Novel in a sentence | Use of the word novel examples

It’s a power Danny Torrance possesses in King’s novel, “The Shining.”

A deft sense of selection and grouping, paired with timing and soundscapes, offers a novel approach that builds new meanings.

It has also drawn comparisons to the dystopian novel 1984.

However, many fans of the novel appreciate Lynch’s interpretation and still screen it today.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a perfectly built novel.

The novel‘s greatest asset is Lee’s selective use of telling details.

Mockingbird isn’t just a novel about a young woman looking back on her childhood.

It’s a novel about a young country looking back on some of its worst moments.

The 1880 Lew Wallace novel was subtitled A Tale of the Christ, and occurs in parallel to the biblical story of Jesus.

The many-faceted horror of Donald Trump seems to have stirred progressives to life and opened up novel political possibilities.

— was the section detailing the impact of Shelley’s novel on the history of cinema.

In the months of lead-up to the publication of my novel, Social Creature, I’ve heard a variety of responses from readers.

Handel didn’t have to do anything novel to hold off Ossoff either.

It’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra.” It’s referring to the Nietzsche philosophical novel [Also Sprach Zarathustra].

When I left grad school, I wanted to write a novel.

This is the novel’s most profound contribution, and the insight that links Sweetbitter most thoroughly to the contemporary restaurant scene.

The novel’s use of queer characters and subplots reminds us that mere representation is often more troubling than total erasure.

She wrote a novel fictionalizing the watering hole, and today studies “third places” like the Cave.

The scenario even got featured in a best-selling mystery novel, Free Fire by CJ Box, who consulted Kalt when writing the book.

In spring 2007, Box’s novel was released.

The movie is fiction, based on a novel of the same name, but my parents found some of the details close to real life.

Terrorism experts say that ping-ponging between violent groups with seemingly opposing ideologies isn’t exactly novel.

Mary Godwin won with Frankenstein, which she later expanded into a novel.

After five decades of mutating an obscure Victorian novel, Thomas Phillips’s A Humument is printed in its final form.

A novel argument, for sure.

The ruling has raised novel legal issues.

More recently, the Navy published a graphic novel about frontline combat in an effort to introduce medics to the realities of treating battlefield injuries.

The novel was in 1959, so there’s a real connection to Burroughs’ writing and Ornette’s music.

HHS spokesperson Evelyn Stauffer said Lloyd’s novel did not breach agency rules.

“Mr. Lloyd’s novel satisfied both of these requisites.”

For this find, and hundreds of other hardy and novel plant varieties, Meyer was never paid much.

— is small, tight, expertly crafted, assembling familiar tropes into a novel yet familiar-sounding strain of ostensibly paradigmatic rock & roll.

This young adult novel adaptation stars Alden Ehrenreich (a.k.a.

Set in Lagos, the book is an incendiary mash-up of two unlikely genres: the slasher and the domestic novel.

His actions ground the novel’s thrills and one-liners in the psychological realities of misogyny and domestic violence.

“Swing Time” is Zadie’s first novel written in the first person.

It’s a short graphic novel about a clown named Pop.

This bridge can be difficult to cross when researchers feel they’ve identified a novel problem, but don’t really have a solution.

Wrightson went on to illustrate the graphic novel adaptation of Creepshow, and the two remained friends and collaborators.

Tom Robbins wrote a whole novel about the beet, or, at least, the root vegetable played a crucial role in the narrative.

Although Trump appeared to propose the plan from the stage, the idea is by no means novel.

In fact, the entire “self-driving car” setup is mostly just a novel way to bring attention to an old set of questions.

Manuel Gomez seems like a character out of a detective novel.

But this is a symptom of first-novel-itis, one that I fully expect to disappear in Crosley’s next novel.

This was not an Agatha Christie novel, this was Barking, they must have thought.

Saunders continues: “There are all these moves that are really incredible, and they’re not exactly new, but they’re kind of novel.

It is the co-producer of the upcoming film “Crazy Rich Asians,” based on the novel by Kevin Kwan and directed by Chu.

novel experiences help keep the brain healthy.

The plot is slight, and the script, adapted from Henry Farrell’s novel of the same name, is unremarkable.

This is obviously not a cast of characters out of some John le Carré novel, and the meeting may have been a bumbling effort.

Leading in to the Michigan primary, Hillary Clinton rolled out a novel attack against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

I treat it like a novel, that people are going to approach it like a novel.

It’s your first novel.

What made you decide to write a novel 30 years into a successful screenwriting career?

Our full beach chair guide has options for all, including chairs with coolers, umbrellas, and more novel innovations, too.

So I’m not gonna forget the title of this novel.

“This is quite a novel thing to try.”

“This is quite a novel thing to try.”

His latest novel is equally critical of Wall Street, rural America, and liberal writers.

Barry’s neighbor Luis Goodman, a writer, is also subject to scrutiny in the novel.

It’s based on the sprawling, mythic road trip novel of the same name by geek royalty Neil Gaiman.

The graphic novel is an autobiographical account of Lewis’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

The room is dim and washed in purple, invoking Alice Walker’s landmark novel The Color Purple (1982).

We might even want to take a year to write a novel.

“They even asked for the story collection and an upcoming novel of a not-so-famous Chinese writer that I represent.

In 2015, a bookseller mistakenly published much of Martin’s original pitch for his novel series.

No character who wasn’t from those three Great Houses (or who’s not a point-of-view character in that first novel) mattered.

It was the hottest book of the season, and a debut novel too.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s new novel Fleishman Is in Trouble owes its existence to dating apps, unhappy marriages, and tardy celebrities.

She’s also the author of a new novel about marriage, divorce, and ambition called Fleishman Is in Trouble.

So you’re on this book tour for your novel, but you’re so well known for other things.

So explain to people how you got to the novel.

I already am due for my second novel.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw picked apart Jack Berger’s novel because he dressed his character in a then-unfashionable scrunchie?

The genre-bending novel follows their three separate but interconnected lives.

The concept of communicating with an AI isn’t entirely novel.

The elements are symbols from her beloved novel.”

And it’s far from clear that the novel angle of attack will even succeed.

Maryland’s novel assault could spur a host of copycats, legal experts said.

It’s a novel approach.

Stephen King’s original 1986 novel tells both the children and adult stories in tandem, weaving them together.

It’s a novel approach.

A loose adaptation of an episode from the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history, the film evokes its period setting in a novel way.

That 2012 novel was The Casual Vacancy, which is in all honesty not a very good book.

A year went by without any whisper of a new novel from Rowling, and I didn’t especially want one.

Knight had tweeted about how much she was enjoying the novel, and the tipster wrote, “Written by JK Rowling.

In the novel, Orlando’s overnight gender transformation is mentioned only in passing, without any elaborate description of what exactly took place.

The Meg is based on Steve Alten’s best-selling 1997 book, Meg: A novel Of Deep Terror , which garnered a cult following.

In 2015, he staged “A Mercantile novel,” an installation of the Colombina factory at David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

He wrote and self-published a novel, Only By Blood and Suffering, a right-wing fever dream of a post-apocalyptic landscape.

His widely praised debut novel, The Readymade Thief, likewise involves the piecing together of apparent clues left behind by Duchamp.

This, I think, is why both Anders’s novel and Us spoke so profoundly to me.

In the novel, published in 1952, Steinbeck continues: I don’t know how it will be in the years to come.

Preferences are stated anyway; the most common for both sexes is no body hair, which is hardly novel.

‘Suave’ is a word you’d find in a romance novel from the ’80s.” Amazing.

The language reminded some of the George Orwell classic dystopian novel 1984.

Most new publications, upon their launch, seek to promote their content as novel, surprising, exciting.

That’s because journals like to publish novel results that change our understanding of the field.

A few possible reasons: 1) Journalists have a need for digestible headlines that convey simple, accessible, and preferably novel lessons.

Still, he told me he was surprised at how closely real events have hewed to the fictional events of his novel.

It’s based on a version of Jane Austen’s classic novel, zombified in 2009 by Seth Grahame-Smith.

P&P&Z smartly tweaks its storyline in ways that depart from both Grahame-Smith’s work and Austen’s original novel.

Her recently completed new novel is represented by David Black Agency.

A recent reading of Louis de Bernieres’ novel Birds Without Wings brought memories of Nazmiye back to Onar, in vivid detail.

For decades, the history of the novel meant the history of the European novel, which started in the eighteenth century.

The novel was supposed to be a reflection of modern life.

Angela Arrocha presented a short shadow-puppet piece inspired by a scene in László Krasznahorkai’s novel The Melancholy of Resistance.

Nijhawan told VICE News the challenge is “novel.”

Less obviously, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2011), a bestselling young adult novel by Ransom Riggs, was inspired by Tinies.

And in changing Zuckerman’s role in the novel, the film misses what American Pastoral is really about.

Such vacillation opens up her life to unexpected, and novel creative potencies and territories.

And yet the movie feels flat and small, lacking the novel’s energy and expansive ambition.

But American Pastoral without the overriding nostalgia is a tragedy without the lament, and the novel Roth wrote has both.

She had yet to complete the guest editorship at Mademoiselle that would become the basis for her seminal 1963 novel The Bell Jar.

The first sentence of A Wonderful Stroke of Luck, Ann Beattie’s first novel in eight years, is a fragment.

One of the greatest heroines of Victorian literature, Marian is introduced in Collin’s novel through Walter Hartright’s rather voyeuristic eyes.

When the novel opens, it’s a few weeks before 9/11.

The title of the graphic novel represents the melding of these two worlds.

Dirty sodas have become more than a novel beverage; they have enmeshed themselves into the culture of Utah.

These are mostly smartphones, and they are no longer novel.

Finding new species, while exciting, is hardly a novel experience in the world’s largest rainforest.

In prose reminiscent of a gothic novel, Holly describes contemplating suicide in her her bedroom above the Grotto.

They are co-authors of Ghost Fleet: A novel of the Next World War.

Barcelona’s strategy around the Olympics was so novel, progressive, and successful that it has been studied ever since.

Also, it’s an intensely Hungarian novel, in translation.

George Saunders was awarded the 2017 Man Booker Prize for his novel Lincoln in the Bardo.

Davis explains that using unusual samples afford him an opportunity to experiment with novel arrangements.

L. Frank Baum’s beloved novel and characters — as well as most of the novel’s sequels — are in the public domain.

Baum explained in a later novel that Toto could have talked during earlier books; he just chose not to.

While spending 24 to 48 hours as a baller would have been somewhat novel, the complications—as uncommon as they may be—were decidedly unsavory.

Imagery and dialogue lifted directly from Miller’s graphic novel appear throughout the movie, and were prominent in its advertising as well.

These look almost like studies for other worlds out of an Ursula K. LeGuin novel.

Sebastian Jones and Amandla co-wrote the project; it was actually based off a graphic novel that Sebastian had written prior to meeting Amandla.

Hunchback ‘88 is Norris’ debut novel.

— CF It’s been 20 years since Arundhati Roy’s bestselling novel The God of Small Things.

So, in short: Zoo is an adaptation of a James Patterson novel in which animals rise up en masse against humans.

And she has a graphic novel coming out next spring from Uncivilized Books.

Each book was published as it was written, so she had a graphic novel at 14.

So I decided to set my novel in a prison.

Chinese consumers mostly see these technologies as novel and futuristic, despite concerns raised by some over more invasive applications.

Usually, though, an Agatha Christie novel isn’t that hard to solve—the whodunit portion anyway.

On the open innovation site NineSights, PepsiCo recently posted a request for “new and novel protein sources for usage in their snacks and beverages.”

Other food giants are also experimenting with novel types of proteins, often made from plants.

People come to trade shows to be inspired, to seek out not just the well-known but the novel and groundbreaking.

She admits that some of her characters in her upcoming novel do things that would get real FBI agents reprimanded.

I remember how novel Grumpy Cat was.

It feels like you’re really … It’s a three dimensional novel, almost.

Her chaplet, A novel Depicting “the” “Asian” “American” “Experience,” will be published by Belladonna* this fall.

The event will explore two themes from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, as speakers discuss the novel’s relevance to today’s world.

As we said last fall, tech companies cannot defeat this novel, shared threat alone.

So, it’s pretty novel.

I’d been trying to write a novel for quite some time, almost seven years—a novel that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future.

Everything came from my novel.

Now, in her new novel Sing, Unburied, Sing, out this week, Ward turns her attention to the lingering ghosts of the Jim Crow South.

“I like to think I know what death is,” he tells us as the novel opens, and he’s correct.

Adapted from a Jonathan Ames novel, it’s an expressionist, emotional, and brutal film about a haunted hitman who becomes an inadvertent vigilante.

).These are familiar tricks arranged in novel combinations.

It seems natural that Barry Jenkins settled on James Baldwin’s novel If Beale Street Could Talk for his first post-Moonlight film project.

He told reporters he was currently in discussions to work on a graphic novel.

And that was really easy to keep separate since Last Pale Light was based on a novel.

Baldwin’s novel is a breathless, powerful read.

As with the novel, the film’s strongest sequences come when Tish and Fonny are first discovering themselves in one another’s arms.

Why that book?It’s still my favorite novel.

It’s basically a pulpy detective novel with extra spookiness for flavor.

(An internet forum versus an old novel.)

Liane Moriarty’s novel “Truly Madly Guilty” was served in bed, surrounded by a blanket, fishnet socks and a handmade eucalyptus candle.

Woolf’s Orlando, based on and dedicated to Vita, was a novel that doubled as an epic love letter.

Metacritic score: 83 Amandla Stenberg leads a truly outstanding cast in The Hate U Give, an adaptation of Angie Thomas’s best-selling novel.

This is to be expected when adapting a story from one medium to another, and especially when updating a 1962 novel for 2018 audiences.

Men and Apparitions, out earlier this month from Soft Skull Press, is Tillman’s first novel in twelve years.

This casual challenge amongst friends inspired Shelley to write the classic novel “Frankenstein.”

I’ve written from the point of view of a man in other short stories and in one novel, Cast in Doubt (1992).

Even in her lifetime, as you say in the novel, her husband didn’t want her to publish her photographs.

What they call the Great American novel came out of World War II.

The institution has thrived because the introduction of novel forms of art is challenging to the status quo.

The new novel, explains DeLillo, is set around “a structure built very close to the ground, sunken into the earth.”

It became one of the two central settings of the novel along, of course, with New York City.

I don’t know; it’s like a 19th-century Russian novel.

Here he is talking about a sentence from the new novel: “Sky pale and bare.

It reminds me of his novel Great Jones Street, when his rock star protagonist Bucky Wunderlick tells a reporter: “Make it all up.

The second was a positive review of William Makepeace Thackeray’s 1855 novel The Newcomes, in which he also remarks upon contemporary illustration.

Basically, this is a catch-all category for works that don’t fit in other categories like Best novel or Best Short Story.

Presumably, Grahame-Smith would know, because his novel formed the basis of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Matt Curtius’s @mattcurtius cover illustration for @crystalhannak first novel #ifyouleaveme for @williammorrowbooks .

Whitehead’s book begins in a place where it seems to be a straightforward novel about slaves escaping their plantation in pre-Civil War America.

It was inspired in part by the 1962 novel Fail Safe, in which a bomb drops on the Empire State Building.

Snapchat, with more than 100 million active daily users, has emerged as the 2016 election campaign’s platform of choice for novel political ads.

The more specific a novel gets, the more universal its emotions feel.

Opera doesn’t work the way a novel works.

It’s already been converted into a YA novel and is currently touring theaters.

They are the world’s greatest romance novel, and they’re not even a couple.

Your book reads a bit like a memoir, but you frame it as a novel.

But there also is a relationship that a novel has to life.

I don’t really understand the motivation behind writing a memoir the way I understand the motivation behind writing a novel.

One idea floated in the novel is that not having children is a bit like having a certain sexual orientation.

How was the process of writing this book different from writing your last novel, How Should a Person Be?

It was novel DNA techniques—a free, open-source genealogy website called GEDmatch—that led authorities to the Sacramento man.

A bit of framing that’s contrary, or even just novel, is likely to be passed over by people mainly seeking identity reinforcement.

Hector is the novel’s first AIDS casualty, though not its last.

After Hector’s passing, the novel shifts to Venus’s and Angel’s struggles to keep the house afloat, along with their personal struggles.

The intertwining stories drive the novel.

Julia, the 26-year-old heroine of Emma Rathbone’s new novel Losing It, is obsessed with losing her virginity.

We might find someone to write a novel or make a video game, or I don’t know, a movie trilogy, maybe?

The logo itself (designed by the content agency Contend) was based off novel covers that Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer collected.

Our habits are also a lot less novel than we like to think.

Sischy’s distinctively contemporary worldview, therefore, was novel.

What causes occasional sparring and discontent to transform into the unredeemable tragedy of a Richard Yates novel?

George Eliot, author of Middlemarch, wrote that the purpose of the novel is to “extend our sympathies.”

What is somewhat novel about Amazon’s arrangement is the use of an electricity consumer — a data center — as the heat source.

Similar criticisms have been leveled at Ishmael Reed, who wrote, amongst others, a comic novel about slavery called Flight to Canada.

When I spoke to Jade Chang she confirmed Beatty’s influence, referring to his first novel, The White Boy Shuffle (1996).

Rajeev Balasubramanyam’s latest novel is called Starstruck.

“Jonah Historically Regarded” (1991) is a direct reference to the 83rd chapter of the author’s novel.

And it has studied novel ways for smartphones to play a role in the shopping experience, people said.

For at least 60 million of them, that’s because they saw the musical based on the novel.

This is hardly a novel concept.

They are fundamental to the work of the novel.

Baquerizo’s novel is set in the early 1990s, when homosexuality was still criminalized and hundreds of clinics operated in the country.

He refused, moved “to live far away from the influence of my family,” and began writing his novel in 2011.

For more information on Starset and The Starset Society visit: / www.thestarsetsociety.orgPROX Transmissions Graphic novel available here: more Starset music:

And this is where the hype positively misleads you about what this novel is.

So that’s where I was looking, and at the same time they approached me with [The Death of Stalin graphic novel].

I get a text from my brother: Your novel is on Amazon!

Saunders’ novel has 166 narrators, intended to represent the numerous cross-sections of lives during Civil War-era America.

They’re as novel as air.

At the very least, it seems novel and uncertain enough that we might not want to put all our eggs in that basket.

I’ll do work some day, probably in the novel, maybe the drama.

He never wrote the novel he alludes to, nor the plays.

The way that Heti’s novel — and it is a novel!

I think I might be onto something with Such Good Friends by Lois Gould, a novel I discovered (or rediscovered?)

Kevin Kwan’s 2013 novel Crazy Rich Asians is practically a manual on the distinctions between Good Rich People and Bad Rich People.

In this character, I felt seen in a way I hadn’t by any novel before.

It’s one of a handful of contenders for “Great American novel” that basically everybody agrees on.

These may be required for genuinely novel automotive technologies; they too will be expedited.

It also has the Dan Simmons novel it’s based on and from which it takes many of its most memorable incidents.

This year the Swiss pavilion and its sponsoring organization Pro Helvetia did something novel.

However, Russia has come close to American ships and planes in the past, which sadly doesn’t make Friday’s episode all that novel.

Heaven Will Be Mine is the latest visual novel from from Worst Girls Games’ Aevee Bee and Mia Schwartz.

That boredom may lead you to try novel and increasingly exotic forms of sex—including sex that incorporates fetish objects.

Here’s the trailer for the movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ best-selling 2013 novel.

Buy Ideology in America here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Mason’s second recommendation is the novel Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

Let me run an idea for a novel past you.

His new novel The Night Agent is out.

Her first full-length novel, Impossible Views of the World, is forthcoming from Penguin in 2017.

We got to do novel design things and didn’t have to worry about the technology breaking on us every day.

This is something a president-elect in a particularly unsubtle dystopian young adult novel about the danger of trading liberty for security says.

Émile Zola’s 1886 novel, L’œuvre (“The Work” or “The Masterpiece”), characterized the increasingly speculative character of the late- nineteenth-century art market.

But the Mortmains aren’t really living in a marriage plot novel, as much as Cassandra likes to think that they are.

It’s based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Malin Persson Giolito.

Yet I was placed on a panel for writers of color featuring the authors of a chick-lit novel and a book of gay erotica.

At the heart of our analysis is a novel crossing of public opinion research with an analysis of actual roll call voting.

This is a Bronte novel, and it’s a less beloved Bronte novel.” KS: That you didn’t want to read.

And The Illuminations, the novel about British Capt.

Investors are bullish, users are excited to consume novel entertainment and educational applications and engineers are developing new products.

Someday someone will write a great novel about the distance revolutionaries maintain between their ambitions for society and their ambitions for themselves.

(In addition to Fargo, which returns in April, he has an upcoming TV adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle.)

In addition to being the author of the controversial novel Lolita (1955), he was a serious lepidopterist who discovered nearly twenty species of butterflies.

Is it needlessly cynical to read a pompous celebrity’s very bad novel purely in order to dunk on it?

The shadow boxes offer a lingering space of reflection, like a poetic anecdote at the start of a great novel.

Styron based much of his novel on Gray’s account.

Cuthbert is the main character of Night of the Animals, a sweeping and lyrical new novel by Bill Broun.

The H. Rider Haggard novel King Solomon’s Mines, for example, caricatured “natives” as savage and primitive.

Before it was noticed, KeRanger was spread in a rather novel way.

“This is a novel about a man whose professional and personal destinies are incompatible, a tale of irony and coincidence,” explains Turpin.

The best word to describe Melmoth, the latest novel from Essex Serpent author Sarah Perry, is lush.

Over the course of the novel, Helen becomes increasingly convinced that the figure watching her is the legendary Melmoth.

It’s a debut novel and it is fantasy executed exactly as realism.

Most compelling and novel for a contemporary art exhibition is Kameli’s inclusion of several interviews with academics specializing in the field.

Ferrante has been publishing since 1992, when her novel Troubling Love came out in Italy.

The final work, “The Algerian novel,” follows a street stall in Algiers.

Dealing with this well rooted system demands a very thoughtful approach and a foolproof strategy which is novel and surgical.

Both were nominated for the National Book Award, with the former being the first graphic novel to be named an NBA finalist.

A search of US patents during this era highlights numerous solutions that range from novel to game-changing.

EVZIO was a novel treatment when it premiered in 2014, allowing laypeople to inject naloxone for a person who has overdosed.

This is the world mapped out in the haunting new novel American War.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads It was strange to read Darryl Pinckney’s new novel while I was in Berlin.

(His previous novel, High Cotton, was published in 1992.)

Akkad’s reporting background influences the novel in interesting ways.

The novel, though, is less about war and more about the people caught up in it.

Let’s talk about the political fault lines in the novel’s imagined future.

I would hope that people read it as an antiwar novel.

In “Welcome to Hell,” the women of SNL attempt to debunk the preconception that this is a novel issue that women face.

Exhibitions, events, and a forthcoming graphic novel help Kamau Ware chronicle the remarkable black histories of Lower Manhattan.

With the gig economy, it seems we’re willing to try any app that promises us something convenient, novel, or useful.

EG: So your goal for the whole project was to create a visual history that hasn’t existed before, hence the graphic novel.

It’s a novel and it’s about a guy who is being held in a Metropol Hotel in the early 1920s.

What it is: Another novel adaptation.

Plus, best-selling novel adaptations usually do all right at the Oscars.

Why it could struggle: The source novel is … kind of a mess.

novel forms of takedowns sent to upstream infrastructure providers are not exactly new.

None of the findings are particularly novel, and drafts of the reports have been in circulation since January.

EU officials have downplayed suggestions Juncker will arrive with a novel plan to restore good relations.

Dark at the Crossing is a compelling if uneven novel.

—Aja Romano Erika L. Sánchez’s debut novel crosses family drama with coming-of-age comedy, a tonal blend that fits its wry but troubled narrator.

Their new work takes the form of a mysterious novel, with genetically modified plants twisting the narrative.

Interspersed with his architectural drawings are gridded illustrations of childhood memories, like an outsider art take on a graphic novel memoir.

They particularly love to do so in a novel environment, so time spent out of the yard is the very best of fun.

Eka Kurniawan’s new novel, Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, is out this month from New Directions.

He wrote his first novel while at Oxford, but it was not published.

Les Misérables, the first film from French director Ladj Ly, isn’t based on the famous Victor Hugo novel whose title it shares.

That show, too, was based on a novel, but not one as well-known as Grossman’s Magicians series or the novels behind The Expanse.

The miniseries adaptation of Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel fails to capture the novel’s wit while thriving in its darkest moments.

Or novel ways of integrating solar into our walls and windows.

Hurston was one of the most prominent writers of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and 1930s, publishing the novel in 1937.

But in 2003, the state tried out a novel financial strategy for cities to use public funds to attract and finance sporting events.

The story behind the novel is as famous as the novel itself.

It was Toole’s first published novel, published 11 years after his death, after being championed by his mother and the writer Walker Percy.

The Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel examines how the siblings’ recollections vary drastically.

This isn’t a reality show, and it’s not a pulp novel.

Later in the season, the show would offer up a novel response to that controversy as well.

Every single challenge I saw I had seen at another organization, but the context was super novel.

were not especially novel — as by the frankness of his tone.

Find a good historical novel or movie and remind yourself that life has always been challenging, but people persevere.

Once you start the first novel, My Brilliant Friend, you won’t be able to put them down.

Fidgeting while learning is far from novel either, whether it’s doodling, making paper airplanes, or something less orthodox.

Revel is certainly a novel option, with its turquoise and black machines whizzing around some of the city’s rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.

But this debut novel by Argentinian short story writer Samanta Schweblin — translated from Spanish by Megan McDowell — does exactly that.

She is talking to a child named David, who is not her son, and their dialogue is the text of the novel.

She opens to discover the novel manuscript and starts reading.

If it feels heavy-handed at times, some of the visual trickery makes it interesting, and the ending, which deviates from the novel, is perfect.

Rather, it is taken up under novel terms.

How do we balance the tonic and witty warmth of a Philip Roth novel against its contempt for mah-jongg-playing heifers?

Accordingly, the English novel of the 18th century is virtually all sex and social climbing, set in haunted castles later on.

Alexander was the first person to translate Sartre’s novel Nausea and his collection The Wall and Other Stories into English.

A novel can end up having a social purpose even though its author didn’t, at least at first, intend one.

Marlon James’s last kaleidoscopic novel, the Man Booker Prize-winning A Brief History of Seven Killings, is currently being adapted into a limited series.

James Patterson published a novel with one of his pupils.

In Call Me by Your Name in particular, director Luca Guadagnino breathes life into the bones of its source novel, written by André Aciman.

“Two young lovers are torn apart by war and class differences in the 1940s in this adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel.”

Excerpted from VOID STAR: A novel by Zachary Mason, to be published April 2017 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC.

When Jonathan Safran Foer published his first novel, Everything Is Illuminated, in 2002, he became an instant literary sensation.

Here I Am, out today, is Foer’s third novel, and the first he’s published in over a decade.

It is likewise impossible to ignore that it is Jacob who gets most of the novel’s empathy.

This leads bitcoin promoters to develop awfully strange and novel arguments to justify its value.

And going for the second-best-selling novel of all time and trying to do something new and ambitious is an incredible pathway to that.

This is itself a novel argument, without financial theory to back it up, which does not mean it’s incorrect.

But the argument for the novel’s demise has its own kind of ghoulish quality to it by now.

Even in the world of video games, there are more novel things to worry about.

Or you could disconnect, float away into another universe, bury yourself in a novel, pick up a hobby, take yourself completely off the grid.

It takes Nell Zink only three weeks to write a novel.

Everything mundane all of a sudden felt so novel, kissed with a touch of magic.

Penny’s struggles to reconcile those conflicting viewpoints into a single coherent truth form the novel’s most compelling scenes.

ViiV Chief Scientific and Medical Officer John Pottage argued the novel injection offered an alternative long-term treatment for patients.

Sir Walter Scott, who wrote a biography of Swift, was equally cagey about his authorship of the novel Waverly and its immensely popular successor.

—TV Look, this movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel; you know what to expect.

Hurston is remembered today chiefly for her 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.

It’s straight out of a gothic horror novel.

At the time, that claim was novel and contested, but now it’s been widely accepted.

“Focusing resources on a novel, never-accepted theory just isn’t the way to have a productive chance at really addressing global warming,” Boutrous said.

Writing for the progressive Catholic magazine Commonweal, Patrick Baumann notes the abiding popularity among Catholics of the 1945 novel Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh.

Beauty is McKinley’s first novel, published in 1978.

(He was named after a different literary character, the canine protagonist in the eponymous novel by the great Brazilian writer Machado de Assis.)

Unfortunately, though hardly unexpectedly, DeLillo’s latest novel continues this streak of stark, monastically joyless novels.

Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West is a disconcertingly timely novel, one about migration, refugees, terrorism, and the rise of jingoistic nativism in the West.

It might seem like an intrusive bit of magical realism, but it actually fits perfectly into the project of the novel.

Northanger Abbey wasn’t published until after Austen died in 1817, but it was the first novel she ever sold to a publisher (in 1803).

When Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2011, it was for a showy novel with an experimental structure.

It’s a historical novel, one that skips through time a bit but in a thoroughly accessible way.

What are the virtues of such a form, as opposed to, say, the essay or even the novel?

Mansfield Park used to be a popular candidate for Austen’s best novel, but it’s currently going through an unpopular phase.

To Shankar’s credit, his past work includes the excellent “Dredd” film, and the show’s writer is acclaimed graphic novel author Warren Ellis.

It’s the tale of an epic space adventure based on the novel Treasure Island.

and great source material, in writer Kent Haruf’s final novel.

“It’s kind of like criticizing a war novel for not having enough patriotism,” he said.

This is more fantasy than reality, a story brought to us via a dog-eared novel, a ballad sung by the Misanthrope.

No she’s doing “I Love Dick.” Based on a novel.

“We have this convention of the novel that you have to know everything about the frigging characters,” Patterson said.

In the original King novel, the boys then spend a half-hour or so helping Beverly clean up the blood.

When you reframe vetting as an informational challenge, it opens the door to novel solutions.

“Tomorrow, we’ll have a very novel idea of how to create 10 million jobs,” he added, without further explanation.

This is the story offered by the comedian Stephen Fry in his novel Making History.

Jason Lutes’s epic graphic novel series Berlin, which began in 1996, comes to a close this year.

He tried to write the story of his father abandoning the family as a novel twice before writing his memoir Furthering My Education.

But author Jason Lutes had no such roman à clef in mind when he set to work on his epic graphic novel series Berlin.

– Victor Hugo used the cathedral as a setting for his 1831 novel, “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”.

Freshwater is an electric debut novel, steeped in Nigerian cosmology, about a girl born with a god spirit in her head.

If you need a good novel, find a woman writer.

Her latest novel, The Witch Elm, is about systemic power, about social privilege, and what happens when that privilege is taken away.

How to Be Famous is a #MeToo novel, more or less, and what is surprising about it is how joyous it is.

What makes The Female Persuasion a great feminist novel is that it’s not actually a novel about feminism.

How to Write an Autobiographical novel is a gripping exploration of how we cope with our trauma through the stories we tell ourselves.

The narrative impulse overwhelms Sarbajit Sen’s “graphic novel”-esque work as well.

What Ferris has done is not a novel concept: Online crowdsourcing has been applied to thousands of projects over the past decade.

(No novel of the story exists.)

— Alissa Wilkinson This debut novel from New Yorker writer Elif Batuman is tricky and playful.

— Constance Grady This New York Times bestseller is the buzziest YA novel of the spring, and it lives up to the hype.

Protesters in Hong Kong are finding novel ways to avoid surveillance and identification.

Every TV show, movie, comic book, and novel based in the Trek universe is full of rogue Federation leaders though they’re usually admirals.

What were your biggest challenges as far as adapting this show from the novel?

And yet, you’re adapting this novel to television, which would be considered one of the new gods.

That’s the premise of Mortal Engines, based on Philip Reeve’s 2001 YA novel of the same name, the first in a series.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was written to celebrate a landmark on the brink of death, and instead the novel succeeded in resurrecting it.

Zeke Emanuel proposes new “affordability index” — and it shows health care getting less affordable A novel approach to measuring health costs.

By contrast, some “conventionally” bred plants may get closer scrutiny if they have really novel traits that could pose hazards.

In March, Atwood penned an eloquent piece addressing her novel’s prescience for the New York Times.

“The quotation at the beginning of my new novel,” the Booker Prize winning author Pat Barker tells me, “is by Philip Roth.

I had a novel every year for a while, and I needed a break.

Wastewater analysis promises to show real-time results for emerging drugs, including novel benzodiazepines, synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinones, opioids, phenethylamines, tryptamines, and other new substances.

In 2013, President Aliyev was furious at Azerbaijan’s prolific “People’s Writer” — Akram Aylisli — for publishing a novel about Armenian suffering and antiquity.

Fans of Maria Semple’s terrific debut novel, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

(In both the source novel and the film, Anna despairingly throws herself in front of an oncoming train.

Microphotography was just emerging as a novel form of documentation when Rochard began designing dolls in the 1860s.

When a reader picks up a romance novel, they know there will be a happily ever after.

They’ll need to have the discipline to actually sit down and write and revise the novel.

The logo itself (designed by the content agency Contend) was based off novel covers that Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer collected.

The special effects-laden show, like the Neil Gaiman novel from which it’s adapted, turns ancient mythology into a modern fantasy story.

The novel opens with the gigantic corpse of God falling into the ocean.

Carson’s “novel in verse” is one of those poetry books that even people who don’t like poetry love.

Wolfe’s writing is dense, but rewarding in this novel that won the Locus Award for the best fantasy novel in 1986.

In this novel, Gardner turns the one-dimensional monster into a fleshed-out and moving character.

The movie was adapted from a massive novel written by L. Ron Hubbard before he founded the Church of Scientology.

He has been appointed Autarch of his civilization, a kind of supreme leader, and the novel that we are reading is for posterity.

Coakley’s semi-autobiographical novel, Keef: A Story of Intoxication, Love & Death.

Unpublished authors think they’re going to write the next Great American novel.

Keef was Coakley’s first and only novel, inspired, it appears, by his attraction to the oriental-themed paintings of Benjamin Constant and Rudolph Ernst.

The novel by T.W.

The Apple Graphics Tablet was truly novel for its time, especially before the Macintosh made computer mice common.

It’s kind of like criticizing a war novel for not having enough patriotism.

“To make a kind of novel up using imaginary arguments is not sticking to reality,” he said.

Getting a huge defensive player involved in goal line offense isn’t exactly novel.

But now, unlike before, police are punishing the customers—the so-called “Johns” in a novel way.

Smith herself avoided the first-person perspective for most of her career, until she wrote her most recent novel, Swing Time.

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, an adaptation of the 2011 novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, is about to debut.

My Brilliant Friend, the HBO series based on the novel of the same title by Elena Ferrante, is a triumph of worldbuilding.

Atwell and veteran journalist Jerry Langton just released The Hard Way Out, a novel that outlines his experiences with the club.

A novel begins often with a brief description of the characters, and this becomes an index of sorts to guide the reader.

To work as designed, the buoys required two novel technologies.

It’s not just that Spiegel has these novel ideas.

That’s why,” “What a novel concept,” Matt Schlapp, the moderator and chair of the American Conservative Union that hosts the event, replied.

Eve Tushnet is the author of Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith and Amends: A novel.

It reads like a bad spy novel or a fevered conspiracy.

It had a completely novel design that promised players a superhero experience that they’d never been able to have before.

This is not some ham-handed satire or lurid dystopian novel.

But this is easier for them to manage, in political terms, because they can criticize Obama and then present their similar plans as novel.

It starts off, for me, lyrically, like a novel and then ends up being a haiku.

In her new graphic novel Something City, artist Ellice Weaver explores all corners of her fictive metropolis.

I’m skeptical that Google’s Unicode crusade will do anything more than offer women some cute, novel emoji to play with.

He’s long been hailed for his short stories; his debut novel is Lincoln in the Bardo.

Adapted by Rees and Virgil Williams from Hillary Jordan’s 2009 novel, Mudbound focuses on two families in the pre- and post-war Mississippi Delta.

First of all, this thing about TV being the new novel, it’s not.

Her novel, Stay and Fight, about pipeline resistance, families, snakes, and elves, will be out in the spring.

Be More Chill is based on the 2004 YA novel of the same title by Ned Vizzini.

Where the new experiences, sights, and sounds of Girl are overwhelming at best, McBride’s second novel is often about excitement and possibility.

It’s a horror novel, really.

She tried to make Charlotte Brontë into a character in a Brontë novel, but these people were rather happy.

Do you have a favorite Brontë, either sibling or novel?

Early on in The Incendiaries, the shiningly ambitious debut novel from R.O.

For my second novel, “The Man of My Dreams,” I got a scathing review from The Times.

This is a novel of ambiguity, one in which meaning is created around absence, and in such a world, there are no easy answers.

Three decades ago, back when those notions weren’t as rigid, Activision published an interactive novel, and it didn’t even seem that strange.

Portal: an Interactive novel was exactly what the title suggests.

In a regular novel, the reader plays a passive role.

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) tactics range from the straightforward (like planting forests) to the novel (like scrubbing carbon dioxide straight from the air).

“I gave the producer a copy of my first novel and he asked me if I had ever considered doing a game.

Indeed, Swigart released the text as a traditional novel and, sure enough, it didn’t have nearly the same effect.

So they’ve ginned up a novel legal argument.

While the notion of artificial intelligence feels novel and intrepid, complete autonomy is only an illusion in this live simulation.

Savage News, a novel by CNN former Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin.

This was the illustrated novel, right.

Her 1910 novel The Vagabond details this period of her life, which was largely funded by Missy.

In that novel, the main character, Renee, lives alone, fiercely protective of the life she has built for herself.

The affair continued for a time, and when it ended, Colette said she had written the strikingly similar novel as a “premonition.”

So they just took your work, which was an illustrated novel, and then made it into this.

Now, you have another book, “Are You My Mother?”, which was another illustrated novel.

The entire thing—the grift, the response, all these follow-up articles—is totally novel to me.

I mean, it’s novel at first, for a while.

In her novel The Bell Jar, Plath describes the experience: Doctor Gordon was unlocking the closet.

White Tears, Hari Kunzru’s dark, phantasmagoric fifth novel, is about the cultural appropriation of black music.

Combined with a wistfully melancholy coming-of-age story and a tricky artificial intelligence puzzle, it makes for a gem of a novel.

In terms of the novel, Kunzru explains that this is the now-familiar quest for authenticity, in that “Carter feels that blackness is realness.

She won her first National Book Award in 2011 for her second novel, Salvage the Bones.

You recently published a novel.

It’s maybe more akin to when you get to the end of the novel and there’s that oh my god point.

And if you’re just looking at the source material — Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel — it’s an open question where it goes next.

Last season’s finale, “Night,” ends exactly where Atwood’s novel does.

Atwood’s novel doesn’t end where Offred’s story does.

It’s a chilling coda to the novel, one that reminds us that the history of women is generally written by men.

But KinkD isn’t quite as novel as it might seem.

She wanted a better sharing experience, like being in a novel.

Maybe something from a novel.

The contours of the film mostly match the novel.

In the novel, IT isn’t just an evil force that makes people experience “jealousy, judgment, pain, and despair,” as the film puts it.

It’s a literal brain, described in the novel as “an oversized brain, just enough larger than normal to be completely revolting and terrifying.

So he decided to take on more tasks, including biking to work every day, taking 10,000 steps every day, or writing a novel.

Divergent is that YA novel series and film franchise where everyone’s sorted into groups by personality.

To be clear, I’m not precious about the Atwood novel.

She lives in a cartoon, graphic novel, horror movie world.

But I also think we made something that was new and novel and clever.

We’re not looking to do anything novel or different with it,” he answered.

Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures bought the rights to ”Ayesha At Last,” a romantic dramedy novel about a young Muslim girl.

Blake Butler is the author of several books of fiction, most recently the novel 300,000,000.

Free art is so rare in a capitalist society — especially at a Fifth Avenue art museum — that the show’s premise alone feels novel.

Obama’s observation was not novel.

Written as a novel by L. Frank Baum in 1900, the Wizard of Oz became an acclaimed Technicolor film in 1939.

Park keeps the novel’s three-part structure, but tweaks the perspectives just a bit.

Some utilities already have programs like this, but not all, and a statewide requirement like this is novel, as far as I know.

Take Gilead, the totalitarian world imagined in the novel (and Hulu series) The Handmaid’s Tale.

He has aspirations to write a novel but can’t bring himself to start.

It’s like a weird, plotless Dickens novel that goes off in all directions, about people I really want to write about.

The fifth novel in seven-novel series, A Dance with Dragons, was published in 2011 and author George R.R.

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