl, and A Quiet Passion — all worthy of the oscars, all snubbed.

The mood ahead of the oscars on March 4 ranges from nervousness to eagerness to take a stand.

But that’s not the image the oscars want to project.

And years before that, the first film he produced, 2010’s The Kids Are All Right, was nominated for four oscars, including Best Picture.

All those factors could make even the year’s most successful film seem like an underdog at the oscars.

Many of the people who made those movies are still likely voting on the oscars.

So he replied on Twitter, offering a mini explainer on how things work once oscars campaigns begin.

There are necessary conditions to win at the oscars, just as there are in politics.

There’s something delightful about the oscars.

And the oscars justifiably play a big role in how we think about Hollywood in a given moment.

If La La Land loses Best Picture, it will be the biggest oscars upset ever.

(Plus, the oscars’ voting system makes it easier for a movie that everybody kinda likes to win.)

(Both Lonergan and Chazelle have previously been nominated in the oscars’ screenwriting categories, as they are again this year.)

Someday, Jenkins and Villeneuve will win directing oscars.

And both Lonergan and Jenkins might collect screenwriting oscars in 2017, even as they lose this award.

The favorite is probably Moonlight, which won the Writers Guild of America award for original screenplay but was slotted into adapted by the oscars.

It also won the USC Scripter Award, and every winner of that prize since 2010 has won Adapted Screenplay at the oscars.

If it’s an all-time high level of dominance, the movie will win Original Screenplay, on its way to winning 11 or 12 oscars.

The holy trinity of DO NOT CONGRATULATE pic.twitter.com/9t9KyOfoab There was a callback to the oscars in 2017: DO NOT CONGRATULATE.

For years, the oscars have favored documentaries that center on urgent social issues — and there’s no shortage of films that fit that bill.

The United Talent Agency — better known as UTA — announced on February 8 that it’s canceling the company’s traditional oscars party.

What’s more, Farhadi continued, the executive order contains such “unjust conditions” that he wouldn’t go to the oscars even if he could.

He was also nominated for 2 oscars for the ‘Color Purple’ soundtrack.

At last, the nominees for the 2019 oscars have been announced, and eight films earned the lucky Best Picture berth.

Their argument, we’re told, will be that they have legitimate business reasons to be in L.A. before, during and after the oscars.

It’s almost time for one of my favorite nights of the year: the oscars.

There’s a woman, which is somewhat rare for the oscars.

Indie rock’s most gentle star, Sufjan Stevens, performed his Call Me By Your Name song “Mystery of Love” at tonight’s oscars ceremony.

Sam Smith was part of one of the biggest upsets of the 2016 oscars.

Smith didn’t have to make a speech about LGBT history at the oscars.

Or the work of Howard Ashman, who won two oscars for Best Original Song prior to his death from AIDS complications in 1991.

(Here’s a full explanation of how the oscars voting process works.)

The DGA nominees include the oscars top three, plus Arrival and Lion.

The oscars are usually reticent to nominate a lineup of all first-time director nominees.

It’s not a good performance, but when has that stopped the oscars in the past?

And, hey, if the oscars go truly La La Land crazy, maybe John Legend sneaks in (he won’t).

Music had its biggest night, the oscars went off without a hitch, and now it’s the internet’s turn to bask in adulations.

An indie darling of the oscars, John Crowley’s Brooklyn (2015) was a satisfying romance—and Irish as all hell.

He’s worked on documentary and TV projects as well, and has been showered with awards, including two oscars and four more nominations.

oscars so white?

But in 2017, Gibson appeared at the oscars as a nominee for Best Director, grinning happily in the front section.

He had prestige: 1995’s Braveheart, which he starred in and directed, won him two oscars, for Best Picture and Best Director.

The 2017 oscars celebrated two men famously accused of hurting women.

In the leadup to the oscars, multiple Academy voters made the argument that a nominee’s personal life shouldn’t matter more than their work.

“Crazy Little Thing Called a Very Slippery oscars Stage”?

There is little rhyme or reason to the oscars.

The oscars may be the most prestigious film awards handed out each year, but they’re certainly not the only film awards.

But the oscars never promised it was.

Here are the 11 biggest snubs from the 2019 oscars:The oscars air on ABC on February 24.

The 2019 oscars will air Sunday, February 24, at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific on ABC.

While the film is ostensibly a portrait of Lenny, both Hoffman and Perrine received lead acting nominations at the oscars.

The oscars is the last in a long Hollywood season that sees award shows and celebrity-packed red carpets every week over two months.

Variety’s Gray said that, for the movie industry, the oscars ceremony is always an enjoyable family get-together.

“The oscars should also be fun for the viewing audience,” he said.

to why he once ditched a fundraiser in Flint, Michigan, to attend the oscars (short answer: Chris Rock).

Beyond the diversity of these nominations, this is the least snubby oscars list I can remember.

Take another oscars category, the announcement of the nominations itself.

On Sunday, Lady Gaga attended the 2019 oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles wearing a strapless black dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

Lady Gaga channeled an iconic Audrey Hepburn look at the oscars.

Black Panther is now the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture at the oscars.

There’s a simple solution: Add a Best Trailer category to the oscars and give more geniuses their due.

“Casey has a lot of respect for the oscars,” sources told TMZ.

Warren Beatty brought proof to the Governors Ball HE didn’t screw up the oscars … but the proof fell a tad short.

You could also write it as very heavy oscars erotic fan fiction.

Or paint onto a tuxedo shirt and wear to the oscars.

The film won two oscars (for Film Editing and Sound Mixing) and got six nominations overall — including one for Mel Gibson as Best Director.

Polanski — admitted to the Academy in 1963 and whose films have won 8 oscars — is suing to get reinstated … stat.

And then the oscars.

There’s Bafta, there’s oscars, you know …

And his thoughts on “Get Out” losing to “The Shape of Water” at last year’s oscars?

“I’m happy with the oscars that they didn’t put the camera on me when ‘Shape of Water’ won,” said Howery.

We’ve got a call in to the oscars and ABC … no word back yet.

Steve shared his perspective on the oscars Best Picture screwup … which, of course, reminded everyone of Steve’s historic Miss Universe screwup.

Want a host who will end the oscars as we know it, perhaps even for good?

This article and headline have been updated to reflect that Kevin Hart has stepped down as the host of the 2019 oscars.

This year, the “Rafi Gift Lounge” will be held at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills the Friday before the 2019 oscars ceremony.

As for whether she’s softened her position on attending the oscars … take a guess and watch the video.

The 2019 oscars were a study in contrasts.

That’s a far cry from years like 2017, when La La Land won six of the 14 oscars it was nominated for.

Full #oscars coverage: https://t.co/GrNpbW052c pic.twitter.com/lTaEaS6SPH Lee reportedly started to leave the room when Green Book’s Best Picture win was announced.

But the 2019 oscars were still, on the whole, an important night for Lee.

Asked by Variety whether Seacrest would still have a job at the oscars, an E!

Asked by Variety whether Seacrest would still have a job at the oscars, an E!

The oscars will conclude an awards season where the only certainty is uncertainty in the race for the film industry’s biggest prize.

Here’s how you can watch this year’s oscars to see how the awards shake out.

will also cover the oscars red carpet, starting at 5 pm EST.

Several subscription-based TV streaming services, including Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV, and PlayStation Vue, will also stream the oscars via ABC.

That means the 2019 oscars mark the first time that the majority of the acting awards have gone to nonwhite actors.

Elton’s got a busy weekend ahead … he’ll host his annual oscars after-party tomorrow night in West Hollywood.

There is, in fact, a history of symbolic activism at the oscars, which is especially compelling when you consider the ceremony’s origins.

“Ya se puede hablar español en los oscars.

#oscars pic.twitter.com/L59cYJoEmC Spanish wasn’t the only foreign language spoken onstage tonight.

The oscars, after all, are professional guild awards that Hollywood awards to its own.

The week before the oscars, Seacrest’s former E!

Now, two weeks after the oscars, Seacrest is still one of the busiest people in Hollywood.

Since that awkward first couple of hours on the oscars red carpet, he hasn’t so much as missed a beat.

Speaking of awards season, what do you think happens at the oscars, and the other lesser awards?

It’s going to be interesting at the oscars this year, and the Globes, to see …

Lady Gaga has turned out some powerful performances recently, but she saved her best for the oscars.

The film won a total of six oscars, including Production Design, Film Editing, and Costume Design.

To see these movies receive accolades on the oscars stage is undeniably huge.

The Met Gala did not disappoint … it wasn’t the oscars, but lots of chicks were statue-worthy Monday night in NYC.

“These are the 90th Academy Awards,” Jimmy Kimmel said in his monologue opening the oscars on Sunday night.

All hope isn’t lost, Gaga is set to perform “Shallow” with Cooper for this year’s oscars.

Last night she thanked Gaga and Vice Prez Joe Biden for “bringing attention to sexual assault at the oscars.”

Craig Zadan (1949–2018), producer of the oscars, director, and writer.

Pixar has had a stranglehold on the oscars‘ Best Animated Feature category since its very inception.

If you plan to watch the oscars, you’re probably going to have to watch on TV.

Everything about the 2016 oscars is chaotic.

ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have a ton of oscars material on the livestream agenda Sunday night.

For the second straight year, Facebook will also stream oscars material.

Facebook cares a lot about the oscars because it cares a lot about live video and live conversations.

Facebook desperately wants its users talking about live events on its platform; The oscars is one of the biggest events of the year.

Investors will be watching to see if the oscars provide a similar dip.

The biggest movie star in the world has come out against the oscars.

“There should be 20 or 30 or 40 films of the quality that people would consider for the oscars.

Clooney isn’t the first person to speak out about the oscars‘ lack of diversity.

The Webbys is, we are the oscars of the internet.

So the oscars came and went, and I have a confession to make.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of us non-whites peddle this pessimism for as long we’ve been disappointed by the oscars.

But for POC like myself, it’s our Montgomery Bus, with the oscars as the front seat.

We can continue to hold award shows like the oscars accountable, and protest if necessary.

The oscars of the internet.

It was a good year overall for older actors and directors at the oscars.

But the oscars business model is not built on Warner giving them money, right?

In a regular herb omelette, the herbs are a decorative flourish—a Planned Parenthood ribbon on an oscars dress.

Here’s a look at all the notable milestones from the 2017 oscars.

: Made in America’s decision to stage a theatrical run in order to be eligible for the oscars paid off.

The oscars’ voting process is … complicated.

For those who follow major international film festivals in hopes of predicting the oscars race, Sundance has always been a tricky event to read.

In the runup to the oscars on February 24, Vox’s staff is looking at each of the eight Best Picture nominees in turn.

While I loved Black Panther, I don’t think it stands a chance — although I’d certainly love to be surprised come oscars night!

No matter what happens, it’s a big deal that Black Panther has the opportunity to upend the oscars this year.

The wobbly progressivism of the oscars ceremony.

When our photog told them the PwC employees won’t be allowed back at the oscars but get to keep their day jobs …

Corbett didn’t have a date to an oscars party Walters was throwing and his agent graciously helped him out.

It went on to win five oscars, including Best Picture — the first French film ever to win that prize.

And both are playing variations on one of the oscars‘ favorite type of role for this category — the supportive wife.

But as I hinted above, the oscars love fresh faces in the actress categories, so Vikander has the advantage.

Holocaust dramas have always done well at the oscars.

Cover image: Viggo Mortensen arrives at the oscars on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Bernardo won the oscars that year for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

In the runup to the oscars on February 24, Vox’s staff is discussing each of the eight Best Picture nominees in turn.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and Sam Elliott star, and all are nominated for acting oscars for their performances.

Alissa Wilkinson: A Star Is Born is probably the most “classic” of the Best Picture nominees at the 2019 oscars.

It’s also a show business melodrama, and the oscars love movies about show business.

It was nominated for seven total oscars, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The SAG Awards are often seen as a good predictor of success at the oscars, which will occur in February.

(Reuters) – Nominations for the 2019 oscars, or Academy Awards, the highest honors in the movie industry, were announced on Tuesday.

And now for a GIF parade of vintage oscars glamour.

pic.twitter.com/of1lX1UlUn This form-fitting metallic gown on Cyd Charisse in 1959 might be the epitome of a great oscars gown.

As my colleague Constance Grady noted, in the age of the best-dressed list, the oscars aren’t really the moment for risk-taking fashion anymore.

It’s refreshing, then, to see how expressive many oscars looks from yesteryear could be.

pic.twitter.com/qnUpexL0v3 Self-expression at the oscars isn’t limited to actors and actresses.

Spike apologized to his friends involved in the oscars production this year — Chris Rock, Reggie Hudlin, and Pres.

So yes — technically, the 2019 oscars have no host.

It’s the first host-free oscars since 1989, but if it starts off smoothly, maybe the night will go okay after all.

But the film is so non-showy that this showiness stands out like a sore thumb — and the oscars usually don’t like non-showy.

With Brie Larson, who at the 2017 oscars, refused to clap for Casey Affleck accused of sexual harassment by two women at the time.

Comparisons to superheroes were made, sometimes by superheroes, as well as to the oscars.

The bear from The Revenant made it to the oscars!

“They’re like the oscars.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Nominations for the 2018 oscars, or Academy Awards, the highest honors in the movie industry, were announced on Tuesday.

Ellen previously had the record for her oscars selfie.

It won two oscars and was nominated for six more, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

You may recall — or not — John introduced Idina Menzel at the 2014 oscars as “Adele Dazeem.”

Sidney — who, by the way is awesome — was mum on the whole oscars thing.

Furthermore, half of the 20 films that grossed the most money in the US in 2016 are nominated for oscars in some category.

I think the oscars have become giant virtue signaling.

And with that in mind … Lea says Casey shouldn’t be presenting oscars this year.

They have Tonys and Grammys and oscars, but they haven’t taken themselves along with their success.

No movie released under the Disney banner has won Best Picture at the oscars (though former subsidiary Miramax won a few times).

A recent study of movies nominated for Best Picture oscars in the last three years found that characters over 60 were underrepresented.

Remember the oscars So White controversy of 2014 and 2015?

(12 Years didn’t win the most oscars that ceremony; Gravity did, with seven to 12 Years’ three.)

So predicting the oscars this year means predicting Trump, to a real degree.

Twitter is the perfect place to banter about the Super Bowl, the oscars, or a presidential debate.

Snoop Dogg went off on the oscars … not just calling for a boycott, but saying it’s a personal affront to all African Americans.

This was, in short, the award show the oscars are often accused of being — overly long, listless, and incredibly flat.

In another glorious section, Lynch remembers kissing Elizabeth Taylor at the oscars when he was nominated for Blue Velvet.

(It is remarkably hard to win repeat oscars, and nobody has ever won Best Picture and Best Director in two consecutive years.)

The 2018 oscars will take place Sunday, March 4, 2018.

In the ’80s and ’90s, the Golden Globes knew their role in the awards ecosystem exactly: They were the awards that predicted the oscars.

The oscars changed their schedule in the early 2000s to blunt the influence of the Globes and other precursor awards.

And without the “predicting the oscars” element, the Globes have started to feel increasingly adrift.

#oscarsSoWhite is bigger than the oscars, and #JusticeForFlint is about more than water bottles.

The mogul’s name used to be synonymous with oscars, box office success, and a bull-in-a-china-shop style of managing Hollywood talent and publicity.

President Trump tries to make oil pipelines great again; Merrick Garland’s replacement is almost at hand; oscars.

(It’s the most successful independent animation studio in history at the oscars.)

(Titanic, in fact, is one of just three movies to win 11 oscars.)

In 2015 and 2016, zero actors of color were nominated for oscars.

Here’s hoping the usual loudmouths don’t start trying to argue the oscars are out of touch with “real” America this year.

The 2019 Academy Awards, which will also be the first oscars without a host since the 1980s, will air Sunday, February 24 on ABC.

Everything about the 2016 oscars is chaotic.

The oscars tend to be more conservative.

(It lost at the Golden Globes, but to a film that’s competing in the Adapted Screenplay category at the oscars.)

Inside Out should continue Pixar’s good luck in the oscars‘ various writing categories.

The five documentaries nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category at the 2017 oscars are unusually eclectic — and unusually urgent.

Day-Lewis and fellow method actors Gary Oldman and Meryl Streep are each nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively, at the 2018 oscars.

Bottom line … Polanski won’t be voting on the oscars anytime soon.

Do you think the box office is something that the oscars should consider?

Where do you think the oscars can go from here?

Most retweeted tweet: Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie from the 2014 oscars still holds the crown, with more than 3.3 million retweets to date.

February 24, 2013: At the 85th oscars, Aniston helped fixed Theroux’s bow tie before posing for photos.

February 26, 2017: Aniston and Theroux looked adorable at an after party for the oscars.

At the oscars this year, Chris Rock compared Hollywood’s brand of racism to “sorority racism”: Is Hollywood racist?

This change comes after a week of turmoil surrounding the oscars.

The oscars, the highest honors in the movie business, have been criticized in recent years for excluding people of color from nominations.

Nominees themselves were asked for comment, with some expressing solidarity with those behind the oscars boycott and others being less than charitable.

Those ideas, however, will have to wait for future Academy board meetings, possibly after the oscars have been held next month.

He gave a speech at the oscars.

Barring some eleventh-hour intervention, the host of the 2019 oscars will be … drumroll please… Nobody.

He gave a speech at the oscars.

But has a host-free oscars ever happened before?

In another instance, Sofie Karasek met Joe Biden after the two appeared onstage at the oscars among a group of sexual assault survivors.

So maybe there’s a good reason the oscars had a host for the next 30 years.

But now, the oscars are poised to go host-free once again — though not just because of Kevin Hart’s self-torpedo act.

Shouldn’t hosting the oscars be a fun and prestigious opportunity?

We can’t say specifically why nobody is hosting the 2019 oscars, because we don’t know who the Academy asked.

There are a few reasons a person might not want to host the oscars.

And some media executives are still convinced that the host is one of the main draws of “splashy TV events” like the oscars.

Furthermore, there’s a danger in hiring one single host (or even a pair) for the oscars in 2019.

It’s also one of only three films to sweep the “Big Five” oscars: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Best Actor and Actress.

Frequently, the oscars love horror film actresses, but not the films they star in.

Rather surprisingly for the year of #MeToo, though, Oldman’s past hasn’t been a major story going into the oscars.

(Quick clarifying note: The awards that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out are called “oscars” for reasons that are disputed.

But “oscars” and “Academy Awards” are generally used interchangeably to refer to the ceremony.)

Similarly, while the oscars split out screenplays by Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay, the Globes lump them all into one category.

And two years prior, in 2016, The Revenant won the Golden Globe for Best Drama, beating out eventual oscars Best Picture winner Spotlight.

The year before that, eventual oscars Best Picture winner Birdman was bested by The Grand Budapest Hotel for Best Comedy at the Globes.

That means that while the Golden Globes aren’t “predictors” for the oscars, they can influence the oscars.

At the oscars earlier this year, she wore a traditional Eritrean zuria on the red carpet in his memory.

oscars 2016: The nominees are blindingly white.

Here’s Spike Lee’s solution to problems like #oscarsSoWhite George Clooney is upset with the oscars for being so white.

There was a feeling that the momentum of his win might carry over to the oscars.

But Theron’s performance hasn’t really been recognized on the awards circuit, and the oscars won’t be the ones to change that.

The most prestigious films of the year usually come out in the fall in an attempt to make a run at the oscars.

The oscars bestow honors in just 24 categories, all during their televised ceremony.

Compared to, say, the Grammys’ 83 prizes, the oscars are relatively stingy — making each one precious.

Think of Gone with the Wind, which for a long time held the record for winning the most oscars.

The oscars are almost here.

However, if you look at the 2015 oscars ballot, you’ll notice several films with four producers nominated — and American Sniper has five.

The Globes don’t always strive to predict the oscars, but they tend in that direction.

After the meeting, the movies went on without her, earning more than $2.5 billion worldwide and winning 17 oscars.

Where this really trips up the oscars is in two particular cases.

If they don’t meet those general requirements, they are ineligible for any further oscars at future awards.

And to be sure, the fact that the oscars hand out awards for short films is somewhat archaic.

Trump attacks the oscars.

For a brief moment, the 2017 oscars belonged to La La Land, and then, at the last minute, Moonlight ended up winning Best Picture.

“We don’t have Stars anymore” the president tweeted after the oscars.

Over the oscars’ 90 years there have been many changes — and now some more are en route for the biggest night in film.

The 90th Academy Awards were, indeed, the least watched in oscars history with only 26.5 million viewers.

The “La La Land” star wore a ’70s-inspired shirt underneath his tux when he attended the oscars in February.

Wonder if the guy on the left went to the oscars?

The 2018 oscars — the 90th ever presented — were a little all over the place.

So with that in mind, here are eight winners and just two losers from the 2018 oscars.

Get Out repeating that success wouldn’t have been strange at all, and Peele, like Nolan, will almost certainly be back for more oscars.

But he wasn’t the only legend at the oscars.

Watch Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph’s very funny #oscars intro.

How often do you remember the oscars set?

Maybe, just maybe, the slightly boring oscars are back.

But the popular film brouhaha has obscured an arguably even more damaging change to the oscars’ status quo.

The Dark Knight was nominated for eight oscars in total; Batman wasn’t just blockbuster fodder anymore, the character had serious cred in cinema history.

The oscars recognize filmmaking achievements in 24 categories, ranging from Best Picture to best short films.

That’s why we award convicted rapists with oscars and insist that women who accuse famous movie stars of hurting them are lying.

Hollywood’s famed Dolby Theatre says it makes no exceptions with its smoking policy … even during the oscars ceremony.

And in February, the Times debuted an oscars ad that seemed to take aim at Trump and his pattern of misstatements.

The film went on to win two oscars, and solidified Hayek as a major star in the movie industry.

Green Book’s end-of-the-night Best Picture victory at the 2019 oscars felt like a rapidly changing Academy retreating to the comforts of the familiar.

The critically acclaimed film starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe was nominated for Best Picture at the 2017 oscars.

The oscars are happening this Sunday, and the #oscarsSoWhite discussion is still ongoing.

The National Rifle Association tried to outperform the oscars on Sunday evening.

This year at the oscars, several A-listers wore orange pins from the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, which advocates for gun control.

READ: The NRA doesn’t care if you’re mad about guns The National Rifle Association tried to outperform the oscars on Sunday evening.

Back at the oscars as a nominee next year?

This year at the oscars, several A-listers wore orange pins from the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, which advocates for gun control.

Not cool of our camera guy to ask Stevie Wonder if he watched the oscars.

the oscars — the introduction (and subsequent rethinking) of the Popular Film Oscar stands out as a particular debacle.

Just under a month later, the Academy killed the idea, saying it wouldn’t be implemented for the 2019 oscars.

Then there was the time in 2015 when Disney star and recording artist Zendaya dared to wear dreadlocks on the hallowed oscars red carpet.

The body that oversees the oscars voted on Tuesday to expel the two men.

It’s a fool’s errand to predict the oscars with any degree of accuracy this far out.

It’s a movie essentially everybody agrees will do quite well with the oscars and almost certainly a future Best Picture nominee.

Look, I know it’s not going to win any oscars but I was on a plane at the time.

PK: Last week was the oscars.

The South By is less stressful than the oscars.

The oscars are certainly more stressful.

It opened last oscars, over the Oscar weekend.

The movie won oscars for Best Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

It’s movies like “Split,” that may not have giant cultural resonance … Like, you’re not trying to win oscars from it.

But we are not retrofitting movies to win oscars, no.

PK: Back to the oscars, you were there.

There’s one big question hanging over the technical categories at the oscars this year: Does La La Land just win everything?

Here are predictions for all 10 technical categories at the oscars.

Beyonce’s L.A. show looked more like the oscars … drawing a wide range of Hollywood celebs out to Dodger Stadium.

“The star of this year’s oscars is female empowerment.

Would he fall on his face not unlike Neil Patrick Harris at the 2015 oscars?

Nick penned, and then recorded, the poem/rap that covers the entire oscars controversy — including a shout-out to Chris Rock.

The Rock should host the oscars.

Hosting the oscars is a particularly unforgiving job.

All of which brings me back to my first sentence: The Rock should host the oscars.

#oscars pic.twitter.com/C9U5NOtGap Ellen’s certainly charming, and she can handle goofy sincerity as well as anybody.

Let’s look at that list of qualifiers for a good oscars host I made above.

(Now consider an oscars co-hosted by Johnson and fellow Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel.

And Johnson’s also built up a resume full of proof that he could be a tremendous oscars host.

To put that in perspective, an estimated 65 million people worldwide watched the oscars in 2015.

It might seem odd, but pro wrestling might actually be one of the entertainment arenas most like the oscars.

The oscars would rather you didn’t.

But the oscars also could stand to try something new.

He’ll do the oscars up right.

In a hilarious sketch, the oscars substituted black actors into nominated films “The Revenant,” “Joy,” “The Martian,” and “The Danish Girl.”

Except for the oscars.

Watch the whole sketch from the oscars below:

The surprising earliest TV gigs of 11 Oscar-worthy actors

President Donald Trump took a bizarre swipe at Spike Lee in the wake of the director’s oscars victory on Sunday night.

He took the opportunity of this year’s oscars to try to stir up divisions again.

In 2017, he was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which presents the oscars.

And unlike the oscars, the Golden Globes notably split movies into comedy and drama categories.

This year, 62 movies are nominated for oscars.

But you don’t want to watch 62 movies to be prepared for the oscars, do you?

So here are our 25 top movies nominated for oscars; the full ranking of 62 can be viewed here.

After months of speculation, controversy, and movie-watching, the 2019 oscars are about to arrive — without a host and with lots of potential for chaos.

The makeup designer has previously won oscars for his work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Dracula.

Several subscription-based TV streaming services, including Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV, and PlayStation Vue, will also stream the oscars via ABC.

Kevin Hart has stepped down as the host of the 2019 oscars — just two days after he was announced for the gig.

Criticism of Hart’s past jokes began almost immediately after he was announced as the 2019 oscars host on Tuesday, December 4.

When it comes to celebrity fashion at the oscars, there are always clear winners and losers.

The 90th annual oscars were held on Sunday, March 4, in Los Angeles, California, and celebrities brought their style A-game to the red carpet.

Keep reading to see our full list of the best-dressed celebrities at the 2018 oscars.

The oscars fell short in many ways and as my father Abe Vigoda said the oscars have earned, ‘one demerit.'”

“Romeo and Juliet”, one of several times Zeffirelli brought Shakespeare to the screen, was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director oscars.

The case for and against every oscars Best Picture nominee

For Hollywood, the Golden Globes are one of the most important stops on the way to the biggest prize of them all: the oscars.

The Globes don’t historically predict the oscars.

Redmayne and Moore went on to win the Best Actor and Best Actress oscars that February.

But the overall match rate between the Drama winner at the Globes and the oscars Best Picture winner is still less than 50 percent.

oscars aside, Three Billboards is also a controversial win.

In the runup to the oscars on February 24, Vox’s staff is looking at each of the eight Best Picture nominees in turn.

Think, for instance, of the oscars So White movement.

Of course the oscars don’t reflect America, a rural white person might think.

In sum: Maybe the 2019 oscars will be boring!

The case for Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Picture: The oscars love movies about real people.

It would be like if the oscars split the Best Picture category into nine genres of movie and awarded each film a gold statue.

Despite the fact Kobe was cheered on by the Academy when he won at the oscars, there has been serious blowback.

It’s an oscars tradition dating back to 1994— and it’s another chance for celebs to show off their awards show style.

Ali is poised to be a frontrunner for the same award at the oscars on February 26.

BEST: “Moana” star Auli’i Cravalho, fresh off her oscars performance of “How Far I’ll Go,” stepped out in bright royal blue.

WORST: This black gown looked dowdy on oscars performer Sara Bareilles.

Once again, this year’s oscars was a time for celebrities to play with gender fashion norms.

But there’s another theory here: The oscars this year are … kind of a mess.

Speaking of playful, women had no qualms about going full princess for this year’s oscars.

Naturally, the star that combined two of this oscars’ most fun red-carpet trends was presenter Maya Rudolph.

They look great, of course, but that’s kind of their job, particularly at the oscars.

That’s the oscars / Emmys for magazines.

oscars : Charlotte Rampling et le “racisme anti… by Europe1fr

The short, pithy answer is that the oscars are prom night and everything else is the homecoming dance.

The Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, the SAG Awards — all of that is lead-up to the oscars.

Another analogy is that the oscars are the Olympics, and every other show leading up to it is, like, the World Figure Skating Championships.

The oscars are synonymous with Hollywood, synonymous with movies.

Is it fair to say that people take fewer risks in terms of what they wear to the oscars?

If you’re on that track, every awards show leading up to the oscars is sort of an audition.

There’s a major difference between promoting your movie or your product and going to an awards show like the oscars.

It’s not as serious — and it’s not making or breaking your year the way an oscars nomination does.

It’s a great reminder why Hollywood keeps making movies like this and why the oscars love them so much.

I’d sit down with Peter, in his office with all his oscars, and we’d go through the Halo movie script.

But the 2016 oscars have been one of the most confusing roller coaster awards season rides in recent memory.

(Back-to-back director wins have only happened twice before in the history of the oscars.)

Just give her all the oscars already so the rest of us can get back to squandering our mediocre and unproductive lives.

Disney songs like “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” have been nominated for or have won oscars.

The 2016 oscars offered up similarly helpful packages for everything from screenwriting to visual effects.

This is the most nebulous and hardest to understand component of becoming an oscars frontrunner — but also one of the most important.

For an example, let’s take The Game Awards, the game industry’s most specific attempt to create an “oscars for games.”

Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney took home their first oscars for their supporting roles in “Three Billboards” and independent ice-skating movie “I, Tonya,” respectively.

So we’re thrilled to be nominated for two Webby Awards, which are the internet equivalent of the oscars.

Even the words “The oscars” don’t need to be on there (fewer words to read).

The physical release arrives February 26 — two days after the oscars.

His comment about attending the oscars is interesting.

Actor Casey Affleck also withdrew from presenting the Best Actress Award at the oscars after several sexual harassment allegations against him.

Blackface still appears in movies and on television, whether on sitcoms, in sketch comedy, or at the oscars.

Then, it would have worked as I wanted it to — a little bit of punk at the oscars.”

Below, I’ve listed 15 upcoming releases that should do well at the 2017 oscars.

But when they work, the oscars tend to notice.

But the oscars always watch Scorsese closely, and Neeson is primed for another nomination.

So it’s a courtroom drama and a love story — both genres the oscars often find irresistible.

Why it could struggle: The oscars will gladly nominate science fiction in the technical categories.

And “sweeping period drama” — which The Light Between Oceans certainly qualifies as — is something the oscars often enjoy.

“Sweeping period dramas” were more popular with the oscars in the 1980s and ’90s.

Plus, best-selling novel adaptations usually do all right at the oscars.

The oscars usually prefer biopics of artists, athletes, and war heroes — not business leaders.

Why it could be big: The oscars will sometimes pass over Tom Hanks movies — Saving Mr. Banks, anyone?

— another movie that did very well at the oscars.

The oscars, as with most cultural events, are now imbued with an overwhelming pressure regarding optics.

When it comes to the oscars, good storytelling makes for good entertainment and can nab you a few golden statues in the process.

But what is the story that the oscars are trying to tell about Hollywood, about culture, about us?

Even the rapturously reviewed box office hit Lincoln, which received 12 nominations, only won two oscars.

Actor Emmanuelle Seigner was invited to join the awards body for the oscars, weeks after the organization expelled her husband, film director Roman Polanski.

That has become less true in recent years, as the oscars have moved up their airdate to avoid influence.

It’s a much easier organization to woo than the 6,291-member-strong Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which votes on the oscars.

The 2018 oscars will take place Sunday, March 4, 2018.

Anyone who goes to ABC.com can watch the oscars free of charge.

Luke is responding to Kesha’s tweet, “thank you @ladygaga and VP @JoeBiden for bringing attention to sexual assault at the oscars.

2 box office hit in the country and garnering eight César nominations (the Césars are like the French oscars).

As in previous years, the oscars won’t be the easiest show to stream online.

ABC, which televises the oscars, will offer a livestream on its website, abc.com, and via the ABC app for various mobile and smart-TV platforms.

In addition, DirecTV subscribers in some other markets will also be able to access the stream, according to ABC’s oscars FAQ.

And tonight at the oscars, Aparicio wore another pastel, princessy gown: a tulle seafoam green dress with a sparkly bodice by Rodarte.

pic.twitter.com/snESJKhR6V Tonight on the oscars red carpet, she had a similar message for her community in Oaxaca.

‘s Giuliana Rancic made about her hair during the 2015 oscars.

It was nominated for best original song at the oscars.

“Sure, some celebrities avoided Ryan on the red carpet at the oscars, and his ratings were way down,” she said.

#oscars #Drama pic.twitter.com/5tlsx4Ulwt The thief was photographed with the stolen hardware just before he was nabbed.

The oscars have, since the century began, done a reasonably good job of recognizing black talent, belatedly making up for decades of neglect.

News at the oscars ceremony this weekend.

News at the oscars ceremony this weekend.

But will all the praise for Dunkirk be enough for it to land the oscars’ biggest prize?

(It had a limited release in December to qualify for this year’s oscars, and has been nominated; it opened in general release today.)

Comedian Kevin Hart, for example, was going to host the oscars this year until old tweets surfaced showing that he made homophobic jokes.

Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon were both 29 when they won their oscars.

Green Book winning Best Picture at the oscars really exemplifies that feeling.

After that epic oscars fail Sunday night … even Terrell Owens took a shot at the Academy.

Actresses of all ages do get representation at the oscars, after all, while people of color remain largely shut out.

The 2016 oscars are already more unpredictable than the awards show has been in years.

The oscars red carpet is one of the most important events of the year when it comes to celebrity image-making.

Rita Moreno is rocking that gown from 1962 #oscars pic.twitter.com/iSksf1soWc The subtext here is that Moreno herself is timeless.

Just the oscars?

It was ultimately nominated for two oscars, and won for Best Visual Effects; its soundtrack won a Grammy.

Only so many movies can get nominated for oscars.

Bisbee ’17 wasn’t even shortlisted for the oscars, which seems to me to be a clear and giant misfire.

All things considered, Burning is probably a little too strange for the oscars.

It may, however, have run aground on the long-running notion that only “serious” films can really contend for oscars.

Imagine the oscars ceremony that had the guts to nominate the brilliantly whimsical Paddington 2!

We gotta hand it to Ken … he’s got the classic oscars acceptance speech down to a tee.

For his 2017 oscars monologue, Jimmy Kimmel stuck to the basics.

It was nominated for seven oscars in 1945 (including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay).

The song “Shallow” from ” A Star Is Born” won for best original song at the 2019 oscars.

“A Star Is Born” stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performed an intimate rendition of “Shallow” at the 2019 oscars.

“A Star Is Born” was nominated for eight oscars, including best picture, leading actor, and leading actress.

: Last Week In Art Leo Got a Statue: Last Week in Art [oscars Edition]

The 2017 oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will be awarded Sunday, February 26, with the ceremony airing live at 8:30 pm Eastern on ABC.

He brought Shakespeare to the screen several times, and his “Romeo and Juliet” was nominated for Best Picture and Best Director oscars.

Nicole Kidman has broken her silence to explain her bizarre clapping at the oscars.

Despite stealing the show with her bizarre clapping, Kidman wasn’t the biggest talking point of the oscars.

What went into recreating the oscars for Feud’s fifth episode, a night that has been very heavily documented?

We’ll soon know which films and performances have been nominated for the oscars, and the Golden Globes are receding into the past.

So [the oscars ceremony] was much more low-key.

We hope oscars in a sentence examples were helpful.