Myriad in a sentence | Use of the word myriad examples

Fighting against them are myriad secular and Islamist groups, including some more extreme Wahhabi-influenced groups that are being supported by Saudi Arabia.

Paul Pierce, humiliated in public over and over, now living courtside to LeBron’s myriad accomplishments in his role as a terrible broadcaster.

Doran also made this mysterious portrait of the planet, in which you can see the twinkle of myriad stars in the background.

It is myriad.

Zuma’s tenure was dominated by a myriad of personal and broader government scandals that have included politicians who are still in high-powered positions.

More than the male gaze, Bunny Girl is trapped within the myriad toxic interfaces she has with an imperiled ecology.

Along with a myriad of manger scenes, there are also several animatronic pieces.

He faces “myriad challenges on all fronts,” said Richard Feinberg, who led Latin America policy in former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s White House.

It’s likely in myriad other food products as well.

Earlier this month he was lampooned for pleading ignorance about the myriad scandals surrounding Scott Pruitt, the EPA’s administrator.

This Passport series (2012–16) contains wonderful black-and-white passport photographs that are 2.25 inches squared, adorned and reconfigured in myriad ways.

Morale at Uber has been at an all-time low over the past few months, with its myriad public scandals.

He anatomizes defenders with ease and can already attack in myriad ways from all three levels.

But I’ve personally experienced the myriad often unspoken pressures to move aside, get out of the way, relieve others.

Delving more into memoir, Pekar recalls his youth and myriad struggles to find his purpose in life during that period.

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

Sure, there are myriad specific interests on show here — but somehow the show manages to bring us TOGETHER, which is a really wonderful thing.

Yet, she says, the myriad components are too tightly bound to pinpoint one thing that makes the experience so effective.

Shows are still being canceled, but they’re being canceled in myriad new ways, some of which you may not be aware of.

The forms in his work are complex paper cutouts delicately folded into a myriad of figures, apparently referencing Indonesian shadow puppetry.

The others are more graphic, with saturated grounds populated by myriad shapes — each a distinct hue — that are evenly dispersed across the surface.

Rocky’s TESTING is all about “testing new sounds” as he blends distorted vocals over a myriad of calming guitar strings.

But the idea went nowhere, largely due to the myriad practical concerns with the program.

States also have myriad and differing rules for how individuals subject to firearms bans can petition to restore their gun rights.

The same is true of dating, where you can have myriad conversations online or on the phone without ever meeting someone in person.

The party wants Vantriu to become a vice president to represent the country’s myriad ethnic minorities, said executive committee member Han Tha Myint.

Meanwhile, anecdotes of artists using marijuana to enhance both their creativity and productivity are myriad.

Artistic cuteness, as myriad Japanese artists and academics have theorized, doesn’t just happen in a bubble.

Within the myriad subgenres of heavy metal, there’s long been a clear and meticulously defined hierarchy of coolness.

In the large diptych, “South East North West” (2017), blue bands again conjure rivers, while myriad accompanying shapes suggest clustered buildings and fecund vegetation.

He loved to study the myriad colours of the honey, eating it with olives or fresh yogurt.

Its latest chip, the myriad 2, can make sense of multiple video streams at once, all in a processor the size of a fingernail.

The Brexit debate has paralyzed British politics, and the myriad outcomes — second referendum!

The myriad, echoing lines endow the overall shape with a state of flux, enclosing and defining forms that swell, band, and stretch out.

But there are myriad other details of this culture that they have no idea about.

Discussion of health care naturally leads to internecine fights about the broad slogan “Medicare-for-all” and the myriad implementation details that slogan might entail.

While taking stock of the sculptures’ formal properties, I grew cognizant of the myriad artistic decisions that the original displays’ creators must have made.

We can see from the myriad infographics on every media outlet that staying inside the EU was something young people overwhelmingly wanted.

Founded in New York in 2009, Kickstarter facilitated more than $2 billion in pledges across myriad projects, including the now-defunct Pebble smartwatch.

An exhibition at the Getty Research Institute illustrates the myriad ways that contemporary artists have pushed the boundaries and definitions of the book.

Tcheng explores the myriad factors that contributed to Halston’s undoing without blaming one in particular.

I’m subject to myriad objects.

It leaves none for the myriad infrastructure, R&D, and transition assistance programs that will be needed to address climate change.

Single-payer would immediately raise myriad intricate and divisive transition issues.

Other times, the carrier might provide information on its website, though this usually involves digging through a myriad of support pages.

Through these myriad affordances, bots can become powerful tools for citizens to use in demanding accountability of those in power.

It’s no wonder then that you can find myriad examples of traditional Oaxacan cuisine, music, and culture throughout LA’s various Oaxacan enclaves.

And with Evangelion already tapping into a renewed nationwide interest in anime, it was also able to capitalize on myriad other marketing opportunities.

I think it’s also intuitive to people that workers and firms adjust to changes in the labor supply in myriad ways.

Fake news can’t be defined because it’s a rich tapestry, created by many hands, for myriad reasons, and draped over the world.

myriad companies creating and reselling this sort of technology exist.

Day and Julie Levesque — illustrates the myriad and complicated ways that womanhood is experienced and understood in today’s global world.

Maybe kimono’s myriad motifs and patterns are aesthetic delights to designers’ eyes.

The one word summation, of course, is myriad.

Ultimately urbanism will have to be sold on its own merits (which are myriad!).

And she was married.” Serkes explained her position using an argument many Republicans have deployed to justify Trump’s myriad sexist and misogynistic behavior.

All the while, the never-married Allen pursued myriad personal projects and pastimes.

And the side-effects of triptans are myriad, leaving many patients feeling dizzy, nauseous, numb, or weak; and not everyone can use them.

Trump has barred myriad Twitter users from viewing his profile, including journalists, celebrities, and just about anyone critical that catches his eye.

Lewis is just one of myriad celebrities who have shown support for Kaepernick and his protest of police killings.

Sanford also wrote a myriad of posts extolling the virtues of a white ethnostate.

Geometric façades and steep, sloping steps draw his attention, reappearing in myriad forms in his paintings.

Alexander’s research reveals the myriad roles women have played within these movements — from the plotters to the travelers to the supporters.

Through abstraction, Kang reminds us of the myriad ways we are funneled and constrained by ideological and physical borders.

Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther continues to dominate the box office, and for myriad reasons.

The project combines a myriad of different elements to create an ultra-sleek, modern rock sound.

He was a living, breathing instantiation of the president’s myriad conflicts of interest — ones that Trump Sr. has barely even attempted to address.

The cheap rent coupled with myriad acting and dance schools have made the area a mecca for fresh-off-the-bus transplants.

Despite what the zealots say, there’s lots of data suggesting humans can survive — and even thrive — on myriad eating patterns.

“The myriad things are complete in us.

He also said: “There are, of course, myriad other risks.

In one of these myriad universes, a version of myself is wearing a green shirt today (I’m wearing a white one).

These types of experiences helped me to realize that everyone’s perspective is different, and these perspectives are shaped by a myriad of factors.

Suitably, the narrator concludes this opening level by commiserating how myriad war stories are “lost to history”.

Costly devices were invented to test precisely the myriad forces experienced between a skier and skis.

Of course, one need not look far to find myriad examples of such failures and betrayals.

In addition to the cost of moving itself, what awaits is a mind-boggling process of finding an apartment, exorbitant rent, and myriad hidden fees.

One must also address the myriad coverage challenges related to the presence of undocumented children and adults in millions of households.

— Jonathan Fahey of the AP wrote a great piece in 2012 on the word “fracking” and its myriad associations.

Unfortunately, though the film was no longer assaulting my eyes, the myriad visual problems with it still jumped off the screen.

Confusing as well are the myriad of U.S. state gun laws that can make it difficult to stop crimes like Sunday’s mass shooting.

In “Mute II #10” (2015), the myriad rows are rhythmically lush and hypnotic.

Their myriad and vehement opinions suggest that the removal of Lenin from public squares may have only amplified his presence in their minds.

As an object and artifact, “the book” has been invented and reinvented myriad times.

Ringgold’s activism manifested in myriad ways throughout her life.

IAQ is affected by myriad factors, but according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the leading issue is poor ventilation.

“The DACA program — which provides work permits and myriad government benefits to illegal immigrants en masse — is clearly unlawful.

This hardly scratches the surface of the wealth of characters in the series, or the myriad strange twists it takes.

According to the researchers—who’ve conducted myriad studies on the mushrooms—neither assertion is true.

He almost singlehandedly brought Senegal to the tournament with myriad goals and assists.

The sex scene was enormously difficult to do for a myriad of reasons.

Until now, however, there has been no museum to commemorate the myriad contributions that women have made to the country’s history.

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the creators of Steve Rogers and myriad other comic book superheroes, were of Jewish descent.

Few people have heard of Movidius or its tiny myriad 2 chip.

It also creates, in regards to game mechanics, myriad opportunities.

That covers hunting, fishing and a myriad other activities, as long as those pursuits don’t infringe upon other rights.

Industrial pollution causes widespread and sometimes hazardous exposure to myriad hormonally active compounds.

There are myriad environmental or personal reasons why people don’t evacuate.

It turns out there are myriad applicators you can buy that will help you do just this, and they cost about $10 to $30.

Expansive faculty, their myriad backgrounds, and their guiding words.

A welfare office is host of myriad little frustrations and aggravating encounters.

To add to its myriad sins, The Mandibles fails to imagine a convincing near future for its dystopia.

Beyond the myriad environmental concerns cited by critics of the deal, there is another issue at stake — a cultural one.

“Artists not only reveal the predicament, but also point out the myriad subjectivities that get lost in the mainstream narratives,” writes Gregos.

(In her video, Lee blames her tweets on myriad things, including being raised in Alabama.)

This year’s theme “What if Utopia” challenges participants to consider the myriad possibilities of what an ideal world might look like.

There are surely a myriad of reasons why tech companies are reticent to police their platforms — free speech, resources, accusations of bias.

It’s not their fault—they’re just too busy juggling a myriad of other projects.

These artists represent a small fragment of a myriad of experiences and narratives of the Latinx and Filipinx diaspora.

The rest of the book (and its myriad rules) has been applied to one and all.

More so, it turns the myriad of symptoms surrounding mental health into a bold, unabashed artistic monument.

Populism can manifest in myriad ways, and in very different contexts.

It’s a people who are often, as you point out, massed as one these days, in spite of myriad tribal and ethnic groups.

It also has a media element, including podcasts and video series, with a myriad of related content.

The myriad of images are then further manipulated, Godard stretching, re-framing, de-grading, saturating, speeding, and slowing them down throughout the 84-minute runtime.

Funding to consumer services companies, which include the myriad of on-demand apps, spiraled 63% from the fourth quarter, according to VentureSource.

This November, Hamilton is back for an all-new season, traipsing around the world to discover the myriad ways human beings like to get high.

Yet he discovered the most important of his myriad artistic sources outside the classroom.

To date, there have been no clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of treatments for sleepwalking, though myriad psychological and pharmacological treatments have been used.

The rigged-up feeder is a meaningful, lighthearted gesture that encourages us to think about the myriad, unseen consequences of our built environments.

Evangelicals have remained incredibly loyal despite the myriad ways in which Trump has proven to be an unorthodox leader.

“The reality is there are myriad other forces at work here,” Sabet said.

Do artists understand the clear benefits of myriad views of their work?

There are myriad ways the world could end.

“We’ve got so many problems—there are a myriad of problems.

Across the world, myriad efforts are underway to make energy systems cleaner, smarter, and more efficient.

Helping North Korea’s economy — despite myriad US-led sanctions levied on Pyongyang — is one way he’s doing that.

There are myriad reasons — editing, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, a poor plot, a mischaracterization of both Batman and Superman, the “Martha” scene, etc.

It has fueled economic growth, added jobs in export-driven sectors and given consumers a wider selection of products at lower costs in myriad industries.

A myriad of different anonymous networks, like YikYak and Secret, have come and gone.

Stringer played their classes and was amongst a community of artists, performers, health enthusiasts and other myriad seeker types.

Ultimately, there are myriad reasons why people do SoulCycle.

McGinn didn’t survey people about what those negative impacts might be but he thinks they’re myriad.

The reality is there are myriad other forces at work here.

As we’ve reported, scientists from myriad fields are using CRISPR to try to grow better food, destroy viruses, and clean up the environment.

Now, parents can just easily track their children on their smartphone screens’ thanks to myriad internet-connected wearable gizmos.

Or the myriad hirings, firings, and organizational reboots halfway through an existing reboot that have defined the Haslam Era.

The reasons are myriad, of course.

Explore the renowned Master’s degrees, short courses, and myriad ways to immerse yourself in the art world.

He explored religion in his youth, attending Protestant services and poring over religious texts, obsessed with the myriad narratives and interpretations.

Amazon is known for giving the myriad businesses that fall under its umbrella a high degree of autonomy.

The book isn’t interested in preaching to the converted or detailing the myriad horrors of animal farming.

“We’re happy to be included in the ground floor of this exhibition—the rather explosive myriad of more contemporary works.

The “Harambe” meme takes myriad forms, including popular sub-memes like over-the-top parody memorials and the popular viral slogan “dicks out for Harambe.”

To help Time Out understand the error in their ways, Facebook users employed a myriad of food analogies.

Countless others have been rejected, for a myriad of different reasons.

Works like “Nude with Cats” (1963) and “Madonna of Merriweather Road” (1976) expose her myriad cultural influences and her deep introspection through art.

By contrast, today’s most popular music is split between contemporary hip-hop and dance music that relies on synthesizers, electronics, and myriad cross-genre references.

Taken together, these two larger issues resulted in myriad problems for the series, which have only become more pronounced over time.

But his inability to provide satisfactory answers to the myriad other questions means it’s hard to take him at his word.

Marketers and publishers struggle with the complexity caused by the myriad of point solutions on the LUMAscapes.

The answer is surprisingly elusive due to the myriad contexts of the word daddy.

The myriad shapes and colors slow down our looking, as we keep reconfiguring them in our mind’s eye.

There are a myriad of other lunar or planetary interactions that we discuss in the horoscopes that are helpful tools for relating to others.

Hackers can wreak havoc in myriad ways, from hijacking a candidate’s website to hacking voting machines or deleting or changing election records.

Melehi and his entourage staged myriad indoor exhibitions, but their practice also extended beyond the gallery walls.

This is seen in myriad issues from politics to state-sponsored violence.

Suu Kyi swept to power pledging that a peace process to end Myanmar’s myriad ethnic conflicts was her top priority.

Here’s just one example: Despite myriad sanctions on Pyongyang, Seoul gave $8 billion in aid to its northern neighbor from 1998 to 2008.

They contain a myriad of visual clues but you invite the viewer to do the detective work of interpreting meaning.

What I found was myriad unexpected and sometimes shocking concerns that everyone should know.

There are certainly feminist aspects to the treatment of birth mothers, but there is a myriad of issues at play as well.

For a myriad of reasons, Alberta, Canada has been tripping over itself in a race to the bottom of the barrel lately.

For women, the Indian Act severely undermined their roles in indigenous societies in myriad ways—often focused on reproduction.

Venezuela’s woes are myriad, but they have worsened with the falling price of oil.

“There’s myriad implications,” Erickson told me.

Maybe you’ve seen our series Bong Appetit, wherein we explore the myriad, delightful intersections between eating, drinking, and getting high.

As with any Planet Earth installment, myriad questions arise after watching the spectacular scene.

Addressing the myriad issues with law enforcement in the United States is a challenging problem, and one without a single clear solution.

With its myriad of interchangeable parts, many gamers discovered that they could force the controller to conform to the needs of their bodies.

Of course there are a myriad of reasons why someone might cheat and every relationship is different.

In 2013, thousands of Brazilians took their myriad frustrations with the government to the streets.

For years this langoustine sat in the closet, buried underneath a plastic soft pretzel and myriad chewed tennis balls.

Instead of microphones in a hotel room, police today could have access to myriad street-level surveillance technologies.

Or maybe you’ll just log in to any one of your myriad other social media profiles, and hardly notice the difference.

At Tech for Campaigns and the myriad groups that share its sentiments, the stakes are greater than any one race.

There are a myriad of ways in which martial arts can improve a person’s life.

Why classify the exploit and other information when myriad cases have already made their way through the courts?

Occasionally, some of Reddit’s myriad subreddits function as internet rabbit holes—and the Radiohead subreddit is one of them.

And then there are the snails: myriad minuscule white snails that cling to blades of grass, to the plants, to anything they can.

“I work in environmental advocacy, so every day I’m reading and learning about the myriad of issues our world faces,” Spark told Broadly.

It’s an exaggeration of the way women everywhere balance the myriad roles of provider, mother, lover, warrior in everyday life.

Few outside of the casting world think of the myriad roles available to those of us at or past retirement age.

But the US government continues a myriad of unilateral sanctions, which prohibit US companies from doing business with Iran.

But the US government continues a myriad of unilateral sanctions, which prohibit US companies from doing business with Iran.

“We recognize there are Christian symbols depicted in ‘Rosie’s Tea Party’ along with a myriad of others.

In Saints Row and Just Cause, “variety” means idiocy: big weapons, slapstick physics engines, and myriad useless ways for players to “express themselves.”

There are myriad reasons, but results are the most important.

The reasons are myriad, according to Finkelhor.

17 in RPI, with three more wins than their storied crosstown rivals—well, the coach is aware of the myriad quantifiable reasons for that, too.

Fish are feeling the hurt of the Anthropocene and a changing climate in myriad ways.

That thanks can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for a myriad of reasons.

It’s true that there are myriad other forces presently pushing the United States toward cleaner energy.

You’ve signed a myriad of deals.

Local elections officials are grappling with myriad issues, such as how to verify decades-old court records to determine voting eligibility.

“There’s a myriad of decisions that get made.

The broader point is that the edifice of regulation governing the US electricity sector favors coal incumbents in myriad ways.

She decided to get another lab to review the results of her genetic tests, and requested the data from the sequencing company, myriad Genetics.

Of course, there were countless campaigns against myriad forms of discrimination in the North and West that covering or mentioning each one was impossible.

In 2013, the US Supreme Court found in favor of the ACLU, invalidating myriad‘s patents.

myriad still refused to release raw sequencing data, however, saying that doing so would violate the health privacy law known as HIPAA.

A myriad of other considerations, including access to health care and religious norms, also factor into the rates.

There are myriad environmental or personal reasons people don’t evacuate.

He was a magpie who stole myriad shiny objects and built masterworks worthy of Gustav Klimt.

One for all and all for one.” What appears in this micro-cosmos for Yamada is a myriad of foods.

Uber is in the midst of dealing with a myriad of internal issues that have seeped into the public arena.

But such an argument sparks a myriad of questions.

Many programmers, investors, companies and lay people are convinced that these blockchain-based currencies have the potential to change the world in myriad different ways.

There are myriad reasons for this.

And a myriad other questions occur to me: Is this a burden?

* myriad Group posted 2015 consolidated group revenue of $27.3 million, down from $40.2 million in 2014.

The “stolen portraits,” with their myriad forms spilling forth in all directions, seem to know they possess more than they can handle.

The duo began writing in the late 70s, stockpiling a myriad of songs that have taken decades to actually see release.

But Froshmin’s education at Art Sqool, and the myriad ways of reading that education, should temper our reactions here.

(At its most decompressed, the show spent eight episodes covering about 16 hours of story time from a myriad of perspectives.)

Just short of fantasizing, McPherson lists myriad apocalyptic scenarios: nuclear war, superbugs, climate change, solar flares, bees dying or killer asteroids.

Hanne offers a myriad of reasons—both personal and bigger than her—to explain why it felt like the right time to come out.

There are myriad ways that anti-death advocates are trying to extend life.

All of these myriad innovations share the common goal of hyper-accurate and indisputably fair rankings for the world’s most exceptional athletes.

He offers insight on myriad subjects and anecdotes about his earliest days recording, punctuating his statements with warm laughter.

It’s likely in myriad other food products as well.

We could not see their myriad historical delights, nor take pleasure in the basketball of the past, eat, sleep, and dream inside of them.

“You will see myriad types of things that they collect and use.

They don’t allow for any exposure compensation, focusing, or any of the other myriad tools photographers are accustomed to using.

From their black and white hides emerge a myriad of textures and colors.

The blast would break windows, and those standing near the glass might be killed by shards, or at least shed blood from myriad cuts.

The issues were myriad, covering all areas of logistics, training, sample collection, and inadequate staffing.

One Marxist guerrilla group and myriad crime gangs remain active.

And hundreds of thousands of people cross back and forth every day for business, school shopping and myriad activities.

The panoramic views of daily life chronicle myriad settings: classrooms, a crowd of pedestrians, airplane cabins, and city streets, among others.

‘” But even so, Burnett is sensitive to the myriad of factors competing for athletes’ attention.

“Our Flickr album should accurately portray the myriad uses of public lands and that is the course we embarked upon.

This is a case of: there is so much great music amongst the myriad songs on this record, but editing is your friend.

Now they use a myriad of colorful objects, from bottle caps to coins and pieces of glass.

WC: Eric Gordon There are myriad explanations for Houston’s startling success, and the first 17 are “James Harden.”

Being able to support my friends and family in myriad ways.

It’s an expensive, painful, and time-consuming proposition with the potential for myriad complications and no guarantees when it comes to aesthetics or sensation.

There’ve also come a myriad of possible solutions, from suing drug manufacturers to creating more needle exchanges to, yes, legalizing marijuana.

But the energy you get could still be from a myriad of sources.

This leitmotif unravels a myriad of finite but decisive evolutions in music.

The myriad ways he can have an impact are boundless, be it through entertainment or philanthropy.

It’s a sign that authority can demonstrate force in myriad ways—sometimes it involves obvious brutality and violence, other times through censorship and oppression.

The album’s myriad spinning parts gleam as they radiate heat, like an ice castle on fire.

The mix of domestic and wild animal origins in his getup raises new questions about the creation and myriad functions of Copper Age clothing.

According to NASA, 12 responses were received from a myriad of respondents, ranging from individuals, to large companies.

Koolhaas’s rigid pantaloons, however, are just one example of the myriad peculiar structures that dot China’s landscapes.

The CEO, already facing a myriad of public scandals and executive departures, then on May 27 suffered the tragic death of his mother.

And considering the myriad other ways queer representation falls short in Hollywood, Rough Night had a pretty low bar to clear.

One counter-argument has been that it’d be too expensive to retool the country’s myriad school systems to start later.

In the past, this has lead to important safeguards for drug innovation, like when the Supreme Court ruled against myriad Genetics.

We built a technical task force and worked with a myriad of tech companies to do it.

Suarez—a Marine-turned-gang leader-turned-activist-turned-martial arts instructor—literally made a name for himself as a karate practitioner, and inspired a myriad of imitators.

Bend, Oregon

Bend’s proximity to a mountain range, volcano, and river means it offers a myriad of outdoor activities for every season.

Fyre Festival and its tale of myriad problems has been recounted so often it’s practically already folklore.

Those decisions are made in myriad ways, but typically at meetings of the state parties, where organization is critical.

He did not specify which of the myriad of allegations of sexual misconduct were untrue, in his eyes.

Meaning under the amendment, South Dakota would still ban myriad CBD products already available in many other states.

Now, there are myriad well-documented problems with high-risk pools.

There is nothing casual about what Snider did to make “Fuji”; the myriad marks have an intensity that matches the energy of their movement.

Dory Carr-Harris: Obviously America is a nation with a myriad of pressing social issues.

Part-time equine enthusiasts weighing in on the unpredictability of the animal and the myriad factors—weather, temperament, atmosphere, form—that could determine their success.

The cheap rent coupled with myriad acting and dance schools have made the area a mecca for fresh-off-the-bus transplants.

On top of his myriad projects in Africa, the artist has floated the idea of challenging the incumbent in 2020.

Even though they chose to raise myriad other matters at the hearing, including sometimes bizarre innuendo.

Protecting internet infrastructure over the long term will require a more innovative approach that confronts the reality of climate change and its myriad implications.

13 Hours is littered with myriad timestamps, datelines, and title cards intended to ground us in reality.

The figures are scaled to be like oversized children, many sporting huge hairdos and headdresses that incorporate a myriad of found and fabricated objects.

They describe her beauty, inform us of her myriad talents, gossip regarding her marriage, and provide “intimate” details about her life.

But Noah’s myriad injuries and declining play over the last few seasons make him a risk.

Displayed next to its photographic training set, the dizzying, grid-like “myriad (Tulips),” “Mosaic’s” painstaking human labor counteracts the supposed “objectivity” of artificial intelligence.

Spending spring through early summer hunting through Dutch flower markets, the artist hand-picked more than 10,000 (in classical terms, a myriad) “ideal” flowers.

Mosaic Virus and myriad (Tulips) continue through March 3 as part of Error—The Art of Imperfection at Ars Electronica Export (Berlin).

Jolie also had a romance with model Jenny Shimizu, prompting a myriad of stories about her bisexuality.

It’s not spicy at all, which means you can try the myriad salsad they have on offer.

Cox took their photographs, duplicated them, sliced them into myriad pieces, and reassembled them Frankenstein-style into a psychedelic visual bacchanal.

I talked to him about the myriad of ways in which Berlin’s punks on bikes try to destroy each other.

myriad decisions face the Trump administration in the coming weeks and months.

The memo suggests that Obama’s policy change could have caused a myriad of “negative effects” including the disruption of “unit cohesion.”

His work acts as a prism for the memories brought to light by recovered objects, memories myriad and sometimes appalling.

Women were granted the right to vote nearly a century ago, but there are myriad reasons why this moment has taken so long.

Nuanced and existing at a myriad of different intersections, the attack on Smollett represents a unique form of racialized queerphobia that impacts QTPOC.

Nowadays, patrons have morphed into “collectors” and artists have found myriad other ways to support themselves besides commissioned portraiture.

Cooper had been out of action for a while with injuries and a myriad of issues in his personal life.

Magid has meticulously documented the myriad legal and informal procedures she’s gone through in trying to get to the archive.

Our federal system diffuses power down to the states and to myriad small-time local elected officials.

The predominantly female labor force is frequently subject to human rights violations and a myriad of abuses, ranging from physical violence to sexual coercion.

When Andrews suggested the two book a conference together, one that catered to their myriad interests, she decided to give it a go.

The growth and development of JavaScript and its myriad extensions has, however, heralded in a chaotic new age—the era of the web application.

The myriad different styles of brushstrokes that artists render is part of what makes painting such an endlessly fascinating medium.

It was a new town used to re-house London’s urban poor, with exciting, experimental new building designs, and a myriad of green spaces.

“A lot of adults really underestimate youth in a myriad of ways…

So, there’s a whole myriad of startups that are making that, at least on the supply side, much more fluid.

The passing of a loved one is dealt with in a myriad of ways.

There are a myriad of ways that the Hasidic community puts a stranglehold on its people.

Squares spread across walls full of swans, people, façades shot from myriad views.

If there are nerves in the room, they are displaying in a myriad of mysterious and intriguing ways.

Listen to Pressure Mine below, and purchase the EP (as well as myriad other A&P goodies) on Bandcamp.

By 2018, only 24.4 percent were — a direct consequence of the myriad anti-union bills that Walker pushed through.

Until now, investors have complained the government has focused largely on ending the country’s myriad armed conflicts, neglecting economic reforms and their needs.

Do the explicit videos contained within the research-backed OMGYes really make it more prurient than the myriad sex tip apps littering the iOS store?

Canadian gold mining is a dirty business, at home and abroad, where the industry currently faces myriad accusations of environmental and criminal wrongdoing.

“It doesn’t even begin to tell you about the myriad stories and experiences and areas and factions of work.

For myriad safety reasons, a person will need to be in the driver’s seat even if they’re not actually driving.

union into a myriad of memes.

I’m in individual psychotherapy for myriad reasons, including anxiety, reimagining coping strategies, unpacking past trauma, gender dysphoria and pain.

The myriad narrations charge forward and push the reader forward like a snake swimming down a stream.

Back in Denver, Beatport’s expansion into myriad consumer-facing services was not going well.

It’s a sequence so uncomfortable because of its honesty, yet so earnestly touching in the myriad ways it handles the situation in question.

But a few months earlier, I’d started on a course of Accutane, which comes with myriad, scary side effects.

It is unreasonable to expect the average person to understand the myriad ways they are tracked on and off the site.

There’s something undeniably entrancing about the looping efficiency of the myriad assembly lines in Our Daily Bread.

Although a myriad of things made Brown unsure of their situation, he knew Hartfield would always have his back when his equipment fell short.

Rather, Myles and Rosie are shown to constitute each other through a myriad of mirroring games.

When pressed to clarify “erotic transmissions,” the artist explained, “Humans are erotically entangled and implicated in the environment in myriad ways.

They cannot be touched for a myriad of reasons and are perpetually on the verge of disappearing.

Instead, it offers myriad ways to exacerbate a brewing conflict as opposing gangs or crews and friends and family take turns weighing in.

Thanks to his myriad non-shooting skills, his floor is relatively high.

Along the way, there are myriad twists and turns, and Sutherland perfectly captures the dizzying nausea anyone would feel in this situation.

While Obama has been in office, Republicans in Congress have floated myriad budget bills that reveal their legislative priorities.

In the same time period, ticket sales sank, with poorly reviewed films, ticket costs, and myriad at-home viewing options all contributing to the downturn.

But however they want to dress their joint failure up, Obamacare remains in place—and so do the myriad problems with it.

It creates a myriad of problems.

But a confrontation in a strategic border town highlights the myriad of problems that could be awaiting the Americans when they arrive.

But a confrontation in a strategic border town highlights the myriad of problems that could be awaiting the Americans when they arrive.

Stoneking says there are myriad ways to disarm a subject nonviolently if one is encouraged to do so.

It’s unsurprising, then, that many people congregate online, where there are a myriad of safe, nonjudgemental spaces.

Lillard and McCollum are an obvious staple that create myriad headaches for the opposition.

When choosing among the myriad options, first, think about how you plan to use it.

Nationalism is pathological because it forces people to feed on their own vulnerabilities, causing a myriad of self-inflicted wounds in the process.

myriad studies show that the NRA and its allies grossly misrepresent the actual dangers women face.

I am a sucker for anything UFO related for a myriad of reasons.

Those targets include a myriad of UK National Health Service hospitals, a Spanish telco, Chinese universities, and the Russian Interior Ministry.

There are myriad subsequent versions of the story, with many variations and contradictions.

The approach would have myriad applications for space tourism, public outreach, and commercial ventures.

The yokai are myriad and mysterious, unpredictable and punishing.

Within the constraint of a limited palette, there is the possibility of myriad distinctions and differences, and Meyer takes advantage of them.

It is disturbing to know that the voices of many women, for myriad reasons, continue to be silenced.

Proof: The duster will come in handy to keep Curry’s myriad awards clean.

It inspired myriad, unofficial remixes, some of which caught the ear of the recording industry.

In order to finally impact games in myriad ways, Gay diversified his attack and became a more contemporary weapon.

Haque is introducing London’s young creative community to the ancient art by hosting a myriad of cultural events and selling temporary tattoos.

Even if they had some doubts about Trump, Clinton was a nonstarter for a myriad of cultural and policy reasons.

Shares of myriad Genetics Inc also rose 7.3 percent.

Trade alone doesn’t capture the myriad microeconomic and second-order impacts China has on the business world.

All the while, the never-married Allen pursued myriad personal projects and pastimes.

She’s cataloged the venom of a myriad of creatures in locations as disparate as the beaches of Indonesia and the rainforests of Peru.

Currently featured is the Black History and Culture project, telling the history of Black America from myriad perspectives.

ArtTable is privileged to honor both Marian Goodman and Naima J. Keith for their myriad accomplishments and contributions to our industry.

There are thousands of different avatar and header photos; hundreds of names to use; and a myriad of biographies to fill up accounts with.

Macy will be too busy with his other myriad roles to trifle with actually playing himself.

Building blocks that can be reassembled in myriad ways, accessible to all, limited only by our imaginations.

This support includes welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, social security and myriad other programs.

On the first day, we learned myriad rules that governed every moment of our lives.

The Creators Project: Your photos collages contain a myriad of elements—aesthetically and conceptually.

The program’s long-term effects are unforeseeable, especially given the myriad and objectively horrifying issues plaguing the Miami-Dade Police Department.

), required infrastructure (how to track and control myriad unmanned flying vehicles and how to protect these cyber-physical assets?)

Let’s start with the myriad reasons to just say no to Die Hard this year.

There is one universal way to respond to the myriad manifestations of internet trolls: do not feed them.

Historically, larger institutions, despite their myriad advantages, have struggled to deal with asymmetric foes.

Instead, it birthed a myriad of stylistic inventions that each clearly came from and represented the historic moment.

With any new drug, there are myriad questions about how the human body will absorb it and respond to it.

And some of us, for various reasons and in myriad contexts, choose to engage in commercial sex.

And his core supporters have proven willing to ignore myriad admitted or alleged scandalous conduct from him so far.

I also added some tweets, as they are myriad too.

In a large and complex culture, any collective decision involves myriad conflicting interests and influences.

To do so, it is already building a Movidius myriad 2 vision processor into the GO camera.

By the end of L.A. Noire, after unearthing the myriad forms of corruption at the heart of an American city, Phelps himself is killed.

Serkes explained her position using an argument many Republicans have deployed to justify Trump’s myriad sexist and misogynistic behavior.

But it remains to be seen whether these apps will be able to replace the myriad functions gay bars serve in the LGBTQ community.

Carter’s pictures pay homage to a myriad of black power styles of dress and today’s street style, an outgrowth of hip-hop culture.

Given Trump’s myriad scandals, it looks bad for Republicans to be the party opposing campaign finance reform — especially going into 2020.

The United States came in for criticism from all sides, however, highlighting the complex nature of a conflict involving a myriad of factions.

The work is dynamic because it speaks to a myriad of concerns, foremost among which is the question of survival.

T.J. Warren is a well-rounded offensive basketball player whose primary skill is the willingness to attack in myriad ways.

Taken together, experts believe that the overall impact is to reduce voter participation through myriad small inconveniences.

Trance hit me like a train, with its myriad sounds barreling pell-mell, ever threatening to derail and crash into cacophonous wreckage.

However, the drug store chain severed ties with Theranos in mid-2016, citing myriad bad test results and an ongoing federal investigation.

Familiar and negotiable, it nevertheless contains curios and peculiarities, myriad things players had not experienced before.

myriad podcasts, primetime specials, and even in-depth articles made the high-profile pizza bombing heist something true crime junkies know well.

It turns out there are myriad applicators you can buy that will help you do just this, and they cost about $10 to $30.

A myriad of concerns have plagued the project, but the biggest is cost.

We journalists are still doing this today on myriad health topics.

Although there is no perfect solution to the myriad of cyber threats, such best practices present the best and most reasonable defenses.

And the Census is an important input for tech giants like Google when they create myriad data-based products, such as maps.

They assemble through a patchwork of Facebook pages and myriad advocacy groups.

Because oil is fundamental to our economy and our ability to project power, it shapes our foreign policy in myriad direct and indirect ways.

Leaving the EU requires negotiations between 28 countries on trade in myriad industries.

There are myriad reasons why people might prefer monogamy, including religion, ease of navigating the world, or because it just feels right.

It’s an expensive, painful, and time-consuming proposition with the potential for myriad complications and no guarantees when it comes to aesthetics or sensation.

All you’ll need is a little patience for the myriad storylines to begin to coalesce.

Indeed, myriad historical snafus show the company pushing in the polar opposite direction where user data and privacy is concerned.

The first Hikvision products using the myriad 2 VPU technology will be shown off this week at the China International Exhibit for Public Safety.

Second, Google has focused on making its myriad services work more harmoniously in an integrated fashion.

The EU parliament’s political group leaders seemed well tuned to the myriad concerns now flocking around Facebook’s business.

Artists use a myriad of immersive approaches which bring the exhibition goers closer to death, exploring a near-death experience, entropy, and terminal illness.

Through supporting characters, radio commercials, pedestrian dialogue, and myriad other background objects, you’re informed that in your world venality, stupidity, and hypocrisy reign.

The paradoxes are myriad and that’s what makes it interesting.

We’re talking fresh-baked bread, the best cuts of meat, and a myriad of toppings to choose from.

The forms of black expression that functioned as protest in the past year were myriad.

In addition to this are myriad assaults, attempted murders, kidnappings, acid attacks and anthrax threats.

Debate aside, these days candy corn infuses myriad snack foods, products, and home cooking experiments.

Despite the myriad of leftist voices speaking out against the ideology on Twitter, there are still pockets of the internet celebrating it defiantly.

But the sin here is the typical one for their party: a complete lack of prioritization or integration of their myriad policy ideas.

I guess the main lesson is: Falling asleep in a myriad of display beds affirmed something I already suspected about humanity.

That was one of a myriad of problems with this record.

“In addition, we stand in solidarity with the myriad other groups the president-elect has maligned during his shameful campaign.”

“It and its myriad of e-commerce cohorts will continue to grow meteorically, entirely at the expense of traditional brick and mortar retail.”

It and its myriad of e-commerce cohorts will continue to grow meteorically, entirely at the expense of traditional brick and mortar retail.

At no point in my myriad dumpling explorations have I ever wondered what a jiaozi with pepperoni and mozzarella would taste like.

There are myriad conditions that can impact your hair, resulting in too much or too little.

Hollywood kicked off the national conversation with the Times’ story about Harvey Weinstein, and the reckoning has spread to a myriad of worlds.

The #MeToo movement has given us the opportunity to do this in myriad industries.

The myriad forms of black metal mirror in that aspect the myriad forms of being.

At Refinery29, we will remember 2017 for myriad reasons, many of them painful and unpleasant because of what was happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Whether he can remain focused, however, and avoid detours into rants about “fake news” and his myriad enemies, is another question.)

Indeed, its myriad uses call to mind the supposed versatility of Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

There isn’t any obvious negotiation going on with Democrats, in part because Washington is focused on myriad other things voters care about more.

In the span of one song, the band can show a myriad of the best elements guitar rock can throw at you.

Throughout the ’00s, the Energy sneaker delved through a myriad of minimal reinventions and new monikers.

As the film’s protagonist and hero, Ward has to embody a myriad of stereotypes to save the world.

And last month a researcher found that Trump’s website had left myriad intern applications openly accessible on the internet.

It facilitates a transparent, easier moving experience as well as myriad related services: packing, insurance, even connect utilities in your new house.

The myriad of videos available online highlight the ease at which anyone can buy spyware, and the audacity of the industry’s’ advertising.

Using the game’s myriad tools, your goal is to unmask complexity behind simplicity.

This miniaturization is made possible by FLIR’s partnership with Movidius—the makers of the new myriad 2 chip that powers it.

But, as myriad studies and ominous headlines tell us, no one is getting enough of it.

Back in 2011 Apple launched iMessage, a then-new messaging service that, among a myriad of features, also promised “secure end-to-end encryption.”

The benefits of this takeover are myriad but the erosion of culture they bring is catastrophic.

In Saints Row and Just Cause, “variety” means idiocy: big weapons, slapstick physics engines, and myriad useless ways for players to “express themselves.”

But Obduction’s narrative pleasures are those familiar to the researcher: the pulling together of invisible lines connecting myriad parts.

Shrimp farms are connected to myriad environmental issues, from pollution due to chemical and farm waste to concerns about disease outbreaks.

And there are myriad fun ways to use one.

We’ll keep watch on trans healthcare, reproductive rights, and the myriad ways climate change threatens our future.

Digital assistants and bots undeniably enhance our work lives in myriad ways.

Today, we give thanks to the myriad of healthcare providers who perform this crucial healthcare procedure.

While producing her own songs, Indall wrestled with the myriad of choices available to a producer as well as how competitive the field is.

This is a bit of a catch-all for the myriad of issues stemming from oil prices’ every move.

Between the major cloud providers, there are already a myriad of natural language processing tools available for machine learning developers.

The opioid crisis is so bad, nationwide, that Americans’ life expectancy is going down, despite myriad advances in medical technology.

Since launching Amazon Pay in India in late 2016, the company has added myriad features to the service.

Natural language processing provides a landscape of difficult problems for AI researchers, and sentiment analysis poses its own myriad challenges.

Voice is a great interface for myriad different tasks, but it’s often a pretty ham-fisted approach.

Director-siblings Anthony and Joe Russo do a deft balancing act, not just with their myriad of characters but also with tone.

In a world without PASPA, every fan could have myriad self-interested outcomes, based not just on the game, but also on every single play.

The music on display at these events ranges from indie-pop to house, techno, crunchy bass, psytrance, and myriad voicings of experimental esoterica.

Twenty-nine percent used to spend at least 1 hour a day idling away through myriad postings.

The episodes were eccentric and foul and myriad and fun, and now they’ve run their course.

The reasons the wage gap exist are myriad and ridiculously complex.

Last year, she moved back to New York, where she has continued her work of ending violence in its myriad forms.

In addition to revealing the myriad approaches to lasagna preparation (who knew?

Let’s hope West’s myriad other controversies come to equally moving and important conclusions.

The social-media hashtag #SayHerName called attention to a myriad of other Black women who have died at the hands of law enforcement.

And more and more salons and spas are offering scalp treatments for a myriad of reasons.

Nor are the poop-themed children’s birthday parties that have been seemingly everywhere these days, thanks to the myriad accoutrements (a-poo-trements?)

If you look closely, though, there are myriad connections.

The scene is awful for a myriad of terrible, obvious reasons.

Its usefulness is rapidly spreading to myriad other industries, including healthcare.

We stuff ourselves with sandwiches, scones, and a myriad assortment of pastries, plus a pot of tea for each of us.

Unfortunately, even with full-time childcare, I found myself stretched and stressed trying to balance my demanding job with my myriad of household duties.

The myriad base products stashed all over our vanities and bathroom countertops.

They come in a myriad of beautifully pigmented colors that make it fun to experiment with eyeliner beyond the basic black and brown.

Twitter Quitters And The Unfiltered Feed Problem (Obviously we could get into Facebook’s myriad problems here.

Could it be a certain family dynasty that’s on one scripted and myriad “unscripted” shows?

The ways we define self-care are vast and myriad, and change throughout our lives.

Everyone is different, and there are myriad reasons why people choose to go on birth control besides preventing pregnancy.

That hasn’t stopped my family from smoothing it over a myriad of other problems — but are these off-label uses safe?

Slides, sling-backs, and edgy chunky sandals are only a few of the myriad of comfortable options now at our finger tips.

Nothing happened for at least 30 minutes, other than a myriad of random thoughts and waves of sleep.

Farrow covered a myriad of allegations against Moonves and CBS — and these are the most shocking stories in his investigative report.

Each might be the best passer at his position, and both can finish in myriad ways.

Miller’s illnesses, starting with a congenital condition that led to internal bleeding, have been as myriad as the galaxies she interprets.

The myriad of get-well cards and letters were put into a box and sealed up.

They don’t allow for any exposure compensation, focusing, or any of the other myriad tools photographers are accustomed to using.

Maybe you’re a Gemini who can’t help but poke and prod at your partner for details and answers to your myriad questions.

This, in part, is due to the myriad ways that gender affects career choices.


Question time,” in which she rattled off a myriad of queries.

We still need to solve app overload, connect people across online communities, fix notifications and reduce online-to-offline friction, among myriad other mobile problems.

For all the Padres’ myriad faults, they have been ideally suited for Myers at this moment in his baseball life.

Autonomous vehicles will take this industry to the next level, and open it up to a myriad of new entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We catch up for a while and discuss the myriad experiences we’re having this summer.

When it comes to J.R.’s ten-year sentence, Secondiak says he’s gone through a myriad of emotions.

The company helps enterprise and government customers identify and manage the myriad devices connected to their networks.

As such, it is hard to manage as a policy tool, due to myriad factors ranging from individual company investment decisions to infrastructure bottlenecks.

Given the myriad issues facing Europe, macro economically and politically, where is that excitement coming from?

Memorials take myriad forms.

Big on texture and available in myriad, already-beloved silhouettes, velvet kicks are a fresh, very low-touch outfit upgrade.

In between, it passes through myriad interacting devices, customer transactions, user activities, access, authentication, software deliveries, API interactions… the list goes on.

And here’s a designed dribble hand-off that gifts Tatum a step on his man going towards the basket, where he has myriad options.

This has given way to myriad trends — some better than others.

That’s not counting the myriad covers or alternate versions that have found their ways onto screens large and small.

And so perhaps the money you spend on SU’s myriad programs will unlock new financial mobility.

The company employs myriad technologies for its unmanned flying dogfighters that include computer vision, physics and some pretty serious engineering grit.

Now, Apple has come back with a myriad of new features.

I don’t need to remind you all, once again, of the myriad of ways in which 2016 has been the year from hell.

The reasons are myriad, and include something old, something new.

Companies like TransferWise use myriad bank accounts to funnel money across borders using different customer transactions as the float.

Sequencing of the human genome has yielded a wealth of new information about myriad genetic variations and how they interact with each other.

Will any of the myriad art projects and design concepts and basic research ever become commonplace in our society?

We hope myriad in a sentence examples were helpful.