Operation in a sentence | Use of the word operation examples

“Our analysis found that there was a failure in our security operation,” Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo told reporters in the capital Seoul.

“K-pop music videos are a fantastic, slick operation,” she said.

On a literal level, there’s really very little daylight between his campaign fundraising operation and Clinton’s.

Donald Trump’s campaign has fired two high-level aides in what sources told Politico is a “shake-up” in the operation.

The U.S. destroyer Preble carried out the operation, a U.S. military spokesman told Reuters.

He once described an operation that killed 32 people as “beautiful,” and he has jailed and threatened opponents who don’t agree.

According to officials cited by Reuters, the antinarcotics operation took place in the port city of Arica in northern Chile last Saturday.

U.S. senators were briefed by U.S. intelligence agencies which concluded that Prince Mohammed ordered the operation to kill Khashoggi.

The debate ended in November when The Daily Caller’s fact-checking operation lost its accreditation.

“Fervently committed to their task, they created a total of ninety-seven life masks during their eleven months in operation,” Lubin writes.

It was a market operation that could have helped Italy and Italians,” Di Maio, who is also deputy prime minister, told Radio 24.

“I believe France cut a poor figure over a deal which was a market operation for which we showed respect.

Should Trump prevail over Clinton, the Republican National Committee’s data operation will likely have played a considerable role.

That could include maps, menus, hours of operation and customer reviews and ratings.

Doctors in the hospital told VICE News that Ullah had fractures in his legs and was in need of a major operation.

“The doctor said that he has to undergo a prostate operation but they are not allowing it,” he said.

In May, an operation inside the country’s jails took place in which the main leaders of the gangs were moved to other prisons.

Flint Hills, a unit of closely held Koch Industries Inc, may sell all the operation or seek a partner for the Ingleside, Texas, terminal.

A spokesman declined to provide the sales price for the operation.

The Trump administration is sure to face similar questions about its digital operation, which drew scrutiny from the House Intelligence Committee beginning this summer.

This is an ongoing situation for him, the grind of running his small (and niche) distribution operation, PM Spirits.

So instead of making the short drive across the border to Natchez for the operation, he had to commute 107 miles.

However, it plans to retain a substantial U.S. operation to service German corporate clients.

The crown prince has denied knowledge of the operation that killed Khashoggi.

It skirts over the navy operation that almost captured him near the mountain community of Pueblo Nuevo in early October.

It does not address the fact that the operation has since been accused of targeting civilians.

Today there are an estimated 6 million lead pipes still in operation, servicing at least 10 million Americans.

Garry Shandling had an operation called “inferior vena cava filter” before he died … according to his death certificate.

A months-long sting operation ensued, yielding more than 70 hours of video footage.

A months-long sting operation ensued, yielding more than 70 hours of video footage.

Prosecutors say the propaganda operation was designed to help support President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and disparage Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Goldman Sachs is opening a bitcoin trading operation — the first at a Wall Street bank.

Deputy Emergencies Minister Alexander Chupriyan told Interfax there were no more bodies under the rubble and that the search and rescue operation was over.

The Gangs Unit undertake this large-scale operation on a bi-weekly basis.

Launched in 2010, operation Combat is an anti-gang strategy spearheaded by Major General Jeremy Veary.

Given NATO’s official policy of non-intervention, Skaskiw’s operation was supposed to be covert.

“He carried out the operation in response to calls to target nationals of states that are part of the coalition fighting Islamic State.”

Five Iron Dome systems served during Israel’s 2012 operation Pillar of Defense against Gaza.

Nine systems participated in 2014’s operation Protective Edge.

The first is operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009.

Trump’s new fundraising operation puts him directly in the role of the politician he said he was once trying to buy.

The FAA just came out with new regulations that now does allow for commercial operation of drones within a certain set of parameters.

Sunday’s massive crackdown operation took place amid outbreaks of intense violence involving protesters in several other parts of the state.

It was eventually quashed by a massive federal operation that took several weeks to fully pacify the city.

Russian banks have accumulated a large reservoir of foreign currency that they could use for the operation.

Another 57 people were rescued in the operation northeast of the port of Lesbos, the coast guard added.

It said Taiwan closely monitored the operation to “ensure the security of the seas and regional stability”.

A similar Chinese operation was conducted on Tuesday, the ministry said, and both were monitored closely.

Although FAA rules will require pilot operation, developers expect the vehicles ultimately will be flown autonomously by pre-programmed guidance systems.

The other gas-fired plants tracked by RTE also can be used for peaking and have been in operation for many years.

According to his own data, the weekend’s strike killed more targets than any preceding counterterrorism operation in Somalia by the US to date.

The Ministry of Sport (“MofS”), RUSADA and the Russian Federal Security Service (the “FSB”) were all involved in this operation.

And there was no military operation more important to national security at the time.

“It’s not a one-year operation; it will last for four years in fact, because it’s a huge job.”

I’m not a part of his operation.

They said the reporters were arrested in a sting operation by the police that was aimed at blocking their reporting.

The operation was more wide-ranging than many remember, targeting not just John Podesta and the DNC but many other people and groups.

Stone was only an official Trump campaign adviser briefly, departing the operation in early August 2015 after clashing with other staffers.

Your operation leaks like a sieve.

They’ll soon go to trial, and the charges come after an international investigation, suggesting the scale of the operation.

Some 45 tons of rubbish were retrieved during the last cleanup operation, which took place from 2001 to 2002.

Police officers survey the operation from a canal-side walkway.

The city ordered the cleanup operation to carry out renovation work along the canal and its locks.

Opinion polls indicate most Russians support the Syria operation.

(via Satellite News) pic.twitter.com/bWMzGrDPNa The presence of military leaders led some to speculate that Trump could be alluding to some coming military operation.

(Though if some secret operation was being planned, it would be quite irresponsible for the president to publicly drop vague hints about it.)

If there is no planned military operation, then, could Trump have had other aims?

Up until now, analysts have often observed that Trump hasn’t run a traditional campaign operation.

Rather than being evicted, the community got to run its own sustainable logging operation, the largest in Mesoamerica.

In the fall of 2015, an operation of more than 1,000 policemen had been routed trying to evict a big rancher named Maynor Palma.

The Somalia operation is just the biggest example of the US military’s expanding efforts in Africa.

The incident prompted a new government security operation in the region.

But this was strictly a catch-and-release operation, for research purposes.

Huffman was arrested Tuesday — along with Mossimo — in an operation in Los Angeles.

The United States said UNRWA’s business model and fiscal practices made it an “irredeemably flawed operation”.

Days later, on February 27, arsonists set MSF’s Butembo operation on fire.

The operation to clear the camp was carried out jointly by the police, city authorities, and the French Office of Immigration and Integration.

Wednesday’s operation unfolded calmly, with migrants boarding buses at dawn.

The operation to clear the camp was carried out jointly by the police, city authorities, and the French Office of Immigration and Integration.

Wednesday’s operation unfolded calmly, with migrants boarding buses at dawn.

Wednesday’s evacuation marks the 19th camp-clearing police operation in the city since June 2015.

“It took over and monitored the entire operation for days,” Gibney explained on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka.

Defence Minister Hulusi Akar has said the operation would continue in the region until “the last terrorist is neutralized”.

The Somalia operation is just the biggest example of the US military’s expanding efforts in Africa.

Governor Héctor Astudillo said the largely happy ending was due to a major search operation involving 500 officers.

“I am completely convinced that this happened as a consequence of the operation that we carried out,” he told a press conference.

The hackers’ laziness, or lack of caution, exposed their operation, negating one of the core advantages of a phishing attack.

Since joining Woodberry, she explains, she’s imposed order on what was a somewhat errant operation.

Burkina’s armed forces have launched a search operation across the area targeted by Sunday’s attack, the government said late on Monday.

NASA officials say it will take two to three months for the main instruments to be deployed and put into operation.

In Karachi, the security operation that ensued involved a substantial number of alleged extrajudicial killings by police.

We catered for that despite the operation.”

“These demands would turn the Trump White House into a 24/7 legal defense operation,” Swan wrote.

“It’s only purpose was to gain attention, which this operation needs.

… the point of this operation is not to attack Donald Trump.

“This is NOT the last time you hear of this operation,” Beemsee wrote.

After Uber launched there in late 2014, Portland sued to stop its operation, declaring it illegal.

Mughniyeh was assassinated, reportedly by a joint CIA-Mossad operation in 2008.

“It seems very organized, almost like a military operation,” Lofven said in an interview on Swedish radio.

Experts told Motherboard the operation may have ensnared innocent victims as the spyware appears to have been faulty and poorly targeted.

Last May, he commanded an operation to track down gang members on Long Island.

The statement said that HKEX had cooperated fully with the ICAC during its operation.

It was basically a full military operation to grab Barsukov, then they airlifted him straight back out back to Moscow.

His operation did have all that money, after all!

Inc. switched off its services to Chinese users in 2013, and packed up its operation in 2014.

“The rescue operation was mounted very quickly because the search operation underway was very intense.”

CCCC planned to list its dredging operation in 2015, but its application later lapsed, according to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

At least one attacker was killed during the operation, while another died at the compound entrance.

This week, Garner returns to the Red Hook space for a different kind of operation: tattooing.

So that just adds to the complications of the operation.

You’ve got a sense of mission and then ultimately a sense of the operation, and that pairing can be very helpful.

Another DEA operation in Honduras in 2012 led to a shootout that killed four civilians.

Another DEA operation in Honduras in 2012 led to a shootout that killed four civilians.

Again, the cartel was tipped off about the operation.

Only after ProPublica’s report did the families learn about the link between the DEA operation and the disappearances of their loved ones.

Peshmerga commanders have accused Iran of orchestrating the operation, a charge Iranian officials have denied.

Speaking to local administrators in Ankara, Erdogan also called on international NGOs to support Turkey’s operation against the U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG.

But Trump’s birthday card has so far comprised the core of that vaunted digital operation.

She’s an institution, and has a formidable political operation that’s been around forever,” the strategist told me.

Myanmar says what it calls a “clearance operation” in the state was a legitimate response to terrorist attacks.

They have been providing medicine to patients this way for years, and their operation appears to be growing strong.

But many more did, as the operation which paved the way for France to be freed from the clutches of Nazi Germany unfurled.

The operation was first reported by Reuters.

The freedom of navigation operation comes weeks after a major naval parade marking 70 years since the founding of the Chinese navy.

There wasn’t even a time where the band was a legitimate operation.

The Myanmar military says the crackdown is a legitimate counter-insurgency operation.

Zeid said he had phoned Suu Kyi in January, asking her in vain to stop the military operation.

This is the second time in the last six months that security researchers catch an ongoing espionage operation that uses FinFisher malware and exploits.

Mueller’s operation is widely viewed as leakproof.

Ruf did not disclose the operation of her advisory business in the museum’s annual report.

The ranger unit conducting the operation said the shot was fired from a heavier weapon mounted on an armored vehicle.

He’s the kind of quintessential man’s man you’d expect to be in charge of a Denver whiskey operation.

Hanke told Business Insider his operation was “always kind of bumping up against Google’s desire to stay neutral.”

It’s a potent nationwide political operation, far more effective than comparable liberal or progressive-left efforts.

Mueller is also interested in broader questions about whether Trump’s digital operation collaborated with Russians in some way.

That part of the operation drew praise from former police.

On August 17, a similar operation took place in the same camp, with nearly 700 people being brought to housing facilities.

A news outlet with close ties to the Syrian Kurdish-led authorities, Hawar, reported that the operation was now finished and Islamic State defeated.

The public prosecutor said he was the one who ordered the operation to repatriate – but not kill – Khashoggi.

Hopkins contracted meningitis, briefly lost the ability to walk downstairs, and experienced weakness in her left arm as a result of the operation.

However, the operation does appear to have cured Hopkins of epilepsy.

U.N. investigators have said the operation was executed with “genocidal intent” and included mass killings, gang rapes and widespread arson.

Drik’s was a solo operation; the summit’s is not.

In a post on national security blog Lawfare, he arrays strong evidence that the hack and leak to WikiLeaks were a Russian operation.

Crazy Mika” and describing her as “bleeding badly” after a facelift operation.

More than 40 militants were killed in the operation.

Erdogan gave no details of the operation, but said it was going ahead “without problems at the moment”.

More than 40 militants were killed in the operation.

The recovery operation, mounted by Hungarian and South Korean divers, has been hampered by flood waters and strong currents in the river.

The statement did not name the 24 people taken into custody, but said the operation targeted high-level members of the drug trafficking organization.

The statement did not name the 24 people taken into custody, but said the operation targeted high-level members of the drug trafficking organization.

Mexican authorities could not be reached immediately for further information on Sunday, but the operation was apparently carried out by Mexico’s Policia Federal.

The recent operation came less than a month after Mexican authorities recaptured Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán.

47 others were also caught up in the massive college bribery scandal the feds dubbed operation Varsity Blues.

The Bureau is currently in operation at Jane Lombard Gallery in conjunction with Antarctica, their first New York City solo show.

The NFL enacted the Rooney Rule in 2003 which requires league teams to interview ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs.

Only by having a rock-solid reason for being in operation can companies connect with their customers.

No security personnel were injured in the operation, it added.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asserts that the companies are operating an illegal gambling operation within New York and has moved to stop them.

Authorities seized dozens of illegal firearms as part of the operation.

The investigation, dubbed “operation Blackjack” by authorities, was primarily centered in Pasco County, Florida, which is just outside Tampa.

Authorities seized dozens of illegal firearms as part of the operation.

The investigation, dubbed “operation Blackjack” by authorities, was primarily centered in Pasco County, Florida, which is just outside Tampa.

This is the face of a man playing operation.

The Christmas Island detention facilities – shuttered last year after a decade in operation – have been an issue in the outcome of previous elections.

“This was a large-scaled integrated operation which added training value and also contributed to the mission,” James said.

When he first dipped into cannabis, Davidson says, he didn’t anticipate running an entire operation, or working twelve hours a day.

A spring offensive Critical to the success of operation Mansouri will be access to weaponry.

He’s planning to move his operation to a house in Malibu with a view of the ocean.

Bin Sulayem said the NSR would allow DP World to create a truly global operation.

In order to understand how this has happened we have agreed with the police and other agencies to suspend our operation whilst we investigate.

And I’ve realised that taking a nascent company and helping it scale into a major international operation is what I’ve enjoyed most.

But finding another base of operation will not be easy.

The motor, in operation from 1940 to 1973, is now being used by Beasley to generate sound, like a musical instrument.

And while cheesy jokes have been cracked about who might have committed the crime—rodents?—this isn’t a Mickey Mouse operation.

Myanmar has denied almost all the accusations, saying its forces engaged in a counter-insurgency operation against “terrorists”.

Failure to follow these instructions could cause serious property damage, injury or death.” 2) “Many unforeseen circumstances can impair the operation of Autosteer.

A friend told police Roberge claimed she was making $100,000 [$76,473 USD] for her role in the operation.

WikiLeaks, which published U.S. diplomatic and military secrets when Assange ran the operation, faces a U.S. grand jury investigation.

But in 2014, a hacker group published leaked emails said to be from the Internet Research Agency that revealed an expanding English-speaking operation.

The operation sent more than 730,000 Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh, according to United Nations’ estimates.

Kroger gave Reuters a tour of its ClickList operation at a Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles’ Westchester neighborhood in late November.

She was initially in stable condition following an operation, but suffered a fatal heart attack as a medical evacuation was being prepared.

C-2 aircraft have been in operation for more than five decades and are due to be replaced by the long-range tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft.

“The operation is over and the building is now controlled by the security forces.

“Our special operation in Mogadishu successfully concluded after almost 24 hours.

Dozens of them eliminated, more injured,” Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operation spokesman, told Reuters on Friday.

His mode of operation is instinctual and pragmatist, opposite to the mythical, inward-turning beam of spirituality in MoMA’s narrative.

TRUMP: “With a deficit like we have with Mexico and have had for many years, closing the border will be a profit-making operation.”

In May, Square added Paul Deighton to its board of directors, an indication it could be starting up a UK operation.

It was a sting operation.

The effort cost nearly $94 million and is considered the most expensive search operation in aviation history.

He’s a fly-by-night operation, who can use the cash infusion and reputation boost of a major murder trial.

Take the L train to Third Avenue and pop down into Decibel, a graffiti-covered subterranean bunker in operation since 1993.

Amazon will deliver the hardware and hire electricians to install them through its Amazon Home Services operation.

In February, Pinterest hired longtime Google exec Jon Kaplan to lead its global sales operation.

The company said it plans to revive its operation in Denmark when laws change.

They did a sting operation, buying illegal ivory and making arrests, and conducting mobile device forensic analysis on scene.

Gronke said, noting that Trump also doesn’t seem to have much of an early voter ballot-chasing operation.

“The two leaders’ discussion of operation Olive Branch was limited to an exchange of views,” the source said.

Two-thirds of Amtrak’s track segments and route miles had PTC in operation.

The only thing new about China’s operation is its use of the internet.

But how does Twitter work as a Disney-owned operation?

Politico reported Tuesday that the group was ending its field operation in Alabama and ending its joint fundraising agreement with Moore.

Thus far, Hillary Clinton has 40 times as much money as Trump and a much more expansive operation, to boot.

Abdiasis Abu Musab, al-Shabaab’s military operation spokesman, denied al-Shabaab took any casualties from what he described as a US drone strike.

A spokesman for the Houthis said the group had carried out a “large operation” targeting the airport, according to the group’s Al-Masirah TV.

As elsewhere in the industry, El Nacional’s print operation was also impacted by younger readers spurning physical newspapers for digital news.

But even such “limited” strikes would be a massive military operation.

He may also pursue acquisitions to bolster Goldman’s consumer banking operation, or expand into areas like corporate cash management.

We did some digging and found out he was deployed last year for operation Inherent Resolve … which took on ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Yeah, they were going hard into video, the news operation

He says feds never even accused him of setting prices or having knowledge of the entire drug operation.

And basically the news operation was really big, cost a lot of money, won a lot of awards, did great, some great journalism.

This is, we’re a digital news operation.

It’s not clear that his operation fully grasps the nature of their task.

While the company saw some early success in its first couple years of operation, profits have been steadily falling in recent years.

Watch “Displaced in Sinaloa: The Hunt for ‘El Chapo'” Read “24 Sinaloa Cartel Members Arrested in Secretive Joint operation by US and Mexico”

In other words, Parscale’s operation, while successful and unconventional, hasn’t convinced the opposition.

The company also expects that taking control of more of its logistics operation can save it money over time.

The two men were arrested on Nov. 28 in a joint operation carried out by MI5 and counterterrorism police.

The two men were arrested on Nov. 28 in a joint operation carried out by MI5 and counterterrorism police.

“These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks,” it continued.

Instead, the financial details of his operation had been the responsibility of his ex-right-hand man, Rick Gates, they said.

“11 Over time, we created tracks for supply-chain logistics, factory equipment operation, and, eventually, management, accounting, and more.

operation is simple and intuitive: Two large paddles are pressed to turn the machine on and off.

Penkovsky, a friend of the then GRU chief, informed British and American spies of a Moscow operation to place nuclear missiles in Cuba.

The operation targeted intellectual property and corporate secrets to give Chinese companies an unfair competitive advantage, they said.

operation costs have been falling due to advances in technology…

(Notice how little we know about his current operation in the Rezidentura — mostly that it’s happening.)

Even though Democrats had a sweeping win, Pelosi’s vote-whipping operation is in full swing.

Myanmar rejects almost all accusations of wrongdoing and says its armed forces launched a legitimate counter-insurgency operation after coming under attack by Rohingya militants.

Gheorghe Cervan, the owner and winemaker, named the operation in honor of his grandfather, whose family has lived in the region since 1136.

After returning from the Trump store, I zeroed in on PVH’s necktie operation.

On April 25, 1777, a Mexican woman underwent an operation to remove six tumors from her breast.

An ancient Kuwaiti manuscript that was stolen during Iraq’s 1990–91 occupation was recovered by Iraqi security personnel in a sting operation.

Trudeau reiterated that the mission would be an “advise and assist” operation, repeating that it would remain to be a “non-combat mission.”

Lauer ended the evening by asking Trump about the weightiness of the decision to launch a military operation as president.

(“The investigation did not identify evidence connecting the events of June 9 to the GRU’s hack-and-dump operation,” the report says.)

A fire among the rubble held up part of the operation, sending clouds of white smoke up before being extinguished.

A combined operation with the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom is now underway.

Microsoft Corp. was one target of the Russian espionage operation in Seattle, U.S. officials familiar with the expulsions said.

And if the president does not act, the Congress should prohibit its operation through one of the must-pass legislative vehicles in September.

The raid was the first American special forces operation in Yemen since December 2014.

The Denver-based operation was designed to compete against Frontier.

US troops help Kurdish children during operation Provide Comfort in 1991.

“Topography, fuels and shifting winds are presenting a challenge to this operation,” the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said on its website.

It’s a wildly complex operation.

We’re told Paul’s animal rescue operation — with mini-horses, donkeys and alpacas — will be prominently featured.

Compare that with pretty much any other aquaculture or agriculture operation, which has lots of inputs and outputs.

“The enemy is now trying to disrupt our economy through a psychological operation.

The illicit operation rolled along for at least a decade before Brazilian prosecutors blew the lid off.

But if it’s true, it would show the Saudi operation was far bolder than known to date.

The Pasadena Museum of California Art has closed after 16 years of operation.

His operation is very scattered.

—Gizmodo Brooklyn Barbershop Was ‘Stash House’The L & L Barbershop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been implicated in a major coke and heroin operation.

“The soldier was mortally wounded late Saturday during an operation in Nangarhar Province,” US Navy Capt.

A looming concern laid out in the presentation was China’s growing presence in the manufacture and operation of wireless networks.

According to the charity Help Refugees, the French government did not construct adequate new housing, and so the operation will leave 2,000 people homeless.

Michael D’Antonio He’s never been a chief executive who was involved in the day-to-day operation of a complex, employee-heavy enterprise.

In this season of daily disappointments in the operation of our government this exhibition is a lovely reprieve.

She has had an operation to remove a brain tumor and requires further treatment in the coming days.

A shadowboxing operation.

Chan’s sentence was postponed to Monday due to the operation.

Still, an anonymous official told CNN, “This operation was not for personal use; it was for something much bigger than that.

It was a very sophisticated operation.”

Tiller’s murderer, Scott Roeder, had some connections to operation Rescue and shared the group’s obsession with Tiller’s trial.

To be clear, operation Rescue disavowed Roeder and said he was never “a member, contributor, or volunteer” with the organization.

For his part, Browne seemed to be in good spirits after the operation … writing, “Damn I got some fugly feet!

Launching this operation now could partly be a tactic to distract from the negative press around the corruption allegations ahead of Israeli elections.

In 2011, one of the Chinese officers emailed the other, attaching a report running through the success of their operation.

It serves as a virtual confession of the entire operation.

Netanyahu “tried to build this up publicly as some brave, huge operation, and that of course helps him politically,” he said.

The operation was complex, and expensive.

The first stuff that we put up in the classroom area are finger paintings from Rhoda’s school, which is still in operation.

The larger Spot Classic model is designed for both indoor and outdoor operation and uses LIDAR to sense tough terrain.

In a recent national sting operation, 35 percent of lobster served in restaurants turned out to contain a cheaper imposter fish or shellfish.

But Trump’s campaign, who only set up their New York operation last week, was not quite as prepared.

“It is not only Syria that will demand this operation to stop.

It becomes quickly evident that mutual aid is the cornerstone of the operation.

As this detailed bike-share map shows, there are now close to 900 in operation in cities across the world.

“We are still here, still outraged,” said Rachel Carmon, chief operation officer of Women’s March.

An all-analogue operation, it involves a 35mm slide carousel slide projector and a double LP played on a turntable.

A new mode of operation enabling the acceleration was observed on May 22, the IAEA told member states, according to diplomats who attended.

These programs have been in operation for decades.

And he was in touch with top Trump campaign officials about this operation to release Democrats’ stolen documents.

Right, but you’re not really an online news-gathering operation, right, generally?

We have a big security operation.

Turkey launched its operation “Olive Branch” in northern Syria nearly two months ago to sweep the Syrian Kurdish YPG from the Turkish border.

In any case, Jinn now plans on expanding its operation beyond London.

His small army of lucky bots allowed Scott to scale his operation while yielding increasingly absurd results.

A Charsadda District local government official told VICE News that the operation had come to an end.

A Charsadda District local government official told VICE News that the operation had come to an end.

Around 3.30pm local time an army official told Associated Press the operation was over and 20 people were dead.

The details of the proposed operation were laid out by the Washington Post in an exclusive report on Tuesday.

The operation was intended as a show of force, and there would’ve been arrests and coordinated raids at homes with parents and children.

Related: The Rio Olympics Just Got $500 Million Less Secure operation Car Wash began two years ago and shows no sign of letting up.

Police carried out 67 search warrants and 15 arrests in March as part of the operation.

More than 200 firefighters joined the rescue operation and two helicopters landed on the nearby Place de l’Opera to evacuate victims.

The details of the proposed operation were laid out by the Washington Post in an exclusive report on Tuesday.

“I don’t give it very long before that operation is concluded, and that will deal a decisive blow to the enemy,” he said.

The operation was intended as a show of force, and there would’ve been arrests and coordinated raids at homes with parents and children.

Last May, he commanded an operation to track down again members in Long Island.

Erdogan announced last week Turkey is postponing its planned military operation against the YPG in light of Trump’s decision.

Prosecutors described an elaborate operation that victimized multiple Western companies but stopped short of naming them.

The HPE operation had hundreds of customers.

“No casualties suffered by Indian security forces.” Wednesday’s operation was confined to the Indian side of the border, it added.

Politico quoted anonymous insiders in several key states who openly questioned the size of the Trump field operation.

Wershe was referring to his involvement in an FBI sting operation that began in 1990, three years after he was sent to prison.

The smooth operation of the economy can conflict with conservative ideological goals.

This is a sprawling operation that can’t just be shut down by the firing of one person.

“As an operation, we have the obligation to give people something.

The product description online echoes these sentiments, calling it an “easy one-handed operation” made from MIL-SPEC (i.e., US military standard) materials.

Everything including a joint operation is on the table,” he said in an interview with broadcaster Kanal 24.

He only lasted a little over a month, though — Stone departed the operation in early August after clashing with other staffers.

Your operation leaks like a sieve.

Germany’s intelligence services ran a surveillance operation after they were tipped off to the planned attack.

Germany’s intelligence services ran a surveillance operation after they were tipped off to the planned attack.

The operation was three months ago and I’m slowly ramping up my sorely missed training routine again.

A Turkish operation in Manbij would be fraught with risk due to the presence of the U.S. military personnel in and around the town.

Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor has said Asiri was the one who ordered the operation to repatriate – but not kill – Khashoggi.

The company also touts its extensive data operation that allows it to target audiences at higher ad rates.

A flop is short for a “floating point operation,” a type of math problem, and the prefix “peta” refers to a quadrillion of them.

It was a huge operation,” he wrote in a reply to Martin’s tweet.

While the league has a long way to go in terms of infrastructure, the operation is growing all the time.

A marijuana grow operation in Colorado.

And now the man who led the operation may need to pay up to $2.2 million to settle with the government.

And now the man who led the operation may need to pay up to $2.2 million to settle with the government.

Erskine-Smith would like to see the government funnel the funding spent on operation Sabot into healthcare programs.

“Since 2002, operation SABOT was responsible for the seizure and destruction of over 1.5 million plants,” Paulson wrote.

If one day one part of the operation is captured or killed it’s just one start-up.

[laughs ruefully] The spread of [deregulated] ISO/RTO markets has provided a lot of benefits to system operation.

The service expects the first jets to be delivered in 2023 with the program to reach full operation in 2034.

It’s an impressively complex operation.

John DePaola was arrested Sunday as part of a massive drug bust in New Jersey in an operation prosecutors are calling operation Snowball.

Governing an international polity, and doing so while making money off the results, poses unique problems of both legitimacy and operation.

Trump did not mention the operation during a series of tweets on Sunday.

In The Avengers, the operation is a joint venture between NASA and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Burseg believes that the similarities among these channels and how their content is posted suggests this is a small, fairly centralized operation.

After a few days, I trolled them with the vast amount I learned about their operation.

The subsequent news stories gave me a fuller picture of this operation.

I couldn’t stop reading news stories that had small details of how their operation worked, because it only confirmed everything I had learned.

And surely, some or all of them realized this wasn’t a legitimate operation — that they didn’t actually work for the IRS.

Facebook’s fact-checking operation is working with 21 partners in 14 European languages.

“After the blessed raid in Paris, he saw another dream, which motivated him to carry out an istishhadi (martyrdom) operation.”

I can tell you that this is a very sophisticated-looking operation.

These days, it’s more of a well-oiled operation.

Rost’s project is about telling the story behind a scar, whether it’s from a pub fight or a life saving operation.

She is credited behind the scenes for stabilizing the communications operation.

Nobody knew where it came from, so when I was thirteen I had a small operation to see what was wrong.

Rost: Was it part of the same operation?

ICE sent agents to 98 stores simultaneously — an operation requiring extensive resources and coordination — but arrested only 21 people.

ICE sent agents to 98 stores simultaneously — an operation requiring extensive resources and coordination — but arrested only 21 people.

operation Green Fence was the 2013 effort to just start getting exporting countries to clean their recycling, their plastics in particular.

Like this US airman wearing a Santa hat during a Christmas visit operation on December 2 this year.

The operation was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters.

The 32-year-old will feature in the men’s doubles alongside Spaniard Feliciano Lopez on Wednesday, five months after undergoing a hip resurfacing operation.

“I didn’t know how it would feel if I went and had the operation.

Meow Wolf has evolved from a ragtag group staging low-budget shows into a multimillion-dollar operation that employs more than 150 people.

That plan, ironically, was named operation Solomon — the same name as the teenager who was killed Sunday.

Still, he added, “a win’s a win” — and one likely to score symbolic points for the group’s critical propaganda operation.

Reminder: BuzzFeed news boss Ben Smith has floated the idea of spinning out his operation.

One source said those conversations were necessary to quickly ramp up a formal campaign operation should Biden decide to run.

The accident occurred just five days after the 174-foot-long (53-meter)bridge, assembled by the side of the highway, was installed during a six-hour operation.

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that U.S. Special operation Forces captured the militant in Libya in the past few days.

They added that the operation was authorized by President Donald Trump and had notified the U.N.-backed Government of National Accord.

Nations around the world, including an initially reluctant United States, have suspended 737 MAX models in operation.

Newman then says, “Wow,” before Trump replies: “You know, they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it.

Gmail users are under attack in a gigantic phishing operation that’s spreading like wildfire across the internet right now.

Uber has also reportedly had talks to sell its India operation to Ola (you guessed it, the Uber of India).

Newman then says, “Wow,” before Trump replies: “You know, they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it.

Claire Georges, a spokesperson for Europol, told Motherboard in an email that “Unfortunately, Europol is unable to provide any comments on operation Pacifier.

So far, we’ve been talking about an operation with popular support (remember, the president has completely flipped his lid).

So that’s a big part of the book where he’s building this operation in Somalia.

It’s an approach called a maturity extension program, or “operation Twist,” and the Fed did it 2011.

The DC Comics series Checkmate, which started in 1988, focused on a covert operation team whose hierarchy was based on chess pieces.

There’s no viable drug operation that’s not gonna be utilizing technology.

All of that is following the same footprint that any other retail operation is.

CFM says there are more than 8,000 of its CFM56-7B engines in operation on Boeing 737 passenger jets.

That type of operation can only really be run by the DEA.

Technological operation on the other end.

But equally, Barcelona will mark the first time that the new operation will have worked together in a track environment.

“It’s an operation to get buses and make sure you have the staff there to transport offenders from one facility to another.

Like every son, I wanted my mother to have the best operation possible.

She argued that she was a fairly healthy person for her age and the operation was less complex than other procedures.

“When I need a big heart operation, then I’ll come across town,” she told me.

The name of the ally or intelligence-sharing operation was not disclosed.

When I sought out advice from colleagues on where my mother should have her operation, everyone had an opinion.

My mother ended up having her operation at her local hospital and it went just fine.

She got a safe operation without the trouble of traveling.

For many patients, that could be facilitated if their first operation were closer to home.

The statement said that five alleged gunmen were killed in the operation, six people were arrested, and one official was wounded.

Those plans are likely to see the bank’s U.S. equities business shrunk to a skeleton operation, Reuters reported this month.

“Security forces have completed clearance operation,” the military said in a statement, adding all three attackers had been killed.

And the legislation bars states from imposing their own regulations targeting the design and operation of driverless cars, as well as their software.

Westerners often stay there, and he takes the opportunity to ask for donations for his one-man charity operation.

More recently, he has made moves to build up his fundraising operation with an eye toward the Nov. 8 general election.

And Biden’s fundraising operation in Silicon Valley still lacks clear leadership.

Analysts at bank Banorte said the arbitration push by the CFE could lead to a delay in the pipeline going into operation.

The suspects were picked up in December 2016 in joint raids, dubbed “operation Great Wall”, across Spain by Chinese and Spanish police, it said.

The system is an editorial-plus-algorithm operation.

In the same region, a family-run operation focuses on stripping refrigeration systems and high-voltage electricity cables.

“Three years after Katrina I wanted to make a statement about the state of the clean up operation,” Banksy added.

Saturday’s strikes on Syria were the first major military operation since Macron’s election in May last year.

And it was no small operation.

This could enable the $3.8 billion pipeline to begin operation as soon as June.

Myanmar says its “clearance operation” is a legitimate response to attacks by insurgents.

It is very difficult in the current situation.” Zaw Htay defended the military operation in Rakhine.

The US military has admitted to killing just 21 civilians since operation Inherent Resolve began.

This year it has helped rescue 3,200 migrants, while a similar sea operation by Frontex last year recovered 21,500.

“These mostly weather-driven events are magnitudes above [outages in] day-to-day grid operation,” Marsters said.

So if they then attempt to take action, they might be inadvertently carrying out an operation that crosses borders.

A suspect armed with a Kalashnikov—identified by police as Algerian national Mohamed Belkaid—was shot dead and four officers were wounded during Tuesday’s operation.

If we have a high-quality but small operation and not enough numbers, we’ll continue to fail.

Hanamori, who went by the names of “Grandpa” and “Uncle” orchestrated the operation at the airport, Wan Azirul said.

The soldier is reportedly a trans woman who previously fought in Afghanistan, earning her Combat Infantry Badge in operation Anaconda in 2003.

U.N. investigators have said that Myanmar’s operation included mass killings, gang rapes and widespread arson and was executed with “genocidal intent”.

Or, you know, the wireless connectivity with devices and then you have a large content operation as well.

So you have your own podcast operation going on.

In operation for a decade, the Center’s substance use clinic treats about 400 unique individuals per year, according to Ruberto.

“They’ll be as close as they need to be for the (Syrian fighters) to complete the operation.

“They’ll be as close as they need to be for the (Syrian fighters) to complete the operation.

The operation will also count on support from US-led coalition air strikes as well as from ground-based firing positions across the border in Turkey.

In Ankara, a Turkish military source said Turkey was not contributing to the operation.

We are all caught in some larger machine that grinds up too many of us in the name of its continued operation.

Reuters reports that California’s standards may require cars to have a steering wheel, while federal regulations may allow fully autonomous operation.

Including an option for human-driven operation also allows self-driving technology to be conservative about when it takes control.

But let’s go back in time, because I think all of this began as a money-laundering operation with the Russian mafia.

operation Clemenza, as the RCMP probe was dubbed, happened to be following four individuals involved in the hit.

operation Clemenza didn’t bug the suspects’ phones or install microphones in the smoke detectors.

The story made it clear that political convictions had nothing to do with the operation.

he said Wednesday, adding: “I believe that this is part of a global operation conducted against our president”.

We don’t know if the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians to help their disinformation operation.

he said Wednesday, adding: “I believe that this is part of a global operation conducted against our president”.

The largest law enforcement hacking operation to date hit computers as far afield as the US, Greece and Chile.

This month the theater officially announced it would resume operation in December, and its schedule ably shows off its programming sensibility.

Now, it looks like a case in the UK might have been part of the same FBI-led operation too.

It seems likely that, as more cases involving Playpen become public, that the truly global nature of this operation will come into focus.

From Peter King’s Football Monday in America column: Tate is certainly looking like the brains behind the operation right now.

The source said the attack appeared to be a well-planned military operation in which several suicide bombers were involved.

The source said the attack appeared to be a well-planned military operation in which several suicide bombers were involved.

“This operation would be tantamount to pursuing full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula, and risk conflict elsewhere in the region,” the report concludes.

“We are behind the operation … we had warned him but he turned deaf ear.

President George W. Bush in 2005 announced operation Streamline, a plan to charge most illegal crossers caught at certain points along the border.

The eventual goal is to eliminate drivers (and all the accoutrements used in the normal operation of a vehicle) entirely.

But imagine now if that same car-sharing vehicle ran in constant operation.

He told reporters that 11% of the construction had been completed and it was due to begin operation by 2022.

The officials said the hacking was a covert intelligence operation run separately out of the Kremlin.

Breast implants are the number one cosmetic surgery procedure—forget fighters, it’s just a ubiquitous operation.

I came here to prison, and they offer me now the operation, they offer me the medications and stuff like that.

So far, though, the operation looks pretty amateurish.

Achmad runs a no-budget operation, shooting on a Xiaomi mi4c smartphone and editing mostly in the Snapseed app.

Russia launched a military operation in Syria in September 2015 which has turned the tide of the conflict in favor of Assad.

The build-or-buy question could be a piece of the recent “reset” Apple has had within its stealth auto operation.

Countering the promises of Abadi, he contended that “no Sunnis are involved in the operation.”

“A military operation in a city is just striking to me.

A vulnerability is a special kind of bug that creates a security weakness in the software’s design, implementation, or operation.

But even as remediation efforts move forward, Indiana state regulators in December decided to green light another lead operation outside Hammond and Whiting.

The Syrian army said the attack “undermines the operation of combating terrorism that the Syrian Arab Army is carrying out”.

Speaking on a road outside the recently retaken Kudila village, Nizhan chafed at the Iraqi army’s control over the operation.

An international coalition spokesman reached via telephone said the operation was going according to plan.

It was premature to talk of retaking Mosul, he said, but added that the operation “is going to set conditions for additional follow-on operations.”

The operation would not necessarily ensure the safety of the American troops stationed near Makhmour, he said: “It’s a war zone.

“The operation has now ended but we are still combing the building for any possible militants who are hiding,” he said.

“The operation has now ended but we are still combing the building for any possible militants who are hiding,” he said.

And the idea of coin operation just appealed to me as a way of, in theory, bypassing the art world.”

Sources told me that at least two senior police officers are dismayed after they were not briefed on the operation.

It appears that operation Lanhydrock wasn’t the “joined-up, multi-agency” effort being touted in press releases.

Late on Saturday, Mahathir met Anwar in his hospital room, where he is recovering from a shoulder operation.

The airfield was closed to arrival flights for a period of time but has now returned to full operation.

– June 29: British divers reach a third chamber inside the cave complex, an area which became the forward base for the search operation.

Thousands of volunteers joined what then became an operation to bring them out through flooded tunnels.

Earlier the same day the White House announced he’d hired Bill Shine to run his communications operation.

That law, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, prohibited the agency from passing any rules on the operation of model aircraft.

The operation, dubbed Nitro Zeus, targeted power plants, transportation and air defenses.

(The National Security Agency recently rejected a Freedom of Information request from Motherboard for documents related to the operation.)

Zeyar Phyo in turn gave Aung Win Khine 100 million Myanmar kyat (about $80,000 at the time) to pay for the operation.

“The Blue Helmets” offers an exclusive look inside the U.N.’s most dangerous active peacekeeping operation in the African country of Mali.

Very few people ever dive into the details of a gateway/router’s operation.

This operation we affectionately referred to as “triage.”

He’ll take over the global service operation and runs customer advocacy, essentially taking charge of customers after they’ve bought something from VMware.

One solider suffered non-life threatening injuries during the mission … dubbed operation “Black Swan” by the Mexican government.

The event in its 15th year of operation is a Democratic fundraiser that benefits participating county parties.

The operation cannot be a success if the patients die.

They set up a sting operation with her the next day, yielding an audio recording of Weinstein admitting he groped her.

They set up a sting operation with her the next day, yielding an audio recording of Weinstein admitting he groped her.

But it’s not just the media who are leveraging Ukraine’s fake operation to boost Russia’s moral authority.

There has been support from both Republicans and Democrats for reorganizing the broadcasting operation to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency.

To obtain search warrants, officers have to submit a sworn complaint containing details of an operation alleged by a confidential informant.

To obtain search warrants, officers have to submit a sworn complaint containing details of an operation alleged by a confidential informant.

It’s a war operation,” Luciana Albuquerque, executive secretary for health surveillance in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, told VICE News in November.

Last month two U.S. service members were killed in Afghanistan while conducting an operation.

This creates all sorts of conflicts and necessarily makes their operation clunky.

Over the past week, US officials have begun to publicly contemplate expanding the anti-IS operation to Libya.

“We did not build the emergency management operation to do border influx situations.

This recent military operation has been even more severe.

General John Numbi, who led the operation, said the soldiers did not fire a single shot.

“The (military) operation must be resolved.

“This operation definitely will uphold confidence and the image of Bangladesh,” said Bangladesh’s prime minister, Sheikh Hasina.

And I was with her for the operation.

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