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Their oppressiveness stems from their false certainty of being at the forefront of historical progress, despite the inescapable truth that “the enemy has never ceased to be victorious” (Walter Benjamin).

However, while I never quite shook the blue walls’ cave-like oppressiveness or the apparent literalism with which they underscored the cosmic theme, many of the artworks seemed to glow against them, especially the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico and Agnes Martin.

But Iran still took the ruling as a victory: it “vindicates the Islamic Republic of Iran and confirms the illegitimacy and oppressiveness” of the United States, Iran’s foreign ministry said in a Wednesday statement.

Counter to this oppressiveness is the sense of being watched—one that young women find all too common.

And yet, between Bloom’s clinical adaptations, including white-line directives and compass points mapped out on the floor in vinyl, and Araujo’s attempts to insert himself into the hermetic confines of one of Wright’s unhomey-homes, it was a breath of fresh air to step away from the oppressiveness of designed spaces, and into the fanciful and wildly evocative paintings and sculptural renderings by Chinese artist Cui Jie at the Richard D. Baron ’64 Gallery.

So I guess I feel like all these enemies are a metaphor, but without the oppressiveness of a bad one.

It feels like a physical manifestation of the oppressiveness you’re talking about, no?

But there’s more to escape from than just rural boredom or the oppressiveness of modern cityscapes.

Demme takes Thomas Harris’s pseudo-intellectual thriller and turns it into an embittered discourse about post-Reagan America, the oppressiveness of the patriarchy, and the brutality of late-20th-century loneliness.

Tasha: Humor has been such a necessary part of MCU stories, and it’s helped them create enjoyable, distinctive characters, and lose the self-important oppressiveness that’s making DC’s superhero films such a slog.

We’ve got lens fog, we’ve got rain spots, we’ve got the general oppressiveness of summer.

For me, the show had a pleasurable mouthfeel from the beginning, not in its largeness but in its smallness, its glory in the details—the oppressiveness of beige Upper East Side apartments; the in-laws and outsiders sharing advice; the man at a benefit throwing a fit about the butter being insufficiently warm.

I wish that people who felt that they were being personally attacked could step back and say, ‘Maybe she is really talking about the hypocrisy of the intolerance, the oppressiveness, particularly for girls and women, the emphasis on shame and guilt and punishment.’ ” Her voice was catching.

Madden said Kim wants to show off his authority — which has been blasted by the United Nations’ human rights commission as a regime built on oppressiveness, torture and inhumane treatment.

But, even with the shock ending of Infinity War, the tone of these movies has always been broad and good-natured, in contrast, for instance, to the sheer oppressiveness of DC’s botched attempts at cinematic universes.

Unlike policies that increase the oppressiveness of government, policies that incentivize business growth (like deregulation) produce jobs, opportunity and prosperity.

He boasts of “a scoring average higher than Kobe Bryant” and says he has no problem cheating on girls: “My friends are like, She’s not gonna find out — you can have the main course and some appetizers, too.” But, Sales writes, “he’d been cheated on; he still didn’t seem over it.” And Ethan says he wishes he lived “when you had to go knock on the door and ask the dad for permission.” This time (which Ethan somewhat amusingly puts “in the ’70s”) wasn’t necessarily a happy one for women — many jeremiads about today’s sexual freedoms forget the oppressiveness that came before.

She makes every note count in the dizzying vocal roulades, giving dramatic point to the passagework and suggesting the vulnerability and confusion of a young woman who has fallen for an enemy and come to realize the inhuman oppressiveness of her own people.

Ms. Shamieh, best known as the creator of the popular Palestinian-American family portrait “Roar” (2004), has taken promiscuous liberties with history to ponder the oppressiveness of sex (in many senses of the word) and class in the days when the pyramids were new.

A bouncy, bumpy play that takes promiscuous liberties with history to ponder the oppressiveness of sex and class in the days when the pyramids were new (1:30).

Many people may be skeptical of the inherent oppressiveness of humanism, given the historic victories won by appeals to a human rights discourse and in appeals to “humanity.” Indeed, in this political moment, in response to Donald J. Trump’s ascendance and the attendant upsurge in racist nationalism in the U.S. and Europe, there seems to be a renewed urgency in defending hard-won human rights and liberties.

Critic’s Notebook The potential oppressiveness of what many people consider to be ideal is something that Misty Copeland most likely considered before becoming the first African-American female principal dancer at American Ballet Theater two years ago.

And despite frequent flashbacks and Bobby Bukowski’s richly dimensional photography, the movie has a static, stagy look that amplifies the oppressiveness of its increasingly unpleasant exchanges.

The production, for which Ms. Lamb wrote the book and lyrics and Susan Hulsman Bingham the music, was often described as “the first women’s liberation musical.” Many critics savaged it, but to women who were bristling at subjugation, double standards and the innate oppressiveness of a patriarchal society, the work was a significant breakthrough.

Many men in the audience around us were nodding approval at his outburst.” In addition to “Apple Pie,” about a Jewish woman who flees Hitler’s Germany but finds that life in the United States has its oppressiveness, too, Ms. Lamb’s works included “Crab Quadrille,” staged by the Interart Theater in Manhattan in 1976, and “Olympic Park,” mounted by the same group in 1978.

“The Mars Room,” on the other hand, chafes against the slowness and sameness of time and the oppressiveness of a system that in the name of “justice” dooms our poorest citizens to lives of incarceration.

More substantively, Palestinian critics observe that “Fauda” shrinks from fully conveying the oppressiveness of the Israeli occupation.

Only a few of their boldest plans were realized, but those that were — such as Janko Konstantinov’s Telecommunications Center, with its porthole-punctured expanses of concrete — expressed a headlong confidence in the future with none of the statist oppressiveness that still clings to our Cold War-vintage stereotypes of “Eastern Europe.” The exhibition presents this Skopje building not only with archival plans and drawings, but also with a contemporary model and two large, newly commissioned photographs.

These individuals, sometimes disguising themselves as refugees, are determined to spread their country’s ideology and its attendant oppressiveness.

But the oppressiveness of the music and the over-intensity of the staging never allow you to laugh at, and therefore enjoy, the ludicrousness of the story.

You can only be in southern Italy for so long before the subject comes up — the oppressiveness that hangs over everything like a low cloud cover that never burns off.

But people also seemed more afraid to speak to a journalist than before, and mingled with the oppressiveness, there was an aggrieved nationalism in the air.

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