Moving in a sentence | Use of the word moving examples

And she couldn’t imagine moving away herself after a disaster.

Bank of America is moving about 200 employees to Paris by the end of February, according to sources.

I try once more to gaze over the words — “gallery, “black,” “figure,” “copy” — but I have trouble moving beyond their literal nature.

Oliver testified that he saw the car back up and stop for a second before moving forward and going toward Gross.

But as a TV show, Westworld isn’t quite at a place where its story is moving forward, and the show knows it.

moving imagery is a form that works incredibly well for her.

Speed has helped Republicans keep their tax plans moving.

Repeat viewings helped it get recognized as a warm, moving touchstone in American households each Christmas.

The sentimental and moving “The Iron Giant” has many admirers today, but under-performed in theaters due to a poor marketing campaign.

Likewise, science is moving ever closer to eradicating HIV, which is already highly manageable.

So the ones across the desert, they made sure that nothing was moving near the vehicles.

They were both moving at about three miles per hour and it was kind of like a super-slow-speed train wreck.

So on the one hand I remember reading books about the future and it was all going to be vacuum pods moving underground … Hyperloops.

California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy is moving on up.

The state government said it had begun moving about 300,000 people from the most vulnerable areas into shelters.

In the past, when she’s run out of meds, Alexander says she’s felt despondent, “like everything was moving slower.

So he made backing away from free trade, and moving toward protectionism, a major part of his inaugural address.

He presented 5G as an alternative to broadband moving forward.

Just last month, the federal government was moving to ban a drug that you’ve probably never heard of: kratom.

The group has been considering since last month moving the date of their policy meeting in Vienna to July 3-4 from June 25-26.

Joel Embiid says he’s OVER Rihanna — officially declaring he’s moving on after trying to get a date with her for years.

This film is a beautiful and moving tribute not just to Do’s mother, but also to Cambodia and its people.

Seems Kelvin’s already started that process … telling media members after Thursday’s game, “I’m just moving on from it.”

It’s a rising 200-day moving average, whereas the 50-day moving average is rolling over on the S&P.

Breaking the 200 day moving average is just a very, very big level.

I don’t think today is the end of it.” The significance of breaching the 200 day moving average “ depends on where we close.

But the Trump team’s version of events has been a moving target.

The talks seem to be moving in the right direction.

“Calder’s Circus” is both an artwork and a toy — Calder himself manipulated its moving parts during informal performances in Paris in the 1930s.

My husband and I were open to moving to such a country if I got a more permanent position.

He played one more season for Santi Spiritus before moving to Havana to play for the Industriales—the New York Yankees of Cuban baseball.

And this gets to the real reason I think moving away to escape Trump makes no sense.

And while it kills me that living abroad negatively impacts my civic life in the US, I don’t see us ever moving back.

Have you done anything where you’ve used moving images yet?

This was right before the inauguration, when Republicans seemed to be moving full steam ahead on their repeal plans.

Meanwhile, in Kansas, Laura Kelly’s governor race victory over Republican Kris Kobach opens up a serious path towards moving Medicaid expansion forward.

Kelly has run on Medicaid expansion and, given the legislature’s previous support, there seems to be a decent chance of that moving forward.

Things are moving at their own speed—don’t try to force anything along.

The spikes give another aura, energy and life, as if the figures are alive and moving, trembling in pain.

It’s the day the restaurant is closing its Soho doors before moving to a new site later this month.

The efforts to gerrymander with precision keep moving stronger.

They’re moving at the same speed as us, which means that we can see their body language, the nuances of their face.

The First World War is the first war that we have film, moving film.

I think the sound, to me, was the most moving part of the entire thing.

If I were still a practicing artist, and I had the means, I might seriously consider moving there.

At the end of the talk, as people were moving toward the exit, we happened to meet up.

If so, what are the president’s legal options moving forward?

The referendum was a catastrophic decision … Our Kurdish leadership was supposed to think of the consequences before moving along with independence vote.

They added: “To be honest we’re not too bothered because we were half thinking about moving anyway.

Not only that, but Arrival is one of the best movies of the year, a moving, gripping film with startling twists and imagery.

He cauterizes each of those and clamps it, before moving to the left side and doing the same thing.

Canelo moving up to my weight?

But others say that moving to renewable energy as quickly as possible will ensure fossil fuels will eventually become unnecessary.

My family lived in LA for about five years before moving to Connecticut when I was in second grade before moving to New York.

You moved from a traditional — as you and I know, the Journal was pretty traditional, pretty slow moving in the digital area for sure.

“Our position is still the same and we’re moving forward with the tariffs.

When particles are moving faster than light through a medium like ice, they glow.

I remember staying for lunch and dinner in a restaurant and not moving.

It has location-based content that’s revealed by moving through the port.

And, if you aren’t in Rio, the app can be used anywhere, as long as you’re moving.

Now the bong-wielding clerk starts moving in on the would-be robbers—probably only because he’s getting bored of toying with them.

The man again shows his boredom with the situation by dropping his arms briefly before moving in for the kill.

The player models constantly cross over one another, and automatically drag themselves into position, their legs not moving, at dead-ball situations.

It is frequently moving, often beautiful, and sometimes corny.

On the one hand, it’s beautiful and almost intensely moving.

moving forward, we will provide more clarity and education to users that these tools exist.

There, queer and trans people fed up with constant police raids of gay gathering spots fought back and never stopped moving forward.

It feels like De Felitta never stops moving his camera, even when simply sitting still might do.

Godwin considers and integrates prevailing discussions in painting about scale, working large, and acknowledging moving and multiple focal points.

In 1963, the artist’s family moved to Watts for a year before moving to South Central, Los Angeles.

Jones’ attorney alleges that minutes after Jones was injected with midazolam, he “was moving his lips and gulping for air.

“Apart from drawing, you can experiment by moving the strings around freely to rescale your instrument.

He could keep the ball moving on the perimeter but very rarely made a play himself.

He adds it was an isolated incident, and Page and the woman will address it privately “as a couple moving forward.”

To achieve this, brands in almost every sector are moving beyond one-to-many marketing strategies and expanding their one-to-one capabilities.

Nearly a ten-year veteran with the promotion, the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt has proved quite a hit since moving down to featherweight.

For most of the history of journalism, visual journalism — color printing, computer graphics, moving images — was either impossible or cost-prohibitive.

IRL, I’m a stoned-out VR noob trying to acclimate to the basics of moving in my new, disembodied VR body.

A moving Border, meanwhile, demonstrates how natural phenomena become bureaucratic issues, which in turn affect the lives of countless people.

“If it had escalated, I would consider moving elsewhere,” a 44-year-old hedge fund manager said of the ransacking of the city’s legislature.

Scientists say they have proven the existence of gravitational waves — the ripples in space-time that stem from objects moving throughout the universe.

That means that when moving to a new city, you should consider renting for a few months while you search for a permanent home.

He said: “In my view, it’s in the past, we’re moving forward.

Not only is reform moving at all levels of government, including Republican-controlled states, but polls show bipartisan shifts in support for change.

Particularly moving at the start, the performance ran overly long, dulling its impact.

If you’re moving, this will be very frustrating!

“Within the wrestling community she’s definitely been a great spokesperson for us and moving forward,” he said.

We’re moving to another country.

You’ve got other sort of tech companies moving around.

Like a duck’s feet, man, we’re moving real fast under the water.

All of its moving parts operate on a system of gears and motors that Gould himself put together.

In the film, whether it’s the space represented or the ideas espoused, nothing is settled, all is moving, destabilized, and ultimately reorganized.

Caixabank joined Sabadell in saying it was considering moving its base outside Catalonia as a result of the crisis.

That’s also true in these cases of pathogens moving around.

There’s no shame in moving.

In most cases, people who talk about moving to another country don’t follow through.

“I’d like them to know that we’d love to see them consider moving over here.”

By Anna Borges in The Outline.A very moving, personal piece about a little-talked about subject: chronic, passive suicidal ideation.

The work evokes the purest transitions: of birth, or aging, or between spiritual planes, or in a more abstracted state of moving and becoming.

The Amazon show is moving to The Great Tew Estate, which is owned by Nicholas Johnston.

Yeah, Applebee’s records is moving up in the world.Nicky: Maybe for a stack I woulda did it.

After moving to Montana, Gianforte sued to try to keep people from being able to fish in a stream that ran by his property.

“So things are moving faster in solar cell efficiency than many experts expected.”

“She said, ‘Momma, Jazmine’s not moving.

“She said, ‘Momma, Jazmine’s not moving.

A female voice from a speaker in the suit’s frame encouraged me to keep moving.

“There’s lot of moving parts to this,” she said.

And it is, at times, genuinely moving.

If, in the end, we’ve created more jihadists, have we really enhanced our security situation moving forward?

Related: Some Americans Are Seriously Considering moving to an Island in Canada If Trump Wins “I have to look at the group.

moving forward, they want to push the system to its limit, adding more dancers in even more complex routines.

Do you feel like it’s moving in the right direction?

Labor representatives, who are worried about jobs moving outside the company, are involved in the talks, the first source said.

The idea that moving across borders might affect the brain in odd ways isn’t new.

Is it possible that the simple act of moving abroad, without these other complications, could make a brain go haywire, too?

I lean forward without moving my feet, mindful of the razor edge of this thing and yell back into the portal.

With Paul George moving West, only 1 of the top 14 players in last year’s #NBARank will be in the Eastern Conference.

Until the mid-seventies, his paintings did not need a viewer to engage them other than phenomenologically — as a moving body sharing their physical space.

After the negotiations fell through, Boehner blamed Obama for “moving the goalposts” and thus preventing a deal.

And this line is increasingly not moving, or moving more slowly [i.e., as the economy stalls].

Shafi grew up in his native Pakistan before moving to the United States in 1990 to train as a surgeon.

There will also be a new two-story studio for live and experimental programming, including performance, dance, music, moving image, and sound.

They started disconnecting cables in the PS Booster in December, and are now moving in on the SPS too.

Again, did it strike you that, “Boy, I’m really moving fast,” or you just thought, “This is the natural order of things”?

Some senators with proliferation concerns worry the administration is moving too quickly on talks about nuclear plants and enrichment with Saudi without consulting Congress.

I think we’re moving from laugh at us to get mad at us slowly.

Disney is also moving forward with its larger plans for Disney+, which will stream its trove of new and classic blockbuster movies.

A handful of countries are moving to tax sugary drinks in an effort to fight obesity.

Damon Wayans has fond memories of Charlie Murphy — none of which were more moving than the time they kissed on the neck.

I think that’s why the surrealist scene has been really moving, and I’ve been pushing back into that.

KS: Yeah, but I’m saying, what did you learn from it, from moving on?

Not help, like moving.

And we’ll talk about the IPOs that are coming and the wealthy people moving around.

I wasn’t moving.

We’re just moving to an entirely different way of entertaining people?

To ease the crunch, the company proposed moving the Cherokee to another factory so Toledo could make more Wranglers.

After bringing up the possibility of moving back, it only took about a month before I had secured another job.

By the 1990s it was moving global commodities markets.

It said all the advertisers that left were moving to other shows on the network and no revenue has been lost.

For half the film, Willie’s cursing at kids and exploiting eight-year old Thurman by moving into his house to use the family car.

Mercury leaves its shadow on April 16, so expect conversations and plans to begin moving forward during this time!

moving forward, we’re looking at how we can exist and be an intersectional festival while being straight white women.”

There are a lot of moving parts in the health bill Senate Republicans just released, but the bigger picture is straightforward.

So then this work came up, this Forage From Fire, which is so different, but it seems to be moving a lot of people.

They are, as they put it, moving forward.

I am moving away from student and toward writer, France representing the inbetweeness of my present.

Most of the growing crowd was getting slightly emotional at the sight of their hopeful monarch moving through Paris, but some wanted more.

[Trends] are moving on to different things.”

But over the past few years, globalization and income stagnation have caused the line to stop moving.

Officially, Sweden still has a goal of moving to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040.

We really have to establish this point before moving on.

As a way of moving forward, Noisey proposes a change in the way we talk about sexism in the music industry.

The strategy of moving away from the land hasn’t worked well for the people of Yucatan, he told me.

moving to Los Angeles helped King grow both as a spiritual being and as an artist.

Buffett is known for moving quickly when a deal piques his interest, but he tends to avoid getting involved in hostile takeover bids.

In the Netherlands, for example, and in Estonia, I’ve seen how they are moving from an old model to a new European one.

Nonetheless, second, it is unquestionably true that things are rapidly moving in the right direction for renewable energy.

Case in point: The three years Scarville spent creating her moving series, Mama’s Clothes.

A few months after moving in, Taylor and her daughter TreZure started noticing water leaks — first in the bathroom and later in the kitchen.

He is already moving to increase federal workers’ contributions to their retirement packages, which amounts to a pay cut.

“Let’s not sugarcoat what’s being proposed, which is the commodification of living in and moving through urban space,” Lorinc wrote.

Likewise, the last three American presidential administrations have quietly delayed moving the embassy there.

“We’re hungry, we can’t keep waiting, we’re moving on,” said Honduran migrant Roni Suazo at a bustling subway station.

There’s a vibration now that’s more open to space in the music, things moving about in the music.

Is it actually moving pack-a-day teens toward a less-bad alternative — vaping?

This is a case of the world moving much faster than the university system, and we’re scrambling to catch up.”

The world is moving on.

And these numbers are moving in the direction Bezos likes to see.

Strategists and political scientists say it is hard to know if the groups are actually moving public opinion.

North Korea is only the latest frontier market to be moving further out of reach of investors desperate to expand into new high-return markets.

“And he starts moving it around.” Berk says the touch was a joke and tells Baron that “Mr.

Here, he’s hanging for dear life off of a moving train as villians Jon Voight and Jean Reno attempt to escape.

It takes practice, repetition, translating that rhythm into moving.”

Whirlpool says it is seeking broader protection because the Korean producers were able to avoid anti-dumping tariffs by moving production from country to country.

I mean, a lot of the big cities, everyone’s living in them, they’re moving more and more to cities.

Ed and Lily were people I cared about in a world that never stopped moving.

He talked about elevators moving you.

They landed a helicopter on the moving vessel in pitch darkness.

Written and directed by Debra Granik (Winter’s Bone), Leave No Trace is an often surprising and very moving film about familial love.

It’s very clever and quite moving at the same time.

Prosecutors say Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was also nicknamed “El Rapido” because he was known for quickly moving drug shipments into the United States.

Prosecutors say Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was also nicknamed “El Rapido” because he was known for quickly moving drug shipments into the United States.

An important part of economic growth for the US is moving people to places where productivity is highest.

This time, three GOP members of the committee — all part of the conservative House Freedom Caucus — voted against moving the bill.

But whether that impulse represents a drawing close to life or a moving away from it remains unclear.

After the breach was discovered, the team removed the infected file and is moving its website and files for download over to Github.

I’ve always been sort of moving, even when I’m not.

When I met him that day I told him about New York, and that I was thinking about moving.

Fels said that Guzman, 61, eventually established relationships with Colombian cartels that allowed him to make billions of dollars moving cocaine.

She resettled with my grandfather, my dad, and my aunt in Tokyo, before moving on her own to San Francisco.

Now, we’re living in a time when the FDA seems to be moving backward.

After breaking up for the second time this year, Halsey and G-Eazy are steadily moving on.

“In this work, I imagine energy pools moving and being transferred all around us with the fluidity of liquid.

But, up close, these moving masses are a mix of boulders, silt, and organic matter, with below-freezing liquid cores.

The officers suddenly slam his head and hold it against the elevator door as it opens, before moving back onto the balcony.

moving a little closer to the town of Springfield, we find The City of New York vs. Hammer Sonpsims by US artist Scott Carr.

“Unfortunately, 1Password is betraying their users and moving to a subscription-only service.

And the numbers moving to Israel continue to rise.

The problem is change, and to fix it, we simply have to stop moving: YOU MUST STOP moving!

Plant-based alternatives are moving beyond burgers, sausages, and nuggets too — which is good news since eggs are another huge source of animal suffering.

They gave me a suicide blanket, too, which was big and thick, like one you use for moving.

The lyrics were written at the height of my frustration toward the abundance of people moving to Portland at the moment.

Still, Turkey seems to be moving ahead with the S-400 purchase, regardless of the U.S. warnings.

Companies haven’t shown any interest in moving workers to the marketplaces.

The flying-car space is moving quickly past the prototype phase in an attempt to bring these new forms of transportation to market.

What if every single one of your friends said, “We’re moving over to Instagram Stories,” would that make a difference?

However, the plan is stillborn, with countries slow to act, moving only 331 refugees so far.

I think these are artists who look forward to expressing themselves in different ways, and moving on with their own careers.

Other techniques include bringing up a bill and immediately moving to suspend consideration of the bill, or moving to consider another bill.

Perhaps the episode’s most moving moment comes when Negan humiliates Carl by making Carl take off his bandage and eye patch.

President El-Sisi is moving his country to a more inclusive future!

Japanese Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said he hoped that moving ahead with the deal would be a step towards bringing back the United States.

But Fields faced criticism for moving the company too slowly into the world of self-driving cars and other tech advances.

MS: I’m a devotee of painting trying to grapple with a world of moving image and time.

Then I started getting writing work, and that career just started moving much faster than my performing career.

Yes, immigrants of Latino origin are moving in great numbers to states like Iowa.

We stopped texting after what I believed to be her moving date, but a few months later she started following me on Instagram.

Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, who in the past opposed the policy change but now appears to be moving closer to supporting it.

That looks like it’s about to change: Israel is moving to effectively force the station out of the country.

After moving to Melbourne, Dave’s drop down the DJing divisions found him regularly playing to disinterested after work drinkers in bars.

The sea of signs spread for blocks, barely moving.

Not just the sounds — it’s a symphony of moving images and sounds.

Weeks later, the skepticism has now started moving across party lines.

But over the past few years, globalization and income stagnation have caused the line to stop moving.

That’s why I don’t buy it that we are all moving toward shared cars.

moving to Madison, she hardly knew anyone, and immediately befriended the people in her class.

moving on up the ladder.

That’s in part because the US has started moving planes, ships, and troops closer to North Korea.

They’re still months away from moving in.

I think they’re moving into children’s.

It’s official … Miranda Lambert has bounced back, moving from country to R&B.

It was because of moving away.

The restaurant scene in New York is moving away from fine dining, but if no one embraces it, we lose something valuable.

A jovial woman, she has lived in the village for 14 years, moving to the area right after she was married.

De Syllas has also been in Margate for a year, moving down from London after working for a charity.

Others accuse you of moving too slowly, but your caution is one of your greatest strengths, especially when it comes to communication.

So are we finally, as pop-culture consumers, moving away from the “Middle East as generic hostile territory” clichés?

“[We] feel really good about the map moving forward,” Conant said.

The film ends powerfully and with reverence as the gospel song drops out and Rainer continues moving deliberately, in silence.

The disclosure of the decision on the pilots follows signs that Turkey is moving ahead with the S-400 purchase.

Inspired by the Impressionists, Quayola “paints” moving flowers.

I was okay with giving up soccer and moving on with my life.

Painting is a lot like making a film: shooting, stepping back, revealing, hiding, moving things around, changing the light source.

Find out more about moving Pictures Gallery on their website.

I’m gripping my seat; my body isn’t used to the notion of movie theater seats moving.

Now the moving pictures were in your house!

Would your moving seat try to replicate Sebastian and Mia’s dance moves in La La Land?

They want the cargo: specifically, oil moving from the Persian Gulf to China, Japan and South Korea.

The conglomerate has a lot of moving parts outside of whisky production, from orchid farming to molecular biology research to cleaning supply manufacturing.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists very clearly endorses moving birth control over the counter.

It’s a 3D, moving atlas of the Milky Way.

moving to Greece meant that 27-year-old Sabah, too, was finally able to express her gender identity.

His uncanny installations feel somehow familiar and personal, moving us to contemplate our own scattered existences and ruinous relationship with nature.

Mexican organized crime groups are heavily involved in clandestinely moving tens of thousands of people from Central America to the U.S. border.

It’s been moving.

“I’m fearful the Democratic Party is already moving too far to the left,” Pincus said.

Sincerity is, perhaps, not always a favoured way of moving through the world.

Democrats plan all-night “talk-a-thon” on Obamacare before early repeal vote — This event will not stop Republicans from moving forward on repeal efforts.

Wherever I am, there isn’t a blast, so I am not moving.'”

It’s like I don’t know what the millennials are doing with their fingers, but they definitely are moving faster than I am.

I think that it’s true, that a lot of huge stories are being done in a day and moving on.

Agreements usually don’t stick if they’re made while the communication planet’s moving backward.

Mercury isn’t make decisions or moving forward, and neither should you be.

They are in the business of moving policy far to the right, even if it tanks the whole effort altogether.

Magic: The Gathering has a lot of moving parts these days.

Multiplayer Magic depends on these ad hoc alliances to keep it moving forward.

The UK may be late adopters, but the FA are really moving this along.

Born in Bangladesh, Rais Bhuiyan had always dreamed of moving to the United States.

In moving Parts, disjointed pieces get organized to create a zen, meditative animated experience.

“I think when we repeal Obamacare, we need to have the solution in place moving forward,” Cotton said in early January.

Monahan said Saturday that she did not know where the video was because she misplaced it when moving.

Fiber is responsible for keeping your bowels moving regularly and making sure you feel full after you eat.

Well, my friends said, “you should do dynamic meditation,” which means breathing very heavily and moving around wildly.

Chrysler is moving a major plant from Mexico to Michigan.

[Shara Tibken / CNET] ABC is moving its Oscars red-carpet preshow from Facebook to Twitter for 2019.

Time to begin moving toward a merit-based immigration system.

Right now, the forces moving to occupy those spaces are monstrous.

“We have talked about West Africa today as being a big growth priority for us and launch priority for us moving forward,” said Entwistle.

Renting is cheaper and less competitive than NYC, so it didn’t take long to make back the moving costs.

Will it get better with high-profile former players moving into the broadcast booth?

But is blood suddenly moving to the groin area?

We were moving, like, 60 keys a week.

The most understated work in Le Grand Balcon, his “Cemetery of Uniforms and Liveries” (2016) is arresting and deeply moving in its visual simplicity.

But not moving right?

Using a wall jump, Mario can then get moving to the right.

Second trick: a ground pound on sloped surfaces, creating momentum in the direction the slope is moving.

So long as Mario is facing right, he’ll be moving right.

I started moving away from recognizable subject matter that was drawn from direct observation.

“I hope that we can expedite this nomination and get it moving,” said Senator Ben Cardin, the subcommittee’s ranking Democrat.

But that’s not the direction Walmart — or the rest of corporate America — is moving in.

But Tran ended up not moving in there.

“We fully support Elon as he continues to lead the company moving forward,” the board said.

Fifth, and finally, Trump is moving at such a rapid pace of change that normal citizens can’t keep up.

On Saturday, Mexican migration officials detained nearly 800 migrants in trucks moving through Veracruz.

Indonesia has also forbidden domestic workers from moving to the kingdom.

“Increasingly, I fear, EU policy is moving in the direction of protecting competitors at the expense of consumers,” he said.

Such a disposition has a naturally meditative effect, but it also has the benefit of training your ear on Phillips’ increasingly moving lyrics.

The locations of magnetic north and south have always been moving targets.

But magnetic north has been moving at a rate of 31 miles a year since the last update in 2015 — faster than usual.

“I found this out because I had to, moving to New York and not knowing anyone—I had to make things work.

Chrysler is moving a major plant from Mexico to Michigan; Toyota and Mazda are opening up a plant in Alabama.

For Starlink, the plan is instead to create these huge networks of many small satellites constantly moving in very low earth orbit.

The four-week moving average of the so-called continuing claims slipped 2,500 to 1.67 million.

Whether by pipeline or rail moving oil comes with risks.

It has previously said the WTO should finish off the stalled but development-oriented “Doha Round” of talks before moving into new areas.

And Republicans are already moving headlong toward that goal, even as health care and the potential shutdown dominate the headlines.

The New Museum seems to have taken it upon itself to produce spectacles that are as moving as they are eye-filling.

“[W]e are moving forward with development of what has been referred to as next-generation land-attack weapon,” acting Navy Sec.

Stiff, placing his forearms to his chest while rapidly moving his fingers and hands, he looks like the least intimidating T-Rex known to mankind.

He has kept conservative judicial nominees moving through the Senate even as other legislating has been scarce.

* The dollar index was relatively unchanged on Thursday, moving away from three-month lows, as traders dialled back expectations of aggressive interest rate cuts.

Our sources say Katherine mentioned she was not moving back to her Calabasas home but may buy another house.

But there is a small but growing trend of “reverse migration”, or people moving from cities to rural areas.

Both Ariana and Pete recently split with long-term partners, but it seems pretty evident — they’re happily moving on … quickly.

When an aircraft so small is moving at such a high speed, it can be impossible to pinpoint.

When I looked up into the sky, I saw a fairly large orange glowing orb moving rapidly overhead right about 90 degrees of elevation.

Mankind does not have craft that can fly at that altitude and not be moving.

Things are moving fast for Michael Flynn, and not in the way he’d like.

There’s a lot more involved in moving an entire workforce to a new industry than skills and salary matches.

There’s nowhere to go but people are just moving around,” she said.

Robert Marshall’s dreamlike images are fleeting, fragmentary glimpses out the window of a moving car or train.

With Mars harmonizing with Pluto on Wednesday, you’ll be moving forward with a real world application of your habits.

The owners met in Houston on Tuesday to decided which teams if any would be moving.

But she continued to hang onto Nyack by the neck until he stopped moving,” Hagan said.

There is no reason to fear safety at any of Lil Xan’s shows moving forward.”

It’s about the length of two school buses, and it will be moving very quickly.

I don’t think Gen. Lee would be disappointed in them moving the statue because I think he would want to preserve the union.

He then taught for ten years before moving to Baltimore, where he now shoots commercially.

It taught me that I’m not closed off, I’m not stuck with who I was before, and I’m moving on.

Moreover, moving at a meeting without a scheduled press conference could get that monkey off their back.

Crowd cheers as truck starts moving.

In other words, if the American political system wanted to cut doctors’ payments, we could do that without moving to a single-payer system.

As Payne’s new partner in crime, Salvatori advocated moving away from the public shaming tactic.

There’s many edits of Josiah saying how confident he is that he will be moving forward as the roses are being handed out.

“We felt like we were in the armed forces, moving in a line like soldiers,” said Carrasco, who arrived at the camp in November.

Do you parents like Oceans of Slumber?My dad played keyboard and guitar and was at the forefront of moving into synth sounds.

The advertising agency Elevation 0m released a moving video of Gallegos receiving the news Saturday — World Cerebral Palsy Day — that has gone viral.

Elevation 0m released a moving video of Gallegos receiving the news on World Cerebral Palsy Day that has since gone viral.

But partly because Trump yanked the Republican Party dramatically rightward on immigration, the Democratic rank-and-file and its politicians are moving in the other direction.

There are a ton of moving pieces in the tax plan that Republicans unveiled today, including some last-minute changes.

Helen’s terrible and mysterious sin, which is not revealed until the end of the book, involves moving from active witness to passive.

Canada is also moving to ratify the agreement.

In the film’s most moving scene, Meg confers with the magisterial Mrs.

Consequently, power companies have been moving their business from Appalachia to the PRB for years.

Tesla has always been quite good about recalls, however, usually proactively issuing them and them moving quickly to inform its owners.

“The technology is clearly moving very quickly,” Jennifer Doudna, one of the CRISPR inventors, said.

I just think this is a moving target right now,” Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy told Vox’s Ella Nilsen.

If you still use Vine, expect to see more of this moving forward.

moving forward I think Iran could test the boundaries of the agreement,” Davenport admits.

JS: In addition to painting, you make sculptural objects, some quite large and complex, with multiple elements and characters, mechanical elements and moving parts.

Depending on whether the cloture motion ends up moving forward, the Senate could hold a final confirmation vote as soon as Saturday afternoon.

Literally hundreds of people descended on the area, moving in a massive crowd, just to catch the elusive Pokémon.

moving to the newly renovated Kirby Mill in Mansfield, these facilities will offer each student a fresh space in a tranquil setting.

We’d met on Scruff a couple years earlier, and hooked up a few times before moving on to date other guys.

His mind stopped moving so fast.

He began to think about moving to Washington State to live with his brother Vincent, who worked as a flight attendant with American Airlines.

Both of these are necessary steps in moving toward a world that takes animal suffering seriously.

There’s no way to succeed without having a team and all of the moving parts that help bring it into life.

Instead of turning right, the country as a whole is still moving to the left.” So why abandon “identity politics”?

SmackDown is moving to Friday nights, a traditional network television death slot since time immemorial.

Since these autonomous gliders don’t have a motor, they need to be launched from a moving aircraft, like a plane.

moving on!’ I was, like, ‘Wait!

But moving onto the next tracks proved tricky for Hval, whose chameleonic output has been defined only by her rigorous conceptual intention.

Directed by NYC artist Sean Dack, the clip solely consists of imagery depicting light moving through water in eerily drifting shapes.

Think Ice Cube is gonna trade his silver and black for blue and gold just because the Rams are moving to L.A.??

More people moving from Youngstown to Chicago means fewer workers left in Youngstown.

The fight opened with Sanchez jabbing and moving, and Gomez trying to close the distance.

Why are certain players moving from one suspicious club to another?

He took up switch-hitting, slowly tamed the errors before moving to third, and ultimately became a solid hitter and by reputation an excellent defender.

As a result, their IoT deployments are moving at a much slower pace than they originally hoped.

Now, trade issues are moving really pretty fast up the agenda,” said Yergin.

But today, California’s efforts are at odds with the direction the federal government is moving on women’s health.

If you’re living with or thinking about moving in with someone special, this transit will bring you blessings.

The S&P 500 is barely moving, the bond market hasn’t budged in weeks, and the currency markets seem to have stabilized.

This has a bunch of weird effects, such as asset classes that normally head in different directions suddenly moving together.

In March, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg said the company was moving towards a new emphasis around user privacy.

Cohen tried to contact Russian officials to get the project, which would have been the tallest building in Europe, moving forward.

American politics is moving inexorably to the margins, and even in a statewide vote the candidate will have to win a primary, Fiorina noted.

But with Democrats and Republicans in Congress moving further apart than ever before, she said, it seems worth trying.

The family traveled constantly, officially moving to Caracas in 1935 but continuing to float between the Venezuelan capital and New York.

The result is deeply moving and surprising (and sometimes very funny).

moving to LA felt more like coming home than escaping.

It’s that somebody found another supplier and started piggybacking on the supply chain—they start moving drugs for more than one supplier.

Upon moving to LA in 2013, Gallant linked up with producer Felix Snow and began piecing together the first tunes under his current moniker.

After moving to Yangon, he got a job selling makeup and working as a makeup artist.

Even if ‘GMA’ moves to 9 … ABC could save ‘Live’ by moving it to 10 or 11 AM.

As soon as he moves you could close your eyes and spin, and there’s a 50/50 chance he will be moving into it.

We are not just Ayn Randian self-interested individuals moving of our own volition and building trains or whatever.

Kantor and Einhorn’s article is moving, nuanced, and very worth reading in full.

Do you think the specter of “Big Marijuana” has distracted people from these types of large outside interests moving in?

Caracas said earlier this year that it was moving its Lisbon-based office to Moscow in order to safeguard the country’s assets.

Either way, the result would be a moderate to liberal justice in Scalia’s seat, moving the Court appreciably to the left.

It could have strengthened abortion rights, moving toward viewing abortion rights as a matter of equal protection for women.

And the general consensus is they’re moving away from news, and they’re going to be less interested in distributing news.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Before the dawn of film, motion picture entertainment was often literally a moving picture.

The vibe is ultra understanding and forgiving—this is a profound time for letting go of the past and moving on.

From the late 18th to 19th centuries, entrepreneurs traveled the United States and Great Britain with colossal moving panoramas in tow.

moving panoramas had a variety of themes, from then current events to biblical stories.

He had recently been moved from Florida to a facility in Oklahoma City before moving to West Virginia, according to The Associated Press.

Most of the roles have temporary bosses now, but it will be worth listening to hear if Dorsey mentions any hiring plans moving forward.

The group was allegedly moving about one third of a kilo per week.

”She said, ‘Momma, Jazmine’s not moving.

International diplomacy is a subtle game, with lots of moving parts.

The Trump administration is moving ahead with new travel restrictions for Cuba.

It’s difficult to overstate how deeply rooted the aversion to moving nature is for many biologists.

Yet, none have yet committed to moving species beyond their natural range.

Given everything you’ve just said, what’s the wisest course moving forward?

Things are moving very slowly—but the energy is still enjoyable tonight!

moving here or?

It was fun and we documented it for posterity, but now we’re moving on.

We’re moving from Title II to Title I. Wonkier it cannot be.

I hung on to them for a decade, moving them from bedroom drawer to bedroom drawer.

Jones said Monday that the deputy’s vehicle was moving at a low speed and was being kicked and hit by protesters.

Everyone is like, “OK, the camera is moving, everyone is moving, people are swinging chainsaws.”

Not for nothing, the sight of women kicking this much ass in front of and behind the camera is literally moving audiences to tears.

The once-secretive enterprise software company Domo, last valued at more than $2 billion, is moving to go public.

The Shape of Water, set in Cold War-era Baltimore, is a watery, bittersweet romance that’s rich, moving, and loaded with meaning.

“On the one hand, you could say this is an outlier and Kenya is moving away from democracy.

Do you still think the case against Manafort is moving unusually quickly?

It signals that the investigation is bearing fruit and moving forward.

Investors’ forecast for low volatility is in line with how stocks have been moving of late.

With Johnny Manziel officially out … the Cleveland Browns are reportedly “moving forward” with plans to replace him with RG3.

Fast-forward to a couple years ago, and I discover a stash of forgotten notebooks while I’m moving.

His research started moving markets.

“(But) after moving to the United States Saipov became withdrawn and fell under the influence of radical groups,” Jahon said.

It’s usually right on the first try which keeps us moving.

They’re experts at moving the stoniest of cynics.

“It’s moving along very nicely.

Since moving to LA, however, he says, “I have come to embrace color, life, and nature.

As for the moving trucks … he signed off on a new home last month, so he was already on his way out.

“If it had escalated, I would consider moving elsewhere,” a 44-year-old hedge fund manager said of the ransacking of the legislature.

Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s top all-time goal scorer, with 451 goals since moving there in 2009.

moving forward, I want to be selective and intentional with my DJ sets.

Once the passenger exits the bathroom, Bingochea gives the flight deck the all clear to start moving.

In interviews, Lipinski has said the Democratic Party is endangering its future by moving too far to the left.

Is there one letter that stands out as particularly moving?

I found her letter very personally moving and very inspirational.

The Whitney Museum’s Dreamlands gathers a century of immersive moving image art, cutting across time and technology.

The company had been moving to a new manufacturing plant and lost a large number of doses meant to bridge their transition period.

Straightaway, Conner’s film demonstrates one of the more ambivalent qualities of immersive moving image art: a stupefaction that inhibits or melts away thought.

(The conjunction of moving image art and immersion and technology is, after all, pretty expansive terrain.)

As for the family home, we’re told David will not be moving back.

Mars retrograde ends today, finding you moving forward around issues concerning your artistic pursuits as well as your love life.

Things start moving forward around these themes now.

Issues concerning cash (and self-worth) will begin moving forward soon, too.

Things will start moving forward soon!

Mars retrograde is finally over, and with that, some complex issues concerning everything from cash to intimacy will begin moving forward.

Issues around sex and intimacy will begin moving forward soon, too.

It’s a moving tribute … worth reading for sure.

Is there a viable business model for quality journalism moving forward, given all the changes you outline in this book?

The good news … Brendon says we’re moving in the right direction so it could happen sooner than later.

Powerful shifts will take place today, and you’re feeling like things are finally moving in the right direction.

That’s the part of YA that I embraced—to instill in young people the drive to keep moving, keep pushing.

That’s part of the process of moving forward in the book that I really wanted to embrace in the movie.

Instead, he’s going to allow new legislation moving through Congress to enhance the currently-existing review process for foreign investment in US companies.

A jubilant Little described the final stages of the pro-choice campaign as a remarkable, and at times moving, spectacle.

We’re all looking forward to moving onto a brighter future for Irish women.”

If you try to think about all the tech and all the moving parts, it gets really tough.

January saw this icy air moving south, driving winter storms at lower latitudes even while the Arctic had exceptionally little ice growth.

While every piece in the show is exciting and interesting, the “Accumulations” are, for me, also quite moving to behold.

Turkey seems to be moving ahead with the S-400 purchase, regardless of the U.S. warnings.

The fact that Melania isn’t even moving is interesting to me.

The moments when we learn more about the pair’s bond are at once insightful and moving.

“I emailed administration at his school to see if he was able to attend, since we were moving,” she told Vox.

In late August 2005, hurricane Katrina was moving its way across the Gulf of Mexico.

“This is about a health system moving into a beleaguered sector of healthcare,” DeRosa told Reuters in an interview.

I ended up moving back to Brooklyn and took a job at Spin Magazine.

The storms stretched from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest and were moving into the Northeast and New England.

It delights in the folky twang of his early LPs, a sound he had begun moving away from when he recorded with Crazy Horse.

The four-week moving average of the so-called continuing claims fell 5,750 to 1.94 million.

You’re a horizontal person, and moving horizontally in this kind of slow motion.

There are a lot of moving parts to legislation.

It was because of the daily combats and need to keep moving.”

“But it keeps moving.

However, Russia suggested moving the meeting to July 3-4 and Riyadh supports the request, sources within the organization previously told Reuters.

People with Parkinson’s generally don’t want to have it, obviously, but it’s one of these things that’s so slow moving.

“We are moving forward at a snail’s pace and this is embarrassingly slow.”

And there are plenty of moving insights.

His mother was born in India and grew up there, moving to the US when she was a young woman.

That’s a strong reason, analysts say, for the Fed to hold off on rate hikes until it’s clear inflation is moving higher.

KS: Well, yes, they are actually, because this week we’re done with drugs and we’re moving on to sex.

So the people that have money are moving into Brooklyn, but in this area there are so many blank patches.

I was in favor of a Medicare buy-in; if you start slowly moving the age down, it would make a very big difference.

The mechanics of Gorogoa are straightforward — zooming in and out on illustrations and then moving around tiles to four panes.

TECHNICALS: Upside resistance for copper comes in at $6,080-$6,090, near the 50-day moving average.

It was scheduled for June 25-26 but Russia proposed moving it to early July, an idea opposed by Iran and others.

Meanwhile, Israel and Iran’s shadow war in Syria is moving closer to becoming an actual, full-blown conflict.

To be clear, Trump isn’t the first US president to talk about moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Sight of the last glint of winter sunlight through the center of the black edifice must have been deeply moving.

We wouldn’t have a need for things like fidget toys if they were moving enough.”

Not Pokémon Go viewed through a little phone (though it’s nice to see people moving around a bit).

Then they’re moving with you as well.

Further, parties are increasingly sorted along the lines of choice, so there is little to gain from moving to the center.

He kept it moving though, not stopping for questions or photos.

When moving through the space, visitors are confronted with reflections and refractions of both the Laughing Snake and themselves.

Oregon-based PacifiCorp is heavily invested in coal plants (though it is moving away from them).

A lot of car companies are going to be moving in.

There was enough space between airings for viewers to digest and dissect each episode before moving on to the next one.

Caucus-goers literally stand in groups to show support for a candidate, moving around and realigning before each head count is taken.

The company will still be moving its warehouse out of the city, which will result in many workers losing their jobs.

We hope moving in a sentence examples were helpful.