Networks in a sentence | Use of the word networks examples

Now, in a partnership with security firm Palo Alto networks, they’ll be able to earn badges in cybersecurity, too.

It’s a program that has always operated based on reciprocity, innovation, shared responsibility, and local networks.

They targeted voter registries, election officials, and other networks used to run the midterms.

At the time, Nortel networks was a big thing in Canada and it was hiring and it seemed like that could be fun.

2.30 pm – Government blocks major social media networks and messaging services, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

The networks would air preview specials in the weeks leading up to the new season, showing off the best moments from their new shows.

But fall TV means less and less for networks in terms of quality, as well as in terms of their bottom lines.

And for streaming services and cable networks, the economic incentive is to just keep producing and producing shows.

Sometimes, networks slip up.

In the box sculptures especially, viewers interested in art history and theory will find no shortage of suggestive references to networks.

networks also routinely collect Live+7 numbers, and many go even further than that.)

Citysearch ended up merging with Ticketmaster online, became part of what’s now IAC, it was USA networks at the time.

It was interesting, because that was the period of transition from USA networks to IAC.

Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organization, had the cameras custom built from scratch and have started rolling out networks of the poacher-spotting technology.

One limitation is the availability of cell phone networks, which are needed to transmit the images to park rangers in real time.

“We imposed a collection of input patterns onto different PZ-BZ networks, where each network encompassed a distinct stored pattern,” the paper explains.

In this way, the networks of coupled BZ-PZ oscillators achieved pattern recognition.”

We’re told a few networks have shown some interest.

Instead, develop deep relationships with organizations and institutions that cultivate talent of color that may be outside of your networks.

The issue has taken on new urgency as U.S. wireless carriers look for partners as they rollout 5G networks.

At a hearing Tuesday, U.S. senators raised the alarm about allies using Chinese equipment in 5G networks.

Unsatisfied with their options, Paramount and Roddenberry finally opted to circumvent the networks entirely.

IEEPA was invoked broadly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 to cut off financing for terrorist networks.

Penthouse bought FriendFinder networks in 2007 for $500m, filing for an IPO in 2008.

You’re talking about networks.

Another involved the distribution of posters on campus calling the Students for Justice in Palestine group anti-semitic and allegedly linked to terrorist networks.

Contributors receive new digital coins, or tokens, which they typically need to “pay” to access the new networks.

Facebook didn’t respond directly when asked why its team and algorithms hadn’t spotted the offending networks prior to Avaaz’ report.

(It’s rare to impossible for broadcast networks, especially, to send out many episodes for review beyond the first couple.)

Meanwhile, YouTube’s coming TV service has an unannounced deal for a bundle of Disney networks, including ESPN and ABC.

We’re sticking to our knitting — decades of expertise concerning communications networks.

For more than three decades, he has been involved with new telecommunications networks and services as a policy expert, advocate and businessman.

Later, bulletin board systems such as FurNet and Usenet’s hosted the furries, along with IRC networks including FurNet and Anthrochat.

Those independent players include some companies you’ve never heard of and some you probably have, like AMC networks.

AMC networks makes The Walking Dead, among other TV series, and technically isn’t owned by one of the big studio conglomerates.

I think, in the future, most drones are going to communicate through the cell networks.

Here’s a video on @twitter mention networks around the #CleanPowerPlan.

Narrow networks would be a thing of the past too.

For almost 25 years, Amazon has dominated a few areas, like books, electronics and cloud networks.

Smuggling networks have emerged in Italy’s larger northern cities, like Milan, as well.

Please check the BuzzFeed Jobs site and share these positions across your personal networks, or apply if you’re interested in new opportunities.

OK, so should we be avoiding social networks or limiting what we disclose to them?

I don’t think people should be avoiding social networks because, what next?!

How are you going to interact with people without social networks?

Fox has previously given little airtime to Pruitt’s alleged indiscretions compared to other networks.

We need to build our own networks of support and resilience in the face of the coming storm.

“There are relatively few massive-scale networks that really make a big difference in people’s lives.

More express bus networks complementing commuter railways, not just within the boroughs but to leafy destinations elsewhere.

I was interested in communities and in music and in networks.

It was networks and society, and more recently it’s data and AI in society.

“You can use drones to hack into networks.

“Violent threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear.”

We’ve reached out to both networks … but no word back.

But often with programs, there are also big networks of interest groups that can grow up around a program.

When you list my experience to all the networks, it sounds like I can’t hold a job.

I’ll let the listeners decide, because I still have friends at all these networks.

I think all three cable networks may find themselves getting some competition from somebody else.

KS: Right, and they don’t even need the networks because they can reach out directly.

“I don’t think so,” Fox networks CEO Peter Rice said at the Code Media conference today in California.

While recommendations are a key feature of social networks, Twitter, Facebook and others, they haven’t been a part of traditional TV navigation.

And so concepts like machine intelligence and neural networks are tossed around like sci-fi props.

Luke Hewitt, a doctoral student at the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, is particularly concerned about the “unreasonable reputation” of neural networks.

And they continued to respond to screams from monkeys in their social networks, especially those of their best friend.

Another project of particular importance to both is early testing for the next generation of cellular networks, known as 5G.

There’s issues around fake news and the authenticity of how their networks are being used.

The goal of a lot of these bot networks is not for it to just be bots.

The Russians obviously used the tools of social networks really well.

Now these bot networks are doing that.

What you saw almost instantly were bot networks wake up and they started amplifying what Roseanne said.

There was one bot network or one side of the bot networks that were saying, “This is terrible of Roseanne,” etc., etc.

Usually there’s some sort of nefarious actor who’s controlling these networks behind the scenes.

This group of networks, bot networks.

In the old days, there were whisper networks.

Because often what happens is the bots come in, the bot networks, those nefarious actors, and then they cause more conversation.

It’s manipulation of these networks.

It’s just using the networks well for disinformation.

We found bot networks that get, I’ll use the term “woken up,” based off of certain keywords.

Now, what’s scary are the more sophisticated bot networks.

We found bot networks what we call are using a three-wave strategy.

In the first two waves, the bot networks are testing messages.

You’re not gonna stop these bot networks, presumably.

It’s all bot networks.

People are just less excited about owning a giant conglomeration of YouTube networks.

The idea of NPTN was, effectively, to treat these free networks and local outposts in a similar vein as the public library.

Commercial networks were flashy, or fast.

Instead, they became closer to libraries in their conceit—offering services, rather than networks, to the community.

“We didn’t know internal work chats would turn into social media networks,” Foroux said.

Individuals and societies figured out how to leverage networks and large-scale thinking for big financial and geopolitical payouts.

However, it needed to get a master account from the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank that would allow it to access national banking networks.

Credit cards and debit card companies will not allow cannabis businesses to use their networks.

The customer purchases bitcoin, and then chooses to buy cannabis with the bitcoin, so the transaction is allowed over the credit card networks.

A computer program will hack these real images and reprogram them into transgender and cross-racial digital images that resist surveillance networks.

It visualizes the digital networks around us, mapping those “white spots” where there is no network connection.

On launching White Spots, my screen was immediately swarmed with cellphone networks and a jarring digital noise.

Trump, via Twitter, accused Facebook of being “always anti-Trump” and in “collusion” with newspapers and TV networks against him.

The Thai rescue may also draw interest from TV networks, which could provide a quicker path to the screen.

Virtual radio gear enables customers to rely on commodity computer hardware, cutting out big costs for mobile networks.

Verizon and AT&T also have nearly double the subscribers of T-Mobile and Sprint, so changes in their offerings hit their networks harder.

Carriers have long supported greater leeway to manage their networks as part of the U.S. government’s fierce debate over net neutrality.

Making it work in different countries, on different networks.

We spend a ton of time on modeling great behavior that I think we want other social networks to model as well.

Today, cable television networks and the internet are much more lightly regulated than the broadcast media giants of yesteryear.

In China, society is composed of hierarchical networks, based upon the five functional Confucian relationship models.

The app started as a utility — a way to create cool slideshows that you then shared on other networks, like Facebook or Instagram.

And also disables all cell networks so that no one is able to post any videos from the ground,” he tweeted Saturday.

Khashoggi was once a Saudi newspaper editor and is a familiar face on political talk shows on Arab satellite television networks.

And that means the networks and streaming services that distribute TV content still have a lot more sway than, say, the big film studios.

More and more networks are trying to compete by loading their projects with all-star casts and budgets that flirt with those of feature films.

Meanwhile, some networks are pulling back and focusing on more artistically challenging work (like Sundance) or on serving underserved audiences (like WGN America).

(You can even see most major networks setting up what amount to “specialty” arms — as with FX’s relationship with kid sibling network FXX.)

Companies have been built on the backs of these networks.

Huawei is strategically important to China’s ambitions in technology from 5G networks to chips.

Western governments are increasingly wary of what they say is possible Chinese state involvement in fifth-generation mobile and other communications networks.

That’s opened up the networks to endless sniping and second-guessing from both media critics and the candidates themselves.

But that hasn’t made the Olympics any cheaper for networks to air.

(The company did bar known fake news sites from its ad networks, as did Google.)

Based on a quick glance at the WiFi networks available around Def Con, the Pineapple routers were clearly a popular item this year.

He said the company would apply the same principles to its next-generation mobile networks.

Sources had earlier told here Reuters that these networks could be worth as much as $20 billion.

Fox Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch had hinted earlier this month that it could buy back the regional sports networks it sold to Disney.

Log in to TV Everywhere Apps for Individual networks.

Also like Sling, Vue has local broadcast networks in select markets.

“Our PlayStation Vue plans already have some of the top sports networks such as ESPN and local broadcast stations in select markets.”

Every May, the TV networks announce their fall schedules to advertisers at an event called the upfronts.

TL;DR: The CW might not have the numbers other networks do, but it wants advertisers to know it’s got the reach nonetheless.

Artificial Intelligence is experiencing a resurgence in commercial interest because of breakthroughs with deep learning neural networks solving practical problems.

Facebook is also betting Libra can squeeze more revenue out of its suite of apps, something already happening on Chinese social networks like WeChat.

Breakthroughs in deep learning artificial neural networks are now stopping attacks previously unseen in real time before they even have a chance to run.

As a graphic designer, Melehi’s work impacted both artistic networks and political causes.

This means it will likely include defenses against brute-force dictionary-based attacks, one of the most common methods of breaking into wireless networks.

WPA3 is also expected to encrypt connections on open Wi-Fi networks which, until now, offered no protection and privacy to users.

How do news networks go back to talking about infrastructure after this?

“The pirate networks never went away,” Meservey said in an interview.

That allowed fledging pirate networks to rack up some scores.

This could be a bad news for networks and publishers.

MuleSoft makes software that provides enterprises with tools to automatically integrate various applications, devices and disparate data to help businesses networks run faster.

Our sources say they’ve already received offers from two networks for the project and negotiations are ongoing.

SVA’s Summer Residency offers the benefit of working on SVA’s New York campus, helping to create a community and expand residents networks.

This is how many cable networks prefer to cancel shows.

However, it’s becoming more common for networks to be part of the corporations that produce the shows in the first place.

Both shows have long been steady performers for their networks.

The Justice Department wants AT&T to divest Time Warner’s DirecTV unit or Turner networks as a condition of approving the acquisition.

Rami Essaid is the co-founder and CEO of Distil networks, a bot detection and mitigation company.

The battle to control logistics networks in China has at times created tensions between e-commerce and delivery firms.

“Amazon knows how to run a store,” Fred Seibert, the founder of the production company Frederator networks, told CNBC.

Reid Hoffman has billions of dollars and one of the best networks in Silicon Valley.

Rome, Authority for energy, networks, environment ARERA presents annual report (0900 GMT).

The series come from four completely different networks.

The two networks’ nomination totals didn’t plummet either — which was unusual for cable networks this year.

But both have lost the heat they had just five years ago in favor of streaming networks and FX.

Correction: Due to several incorrect nomination totals provided by the Television Academy, the numbers of nominations received by several networks were under-counted.

Fox correctly identified that there was a large audience of conservative-leaning Americans who weren’t getting served by any of the news networks.

She believes deeply in helping people get more value out of the networks they’ve built.

That attitude even leaches into the show itself, which features Allen’s novelist character, Sidney Munsinger, fretting about pitching an idea to the networks.

In the long-term, regular high doses can also reorganize neural networks, potentially leading to chronic flashbacks or cognitive impairment.

“Many have also seen what happens when people who haven’t maintained those networks get divorced,” Coontz adds.

And once they are fans, they become amazing brand advocates and evangelists with family, friends and social networks.

The group made their own IMSI catcher framework, called White-Stingray, which can carry out attacks on 2G and 3G networks.

“He’s selling Trump wine, Trump water, Trump steaks … he was testing the networks,” Gingrich said.

As for the future, researchers are running a project called 5G-Ensure, which aims to address the problem of IMSI catchers on 5G networks.

And, yes, most networks can’t just say, “I want a great cast!”

Rivals like AT&T, tightly regulated companies that have plowed money into broadband networks, would probably find such a runway unfair.

But broadcast networks are still airing empty Trump stages — and Trump knows it.

Meanwhile, both Facebook and Google will ban sites that promote fake news from using their ad networks.

I am not, as a rule, someone who is down on the broadcast networks.

But broadcast networks increasingly struggle to play to that strength, especially in the peak TV era.

And Kay noted that Duo will “seamlessly switch from wireless to cellular networks.”

Instead, the networks continue to try to reinvent the Law & Order wheel, with a couple of small exceptions.

The media has been a big target for Trump, who has been known to mock publications and networks during his rallies throughout the campaign.

“This is part of our effort to identify and disable networks of accounts that mislead others about who they are.

She found out she was HIV positive in 2001, and tried a few targeted dating networks in the early days of her diagnosis.

I think the balance to that — and this is a problem across all of social networks — is the mechanism is not the thing.

He also accused news networks of turning off their cameras to avoid broadcasting his words, calling out CNN by name.

As expected, the major broadcast TV networks plan to carry the speech.

The hiring of Moore, a communications industry veteran, signals that the project may become more reliant on satellite networks.

They’re adding more categorization of networks, to help consumers understand is this a broad network or a narrow network.

“The next evolution in short-form video is super-premium video, on par with cable networks like HBO,” he said.

The big software revolutions, like cloud computing, search engines and social networks, are also still growing and improving, but have become largely established.

And this is different than the other services that may compete in this space, or in these smaller things, like channel-oriented, OTT networks.

The major five sports, their licensing deals with television and cable networks are up in 2021 and 2022.

So these networks right now, they’re all coalescing.

They’re not in the right networks.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is working on self-driving cars, residential broadband networks in several cities, and a lot more.

The remaining quarter came from Google’s ad networks, which sell ads that appear on other people’s websites.

Then he asked if she had profile on social networks.

Yet we are, in 2017, in a strange glut of bad antihero shows, largely from streaming networks.

Ozark’s stubborn blandness raises the question of just why the antihero trope continues to be so appealing to creators and networks.

But networks also can’t count on that ratings boost like they usually could in the ’70s and ’80s.

He also pushed back against U.S. assertions that backdoors in networks were an issue.

A+E networks and 21st Century Fox said they would reconsider using North Carolina as a filming location in the future.

Thus both the participating individuals and their social networks are then more likely to comply with tax rules.

But increasingly cheap GPS chips and ubiquitous smartphones have allowed for the development of dockless bicycle sharing networks.

“It’s a word for a collection of nodes and synapses and collections of networks.

Instead, it’s pitching itself as a way for TV networks to reach audiences they’re missing out on.

ACU and ADA helped issue activists form networks with one another outside of the largely non-ideological patronage networks that defined the political parties.

The media has been a big target for Trump, who has been known to mock publications and networks during his rallies throughout the campaign.

As neither your household nor workplace networks could be identified, the post-purchase set-up has entered hiatus.

One of the most powerful parts of the project is when people write in and ask them to share through their social networks.

You can watch them on one of NBCUniversal’s 10 networks that will carry the games.

The streaming service, Disney+, aims to make up for the continuing loss of subscribers from ESPN and other cable networks.

The early internet pioneers grabbed the “low-hanging fruit,” Zaveri suggested, occupying lucrative niches like search, social networks, and e-commerce.

Watch More From Tonic: Namastay Sober is just one of several fitness-minded networks that have recently emerged as resources to help addicts in recovery.

One ranking shows WhatsApp and YouTube as the internet’s top social networks after Facebook.

A+E networks told Variety: “Production on ‘Six’ is already under way, however we will not consider North Carolina for any new productions.”

Many residents have also expressed frustration at the slow pace of recovery of wireless networks.

(Two news networks, ABC News and NBC News, have projected that the Republicans will keep the House.)

They’re all going to offer a bundle of TV networks you can watch live or on demand.

“The Facebook project is the type of progressive thinking to which A+E networks is incredibly committed.” But Facebook’s plans are still nascent.

The regulator estimates that only 3,542 out of a total of 5,570 cities in Brazil had access to fiber networks in 2018.

Twelve Russian intelligence officers were indicted by a federal grand jury in July 2018, accused of hacking Democratic Party computer networks in 2016.

“These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks,” it continued.

Conventional money transfer networks like Western Union and MoneyGram are slow and expensive.

Bitcoin fans don’t like to talk about the networks’ illicit uses, which also include ordering illegal drugs on underground websites.

A dissertation about slave communication networks in the Caribbean is finally being formally published — 32 years after it was written.

“We did not see them cross into the control networks,” DHS cyber security official Rick Driggers told reporters at a dinner on Thursday evening.

Russia has shown a willingness to leverage access into energy networks for damaging effect in the past.

The open web exists as a public and largely protected space, but it lacks the convenience or centralization of Twitter or other social networks.

The swooshing, grabbing, flinging and tapping are the best leap toward natural gestures in the relationship with our networks.

“These networks are all fairly new to Thailand,” Col. Tatsapum said.

Others in European far-right networks had voiced similar concerns about the “bad optics” from the event, he said.

Others in European far-right networks had voiced similar concerns about the “bad optics” from the event, he said.

The Russian-based app “uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic.

Khashoggi had gained a wide following with his appearances on Arab satellite television networks as a prominent critic of the Gulf kingdom’s rulers.

And then who are … are there new networks?

I can go … so I think the broadcast networks go away.

Wireless carriers, for the most part, previously have said they need greater flexibility to deal with smartphone users whose download habits congest their networks.

“For adult survivors of childhood trauma, the process does involve more time as there are many memory networks associated with the trauma,” Levis explains.

Last year, researchers made a low-cost IMSI-catcher capable of tracking targets on 4G/LTE networks.

Social networks and other sites such as Vimeo were banned when users uploaded videos seen to promote anti-government gatherings.

“All stakeholders including industry should work together to promote security and resilience of national critical infrastructure networks, systems and connected devices,” the document said.

The new Fox will house assets including Fox News, Fox Business Network and sports cable networks, the company said.

(Her attorney denied that Hardy had ever approached Seacrest or the networks for compensation.)

Three researchers critical in the field of neural networks — Yann LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yoshua Bengio — were given the Turing Award on Wednesday.

Title II regulations actually squeeze the smaller competitors who want to enter in the space and expand their networks.

It’s like moving from centralized TV networks such as NBC to the decentralized model of YouTube.

And the networks of local political power and crime he spent much of his life in will hum along without him.

He announced no new policy changes, despite a policy announcement being the premise that got cable networks to carry the speech live.

Cable networks would latch onto these performances and the videos would go viral.

Her supporters cheered, “Run, Lisa, run!” Waller said the campaign immediately tried to channel grassroots energy into meaningful networks of supporters.

And then Game of Thrones won, and the two networks ended up exactly tied — with 23 wins apiece at both ceremonies.

Another suggestion is to analyze your employee networks.

The networks of available doctors are narrower than people would like.

WannaCry, a ransomware variant, infected networks in Spain, Russia, China, and elsewhere, and hit the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) particularly hard.

In Vietnam, networks of artist friends have built thriving communities of discourse and collaboration outside official structures.

That’s improving with new measures from the card networks but, again, the upgrades are happening piece by piece.

Fraudsters, with a canny eye on their bottom line, were actually faster to move in response to EMV than the card networks.

It said the process was to bring the EE networks into line with the rest of its business rather than a change of policy.

The status of Huawei and ZTE has taken on new urgency as U.S. wireless carriers rollout 5G networks.

It’s the first year-over-year drop in its TV networks division.

If a battle is looming for OTT space between traditional pay TV and the networks, content providers like WWE are in awkward position.

That means Brand networks served 13 times more ad impressions after just a five months.

Hearst participated in a $5.6 million round the company raised in 2013; Scripps networks Interactive led the $50 million round Refinery29 raised last year.

networks reported huge voter turnout and long lines in Puerto Rico, with just over 430 polling stations open compared with over 2,000 in 2008.

And that’s essentially what happens on those extremist networks.”

Since then, however, those networks have become more private, if they exist at all, he said.

“In the days ahead … the United States will announce even stronger sanctions on the regime’s corrupt financial networks,” Pence said.

They were creating networks of friendship and socializing and care-taking and sex that few had thought possible.

They say there have been a number of cases where ISPs have played favorites on their networks.

They can also access networks that can help further their missions.

Now that we have marriage, could we lose those networks of queer support that built up over decades?

It was pretty obvious when these big networks started popping up that they were going to be collecting and harvesting data to generate revenue.

One source with intimate knowledge of IS social media communication networks says the hack has yet to be claimed by the militant group.

Many Iranians access Telegram by using virtual private networks (VPNs) and other tools to bypass government filtering of the Internet, residents say.

Last month, the Trump administration banned Huawei from buying vital U.S. technology without special approval and effectively barring its equipment from U.S. telecom networks.

I dumped a whole bunch of media apps from the various broadcast networks, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

On my phone, I find much of it via links posted on social networks.

She adds … rather than just casting someone who might look Middle Eastern or Arabic, networks are pushing for actual Muslims to play Muslim characters.

Brute force approaches to AI have given way to neural networks, a type of computing architecture inspired by neurons in the human brain.

Twitter is experimenting with live sports, and Snap is partnering with television broadcast networks, among others, to produce original and exclusive shows.

The deal comes shortly before the TV networks begin their “upfront” presentations, when they sell advertisers on next fall’s shows.

Up until Friday’s attack, authorities had maintained no operational links exist between Bangladeshi militants and international jihadi networks.

The speech will air on most major broadcast networks, and a live stream is embedded above.

Instead, he fooled the three major cable news networks into airing a 20-minute infomercial about his hotel and his candidacy.

SNAP relies on the food distribution networks most Americans rely on, getting food to retailers where customers buy it.

The networks didn’t cut away then, and they haven’t learned their lesson now.

There’s nothing that will be as fundamental to the transformation of a city than how you lay down those networks.

You have to build middle-class transportation networks.

Every May, the TV networks announce their fall schedules to advertisers at an event called the upfronts.

All four major networks are looking toward the long term in some way or another.

In many ways, Twitter is held to unfair double standards that other social networks are not.

I say this all the time about the wireless networks.

Today, tobacco companies maintain some of the most extensive state lobbying networks in the country, totaling hundreds of lobbyists.

Today, tobacco companies maintain some of the most extensive state lobbying networks in the country, totaling hundreds of lobbyists.

The wireless networks are not your friends.

Disney’s cable networks business has been under pressure as viewers shift to streaming services such as Netflix Inc and Inc’s Prime.

A looming concern laid out in the presentation was China’s growing presence in the manufacture and operation of wireless networks.

Revenue from the cable networks business, which includes ESPN and the Disney Channels, rose 2.5 percent to $4.19 billion.

The social networks’ vast user bases serve as a powerful foundation for expansion into cryptocurrency, Chainalysis said.

You were at the major networks, and then of course lots of people moved back and forth between them.

The telethon will air on all the major networks — CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX — Tuesday from 8-9 PM.

Casey: Those are just little popup social networks that disappear in five minutes.

Building cellular and broadband networks is a very capital-intensive business.

Telecom firms have long tried to be more than just a “dumb pipe,” offering content and services over their networks.

At BRIC House, Public Access/Open networks will feed your nostalgia for channel-surfing.

Public Access/Open networks, on view at BRIC House, allows visitors to experience this unpredictable, experimental, and ultimately incredibly influential world.

Public Access/Open networks brought on nostalgia I never realized I had for rabbit ears and fuzzy pictures.

We’ve also seen an exodus towards sites like and away from the more mainstream social media networks.

Public Access/Open networks continues at the Gallery at BRIC House (647 Fulton Street, Downtown Brooklyn) through May 7.

People wanted to know, how did the networks know that they had moved the paddle so that they could transmit that?

For a long time, these networks have completely transcended industries.

Those networks are so powerful, but then how do you get in?

How do you convince the people on the inside of the networks of the value of opening them up?

Netflix’s “House of Cards” series is proof positive of this at work — if you create amazing work, people will leave traditional networks.

In fact, 70 percent of this year’s nominations alone came from original content networks.

Twelve Russian intelligence officers were indicted by a federal grand jury on July 13, accused of hacking Democratic Party computer networks in 2016.

So far, federated social networks have only gained fringe acceptance.

Even if federated social networks were to gain widespread adoption, they may not be well suited to act as media distributors.

The two social networks might complement each other.

We are making everybody responsible for looking more broadly at their networks.”

The world doesn’t really want 18 different social media networks, because then you can’t necessarily talk to whoever you want to talk to.

Both Iran and North Korea have developed surreptitious enrichment networks for producing nuclear material.

Gebhart thinks will cause some people to abandon the platform and seek refuge in underground, upstart social networks.

Though these grassroots networks have yet to eclipse legacy sites like Facebook and Twitter, it may just be a matter of time.

“With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License?

Every May, the TV networks announce their fall schedules to advertisers at an event called the upfronts.

It’s easy, when you’re frustrated with TV’s lack of diversity, to blame individual shows or actors or even networks.

Every May, the TV networks announce their fall schedules to advertisers at an event called the upfronts.

A federal appeals court has rejected an Obama administration regulation that aimed to clear the way for cities to build their own broadband networks.

HQ’s user numbers are similar to the audience size that some cable networks pull in for Sunday night prime-time windows.

But a few cities across America have sought to provide their residents with a third option: broadband networks provided by the city government itself.

Nigerian trafficking networks operate in Italy, and are known to offer transport to vulnerable girls on a “pay as you go” basis.

(Disney already owns ABC and can’t own two major broadcast networks at once.)

The Obama administration responded by preempting those laws and guaranteeing cities the right to build their own broadband networks if they want to.

The high court said that Congress had only allowed the FCC to preempt restrictions on the development of private broadband networks.

The networks between the banks themselves were designed in a very different era, and are creaking under the threats of a more uncivilized age.

And, third, the U.S. lacks the established extremist recruitment networks that run deep throughout much of Western Europe.

Mexico agreed to clamp down on people smuggling networks and deploy security forces to curb illegal immigration from Central America.

We know that voter mobilization efforts are most effective when they appeal to voters’ social networks.

And I’d just come back from the West Coast Computer Fair and Dr. Bob Metcalfe was talking about networks and ethernet networks.

What we would have looked at is a front end and having to have subscription services that over-the-top networks, as I said … Sports.

Some districts will have to set up their entire electricity networks afresh, the Odisha chief minister noted.

Environments that have nascent angel networks.

Traditionally, there’ve been a bunch of right-wing, conservative-leaning media companies and/or shows and/or networks for a long time, very often on radio.

So when you talk about this, you talk about the social networks, that they aren’t paying attention to it, can you talk about that?

And networks really treat shows that have a more niche appeal completely differently.

We’re lucky that you can address different kinds of audiences and take certain artistic risks and that has paid off for networks.

Other networks have seen that work.

People knew that Russia was using social networks long before the 2016 election.

The state and regional funding networks have been challenged in recent years by cuts to state government funding for the arts.

With telecom companies, with the news networks, where they had fairness doctrines.

Over the years, the number of venues for showing documentaries has greatly increased: in theatres, on cable, and now on streaming networks like Netflix.

Netflix, ESPN, Disney, and Discovery have all run into snags when trying to launch over-the-top networks there.

I tried other publishing advertising-type networks and ad quality … Have you tried any of the niche health and fitness ad networks?

Through the years, Cennetoğlu has facilitated up-to-date and translated versions of “The List” using public spaces such as billboards, transport networks, and media publications.

The secret to this ability is a technology known as neural networks.

She also said that she networks with a very particular strategy in mind.

While Verizon’s new networks delivered speeds upwards of 500 Mbps, actually finding a 5G signal in either city was difficult to impossible.

Wireless carriers have routinely pitched 5G as a compelling, lower-cost alternative to the fiber networks they’ve long failed to fully deliver.

They’re accustomed to engaging with adults and they know how to build and take advantage of networks.

This is important from the standpoint of the U.S. continuing its leadership in advanced wireless networks.

networks running on 5G offer much faster download speeds than existing 4G services while latency – or reaction times – is reduced to milliseconds.

Mellanox’s chips power high-speed networks connecting servers.

For Starlink, the plan is instead to create these huge networks of many small satellites constantly moving in very low earth orbit.

Other companies, such as Iridium, have similar plans to build these kinds of networks.

The chips supposedly allowed the Chinese attackers to create a secret doorway into companies’ networks, and could receive further communication and instructions.

Motherboard is empowering people to build community-owned broadband networks .

It doesn’t care about any of the other things that traditional networks need to worry about.

And it should inform the way news networks go about trying to correct misinformation coming out of the White House.

The networks were always anti-Trump,” Trump said on Twitter, levelling the same charge against the New York Times and the Washington Post.

I know police departments spend like 100K on doing countersurveillance on their networks to find bugs.

The central argument is basically that power is transferring from major institutions like governments or major media companies to individuals and networks of individuals.

Most people are in it as individuals, or are part of loose networks.

And based on those similarities, Soufan said that the U.S. should know how to disrupt those networks.

On the morning of March 4, the Palo Alto networks researchers write, attackers infected installers for Transmission version 2.90.

The identity linked to this certificate was different to that used to sign previous versions of Transmission, Palo Alto networks add.

We know how to dismantle networks and take down networks.

The polarization element has been a knock on these social networks for a long time.

According to a new report on America’s mobile networks from OpenSignal, the answer is T-Mobile.

But networks also can’t count on that ratings boost like they usually could in the ’70s and ’80s.

The ad ran on national cable networks on Monday and Tuesday.

“And we are delivering an incredible reach there through our carriage of NBCU- and FOX-owned stations and [regional sports networks].”

Using neural networks, the system is able to make sense of all that those keywords and even add related terms.

“Chance @ Romance” is still being shopped around, and we’re told some networks are interested … but no takers so far.

They purchased space on computer servers located within the United States to use virtual private networks to mask their identities and pose as Americans.

But other networks found more of a foothold than usual this year.

Trump on Thursday morning tweeted about his State of the Union viewership, which came in at 45.6 million across 12 networks, according to Nielsen.

“It is important for freedom of expression that we be able to post artworks on social networks,” he told Le Figaro.

It’s also about dismantling the networks of silence that can keep abusers safe from consequences for decades.

And to do that, those who have witnessed or survived abuse will need networks of their own.

The proliferation, with no-excuses schools becoming no-excuses school networks (charter school chains), largely owes to the schools’ impressive academic results.

Read more, here.A programmer created an application that uses neural networks to remove clothing from the images of women, making them look realistically nude.

“The networks are multiple, because each one has a different task: locate the clothes.

An estimated 29.8 million people watched Clinton across 10 broadcast and cable networks, Nielsen data showed.

Because when we lose faith, our brain’s preexisting belief networks don’t dissolve.

Encouraged by light-touch regulation, the private sector invested over $1.5 trillion to build out fixed and mobile networks throughout the United States.

A+E networks and 21st Century Fox said they would reconsider using North Carolina as a filming location in the future.

Under Title II, investment in high-speed networks has declined by billions of dollars.

When there’s less investment, that means fewer next-generation networks are built.

That means fewer jobs for Americans building those networks.

Over time, that means our networks themselves will need to scale, too.

Broadband providers will have stronger incentives to build networks, especially in unserved areas, and to upgrade networks to gigabit speeds and 5G.

The private sector invested over $1.5 trillion in broadband networks.

The U.S. last year ordered civilian government agencies to remove the Kaspersky software from their networks.

It’s easy to forget now, but the Khans didn’t appear in the 10 to 11 pm hour carried by the networks.

You’ve both done a lot of stuff for the traditional broadcast and cable networks.

But by several measures, Carroll’s story was eclipsed by other topics or left out altogether on other networks.

Now all the networks have made peace, more or less, with the internet.

Priority number one is protecting the American people and going after terrorist networks.

Facebook has been under scrutiny from regulators around the world over data sharing practices as well as hate speech and misinformation on its networks.

networks and optical … Super boring stuff, but you liked it.

Multiple cable news networks are also expected to carry the speech.

The stakes are high for broadcast and cable networks.

Cable networks will provide coverage throughout each day and into the evening.

Broadcast networks plan one hour of primetime coverage each of the four nights, plus online reports.

My core competency is still in the world I understand, which is infrastructure, data, networks, network optimization.

Vertical networks launched a Snapchat Discover channel Friday called “Brother,” a new lifestyle brand specifically for millennial men.

Brother is Vertical networks’s first brand and, as of Friday, it only exists on Snapchat.

C’mon, networks.

As other nations improve their communications networks, their vulnerability will grow, they added.

And that should give pause to news networks that readily air these press conferences in the name of accountability.

And a close look at the geography of innovation suggests that role models and networks are playing a key role.

The three day match broadcast reached over 40 global TV networks to a total household reach of around 620 million.

For example, don’t ever go on public networks?

Because that’s where you do get on public networks often.

), whose drawings, which sometimes feature numbers, appear to depict psychic-energy or perhaps electrical-pulse networks between humans, and George Widener (b.

KS: So don’t get on public networks with your mobile phone.

Cable TV networks across Kashmir remain shut.

Australia and New Zealand have also blocked it from building 5G networks amid concerns of its possible links with Beijing.

(Netflix could also make a claim for 2016, but those three networks are about it for this year.)

Breakthroughs are hard to maintain, but in this era of peak TV, there seem to be multiple networks having them with every new year.

“I have struggled for many years with a substance addiction,” Skipper, who was also Disney Media networks co-chairman, said in a statement.

He’s a loner, ostracized by the key social networks among which he operates.

Albert Wenger is a partner at Union Square Ventures, a New York-based early-stage VC firm focused on investing in disruptive networks.

After that Elon interview we did where he talked about neural networks.

They’re networks of people who owe each other something, and who can deliver something their fellow partisans need.

There are lots of ways to do that, from incentives that change human behavior to automated networks of electric vehicle batteries to … water heaters.

His speech against Sessions was carried live on the major primetime television networks.

I really think this destroys a lot of underlying networks and I think people don’t see that so much.

While Snapchat is still the second-most beloved social networks for Gen Z, nearly a fifth of them said they’re using it less.

“Our job is to make sure they understand to look at provider networks and drug formularies if they have health concerns.

“This marks a typical case of North Korea shrewdly circumventing UNSC sanctions by using its illegal networks.”

“This marks a typical case of North Korea shrewdly circumventing UNSC sanctions by using its illegal networks.”

I would try to tap into some of those networks if it’s not something that your friends or family really understand.

They control networks of companies through a holding structure that allows families to have outsize influence over the businesses despite having small direct shareholdings.

Gun rights activists were able to convince the public and these networks that arming teachers was a topic worth covering.

“I feel that those who use social networks to spread lies are damaging the values of the new generations,” he said.

There were several points in the days leading up to this weekend when Fox News focused more on gun control than the other networks.

To be sure, these networks devoted a massive amount of attention to Puerto Rico in the month after the hurricane.

Stated differently, the broadcast and cable networks have gone nerdy.

A myriad of different anonymous networks, like YikYak and Secret, have come and gone.

More cities, towns, counties, and municipalities are building, or are considering building, their own high speed broadband networks.

And really, to build these types of networks, you want to have a very iterative process.

Twenty-six communities in Colorado will vote Tuesday night to bypass a state law restricting municipal networks.

Finally, cities, towns, and cooperatives are learning that these networks aren’t as much of a financial risk as they once were considered.

Trump showed that the debate networks really do need him, and that his threats to exit debates must be taken seriously.

Now Turner and Refinery29 are announcing the $45 million investment, which also includes money from previous investor Scripps networks Interactive.

These communities were based on forums — the now-outdated web technology that preceded social networks.

“I can’t call these things social networks anymore — I call them behavior modification empires,” said VR pioneer Jaron Lanier.

Matthew received a PhD in machine learning and image recognition with the pioneers of deep learning and convolutional neural networks.

And when all else failed, Fox personalities dismissed the scandals as silly, suggesting that other news networks were overreacting.

They looked visibly confused, with those technical issues prompting an unscheduled commercial break as the networks resolved the issue.

Those emails stayed on the Platte River networks until a few months later, when somewhere in the neighborhood of 33,000 of them were deleted.

Maduro had been conducting interviews with several U.S. media networks on Monday.

These forms radiate outward into planetary orbs, tendrils, and vertebrae-like networks.

Yeah, but we … Everyone at Apple store had a credit card, we already had built in Wi-Fi networks to do the store.

I think that will augment the delivery networks in a very phased way.

But since news of this raid broke, Fox News has spent significantly less time covering the story than the other major cable news networks.

But even if they want to avoid vendor lock-in, there currently aren’t many alternatives to these proprietary networks.

To put it another way, that’s like Sony Pictures inviting the North Koreans to run vulnerability tests on its computer networks.

They fill in the leadership gap left by networks for civic engagement.

Ethnic and racial groups each created their own social service and activist networks to combat every kind of oppression.

You know, you used to have three networks that you used to watch.

We will also prioritize securing opportunities for our researchers and students to access vital pan-European programs and build new global networks.”

“One government official says China’s goal was long-term access to high-value corporate secrets and sensitive government networks.

The bigger point is that those aren’t the qualities that networks have tended to look for in grooming their stars.

Here’s the money paragraph: “The truth is that social networks have been a boon to partisans of every stripe — conservatives especially.

Our phase one was going to TV networks as advertisers.

Instead, ride-hailing app drivers communicate through a series of decentralized online groups on networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Today we work with nine of the top 10 TV companies in America and launching TV shows when they advertise them on other networks.

Some of them were saying, “Well, we’re going to started selling ratings to TV networks,” they like that.

The Fox pairing sees the turnover at both networks as an opportunity to shake up the rankings on a marquee night for television.

However, the remaining 7 percent point to possible longer-term changes in genes related to his immune system, DNA repair, bone-formation networks, hypoxia, and hypercapnia.

On the other hand, Disney’s Fox deal contemplates betting even more money on TV sports, by acquiring Fox’s 22 regional sports networks.

Plus, some carriers chose to tie devices to their own networks.

(Of course, it’s worth remembering that not all iPads are capable of connecting to cellphone networks.

And it’s easy also to forget all those social networks that didn’t work, that didn’t have some of these elements built in.

T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T also let those traveling to the United States purchase service on their networks.

The FCC order also increases the maximum length of the alerts from 90 to 360 characters on messages sent over LTE and future networks.

But with preorders topping expectations, the company opted to do a second version that would work with CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon.

A software engineer at Google, Mordvintsev created DeepDream, a computer vision program that uses neural networks to interpret and generate new, often creepy images.

Not the only element, but one more element in why certain networks work and why certain networks don’t.

So if the social networks aren’t good about managing this, then you can see why a new social network might pop up.

But if you flip it, another way to put it is that people really want a sense of self-worth and identity from social networks.

“Instead of using hypothetical, abstract or speculative scenarios that may not be relevant to U.S. networks, this report provides practical mitigation schemes and recommendations.”

But cycle forwards 20 years and you have incubators, accelerators, seed funds, angel networks, micro funds.

The cable networks are staging primary debates six months before the first primary, in the summer of the year before.

That collaborative piece has been super welcomed by the entrepreneurs, because for them, they want to build the right set of networks.

We typically bring very different networks.

A+E networks and 21st Century Fox also said they would reconsider using North Carolina as a filming location in the future.

And, yes, HBO ultimately pulled even with FX to win the most trophies on the night, with both networks winning six a piece.

Conventional payment networks like Visa and Mastercard make it difficult to accept payments without revealing your identity.

As AI technology grows more sophisticated, neural networks can generate pictures people are comfortable looking at.

Both networks won six, and HBO only won 22 overall.

One screwy, distorted face unpins the fabric.” Generative adversarial networks, or GANs, were first developed in 2014 by research scientist Ian Goodfellow.

Most of the faces generated by early iterations of the networks were so distorted that the technology didn’t have much functionality.

Poor service limits access to health, business, and education opportunities that are readily available in urban locations with fast networks.

It seems they were finally able to make full use of their credentials and networks.

I studied the legends and current stars of performance via VHS tapes shared through underground networks of friends and house members.

“I compete with Netflix, I compete with Hulu, I compete with the traditional television networks, I compete with Fortnite!

Is that something that you’d like to see greater scrutiny of these power networks in a kind of investigative reporting kind of way?

We hope networks in a sentence examples were helpful.