Notifications in a sentence | Use of the word notifications examples

I suddenly started noticing that I was getting a lot of Twitter notifications from this one guy.

And Slack, for instance, offers numerous ways to manage your notifications, mute conversations, and tell your coworkers you’re busy.

I had no problem downloading and using one called PeriodMe, which will send me notifications when my roommates are about to start PMSing.

Dark Sky gives you hyper-accurate weather predictions, including notifications for when it’s about to rain.

Plus, directions for how to drastically reduce notifications and Facebook’s access to your data, in case you’re not ready to quit altogether.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said he was not aware of any notifications from the Venezuelan U.N. mission on changes to its delegation.

CEO Jack Dorsey also pointed to product improvements, like better push notifications and more improvements around detecting and decreasing abuse.

“The commission has received no notifications or complaints of this kind so far,” Sherif told Reuters.

We’d expect to hear more about health and fitness, notifications and watch faces.

Slackbot is also the vehicle through which Slack sends users notifications.

There’s no web-based notifications in Safari on iOS, or the ability to execute tasks or caching in the background, and so on.

This is our firm view, and being fully aware of the 3rd party notifications that you have brought to our attention.

“I still want them to stop putting notifications in the viewport, but they’ve been reluctant to do so,” says Cassidy.

It was a time before push notifications were really clean and well worked out.

LG: They’ve gotten a lot better in notifications too.

People who own Windows computers and have a third-party antivirus installed keep getting notifications from Windows Defender.

These tweets would also be featured less frequently on the platform, Twitter said, and not appear in places like your notifications or Explore tabs.

The update changes the way you receive notifications on your phone, arguably improving one of the worst features of iPhones.

notifications on iPhone have always been something of a sticking point.

Here are all the ways iPhone notifications will change with iOS 12: Grouped notifications.

Now, rather than your notifications being grouped chronologically, they’ll be grouped according to topic or app.

Siri will give suggestions about how to handle notifications.

You’ll now be able to get suggestions from Siri based on how you interact with your notifications over time.

Siri will learn which notifications you prefer to have displayed prominently, and which can just be delivered to your notification center.

Here’s what they look like: Some users aren’t loving the instruction, so they are posting memes mocking people asking for notifications.

Quartz now also has a mobile app that treats its push notifications for news very much like a message conversation.

It couldn’t have been five minutes between the first gunshots and the first leering, sadistic notifications on Twitter.

For others, however, it’s easy to dismiss notifications in a world of too many push alerts.

And even for some obligers, push notifications and reminders still might not be enough to motivate them to do the thing.

How does the constant buzz of smartphone notifications affect their condition?

If so, how should consent be obtained and ongoing notifications be performed?

There’s a body of research suggesting that constant notifications in an increasingly connected world are making us more frenetic, more stressed, more anxious.

Those notifications are also making us more distracted.

It has made a meaningful difference in my ability to manage incoming notifications, my health and my general information consumption.

Some other device worn on the body to track activity and potentially buzz for notifications might be an interesting alternative.

Communication was about two main things: notifications and digital touch.

notifications ended up being a strong driver of satisfaction, but not necessarily of purchase.

This is because it is quite hard to articulate how notifications can impact your phone usage and the value they bring to you.

It’s also doing things like sending out push notifications when videos are live, and alerting people when they’ve missed a live video.

DC: Foursquare will send you push notifications now.

I don’t know why, I just feel like audio … DC: How many push notifications do you get on your phone?

Anonymous notifications can also be sent to partners regarding your results.

So it was really about changing Android and iOS’s home screen, notifications and the web browser.

There is a couple seconds, one second, two seconds, and then the number shows up of how many notifications you have.

Turn off every single notification, except for notifications that come from other human beings who are trying to reach you.

Yeah I noticed that actually today, that Apple News turned back on their notifications.

The other noteworthy feature involves notifications — new tools for apps to bundle notifications on the home screen and let users reply through them.

Some apps marked the start of the day by … sending notifications to users’ phones telling them about the pseudo-holiday.

Customers receive notifications when the package is on the way and after it has been delivered.

Consider how many notifications Facebook sends about events alone.

But in an age when warnings can be blasted out on radio, TV, smartphones, and through old-fashioned door-to-door notifications, this is becoming less likely.)

[Emily Stewart] How smartphone notifications got out of control.

But he said the way we receive push notifications on our phones today will need some serious rethinking.

“All these apps are pushing notifications at you.

Its randomized tale and journey of high adventure enlivens the humdrum business of minimizing windows and checking notifications.

I do think you should turn off as many notifications as you can.

I think you should remove the notifications, I only let them in for text messages because I don’t have that many people texting me.

So every fall, late August, September, I get so many notifications because people start reblogging that again and again and again.

But I got back from picking my son up from school, which is a 15-minute journey, and I had 2,000 Twitter notifications.

If you’re planning to keep your account, now’s a good time to review your “notifications” settings.

Under “Facebook,” you can choose what notifications will show up when you click on the globe in the top-right corner of the screen.

Users will now be able to mute specific keywords from their notifications, as well as mute conversations.

If user with a large number of followers sends harassers your way, you can eliminate the notifications with a few clicks.

The notifications will start to go up at noon EST.

The notifications will start to go up at noon EST.

Sam and I have worked very closely on evolving push notifications which appear on your lock screen.

A year or so ago the push notifications from the New York Times were simply headlines.

We need to evolve a new voice for push notifications.”

And then notifications become a way for you to connect with the Times.

I get the push notifications even though I try to turn most of them off.

On the addiction front … Gosh, I would say turn off notifications.

In the meantime, what has helped Twitter’s user growth are two other products: Better push notifications and its new algorithmic timeline.

Is that how you drive people into the theaters to see it?We do email, we do campaigns, push notifications, things like that.

Those notifications also included a previously-unknown detail: That Cambridge Analytica may have had access to some users’ private Facebook messages.

Drivers receive notifications if they are canceling too many trips, and they could be deactivated if they keep on doing it.

That all changed when the first push notifications about the attempted coup reached us.

notifications are silent and there is no vibration, so as not to alert any potential attackers to the presence of users.

And, frankly, she had no idea how insistent the Apple Watch could be when it comes to notifications.

Twenty-eight drugmakers filed notifications with California agencies in early November disclosing that they planned to raise prices in 60 days or longer.

Bayer filed notifications with California agencies to increase prices on six of its drugs in January, many of which are birth control products.

ER: Right, or how it interacts with your computer or phone when different notifications pop up.

It’s OK to be a little out of the loop right now, so turn your notifications off.

The pleasant plink of AIM’s original notifications are all there in AIM Phoenix, and they pushed a strange dopamine rush through my brain.

And if you don’t have push notifications turned on for the entire network, it just doesn’t work.

One is, it’s instant but asynchronous, and you’ve got notifications to bring you back when it’s worthy of your attention.

You can access all your notifications when it’s plugged into the dock on your big screen.

I had them on notifications.

Notice all those notifications you’re suddenly getting about privacy policy updates from Facebook, Google, and multiple other companies?

notifications in and of themselves, right?

The lock screen and notifications window — the two places you interact with notifications — are merging into one.

Click on this to reveal notification settings for mobile, email, text, and website notifications.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on the mobile app1.

It’s an opportunity to upload their videos, we have all these features to be able to communicate, notifications

I do probably check the notifications tab more than any other tab on my … Well, that and the home feed.

Next, set up saved job alerts and email notifications for new openings that meet your needs.

No PayPal notifications.

Limit what apps get your data and send push notifications Apps on most Android devices have more rights than you’d probably like.

Less dangerous but just as annoying are push notifications, which almost every app wants to send you now.

You can set up a push notification profile for every app in the “notifications” submenu under Settings.

There you can determine whether an app can send you notifications at all or only for specific occasions.

Plus, the thrill of having 20 notifications on Facebook when you get home is like mainlining esteem.

Over the past week, I received more than 60 email notifications from people trying to steal money from me.

If the misogynistic vitriol that fills my inbox and my Twitter notifications is any indication, a lot of men feel this way.

Do you often find yourself distracted by incoming alerts and notifications?

But I honestly can’t blame my school—we have 3,200 students and the police must get notifications like everyday.

The next morning I woke up with hundreds of notifications and email messages.

It includes new apps like Measure and Siri Shortcuts, grouped notifications, and new emoji (coming in an update later this month).

So, you know, we have push notifications for things, but that’s not the primary way we do things.

Is that something you guys are working on or you’re sort of setting in app notifications?

Other than that, it doesn’t antagonize him with push notifications.

ZS: And you also have other notifications going on so you have to like deal with those.

“We’ve found that helpful notifications are ones which read and feel gentle and suggestive rather than aggressive and demanding,” they said.

Though for now the company is just sending out notifications and reports to drivers, Uber has begun to test more physical solutions.

They’re doing more research around tone and working in notifications, and launched a Kickstarter to get the app funded.

His country is responsible for official tasks such as receiving and circulating notifications made by members of the pact.

This piece uses stamps collected from around the world on which due dates, paid confirmations, privacy notifications, and other official stamps decorate the paper.

Even before this year’s WWDC, that included 3D Touch, notifications, Widgets, keyboard and content-blocker extensions, and more.

2:57 pm PT: Rich Greenfield just pointed out the push notifications I mentioned above and asked for clarification (thanks, Rich!).

Spiegel says Snapchat has been sending push notifications for Stories since 2014, so it’s unclear why people are just noticing them.

Macs now have a Notification Center that helps users manage notifications from various apps — an innovation pioneered on smartphones.

But such notifications can interrupt other work or family activities.

Slack does let you snooze or disable notifications of posts directly involving you for various time periods.

Tyrata has created nickel-sized sensors that can detect a tire’s tread status and send drivers notifications on their mobile devices.

Chat notifications are rare and are sent intermittently, and the Gchat integration across both desktop and mobile is exceedingly buggy.

Among the features are a new spilt-screen mode, improved notifications and support for Daydream, Google’s new approach to virtual reality.

I was dead tired, but my phone continued to light up with notifications every few minutes.

A constant stream of Instagram notifications was blocking the top bar of my iPhone.

I had hundreds of hateful, threatening Twitter notifications.

Now, at least, the company is giving users a shield of sorts — a troll filter for notifications.

My career is sluggish, my best friends are tumbleweeds, and I’m not even getting enough app notifications.

In a half-digital world laden with anxiety (constant notifications!

Slack has plenty of options: You can turn notifications off and on, and you can tailor when and how you receive messages.

The members-only site can send real-time alerts and push notifications whenever it detects massive price drops, error fares, or flash sales.

A few months later, a Reddit user called “horsenbuggy” declared that they had unsubscribed from Treasure Truck notifications.

Instead, EPA staffers learned the news through social media, text messages, and news notifications.

The buzzing of push notifications, the nagging red bubbles on apps, and endless feeds create the perfect storm of distractions.

It’s the same approach Twitter used in August when it rolled out a feature so users could filter their notifications.

Next, the technology had to evolve to keep up, with solutions emerging such as responsive design, push notifications, native application development frameworks and more.

Absentminded Yelping and indifferent glances at New York Times push notifications may now be taken-for-granted byproducts of the digital revolution.

Gourmet Market wants its customers to not only use the website, but also Echo or push notifications to do business with them.

I felt queasy watching those emails populate my inbox in real-time, notifications like red, festering boils.

It has a two-way radio that ostensibly lets you talk to your pet, too, and sends notifications when it senses barking.

See the time spent in apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications are received, and how often devices are picked up.

I wake up and immediately I’m anxious because I’ve got 47 notifications from all these different apps.

Basically, I start going through and killing those notifications, which means answering emails, and answering Slack, which is basically the new email.

Do Not Disturb during Bedtime hides all notifications from your lock screen while you sleep.

notifications notifications from the same app are automatically grouped together to help you manage your notifications.

New Deliver Quietly option silently sends notifications directly to Notification Center without interrupting you.

Go and check my notifications, I’m very diligent about handling those.

Cat comes and bugs me and I plow through a bunch of notifications, bunch of emails.

DB: Turning off notifications from apps that I don’t care about.

Lock-screen notifications, widgets and the Control Center are more logically organized and easier to use.

How it tracks our usage and perhaps sends messages through notifications to manipulate our responses, which are totally …

I also put it on silent so I can’t hear the tempting notifications of the group chat—it can wait until lunch time.”

Automate your industry notifications.

And then there are the notifications, ever-present on every operating system on every device.

notifications are supposed to save you time, but often they wind up doing the opposite.

More likely, I fear, they will just spew more messages and notifications they think — wrongly — you care about.

This happened to me as I was writing this column, because I forgot to kill notifications for a while.

They permit and control the notifications, at the least.

Or you could carefully tweak your notifications on iOS and Android.

During our interview, he receives more than 40 notifications in less than a minute.

“All these legal beneficiaries received constant notifications about the irregularities in Romania’s public healthcare system.

Farmville and other games sent a deluge of notifications to friends of players (“Sally Smith sent you a sheep on Farmville!”).

Everyone on every tier of this conversation is automatically notified, but it’s easy on Facebook for someone to dismiss notifications from a thread.

“Messaging is instant but asynchronous, and you’ve got notifications to bring you back,” Marcus said.

Setting up notifications for new posts, games, and other updates on the site is easy, but sometimes those notifications can become overwhelming.

Luckily, disabling Facebook notifications — or customizing which notifications you receive and which you don’t — is quick and easy.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on your computer1.

On the left-hand side of your Settings screen, you will see an option for “notifications.”

Using “direct reply notifications,” for example, means developers can now allow their users to reply to incoming notifications right from the notifications shade.

Developers can now also bundle notifications from the same app together.

Widgets, notifications and menus now use black or transparent black as much as possible.

It also reports receiving more than 600 data breach notifications, affecting a total of around 15 million people, since GDPR D-Day.

Track titles, which are absurd, were gleaned via the festival app, which sent push notifications with each new song.

Apple has also unveiled a completely redesigned lock screen with rich notifications that can display tiny live widgets.

Washington has detailed more than 500 different subsidies it says China applies in notifications to the WTO.

People who like Android really like the notifications.

There were some new things, like you’d be able to group notifications.

When the money is transferred, both the customer and the recipient are notified through in-app notifications and SMS alerts.

A “clear all notifications” option.

Apple needs to add an option to the top of Notification Center to clear all your notifications.

As part of its latest smartphone software update, Apple will allow users to more easily switch off notifications for certain apps.

In its promotional material for the feature, Apple showed a user switching off Facebook notifications.

Although it notes that Facebook is the only company that “fully achieves the target of reviewing the majority of notifications within the day”.

While Facebook received the largest amount of notifications (1,273 cases), followed by YouTube (658 cases) and Twitter (644 cases).

Notification Filters Get an extra level of control by filtering the types of accounts you see in your notifications.

You can choose to stop seeing notifications from certain kinds of accounts.

We also caught the social network testing discrete notifications rather than the tagging friends feature.

Starting Thursday, some Twitter users will be able filter their notifications so they only see mentions from people they’re following.

The downside is that blocking notifications from those you don’t follow means you may also miss out on mentions you want to see.

Your avatar will indicate that you’re on vacation, you won’t receive notifications and your profile will say when you’re coming back.

The notifications about the bug leads to a page of info about the issue, with a link to review affected posts.

Widgets, such as Weather, also became available in Notification Centre which was simplified to two tabs: notifications and Today.

“It is legal to deaccession artwork as long as proper procedures and notifications have been followed.

The notifications also included 1,240 TOW anti-tank missiles worth as much as $299 million, one of the sources said.

At the end of that service, the police called me back—along with Tommy, my fellow chaplain—to start dealing with the death notifications.

With this, businesses can send verified rich messages with boarding passes, credit card fraud alerts and package delivery notifications, for example.

Silence Slack notifications for a bit, or close that Gmail tab.

Or perhaps Apple could have structured a notification platform that would have allowed users to pick between different classes of notifications.

Instead, it created a situation where users had to turn to the only defense left to them: switching off push notifications entirely.

Users also can mute notifications from the apps for up to eight hours.

Today, when users install new apps they often say “No” to push notifications.

And with Apple’s new tools to control notifications, users are now actively triaging which apps can get in touch.

“What it has done for me personally is I’ve gone in and gutted the number of notifications,” Cook said.

notifications appeared in Facebook’s main app, too.

For example, we can change how often we receive the distracting notifications that trigger our compulsion to check.

notifications can be read to you in a hushed voice.

Deer said she logged onto Instagram and received notifications regarding the image.

I spent the rest of the day reopening my notifications tab, just to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it.

The patent outlines some interesting ways that a dynamically tightening Apple Watch band could send notifications to a user.

notifications to flick away.

The US and Russia have exchanged about 15,700 notifications since 2011.

The content of these conversations will be hidden in the chat list as well as in notifications to keep the information you share private.

This could be in the form of emails, notifications, SMSes, vibrations to your wearable, etc.

As designers, we often pay little attention to notifications: It’s more of an afterthought to the products we design.

Users are flooded with notifications every day, and there is a big competition to get noticed.

MyFitnessPal, an exercise and food tracker, uses repetitive notifications to remind you to take action.

and varied notifications to encourage action.

By grouping users based on their intrinsic motivations, we can now send highly specific notifications.

For users whose primary need is for approval, notifications such as “Looking good” and “You’re doing a great job” could be used.

OneDrop, a diabetes management app, uses positive notifications to keep users motivated.

For users whose primary need is for admiration, notifications such as “You’re crushing the competition today” and “You nailed it” can be effective.

When you sign on to Twitter, sometimes it won’t give you notifications right away.

Users of the Sunflower System get notifications via a mobile app when there’s activity detected on their property.

You can connect it to your phone, as well, and get weather data and notifications.

That’s about notifications.

notifications parents might receive via this dashboard are that their child shared a phone number, used a swear word, or posted an inappropriate photo.

Best enjoyed with Slack notifications on silent.

Things I recommend people do is turn off notifications, clean up your home screen.

For our whole lives, our social media feeds and news notifications have granted blinding visibility to the terrors of the world around us.

And it’s also beacon technology: hardware that sends push notifications to targeted consumers.

I left the next morning emotionally exhausted, my phone screen crowded with notifications I didn’t want to answer or know about.

Twitter and Facebook notifications aren’t bright red laid over blue app icons, but flat, uncritical shades of gray.

LG: So you use a lot of notifications, is what you’re saying?

Rollo Wenlock: Then Slack does notifications of all the other notifications, and so its like notification inception on the front of my iPhone.

LG: I mean, the notifications are also intermittent.

“It’s really funny because I’m just flooded with these notifications that I’m getting a dollar from strangers.”

LG: We need to talk about your notifications and your app tics and everything else.

There’ll be no game or push notifications sent, but people can open the app then for a moment of remembrance.

LG: She said, “Turning off notifications wasn’t enough for me.

I’ve been turning off notifications, deleting addicting native apps, and using accountability tech like Freedom.

She was beyond the reach of the familiar cascade of updates and notifications.

The two-factor notifications told him people were trying to gain access, but all he had to do was change his PSN password.

Combined with this is an option to get a scheduled digest of notifications as an alternative.

This setting combines all the daily push notifications into a single combined notification that is sent out only once per day.

Facebook pushed to show its alerts and links back to the parent company inside of Instagram’s notifications and settings tabs.

As we’ve come to expect from a modern OS, there’s yet another revamping of notifications and control center stuff.

It started testing push notifications inside of Instagram this summer to drive people back to the Facebook app.

Before, the option let you remove certain keywords, phrases, and conversations from your notifications.

These alerts will display in your notifications tab in the app.

Our document tool has an inbox and it has notifications.

Sometime in 2015, I accidentally set up desktop notifications for

We’ve heard from users on everything from the size of thumbnails to how to add new things to how notifications should work.

DeviantArt itself is comprised of nearly a dozen or more products, from the Deviations page to the notifications to feedback.

The app will take you to the S10’s notifications access menu, where you simply need to tap the switch for Energy Ring.

People would see notifications of incoming emails and text messages.

Creators will be notified by email and in-product notifications when the tool becomes available to them.

No notifications mean it’s a manual process of launching the app every time you get in the car, either on Android or iOS.

Depending on your settings, you’ll get push notifications and you’ll be able to see transactions right after each purchase.

The app would send push notifications to relay flight information and when the suitcase arrived on the luggage carousel.

Slack will send push notifications for activity that occurs while offline, but it uses email to notify users of mentions and direct messages.

Last year, she woke up to a flood of notifications on Twitter after catching Steve Lacy’s attention for her Midnight Moonlight EP.

“I was getting toxic push notifications and it was really destroying my sanity for a while.

This throws a huge wrench in the idea of lens-projected notifications and content, so Focals created its own special projector.

The product is designed to move notifications from your phone to your sightline.

These notifications include the date and time, the weather, text notifications, email, Slack, Apple News alerts, Uber notifications, sports scores, turn-by-turn navigation and more.

“An emerging body of literature shows that people often attend immediately to notifications received on their phones,” the study says.

Facebook has confirmed it’s testing a “more discreet” option for sharing posts with friends via Facebook notifications, the company says.

The company confirmed today that it is working on a fix for a problem with notifications that’s been messing with Like counts.

My hook has certainly been notifications.

While allowing me to be in control, notifications also prevent me from getting sucked into email or Twitter.

Aside from notifications, there are no killer apps I have found.

Some people around the world are experiencing an issue with notifications, Likes, and Retweets.

Now, you can also preview notifications with 3D touch.

Here’s what’s happening: a glitch in the notifications system is crashing springboard, the part of iOS that handles your home screen.

And I don’t know if she gets notifications whenever we post something, or if she’s constantly refreshing.

Once you’re on 11.2, you can turn all those notifications back on.

You probably don’t use any apps with local/scheduled notifications, or you’ve already got them turned off.

Gone are the wallpaper-hiding notifications.

Now, each notification is a bubble, a bit like macOS notifications.

Of the 400,000 participants, 0.5 percent, or about 2,000 subjects, received notifications of an irregular pulse.

Some 84 percent of the irregular pulse notifications were later confirmed to have been AF episodes, data showed.

The notifications also included 1,240 TOW anti-tank missiles worth as much as $299 million, one of the sources said.

When prices fall, Hopper sends out push notifications to convert the app’s users to airfare buyers.

The app’s use of push notifications is what’s been helping boost sales.

Today, over 20 million notifications are sent out monthly, and 90 percent of bookings are from those alerts.

With this mode, you don’t get any notifications and you can configure an auto-reply if somebody texts you.

The homescreen instead dedicates most of its room to a new personalized notifications section.

The software has also been updated to send fewer notifications that are more accurate.

if the sender has opted in to receive the “Security Code has changed” notifications — the conversation can still continue “uninterruptedly”.

The posters, made in the style of the typical service information notifications, welcome passengers aboard the “Pride Train.”

It worked, and his iScroll blinked with the first notifications he’d gotten since he first started working on unlocking the phone.

“The mayor’s office is saddened that its notifications were not observed,” said Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella.

While Walsh wasn’t getting constantly bombarded with notifications filled with opinions about her character, she was aware of how people felt.

They can show you text messages (or Slack notifications, if you fiddle with the settings), turn-by-turn navigation, reminders from your calendar, and the weather.

TripcaseOnce you’ve imported a flight onto the app, it will send notifications to your email, phone, and smartwatch in the event of delays.

You’ll receive push notifications on your phone a few hours before the flight departs, in addition to gate changes and cancellations.

At the same time, Thunderbird will also get a few user interface updates, better notifications and, maybe even more importantly, better Gmail support.

That’s right, the channels, the ability to communicate, the ability to set notifications on top of it.

Also new in Trello are improved notifications.

You’ll now be able to change due dates and stop notifications from any given card right from the notifications.

The second is notifications.

Boot yourself out of Snapchat after an hour, don’t let any Twitter notifications in after 10 PM, etc.

“I always advise people to disable [lock screen notifications].

You’ll need to go app by app to disable lock screen notifications for each, but to stay secure, it’s worth your time.

Of course, with internet fame comes blown-up notifications, publications like ours asking for comment, and… reunions with your preschool crush?

I sort of hope he wakes up to a million notifications, texts, and interview requests.

In terms of notifications and things like that.

You’ll also get notifications to end a workout.

The company said it was sending email notifications to additional affected user accounts.

The buttons remain in the same positions, and pops of color are still shown to highlight things like notifications, for example.

On Tuesday afternoon, Twitter started sending weird notifications with seemingly random characters in them to users.

“You know those red bubbles that appear when you get notifications?

“We send an invisible background notification to the app with badge counts (mainly unread notifications, DMs, etc.

“The issue caused these notifications to become visible for a short period of time.

We don’t get notifications if the tip has been increased after the delivery.

All of them said they voluntarily get their grades pushed to their phones through notifications.

Further, their parents sometimes receive the same notifications.

For several days, untold numbers of Twitter users have been getting push notifications whenever someone unfollows them.

To add insult to injury, the notifications say the user has “followed them back” when in fact the opposite is true.

I saw nothing on my end, perhaps because I have notifications disabled for the app—push, email, and text.

Depending on your settings, Twitter will send notifications whenever you get a new follower, like, or retweet.

Today, dismissing news notifications is almost second nature.

“On average about a third of the notifications do not receive a feedback detailing the decision taken.

While Instagram managed 77.4 % of notifications assessed in less than 24 hours.

notifications will be sent to a Page’s Live subscribers, and some of their most active followers.

notifications are now grouped and you can silence them from the lock screen.

Some go so far as to change the date of their birthday or close their wall to avoid the contentless notifications.

of notifications from your phone alerting you to the content your friends are creating and consuming.

Push notifications are used to alert users of these requests and approvals along with other updates, private notes, chats and more.

Once your app is set up, you can forget about it and notifications will regularly tell you how you’re doing.

The company said it has reset passwords on all affected accounts, and is “in the process of sending individual notifications to affected users”.

If you choose to stay logged in, using the privacy features and turning your notifications off can at least reduce the effects of triggers.

The registry would include high-risk child sex offenders, but only those who are already included in local or provincial public notifications.

For example, if someone thinks a part of an article is biased or needs attribution, it would send different notifications to the journalists.

You could do that directly through the card institution’s email notifications, or through an account aggregator like Mint, she says.

I dread the fresh hell the Washington Post 5 PM push notifications bring.

The advert then shows some notifications a customer might expect if they used the product.

The notifications on the lock screen are also new.

With this update, transit notifications become a bit more like using Maps for walking, biking and driving.

Last year, we gained the ability to mute notifications, keywords, phrases, and conversations.

A guy posted that, “Girls who post half naked photos get 300 notifications and 200 friend requests..

Girls who don’t post half naked photos get 5 notifications and respect.”

“It’s not that participants were distracted because they were getting notifications on their phones,” Ward said.

That’s because they’re now mirroring the iPhone notifications.

“We heard from people that notifications were the most helpful part of the Apple Watch Twitter experience.

With this, we are focusing on supporting more robust, media-rich notifications.

After a few seconds, my phone erupted with notifications.

Reaching for my phone, I brace myself for the several dozens of notifications and reminders silenced during my slumber.

In the future, I’ll probably tailor my notifications to be the bare minimum.

Pray silence, and mute your notifications, as we consider the five stages of an internet shaming.

They have 165 notifications.

Although Messenger has read receipts, it’s easy to get around these by enabling message notifications.

If you use WhatsApp, you can mitigate the risks of this attack by turning on the “Show Security notifications” in the security settings.

Have you not checked your notifications?

Over the course of today, expect to see plenty of banners and notifications across some of the most highly trafficked sites.

With Facebook feed clutter and pop-up notifications, and your various friends and family boosting those signals, news consumption is near-osmotic, meaning (blissful?)

notifications and widgets look darker.

The notifications, the inmate documents, around the place make it out to be Lithurst Asylum, Spirehouse Lane, Blackwell, Bromsgrove B60 1QD.

People can opt in to notifications.

GD2 SHAWN has enabled push notifications to MOBILE DEVICE.

Disable 529 notifications?

Disable all notifications to MOBILE DEVICE?

Virtually every random site you go to these days wants you to subscribe to its push notifications.

Chances are you don’t want to subscribe to push notifications from every random site you visit.

Most sites use a web standard for sending push notifications to pop up these notification requests.

The paintings—each titled with a time from 7:30 to 4:30­—show the inescapable daytime created by 24-hour cities, and 24-hour social media notifications.

For others, the app-less Zune is a sanctuary from endless smartphone notifications.

Both anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred was prevalent in the illegal content notifications, with slurs against ethnic origin, national origin, and race also appearing.

Despite Facebook receiving the highest number of illegal content notifications, the company only removed the content in 28.3 percent of cases.

Keep in mind, non-LG apps can’t make use of the additional screen space (outside of notifications).

You can subscribe to stories on fan fiction sites and get notifications when a new instalment goes up.

These businesses will be able to use our solutions to provide customers with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates.

6:35 PMDespite notifications for incoming communications being turned off, I’ve still had to send a few text here and there.

“Then I saw all those notifications, non-stop.

Face recognition is also built in, and you can register your face and a few other ones that can check notifications.

The wonderfully clunky GIFs show how filters, notifications, and uploads would work in the antiquated operating system.

When transactions occur, both Shared account holders receive the push notifications on their phone.

I don’t have my notifications set for “Do Not Disturb” after work.

This takes the form of push notifications and the “Starling Pulse,” a real-time feed that displays all your account activity.

They have been displayed prominently in news alerts—including emails and push notifications.

This encrypts the traffic between your computer and your destination, preventing Comcast from serving the pop-up notifications in the first place.

If you’re that person who has email notifications on your phone, turn them off as soon as your out-of-office message is active.

A 2016 Forbes investigation claimed that 30 to 70 percent of the time, officers responding to ShotSpotter notifications couldn’t find any evidence of gunshots.

Old habits die hard, though, and even turning off notifications probably can’t keep the avid email answerer from sneaking a peek.

And like Twitter, the app includes features like Bookmarks, a darker “Night mode” theme, threads, and starting today, push notifications.

If keeping your phone on you for listening to music is a must, you can use the Vivosport to control playback and receive notifications.

This allows real-time notifications to vehicles that could potentially prevent the worsening of these accidents.

Developers can now build interactive widgets for notifications and 3D touch shortcuts.

“I’ve been getting notifications all day (every 3 minutes on average) for the past 12+ hours.

When everything meets specifications, notifications get sent to managers at the head office to let them know that the layout has been completed.

Now, Uber is adding a few new features, including trip type preferences, more driver destinations and long trip notifications.

They write for other writers, they write for the dopamine rush of notifications, they write for the Hearts and Thumbs-Ups or whateverthefucks.

Society’s breaking down, the news is spewing out zombie-related push notifications, the undead line the streets.

WATCH: 11:58 AM: Twitter apparently changes my settings, so I only get notifications from people who are verified.

Perhaps the coolest part of Sportle is the notifications feature, which you can set up to notify you when your favorite teams are playing.

Since Zuck’s post, I’ve noticed one change on Facebook: notifications showing up when I’m logged out.

If you don’t believe notifications are out of control, look at device manufacturers’ latest moves.

If anger over notifications seems petty and misplaced—it’s not.

Some were less shocking, such as news tips, or fake phone bills or credit card purchase notifications.

With the change, however, the swipe works anywhere — including the Home timeline, the notifications tab, your Profile page, or even within Twitter Search results.

No step counters or notifications mar the stark simplicity of this strange watch.

How does the constant buzz of smartphone notifications affect their condition?

Topics ranged from how they played browser games together and sent anonymous notifications to crushes.

“The idea is to bring messaging into the same room as wider conversations.” notifications, meanwhile, is getting its own “inbox,” so to speak.

He also continued to receive at least a dozen apparently redundant notifications of termination or suspension from YouTube throughout the weekend.

Given the immense amount of distraction that we have these days from notifications, this could be a welcome change for some.

The Charge 3 pops up notifications from popular apps like Facebook and Uber and lets users accept or reject calls.

New lockscreen and control center – You can now get your full list of notifications on the lock screen with a quick upward swipe.

Imagine if you switched push notifications on for your account.

Another big driving safety feature is a new Do Not Distrub mode that can sense when you’re driving and turn off notifications.

433’s photos and videos typically get 200,000-plus likes — so, Demy, go switch those push notifications off before your phone (and/or head) explodes.

There are three separate notifications that tank tops aren’t allowed.

I’ve not been given any official notifications whatsoever, it’s all through talking to people on the ground.”

It’s also still lacking notifications, which seem worth the data.

Email notifications on or no email notifications.

They can also receive notifications on Slack or track air quality factors in a Google spreadsheet.

Fanning told Vanity Fair that one morning she woke up to a surge of notifications on Instagram.

Brands and professional Instagrammers asked followers to turn on post notifications for their pages.

Users were stringing together EC2 instances, containers, notifications, and CloudWatch monitoring.

According to the company’s announcement, Big Mouth Billy Bass can react to timers, notifications and alarms, and can play Amazon Music.

Subscribe to Strangers Series on Facebook’s new platform Watch, to get notifications about new episodes each Monday.

This appeared at the top of one user’s notifications tab.

This appeared at the top of one user’s notifications tab.

No notifications blowing up your phone.

In August, the feature will arrive in Bixby Home, bringing with it customizable notifications based on sports or specific teams.

Fans can also receive notifications when an exciting game is happening.

And like the Echo, LG’s tall black speaker tower connects to various smart home devices, streams music and offers up notifications.

You can also get real time notifications of your transactions on your phone if you care about security.

For example by using a company can stop customer churn by tracing product usage attributes in intercom and triggering notifications in a CRM.

But the watchdog said that the IRS hasn’t found the funding to roll out notifications.

This new app was built on the Universal Windows Platform, with support for Windows 10-specific features like Windows Hello, Live Tiles, and notifications.

For instance, Stealthy relies on Firebase for push notifications.

With Prevent, drivers will now receive notifications if they’re distracted, tailgating or if there are other potential risks on the road.

That’s a pretty easy bar to hit for a service as ubiquitous and that generates as many notifications as Facebook.

Like similar services, App Center also includes support for sending push notifications to users.

They all use thirsty notifications, promote contrarian posts that get a lot of engagement and play with your emotions.

If the kid has a phone, the Ace will also display call notifications.

Crowdfire had already gotten in trouble with Twitter for offering a prohibited auto-DM feature and tools specifically for generating follow notifications.

The smart displays also will feature all of the usual Google notifications, similar to the old Google Now screen on Android.

Hater will also use push notifications to pull in lapsed users by giving them the chance to weigh in on more timely questions.

The platform also integrates with existing business systems, such as CRM for contract generation and Slack for comment notifications.

In later iterations, that app will also sync notifications to your desktop, but for now, that’s not an option.

The app will send periodic notifications to users reminding them they’re selling their data to Facebook and offering them an opt-out.

The same thinking applies to notifications.

While I usually keep my notifications on for texts, I turn them off for every other app to save power.

It’s a handy little addition, adding time and date and popping up notifications as they come across.

Also discussed: Bot Fatigue and the state of notifications six months after the Summit.

Its service covers a range of touchpoints with consumers, including email, in-app activity, push notifications, Facebook, WhatsApp (for business) and Viber.

It will show up in safe search, Top Tweets, push notifications and a few other places.

The Blaze and Alta, meanwhile, are getting software updates that will bring new notifications, clock faces and move reminders.

About a month ago, Twitter rolled out a new feature that would show you a bunch of random shit in your notifications tab.

For example, if a couple of people that you follow liked a tweet, it’d show up in your notifications tab.

There it was in your notifications tab.

If people are engaging, they must love the new notifications, right?

Still, there is an easy alternative to clogging up Twitter notifications with stuff about other people: the Instagram way.

Don’t dilute the notifications tab of your platform.

Don’t use something as sacred as the notifications tab to get better engagement.

The Local Alerts are delivered via News Feed, Today In, and Pages can also target users with notifications about them.

The mobile app, which provides real­-time data from transit agencies with user crowdsourcing, gives users notifications from their ride.

Among the system tools available here are multi-camera support, enhanced notifications, display cutout (notches for days) and ImageDecoder.

This is attributed to these apps’ use of push notifications, in-app messages, email, and remarking.

Additionally, he says that you’ll be able to switch off notifications for app reviews from the iOS settings.

That includes a number of the new OS features, which will impact usage across apps, including multi-camera support, display cutout, enhanced notifications and ImageDecoder.

During Downtime, notifications from apps aren’t displayed, and a badge appears on apps so kids know they can’t currently be used.

Users are receiving notifications today about unauthorized access to their accounts in 2015 and 2016, which occurred due to previously disclosed cookie forging.

Google then handles the rest for you by either sending and email, text message or in-app notifications.

TC: What about notifications?

And notifications are customizable for both parents and their kids.

It combines all the services you need into a single window and handles notifications and documents better than a normal browser.

Those who got in early, however, have started getting shipping notifications for a February 9 delivery.

notifications also get their own tab.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know because one guy didn’t check his notifications.

You can scan recent emails, Trello notifications and Slack messages in the same interface.

And there’s also a focus mode that lets you silence notifications for a 15 minutes or an hour.

As the notifications and messages overrun our lives, we need meditation to morph from a luxury into something anyone can experience.

Instagram is turning the Time Well Spent philosophy into features to help users avoid endless scrolling and distraction by notifications.

Holders can also freeze/unfreeze the card from the Transferwise app and receive push notifications every time they spend.

But why add chat to an app that is otherwise all about private custom notifications?

Facebook is also considering allowing users to turn off sound or vibration on its notifications.

While I like those two features, I use the Apple Watch mostly for notifications and calendar apps.

Little notifications on my user interface showed me where my rivals had stepped, bled, and fired weapons.

Although it remains to be seen whether they will impact the flotilla of cookie consent notifications that accompany Europeans around the web.

Plus, as Facebook Events, marches could take advantage of built-in Facebook features, like notifications, reminders, discussion boards, Messenger and more.

The company is working on a fix, and you won’t receive non-security-related text messages if you never signed up for those notifications.

And if you haven’t logged into Facebook in a while, you can certainly see how annoying those notifications can get over time.

Close a bunch of notifications first.

It doesn’t matter if you add your phone number for security reasons or to receive notifications.

The company is currently monitoring over 2 billion flight prices per day and sending out 12 million notifications to users per month.

But — on the plus side for data controllers — GDPR removes the requirement to submit notifications to local DPAs about data processing activities.

The major new feature in Chrome 50 is support for improved push notifications.

Of course it tracks steps and heart rate and displays select notifications from my phone.

Spraying push notifications at too large an audience or painstakingly choosing who to ping is discouraging.

The first time I tested a smart security camera in my home, I ended up disabling the notifications.

On mobile, you’ll be sent push notifications.

Messages and notifications in these conversations will also be hidden in the chat list to keep the communication private.

Yet these are some of the videos that have crookedly taken advantage of the notifications and extra News Feed visibility of Facebook Live posts.

To make things easier for developers, Google modeled the development pattern after Android notifications.

by displaying the full content of notifications on the lock screen vs just a generic notice if someone else is looking.

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