Odds in a sentence | Use of the word odds examples

The companies have little incentive to defy Chinese regulations, but compliance could put them at odds with U.S. foreign policy.

“Some people thought the odds of Kobe Bryant showing up today were the same as Shaq sinking a free throw.”

It’s not just that kinder and gentler seems at odds with our current politics.

As for me, years later, I began trying to rebuild my self-worth against all odds.

It takes more information — like odds ratios — to know whether those scores really matter in your life.

The world-leading French bottled water company might seem at odds with an initiative to encourage climate action, but evian is willing to prove otherwise.

The Kings’ optimism may face long odds, however, since California is not among the states with legislation introduced this year to legalize sports wagers.

It’s the weekend and odds are you’ve worked your ass off to make somebody else rich.

Activism’s time requirements and group-based processes are often at odds with the quantities of alone time an artist needs to work.

— that it’s worth taking anything that increases the odds of such a conflict seriously.

Adawi is said to be favored by regional neighbors at odds with Bashir over his Islamist leanings.

They are arranged in the order listed by oddschecker, a website that compiles bookmakers’ odds.

“The odds were bad and I had to look elsewhere,” said Conru.

Screening can catch tumors sooner, when they’re smaller and easier to treat, increasing survival odds.

odds are that most Cannes movies will be worth the extended applause.

But there’s only four of them and my hunter has five shots before needing to reload—I guess I’ll take those odds.

If past climate reports are any indication, odds are it will receive some lip-service but little action.

The result: The odds of war between North Korea and the US have skyrocketed.

The odds of winning Saturday’s draw were 1 in 292 million.

If Shi’s findings hold up, that should depress turnout among death penalty supporters and increase the odds of abolition.

odds are very good that if you’re reading this, you watch Netflix.

But there are decent odds that many more people are watching Netflix and letting someone else pay for it.

Hala Dir: Minhal Baig Seventeen-year-old Hala (Geraldine Viswanathan) navigates her senior year of high school while being at odds with her conservative Muslim upbringing.

Even if John Kasich sticks it out, that makes the odds of Trump losing a delegate majority all but insurmountable.

It’s a combative stance that’s at odds with a statement Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made just hours before Trump’s interview.

Even at the height of the Cold War, the US and Soviet Union at odds, we collaborated on smallpox eradication.

Many people have tried and failed to reinvent the sex toy industry through crowdfunding, so the odds against you are steep.

So the odds of an immigration deal making its way through Congress and to the president’s desk look slim.

“That wasn’t what gave him joy.” Edward is often at odds with his father, who the family describes as being a hard man.

odds and Sods Elsewhere on the card, Zabit Magomedsharipov lived up to what was expected of him and bested last minute replacement, Brandon Davis.

The odds do not look good.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the odds tripled.

odds are, you’ve already thought of something: maybe the color black, or the word “nothing,” neither of which are nothing.

Bookmaker William Hill (WMH.L) suspended betting on which year May would leave office and narrowed its odds on a second Brexit referendum to 6/4.

I ask Adam if he has ever paid over the odds for any prison imports.

I’m talking about a belief in one’s self that is at odds with reality.

odds are pretty good that the sequel will pick up where the first movie left off, about halfway through P.S.

odds are that you’ve been hearing more and more about cryptocurrency as digital tokens like bitcoin and ethereum have become valuable commodities.

Trump’s opposition to free trade is at odds with the views of many Republicans, especially in the party’s business wing.

Also, there is a lot of confusion about odds ratios.

But Warren acknowledged that the bill still faces tough odds, which she blamed on the stigma around addiction.

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver put her odds of winning at a supremely confident “greater than 99 percent.”

Before you remember the projections and the playoff odds and your reasonable, analytical, thinking brain takes over.

Maybe they’re artificial intelligences engaged in conversation, or even the collective unconscious of the United States and China at odds with one another.

And odds are I probably do.

Immense odds are stacked against each and every individual who wants to earn millions of dollars playing a game.

But it’s such a cheap intervention, and the odds of serious side effects sound low enough, that it seems worth a try.

Much has been made recently of the 5000-to-1 odds Leicester City overcame to win the Premier League.

As the debates go on and millions of viewers weigh in, the polls and political-betting-market odds are constantly changing.

Facebook’s own experiments have shown that telling people their friends have voted increases the odds that they’ll vote too.

Voting, after all, isn’t really an instrumentally rational thing to do — the odds that your vote will be decisive are miniscule.

Not exactly a dark horse, France and Brazil are the odds on favorites to win out.

Twenty-eight years later, however, Hales wasn’t so certain of those odds.

If you try to straighten your hair before it’s fully dry, odds are your hair won’t take to the heat as easily.

(One way to test how loss-averse people are is to do something like offer them a chance to gamble on games with different odds.

Several venture capitalists and former Googlers I spoke to when Area 120 first surfaced believed Google has better odds than earlier efforts.

On the one hand, it is provocative, a function that seems at odds with the archaic Gorgon’s apotropaic power.

The organization isn’t just at odds with the objective record and meaning of words; it’s at odds with its own staff.

However, PointsBet is offering 5,000/1 odds on 1995 Open champion John Daly.

Trump has pushed to ease regulations on businesses, including the financial sector, a stance seemingly at odds with Cordray’s more aggressive regulatory approach.

Loeb is no stranger to challenging companies with long odds of success.

His odds for the nomination were 4/5 on Tuesday, giving him a 56 percent chance.

Trump’s odds were 11/4, giving him a 27 percent chance.

odds of Biden showing affection are -150 (2/3), meaning you need to wager $150 to win $100.

The odds of Biden keeping his hands to himself are +120 (6/5), meaning a $100 wager pays $120.

Bharara’s appeal comes from his independence, which is at odds with a run.

odds are, it can only help.

There are people who’ve faced worse odds.

It’s also a response at odds with how thoroughly she dominates in the post.

At times, we end up mythologizing presidential communications in ways that are at odds with the public record.

Trump’s escalation in Afghanistan is at odds with his complaints about America’s presence in the country for years.

But the odds are that you, reading Vox explainers on your phone, are not going to beat the professionals.

And if it’s like most YouTube drama, the betting odds are high that it’s just getting started.

And yet there are those who must beat the odds with even fewer resources.

A small party against overwhelming odds, with a seemingly impossible goal?

For them, the risk and uncertainty are worth the reward of bucking the odds and emerging from obscurity.

The characters have an easily understandable goal, and they work to achieve it against mounting odds.

The way Barry perceives himself — socially liberal, fiscally conservative — is so at odds with the footprint that he actually leaves upon the world.

The odds seem good for both: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

He has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and has often found himself at odds with many of his Republican colleagues.

Against all odds, Infinity War, Marvel’s bajillion-character epic, basically works as a film.

But it is also, inescapably, to be at odds with an administration bent on degrading those norms and institutions.

It gives us even odds that our species will meet its end within the next 760 years.

This suggests a healthy, commonsense value system that happens to be profoundly and fundamentally at odds with the Facebook business model.

It feels petty to dump on a guy who’s currently at 3 percent, but honestly, 3 percent badly overrates Andrew Cuomo’s odds.

The odds are good that two women will be paired together in the coming years.

My pick would be Bernie Sanders: Do I think it’s probable (as in, more than 50 percent odds) that Sanders wins the nomination?

But if he does run, I put his odds much higher than 15 percent.

After Cruz won Iowa, Rubio’s odds on one market surged from 34 percent to 61 percent.

Rubio’s odds fell from 60 percent to 44 percent, while Trump’s rose from 22 to 32 percent.

But Cruz’s odds remained stuck at 12 percent.

Trump’s embrace of Strange has put him at odds with his former adviser Steve Bannon and the nationalistic wing of the party.

Those districts were drawn by the Republican state legislature in Wisconsin, and packed Democrats into a smaller number of districts to maximize Republican odds.

This stance puts HIAS at odds with the Trump administration when it comes to what it means to be supportive of world Jewry.

But against these odds, Brexit has turned me into a prepper.

Jets fandom, against all odds, is built on hope.

What they share in common is a powerlessness totally at odds with Farrell’s alpha males of yore.

Donald Trump defied the odds to win the 2016 US presidential election.

In some ways, the projects of socialism today and Occupy Wall Street are by definition at odds.

Librarians and architects were already at odds in the late nineteenth century, when librarianship and architectural practice were being professionalized.

Pundits have thrown their hands in the air when it comes to the business of setting the odds.

Current odds suggest Republicans will keep control of both the Senate and House after November.

Pundits have thrown their hands in the air when it comes to the business of setting the odds.

“It is definitely possible, but the odds are most definitely not in your favor!

He liked to joke about it: “a skinny kid with a funny name.” But that belied the odds he actually faced.

The odds that the next president is going to push a major legislative reform of the antitrust process through Congress are fairly minimal.

Indeed, his understanding of those terms puts him at odds with the American consensus.

As tensions grow, the odds of violence – or at least of shouting and shoving — will also grow.

Putin’s compliments and overtures, Morell says, have persuaded Trump to adopt pro-Russian policies at odds with longstanding American positions.

I don’t see it as being necessarily at odds with what any of these crazy thinkers in the books are writing.

But today, California’s efforts are at odds with the direction the federal government is moving on women’s health.

“We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” By the latest count, the bill was facing tough odds.

So, when people in this study said they’d had sex outside of their relationship, odds are that they were cheating.

For his part, Sachs sticks by the conclusion of his original piece, which is at odds with al-Gharbi’s contention.

I’m just saying: what are the odds that all that would happen at the exact same time,” he said.

The silence emphasizes the vacant surroundings while the children’s bright, lively garb seems at odds with the dull, barren land.

This finding was at odds with the students’ preconceived notions, says psychologist Marissa Harrison, who co-authored the study.

But time is precious for many trans people in the country who feel at odds with their registered names and genders.

Ramirez swatted down those charges then, and the odds of the FTC opening another such politically charged case seem pretty low.

Those odds aren’t great, but they’re significantly more than Venus, which has about a 2.5 percent chance of collision.

But are the odds against them?

But insurgent campaigns always face long odds and disadvantages.

Sometimes, a dog whistle is all they need to change their odds of success.

If you want to keep the ping pong balls and the weighted odds, then sometimes, the longshots will win.

Should teams like the Avalanche have better odds?

Should teams like the Flyers have any odds at all?

Five months and many controversies later, punters have shifted the odds to just 4-5 (or a 55.56 percent chance), which is odds-on.

Five months and many controversies later, punters have shifted the odds to just 4-5 (or a 55.56 percent chance), which is odds-on.

Brexit is still likely to happen, but its odds just became a fair bit longer.

All the female newcomers face tough odds.

If you detected it, the odds are pretty good that you ejected it.

However, having only ever been bested by split decision the odds of Cerrone dispatching ‘Mini Cain’ are stacked against him.

Ross’s comments are at odds with the State Department’s own assessment of the state of free expression in Saudi Arabia.

This refers to the idea that the more older brothers a man has, the greater his odds of being gay.

The app automatically calculates a player’s possible winnings at certain odds before the wager is actually placed with the click of a button.

If the deal ends up in court, odds are very good that AT&T and Time Warner could win (again, ask 2016-era Delrahim).

Some celebs with not such good odds?

But as Jets fans, Christine and Robert are, against all odds, optimistic.

By dramatically evolving into deep sea humanoids, this offshoot boosted its odds of survival against the tide of rising seas.

It won the New York Film Critics Circle award, against the odds.

This isn’t the first time Trump and Tillerson have been at odds.

However, the Blues’ odds will take a dramatic hit if they fail to secure the title at home.

Data compiled by CME Group put the odds the Fed leaves rates unchanged this week at 97 percent.

Even if, against all odds, Sanders ekes out a win among pledged delegates, he will remain behind Clinton in votes cast.

What if, against the odds, I manage it?

What kind of odds does Apophis have of colliding with us?There’s always a little bit of uncertainty.

Brooks Koepka

Current odds: 8/1 World ranking: No.

Dustin Johnson

Current odds: 8/1 World ranking: No.

Tiger Woods

Current odds: 10/1 World ranking: No.

Our lack of national paid leave puts us starkly at odds with the rest of the developed world, as well as with developing nations.

Rory McIlroy

Current odds: 10/1 World ranking: No.

Jordan Spieth

Current odds: 14/1 World ranking: No.

Patrick Cantlay

Current odds: 16/1 World ranking: No.

Justin Rose

Current odds: 20/1 World ranking: No.

Rickie Fowler

Current odds: 25/1 World ranking: No.

Justin Thomas

Current odds: 25/1 World ranking: No.

Jon Rahm

Current odds: 25/1 World ranking: No.

Jason Day

Current odds: 25/1 World ranking: No.

Xander Schauffele

Current odds: 25/1 World ranking: No.

“The odds are not in our favor, health-wise,” she tells me.

Shop at a trendy, millennial-oriented business like Sweetgreen or Everlane and the odds are pretty high that it won’t let you pay with cash.

“Just not entirely convinced that the actual odds of a no-deal have changed much in the past few weeks (despite the big moves).

But as the race narrows, his Super Tuesday performance increased the odds of the GOP race coming down to him and Trump.

And that’s the scenario where Cruz’s odds hit their absolute peak.

They are arranged in the order listed by oddschecker, a website that compiles bookmakers’ odds.

She did beat the odds, though.

This book left me hungry for more illustrations and much more biographical data about these artists, who accomplished what they could against great odds.

If Democrats have any chance of flipping the Senate in 2018 — something election watchers characterize as long odds — Rosen needs to win.

However, this local tradition based on history and community is at odds with many of the new murals that seem to appear overnight.

Cox found himself at odds with Nixon over subpoenas to obtain taped White House conversations.

The odds against her were growing.

Recently, the Philippines and China were put at odds over construction on small sandbars.

/4 Against the odds, she worked to unite housewives of different faiths in different regions in an amazing coalition at the grassroots.

Recently, the Philippines and China were put at odds over construction on small sandbars.

And as Schlafly showed, they can be won — even against long odds.

It is also at odds with another of their core priorities: cutting back the American welfare state.

The U.S. Senate, controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans, planned votes for Thursday on competing proposals that face steep odds to end the shutdown.

The image they’re posting and their language are completely at odds.

Since the result, Hammond has been increasingly outspoken and has found himself at odds with a number of his cabinet colleagues.

Those who knew him remember a quiet Lamont Coleman at odds with his trigger-happy alter ego.

The odds of a Democratic Senate are low, but it would set the Trump administration on a very different trajectory.

North Korea and the US have been at odds ever since the US backed South Korea in the Korean War.

The museum can privilege these artists while participating in a global art discourse; the two gestures are not — and should not be — at odds.

The council claims this is the first time the odds of dying of an opioid overdose surpass those of dying from a car crash.

Merkley explains all this and asks whether Tillerson agrees that climate change raises the odds of extreme weather events.

The council claims this is the first time the odds of dying of an opioid overdose surpass those of dying from a car crash.

But odds are she’s going to have to save him from his own darkness first.

odds are, you’ll see Leonard, Antetokounmpo, or one of the league’s other two-way wings demonstrating just how important they can be.

His comments represented the latest in a series of instances in which he has appeared to be at odds with the U.S. intelligence community.

But the odds say that the five-star in Alabama’s class will be bro-hugging Roger Goodell on draft night.

So when things are at odds with that, which we’ve seen, we think of how do we take action?

According to local aid organizations — who have long been at odds with the official count — numbers in the camp are much higher.

According to local aid organizations — who have long been at odds with the official count — numbers in the camp are much higher.

A fictitious horse with made up odds.

Despite all odds against him, Winn has powered through adversity and developed a functional and entertaining video game, which is no small task.

This does not put us at odds.

But what if, against all odds, Pearl Jam was actually good?

Even if the company raises the necessary capital to pursue the project, it is up against steep odds, technically speaking.

and the usual assortment of TV shows, movies, and other odds and ends.

Assuming he wins, as odds makers expect, is St-Pierre really going to fight Romero, Jacare, or Rockhold?

Sometimes, weather events beat the odds for the good.

Simply being a member of the president’s party increases the odds that state legislators will get a challenger by about 4 percent.

Conway should explain why her accounts of the situation have been at odds with each other and at odds with Spicer’s account.

Bharara’s appeal comes from his independence, which is at odds with a run.

Shocking the establishment and against all odds, Corbyn went on to decisively win the leadership contest.

So she opened this witch store, and I was at odds with it.

It’s also important to acknowledge that the power of committees and the power of party leaders are at odds.

Because the odds of success for any individual are much higher in the aggregate than they’ve ever been.

Downfall of Gaia’s music stands defiant and firm against the odds.

And when you do, odds are you’ll reach for that trusty bottle of cough syrup to help you make it through the night.

And while the chances of any of this happening are unclear, the odds are not on the side of LGBTQ rights.

But now they’re at odds — and trying to make sense of it.

The odds of success go up.

In a research note, financial firm Height Analytics set the odds of another shutdown next week at 65 percent.

Indeed, it’s fundamentally at odds with us, and with our aims.

We beat the odds.

But it was the second round of emergency manager rule, starting in 2011, that put residents and local politicians at odds with the system.

What were the odds when you say that you beat the odds?I didn’t come up under nobody.

First, they move to the front of the line for that year’s draft lottery odds, if they’re not already there.

Three players, an otherwise barren cap situation, top odds in the lottery, and an expansion draft to start all over with.

Nature and technology often seem like two forces at odds with one another.

My mother, against all odds given where she came from, is a devout liberal, an autodidact, and a voracious reader.

The United States and China are also increasingly at odds in the disputed South China Sea.

What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this?

Now, it’s a lower-class culture, because anybody with a brain is not going to go into music where the odds are long.

What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this?

odds are long.

I’m trying to convince them otherwise, it’s possible that I might be able to do it, but the odds are long.

The nine justices have not always been at odds with each other, even on contentious matters.

At the very least, the odds of any of those things happening are massively diminished.

1 overall brought a jolt to New Orleans and gave an immediate boost to the Pelicans’ NBA title odds.

Hey, the Cavs already beat the odds this year … why not another team from Cleveland?

She’s gone from 22/1 odds to rule Westeros last week all the way to 9/1.

Against all odds, it was not Dan Quinn.

And alcohol even increases the odds of sleep illnesses like apnea.

Her allusions to patience are at odds with his entrenched anxieties about meeting up.

Oh, and the horse Bob named is currently getting 6-1 odds … Good luck!!

Given the steep odds, these numbers are extremely good for Lamb.

This state of affairs, a party at odds with its voters, is by its nature unstable.

But when it comes to using military force, procedurally speaking, the two are at odds with each other.

Markets are still pricing in 25% odds of a cut in June.

The odds of a dovish message coming out next week are going to keep rates contained for now,” said Goldberg.

“The equation for shark attacks is one shark plus one human, you have to get them together, so it’s an odds game.”

“The equation for shark attacks is one shark plus one human, you have to get them together, so it’s an odds game.”

The visceral violence of the image is at odds with the medical procedure’s aim to eliminate pain.

What are the odds that Trump would legally succeed in blocking Comey’s testimony?

As Bernie Sanders’s odds of winning the Democratic Party nomination have shrunk toward nothingness, talk has naturally turned to party unity.

Each child in the house increased the odds of insufficient sleep by 46 percent.

But as Erika said the other day: ‘what if everyone who faced tough odds said, ‘It’s hard?

The Trump administration is at odds with Beijing over trade.

Those odds haven’t deterred Nullmax founders Xu and Song, who are looking to differentiate themselves.

And yet we are the ones willing to work and contribute, against all odds, to the country we call home.

To know the family have decided to be happy, against all odds, is acknowledged as the act of revenge or defiance it surely is.

Warren acknowledged that the bill faces tough odds in the current Congress, which she blamed on the stigma around addiction.

Heck, what are the odds that the cable companies will fight this tooth and nail (spoiler: it’s a lock), and why?

odds are that a member of Pittsburg’s The Gotobeds came up with that four beers in and then just rolled with it.

Before the polls closed, they showed the odds of Britain leaving the UK around just 20 percent.

The band members themselves have called it an “interlude,” a sentiment that seems totally at odds with U2 as we think about them today.

Suddenly, being at odds with the world becomes revered; In their minds, the teens are not sick – they are special.

And then each began his presidency at odds with the congressional party.

But Trump has also been vocal about wanting to achieve universal health coverage, a goal completely at odds with that of the congressional party.

He likes his odds with a Brooklyn jury — even if the jurors are anonymous.

President Rouhani, seen as a pragmatist who is at odds with hardliners, deflected criticisms of his economic record.

Against the odds, people showed up and the positive accolades started to flow in right away.

The odds of winning the record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot were one in 302.5 million, or 0.00000033%.

It just pegs the odds of some sort of “damaging” earthquake in each region.

Another GOP congressional aide put the odds of government shutdown somewhere between 5 and 15 percent.

— What are the odds that a giant earthquake will devastate Seattle?

The story is a real-life tale about how LeBron and his childhood friends beat the odds to win a championship and form lifelong bonds.

Lawmakers still have issues to figure out; right now, it looks like the Senate is at odds with the House on the arbitration question.

After all, she added, she been diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression and an anxiety disorder—all of which raise the odds of addiction.

Yet the odds were always against a reconstructive presidency.

But investing in the right neighborhood can at least increase the odds.

And because it’s Elon Musk, the odds of it happening instantly go up by 50 percent.

Trump has been at odds with Chancellor Angela Merkel since his election victory in 2016 over issues such as trade, Iran and military spending.

However, Russell faces much tougher odds in his quest to avenge his only professional loss.

Those odds still rarely discourage the legions of hopefuls.

Combining opioids and benzodiazepines may increase your odds of ending your night in the ER, researchers at Stanford University recently concluded.

These are at odds.

Further bolstering those odds is the fact that they have a strong candidate for governor in the form of former Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

They just never got the chance to place their bets before the odds stacked against them.

Except for Rick and Aaron, each pair of foraging Alexandrians is at odds with each other.

Slow social acceptance of multiracial identities remains the norm, even though it is at odds with changing US demographics now more than ever.

What is Huawei and why is it at odds with the U.S. government?

But legal experts said Huawei faces long odds getting past a motion to dismiss, noting the Kaspersky case was thrown out before discovery.

So all of Pompeo’s talk about a more robust US role in the region seemed weirdly at odds with Trump’s worldview.

This leads to a risk-taking kind of life: People are more likely to gamble, play the odds, use drugs or drink, commit crimes.

And we know that by fighting, against all odds, we who had nothing, not even our real names, transformed the universe.

He won the party nomination against all the odds and some of his staunchest opponents like Rubio and Cruz ended up endorsing him.

One possibility is that people are mixing opioids and cocaine, which increases the odds of overdose for both drugs.

If true, that would mean the report itself would be at odds with Conaway’s initial assertions that Moscow hadn’t tried to help Trump.

Trump has resisted condemning MBS personally for Khashoggi’s death, which has put him at odds with both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

While analysts don’t take Trump’s talk of a US military intervention seriously and the comments were at odds with National Security Adviser H.R.

And despite the strange bond between Trump and Putin personally, the two countries are increasingly at odds.

Everything pointed to him bucking the odds of the show’s universe, as a kind of faint glimmer of hope off over the horizon.

Yet as far as the early odds are concerned, this is not the case.

These early odds came courtesy of BetOnline (via oddsShark), and identify McGregor as a -170 favorite, and Diaz as a +145 dog.

But odds are good that Rory will be ending up with one of these three characters.

It feels like the odds are stacked against the young spirits who have become more invested in society than ever.

Lyons beat the odds; she was not traditionally beautiful growing up, nor did she have an easy childhood.

“You have marketing and ease of use that are now at odds with each other,” he says.

Whenever Trump’s odds of victory improve, the stock market dips.

Moreover, experts said, such an outcome could reduce the odds of an eventual Trump impeachment.

It’s unusual for it to be so wildly at odds with the consensus.

Betting odds indicate he is the leading candidate to replace May and has a 22 percent chance of being the next prime minister.

Noid, odds are a little bit higher that you’re gonna bug your mom for pizza come dinner time.

The way things stand, odds still are that Trump wins outright.

But in all honesty, Trump has gotten away with enough so far that the odds this debate deprives him the nomination are probably low.

Even if the proposal manages to beat those odds and become law, though, it would likely encounter legal challenges.

“The odds are I’m not in a situation where I’m going to bankrupt my family and die,” McWilliams says.

Current betting odds give Hillary Clinton about a 70 percent chance of winning the general election.

The industry’s marginalization of plus-size fashion stands markedly and puzzlingly at odds with consumer demand.

It’s fun to hear these guys rap about whatever crosses their minds, but the serious clip is at odds with that looseness.

As more carbon accumulates in the atmosphere, and global average temperatures continue to rise, the odds of calamitous future environmental outcomes increase.

Duke acknowledged that he and Dillard students may be at odds on some issues.

Duke acknowledged that he and Dillard students may be at odds on some issues.

But the odds of the show breaking into the big categories in its fourth season seemed like a long shot.

odds are that Shirai was going to hit WWE eventually, no matter what.

In spite of these odds, she went from washerwoman to businesswoman.

The items inside each virtual box are randomized, with odds of encountering each item set in advance by the developer.

Especially rare items often come with really long odds.

Natasha will make a carrot and onion tart using leftover pie crust and some other odds and ends from the restaurant.

Again, these characters are trying to steal themselves, and they’re up against the most incredible odds.

We know Mystique is at odds with humans because they can’t see past her appearance.

If neither grabs you, the odds are the show just isn’t for you.

Eventually, it may also become clear that the Trump administration has its own ideas about policy, at odds with those of congressional Republicans.

Consequently, the United States invested massively in increasing the severity of punishment without doing much to increase the odds that criminals would get caught.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated 538’s forecasted odds of Republicans controlling the Senate in 2018.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was asked to assess the odds that next week’s ceasefire agreement would be met.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was asked to assess the odds that next week’s ceasefire agreement would be met.

Captain America) will be at odds with each other in Civil War.

What the Trump candidacy has done is allow the Republican Party to be publicly, openly, at odds with itself.

Kroesen and her cast nonetheless beamed happily throughout, at odds with the uncomfortable observations about life that the script bluntly stated.

The odds of something going sideways are, as always, high.

Then they’re back at odds.

Despite all odds, for those five seasons, the Baltimore Orioles were the American League’s winningest team.

Best to get a sneak peek at what we are up against if we do roll those odds.

Today more than ever, the only radicalism that counts is the one prepared to face the truth that all odds are against it.

odds are, that’s exactly the case.

But then again, odds are very high that kind of person already has a subscription music service.

And odds are that she will eventually prevail and secure the nomination.

But the odds that he’ll persuade anybody on the fence to vote for Clinton are very low.

U.S. immigration lawyers had warned the migrants of the low odds for winning asylum and the likelihood of detention, separation from relatives and deportation.

If so, that long-term view is starkly at odds with Trump’s vow to double the US economy’s growth rate.

But the odds of that pick staying in Cleveland feel a lot lower today than they were a couple months ago.

Brindisi said he wouldn’t support Nancy Pelosi as House speaker and he has at times found himself at odds with Gov.

His odds are even worse than Jeb’s.

Nadler and Justice Department officials are at odds over whether Attorney General Barr will appear before his committee to discuss Mueller’s report.

But that’s at odds with those games’ desire to make players the heroes of resonant, contemporary conflicts.

Winter precipitation did not increase the odds of being in a fatal crash, however.

In the Ip Man movies, Yen often emulates Gibson’s love of martyrdom and suffering—physical and emotional—while facing the odds with incredible stoicism.

If you decided to watch a kung-fu movie on some lazy Saturday afternoon, the odds are pretty good Yen was in it.

Meanwhile, the odds of acute kidney injury increased by 47 percent for every 5-degree rise in the heat index in Florida.

The summer barbecue, sunset-in-Cornwall smell of roasting mackerel is everywhere, somehow at odds with the bingo-hall-come-freshers-week scene of Bavarian boozing all around me.

But the calculus changes if Republican odds of victory in the presidential race drop.

This was bad news for Sanders at the high point of his campaign, but as his odds of victory wane it becomes good news.

(Though, let’s face it, the odds are good you don’t have any opinion whatsoever.)

All the odds are stacked against you, and there’s no rational expectation that you’ll ever discover anything that helps anybody.

It’s possible, Dr. Kremchek said, that Colker may have uncovered some miraculous heretofore-unseen methodology, but the odds are against it.

On Tuesday morning he rattled off some tweets that were at odds with US diplomats’ statements the day before.

Modest odds, to be sure, but it easily cleared the FDA bar.

In addition to tensions over election meddling, the two countries are also at odds over Syria and Ukraine.

Lottery players face odds of 1 in 303 million of winning the Mega Millions drawing.

odds of non-state violence soar when state officials give it cover and legitimacy.

When the view of the state and the view of a child’s parents are at odds, who gets to have the final say?

Experts on terrorism today believe the odds of this happening to be very low.

First Nations’ support gives energy firms better odds of overcoming any concerns from other aboriginal groups.

But today, California’s efforts are at odds with the direction the federal government is moving on women’s health.

But I was so at odds with this person I was reading about.

Priebus emphasized repeatedly, however, that “the odds of a contested convention are very small,” and put them at 10-15 percent.

But historically, the odds of it happening are slim.

But the odds are stacked against you.

The odds of a global recession in 2017 just increased, by at least a few percentage points (albeit still less than 50-50).

According to The Guardian, it’s “highly unlikely” she was poisoned despite the unlikely odds of contracting Leptospirosis in the first place.

Progressives privately acknowledge that the odds of success are against them but argue that it is critical to fight anyway.

Plus at these odds, you win $130 for every $100 bet.

With a payout that assumes only a 43% chance of Cam scoring more than Neymar, I will take those odds.

But Miller also made one comment that indicates where Trump and the farm industry, which heavily supported him, may stand at odds.

I’ve spent my career downplaying Dems’ odds in Texas, but there’s something different going on there this cycle.

Democrats face very steep odds in their attempt to unseat Gov.

How do you feel about our odds today?

Remy not only defies odds, but he overcomes his family’s and society’s expectations of him by entering the culinary world.

Having the administration’s two most powerful Cabinet members openly at odds with their boss would be striking enough.

This was the Donald Trump who unexpectedly won the Republican primary and then beat the odds to become president.

I’d put our odds around Hillary Clinton’s in the week before the election.

So how has This Is Us managed to beat the odds?

That stance was at odds with NASA’s long history of transparency surrounding accidents involving its human spaceflight program.

But he also made clear that both were definitely possible — and that the odds were rising.

Those aren’t good odds,” Brooks said.

He also called Cleveland and Cincinnati the “armpits of America,” which is a little at odds with Trump’s whole Rust Belt pitch.

odds are in her favor.

The president is probably looking at better odds of reelection than his poor approval ratings or the unending stream of bad headlines would suggest.

The odds of being killed by a refugee specifically are even higher: one in 3.6 billion.

But he’s got weaker odds than he probably should, considering the state of the economy and incumbency advantages.

“The odds favor Trump’s solution being even more onerous for large financial firms than the status quo,” Seiberg said.

Against all odds, the Nisenan still exist.

Nate Silver’s election forecaster at FiveThirtyEight.com has the odds of Clinton winning at a relatively steady 66 percent.

“Those interests would be enhanced if MBS is reined in.” MBS is at odds with Erdoğan.

Nate Silver’s election forecaster at FiveThirtyEight.com has the odds of Clinton winning at a relatively steady 66 percent.

Your family’s income can determine the quality of your public school or your odds that your entrepreneurial project succeeds.

Trump campaign manager KellyAnne Conway may have realized the odds her candidate is facing.

Even Jon Stewart gives her better odds.

Who knows what he might achieve when the odds get stacked against him?

Bills like this often have better odds when they get tacked on as a smaller part of a bigger bill.

“The odds were definitely stacked against me,” he said.

It’s a reflection of extraordinary effort to overcome yet more extraordinary odds.

And we’ll also look at their odds of actually reaching the top tier.

I love when you can succeed against the odds.

Superstar odds: 99%.

Superstar odds: 90%.

Superstar odds: 70%.

Superstar odds: 75%.

Superstar odds: 50%.

Superstar odds: 85%.

Superstar odds: 80%.

Superstar odds: 65%.

Superstar odds: 60%.

Superstar odds: 90%.

Superstar odds: 65%.

Superstar odds: 85%.

Speaking of regulation, it faces tough odds.

Staying out west, at least Dom Kennedy’s properly stuntin’ by paying over the odds for tofu while dining at Nobu on “Goodbye.”

These wealthy donors frequently have views at odds with those of most voters.

“The concern is that the narrow military success of a mission can sometimes be at odds with broader political and strategic successes,” she said.

These pledges have always been at odds with the plain text of Republican Party tax promises.

She was not even a subscriber to a religious ideology that had found itself at moral odds with American culture.

But while the ad celebrates Kaepernick, it also twists and flattens his narrative into one of straightforward persistence in the face of long odds.

The betting markets put his odds at 100 to 1.

The odds are stacked against them, but Dallas has quietly assembled the ingredients of a dangerous team.

He is survived by his son, Andrés, and his music continues to inspire many of his countrymen to follow their dreams, whatever the odds.

Sanders’s Fed agenda cuts against the narrative of a campaign agenda at odds with wonks’ preoccupations and political reality.

Somehow, against all odds, World of Warcraft is still with us.

If this conflict were about to play out in any other location, the odds would favor Euron’s powerful navy.

While fine art can seem at odds with the punk ethos, for Sorrondeguy, the two have always been linked.

In the past, when claimants were able to wait in the United States, many were willing to take those odds.

We’ll never know for sure, but I will say, the odds of seeing these things would have been higher.

Cuomo and de Blasio are often at odds, which has played out in ways ridiculous (R.I.P.

And if you don’t pay them to perform, good luck, I don’t think that the odds of success are nearly as high.

The odds of matching at least one number (and therefore winning at least $4) are pretty good: 1 in 25.

On Recode Decode, Kara will talk with Arlan and Wendy about being underestimated, finding the drive, and defying the odds.

But the odds of matching all five numbers plus the Powerball number are 1 in 292,201,338.

Those are terrible odds.

If you’re not white, odds are you’ve used a “white voice” on the phone.

Merkley explains all this and asks whether Tillerson agrees that climate change raises the odds of extreme weather events.

If you’re not white, odds are you’ve used a “white voice” on the phone.

The odds are against her following up her French title by winning Wimbledon.

If Tillerson has Baker-esque views, then he’ll be at odds with the president-elect.

Can’t you imagine this and that?” They’re at odds.

See THE COVER and THE odds OF BEING BORN This article appeared in the April issue of VICE magazine.

And he has made comments that put him at odds with at least some of the views and practices of the major tech companies.

So there are decent odds that you want to take a picture of yourself voting on Tuesday.

The odds of being killed by a refugee terrorist?

But let’s be clear: Now that the summit has fallen through, the risks of war — no matter how low the odds — go up.

The theme was called “Beating the odds” and centered on the obstacles we had all overcome to attend college.

Seeing so many kids look at me as someone who beat the odds and getting such admiration was difficult for me.

The odds were in the actor’s favor, but at the very least, Huston was fueled by righteous fury.

The two have been at odds for years.

For people who didn’t smoke, the three-year survival odds for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers are high — around 90 percent.

Seemed clear to me that people were making emotional decisions sometimes at odds with what a traditional model would predict.

Clinton still had the best odds of becoming president at 50/50, Ladbrokes said.

Although the odds remain against Trump winning the presidency, they were also against his becoming the Republican candidate.

But independent bookstores, against all odds, are actually growing, not dying.

And their odds of making it all the way aren’t good.

Pundits have thrown their hands in the air when it comes to the business of setting the odds.

Artificial light is completely at odds with our biology.

Pundits have thrown their hands in the air when it comes to the business of setting the odds.

Now, if you want to talk about the staff, we have had odds, we have had differences.

There are also areas, especially relating to immigration, where Trump has taken big actions that are somewhat at odds with his promises.

He also called Cleveland and Cincinnati the “armpits of America,” which is a little at odds with Trump’s whole Rust Belt pitch.

The odds of Cersei making it through the season alive are 6/1.

Betfair has Arthur and Alice coming in second and third, while Ladbrokes also gives Albert, Arthur and Phillip good odds.

She and AOC are working together on this, not at odds.

Past research says ground game can improve a candidate’s odds by 1 to 5 percentage points.

But if you do, go to that game with the understanding of the odds.

Russia entered the World Cup as the lowest ranking side, but reached the quarter finals against the odds.

The statistical odds of a tiebreaker in New Hampshire determining the election are spectacularly low.

She became the only committee chair so far to publicly encourage members of the caucus to impeach — a move directly at odds with Pelosi.

Victor’s riding Whitmore Saturday, which has 30 – 1 odds of winning.

But against all odds, they forge on.

odds are it will be a sloppy affair.

The odds remain against a strike, but talks are down to the wire, and something could easily go wrong.

They know the odds, better than you or I.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump’s worldview is at direct odds with Barack Obama’s.

Trump’s odds lengthened to 23-to-10 from 9-to-4.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump’s worldview is at direct odds with Barack Obama’s.

You will romance your love interest, gain the loyalty of your crew, and succeed in your goals, no matter how terrific the odds.

The Trump administration opposes the Iranian government, but this order harms Iranian citizens who find themselves at odds with the government in Tehran.

“That’s all hypothetical.” Those two camps appear at odds.

We don’t know the specifics and odds are we never really will, but something is going on.

To me, the odds of performing things that customers care about go up dramatically.

If you feel an ownership and if you feel a responsibility, the odds go up higher.

As his comrades battle all challenges and odds to put up the next warehouse party, Blue’s life gradually falls apart.

Every year, there’s an ad that aims to put a lump in your throat — and succeeds against all odds.

Upholding human dignity and rights is not at odds with the rule of law.

It’s a very classic style of amusement, which is at odds with Steve’s obsession with maintaining a strong social media presence.

This is a fine topic to talk about, but realistically the odds of a Sanders-style bill (or anything like it) passing are minimal.

But if nearly 50 percent of people are dropping out [after] one year, I’m not sure those are good odds.”

A senior European diplomat in Beijing said China would be relieved to see Europe and Washington at odds over the metals tariffs.

“Ultimately,” Pip concludes, “I think the odds are always going to be relatively poor anyway.

Contrary to the fight’s betting odds, which pegged Borg as the favorite, this one was all Scoggins.

We hope odds in a sentence examples were helpful.