Okay in a sentence | Use of the word okay examples

I think that having vaguely okay opinions while being married to Kellyanne Conway is not a badge of honor.

okay, wait, you liked it?

okay, explain it to the people then.

okay, a lot of people did.

okay, being nicer.

okay, it’s not happening.

Her detractors will never like — or understand — her music, and that, she knows, is okay.

That might be okay if the songs were more memorable, but they’re not.

Yeah okay so “T” is my intial, and it’s inside— that was supposed to be a square not a rectangle.

okay, what do we call it?

All right, okay, I can call it clown car, but explain that.

Right, right, okay.

It’s okay with metal, it’s not …

Flying cars, okay.

okay, you’re not working on those.

okay, yes, technically, there are still a few months where it doesn’t feel like 500 new shows debut every week.

(okay, you generally need to be the company’s founder.)

So, as I ran to see if he was okay, I instructed my four cameramen to keep filming.

I spend more than I should on groceries because it’s okay for me to just toss away something with a dent.

(okay, not the Nick thing.)

I like both Mad Men and Homeland, so I’d be okay with Handmaid’s turning into either.

Anything she said after that did not matter; I had my validation that it was okay for me not to want to have children.

I said, you can take the hand away, okay?

Because it was passed on a party-line vote, Republicans initially seemed to be okay with rolling back the health law’s coverage line.

Still, okay, say the analysis is taken at face value.

“We know she’s okay because she’s blonde.

If it’s the Model 3 slips by six months, okay.

They’re not going to just say, “Oh, well, okay.

And his legal team seems to think it’s okay for him to run the American government in the same way.

okay, maybe not your butt, but the skin on your butt—assuming you have no open wounds—is incredibly impervious to even the scariest of microbes.

A laptop and breakfast tray

okay, this one is 49¢ over the price limit, but it’s worth it.

The nurse grabbed my arm and said, “It’s going to be okay, baby,” or something very close to that.

But, okay, yeah, there are some movies that receive lots and lots of boos.

“They’re all massively implausible, okay?

It’s supposed to be, well, it’s nobody’s fault, because it’s unconscious, so it’s okay.

okay, you’re doing it.

They did this big investment and stopped, and so what it forced us to do was, “okay, cool.

okay, I was thinking, was there one with “Happy Days”?

Cruz: okay, now— Blitzer: These are the debate rules— Cruz: Hold on, I get my answer.

It’s a little (okay, a lot) industry focused, with attendant anachronisms (still miss you, Digg).

If you believe you’ll be okay whether or not political institutions survive, you may be more reckless with the care of those institutions.

okay, these are people that voted for Hillary Clinton.

But as I watched, I thought maybe it would turn out okay.

Khloe fought back, insisting she had called Kourtney to make sure she was okay.

okay, makes sense!

Still, that doesn’t make it okay that Green Book keeps getting sold as this bigger, nuanced story on racism.

They thought that it was okay to do that publicly.

okay, you’re not crazy.

It’s okay for some insurers to fall out of this market.

okay, maybe you won’t excuse her.

Anyway, it’s okay to be sad.

(I know I’m starting to sound like I belong on Conspira Sea, but check it out—there’s actual research on this, okay?!?)

LG: Oh okay.

I mean, I would … KS: okay.

okay, that’s not so easy.

LG: okay, from VCs?

okay, good question.

Yeah, I know, it’s okay.

Anyway, okay, if you’ve been listening to the show, you know how it works.

KS: Everything turned out okay in that movie.

LG: okay, that sounds great.

“When people are misgendering me it’s like, okay, cool.

“But the drugs weren’t strong enough to numb that reality and so it was like, okay, this is a crossroads.

4) Take some time off, and be okay with not always knowing the latest about everything that’s happening.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously: It’s okay to take some time away from the news.

And then after a while, I was like, okay maybe I should.

That’s okay.

“If it would be detrimental to the interest of the United States” — okay.

That’s where you look at it and say, okay, how do I do that?

Peter Kafka: okay.

I said, you can take the hand away, okay?

Lochte was okay and cited for “careless driving.”

”Oh, okay, that makes a lot of sense,” she says.

(okay, maybe me.)

“It’s kind of a relief to say, ‘okay, we don’t have to do that anymore,’” Cash admitted with a laugh.

And I’m one of the people who will be relatively okay in this new old America.

All we need to acknowledge is that by their votes they showed us they were okay with racism and sexism and Islamophobia.

But that does not make the relative silence on Russia’s abysmal track record on LGBTIQ rights okay.

If you confidently tell your friends that bullying someone else isn’t okay, they’ll likely stop.

“Usually water levels rise here, but that’s okay because it is from a normal level.

“Just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke, okay?

Where they say, “okay.

And for conservatives, eminent domain poses a question: Is government intrusion into private property okay if it’s to build something that conservatives want?

okay, but I would like to use Robyn’s music, but we can’t, because they tell me I can’t do that legally.

okay, I’m going to try to do it.

KS: okay, we’ll get into that.

So I thought, okay, I want to encourage that.

okay, I have a thought about all this.

KS: okay, but you thought people were blaming each other, that we’ve gotten to a …

Kobe said, “It’s okay coach.

I know I’m not going to get a chance to compete for a sixth NBA championship and I’m okay with that.

I saw that and was like, okay.

And it was great standing in front of the orchestra and going, “okay, guys.

The site may be an okay starting point for information, like Wikipedia.

Knew each other, okay.

I spent two years of my life dealing with domestic manufacturers, right, I mean those guys have been disrupted, okay?

Also, consolidation now doesn’t mean what it did in the ’80s or ’90s, okay, where …

okay, so … yeah.

But they’re kind of okay if they roll over it and crush it.

So it’s kind of okay, some good, some blah, Apple News.

Not so sure those are buyers of newspapers, but okay.

As long as it sounds like Ella Fitzgerald, you’re kinda pretty okay.

OK (or okay, ok, or k) might just be the most widely spoken word in the world.

So okay, so no one’s actually being harmed.

Startup world is gonna get decimated, the economy will be okay.

No, I think the economy needs to do one little tweak of not being okay that will scare everybody.

I’m okay with that, I’m okay with that.

okay, this guy isn’t a snowflake!

okay, and then he optimized the browser to maximize click-throughs, as opposed to something that was a better reflection of overall user satisfaction.

I went through my slideshow with him, and I said, “okay.

okay, debt relief.

Then, at the next level of the organization, someone had to say, “okay.

KS: Oh, okay.

okay, you have to work at it.

okay, maybe that’s just the black churches.

All right, okay.

okay, no, we’re not.

That’s okay.

okay, I have two very quick questions to finish up.

So you’re okay doing that but you stopped doing it because you thought it was easier running the paper not weighing in?

There is nothing stopping me from looking in the mirror at my skin and feeling not just okay with it but enchanted by it.

The first one was, we said, “okay, look, we have to look across the entire media spectrum.

So, it’s what’s accelerating, but then it’s also, “okay, well, are my key messages getting across?

Wall Street said, “okay, something’s going on here.” And they actually saw their market cap drop several billion dollars.

You say, “okay, this is what’s bot-generated.

okay, all right.

Well, you can start to see … okay, well, people are reacting when they push out this type of message to you.

But it’s okay to relax a bit sometimes.

And know that it’s okay to form your own opinions, too.

And I think I’m finally okay with that.

okay, maybe don’t do that.

“I just want to reach out and give them a big hug, and let them know that everything’s going to be okay.”

Elisa’s okay, and no one else in the house suffered any physical injuries.

NQ: I was slightly annoyed, I was like, okay, why do we all have to leave?

okay, first off … no one woulda touched Adriana’s ride in “The Sopranos” days, ’cause Christopha and Tony woulda cracked ’em good.

It says I am right that a woman will never be president, but that it’s okay because a fictional witch from England might.

We don’t really get the feedback of ‘we don’t want to hear anything else about books.’” okay, fair enough!

But that’s actually okay, because competence was never the point.

I would say that I was an okay photographer in high school.

But that’s okay, and I think that’s relatively healthy.

Facebook is not the only social network in the world, it may be the largest, but I think that’s okay.

But you might ask, “okay, Kevin, what does that mean?” You talk to teenagers today about their experience online and bullying is a thing.

okay, that’s fair.

Milk Teeth sounds like… uh, they just sound like Milk Teeth, okay?

okay, all right.

But despite investors’ negative reaction to the news, Square should be okay.

All right, okay.

okay, we can try it at home.

It took us a minute to get that through because the talking between players was okay.

LS: Pong, okay.

okay, we’re going to take a quick break now.

okay, all right.

It felt okay.

okay, thanks, baby.

okay, all right, cool, so it worked.

LS: okay, Mom.

okay, they kind of …

okay, so diplomacy may not be going as planned, but surely the US-led pressure campaign on Pyongyang is still working, right?

It has nothing to do with military men, military women, okay?

I saw her at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles this weekend, but okay.

It’s okay, John … hard to compete with the miracle of life.

I think I was an okay writer then, but she really taught me how to write.

I thought, “okay, this is a perfect thing for me to do right now.” Then I jumped in, and it was hard, though.

KS: okay, we’ll tell her.

LG: okay, hold on.

KS: okay, and you do.

“In the old days, there were shrimp.” okay.

I went into it thinking, ‘If I at least don’t get worse from this point, that’ll be okay,’” she said.

It’s okay to just sit.

It’s okay to talk about how scary climate change is.

okay, enough about the wonders of nature.

KS: Never used it, okay.

KS: okay, all right.

They have to use, Snapchat’s okay.

KS: Right, okay.

KS: Oh okay, all right.

KS: okay, all right.

okay, all right, but then you do communicate on those school-wide platforms, right?

KS: okay, “Briefly, I did dab … “ It’s not a thing a parent wants to hear, Louis.

Casey: okay, fair enough.

I’m going to give you five, okay?

KS: All right, okay.

KS: Oh okay.

KS: okay, sure, why not?

okay, Mark Zuckerberg.

I’m gonna tell you it’s okay.

okay, hence “Brady Bunch.”

If we can, good; if we don’t, that’s okay.

And you know what, maybe they’re gonna have to be okay with that.

Maybe not making $400 million a year is just gonna have to be okay.

I think that we need to be making some conscious and sometimes difficult decisions around am I okay being the product or not?

“I wanted to show the world it is not okay to discriminate women.

okay, it feels a little weird to call Bronn a “winner” when we only see him in one scene, alongside three naked women.

It’s earned some of that, but not too much, okay?

So you say, “okay, those people are really struggling and that makes sense.

She’s just low-key doing okay.”

okay, being pregnant is not exactly what you’d call practical in the restaurant industry, where margins are shockingly narrow.

I was not okay with this, but at the same time thought to myself, “Why waste energy on this?”

For me it was okay, but the big difference is that when I got pregnant I didn’t have to work nights.

Which means as long as you’re shooting your pellet gun on a regulated course, you’re okay in Ireland’s eyes.

Is that okay?

She comforted me, said the serenity prayer out loud, and told me I would be okay.

“The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable.

Both were okay with it.

Both were okay with it.

We’re okay.

“Definitely the Russian interference in the election and net neutrality.” okay, those are two different things.

On drug policy issues, over the past year I found myself frequently asking, “okay, so we have the research and evidence here.

It’s okay.

okay, last question.

Well, it’s apparently okay to be biased against one set of candidates — the unpopular.

That’s okay.

okay, so full disclosure here — we don’t get it.

okay, he said that to the press.

I was okay with giving up soccer and moving on with my life.

Banks are notoriously conservative, and to a certain extent I’m okay with that.

okay, maybe we don’t need another Blade Runner.

okay, yeah, I kind of doubt that too.

And movies that are major successes here — like Split — have done just okay overseas.

okay, maybe not Missandei — who, again, died.

Whatever you think is the right way to impose costs on people who’ve harmed others in society, that’s okay.

You guys did a little better than me financially, but I’ve done okay.

[laughs] okay, I don’t dislike him.

[KS laughs] Um, okay.

okay, okay, I’ll go back to work.

okay, that’s the host promotion of the event that happened.

Well, he did okay after that.

[end clip] okay.

Is there is a thought at some point, “Oh, okay, I’m on the trajectory.

okay, but it wasn’t just that we were supporters.

okay, so in trying to catalog all of Trump’s recent antics, the sketch got pretty scattered.

They’re measuring it digitally now, hence it is better, okay?

Why is gross suddenly okay to call “fun”?

Do that, okay?

okay, and you’re giving me $100 in 2020, or sooner if Bernie’s not running?

It came out over here on Sanctuary, who did an okay job.

SE: I would say that they did — they, we — did largely okay, did better.

(Not remotely true before Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” permanently transformed the character, but okay.)

okay, I could have done without the vaguely Zack Snyder look of Cleganebowl and assorted other scenes in the dragonfire-scorched King’s Landing.

okay,” she says.

I don’t wanna talk too much about it now, but, that we think will … LG: It’s okay.

Kansas Republican congresswoman Lynn Jenkins tweeted, “This is not okay.

LG: It seems like, if you had to put this into different categories of users, you would say, “okay.

Then you have the photo hounds, who say, “okay.

Some of this questioning, however, has reached truly absurd heights, like a Daily Mail headline asking, “Is hugging still okay?

LG: okay, well, I miss seeing you in person and hearing the “ka-ching.” KS: Ka-ching!

KS: okay, if you’re listening to this show, you know how it works.

okay, next question is from Jeremy Fake.

okay, now things are getting a bit more interesting.

He did okay a t-shirt that said “Rat Bastard” on it, but that is about as far as it went.

We’re guessing this isn’t the spring break trip Danny had in mind, but we’re glad he’s okay.

Another statement in the survey reads, “It is okay for an unmarried female to have and raise a child.”

You say, “okay.

I’ve been to stan hell and back, okay?

It’s possible that some ideas about a bigger heredity don’t pan out and that’s okay.

Trump made up a story about counter-parties welching on deals, and then, when called on it, retreated to total vacuousness: TRUMP: okay.

He said his family was okay, but that there is a broader lesson here.

It’s okay.

Is persistent abusiveness okay, but sexual predation isn’t?

“When you’re heterosexual, you grope, okay?

— H: okay, so I understand that your, that you have not answered the question, but I’m going to move on.

Because it was like, okay, both of these could be true, I just don’t have the answer, but I certainly have way more questions.

It’s like, okay, all right, he managed a small amount of people and now a thousand.

okay, I’m teasing.

okay, now I see.

okay, he was a prick, but, boy, the productivity was high, so he gets to do that.

KS: okay, don’t get trumped, don’t get trumped, Lauren.

Because they viewed it as, “okay, this is a new distribution platform.”

And so I was like, “Come and talk about that, because you can take it.” She did an okay job.

It’s okay.

KS: okay, and would you like to respond to this political invective?

I know, but, but, but, okay.

I actually do a lot of the things and then I go, okay I’m going to do it.

okay, then that’s fair.

Kafka pushed Wojcicki on that point at Code and asked whether YouTube should have to okay content before it goes out.

For giant tech guys like Apple and Google that run streaming music as a side business, that’s probably okay.

okay, I’m unaware.

KS: okay, last question and then we’ll get to the last part.

LG: It’s a badge of honor, okay.

KS: okay, go away, like you’ve been blocked by Elon before, right?

KS: Alright, okay.

Oh, not a smirk, okay.

RH: Sure Kara, you have to leave New York just to get away from having lunch with me, it’s okay!

We said, “okay, we got this.” He’s the balloon, I’m the string.

I remember a few years back, when Taran Killam popped up and you go, “okay.

No, I’m talking about “X Files.” I was thinking about “Saturday Night Live.” Oh, okay.

“We can’t do that and I wouldn’t want to do that, okay?

“We can’t do that and I wouldn’t want to do that, okay?

I remember the first time I saw Fred Armisen, I said, “Wow, okay, we’re thinking outside the box here.

okay, you do have more hair than I do, but not three times more,” says Martin, clearly underwhelmed by the armpit display.

okay, but you’ve been with Match for like 12 years now since you’ve been back in Dallas.

okay, so a strong investment.

okay, and then what was your first job?

okay, so you graduate.

“Are you guys okay?”

Is there any thinking like, “okay, we can keep acquiring people but we can’t acquire too much”?

JL: When a piece is ready, it says, “okay.

She wanted to know if he was okay.

“I feel like it’s okay to be vulnerable with these people because I love them and I trust them.

We’d ultimately build a healthier political culture if we admitted that partisanship is okay — complete with a tolerable dose of hypocrisy.

Things are okay,’” explained Gregory.

okay NOW I feel bad for eating too much this week.

okay, well I have my holiday cards picked this year.

Like you mentioned, it’s shocking that they thought it was okay and that they could get away with it.

okay, so my last suggestion is one that’s not really guaranteed, but just something to think about if you are really … curious, alright?

Don’t worry, he got up and appears to be okay.

It’s okay, it’s just you and me now.

I mean that guy seems okay.

okay, that’s my ask.

You’re the head of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Agencyhttps://t.co/2Cjt9DME9i okay, environmental regulations produce enormous health and social benefits, but don’t they kill jobs?

Well, okay, but is it good policy, worth dying on a hill for?

It’s just a hunch, okay – a vibe.

“At the end of the day it boils down to the fact that some people are okay with some people dying.

okay, happy pickings,” she says.

“Let’s see how much money Fox is going to make on the debate without me, okay?”

“Let’s see how much money Fox is going to make on the debate without me, okay?”

KELLY: okay, I’m not saying that — that’s your opinion.GINGRICH: You cannot defend that statement.

In fact, Roy acknowledged that Michael’s had “extensive” boxing training and — “he’d probably do okay for a few rounds with me!”

Likewise, Trump is signaling that assassinating Hillary Clinton and/or her Supreme Court nominees is an okay thing to talk about.

okay, tomorrow,” Brown said.

okay, it doesn’t have any songs as earworm-y as “Let It Go” — but for beleaguered parents, that might be a blessing in disguise.

There will, of course, be holiday gatherings where I will relegate bites of meat as meager side dishes, and I’m okay with that.

The little dose of luxury meant I was okay.

okay, first of all, define ‘meeting,’” said the puppet.

(For instance, he’s okay wasting a little solar power here and there.)

“To me she is perfect, all her imperfections shows it’s okay to be a little crazy.”

This led to some interesting developments: okay I maybe should stop drinking I had NO IDEA that woman was in a wheelchair.

Why only is it only okay then when it’s heterosexual?”

“They were not drawn for that purpose, okay?

Don’t tell me what happened!’ ‘okay.

Uh-oh, AT&T is lukewarm (okay, this one is true).

But if you encounter an overly aggressive networker, it’s okay to assert yourself.

They told him, by what they said or by what they didn’t, that what he was doing was okay.

He didn’t even ask if I was okay.”

She said, “okay.

We’d be like, okay, we start to upload.

#BuckinghamPalace pic.twitter.com/yqjH8ApKlD “Elizabeth, I’d like to retire””okay dear but it’s 3am should we wait unti…””Call an emergency meeting.

“We did something in, like, three takes, and [the director said], ‘okay, I think we got it.

He said, “okay.

“Are you okay?”

In the ’90s after the Soviet Union collapsed, everybody was like, “okay.

There’s something deeply weird about the fact that so many people in this administration are not okay with this.

I tell him it’s okay.

You’re all safe, okay.”

Their conclusion: No, it was not okay, because men have to have control over women; that’s just science.

The result is, well, pretty okay.

That’s when I thought, okay, that’s it!

She says she fields calls from patients asking if it’s okay to take antibiotics with the combination birth control pill (i.e.

“Is that okay with you?”

All of the previous movies — okay, the two I’ve seen — offer no evidence that they take place in any other era.

It’s okay.

I’m okay with it.”

She’s laughing because the name is Ash’saDildo, okay?

It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?” he said then.

LG: But, if someone’s in the elevator, they’re okay.

Russian bots and Nazis are okay, but not a brave voice?

(okay, fine, duchess.)

okay, let’s start with Twitter.

KS: No, they’re not okay.

You don’t need to lick it, okay?

KS: It’s okay.

That’s okay.

So said okay, I’ll take my second fight.”

Do you ever look and go, “okay, that’s interesting what they’re doing there.” The other car companies …

I was in the heart of it, and was thinking about, “okay.

okay, all right.

So we were like, okay, what is the least boring thing we can launch?

All right, okay.

okay, and what about their influence in Silicon Valley, given the billions that are being poured in here?

Right, okay, my last question.

okay, I’ll give you that, I’ll give you that.

okay, I’ll give you that.

As many people have been asking since Clinton’s remarks last week, is it okay for a leader to dismiss or insult citizens?

okay, I said.

okay, that’s the distinction.

CW: okay, see you later.

okay, so the platforms, they were conducting this war on, what, you know, “How did this happen?” Are they trying to grapple with it?

And it’s like, “Oh, okay.

He works a string of okay jobs.

Probably not, and that’s okay — not that many people outside of military circles have.

They said, “okay, we fought like hell, we had our disagreements, we agree on more than we disagree.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

PR: That’s okay.

Cartoon Network’s candy-colored, elaborate fantasy for kids (and, okay, everybody else too) has always had a deeply melancholic streak.

Massie: okay, so it’s not really science.

and she says, ‘It’s okay, Same old thing.’

He said okay.

okay, I talked about this above.

I’m okay with walking away now.”

It’s okay to be.

That it’s okay to be honest about it.”

okay, “girly” is a stupid word—but this paragraph goes deep.

(Well, okay, those with true soul and also anyone with access to YouTube, where they can watch and experience the joy for themselves.)

You’re pretty okay, video games.

I think people are finally waking up and realizing, okay maybe there is a bit of a problem.

Ramona Singer says all the housewives feel bad, but adds they’ll be okay without her.

“Can you name a single circumstance at any point in a pregnancy in which you would be okay with abortion being illegal?”

“It’s not a question of me being okay,” Sanders said.

I just wanted to make sure he was okay.

That might be fine with Trump, but it’s certainly not okay with Merkel.

okay, all right.

Some things that become the new normal now are actually really weird and not okay.

(okay, I guess the handsome, lunkhead jock gets to survive.

Don’t worry … the soldier got right up and appeared to be okay — even waving to the crowd, which had erupted in cheers!

KS: okay, go off the grid.

LG: Oh, okay.

LG: More … KS: okay, keep going.

KS: okay, good.

okay, so, if you’ve been listening to the show, you know how it works.

It’s okay if you need to take a break.

okay, and on your phone?

LG: Oh okay, that makes sense.

Trump said, well it’s okay if Pence “makes a mistake every once in awhile,” but Clinton can’t.

That double standard was presented to us in our faces so nonchalantly and people were just like, oh, okay.

okay, go ahead Christo.

(okay, Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi voices a weird Scottish seagull.

okay, but when she dismisses a detractor’s charge that “nothing happened in France in ’68.

KS: okay, and then what else?

okay, how are you going to do that?

(okay, I laughed at that last part.)

LG: If my Facebook page ever shows me in a relationship with a goat, please just have a sit-down talk with me, okay?

That kind of catharsis is okay.

That’s okay.

Even while it might not be quite the right narrative, I’m okay with people saying, ‘Yeah Bridget!

Orlando’s Aaron Gordon used a drone to pass him the ball, and it worked out okay.

Daniels was on “Larry King Live” this week where he told King he thinks his show has “made gays okay” in the hip-hop world.

Lance says he was checked out by an Emergency Room doc — but appears to be okay now.

Well, okay, I am judging this kerfuffle to be in Apple’s favor, with solid hits by Jobs and Cook.

Pretty okay though?

“We don’t just walk in and say, okay boys and girls, we’re taking over,” he says.

We’re told the employees are okay and cops are treating this as an unfortunate accident.

Is it okay to let a foreign government interfere in a US election unchallenged?

And so I am maybe disarming them by just assuming that we’re okay.

The couple reconciled on Rih’s 2012 Unapologetic album, which made you wonder if it would ever be okay to “forgive” Brown?

okay, let’s start with the obvious: Why on earth would you agree to this?

okay, now listen to Rainbow.

There it’s like, “Kara, did you know that we’re about to invade France?” I’m like, “Whoa okay.

okay, thank you for that.” It’s incredible.

Then they all call me from the White House like, “Hey, come over and visit.” I’m like, “okay.

Then at the end they’re like, okay, let’s get a drink sometime soon.

All right, okay.

okay, thank you.

okay, so you call.

It’s okay if you don’t.

They told me to relax, and of course I did and was like, ‘Ahh, okay sorry, sorry.

okay, let them ask questions.

A commission probably won’t lead to any major changes, but that’s okay.

Jess just kicked it to me, and I was like, okay, Marina, it’s time.

Yeah, okay, but which one?

Manny Yekutiel: Before we finish, I do wanna take 10 seconds and just say something about you, okay?

Of course, once voice recognition kicks in, we will be okay, because my Siri, Cortana, Google or Alexa will only respond to me.

OK, so: While it’s okay for unbaptized children to float in eternal hellfire, cats apparently get a free pass.

Though you may be surprised to learn that Facebook considers this image “shocking and non-compliant.” “Learn to Lose Belly Fat” is okay.

Facebook is okay with ads that promote health, but only up to a point.

Just to be sure, I ask him again: Will unblessed cats be okay come the day of judgement?

okay, well, we’ll let Brock fill it in.

(The starting five is okay, but not crushing opponents enough to justify heavy minutes together while the bench can’t fend for itself.)

(okay, that’s not really a job, but who needs one at that level of family wealth?)

I was like, ‘Oh, okay.

okay, so here’s what attracted us.

KS: No, it’s okay.

They don’t say, “okay, 51 percent say yes and 49 percent say no, then the decision is clear,” or any proportion greater than that.

LG: A $100 a year, okay.

okay, here’s the basic approach.

okay, but enough dollars?

I was like, “Oh, okay, we’re stronger together.” Like, it didn’t, like, get you.

LG: okay, interesting.

okay, that was good.

Yeah, living or dead, okay, good.

All right, okay, well that makes sense.

I’m thinking, “okay, I live in Florida.

Are you the one who watches over people, cleans up, and makes sure everyone’s okay?I wasn’t always.

Next question, Louisa, @wuluu, okay.

okay fine, he’s unbeaten, but I’m sure I would be unbeaten if I fought all the guys he did.”

They’re all massively implausible, okay?

KS: All right, okay then.

okay, coming from … We’ve been entity-clear.

The approval of these measures would perhaps be the most direct sign yet that voters are okay with the new Republican-backed restrictions on voting.

Amanda Kludt: okay.

okay, put the camera down.

okay, all the food is gone.

okay,” he says breathlessly, looking down at the bowls.

[Laughs] okay, fair.

And remember that it is okay to say no.

Yet Senate Republicans, for the most part, have seemed okay with the process.

Talib was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the leg but is said to be in “okay” condition.

I’m okay with normalization.

I’m not okay with normalizing evil.

It’s okay.”

okay, so you can’t use magic to gold plate your Trump Tower penthouse elevator straight away.

But that’s okay with Facebook, because it ultimately wants to own these interactions and know where you shop and eat and travel.

okay so, if you’ve not seen them yet, here are some of the lyrics: and: You can analyse this single in two ways.

After the Mardi Gras Indian’s cameo, Beyoncé makes her call to action: “okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation.”

Is there a certain temperature that, one reached, makes it okay for people to start stealing ambulances in broad daylight?

If you’re okay dropping a minimum of $429 on a Chromebook, by all means buy the Dell and don’t look back.

okay, I can see Yahoo.” I can see them, you know what I mean?

KS: okay, we’re here with Sarah Tavel who is a partner at Benchmark.

okay, yeah, that makes the show sound more like a dark drama than an animated sitcom.

Ravin says he was told at the scene that the person in the other vehicle is also okay … thank goodness.

We hope okay in a sentence examples were helpful.