Nice in a sentence | Use of the word nice examples

Summer’s almost here — but before you start Instagramming up the barbecue, wouldn’t it be nice to declutter all the technology in your life?

I love Pope Francis as much as the next nice Jewish girl.

Rating But, boy, it would be nice for the network if the show took off.

Coco is a nice girl, works really hard.

What’s the … except not San Junipero, that one, because that’s a nice one, but all the bad ones.

Except, obviously, not as honest, not as open, not as vulnerable, not as fair, not as nice, fine.

It’s nice when that happens, when you make that connection.

Whatever it means, it’s a nice object full of pretty colors, patterns, and images.

The cover’s nice, but ultimately this zine is nothing and was made by someone not trying.

It’s a really nice way to work.

And I have to say as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said.

“I didn’t dress nice,” he says about his adolescence.

Probably not, and maybe you shouldn’t, but it’s nice to have options.

“We have plenty of evidence humans aren’t really nice underneath,” he said.

It’s a really nice poster, really pretty.

The New Yorker covers are really nice.

One’s the city during sunset and the other is the city at dusk so they just look really nice side by side.

The nice thing about being up in the sky is there’s not a whole lot to hit, right?

The girls hit up The nice Guy in WeHo and displayed their trademark “no-emotion” look as they left together.

We’ve got a nice recording from the party at Brilliant Corners me and Lexx did the other week.

It’s the best venue in London for me—good people, food and music—and Lexx played super nice music.

Padró Ocasio’s friend received an email from Thrush the next morning with the subject line, “nice meeting you!” followed by, “(And apologies?

“It was nice meeting you too!

They usually have the best real-time photos, which is always nice.

He was so nice, so nice, so upbeat, so good.

Brian Phillips wrote a nice explanation for where the word “soccer” came from for Slate in 2010: “It’s an abbreviation of association football.

And of course it’s always nice to see that the feeling is mutual.

Hello Derek, That’s a nice article!

After all that’s quite a wacky take on to exploring the finer arts of checking out really nice bicycles.

Never mind – that was a really nice read for a Saturday morning.

Have a nice day, BV 10 more years of legs?

You did eventually move to the nice part, if I recall.

Yeah, I did eventually move to the nice part.

So … nice try Drake, but this is definitely on some strip club sh**.

Here’s hoping that he goes home to Ohio and enjoys a nice meal.

#SNL “You got Barbie coming in — nice American girl coming in from a dream vacation,” Spicer says.

“It’s just nice to be part of something,” he says, picking up the cheque and getting up to pay.

The waffles measure 4.5 inches wide by 1-inch thick, so these are nice big Belgian waffles.

A head massager

Is there anything quite as nice as a good head rub?

What a nice man.

So I do feel like it would be nice for players to have a little more freedom and movement.

In other words, parents aren’t liable if their kid gets stains on the nice dress they rented.

He is a very nice guy,” Sanders said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He is more conservative than I am.

And yes, this is something nice because some of us recognize that I Write Sins Not Tragedies still seriously slaps.

“Also, thank you for your nice letter – I look forward to seeing you soon!”, Trump said, without elaborating.

Why were we leaving such a nice, comfortable place?

I remember Vanessa Redgrave smelling really nice, and a scene in which I had to scream out of nowhere.

There are a lot of nice emojis in Unicode 9, too.

That’s a nice 35-character philosophy, but it’s not an approach she takes with her constituents.

An analysis of a subset of my more recent tweets rated me as 99 percent nice.

Friday morning, French authorities confirmed the identity of the man who ran over a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in nice, France.

If that’s what happened in nice, it is a horrific act — but one that, thankfully, is not likely to recur frequently.

The best way to respond to the tragedy in nice isn’t to hastily call for illiberal assaults on Muslim civil rights.

But he can’t play too nice with the party.

But it was really nice.

You’ve seen what happened in Paris and nice.

nice places to visit, maybe, but you wouldn’t want to live there the way you do with a good dive.

It’s a nice, moody revisiting of the themes that early Buffy explored so well.

The final season should be a nice, wholesome conclusion to a show that, for those who actually made it, was anything but.

Instead, i will say that this mix is fluorescent yellow with swirls of a very nice cobalt blue.

“Everyone will be nice to the US president — but behind the scenes, they will adjust their political calculations to reflect real-world politics.”

A monthly treat, especially on a tight budget, can be an extremely nice thing to look forward to.

It’s a nice and low-pressure way to provide growth and direction after graduation.

Or, if you’ve already gotten them a small gift but it doesn’t quite cover it, a gift card is a nice supplement.

It will also look nice in an internship or office setting.

“On the surface may look like a nice dress or something,” Salvador said.

It would be nice if it did.

Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals were shrill, materialistic, or judgmental by turn, but they were also nice women who loved one another.

That’s the nice thing about motherhood: Nobody does it quite right.

Alan Walker nice to see country music is making an appearance at Coachella this year.

Other relatives and friends interviewed in nice doubted he had militant Islamist leanings.

nice‘s beaches, which are usually packed in mid-July, were noticeably less busy.

Tora Hakausson, from Norway, owns a flat in nice, and was dining in a beach restaurant when the attack took place.

Look, it’s nice to talk about family atmospheres.

In a nice flow between the pop culture and the high culture because of that.

It’s nice to have that history behind you, it gives you a nice place to work from.

It’s always nice to see the opposite happen.

It’s understandable why Benioff wants to make nice with Pence.

My time with Melania, it was nice.

It was so nice that Donald was down at Mar-a-Lago, so we enjoyed ourselves.

LG: You guys had a nice little ladies’ lunch?

There was a nice picture.

To make the video even more surreal a nice man brandishing a 2×4 enters the frame shortly after.

Isn’t that nice.

Take a look at nice.

It’s kind of nice, right?

Who it’s for: “It feels like for a very seldom drinker this could be a nice toast.

It’s nice to be here.

“Thank you for watching, and have a nice day.”

He is a nice Guy.

People in Austin are really open and interesting and nice, and the food was always great.

They can go to Perla’s if they want a nice dinner.

“And quite early on, we thought it would be a nice idea if it was a butterfly house, with exotic butterflies flying around.”

Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck, commissioned Haute Living — which also threw the birthday bash — to make a VERY nice watch for Asahd.

You know the nice thing about the mainstream media, they don’t hide their views.

It would be nice if we could find a way to let go of the charade.

Whether it’s institution … Space right in the way … That’s nice.

Very nice how he also just wildly speculates about personal issues for good measure.

So that’s nice.

We were being nice – until now!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

There is something nice about the thought but at the same time something sad and even a little perverted.

And it’s always nice to get it, but it also always feels slightly late and maybe even a little pointless.

These are very nice socks here from Mack Weldon, even though they’re not paying me right now.

We all were around the TV looking at MSNBC launching, and all the comments about it was that they had nice studios or something.

“Being the nice guy isn’t about how that makes you feel, or how much everyone else thinks you’re the nice guy.

Especially in the nationalist scene, it’s the style — to be fit, to have a nice body.

Have any companies approached you to advertise on your account?Not really, but it would be nice if they would.

He is a nice hairy man.

The coal business, people … nice people by the way, I met a lot of people in the coal business.

What a nice way of saying it.

I was like … Charity is nice.

You can add ice cubes or, better yet, an ice block to get the whole thing nice and frosty.

“It’s just a nice reminder: This needs to be taken care of.”

When we started going out in 2015 he was really nice and charming, but by the following year he’d became controlling and abusive.

Look, all that is nice and everything … but the dude should be most proud of his beach bod.

That’s still not a very nice thing to say, but not quite the death threat it was initially understood as.

“It’s kind of nice for families to have something to look at.

It would be nice to just take their money, right?

That’s the nice way of saying it, yeah.

He got a nice green cast to keep things protected for the time being.

Well, Sanders has a bill called the Too Big To Fail, Too Big to Exist Act, which is a nice slogan.

Example: Aswe discussed, I feel my design skills would be a nice complement to your graphics department.

Many of these men and women are perfectly nice people.

It’s nice to be given permission not to feel bad about eating it.

It’s nice to be encouraged to not try so hard if you don’t feel like it.

No doubt, Jeff’s paying out a nice chunk of what was their $149 billion net worth.

A new housing alternative designed by architecture studio nice Architects offers simple living in a self-sustainable and smart mobile microhome.

Last month, nice Architects finally unveiled their first finished Ecocapsule in Bratislava.

“My experience with them is often they are not nearly as nice in person as they are on Instagram.

So nice to see you!’

Bass’s work made a nice transition to Jen Liu’s evocative painted worlds.

nice one Ed.

What a nice guy.”

What a nice guy.”

“He went from being really nice to this rage.”

What a nice guy.”

“He was very nice.

He came across as a happy, nice guy, she said.

“He went from being really nice to this rage,” she said.

“He was so nice, taking pictures and praising everyone’s work.

But the nice thing is that the fans are loyal, and we attracted a lot of fans early on without doing much advertising.

(“It’s nice, and social, and fun!”

The taste of celebrity is nice, but Anthony’s self-awareness and head-down concentration keep his priorities glued in place.

It was a nice shot.

Meghan and DeAndre hung out at The nice Guy in West Hollywood, and then got into the same car and drove off together.

Walker’s son opined that his dad isn’t boring—he’s just a nice guy.

Giving the director of Audition and Ichi the Killer a giant budget and a bunch of really nice guns?

But insensitivity and not being nice to people, I don’t like that.

As for the caddy … nice to see Curry take it like a (3-time) champ.

“They had a nice bus and great uniforms and a lot of athletes at that time.

The 61-year-old Favre joined Dortmund from French club nice.

Even his “nice job” reads sincere.

It’s nice to have a dash of Jack Bush in Boston.

“He’s been very nice to me the times I’ve met him, I’ve been nice to him.

Or does he want to make nice with the Republican Party, as he started to do in the general election?

Whatever the meaning of the Egyptian woman’s tattoos, it’s nice to think that they expressed her female power through less restrictive messages.

—Kyle Kramer | LISTEN The second album from Porches is nice.

nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform.”

nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform.”

This is a nice small win for US dairy farmers and Canadians who consume dairy products.

It’d be nice to go back and not break the Game Boy.

nice salsa, too.

Or maybe a really, really good bowl of Vietnamese pho, with a nice broth, the proper portions, really nice fresh beef.

Or, I’m Italian, so maybe a real nice gnocchi or a nice lasagne or something like that.

I only need a nice couple that would dare to do it.”

The problem is that things that sound nice don’t always work.

“Very nice,” he added.

Everything was nice.

It was really nice seeing you that way.

It’s very lean meat and super tender, and the flavor is really nice; it’s clean-tasting and not too gamey.

And a nice simple system that works,” Trump told reporters.

nice and dandy, but UCLA’s hawkeyed student section caught one mortifying mistake.

These compelling statistics elevate gender parity from something that’s nice to have to something companies, even well-performing tech companies, need to have.

It’s a nice town or small city surrounded by suburbs and a lot of rural area.

“He made things people would eat on the street and served it in a nice restaurant.”

“I think you’re a nice person.

“Listen, I’m really a very nice guy,” calls a man from a convertible.

That’s nice, to have full disclosure.

Simone Veil was born Simone Jacob in 1927 in the Mediterranean city of nice to a middle-class, assimilated — in other words, non-religious — Jewish family.

The Australian cricket team were nice enough to invite us into the dressing rooms, as well, which was a bucket-list item.

It was nice to stay off the court for a few days, started hitting again on Thursday.

It’s like a merging of the two with a nice icing on top.

“Donald Jr. is the nicest of nice guys, genuinely authentic,” the adviser said.

With a November due date, it’s nice they can still see eye to eye on their baby … and social media.

Am I a nice man?

You want to be nice, or you want to be Effective?

(Having civil rights movement veteran Rep. John Lewis lead the sit-in, essentially daring Speaker Paul Ryan to forcibly remove him, is a nice touch.)

“It would nice if we could eliminate the AMT.

Oh, and shipping is free, to any location worldwide, which is nice.

I still prefer the mineral stick, but the roll-on options are nice for when I’m in a rush or traveling.

The button loop is also a nice inclusion, especially for boating and camping trips where hanging things to dry can be tricky.

At least, it’s a nice calming thing to watch while procrastinating at work.

While the world is drastically changing for the worse due to climate change, it’s nice to track wildlife that appear to be thriving.

My grandmother would still probably look at me and say, “That’s nice.

If they were nice people who wanted to build a world free of nuclear weapons, we wouldn’t have to have this deal.

All too self-aware, he is but a whiney dude with a nice bod.

This sounds nice.

The statement mirrored language used in previous claims following vehicle-based attacks — most recently in Columbus, Ohio in November and nice, France in July.

Fact is … it’s not inconsistent to shun fancy cars and jewelry but still live nicely, when the nice stuff serves a purpose.

Very nice job.

Look, Kara being nice to someone, to a bro entrepreneur.

And just having it show up in a box is really nice.

They’re nice.

Think of all the nice people.

I’m like, let’s not think about all the nice people.

Let’s think about the people who aren’t so nice.

That was me being nice for 14 seconds.

There’s a nice synergy going on in wrestling right now.

It’s nice to have another girl in the band now because she does too.

We got Sofia out at 1 AM Thursday leaving The nice Guy … sans the Biebs.

Where the Republican candidate was willing to be supportive, I’d say nice things about the Republican candidate.

The hand-crafted malts from Copper Fox Distillery have some unique flavors that create a nice foundation, adding nice bready and spicy flavors.

When we were at the protest, meeting Fatih and speaking with him and his family, I was thinking, such a nice guy, sweet family.

I was enamored with the fact you both said really nice things about each other even though you’re each other’s exes.

“A very nice letter from Vladimir Putin; his thoughts are so correct.

The Google Pixel’s a pretty nice phone.

The nice one or the mean one?

That was a really nice surprise, I think, to me.

So that was nice.

“We seem to have lost all perspective on what’s naughty or nice,” McKinnon’s elf said to sum up the skit.

That’s nice.

(Researcher Alice Dreger has a nice summary and critique of these studies here.)

“Kiss and Tell” (season 1, episode 7) Sometimes it’s nice when this show just does cute.

I don’t know everything about Comey, and he seemed like a nice, upstanding guy.

We hadn’t worked with Ian in quite some time, so that was nice.

Whatever the case, I had a nice time.

She had a song called “Paper” that was a B-side; it was really nice and should have been on the album.

I got paid for it, it was pretty nice!

I smiled hesitantly and thanked her for the nice words.

But it was nice to write some character sketches after Finisterre.

“It is rather nice to tick the ‘married’ box when filling out forms though.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Radar,” says a smiling Fieri.

“It was really nice to meet you.

I like nice hotel rooms, but how many years now, feign interest in yet another Denver omelette?

It was nice to experiment and change sounds.

Either way, it’s not a very nice bday gift for the comic book icon … who just turned 95 on Thursday.

Fortunately, behind the paranoid facade of his music, he’s actually a really nice guy.

“This is good, it is nice, it is a recognition of reality, it is almost self-evident.

It’s a fine commentary on the kinds of dorks who play nice at the office but harbor domineering male fantasies.

“I’ve got a house and a nice studio setup that I’ve built over the years.

A place on the internet where people are actually nice, and you can also win money or a ski holiday?

Trump may not be a nice guy, the thinking goes, and we may not like some of the things he says.

Ken Starr, who headed the investigation into Bill Clinton’s associates during the 1990s Whitewater controversy, had only nice things to say about him.

We could all use a change of scenery once in a while, and travel is a nice way to switch things up.

“The location — like in sunny Barcelona — is a nice perk, but don’t forget that your team comes first.”

For me, it’s not because I want the biggest audience — which would be nice!

It’s also kind of nice to know where your next month’s rent is going to come from.

It’s just nice to have stability for once in my career.

I also get comments that are meant to be nice but are incredibly ignorant.

It has ruined so many nice dates because I don’t want to feel like an experiment.

And here’s a terrific read on “Midwestern nice” that inspired me to create this map.

Don’t be “too nice” to suspects, President Trump told law enforcement officers in a fiery law and order speech in Long Island on Friday.

(The six-episode first half, which debuted in August 2016, took a little while to get going but eventually settled into a nice groove.)

Don’t be “too nice” to suspects, President Trump told law enforcement officers in a fiery law and order speech in Long Island on Friday.

It’s just like owning a nice piece of real estate or something else.

Casey Newton: Hello, nice to be here.

CN: It’s a nice idea.

Playing blues and country standards, his voice forced into trying to sing nice; there was nothing about it that appealed to me.

He would be a nice fit.”

I’m not going to be nice to be around, so it’s got to get done.

And he says, whenever I say that, he said, “No, you were, you were nice to be around.

The farm tables and the folksiness and then … Yeah and the Nutellas everywhere and … Nutella’s nice.

Oh, that’s always nice.

Some nights, often when the weather was especially nice, I made less than $30.

Taylor bolted out of The nice Guy and busted what could have been a very risky move … especially if alcohol was involved.

While Saudi Arabia has a nice arsenal with the latest weaponry, the kingdom is heavily dependent on the West for its use and maintenance.

It’s a nice sentiment.

Seeing all those messages has been very nice.

All the Americans I’ve met, they’ve been extremely nice, very collaborative, very helpful.

That’s how they feel to me, because there’s a nice stretch of time between the shooting.

He also said “it would be very, very nice” if he and Kim became friends.

I have got a really nice, I mean, I think really highly of Whitney, and I have stayed in touch with her.

“Iran leadership doesn’t understand the words “nice” or “compassion,” they never have.

So it’s nice to see.

And I think that, you know, given what she’s done with this brand, she’s done a really nice job.

Looks like Clinton gave Cook a nice compliment and he’s blushing!

Or that man selling me a really nice solar battery car.

And it’s nice to have something new to play, isn’t it?

I thought that was really nice, until later on, when he actually asked if he could buy me.

Her back looked nice, but there were no face shots.

Desus nice, co-host of VICELAND’s late-night show, Desus & Mero, falls into this camp.

I hear that P90D with Ludicrous Mode is nice.

Well, flirting might be too nice a word.

Anwar obliged because he’s a nice guy.

“They offered me a nice or so deal, which is sad that their regular or loyal customers have no access to,” Teegadin told Motherboard.

It’s nice to see some things never change.

He attended “a nice, good private school,” but dropped out shortly before graduation.

She’s taking me to the best restaurants; she’s telling me the nice, hidden beaches.”

nice Halloween treat for ’em.

I hope nice things happen for Kenny.

A search was held this morning at his home in nice.

“It was nice because I didn’t know him.” Kids wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Bran’s death in one of the final few episodes could make for a nice “all hope is lost” moment.

Mike’s not getting out until September … so it’s nice to see his friends are making sure everything’s good at home.

Netflix probably has only one thing to say about that: nice.

Not President of The United States of America; still the 69th (nice, I guess) Governor of Ohio.

Again, though, it’s a nice reflection of where the Raptors stood: good, but with the constant need to try to improve their lot.

Others, though, would be thinking, “nice home run, scumbag.”

But in the end it’d be kind of nice to have a business model that pays for itself.

This was, I think, very DIY mixed with a high price point and nice materials, so it was really cool.

They will only have to pay a small restraint while reaping a nice oil price of $60-70 a barrel,” said SEB’s Bjarne Schieldrop.

Vox writer Zack Beauchamp has a nice piece on some other key questions senators ought to ask.

In one nice touch, however, the wings of the stage were visible, including tall stands of blue lights.

They shouted about loving yourself, boys being inadequate, and the importance of having a generally nice time.

Your brain goes from an overgrown weed at 16 to a nice tree structure two years later—you’ve pruned your brain.

nice get-it-in-there, Chris.

I know you’re mad but deep down you’re really nice and so am I.

“I thought it would be nice to put some pressure on him, one shot going into the last hole.

They were so gracious — it was a really nice moment that showed we’re all in this together,” the photographer said.

Maybe they’re not in really nice studios, they’re in somebody’s basement or church.

And that is, so this weekend was Thanksgiving weekend and I was off this weekend, which was quite nice.

Devontae Booker breathed life into the proceedings by breaking a couple nice runs in the third quarter.

They have a nice announcement, but then we don’t see the details,” Schumer told reporters in a Capitol hallway.

To move into places like Louisville, Fiber wants a nice runway that lets it lay network with minimal cost and hassle.

Of course, Cravens sees it differently — claiming he was pulled over for being a black man with tattoos in a nice car.

You could buy farm equipment, clothing, suits — nice, Chicago suits.

All of this comes together to create a film that is not, in any way, a nice period drama.

“One nice outfit so people won’t suspect you when you shoplift.” —Jamie Taete, editor at Vice 54.

“A nice interview suit.” —Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster 66.

Instead, Jobs “agreed it was nice,” then bought it for himself and his new partner, Laurene Powell Jobs.

But mostly I felt angry at myself for having been nice to someone I disliked.

A nice card is always appreciated, and it’s also a way to express your own personality,” says Bloom.

And I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said.

To make baked goods look prettier, consider using practical reusable containers (like Pyrex’s holiday containers) or a nice tin.

That’s a nice pat on the back.”

Statistics are nice, but they tend not to get at the nature of cultural differences when it comes to sex.

Joy would be nice.

It’s a nice studio.

[ad] KS: Very nice.

The screen is really nice, so I get that instinct.

That will be nice for you, a lot of page views.

But, when you think about where robot development is going, ultimately, as nice as they might be …

You’ve been very nice to play along with us.

KS: This is really nice.

They called the market the “sandbox.” (Everybody was expected to play nice.)

Still, it maybe would have been nice to have seen him at least get a hand in Goran Dragić’s face.

We were not nice guys.” Bulger was born Sept. 3, 1929, and grew up in South Boston.

An organic farm would be nice, Rittidet says, with pigs and chickens, and their manure as fertilizer for the crops.

It used to be a nice thing, like you get engaged to be married.

It’s a nice thing.

We also have a lot of fun and build cool stuff, so it’s nice.

It’s nice because it was not actually a big lift.

And we have a great office, and that’s nice.

It’s a nice thing on social media.

It’s such a nice thing given what fresh hell that Twitter brings us every day.

Now, a month or so on, they’ve released the video for “Warts” and they still can’t have nice things.

It’s not nice and simple.

I miss the stargazing of Origins, or at least, inhabiting a game built by people who thought it might be nice to go stargazing.

But it would set a very good Sharks team up for a nice redemption story, with their captain leading the way.

“It was nice to be surprised even if you couldn’t eat the candy.

Meanwhile this is a nice differentiator for newly-public Roku, now valued at more than $2.4 billion.

But it’s nice to have a record of the things you create so you can look back in 20 years and say “Hey!

“I grew up with it, because I am from Japan and there’s so much nice noise music there.

[ Laughs] It was nice to revisit it as a semi-responsible adult.

It was nice to see a movie set in Amsterdam that didn’t mention weed once.

“He’s a very, very nice guy.

Or at least a nice Palmolive ad.

I stand corrected: Lyft isn’t always the nice guy!

Of course, you know what they say about the nice guys.

Not so nice after all, right?

One was being too nice.

Yeah, being too nice.

The beaded crown adds a nice touch.

I guess it’s kind of nice.

It was such a nice sendoff.

I don’t even remember if they won it was just nice to say goodbye to the Stadium.

I was unbelievably nervous but he was very nice and signed it.

Why do people do that, to be nice or to just legally, or what?

“Even a nice pipe or a chillum, if you go in the corner and light a lighter, it could be crack, right?”

“This administration will stand in the way of Kim’s desire to whitewash their murderous regime with nice photo ops at the Olympics.

“In this world, everyone wants success, wants a nice life, wants to be respected,” Ma said.

Then they’ll say ‘that’s a nice thing to hear.

That’s a nice chunk of change the company is trying to protect.

That means this nice preseason performance means I’m right!”

But sequences like this are a nice reminder of all the different ways LeBron can attack whatever defense stands in his way.

But it’s nice to see people avidly watching, discussing, and rewarding films that exhibit the best the art form has to offer.

“We couldn’t get anyone to build a really nice Chromebook in the early days,” Lin said.

It might be nice if they would take a stronger policy stance against some of these things, but they did take our report seriously.

Lauren Goode: Well, Kara, we did have a nice couple of weeks together in the same room, but now you’ve left me.

It’s so nice to have an expert at sexting.

I’m wearing like sports clothes and everything, so she looks nice.

But despite nice hardware, Windows has struggled due to a rather paltry selection of tablet apps.

As Loubet says, “Sometimes you think a little bit of crunchy, diced apple would be nice, another day you prefer some mushrooms.

“Toxic” is taken from Hired Muscle, Rebel Yell’s debut album, out this Friday via Rice is nice.

It is a nice pink newspaper.

Some nice houses.

There’s a nice roof deck at the top.

It was nice, I’ll tell you that.

It was great: really nice and pleasant, and then we moved on.

Vas did a great job by shooting most on 8mm film and finding a very nice, varied cast.

I immediately was escorted out, but it was nice while I was there.

“It will a nice moment to introduce the baby to more family and my mum’s with us as well,” Meghan, 37, said.

If Renata were nice, she’d be more annoying than lovable.

That’s a nice, big, round number, but how does that number compare to those of other subscription services?

“What would be nice to see is recognition from the banking industry,” Borne said. has a better user interface, a non-exploitative financial model, an extremely nice community, and no Nazis.

So that’s nice.

The moon will set around 10 pm, so the sky should be nice and dark for viewing.

Not Pokémon Go viewed through a little phone (though it’s nice to see people moving around a bit).

For those who assume all sci-fi contains lots of action, this is evidence otherwise, and a nice change of pace.

Read: Everything We Know So Far About the Attack in nice Thursday

It’s nice if you can plant flowers and make a garden.” He looks out the window.

It’s nice if you can plant flowers and make a garden.” He looks out the window.

Now, in a nice throwback to earlier in the film, the testing pods our boy gave his tiny lil’ push to are back.

Such products offered Apple customers a way to have all-Apple gear and gave Apple some nice extra profits.

nice work, bud!

“Sometimes it’s just nice to see these guys take one on the chin, you know?” In that sense, my friend wasn’t wrong.

It’s a new nice phone.

You seem like nice fellows, I’ve talked to Scott now twice.

So it’s clear, you can make great work and be nice.

This is a kind of nice positive way to end an interview.

The 2016 Emmys are in the books, and they were a nice mix of the completely expected and the pleasantly surprising.

“I have to get this win so I can buy her something real nice, and hopefully I can get some ass next week.”

A nice match for a ballet montage, perhaps?

(Though it would’ve been nice to have actually been able to climb the wall.)

With each episode there definitely was that nice balance between the drama, the comedy, and action sequences.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the condition of a painting is before you acquire it?” he asked.

What was really nice about this series, as well, is them including the cities episode.

Manziel was out at The nice Guy in L.A. over the weekend — sober and in a great mood.

I know Htin Kyaw personally and I think he is a nice person.”

Incidentally, Garis & Hahn’s Beyond the Gaze: Women Painting Women should make for a nice pairing.

My life was really nice.

Maybe Clapper is being nice to me so he doesn’t lose his Security Clearance for lying to Congress!

The Washington Post has a nice point-by-point breakdown of the segment here.

It was nice to hear that.

I’m good at being nice to people.

And I’m very happy because he’s such a nice person and he deserves it.

“This is me playing nice.

It would be nice if there were broader debates that had to do with the reading list.

And then find your grandmother and give her a nice, firm hug.

In fact, he praised Halle as a “great actress and a nice person.”

“Eventually a very nice lady called from Sweden and asked me first of all if I would accept it …

1 Movie in America!” is a very nice promotional boost.

With DON, it was a nice marriage of the two,” details John.

It’s nice having that plausible deniability.

John Rambo, meet the guy who killed Osama bin Laden — now play nice.

I dated a guy who was not very nice to me for six months.

It seems like it’s done the same for a lot of fans.It’s nice when a song can do that for you.

I have some nice sweaters in my closet so I’m not entirely there with you.

nice Peter Gabriel reference on this one, by the way.

Even with dating: the girls are so much more lucky now because you have guys who are actually wearing nice clothes that fit.

It’s in medieval pre-Christian England for one thing, a nice twist on the expected Gotham/modern day America/outer space setting.

They look nice!

If you don’t play nice on shopping, Google, then I will come after you on Android.

They’re right!” The harpsichord is very nice.

Jeff Bezos, I think he’s done a nice job at the Washington Post.

But in general, if companies, homebuyers, and government agencies can borrow money cheaply, that’s a nice state of affairs.

The first of those really just means you caught some nice feelings for your country, for one reason or another.

nice work, Boston,” Haslet said sarcastically … “Real good job of laying the wreath in front of the wrong place.

nice work, Robert … free Bengals tickets???

nice To Trump, this is something “they” did to him.

“I think my language is very nice,” Trump said when asked if he thinks he should moderate his language.

nice mixture actually: red, green and some of those lovely yellow ones.

People look at Ivanka and want to believe that there’s a nice guy behind the man who bragged about groping women.

“Which would have been nice, instead of jokes about ‘Oh!

Which is why it’s nice to hear Pharrell returning to that place on “Sangria Wine,” a new track with Camila Cabello.

Each terror attack — the ones in Paris and nice, the Berlin Christmas market attack — seemed to push voters in his direction.

Local news reporters spoke to neighbors who described DeAngelo as “relatively nice” but prone to loud outbursts of cursing.

Fitness products are nice.

They submit a lot of stuff — all the makers — it’s nice to be in Make Magazine.

Being nice isn’t that hard.

Police in bulletproof vests on Place Masséna (Pierre Longeray/VICE News) In downtown nice, the cops are tense.

A nice spring day could really help out owners.

Police in bulletproof vests on Place Masséna (Pierre Longeray/VICE News) In downtown nice, the cops are tense.

I’ve actually been shocked by the nice reception to my no’s.

Mind your manners “Be nice.

And what is nice, everybody has the same worth here, whether they have money or not.

“They’d say things like, ‘Why don’t you find yourself a nice boyfriend?

“It’s nice because there’s no barrier.”

And these optional 20-inch, seven-spoke wheels add a nice finishing touch.

“Not a nice person!”

Glaze ribs, flip ribs, glaze ribs, flip ribs, until nice and sticky and charred.

Repeat until all ribs are cooked 6) Place ribs on a nice cutting board and give them a final glaze of the barbecue sauce.

Whenever I sing its praises, someone replies that, fine, that’s nice, but it’s just a playground for the rich, so who cares?

“But I’m not in America, so no one knows about it, which is nice for me.

nice to have extraordinarily smart people serving our Country!” Trump said on Twitter, linking to Time’s video of Kushner’s appearance.

It was very nice.

Rather, Cameron was implicitly voicing a fear that a nice suit was the measure of the man was coming to an abrupt end.

This arrangement is basically fine and a comeback story is often nice.

To trickle-down economists, more high-end refrigerators shipped means there are more nice, roomy cardboard boxes for street people to sleep in.

nice to know you can meet with your lawyer and come out happy.

With its whimsical synth work, percolating bass line, and orchestral strings, “nice To See You” exemplifies Sam’s knack for uniting cross-genre elements.

“Hey, it’s nice to see you!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Have a nice season, Coach.”

In the giving spirit of the festive season, everybody’s favorite nice guys Death Cab for Cutie have done something generous.

D’Alvia and Segre are sculptors and Saccoccio and DiBenedetto are painters, giving the show a nice symmetry.

But Instagram isn’t just a nice thing for Facebook to have around.

They were nice apartments for sanitation workers, but it was supposed to be this urban utopia.

Tuckermanty remarked that it’s nice to have someone to water the plants and take care of the pets when they’re not home.

Co-workers described him as quiet, nice and polite, and neighbors said he was into cars and bodybuilding.

The housing hasn’t been their choice and it hasn’t been nice, but they have a roof over their head.”

Despite all his trappings, he looked like a nice guy with a genuine intelligent twinkle in his eyes.

We’re told Simpson was nice to responding security guards.

And isn’t that nice?

Sincerely, Phil Witmer, the Guy Doing This Interview With You, and a fan.” nice, cool, great.

It looks to be nice and neat … everything has been settled privately, and all the terms are confidential — including spousal and child support.

nice You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people!

He’s just a really nice he’s a really nice guy.

Fallon was his usual self—a little too effusive to fully vibe with—but there were some nice moments.

We hope nice in a sentence examples were helpful.