November in a sentence | Use of the word november examples

On the morning of november 8, Jenkins watched as the sky turned orange, and embers and ash fluttered around her house in Paradise.

He’ll now be representing the GOP in november in a district that went Democrat in 24 of the last 25 elections.

Little’s primary is on June 5, and if he wins, he’ll be facing incumbent Democratic Dianne Feinstein in november.

That way, he would probably have enough time to get his name on ballots around the country in time for november.

Tate Modern will stage an exhibition of work from Elton John‘s photography collection in november.

In november, BTS drew criticism for wearing hats bearing Nazi symbols during a photo shoot.

She first went after ride-hail apps, like Uber or Lyft, back in november for not properly vetting its drivers.

Secure for Now was also shown at the Artissima Art Fair in Torino, Italy from november 4–6.

Organizers in Utah submitted signatures on Monday to put an initiative expanding Medicaid on the state’s ballot in november.

And on november 17, 2016, just nine days after the election, Trump named Flynn as his national security adviser.

Please enjoy: Hot Shorts self-titled album comes out november 18 through Super Smash Hit Records and is available to pre-order here.

The ministry expects to select the projects it will fund in november 2019.

The European Central Bank in november launched its own settlement system for real-time transactions, known as TIPS, which stands for Target Instant Payment Settlement.

They made plans based on those predictions: rented office space and started buying advertisements for the open enrollment season, which begins on november 1.

This story was originally published in november, 2015.

The 15th Istanbul Biennial continues through november 12.

In an even more blatant teen-targeting move, on november 1, the brand announced a collab with rapper Post Malone.

“If he loses (to Diaz), it’s highly likely that they put us to fight on november 12 at Madison Square Garden,” Aldo explained.

77972 (november 4, 2016); (iii) The final rule entitled “Management of Non Federal Oil and Gas Rights,” 81 Fed.

79948 (november 14, 2016); and (iv) The final rule entitled “Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation,” 81 Fed.

83008 (november 18, 2016).

Marriott, the parent company of Starwood, revealed the hack on november 30th.

Marriott, the parent company of Starwood, revealed the hack on november 30th.

Contracts for annual supply are typically not agreed until around the time of the Asia Copper Week conference in Shanghai in november.

He will face Republican Ron DeSantis in november’s general election, a race that election forecasters have rated a toss-up.

Any behavior that makes a woman feel disrespected or uncomfortable is unacceptable,” Thrush said in a statement emailed to me on november 19.

New York at Its Core opened november 18, filling 8,000 square feet of the MCNY first floor.

This was Tesla’s first earnings report since its merger with SolarCity — an all-stock exchange valued at $2.8 billion — closed in november.

He resigned from DFJ in november 2017, following allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The service will debut in november.

We’ll have a nominee, hopefully, by sometime in the spring.” The winner will face the Democrats’ nominee in the november general election.

The brothers were part of the founding team at Rice Energy, which EQT bought in november 2017.

In the meantime, in early november, the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town opened an exhibition titled Our Lady.

Without naming them, the prosecutor said last november the five individuals facing by the death penalty were “charged with ordering and committing the crime”.

On his scholarship and visa applications, as well as his passport, Nicola’s date of birth was listed as november 25, 1998.

On his scholarship and visa applications, as well as his passport, Nicola’s date of birth was listed as november 25, 1998.

In november, we’ll find out.

For the november drone delivery service, customers ordered food and beverages, but mostly over-the-counter medicines.

If they can swing just a few seats in november, that might be enough for the GOP to hold on to the House.

Democrats have history, public sentiment, and some choice special election wins on their side heading into november.

In november 2015, the Latter Day Saints church in Utah set out new directives that rocked SubRosa’s city to the core.

Anyway, sure enough, since november, there have been more documented suicides of LGBTQI Latter Day Saints in the wake of the policy change.

The debate ended in november when The Daily Caller’s fact-checking operation lost its accreditation.

Voters in two conservative states will have the chance to give hundreds of thousands of workers a pay raise in november.

If voters approve Issue 5 in november, they would get a modest raise, earning $11 an hour by 2021.

In May, labor groups collected more than 120,000 signatures to add the question to the november ballot.

Both ballot initiatives are expected to boost voter turnout in november, which is already expected to be high.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated in november that this would result in 13 million people losing their insurance.

The november 15 hearing offered an illustration of all these dynamics.

Before the end of november, former players at Newcastle United and Southampton came forward to accuse staff members at those clubs of wrongdoing.

He died sick and weak in a hotel room in Paris in november 1900.

The revelation comes a week after cybersecurity firms FireEye, CrowdStrike and Symantec similarly concluded that China is not trying to influence the november vote.

The revelation comes a week after cybersecurity firms FireEye, CrowdStrike and Symantec similarly concluded that China is not trying to influence the november vote.

Case in point: In november 2015, the Xbox One video-game console got an update that installed a version of Windows 10 at the core.

Trump established the panel in May after charging, without evidence, that millions of illegal immigrants voted in the november 2016 election.

Linden Frederick: Night Stories continues at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (21 Winter St., Rockland, Maine) through november 5.

OPEC production cuts, announced november 30th 2016, will likely be enforced with about 65-70% compliance.

Countries have until november to cut oil imports from Iran to zero or they could face US sanctions.

BTW — Larissa was reportedly previously arrested for domestic violence in november.

3 oil services companies was first announced in november 2014, oil prices have fallen by more than 55 percent.

Rankings and averages are based on november 2017 data, and are compared with data from november 2016.

Drama has plagued Discovery itself from the moment it was announced back in november 2015.

But what Clinton needs to do now isn’t beat Sanders, it’s start preparing Sanders supporters to back her in november.

When a Reuters reporter visited it in november 2017, the site consisted of unfinished buildings surrounded by rubbish and building materials.

Scott Walker in november.

Kuroda appeared to throw in the towel in november with a speech in Zurich.

That means it’s likely that a new Congress, elected after the midterm elections in november, will be signing off on the deal.

Then, while Arash is traveling between cities, the november 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris happen.

The split is out november 25 via Southern Druid.

The number of settlements approved by Israel’s government has spiked since President Donald Trump’s election in november 2016.

Berlin-based English producer Kevin Martin, aka The Bug, announced today that he will host a new club night in Berlin starting on november 17.

The EPA in november slightly raised biofuels volumes mandates for 2018, after previously opening the door to cuts.

Redemption arrives november 18 via Local Action / Our Dawn Entertainment.

Both anti-establishment candidates just won New Hampshire, where Ayotte faces reelection in november.

We got ‘Ye back in november when he promised he’d hand out the shoes for all the paps’ hard work.

In november, a Russian Su-24, a two-seater twin-engine fighter-bomber, was shot down after allegedly crossing into Turkish airspace.

On november 9, 47 percent of white women voters across America woke up grieving the election of a real life internet troll, Donald Trump.

What’s in the stars for you in november?

Unemployment has fallen from a high of 10 percent in October 2009 to 4.6 percent in november.

Unemployment has fallen from a high of 10 percent in October 2009 to 4.6 percent in november.

As Vox’s Tara Golshan writes, Omar is expected to be elected to the House in november, given the district’s Democratic lean.

Phil Scott in november and has a tough race ahead — Scott is widely expected to win.

Hayes will now face former Mayor Manny Santos in november to take the seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who is retiring.

Stan Squirewell’s The Alchemist continues at Art in Flux (163 Malcolm X Blvd, Harlem, Manhattan) through november 9.

In a november interview with Reuters, Nogueira denied any wrongdoing in Brazil.

New Jersey is a crucial state in Democrats’ push to retake control of the House in november.

On Tuesday, the state’s primary voters will decide which candidates will carry that fight in november.

A few months later she agreed, remarrying Rivera in a San Francisco courtroom in november 1940.

It also added to uncertainty after scores of top royals, ministers and businessmen were rounded up in an anti-corruption campaign last november.

The breach took place between October and november 2018.

Ressa and her site were charged with tax evasion by the Philippines’ justice department in november.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Jesse claims Aryn has not followed the overnight agreement deal they struck back in november.

But come november, Obama didn’t just get the 35 million or so votes that he and Clinton combined for in the primaries.

He says he went under the knife in november, when Paul performed a rhinoplasty — a nose job.

When Dave Stephenson, a longtime Amazon vice president, joined Airbnb in november, the market’s hopes were seemingly confirmed.

He was facing a 2-4 year prison sentence that was handed down at the beginning of november.

Tesla in november unveiled its prototype Semi with the aim of upending the trucking industry.

At the november Semi unveiling, Musk said “we’re guaranteeing” a 7 cents per-kilowatt-hour price for electricity at the facilities.

After expanding by 6.2% in the year to november, growth in industrial production is forecast to slow to 6.0%.

DJ Screw was found dead in his recording studio on november 16, 2000, of a reported codeine overdose.

Voting on the majority of these laws won’t take place until november, but the fight for justice begins today.

This november, Alabama voters will decide whether or not to include protections of “the rights of the unborn” in their state constitution.

If you’re an Alabama resident, and you wish to fight this measure, make sure to vote “no” this november.

Arkansas voters opposed to the amendment should vote “no,” this november.

Nevada citizens who support this measure, should be sure to vote “yes” on the bill this november.

Brent futures posted an 11% slide in May and WTI a 16% drop, their biggest monthly losses since november.

One of the last major events he attended was in november at a gathering of hundreds of international Olympic delegates in a Tokyo hotel.

Come november, if we’re lucky, Donald Trump will pull a classic move called The Sasha.

But as of its latest update, “Ascension,” introduced on november 15th 2016, the game allows a level of free-to-play access.

In late november, Tencent’s market capitalization edged past Facebook’s.

A state of emergency in place since the Paris killings last november is to be extended for another three months.

In the 12 months through november, the PPI shot up 3.1 percent.

Wholesale food prices rose 0.3 percent in november after increasing 0.5 percent in October.

Core goods climbed 0.3 percent in november, rising by the same margin for a third consecutive month.

The automaker announced last month that it would cut the third shift at its plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, as of late november.

A coalition of teachers and parents have launched a petition to add one to the ballot in november.

A New Jersey school’s fight over keeping the words “under God” in the pledge of allegiance dominated that november.

And the social team frenetically ran up its Facebook page engagement as november loomed.

That’s the difference.” Sanders’ speech also looked forward to the 2018 midterm elections in november.

The 2019 competition opens on november 1 and is open until May 31, 2019.

Released on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in november of 2018, Youtubers Life OMG!

Justice League is scheduled to hit theaters on november 17, 2017.

He joined Henry Pratt in november last year, after graduating in 2014 from NIU’s College of Business.

The recusal angered Trump, who eventually fired Sessions last november.

Lausch is a Trump appointee who has been in his current job as the US attorney from the Northern District of Illinois since november.

In november last year, the central bank said the big Russian banks between them had $39.7 billion in available foreign currency.

She only got her commission last november.

This segment originally aired on november 2, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

In a november 2 interview on WMAL radio in Washington, Trump lamented his inability to use his power to prosecute his political enemies.

The exhibition will feature seven MFA candidates and will take place november 10 to December 2 at 205 Hudson Street.

The opening reception is november 10, 3-6 pm.

Zika has been reported in 25 countries and territories in the Americas, and it was first reported in Mexico in november, according to WHO.

Three suspects have been charged with first-degree murder in the november 2017 death of Carlos Cruz-Echevarria.

According to city records, the building had numerous violations, including an open charge from november 14 for “illegal interior building structure.”

(The paper doesn’t specify the dates, but Trump hosted a slew of Republicans at the club in november 2016.)

@DennysDiner tweets: “Axl, Denny’s will make it november Rain hot sauce on whatever you’re eating.

With the filing deadline now past, several races are shaping up to be very favorable to Democrats this november in Pennsylvania.

I arrived at the Walgreens on the morning of november 4 and was met by two Theranos press representatives who would supervise my visit.

A Belgian national of Moroccan descent, Abaaoud was killed on november 18, 2015, during a police raid in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

A Belgian national of Moroccan descent, Abaaoud was killed on november 18, 2015, during a police raid in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

“On november 8th, I’m voting for Trump.

On november 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket,” right-wing former congressman Joe Walsh wrote in a widely shared (and mocked) tweet.

He is a correspondent with NatGeo’s Explorer series and is featured in the november 21 episode.

Starbucks quietly opened a new innovation lab in its Seattle headquarters in november.

Democrats gained control of the House in the november 2018 midterm congressional elections and Cummings and Nadler now chair the Oversight and Judiciary committees.

It is an ominous sign for the GOP of what might be to come in the november midterms.

And with Republicans clinging to a 51-49 majority in the Senate, every race this november is critical.

A California judge sided with the MPAA last november, dismissing the case.

And with Republicans clinging to a 51-49 majority in the Senate, every race this november is critical.

And the intra-party Republican fight will go all the way until november this time because Mississippi does not hold party primaries.

In november, Harris and Jayapal announced their plan to introduce the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Live performances will take place november 28–December 4.

His fingerprints and DNA were also found inside a car used in the november 13 Paris attacks.

His fingerprints and DNA were also found inside a car used in the november 13 Paris attacks.

And NASA has released some pretty amazing trailers: The last transit was in 2006, and the next one won’t happen until november 2019.

After May presented her Brexit deal in november, a flurry of Tory MPs said they submitted letters of no-confidence to the 1922 Committee.

Detroiters can vote for mayor, city clerk, and city council, on november 7, 2017.

Polling has shown him holding a consistent advantage over DeSantis in a hypothetical november match-up.

But former FBI agents have told local reporters that the inquiry is likely to drag out beyond the november election.

BJ Services, which named a new chief financial officer in november, has not updated its filing since July.

Democratic and Republican operatives in Florida believe november’s statewide races will be determined by just a few points.

In november, Lloyd transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives to serve as a senior adviser.

Majority Leader McConnell issued a statement on november 13 explicitly saying Moore “should step aside,” and said he believed the allegations.

The Republican National Committee returned to Alabama after pulling its support earlier in november.

Culberson has been in office since 2001, and the Seventh District is one Democrats are desperately hoping to flip in november.

The StoryBots deal comes shortly after Disney announced plans to launch its family-oriented streaming service in november.

november 29, 2009: Four officers were gunned down in a suburban Seattle coffee shop.

november 24, 1917: Nine officers were killed in a bomb blast at a police station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The United States has told other countries they must halt imports of Iranian oil starting in early november or face U.S. financial measures.

Pyongyang conducted its biggest and most recent nuclear bomb test in September and its largest and latest missile test in late november.

In november, 7-Eleven partnered with drone company Flirtey to complete 77 drone deliveries.

Watch a video of JD’s drone delivery from last november.

In november, Bernardino Leon, the UN’s special envoy in Libya, took a high-paying job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The document reveals that eSurv received a payment of € 307,439.90 on november 6, 2017.

Like the first, last november, the latest sale will be an “off-cycle” issuance as there are no bonds due to expire this month.

Hims is hitting the vaunted $1 billion valuation territory with speed: The business only launched in november 2017.

On november 3, 1943, about 6,000 Jewish men, women, and children held at Trawniki were massacred.

The IRS gave the foundation a five-year extension when it first hit the five-year mark in 2013, but that expires in november.

Twitter went public in november 2013, and within hours Dorsey was a billionaire.

Investors have said Bayer’s november deal with Loxo Oncology to jointly develop cancer drug larotrectinib, was a step in the right direction.

Then in november, Donald Trump was elected president.

The neighbor, Rene Boucher, 60, pleaded guilty last year to tackling Paul, 56, in november, 2017.

On november 9, the morning after Donald Trump was elected president, I was quite confident that Obamacare was done for.

The day after the election, on november 9, my assumption, and the assumption of a lot of people, was Obamacare is done for now.

In november 2013, SAC pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $1.8 billion settlement.

According to the model, Clinton still has an 80% chance of winning the election on november 8, compared to 19.4% for Trump.

The debut, Angels Fall First (which just turned 20 this november) sounds like the soundtrack to a fantasy RPG video game.

According to the indictment, FBI agents personally questioned van der Zwaan in november 2017 about his communications with Gates and an unidentified Person A.

The law is scheduled to go into effect in november.

Throughout november, Hilary and I have been doing a bunch of interviews together talking to some really interesting people from the political world.

This is the raw recording of a conversation that took place with the two artists at the camp on november 25.

According to retail research and consulting firm GlobalData Retail, store pickups accounted for nearly a third of U.S. online sales last november and December.

Gibson, Illinois november 16, 2014 3:30 p.m.

To many people within the majority of Americans who did not support Donald Trump in november, the present situation is something like a crisis.

The Pentagon postponed a military parade planned for last november after it estimated it could cost $90 million.

That district in traditionally conservative Orange County, is held by retiring Republican Darrell Issa, but the race is seen leaning to Democrats in november.

All of this might have been forgiven if Sestak had at least secured the seat for Democrats in november 2010.

On Wednesday, AT&T said it had cooperated fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia probe in november and December.

This brand revitalization came to a swift halt in november, though, after Brett parted ways with J.Crew, citing disagreements with the board.

“I can’t imagine David Stern ever admitting that he made a mistake,” ESPN’s Tim Legler said in early november.

The trader, whose roadside stalls line a bustling highway, said his business has dropped by 70 percent since Modi’s november 8th announcement.

Al-Jayab left the US from november 2013 to January 2014.

An Ecuadorean court authorized the extradition of Ceglia, a wood pellet salesman from Wellsville in upstate New York, in november 2018.

Wagner is the first top executive to depart Square since its IPO last november.

She has performed, but only on a limited basis … most recently last november at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event.

The RNC fundraising agreement included 11 states but not Nevada, where Republicans in the state are angling for key victories in the november elections.

The stunning outdoor space debuted July 12 and will continue hosting guests until november, weather permitting.

Last november, the country’s Supreme Court formally requested that the Vatican hand over all records that the pope relied upon to defend Barros.

She released her 42nd and final album, A Brand New Me, last november.

An NBC News/GenForward survey released on Wednesday found that just 55 percent of millennials say they either probably or definitely will vote in november.

Asian Americans and Latinos said more frequently than African American and white millennials that voting in november was more important than in other years.

november 1982 was a lousy month for boxing.

Gray Foy: Drawings 1941–1975 continues at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art (24 West 57th Street, Suite 305, Manhattan) through november 16.

Each had spent between one and two months at the camp in november, December, and January.

“We felt like we were in the armed forces, moving in a line like soldiers,” said Carrasco, who arrived at the camp in november.

Bush, voted for Trump last november.

On november 21, 1922, the New York Times published its very first article about Adolf Hitler.

In november, it will launch the first-ever inventory of all the historic synagogues around Europe.

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In november, Graham refused to vote for Trump, casting a ballot for independent conservative Evan McMullin instead.

Stanley Lewis continues at Betty Cuningham Gallery (15 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through november 25.

That led to a flood of lawsuits in november (a record 259 suits were filed on Nov. 30 alone).

Now if you go to the Forbes story it says back in november he had a conversion moment.

Guess also said it had investigated claims that Marciano behaved inappropriately towards two women in november 2017, after an entertainment website contacted them.

Republicans were ready to ward off any insinuation that the Pennsylvania special election was a bad omen for november.

Homecoming premieres november 2 on Amazon Prime.

The Stade de France was where the night of attacks on Paris began last november.

Keynote conversation is on november 1, 2018 at 5:30 pm.

Exhibition opening and discussions on november 2, 9am–7 pm.

It’s clear, then, why China might want Trump’s Republican Party out of power this november.

When: Friday, november 16, 6:30 pm Where: The Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, Chelsea, Manhattan

But the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that passed last november actually banned it.

The yellow vest movement emerged in november originally to oppose now abandoned fuel tax hikes and the high cost of living.

U.S. sanctions on Iran’s energy sector are set to be re-imposed in november.

He raised the issue at last november’s global climate summit in Germany, but the effort has yet to attract major backers.

On november 9, the election night takes were in.

On the morning of november 9, Théodore Ferréol sat in front of his computer in Paris and wondered what had just happened.

I ask her at the bar in the Marais—an enclave of Parisian hipster types, not far from the district targeted in november‘s attacks.

“ This segment originally aired november 15, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

The Stade de France was one of the locations targeted during the terror attacks in Paris last november, in which 137 people died.

But if november 8 taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen.

Since that time, until this november at least, history seemed to have slowly caught up with Mill; many felt that things had evolved.

(House Democrats will vote via a secret ballot on november 30.)

North Korea tested a new ICBM last november which it said could reach all of the United States.

Only a november 2016 quake that measured 7.4M, well below the threshold of what the new system was designed for, necessitated a tsunami warning.

Laura Owens november 2017

“I recall there were similar allegations before the Brooklyn workers voted last november.

Today, on the brink of turning 50, I am the november rose, the last of summer.

Think back to May through november of 2018—you had a taste of what Uranus in Taurus will mean for you during that time.

Natixis said that following the investigation, the magistrate ordered the trial for the statement released in november 2007.

The two are due to meet on the sidelines of the G20 leaders’ summit at the end of november.

In november 2012, Karpeles signed an exclusive agreement with CoinLab, a Seattle-based bitcoin project incubator, to service the exchange’s U.S. and Canadian customers.

Mark Bradford: Pickett’s Charge will continue at the Hirshhorn Museum (Independence Ave SW and 7th Street SW, Washington, DC) through november 12, 2018.

There were in fact, 21 instances of bias-related harassment recorded on campus in november alone.

(Gab’s CEO was kicked out of Y Combinator’s alumni network on november 11 for his behavior on the private social platform.)

Illum Sphere’s new album, Glass, drops november 4.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Contracts to buy previously owned homes edged higher in november, boosted by job growth across a strengthening economy.

Pending sales rose 0.8 percent in november from the same month of 2016, the first 12-month gain since June.

The decision is a response to a story I wrote this november about Thrush’s conduct over the past five years.

Scott Walker as he campaigns for a third term in november.

The Times suspended him in november pending an investigation.

(Voters will get to decide if weed should be legal for recreational use in California this november.)

On november 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.

And with Proposition 64 to legalize recreational weed in California on the local ballot this november, I knew this moment would happen very soon.

He is now facing Trump-endorsed Republican Ron DeSantis in november’s general election, which forecasters have rated a toss-up.

The winners will be announced on november 15.

The second round of talks between Sprint and T-Mobile ended in november over valuation disagreements.

For example, in november 2016 total employment rose by 204,000.

In november 2016, the most recent month we have data for, 5.2 million workers were hired.

More than 3,000 people have indicated they’ll be attending their local shout fest on november 8.

Anish Kapoor: Archeology, Biology is on view at the MUAC (Insurgentes Sur 3000, Centro Cultural Universitario, Mexico City) through november 27.

However, builder confidence has increased since the november election, meaning the shortfall of inventory could start correcting.

A grassroots district council poll will also be held in november.

One night last november, he placed an order for Cherry Coke with eight—yes, eight, you can’t make this shit up—maraschino cherries.

On november 17, Ahmed opens a new solo show at Sapar Contemporary in New York City.

Shepherd’s much-anticipated Elaenia came out in november to runaway success; THUMP naming it the fifth best album of 2015.

In november 2003, Mattis wrote a letter exhorting the benefits of reading for military officers, especially during an ongoing war.

Hundreds of companies signed a letter in november asking Trump to stay in the accord.

“I was Trump before Trump was Trump,” Saccone told Pittsburgh’s NPR station last november.

“I was Trump before Trump was Trump,” Saccone told Pittsburgh’s NPR station last november.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew about the domestic abuse allegations as early as november 2017.

Magnitsky was arrested in november 2008 and died a year later, still in prison.

When do you hope to launch this?It should hopefully be around november, perhaps a little later.

“We were told that the US government will not exchange hostages — period,” Jim Coleman told Circa News in november.

In May, labor groups collected more than 120,000 signatures to add the question to the november ballot.

Klobuchar is one of more than 20 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican President Donald Trump in november 2020.

The recommendation is also emphasized by the authors of a study published november 30 in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

A Lexis-Nexis search of all major news sources between 2000 and november 2016 found scant comments of substance on Russia from Huntsman.

Following all of the rules and laws, we sold a shotgun to the Parkland shooter in november of 2017.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added the seat to the list of congressional races it is eyeing to recapture in november.

He took over the Justice Department as acting attorney general after President Donald Trump forced out Jeff Sessions in november.

In the process, he also secured the seat for himself, because the november ballot won’t have a Republican challenger.

In the process, he also secured the seat for himself, because the november ballot won’t have a Republican challenger.

Sagittarius (november 22-December 21): Sag, you’re exuberant and bold, which can be easily misconstrued as overwhelming and cocky.

The full episode airs november 17 at 10:00 PM on VICELAND.

Turner and Jonas started dating in 2016 and reports of their romance began in november of that year.

He will face former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, a Democrat, in november.

Last november, Taylor Swift released Reputation, an album that spawned as many conspiracy theories as it had tracks.

Although no reason was given for his withdrawal, the november 12 date seem quite close to his knockout loss to Woodley at UFC 201.

West Virginia Rep. Evan Jenkins came in second to state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to face Sen. Joe Manchin this november.

At first, the Republicans’ suit, filed in november 2014, was viewed as a political stunt.

GOES-16, which was launched in november, is a big step forward, the program’s director Mike Stringer explained.

GOES-16, which was launched in november, is a big step forward, the program’s director Mike Stringer explained.

The sun in Scorpio connects with Pluto, currently in your sign, on november 11, finding you connecting with important people—intriguing ideas will be shared!

Important conversations take place as Mars enters Pisces on november 15, revving up the communication sector of your chart.

Watch for what conversations arise as Mars and Jupiter clash on november 19.

Call Me by Your Name opens in theaters on november 22.

She sued him last november, as well, but he fired back with a suit of his own in August.

Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on november 24, again boosting your intuitive abilities.

Action planet Mars connects with your ruling planet Saturn on november 27, creating a wonderfully productive energy at the end of the month.

Another derailment in Wisconsin last november spilled about 20,000 gallons of ethanol into the Mississippi River.

Now, in 2017, he expects to graduate from the 133rd Recruit Class of the Michigan State Police by the end of november.

Aleksandr Maslov received a suspended jail sentence for throwing Molotov cocktails at an exterior wall of the Tate Modern last november.

Amnesty highlighted the case of Nadia, whose 80-year-old father’s home was raided on november 21.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in november found extending its funding was the American public’s top legislative priority.

The U.S. landscape will shift significantly in January when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, after winning mid-term elections in november.

Scheduled to be put to death last november, he was granted a last-minute stay by the Supreme Court while justices considered his appeal.

In november, Apple also cited currency pressure on its prices in Brazil, India and Russia.

Scheduled to be put to death last november, he was granted a last-minute stay by the Supreme Court while justices considered his appeal.

Three additional states are looking at doing the same through ballot initiatives in november, which are starting to gain steam.

The Utah lieutenant governor has certified that the ballot initiative there has gathered enough signatures to get a vote in november.

The Propeller Group continues at the Museum of Contemporary (MCA) Chicago through november 13.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates again this month and the Bank of England raised them in november.

We don’t know what’s going to happen to the economy, or to national security, between now and november.

Euro zone factories had their busiest month for over 17 years in november.

India’s factory activity quickened in november at the fastest pace since just before the government’s surprise cash clampdown late last year.

South Korea’s factory activity expanded at the strongest pace in 55 months in november.

Now the question is, how do we as candidates and campaigns sustain that and translate that into direct action between now and november?

This article was originally published on november 24, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

But according to a november 2016 report by Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News, Gates became instrumental in fundraising and planning.

The work is estimated to fetch $100 million at Christie’s on november 15.

– Tim Wheeler, Ash november 1995 was a thrilling time to be in a British band.

And how will we address it once the threat of a Trump presidency (presumably november 9th) is over?

Richardson said that before his trip to Myanmar, he spoke to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who visited the country in november.

Ukraine imposed martial law in november, citing the threat of a full-scale invasion after Russia captured three of its vessels in the Kerch Strait.

Last november, a federal bankruptcy judge in Indiana approved a separate settlement forgiving nearly $600 million of ITT student debt.

The decision could have national implications in this november’s battle for control of Congress.

The two companies settled the matter on their own by november of that year.

She filed for divorce on november 22, 2016.

Gas prices increased in March, raising the energy index for the first time in november.

“As a result, we now think that the central bank will not announce the next cut – to -0.3% – until november 2016.”

With a november due date, it’s nice they can still see eye to eye on their baby … and social media.

On november 16, the quartet will release their debut album La Candela del Río, which criss-crosses between these modes with blissful abandon.

Insólito UniVerso’s La Candela del Río is out november 16 on Olindo Records.

He entered the United States as an Iraqi refugee in november 2009 and lived in Houston, according to a court document.

In the november elections, California passed one of the most sweeping animal welfare reforms anywhere, requiring more space for caged animals.

This went on for three years until I was let off three months early, in november 2014.

“We will have the sword of Damocles hanging over us until the election next november,” Rozental told Reuters.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo met with Trump to discuss the project in november but came away without a deal.

The stock later trimmed losses to close 23.9% lower in its biggest daily percentage decline since listing in november 2012.

On an early november morning, I walked down the one-lane alleyway, and confirmed its absence for myself.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said after Democrats won the House majority in november’s elections that Whitaker would be his first witness.

According to Nadler, Whitaker agreed in november that he would appear for a hearing in January.

Cordray had previously announced plans to resign by the end of november.

Gregory Amenoff: New Paintings continues at Alexandre Gallery (724 Fifth Avenue, Midtown, Manhattan) through november 5.

In a packed field of six candidates, two wealthy Democrats are in an ugly battle for a spot on the november ballot.

There are eight Democrats on the ballot, but two are in serious contention for a spot on the ballot in november.

This is an R+1 district that Democrats have a huge chance of taking if they can get on the ballot in november.

North Korea has refrained from carrying out any weapons tests since late november, when it shot off its largest intercontinental ballistic missile.

Cover image: A man pauses on his bike while passing through the protests outside the 4th Precinct police station november 20, 2015 in Minneapolis.

But the truth is they’ve been doing the show since they started rehearsal in november of 2014.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in november 2017, Jasmine Guillory was delighted.

Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Kyrsten Sinema said she won’t support Minority Leader Chuck Schumer if she wins in november.

Trump secured the presidency in the november 8 election with more than 300 electoral votes.

“I don’t see it as giving anything up,” she told the BBC in november.

The diamond was unearthed in november in Botswana at a mine owned by Canada’s Lucara Diamond Corporation.

New York voters will ultimately have the chance to choose a new attorney general in november.

That could be an uphill battle, particularly heading into congressional elections in november.

There’s a lot to take in when preparing to vote in the upcoming midterm election on november 6.

So New York will get a new attorney general, possibly one appointed by the legislature and another after an election in november.

And in november, he announced that he’d be writing yet another sequel on his own.

“The question about what I’ll do with respect to the election in november, that’s for another day,” he said.

Heavier U.S. sanctions, aimed at Iran’s oil sector, are due in november.

The 20-year-old partnership has been strained since former leader Carlos Ghosn was arrested for suspected financial misconduct in november.

The demand wasn’t just theoretical—the number of doctor visits coded for insertion or management of an IUD have risen steadily since november 2016.

Former Rep. Frank in november 2017 wrote that “well over 90 percent” of Dodd-Frank would be unchanged.

It added video calling in november and a bunch of photo editing features back in October.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco, according to an internal Justice Department memo on succession from november 2016 that is still in effect.

Well, you saw the later reports that they saw things in november and decided to leave in December.

Whether the federal side of that policy effort will continue depends on who is elected president in november.

Frontières opened two months before the november terror attacks in Paris, after which France reinstated border controls.

The statement mirrored language used in previous claims following vehicle-based attacks — most recently in Columbus, Ohio in november and Nice, France in July.

However, the auto-catalyst metal has risen over 16% so far this month, its biggest monthly percentage gain since november 2016.

In november, Tesla cut the prices of its Model X and Model S in China by 12 to 26 percent.

The August announcement drew widespread criticism throughout privacy-conscious Europe, leading Facebook by november to alter its practices there.

Trump even told Saudi leadership last november that he’d like to sell more US weapons to the kingdom.

He allowed for a military exercise to take place with three aircraft carrier groups in the Western Pacific last november.

Since last november, more than 50 people in Wisconsin have been sickened by mysterious bacteria called Elizabethkingia anophelis.

Veteran TV journalist Charlie Rose, 76, was fired by CBS in november after being accused by more than 10 women of sexual misconduct.

In Wisconsin’s outbreak, which has been going on since november, 54 people have been infected and 17 have died.

And as of early november, we wrote in Recode it was the worst performing major IPO in the U.S. this year.

Starting november 8, Nintendo will begin shutting down various Wii U-related services, including Wii U chat, TVii, and Miiverse.

In november 2014, President Obama announced he was building on DACA with new executive actions to protect groups of immigrants.

Trump appointed Mulvaney as temporary head of the CFPB in november, replacing Richard Cordray, an appointee of President Barack Obama.

English in november filed her own lawsuit in the federal court in Washington, D.C. to block Mulvaney from taking charge.

See earlier updates from november, December, January, February, March, and April.

Days before the november election he gave his opinion of the now American President on his blog.

Additionally, Antonio told Bloomberg News back in november that he visited Trump Tower in New York just days after the U.S. presidential elections.

Five US service members have been killed in Afghanistan this month, making november the deadliest month this year for US forces in Afghanistan.

“People are cancelling as far as november already,” Cherry said.

Most economists expect the BoE to raise interest rates to 0.5% from 0.25% in november.

If Polis prevails in november, he will make history as the first openly gay elected governor in the United States.

If Polis wins in november, his partner and two kids will join him in the governor’s mansion.

A win for Polis in november would be a national milestone.

MONUMENT is on view from november 29, 2018 through January 20, 2019, at BRIC House, home to Downtown Brooklyn’s largest contemporary art gallery. The logo, which the Trump-Pence campaign will presumably use until the general election in november, hasn’t found many fans among on the internet.

An opening reception will take place Wednesday, november 28 from 7–9 pm, and is free and open to the public.

There were two more bubbles like this in 2013 — one in April and the other in november.

(The company bought its first major production — The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston — back in november 2017.)

In addition, a tribute concert will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in november.

This wasn’t the beginning House Democrats imagined when they won their new majority in november.

The surveillance satellites were finally slated for a november 2018 launch window but this was pushed back to February 2019 in mid-October.

“Therefore, they are not able to support the RCM launch in november as planned.”

On november 7, 2016, Esteban Santiago walked into the FBI field office in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, holding his newborn child.

Check here for november’s updates.

In november, Trump also negotiated with Carrier, an air-conditioning company, to stop it from outsourcing at least 800 jobs from Indiana to Mexico.

Brown had easily won re-election to the Senate in november in Ohio, even though Republicans captured every other statewide office.

Check back for more and go here for november’s updates.

It’s on Saturday and Sunday, november 17 and 18, at the Javits Center [in New York City].

Brittany died on november 1, 2014, of a brain tumor.

It was created on December 22, 1895 by her husband Wilhelm Röntgen, who had discovered this penetrating electromagnetic radiation that november.

Dan is the husband of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who died in november 2014 from a brain tumor.

The Wall Street Journal reported in november that Dickson was the leading compromise choice to run the FAA.

The government placed an export bar on the work last november.

But Prince has consistently denied that, including during sworn testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee last november.

But he does have some potential advantages going into november.

The Disney+ service will launch in november.

“The EU is prepared for a final deal with the United Kingdom in november,” said Donald Tusk, who will chair next Sunday’s summit.

The area includes portions of Paradise, the town that was destroyed by november’s deadly wildfire known as the Camp Fire.

[Editor’s note: In november, Schumer said that he had “lost confidence” in Comey.]

On november 2, two days before the assault, Boucher set fire to another pile of debris, sustaining second-degree burns.

Also canceled is her 6-city tour in Chile, Argentina and Brazil slated for november.

Last november, Sens.

But Eastman won anyway, and now she’s charged with winning a crucial race for Democrats in november.

The hearing’s been rescheduled for november 1st … the same day Kylie’s set to come in for a separate interview.

Gun control is on a par with the economy as a top issue that will motivate U.S. voters in november, the poll found.

Total Wine’s co-founder and co-owner David Trone won election in november to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat from Maryland.

She lost her blue checkmark last november when Twitter stripped verification from users who advocated for white supremacy or identified as Nazis.

The most recent update, from last november, changed the assault rifles carried by guards to look more like period-appropriate AK-47s.

Ducey, who is up for reelection in november, made vague references to growing state revenues and “strategic efficiencies” that would cover the cost.

That means some jam-packed fields for the GOP, and the winners in these races — or runoffs in May — will likely be favored in november.

Democrats will essentially be selecting the candidate to lose to the popular GOP incumbent Greg Abbott in november.

Future of Media is november 29-30 in New York City.

When: Wednesday, november 14 , 6:30 pm Where: The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, Murray Hill, Manhattan

november headlines claimed she “lost her job,” with the organization.

“Women are poised to play a key role in november,” Thomas said in a June 7 press release.

This segment originally aired november 22, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

The Shanghai Composite Index plunged 2.9% on Thursday, to 2,656, the lowest since november 2014.

For the year, they fell $510 billion, or 13%, to $3.3 trillion, the lowest since november 2012.

That, if nothing else, we should have learned in november.

This first appeared on MUNCHIES in november 2016.

Before november 8, 69 percent of Republican voters said they wanted the entire law repealed.

At another door, a woman in a Red Sox hat was even more irritable about the choices before her on november 8.

Trump himself has previously praised Facebook and credited it with helping him win the november election.

Those talks, heavily promoted by President Juan Manuel Santos, began in november 2012 and are expected to produce a final peace deal this year.

She gained transatlantic prominence last november when Trump retweeted three anti-Muslim videos she posted on her account.

The stock has fallen about 30 percent since Cook said in november that the company may miss its holiday quarter sales estimate.

I remember riding home in a taxi in early november when a story about Louis C.K.

Code Enterprise Series returns to San Francisco november 14-15, 2016 All about work, work, work and also work.

The allegations are detailed in a november letter, obtained by Variety and sent from Hardy’s attorney to the E!

ended in 2013, has publicly described the allegations in detail, which first surfaced in november as the #MeToo movement gained momentum.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is slated to release in the US on november 3.

CAIR’s database showed that 300,000 Muslims had registered since november, he said.

None of the schemes worked, and Castro died at age 90 of natural causes last november.

And while we’re on the subject, we’re planning another Code/Enterprise conference for november 15.

None of the schemes worked, and Castro died at age 90 of natural causes last november.

The latest Caixin-Markit services PMI gauge fell to 50.2 from 51.2 in november, the lowest level seen since July 2014.

Yields on benchmark 10-year Treasury notes rose back above 2.0% after hitting their lowest since november 2016 on Wednesday.

With him at the helm, Wednesday’s speech could be an accurate reflection of what Trump will look like between now and november.

In May, labor groups collected more than 120,000 signatures to add the question to the november ballot.

RH: That started really in november of 2015, so you know, fast forward like a few years from the blog Purple Politics.

There’s no answer for this, from Shira Ovide, @ShiraOvide: Can I mute all political news between now and november?

The first case of suspected diphtheria reached al-Sadaqa in november.

But he has obviously never run across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge or the 59th Street Bridge on a glorious november day.

In november 1979, Khomeini condoned Iranian students who seized the US embassy in Iran and took the staff hostage.

That beat the previous record of 12.03 mln bpd, set last november, the bureau’s data showed.

If tighter fiscal policy from the Fed slows growth, a Republican presidential victory in november will become likely.

MFA Open House is on november 10.

This november, residents of Washington, DC, will vote on whether the District should become the 51st state.

Since november 2, the beam has been projected on various sites corresponding with festival events.

When: Sunday, november 11, 12–4pm Where: Pasadena Memorial Park (85 E Holly St, Pasadena, California) More info at AxS Festival.

It’s november, which means Starbucks has officially unveiled this year’s “holiday cups” — a lineup of four festive (but not too festive!)

Maybe we should boycott Starbucks?” he suggested at a november 2015 rally in Illinois.

Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives in november’s elections.

But there are still a number of speed bumps between now and november that Vox’s Dylan Scott outlined recently.

Early voting in Texas ended on november 2.

The bodies of Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, were found mutilated in his apartment in november 2014.

Another nationwide poll of gun owners and NRA members from november 2015 found similar levels of support for universal background checks.

Kroger gave Reuters a tour of its ClickList operation at a Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles’ Westchester neighborhood in late november.

Guevara sought refuge in the Chilean ambassador’s residence in Caracas in november amid fears he could be jailed.

Prayuth had promised to hold an election in november, but said last week the vote would take place “no later” than February 2019.

In november 2013, Trump traveled to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

“Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of november 8th about election meddling by Russia,” Trump tweeted.

Republican groups have gone all in on Balderson, worried what another upset special election loss will mean for their chances in november.

Four months later, there was another murder in the november unit.

On november 30, he wrote Arlene, “Guess what I just got baptize from Jesus Christ.

In the middle of november, CCA received a report that he had been involved in sexual activity in a shower.

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