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This could actually make sustaining attention more effortful and challenging.

more from Tonic: The Slow ZoneTime doesn’t only fly when you’re in the flow.

“I feel that everything is happening much slower because my body is much more activated and I feel myself much more intensely.”

Both should make time slow to a much more manageable speed.

The downside—at least for our creative juices—is that it also reduces the scope of our ideas, making blue sky thinking that much more difficult.

There is more than one way to reduce activity in the prefrontal cortex.

One option is—strangely—to make whatever you are doing more difficult to concentrate on.

It’s a showcase for its newest updates on Android, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more.

Litman added that beyond the candidate, and sometimes even more so, the best messengers to most voters are their friends and family.

Selling off property raises cash but also makes it more financially burdensome for the company to rent the space for the stores it operates.

This is why the X-factor of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson makes these kinds of projections much more difficult.

“I think she needs to really win the popular vote by more than that.”

This week, two more things happened that make it seem like that cloud will be staying around for a while.

Each of those services has more than a billion users.

In the present, the animation is sharper, more detailed, more … present.

There are now more than 129 million dead trees in California sprinkled through forests like the one in Paradise, ready to burn like matchsticks.

And with more people living closer to this dry timber, the likelihood that someone, or something, will spark a fire has grown steadily higher.

I drove to Paradise on Thursday, venturing into ever thicker and more ominous smoke that shrouded the highway.

The journey took more than three hours, the narrow highways choked with people like her fleeing the roaring fire.

Various city officials and local law enforcement have promised more formal leadership and another site to shelter evacuees.

Check out more of Paige Mehrer’s work on her Tumblr and website.

It’s much more difficult to organize a protest around unprecedented norm-breaking and lack of good faith.

By all accounts, Kylie’s peace summit with Jordyn went well and it seems like they’re getting more comfortable being around each other.

But so far in 2019, FCA’s sales of Ram pickups have outpaced Chevy Silverado sales by more than 40,000 vehicles.

In the last few years, Americans have increasingly shunned passenger cars in favor of larger, more comfortable SUVs and pickup trucks.

But its message is arguably even more horrifying.

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The appeal is simple; they allow for a more relaxed crowd.

Wood is more cautious about hailing Salford a new clubbing mecca.

In their respective but more frequently overlapping areas of focus, these giants have collected enough information to hold an alarming amount of global influence.

Some might even say more emphatically that they have become our everyday lives.

#ThatMexicanThing where undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than @realDonaldTrump does.

Just one more wrinkle though: It could get even weirder and tense.

I try once more to gaze over the words — “gallery, “black,” “figure,” “copy” — but I have trouble moving beyond their literal nature.

In an effort to get us thinking about art as more than objects, Broodthaers encases it with written language.

Perhaps, in this sense, he is more like a type of critic.

Of the 188 couples who met at school, 15 met at Harvard, more than any other institution.

On the right is the full list of schools that produced more than five couples.

Older couples are more likely to have met online or via mutual friends.

As people get older, it’s more likely they met via mutual friends or online.

And even more bizarre is the major power Jack has in the movie is actually a reference to another King book.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to go with that?

An increase in life expectancy combined with a lack of risk for pregnancy means that more and more senior citizens are having unprotected sex.

That becomes more difficult when we treat all long-term care residents as asexual beings.

Everything is getting more expensive.

But I really need to see more cities in Turkey and in Germany.

I’d just find it better if others would be more open to different styles of electronic music.

You’ve been working with more hip-hop samples recently and they have a pretty chill vibe.

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more worryingly, the special expedited development and approval pathways have become the rule, rather than the exception.

Washington spoke with VICE Sports on Friday morning about his career, 1996 Wimbledon, the state of American men’s tennis today, and more.

You have a lot more players who are bigger and taller, but they don’t seem to be sacrificing their movement around the court.

It seems that with technology and nutrition, everything in tennis is more of a science today than it ever was.

I’ve always said I admired more about what he was able to do off of the tennis court with his notoriety.

Does more outreach need to be done?

You would see more success at every level of junior, college and pro in those sports..

I hope the sport continues to get more and more players of all races – black, Hispanic, Asian, white players.

I hope it continues to get a more and more diverse group of American players that succeed.

And then you see someone like Serena Williams winning more than 20.

I’m sure there’s a few more that are skipping my mind that I can’t think of right now.

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He pays her $13k a month in child support but she wanted more.

There are a couple free, legal options, and several more if you want to pay.

more than 25 people reported feeling Wednesday night’s quakes as far away as Kansas City, Missouri, nearly 350 miles away, according the USGS.

But he said seismic activity in the area has grown sharply as more oil companies have begun drilling there.

If the movement has its way, they’ll soon be joined by hundreds more.

If the movement has its way, they’ll soon be joined by hundreds more.

more protests followed on July 4 in Philadelphia, resulting in 33 arrests.

Sandoval is considerably more conservative than most Democrats, but distinctly to the left of Justice Scalia.

There’s much more to the Supreme Court than abortion, but the anti-abortion movement is the emotional core of conservative activism on judicial issues.

Republicans will, obviously, block a solidly progressive nominee which will lead to some criticism of Obama for not making a more conciliatory choice.

In total, more than 830,000 refugees are now living in two sprawling camps across Cox’s Bazaar.

In total, more than 830,000 refugees are now living in two sprawling camps across Cox’s Bazaar.

more than 4,800 households, or 2.8 percent, include children who have been separated from their families or remain unaccompanied.

” Read more: Rohingya refugees face catastrophe after escape from Myanmar

The coming year will almost surely bring more reports of harassment and assault, more names for the list.

Plus, any further Clinton victory just makes the targets Sanders has to hit even more absurd.

And if that doesn’t work, he’s made it clear he’s more than happy to blame Democrats.

At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured.

At least 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured.

Competition drives innovation, lowers cost, speeds delivery and more.

As the “hack-a” strategy becomes more widely adopted in the NBA, that question gets asked more and more often.

This practice reached its apotheosis (or, more accurately, its nadir) during the Rockets-Pistons game Wednesday night.

Smaller players don’t tend to be quicker, or better shooters, or more skillful because of their size.

Rajon Rondo has been little more successful improving as a shooter than have Drummond, Jordan, or Howard.

Some of the groups have just a few members, while others have more than a hundred.

Around the world, some 47 million people are currently living with dementia — including more than 5 million Americans.

9) Keep your blood sugar in check People with diabetes are more likely to have dementia.

And having more sugar in your blood stream means more sugar in your organs, including the brain.

What’s more, not all cases of dementia are preventable; about 7 percent are linked with genetics and can’t be modified with lifestyle changes.

Making exercise more accessible, and helping people quit their smoking habit, could reduce the dementia burden.

Some of the collections being relocated are worth millions of dollars and include bottles that are more than a century old.

Stock for Snap, the company behind Snapchat, fell more than 12 percent Monday, just its third full day of trading.

Amber just made it way more personal … and revealing.

Absent the filibuster, the Affordable Care Act could’ve been substantially more generous, and substantially more ambitious.

That was more than roughly 3 million plan cancellations, and most of the plans were cut because of how sparse their coverage was.

That second test is more rigorous, assessing whether it is safe for banks to implement their capital plans.

This year’s tests are more streamlined following a Fed review of the process, which has long been hated by the industry.

The largest banks have also strengthened their balance sheets by adding more than $680 billion in top-tier capital, the Fed said.

Potentially a much more complex view of the progress of chip technology as we head into the future.

I certainly cannot throw stones here; again, I’m far more Jewish during Passover than I am during any other time of year.

more moderate Republicans also have issues with the bill.

more moderate Republicans also have issues with the bill.

Predictably, it has seen more sales thanks to a boom in Generation Z and young millennial shoppers, likely influenced by these artists.

Locking people up can attract more attention.

According to reports, they’re not expected to make more than $500 a game.

Without a doubt, VR’s repercussions for older, more familiar notions of cinematic realism are astounding.

Thiel said a lot, so we’ve pulled out some of his more interesting quotes here.

We’re still sifting through everything, and will add more as we go.

China’s Xi struck a more conciliatory tone, calling for world powers to protect the global multilateral trade system.

Expect things concerning cash and money to get way more intense.

But with every new episode (of which I’ve seen four), Westworld loses a little bit more steam.

That it’s all of these things and more, without ever really committing to one of them, is the series’ chief failing.

(It’s not difficult to imagine an even more powerful story where Dolores or others discovered their “makers” late in season one.)

Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for more than 500,000 hoverboards (a.k.a.

High-quality preschool and highly effective K-12 teachers help kids, so we should try to do more of that.

What’s more, the causal mechanism is one liberals embrace in most contexts: representation matters.

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“The more people know about the traditions, the more they enjoy the music.

The more you find out about it, the deeper it gets.”

News of the arbitration request dragged down IEnova’s shares more than 4% on Wednesday.

To see more of Wei’s work, click here.

Messing with the stuff people are already getting has tended to be exponentially more controversial, though, because it’s more actively harmful.

They got 165,000 signatures, or about 50,000 more than they needed.

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Increasingly, performative office communications like Slack basically turn the workspace into a large-scale RPG, or at least add more digital noise to the desktop.

Canopy has more than 2.4 million square feet of growing space.

Though they sped up that process more recently, it may have been too little too late, she said.

Americans also used more data per month: 3.3 GB on average.

According to Tefficient, telecoms in Canada make 35 times more profit on data than Indian telecoms.

* Our definition of “non-consensual nudity” is expanding to more broadly include content like upskirt imagery, “creep shots,” and hidden camera content.

* more details to come.

* more details to come here as well (including insight into the factors we will consider to identify such groups).

* more details to come.

We realize that a more aggressive policy and enforcement approach will result in the removal of more content from our service.

For every one peso declared in campaign spending, at least 15 pesos more go unreported, nonprofit Mexicanos Contra la Corruption estimated earlier this year.

Speaking at a news briefing on Thursday, Paulo Pinheiro, the chairman of the commission of inquiry called for more action.

Speaking at a news briefing on Thursday, Paulo Pinheiro, the chairman of the commission of inquiry called for more action.

“The crime of genocide must trigger much more assertive action at the political level, including at the Security Council,” Pinheiro said.

What’s more, the convention will track the performance of each image, and use that data to guide decisions about messaging.

Instagram didn’t even exist when President Obama took office — now it has half a billion users, up more than 600 percent since 2012.

But that seems far more preferable — and less risky — to firing Mueller, which could spark a massive political and constitutional crisis.

But there’s a bleaker choice for Trump — firing Mueller — which could lead to a lot more trouble.

Perez and several of his associates were later killed in a gun battle after more than six months on the run.

“Just because they can make more money, they’re willing to risk horses’ lives and peoples’ lives to do that.

Seeing the works and their depicted objects together, a more complex set of meanings unfold, a strange alliance.

Once students got to school, they felt more alert.

Around campus, he says, kids seem more relaxed since they’re not juggling as much work early in the day.

When asked why more schools have yet to take her district’s lead, Brady speculated that it has something to do with generational pride.

Asset managers say that more and more Americans have been adamant about restricting firearms companies from these funds.

Israeli security officials say the group now has the capacity to batter their country with more than 1,000 rockets a day.

Fighting against them are myriad secular and Islamist groups, including some more extreme Wahhabi-influenced groups that are being supported by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia wants its preferred groups to topple Assad in order to remove the pro-Iranian leader and install a more Saudi-friendly (preferably Sunni) regime.

But more crucially, the 1992 film Aladdin seemed a completely unsuitable candidate for Disney’s series of live-action remakes.

CGI Iago (the parrot): Disappointing, though more because the film mostly excised his wisecracking personality rather than because of how he looks.

There’s more, including her true feelings about Ashley’s beauty … though we’re not sure how Ashley will take this.

Generally, those in warmer countries were more likely to want to stand closer, while older generations and women prefer to stand further away.

The excess in booze in this tasting resulted in an even more communal environment, with even more conversations between total strangers.

But even he has been, you know, he has taken his time in reaching the point of saying that these companies need more regulation.

Then, I think you will see some further to the left be more strident, or at least more zero sum in these conversations.

And it’s more important now, in part because these companies are so much bigger, so much … have so much control.

The one conclusion it can’t reach is that it’s doing more harm than good.

And was there anything that you’d emphasize more?

I think you could have brought a little more heart to it.

Because they were discussing the coat versus what she did in there, more than what Schumer did in there.

And I like to think that the more time we spend, the more we adapt, the more we learn, the better people will do.

But I think for the most part we would say we are more strident, meaner, less vulnerable, less honest.

We’re more narcissistic, we’re more like Trump.

On offense, I would like to see more politicians just hold the phone themselves, use it the way Beto O’Rourke does.

I would like my offline conversations and my on-microphone conversations to sound more similar.

I would like to be more honest about how I feel.

According to sources, at the Friday meeting, Mayer laid out a plan for turnaround, appealing for more time from the board to fix Yahoo.

“She has more leverage and determination than you might imagine.” That’s all reflected in the big red book.

The callup was more a move of necessity, a means of acquiring some backup for a bullpen that was stretched thin.

Vaping devices are personal, reusable, and can be expensive—in some ways, they’re often more like a cell phone than a pack of Marlboros.

more than 400 civilians, including women and children, were taken from eastern Syria in January.

Lorne Lanning: We actually started Oddworld Inhabitants through wanting to bring more Hollywood-style production values to games.

But it was surprising to me, actually, that people want more of that 2D platforming, side-scrolling style stuff, nowadays.

He’s the catalyst for more following his lead—they all realize they’re not employees, they’re slaves.

So we’re getting more into what I wanted Abe’s Exoddus to originally be.

But it definitely still has that Oddworld humor, it’s honestly more hilarious than it ever was.

​Abe was never an obvious hero, beside more stereotypical avatars that crush all before them.

I’m more into people who work in the pizza place, who are also going to save the world.

Out of that, I felt we could build more empathy into the play pattern, even if we were being sarcastic, and dark at times.

We’re turning that into entertainment products, so billionaires can make more money.

But I always thought there was more.

My dog had more empathy when stuff was going wrong for me than any human I knew.

I felt more connected to what Yoda was saying than any other traditional deities.

So to me, characters can mean a lot more.

So, I hope to always focus on characters that mean more to people than just what the surface story is.

Find more information on 2017’s Soulstorm and other Oddworld projects and games at the studio’s official website​.

Watch it in its entirety below: Learn more about Le Cliotris here, and check out more work by Lori Malepart-Traversy on her website.

We went for the even more ridiculous option, because that perhaps says more about Hot Shorts’ disposition than is possible with words.

At present, Paris commitments let the planet warm well over 3 degrees Celsius more than what they were pre-industrialization.

I’d like to see more things from Lale that look like the cover.

I’d like to see more covers that look like the insides.

Not much more needs to be said.

Check back next week, and I’ll tell you what to do some more!

Among rank-and-file party members, the picture is slightly more nuanced.

Having walked in Republican and marijuana circles, Baucum knows more than most how rarely the two positions go together.

We’ve got to do more on renewables.

“We need to make sure we have a more aggressive approach, especially because we’re in the minority.”

“I like the company of trees more than the company of people,” he says.

“We looked at Germany and knew there would be a bit more space behind their backline to exploit with Blackstenius and Jakobsson.

“We wanted to do so much more.

NASA will have to address these concerns during a Mars mission, where a round trip journey would last a year or more.

Whenever we visited California, though, I was even more tense and on edge than I had been during the first visit.

I became even more obsessed with demonstrating my perfect compatibility with their son.

It estimates the tariffs enacted so far will reduce wages by 0.04 percent and eliminate more than 48,000 jobs.

Have more information or any tips?

From a pure miles-driven standpoint, Alphabet’s Waymo announced it had autonomously driven more than eight million miles on public roads just last week.

Thousands of people have been maimed by FARC land mines, and thousands more were kidnapped and held for ransom.

What’s more, the money that is added simply falls far short of what advocates want.

But generally, drug policy experts and researchers agree that what’s needed is not more policing but more spending on drug treatment.

The fundamental problem in the opioid crisis is that America needs to put a lot more resources toward drug addiction prevention and treatment.

Its Department of Health and Human Services also unlocked more than $100 million for drug treatment in 2016.

Beyond drug treatment, the federal government could do more to stop doctors from prescribing so many opioid painkillers, whose overprescription launched the epidemic.

As it turns out, many would be much more like Vine videos than feature-length films.

And it matters more than anyone harboring idealistic notions of working across the aisle might think.

Tony says he selected bands like Interpol, Cold Cave, Frontside Hanni El Khatib, Se Vende and more — but there was a big challenge.

more than 2 million Palestinians are packed into the narrow coastal enclave.

It reads more like a transcript of actual things Trump said to Sharif, and those things are amazing.

Instead of making Obamacare more robust and inclusive, they’re setting the law up to fail.

“If our legal responsibility was simply to enroll, I might cave and be a bit more sympathetic,” says Quenga.

In a society where drugs are less stigmatized, problem users are more likely to seek out care.

In the US, by comparison, more than 14,000 people died in 2014 from prescription opioid overdoses alone.

But in the meantime, the backlash continued — and it worsened as we started to post more often.

That matters more than our ideas.

Psychological research also finds that some people are just more prone to believing in conspiracy theories than others.

And it’s not because these people are necessarily unintelligent (though being a more analytic person is correlated with being less swayed by conspiracies.)

The theories are a tool by which people can feel more in control and find explanations in a scary and turbulent world.

Van Prooijen expanded on what makes people more susceptible than others to believing in the theories: One of them is education level.

Conspiracy theories are more likely among people who are [less] educated.

People who feel powerless and who are more pessimistic are also more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, van Prooijen finds.

Achieving higher levels of education correlates to feeling more secure about the world, and this, in turn, seems to protect against a conspiratorial mindset.

Its impact is subtle, but basically, it means that simply repeating a lie makes it more likely to be misidentified as truth.

Each time, the story grows more familiar, and that familiarity casts the illusion of truth.

The more we hear a piece of information repeated, the more we’re likely to believe it.

Outside analyses have estimated that more than 25 percent of taxpayers would pay more by 2027 under the House bill.

“It lets every American keep more of what they earned,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said, a claim that PolitiFact rated false.

As ranking member, Waters has pushed for more information on Trump and Deutsche Bank.

She also secured a hearing on the Equifax data breach last year, and there could certainly be more of that.

Allowing workers to take more money from the system will only make the problem worse.

The bill has more than 30 Democratic co-sponsors, but no Republican lawmakers will touch it.

Ryan definitely represents most Washington Democrats’ idea of what it would mean to position the party more favorably to succeed in Rust Belt states.

This is more appropriate for anyone who wants to be a leader of a country.

Americans with bad credit pay more for car insurance than their counterparts with good credit.

Some banks have systematically given people of color subprime auto loans, even if their credit history didn’t justify that they pay more interest.

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Dealing with themes of surveillance, personal and shared space, and what defines home in film, installation, and more.

The deal includes hiring more nurses, guidance counselors, librarians, and support staff.

If union and school board members ratify the contract, classes will resume on Wednesday and more than 600,000 students can return to school.

Educators went on strike in Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, forcing state lawmakers to raise their pay and spend more on schools.

Union leaders and school district officials had spent more than a year negotiating a new contract but made little progress.

During the press conference, Garcetti described the deal as “historic,” while the schools superintendent struck a more cautious tone.

Four more lawsuits are still pending.

“We would stress that it is important to preserve some room for maneuver for more serious downturns,” he said.

“Monetary policy should be considered more as a backstop rather than as a spearhead of a strategy to induce higher sustainable growth,” Carstens said.

“How much more stimulus will you get if rates are reduced by another 25 basis points?

Our sources connected to Kourt said the breakup was more about distance between them, since they’d always had a long-distance relationship.

By then, will automated “good taste” be more sophisticated?

But social media’s “New Time” is more tenacious, because it is less obviously a break with normality.

It may become more powerful than every newspaper editor in the world.”

The crowd’s reaction also does not mean that Republicans have progressed on gay rights or LGBTQ issues more broadly.

And that the Republican Party would get 60 percent more votes than it received eight years ago.

In the president’s hometown of Chicago, more than 2,000 have been the victims of shootings this year alone.

But to this administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting.

One more child to sacrifice on the altar of open borders.

2 million more Latinos are in poverty today than when the president took his oath of office eight years ago.

Household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000.

President Obama has almost doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing.

On Sunday, more police were gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This will produce more than $20 trillion in job-creating economic activity over the next four decades.

This, in turn, will create millions of more jobs.

My opponent dismissed the VA scandal, one more sign of how out of touch she really is.

We can accomplish these great things and so much more.

Over time, word of mouth helped to make the film more popular and more and more people began attending midnight screenings through the years.

Following Henson’s death, more critics and film-goers watched the film and fell in love with it.

Although it earned back its budget, and more, at the box office it was still considered a box office disappointment by Disney standards.

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I won that first race, more than 20 years ago, by 94 votes.

But the deeper the Lakers’ medical staff, including nutritionist Dr. Cate Shanahan, delved into his health problems, the more shocking the results.

Richard tells us the kids these days don’t take bulls**t for an answer … even more than people his age.

Certainly, it’s a good way to get America’s more privileged youth to grapple with the nation’s long history of racial injustice.

(The latter, at least, is slightly more excusable because of the “adult remembering childhood” gambit.

Over time, she became more and more of a recluse, and her only other contribution to literature while alive was the divisively received Watchman.

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more than 2,400 U.S. forces have died in the 17-year-old war, America’s longest conflict.

And if you’re among its many fans, you know that the only thing that can cure shark movie fever is more shark movies.

You’re statistically more likely to die from a lightning strike or a toppling vending machine than from a shark attack.

As for whales, the bigger they are, the more peaceful and harmless they seem to be.

Erdogan has said the powerful executive presidency is vital to make government more efficient, drive economic growth and ensure security.

Fewer people with insurance means more people show up at the emergency room who can’t afford their care.

It used to worry her a lot more, she said, but now she just feels weary about the news surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

Taiwan is well armed, mostly with U.S. weaponry, but has been pressing Washington to sell it more high-tech equipment to better deter China.

Follow her on Twitter * For more information on how you can help the Orlando victims visit here.

That could bring more immediate, tangible benefits to people on the autism spectrum.

There were more than 350 speaking parts in the movie, and thousands of extras.

The script ran some 230 pages, and the final cut of the movie was more than three and a half hours long.

But it is a movie that more than justifies its own existence on scale and spectacle alone.

Season two is, in the grand tradition of sequels, even more than season one.

But to tell you more about it, I’m going to have to spoil everything.

But more importantly, the Duffers know when to bring their many splintered storylines and characters back together.

Truth be told, Stranger Things 2 blends in many of its movie references with more finesse than the series did in season one.

“We know about this, but finding the paper trail is a bit more difficult in this case because she doesn’t sign any papers.

Seven people were killed and many more injured in what has been declared a major terrorist attack in London.

Get ready for even more GIFs to populate your Twitter timeline.

In some ways, my visit to Mike’s suburban hometown couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time.

A beaten-up box of toys lies on the spacious front porch, and more boxes line the entrance hallway.

“Work was more important to me,” Mike says, “It wasn’t that I was stupid—I just got over school in a way.”

Mike is open about his sexuality with his mother’s side of the family, but things with his father are a bit more complicated.

more recently, FKA Twigs, Beyoncé, and even Willow Smith have collaborated with vogue dancers on tour and in music videos.

While more conventional ballroom houses—like the Houses of Mizrahi, LaBeija, and Xtravaganza—have DJs and MCs amongst their members, they are still dominated by dancers.

“I’m more of a smoker,” he says with a deep inhale of the blunt we shared in his room.

For the most part, voters have been more concerned with animal cruelty than our representatives have been.

That’s more than one per hour, or even more, assuming that Trump sleeps — although his 4 a.m. tweets suggest otherwise.

I think that’s more affected the immigration side of things.

What I can tell you is that more and more families are getting prepared.

Are there items that sell more during certain periods?

Are more people setting up bunkers?

I think there was a series of things that happened even a few years ago that led people in that direction more than now.

I think there are always more preppers.

Do you sell more of certain products after certain events or elections?

Initially, this was launched by shows like Bear Grylls’s, but this whole “surviving in nature” period transformed into a more survivalist trend.

France is more affected by climate-related phenomena, and people are getting ready for that.

I’d say American politics influence us a lot more than Canadian politics.

A lot of the prepper community has more right-wing viewpoints and so they thought Hillary would be disastrous.

more importantly, perhaps, eMarketer expects Facebook-owned Instagram to grow significantly.

“Our ongoing investigation continues to uncover additional evidence, and we anticipate bringing more claims involving additional companies and drugs at the appropriate time.”

Mylan’s shares are down more than 8% on the news.

In the addition trials, one of the two blue displays contained one more shape than the initial sample—the correct answer.

The researchers plan to continue giving bees more complicated math quizzes to further explore the range of their computational skills.

This is comparatively benign; its more malignant expressions are much darker.

Movements outside Westminster in solidarity with migrants will require more active involvement from those disturbed by the racist drift of our politics.

“I love coaching more than anything I’ve ever done in my whole life,” Kavanaugh said during September’s Senate Judiciary hearings.

With Warzone, the artist revisits some of her older anthems, whose themes are more timely than ever.

Her decades-old call for putting an end to war and giving peace a chance has become more timely than ever.

The goal is to make the world a better, more interesting place, but those are naturally subjective targets.

You want more options?

Pettis asked the UFC for more money—understandably so given the circumstances—but the UFC declined and Pettis walked away.

“Kim must not see American weakness.” Other Trump advisors had more harsh words for the Canadian leader on Sunday morning.

Trudeau would not respond to those remarks on Sunday as he entered more G7 meetings.

Kubo, perhaps more than any other animated film in the Western canon, has infused emotion into the animation itself.

Laika has once again set a new standard for animation, particularly for the blending of CGI and more traditional stop-motion animated effects.

But this one feels more like dramatized entertainment and less like a genuine, trustworthy investigation into a real-life murder case.

Season two feels as if Making a Murderer’s creators were more spectacle-driven than concerned with making a statement about the criminal justice system.

In season one, Making a Murderer had a lot more to explain.

Making a Murderer unfortunately feels more like the former than the latter.

That might be okay if the songs were more memorable, but they’re not.

That makes his metamorphosis both all the more gradual and all the more rewarding.

While the probe is close to Jupiter, Juno records the planet with radar systems, radiation detectors, magnetic and gravitational field recorders, and more.

You can find more of his work on Twitter or Flickr.

The spacecraft is roughly 66 feet long, while Jupiter is more than 88,840 miles wide at its middle.

Voting by mail is inherently more resistant to wholesale voter fraud.

In an even more blatant teen-targeting move, on November 1, the brand announced a collab with rapper Post Malone.

Denham was a more moderate Republican, willing to speak up against his party on issues like immigration.

Bolton last year praised Trump’s missile response, though he has generally focused more on Iran as a bigger security threat.

But the new video, again, suggests that Brown had a more consensual arrangement with the business.

more broadly, there are massive racial disparities in police use of force.

Nowhere is this more blindingly obvious than on their wry tearjerker of a Christmas song “Christmas is Cancelled”.

Some steel users have voiced concerns that import limits would cause price increases that would make them more vulnerable to foreign competitors.

Feedback in Cedar Rapids used to be much more cursory: a short visit from an administrator, followed by written comments.

During a recent media scrum in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian explained that the more worrying outcome for him is a McGregor victory.

But despite getting turned down by the more highly-regarded Bundesliga, pundits are saying that the move to the Sounders is solid.

Those sort of findings may seem pretty innocuous, but there are more revealing insights.

more anti-Trump demonstrations were planned for the weekend, including in New York and Los Angeles.

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We have a very high percentage of more upmarket customers,” Chief Executive Dave Lewis told reporters on Wednesday.

“I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts,” he said.

Amazon wants to pay the New York Times and BuzzFeed to expand, so it can reach more shoppers outside the US.

They care more about the numbers than their employees.” Amazon, meanwhile, denied the allegations.

Women have had insurance rates decline more quickly than men.

Usually, when more people have jobs, it means more people with access to employer-sponsored health insurance.

more states are going to roll out work requirements for Medicaid.

Your “Live Laugh Love” poster is going to say a lot more about you than anything you could actually say.

Adyn: OK, so at first we liked him “ironically” but the more we listened to him, it became a real thing.

I guess it’s a more “mature” aesthetic?

more of the people arriving to the US from other countries held college degrees than groups who arrived in years prior.

At least 42 million citizens have voted early, with more than 18 million ballots cast in battleground states.

Meanwhile, in-person early voters tend to lean more toward Democrats.

In 2012, more restrictive early voting laws also served as a mobilization tool to get out the vote, Gronke notes.

And according to the Clinton campaign, more African Americans requested mail ballots in this election than ever before.

We would also like to know more about that person on the tightrope.

Being an academic work, the journal is aiming for something more than a collection of anecdotes about consoles and lists must-play obscure game titles.

It’s less look at this and more look at this whole world of things.

For instance, you may feel more professional, put-together, and relaxed when you get a weekly manicure.

Spending money on things that will offer more fleeting value is generally an indulgence.

It’s even more discernible on the Low bonus tracks ‘Some Are’ and ‘All Saints’ if you’re keeping count.

This became his trademark more than any particular sound or image.

He means the world not only to his friends and family, but to all of us looking for more than just answers in music.

Instead, this concept of tract-weighted density measures tends to be more accurate.

The term “senior official” is pretty elastic; the term “Trump administration” is even more so.

This indicates that more lead exposure may lead to more heart trouble, and also that there is no safe threshold for lead exposure.

But being swarmed by corruption allegations for more than a year hasn’t affected Lula’s popularity.

But being swarmed by corruption allegations for more than a year hasn’t affected Lula’s popularity.

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Yeah, we’ll get more into that concept at the time, but it was really cool.

All right, we’ll talk about that more going forward, but let’s go to your background.

One was to drive 100,000 miles on public roads, which was ten times more than anyone had done before.

When we started the koala car, that was to now starting thinking more about what this looks like as a product.

If you get in a car crash, more likely than not …

No more horses.

In Europe, they’re much more strict at delineating what it is you’re allowed to do and what you’re not.

But even then, there’s so much more space than there is on the ground.

There’s no more horses around.

You can decrease congestion, give everybody back more time.

I think the automation is going to kick in more broadly.

You’re more thoughtful than most people.

But my conclusion is ultimately pretty simple: No, Trump wouldn’t do more to help reduce the role of big money in politics.

That makes them far more attuned to the priorities of elites and the megawealthy.

He has no plans to raise the minimum wage or make college more affordable.

Trump’s callousness and indiscipline has left many liberals yearning for Bush’s more dignified and decent bearing.

But in 2004, Democrats absorbed Bush’s reelection as more than a defeat; it was a cultural rejection and a political crisis.

As such, Major Behavior feels less like a biting critique of the group and more like a brand extension.

Transgender characters are even more scarce: There are only 11 trans characters, and three are of them are on Transparent.

[Kara Swisher] People raised more than $70,000 to send pizza to voters waiting in line.

Frosh’s office said Insys earned more than $20 million in Maryland from its conduct.

In the coming years, you’re going to hear a lot more about them.

(Read more about how scientists come up with polygenic risk scores here.)

It takes more information — like odds ratios — to know whether those scores really matter in your life.

A high polygenic score for breast cancer might mean a woman wants to make more frequent mammogram appointments, Janssens says.

Seeing that the future is mobile once you’re in the midst of it, that’s not the future any more.”

But the Senate has squabbled a bit more over its own proposal, the AV START Act.

This year, he expects to harvest 1.5 tonnes, a personal best that will earn him more than $10,000.

Boswell said he felt more confident after President Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe in 2017, promising to restore property rights and revive the ravaged economy.

Commercial growers have an average yield of more than 2 tonnes per hectare.

What’s more … Michael was voted into the Hall (twice) by a voting body of historians, fellow musicians, and music industry professionals.

They look to every corner of the platform to seek out fit models, Australian surfer babes, and more.

I ran out there thinking everything was cool, and all of a sudden it wasn’t cool no more.”

The company is now testing with two people in the front seat and more strictly monitors safety drivers.

(She also occasionally crosses over to more mainstream ventures, with memorable supporting turns in The Dark Knight, Stranger Than Fiction, and Nanny McPhee Returns.)

I was working with them, saying, “Maybe there’s a way that you can tone this poem down, make it more predictable.”

She crosses way more lines than most of us can imagine crossing, but she’s also us.

Isn’t it a more interesting movie if she feels like you?

Branding a character as unlikable shuts off so much interesting conversation, and it gets applied to women way more than men.

She was originally conceived as more of an entrepreneur—a producer—and I was really pushing for her to be a filmmaker, an artist.

We’ve heard for a while now that there needs to be more representation on both sides of the camera.

Once the surface has been ruptured, sexuality becomes more explicit in the exhibition.

What’s more, the assault itself was overshadowed by the all-out carnage of the titular Battle of the Bastards later in the same episode.

more physical activity is another one.

AR: It’s not just that we’re going to die younger or age more poorly.

So I sent him my initial thoughts in my capsule, and he then had more thoughts.

At any rate, Fessenden does more in those first five or so minutes than I was prepared for.

In itself it’s everything from allegory to Bildungsroman to gothic horror delving into sci-fi, and so much more.

more specifically, American small towns.

That amendment allowed states to waive Obamacare’s rule prohibiting insurers from charging sick people more than healthy people — with some conditions.

If more states took that offer and sought a waiver, it would then make the funding problem worse.

“Ever more sophisticated tools and techniques for hacking are available for downloading from the web.

Read more: The government shutdown is now the longest on record and the fight between Trump and Democrats is only getting uglier.

And more are embracing an expanded role.

“They meet those criteria and more“, said Brown.

If Ford did everything — and more — that could be asked of a witness, Kavanaugh did something near the opposite.

“Judge, I can’t think of a more embarrassing scandal for the United States Senate since the McCarthy hearings,” said Sen. John Cornyn.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and more top Democrats in the House urged Omar to apologize.

The bill, however, divided Democrats, who are facing pressure by their progressive voting base to be more critical Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Somos el Muro attracted considerably more outrage than most university projects typically garner.

The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

But the workers at the remote testing site have been busy with far more than just leisure activities.

The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

But the workers at the remote testing site have been busy with far more than just leisure activities.

“The U.S. has done more than a thousand nuclear tests, and very many of those were underground.

more of Henry Hudson’s plasticine works can be found here.

In February lawmakers set themselves up to reach a more permanent spending agreement by the end of March.

2) Congress could buy itself more time.

more importantly, however, Jon has done extremely well while he’s been under supervision.

“The president of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever could,” Breen told the judge.

He and his wife later participated in more media interviews.

“The Freedom Caucus members are either going to become more recalcitrant because they will be hearing from their constituents ‘good job,’” he said.

Ten days ago, more than a dozen workers in California got sick from it.

The track falls on Side B, alongside tracks by Ago & B9, which overall has a more earthy feel to our usual stuff.

Their experimental research found that voters are more likely to be convinced by politicians that offer solutions rather than politicians who mainly hype threats.

Trump is also far more likely to use intemperate and extreme rhetoric than the typical candidate, which could turn off voters.

Polls consistently show that more Americans trust the Republican Party to effectively deal with terrorism than the Democrats.

It seems the left gets more blame for terrorist attacks that occur under its watch.

Yet Merolla and Elizabeth Zechmeister have found evidence suggesting that Democrats, as the more dovish party, wouldn’t necessarily get that boost.

On the Republican side, both George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice were viewed more favorably when terrorism was primed.

Police hassle and question black people more frequently.

Police use force against black people more frequently .

Meanwhile, white Americans tend to be treated much better, so in turn they give more legitimacy to police.

They are more likely to be stopped, pushed into a wall, and even killed.

It allowed for more efficient and more focused policing.

It’s a triple challenge: We need, all at once, a greener, more reliable, more resilient electricity grid.

Microgrids won’t be a core part of the clean-energy transition until they serve all three grid needs — greener, more reliable, more resilient.

Microgrids can gather those smaller resources together into discrete, more manageable and predictable chunks.

And it makes the grid greener, more reliable, and resilient — a three’fer.

One of us [Dave waves] will be writing more about microgrids soon.

After four months on injections, Lauren Walker says she was starting to feel more like herself.

“The populations we serve tend to be more disenfranchised and don’t necessarily have the resources to pay out-of-pocket,” he adds.

“It goes through ebbs and flows, but in recent years we’ve been seeing more of these shortages happening.

more than 1.2 million people watched this documentary when it was released, which raises a disturbing question: How did the British police miss this?

And after all this, it doesn’t seem that the British police paid any more attention to the documentary or the people in it.

Their perpetrators are more volatile and tend to pull together attack plots quickly, leaving the police with less time to uncover them.

This is only made more difficult by funding cuts.

But this latest attack shows how much more the police still have to do to confront the threat.

His imagery was so popular in his time that he received requests for tattoo designs.” Yoshitoshi Tsukioka lived a more tumultuous life.

Click here fore more information on the works in Ronin Gallery’s Ghosts, Demons and the Bizarre exhibition.

The survey of more than 2,000 registered voters posed several questions regarding mass incarceration.

It holds the largest prison population in the world at more than 2.2 million, above China and Russia’s reported numbers.

Ink Cap Press, however, is much more than free basil.

We hope more in a sentence examples were helpful.