Morally in a sentence | Use of the word morally examples

Protections for animal welfare are a good idea — politically popular, morally necessary, and not even all that costly.

morally, it is wrong to lie to gain something for yourself,” Professor Ben-Ze’ev confirms.

“It is morally blameworthy conduct.”

Over the course of the alternately hilarious and sobering hour, she explains exactly why she finds comedy to be morally untenable for her.

That older poll, a survey of 500 Muslims, discovered that zero percent — literally none of those surveyed — believed homosexuality was morally acceptable.

#lovewins Trump’s stated immigration policies would be economically damaging and will in time be seen as morally wrong.

My decision to hide my diagnosis after my injury was called “indefensible” and “morally inept.”

Collins isn’t exactly morally opposed to graduate transfers, as he has brought two of them to the Wildcats in three years.

Waco wants to leave you morally conflicted, but through the three episodes I’ve seen, it hasn’t quite managed the complicated balancing act.

You had this sort of sense that we were morally adrift.

You had films that were morally … “Goodfellas.” It led to 1999, “The Sopranos.” The hero was a killer.

Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has said Canadians are committing a “morally great evil” if they opt for medically-assisted suicide.

Also, he says, he is just morally opposed to it.

My grandfather had to choose between challenging, morally ambiguous scientific research and possible death on the battlefield.

But outrageous payouts do get us thinking about business practices that are unsustainable, irresponsible and morally corrosive.

“It’s a morally lacking agreement on every level,” Perkins told the committee during the hearing.

I was trying to put on a good argument for why I thought there were similarities, and why I thought this was morally relevant.

Yeah, morally different than a high income family getting some money back.

“I love them dearly, but I harmed them morally and financially.

“I love them dearly, but I harmed them morally and financially.

“Discrimination is not only bad for children and families who experience it morally,” she said.

The major philosophical question raised by the simulation hypothesis is — how do we behave morally if we live in a simulation?

The Texas Congress member called for a change from the current “morally bankrupt” culture.

Policies such as family separation and using these camps are morally bankrupt.

How could a country assumed to be so morally advanced by so many elect a man so overtly foul?

“America is not a morally pure country.

There’s nothing morally objectionable about that.

Indeed, most people think that it is morally acceptable (or even obligatory) to lie in certain situations.

Jim says both women are not only damaging him with their “morally corrupt” gossip, but could potentially harm his children.

In a world where “the image” plays a central role, Les Paradis shows how difficult it is to see and investigate morally tilted systems.

playing a morally dubious TV writer whose teenage daughter starts a relationship with a man about 50 years her senior.

There’s inherently some tension that results when we talk about something as morally charged as meat.

So much guilt over completely morally neutral things, like accidentally calling Michael the wrong name.

A policy of maximal hostility toward Iran becomes not just geopolitically advantageous but morally necessary.

“It was morally wrong to do what we were doing,” Dart said.

Many religious groups and others are likely to find the idea of redesigning the funda­mental biology of humans morally troubling.

I do it because America is stronger politically, morally, and practically when we celebrate one of our most important values: diversity.

I think I understand where it’s going morally and ethically, but I won’t pretend I can see much further.

Antifa members aren’t morally inert forces of nature.

Anti-abortion Republicans sometimes act like abortion is so morally toxic that any money flowing anywhere near it becomes tainted.

He challenged him not just politically or intellectually, but also morally.

At worst, they were accused of being morally bankrupt.

I’m not sure, morally even, that’s an appropriate question to ask him.

His paintings are an examination of humanity in its cycle of decay: morally, psychologically, biologically.

It is dysfunctional all the way around—socially, economically, politically, and morally.”

“It’s morally reprehensible to walk away from climate action,” says Keya Chatterjee, the executive director of the US Climate Action Network.

Either they wouldn’t do it, or they would be so far gone morally that they would be doing it in earnest.

And I would try to do my best to prove them wrong, but I find that morally repugnant.

The first is that people act morally because they are virtuous, because they’re committed to certain principles like honor or fairness.

There were other things to morally panic about, like smartphones, social media, and the internet in general.

It’s easier to morally panic about things you don’t understand, and everyone understands video games now.

But it is never a good idea to believe that just because something ought to happen (logically or morally), it is happening.

Taking a political stand may be the morally right thing for a company to do, but that doesn’t mean it won’t face consequences.

The modern world (or so the right-wing narrative often goes) is corrupt, morally decrepit, decadent, and decayed.

But Phillips feels morally responsible for what he creates and helps to celebrate.

The work in question, “Not Dressed for Conquering,” was deemed inappropriate by MACBA director, Bartomeu Mari, on the basis of its morally risqué content.

Undoubtedly, many believe that the West’s violence is morally superior because it only kills civilians by accident and not on purpose.

The Federation—the Earth based ruling body of humanity in the Trek universe—is a morally upright and ethically admirable organization.

But while all that might make for good drama, it’s on shakier ground morally as well as legally.

But we haven’t figured out what the restraints are that we need to impose on ourselves, legally and even morally.

Not just from biologically but morally and spiritually.

He immediately faced accusations of hypocrisy, given his repeated past statements about tax evasion being “morally wrong.”

If Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner truly felt these were morally monstrous decisions, they could resign.

Practical Republican politicians don’t want to go there, however, because it’s morally hideous.

Both Waller and Keating are morally compromised, tough, damaged women who wield a lot of power (an extreme amount in Waller’s case).

Some people go vegetarian because they think it’s morally wrong to kill and eat a sentient cow or pig.

“I support all of these measures morally and emotionally,” said Randy Shipley, the CEO of

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Inventur—Art in Germany, 1943-55 is a morally complex exhibition.

But it’s still clear we’re meant to be morally queasy about this deal — and about Tyrion making it.

But Gorsuch views the practice as wrong, morally and legally.

This doesn’t necessarily lead us to the conclusion that science is bad; it’s actually morally neutral.

Trump’s bigotry and boorishness are morally offensive.

If it’s morally wrong in your country, don’t do it abroad.

Nobody’s going to agree with you if you say it’s morally wrong.

“I feel like morally I wouldn’t do it, because it’s wasteful.

In the 1950s, this feature of comic books was judged, absurdly, to be morally reprehensible.

Audrey, who finally returned to the show this week, is the daughter of morally bankrupt and financially wealthy Benjamin Horne.

Some proponents will claim that while morally regrettable, torture is nonetheless necessary to keep us safe.

One of the things that gets really morally weighted is the idea of natural food being better.

It’s not just that their stuff is expensive, or stuffy, or morally reprehensible — though it often is that.

Fairy tales try to strike an odd balance: On one hand, they’re morally educational; on the other, they’re meant to entertain.

Tech is morally neutral—it’s all in the way people use it.

The only difference, here, is that the question is ‘Am I morally good?”

Grudem argued that since both candidates are “morally objectionable,” we need to focus on policies.

This is a morally bankrupt approach to running the platform that hosts the world’s largest exchange of ideas and information.

Some evangelical leaders have claimed that we just have two morally flawed candidates.

Reese Witherspoon transcends type, elevating her morally ambiguous brown-noser wheelhouse to a characterization that’s nearly operatic.

“It came down to morally, they’re breaking the law.

I’m sympathetic toward people who faced morally difficult decisions.

I do not generally feel morally okay with supporting companies that disrespect real ice cream the way this company does.

It’s a truism that technology is morally agnostic.

It’s just rambling notes on the state of such things as politics (dismal), zoos (morally abhorrent), and Morris’s garden (blooming!).

None of this is to say Thiel was morally right to back Trump.

“The regime of former president Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate, his regime is morally bankrupt, it’s economically incompetent and it is profoundly corrupt.

Today paparazzi are still seen as morally depraved pests, who will do anything for the money shot.

But it’s not necessarily illegal, just morally dubious.

The core philosophical argument he derives from this potted history — that nationalism is morally good because it reflects an organic pre-political order — is wrong.

Was it like Richard Nixon’s bombing of Cambodia, an illegal and morally indefensible extension of a war that was already morally indefensible?

George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina is one of the most shameful and morally abject moments during his time in office.

The other prominent and morally questionable rebel is Captain Cassian Andor.

But the Kenya Film Classification Board, which banned the movie in April, said it still considered “Rafiki” morally subversive.

Veganism already gets a bad rep because of how obnoxious some vegans are and their ‘morally superior’ attitudes.

They are not equivalent, morally or pragmatically, for reasons I explained at length in this post.

You have to get involved with what you represent morally.

Is it morally defensible to stop clear-cutting, or any other kind of radical changes, to the environment?

Gussie was no elegant lady, but she did nothing to blacken her name morally.

It’s easier to do economically and it’s morally necessary to get everyone in before you try to ratchet down costs.

“Little kids can’t do it; babies are morally monsters — completely greedy.

Some requested money to sit for photographs; Dorr, though not morally opposed to paying subjects, chose not to do so.

In a herd of morally limp camp-goers, those transformations stand out.

Though it wasn’t technically illegal, to many it seemed morally dubious, and it cast a shadow over Allen’s subsequent career.

But I don’t think I’m morally or spiritually superior.

This is emotionally, spiritually, morally, sexually abominable, and this is the best game James Hurley has.

What Trump Jr. did was morally wrong — there’s little doubt about that.

I’d be hard-pressed to say that Republicans don’t think sexual assault or sexual harassment is morally wrong, since on some level, they must.

Check out our documentary about the morally flexible existence of Howard Greenberg, a high-powered criminal defense lawyer in New York.

The problem becomes even more morally disturbing when you consider that money is being made from this content.

“The perpetrators are legally and morally responsible for their behavior.” More broadly, alcohol has been linked to violence in general.

So I responded, “I understand you think abortion is morally wrong, and I’m not trying to change your mind on that.

Black folk were morally ugly, too—soulless savages seeking to satisfy appetites without higher purpose.

Is a human kamikaze somehow morally preferable to a cruise missile?

While morally questionable, it’s a move that’s undeniably human.

not only because it’s morally desirable, but because it’s politically effective — and “incivility” is not.

morally?” I spoke with Justine about the book, her fame, and what it was like to lose it.

But to me, high prices do morally muddy the work when unhappy people and spirituality are involved.

They became even more resentful when they felt that vegetarians considered themselves to be morally superior to omnivores.

There are cases where the directives you receive are clear but morally troubling, and cases where the directives themselves are vague and ambiguous.

Imagine you were a Border Patrol agent and found the policy morally repugnant.

And more importantly, perhaps, how long can you go on living with yourself as someone who routinely does morally repugnant acts?

He argued that America’s unilateral assertion of power — the mere fact of American military action — was not just strategically but morally necessary.

He’s a terrible character that’s become a garbage internet meme and he is creatively and morally bankrupt.

Allowing discrimination against LGBT families isn’t just morally reprehensible, the ACLU argues—it also harms vulnerable children.

Denzel Washington teams up again with director Antoine Fuqua to continue playing some version of his morally ambiguous cop from Training Day.

But morally Correct2 saw the deeper meaning in the ranch takedown.

The joke is based almost entirely upon stereotyping people, and—predictably—this can lead into morally dubious territory.

The anti-Ali argument isn’t just a morally dubious one; it’s an inaccurate one.

In a lot of states, the locality is morally right, the private sector is a good thing.

Of course, we do not and never will agree about what makes a society morally best.

Well, shooting Harambe appears to have been the correct call, morally speaking.

They may feel morally opposed to abortion or it’s not something they would choose for themselves.

Literature even plays a role, with subjects in his paintings suggestive of Flannery O’Connor’s “morally compromised men of God.”

Should you stick up for your morally corrupt colleague, or turn them in?

And there’s a distinguished philosophical tradition of arguing that regressive tax cuts are morally good and income redistribution is morally wrong.

Sometimes I like to take pictures of myself—pictures that could be described as “morally comprised” or “medical in nature” or “graphically disturbing.”

This, in itself, should be intolerable to any Christian, particularly one who views abortion as morally suspect.

For some, like the Jains and Quechua people, the inclusion of all animals and of nature in the circle has long been morally obvious.

These companies, Sustento is convinced, are morally responsible for what happened to her family.

Mayer thinks “it can give a very strong signal” about who is morally at fault for global warming.

But the article devotes most of its analysis to questions about material cooperation, the morally grayer type.

How would you best describe him, assuming he’s another morally ambiguous Star Wars villain.Well, he’s basically a gangster.

And I find this entire genre of boffo, entitled, show-off masculinity morally problematic and just plain tiresome.

How do we have an honest conversation about this without descending into bigotry, and how do we do it in a morally responsible way?

He was calling them irresponsible and morally bankrupt, all of these things for allowing it to happen.

It hardly needs to be said that Encyclopaedia Dramatica has always been morally dubious at best.

Artists know that all nations are morally bankrupt and that politics are diseased.

Pop culture is filled with love stories between young girls and powerful, immortal, morally ambiguous men.

If he’s morally torn when breaking the rules of war, how will he justify killing strangers without due process?

When the park opened in 1867, it represented the height of their ideas on nature’s potential to morally elevate humanity.

“Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.

How much would I be willing to do something I find morally abhorrent or disgusting in order to protect myself?”

Cheaper clean energy technology is a global public good, and advanced economies are both morally obliged and economically well-positioned to provide it.

morally, they will feel compelled to stand up alongside the resisters.

Does that strike one as morally defensible?

But if you’re not acting morally (Jupiter is all about morals), Pluto will happily knock you down.

It is morally obscene to have a president who assaults women and wants to exclude people from the United States based on their religion.

(Despite explanatory labels, contemporary viewers may have trouble understanding just what was so distasteful — either morally or technically — about the photograph.)

That was the part I lucked out in.” It’s not unusual for these name-change proposals to become morally complicated, if not outright controversial.

I don’t mean just logically correct, but morally and ethically right.

Venus in Gemini has street smarts, encouraging your natural, innate philosopher to guide you through morally ambiguous times.

Women are not intrinsically morally superior to men.

Styles is shown to be more morally ambiguous than your average wrestler, and certainly comes across as an arrogant man.

It’s been a sleight of hand morally that has robbed him of his previously high standing in my head.

My film for the day: Michael Haneke’s latest miserablist tale of a morally rotting European bourgeois family, the ironically titled Happy End (2017).

First of all, this whole conversation is morally corrupt.

The commander in chief is our ultimate military authority — both operationally and morally.

My decision to hide my diagnosis after my injury was called “indefensible” and “morally inept.”

“Our data suggests that not having children is seen not only as atypical, or surprising, but also as morally wrong.”

That’s sickening and scary, and it’s obviously morally urgent to turn things around before it happens.

Are you morally aligned with the people you’re surrounding yourself with?

Not only is it possible to do so, but it is morally necessary.

This dilemma raised a series of ethical punk conundrums: Can an evil war machine be run by a morally good person?

What makes VIP care morally unacceptable, according to one group of ethicists, is whether “it results in worse care for other patients.”

But teaching kids values doesn’t always require reading morally upstanding literature or watching G-rated faith-based movies.

Did you know that eating animals is morally wrong and totally bad for your body and mind?

For years, Democrats have positioned themselves as the morally superior to Republicans when it comes to money in politics.

Previously, the morally upstanding Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino said “he had no knowledge of the situation.”

What’s so morally appalling about the idea that humanity will end anyway, so we should accept that and not fight extinction too hard?

morally speaking, we’re exchangeable.

There is something morally or psychologically in my make-up that made me stay clear.

Further, doing so does not mean ignoring politicians’ morally reprehensible behavior.

But I will argue that position 2, the one adopted by several states, is morally untenable.

What is morally and philosophically untenable is the double standard found in the laws of a growing number of states.

The episode isn’t a lecture: The characters are left confused and morally conflicted, much like the viewers.

In one way, Black Sails is referencing Treasure Island and the role of pirates as morally repugnant villains.

The allegations against these characters are unquestionably morally evil, but they are not murders in the legal sense of the term.

Abortion opponents think abortion is wrong because it ends a human life, and thus shouldn’t be legally allowed or morally tolerated.

To Sabraw, that is morally unconscionable.

He added that, “The technology of the internet and the web is morally neutral, but those of us who use it aren’t.”

“I think in this situation, you have to do what’s morally right.

“The idea that somehow science doesn’t have all the answers, science isn’t necessarily a morally good force, displays a misunderstanding of what science is.

Do you see these competing narratives as morally or politically equivalent in any way?

I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.

Big questions: How are the benefits and costs balanced, economically, socially and morally?

It’s really morally challenging, and kind of invigorating if it’s the right day.

They’re somehow morally weak, or maybe they’re just not telling the truth.

The statement: “Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville …

Ryan was hesitant to condemn Trump’s response as anything more than “morally ambiguous” until pressed by Jake Tapper.

All right, morally treasonous.

“Then one could still feel morally okay.”

What if you followed it through to its conclusion—that it’s morally wrong to have children at all?

“That is morally outrageous,” he told Josh Hersh in an interview.

Trump Jr., in a follow-up statement and on Twitter, confirmed that was the initial purpose of the meeting — and that that was morally A-okay.

But I also believe the way he talked about his past over the past few months is morally indefensible.

But not all tax breaks are politically — or morally — equal.

They almost always understand that their actions are morally wrong – it just doesn’t bother them.

Forcing people into prostitution is morally reprehensible,” he said.

But morally, I think we are there, the atmosphere, the tensions.

Leaving aside all the great reasons above, Medicare for All is simply the morally right position to support.

People were really upset about it, and you can read letters between John Adams and Abigail Adams about how morally horrifying these letters are.

But yes, I was also concerned about that — morally, ethically, can I speak for these people?

morally it is a horrible way to treat people fleeing mass crimes, war, rapes,” she said.

It’s all internally ethically and morally super corrupt.

That is morally grotesque.

But despite all that, you still had Republicans supporting a morally obscene policy — by a relatively significant margin.

“He is morally unfit to be president,” he added.

Should the fact that you like treating certain diseases rather than certain other diseases be morally relevant?

Dear Lydia, As someone who has thought about entering the sex work world, I have no issues with it personally or morally.

Instead, we have a familiar and unproductive consensus that it’s morally unacceptable.

I would like to believe that there are lenders out there who would feel morally conflicted about getting into bed with Remington.

She believes in doing what is morally right, and to give when you have nothing, trusting that the world will give back to you.

“I am morally and ethically responsible.

In other words, he’s a vegan who doesn’t think vegetarianism and veganism are morally defensible.

Does that mean I’m morally condoning the killing of neighbors and eating them?

“I bet he was confused, morally confused,” Shelton said.

On not voting: There wasn’t a candidate that I could fully stand behind morally.

But Martell did nothing we would consider morally wrong in any other circumstance.

“It’s morally reprehensible and it’s political malpractice.

“In that context the model for truth-telling is, of course, the Holy Book, while non-truth-telling books are always suspect, only permissible if morally rewarding.”

The fearmongering around them plays into what philosophers call “the naturalistic fallacy,” a belief that anything natural is more morally righteous.

Now, at this point, you have to acknowledge the two forces wrestling morally within me: My tiny good boy body wracked with sobs.

Because it makes them look morally pious.

I said something on Twitter recently about how you’re actually not morally obligated to be healthy.

According to Pew, only 12 percent of Americans feel IVF is “morally wrong,” and having an IVF baby doesn’t surprise anyone.

That’s sick and morally wrong.

But in the end, it felt phony, and even morally wrong, to him.

Recording live streams and downloading them for later viewing is technically legal, but morally questionable.

Which is funny because the morally ambiguity is part of what make Sicario so good.

“I am morally and ethically responsible.

When hasn’t war been morally uplifting?

“[Being] morally good may not be enough.

But we’re in morally grey territory already.

“Paying for a massive tax cut for the wealthy with cuts to health care for the most vulnerable Americans is morally reprehensible,” he says.

It is ungodly dangerous and morally odious for people to cultivate, despicable and contemptible.

and lectures him about how meeting a minor is morally wrong.

There has always been a lucrative market for Nazi memorabilia, though many in the collecting community deem the sale of these items morally questionable.

morally, their behavior stands or falls on its own.

When it does, it may be more morally and politically justifiable to violate the law than to obey it.

However, he’s found that’s it’s becoming “harder and harder to make” to make morally complex films aimed at adults.

Biden, sources tell me, doesn’t think Trump is morally or politically fit for the Oval Office.

“So it’s possible to work within the confines of the law sometimes and yet be doing something morally reprehensible.”

The overall effect is an unsettling equation of being bisexual with being untrustworthy, manipulative, and morally bankrupt.

“We need to stop teaching people that being morally bankrupt and successful benefits you.

We deify horrible frat-boy brogrammer assholes, while funding, and celebrating, morally bankrupt apps that exist to stand in for their mothers and/or servants.

His work, which argues that wealthy nations are morally obligated to eradicate poverty around the world, has impacted real policy debates.

(If you’re morally opposed to single-use plastics, then you better really love watermelon.)

It adds, “[t]he abuses described in the report are criminal and morally reprehensible.

It is small wonder that MSF feels that any involvement in such a system is morally untenable.

Dorsey, after an exchange, agreed that requests form U.S. lawmakers to limit foreign election interference were not morally equivalent to requests from those regimes.

Either way, it is hard to see the UFC coming out of this one as a winner, either morally or financially.

morally, if we don’t, we know what’s going to happen.”

But what about more morally ambiguous cases, those that center around NCAA rules violations like the ones that have plagued Calipari in the past?

because they believe their system creates a morally sound, responsible, mentally honed martial artist.

In that case, there’s nothing morally wrong about mistreating [them].

Trump called Comey a “slime ball.” Comey called Trump an unethical liar who is morally unfit to be president.

While certainly morally questionable, the action of writing and spreading fake news technically remains legal.

Their thinking, as outlined by National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke, is that “suicides and murders are not morally comparable.”

I’m extremely interested in how people respond [to these situations] morally, spiritually, and emotionally,” Hughes said.

The way that environmental racism works, where some groups of people experience disproportionate harm, is morally wrong.

It raises another, more morally ambiguous question: who chooses the stories?

Protect Syrian Kurds from Ankara and Damascus: This is the most practically and morally important objective.

)As Yahoo points out, Snape’s typically considered a morally ambiguous character, debatably either merely strict or outright malicious.

“Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville.

It addresses the big questions, morally speaking, when it comes to artificial intelligence.

New methods that help sexually active adults avoid unwanted consequences, in other words, are often seen as morally questionable.

These days, to see something morally shocking done by our nation’s executive branch is not all that surprising.

And that it’s the morally right thing to do.

morally and IRL, there isn’t much worse than adultery (and of course, we don’t condone it).

Fear narrows the lens, morally and epistemologically.

As anyone who’s used Google would know, search engines are not always morally faultless.

Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe.

They looked cooler and were morally grey, but never outright evil.

morally offensive snack options include: white and white cookies (a David Duke favorite!

Meredith finds “morally dodgy.”

Collecting art isn’t morally neutral.

O’Malley said those exchanges were “morally reprehensible,” but not crimes.

In the film, though, these things aren’t confidence boosters — they’re morally sketchy behaviors that detract him from his true calling.

It’s not about being morally pure.

“The idea that somehow science doesn’t have all the answers, science isn’t necessarily a morally good force, displays a misunderstanding of what science is.

It creates a straight-line narrative in which the present is always ugly and morally righteous and the past is always beautiful yet ultimately corrupt.

Every expert interviewed said separating them in any capacity is psychologically damaging and morally intolerable.

Solutions may be more elusive, but the eventual compromises might also be fairer and less morally, well, compromised.

We are not fundamentally different from our forbears…morally, in terms of individual innate cleverness or our capacity for good or evil.

Don’t be so morally condescending, because you know what?

It doesn’t shy away from its characters’ more morally horrifying choices, nor the devastating circumstances that led them there.

“I knew what I was doing was not only illegal but morally wrong,” he said.

“It’s morally bankrupt, it’s wrong on every level,” he said.

It’s not about being morally pure.”

It might seem morally objectionable, but that’s not how it feels.

Father of Lies stands out among Evenson’s work as the most institutionally critical, morally unsettling of the books in this collection.

One might reasonably argue that redistribution of capital from electricity generators to electricity consumers is a good thing — a morally and socially justifiable redistribution.

All of that gets blissfully elided when you sort people into baskets, calling some of them “irredeemable” and others morally sound.

I feel morally obliged to point out that this is the point where people who aren’t verging on obsessive would have given up.

Still, the leader of the rebel mages who oppose the Chantry is morally questionable at best and a craven villain at worst.

I guess not only bad things come from Dean Munsch’s morally depraved CURE Institute.

There is a way for movies tackling complex ethical questions to make their audiences care about characters whose actions are morally questionable.

The sad fact is that caring about the victims of tragedy, however morally necessary, doesn’t really do anything.

This would be a social system that both materially and morally values all people.

It feels morally wrong to type this.

And then the most important, pervasive fear, intellectually and morally, is, “I won’t be able to accomplish …

Like so many successful black fathers out there, Earn’s morally ambiguous moment was a decision to build Lottie’s.

He doesn’t need to work for these people if he’s morally opposed to it.

On the other hand, Twitter is leaving its doors open to a lot of morally reprehensible people.

The bourgeois blindness of feminist leaders to low-status working-class labor by men is morally corrupt!

This may lead some scientists in training down a morally dark path where results are fudged, and everyone loses.”

“The idea of interpreting Leviticus to mean that loving, safe, caring relationships across the board are wrong is morally repugnant.

It is morally wrong.

“He did not appreciate the act he committed was morally wrong.

While these people may not be morally upright, they sure are entertaining.

Gossip is an influential and morally neutral tool with few checks on its power.

It was designed to prohibit federally funded entities from discriminating against doctors who morally objected to abortion.

morally, it is important to recognize such acts as terrorism,” Stephanie Carvin, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, tells me.

Not only was it hard morally, I also didn’t have much interest in it.

morally it’s on you.

“They are morally, spiritually, and physically strong.

It usually must be morally sound and healing; doing the work that is usually reserved for Gospel music.

Cesar has said that these “ICE actions are politically motivated and morally bankrupt.”

The editing, framing, cinematography, and production design during their scenes represent Big Little Lies at its most morally and emotionally profound.

And I felt like not only these were morally questionable, but they were legally, very risky.

Maybe not morally right, but right for the characters.

He believes in himself,” and in February called him ” morally unqualified” to be president.

Most commentators treat this distinction, in the abstract, as not only morally black-and-white, but obvious.

Comey has since written a book, and called the president “morally unfit” for office.

So why does she keep losing out to men who are just as bad as she is morally and much worse at their jobs?

Even if they do, it is morally reprehensible to forcibly separate children from parents under any circumstances — deterrence cannot justify such cruelty.

“Make no mistake, this is a disgusting, morally depraved marketing campaign,” he said in a statement.

He’s coming more from the right wing side of the party that’s morally opposed to legalization.

Not morally, of course: military technology kills and maims people more efficiently, surveillance technology invades privacy more pervasively, and so forth.

And despite her loyalty to King Arthur, she was often depicted as morally ambiguous (if not completely evil).

Even the appealingly selfish and morally ambiguous warrior maiden Kitiara spends the bulk of her page time chasing after a boy.

morally, they [the U.K.] should pay the debt, there’s no justification for not,” Ratcliffe, 41, said.

Half of those young voters consider abortion morally wrong.

morally, they [the U.K.] should pay the debt, there’s no justification for not,” Ratcliffe, 41, said.

This makes sense if we accept the principle that corporations are morally neutral: exempt from reproach if they do nothing explicitly prohibited by law.

Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it.

But his “reality” is a fiction, the product of a morally inadequate doctrine.

What I am saying is that he and others use art to clean up their morally questionable images.

But it is wholly inapt to liken that morally repugnant order to a facially neutral policy denying certain foreign nationals the privilege of admission.

I would forget about the morally imperative article by the next day, because who wants to make waves?

The behavior exhibited by this teen is both morally reprehensible and dangerous.

morally, it should be a no-brainer that doing this to another human being is wrong and abhorrent.

Iaconetti added that she never witnessed any “morally wrong” behavior that producers should have stopped.

morally and intellectually admirable, the structures (as sculpture) are also a pleasure to visually contemplate.

Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist Billy Graham, led the rally-goers in prayer, saying, “We’re divided racially, and we’re adrift morally.”

“I do think it’s morally and environmentally a better choice,” to feed your dog vegan food.

Theon was a morally corrupt brat, desperate for the love of his father.

Tonight, we open on a morally bankrupt young man who just stole and pawned his daddy’s Rolex.

And, Diane’s sister Janey-E (Naomi Watts) has a real reason to support the morally sound version of Dale Cooper.

“It’s not just about what is morally and ethically right, it also makes sense just from a fiscal standpoint.”

The Netflix algorithm will then suggest you watch Bloodline, the southern-based show about a morally corrupt family.

“It bothers me morally.

“Speech about why it’s morally appropriate to do lawless things is not incitement,” White says.

Usually there was also a war, and a discussion of what is morally acceptable in wartime.

It makes sense, too — the show needs a morally grounded protagonist so that we can determine where morality stands at all in the series.

Women were rendered invisible, mere housing for the inch-long “baby” who, according to the new pregnancy experts, required a morally nourishing environment.

Aatma Singh is a morally ambivalent and ambitious officer who doesn’t get Newton’s idealistic way of thinking.

Denying world’s poorest free partial Internet connectivity when today they have none, for ideological reasons, strikes me as morally wrong.

“Lower your standards and suspend your disbelief as you enter the morally questionable world of cinema’s most prolifically understated director.”

In a statement, Amnesty International called the plan “morally bankrupt.”

In a statement, Amnesty International called the plan “morally bankrupt.”

“President Trump’s tax plan is morally repugnant and bad economic policy,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, the show offers a serialized, morally complex take on the Trek universe.

I am not morally outraged by this.

Quinn and Rachel make an efficient, if morally horrifying, team.

“It is facilitating scams on a constant basis in a morally repugnant way.

What do you say to people who think it’s not salvageable, not morally legitimate, and in any case not worth salvaging?

The truth is that the outcome we have now, all of this tremendous inequality, is bad morally and economically.

And it’s because enough people got morally outraged and things changed.

Some of them have that unusual affliction because of no fault of their own—most, of course, because they are morally weak.

Do I like to watch them scheme, so that I can feel morally superior?

No wonder that neon was once thought to be morally suspect.

morally this is correct — especially considering the fact that Putin’s annexation of Crimea was a clear violation of international law.

And this is a morally understandable position; it may even be diplomatically understandable, up to a point.

We are not morally corrupt —- not at all.

and unpretentious, it’s the dinner or snack of a fabulous, morally ambiguous gladiator-on-the-go.

The reasons cited aren’t morally, socially, or even health-driven, but usually down to lack of interest.

“You can do it morally the right way.” Iguodala says he’s also helped brainstorm new business opportunities for Jumia.

Arguably the most morally bankrupt member of the Gallagher family, Frank is on what feels like his millionth glow-up in the series.

I like to do things that are morally justifiable—I wasn’t gonna be investing in Exxon or anything like that.

morally reprehensible, that is the most important part,” Mcsweeney told me.

At the same time, I want to teach him how to be not politically correct but morally correct.

There will be trickier, more morally challenging cases to come as the series continues, and some of which will stretch over multiple episodes.

She plays Tahani, a fastidious British socialite with a morally questionable past.

Before then all of her uncles were greedy drunks, and the Court was morally corrupt.

Not just the morally right side, but the official right side as well.

A significant share of the public finds conducting randomized studies morally objectionable.

While it’s harder to prove opportunity equality, it is at least valid morally.

Rooting for the Patriots is, of course, morally indefensible, but Gronk at least pushes the needle a little bit closer in their favor.

That they voluntarily, ethically, morally make this choice,” she said.

Unfortunately for Rei, Takeshi is still morally good and uninterested in creating a nefarious sibling duo.

And I worry I do not have the morally justifiable answer in my heart.

Great art alone does not justify the actions of abusive and morally corrupt men.

It’s morally obscene.

Katrina is poised to be a riveting and devastating story of triage, of climate change, of natural disaster, of morally ambiguous decisions.

In reality most people use drugs because they are fun, or an escape, not because they are morally corrupt.

But that doesn’t resolve the argument over whether it was morally okay for him to do that.

All three supporting characters, essentially, have taken a turn for the morally bankrupt.

He does not worry that that could mean the movement was morally compromised.

You wake up, morally speaking, midflight.

He’s filling the hole in his soul with these increasingly morally questionable nighttime excursions — fighting crime as well as by being this playboy.”

“Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville.

“Racism and murder are unequivocally reprehensible and are not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in Charlottesville.

Keep your own jealousy in check, avoid manipulation tactics, and exit any relationships—romantic or professional—that are morally questionable or psychically vampiric. Bond didn’t only give us Paddington, the lovable and morally upright illegal immigrant.

While watching this episode of Billions, I felt that I was watching two separate shows about powerful people navigating a morally ambiguous, dangerous world.

Even school president Marcus (Steven Silver) is so worried about his own reputation that he constantly makes morally reprehensible choices.

At the same time, populists claim that it is possible, and morally imperative, to make policies that benefit everyone.

Now I realize you’re just completely morally bankrupt.” Kate is being cheered by colleagues in a bar.

Speaking of morally bankrupt, Wendy seduces poor Mafee so he’ll take responsibility for her short.

The two morally righteous men finally realize now’s their time to take Chuck down.

morally, they are indefensible.

It wasn’t that darker, more morally complicated movies were no longer being made.

Ginsburg’s opponents didn’t see the laws in place as deeply unconstitutional and morally reprehensible — they saw them as upholding the American family.

And in dream worlds, you’re allowed to suspend disbelief and believe your heroes don’t kill, don’t steal, and are morally good.

Sure, she’s morally ambiguous.

But Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has said he thinks opposing these exceptions is both morally wrong and a bad political move for the GOP.

The community is invested in him ,  morally, financially, politically, even culturally.

It’s not only morally important to represent as many people as possible, but it’s good for business, as well.”

Halloween offers us ethical, morally striving folks the tremendous opportunity to be really, really bad for a day.

“It might sound silly, I felt morally obligated to stand witness.”

Without any trace of the bonds that bind even the most morally questionable witches together, Mrs. Wardwell is just plain sinister.

To pretend that doing the right thing is somehow beyond his control is disingenuous at best and morally bankrupt at worst.

So Kavanaugh did not consider it morally outrageous to think that Congress would also exclude thousands of Americans who work overseas.

Anyone who thinks they can pick and choose between atrocities that matter is dead wrong, and morally wrong.

Then, face burning, I escaped back to the barracks and slept fitfully, exhausted and morally broken.

You do not want to mess with a boundlessly entitled, morally compromised billionaire’s maternal instincts.

They add, “You’re morally bankrupt,” or something like that.

She had always been comfortable in morally ambiguous territory.

Isabella is situated in the same strange, morally gray territory of all the other drug-lord characters on Narcos.

Manly also reiterated that their leadership is “morally and financially bankrupt,” according to NBC News.

It was a hate campaign, I think it was morally wrong.

This is morally complex.

This methodology feels morally icky.

They must also act morally and do what’s right.

She’s a morally irredeemable murderer who (accidentally?)

It’s important to keep in mind that it didn’t mean the opposite of “morally bad.”

It makes me feel morally superior,” Max snipes, summarizing her character thus far.

And I have no doubt that, just like any fans, they’ll support a morally bankrupt coach who also helps them win games.

morally speaking, though, there’s not really a satisfactory resolution.

It’s going to be difficult to clear it in a way that’s emotionally and morally satisfying.

Take time to really reflect and evaluate how you morally operate.

I suppose ethically and morally, those are the kind of words that are really important when you talk about Aspire.

I would say it is morally wrong.

I don’t think it’s political to be a morally decent, ethical person.

He’s quite the opposite of Bobby and Taylor: morally upright, charitable, the spirit of a quarterback golden retriever.

It has been a fiasco and a disgrace on every level — politically, procedurally, legally, and morally.

Like the protagonists of most male-led teen soaps, Dawson was unfailingly wholesome and morally upright.

Apa) would be the center of the show, the morally upright protagonist around whom all else would revolve.

And they both turn the same historical figure into a morally ambiguous character.

Anti-abortion Republicans act like abortion is so morally toxic that any money flowing anywhere near it becomes tainted.

Both the platform and its anchors must have proper qualifications and be morally upstanding, the notice said.

Finally, empathy might be morally corrosive.

After Friday’s court decision on Friday, the Kenyan censor said it still considered Rafiki morally subversive.

And as a morally instructive fable, it needs to examine these issues of prejudice.

“Denying world’s poorest free partial Internet connectivity when today they have none, for ideological reasons, strikes me as morally wrong,” Andreessen wrote.

That’s morally wrong, in my view.

“It’s morally outrageous and strategically foolish to ask American taxpayers to subsidize Russia’s military industrial base.”

“Like most Americans, I’m concerned about the future of our country, both financially and morally.

Taut, terrifying, and morally complex to a degree that I don’t think the show has ever gone for before.

Both sides subsequently cast aspersions that the other side is not just morally bankrupt but also factually wrong.

Portraiture was ranked below historical and mythological painting which was deemed, when successful, to be intellectually and morally instructive.

In what other context can you imagine Haley Joel Osment getting to tackle the morally complex role of a union leader turned scab?

Famous Deaths is one of the Tribeca Film Festival’s most morally ambiguous, potentially offensive, and arrestingly weird interactive installations.

But more importantly, it’s morally wrong.

U.S. senators last week grilled executives from major drug companies, calling their pricing practices “morally repugnant”.

The campaign may have avoided openly bigoted language, but its underlying message was clear: Same-sex relationships were morally inferior to straight ones.

And the questions they’re facing are large, abstract, and morally complicated, in part because they reflect actual current events.

morally and politically and intellectually, that is a disaster, and that’s where we are.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that the US political status quo leads to morally unforgivable inaction.

They want to be socially and morally superior to the women they target.

And all sorts of horrible side effects happen when you have that inequality, in addition to it just being morally upsetting.

It also felt like the dawn of a new age, when pixels on a screen took on a new, morally ambiguous awareness.

But what happens to us morally when we don’t know that?

Marvel’s superheroes have gotten more and more morally compromised, and Strange is the most compromised yet.

“The abuses described in the report are criminal and morally reprehensible.

I sincerely respect those who believe abortion is morally wrong,” he said.

But depending on ethics, what passes for “reason” is biased, too, and has led to morally terrible decisions.

By Star Wars standards, Rogue One is a morally complex story.

As a morally compromised hero, Saw helps inject depth into the Star Wars factions.

What could have been a Robin Hood is a morally curious exploration of responsibility.

They matter morally.

We hope morally in a sentence examples were helpful.