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But what happens if Clinton expands on Obama’s national vote margin?

If Johnson gets in the neighborhood of 5 percent of the national vote, do his supporters vote for congressional Democrats?

Or will they vote Republican down ballot — and make Clinton’s big national lead less crucial?

They deserve a lot of credit for putting reform on the national agenda.

“Foreign objects can damage hot springs and geysers,” representatives from the national Park Service said in a Facebook post.

The national Park Service shared a photo of several dozen coins that were thrown into the geyer and were consequently scorched beyond recognition.

Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, a professor of film and literature at Université Laval in Quebec, found the clip in researching the Canadian national Cinema Centre archives.

They’re drawing headlines and national attention because of it.

The movement’s sudden rise to national prominence is impressive, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

It remains to be seen if the process produces a viable national candidate who will be competitive in the fall.

Suspect Thomas Mair has been linked to a US-based Neo-Nazi group, the national Alliance.

Officials are also investigating national Action, a white supremacist group that has campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union.

Earlier this week, London’s national Portrait Gallery decided to not accept a donation of £1 million (~$1.3 million) from the Sackler Trust.

After serving the nation most use security clearances (and their trustworthiness) to contribute to national defense or to help US industries maintain an advantage.

GIF: Google Canada The news comes on national Aboriginal Day, which recognizes and celebrates the culture of Indigenous peoples.

(As of next year, it will be renamed national Indigenous Peoples Day.)

“We remain firmly committed to our ‘one China’ policy,” said Ned Price, a national security spokesman for President Barack Obama.

That is according to the most recent declarations they have filed with the national Electoral Institute, known as INE.

Andrew Binns is the chief innovation officer of the 2016 Democratic national Convention, which will be held July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

Apu Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of Curalate, a leading marketing technology company and official technology provider to the 2016 Democratic national Convention.

And on November 17, 2016, just nine days after the election, Trump named Flynn as his national security adviser.

It started with social media calls for companies — like Hertz, MetLife, and Delta — to end their partnerships with the national Rifle Association.

Did he listen to NSBM specifically?” (NSBM is national Socialist Black Metal, a subgenre of black metal that promotes Nazism.)

The national Obesity Forum, which published the report, does not appear to be backing down.

Or the agony of the family of Seth Rich, the Democratic national Committee staffer who was murdered in an apparent robbery attempt in 2016.

The strike’s success adds new momentum to a national movement to boost investment in public education.

The city’s middle and high school teachers currently have an average of 32 students in each classroom, double the national average.

An exhibition sponsored by the national Riffle Association at the national Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has sparked protests from gun control activists.

Below is a complete transcript of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican national Convention on July 21, 2016.

President Obama has almost doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing.

I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good.

I, on the other hand, received the early and strong endorsement of the national Rifle Association.

It’s the America of national myth and presidential campaign ads, the place we are always trying to get back to.

The national Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the cause of the crash.

Facebook is often criticized for the ways it polices speech, which often puts it in conflict with national governments.

McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, is frustrated at the “disorganization and indiscipline” on key policy issues inside the White House.

As the band’s manager, Sinclair arranged for the MC5 to perform outside of the Democratic national Convention in Chicago that August.

“We were on the national stage and had pulled off a very successful John Sinclair Freedom Rally.

Seth Grossman lost the support of national Republicans earlier this year over his history of racist comments and white nationalist sympathies.

He has shaken up his core national security team, replacing national security adviser H.R.

Unlike many reforms meant to help the US catch up with other countries, this idea wouldn’t require a big, national effort.

The letter dated Monday was sent to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and national Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator Mark Rosekind.

Republican national Committee Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledged on Friday the tight race with Clinton, but said anti-Trump protesters have to accept the election results.

Firefighters were battling another day of extremely hot temperatures and strong winds on Saturday, the national Interagency Coordination Center said.

“The patterns do not tell a coherent national story.

Even so, it seems like on a macro level, early voting supports national polling — which might be a sign of relief for Clinton voters.

The Dufferin Bus is like a national treasure on one of the worst maintained streets in Toronto.

Underwater footage released by the national search and rescue agency showed relatively poor visibility.

On Monday, the U.S. national Transportation Safety Board and Boeing Co (BA.N) said they were providing assistance for the investigation.

Last year, the national Football League experimented by letting Twitter livestream 10 Thursday night games.

The national Transportation Safety Board and national Highway Traffic Safety Administration are still investigating.

The national Park Service and the Office of the DC Mayor told me they won’t be releasing estimates of Friday’s event.

Trump’s challenger, Hillary Clinton, received a bump in the polls after last week’s Democratic national Convention and is now beating Trump nationally.

The absence of some services are clearly visible, such as a buildup of trash at national parks or longer lines at airport security checkpoints.

Examples include the environment, national defense, national parks, consumer protection, and advanced research that helps seed inventions and create the industries of our future.

The lack of regulation is not unique to Ireland, but given Carvalho’s death, there is a massive spotlight on the national sport.

And in December 2015, for the first time in two decades, Venezuelan voters gave opposition parties a two-thirds majority in the national Assembly.

And on Monday, the military quickly put down an uprising from 27 anti-Maduro national guardsmen who seemingly aimed to foment the president’s ouster.

national Security Adviser John Bolton has said that the squeeze will continue until Maduro changes his ways.

In a Tuesday Wall Street Journal op-ed released just ahead of the protests, Pence called the national Assembly leader “courageous” for speaking out.

The food sucks, but it’s nonetheless a national treasure.

The national Sleep Foundation recommends PureCare covers.

Beaches around Mobile, Alabama were washed by storm-driven waves, said Stephen Miller, a meteorologist for the national Weather Service.

Most of all, it wasn’t criminal, and it didn’t endanger national security.

Nestled in Venezuela’s Canaima national Park, the stunner launches from Auyantepui, a sandstone mountain that dramatically rises out of the surrounding jungle.

Located in California’s Yosemite national Park, Yosemite Falls travels fastest during the spring snowmelt.

Irving also thanked Planned Parenthood and the national Abortion Rights League.

Between mid-2007 and mid-2009, inflation-adjusted national output fell by 3.5 percent.

But the exit poll is still the best opportunity the national media has, in some ways, to figure out who voted, why, and how.

Still, national media from the onset, abstracted Bland, readily consuming Texas official accounts at face value.

In the past couple of years, there haven’t been any new peer-reviewed studies on national trends in vaccine refusal.

The all-time high for the national minimum wage, after adjusting for inflation, was about $11 per hour in 1968.

Since the 1980s, the national, inflation-adjusted minimum wage hasn’t been higher than $8 per hour.

Krueger has served in the Obama administration and supports raising the national minimum wage to $12 per hour.

U.S. national security advisor John Bolton has called on Russia to drop its support for Maduro, which includes military advisers.

The first lady wore the helmet during a visit to Nairobi national Park in Kenya.

While in the Nairobi national Park in Kenya, Ms. Trump was filmed feeding baby elephants that had been raised in the park.

Clinton led Republican candidate Donald Trump, 44 percent to 39 percent, in the last Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll before Election Day.

As many as 34 percent of emergency room visits lead to out-of-network bills in Texas — way above the national average of 20 percent.

America’s national security establishment will lobby vigorously against any attempt to weaken NATO or other US military alliances to them.

Americans tend to vote first and foremost on the economy — except this year, Republicans have a different top priority: national security.

She pleaded guilty in June to transmitting national security information by copying the classified report and mailing it to an unidentified news organization.

It was informed by a deep research period including her attendance at the national Geographic Explorer Convention in 2009.

The photo comparison was shared by the official national Park Service Twitter account.

When: Opens Saturday, February 18, 11am–5pm Where: Japanese American national Museum (100 North Central Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles) More info here.

At the 2008 Republican national Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, protests led to property damage.

China’s industrial output growth unexpectedly slowed to a more than 17-year low, data from the national Bureau of Statistics showed on Friday.

There are a lot of valid reasons to fear at least minor violence and property damage at the Republican national Convention.

If you look at national polls, Trump’s favorability ratings have always been negative.

Workers should be cautious about wages, however, as Canada has no national minimum wage for private employers.”

– 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and 10 percent tariffs on imported aluminum, imposed on March 23 on national security grounds.

In Indiana, a pizzeria gained national publicity after the owners said they would not cater a same-sex wedding.

Washington says they are a national security matter, and therefore outside the WTO’s jurisdiction.

(Federal public accommodations laws don’t shield against sex discrimination — only discrimination based on race, color, national origin, and religion.)

On Thursday night, Thomas discussed her book with senior editor at Slate and TV pundit Dahlia Lithwick, at the ACLU national headquarters in Manhattan.

This result is corroborated by national polls showing Kasich consistently leading Clinton.

Orienting US national security strategy around terrorism essentially allowed a few thousand violent extremists to dictate policy for the most powerful nation on earth.

There’s lots of time for things to change, and state polling tends to follow national vote swings.

Development aid is not charity, it advances our national security.

Aramco will sign a memorandum of understanding with state-run Korea national Oil Corp (KNOC) for crude storage, sources familiar with the matter said.

A major public spending program called national Projects would boost living standards, he said, during a TV appearance that lasted over four hours.

The opposition Syrian national Coalition accused President Bashar Assad of being behind the attack.

The 2016 election left the national GOP in an extremely powerful position, but it was, paradoxically, a fairly underwhelming performance.

2 Section 92 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by striking out “, exclusive of Yellowstone national Park,”.

3 Section 106 of title 28, United States Code, is amended by striking out “, exclusive of Yellowstone national Park,”.

His father, Lourdes, had been a legend for the national team, and was now his manager.

After his spectacular 2010-11 season with Cienfuegos, he accompanied the national team to a tournament in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

They positioned it as a symbol of German national identity and denounced papers that printed with anything else.

MSNBC cut ties this weekend with host Melissa Harris-Perry, one of the very few women of color hosting a national cable news show.

She becomes the center of a national news story after one of her childhood friends is shot by a cop.

And we need immediate action.” Dudziak acknowledged the need for both legal action and a national campaign to gain Americans’ attention.

Sixty percent of Republicans support banning trans military service, according to an August Quinnipiac University national poll.

national security should trump social experimentation, always,” he said.

In the meantime, in early November, the Iziko South African national Gallery in Cape Town opened an exhibition titled Our Lady.

Protesters outside Iziko South African national Gallery It didn’t take long for Iziko to address SWEAT’s concerns.

But winning or losing isn’t the only reason national Democrats are starting to get excited about his campaign.

Along with Casa Ruby , check out the Sasha Bruce Youthwork , FAIR Girls , national Coalition for the Homeless , and Black and Missing .

We don’t do trade,” said Demers, the department’s top national security official.

In part, his efforts reflect the urgent calls of top national security officials from both parties.

During the Republican national Convention in July, Kurson took flak for sitting with the Trump family in their VIP box.

The national authorities will apply new, permanent rules on June 1.

The program, called the national Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERS, helped the government fine, arrest, and deport Muslims.

national Geographic is 128 years old.

Take Los Angeles, for example: In the LA area, more residents — 8.6 percent — are unbanked compared to the national average of 7 percent.

No other team in the national Basketball Association has a similar lounge for predictive gaming or actual betting.

“I don’t think people come to national Geographic for that,” she said.

national Geographic has 69 million Instagram followers, the most of any non-celebrity account except Instagram itself.

In this right-to-work state, several left the union last fall when the national union endorsed Hillary.

The now 21-day long government shutdown has wreaked havoc on the national Park Service, leading to irrevocable damage from unsupervised public visitors.

A death in Yosemite national Park went unreported for a week due to lack of staff.

The Regin malware was identified as a Five Eyes tool in 2014 following revelations by former U.S. national Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.

Some co-financing would come from national budgets.

The U.S. Office of the Director of national Intelligence declined to comment.

The White House national Security Council did not respond to a request for comment.

Voter fraud is incredibly rare, and it doesn’t swing national elections.

I would suggest contacting the national Institute of Health, who conducted the study on the dumping, and ask them.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched national Health Service.

But Marshall’s “Mastry” has a breakthrough feel: the suggestion of a new normal, in art and in the national consciousness.

The Virginia flight landed Flirtey’s drone a spot in the Smithsonian’s national Air and Space Museum.

Dana Loesch, a conservative radio host, narrates the video, which appeared on the national Rifle Association’s news site.

Schwarzenegger responded via his Instagram: The national Prayer Breakfast?

“These animals are a national symbol for China, and we greatly value this gesture of friendship,” he said.

“[The U.S.] aimed to generate a huge national mess, but they didn’t succeed.

“[The U.S.] aimed to generate a huge national mess, but they didn’t succeed.

Israel detains them if their alleged or convicted offenses are deemed threats, or potential threats, to national security.

Trump was preceded in Hanoi by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national Security Adviser John Bolton, who both arrived earlier Tuesday.

My family will always cherish that night—or as my daughter Liza calls it, her debut on national television.

The boys, regarded as national treasures in Thailand, declined to be interviewed and referred questions to their soccer coach.

The national Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) gave its assessment during a press conference held in Beijing.

My discharge came four years before Ellen DeGeneres came out on national television.

Hyperallergic reached out to the national Portrait Gallery for comment but as of this writing has received no response.

protest took place at the national Portrait Gallery (St. Martin’s Pl, London) on Thursday, August 31.

had requested a Freedom of Information request from the national Gallery’s Ethical Fundraising Policy.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, contact the national Eating Disorders Association.

Not even former national Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s family is safe from scrutiny.

“He could take some time getting used to the many compromises required in the national leadership position,” it said.

White nationalist groups and “think-tanks” also continue to exist on Facebook, including Richard Spencer’s national Policy Institute.

Russell, who is a Florida national Guardsman, was arrested Sunday in the Florida Keys and federally charged with possession of explosives.

He was a Washington State national Guardsman who posted on Usenet groups in 1995 looking for local militias to join.

Basically every major national media outlet reported the details of what happened in Bowling Green after Conway’s MSNBC goof.

The average worker in Arkansas needs to earn $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom home, according to the national Low Income Housing Coalition.

“I am so much an advocate for national reciprocity, the same way we have for driver’s licenses.” Tess Owen contributed to this report.

They offered the legislation as an amendment to the national Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a defense policy bill Congress passes every year.

On subjects where the EU has been granted authority — like competition policy, agriculture, and copyright and patent law — EU rules override national laws.

He’s even floated the idea of declaring a national emergency if he doesn’t get his way.

First was the national health reform debate.

“I’m guessing he’s going to declare a national emergency,” he said.

#SNL The fight between the department store and President Trump has become national news.

What started as a single case has become a full-blown national scandal.

The report on this research was presented this week at the 251st national Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

I pitched the story to national Public Radio.

Susan Rawlins, the director of education for the national Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, has seen this firsthand.

Trump justified the ban as a national security move.

Here, poachers killed 22 elephants, some of them babies, allegedly from a helicopter over Garamba national Park.

Down-ballot races are typically state and local positions that are listed on voting ballots below national posts.

So, when we saw Floyd out shopping in Bev Hills, we asked how he felt about his friend’s stance on the national anthem.

Plus, state leaders become the bench to draw candidates from for future national races, he added.

Collectively, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national Security Adviser H.R.

No more drilling, no more mining on federal lands or national parks.

I think it needs to be part of our national conversation.

The government shows no sign of abandoning its assertiveness when the future of strategic national industries is at stake.

But they do continue to indicate a national political environment that’s favorable to Democrats in the upcoming 2018 congressional elections.

The state’s political trends are of enormous national interest.

King’s memory is marked with a national holiday, which falls this year on Monday.

A group of grassroots members, with some help from powerful funders, attempted to take over the national organization.

Recently, I was working on a senior level search for a national nonprofit.

Leniece F. Brissett is the founder of Compass Talent Group, a national firm building diverse and inclusive leadership teams for education organizations.

It lasted all of 24 hours, when reports of interest from another national League club surfaced.

Updated on 08/24/2017 by Malarie Gokey: Added the Krups Belgian Waffle Maker as our top pick to honor national Waffle Day.

Having apparently hacked my dreams somehow, national Geographic has just greenlit a show where Jeff Goldblum will just talk about everyday things.

The charges center around allegations that Russian spies penetrated the computer systems of the Democratic national Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign accounts.

The charges center around allegations that Russian spies penetrated the computer systems of the Democratic national Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign accounts.

The (potentially) staged kiss between Al and Tipper Gore at the 2000 Democratic national Convention.

The murders drew national attention, and Taylor is now on Pennsylvania’s death row.

South Korea’s national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, said the reciprocal U.S. steps could include an end-of-war declaration.

In his activities, Trump is guided by the national interests of his country, and I by the interests of mine.”

He had a lot of money thanks to a national fundraising effort.

All sorts of factors, including the flurry of national media attention, made this a very unusual race.

May has said that a general election is not in the national interest.

In December, Trump tweeted that he “had to fire” Flynn, the former national security adviser, because Flynn had lied to the FBI.

Way back in the 90s, when I was 16 or 17, I attended a national gathering of Māori Rainbow communities.

Among them: Almost $6 billion in cuts at the national Institutes of Health.

In one instance, the document cites Moore denying allegations on a “national radio show” as a refutation of the Washington Post’s reporting.

Despite Moulton’s impressive credentials, he’s struggling to build a national following for a successful presidential bid.

According to th 2018 national Pet Owners Survey, millennials are the largest group of pet owners; around 35 percent own pets.

His own national security team opposed the decision.

Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, has repeatedly called for the deployment of the South African national Defence Force (SANDF) in the area.

Whereas the SAPS, as the primary law enforcement agency in the country, number around 22,000 and answer only to the national executive: the ANC.

“The national Prosecuting Authority is now talking to directly us, which is unheard of.

Being able to have and make sure we’re able to maintain a baseload on our grid is of national security.

He added that “local entities do in fact get preempted with some of those decisions” on national security.

The national party hasn’t condemned these power grabs, giving the state legislatures tacit permission to rewrite the rules.

The national Iranian Oil Co did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

If you are based in the US, you can call the Stalking Resource Center at the national Center for Victims of Crime on 855-484-2846.

In both cases, Republican or GOP-aligned organizations at the national level spearheaded a campaign to systematically undermine the fairness of the electoral system.

Coverage of political events, at least at the national level, is, to my eye, better than it was a few years ago.

The national Archives of the United States began to publish previously withheld documents from the JFK Assassination Records Collection.

The national Endowment for the Humanities announced a three-year partnership with the First Nations Development Institute.

Beatriz Salinas Marambio was appointed director of the the national Center for Contemporary Art Cerrillos, Chile.

In 1932, Costello was with delegates at the Democratic national Convention in Chicago and worked to secure Franklin D.Roosevelt the presidential nomination.

Should Trump prevail over Clinton, the Republican national Committee’s data operation will likely have played a considerable role.

The tension subsided after the opposition marchers sang the national anthem and dispersed.

All in all, it was a worrying series of statements from the president at a time of national crisis.

Meanwhile, ORR has set up a national call center for attorneys and parents trying to find children still in the custody of ORR.

The national YoungArts Foundation is bringing together a group of 77 award winners between the ages of 15 and 18 to showcase their work.

These satellite images come from the U.S. national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s most advanced weather satellite called, GOES-16.

Trump will attend Wednesday’s state funeral for Bush at Washington national Cathedral, but is not expected to speak.

Amazon has since outlined proposed ethical guidelines for facial recognition use, and said it supports calls for national legislation related to the technology.

By the 1990s he was designing and printing posters for emerging national and local bands.

It’s not dead,” national Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said on Friday.

In July, Mexico will hold national elections, and the current frontrunner for the presidency is a left-wing firebrand named Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The act gives the president sweeping authority to restrict assets based on national security concerns.

New voices and ideas—and more than two major national conventions to protest and party at—might just be the new norm.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched national Health Service.

The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton about her private email server, and WikiLeaks began disseminating emails stolen from the Democratic national Committee.

YouGov is credited widely for accurately predicting the outcome of the Scottish national referendum.

The brutal killing of 66-year-old Sarah Halimi sparked national outrage; she was beaten in her apartment and then thrown out a window.

The nuclear arsenal is cheap Without question, the nuclear arsenal is the most cost effective component of our national defense.

Figures from the Commerce Department’s national Travel and Tourism Office show a sharp decline in the number of tourists from China last year.

A recording of the staging of “Parade” by the national Autonomous University of Mexico’s Philharmonic Orchestra, is available for viewing here on YouTube.

national police spokesman Dionardo Carlos said the force welcomed the filing.

But by the 2012 London Games, she was off the national team: “Soccer is a brutally competitive sport.

Your place on the national team is always precarious; it’s like every day is a new tryout.”

Despite the formal shutdown, “essential” employees who deal with public safety and national security will keep working.

Michael Anton, former spokesman at the national Security Council, had also been under consideration.

Our government must compromise to meet competing demands, weighing security against liberty, economic growth, national values, and other concerns.

In 2014, the Parti Quebecois’ efforts to implement a secular Charter of Values had earned the party unflattering comparisons to the Front national.

For instance, if the government can show that a substantial national security threat is at stake, it will win.

Trump takes the field for the national Anthem ahead of tonight’s college football championship game.

Trump has targeted the NFL and some of its players who have protested racial injustice by taking a knee during the national Anthem.

We want our flag respected – and we want our national ANTHEM respected also!

Monday’s national Championship was his first football game as president.

Union leaders for state telecoms firm Cantv, national power company Corpoelec, and the foreign ministry told Reuters they would join a public sector strike.

The national Collegiate Athletic Association writes many dumb rules.

Additionally, transgender people face what the Human Rights Campaign calls a “national crisis” of fatal violence.

We had a big national story, but every local market was given their local data so they could localize.

The Democratic race now becomes a broader national contest.

“Tomorrow, this campaign goes national,” Clinton said.

She had tweeted the images after some French media carried comments comparing her national Front party – now renamed national Rally – to Islamic State.

That proposal would likely anger Turkey, where Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, holds talks this week.

3 smartphone supplier, has already been virtually shut out from the giant U.S. market because of national security concerns.

Huawei said in the letter it operates in 170 countries, abiding by national laws and guidelines.

The national Association of Truck Stop Owners, or NATSO, came out against the trade restrictions, arguing they are solutions in search of a problem.

Both chambers of Congress have now passed the national emergency resolution, which would end the emergency if the president decides to sign it.

I’m sure these folks’ publicists would love to have them get tons of national attention, but you wind up having regional geographic fragmentation.

Possible names included Republican national Committee chair Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer as White House spokesman, U.S.

Trump’s anticipated vetoes on the national emergency resolution and the Yemen resolution would be the first of his presidency.

Republican Senators are overthinking tomorrow’s vote on national Emergency.

We have a MAJOR national EMERGENCY at our Border and the People of our Country know it very well!

An exhibition at the national Gallery of Art highlights the environmental and artistic influence of 19th-century landscape photography in the eastern United States.

(The national Science Foundation is live streaming their press conference announcing the findings.

The observatory is funded by the national Science Foundation and is operated by the University of Wisconsin.

It’s a jewel.” Ultimately, she withdrew her name, saying the owner’s intention to create a national content network was ultimately unclear.

His name is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel; he was a 31-year-old Tunisian national living in France.

When people feel safe, they will feel more ready to launch into a national transformation.

“Negotiations and the degradation of safety culture are two entirely different items,” Bret Oestreich, AMFA’s national director, told Reuters.

This area remains difficult and complicated for national judges especially for generalist judges,” he said.

St. Andrews Church is part of a national church network that has offered to house Central American migrants since ICE’s controversial January raids.

Hackers have released a trove of 20,000 emails stolen from the servers of the Democratic national Committee.

Since the beginning of the campaign season, the national Rifle Association has cast Clinton as an existential threat to gun rights.

Though there is no comprehensive national database of gun sales, several indicators suggest they have increased in the final stretch of the campaign.

Last month, the FBI’s national Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) performed 2.3 million checks—more than in any other October on record.

Some, like Gander Mountain, a national sporting goods chain, do so obliquely.

It seems like he wants to, and that the aides who are supposed to be reining him in, most notably national Security Adviser H.R.

The national Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science has registered 1,037 attacks since 2004.

The national Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science has registered 1,037 attacks since 2004.

Kaepernick began his protests against police violence and racial inequality in 2016, first sitting and later kneeling during the national anthem.

First, as Hans Noel reminded us, the geographic arrangement of the national political institutions has a substantial partisan bias built into it.

The house is, was, is, no longer listed on the national Register of Historic Places.

The garden club went to court to ask for a lifting of the listing on the national Register of Historic Places.

“I don’t even know the Salvadoran national anthem.

In Belgium, where voting is compulsory and a national election is held the same day, turnout was 90 percent in 2014.

Bryce’s campaign, however, defended the move by noting Ryan’s own national presence.

That customer is national Grid Plc, the biggest distributor of gas in the U.S. Northeast.

Gates, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy adviser on the campaign, all have pleaded guilty.

She’s reportedly interviewing to be Trump’s Director of national Intelligence — she’d be the first woman to hold the post.

The law was later changed, but only after a national backlash and threats of a boycott.

Germany’s DIHK Chambers of Industries and Commerce dismissed as farfetched the national security justification for a probe.

Hating Congress is an American national pastime, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

South Korea’s national Intelligence Service declined to comment, and VICE News could not independently verify the reports.

Erasing national borders does not make people safer.

South Korea’s national Intelligence Service declined to comment, and VICE News could not independently verify the reports.

He’s in the midst of a year-long tour across America feeding cows and visiting national parks and drinking milkshakes with small business owners.

But Coke is not the only brand that has found itself unwittingly a part of a moment of national significance.

But it’s also a bizarre reminder that at any moment, our banal, everyday lives could be thrust into a divisive national political conversation.

White House national security adviser H.R.

Clinton’s lead in national polling averages is currently around 6 points, according to HuffPost Pollster and RealClearPolitics.

“The advisers that make up the national command authority are obliged to obey and execute the order.”

[via email announcement] Julie Henson was named the 2019 national Artist in Residence of the Neon Museum.

Debate organizers at the Democratic national Committee (DNC) turned down that suggestion, Inslee announced on Wednesday.

The flag has also resonated with the leading organization for transgender rights, the national Center for transgender Equality, based in Washington DC.

ExxonMobil and Shell are for remaining the Paris deal; Murray Energy and the national Mining Association are against it.

FOTM recently received its second of its two national Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) digital humanities grants.

It’s the quality of the creative output, and brands, and national geographic effects, our film company, et cetera.

I mean, from a national security perspective, as well, you really worry about this kind of a platform.

He would need some degree of establishment support to run a national campaign, which would require going through the motions on foreign policy.

But that doesn’t stop Uber from being a potent tool in national politics, serving as a symbol for liberal fears and conservative hopes.

They are rightly viewed as national heroes today.

While Republicans campaigning for national office have made a point of praising Uber, things have been more complicated at the state and local level.

And that means that national Republican enthusiasm for Uber isn’t necessarily a good thing for the company.

Trump and other Republicans said they should be changed because of conflicts with national Football League games.

The proposed port projects are crucial to industry growth, said Hal Quinn, president of the national Mining Association.

national regulators should be forced to say publicly if they comply with all of ESMA’s financial sector guidance, he said.

It is co-chaired by former Republican national Committee chairman Frank Fahrenkopf and Mike McCurry, a former press secretary in Bill Clinton’s White House.

Presidents can offer alternate rates on the grounds of national emergencies or economic hardship, and Congress can override formula rates or presidents in budgets.

Opposing coaches would make time for Rautins and Saunders to chat before the game, as if it was a national broadcast.

Why would I listen to you now?’” Scott’s candidacy is also important from a national perspective.

We did it in the past [playing for] other nations, we want to do it again by representing our national team.”

The average worker in Arkansas needs to earn $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom home, according to the national Low Income Housing Coalition.

After every national tragedy, like the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a familiar rhythm of grief emerges.

State legislatures are the pool from which national candidates are generally drawn.

We have already seen some Republicans back off from this battle since North Carolina’s law sparked a national uproar and business boycotts.

That also led to a national uproar and business backlash, with Angie’s List in particular withdrawing a $40 million expansion in Indianapolis.

Orbán, a right-wing populist, has campaigned heavily on immigration issues in the lead-up to national election on April 8.

Some of them have formed groups which Bosnia’s moderate national Islamic organization is seeking to dismantle.

The federal complaint charges Leveille, a Haitian national, with being in the United States illegally and unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition.

Dissident FARC fighters, the rebel national Liberation Army (ELN), right-wing paramilitaries and drug-trafficking gangs are battling each other and the military.

Keeps national Institutes of Health (NIH) funding at the 2017 level of $33 billion, instead of cutting $9.2 billion as originally proposed.

Adds $2.2 billion for the national Science Foundation for research, education, and Antarctica research facilities.

Eliminates funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, national Endowment for the Arts and national Endowment for the Humanities.

Winslow was a star last season, albeit of the student-athlete kind, and he helped lead Duke to a national Championship.

Some companies are stepping up during the national crisis, though, and offering free meals, groceries, entertainment, and cash to furloughed workers.

These rules existed because regulators believed it was dangerous for any single company to exercise too much influence over the national political conversation.

Trump’s proclamation said mass migration on the border had precipitated a crisis and he was acting to protect the national interest.

“The risk of the disease spreading is high at national level,” a WHO official said.

“The national will was manifested today one more time.

“The national will was manifested today one more time.

And then it’s also a national security issue, which is what we were talking about.

The group sought to educate a skeptical American public, and to assert abstraction as a national tradition by organizing traveling exhibitions.

“Microgrids definitely do have the ability to weather extreme events,” said Kevin Schneider, a principal engineer at Pacific Northwest national Laboratory.

Now Menendez is running for reelection in a year that coincides with national Democrats running on an anti-corruption message about cleaning up Washington.

That role made him unpopular with many voters who work in or rely on the state-run, financially stretched national Health Service.

Donald Trump ran for president promising to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the country because they represented a danger to national security.

The potential violations presented by these facts are the unlawful solicitation and acceptance of items of value from a foreign national.

But the more likely charge would be soliciting a foreign national for a campaign contribution.

It strained credulity from the beginning to claim that a national campaign chairman would take a “blind” meeting with a foreign national like this.

Egypt’s majority state-owned national Cement Co. shut production in Nov. 2017 after suffering heavy losses in the second half.

She’s picked up all the national endorsements, from Planned Parenthood to People for Bernie Sanders.

With an unemployment rate below the national average and low cost of living, Idaho experienced a 2.2 percent population growth in one year.

It said Tillerson called Trump a “moron” after a July 20 meeting at the Pentagon with top national security officials and Cabinet members.

Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his relationship Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

But the race will also have clearly national repercussions.

Many in Brussels and in national capitals are in two minds.

Now, finally, Fog return on April 29 with a new album, For Good (Totally Gross national Product), which we’re stoked to premiere below.

Labour was down by about 16 points in the national polls; Corbyn had a net-negative approval rating among voters from his own party.

The single most powerful political organization when it comes to guns is, undoubtedly, the national Rifle Association (NRA).

The system will now have elected candidates who lost the national popular vote twice out of the past five elections.

Carfentanil is roughly 10,000 times more potent than morphine, according to the national Center for Biotechnology Information.

By 2015, 95 percent of large police departments were using body cameras, according to a Department of Homeland Security national survey.

Researchers aren’t quite sure why coconut oil might help, though, and the national Eczema Association notes that it might not work for everyone.

Singapore currently uses about 1.95 billion liters per day – enough to fill 782 Olympic-sized swimming pools, according to national water agency PUB.

Today it has a national master-plan focusing on four “national taps”: catching rainfall in reservoirs, recycling water, desalinating water, and imports.

Dabo has been the most successful coach over the past 3 seasons — winning 2 national championships in the past 3 years.

McDougal allegedly had a roughly year-long affair with Trump and sold her story to the national Enquirer for $150,000 during the presidential campaign.

The 34.5 percent efficiency record has been confirmed by the US national Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the researchers are awaiting peer review.

Even Doug Jones, the Democrat, appeared skittish about bringing too much national attention to his campaign.

A comprehensive report from the national Cancer Institute came to a similar conclusion.

national Democratic groups obliged and largely steered clear of Alabama; high-profile politicians only showed up toward the bitter end of the campaign.

The US intelligence community has also warned that Huawei and ZTE phones pose a national security risk to the US.

“Despite bipartisan support to put American national security before jobs in China, the Republican leadership refused to take any real, substantive action on ZTE.

The national Defense Authorization Act contains language expanding CFIUS’s authority to intervene in and block transactions, including with Chinese companies.

The sudden collapse of the territorial (and national) economy in the late 2000s made repaying that debt tough.

The Trump administration has launched a national security investigation into automobile imports that could lead to additional tariffs.

Sumo is the national sport of Japan but it has been losing popularity in recent years.

There were attempts to hack the Republican national Committee, but the RNC had strong hacking defenses and the hackers were unsuccessful.

Per the Wall Street Journal, they only targeted a single Republican account — one belonging to a “long departed” Republican national Committee staffer.

Grand Teton national Park in Wyoming, for instance, anticipates August 21 will be the busiest day in the history of the park.

In a typical year, the Homestead national Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska, welcomes about 100,000 visitors.

The eclipse is arriving in a year when the number of people visiting national parks is at an all-time high.

national parks are particularly wary of eclipse-chasing crowds because the areas are fragile ecosystems already impacted by millions of visitors over the years.

“Come with your patience.” Smaller national parks in the path of totality have also been planning for the eclipse for well over a year.

Congressman Tom Rooney asked Mike Rogers, the director of national security agency admiral.

Rogers confirmed that leaks of the sort Nunes engaged in today hurt national security.

Marcy Wheeler is an independent journalist covering national security.

The national Archives launches an online resource of GIFs from its collections of historic film, photography, art, and animation.

The collection launched last month as a shareable portal into the national Archives Catalog.

Each of the GIFs on GIPHY have a link to the national Archives Catalog for their history.

The NARA GIFs are a savvy initiative to connect a wider audience with the richness of the national Archives.

View all the national Archives GIFs on Giphy.

A video of him discussing black NFL players who kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice went viral over the summer.

The Democratic national Committee criticized Wednesday’s memo in a statement, and urged Congress to pass a law explicitly protecting LGBT workers from discrimination.

Public rallies by youth-heavy far-right organizations such as the national Radical Camp (ONR) and the national Movement are now common in Polish cities.

After defecting from Kukiz ’15, Winnicki is now the national Movement’s sole MP.

Winnicki says about three-quarters of the national Movement’s membership is under 30.

Everyone was fine with this solution, and it allowed us to shift gracefully and easily to a national HDTV system.

As my colleague Ella Nilsen noted, this answers a call by some Republican lawmakers and the national Rifle Association (NRA).

But it is important to also remember that a deep sense of national commitment underpins the egalitarian institutions we hold dear.

History suggests that progressives have much to gain by returning to the basic leftist theme of national solidarity.

Progressives once knew how to appeal to a common sense of national purpose.

In contrast to the common approach of considering people as being more or less nationalist, Bonikowski distinguishes between different types of national identities.

This group is characterized by both strong national pride and an inclusive vision of the national community.

Today, as in the past, progressive appeals to national solidarity can resonate with a broad share of the electorate.

And if so, how can we build an intellectually honest progressive agenda based on national solidarity?

Unlike abstract appeals to global humanitarian concerns, it rests on the solid foundations of strong national attachments.

Then Sally Yates and [former Director of national Intelligence James] Clapper’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

“Who would trust these people with national security?” he asked in one tweet.

Ornette is a great American artist, and it was the first time he’d ever appeared on a national televised show.

Somehow, basically all of the Colorado delegates who will be attending the Republican national Convention this summer are Ted Cruz supporters.

Over at national Review, John Fund described the state’s Republican convention outcome as one of many anti-establishment upsets: What happened was stunning.

Different state parties have different ways of selecting delegates to the national convention.

Only about 1 percent have remain withheld in full, according to the national Archives.

On June 10, anti-oil activists blocked the entrance of the national Portrait Gallery to protest BP‘s sponsorship of the prestigious Portrait Award.

Annan, a Ghanaian national, died in hospital in Bern, Switzerland, in the early hours, his close associates said.

The uptick, they said, wasn’t an outlier — it was part of a national trend.

Gillum has already received the support of Democrats with strong national profiles, like Sanders.

South Korean national intelligence service director Lee Byung-ho had said authorities in Pyongyang were trying to assassinate Jong Nam since 2011.

CNN reports that some national security officials and even some Republicans are starting to come up with a backup plan if Haspel isn’t confirmed.

The national Mediation Board told VICE News that their agency is still funded, and employees and contractors are not affected by the shutdown.

He was with Messi every step of the way beginning in the tunnel, then during the national anthems.

That unequivocal support likely helped push the Republication national Committee to support Moore again with a little more than a week until election day.

(A Republican-leaning independent is staging his own write-in bid, though he doesn’t appear to have backing from the national party.)

The Republican national Committee returned to Alabama after pulling its support earlier in November.

The national Republican Senatorial Committee will not restore funding for Moore.

The United States cited national security concerns when it announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from a number of countries in early March.

…Why did Democratic national Committee turn down the DHS offer to protect against hacks (long prior to election).

“What is also interesting is that this has taken place the same year as the 100th anniversary of the national Park Service (NPS).

Those national fights are really important; I would never diminish them for a second.

Thousands of people being uncaged is a cause for national celebration, not just parochial interest.

Those are bananas numbers, and suggest that removing barriers to development in California and other rich areas is of huge national importance.

Trump and the national Parks Service have also deleted tweets, a violation of public records law.

For over three years, I carried caskets in Arlington national Cemetery.

The two men were staff of KBS, the national public broadcaster of South Korea that operates radio, television and online services.

But he received the blessing of national Democrats who certainly have clout, including Sens.

His record is strongly pro-gun, and he once boasted of his “A” rating from the national Rifle Association.

The Marlins, who have the worst record in the national League at 30-46, completed their third series sweep of the season.

On Sunday morning, the storm was located about 165 miles southwest of Tampa, Florida, according to the US national Hurricane Center (NHC).

And a national feeling, the bootstraps idea.

And again, I think you’re seeing a lot of them come from the national level politicians coming from California.

BuzzFeed made that very clear in its report, and so did James Clapper, the director of national security.

And last month, he became the newest member of the national Rifle Association’s board of directors.

Start winning matches, and the San Marinese national team might begin to blossom in earnest.

As to whether there is any developmental value in the San Marinese national team playing World Cup qualifiers, the answer clearly depends on perspective.

As soon as the Republican national Committee launched its new website,, former FBI director James Comey knew he had to leave the party.

As soon as the Republican national Committee launched its new website,, former FBI director James Comey knew he had to leave the party.

CrowdStrike: The cyber security firm hired by the Democratic national Committee to investigate the breach of their database.

My interviewee is Glenn Carle, a 23-year veteran of the CIA and a former deputy officer on the national Intelligence Council.

“Turkey is an important NATO ally and willing partner in addressing a number of U.S. national security priorities,” said Lankford.

I have publicly talked about the crisis that this circumstance poses to the national security establishment.

This has led to some high-profile bust ups with lawmakers broadcast live on national television.

Once he returned from China with two white-cheeked gibbon monkeys for the national Zoo.

But there’s one person — national Security Adviser John Bolton — who will likely smile if it happens.

She’s also starred in tons of other TV shows and movies, like “national Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Grandma’s Boy.”

Co-signers include the American Civil Liberties Union, Muslim Justice League, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, national Immigration Law Center, and dozens more.

To win national power in Britain, Labour would likely have to win swathes of left-leaning Scotland.

As the national Institute of Justice concluded in 2016, “Research has found evidence that prison can exacerbate, not reduce, recidivism.

The real world has its share of success stories too, many of which are collected by the national Weight Control Registry.

1 national Canadian best-seller and is widely available across North America and online.

The United Nations defines genocide as acts meant to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group in whole or in part.

Kate Hale, Miami-Dade’s emergency management chief — who grabbed national attention during Andrew by beseeching “where the hell is the cavalry on this one?”

The storm killed 65 people, according to the national Hurricane Center’s report.

For many years, Veil was the constant target of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s far-right national Front party.

She was a staunch opponent of the national Front, he says, from its creation until the end of her life.

The decision could have national implications in this November’s battle for control of Congress.

Earlier this year, U.S. national Guard forces were dispatched to border states to help tighten security.

Lead contamination in water is a national crisis, and has been for years.

So he’s rolling out a national service plan that encourages community work.

Buttigieg argues that there is far more demand for national service opportunities than there are jobs available.

Acceptance rates for the main national service groups are low: 13 percent for AmeriCorps and 25 percent for the Peace Corps.

national service proposals, though, have been a mainstay of Democratic political candidacies for years.

Buttigieg isn’t the only presidential candidate who has released a national service plan.

“Now it’s the national Institutes of Health in the US.” Despite these challenges, however, there has been progress.

Presidential in our national imagination is coded male.

The national Weather Service anticipates “life-threatening storm surge” along more than 325 miles of Florida’s coastline.

The national Weather Service anticipates “life-threatening storm surge” along more than 325 miles of Florida’s coastline.

Chris Brown joined the national Anthem protest Sunday — the occasion was a charity basketball game … and 9/11.

Originally, the Department of Justice sided with the national Labor Relations Board.

Although Fourth Amendment protections include private conversations, no national legislation defines how and when the government can use people’s location data.

The subject of gun control was inescapable at this weekend’s national Governors Association meeting in Washington, DC.

So we need to have a national conversation with regard to our gun laws, and I think it starts, hopefully, Monday.

Hundreds of climbers are being evacuated from the Rinjani national park and 115 have been safely escorted out, Nugroho said.

And any analysis of off-year contests should involve careful thinking about the relationship between national and state/local politics.

The bad news for everyone is that a national governing majority is still very elusive.

The absence of a national governing majority — or the institutional tools to create one — is the main lesson of 2016.

You can win elections, but that doesn’t translate into a platform to move forward at the national level.

While we saw majorities gather against Trump at the state and local level, we should remember that the national picture is still very murky.

According to the national Alliance on Mental Illness, Prozac can take up to 6 to 8 weeks before seeing improvement in depressed mood.

Ronald Reagan couldn’t get rid of Medicare or Social Security; Margaret Thatcher couldn’t dismantle the national Health Service.

“I don’t have an explanation,” Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the national Institute on Drug Abuse, told U.S. News.

“I don’t have an explanation,” Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the national Institute on Drug Abuse, told U.S. News.

According to the national Alliance on Mental Illness, African Americans are 20 percent more likely to be dealing with mental health issues.

We hope national in a sentence examples were helpful.