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Here we see a series of pamphlets and letters declaring his vision for the project that re-appropriates and mocks the museum as an institution.

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective continues at the museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan) through May 15.

“That was crazy because I had never shown anywhere, and then there I was in this museum exhibit,” she recalled.

Yesterday, Tate’s board of trustees announced that the museum will no longer accept funds from the Sackler family.

An additional $2 million was received between 1999 and 2015 to support the museum.

Incidentally, the museum has not received gifts from the Sackler family over the past two years.

All of this demonstrates the need for the museum’s leadership team to be highly deliberative.

Police are investigating gunshot damage inflicted on the exterior of the Schwules museum*, an institution in Berlin dedicated to LGBT culture and history.

The museum will donate memorabilia from the festival’s four iterations to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Marc-Olivier Wahler was appointed director of the Eli and Edythe Broad museum at Michigan State University.

Robin Reisenfeld was appointed curator of works on paper at the Toledo museum of Art.

In January, six of the museum’s curators anonymously criticized Cogeval’s leadership in an article published in Le Monde.

Susanne Gänsicke was appointed senior conservator of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty museum.

A new research center dedicated to the work of Lucian Freud will open at the Irish museum of Modern Art in September.

museum organizers have avoided “discussing his biography” in favor of “examining Jackson’s cultural impact,” according to the Bunderkunsthalle’s statement.

An exhibition sponsored by the National Riffle Association at the National Civil War museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has sparked protests from gun control activists.

The museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam will rent out space in its new Public Art Depot storage facility to collectors.

Nicole R. Myers was appointed curator of painting and sculpture at the Dallas museum of Art.

The Elizabeth Dee gallery will relocate from Chelsea to the site of the original Studio museum in Harlem.

Noguchi finally had his first American playground completed in 1976 with “Playscapes” in Atlanta, commissioned by the High museum of Art.

Now my parents never set foot in a museum.

As part of the permanent collection, it becomes the museum’s spinal cord, transmitting the knowledge that perspective is always partial.

Many of the museum’s permanent and site-specific works are also by women and seem to address themes adjacent to those of the exhibition.

A Woman Looking At Men Looking At Women continues at the museum Susch (Surpunt 78, Susch, Switzerland) through June 30.

New York at Its Core is now open at the museum of the City of New York (1220 Fifth Avenue, East Harlem, Manhattan).

When: Opens Saturday, February 18, 11am–5pm Where: Japanese American National museum (100 North Central Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles) More info here.

Ragnar Kjartansson: Death Is Elsewhere continues at the Metropolitan museum (1000 5th Ave, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through September 2.

He must get sensitivity training or get a new job.” Higgins has not yet commented on the museum’s response to his video.

Editor’s note: The Allen Memorial Art museum paid for the author’s travel expenses.

He went on to point out that the Mthethwa piece comes from the New Church museum, which is in fact a private collection.

The White Temple is usually compared to the Ban Daam museum (the Black House), a collection of forty black houses on an idyllic lawn.

The museum was home to the celebrated artist Thawan Duchanee before he passed away in 2014.

Bronx museum representatives explained to Hyperallergic that the abrupt change was not a unilateral decision on the part of the Cuban museum.

The Virginia flight landed Flirtey’s drone a spot in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space museum.

The opera is free with museum admission and the gallery isn’t closed off during the 20-minute show, allowing for curious passersby to wander in.

I know she was in a museum exhibit in Seattle a while back, but now it’s a mystery!

New Territory: Landscape Photography Today continues at the Denver Art museum (100 W. 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, Colorado) through September 16.

This supersensitive artificial nose, developed by self-proclaimed “museum hound” and researcher Kenneth Suslick, solves a longstanding problem in the field of art conservation.

Susan Hiller: Lost and Found continues at Pérez Art museum Miami (1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami) through June 4.

This case is a rare discrimination lawsuit against a US art institution, and it involves an extremely powerful museum.

Look at the New museum, where the administration hired a union-busting firm after their staff expressed interest in unionizing.

I’d rather have equitable workplace policies than a shiny new museum building.

I pledge a percentage of my annual pay to fund a needs-based internship at my current institution, the Philadelphia museum of Art.

Invited by the Imperial War museum in London to turn this old footage into something “fresh and original,” filmmaker Peter Jackson saw an opportunity.

The museum, not unfamiliar with scandal, failed to perform due diligence before showcasing the scrolls.

The museum is directed by Hobby Lobby’s president Steve Green and features the craft store’s collection of antiquities and manuscripts.

It is a good thing when a museum communicates with the public about the nature of its collection.

Only after the fragments were published and put on display did museum of the Bible begin to study their authenticity in depth.

By this time, Hobby Lobby had donated them to the museum, and the Green family had likely received their tax break for their donation.

In August, the museum announced that it was returning a medieval manuscript that it had determined was stolen from the University of Athens.

Somewhat unusually for a museum, MOTB does not have its own media or publicity department, but has hired an outside PR agency, DeMoss.

The museum of Modern Art explores modern interiors from the 1920s to ’50s and the contributions of women to their architecture and design.

Yet how people lived with design is so integral to the museum’s identity, going back to Philip Johnson.

Propositions for the Modern Interior continues at the museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan) through April 23, 2017.

In mid-October, the Met and Brooklyn museum rejected the funding received from Misk and self-funded their programs.

Gus and Hazel’s kiss in the Anne Frank museum in “The Fault in Our Stars.”

When: Friday, April 26–Sunday, April 28, various times Where: The museum of Modern Art, The Celeste Bartos Theater, 4 West 54 Street, Midtown, Manhattan

They roll up to the museum in formation, announcing their arrival.

She also has an exhibition on view at the Studio museum in Harlem (144 West 125th Street, Harlem, Manhattan) through June 26.

[The Creators Project] + The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund allocated a $5.1 million award to the museum of Contemporary Toronto.

… Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including The Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C.

Members of Norman Rockwell’s family denounced the Berkshire museum’s plans to deaccession works by the artist.

Marina Abramovic reconciled with her former collaborator and lover Ulay, following a talk at the Louisiana museum of Modern Art.

Tristram Hunt, the director of the Victoria & Albert museum, tweeted an apology to a visitor who was asked to cover up while breastfeeding.

The San Francisco museum of Modern Art will debut a new commission by Julie Mehretu on Labor Day weekend.

Christie’s will sell a number of works from the museum of Modern Art‘s photography holdings next year.

According to a museum spokesperson, the majority of the works are duplicates.

The Metropolitan museum of Art‘s online collection has seen a 17% traffic increase since the museum launched its open access initiative.

The George Eastman museum launched the Technicolor Online Research Archive, a resource of over 40,000 documents from the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation (1914–1955).

The Williams College museum of Art announced a promised gift of over 340 objects of African art from Drs.

John McKinnon was appointed executive director of the Elmhurst Art museum.

Meg Hagyard was appointed interim director of the University of Arizona museum of Art.

Noelle Foye announced her retirement as executive director of the New Bedford Art museum.

Amanda Donnan was appointed curator of the Frye Art museum.

Erin M. Greenwald was appointed curator of programs at the New Orleans museum of Art.

Brenda Blount was appointed director of development at the Ohr-O’Keefe museum of Art.

The Corning museum of Glass awarded its 32nd Rakow Commission to Dr. Karlyn Sutherland.

Martin Roth (1955–2017), former director of the Victoria and Albert museum.

Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, a curator of the Radical Women exhibition at the Hammer museum, talks about this largely ignored history.

When I met with Fajardo-Hill in the courtyard of the Hammer museum, she explained, “We did not take no for an answer.

Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985 continues at the Hammer museum (10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California) through December 31.

In 2008, visiting the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid, I was riveted by three brilliant Popovas from the “Painterly Architectonic” series (1915-18).

Since I first discovered her in the ‘70s, Popova has benefited from much scholarly research and several excellent museum exhibitions and monographs.

Critics say the proposed Guggenheim Helsinki project would cost Finnish citizens over 100 million Euros, but the museum foundation disputes those figures.

Helsinki residents are concerned the city will be seduced into building a private museum mostly funded by public monies.

This is not the first time the Guggenheim has proposed this museum.

This year’s $100,000 prize was bestowed to art historian and curator Carmen C. Bambach of The Metropolitan museum of Art.

The museum lavishes enormous amounts of space on both of them.

Local artisans were also involved in the preparation process: the entire museum was crafted in Dharavi.

This summer, the pair will also host a conference in Amsterdam to discuss the museum and its impacts.

Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty continues at the museum of Contemporary Art Denver (1485 Delgany Street, Denver, Colorado) through January 31.

Thirty-one years ago, physicist Larry Shaw decided to celebrate 3/14 at a San Francisco science museum.

Meanwhile, museum shows in New York and elsewhere were slowly bringing Carone’s earlier work out of obscurity.

It was a passion project he funded himself, because he said that no museum would touch it.

To highlight its still obscure legacy, Agência Pública, a nonprofit journalism initiative, created an augmented reality app called the museum of Yesterday.

Larry Fink: The Boxing Photographs, on exhibit in the museum’s Perelman building, seems a fitting extension of this cultural interest.

Larry Fink: The Boxing Photographs continues at the Philadelphia museum of Art (Perelman Building, 2525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) through January 1, 2019.

The Louvre, the British museum and the Metropolitan museum of Art are treasure-filled, international destinations.

II, with Red and Blue” (1929, donated to the museum by Philip Johnson in 1941).

Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern continues at the museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan) through June 15.

The undisputed champ is Ugo Rondinone’s Miami Mountain presented by The Bass museum.

A decade in the making, it has been organized by Sinéad Vilbar, the museum’s curator of Japanese art.

Shintō: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art continues at the Cleveland museum of Art (11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio) through June 30.

On June 2, the museum in Long Beach is hosting a conversation focused specifically on artistic responses to immigration from Mexico and Latin America.

It is a veritable museum of death, which seems a little ironic given what he does in life.

Critics, gallery owners, and museum directors were able to frame and circulate a specific approach to paintings on an international stage.

Women of Abstract Expressionism continues at the Denver Art museum (100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Civic Center, Denver, Colorado) until September 25.

[Miami Herald] David Adjaye will design New Delhi’s renovated Kiran Nadar museum of Art.

The museum has resided inside a shopping mall for the past nine years, but will expand to accommodate its over 6,000 artworks.

In 1965, when he was ten, Marshall went to the Los Angeles County museum for the first time.

This is a big show taking up two floors of the museum.

Her work will also feature in the Crocker Art museum’s Hopes Springing High exhibition, which opens this weekend in Sacramento.

I wish I could say that I am amazed that no museum in America has given her an exhibition.

The Metropolitan museum of Art just made 375,000 images free for unrestricted use.

For the Brooklyn museum stop of the traveling show, the spectacle is joined by two concurrent exhibitions.

Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861–2008 continues through March 13, 2016 at the Brooklyn museum (200 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn).

In 1,000 historic photographs of electricity pylons shared by the Science museum in London, a complex symbol of human progress rises above the landscape.

The Science museum in London tweeted on September 20 that they had just published 1,000 historic photographs of electricity pylons from around the world.

The Science museum also has historic photographs of “pylon failure,” where towers are crumpled and twisted into contorted shapes.

View more historic photographs of electricity pylons online at the Science museum, London.

3300–2000 BC at the Morgan Library & museum in Manhattan were never meant for our eyes.

continues through August 21 at the Morgan Library and museum (225 Madison Avenue, Midtown East, Manhattan).

Lisa Reihana: Emissaries continues at the Honolulu museum of Art (900 S Beretania Street, Honolulu, Hawaii) through July 14.

When: Tuesday, August 8, 7–9pm Where: California African American museum (600 State Drive, Exposition Park, Los Angeles) More info here.

Make a reservation at the Nevada museum of Art for Sunday brunch with a live band.

After four years of intense studies, Palubinskas accepted a position as the Decorative Objects and Sculptures Conserver in the Lithuanian State Art museum.

Although it’s the nightlife centre, our Kings Cross, it happens to be next to the State Gallery, the State Library, the State museum.

The sessions will take place at Gibney’s downtown location, The Whitney museum, and the Metropolitan museum of Art.

The entrance to the museum sits inside Lasipalatsi, a 1930s-built functionalist landmark in the city center.

The show was curated by the museum director, Kai Kartio.

Until then, the statue will be displayed at Zak Bagans’ The Haunted museum in Las Vegas.

Then it will travel to the Hilliard museum in Louisiana at the end of May.

museum officials are now assessing their collections and believe there is little to no damage.

Here, curator Khadija Hamdi-Soussi salutes art historian André Malraux’s idea of an imaginary “museum without walls“.

Director Alonso Ruizpalacios’ latest film reconstructs the 1985 theft of nearly 150 pre-Hispanic artifacts from a Mexico City museum.

Robbing the museum is Nuñez’s ticket out of nothingville.

These, along with nominees in other categories, are all currently on view at the Design museum’s annual Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition.

“With and for refugees.” Beazley Designs of the Year continues at the Design museum (224-238 Kensington High St, London, United Kingdom) through February 19.

The wax museum said a team of sculptors and artists spent more than two hours to capture Wozniak’s likeness, taking some 250 measurements.

Where once there had been a bookstore and a bike shop and a bakery, there was now a wax museum for tourists.

Plus, the J. Paul Getty museum acquires a major Giovanni Segantini painting.

The J. Paul Getty museum has acquired Giovanni Segantini’s painting “Spring in the Alps” (1897).

The painting will go into an exhibition in the Getty museum’s West Pavilion on February 12, alongside other works from 19th century Europe.

Moore’s beautiful, intimate campus is located on museum mile in Philadelphia.

Lynn Sullivan and Dominic Nurre curated Ours, a lovely version of what looked like a miniature museum.

An exclusive look inside the archive of the American museum of Western Art, which contains remarkable artworks and writings by Emil Bisttram.

Toyin Ojih Odutola: To Wander Determined continues at the Whitney museum of American Art (99 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan) through February 25.

The Whitney museum’s Dreamlands gathers a century of immersive moving image art, cutting across time and technology.

Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 continues at the Whitney museum of American Art (99 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan) through February 5.

Located on the museum’s south end, the Menschel Galleries include the Drawings, Photography, and Architecture galleries, as well as a Special Exhibitions gallery.

But one of the most impressive parts of the collection is not on view in the museum’s galleries.

museum archivist Claire Mosier will present a lecture titled “Bisttram: Experimental Sky” at 3pm.

Maarten Baas at the Design museum Holon.

The museum has not yet unveiled the full design of its current expansion, which is designed by architectural firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

When: Thursday, August 17, 8:30pm Where: Queens museum, Flushing Meadows Corona Park (Corona, Queens) More info here.

The American museum of Natural History has long been an embarrassment to New Yorkers.

It needs a serious renovation, to be undertaken by a diverse range of curators drawn from the populations featured in the museum.

They are also planning an Anti-Columbus Day tour at the American museum of Natural History today starting at 4pm.

Bruno Gironcoli: Shy at Work continues at Mumok (museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, museumsplatz 1, Vienna) through June 3.

They are not meant to end up on one of the floors of the Whitney museum to be viewed and not touched.

The museum recently partnered with Adobe to launch “The Hidden Treasures of Creativity,” a collection of seven digital paintbrushes modeled after Munch’s own.

and the Illuminator turned the spiral facade of the Guggenheim museum into a projection screen.

| Dezeen Around 90 art handlers and facilities staff at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum have announced their intention to unionize.

A multimedia exhibit at museum of the City of New York looks back at the domesticity of the AIDS crisis.

The gift comes from Roger Sant and his late wife Vicki, a former trustee at the museum.

| via email announcement Amada Cruz was appointed director of the Seattle Art museum.

| Seattle Art museum Rochelle Feinstein is now represented by Sperone Westwater Gallery.

| ARTnews Richard Flood, the New museum’s director of special projects and curator at large, has retired.

| via email announcement Chakshu Patel was named director of institutional advancement at the Studio museum in Harlem.

| ARTnews Rein Wolfs is the new director of the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam.

AIDS at Home: Art and Everyday Activism continues at museum of the City of New York (1220 Fifth Avenue) through October 22, 2017.

A new exhibition at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum brings together depictions of the natural world by Vincent van Gogh and David Hockney.

Hockney – Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature, curated by Edwin Becker, is on view at Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam through May 26th, 2019.

The financially troubled Utah museum of Contemporary Art has sold off “a substantial portion” of its permanent collection, the Salt Lake Tribune has reported.

The museum’s cash-flow problems date back to at least the ’80s, and it has been mired in debt in recent years.

This report comes just months after Laura Allred Hurtado took the executive director job at the museum.

But let’s be real, this pic was taken in some natural history museum somewhere.

However, the Dutch museum chronicles how the painting was admired long before its turn in fiction.

Two bridge-ways connect the museum’s massive rooms.

The Norton museum of Art announced the first exhibition of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney‘s sculptures since her death in 1942.

The Blanton museum of Art at the University of Texas acquired three paintings and four works on paper by the artist Leon Polk Smith.

Charles A. Riley II was appointed director of the Nassau County museum of Art.

Sarah Cartwright was appointed curator of collections at the John and Mable Ringling museum of Art.

The Yayoi Kusama museum will open in Tokyo on October 1.

Bo Bartlett was awarded the Gibbes museum of Art’s 2017 Society 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art.

The Design museum announced the nominees of the 2018 Beazley Designs of the Year.

The other challenge is that these massive New museum group shows are often just that — too much.

[SF Gate] + Art collector Chuck Thurow donated 114 works, from 59 Chicago-based artists, to the DePual Art museum in Illinois.

Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon continues at the New museum (235 Bowery, Manhattan) through January 21, 2018.

Art historians wrote to the museum, expressing their various opinions on whether or not it was a genuine Leonardo.

Then a curator at the Metropolitan museum of Art, Kanter questioned the authorship printed on the wall text.

The Mystery of Worcester’s Leonardo continues at the Worcester Art museum (55 Salisbury St, Worcester, MA) through June 3.

Wicca, far from being an “ancient religion,” only dates back to the 1950s, which the museum never mentions.

Visiting the Salem Witch museum as a child, McGilvray says, she found herself identifying with the accused.

At Salem’s Witch museum, the narrator tells us — with more than a little derision — that the Puritans were a superstitious people.

The museum claims that the hair was donated in 1959 by relatives of an artist who painted the emperor on his deathbed.

An exhibition joins artworks from the Carnegie museum in Pittsburgh and Studio museum in Harlem.

1971) is represented by such Tokyo projects as his Musashino Art University museum and Library (2007-1010) and House NA (2007-2011).

One detailed timeline stretches along the museum’s third-floor hallway, but otherwise minimal text is scattered throughout the rooms.

When: Saturday, March 11, 3–5pm Where: Skid Row History museum & Archive (250 South Broadway, Downtown, Los Angeles) More info here.

In the old world, the curator of a museum preserves the works of art, picks and lovingly documents the contents of a show.

The museum also intends to showcase more women than it has ever before.

Today, MoMA also announced a multi-year partnership between itself, the Studio museum in Harlem, and MoMA PS1.

Admission is free to all museum members, as well as SCAD students, faculty and staff with a valid SCAD Card.

Open to the public with the cost of museum admission.

Or at least, according to the museum of Hoaxes (an incredible online resource), they used to be weird enough to count as real pranks.

The Metropolitan museum of Art isn’t exactly known for showcasing extremely political content, but Everything Is Connected never shies away from controversy.

What the museum communicates with this arrangement is that there is no one way to express blackness.

On Instagram, after Walker visited the museum in July, she posted a picture of her daughter smiling in front of the two works.

In 1904, the City of New York bought the mansion and turned it — the oldest remaining house in Manhattan — into a museum.

The museum plans to freeze new hires and request voluntary buyouts.

Maurizio Cattelan will install a solid 18-karat-gold toilet in one of the restrooms of the Guggenheim museum.

David Geffen donated $100 million toward the museum of Modern Art’s renovation and expansion campaign.

The Louis Armstrong House museum acquired the only known footage of the musician in a recording studio.

Toronto’s Canadian museum of Inuit Art will close its doors on May 30.

Betsy Broun, the director of the Smithsonian American Art museum since 1989, will retire at the end of the year.

The Victoria and Albert museum will name its new Exhibition Road entrance after Len Blavatnik.

“The Morgan is delighted to present this groundbreaking exhibition,” said Colin B. Bailey, director of the museum.

The curator of the exhibition is Isabelle Dervaux, Acquavella Curator and Department Head, Modern and Contemporary Drawings, the Morgan Library & museum.

Wayne Thiebaud, Draftsman continues at The Morgan Library & museum (225 Madison Avenue, Midtown East, Manhattan) through September 23, 2018.

The US Pizza museum started as an online endeavor by Kendall Burns, a big-time pizza fan in Chicago who collects pizza-related art and ephemera.

John Graham: Maverick Modernist continues at the Parrish Art museum (279 Montauk Highway, Water Mill, New York) through July 30.

While Chicago’s US Pizza museum has got the snazzy official-sounding name, it actually isn’t the first pizza museum in the States.

The museum of Mourning Art at Arlington Cemetery (no relation to Arlington National Cemetery) is located in Drexel Hill, west of Philadelphia.

Recently, however, the museum temporarily closed to the public, and some of its collection is going to auction at Sotheby’s today through Friday.

How the museum will appear in the future depends on what objects are sold.

Mourning Art in the New Nation in conjunction with an exhibition she curated at the Pennsylvania State museum.

SFMOMA has partnered with Kanopy to stream the films screening at the museum.

A similar project is FLOAT museum, curated by artists Kate Parsons and Ben Vance, which debuted in February at SFMOMA.

And the New museum, too, launched its first-ever VR exhibition in January, which featured six commissions.

The museum will also host selections from the film series which accompanied its run at the Guggenheim, Turn It On: China on Film, 2000–2017.

Turn It On: China on Film, 2000–2017 will be playing at the museum January 10-27 and will stream on Kanopy beginning January 10.

This betrayal is at the center of Alison Saar’s exhibition Breach, on view at the University of Kentucky Art museum.

Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia continues at the Cranbrook Art museum (39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.) through October 9.

Alison Saar: Breach continues at the University of Kentucky Art museum (405 Rose Street, Lexington, Kentucky) through December 3.

It opens at the museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on March 12.

The museum says they have begun conversations with the Nigerian government to return the bronze.

Artist Nina Katchadourian spent two years exploring the dustiest realms of New York’s museum of Modern Art for a new audio tour.

The RISD museum’s possession of this Benin bronze, brought demonstrators in Providence, Rhode Island today, to call for the same action.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Dust may be a conservator’s burden, but it’s also a positive mess for a museum.

Davis noticed all the dust in the museum was a consistent gray, yet looking closer revealed a rainbow of colors.

“There are so many people in this museum and they’re all different, they’re all wearing something different,” Davis says.

Katchadourian spent two years exploring this seemingly mundane aspect of the museum, although she didn’t initially set out to make a dust tour.

“Dust Gathering” transports visitors into these moments with stops around the museum.

“The dusty ledge just became this point of fascination that I returned to every time I went back to the museum,” she said.

After the speakers were finished, the group called in the audience to join them in delivering a letter to John Smith, the museum director.

“My feeling of that building and that museum has shifted profoundly working on that project,” she stated.

The RISD museum will report back in a couple of weeks.

Organized for the Katonah museum of Art by Elizabeth Rooklidge, the exhibition features over fifty works in all mediums.

Robert Pruitt: Devotion continues at the California African American museum (600 State Dr, Los Angeles) through February 17, 2019.

When: Friday, November 16, 6:30 pm Where: The Whitney museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, Chelsea, Manhattan

Kevin Clarke lives in Berlin and works for the Schwules museum*.

On Thursday at the New museum, Siré and artist Julia Weist will discuss their new bilingual edition of “!!

He gives chiaroscuro’s gravitas to drawings of GULF, Standing Rock, and Occupy museums protests, such as at Berlin’s Pergamon museum, among others.

When: Thursday, February 1 at 7pm Where: New museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan) More info from the New museum.

The outcome of museum Bowl 2018 will depend on whether the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots prevail on Sunday.

If the Patriots win, the Philadelphia museum will loan Benjamin West’s “Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky” (ca 1816) to the MFA.

In one drawing, Sholette depicts the October 2016 Decolonize This Place action at the American museum of Natural History in New York.

How this action influenced decision makers and curators at the museum is hard to tell.

A woman entered the museum in a wheelchair, sitting on and concealing a large banner.

She later stood up and unfurled the banner with other protestors in an action that took over and shut down the museum.

Paradise of Exiles: Early Photography in Italy continues through August 13 at the Metropolitan museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side, Manhattan).

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads A rock-climbing wall is covered with penises at the New museum.

I left the New museum giggling with a twisted sense of hope and dark optimism.

They suffered some damage along the way, including small areas of paint loss, but have surfaced “in fairly good condition,” the museum said.

Andra Ursuta: Alps continues at the New museum of Contemporary Art (235 Bowery, Lower Manhattan) through June 19.

“Seascape at Scheveningen” is the only other painting in the museum’s collection from van Gogh’s time in the Hague.

Charlie Fox and Rosalind Williams will answer that question in their talk at the Morgan Library & museum on Wednesday night.

Frankenstein at 200 will open at 5:30, after the museum’s closing time for attendees of the event.

When: Wednesday, November 14 , 6:30 pm Where: The Morgan Library & museum, 225 Madison Avenue, Murray Hill, Manhattan

The Gardner’s painting, “The Tragedy of Lucretia” (1496–1504) normally hangs in the museum’s Raphael Room.

Botticelli: Heroines + Heroes continues at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum (25 Evans Way, Boston, Massachusetts) through May 19.

Thinking Pictures continues at the Zimmerli museum at Rutgers University (71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey) through December 31.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic at the museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a rather large and esoteric collection of Pooh-related works and memorabilia.

The original exhibition was organized by the Victoria and Albert museum, and that iteration was conceived by an architectural firm and a theater designer.

Mind you, anything that makes it easier to take children to a museum is a good thing and should be applauded.

The larger issue, perhaps, is whether a museum is the correct setting for an exhibition of this kind?

Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic continues a the museum of Fine Arts.

Through these experiences, Lindahl realized that the art market often lacked the wealth of knowledge intimately studied by museum professionals.

In 1966, these “Breathing Machines” were removed from a UC Berkeley Art museum exhibition, since the use of sound was considered inappropriate as art.

What of the quiet, introspective moments afforded by the traditional museum experience?

In the first place, the app attracts viewers to these pieces, which mostly pass unnoticed in the museum.

Mark Bradford: Pickett’s Charge will continue at the Hirshhorn museum (Independence Ave SW and 7th Street SW, Washington, DC) through November 12, 2018.

Pope ended up making a custom suite of his poster series especially for the Cleveland museum of Art.

Some of his decisions were just formal in a sense.” To their initial dismay, Pope demanded the museum staple the posters to the wall.

A striking poster advertising the novels is part of a wondrous traveling exhibition, currently at Hillwood museum.

The museum currently holds 16 works by Sharp in its permanent collection.

Deco Japan continues at the Hillwood museum (4155 Linnean Avenue NW, Washington, DC) through January 1, 2017.

— Kristin Corry Wandering through New York’s New museum a few months ago, I stumbled into a strangely comforting installation.

The Smithsonian museum has received a blue Marchesa gown worn by Constance Wu in the film Crazy Rich Asians.

The dress is being donated by designer Georgina Chapman (Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife) to the Smithsonian’s National museum of American History in Washington.

Kemper museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri has acquired Liza Lou’s “Noctilucent” in celebration of the museum’s 25th anniversary.

The work is on display in the current exhibition, Lexicon: The Language of Gesture in 25 Years at Kemper museum, which opened today.

Words/Matter: Latin American Art and Language at the Blanton represents the museum’s longstanding dedication.

Words/Matter: Latin American Art and Language at the Blanton continues at the Blanton museum of Art (200 East MLK Jr.

“‘Notilucent’ is a stunning work,” said Erin Dziedzic, director of curatorial affairs at Kemper museum.

Some of the most detailed and finely crafted came out of La Specola, a workshop of Florence’s museum for Physics and Natural History.

The sham warriors are preserved in a museum complex, each replicated and installed to form a scam attraction.

Authorities raided the site, located in the same area as the genuine terracotta army museum, on Wednesday, as Xinhua reported.

Books, lectures, articles, TV shows, movies, graphic novels, music, museum exhibits, TED Talks, podcasts, whatever.

Sachs has received the honor of being the first artist ever to have a solo show at the Noguchi museum besides its founder.

Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony continues at the Noguchi museum (9-01 33rd Road, Long Island City, Queens) through July 24.

You may apply to be a guest at a ceremony with Tom Sachs or another tea master, Johnny Fogg, on the museum’s website.

The works on display are all taken from the museum’s permanent holdings, with over 80 fashion pieces included.

In his will, he left his collection to the Met museum, and this exhibition will include watercolors, drawings, and prints by the three artists.

Precisely 1,500 square meters (~16,150 square feet) of lavish nothing, filling the main exhibition spaces at the museum with dead weight and static energy.

Carol Rama: Antibodies continues at the New museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through September 10.

It’s in this third world of augmented reality that Nexus’s Invisible museum lives.

To learn more about Invisible museum, click here.

[via email announcement] Julie Henson was named the 2019 National Artist in Residence of the Neon museum.

[Monopol] Deborah Horowitz has left her position overseeing the curatorial team of the Academy museum of Motion Pictures.

An exhibition at the museum of Sex is the first to bring together sexually charged works by outsider artists.

Jack Bush: Radiant Abstraction continues at the Boston museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue) through April 21.

Known/Unknown: Private Obsession and Hidden Desire in Outsider Art continues at the museum of Sex (233 Fifth Avenue, Nomad, Manhattan) through September 16.

Tales of Our Time continues at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum (1071 5th Ave, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through March 10.

DeVille’s creative latitude is displayed much more grandly on the upper floor of the museum.

This work has been here at the museum for more than 50 years, since not long after they were actually produced.

The 5,000-year-old mummies, which have been at the British museum, have tattoos of a wild bull, sheep, and alphabet-like motifs.

Wallis Budge, Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British museum, which has housed them since 1901.

into an open-air art museum.

When: Wednesday, January 10, 12–1pm Where: Fowler museum at UCLA (308 Charles E Young Dr N., Westwood, Los Angeles) More info here.

Although Cifaldi said he has no plans to open a museum, his ambition is a physical reference library accessible to researchers.

Meanwhile, the paintings in A museum Show, with two exceptions, capture moments of quiet contemplation — or total, #EmptyMet calm.

The pleasingly symmetrical composition of pinks, blues, and black completes Huang’s vision of the museum experience as its own kind of show.

Most significantly, the museum does not currently employ an indigenous curator.

In the paintings and drawings of A museum Show, the museum is the show.

Hai-Hsin Huang: A museum Show continues at the Chinese American Arts Council gallery (456 Broadway, Soho, Manhattan) through September 23.

The museum can privilege these artists while participating in a global art discourse; the two gestures are not — and should not be — at odds.

Field Guide has some shortcomings, but it does make international contemporary art more accessible to the museum’s surrounding community.

Burke is well-aware of his museum’s commitment to build a relationship between indigenous and non-native communities.

In fact, this is not his first time leading a major museum in a small city with a large indigenous population.

The institution remains New Zealand’s only contemporary art museum and has exhibited Māori artists for decades while bringing in renowned, international names.

The museum also two indigenous individuals on its board, and it employs an Indigenous Relations Advisor.

One, owned by a museum in Hamburg, also features optical studies and notes in similar handwriting on its reverse.

And so it’s predictable that we’re in for other such museum displays.

The whole history of the public art museum, from its birth in the late 18th-century, has involved expansion.

The results of his experiment are seen in “Do snow monkeys remember snow mountains?” (2017), currently on view at the Denver Art museum.

If something is in a museum, then it must be a work of art: that simple statement is taken for granted by visitors.

Part museum and part prison, the zoo formalized the divide between humans and animals.

Fashion in the museum offers great challenges for the art critic.

Contemporary Muslim Fashions continues at the de Young museum (Golden Gate Park, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco, California) through January 6, 2019.

by Shimabuku continues at the Denver Art museum (100 W. 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver) through February 3.

To its immediate right hangs “PH-671,” on loan from the museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Repeat/Recreate: Clyfford Still’s “Replicas” continues at the Clyfford Still museum (1250 Bannock Street, Denver, Colorado) through January 10.

Full disclosure: The author gives public tours of the Clyfford Still museum once or twice per month.

When: Thursday, September 7, 5–11pm Where: Pomona College museum of Art (330 N. College Ave., Claremont, California) More info here.

For museum curator Vincent Delieuvin, an Italian Renaissance specialist, this constant tinkering is evidence of Leonardo’s tireless quest for perfection.

In the 1990s, the company donated films of the tests to the San Diego Air and Space museum.

The museum of the 15 July: Martyrs and Democracy is expected to open in late 2018 on the outskirts of Ankara.

The Morgan Library & museum received a $5 million grant from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum’s Board of Trustees extended the $10 million reward for return of 13 works of stolen art.

The museum will release its first ever book about the theft called, Stolen in spring 2018.

[via email announcement] Stephen Reily was appointed director of the Speed Art museum.

Robert Gober and Donald Moffett will be honored at the Brooklyn museum’s Artists Ball on April 17.

The Brooklyn museum is now accepting applications for its museum Education Fellowship Program.

Best known for Primary Structures: Young British and American Sculptors (1966), Information (1970), and The museum as Muse: Artists Reflect (1999).

The Propeller Group continues at the museum of Contemporary (MCA) Chicago through November 13.

These exhibitions fill the museum’s sprawling halls, but they cannot compare with the vibrantly contemporary work that was shown before.

In Leslie-Lohman museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s latest exhibition, queer artists turn to collage to construct new worlds and identities.

For Castles in the Air, the museum partnered with 3D-printing company IMAKE and invited artists to use the technology in their work.

At the same time, the museum has repurposed a gallery space on the second floor for projects by emerging artists.

Cut-Ups: Queer Collage Practices continues at the Leslie-Lohman museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (26 Wooster St, Soho, Manhattan) through December 18.

It’s become popular in Japan through the NO-MA Borderless Art museum, founded in Shiga in 2004.

Organized by curatorial dynamo Walter Hopps when he was just 30, the exhibition was surprisingly Duchamp’s first major museum retrospective.

PlayTime opens at the Peabody Essex museum (161 Essex Street, Salem, Massachusetts) on February 10, 2018.

Two incidents this week at the Contemporary Art museum St Louis suggests the controversy around the current Kelley Walker exhibition continues to escalate.

The news of the attack emerged on the museum’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Monday, a few hours after it occurred that morning.

With Wavelength: Reset at the Powerlong museum, Qibao, once regarded as drab wilderness, has become the place in Shanghai to be seen.

One commenter (@nezombie) on the museum’s October 3 Instagram post (posted above) responded to the news with: That’s horrible.

The museum, he added, chose to publicize the situation to show how it “had gone beyond just argument and sometimes overheated argument.

The museum has also cancelled Art314, an annual fundraising auction scheduled for October 21 that sells donated artworks.

“In listening to the community’s concerns, CAM has chosen not to present the event this season,” the museum’s statement reads.

The event is presented by the Contemporary Art museum St. Louis.

The gold reliquary containing the heart of Anne of Brittany was stolen from the Thomas-Dobrée museum in the French city of Nantes.

Xu Jiankang, the founder of the Powerlong museum in Qibao, in the Minhang District of Shanghai, is proudly in the second category.

The Frist Art museum will close its Rome: City and Empire exhibition tomorrow, earlier than scheduled, due to vibrations caused by nearby construction.

The museum also dropped its ticket price for the age group to £5 for those who register online.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen donated Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary” (1996) to the museum of Modern Art.

The Noordbrabants museum acquired Vincent van Gogh’s “Still Life with Bottles and a Cowrie Shell” (1884).

James A. Ganz was appointed senior curator of photographs at the Getty museum.

The museum of Modern Art appointed Amanda Hicks as director of communications and public affairs.

Smith College museum of Art announced that it will steward the personal art collections of Nina Yankowitz and Joyce Kozloff.

Vast and monochrome, the museum specializes in traditional ink painting.

Without brush or ink, and with few domestic artists, it is unclear how Wavelength: Reset advances the museum’s agenda.

Wavelength: Reset continues at the Powerlong museum (3055 Caobao Road, Minhang District, Shanghai) through October 8.

Almost every museum, movie theatre, and zoo has student discounts.

Mark Dean Veca was awarded the Crocker Art museum’s Knudsen Prize.

Commissioned by the Imperial War museum, “Electrical Gaza” (2015) charts the artist’s trip through the war-torn city during 2014.

In an exhibition at the Grand Rapids Art museum, Rockman portrays the histories and environmental crises of the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem.

Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle continues at the Grand Rapids Art museum (101 Monroe Center Street NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan) through April 29.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads What happens when a major art museum throws out your art work?

Remember when that drunk driver crashed into the museum of Broken Relationships?

There’s a lady at the Whitney museum who we’ve seen the last few times we’ve visited.

The book was originally released by the British museum in 2014, alongside a small exhibition highlighting the diminutive art.

The Argentine artist Render Fruit discuses her GIF installation for the elevator of the museum of the Moving Image.

Well, New York sculptor Pat Lasch had that exact experience at the museum of Modern Art.

These works, and others, are now on view to the public as part of an onsite museum.

certification process, which began a year ago, may have been facilitated partly because it is a university museum.

As such, it has comparatively greater autonomy than a traditional independent museum, which is governed by a board that must approve budget decisions.

is trying to work within the museum world.

The first would be dubbed the “Townley Discobolus” and can be seen today at the British museum in London.

The statue actually arrived in Germany in June of 1938, where it was then exhibited in the Glyptothek museum in Munich.

Chloë Brown: Dancing in the Boardroom continues at the museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) (4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit) through April 24.

How does the video speak to your larger point about the misrepresentation of blackness in places like the British museum?

The rep says a touring children’s museum showcasing “Doc McStuffins” will launch in August.

I created a new myth because, in reality, we can’t reclaim the artifacts in the museum.

Was “HOD” inspired by the museum scene in Black Panther?

What did you learn from your visits to the British museum?

The British museum’s African galleries are in the basement.

Whereas everything else in the museum is in really bright, opulent spaces with natural light.

The collection of 60 women artists from Tate’s permanent collection, on view through April 2020, tackles the tricky terrain of museum representation.

I recently wrote an essay on Louise Fishman, who is the subject of a big retrospective at the Neuberger museum of Art this spring.

In the museum’s atrium, the water continues to flow.

Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains continues through December 4 at the National museum of the American Indian (1 Bowling Green, Financial District, Manhattan).

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads An insistent physicality courses throughout Tenses, the 2015–16 artists in residence exhibition at the Studio museum in Harlem.

Their locale is Harlem, New York, and in this Casteel’s work feels uncannily linked to the space outside of the museum.

Since its first exhibition at the museum of the Image in Breda in 2014, the project has been touring the world.

“Enough is enough,” he said last Tuesday in response to the Jewish museum’s post.

Tenses continues at the Studio museum in Harlem (144 W 125th Street, Harlem, Manhattan) through October 30.

Back in 1943, the museum daringly mounted “Are Clothes Modern?” organized by Bernard Rudofsky.

State of the ART continues at the Skid Row History museum & Archive (250 S. Broadway, Los Angeles) through December 29.

Here, that connection consists in the little shock of recognition sparked by spotting fragments of your own life enshrined in a museum.

Felix Bernstein’s Bieber Bathos Elegy took place at the Whitney museum of American Art (99 Gansevoort Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan) January 15–16.

Their work in the visual arts realm includes collaborating with artists, curators, and museum directors resisting art censorship.

I have no doubt this approach will prove effective, driving foot traffic and probably increasing museum store sales.

A 47-year-old mini-cab driver ploughed into pedestrians outside the Natural History museum last Saturday, injuring 11 people and sparking fears of a terrorist incident.

The Frans Hals museum acquired Jan Porcellis’s “Ships in a Storm” (c. 1618/22).

The New museum selected Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu to design an expansion using an adjacent property at 231 Bowery.

Gros is co-direct the museum with Okwui Enwezor in a bid to deal with the institution’s financial deficit.

Jorrit Britschgi was appointed executive director of the Rubin museum of Art.

Rita S. Craig was appointed chief financial officer at the Oklahoma City museum of Art.

The museum repurposes all this imperial triumphalism to celebrate immigrants.

Holly Block (1958–2017), executive director of the Bronx museum of the Arts.

Made for his solo show in 1931 at the museum of Modern Art in New York, the work now resides in Philadelphia’s collection.

Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910–1950 continues at the Philadelphia museum of Art (2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) through January 8, 2017.

The exhibition is curated by Meredith Malone, associate curator at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art museum.

Becoming Imperceptible was organized by the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans and traveled to the museum of Contemporary Art, Denver before coming to Cleveland.

Adam Pendleton: Becoming Imperceptible continues at the museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (11400 Euclid Avenue) through May 14.

An animation commissioned for the Hammer museum website received a mixed reaction, with many users mistaking the work for an advertisement.

Exhibits at Oxford University’s museum of Natural History are being “destroyed” by sunlight streaming through the building’s glass roof.

The Louvre-Lens museum is working to restore Charles LeBrun‘s “Christ in the Garden of Olives” (1660).

The works have been acquired by the Victoria and Albert museum.

The museum of Contemporary Art Detroit received a $120,000 grant from the Ford Foundation.

The former CFO alleged that Wilsey directed $450,000 in museum funds to a former employee without authorization.

The Pérez Art museum Miami appointed Barron Channer, George Edwin Crapple, Adri Guha, and Dorothy Terrell to its board of trustees.

Alan Chong was appointed director and CEO of the Currier museum of Art.

Masha Turchinsky was appointed director of the Hudson River museum.

Jeff Arnal was appointed executive director of Black Mountain College museum + Arts Center.

Jonathan Frederick Walz was appointed director of curatorial affairs and curator of American art at the Columbus museum.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities is aiming to partially open the Grand Egyptian museum by mid 2017.

It wasn’t until an exhibition at the Drammens museum in Norway in 2006 and accompanying book that the two drawing modes linked up.

Click here to learn more about Daniel Arsham’s Hourglass at the High museum of Art Atlanta.

Joanna Pousette-Dart continues at the museum Wiesbaden (Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, Wiesbaden, Germany) through June 30.

Stone discovered her works in the Brooklyn museum of Art — but not in the galleries.

Patricia Urquiola: Between Craft and Industry continues through March 18 at the Philadelphia museum of Art.

Now only the gym remains, repurposed as a recreation center and small museum dedicated to the school’s illustrious past.

Björk, in one sense, stunned the art world with her retrospective at the museum of Modern Art last year.

Deeply integrated into the fabric of the museum, the project also questions the role of the institution at a time of heightened transformation.

Following this season of programs, PHLA will culminate in an exhibition at the museum from September 10 to December 10, 2017.

The organization’s most recent protest took the Guggenheim museum in New York by storm.

Cennetoğlu’s first solo museum exhibition in the U.S. is on view alongside a group exhibition presented through SculptureCenter’s open call commissioning program.

The protesters then marched to the steps of the Metropolitan museum, which boasts a Sackler Wing, to continue their protest.

In March of 2018, Guardian reported the museum first needs to ensure the donation is in line with their ethical fundraising policy.

What is the museum for?

I don’t have to send a press release to a gallery or a museum.

A court in Amsterdam ruled that a number of ancient artifacts loaned to the Allard Pierson museum should be returned to Ukraine.

Starting next month, anyone who believes the gender pay gap has negatively impacted their earning potential can pay a discounted price for museum admissions.

The Carnegie museum of Art acquired Kerry James Marshall’s “Untitled (Gallery)” (2016).

The McNay Art museum acquired Vincent Valdez’s painting “The Strangest Fruit 9” (2013).

The Victoria & Albert museum acquired a rare watercolor by Flemish artist Joris Hoefnagel.

The Georgia O’Keeffe museum received an anonymous donation of 110 letters written by Georgia O’Keeffe to her sister, Anita O’Keeffe Young.

William B. Jordan donated “Portrait of Philip III” (1627), a painting recently attributed to Diego Velázquez, to the American Friends of the Prado museum.

Johnnetta B. Cole, the director of the Smithsonian National museum of African Art, will step down from her post in March 2017.

Anne Marion, the founder of the Georgia O’Keefe museum, announced her retirement.

The Cincinnati Art museum appointed five new trustees: Tim Elsbrock, Marcia Joseph, Bruce Petrie, Jr., David Wolf, and Manuel Chavez III.

Only at the Morbid Anatomy museum in Gowanus, Brooklyn, do the Dadaists, Freud, and witchcraft find common ground.

The museum’s current site opened in 2006, occupying a former industrial building erected in the 1920s to house a Dodge showroom.

Useless Utility, curated by Jova Lynne, Ford Foundation Curatorial Fellow at MOCAD, continues at the museum of Contemporary Art Detroit through April 21.

Over 60 protesters from 20 community groups held a protest at the Brooklyn museum on Sunday to reiterate their demands for a decolonization commission.

The museum also announced the acquisition of “The Open Sea,” an 1865 watercolor by British Pre-Raphaelite artist John Brett.

C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry donated 14 works to the Georgia museum of Art.

The Georgia O’Keeffe museum acquired the artist’s 1931 painting “Kachina” from Jan and Marica Vilcek.

The museum of Contemporary Art Toronto received $5 million in funding from the Province of Ontario.

The Brooklyn museum acquired Ed Clark’s “Untitled” at the Frieze, New York.

The San José museum of Art acquired two works by Diana Al-Hadid and “Antique Earth Satellite,” (2016) a sculpture created by The Propeller Group.

Christian Keesee, the founder of the Brett Weston Archive, donated 50 of Weston’s photographs to the San Antonio museum of Art.

Sir Paul McCartney donated 63 photographs by his late wife Linda McCartney to the Victoria & Albert museum.

Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Rafa Esparza were appointed to the Hammer museum’s Artist Council.

Reto Thüring was appointed chair of contemporary art at the museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Saisha Grayson was appointed curator of time-based art at the Smithsonian American Art museum.

Bart J. C. Devolder was appointed conservator of collections at the Princeton University Art museum.

The Art Fund announced the shortlist for its 2018 museum of the Year prize.

Social Practice Queens (SPQ) brings together the resources of an academic research institution, Queens College, with the long-standing community-based activism of the Queens museum.

On August 2, the artists staged an action at the museum where they removed the work themselves.

Worth says most of the work that was removed from the Design museum is present in the new exhibition.

Waterhouse adds: I think most of the activists and artists’ hearts sank when going into the Design museum show.

We have committed to review these policies and those that apply for event hire at the museum and are currently undertaking this work.

It said the 9th century mosque of Bani Matar and Dhamar museum have been completely destroyed.

What about the Berkshire museum debacle — what can you do to set the situation straight?

[via email announcement] The Metropolitan museum of Art has acquired Peter Doig’s landscape painting “Two Trees” (2017).

We hope museum in a sentence examples were helpful.