Opposing in a sentence | Use of the word opposing examples

Most coaches will apologize for behavior like that; Pelini simply said the opposing coach was acting worse than him.

The anti-abortion march comes a day before thousands of women descend on Washington for their third march opposing Trump’s presidency.

“China’s position opposing nations using their own domestic laws to impose unilateral sanctions is consistent and clear,” she told a daily news briefing.

However it critiques ideological extremes, the film’s half-hearted embrace of opposing aesthetic and affective poles convolutes more than it calls to arms.

Canvassers have discovered that markers the pundits have taught us to identify with the opposing party are a poor guide to who is persuadable.

We need to at least respect those who hold opposing viewpoints if we ever want to see the same attitude from our leaders.

But I suspect that while this is comfortable, isolating ourselves from opposing views is not how we will achieve the changes we need.

But literally stripping powers from officials of the opposing party after they win elections goes well beyond this kind of tinkering.

But there’s still plenty that you can do in a gym controlled by opposing factions.

opposing factions aligned to Wickremesinghe and Sirisenahave often refuse to communicate with each other and blame any setbacks on their opponents, government sources say.

However, the accomplishments are undermined by claims that opposing players were frequently threatened with death if they scored against FK Obilic.

Another opposing player even spoke of being locked into a garage before a game against FK Obilic.

Terrorism experts say that ping-ponging between violent groups with seemingly opposing ideologies isn’t exactly novel.

A McConnell spokesperson, meanwhile, said it’s customary for critics to take issue with the opposing party’s nominees.

Correction: Sanders, despite opposing direct-cash payments for reparations, did say in April he would support researching the idea if elected president.

opposing coaches would make time for Rautins and Saunders to chat before the game, as if it was a national broadcast.

Every coach, from the YMCA to the NBA teaches and expects his defenders to play from that stance when facing an opposing ball-handler.

“People have very progressive attitudes on marijuana and gay rights, and religious groups have taken a diametrically opposing position,” he says.

“Feelings of disgust have spiked about people in opposing political parties,” said Lum.

He considered himself “the villain” every time he walked into opposing arena and he loved it!

Another suggestion: Read the opposing articles instead of just interviewing people.

Russia and the United States have backed opposing sides in the political turmoil in Venezuela.

The opposing campaigns for “Brexit” this summer in the United Kingdom, for example, spent $40.6 million combined.

The opposing campaigns for “Brexit” this summer in the United Kingdom, for example, spent $40.6 million combined.

He had his teammates gather around in a circle so the opposing team couldn’t read the sign language they used to communicate plays.

Sessions has been heavily criticized for opposing policies that would protect minority groups — typically by denying that these groups face any discrimination at all.

Judges don’t usually ask too many questions when opposing parties agree about something.

It went very fast, and the common ground was very clear when there weren’t big countries opposing the whole initiative.

Billboards opposing abortion, often picturing a fetus, are a common sight along roads in rural America.

The opposing diagonal begins with Blankfein in the top right and descends through Shkreli and Trump to Myers and Zimmerman.

This isn’t opposing the war — it’s actually criticizing Bush for dilly-dallying about the invasion.

“We are scholars of the Talmud and Ancient Judaism who hold diverse and even opposing opinions regarding the BDS movement.

The opposing covers have been circulated widely for years by conservatives attempting to sow doubt in the scientific consensus of climate change.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen refers to these as systematizing and empathic cognition functions and our brain does these two seemingly opposing computations all at once.

“The ones opposing us are getting fewer and fewer,” he told Reuters.

Often in college sexual assault cases, the trial boils down to the opposing testimony of two very drunk people.

An MP behind the plans said that a win for the amendment would fire a “warning shot” to those MPs opposing to the deal.

Shortstop Ketel Marte is hitting well and getting on base; once there, he is bringing an element of speed that actually bothers opposing pitchers.

But the movement on his pitches is still tremendous, and opposing batters are still finding him hard to square up.

Uber said in a previous filing opposing the preliminary injunction that Alphabet’s allegations are “demonstrably false.” This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

Never.” Seventeen House Democrats have so far signed a letter opposing Pelosi’s bid for speaker.

opposing party members are always looking for the slightest slip-up to gum up process or make an example of you.”

This can help fuel our biases, reinforce our beliefs, shut out opposing views — and perhaps make us more gullible.

They also made it easier to find common ground with opposing partisans based on other shared identities.

However, their 1.07 PPP on plays following opposing made baskets is only—ahem—good for No.

And he could sort through an opposing lineup, pick it apart, and present the strategy that would work in a few simple, encouraging sentences.

The Broncos were just caving in opposing fronts and presenting great options for Anderson at the line.

The conference ended up endorsing the two white women who are opposing Williams and Winfrey.

In opposing the satellite camps, the SEC might have been trying to save the SEC … from itself.

We talked to two automotive industry analysts familiar with Uber’s program who had opposing points of view.

Instead, they support opposing groups in other conflicts, like the civil wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

“Russia and Taliban share common interests in opposing both the Islamic State and a long-term U.S. military presence in Afghanistan,” he told VICE News.

What happens if we have millions and millions of Americans who file comments to the agency opposing the ideas that you’ve put forward?

There’s a difference between opposing views and non-factual views.

Environmental groups and the organic movement have a vested financial interest in opposing synthetic biology, he argued.

opposing defenses are in a picked every time Houston comes down the court.

“I’m opposing the CR (continuing resolution) in its current form,” Rounds told CNN in an interview on Thursday.

A tussle over global warming continues, with U.S. negotiators opposing a European-led push for a strong commitment to fighting climate change.

The city council adopted a resolution last month opposing the ballot measure.

By contrast, a leader who isn’t confident in his instincts will delay decisions and vacillate in the presence of opposing opinions.

I am proud to have joined so many Americans by also personally submitting comments opposing this rollback.

(It’s not a coincidence that every major health provider trade group is opposing Obamacare repeal.)

But so far, six liberal senators have committed to opposing the federal spending bill unless it contains the DREAM Act, including Sens.

Furthermore, the multi-party group is divided, with more militant sectors opposing the talks they say simply buy the government more time.

Two progressive senators were particularly outspoken in opposing the Rubio bill: Sens.

But by the same token, nobody is going to care about a left-wing Democrat opposing a Trump administration appointee.

In those disparate and opposing dots, he is trying to find a balance.

But what he didn’t like was someone who had nothing to do with transport taking an opposing view about the trains.

Suddenly, the town’s expansion seems worth opposing.

Entrenched interest groups, particularly insurers, spent millions opposing the measure.

“They are not opposing Trump for the American people.

John Kasich — who has a track record of opposing abortion rights — vetoed the same bill.

John Kasich — who has a track record of opposing abortion rights — vetoed the same bill.

Her offense: quoting a letter Coretta Scott King wrote in 1986 opposing Sessions’s nomination for a federal judgeship.

The possession also showed how Hayward could simplify Irving’s duty, and how, over time, opposing teams would be forced to pick their poison.

Lots of communication takes place thanks to the moon opposing Jupiter.

Trump may have been referring to the “Fairness Doctrine” that was designed to ensure broadcasters present opposing viewpoints about public issues.

Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N), a major coal producer, was among companies opposing the regulation.

Mirza plans to set up chapters of the YBHS at different UK universities, with the aim of opposing No Platform policies.

I’ve always been quite malleable, so I’ll allow people to have opposing views to me without challenging them too much.

My research shows that promotions are much more likely when the president and Senate have opposing preferences.

According to people familiar with the project, Clinton’s organization will help allocate funding to “resistance” groups opposing the Trump administration’s policies.

While not all of Hassan’s positions fit RAD’s agenda, opposing Ayotte definitely does.

The ability to even understand an opposing view becomes harder.

Because with everything you’re reading, not only are the opposing views wrong, it’s mendacious, it’s evil, it’s a lie.

(But as both Solomon and Saucier acknowledge, there was an equal, opposing force driving playgrounds at the same time.

They could for instance end up siding with the leftists and the strengthened Greens on opposing new trade deals.

HERO ended up failing by a wide margin, with more than 60 percent of voters opposing it.

Even without established big leaguers Votto and Lawrie, the Canadian lineup could still cause some fits for opposing pitchers.

Men and women are not two opposing teams competing for some trophy.

An opposing player is in the crease, the play is whistled dead.

No other team has been as vigilant, and no other duo have been as vocal in opposing it as the president and vice president.

They tell us to blame it on the immigrants and the opposing political party.

A member of the British parliament wrote a column opposing it.

The six military veterans featured in the staged play Minefield come from opposing sides of the Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

As perennial swing justice Anthony Kennedy has taught us, opposing abortion personally doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll vote to curtail legal abortion rights.

They started off opposing him; even Fox opposed him.

And a pair of guileless, elderly Jewish parents (Jeannie Berlin and Ken Stott) who have opposing views on the afterlife.

An all-out chaotic brawl broke out between opposing fans at the Dodgers vs. Angels game Monday night … leaving one fan with a bloody face.

opposing worldviews have always existed in America (and probably since humans have been around).

“In opposing the Do Not Track policy, people can characterize us as anti-privacy.

As time passed, however, the fluid went back to valuing civil liberties and opposing torture.

Most of the reports reference lobbying to “enhance voluntary compliance” — a euphemism for opposing automatic filing.

Public Enemies presents two independent artists who have pushed their work into two opposing but no less important and impressive corners.

A player from the opposing team missed a field goal that gave us the win and it was in my end zone.

opposing the Horsemen are the X-Men.

The Times newspaper reported 20 Conservative MPs were now backing a grassroots ‘StandUp4Brexit’ campaign, committing to opposing the Chequers plan.

Stuck between the opposing flanks of the Republican party, negotiators were unable to sway votes in any meaningful way.

He was trying to infect Carlos Figueroa, a doctor and well-known activist who’s been opposing the government of President Rafael Correa.

Senators Jeff Flake and James Lankford are among the four Republicans considering opposing the plan, Time reported.

Both Trump and Clinton may regret their support in retrospect, but that’s a very big difference from opposing the war from the start.

But come 2021, opposing Republicans might not be enough anymore.

opposing this order is not something we take lightly.

He can expend a majority of his energy on the defensive end, too, covering the opposing team’s top threat every night.

There was also sustained pressure from labor groups like the Fight for $15 movement opposing his confirmation.

In the opposing dark red conservative quadrant we would find Ronald Reagan and both Presidents Bush.

But in the grind of an 82-game regular season, Baynes and Brown both might have greater use against opposing starters than opposing bench units.

We shouldn’t have people celebrating or opposing laws that make it easier to vote.

Carl von Ossietzky, who won the prize in 1935 for opposing Nazism, was the first laureate to die in German state custody in 1938.

Mars and Venus will also take turns opposing Neptune on September 24 and 29, respectively.

Talks have proven even more complicated than expected, with potential allies opposing each other and all sides digging in their heels.

The Wildcats are a big name in college basketball, so when they lose on the road, opposing fans often rush the floor.

By contrast, public health groups and advocates opposing the measure had only $100,000 to spend on warning the public the measure.

Membership is split with a few supporting but most opposing,” one lobbyist representing insurers told me.

Shirley is the founder of New York’s 2nd District Democrats, a group dedicated to opposing the Trump administration.

(Yes, the left is opposing a climate tax.

He, as governor, famously expanded Medicaid despite his GOP legislature’s misgivings, implying that people opposing the Obamacare policy wouldn’t get into heaven.

https://t.co/mYJtBZfxiu Most of USA Today’s editorials, which represent the official viewpoint of the newspaper’s editorial board, are coupled with an opposing view.

“We’ll be opposing Roy Moore vigorously,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters in Washington.

In certain games, he has also recast those opposing Trump.

Portman and Capito released tandem statements opposing the original Senate bill over the Medicaid cuts.

Yates was later fired for opposing Trump’s temporary entry ban for people from seven mostly Muslim nations.

But Christianity and magic aren’t opposing forces for Carmen.

“We are capable of opposing the current authorities.

That will likely require putting Republicans on the record opposing Obamacare repeal.

The Mavericks finally have someone who can push off opposing misses and slice a backpedaling defense before it knows what hit it.

The next year, Heflin joined several other Southern Democrats in opposing Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork to the US Supreme Court.

He admitted there was a “motivating” argument against opposing the bill: It would leave Obamacare as is.

By opposing civil rights, the Republican party was essentially promising to preserve difference and prevent change — a message that resonated with authoritarians.

Stoking fears of crime, disease, degeneracy, overt denialists tribalize individuals into opposing communities, sow hate and fear, and foster violence.

And, crucially, it seems to be driven by antipathy toward the opposing party much more than loyalty toward the one people support.

But their opinions of the opposing party have plummeted in recent years.

Returning to Rhodesia in 1960, he entered politics but was jailed for a decade four years later for opposing white rule.

Twitter took down the video, saying a remark Blackburn made about opposing abortion was inflammatory.

Often, that will involve vigorously opposing him.

But in fact it’s very destructive, because you’re opposing.

Pruitt’s record is so stark that nearly 800 former EPA employees signed a letter opposing his confirmation.

Jan. 8, 2016 – The tribe submitted 23 written comments opposing the pipeline plans in response to the draft environmental assessment.

March 24, 2016 – The tribe submitted 16 more written comments opposing the pipeline plans in response to the draft Environmental Assessment.

These two opposing themes often overlap in Saar’s work.

None of which is to say that there’s no rational basis for opposing a purely state-run approach to health care.

A Republican, Trump ran for the White House opposing the deal but contradictory statements made it unclear how he would act.

They could either read and answer questions about an opinion they agreed with — the topic was same-sex marriage — or read the opposing viewpoint.

If they selected to read opposing opinion, they had a chance to win $10.

Frimer also tested people’s knowledge of the opposing side.

There’s Facebook, whose algorithms make sure we may never have to read an opposing viewpoint.

Many senators opposing that legislation.

Or they might not be able to do this, depending on how well the opposing service did its job.

“We don’t see it as two opposing dialogues,” a French presidential source said.

But an argument broke out about who won the match — with Randle pushing the opposing player onto the balcony of the home.

For this reason, groups like the National Farmers Union have been opposing many of these deals.

Both Lujan Grisham and Pearce supported raising teacher pay, but they had opposing views about spending on early childhood education.

He sometimes struggles to fight through screens and stick to the hip of opposing players, but those are things he can improve with practice.

“You just throw him onto the opposing team’s best perimeter player, and allow him to utilize his athleticism and disruptive ability.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been fighting proxy wars for years, backing opposing sides in conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

But public opinion has grown more polarized over time, with more Republicans opposing abortion rights and more Democrats supporting them.

How could we ever expect two such opposing forces, two such naturally antagonistic energies, to co-exist in a space as small as the Octagon?

They could either read and answer questions about an opinion they agreed with — the topic was same-sex marriage — or read the opposing viewpoint.

If they selected to read the opposing opinion, they had a chance to win $10.

… Democrats and Republicans not only increasingly dislike the opposing party, but also impute negative traits to the rank-and-file of the out party.”

Hospitals and restaurant groups in the state are opposing the new regulation, saying that it serve as an unnecessary tax on small businesses.

They have a tribal commitment to their team, but much more powerfully have a fear of the opposing team.

Still, Democrats will use that opportunity to get Republicans on record as opposing popular health care provisions.

(He is also opposing a $1 billion Amazon data center campus in Dublin.)

Daly says his reasons for opposing the data center development have nothing to do with Athenry.

And, as congress watcher Molly Reynolds put it to me on Thursday, “opposing wall funding has been a political winner for Democrats so far.”

Sentsov was arrested in 2014 for opposing Crimea’s annexation by Russia.

And for the crime of opposing US entry into that morass, dozens saw federal prison time, mostly under the Espionage Act of 1917.

opposing World War I was hard.

That makes him sound dovish by American standards, because we’ve come to equate dovishness with opposing policies that neocons support.

This is not the first time Page has said he’s being targeted for opposing the US’s Russia policy.

A spokesperson said Omidyar wanted to support the group that’s opposing demagoguery and dangerous rhetoric.

The regional superpowers support opposing sides in the civil wars in Yemen and Syria, as well as rival political groups in Iraq and Lebanon.

In the next part of the video reel, Trump took seemingly opposing positions on accepting refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.

The response is a rebuttal delivered by the opposing party.

Goff tweeted that he hoped Puig suffered bodily injury at the hands of an opposing pitcher.

“Why won’t Ajit Pai answer opposing questions?

opposing BDS takes away the only effective nonviolent leverage that Palestinian society currently has.

She’s one of the people opposing the Vietnam War.

Martin looked rejuvenated in 2015, bowling over opposing linebackers.

More than 90 Republican national security leaders have signed a scathing open letter opposing Trump and his stance on many foreign policy issues.

In the three previous impeachment scenarios in US history, the president has been faced with a congressional majority of the opposing party.

Like a double-sided coin or the opposing and complementary forces of yin and yang, there are two sides to life.

But they are perceived as a bigger threat than, for example, someone who is clearly opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

We need opposing minds to find compromise, and we need young people to believe that can happen.”

One mentioned opposing “unfair trade practices” and reforming the WTO, while another concerned sustainable development.

Then opposing sides come together in kumbaya-fist-bump-moment and beat said enemy.

opposing Senate File 26, Democrat senator Nate Boulton described it as a legislative overreach that would have a “chilling effect” on physicians.

The historically slow-moving Senate clock is a constraint both parties have used to keep the opposing party’s nominees and agendas at bay.

A letter from a Congress member of the opposing party questioning the executive branch happens all the time.

Democrats, heavily influenced by unions, were viewed as more protectionist, opposing trade deals and supporting tariffs.

The poll found seven out of 10 Republicans supported the tariffs, compared with seven out of 10 Democrats opposing them.

You get to meet opposing team fans.

What if different family members have opposing views?

However, the party has lined up behind Meade, who held various cabinet posts across two opposing administrations before announcing his run late last month.

The right-hander entered a July 1st start at Chicago’s Comiskey Park with an ERA of 6.49; opposing hitters were averaging .300/.385/.490 against him.

It’s against those opposing but similar walls that the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ exhibit She Who Tells a Story pushes.

Framing the abortion conversation as such makes it so it feels impossible for these opposing views to ever be reconciled.

Three feet high, it is a series of discrete rhomboids — imagine a cube stretched at opposing corners, so that every side is a parallelogram.

We have to insist that critical observation of the president is not the same thing as supporting or opposing him as president.

Naturally, Democrats are even less supportive, opposing such tax cuts by a staggering 33-62 margin.

Thomas’ ability to slither into the lane, evade taller defenders, and play angles has made him a menace to opposing defenses.

The opposing sides even pelted each other with water in a “battle” of opposing flotillas on the River Thames on Wednesday.

On this week’s episode of The Ezra Klein Show, the two discuss how people of opposing ideologies can disagree better.

Even today, some of the strongest evangelical voices opposing Trump have come from the Southern Baptists.

Trump would be telling the world what his priorities are — and that they aren’t promoting democracy or opposing an increasingly aggressive Russia.

Trump’s opposition to trade goes beyond opposing new trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

But Big Telecom has a history of opposing municipal broadband initiatives.

But feminists have spent much of their energy opposing Trump, after, of course, he won the election in November.

Not only could Italy never afford both a universal wage and a flat tax, but the two measures would likely anger opposing voters.

There could, imaginably, be some value in watching Sanders and Trump, or any two candidates from opposing parties, face off.

In general, debates between candidates of opposing parties while the primary process is still going on might not be a terrible idea.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) sit on opposing ends of the political spectrum when it comes to marijuana policy.

Marreese Speights can’t guard anybody, but his itchy trigger finger will stretch opposing defenses.

Conway and Bannon may prove to be opposing forces in Trump’s campaign.

These tribunals function in many ways like normal courts, with judges hearing arguments from two sides of opposing counsel.

“We have laws in our Constitution which forbid discrimination based on race, gender and religion,” McCrory said after opposing the 1991 measure.

These tribunals function in many ways like normal courts, with judges hearing arguments from two sides of opposing counsel.

How is it that Russia and America came to represent these two opposing systems of thought?

In the three previous impeachment scenarios in US history, the president has been faced with a congressional majority of the opposing party.

Their budget on traditional television advertising and mail advertising was laughably small compared with opposing candidates.

Elsewhere, artworks reveal an opposing inclination in photography: its objectifying, essentializing gaze.

The number of House Democrats opposing Nancy Pelosi’s bid for House speaker has been fluctuating over the past few weeks.

Both those positions, I contend, embody reasonable — although opposing — viewpoints, and I will not try to decide between them here.

Like its ruling Tarot card, the Lovers, Gemini is a symbol representing opposing forces, each of which can’t exist without the other.

The measure passed 51-48, with every Senate Democrat present opposing it, and every Senate Republican except Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) supporting it.

I have always been interested in two opposing forces in a painting.

But opposing trade deals has proven a winning strategy for Trump among voters concerned about the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Do you dodge the incoming tackle, or do you do meet the opposing meathead head on?

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) faced withering criticism from the left this January after opposing a proposal aimed at lowering prescription drug prices.

On Tuesday night, the Senate’s repeal-and-replacement bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, failed on a procedural vote, with nine Republicans opposing it.

However, opposing bids were unlikely given General Mills’ high offer price, other analysts said.

What’s been exceedingly difficult, for both admakers and opposing campaigns, is talking to Trump supporters with a level of trust.

Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) have sent materials opposing Saikawa’s reappointment to their clients, the Nikkei said here without citing sources.

The buildings embody two opposing philosophies of our relationship to the world: dominance versus coexistence.

And the opposing party has a lot to be upset about.

And the opposing party has a lot to be upset about.

More than 300,000 people have signed an opposing petition saying the state visit should go ahead.

opposing emotions can exist at the same time, and often do.

1 on every opposing team’s scouting report.

Needless to say, wanting to strengthen an agreement is not tantamount to opposing it.

The people in these places who were just living their lives, caught in between these opposing sides.

In the video of the incident, Horry was seen getting shoved by the opposing coach and then going after him.

Violence flared in the financial centre on Wednesday as police used gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters opposing an extradition bill.

The result combines opposing benches with a semicircle through a series of interlocking, powder blue blocks that allow for fluid seating.

LePage has defined his tenure with vaguely racist sentiments and by viciously opposing Medicaid expansion, which would provide health insurance to 70,000 low-income Mainers.

“Ending our disgraceful war on marijuana is the will of the people and the Trump Administration can expect severe backlash for opposing it.”

Along with the declaration, provincial and federal representatives from the New Democratic Party also signed a public letter opposing the project.

Abe’s approach toward Trump would be “not accommodating, not opposing”, he said.

Sessions has long taken a tough stance on immigration, opposing any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“You can judge a man by his opponents: all the people responsible for the problems plaguing America today are opposing Mr. Trump.

There’s all sorts of groups coming in, many on opposing sides.

The real estate industry is actively opposing the bill for its new limit on mortgage interest deductions.

For Republicans facing tough reelections, opposing a moderate looks particularly bad in light of Trump at the top of the ticket.

This gives the two powers some leverage over the main opposing factions.

So far, the lower courts, including the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, have sided with the states opposing Obama’s 2014 immigration orders.

opposing Trump is the easy part, and the president’s hardline policies have had a uniting effect on Democrats.

Hun Sen has seized on the platform’s popularity, using the tool to cement his 33-year grip on power while silencing opposing voices.

It also became known for its anti-war members opposing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars during the Bush years.

Trump has sent mixed signals about it, initially supporting it last week and then opposing it.

European governments are opposing the efforts by Erdogan — who they say has shown dictatorial tendencies — to expand his power.

Sure, you could say that a defensive coach has no business being there—especially while mixed up with opposing players.

Corker, who upset the president after opposing his tax bill, responded by calling Trump an “utterly untruthful president.”

No, Sanders didn’t get everything he wanted — for instance, the platform committee refused to approve an amendment outright opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

It was supposed to be a robust exchange in which both candidates presented their opposing visions of France’s future.

In one gallery, four predominately black paintings face three colorful works on the opposing wall.

opposing field goal percentages are 3.6 percent higher than their normal average.

The opposing coach tells TMZ Sports — he was a big Horry fan BEFORE the tournament.

The DemocratsJust as Republicans did their duty in opposing the speech, Democrats lined up to support it.

opposing government as such will, all things being equal, serve reactionary ends.)

The war lasted nine months in total, and saw some factions, including Jamaat, opposing the break from what was then called West Pakistan.

In fact, it’s apparently opposing all public funding into gun violence.

She explained that her mother-in-law had run for local office and lost, so the opposing political party had threatened to kill her whole family.

It’s possible the Republicans could hold together more than I think they will in opposing an agenda designed to split them.

Trump’s pick for attorney general has a long history of opposing disability and civil rights.

A more detailed response opposing Stone’s request will be filed with the court on Friday, Kravis said.

Unlike Zuma, Ramaphosa was not driven into exile for opposing apartheid, which some of the party’s more hardline members hold against him.

A common setting is along public transportation routes, where students from opposing colleges are most likely to run into one another.

He’s opposing the law because he’s been alive long enough to see how it can be manipulated and twisted.

But for now, he’s in a tricky spot, pulled by opposing forces and faced with an array of suboptimal choices.

Democrats point out that Corker has a habit of loudly opposing measures that he ends up voting for.

She explained, “Every day there is something that he says or does that ignites passion among the people opposing him.”

opposing field goal percentages are 3.6 percent higher than their normal average.

On defense, Simmons’s height and build allow the Philadelphia 76ers to stick him on opposing centers (Al Horford, Myles Turner, etc.)

In 28 possessions, opposing players have only made five shots with Parker as their primary defender.

The Fairness Doctrine, which was eliminated decades ago, required media outlets to afford “reasonable opportunity” for the airing of opposing views on major issues.

I know opposing the NFL is like opposing the NRA.

I know opposing the nfl is like opposing the nra.

The AMA [American Medical Association] has written their letter opposing it.

The Sun, in Gemini, opposes Saturn, in Sagittarius, on June 15, soon followed by Mercury, also opposing Saturn, on June 18.

Venus Williams is finally making herself available to talk to opposing lawyers about the fatal car crash … and the wrongful death lawsuit.

Some have you collecting gems to empower your attacks; others have you take control of vaguely-Egyptian laser beams to shoot the opposing nexus directly.

Energized by back-to-back playoff wins, the Cellar Dwellers talked trash to the opposing team.

The White House and Republican Party had thrown their weight behind the nomination, with unceasing attacks on Democrats for opposing Trump’s pick.

Interest groups have also spent an unprecedented amount of dark money opposing this nomination.

Democrats, heavily influenced by unions, were viewed as more protectionist, opposing trade deals and supporting tariffs.

The poll found seven out of 10 Republicans supported the tariffs, compared with seven out of 10 Democrats opposing them.

Basically, the strategy is this: drill it right at some opposing cat’s head and hope for the best.

Your focus is on relationships today, thanks to the Moon in Aquarius, your opposing sign.

Meanwhile, 95 Republican foreign policy experts have signed an open letter opposing Trump in which they pledge to work against him.

Throw him at the opposing team’s most devastating weapon and watch him neutralize it in real time.

Senator Mike Lee, a member of the Judiciary Committee, released a statement Wednesday opposing Sessions’ new policy.

Indigenous groups across the continent have vowed to continue opposing the pipeline.

Price, an orthopedic surgeon and six-term Republican congressman from Georgia, has a long history of opposing abortion and reproductive rights.

Price, an orthopedic surgeon and six-term Republican congressman from Georgia, has a long history of opposing abortion and reproductive rights.

Calls over the opposing team’s captain to ask her if it’s okay if I play dressed like this.

Surprises in your relationships will show up this evening, thanks to the Moon opposing electric Uranus, the planet of the unexpected.

Poland’s president delivered a blow to the ruling right-wing party Monday by opposing a political takeover of the judiciary.

opposing forces create dynamic tensions that drive you crazy and keep you going.

The Wildcats have also helped themselves by creating wasted possessions for opposing offenses.

The singer’s company has filed docs opposing Eymun Talasazan’s attempt to trademark “Starboy,” and they’re accusing him of some serious shadiness.

“The people opposing it are essentially people connected to their communities.

Lucky planet Jupiter is in your sign, opposing electric, rebellious Uranus, which is in Fire sign Aries.

Further complicating matters for McConnell is the comments moderate senators have made in opposing the current bill.

Those two concepts sometimes conflict with each other, so two people with opposing views might clash and offend each other.

(Progressive Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber, of Denver’s House of all Sinners and Saints, spearheaded an opposing, LGBTQ-affirming “Denver Statement” from her congregation.)

The theory is that the best way to try to reason with people of opposing viewpoints is to appeal to their own moral values.

I know that athletes have to deal with shit talk from opposing fans all the time.

People with opposing political views, Ryan added, aren’t “enemies” or “traitors,” they’re often friends and members of one’s own family.

In Brazil’s opener, the home team didn’t batter South Africa, nutmegging opposing players to a crowd shouting Ole!

It’s a trend that has led to outcry from the public, civil liberties groups, and legislators with opposing viewpoints.

The Dutch took control for the last 15 minutes of the game, relentlessly attacking the opposing defense before finally scoring.

But partisan polarization works both ways: The opposing party will have every reason to lift up the acts of a whistleblower.

The opposing side is also very happy to be negotiating.

In an email to Hyperallergic, Madra added: “For the moment opposing the ruling party is considered as a reason for punishment!

The two regional heavyweights back opposing sides in several conflicts including in Syria and Yemen.

Fannon was approved by 19 of the 21 members of the panel with two Democratic senators opposing him.

“We have a message for members of the Senate on Judge Gorsuch: opposing Roe v. Wade is a disqualifier,” Planned Parenthood’s statement read.

Billboards opposing abortion, often picturing a fetus, are a common sight along roads in rural America.

The two categories represent the opposing views held by those working in the fields of robotic creativity.

The best way to enjoy his impact is to keep opposing teams in a half-court setting.

This would be a major concession for McConnell, the man who has swept Republicans into power through a political strategy built on opposing Obamacare.

The surge in anti-volatility trading comes at a time when opposing bets on increased price swings are staying subdued.

Both sides have put forth a variety of scientific arguments to bolster their business-related reasons for supporting or opposing LTE-U.

Every movement Jamison made—plain, fundamental, vanilla even—was executed just a little bit faster than the opposing defense could respond.

I don’t agree that opposing Gina Haspel is inherently sexist.

So the idea that opposing Social Security cuts marked Pelosi as a bold progressive doesn’t scan correctly to people more engaged with modern-day politics.

The companies and industry groups that signed the letter — including Oracle, Yelp and News Corp — have a history of opposing Google’s practices.

He’s a sieve for opposing guards, and shooting well below average—24.5 percent, if you must know—from long range.

The Moon enters independent and free-thinking Aquarius at 12:37 AM, opposing Mercury at 4:01 AM and clashing with Uranus at 4:37 AM.

(The defense bill passed 277 to 147, with a majority of Democrats opposing).

Fitzpatrick could be tough to beat, though; Democrats are hitting him on his tax bill vote, but he bucked Republicans by opposing Obamacare repeal.

Two British activists were also arrested, one of them for vandalizing an official vehicle, the other for opposing his colleague’s arrest.

For years, the side opposing gun restrictions — with the backing of powerful groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) — has generally dominated Congress.

I had found this new way of working by taking up an opposing position.

This should sound horrifying to opposing teams.

The opposing team had some notable players too — including Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin and Putin’s longtime pal, Gennady Timchenko.

In 2011, the tribe delivered a formal resolution opposing the mine to PacRim.

This can help fuel our biases, reinforce our beliefs, shut out opposing views — and perhaps make us more gullible.

Some astute Twitter observers were quick to point out the apparent differences between the leagues with how defenses can pursue opposing quarterbacks.

That card is always about triumph and balancing opposing sources.

Trump also picked as his attorney general Jeff Sessions, who has a long history of opposing and downplaying civil rights protections.

Again, it’s hard — if you’re supporting one political candidate, you’re almost necessarily opposing the other.

SR: No anti-feminist voices opposing Radical Women?

Over the weekend, lawmakers from both parties lined up to give opposing views of its role.

For the tribalist, there are only opposing tribes and the battle between them.

In 2014, she joined Republicans in opposing President Barack Obama’s plan to reform spy agencies.

“We need large corporations to use their influence.” Should big companies play more of a role in opposing Trumpism?

In an unusual rebuke, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer released a joint statement opposing Green’s resolution.

But opposing no-deal will not stop no-deal from happening at the end of March.

But Giuliani also appeared to make the opposing argument.

The countries back opposing sides in Syria and Yemen, where it was reported that Saudi airstrikes had intensified on Tuesday.

Soldiers were no longer fodder for opposing armies, and instead were valued as a skilled unit.

The same proposal from Clarke last week was rejected by just 6 votes, with 265 lawmakers supporting it and 271 opposing it.

He has talked a big game about opposing gun control, but later seemed to espouse support for certain gun-control reforms.

Used effectively, this could totally break an opposing push at a critical time.

In opposing a preliminary injunction, the government had argued that Trump’s executive order “largely” addressed the concerns of the ACLU.

A petition was launched opposing the planned closure of the Memphis College of Art in May 2020.

Meanwhile, justice has been plodding and less fierce for politicians from the coalition of center-right and rightist parties now opposing the PT.

The judge said that because he’s a government official, Trump can’t censor opposing views.

It isn’t a matter of respecting the game, it’s a matter of respecting the opposing pitcher.

“For a long time, people have been assuming that exposing people to opposing views creates the opportunity for moderation,” he told me.

Translation: Let’s just dump the puck in constantly and crush some opposing defenseman’s skull, shall we?

They disagree with some of the policy initiatives of Trump and the Republicans, and they’re opposing those things.

As the general election heated up, the Internet Research Agency allegedly shifted to mainly focus on promoting Trump and opposing Clinton.

In other words, those who arguably have the greatest impact on politics are most likely to have strongly negative feelings toward the opposing party.”

An opposing pitcher hangs a breaking ball, and he tries to land it on the moon.

Tellingly, it is neoconservatives who have been among the most vocal in opposing Trump.

(These policies also prevent community visibility in opposing policies that affect us and critiquing poor media representation of us.

The opposing viewpoints are likely to create some tension when the Florida legislative session begins next month.

John McCain (R-AZ) and Rand Paul (R-KY) in opposing the bill.

In America, what traditionally have been opposing sentiments – god and money – are rendered as interchangeable.

Related: FBI Says San Bernardino Suspects Did Not Pledge to Wage Jihad on Social Media “opposing this order is not something we take lightly.

That is my great fear.” More than 900 scientists signed a letter to the EPA this week opposing the new standards.

The office of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, has been inundated with out-of-state calls opposing DeVos.

Manning, following what was rumored to have been his last game in the NFL, expressed some empathy for the opposing quarterback.

to scout opposing hitters.

Especially hearing scientists talking about treating people with these kinds of opposing theories—that we’re tempted to dismiss outright—with empathy rather than derision.

2005: Zhao Ziyang, who was ousted as Party chief in 1989 for opposing the Tiananmen crackdown, dies after 15 years under house arrest.

Returning to Rhodesia in 1960, he entered politics but was jailed for a decade four years later for opposing white rule.

Only about 100 ads overtly mentioned supporting Donald Trump or opposing Hillary Clinton.

She stayed quiet for much of the Kavanaugh fight, only opposing his confirmation at the very end.

India and China are also aligned with opposing sides embroiled in political turmoil in Sri Lanka.

On social media, organizations like Queens Neighborhoods United (QNU) and Chinatown Art Brigade have also voiced their support of ASAP’s letter opposing Amazon.

The US spent decades opposing, and in some cases fighting, communist forces.

Which means that, before spring training games have even begun, Bautista has done to his own team what he usually does to opposing pitchers.

But instead of openly waging war, Saudi and Iran back opposing political factions and extremist groups as a way of exerting influence and control.

Apparently, the team of Jews could use a rule called “Anne Frank,” which involved hiding one of their cups from the opposing team.

The Bitcoin community has split into two opposing — and increasingly hostile — camps over what to do about it.

Skeptics of the modernization program also have cited the new U.S. president’s impulsiveness as further reason for opposing the hair-trigger ICBM fleet.

“[For the  Dwelling] I thought of opposing forces in a state of equilibrium.

“There is something to the fact that thinking about opposing Donald Trump and drawing a contrast to him,” Dittmar said.

I hope not,” Senator Robert Menendez, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, said in a Senate speech opposing Grenell.

I started out as a pretty solid, but non-thinking, Republican, opposing perceived intrusions of Medicare into my practice.

In 2011, the same Waterloo-based company controversially sold surveillance drones to Libyan militias then opposing Muammar Qaddaffi forces.

When he first came into the league, Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet wondered at times if opposing players even knew who he was.

They also made it easier to find common ground with opposing partisans based on other shared identities.

She said the bill, introduced by a member of the opposing Green Party, “was the right thing to do.”

She said the bill, introduced by a member of the opposing Green Party, “was the right thing to do.”

When you label a group, you allow opposing factions to identify against that group,” Raitt-Forrest explained.

The logging industry arguing in favor of it, and many scientists opposing it.

Those who have opposed him aren’t just opposing his view on the Mortara case.

A growing number of Americans have been voting against the opposing party rather than for their own party.

A Twitter spokeswoman pointed to past company statements opposing Trump’s initial travel ban in January but declined to comment further.

Some Senate Republicans are publicly opposing President Donald Trump’s idea of declaring a national emergency to try to secure the border-wall funding.

What reasons do actual lawmakers give for opposing expanding the statute of limitations for civil or criminal action?

So Wallace turned to Clinton and hammered her for opposing the federal ban on late-term dilation and extraction abortions as a senator.

For what we are opposing, it’s particularly salient that we have an open, democratic platform for organizing.

It’s not surprising that major internet companies like Google and Facebook are opposing a major privacy bill proposed in California.

opposing this order is not something we take lightly.

opposing Donald Trump is the easy part — the president’s hardline policies have arguably united Democrats.

It is true that ISIS was allowed to take over large swathes of territory without a significant military force opposing them.

But two Brexit supporters left the meeting early, saying they had not changed their minds on opposing her deal.

But there’s a strong class divide inside the Republican Party, with rich Republicans favoring tax cuts and poorer ones opposing them.

Strongly opposing Trump’s immigration agenda could alienate the president and make him disinclined to give them what they want on other issues.

Many, many tech companies have voiced opposition and a number of them are drafting a joint letter to send Trump, opposing the ban.

But mostly you had aides from opposing parties huddled in room talking about pay-fors and offsets and S-CHIP expansion.

McConnell, who voted against Garland back then, is opposing the nomination process itself—though it’s less about Garland than it is about Obama.

Some on the left, while not necessarily opposing a basic income, dispute the arguments offered for it by conservatives and libertarians.

It fell short by one vote after John McCain decided at the last minute to join Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in opposing it.

Can you talk about how those opposing viewpoints have shaped our discourse in the Trump era?

“Given what is going on, I am opposing this,” she said.

“Given what is going on, I am opposing this,” she said.

As Pew noted, white evangelical Protestants are still mostly opposed — with 59 percent opposing marriage rights for same-sex couples.

They might even vote for the opposing party.

Parties that are somewhat divided can only hope that the opposing party is more divided.

Other Democrats simply want to deny the president an “easy win” and view opposing anything he does as good politics.

Flatly opposing the war — though a more cautious, humble, and incrementalist policy — was seen as a bold statement of liberalism.

They also made it easier to find common ground with opposing partisans based on other shared identities.

And she (or rather, the criticisms of her) have shown that women in power are expected to fill two opposing roles at once.

The list of all 97 tech companies who signed the friend-of-the-court brief opposing Trump’s immigration order: https://t.co/UDa7WKqhNS pic.twitter.com/MrANn7pC3U

An election win by Lopez Obrador would put already-strained U.S.-Mexico relations into the hands of two mavericks with often directly opposing nationalist visions.

As of Friday, a petition on the website of the presidential Blue House had drawn more than 120,000 signatures opposing the move.

Are they comfortable opposing an infrastructure bill on the grounds that it doesn’t raise taxes enough?

Without Lee and with a half-dozen others opposing the current draft, the math starts to become insurmountable.

But they are now officially opposing Kavanaugh.

There is more election advertising opposing the Iran deal than supporting it, but there is some backing for it.

Carvajal distanced himself from Maduro in 2017 by opposing the creation of an all-powerful legislature.

“Essentially [it’s] referring to rapid transitions between extremes of opposing character, so between extreme wet and extreme dry.

Intense vibes will continue to flow on September 2, thanks to the Sun in Virgo opposing hazy Neptune in Pisces.

We are behind the king in opposing this,” said Muraed al-Adaylah, head of the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That’s the point of this ballot measure,” said Morgan Jones, a third-generation fisherman supporting Prop 1 and opposing the Pebble Mine.

It is extraordinarily difficult to reconcile opposing points of view on issues that matter to people.

There is arguably a bigger mismatch relative to the opposing campaign than in any presidential election in American history.

Casey is also comically demonstrative, almost to a fault, stomping and clapping in the direction of opposing players.

This worldview has distinguished Trump from opposing GOP candidates.

Speier’s office said that Google was “neutral” on the bill—neither backing nor opposing the legislation.

Lesser politicians merely exaggerate or spread fear about what the opposing party would do if they took power in Congress.

opposing defenses have improved on their average performances against them.

Remember, Kanter has previously called Erdogan the “Hitler of our century” who tortures and brutalizes anyone with an opposing political view.

“Senate Republicans knew that opposing such a popular program would hurt them big-time on election day, and they came around,” he said.

The group is printing 5,000 petitions to deliver to the Washington offices of House Democrats opposing the bill.

In opposing a preliminary injunction, the government had argued that Trump’s executive order “largely” addressed the concerns of the ACLU.

Meanwhile, persuasion efforts can effectively net campaigns two votes, by subtracting one from the opposing campaign too.

That’s who the opposition is, you know, opposing.

Yet just a few days later, he was opposing the legislation.

History teaches us, recent history, that this Chicken Little analysis that’s out there by the folks opposing this is way overexaggerated.

It was partly about opposing Obama’s economic policies — foreclosure relief, tax increases, and health reform.

He said the Justice Department would file a statement of interest this week opposing the proposed agreement.

they chant when the opposing pitcher fails to pick off a runner.

I presume then that those people will all be vocally opposing his re-elect.

People would talk about opposing social programs because the recipients were lazy and not hardworking like themselves; those were often dog-whistle racist claims.

It was the last time opposing battleships fired on each other in combat.

Most partisans feel somewhat well-represented by their parties and very poorly represented by the opposing parties.

Instead, what we get is more along the lines of an ideological chess match between two opposing visions of America.

Altria Client Services, which represents tobacco company Philip Morris, has spent $12 million opposing the Medicaid ballot.

That is not the kind of thing that you ordinarily hear from opposing senators about White House appointments, to say the least.

We’re on the floor of the Senate tonight for 30 hours opposing a colleague, Jeff Sessions, because he’s anti-civil rights and anti-immigration.

If you’re losing, you get to pick your own opposing pitcher for the ninth.

Of course, there’s also the opposing theory that God does, indeed, exist.

As people get a chance to sort through what the implications really are, we will have strong bipartisan support for opposing this.

Members of Parliament have been vocal about opposing the deal since May delivered it last year.

Last night, 96 companies filed legal documents opposing the Muslim Ban, according to Gizmodo.

The longtime world chess champion was arrested twice in his native Russia for opposing Vladimir Putin.

In fact, both conservatives and liberals exaggerated their own moral judgments and those of the opposing party.

Sure, plenty of nonwhite people will find themselves at the Thanksgiving tables with family members with opposing political views.

You don’t have to like the opposing team but you need to show respect or don’t go!”

The “COD” is operated by ASU students to screw with opposing free throw shooters by revealing something crazy as they’re about to shoot.

Witnesses tell us a man affiliated with the opposing team was heckling Horry throughout the game when he approached R.H. and pushed him.

They also said Open Society Foundations had not given out any grants to campaigns opposing Facebook.

We hope opposing in a sentence examples were helpful.