Offline in a sentence | Use of the word offline examples

I would like my offline conversations and my on-microphone conversations to sound more similar.

The current Israeli government, for example, frequently faces criticism for attempts to curb speech, online and offline, particularly in the Palestinian territories.

Television newscasters ripped footage offline and played it on the air.

To fix that problem, Facebook on Tuesday released an ad update specific to offline shopping.

So even though Facebook still wants to drive online sales, offline sales aren’t bad business either.

Update: Facebook isn’t the only company trying to get this offline purchase data, of course.

The orbits will bring Cassini close to debris and rocks that could take it offline.

When Cassini finally goes offline in September, it will die doing what it’s been doing all along: exploring.

When Cassini finally goes offline in September, it will die doing what it’s been doing all along: exploring.

In offline life, BroniesForTrump/@GWSSDelta is an accountant living in the state of Delaware.

The degeneration of LoveShy reflects the rage that many men express offline.

The survey compared the app’s users to traditional, offline daters.

A new exhibition in London called Avant Arte @ Unit London, is showcasing just such art works, although offline in a gallery setting.

And the third is that the online work doesn’t replace the offline work, but complements it.

The distinction between online “free speech”—often posited as a defence by website owners and admins—and offline harassment and abuse is becoming increasingly discredited.

Again, it promised to hold users accountable for their offline behavior.

The “rule” creation efforts necessary to build these classification filters are done offline in large data centers using a variety of different computing architectures.

The Pocket app itself can download stories for offline reading.

Download an offline Google Map of the area you’ll be visiting so you can orientate yourself without internet.

You need to build a rapport before you can say “let’s take this offline.”

Meituan basically disrupted the restaurant offline industry.

Autonomous stores, you can essentially turn an offline store into an online store by capturing user preferences.

Countless social media support pages now offer emotional support spaces and opportunities for people looking to connect offline for mobilization efforts.

This mindset bled into Maloney’s offline life.

And if you can, maybe consider storing your cryptocurrency offline.

About 53.2 percent of Gulf natural gas production remains offline, BSEE said.

“The car is offline.

HOUSTON, Texas — When Harvey hit, it took Houston’s entire justice system offline.

HOUSTON, Texas — When Harvey hit, it took Houston’s entire justice system offline.

When Maria struck and knocked the entire island offline, Puerto Rico was suddenly on everyone’s radar.

But that academic language hasn’t made the leap offline in a way that allows for easy discussion in real, physical spaces.

“If people are exploring this movement, we want to connect them with folks that will be able to provide support offline,” Fishman said.

I also think the Internet reflects our offline behavior.

But it does nothing for games that could always be played offline, but now lack the contemporary hardware support required to play them.

She’s Alice as Alice, Alice as Lola online, Lola as Lola, Alice as Lola offline, and then another character at the end.

offline, they argue, he is exactly the paranoid, unhinged, racist misogynist he appears to be on Infowars.

Since 2010, more than 200 coal plants have gone offline or announced retirements.

The Trail’s curatorial statement, titled “Navigation is offline,” cites the increasing role of mediating technology in human environments.

The entertainment industry has long misrepresented an integral part of the DMCA to mean that ISPs should be forced to kick pirates offline permanently.

Consumers eager to avoid being kicked offline based on nebulous allegations of guilt should probably keep a close eye on the ongoing case.

That means grid operators are forced to take a bunch of power plants offline, or put a bunch online, rapidly.

“When you’re intoxicated, your frontal cortex goes offline.

Both offline and online retailers.

I think the other thing is we still need to collect a lot more information about the offline world.

We aren’t privy to that offline context, which is why user reports are really important,” they said.

There’s a certain heft to influencer that allows it to move beyond social-media platforms and into offline realities.

We’ll get into him later offline.

That’s why Prince wonders about his ability to take an entire website offline on a whim.

That’s why Prince wonders about his ability to take an entire website offline on a whim.

offline, the Trump administration has forged strong ties with Riyadh, which it regards as the cornerstone of U.S. security policy in the Gulf.

I want to move towards the people, and I see that the people are offline.

When KrebsOnSecurity contacted Panera about the issue, the company briefly took its online ordering website offline on Monday.

Later in the day on Monday, Panera took the site offline again and has apparently fixed the flaw.

The massive wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, have taken more than 700,000 barrels per day of Canadian oil sands production offline.

But when it goes offline, other networks in the brain that don’t ordinary talk start striking up conversations.

Still, VICE News found many groups espousing hate, both online and offline, using Facebook to promote their ideas, cultivate followers, and raise money.

Big Data means, in essence, that everything we do, both on and offline, leaves digital traces.

The original site,, is now fully offline.

The original site,, is now fully offline.

The site’s new hosting arrangement seems less than reliable, however, as the website intermittently went offline throughout the morning.

Abbey pulled the article offline for revisions.

And by Monday morning, some alt-right accounts had indeed gone offline.

After a brief period offline, continued to be live until the morning of June 18, when it appeared to be offline again.

“The Juno app displays its name when it’s offline.

Some interactions involve people with offline personal relationships of which Twitter wouldn’t likely be aware.

“One of the biggest challenges is how do you measure brand and how do you measure offline marketing?”

This forced Wilson to take Defcad offline, and he faced the possibility of fines and jail time.

The question I asked my white friends resulted in several dozen responses on and offline.

The current Spotify’s app alerts users when they’ve discovered a premium feature — say, the ability to listen to music offline.

“There’s a cacophony of voices, offline and online, talking about products,” Tellado said.

At this point, all you’ve got left to do is grab your favorite mobile device and download the playlist for offline listening.

A few minor caveats:

You need a computer to upload files for offline listening on mobile devices.

Being able to download music for offline listening is one of the tentpole features of Spotify’s paid “Premium” membership.

But shortly after it was published, that report appeared to have been taken offline.

Hank Green took this offline evolution seriously: in 2010, he founded VidCon, the first and largest major convention of YouTubers.

Online communities are a bright spot, and we can strengthen existing physical communities by helping people come together online as well as offline.

The city government is refusing to pay, meaning that the government email systems and payment platforms the attack took down remain offline.

“Mini-programs are mainly used for low-frequency, offline scenarios, such as fee payments, parking, and customer inquiries,” Dong said.

For Milo’s movement to go offline, he needs to build up some kind of constituency and organizing platform in the real world.

“As much as they are perceived to be an online company, increasingly they have to go to offline,” Ma said.

]com and monitored sites containing the rogue code—were taken offline.”

In 2016, people had billions of interactions and open discussions on Facebook that may never have happened offline.

He mentions cheaper devices and offline products like Maps and YouTube.

It’s about to become the fastest-growing offline retailer.

Two other reactors in central Japan had also been restarted before a court in March ordered them offline in response to a legal challenge.

These person-to-person exchanges served as the foundation for the current network, which essentially functions as a physical, offline version of the web.

Previously, many MMORPGs had felt kind of clunky, especially in comparison to single-player, offline games.

To offer an offline library of languages.

You mean online or offline?

As Gray explains it, “Humans have developed the ability to have offline models of people’s minds.”

The Chamber of Commerce lodged a complaint against then, went upstream and tried to get the Yes Men thrown offline.

Wilson sued the State Department on free speech grounds after they forced him to take his 3D-printed gun blueprints offline.

MP: We took one site offline.

We haven’t taken a single other site offline.

Wilson sued the State Department on free speech grounds after they forced him to take his 3D-printed gun blueprints offline.

Contrary to widespread belief, downloading an offline copy of your Google Map data doesn’t actually help conserve your battery while you’re playing.

It also allows you to download music for offline listening and to play music in the background while you do other things.

It can be online, it can be offline, it can be people working on different platforms in a coordinated way.

I think there were some offline versions, right, the Yellow Pages and then also there were versions of this that were … Yelp.

“The site is temporarily offline, we are working to bring it back up.

FlexiSpy’s marketing and SEO tricks apparently included a fake reviews website called Spy Phone Review, which is now offline.

At home and on the move, on the Wii U and the Switch, offline, online and against family and friends.

Expedia was the first company to really colonize an offline area.

I think the most important advice is get offline and get out into the real world and do things.

One county in Colorado recently took its registry offline after a judge found it to be cruel and unusual punishment.

So they’re keeping the tool offline, at least for now, while everyone can weigh in on how to use AIs like these safely.

No, just take it offline.

“Banning the Nazis” in 3, 2, 1 days won’t make them any less pernicious or toxic offline.

The non-profit, which is dedicated to commissioning net art, announced in May that it would have to go offline due to increased operating costs.

A little over a week ago, the most popular Gamergate subreddit, Kotaku in Action, briefly went offline.

Taken to the next level, marrying this cross-screen measurement with offline purchase data from sources like Kantar ShopCom or J.D.

It’s such a natural experience that unlocks so many daily behaviors which are totally offline today,” Livingston said.

Similarly, we wonder if smartphones create a situation where people are able to separate their online communication from their offline lives.

In 2016, people had billions of interactions and open discussions on Facebook that may never have happened offline.

Jefferies analysts pegged the product sales decline on the company’s ongoing transition away from unprofitable offline sales to digital sales.

The rest was presumably in “cold storage,” meaning bitcoin kept offline.

It was more than Dyn could process, and websites like Twitter, the New York Times and Netflix were offline for hours.

Obama said it’s important for people to meet offline and “get to know each other.” “On the internet, everything is simplified,” he said.

And, as self-contained systems, they can be relied on to have many if not most of the same capabilities offline as they do online.

The sales and the services have been taken offline until we ensure all vulnerabilities are fixed,” the representative said via email.

In the wake of the attack, Armaco had to take itself entirely offline.

The orbits will bring Cassini close to debris and rocks that could take it offline.

When Cassini finally goes offline in September, it will die doing what it’s been doing all along: exploring.

The move comes as Jeff Bezos’ online behemoth is making a broader push to integrate online and offline shopping experiences.

Puerto Rico’s entire power grid was knocked offline during the storm.

It was all social media content and offline organizing based on social media organizing.

The sole purpose of this malware is to perform destruction of the host and leave the computer system offline,” the Talos blog post reads.

Local online connections are driven by … offline connections are driven by online network effects.

It remains offline to this day.

Oftentimes offline merchants want to set up a payment system.

Beyond knocking parts of websites offline for hours, people reported things like connected lightbulbs — hooked up via AWS-hosted services like IFTTT — not functioning.

While online rights are coming into question, it’s worth considering how those will overlap with offline rights and civic engagement.

The interplay between our online and offline selves is a continuous process of learning error.

On Tuesday, a hacker calling himself vimproducts showed Motherboard a selection of Russian banking and other financial websites, before claiming to take them offline.

Moments later, they became either unresponsive or went offline.

Unfortunately, her personal website is offline, but this fan-made work of utter vision will sate all Judith Pronk related needs.

It briefly attempted to gain hosting through a Chinese service provider at the URL, only to quickly be taken offline.

Update: The domain now appears to be offline as well; the .onion domain accessible via Tor browser has not updated.

There’s no clear answer here, but we know staying offline is never an option.

About 10 percent of China’s refining capacity is expected to be offline through June.

About half of the 800-person staff in the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement is offline.

But there are also offline attacks, where hackers get a big database of passwords, which are sometimes encrypted.

People we rarely, if ever, schedule social events with offline nonetheless hover perceptively in the margins of our online social networks.

Staying offline, using burner phones, sending encrypted emails and stuff like that.

The biggest one was keeping a lot of our chats, both among our team and with our sources, completely offline.

But that’s where her offline services step in.

1.4 GW of nuclear was forced offline as well.

The websites for several appeared to be offline and no contact information was available.

One miscellaneous rig was taken offline, and so the combined count increased by 12 to 768.

A wave of retirements is underway that is probably going to take around 10 GW of nuclear capacity offline.

“It’s worth noting that Wii Sports had no online play at all, so any ‘ranking’ would just be from playing offline.”

Popping, bursting, and disrupting does nothing if we all maintain commits to our epistemic positions on and offline.

Sewage treatment plants went offline, railways suspended service, gas stations couldn’t pump fuel, and mobile communications were disrupted.

I think the three things that are critical for offline retail …

As our online lives start to look more like our offline ones, baggage like racial bias comes with it The results were incredibly consistent.

So last question, who do you, pick one retailer, online or offline, you think is doing something super cool.

But as our online lives start to look more like our offline ones, baggage like racial bias comes with it.

Knock an electricity grid offline for long enough and you have to worry about more than voting machines.

Pins are a great way to take art offline and put it onto your favorite shirt for everyone to see.”

But Chen believes it could be a sign of more online stores expanding offline.

Listen to the episode five below, or download it for offline play later.

As the Hollywood Reporter noted, this kind of offline download option is one that Amazon made available for Prime subscribers in September 2015.

Trump has a repeated habit of choosing bad information, both on and offline.

DC: If we go offline, I just watched Dave Chapelle Netflix Special and it just blew me away.

Have you wondered if you’re just creating more armchair activists?The internet is a mirror of everything offline.

So this “armchair activism” has actually become one of the biggest drivers for young people to go offline and do something.

If you tell the right stories to trigger the right emotions, you can get people to act—and they act offline.

[laughs] We’ll use the internet to go offline but we won’t stay offline.

Why don’t you just quickly walk through what is the innovation you think you all have created with the convergence of digital and offline?

I know you have grocery stores called Hema, which are part offline, part digital.

Our grocery stores, if you combine the online and offline P&L, they’re profitable.

Nowadays, the site is used to host both offline and online competitions.

If you use an online chatroom service at work, make sure you keep office gossip offline to avoid unnecessary scandals in 2017.

While it’s great that you want to live offline for however long, it’s wise to let your family, friends and colleagues know.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to provide updates as appropriate.” As of Monday, the service is still offline.

It’s now been offline for five days.

It spans online and offline, meeting real people.

Saini explained that these sites going offline creates an opportunity for potential predators.

RG: Is there an analogy between online and offline culture?

Second, you have the ability to take your music portable with you by making things available offline, without network access.

But growing the user base will probably rely on getting people connected online with people they care about offline.

They all offer me basically unlimited music, I can bring it on or offline.

Yet another traditionally “offline” endeavor, subsumed, to some degree, by the march of digitization and the internet.

offline is dead, long live offline.

In that spirit, Motherboard has pooled together some pro tips for keeping it chill offline (“offline“) over the next 72 hours.

While rabbis once tried to reject the internet altogether, telling people to stay offline is no longer a tenable position.

The way algorithms have come to define our online experiences (and ergo our offline lives) is an especially hot topic at the moment.

And that’s where modern surveillance makes things so much more dangerous, especially when the online and offline meet.

But, in less than a day, Microsoft was forced to take Tay offline as the bot started sending offensive messages.

But what’s equally concerning is how the government could use surveillance to inform its offline manipulation of social movements.

So, yes, Microsoft was right to take Tay offline.

Going offline for a while to absorb it all.

Whilst growing at a phenomenal rate, Netflix has always denied it would allow offline viewing like its competitor Amazon Prime.

Beahm’s account returned to Twitch late on Tuesday night, but the stream remained offline.

Fans noticed immediately and began flooding the chat with emotes and subscription notices, despite the stream being offline.

The streamer, Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday, had his stream reinstated after two weeks before it went offline again later in the week.

Pouliot said he and the others are also concerned about Unlimited’s code, since a bug briefly knocked network nodes offline earlier this month.

But the offline world hasn’t been so kind to Navalny.

“They basically took the IRA (Internet Research Agency) offline,” the Post quoted one person familiar with the matter as saying.

Whether laws are currently equipped to deal with it or not, harassment on the internet has consistently led to offline consequences.

The meeting will this year’s first show of power offline – many PVV voters have until recently been weary of publicly expressing support.

This is very different from the consequences of doing or saying something bad offline.

An offline situation might lead your friends, family, and peers telling you off and making you feel bad for what you did.

They’re offline.

“We can’t take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline.

Seven plants in Shandong – including Dongming – with total crude processing capacity of 470,000 bpd will be offline in July for overhauls, JLC estimates.

Committee chair Sen. Richard Burr cited the May 2016 rallies as an example of how Russia’s online meddling turned to offline political tension.

Committee chair Sen. Richard Burr cited the May 2016 rallies as an example of how Russia’s online meddling turned to offline political tension.

Well again, part of the challenge of offline education is … And Twitter just recently got rid of some of them.

offline, China is dominated by state-run entertainment options – and in rural areas, there isn’t even much of that.

Absolutely, so let’s talk about that offline.

“It seems like the homeless population is equally invisible offline and online.”

It was offline for over 30 minutes, according to The Verge, and Zuck started his speech while it was down.

If need be, coins can be stored on offline “wallets” the size of a USB stick.

It was offline for over 30 minutes, according to The Verge, and Zuck started his speech while it was down.

Nielsen and Twitter will still argue that online activity can boost offline ratings, but they’re much less noisy about that argument now.

Both BestBuy and Popopret could not be reached for comment on Thursday, as their online chat accounts appeared to be offline.

By pooling intelligence across agencies, undercover law enforcement agents were able to infiltrate these markets, targeting administrators and ultimately taking them offline.

Larroquette: We also talked about going subscription-only, completely offline, where we would email you the show if you wanted it.

In the wake of the accident, Uber took its fleet of self-driving cars offline in Pittsburg, Phoenix, Tempe, San Francisco, and Toronto.

After Niantic’s lawyers filed the lawsuit, some of Global++ ‘s website—as well as its Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages—went offline.

One of its Wikis remains online, as does a Patreon page linked from the main website before it went offline.

The newspaper uncovered archived pages from the website of Strategic Communications Lab that have since been taken offline.

The newspaper uncovered archived pages from the website of Strategic Communications Lab that have since been taken offline.

HavenCo went offline in 2008 after legal and financial troubles.

“The question you should be asking when you meet someone offline for the first time is not, ‘Is he the one?

In India, where there is a direct link between online and offline violence, people no longer feel safe using the site.

So, YouTube Music Premium is the subscription service for that where you get background, offline, without ads or interruptions.

In a new show hanging at Steve Turner in Los Angeles, Rafaël Rozendaal’s Abstract Browsing goes offline.

And we’re going to have to move offline organizing to online organizing, and it’s going to be hand to hand.

Beautiful Interfaces: The Privacy Paradox is the very first offline wireless network-based group show.

An ambitious exhibition at the International Center of Photography examines the relationship between new media and the offline world.

The site is now effectively offline — at least temporarily.

Two Facebook accounts linked to Xaver (which have since been taken offline) were littered with dark imagery, like pictures of the Grim Reaper.

The site is now effectively offline — at least temporarily.

“The city is inaccessible for assistance and market distribution systems remain offline,” the WFP said.

As of writing, the site seems to be offline, and visitors are redirected to a cached version of it hosted by web firm Cloudflare. The National Hurricane Center’s Stewart also mentions that many of the island’s weather stations were knocked offline during the storm.

Also the only two Doppler radar stations on the island are currently offline due to the storm, Stewart says.

When is our online life more real than the one we lead of offline?

Consider the Pomodoro Technique®, an offline invention of the 1980s now undergoing an app-fueled revival.

We also have the largest offline distribution — what do I mean by this, right?

“I think it’s really a reflection of what’s happening offline,” Temple says.

“Sexting mimics offline sexual behavior.”

There’s no download option, so there’s no way to watch its stuff when you’re offline.

Infections from diseases like leptospirosis spread as sanitation systems went offline.

The CEO of Macy’s says it’s harder for an e-commerce giant to conquer offline retail than the other way around.

The Juno orbiter circling Jupiter may go offline this year.

Negri also proposed that there should be some sort of offline “contingency plan,” such as a password.

This is just the same as in offline world.

What if you could buy Monero offline, with cash, in a public place like a library or a restaurant?

That’s particularly evident with the emphasis on local and offline retail.

Without electricity, many health and sanitation systems will go offline or go back to relying on diesel-powered generators.

Vince confirms the single-player mode, useable offline, for anyone who didn’t already catch the leak from earlier.

The 25-year journey of Magic: The Gathering, the game that went viral — offline.

Such systems are so broken, everything from public domain music recordings to even static have been pulled offline due to errant copyright claims.

What most people, not most, but a lot of people do on dating apps is they match and then go offline.

Update: The Was has been taken offline due to an infringement claim by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

The entire playthrough was then reconstructed offline using the player’s recorded actions on the starting game state.

The community was all offline.

Even so, he’s concerned about the stifling climate online and offline back in his home country.

Altogether, they were knocked offline for a total of about 45 minutes, and the entire situation was resolved in a matter of hours.

But it does seem clear that there are certain things a computer just can’t know, like offline social dynamics.

In 2010, it turned out that a maintenance worker had installed a new circuit card about 10 hours before the missiles went offline.

The group’s founder, Philadelphia attorney Jules Zacher, has published a trove of documents about the missiles going offline in Wyoming.

We have a win-win in terms of driving audience — not just digitally but also offline audience.

But cloud services are an increasing part of many online and offline businesses, which may not act so quickly.

Research has shown that trolling decreases real-world empathy precisely because trolls don’t believe what they do matters offline.

When cryptocurrency is purchased directly and moved offline, it becomes almost impossible to trace,” said Phillips.

Since then he has been artistically and critically working with algorithms and databases, asking how they shape online and offline realities.

Mastercard compiles data from both online and offline stores, using every type of payment.

It’s also where they mentally rehearse their crimes amid a shrinking offline public sphere and work world.

Lists are also available to view and edit offline.

The online and offline business worlds are rapidly converging.

And our definition of offline experience is your connection to instructors and your connection to other people who have taken this class.

offline, the Trump administration has forged strong ties with Riyadh, which it regards as the cornerstone of U.S. security policy in the Gulf.

That attack took the Internet Research Agency offline for a time, but the group has resumed its operations.

Australia’s website for completing the census digitally went offline for several hours on Tuesday after technical issues.

The largest and most powerful atom smasher on the planet has been taken offline.

Even though they join, many students prefer the privacy offered by offline chats.

Go offline completely for a week.” KS: That said, I did climb to the top of the Mexican mountain and found a cellphone signal.

Selling analytics technology to offline retailers and expanding its AliExpress e-commerce sites are other initiatives it is taking further.

However, Indane’s website has now been taken offline without explanation.

What about threats that happen offline?

Cold wallets are stored offline for increased security and to protect them from hacking.

“Your identity offline didn’t matter as much as how charismatic you were on the board.

And, for now, all the videos are streaming, with no option for offline viewing.

Back then, there was a fluidity between online and offline bullying.

Jeffery said that an offline option sounds like a good idea, but also leads to huge apps.

This coexisted alongside the “relentless” bullying she experienced offline.

How do you call out a constant stream of insults, undermining and cruelty any more online than you feasibly could offline?

Shutdowns vary in execution, from limited blocks on certain social media sites to putting entire towns offline.

Shutdowns vary in execution, from limited blocks on certain social media sites to putting entire towns offline.

“You still hear even federal officers say, ‘Just close your computer; just get offline.'”

But the idea that we need to get … There’s no more offline communities, and we’re not connected offline anymore.

What happened in your play is the online frenzy created an offline community of the families and everything else.

It led to offline, which was interesting.

MS-Celeb-1M’s webpage is currently offline, but before the database was quietly pulled, it was used far and wide to train facial recognition programs.

Here, the characters log off at the enigmatic offline club, Analog, in a world where controlling the feed is paramount.

The reactors have been offline since last year after routine inspections found cracks in the graphite core and have suffered several restart delays.

“Offensive or inappropriate remarks are as out-of-place online as they are offline.

And it will allow subscribers to download all of that stuff, and watch it offline, whenever they want.

Buddy started seeing men on Grindr and is currently courting a girl he met offline.

Online meets offline Upchurch says there are two parts to agent success.

He may be offline, but he’s still in my Buddy List.

Held both online and offline, the sessions will involve members of the tech industry, the media, the nonprofit world and academia.

Nigeria too has roughly 0.5 mb/d of capacity offline because of pipeline attacks.

Attacks of under 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) can easily knock smaller websites with no protection offline.

In December 2014 the hacker group known as Lizard Squad knocked the Xbox Live network offline on Christmas Day.

But that meant one Bhikki turbine was offline for about 40 days and the other for about 50 days.

So if there’s a long period of cloudiness in Barcelona, Low-Tech Magazine will go offline.

“I’m not sure if concept of going offline when there’s not enough renewable energy would become mainstream,” De Decker said.

Although Google prioritizes faster websites in its search algorithm, it may also penalize sites that go offline intermittently.

“The fact that it goes offline is more to catch people’s attention.

Kendall has taken the shirts offline, but that’s clearly not good enough for some of the photogs.

To her friends offline, she’s the quiet girl who doesn’t drink at parties but is otherwise pretty normal.

That’s a lot of zero-carbon electricity coming offline.

It will be interesting to watch the engineers’ and scientists’ faces as their beloved spacecraft goes offline.

Can we talk about that offline if you’re not gonna tell me now?

A similar pattern is also found in our offline environments, namely in movie ticket sales.

The live cam has since been taken offline, but don’t worry — there’s a time-lapse video.

And then: the track went offline.

Juric clarified that LinkedIn did not request that Lavigne’s database be taken offline, and that GitHub and Medium acted on their own.

Countries such as Turkey are home to many halal sex shops, both offline and online.

“It’s looking likely that KrebsOnSecurity will be offline for a while,” Krebs tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

In 2016, people had billions of interactions and open discussions on Facebook that may never have happened offline.

“The point is, the online is now precarious; the offline is resilient,” says Warwick.

By creating offline information sharing networks, Bartholl is actually trying to preserve the rhizomatic concept of the internet, albeit in a seemingly lighthearted way.

This love translates from online to offline.

Does anything work offline?

A bunch of the web apps actually work offline.

I guess email could technically work offline, but you can’t send it til you get back online.

“They basically took the IRA offline,” a source told the Post.

The structure is organized so that no one individual ISIS Facebook account is so important that taking it offline would collapse the entire network.

In this talk we’ll introduce some of our initial explorations into offline features, and share learnings you can apply to your own apps.

Damjanski said he hopes to eventually create a version that lets users delete people offline.

This was a good idea when internet connections were more sparse and being offline was a common occurrence, but now it’s largely obsolete.

It revamped the feature last year, and now Offers can be redeemed both online and offline.

Facebook works with data providers like Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom and BlueKai to index people’s offline purchases.

Zoho .com was pulled offline on Monday after the company’s domain registrar received phishing complaints, the company’s chief executive said.

If you rely on that offline list alone, you risk missing half of your potential voters.

“It would be like Amazon buying a stake in every major offline retailer in the U.S.,” Bernstein’s Bhavtosh Vajpayee tells Axios.

After the story was picked up by other outlets, the list quickly went offline.

With Xiaomi ramping up its offline sales in India, this is one battle to watch in 2018.

Tensions and conflicts sometimes lead to oil production going offline, which then leads to higher oil prices.

From the first large-scale video game competition in the 1970s to the present day, e-sports have experienced a trajectory similar to offline sports.

Just as with offline sports, e-sports require these elements.

This has been true with both e-sports and offline sports, like basketball.

Tournament viewership is already surpassing that of some major offline sports.

“Something was missing here; what happens online, doesn’t accurately reflect what happened offline.

If Farook and Malik planned their attack themselves, offline, the federal government might not have had any way of catching them.

Whether you get it online or offline, can you talk a little bit about where you see the economy?

I could show you offline, actually.

Even offline, the 18-year-old handles criticism more gracefully than many folks twice her age.

Q: Are you going through offline retail?

At their core, bookstore crawls offer book lovers an offline way to share their favorite hobby.

The Daily Stormer was forced to retreat into the dark web after being booted offline by multiple web hosts.

A: For the offline channels, we really want to do an engaging experience in store.

This is a strategic investment for Ant Financial, as part of its bigger “online to offline” strategy.

The service supports standard features like offline listening, and is free of advertising.

However, the way Hulu is going about offline content is a bit different.

With the option to advertise against the content, though, there may be less resistance to the idea of offering an offline version.

Watch as Lucie says goodbye to all of her social media accounts for five days for some quality offline time.

While on WiFi, people can sync videos to their device for offline viewing within Facebook’s app.

The rights to stream content offline are tricky and probably needs a separate negotiation with the content owners.

Starting the attack There are two types of brute-force attacks: offline and online.

In contrast to offline attacks, there is a difference between Android and iOS for online brute force attacks.

— to direct consumers to other online services and offline commerce.

It also merged WeChat Pay, its mobile payment service which supports offline, with Mini Programs.

Nintendo has won a lawsuit seeking to take two large retro-game ROM sites offline, on charges of copyright infringement.

[Johana Bhuiyan / Recode] Snap just acquired Placed, a company that tracks if online ads actually lead to offline purchases.

Never before have people been able to self-organize and multiply for offline action almost instantly and with such little financial cost and planning effort.

But offline purchases are just one part of the underage use problem.

AlphaBay went offline in early July, leading many users to suspect the hand of law enforcement.

Without electricity, critical medical equipment shut off, food spoiled, drugs became unusable, and sanitation systems went offline, allowing infections to spread.

I’ll be offline for a while.

I’ll be offline for a while.

As such, some perpetrators may not expect to be caught or to have a “real world, offline impact.”

They also ran a travel blog with the same name, which has been taken offline.

A limited number of locations remain offline, and we are working swiftly to resume full operations in each of these stores.

Telefonica (TEF.MC) used Loon balloons to supplant cell phone towers knocked offline by natural disasters in 2017 and 2019.

The player can also handle any music format, and can play music offline when the Plex server runs on your laptop.

On the other side, there are outdated platforms like Rosetta Stone or offline classes/sessions from Berlitz.

The company offers online live video sessions with a teacher, as well as private offline sessions, group classes, and corporate training.

The attacks, commonly known as distributed denial of service, or DDoS attacks, took those sites intermittently offline throughout the day.

One in 25 youths received an online sexual solicitation in which the solicitor tried to make offline contact.

L.A. offers a unique platform to test offline and out-of-home marketing.

offline, that’s when you’re like, ‘I’m not meeting these expectations.’

As shared work and living spaces have gone mainstream, so have services that help users make offline connections.

Doug Madory, a researcher at Dyn and one of the first ones who spotted the site, expects it to be taken offline soon.

He’s on Twitter and Instagram all day.” That incessantness translates offline into other areas of his life.

It’s like this is a conversation we would have offline so this is just like you’re hearing it.

I soon got help and spent an entire year almost completely offline.

Literally never seen it even once Musk, true to his word, reportedly had the SpaceX Facebook page taken offline barely half an hour later.

But that also means that the lines between being connected and being offline are even more blurred.

@CCCcherishme, who’s newer to findom on Twitter already makes $4,000 [$3,100 USD] a month from domination-related jobs offline.

“By doing so we are eliminating the need to set up offline retail outlets and are able to speed up the decision-making process.

Building an offline financial services network makes sense, however, because it allow Ant Financial to serve more users outside of China.

The site is currently offline and the bank relies solely on its backup data center, located within a couple of miles’ proximity.

offline, not standardized, fragmented.

The company also cut 80 jobs in the first quarter of this year as it pushed into more offline channels.

Among the most obvious of these were his social media posts, particularly two separate Instagram accounts, both of which have now been taken offline.

Through the 5G network, stores in a mall could pinpoint customers’ location, even while they are offline, through constant pinging in the network.

That article is currently offline, and was perhaps deleted by the hackers, judging by Buzzfeed’s statement.

When you’re in your own neighborhood of like-minded folks and Twitter friends and perhaps offline friends, you’re among family.

When this happens, it’s common for stalkers and harassers to target Strangio offline.

Government data showed oil companies evacuated 66 platforms and took 1.24 million barrels of oil per day offline since Thursday.

The NBA plans to take the bot back offline after the finals are over and see what makes sense for next season.

But a new study connects online and offline discrimination, linking hate speech on Twitter to rates of real-life hate crimes.

Geographies that are mobile-first, population-dense and lack world-class offline options are ripe for e-commerce to take root quickly.

Microsoft also took offline two websites designed to mimic those used by Senate staff.

The Center), and is curated by local art space offline Projects.

Sequoia, Lee said, sees The Wing as fueling the trend of people getting offline and establishing a network IRL.

The vehicles won’t intentionally be taken offline if they are operational,” Trucks Venture Capital partner and Stanford lecturer Reilly Brennan tells Axios.

Today, Lil Uzi Vert​ dropped three new songs on his Soundcloud page, possibly to lighten the load of Election Day conversations on and offline.

Urban pulled the database offline after TechCrunch reached out.

Given the unprecedented nature of the rainfall, floods might overwhelm shale oil facilities and take them offline for long periods of time.

Yes, but: Amazon still only has 5% of the total U.S. retail market — online and offline.

It’s not immediately clear why the agency didn’t just update the PDFs offline and replace them.

This means the option to purchase Crystals in the game is now offline, and all progression will be earned through gameplay.

You understand, on some level, that the online divide is different from the awful things actually happening offline.

Then like we used to get beats offline and shit, too.

“Counterfeiting is an industry-wide concern – both online and offline.

You can also imagine some sort of offline validation.

“When you’re in a situation that feels like a life or death situation, that all goes offline.

We want to create a bridge between the online and offline world.

Before the end of the year, you might be able to download and view content offline.

“The Indian Girl,” recast in the overlapping shape of an offline and internet curiosity, has become something of a meme.

If you go looking for shock, you’ll find it, on or offline.

If Netflix does decide to allow offline streaming sometime down the line (in time for Gilmore Girls, please!

Firstly, Netflix could offer offline downloads as a secondary subscription service with added costs.

He told me that shortly after he learned about Lenny in 2013, the chatbot’s server dropped offline.

His group sees a huge amount of coal coming offline over the next decade — essentially no matter what.

It would provide a new stream of exploitable data by enabling Amazon to surveil customers offline as well as online.

Maybe that means going offline, and back to handing out flyers and depending on word of mouth to promote parties.

Repeat” both online and offline at school campuses—drew outrage from older generations, but college students were quick to defend it.

44% are increasing their offline ads, per eMarketer.

Despite Schnatter’s online and offline attempts to connect with his former employees, Papa John’s is having none of it.

It sweeps all conversations to do with sex and sex work under the carpet—pushing it offline, rather than opening it up.

The Infamous mod menu website went offline roughly six months ago.

With Turnstyle, Yelp aims to give its small-to-medium sized business customers a means of connecting with those offline customers.

I figured the robots were offline, but as it turns out, they were moving around a tiny bit.

But this is a big step forward that makes voice controls close to universal — and it all works offline.

While teenagers can understand how their online and offline lives interrelate, they aren’t able to fully grasp the long-term implications.

His account @RaziDada appeared to be offline on Saturday.

Today, Spotify’s Premium tier, which costs $9.99 per month, gives users ad-free listening, higher audio quality, offline playback and other features.

Both Alibaba and have championed a shift into offline stores in recent years, spurred by developments in cloud computing and big data technology.

I was growing up in a male body, and, while I felt completely in charge online, I had little control over my offline life.

Lawmakers in Maine and other states floated the idea of taking the registries offline.

Pfizer said it would temporarily take offline two North Carolina plants where it manufactures drugs that are used in hospitals.

As a result, we have taken Tay offline and are making adjustments.”

“In recent years, we are building more offline commercial stores, aiming to provide better shopping experience for consumers.

The platform enables artists to work online or offline.

Netflix today is launching a new feature on iOS devices that will help make it easier to watch its shows when you’re offline.

offline features like this are key to attracting and retaining users in emerging markets where connectivity concerns are the norm.

offline access is only one area where Netflix is focusing on the needs of those in developing markets.

It’s a fairly common tactic used to force targets offline.

In total, GitHub was offline for five minutes between 17:21 to 17:26 UTC, with intermittent connectivity between 17:26 to 17:30 UTC.

The standoff at eastern ports had threatened to keep as much as 850,000 bpd offline.

People tolerate offline advertising; people hate online advertising.

Information that must be kept private is best left offline.

They’ve colonized offline space; why should the internet be any different?

And the membrane between online and offline lives seems to grow thinner by the day.

It means online and offline journalism and culture paid for by the public and in the public interest.

Hosting providers Joyent and BackBlaze also cut services to Gab, pushing the site offline by Sunday evening.

If anything, a flurry of activity is seen on forums as users try to contact their favorite vendors offline and elsewhere.

The handy bot (aka DownloadThisVideo) offers a way to download both videos and GIFs from Twitter’s site for easier offline viewing.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken all Ticketfly systems temporarily offline as we continue to look into the issue.

He said he preferred to download the videos to watch them offline, but couldn’t find any easy way to do so.

Perhaps she’s saving that conversation for offline?

Did you know bitcoins can even be sold offline?

Is Going offline a Solution to Bitcoin’s Hacking Problem?

A primer on storing bitcoins offline, and how that can address some serious security problems that cost people real money.

A more immediate goal is to expand its offline work beyond Hyderabad and Bangalore, the two cities where it currently operates.

While reporting on this story, the Police One website went temporarily offline.

Most of us living in the digital age lead dual lives, maintaining online and offline personas.

The price includes the same features of on-demand music, ad-free listening, offline access and customizable playlists.

If there is context you can use to move offline, that’s ideal.

“Those on the wrong side of the digital divide understand that being offline puts them at a huge disadvantage in our digital society.

Showfields, which helps online brands move into offline, brick-and-mortar retail, is announcing that it has raised $9 million in seed funding.

“That may mean bringing a whole line offline.”

offline, I starve.

In any disaster, man-made or natural, power can go out, servers can go offline and systems like cellular networks can get overloaded.

offline, we have all these cues from facial expressions to body language to pitch… whereas online we discuss things only through text.

This isn’t really a crisis Silicon Valley can solve — addiction is an offline experience.

The collection was immediately made available to consumers through Lauren’s online and offline stores and retail partners.

If you right-click on a folder, you can choose to download it on your computer for offline access.

Some people are narcissistic online and offline, just as there are others who aren’t.

Just as Slack and Yammer bulldozed home grown and offline systems for communication and collaboration, Progressly hopes to do the same for business processes.

Nintendo’s legal team didn’t just knock the Internet Archive’s storehouse of Nintendo Power offline, however.

Users are reporting the additional mode is found in the settings of Google Maps and replaces the “offline areas” option.

CityMapper is fantastic tool for navigating around cities and sports a powerful offline mode.

Cano Limon was hit more than 80 times in 2018, which kept it offline for most of the year.

Saved Feed: To access bookmarked stories offline.

Most large businesses operate simultaneously in both realms, and the boundaries between data’s use online and offline have blurred.

The statement adds that the seizure of equipment resulted in the network’s audio feed temporarily going offline.

offline data collection can then be merged with online targeting — and nowhere is this more evident than with location data.

The company announced its launch into financial services last year and that, Lai confirmed, was a purely offline effort.

Operational security was rather different in traditional spying and offline sabotage ops.

Inequality doesn’t end after everyone is connected to the internet, as the online world reflects offline disparities and introduces new factors.

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