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Obama’s speech began with a moving introduction from Sabah muktar, a biology major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“Personally, this visit by our president is an affirmation to all Muslims that we are just as American as any other,” muktar said.

But in her introduction to Obama’s speech, a young Muslim woman, Sabah muktar, explained why the visit is important to her and other Muslim Americans: In these uncertain times, some of us might find ourselves doubting where we fit in this society.

So muktar argued that the president’s actual presence at a mosque is a strong symbol by itself — one that she said she’s personally thankful for.

We lost 18 police officers and 15 others were injured,” muktar Hussein Afrah, Somalia’s deputy police commander, told reporters at the blast scene.

Hagos Gebrhiwet of Ethiopia was awarded silver and Bernard Lagat of the United States bronze, after second placed finisher American Paul Chelimo and third placed Ethiopia’s muktar Edris were disqualified.

Ethiopian muktar Edris posted the year’s best 5,000 meters, 12:59.43, and Bahrain’s Ruth Jebet ran the second fastest women’s 3,000 meters steeplechase of all-time (8:59.97) as she narrowly defeated Kenyan world champion Hyvin Kiyeng (9:00.01).

muktar Khaleh, the factory’s managing director, says its capacity has more than doubled since 2014 and that he has little sympathy for failed textile firms.

Ethiopian muktar Edris weathered a late challenge from 17-year-old countryman Selemon Barega to win the 5,000m in 12:55:23 seconds, the first sub-13 minute time of the season.

The heats suggested that Farah’s biggest challenge will come from the three young Ethiopians Barega, muktar Edris, the fastest man in the world this year, and Kejelcha.

Stern competition is expected from Molla and Ethiopian team mates muktar Edris, Abadi Hadis — a national 10,000m champion — Mohos Tuemay and Ibrahim Jeilan.

Idris muktar and Faith Karimi contributed to this report

CNN’s Idris muktar contributed to this report from Nairobi.

CNN intern Idris muktar contributed to this report

But a military court found him guilty for his role in the deaths of the other four journalists: Mahad Ahmed Elmi, Ali Iiman Sharmaake, Said Tahliil Ahmed and muktar Mohamed Hirabe.

CNN’s Robyn Kriel and Brianna Duggan and correspondent Idris muktar reported from Narobi, Kenya.

Idris muktar contributed to this report

Idris muktar, Fabien Muhire and Bryony Jones contributed to this report

Journalist Idris muktar reported from Nairobi and CNN’s AJ Davis wrote from Atlanta.

Journalist Idris muktar Ibrahim contributed to this report.

Kenya’s 23-year-old Geoffrey Kamworor narrowly lost out to Farah over 10,000m at last year’s Beijing world championships and is expected to be chief among the challengers at Rio, along with Ethiopia’s muktar Edris.

LONDON (Reuters) – Mo Farah’s aura of invincibility after six years of unrelenting success was finally cracked in his very last major track race on Saturday as he lost his world 5,000 meters title to Ethiopia’s muktar Edris.

But he closed the meet on the track, in agony, and in second place after losing the 5,000 meters to muktar Edris.

We lost 18 police officers and 15 others were injured,” muktar Hussein Afrah, Somalia’s deputy police commander, told reporters at the blast scene.

DOHA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s muktar Edris won a thrilling battle over the last 200 meters to retain his title in the 5,000 meters at the world championships on Monday.

In December, the government imprisoned muktar Robow, a popular former al Shabaab commander who had defected and ran for the leadership in South West state.

Oman is also one of Yemen’s neighbors, so their families will be able to visit them often.” One of the three newly transferred men Mr. Remes represented, muktar Yahya Najee al Warafi, drew attention last year when he filed a lawsuit asking a court to order the military to let him go because Mr. Obama had said the war in Afghanistan was over.

Farah avenged his world championships loss to muktar Edris, who fell over the finish line as just 0.13 of a second separated the top four.

He finished second behind Ethiopia’s muktar Edris, and the American Paul Kipkemoi Chelimo won the bronze.

There was a controversial drop-out by Filip Ingebrigtsen, a flame-out by his younger brother, the phenom Jakob Ingebrigtsen, and a last-second comeback by muktar Edris, who no one thought would be in the hunt.

After snapping Mo Farah’s winning streak and denying him a final gold medal at the World Championships two years ago, muktar Edris hadn’t made much noise at the races.

From hospital to hospital, there was no word of muktar Abukar, a 35-year-old homebuilder whom she married four months earlier.

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