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Well, except making this thing real: It’s very much still a concept, though its 8.5-foot long monocoque carbon-fibre passenger pod is built-to scale and on the show floor at Geneva, as are the wheeled ground module and quadcopter drone air transit system.

All of them have the same foundation: a carbon fiber monocoque chassis (meaning integrated into the body) and carbon fiber body.

With that in mind, Bugatti has constructed a new carbon fiber monocoque, which serves a dual purpose: communicating Bugatti’s new, more aggressive design language and also enabling the car’s fierce performance numbers.

This one-off design is built around a carbon fiber monocoque and Lamborghini’s most powerful engine to date.

You might not be able to afford a carbon fiber monocoque, but you can grab yourself a sporty hatchback with the same CarPlay smarts as within those hypercars.

Paired with a carbon fiber monocoque — Monocage II, in McLaren parlance — what this obsessive pursuit of optimal airflow means for the driver is a list of extreme supercar specs.

Pop.Up revolves around a small, Smart Car-sized monocoque (or “passenger capsule,” as Airbus calls it) that can be used in multiple modes of transportation.

There was a surprising amount of headroom for my 6-foot-tall frame, though, which is thanks to the fact that the seats are bolted to the bottom of the monocoque.

Dubbed Pop.Up Next, this year’s concept is built around a two-seater Smart Car-sized monocoque, which Airbus calls the passenger capsule.

The Venom F5’s carbon fiber monocoque is surrounded by aluminum, making the car a relatively light 1,360 kilograms (or just under 3,000 pounds).

And it has all the fanciful hallmarks of a concept befitting the luxury branding: super-lightweight, low-slung, carbon-fiber monocoque body; butterfly doors that are opened with a fingerprint sensor or biometric facial recognition; and a battery-powered motor that Genesis says can sprint to 60 mph in three seconds.

Buzyn tells me that internally it was codenamed Level 0 — a teasing mockery of the five levels of autonomous drive, which Audi is also deeply involved in advancing — and the button on the steering wheel that shifts the monocoque to the middle is indeed labeled “Level 0.” Audi’s intent is to show that electric cars can be every bit as thrilling as their combustion-engine predecessors and need not turn every traveler into an inactive passenger.

“That’s why we developed the interior around the ideal driver’s position in the center.” The interior of the PB18 is defined not only by that sliding monocoque, but also by a transparent OLED instrument panel.

Bugatti made the Chiron’s aluminum monocoque body so strong, you’ve got to pile five tons on one end of the car to get it to twist by a single degree.

John Watson’s 1981 McLaren MP4/1 may not look revolutionary, but it was the first to be made as a single carbon-fiber composite monocoque, rather than a metal chassis.

John Watson’s 1981 McLaren MP4/1 may not look revolutionary, but it was the first to be made as a single carbon-fiber composite monocoque, rather than a metal chassis.

Audi designed a cockpit paired with a “monocoque shell that can be slid laterally,” so that the driver can sit in the center of the vehicle for optimal vision and control.

The Mantis chassis incorporates a monocoque armored shell.

Formula One safety has progressed rapidly since the 1970s, when more than one driver burned to death when his weight-saving magnesium chassis and monocoque, the single-piece tub containing the cockpit, caught fire in a crash.

That allowed Haas, whose team is based in Kannapolis, N.C., to focus on building the monocoque, crash structures and aero package, turning to the chassis designer Dallara, based in Italy, for assistance.

“So we looked at full canopies — a fighter-jet style of the canopy; we looked at a roll bar in front of the drivers, and a partial roll bar just in front of the monocoque.

It has a monocoque frame, which means the bodywork is the frame, not separate body panels attached to the frame as with other scooters.

Less chunky than usual.” For the first time, Casio used a carbon and resin shell-like structure, called a monocoque, for the watch’s case.

“The collision between Hubert and Correa caused significant damage to both cars as they hit the wall again, with Correa going airborne and coming to a rest upside down.The impact was fierce enough to expose Correa’s feet as the front section of the car broke away, leaving him trapped in the cockpit, while Hubert’s car broke into two as the monocoque split from the rear section of the car.Read more: Formula 1 hopeful Tatiana Calderon says ‘people expect less’ from women in the sport, and she’s trying to prove them wrongHubert was born in Lyon and started karting at the age of 12, before beginning his single-seater career in 2013.He competed in the French F4 Championship, winning the title that year, and progressed through Formula Renault, Formula 3 and GP3, where he clinched last year’s championship with ART that secured him a place in this year’s Formula Two championship with BWT Arden.He was also part of the Renault Academy programme in the hope of reaching Formula One in the near future, and team principal Cyril Abiteboul issued a statement on behalf of the French manufacturer.

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The car has a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, with a body designed to improve airflow and increase downforce, therefore increasing its speed.

Unlike some of the hardtail SUVs of old, the Defender’s D7x engineering, as explained by Jaguar Land Rover, makes use of a lightweight, stiff aluminum monocoque assembly and four-wheel independent suspension, versus a body-on-frame steel construction with rear leaf-springs.

In addition to a familiar carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, the Elva makes abundant use of additional carbon fiber, from the signature “dihedral” doors to carbon-ceramic brakes.

The 163-horsepower tiny home on wheels is powered by its 120-kilowatt engine and includes capabilities that improve its drive, such as crosswind assist, which Daimler claims steadies the van during strong crosswinds.Nova EB — optimized to transport two people — also has a monocoque structure that’s made of fiber-fortified plastic, allowing it to be insulated with leak protection, according to its maker.

Its maker claims this makes the vehicle “lighter and stronger” and allows the LTi to be over 1,000 pounds lighter than the LTS.The monocoque carbon fiber body isn’t the only lightweight but strong part of the tiny home on wheels: the front and rear bumpers are aluminum, giving it the same “tough but light” qualities.There are five different floor plans that all affect various aspects of the interior, including the size of the galley, storage options, and the number of people who can seat and sleep inside the LTi.

The body had to be shaped to provide the necessary downforce and cooling, while conforming to the requirements of the series and the underlying form of the monocoque chassis.

The Rodeo is Ruf’s first off-road model on its new carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, which is essentially a shell to keep those inside of the car safe.

The SCR shares the same carbon-fiber monocoque chassis with the Rodeo.

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