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But adjacent this horror show, still with cowboy hats but in the style of doomed and iconic Birthday Party bassist, Tracy Pew, there were drawling noise mopes, in tight pants, singing rancorous songs of sex and despair, bands like The Spells, Vanity Set, The Gunga Din, all striving and dying to make a Southern Gothic of the Lower East Side.

In the few smaller moments where Superman rescues people in scenes shot like Creed album covers, he mostly mopes his way through everything he does.

It mostly just follows Matt as he mopes around, hoping for someone to jog him out of his lethargy.

Dwight fusses about his role to anyone who will listen, insists on hideous post touches (and mopes if he doesn’t get them), HATES playing with guards who might be better than he is, and complains to the refs non-stop.

Lyle mopes over to the far side, out of earshot of the little brats.

So she mopes off to her small hometown to crash on the floor of her parents’ echoing, empty home, and tries to put her life back in order.

Vikander, a newcomer to the series, mopes and connives her way through Jason Bourne with a bizarre American accent, strangling out silly sounding CIA buzzwords “sitrep” and “asset” like Zooey Deschanel with a lymph node infection.

He mopes about a bit and swans off south to Winterfell with a miserably small army, somehow convinced by Sansa’s need for revenge.

Jon mopes up to Sansa and they have a very natural-feeling chat about his verdict.

After fourteen years of exciting spy work, he now labored in utter obscurity in a pool of human resources mopes.

While they round the bases, Nancy’s friend Barb (Shannon Purser) mopes by the pool and disappears on the spot.

Later, “Atlanta” closes the loop: Earn has a date with the mother of his daughter, and after it goes awry he mopes on a back porch, chugging champagne.

Maybe you feel a lot like Ryan Howard from ‘The Office,’ who mopes around from 9 to 5, hating his job.

As the sad-sack Rick, Bale mopes effectively, but this searching
screenwriter is merely another tool in Malick’s kit, part of a larger design of
sound and images.

Mostly, he just mopes and talks low.

In Beowulf, Grendel hears the humans celebrate indoors while he mopes around the moors, alone.

As the line of cars mopes through the ancient city, it takes a right off of one of Delhi’s main thoroughfares and passes through a gate.

Rick mopes and mutters through an elegantly appointed malaise, wandering the desert in an Armani jacket and driving aimlessly in his midnight-blue vintage convertible.

But for everyday mopes who file their taxes by the letter of the law, as opposed to through its loopholes, the biggest shocker was how much tax avoidance contained in the Panama Papers was legal, as Glenn Greenwald wrote in The Intercept.

When Dinesh mopes about his missing hard drive, Jared’s cheery optimism masks a deep hurt: “I found my retainer in a school Dumpster.

Cedar mopes in her room, watched by a vulture roosting in a tree outside her window, until she meets “Nerd-on-a-Bike” Leo Bishop.

In 2011, she began her solo career, which is three records deep as of today with the release of “Young mopes,” a record full of witchy, Stevie Nicks-esque gestures, Go-Go’s-inspired harmonies and chiming guitars.

In the grand tradition of young mopes in Europe, I began taking walks.

Like “Ruins,” “After the Blast” intimates that the lot of womankind will not have improved radically, though neither work approaches the retrogressive horrors of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” A third-generation descendant of select Americans who make up an underground colony after the earth’s surface becomes unlivable, Anna stays at home and mopes while her brilliant scientist husband, Oliver (William Jackson Harper of TV’s “The Good Place”), toils for the betterment of the upper earth’s ecology.

In this show, Mr. Gervais and Stephen Merchant send Mr. Pilkington around the world for deeply uncomfortable encounters; he mopes along the Great Wall of China, trains as a luchador in Mexico and learns to samba in Brazil, all the while unleashing his signature tirades on unsuspecting bystanders.

As he mopes around the palace, he burns with murderous rage against the king and is tormented by lust for his mother.

What’s troubling Sweety, who mopes and sighs and tearfully reads old diaries, is something she finally confesses to Sahil: She’s in love with another woman.

At first Jeremy — the anxious son of a morose single Dad (Jason SweetTooth Williams) who mopes around the house in his underwear — is ecstatic just to fit in.

Alaska seems to be taking The Colonel’s expulsion the hardest, and tries to get him to fight for his place at Culver Creek, and when he admits defeat she mopes around.

My favorite of these many corny, ardent baubles is “Just Ain’t Christmas,” in which Ne-Yo mopes on Christmas alone, missing his beloved, as a shiny electronic beat whooshes through his ears.

The girl mopes off stage, and the screen is flooded with ingredient names.

Rather than drive back home, Drew mopes around the property.

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