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Regulators and critics argue that it violates the concept of net neutrality, which is why it’s currently banned in the country.

A few — like immigration, climate change and net neutrality — are clearly very important.

Representative Mike Doyle, a Democrat, noted polls suggest most Americans back net neutrality.

Defying “armies of lobbyists,” the U.S. Senate voted 52-47 to block the Trump administration’s repeal of net neutrality rules.

Here’s a profile of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the nerdy conservative ideologue who orchestrated the net neutrality repeal.

Net neutrality may seem like a wonky telecom battle with little relevance to a fast-food giant.

The big cable and telecom companies will likely appeal the decision, but for now, net neutrality defines the rules of the internet.

(And that’s not even counting the drama of the FCC’s net neutrality repeal.)

Then, earlier this month, John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” urged viewers to submit comments in support of net neutrality.

Nor is it the only way that net neutrality supporters are angling to repeal Pai’s repeal, so to speak.

Carriers have long supported greater leeway to manage their networks as part of the U.S. government’s fierce debate over net neutrality.

[Mark Gurman / Bloomberg] If you blinked, you probably missed this week’s “massive” rally in support of net neutrality.

“There are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality,” wrote Facebook’s Tom Stocky late on Monday.

Ultimately, Shechet is interested in uncovering the presumed neutrality of these communal spaces with highly political sculptures that masquerade as amusing follies.

Recently, he’s been focused on a lot of tech issues including election security, consumer privacy, and the repeal of net neutrality.

Because you’re saying if they’re comatose on all these different issues, from net neutrality … That’s why I said the agencies.

The Federal Communications Commission will vote Thursday on whether to kill President Obama’s 2015 net neutrality internet reform.

Roku appears to be arming itself for the coming net neutrality war.

Many in the tech industry support the Obama-era FCC’s net neutrality rules, which currently subject telecom companies to utility-style regulation.

Roku has tangled with telecom over net neutrality in the past.

And it definitely shows that despite official claims of neutrality, the DNC was rooting for Clinton.

It’s the government’s job to prevent too much concentration of economic powers, and to protect the open internet via net neutrality.

But that merger came with various conditions, including some related to net neutrality.

After a full review of the facts and issues, I think the key will likely be strong conditions to ensure competition and net neutrality.

But the Trump FCC seems headed for a repudiation of net neutrality.

That’s why I see zero-rating as a dagger to the heart of net neutrality and a threat to the equal-opportunity internet.

And when Sanders did step up, she didn’t back him — opting instead for a studied neutrality.

So this was just a few weeks ago, but this was before the net neutrality vote.

We touched on this a little bit earlier, but net neutrality.

But basically the new chairman of the FCC had set forth a proposal to roll back net neutrality laws that were established in 2015.

And a lot of people, except the internet service providers, think net neutrality is a good thing.

Less popular in those quarters: His choice of net neutrality nemesis Ajit Pai to head the FCC.

Some in the room, like Intel and Cisco, have previously argued against net neutrality rules that treat telecom companies similar to utilities.

Democrats are making Republicans pay for killing net neutrality.

Democrats are making Republicans pay for killing net neutrality.

Every Republican who remained silent, expressed neutrality, or praised the order represented a state that voted for Trump.

Europe is running out of time to protect net neutrality.

“Network neutrality for hundreds of millions of Europeans is within our grasp,” Berners-Lee wrote in an open letter to European regulators.

Berners-Lee and his colleagues are urging open internet supporters to contact EU regulators and push for stronger net neutrality protections.

Open internet advocates argue that net neutrality is crucial for creating an online environment that fosters innovation and economic growth.

So it’s not surprising that many European venture capitalists and startup entrepreneurs are strongly in favor of robust EU net neutrality protections.

Our Founders honored that core promise by embedding the principle of religious neutrality in the First Amendment.

In G4S’s case, that meant projecting an image of religious neutrality to its clients.

“Calling the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality controversial would be a massive understatement,” Streaming Observer wrote in a blog post about the map.

The nation’s broadband duopolies scored a major lobbying win last week after the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality.

So what would a Comcast-approved net neutrality law look like?

Lots of things from net neutrality to media ownership, and we’re going to talk about a lot of them.

… whether we’re talking about media ownership or net neutrality.

… is net neutrality.

It is possible that we don’t have any bright-line net neutrality rules at the FCC at the end of this proceeding.

Some of the earlier reporting had suggested that you potentially favored a voluntary program where internet providers would say they would protect net neutrality.

It seems like net neutrality, the rules that are on the books, are fairly popular.

Do you think net neutrality advocates are being disingenuous sometimes when they talk about this issue?

We have net neutrality, which might outlast me on this earth in terms of the debate that still has to be solved.

[Rani Molla / Recode] FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to unveil new net neutrality plans on Wednesday.

That made net neutrality a much more theoretical issue.

Could unbundling local loops make local broadband markets more competitive and make net neutrality less of an issue?

Without net neutrality protections, the internet would no longer be a free and open ecosystem for innovation.

Americans’ information independence is under attack, whether it’s the repeal of net neutrality or the repeal of broadband privacy protections.

“No matter … what the nationality of the presidency is, it is not affecting Interpol’s neutrality and the independence of our organization,” said Stock.

[Peter Kafka / Recode] Net neutrality advocates haven’t given up their fight.

“The internet industry is uniform in its belief that net neutrality preserves the consumer experience, competition and innovation online,” the group said.

“Far from new, this has been a foundational principle of the FCC’s approach to net neutrality for over a decade.

Next will come an open comment period, after which the FCC will hold a final vote on the future of net neutrality rules.

So this time, arguments in favor of strong network neutrality protections are likely to fall on deaf ears.

“For decades before 2015, the free and open internet flourished under light-touch regulation.” Of course, supporters of network neutrality dispute this.

Josh Stager, a network neutrality supporter at New America, points to a 2014 dispute between big broadband providers and major content providers.

But Free Press, a liberal group that supports network neutrality, says the data doesn’t back up Pai’s statement.

Like many other aspects of American politics, the network neutrality fight is becoming increasingly polarized.

Most Democrats favor strong network neutrality rules.

If a Democrat becomes president in 2020 or 2024, she is almost certain to appoint network neutrality supporters to the FCC.

With a new Democratic majority, the FCC is likely to reverse itself and once again establish strong network neutrality rules.

After all, one of the key arguments in favor of network neutrality regulations is that it offers certainty for online innovators.

A key argument against network neutrality is also about certainty.

During the 2015 network neutrality debate, Republicans in Congress called for a compromise in hopes of forestalling stronger regulations by the Obama administration.

A federal court will not rehear the telecom industry’s net neutrality challenge.

At that point, we’ll see whether the DNC prioritizes the winnowing or the appearance of neutrality more.

To me, net neutrality is everything.

This might pop up a little afterwards, but I think they’re going to formally shut down net neutrality next week, right?

JR: Stations though because FCC, regulatory, net neutrality.

A voting record, after all, is a clear data point that tells voters whether their candidate wants to restore net neutrality, or not.

Despite Sweden’s neutrality, the nation had to always be prepared in the event of a nuclear attack.

The bizarre restrictions wireless carriers are likely to impose on these wireless lines in the post net neutrality era aren’t likely to help matters.

Then, too, net neutrality had been the issue at hand.

The AT&T-Time Warner deal will land at least partially on its plate, at minimum, as an important litmus test for network neutrality.

Network neutrality: This is something President Obama strong-armed through the FCC.

The subpoena targets also include a few pro-net neutrality groups, such as consumer advocacy firm Free Press.

The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality rules today in a 3-2 vote along party lines.

Furthermore, it’s less obvious than ever how much moral discounting is in order for neutrality in the face of evil.

We covered net neutrality.

Jay Inslee announced his intent to use state legislative and regulatory power over ISPs to ensure net neutrality happens in practice.

This is really the same reason I have been a longstanding proponent of net neutrality.

The United States is about to go to war with itself over net neutrality.

Another federal agency — one seen by critics as weaker — will police those companies’ net neutrality promises.

That’s why we will sue to stop the FCC’s illegal rollback of net neutrality,” Schneiderman said on Thursday.

Schneiderman particularly has spent months probing the roughly 21 million comments that the FCC received about net neutrality.

At most, though, the state-led efforts Thursday could spell the eventual undoing of the Trump administration’s attempt to repeal net neutrality rules.

We are for net neutrality.

What’s moving about this is the works’ lack of neutrality.

Net neutrality is basically the first amendment of the Internet.

Someone has been submitting hundreds-of-thousands of fake, anti-net neutrality comments using real people’s names and addresses without their permission.

(Read our in-depth explainer on net neutrality here.)

But now, with the FCC actively working to repeal those laws, net neutrality advocates fear they could lose all those protections.

Tumblr encouraged its users to support Net neutrality and hosted a panel discussion on the issue on its Action Time blog.

You may recall the hard-won 2015 FCC ruling that enacted net neutrality legislation by forcing ISPs to comply with federal telecommunications regulations.

That’s why you’d be forgiven for believing the battle for net neutrality has already been fought and won.

Senator Brian Schatz, a Hawaii Democrat, said on Twitter “young people need to take the lead on net neutrality.

He said while older voters tend to care about Medicare, polls are finding that younger voters are motivated by net neutrality.

Liberal groups are using net neutrality as an issue to criticize Republican incumbents.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, echoed that sentiment, telling Reuters on Thursday that net neutrality will have “huge political legs …

Democrats facing difficult election battles next year are already weighing in strongly in favor of net neutrality rules.

Several Democratic candidates are sending campaign fundraising appeals citing net neutrality.

In response to the FCC’s decision, some cities and states are taking action by creating local net neutrality laws.

In Maryland, an activist group called Solidarity Maryland have a rally planned tentatively for February 21 to save net neutrality in their state.

In November, The Verge reported that the FCC intends to block any local or state regulations that buck the federal repeal of net neutrality.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, along with state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, legislators and business leaders, announced state plans to ensure net neutrality.

More recently, California, New York and Rhode Island have begun drafting legislation to enforce net neutrality at the state level.

In addition to state-led legislative initiatives, the battle to restore the net neutrality policies will take place in the courtroom.

In January, Senate Democrats reached the required number of senators to cosponsor a bill to get a net neutrality vote on the floor.

Also, state attorney generals are leading the judicial effort to restore net neutrality regulations.

Many AT&T customers are particularly annoyed by the company’s assault on net neutrality, a move also likely to drive up consumer costs.

The US House of Representatives just passed a bill to bring Obama-era net neutrality rules back to the internet.

Net neutrality regulations ensured that internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast had to treat all customers and websites equally.

The Republican-controlled Senate narrowly passed a bill last year to restore the net neutrality rules after Trump’s FCC scrapped them.

In other words, under the Obama-era net neutrality rules, major providers couldn’t block access to certain websites.

And while Republicans might be willing to tackle net neutrality in the future, they won’t entertain the House bill.

He added that he’s open to bringing up a bipartisan net neutrality bill in the future, possibly later this year.

What if we renewed the internet’s commitment to neutrality, individuality, and freedom?

For example, what of Trump’s hard-line stance in the campaign on encryption or his appointment of very anti-net neutrality FCC chairman Ajit Pai?

In the end, however, net neutrality advocates acknowledge they face an uphill battle at a Republican-dominated FCC.

AT&T, Comcast and others sketch their support for lenient — or voluntary — net neutrality rules.

Tech and telecom go to war as the FCC closes its comment window on a proposed net neutrality repeal.

“Any member of Congress who votes to undermine net neutrality or other basic internet protections will feel the impact of that at the polls.

The incident resembles the “fast lane” and speed-throttling scenarios that net neutrality advocates have warned about for years.

And once you have a left coalition big and broad enough that it stands a chance of winning, you realize revenue neutrality is untenable.

He can’t stop us from doing net neutrality.

Sen. Ted Cruz, for example, says “neutrality” is a requirement to receive the legislation’s protections.

Some of those fights, like net neutrality, are far from finished in the nation’s capital.

“This situation has nothing to do with net neutrality or the current proceeding in court,” Verizon told Motherboard in an email exchange.

The net neutrality debate has returned — and so has HBO’s John Oliver.

Internet commenters: Visit and urge the FCC to keep strong net neutrality rules backed by Title II.

For veterans of the net neutrality fight, Oliver’s message may feel like a bit of déjà vu.

Without increased competition, I believe that utility regulation — in the form of a nondiscrimination or neutrality regime — is very likely.

Fashion has been trending toward gender neutrality for quite some time, and soccer clothes already lend themselves to that.

He was also charged with violating the neutrality Act.

He was also charged with violating the neutrality Act.

I’m not sure that anyone can ever fully reduce “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to emotional neutrality.

Not to mention, he said, there are still net neutrality issues around zero rating.

But I think this is going to be an example of … Net neutrality will be?

Net neutrality will be, but it will apply, again, to other aspects of the Internet, of privacy and the rest.

In the end, though, net neutrality advocates, including companies in Silicon Valley, celebrated Wheeler’s final rules.

For now, Pai’s net neutrality roadmap essentially has two parts.

Facebook spent that money to influence legislation on issues like political ad disclosures, net neutrality, sex trafficking online, and immigration.

More simply: if you violate net neutrality, you won’t be winning state contracts for telecom services.

This is a simple step states can take to preserve and protect net neutrality.

States including Washington, California, New York and Massachusetts are also considering their own net neutrality and broadband privacy protections.

That’s something company executives should have thought about before they lobbied to dismantle arguably modest but hugely popular federal net neutrality rules.

Perhaps the most bizarre exchange in the interview comes as part of an aside in discussions about revenue neutrality in tax reform.

During a series of Senate floor speeches, Democratic lawmakers repeatedly emphasized the importance of net neutrality for free speech online.

“Net neutrality has never been more important,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat.

“I have always called net neutrality the free speech issue of our time, because it embraces our most basic constitutional freedoms,” he said.

“The Federal Communications Commission is not trying to help consumers by rolling back net neutrality protections,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, the Oregon Democrat.

… That violates both the guarantee of religious neutrality and the promise of equal protection of the laws.

A short-lived ceasefire over net neutrality is quickly coming to an end.

During the Obama administration, the FCC wrote strong net neutrality protections into law, essentially subjecting the nation’s telecom industry to utility-like regulation.

A spokesman for Pai declined to comment on the meeting or Pai’s plans for net neutrality.

[Kurt Wagner / Recode] Net neutrality advocates have launched a new war against Trump’s FCC.

You can read all 539 pages of the FCC’s final order repealing net neutrality here.

The FCC rules also seek to bar states from imposing their own net neutrality requirements.

Democrats say net neutrality is essential to protect consumers, while Republicans say the rules hindered investment by providers and were not needed.

I’ve written about the Internet Bill of Rights and the difference seeing there’s no net neutrality, obviously.

So, away from the boar, net neutrality, let’s go over it because we don’t have much time.

ISP opposition to the current rules has nothing to do with the basic net neutrality principles.

In the end, however, that could lead to net neutrality rules that are more voluntary in nature — an idea Pai himself has explored.

The chairman in recent weeks has weighed whether the best system would see internet providers commit in writing to protect net neutrality.

There, he huddled with executives from Apple, Facebook, Intel and Oracle on a range of issues, including the future of net neutrality.

How Trump’s FCC is quickly working to undo network neutrality.

So content neutrality and reasonable alternatives are the starting point in discussions about controversial speakers and demonstrations.

We’re now outside of “content neutrality land.” But we have to move carefully here.

All are striving for carbon neutrality and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050.

Cities could do a lot more with national support, and it will be tough to reach carbon neutrality without it.

They’re having a big negative impact on reaching climate targets and making cities’ job getting to carbon neutrality that much harder, she said.

[Tony Romm / Recode] AT&T joined today’s pro-net neutrality rally, even as it fights to kill current net neutrality rules.

Relaxing current net neutrality regulations isn’t just bad for internet users.

Here’s a GIF-filled website that explains the wonky history behind net neutrality.

Opinion polls show overwhelming public support for the net neutrality rules.

The Internet Association said Monday that the “internet industry remains committed to restoring net neutrality protections through the courts, legislation, and administrative action.

Some observers said American neutrality was really just another way of taking sides.

The Federal Communications Commission just took a step toward killing net neutrality.

The Federal Communications Commission just took a step toward killing net neutrality.

Beyond the public comment, Pai’s proposal to kill FCC-regulated net neutrality has a tough fight ahead.

And with the recent death of net neutrality and consumer broadband privacy protections, you can expect it to get worse before it gets better.

[Wall Street Journal] The Trump administration’s Federal Communications Commission is voting to repeal net neutrality this morning.

Net neutrality advocates certainly think so.

Or what changes in a Trump administration, how is that going to affect net neutrality.

In total, the FCC has received 7.3 million comments in the debate from both sides of the net neutrality fight.

“Blocking or charging extra clearly hurts people and violates net neutrality.

His expertise covers topics like net neutrality theory and antitrust law — topics that aren’t far removed from his observations about the airline industry.

On Monday, Facebook’s mobile service for emerging markets, Free Basics, was banned in India for violating net neutrality.

The FCC is being flooded by fake, vicious comments as it begins debating net neutrality.

The implications of California targeting carbon neutrality are massive, well beyond the scope of a single post.

The point is, “carbon neutrality” leaves quite a bit of wiggle room.

And then, net neutrality is a part of it in that you want to make sure that you have access to the Internet.

Now, I think people confuse … There’s net neutrality with competition.

But you can’t talk about net neutrality in the context of Google in this sense.

What would net neutrality look like?

They’re claiming they’re value-neutral, but their value neutrality is basically saying … It’s a value.

That’s by design, as judges represent absolute neutrality.

It was ostensibly about maintaining neutrality in the name of leadership.

Clinton has laid out detailed proposals on issues ranging from net neutrality to expanding broadband access to increasing broadband competition.

Take net neutrality, the principle that all content on the internet should be equally accessible to consumers.

Clinton is on record saying she would defend net neutrality against attacks by the broadband industry and its political allies.

Net neutrality does no such thing, but rather ensures that consumers have open, unfettered access to the internet.

Significantly, the NDP also released the tax from its requirement of revenue neutrality.

Indian regulators pushed back because of net neutrality concerns, and the free service was ultimately blocked.

Yes, the FCC repealed net neutrality, but Pai was a known opponent of it long before Trump.

Trump, a Republican, expressed his opposition to net neutrality in 2014 before the regulations were even implemented, calling it a “power grab” by Obama.

Tom Wheeler, who headed the FCC under Obama and advocated for the net neutrality rules, called the planned repeal “a shameful sham and sellout.

The FCC under Trump appointee Ajit Pai repealed net neutrality.

It was an antic, unnerving expose of fake neutrality.

“Section 230 is not about neutrality.

There is no neutrality.

Washington is the first state to enact its own net neutrality protections.

Lawmakers in more than 25 states have introduced their own net neutrality legislation.

The FCC’s reversal on net neutrality is somewhere between mildly unpopular and hideously unpopular.

One would hope that the federal agency tasked with policing net neutrality would be able to create new regulations in response to new indiscretions.

The former conduct could be a violation of the FCC’s net neutrality policy; the latter could lead to higher prices for consumers.

All four would also like to see the Federal Communications Commission pull back on overall regulation, including the most aggressive parts of net neutrality.

Especially big tech, diversity, net neutrality, and stuff like that.

You might think that individual states could have the right to legislate their own net neutrality protections, but you’d be wrong.

That means that as of today, the rights of states to govern themselves won’t apply to protecting net neutrality.

What the final version of a net neutrality repeal might look like, and when it might take effect, are both unknown at this point.

Which leaves with the immediate reality that net neutrality is now officially over.

This history of ISP exploitation is a major reason that advocates for net neutrality fought so hard for it to begin with.

So unless the courts step in and block the repeal, which could take months or longer, net neutrality is over.

You and Motherboard have been great on net neutrality.

The outcome of his efforts is hardly in doubt: He easily has the votes to scrap the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules.

Of those who only have one option, roughly 50 million are limited to a company that has violated net neutrality in some way.

But the idea that net neutrality stifled innovation or infrastructure has been repeatedly debunked.

Each of the FCC’s claims for why repealing net neutrality won’t be disastrous to American consumers crumbles when interrogated.

The market is not sufficient to replace regulation, net neutrality did not make that problem worse, and the FTC is no substitute either.

Just three days before the vote, we’re still waiting on a reason to repeal net neutrality that actually holds water.

Layton gained notoriety after responding to a recent federal ruling upholding net neutrality by comparing Canada to “backward India” in a tweet.

“The Senate victory is huge and proves what we’ve known all along: Net neutrality isn’t a partisan issue.

You can do this because of Net neutrality.

Net neutrality, explain what you want to do here and why you think you can be successful.

Well first, I feel really strongly about net neutrality.

We get one more Republican to support what’s called CRA, Congressional Resolution Act, to overturn Pai’s regulation on net neutrality, it passes.

That’s certainly true here in net neutrality.

1 reason, bigger even than net neutrality and bigger than all the others, is this — and this one came as a surprise to me.

HR: Some of the regulation of tech in the FCC net neutrality order ended up going over to the FTC.

Hey, make sure you write and call, email your Senators on net neutrality, audience.

In 2015, the FCC voted to approve strict net neutrality rules, prohibiting internet service providers from throttling connection customers’ speeds or blocking certain sites.

“We have to remember that not all four million were in support of the [net neutrality] rules,” Pai said.

However, Britain maintained its position of neutrality in the war after the fact.

The FCC voted along party lines in December to repeal net neutrality regulations.

Internet companies say that without net neutrality protection, many Americans will have little recourse.

People aren’t discussing it in quite the same way as net neutrality.

LACBP also hopes to safeguard net neutrality for users and undermine the corporate stranglehold major ISPs have on the market.

“There’s people that want a different product, they want competition, they want reliability and privacy, net neutrality from their ISP.

Proponents of the law say it is grounded in the promotion of religious neutrality in the public service sector.

“I think we should have net neutrality.

Brake praised it too, citing its focus on broadband availability (rather than speed) and its neutrality as to which technology to employ.

It’s Markey’s attempt to call attention to net neutrality, the idea that all web traffic should be treated equally.

That’s when they’re not busy happily killing net neutrality or lobbying for the death of other meaningful consumer protections.

We’re talking about net neutrality, which the FCC is planning to vote on next week.

It was its first statement on net neutrality.

He is only interested in having a transparency policy for network neutrality, which you described before.

Real people, with their addresses who filed saying something about net neutrality, in many cases against it.

And we’ve got 50,000 complaints that were filed with the FCC for net neutrality that are somehow not in our record.

Listen, while I clearly support net neutrality, I think you’ve gotta figure out what happens with your process here in Washington.

So their argument in Silicon Valley is that startups couldn’t compete without tough net neutrality safeguards.

And recognize that online video and watching online video is really dependent on having an open internet where net neutrality policy is in place.

And if they have business incentives and the legal ability to do so, if you take back net neutrality, what will happen?

The culture around net neutrality is very strong.

She’s a member of the FCC, and we’re talking about net neutrality.

“What would an appeal of net neutrality in the United States mean for Europe and the rest of the world?

I mean, we’ve seen some interesting actions in favor of net neutrality in Canada and India.

This is bigger than just net neutrality.

“Are there any positives if the world walks away from net neutrality?

I mean really, I don’t know about that, but are there any positives if the world walks away from these net neutrality protections?

We’re talking about net neutrality, the future of which the FCC is expected to vote on next week.

Ivan Rodriguez: “How do you prevent net neutrality rules from changing with every new administration?” That’s what I sort of was asking.

It’s very subtle, and I worry that people won’t see zero rating as anti-net neutrality because companies are already doing it.

And that erodes net neutrality over time.

Now to be clear, what we’re dealing with at the FCC right now gets rid of all of our net neutrality rules.

So these distinctions going forward may not be as significant, but it is an important issue in thinking about net neutrality to date.

Somehow these things … KS: We never have lawyer neutrality.

Not all of Pai’s appointments included topics of discussion, but net neutrality came up frequently.

Pai’s order to dismantle net neutrality rules was called “Restoring Internet Freedom,” and the acronym—RIF—was noted in several meetings and calls.

We don’t know what was said at that meeting, but publicly, the online giant has advocated to preserve net neutrality.

The justices’ assertion that the president’s words do not reflect the religious neutrality of the policy, as written, is empty.

“It appears this agency is trying to prevent anyone from looking too closely at the mess it made of net neutrality,” said the Commissioner.

It was recently banned by Indian regulators for violating the concept of net neutrality.

“We maintain our position of neutrality and non-intervention toward the conflict in Venezuela,” Ramirez said.

On Wednesday, senators officially filed a petition to force a net neutrality vote and 10 hours of floor debate under the Congressional Review Act.

In February, a coalition of 22 state attorneys general refiled legal challenges intended to block the repeal of net neutrality.

A number of states have adopted laws aimed at dissuading internet providers from abandoning net neutrality.

He is also curious if software in film and television influence how mass media and Silicon Valley portray the neutrality of technology.

That was one of the ideas floated in his proposed order, that there wouldn’t be rules at the FCC to govern net neutrality.

And the reason why I think it matters is because they went up against really significant institutional players… Sure, cable companies, net neutrality.

Representative Mike Doyle, a Democrat, said Wednesday that after repealing net neutrality protections the FCC had replaced them with “nothing, nada, zip, crickets.

A federal appeals court upheld the 2015 net neutrality rules, while another appellate panel is considering whether the 2017 FCC order is legal.

I want to look at a couple of things, net neutrality, the new employment economy, the sharing economy, and then encryption and those things.

But let’s talk about net neutrality first.

They’re not going to be able to just reverse something like net neutrality without Democratic input.

Before President-elect Donald Trump takes office this week, take a moment to remember the height of the net neutrality battles of 2014 and 2015.

“Because we have net neutrality now, those seeds are out there,” Christopher Mitchell, director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative, told me.

Like most of my colleagues, when I’m in the classroom I encourage objectivity, curiosity, neutrality, and a nonjudgmental point of view.

Meanwhile, President Trump is facing a lawsuit over blocking people on Twitter, and net neutrality is battling for its survival.

Senator Chuck Schumer on Amazon, net neutrality and the 2018 midterms.

Open internet advocates say such practices create the kind of discriminatory online environment that the FCC’s net neutrality policy was designed to prevent.

We can value neutrality, science, and objectivity while passing judgment against actions and proposals that jeopardize democratic institutions.

The net neutrality battle has been exhausting.

Because these networks are built to serve their communities rather than their owners, they are privacy-focused and respect net neutrality ideals.

Today, the FCC stripped away regulations that protect net neutrality, but telecom companies can only end internet freedom if there is no alternative.

“The opposition has been playing communal politics but we believe in neutrality of governance.

Democrats say polls show Americans overwhelmingly back net neutrality and want protections that providers will not interfere with their internet access.

Sweden and Finland, which maintain a traditional neutrality and are not NATO members like Denmark, signaled they might join the initiative.

President-elect Donald Trump has clearly indicated he opposes net neutrality as a whole, let alone this specific issue of zero-rating.

Net neutrality may indeed be dead, but the fight is far from over to ensure a more equitable internet.

Last year, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) spearheaded a congressional effort to protect net neutrality.

It’d be a legislative miracle but technically Congress could nullify the FCC’s net neutrality repeal under the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

There are also local movements of state legislatures across the country to create net neutrality laws if the federal policy remains repealed.

If you support a free and open internet, contact your elected official and demand that they support the net neutrality CRA.

I felt more strongly for net neutrality after they came in than before.

Using the term “partner” can feel complicated despite—or perhaps because of—its neutrality with regard to gender and marital status.

Where’s the “neutrality” when an employer singles out religious clothing to be removed?

Coffman is also introducing legislation on Tuesday in a separate effort to enshrine net neutrality rules into law.

Coffman said his bill will “create an ‘internet constitution’ with the foundational elements of net neutrality

The White House has said it supports the FCC repeal of the net neutrality rules.

Opinion polls show overwhelming public support for net neutrality.

The company’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, also published an update defending the government’s net neutrality rules.

Others, like OkCupid, warned users of the dating app about the threats posed by efforts to compromise net neutrality.

So did Amazon, where visitors logged into the website saw a link to the net neutrality campaign on the e-commerce giant’s home page.

In the meantime, his opponents — the most vocal, ardent supporters of tough net neutrality regulation — are sounding off.

Probably, net neutrality advocates still won’t sway Pai.

During her run at the FCC, Rosenworcel had been a strong advocate for the net neutrality rules currently on the government’s books.

Menn notes he’s been outspoken in favor of net neutrality and savvy in his use of social media to push the Beto brand.

Pai has said lifting the net neutrality rules removes heavy-handed regulation.

But due to Pai’s relentless pursuit to undo Obama-era net neutrality laws, he won’t be ascending it any time soon.

But due to Pai’s relentless pursuit to undo Obama-era net neutrality laws, he won’t be ascending it any time soon.

WATCH: Trump FCC Chair Ajit Pai will probably get his way on net neutrality

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg previously had expressed a willingness to work with Congress on a net neutrality bill, too.

Behind the scenes, though, both sides appear to fear a grilling in Congress — and not just on net neutrality.

Remove net neutrality and other consumer protections, Pai has repeatedly claimed, and broadband will dramatically improve.

In order to force the Senate to debate net neutrality, Democrats only need 30 votes.

Instead, they essentially dared their GOP colleagues to vote against net neutrality — and risk enraging younger voters.

Similarly, the repeal of net neutrality also eliminated meaningful transparency rules requiring ISPs to be clear about the specific limitations of broadband connections.

When Obama’s FCC passed its first round of network neutrality regulations in 2010, it included a carve-out for wireless services.

The courts struck down the 2010 net neutrality rules for reasons that had little to do with the wireless carve-out.

Last year, the FCC started investigating BingeOn and similar policies adopted by other wireless carriers to see if they violated network neutrality.

On the other hand, this kind of thing seems much less serious than the apocalyptic rhetoric of the 2015 network neutrality debate suggested.

Alongside cynicism about Silicon Valley’s investment in protecting net neutrality is cynicism about the FCC’s response to the Day of Action protest.

ISPs’ to meddle in the fight for net neutrality should not be ignored.

This one is much tougher to nail down, because Trump himself has said little about net neutrality.

Under President Barack Obama, the Federal Communication Commission passed regulations that provided strong legal protections for network neutrality.

He’s known for his deregulatory views generally and his opposition to network neutrality in particular.

But supporters of network neutrality rules say that repealing them would be a disaster for the open internet and online innovation.

Advocates say network neutrality is a big reason there has been so much innovation on the internet over the past two decades.

They worry that without net neutrality protections, the internet would become less hospitable to new companies and innovative ideas.

After all, formal network neutrality regulations are a relatively recent phenomenon.

The concept didn’t even exist in the 1990s, and the FCC didn’t start trying to enforce network neutrality regulations until 2008.

In 2015, Obama’s FCC used that discretion to significantly expand network neutrality protections without help from Congress.

It would take about a year for the FCC to go through the formal rulemaking process to repeal Obama’s network neutrality rules.

When I asked Lewis if groups like his would challenge an effort to roll back network neutrality rules, he chuckled.

That worries network neutrality purists like Bergmayer, who warn that carriers shouldn’t be in the business of favoring some content over others.

The Senate failed to reconfirm one of net neutrality’s top advocates at the FCC.

Meanwhile, streaming video hardware and software company Roku has hired a team of D.C. lobbyists as it gears up for a net neutrality fight.

ER: That is an interesting question, what is neutrality?

Fight for the Future is leading the charge to safeguard the FCC’s Open Internet Rules on net neutrality.

And so we talk a lot about how we extend the debate from net neutrality to being platform neutrality as well.

The repeal effort has drawn cheers from Comcast and Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N), who say the net neutrality regulations stifled investment in their networks.

When the Federal Communications Commission published its massive 400-page network neutrality ruling last year, everyone knew the fight wasn’t over.

The latest net neutrality rules did not erase these business dynamics, people familiar with the arrangements say.

In a statement, Netflix said “tolls decreased for us” after the 2015 net neutrality rules were passed – but did not say they disappeared.

King Vajiralongkorn also cited a provision in the constitution that states the monarch stays above politics and maintains political neutrality.

While it does benefit from the strength of NATO, its neutrality gives it extra incentive to think about self-protection.

Especially if net neutrality is dead, right?

The FCC today eliminated net neutrality rules that required internet providers to treat all web traffic equally.

Net neutrality critics have also cried foul over Binge On.

But we also want to commit to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Even before the convention, some Sanders supporters were challenging Lange’s position as convention chair, questioning her neutrality.

[Tony Romm and Rani Molla / Recode] FCC Chairman Ajit Pai kicked off his campaign to roll back net neutrality.

Respect for mutual norms and procedural neutrality have gone well out the window.

They didn’t care about establishment standards or the perception of procedural neutrality, any more than he did.

Previously, Cloudflare has publicly supported open internet efforts like net neutrality and democratizing protections against DDoS attacks.

The idea of offering some of the Internet — but not all of it — for free has drawn the ire of staunch net neutrality advocates.

AT&T says it supports net neutrality — but it’s staying quiet on whether it could charge more for faster access.

Many websites are displaying pro-net neutrality messages, or “blocked” or “buffering” alerts to dramatize what the internet could be like without net neutrality.

Ever since the current net neutrality rules went into effect, the broadband industry has been furiously lobbying the FCC to roll back the policy.

For net neutrality opponents, Netflix’s apparent hypocrisy was rich.

“It turns out Netflix was really saying net neutrality for thee, but not for me.”

The FCC’s net neutrality policy simply doesn’t apply in this case.

Trump has been outspoken against network neutrality, as have the people he appointed to help with the transition of the FCC under his presidency.

Companies like Netflix, Google, Facebook and Etsy all supported network neutrality in a campaign to pass the internet protections.

Some people call it “net neutrality.”

Such a move would very likely piss off net neutrality advocates.

Rep. Frank Pallone is like many Democrats in the U.S. Congress: He’s itching for a fight over net neutrality.

She said the internet was “not broken” when the FCC sought to introduce its net neutrality rules in 2015.

Schatz and his colleagues even took to the Senate floor on Wednesday, mounting their latest public stand for net neutrality.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., for one, slammed Pai for his “short-sighted and in this case unworkable approach” to net neutrality.

“What kind of neutrality we have in the internet?

“Net neutrality” is a boring name, it’s true—but don’t let the naming games distract from the core issue.

Net neutrality is not a complicated idea.

Sen. Cruz, in particular, has shown extreme contempt for net neutrality, and made no secret of his intention to kill the FCC’s rules.

The Texas lawmaker famously, and bizarrely, called net neutrality “Obamacare for the internet,” in a Twitter message than baffled many of his own supporters.

The FCC just voted to repeal net neutrality rules.

Why are we witnessing such an unprecedented groundswell of public support, for keeping the 2015 net neutrality protections in place?

Because the large majority of Americans are in favor of keeping strong net neutrality rules in place.

How will all of this – net neutrality, my internet experience, look after today?

Now the results of throwing out your net neutrality protections, may not be felt right away.

Is it a tactic to undermine the net neutrality protections adopted in 2015 that are currently parked at the Supreme Court?

There is no real mention of the thousands of net neutrality complaints filed by consumers.

Reclassification of broadband will do more than wreak havoc on net neutrality.

I know there are many questions on the mind of Americans right now, including what the repeal of net neutrality will mean for them.

Net neutrality is internet freedom.

I dissent from this rash decision to roll back net neutrality rules.

I believe it is essential that we sustain this foundation of openness—and that is why I support net neutrality.

Net neutrality has deep origins in communications law and history.

Massachusetts is proposing a new bill that would name and shame internet service providers that ignore net neutrality or violate consumer privacy.

So our existing net neutrality policies have passed court muster.

So after erasing our net neutrality rules what is left?

Unlike its predecessors this FCC has not held a single public hearing on net neutrality.

Wherever we need to go to ensure that net neutrality stays the law of the land.

There’s a ton of them around privacy, around net neutrality, around what your role is and what you think you represent.

So let’s move to net neutrality too because that’s the next big thing.

ISPs that respect consumer privacy and net neutrality would then be allowed to advertise a “Massachusetts Net neutrality and Consumer Privacy Seal” of approval.

That’s because when the FCC repealed net neutrality, it included a provision attempting to “pre-empt” (read: ban) states from protecting consumers.

It’s a net neutrality.

We even had John Oliver segments blasting him for his approach to net neutrality.

The energy neutrality of the network is accomplished via a hybrid energy harvesting system that relies on fairly small-scale renewable sources.

Massachusetts’ proposed net neutrality law passed the Senate last week, and now heads to the House.

They provided robust protections for network neutrality — the idea that all content and services online should compete on a level playing field.

Internet users have been justly outraged by the FCC’s decision to ignore the public and repeal net neutrality rules.

As we reported earlier this year, the FTC is poorly placed to protect net neutrality.

Those three fights — political ads, sex trafficking and net neutrality — remain unresolved at the beginning of 2018.

US mobile giant AT&T said it supports net neutrality and won’t create internet “fast lanes.”

“The adult industry would become very vanilla and boring without net neutrality.”

This is potentially very bad for net neutrality, for reasons explained in my earlier blog post.

It regularly speaks out against bad legislation, mass surveillance, copyright weirdness and abuse, net neutrality violations, patent trolls, etc.

The state agreed in October to delay enforcement of the law pending appeals of the net neutrality reversal.

The net neutrality repeal was a win for providers like Comcast Corp, AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc.

Hulot also announced that France would end all coal energy production by 2022, hoping to achieve complete carbon neutrality for the country by 2050.

On Tuesday FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed reversing the Obama era net neutrality rules.

[New York Times] You’ve read about it a lot in this newsletter — the FCC will finally vote on net neutrality tomorrow.

I think it does benefit to get into neutrality versus impression.

So in order to actually save any money — and to meet the budget neutrality requirement — the state would need to negotiate a $21 discount.

Instead, as Chief Justice John Roberts explained in his 2011 year-end report, they’re merely expected to maintain an air of political neutrality.

Popular websites also supported the FCC’s move to instate network neutrality rules, including Netflix, Google and Twitter.

With similar state laws passed in Oregon and Washington, the entire west coast is now covered by state-level net neutrality protections.

But her most notable effort was the push for net neutrality.

The FCC had already adopted net neutrality rules under a Republican majority in 2005, but were sued by Verizon.

The Senate voted by a narrow margin on Wednesday to preserve net neutrality and repeal a controversial Federal Communications Commission ruling to dismantle it.

Senate Democrats have criticized his proposed bill as being far weaker than Obama-era net neutrality regulation.

And this might be the best chance we have at weaving net neutrality protection into the fabric of internet law.

The selection of San Francisco was essentially hitting the jackpot for net neutrality advocates.

Trump will appoint new leaders to agencies like the Federal Communications Commission, the agency that brought us net neutrality last year.

The FCC December order also seeks to pre-empt states from imposing their own net neutrality rules.

He tweeted two years ago that net neutrality was just another way to attack conservative media.

Net neutrality is the Fairness Doctrine.

Sadeghi uses these chairs to refer to gradual westernization of Iran as well as the country’s neutrality in the Second World War.

They include student loan debt forgiveness for do-gooder tech entrepreneurs, support for net neutrality, easing copyright restrictions and a bunch of other carrots.

Earlier in the day, stocks moved lower after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality rules.

This is, as with most things Taylor Swift, a carefully crafted image of neutrality.

The aim, eventually, is carbon neutrality.

Gizmodo smartly points out that Netflix’s secretiveness about throttling speeds is incongruous, since it doesn’t really violate principles of net neutrality.

But Netflix isn’t suddenly against net neutrality.

They also plan to press the U.S. Congress to enact a new net neutrality law.

“I dissent from this rash decision to roll back net neutrality rules,” Rosenworcel began.

Clinton is also a strong proponent of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, according to a statement issued to Reuters by her campaign.

It’s clear that technology neutrality is important.

Taken together, it’s a dramatic departure from the Obama administration’s efforts to police net neutrality.

“This is not the end of net neutrality,” said David Cohen, its top government-focused executive, in a blog post.

Kalra: Technology neutrality is important, and so is developing regulation that is adaptable and flexible and is designed to keep up.

Puigdemont said on Monday his government’s actions were legitimate and criticized the Spanish judicial system for a “clear lack of independence and neutrality”.

Hopefully this can be accomplished without sacrificing net neutrality in the process, but as things stand, rural America is getting left behind.

The potential impact of repealing net neutrality is far-reaching.

Here are some ways killing net neutrality might affect American consumers more immediately.

The potential impact of repealing net neutrality is far-reaching.

Here are some ways killing net neutrality might affect American consumers more immediately.

The new net neutrality principles will allow the telecoms to prioritize their own content more aggressively, offering it “exclusively” for their customers.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network maintained neutrality on this legislation till the last-minute changes in the House.

Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai also met with Apple, Facebook and others to discuss net neutrality changes to come.

Senate Democrats announced on Monday that they’re just one vote short of reviving the U.S. government’s net neutrality rules.

As expected, they’re sticking together and backing an effort to revive net neutrality protections.

Carriers haven’t been clear about what kind of restrictions they intend to impose on 5G networks in post-net neutrality era.

Democrats are one small step closer to net neutrality in the Senate, and many large, potentially insurmountable steps away from actually restoring those rules.

Democrats believe net neutrality is a debate that might drive votes — especially millennials — to show up at the ballot box come November.

Or more votes for the next net neutrality debate.

Last May, the California Medical Association changed its decades-old stance on aid-in-dying, switching from opposition to neutrality.

In its 2017 decision, the Republican-led FCC voted 3-2 along party lines to reverse the net neutrality rules.

Well, net neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time.

We’ve always had net neutrality from the beginning of the internet until now, and it’s worked out great.

Ted Cruz made this argument against net neutrality, and it made no sense whatsoever.

Blumenthal noted that more than 800 startups have signaled their support for net neutrality.

Why does net neutrality matter?

Pai said he hasn’t ruled out changing the FCC’s role when it comes to net neutrality, but it seems possible.

With the U.S. Federal Appeals Court ruling earlier this month, it looks like net neutrality is here to stay, at least for now.

Now, I realize that network neutrality is more aimed at preventing bad behavior between corporate internet actors.

We hope neutrality in a sentence examples were helpful.