Months in a sentence | Use of the word months examples

They say time heals all wounds … it’s been about 6 months for the ex-friends.

After a weak start to the year, sales in the last couple of months have been largely flat versus 2018.

Within Fortnite, time is measured in “Battle Royale Seasons,” which last about three months.

Jeremy and Sonni Pacheco have been at war since she filed for divorce in December 2014 after being married for only 10 months.

months later, an anti-Semitic attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh left 11 dead and six injured.

MSCI’s gauge of stocks across the globe shed 0.46 percent, after it posted on Friday its biggest one-day drop in about three months.

Allen will do 72 months instead.

They have up to four months of stockpiles for some of the materials, according to experts.

“An announcement about further payments will be made in the coming months if warranted,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said.

“We will not see anything close to equitable supply relative to demand in the next 18 months,” he said.

Perez and several of his associates were later killed in a gun battle after more than six months on the run.

Hubert moved to Poole’s seven months ago but has been living out of a van for three years.

To set a 0-100 agenda in days not decades, months not millennia, seconds not centuries.

With six months, he said, “you can see the end.”

Industrial output expanded 6.0 percent in March on-year, the slowest pace in seven months.

Analysts had predicted output growth would cool to 6.2 percent from 7.2 percent in the first two months of the year.

Private-sector fixed-asset investment rose 8.9 percent in January-March, accelerating from an increase of 8.1 percent in the first two months.

In the 12 months through May, the PCE price index increased 1.5%, slowing from April’s 1.6% increase.

In the 12 months through May, the so-called core PCE price index increased 1.6%, matching April’s rise.

The increase in real spending in the last two months suggested consumer spending was struggling to accelerate after slowing in the first quarter.

Through the plan, up to 70 percent of their wages would be covered for two months of leave.

However, that would mean delaying their retirement payments through Social Security at least three to six months per child.

Charlie’s getting a divorce from his wife Giselle after only 9 months.

After years of isolation, the once hermitic despot has now travelled abroad three times in three months.

After years of isolation, the once hermitic despot has now travelled abroad three times in three months.

Finally, the new basket of currencies that the PBoC is targeting (CFETS index) has remained broadly steady over the past few months (Fig.

In the past few months, Sajdak has had to reassure her employees that she is committed to keeping them on staff.

Facebook has also had to delete fake accounts tied to Iran in the months before the midterm elections.

The food servings can be anywhere from one month to six months of supplies.

Then I wouldn’t go for two months, go back and make another five songs.

It’s been a busy and exhilarating couple of months for scientists who study Jupiter— and space nerds fascinated by the gas giant.

“We’ve known about these trainings for months and months,” he explained.

Will Trump decide to make that shift, backing away from his months of angry tweets?

He was sentenced to six months home confinement.

The sailor received a sentence of one year in prison as well as six months‘ home confinement.

The sailor did in fact receive a year-long prison sentence, as well as 6 months of home confinement.

The tweets were further evidence of Trump’s mixed messages since he announced his candidacy 17 months ago.

We’re told Tommy’s hoping time heals all wounds, with his wedding to Brittany Furlan still months away.

I’ve thought a lot about this question and interviewed the leading campaign finance experts over the last several months.

WeWork’s purchase of Chinese co-working startup Naked Hub marks its sixth acquisition in the past eight months.

A few months later, requests for sponsored posts from brands of all kinds began to trickle in.

months before her death, she fears her lack of artistic success is a disappointment to those around her.

Ramirez-Cancio is aware of the criticism the institute’s project has received over the last few months.

He must also complete a driver improvement course, anger management and 60 hours of community service in 3 months.

West Virginia joined the ranks with legalized medical marijuana, and Colorado’s weed sales reached $1 billion in just eight months.

In December 2017, two months after his guilty plea, the FBI had plans for a follow-up meeting with Papadopoulos.

Collins emphasized that over the last 18 months, Chicago has implemented a number of police reforms, including body cameras and new training oversight.

He was held in solitary confinement for three months of his detention and tortured, Amnesty said.

After four months on injections, Lauren Walker says she was starting to feel more like herself.

Haleema, the preacher from the film, was still active on his YouTube channel as of 11 months ago.

Over the past few months, I’ve interviewed dozens of Sanders supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

What can we expect from that site over the next few months?Not sure at the minute.

“Everyone supported the general proposal to extend by nine months.

The scenario: Your “friend” strips the bed, oh, every couple of months.

Okay, yes, technically, there are still a few months where it doesn’t feel like 500 new shows debut every week.

Their opponents had, for the past few months, been using substitute fielders not only as replacements for injured players, but also as tactical pawns.

Owners of The End claim the idea of a brightly colored, multi-flavored drink was theirs, AND they came up with it months before Starbucks.

Davila ordered the trial itself, which was expected to last three months, to begin in August 2020.

When I believed rumors were damaging my standing in the office a few months later, I told a very senior editor.

A few months later, she says, a reporter at Roll Call warned her about him, too.

In the months prior to her death, Sandra Bland began making short videos speaking her truth to power and sharing them directly to Facebook.

For the past 15 months, I’ve asked Vox readers to submit emergency room bills to our database.

In many cases, patients can’t be certain what they owe until they receive a bill in the mail, sometimes weeks or months later.

Eleven months later, Aileen Wournos began a year-long campaign of terror across the Sunshine State during which she murdered at least six men.

“These disappointing July figures came after a strong run for the data over the prior three months.

There were some modest upward revisions to prior months.

Not a surprise, because Gadot was named a Revlon beauty ambassador just a few months prior to the Oscars.

But it’s possible that he’s just not set up to do that kind of politics after months of the Donald Trump Show.

Visa requirements: Working Holiday visas are available for those between 18 and 30 for up to 12 months.

Once they are appointed, which will take months more, they may take two years or more to report on the disputes.

Incredible because 7 months ago he was way more bulked up for his role as the ex-veep.

Demand for these bonds has soared this year after months of uncertainty surrounding possible new U.S. sanctions on holdings of Russian debt.

From its very earliest days, the series compressed a timeframe of months into 10 episodes per season.

Manafort spent six months atop the Trump campaign at a time when Russia was allegedly trying to tip the election in Trump’s favor.

Manafort spent six months atop the Trump campaign at a time when Russia was allegedly trying to tip the election in Trump’s favor.

Kilimnik has strenuously denied that claim, but he has also gone quiet in recent months as the investigation has heated up.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the program would expire in six months — by March of next year — if Congress did not act.

Six months later, and it’s no surprise that Trump will likely never change.

The sale was made a few months before a surprise earnings downgrade.

I had spent months poring over testimonials and documentation detailing all available types of sterilization, regularly presenting my findings to my husband.

Gurriel hit .300 in five out of six months this season.

It has been six years, seven months, and two days since Gurriel and Puig squared off as opponents in a baseball game.

The legendary saxophonist tells TMZ, his V-Day treat for Kim Kardashian West wasn’t something Kanye spent months planning out.

At September’s sales pace, it would take 1.36 months for businesses to clear shelves, down from 1.38 months in August.

I was lousy at my job, and I left after about six months of writing these stories.

Unfortunately, our tourist visas only allowed us three months.

We renewed them for another three, but at six months we had to go.

Five months later, bosses ignored dire warnings about new wall cracks at Rana Plaza, demanding factory workers report to work anyway.

Three months later, in a bust that generated international headlines, Hernandez-Gonzalez was arrested on marijuana trafficking, money laundering, and firearm charges.

In New York City, Juno, a ride-hail app started by Viber co-founder Talmon Marco, performed one million rides in a matter of months.

So Uber’s two months from hell may not be a nail in the coffin for the company.

We’re told Denise is 4 months pregnant.

U.S. wheat exports to Mexico dropped 38 percent in value, to $285 million, in the first five months of 2018.

He trained for six months at Fairtex gym in Bangkok and defeated a high level Japanese karateka.

When he returned to England five months later he fought a pro fight against an English fighter and lost in a brawl.

He couldn’t find work back home, and after three months decided to come back to Thailand.

Conclusive proof of the damage caused by Zika may take months or years.

In the months of lead-up to the publication of my novel, Social Creature, I’ve heard a variety of responses from readers.

They looked at activity of these users over a course of six months.

We’ve seen usage double over the course of the last 12 months.

The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide and could not be back in service for months yet.

In the months that followed, Gupta tells me, he began attracting more clients than ever before.

“I give it another three months,” said one person who works at a trust firm in Shanghai.

Another 26 cleared men are expected to be released in the coming months.

Kim has already traveled to China four times in the last 12 months, highlighting the importance of the relationship between the two countries.

He was sentenced to 18 to 24 months in prison.

Eleven months of the sentence were suspended, and he’s getting credit for 19 days already served.

March on with missing months or years on your job applications, because nobody wants to hire someone sectioned out as mentally unfit.

In the first two months of the previous Congress in 2015, by contrast, Republicans held 222 in-person town hall events.

In the first two months of the previous Congress in 2015, by contrast, Republicans held 222 in-person town hall events.

I had an interesting experience just a few months ago.

Sources familiar with the offers tell TMZ, various websites and magazines started making offers months ago.

As for what they’ve done in the past … Kim and Kanye posted the first pic of North 2 months after she was born.

As for Saint, they also waited a little more than 2 months.

Two months before that announcement, the Guardian reported on some of the frustrations that may have motivated that decision.

The ouster of Bashir, 75, followed months of demonstrations against his rule.

Diane Sawyer spent six months with regular women.

It’s unclear why it took 6 months to arraign him.

Give me your prediction and six months or a year from now we can see how close you were.I got no cable TV.

Eighteen months later, we have future Supreme Court justices doing it.

Only 10 months into her comeback, the 37-year-old said she felt her she was still short of her best tennis.

10 months, soon to be 11 months, soon it will be 12 months.

U.S. employers have added jobs for 105 straight months, by far the longest streak of job creation on record.

Those first months were a blur!

Regardless of a Democrat or Republican in the White House, the risk of a slowdown due to uncertainty in the coming months is high.

This means that, in the coming months, low-income residents of Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah should be able to sign up for coverage.

Schumer and Texas Senator John Cornyn, who is a member of Republican leadership, reintroduced the bipartisan bill some seven months ago.

Schumer and Texas Senator John Cornyn, who is a member of Republican leadership, reintroduced the bipartisan bill some seven months ago.

But in the past few months, staff language has shifted.

The government shocked markets with a big devaluation in August, and massive capital flows followed for two months.

A few months after Obamacare passed, Republicans took increasing control of state houses.

He’s now spent nearly three months incarcerated.

“Mueller has been at this now for nine months with an aggressive staff.

For months, President Trump has tried, using winks and nods, to signal that he’s open to pardoning Manafort.

Due to the deals we have done over the past 12 months, we have added over 1,500 new people to the company.

Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz used his backyard for target practice just months before he killed 17 students this week.

If it’s the Model 3 slips by six months, okay.

A few months later he gave a speech echoing hawkish conventional wisdom, and was embraced by elites as sufficiently “boned up” on foreign policy.

The couple ended things after 15 months of blissful dating.

With a volcano, that damage slowly spreads over months and years.

“Fervently committed to their task, they created a total of ninety-seven life masks during their eleven months in operation,” Lubin writes.

Just because Apple shuffled things around a couple months ago didn’t mean it was out of the car business.

This was a second deadly incident involving the relatively new Boeing model in five months.

This morning’s plunge represents the Dow’s biggest drop in 10 months.

But it was too little, too late, and Ballmer, under pressure from the board, announced his resignation less than three months later.

In the past several months, the city enacted a first-of-its-kind $17.22-an-hour wage floor, after expenses like gas.

Its market share plunged from 95% to 71% in just two months!

By February, just two months later, it had more than quintupled to 28.9% (via athenahealth): The report wonders, “Why the sudden shift?”

A few months after moving in, Taylor and her daughter TreZure started noticing water leaks — first in the bathroom and later in the kitchen.

But some of its billion-plus users saw another 1.5 million clips — in just three months — that ultimately needed to be pulled off the site.

She was homeless for 18 months, often sleeping in the basement of her godmother’s house near John F. Kennedy International Airport.

While edible marijuana is sold medically in Oregon, it wouldn’t be available recreationally for a few more months.

Creeper watched their plan unfold, months of script writing and deception finally paying off.

We won’t know the actual numbers on how these MacBook Pros are selling until at least three months from now — and probably longer.

A few months later, we linked in Toronto and edited it into about 10 tracks.

This is during the winter months.

Over the past couple of months, I keep running into this question.

“He said that training would last six months.

Now, she says, the commission is seeking to fix that disparity, and could enforce further legislation on Facebook and others in the coming months.

Because I couldn’t afford it, I sat in Cook County Jail for 14 months, even though I had not been convicted of a crime.

It turns out they had paid the Jamie Oliver my money months ago, having worked with him on other campaigns previously.

That same day, in fact, he quietly signed a memo delaying official action on the embassy for at least six months, and probably longer.

Conversely, its overground follow-up, Onto the Land, was made via the editor and took several months to complete.

In the region, security forces will be on alert, and should be on alert, for months on end.

For the second time in as many months, the career of Jose Bautista looked to be over.

I had been craving them for months – not the thick Belgium ones, but the old-fashioned, round, thin crispy ones.

Could I come back in a week, a few months, or a year and sip on a Fanta?

It’s possible that Nader has valuable information on the Trump transition team’s meetings with foreign officials that have puzzled investigators for months.

AirVisual provided the hour-by-hour air pollution data from the embassy for recent months.

In December 2014, just months before Browder’s death, Rikers Island stopped placing 16- and 17-year-olds in solitary confinement.

Huawei said all its businesses, including smartphones, telecom equipment and IT infrastructure services, did well in the first six months of the year.

After months of range-bound trading, benchmark Brent crude is now above $58 a barrel, up almost a third from its mid-year levels.

The advances were a second resounding triumph for Abadi, the soft-spoken Iraqi prime minister, months after his forces recaptured Mosul from Islamic State.

It’s a strategy the DSCC has been rolling out for months, even before Trump had locked up the Republican nomination.

However, relations have appeared to improve in recent months amid efforts to push the Taliban towards a peace deal.

It took 8,000 workers 18 months to build the $1 billion dollar plant.

Her campaign found her leading Raybould by 17 points a few months back.

Here’s a guide to one of the most dramatic — and potentially most legally and politically significant — weekends in months.

Eight months passed and it was time to meet in our expensive hotel in Delhi.

Trump, who has tweeted about his anger over the McCabes for months, made reference to his longstanding ire again on Saturday.

At the end of the three months I was broken, and couldn’t understand how it had all happened.

In the warm, sun-drenched months, that danger only becomes more pronounced.

After all, they had spent months preparing for a Clinton presidency anyway.

The regulations were amended last December, preventing only men who have been sexually active with another man in the last 12 months from donating.

It’s likely this “purge” traces back to the ouster of the last VA secretary, David Shulkin, four months ago.

The regulations were amended last December, preventing only men who have been sexually active with another man in the last 12 months from donating.

Adams is 8 months preggo … and revealed they’re having a baby boy!!

Over the next few months, Jackson’ll be releasing a 12″ a week on Yes Wave records.

We reckon you’ll hear it pinging off more than a few warehouse walls over the coming months.

“I haven’t had a real meal in three months.”

The Alabama bill, which was signed into law on Wednesday, does not take effect for six months.

Warren made the same defense Friday morning that she’s repeatedly made over the past several months.

Eight months after the unpopular move to below-zero rates, the BOJ adopted so-called yield curve control, known in BOJ shorthand as YCC.

“Some of it we’d been designing months ago.

Junech is considering sending both Yaritze and Brayan back to the US; six months ago, Francisco returned to Iowa to work.

Now after nine years and five months, investors are debating when, not if, the current run-up in stock prices will end.

After about nine months of negotiations, the US, Canada, and Mexico are far from settling on a final agreement.

Sorting out these differences could take months of negotiations.

GPT-2 uses a newly invented neural network design called the Transformer, invented 18 months ago by researchers at Google Brain.

Two weeks later, I started doing the orders for the whole record store, and six months later I became a partner.

It also shows an uptick in uninsured rates in recent months.

The dollar fell last week after policy-makers opened the door to rate cuts in coming months.

This basically means that Paul Manafort, who was brought in as campaign chairman months ago, has been demoted.

“‘You like to be hit,’ they told me” Maria spent months trying to get the Honduran police to help her.

Stephens was ultimately arrested three months later.

Web Personals took two months to build, was written in C++, and had the ability to track users from page to page.

Most ranking changes are tested for days or weeks, but given how significant a change this is we’ll likely run it for months.

In the 18 months Conru ran the site, he said there were 120,000 sign ups.

The Buenos Aires summit paved the way for five months of talks aimed at ending the festering trade dispute.

The trade gap has now widened for a five straight months.

The caveat, according to Ford, owners CANNOT resell the car during the initial 24 months of ownership.

Under NAFTA rules, Trump can unilaterally withdraw from the agreement by giving Mexico and Canada six months’ notice.

He all but ended the practice and it has been more than three months since the last one.

The 14-page proposal is the culmination of months of discussion among environmental groups, progressive lawmakers, and impacted communities.

Yakupitiyage said these discussions will be hashed out over the coming months.

Sometime in the last few weeks, or months, or years, you may have heard about this idea called “universal basic income.”

A lawsuit with Ackerman McQueen and revenue concerns will also take up NRA time and resources in the months to come.

Bolton left the timeframe for a future withdrawal open-ended, meaning U.S. troops could be serving in Syria for months or even years.

He re-learned to walk and talk with months of physical and cognitive therapy.

Even Trump has admitted that 30 days is unrealistic, reportedly pushing the deadline out to four months just days after his initial announcement.

Google’s measured over 1B Store Visits in the 18 months since we’ve launched.

Being in a hospital after having been in a hospital for months for real with my sister was super weird and felt really wrong.

Photographer Fábio Teixeira spent seven months in and around Vila Mimosa, trying to capture the neighborhood’s spirit for VICE Brazil.

South Korea’s factory activity expanded at the strongest pace in 55 months in November.

The accounts are locked if Twitter detects unusual behavior such as a burst of activity after months of dormancy.

And exactly six months ago, a man attacked the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people.

Over the past two months, Washington has sharply tightened sanctions against Tehran with the aim of halting its oil exports altogether.

A few months go by, and then something else will happen to put us back in this position.

We may well see such activity over the next few months.

Six months of race-baiting later, he’s winning 5 percent of the black vote against Hillary Clinton.

Armen is six months late on her car inspection, so she scraped together money and coupons to head to the auto shop on Saturday.

With a bit of belt-tightening — and if they dip into their savings — they’ll make it seven-to-eight months without him getting paid.

At one point, Trump said he’d be fine stretching the shutdown for months — even years.

Senate Republicans already said health care, the first part of their policy two-step, could take months to complete.

A Rocket has not been launched by North Korea in 9 months.

GOAT launched in July and had a slow first month, with just $8,000 in sales; the next few months weren’t much better.

Bumgarner throws 200-plus first-rate innings every year, skimming through entire months with his spotted fastball and sidearmed, diving-turkey slider.

And finally, which will be the quixotic slow-burn emoji that takes months to find a purpose for?

Jenkins will have at least a couple months to get ready before the company has to explain its public offering plan to the public.

I took about six months, and then, in late 2000, I launched [Discogs].

It took about nine months to get to the self-sustaining point.

A typical fire season is nearly three months longer than it was in 1970, and there’s less water available to fight a blaze.

VMware shares, which have gained more than 62 percent in the past 12 months, touched an all-time high on Thursday.

The goal is to release the tool publicly (as well as the source code behind it) over the next couple of months.

A number of rights lawyers have been disbarred by the authorities in recent months for allegedly breaching rules governing their behavior .

“It might take you six months to a year to find a job,” he said.

Syrian government forces and allied militia recovered Qaryatayn from Islamic State some six months ago.

I lost the wife in a few months, quit the job, and started a new career.

I never thought I’d be in detention for 11 months or have an ankle monitor on my foot.

Major joint exercises have been suspended, but some small-scale drills have continued, earning rebukes from North Korea’s state media in recent months.

Democrats have been spending the past few months asking the Trump administration to willingly comply with their requests.

For months, Clinton has struggled to find a compelling response to this line of attack.

Forward bunker fuel, or high sulfur residual fuel oil(HSFO) refining margins for 2020 have collapsed in recent months.

Dressed in camouflage and carrying rifles, UCP members have helped U.S. Border Patrol detain over 5,600 migrants in the last two months, Benvie said.

Russell Wilson has been at an MVP-level over the past two months, and Seattle’s defense has been dominant.

Little Legend was in court to get some face time with his dad, whom he hasn’t seen in 8 months.

The answer over the past couple months has been a resounding yes.

Iran has warned for months that it is ready to begin producing weapons-grade uranium unless Europe helps it avoid crippling U.S. sanctions.

You’ll remember … millions watched April’s live stream through her pregnancy and birth of her baby boy, Tajiri, nearly two months ago.

Saikawa, who at 65 is a few months older than Ghosn, joined Nissan from the prestigious Tokyo University more than 40 years ago.

Still, with the Fed erring more on supporting growth, it could reduce the chance of a rate cut in the months ahead.

To qualify for a disability, your condition should have a long-term (at least 12 months) effect on your normal day-to-day activity.

But in recent months, Corker has toned down his rhetoric.

Pai has done all of these things in just eight months since he was tapped by Trump to lead the FCC.

For my first three months in the city, I stayed in that cave, mostly in the fetal position.

Young was also ordered to install an interlock alcohol monitoring system in his car for 9 months.

Annoying forms were filled out, instead of lingering on my desk for months.

“A few months ago, you might have felt … destroyed by upheaval,” she said.

He will be held for two months pre-trial, as is standard in Russia.

He will be held for two months pre-trial, as is standard in Russia.

Officials told the New York Times, however, that Butina is likely to be released and deported the Russia in the coming months anyway.

So I decided to stay in Detroit for three months, just to see how I felt.

“I released the single malt after nine months to have the name on the market, to be honest.

But teenagers are working less, especially during the summer months.

Two months after winning the Pulitzer he took his own life.

Raab served only five months as head of the Brexit department, having been appointed in July.

Its guardhouse was abandoned almost a decade ago and no Cantv employee had visited in three months, 54-year-old Angulo said.

A few months earlier, she’d gone to the emergency after falling down her friend’s stairs.

They had been sent to the ER by their pediatrician a few months earlier.

The murder rate continued to hit new records in the first three months of 2016.

The murder rate continued to hit new records in the first three months of 2016.

The gangs previously agreed to a truce in 2012, and murders fell by 40 percent nationwide during the next 18 months.

She’s about 5 months along with her second pregnancy, but she’s clearly not slowing down a bit.

But the couple’s next court hearing doesn’t take place for another seven months, in February 2019.

Over the past six months, SIGAR has sent representatives to Afghanistan to audit the facilities in Kabul provinces.

China would first turn to the WTO to settle the dispute, a process that could take up to 18 months.

His jaw shattered in the club, according to my friends who were there, and fear reverberated throughout the scene for months.

“You won’t recognize the company within 12-18 months,” a person who deals closely with Airbus said.

But in the months that followed, the facts didn’t really matter.

It’s the story they heard first, and circulated for six months uncontested.

Within months, I had an office on the Paramount lot when I was 24 years old.

India’s general election, meanwhile, is just two months away.

An index that tracks the dollar against a group of six currencies fell 1.57% last week, its biggest weekly loss in four months.

“There was so much s— brewing between Kourt, Kim and I for months,” she tweeted.

As we’ve reported, the expectant parents have been living apart and fighting a lot in recent months.

months later, she relented by releasing the DNA analysis in full.

The economy has created new jobs for a record 74 consecutive months.

Two months after receiving the one-time therapy, mini-dystrophin expression levels ranged from 10% to 60% of normal.

The economy has created new jobs for a record 74 consecutive months.

(here) And her story started to seem more and more remarkable as I learned more about her over the next few months.

(Dawn didn’t even exist a few months ago, Buffy.

Over the months we talked, I saw Formin grow in confidence.

Fincantieri top executives recently said they were confident of winning approval from Brussels, but that it could take some months.

For months, the Patrolmen’s Association has complained that the city was sending officers out to fail.

In the months leading up to the RNC, we’ve seen alarmist headlines about the possibility for serious violence.

It’s been more than seven months since Zuckerberg’s announcement and Facebook hasn’t mentioned Clear History since.

Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said at that time that it would take “a few months” to build.

He was captured 3 months later.

Now Facebook tells Recode it won’t be ready for several more months.

Text messages obtained by TMZ appeared to show Chloe tried to reconcile with Chris months after their split.

However, in the months ahead, we are likely to see some payback of the earlier strength in exports.”

To help stabilize sentiment, the central bank last week made its biggest liquidity injection in more than four months.

“China’s new export orders sub-index in the manufacturing PMI leads monthly exports with the strongest correlation of six months,” Yeung says.

Republicans have spent months pushing evidence-free conspiracy theories that social media companies are biased against conservatives.

Over the next six months, they received $612,000 from 10 early backers, including several cryptocurrency hedge funds, according to the website.

He shot it down immediately and hard for like seven months.

But the kids and their coach may not have four months.

He shot it down immediately and hard for like seven months.

Regulatory sources said any changes are at least six months away.

Soon after, he began to produce parties every two-to-few months.

“Stock market volatility was heavily prevalent in the final few months of the year.

This went on for three years until I was let off three months early, in November 2014.

Six months later, he deployed again to Iraq for an advise-and-assist mission with the Iraqi Army.

The “gurus” who post about makeup and skin care to large followings on YouTube and Instagram have had a rough few months.

Joe Banner, the former Browns CEO for 16 months under owner Jimmy Haslam until 2014, sees promise in the hire.

He ended up serving three years and nine months in jail after a 2009 guilty plea to those crimes.

Last May, Pyongyang returned three American hostages that the Kim regime had held for months.

In the weeks and months to come, the battle over appointing a new Supreme Court justice will be very, very nasty.

For 18-plus months, presidential candidates debated how to tackle climate change.

I left my job about 4 months ago and haven’t regretted it a bit.

Over four months later, I’m still adjusting, but life is pretty great.

Meanwhile, Mitch Clarke returns to the Octagon for the first time in 15 months after a long layoff through injury.

Though it had been announced months ago, the timing of Snowden’s conference was strangely appropriate.

North Korea may have undone months of diplomacy in only a few hours.

But it was still nearly three months until the convention, and many of her ardent supporters were not prepared to give up.

“Airlines don’t start to manage the cheaper inventory until about three months before departure,” Seaney told me.

Just as certain days of the week tend to offer cheaper fares, so do certain months of the year.

The Russia matter has dogged Trump’s first six months in office.

“Over the course of the last two months, we’ve worked closely with the NTSB,” an Uber spokesperson said.

In addition to a revamped menu, Jamba plans to remodel all of its franchises within 12 to 18 months.

It was so easy I wondered why I hadn’t done it months earlier.

The lead plaintiff in the case was an Iranian, Majid Karami Kamasaee, 35, who spent 11 months on Manus Island in 2013-14.

A few months later she agreed, remarrying Rivera in a San Francisco courtroom in November 1940.

In recent months, some large health insurance plans have quit Obamacare, including, most notably, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare.

Banks including JPMorgan (JPM.N) and Morgan Stanley (MS.N) worked for months to prepare what would have been the biggest ever stock market debut.

Six months before will give you the most options but just shoot for making them as soon as you can.

And now look at him two months later on the right.

Some are expected to be without power for months.

It took Slain six months to find a new doctor in his state, during which time he says his vision worsened.

A Book of the Month subscription for the next three months.

They might realize a few months out of school that they’re actually a little starved for something new to think about.

Three months of Birchbox deliveries.

You can gift a woman’s subscription for 3 months for $30, 6 months for $60, or a full 12 months for $110.

You can gift a man’s subscription for 3 months for $30, 6 months for $60, or a full 12 months for $110.

Six months of language prep.

Because we did the show for five months with the Public Theater off Broadway first.

That’s why “Hamilton” is sold out for its first six months in Chicago already!

In the Philippines, the premium has fallen by almost the same amount over the past 12 months.

The last few months have been particularly rough for the ride-sharing company.

In the past 18 months, the Office of Congressional Ethics found “substantial reason to believe” several lawmakers could have violated ethics rules.

Currently, Starz is offering a discounted monthly rate of $5.99 for three months after you sign up for the free 7-day trial.

The sources said their optimism is based on conversations with Fed officials over several months.

Patrick is expected to leave in the coming months as the bank’s U.S. restructuring progresses, they said.

After being temporarily shelved for a few months, the Anthony Davis trade talks are back on.

So six months in, there just haven’t been any show-stopping disputes.

“Zero-sum swagger invites an Iranian escalation and risks unraveling the fragile political progress of recent months,” they wrote.

Davis was accused of aiding him in the first attempt and imprisoned for eighteen months until she was found innocent.

Global sales at stores open at least 13 months rose 5.5 percent, easily topping an average estimate of 3.94 percent.

“In six months I’ve already missed out on a couple of fights, I’ve already missed out on a couple million dollars.

In addition to the growth slowdown, the unemployment rate for 2019 is forecast at 3.7 percent, slightly higher than forecast three months ago.

In the past months, the two camped in the community’s church and in shipping crates offered by the city as temporary housing.

The listener gets a visceral sense of the crime’s lasting effects — lasting not just for months, but sometimes for decades.

Khashoggi was killed two months ago at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul when he went there to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage.

So we’re no longer watching one scene followed by another that, logically, has to take place months later.

But as the soldiers waited months for their leaders to act, the money quickly disappeared.

But as the soldiers waited months for their leaders to act, the money quickly disappeared.

“It’s so dead simple,” reporter Brian Anderson writes in “Remote Control,” an investigative story for Motherboard that took three months to produce.

WhatsApp has historically offered a relatively bare bones messaging experience, but has been slowly expanding into new features over the past couple months.

Between these two new seasons and that Tobias Fünke cameo in Avengers: Infinity War, we’re in for a Bluth-filled next few months.

President Bashar al-Assad holds most of Syria, including the city of Aleppo, taken after months of bitter fighting in 2016.

Arthur: I remember months there being very stressful, but at the same time we knew we were really onto the right thing.

I was 24 then and already worked at that place for about four months.

Three months later he terminated my contract.

That’s a rate of one death every 10 months in the entire country, rather than one every three months in North Queensland alone.

A school in western Pennsylvania was sued for letting high levels of lead in the drinking water go untreated for months.

Sarah Kliff: It has, obviously, been a tumultuous week (and tumultuous few months) for Obamacare.

The man had enlisted in April 2016 anticipating he’d be a citizen within months, but faced a series of delays.

They reunited last August before splitting up a few months later.

A few months later, the military suspended MAVNI.

I left three months before that, and I had no idea that was happening.

Frontières opened two months before the November terror attacks in Paris, after which France reinstated border controls.

Offset reached out to Pristine Jewelers’ owners Avi and Ofir 2 months ago to plan something special for Cardi’s 26th birthday.

Then this past weekend, more than 2,000 US veterans joined the demonstrations, providing water protectors “a moment of peace” after months of upheaval.

Patients had months to lobby their legislators on particular issues that they thought were important.

Two months later, the mood has soured.

Three months into his presidency, Trump announced that he had given military commanders “total authorization” to fight terrorists as they saw fit.

He received a hero’s welcome upon his return, but months later Iranian officials arrested and imprisoned him.

The US conducted 34 airstrikes during the last six months of 2017.

They’re still months away from moving in.

Provisional government data for the first four months of 2018, too, shows a slight leveling off of drug overdose deaths.

“We did a BLM march months ago, and there were fewer people, and the police were yelling at us, being intimidating and confrontational.

Tensions on the Peninsula have risen in recent months, with Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump exchanging military threats.

The account got more than 20,000 followers in a matter of months.

Elections would follow within six months, Rajoy has said.

“Now, ten months later, Succ has launched in [skate fashion retail giant] Zumiez and has turned into a full-time job,” says Martyn.

This is going to be many, many months.

They had said for two months that they wouldn’t support a plan that resulted in millions fewer Americans having health coverage.

I’d like to do one of those tests where it’s like, how much have you aged in the past 12 months?

Republicans have been here before in the past seven months, and their attempts have always come back from the dead.

The original Senate repeal-and-replace bill had been negotiated and drafted entirely in secret for the previous two months.

Four months later, IOC president Thomas Bach announced Takeda’s resignation.

Which we were able to do for six to eight months, with Destination America.

What’s coming up for Ring of Honor the next few months?

The result means her position as leader of the party cannot be challenged for 12 months.

Instead, Colombian authorities nervously sent them back to their hotels where they have lived for two months.

Chinese blue chips scaled their highest in eight months on the back of a 6 percent gain, their biggest daily increase since July 2015.

Instead, Colombian authorities nervously sent them back to their hotels where they have lived for two months.

The agreement ends three months of political deadlock that began with an inconclusive election on March 4.

How many books have you read in the last 12 months?None.

Sixteen months later, on a brisk December afternoon, Leonelli stalked the sidelines of the Eagle Dome, Green Mountain’s fieldhouse.

Concept decided, a team trip last year led Sheehan and Berg to Margate, where Xiringuito will pitch up for the next three months.

The officers all tell us that this is the quietest night they’ve had in months.

Photo by Arturo Palma Since the new governor took office two months ago, over 300 people have reportedly been murdered in the state.

They then used Bayesian statistics to analyze their results, and found the medication didn’t work after running the trial for 12 months.

There was a trial five months after he’d turned up at my doorstep.

It kept going on for months, and we became scared to come home late at night, or to leave the house at certain times.

One executive I talked to said the fee covered the costs of “multiple expensive people” working for several months on the project.

The yes or no question was a political hot button in the months leading up to the ballot.

“Carter Page is an individual who the president-elect does not know and was put on notice months ago by the campaign,” Spicer insisted.

The attack plunged France into new grief and fear just eight months after gunmen killed 130 people in Paris.

For months, Carter Page and his ties to Russia have been a thorn in the Trump administration’s side.

A state of emergency in place since the Paris killings last November is to be extended for another three months.

He had one criminal conviction for road rage, having been sentenced to probation three months ago for throwing a wooden pallet at another driver.

Citing funding uncertainty, it called of field tests just six months before they were due to start in 2016.

Scarvino said the call took place “6 months ago,” which would be Nov. 9, the morning following Election Day.

In the 12 months through November, the PPI shot up 3.1 percent.

The so-called core PPI had increased by 0.2 percent for two straight months.

We had to wait nine months on starting critically important projects.

The experience with funding for Zika seemed extreme — as you say, nine months to get the funding.

The negotiations hit an impasse in May after Washington accused Beijing of reneging on reform pledges made during months of talks.

It’s six to seven months away after the peak before you see kids with microcephaly.

Within a few months of treatment, her depression began to ease.

The company shares have fallen 70.5% over the past 12 months.

The Baby, priced at $650,000, debuted in September, two months after Cantiere Navale Italia acquired the Kifaru brand.

Rather, it marks the number Blue Apron would hit over the next 12 months if it keeps matching or surpassing recent monthly sales totals.

They’ll then work for a couple of months to complete their prints, which will then be for sale.

Three months and 1,367 miles after the escape, the brothers arrived safely at their home in Wroclaw, Poland.

With Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time”— directed by Ava DuVernay — already in theaters, let’s look ahead to the coming months.

The TV network ran with the scandals for months.

Republicans just spent the past eight months unsuccessfully trying to repeal Obamacare.

The part will not be ready for months and no airplane will fly without the retrofitted part, GE said.

The following months were filled with a stream of new doctors and medications—no one was able to provide a proper diagnosis.

The FDIC defended the pace of its severance audits, which in some cases have taken months to finish.

In the last 18 months, the Trump administration has attempted to cancel or roll back more than 70 environmental rules.

That means that when moving to a new city, you should consider renting for a few months while you search for a permanent home.

As I hung up the phone, I remembered a photograph I’d seen a few months earlier.

The effects of FinCEN’s announcement won’t be felt for another few months, they say.

The New York Times reported the former senator spent six months machinating relations with Taiwan that eventually led to Trump’s call.

“The downside may be modest, at least in the next 12 months.

He later spent eight months battling the Syrian military.

He later spent eight months battling the Syrian military.

Assad, Stewart said, is “in a much stronger negotiating position than he was just six months ago.

Official unemployment today is 4.1 percent which is the lowest it has been in years and the stock market in recent months has soared.

Twelve squads succeeded each other for a few months, whereupon it was suppressed, each time with a different trick to head off possible resistance.

In case you miss it, Pixar actually released an image with the Easter egg in it months ago.

And despite this terrible predicament, Brittany navigated the chaos of those 10 months with an overwhelming appreciation for life.

That reality kept me awake at night for those 10 months.

For the last few months, Roxanne has been playing the simulation game Youtubers Life OMG!

Inventories in warehouses tracked by ShFE have been falling in recent months but were still up 23% so far this year.

Both of these extraordinarily telling stories about Trump were reported by one person in the past nine months: David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post.

They stay fresh for several months, so [Amazon] won’t have a problem.

On Monday its minimum wage will drop from $10 to $7.70, reversing a city-mandated increase that happened just three months ago.

I actually met Mitt Romney in a bank a couple months back.

Buybacks increased for five consecutive months beginning in July 2017 and have exploded in February,” said TrimTabs analyst Winston Chua.

By the time he faced McGregor to unify the titles in December, Aldo had not defended his championship belt for 14 months.

In the last three months it has fallen nearly 50 percent.

Compared to other distilleries who spend five to six years to complete their distillery, we only took just nine months to complete the construction.”

So it’s entirely possible that Republicans will pay no political price attributable to today’s failure 19 months from now.

The economy slumped by 3.2% in the first three months of 2019.

But it will be important to watch how these two campaigns interact with each other in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, the buzz has been building for months.

Just five months before, in October, a Lion Air flight taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia, crashed, killing all 189 passengers.

It’s been a couple of months since Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial abuser and harasser of women.

It’s been a couple of months since Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial abuser and harasser of women.

That puts Ye in the position of commenting on — and, depending on your position, answering for — its creator’s behavior over the preceding months.

Alphabet has been fighting to get hold of this document for months, arguing it could contain critical information for its case against Uber.

And then Tucker Carlson kept a light alive for you for many months.

The social network had spent months attempting to keep the documents sealed.

Over the last 12 months, North American diesel and so-called semitruck orders totaled 497,000 units.

Japan’s Sakurajima volcano, after months of calm, exploded at 7 pm Japan time Friday, creating a spectacular eruption against the night sky.

A few months ago, I was emailed a study that blamed absent fathers for the decline of black players in baseball.

Sometimes she would leave the painting there for months before returning to it.

That case could be made based on various comments from Trump and corresponding statements and policies taken by the league in recent months.

Uncooked pansotti will keep, frozen, for up to 3 months).

Unfortunately, while there’s an effective flu vaccine, it doesn’t work for infants less than 6 months old.

That protection extends into the first, most vulnerable, months of an infant’s life, multiplying the effects of the intervention.

Shares of Tesla were set to open at their highest in two months.

A few months ago, as she sat on a rooftop at the New York Athletic Club, Gray laid out her vision.

We are now about four months into the Trump administration, but it feels more like 40.

So far, it’s been four months of near-constant outrage.

We hope months in a sentence examples were helpful.