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Tinder and Hinge have four each, but their numbers might be limited by a selection bias.

I think part of it comes down to a numbers game.

I don’t know what would change those numbers dramatically because I think basketball and football will always be very popular sports.

At this point, the only thing Sanders can really hope for is that some scandal emerges that tanks Clinton’s numbers everywhere.

But it’s the musical numbers in particular that seem completely deflated.

“It’s mostly Nazis.” “We looked, we crunched the numbers, and it’s robots and Nazis.

So we crunched the numbers.

He wasn’t a highly-touted prospect; he never had the kind of numbers that dazzled, high velocity or overwhelming strikeout capability.

Here we have these kind of throwback games, and I know you’re not into the power-trip adventures that do the big numbers, commercially.

It also seems worth mentioning that, according to GameLink’s numbers, Utah downloads the most incest related titles.

They don’t expect Obamacare can keep up its enrollment numbers with such a significant budget cut.

They had no idea these numbers would become part of the funding scheme.

When you break down the numbers, the support is overwhelming across genders, political parties, and even income groups.

“We need to stop talking against Europe and show convincing numbers over the deficit and debt trends,” this official said.

Despite low numbers, critics generally enjoyed the film, praising Bowie’s performance and Henson’s puppetry.

Among the brighter spots was Netflix (NFLX.O), which rose 5.3 percent, after reporting blowout subscriber addition numbers.

If anything, the numbers are worse if you just limit yourself to NIH.

They care more about the numbers than their employees.” Amazon, meanwhile, denied the allegations.

It’s not particularly surprising that Clinton’s early black voter turnout numbers weren’t matching Obama’s.

The majority of people affected saw their personal information like names, physical and email addresses, and passport numbers compromised.

The majority of people affected saw their personal information like names, physical and email addresses, and passport numbers compromised.

However, it turns out the point of policing isn’t just to reduce crime numbers.

It holds the largest prison population in the world at more than 2.2 million, above China and Russia’s reported numbers.

To anyone who wants to truly end mass incarceration, all of these numbers should be concerning.

The question, then, is whether these numbers will change.

The information taken included names, phone numbers, email addresses, and in the case of 600,000 of its drivers, their license data, too.

What Goldberg has been hearing from Silicon Valley millionaires during that beta: Show me the numbers, not the narrative.

But an inability to scale manufacturing meant they sold in small numbers.

(Her numbers weren’t peer-reviewed, however, like some of the other studies I’ll describe next.)

But does the theory still hold up with such dismal user numbers in rural areas, which make up one-fifth of the country’s population?

Although autism is predominantly diagnosed in childhood, increasing numbers of adults are finding out that they too have autism.

Working Holiday visas for those between 18 and 30 years of age are available for set numbers of people.

There, “the relationship between NGOs and refugees was all about numbers and logistics,” Imam told Hyperallergic.

In Cuba, he put up video-game numbers year after year.

As Puig prepared to make his minor league debut in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Gurriel continued to rack up numbers in Cuba.

These numbers are bad for Trump, but they could be even worse for Republicans in the long term.

These numbers are bad for Trump, but they could be even worse for Republicans in the long term.

And while a single ballot feels small in impact, it makes a difference in numbers.

Kelly is seen as the leading candidate given her strong fundraising numbers and the fact that she was recruited by former Democratic Kansas Gov.

7-Eleven, the world’s largest convenience store chain, shared new numbers from its drone delivery experiment today.

On a pure numbers level, Trump is absolutely correct.

(These numbers are what they sound like — everybody who watched live or within three days of broadcast.

Networks also routinely collect Live+7 numbers, and many go even further than that.)

“We will never know exact numbers,” MSF said in a tweet after estimating that 900 had died during the week.

Bad things happen to democracies when large numbers of citizens feel alienated and unrepresented.

(Chicago, with its imagined musical performance numbers, is probably the most famous example.)

Traditionally, this tool is used to capture images of wildlife, to help study population numbers, behavior, and health of the animals.

When the correct numbers are input, Near Zero argues, even CARB’s own calculations show that oversupply threatens the 2030 target.

These are absurd numbers, too big to really comprehend.

As best as can be determined today, the numbers behind the proposal are so off base as to make the whole enterprise laughable.

To perform pattern recognition, the material is first encoded with a “memory” of certain patterns of numbers in the form of electrical polarities.

BBC’s sports editor Dan Roan posted the latest numbers as of last Wednesday.

Russia sent warplanes, attack helicopters, artillery pieces, and significant numbers of military advisers.

Those numbers have accelerated into 2018.

People who’ve crunched the numbers in detail say that’s because some Trump voters really are crossing over to vote for Democrats.

Their social media accounts went with them, mobile numbers were cut off, friends and family were left in the dark.

These numbers are very much on the low side.

The numbers are particularly low in Czech Republic because its police force simply doesn’t bother requesting information from Facebook anymore.

Average fertility rate will decrease, but that effect will be overwhelmed by the absolute numbers.

(There are many arguments out there that UN is overestimating population growth, but let’s stick with their numbers for this post.)

That human numbers are, axiomatically, part of the story of human impact does not mean that human numbers have to take center stage.

The first way to look at population is as a pure numbers game.

Or you can crunch numbers, incorporate more hopeful local election results, and envision a blue wave on the horizon.

And a look at the upcoming economic calendar: Monthly core durable goods and weekly crude numbers are out in the US.

The numbers she presented are pretty staggering.

The numbers are in.

The UN levels new, watered-down sanctions on North Korea; the US Census posts promising income numbers; Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis sparks an international outcry.

Heating up my lunch I’ve previously had to use specific numbers when microwaving my food, usually ending in odd numbers.

Late last night, CBS announced it had streamed the Super Bowl to a “record” audience, but didn’t break out the numbers for the Broncos-Panthers.

Now we have some numbers that give us a pretty good sense of the growth of the game’s online audience.

The Saudi-led coalition has killed large numbers of Houthi fighters but has also suffered significant civilian casualties of its own.

“You look at the numbers at every category, it’s great,” Trump said.

“You build things, you roll it out, see what people like, get feedback and get the numbers.

The numbers are your score.

Paint it and add the numbers.

“Trying to remember which numbers go on which side is the hard part,” reflects Gabriel R., a former inmate from Pennsylvania.

Cards can be divided up in various different ways to randomly draw numbers.

Select one color as numbers 1-10, the other as 11-20.”

Set aside all but numbers 1-6.

Old Scrabble tiles, beads, and dominoes are more creative solutions, especially if there’s a Sharpie on hand to write the numbers.

Words or numbers are prominent in nearly every one of her works in Collage as Painting.

In Facebook there was also someone who cited, there was somebody who crunched the numbers and said men are like 35 percent more likely.

“Our employment numbers are phenomenal, the best in over 50 years.

We haven’t given out our subscription numbers.

We haven’t given out the numbers.

Also included in the email dump were numerous donors’ names, contact information, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.

Reflect on those numbers for a moment.

But the page numbers also jump suddenly from 527 to 1,001, and the code includes all past tax statutes, not just current laws.

No one held the numbers 2, 8, 42, 43, 50 and Mega ball 6 that were picked Christmas night, Mega Millions said.

These numbers will only grow.

You’re going to hear a lot about “numbers” in the next few days.

Senate Republicans are defaulting to “I’m looking at the numbers” to explain why they haven’t yet decided on the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) wants to see numbers for her state.

But numbers are funny.

But we know Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has his own numbers.

He has also openly disputed the CBPP numbers, after his own state’s health secretary used them to warn that he was hurting Louisiana.

He crunched some numbers — and got an astounding answer.

“Many suppliers have lowered numbers because of their unnamed ‘largest customer,’ which is Apple.

“The numbers 15 or 16 percent that we’re talking about is right at the tipping point,” Chopra says.

The votes are in and the numbers prove it: 2018 is the Year of the Woman.

Women aren’t just running and protesting in larger numbers; they’re also giving money to candidates in a way they haven’t before.

Gillibrand focuses on the still-high numbers of assaults and the reduced percentage of unrestricted reports compared with anonymous ones.

If that sounds like the ramblings of a crackpot weird-beard, hear him out; Dr. De Grey’s run the numbers.

They’ve have had a very hard time, closing at numbers and records that have never been seen before,” he said.

In the past, the quarterly shareholder letter Netflix puts out would have lots of interesting ideas and numbers.

Clearly I am missing something, because numbers don’t lie.

Netflix does not typically release viewership numbers.

The winning numbers were 22, 57, 59, 60, 66 and Powerball 7.

According to the agency, growing numbers of pharmacists are reporting “suspicious requests” for cough syrup.

This season, Davis has played 73 percent of his minutes at center, and his numbers have dropped to a 27.7 PER and .193 WS/48.

The introduction of a free-to-play mode will send EVE numbers soaring, but there’s no risk of CCP’s universe collapsing as a result.

Names like the Junky Funky Boys, Hard Livings, and Americans are the most common—in conjunction with the internationally notorious and mythical prison “numbers Gang.”

The first three numbers‘ closeness suggests Iron Dome had minimal influence in 2012.

Even her CSU allies have split with Merkel over this, demanding an annual limit on migration numbers.

[Winemaker] Dan Petroski says that any great Barolo is a wreck by the numbers [pH, acid, etc.

“We will try to convince the EU with numbers and by being polite.

Still, the numbers indicate that broad-interest shows can lure Prime members cheaply by Amazon’s calculations.

Just imagine Mike, fresh out of a New Jersey correctional facility at 60, joining DJ Pauly D as he calls out bingo numbers.

Posts about local police, military pride, and everyday heroes often pull in big engagement numbers.

“They don’t dare attack in large numbers because they know they’d all get killed.

I’ve had people try to set me up and call me from unknown numbers and I usually just have fun with them.

For the most part, the only growing religious groups in America are those that count immigrants prominently among their numbers.

The numbers for Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus are even higher.

Belcher uses numbers to support that claim.

Her numbers have been rising; both in the Democratic primary field, and in the head-to-head matchups against Trump.

But numbers aside, aerial crowd photos clearly show the disparity between the two crowds.

But then he went on to toss out a bunch of misleading numbers anyway.

We got numbers that nobody believed were possible from law enforcement and from military.

They took in large numbers.

We’re going to do it that way instead of taking massive numbers.

Twitter reports earnings on Tuesday after markets close, and analysts expect its user numbers to increase slightly from 305 million to 307 million users.

Its earnings numbers, which were poor, leaked early and the stock tanked, causing Wall Street to temporarily halt trading.

(Kuhl and Lee came up with 300 numbers for different physical aspects of a face — like skin color or emotional expression.

What the AI program does is try to make connections: How well do those bursts of brain activity correlate with those numbers?

Because viewers are down, et cetera, subscriber numbers are down.” And it keeps ticking up, or at least flat.

They were reduced to numbers.

Some think the numbers of women winning their races could be even higher than historical records predict.

But while we’ve increased our numbers, it has been at the expense of other things.

One is will humanity make it through this basically unrestrained growth, both in terms of numbers and in how much we as individuals consume?

And overall consumer confidence numbers also shot higher after Trump’s election, driven in part by a surge in confidence among Republicans.

There are so many separate corruption charges threatening to finally bring down Netanyahu that the Israeli press refers to them by numbers.

Orbán, dealing with large numbers of Muslim migrants, plays up fears of terrorism and the demise of “Christian” culture.

Our effort, eventually renamed, included names, home and office phone numbers, and addresses for most Bush electors.

Though he doesn’t have hard numbers, Kosmic suspects he’s attempted anywhere between 30-to-40,000 speedruns since 2011.

He declined to share specific revenue numbers.

Ron Brownstein, senior editor at the Atlantic, noted that Gardner’s numbers should worry Republicans.

All this said: Colorado is an increasingly left-leaning state, so Gardner’s poll numbers aren’t entirely shocking.

The numbers have remained relatively steady: 727 in 2014, 791 in 2015, and 765 last year.

The drop is soundless, with numbers of varying size counting down to zero, the mathematical void.

[Laughter] But the poll numbers have.

[Cheering] And I recognize, I recognize that Donald is dismayed that his poll numbers are falling in Iowa.

The way we think about the holiday season is that it was a good season by the numbers.

“We will never know exact numbers,” Medecins San Frontieres said in a Tweet after estimating that 900 had died during the week.

“We will never know exact numbers,” Medecins San Frontieres said in a Tweet after estimating that 900 had died during the week.

They may not have materialized in strong enough numbers on Election Day to put Perriello over the top.

As Rojas told Hyperallergic, “Entre mas somos mejor — numbers make us stronger.”

But since nothing matters anymore and tribalism is our new law, the post did bigass numbers in the form of 14,000 retweets.

Shutting down the male system while keeping men healthy is a daunting task on a simple numbers basis.

“So what I see is smaller numbers, and smaller sentences, in the future.”

Amazon also celebrated (without offering any numbers) its $99-a-year Prime service, which offers free two-day delivery along with other perks.

House Speaker Paul Ryan derided the agency’s Obamacare numbers as “bogus,” speaking to reporters at an event in Massachusetts Thursday.

The CBO directors don’t expect to become a regular presence in the fight over the office’s numbers.

The numbers in parentheses show the size of the “standardized beta weight,” which quantifies how big the contribution was.

“Looking at less-mature regions like Latin America, trips were up 600 percent in February, year on year.” The company wouldn’t disclose specific numbers.

But in response to Fowler’s claims of sexism, Uber decided to finally make these numbers public.

After the DCCC released the Moser memo, her national name recognition and outside fundraising numbers spiked.

Researchers reported that Bd has driven 90 frog species to extinction and forced another 124 to decline in numbers by more than 90 percent.

He shows me briefly, but on the list, I’m able to note XXXTentatcion’s name in reference to streaming numbers.

The perception was that it would be difficult to get a visa, and that cut down on student numbers.”

The perception was that it would be difficult to get a visa, and that cut down on student numbers.”

The new plan follows the UK government’s stated intentions to get the immigration numbers down to a “sustainable” level.

Historians don’t have reliable national numbers for voting patterns by age cohort in the 19th century.

So it seems overwhelmingly likely that young people, like all people, voted in much higher numbers during this period.

Rising numbers of veterans with disabilities and poor health more broadly could also be playing a role.

I’m not going to get into the numbers, but … Six figures, seven figures?

Definitely not … Well, I’m not going to get into the numbers.

What about the numbers of news organizations?

You’ll just see people’s traffic numbers are off the charts from Apple News.

A spokesman for the Singapore police declined to comment on the deployment of the Gurkhas or their numbers.

It’s not just about the numbers; it’s more than just the food.

Marriott said for 327 million guests, compromised data could include passport details, phone numbers and email addresses.

“The numbers clearly show that the termination of CSR funding largely backfired if the intent was to undermine the marketplace,” Levitt said.

Again, with the best browser example, Sundar chose numbers of users and latency, or speed.

KS: Let’s talk about the idea of what results you pick, because say Sundar picked numbers of …

Because these numbers don’t move.

There are Kleiner Fellows numbers that move.

KS: Not just for numbers?

Well, I think they’ll measure whether or not they achieve it with numbers.

The computer industry continues to experience tough times, as evidenced by IDC’s preliminary 1Q16 shipment numbers and Intel’s recent quarterly earnings data.

IDC’s top-line PC numbers tell the broad story, and survey results help shed light on the details.

Those numbers may increase, now that health officials know the virus can be transmitted sexually.

But the numbers could improve if there is abundant rainfall,” she told Reuters.

That has its impact and that impact you can see in her trust numbers.

They have gone so far as to say that they would completely ignore numbers from the nonpartisan office tasked with evaluating legislation.

The company wouldn’t provide whole numbers to Recode.

The strong headline payrolls numbers suggest the Fed may do a little more.

There’s a lot of different cross currents in these numbers.

Month to month it’s very difficult to get carried away with these numbers.

He said the birds’ numbers have plummeted due to loss of native ground cover critical to breeding and nesting.

In reality, the pair both like to duke it out on the feet and they both have solid numbers for knockouts.

Great reviews might have inflated its numbers, but almost universally negative ones didn’t seem to hurt it much.

It’s why so many Chinese license plates, phone numbers, and even street addresses contain eights.

That season he only started 25 games, only threw 153 and one third innings, both numbers the fewest since his debut.

One-piece options range from cutout mesh numbers to graphic high-leg one-pieces to the classic maillot and come in around the same price.

It is known, and the article now has those numbers.

As for the numbers, analysts expect Intel to earn 47 cents per share on revenue of $13.8 billion.

Re/code will have coverage and analysis of the numbers and the conference call after earnings come out this afternoon.

The numbers reflect what you’re seeing above.

They rattle off exact dates, locations, and flight numbers effortlessly, as though they just came off that particular plane crash investigation.

Over 8,500 reports have so far been filed, the majority taking place in India and the numbers growing with ever-increasing haste.

Our poll numbers show that American voters are together for the duration of this ad.

Latino voters are improving their turnout numbers, but they are still notoriously difficult to get to the polls.

But finalizing Jenkins as Wonder Woman 2’s director took a surprisingly long time given those numbers.

Beyond the numbers, the unfounded left-wing claims, like those on the right, are already seeping into the mainstream discourse.

The size of the numbers Ghaemi is claiming should make you skeptical: Those are huge, arguably implausibly huge, effects.

But solid numbers in both parties are decidedly pessimistic.

CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez admitted he was concerned about the low numbers but defended Brazil’s organisation.

The numbers, though, tell a different story.

Those numbers clearly stick in Wayne’s craw because he says all that was on top of Sweeney’s inflated 10 percent.

Given those ratings, it’s unclear how profitable the Sharknado franchise is — the exact numbers are hard to find.

Conservatives decried the numbers as a product of a bloated welfare state.

The notion, expressed by some, for some type of forthcoming recession seems invalid, based upon the numbers.

But, as the numbers indicate, listing at the start of the new year can work to a seller’s advantage.

The best place to look for their feedback is sales numbers for the Mac.

We won’t know the actual numbers on how these MacBook Pros are selling until at least three months from now — and probably longer.

Boosters of clean energy in the United States took similar lessons from the numbers.

Boosters of clean energy in the United States took similar lessons from the numbers.

“The numbers are staggering,” Gerd Leonhard, a Switzerland-based futurist, speaker, and author, recently told me.

Her numbers are dropping.

And animated shows seem to double both of those numbers, staying vital for 10 seasons or 200 episodes, whichever comes first.

The only way to make the numbers work would be to jack up premiums on everyone.

Often, you have to press several different numbers — and waste a minute or more — before you’re allowed to talk to a human being.

And last year marked the fourth year in a row that hate group numbers increased after a short period of decline.

Here’s a map of the active KKK chapters in America in 2014: The numbers have risen since then.

And due largely to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and persistently high unemployment, its residents have been leaving in large numbers in recent years.

We don’t yet know the precise scale of the migration Hurricane Maria will cause, or if it will reach the numbers those disasters did.

The states most affected would have been those with large numbers of non-citizen residents like Texas, California, New York, Nevada, and Arizona.

“Wherever you have established communities, you’re going to see some numbers of people going,” Aranda notes.

Other studies estimate that the absolute numbers come in at fewer than 100 deaths per year.

The states most affected would have been those with large numbers of non-citizen residents like Texas, California, New York, Nevada, and Arizona.

Their votes were all counted as cast, though there have never been sufficient numbers of them to overturn a presidential election result.

He quickly realized that a number of these channels were producing very similar content that was being uploaded in large numbers.

In this region of northern Spain, shepherds have lived alongside wolves for centuries and used their own methods to control their numbers.

They also hired professional hunters to keep wolf numbers down, but without exterminating them completely.

Most of these immigrants live in 20 metropolitan areas, per the Pew numbers.

Those are bananas numbers, and suggest that removing barriers to development in California and other rich areas is of huge national importance.

Most of these immigrants live in 20 metropolitan areas, per the Pew numbers.

Uber has published its much sought after diversity numbers for the first time since it was founded in 2009.

When translating between Japan and MLB, power numbers, including for home runs, are downgraded more severely than the same numbers from Triple-A.

The company has revealed that its diversity numbers are on par with much of the rest of the tech industry.

“It’s no secret that we’re late to release these numbers,” Uber’s chief of human resources Liane Hornsey wrote.

By the numbers, the Seahawks are a much better rushing team, and they get Marshawn Lynch back in this game.

Graham said the more pressing problem is dealing with large numbers of undocumented Central American families seeking asylum in the United States.

Unlike the unique painting by Warhol, Robbins produced kits that were reproduced in uncountable numbers.

When you look at just kids, the numbers are similarly dismal.

But the numbers still didn’t add up, so she and her children remain uninsured today, nearly two years later.

Here, the IUCN proclaimed that panda numbers are up by 17 percent since 2004.

Just 40 years ago, wild panda numbers nearly dipped into the triple digits.

Like many of the women running in record-breaking numbers this year, McGrath jumped into politics after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

“They would change the numbers and then someone else would be playing in a different universe, but still posting to our servers.”

Like many of the women running in record-breaking numbers this year, McGrath jumped into politics after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

He claimed the IRS didn’t have employee ID numbers, so I told him everyone has an ID number.

But if billions of cicadas appear all at once, predators (like birds or small mammals) can’t make a meaningful dent in their numbers.

They assigned themselves ID numbers.

And for that matter, no one knows why cicadas are fond of prime numbers like 13 and 17 either.

He asked me to scratch off the numbers and read them to him.

But Tuesday’s numbers don’t mean we’re suddenly living in a different country than we were a year ago.

I gave him two more numbers.

I got Steve back on the phone, but he said he didn’t want the card numbers anymore.

Recent numbers show the U.K. economy by grew 2 percent in 2016, down only slightly from 2.2 percent in 2015.

At the site, parents can crunch the numbers to discover which schools may be a good fit.

Visit on-site, talk to other parents and read reviews, all of which give you valuable insights that numbers may not.

It’s a bit premature to say whether Trump’s strategy will accomplish this, particularly without any final numbers.

And the numbers moving to Israel continue to rise.

Powerball said the ticket matched all six numbers and the Powerball.

Powerball said the ticket matched all six numbers from Wednesday night’s draw.

In an industry — publishing — that loves data about as much as a vegan digs barbecues, numbers are not normally dwelled upon.

Vox spoke to industry professionals who confirmed some of the practices and numbers.

He then went one step further and added some numbers of his own.

Bennett stands by those numbers, which he said came via a call with the influencer’s management.

As the consumer confidence survey numbers have gone up, approval ratings for all presidents have gone up.

This president, the consumer confidence numbers have gone up and his approval ratings have not gone up.

Before vaccine manufacturers could fully recover, yellow fever popped up in large numbers in Brazil.

How I learned to stop worrying about money and quit my job The numbers part of retirement is easy.

The numbers released by Paris city hall appear to confirm Zabit’s assessment.

Ryan Castilloux, managing director of consultancy Adamas Intelligence, said big fluctuations in the export numbers were normal, however.

There are going to be adjustment costs for small numbers of people for limited periods of time.

Republicans have the numbers.

If Republicans are equally committed to taking insurance away, they have the numbers to get it done.

Those numbers are specifically for December 21 and they will vary slightly as the days pass.

It, however, found that problem especially prevalent in Canada, where those numbers have been climbing since 1989.

“(This) shows the power of the brand … globally the numbers were outstanding,” Peter Saleh, an analyst with brokerage BTIG, said.

“It’s not our numbers that matter.

It’s a numbers game, you’re talking to 20 women at a time for each client.

The program’s numbers hit 19,475 in the 2016 fiscal year, a more than 1,000 percent increase from 1,646 in fiscal year 2010.

But these associations are present and strong across huge numbers of studies spanning dozens of countries.

So teacher numbers could blossom.

But the numbers suggest it is likely to have difficulty getting through parliament.

The twin pincers of war with ISIS and Shia militia governance have forced huge numbers of Sunnis from the province.

The thing about the Myth series is that combat is not a pure numbers game.

“Will we see larger numbers of white students leaving the city schools?”

It’d be interesting to see those numbers when they come out.

They’re digital numbers on the bank statement, on my bank statement.

It’s digital numbers.

Again, the researchers cautioned that the individual numbers here aren’t too important.

By the researchers’ admission, none of the individual numbers should be taken too seriously.

Viewership often drops off as debates drag on, meaning Warren probably had the advantage when higher numbers of people were watching.

However, despite the middling numbers of congresswomen overall, the election won women of color a record number of 38 seats in Congress.

When she appeared in a variety special built around her in the late ’60s, it posted huge numbers for CBS.

“But it’s not typical to have the numbers be so high this early and the corresponding deaths that go with it.”

The problem is they’ve been using woefully misleading numbers.

“These numbers were intentionally misleading,” he told me.

The difference between the two numbers is the purported $54 billion increase that the president and his aides have been trumpeting for days.

Trump also reportedly swapped numbers with French President Emmanuel Macron in early May.

But she couldn’t make the numbers work.

Friis-Holm expects these numbers will increase both this year and in 2018.

“It’s about visibility and numbers, and I plan this weekend to hand write all the names and personally hand them over,” she said.

The idea is to train people to use numbers, evidence, images, and statistics in their own communities to bring about change.

Or it could be used as cover when her fundraising numbers are lower than expected.

These new numbers will no doubt fuel the already fierce political battle over whether the health law’s programs are working.

We reject the SIGAR report on numbers.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality repeatedly said that the water was safe, and they had the test numbers to back it up.

(Later investigation would suggest that some of those numbers had been doctored to maintain federal compliance.)

Votes are still being counted in some places, and delegate allocation is still being determined, so these numbers are somewhat subject to change.

What exactly the numbers mean for the U.S. is another question.

There were 36 second-tier winners, those who picked five winning numbers but did not match the Mega Ball.

When you look at those stars, you’re looking at untold numbers of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets clutched within their orbits.

That’s how democracy — indeed, any framework of cooperation among large numbers of diverse people — works.

The numbers are staggering: Since 2013, it’s estimated that IBM eliminated more than 20,000 employees ages 40 and older in the US.

Today, Obama’s approval numbers have flipped to 56-42.

Events like E3 deliver overwhelming numbers and stats, predictions and boasts, and conferences can feel robotic.

The numbers have been run.

We’re currently in the middle of open enrollment and, right now, numbers are lagging behind where they were last year.

All told, it’s hard to know where the signup numbers will shake out.

So, using historical data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center, I looked back at the numbers.

Those numbers left Republicans questioning whether the enthusiasm Illinois voters had for the president will carry into their primary fights.

It would rational to dismiss these numbers and believe brighter days are ahead.

These numbers are across all sectors, but disputes over palm oil are certainly common.

Either way, the Register noted, these numbers are far below the $230 million that then-Gov.

(Older voters tend to vote at higher numbers than younger ones.)

However, as congregation numbers fall and cats are increasingly recognized as mostly non-Satanic household pets, a rapprochement between church and cat seems possible.

“Well, if I could define it and tell you who it was, then I would probably be able to pick the winning lottery numbers.

It’s also possible that in deconstructing how the bees compute numbers, we could make better, more efficient computers one day.

So they put out a series of sheets of paper that had differing numbers of objects printed on them.

In the 2018 election cycle, a wave of women ran to change these numbers.

“I mean, some of my numbers look way better than some people already in Canton.”

This year, surrounded by G-League talent more nights than not, Rivers’ isolation numbers are even better.

You take some numbers, like the humidity and temperature, and use an algorithm to automatically to spin that into a story,” he explains.

The bottom line is this: Progressives of color can win in the Midwest precisely because they exist in numbers large enough to do so.

While all the new hiring is good, the numbers are not as great as last year.

Appropriators need these topline numbers to begin putting together a trillion-dollar spending bill that would fund the government through next September.

Trump’s poll numbers plummeted — and kept plummeting after women started coming forward to allege that Trump had sexually assaulted them.

Other receivers who have reviewed his work have said that the numbers are high but plausible.

Ryan Castilloux, managing director of consultancy Adamas Intelligence, said big fluctuations in the export numbers were normal, however.

“Your vitamin D numbers were low,” the supervisor from the provider’s billing department told me on the phone.

One consists of a screen with strips of numbers steadily counting down.

Each column represents one site of concrete-entombed radioactive waste; the numbers count the seconds remaining until it becomes safe for humans (a long time).

These numbers aren’t put out by the campaigns themselves.

This is a game by a future power, a future … Will you give me phone numbers to call immediately after this interview?

It’s time for Karmakar to alert her cooks about the rising numbers.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the other US science agency that tracks global temperatures, hasn’t reported April numbers yet.

Those numbers make any emergency funding for disaster relief or military stimulus look like small potatoes.

Google declined to share the exact numbers of victims, but said it was below 1,000, and that all of them were in Italy.

The numbers explain it best: 181,400 people traveled from North Africa to Italy in 2016.

Less guilty, because I’m not alone; there is a certain shamelessness in numbers.

And the numbers certainly bear this out.

“The numbers are alarming before the economic downturn,” Wells said in an interview.

Filipino activists stage a demonstration in Makati City condemning the growing numbers of migrant workers being sentence to death by beheading in Saudi Arabia.

“I’ve asked the government for numbers and they should have told me by now,” he told Reuters.

The mayor said commission’s request “serves no legitimate purpose.” Florida: Will release public information, which does not include Social Security numbers.

Kansas: Will provide publicly available information, which does not include Social Security numbers, according to local media.

Michigan:  Will supply publicly available information which does not include date of birth, social security or driver’s license numbers.

Montana: Will provide public information, does not include birth dates or Social Security numbers.

Nevada: Will provide publicly available information, but not Social Security numbers and other private data.

Ohio: Will provide publicly information, but not confidential data such as Social Security numbers.

Oklahoma: Will provide publicly available information, but not Social Security numbers.

This does not include Social Security and driver’s license numbers.

Rhode Island:  Will provide public information, not including Social Security numbers and felon status.

Utah: The state will only provide public information, which does not include Social Security numbers.

The United States economy grew by 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter last year, according to updated numbers released by the government on Thursday.

Washington: Will provide public information, including birth dates and addresses, but not Social Security numbers.

Wisconsin: Will provide public information for $12,500 fee, which does not include birth dates and social security numbers.

Under the current broken system, a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives.

The following year was designated the “Year of the Woman” after women across the political spectrum ran for public office in record numbers.

But that data is reported separately from the numbers we think of as indicating economic health.

Clapper told a congressional intelligence hearing on Thursday that CENTCOM objectivity numbers were now similar to those in other combatant commands.

The opposition is in constant contact with large numbers of admirals and other supporters within the Maduro administration,” Bolton said.

Those numbers have accelerated into 2018.

People who’ve crunched the numbers in detail say that’s because some Trump voters really are crossing over to vote for Democrats.

On a call with journalists this morning, the Trump transition team professed to be unconcerned with the president-elect’s weak poll numbers.

His numbers have plateaued at an underwater level that leave him as the least popular president-elect of all time.

These numbers matter to both fans and Hollywood insiders, because there’s unbelievable pressure on Wonder Woman to do well at the box office.

The data scientist will scour social media and sales numbers to help inform what pieces to bring to market next.

These numbers give the impression of a fetish on the rise.

After all, the genre’s made for a incredibly specific audience, one that likely wouldn’t explode overnight as those Pornhub numbers suggest.

Still, the numbers are a testament of a long and stable truth: Giantess fetishers may be small, but they have a shockingly massive appetite.

Let’s just go over some top-line numbers.

Consider the numbers.

Silver notes that these numbers could shift in the coming days.

Those numbers have skyrocketed in recent years.

We’ve added … we’re growing at 10 percent, pretty much, year on year in our subscriber numbers at that price point.

Not just in terms of the numbers but in terms of their vision for the FT.

But for the growing numbers of East Asian tourists to the Holy Land, the chickpea puree might not be their cup of tea.

More than 30 million people visit Japan every year, and growing numbers are exploring beyond Tokyo and Kyoto, he said.

Francis was greeted by far smaller numbers.

“The numbers and facts don’t match with the intentions” of Google on equality and safety for underrepresented groups, she told Reuters.

The numbers bear that out.

The researchers said the numbers showed a “consensus” on women’s health issues not reflected in the current political debate.

The researchers said the numbers showed a “consensus” on women’s health issues not reflected in the current political debate.

In some ways, the numbers stack up.

Republicans hope he will spur supporters to come out and vote in greater numbers, possibly improving the party’s chances in Congressional races.

So could Republicans writing a tax reform package include more funding for the IRS as a way to make the numbers look better?

The numbers are still preliminary, but other estimates of turnout are similarly high.

The numbers are still preliminary, but other estimates of turnout are similarly high.

The breach compromised 860,000 passport numbers and about 245,000 Hong Kong identity card numbers, Cathay had reported.

There are few available numbers to gauge how widespread the shift to Mexico from China has been.

The industry draws hundreds of millions of players and viewers, and the numbers are growing each year.

The administration threw exemptions and exceptions in every direction in order to goose the exchanges’ initial enrollment numbers.

What does that mean in numbers?

Let’s assume, for now, that CBS eclipsed all those numbers.

(UPDATE: Here are the numbers.)

Safety in numbers.

This post was updated to include vague numbers from an Amazon press release about its Black Friday weekend sales.

Yet since the Democratic convention — which just so happened to be in Pennsylvania — wrapped up, Trump’s numbers in the state have been disastrous.

And then if they want you, the numbers increase.

Of course, these are just illustrative numbers.

Chris is ballistic someone is pretending to be him on Facebook, hitting on women and trying to get their phone numbers.

Brussels has predicted much higher numbers for both years and has urged action to rein in the overshoot.

That’s according to preliminary numbers released Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security.

But faced with troubling economic numbers, he has doubled down.

As noted by The Intercept, one thing Apple knows is which phone numbers a person is at least considering sending a message to.

Watch their poll numbers — and elections — go down.” Some early poll results show just that.

The numbers tell the story.

He made faces, he boasted, he talked endlessly about his poll numbers.

So Nintendo isn’t looking at these numbers and abandoning its hardware business altogether.

She assists her sisters—both avid cooks who can cook for numbers that range between three and 200—with equal gusto.

Bond adds, “We have step one: massive numbers of people raising their hands.

Correction: Due to several incorrect nomination totals provided by the Television Academy, the numbers of nominations received by several networks were under-counted.

The good news is we have step one: Massive numbers of people raising their hands.

If we have a high-quality but small operation and not enough numbers, we’ll continue to fail.

If we’re reporting sports statistics or poll numbers or stock futures, then objectivity is easy.

But if the electorate is more diverse, and groups that Abrams worked to mobilize vote in high numbers, Barrow stands a better chance.

And that means, you better hit your numbers.

They failed to meet the numbers.

Above all else, in order to resist the tyranny of the minority, the majority must remember the strength of its numbers.

Chances are your coworkers did their fair share of transcribing, filing, and entering numbers into spreadsheets during their internships.

Those dumps included, among a few other tidbits, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, physical addresses, and victim’s full names.

While the majority is unified in believing the federal minimum wage should be higher, they don’t yet agree on the magic numbers.

Some also include details on health insurance, such as policy numbers, but their medical history isn’t being sold, it appears.

Facebook didn’t release new numbers for Messenger or Instagram.

The New York Times first reported the numbers.

Even so, the numbers when it comes to who’s who in sports don’t lie.

The New York Times first reported the numbers.

Now, Trump’s numbers among white men are also negative, but only slightly — 46 percent view him favorably, and 52 percent view him unfavorably.

“We can’t afford not to compensate our talented aviators at a time when airlines are hiring unprecedented numbers,” Wilson said in the release.

And both of those numbers should increase, as many of these films continue to play in theaters and make more and more money.

And the rest of the numbers round out the portrait.

And each type of plastic (indicated by those numbers you see in the little triangles) needs to be recycled separately.

The numbers for 2017: Read more posts on Business Insider Australia »

But the just-released numbers for July show the rate has essentially returned to the levels that we would normally associate with pretty good times.

But the just-released numbers for July show the rate has essentially returned to the levels that we would normally associate with pretty good times.

(The truth is, its M&A unit crunched the numbers as they should, but an offer is highly unlikely!)

The turnout was higher than last week but a small fraction of the numbers seen in the first weeks of the protests.

To be eligible, candidates will need higher poll numbers and more grassroots support than they did to make it into the first two debates.

“The Chinese data was disappointing, especially the industrial output numbers,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets.

Another visual element is a ring encircled by a cluster of bands with numbers on them.

Are the numbers like those on a safe?

There were others though that were self-produced in really small numbers, as little as 500 or 1000 copies.

In particular, it is now possible to aggregate large numbers of DERs into “virtual power plants.”

Even with modest numbers like that, the Gophers have led the country in attendance every year since its program began in 1997.

The numbers are astoundingly low, if the lawsuit is correct.

Today, approximately equal numbers of men and women graduate from law school, and four in 10 graduating MBAs are women.

But to Trump, his longtime client, McLaughlin’s often-rosy numbers may be a feature rather than a bug.

What was secret was the tax rulings and the Apple numbers.

But to Trump, his longtime client, McLaughlin’s often-rosy numbers may be a feature rather than a bug.

“His numbers on Comstock were awful,” said one strategist involved in the race.

But while they will emerge in biblical numbers, they’ll be blanketing only a small slice of the country.

There are so many cicadas, all at once, that predators (like birds or small mammals) can’t make a meaningful dent in their numbers.

It’s a high-growth market and podcast today, so just give to you the numbers, podcast today as an industry is not huge.

According to his numbers that year, then-Rep. Bob Dold (R-Ill.) led by double digits just weeks before he narrowly lost, Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.)

But his rosy numbers, say some Trump-skeptical Republicans, may be precisely why McLaughlin is sticking around.

And multiple attempts to catalog free speech incidents on campus, from different sources, keep coming up with numbers in the dozens.

Government agencies like the CDC often track opioid-related deaths based on death certificates, but researchers have long argued that these numbers are still underreported.

Right now, I’m sticking with what the numbers are telling me.

Government agencies like the CDC often track opioid-related deaths based on death certificates, but researchers have long argued that these numbers are still underreported.

“We do not disclose transaction numbers, but our goal is to have over 100,000 commercial establishments accepting Rappi Pay by year-end,” Bechara said.

Recent U.S. retail sales numbers were strong.

The Tigers led by three, with quarterback Deshaun Watson putting up Vince Young-like numbers from the classic Texas-USC Rose Bowl exactly a decade ago.

Trump’s low poll numbers make it harder for him to win Democratic support on, well, anything.

At present, it would be extremely difficult for Republicans to provide a quorum with their own numbers.

The inability to get anything done feeds his low poll numbers.

The Trump administration’s budget outline released today has some shocking numbers when it comes to scientific research.

Those are big numbers for any one person to draw to a stadium, and make no mistake: they come to see him.

But in numbers, they’re there because they are easy to keep in line.

For the president’s critics, these slipping approval numbers seem like vindication.

The numbers for respiratory infections are even less impressive.

“The reality is that numbers did not mean big revenues for Palau.

I think people have sort of reached this conclusion, mostly on their own, over the last couple of years, looking at numbers.

And there are multiple enormous production numbers that show off showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino’s theatrical roots, with elaborate lighting, costuming, and choreography.

If you ever thought Gilmore Girls really needed a few more dance numbers, A Year in the Life has you covered.

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