Naughtier in a sentence | Use of the word naughtier examples

Depending on your opinion of Clinton, you might prefer fictional Hillary—especially the naughtier imprints—because they offer an interiority and complexity that the candidate, by virtue of her career, cannot provide.

But you are even naughtier in your watercolors.

In this scene, we see Geralt and Yennefer getting spicy when they’re meant to be at a wake, which already adds a layer of quickie frisson that makes things seem a little naughtier than just a regular smooch-sesh.

You can use sweet drinks like lemonade or slightly naughtier liquids like tequila.

That’s clearly something you’ve dabbled in yourself, both meditatively and through other, naughtier means.I’ve had some pretty pivotal psychedelic experiences.

If you feel like your festive spirit is a little… wholesome lately, then download Kardashian’s new Kimoji ASAP to make your Turkey Day a little naughtier.

You’re building to things that are even naughtier or even more taboo, and discovering whether you find the same things palatable or unpalatable, emotional or not emotional.

The new NSX is a compromise of a mid-engine sports car that can play nice like a luxury sedan when it chooses, but has a naughtier, gnarly side, too.

In February of this year, safe mode became the site’s default: users interested in exploring the naughtier side of Tumblr now needed to explicitly opt in, creating an uncomfortable barrier that further segregated Tumblr’s NSFW accounts from the rest of the site’s offerings.

Just when you think every lewd thing imaginable has already been done to a fidget spinner, a new, naughtier invention comes along.

Mrs. Obama said her four-legged family members had been nice overall, but she exposed Sunny’s naughtier side.

Talking about your fantasies will only bring you closer together … and maybe even make some of those naughtier dreams come true.

“Valentine’s Day is always one we can get away with being naughtier and they always receive good feedback… We always push to be even ruder than last year!”

Kelly told Isla Fisher that the lead character of her children’s book was “naughtier than Mary Poppins!”

And then there’s the slightly naughtier addition – “right above my junk,” as he put it, laughing – of his name written in script three times that has his Instagram followers drooling over nearly naked mirror selfies.

But it was a long way from the naughtier quirks of Shampoo.

As noted, it’s all worked quite well in the UK, where the show is naughtier, since broadcast content rules are less restrictive.

The letter is the first of many from Anthony (Tom Burke), who is older, wiser, naughtier, and more Delphic than Julie.

If, for example, you want to replace “ducking” with a naughtier word, you can do that here: Here, to be appropriate, we’ll create the phrase “be right there” and use the shortcut “brt.”

Just as she once used Doughnutgate to grow out of the teen persona defined by her iconic cat ears into a slightly naughtier, leather bunny mask–wearing “dangerous woman,” she is using our current cultural moment to, as she calls it, “elevate” her music.

Today’s theme takes phrases that contain the “ah” sound and changes them to the “awe” sound, so that BODY BUILDING at 23 Across becomes the naughtier BAWDY BUILDING.

Adults behaving like adults, only naughtier and far nastier.

The sex lives of fictional politicians can be even naughtier than the real thing, but race, class, religion and the other hot buttons and third rails are handled with nervous smiles and kid gloves.

(Follow-up think-piece assignment: “Ghostbusters” is actually a remake of “The Social Network.”) “Bridesmaids,” “The Heat” and “Spy” may have had naughtier (and funnier) jokes, but they were also careful to include rom-com flourishes and semiplausible love interests.

Now, with “Split,” he’s re-emerged a leaner, naughtier filmmaker.

Occasionally, grandpa might have even visited a dusty, mysterious shop with sexy specialty items in front and something naughtier in back.

(The naughtier double entendres will sail right over children’s heads.)

On a recent Friday night (the museum is open until 11 p.m.), I watched young couples having a great time in front of Mr. Araki’s images, tittering at the naughtier pictures, looking closely at the sheen of a silk kimono over scratchy, taut cordage.

In ads for Calvin Klein jeans, Ms. MacDowell improvised a naughtier sort of down-home girl.

The Sugarplum Fairy, here called Sugar Rum Cherry, dances to a slow, cheeky, boom-chicka-boom number, decidedly naughtier than Tchaikovsky’s tinkling melody for the celesta.

The boozy party scene might not be a fit for families, and the hotel certainly doesn’t shy away from naughtier elements.

She approached a teacher for advice on how to manage her naughtier classmates.

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