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“Every president in modern times has taken the strong medicine of divestiture,” Shaub said.

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective continues at the Museum of modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan) through May 15.

And then it was used in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

And then it was used in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

modern NBA basketball relies on a division of labor amongst the five players on the court.

Tate modern will stage an exhibition of work from Elton John‘s photography collection in November.

Bonhams appointed Edward Wilkinson as executive director, Asia, and Ingrid Dudek as head of modern and contemporary art Asia.

A new research center dedicated to the work of Lucian Freud will open at the Irish Museum of modern Art in September.

I mean, those first two years of the Obama administration are one of the most productive legislative periods in modern history, right?

Abe’s Oddysee received several sequels, and was remade in 2014 as Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, for modern consoles.

Do you believe he ought to release those tax returns like every other presidential candidate in modern history?

Even a big swordfish is no match for a skilled modern fisherman — and the swordfish wouldn’t want to eat you anyway.

Even in this modern age, when we’ve been able to plumb the depths of the seas, we still know surprisingly little about sharks.

The fair as a whole feels like a modern retrospective on contemporary African art, with something for everyone.

Mike had discovered the hyper-kinetic sounds of modern ballroom music—the fuel that gives dancers the adrenaline they need to dominate their opponents during battles.

Bangalore is often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, known for its modern metropolis and thriving information technology community.

modern college football tells us that Jake Coker should be significant.

It’s a relatively modern city, it’s so darn hot that you don’t have a whole lot of people enjoying the outdoors.

This is what is called “legitimacy,” and it’s what gives modern police their authority in a democratic society.

This coincided with the ruling power lying in Edo (modern day Tokyo) during the Tokugawa Shogunate, which was based in Kyoto.

Developed by a company called modern Meadow, the t-shirt is derived from organic materials, but doesn’t utilize skin from cows or any other animal.

Last year, modern Meadow convinced investors that the idea was viable.

modern Meadow isn’t the first company to utilize genetic engineering to create a luxury good.

This shutdown was notable for being the longest in modern American history but now also for how little it achieved.

This shutdown was notable for being the longest in modern American history but now also for how little it achieved.

She is not a puritan: she does not demand the end to modern medicine, but rather, the end to normative care.

The first modern Olympic Games — which started 120 years ago —included something more commonly associated with entitled children than ancient Greeks: a participation trophy.

Phil Brooks was once known as CM Punk – the longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era.

Here we are invited to feel fear for a miscegenous relationship: a regressive, traditional, despotic East and a progressive, modern, free-spirited West.

Single mothers are modern day renaissance women tending to a scraped knee while sifting through a pile of paperwork brought home from the office.

The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities.

Now 31 years old, he’s a roving shooter with modern offensive skills that force help defenders to stay home and pay attention.

(You get three guesses as to which modern political figure that resembles.)

In Dub Love, Bengolea, Chaignaud, and company mix diverse forms—ballet, modern, African, club, and dancehall—while dancing to dub music mixed live.

Why does it always seem to be ballet meets dancehall, never tap meets two-step, or modern meets Jersey-Shore style fist bumping?

Brazil’s states have made efforts to build modern, “gang-free” jails, but they, too, are proving vulnerable.

The Bachelor 2 Broke Girls Scorpion NCIS modern Family You get the idea.

All of this experience makes Lighthizer a different brand of conservative than most of the modern Republican Party.

Under Nadella, Microsoft is pointed in one direction for first time in modern memory.

In the modern world, we often see images of gangrene from mountaineers that are climbing Everest and their feet get frostbite.

The Museum of modern Art explores modern interiors from the 1920s to ’50s and the contributions of women to their architecture and design.

Propositions for the modern Interior continues at the Museum of modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan) through April 23, 2017.

VICE: In the 2010 “modern Love” piece you wrote of your mother’s death, “For me, discovering the truth had somehow let me out.”

The implication of “fiat” is that modern money and modern foods are both artificial, and Bitcoin carnivorism supposedly solves this problem.

When: Friday, April 26–Sunday, April 28, various times Where: The Museum of modern Art, The Celeste Bartos Theater, 4 West 54 Street, Midtown, Manhattan

A modern Bluetooth speaker

This modern-looking Bluetooth speaker is super slim, but still has crystal clear sound.

modern ratites are all flightless, so biologists have always assumed their ancestors were also devoid of flight.

Marina Abramovic reconciled with her former collaborator and lover Ulay, following a talk at the Louisiana Museum of modern Art.

The San Francisco Museum of modern Art will debut a new commission by Julie Mehretu on Labor Day weekend.

Christie’s will sell a number of works from the Museum of modern Art‘s photography holdings next year.

She looks like an incarnation of the childhood of modern art.”

He later started a lecture series on modern art called “Sturmabende,” as well as Die Sturmbühne, an Expressionist theater.

modern, well-maintained jets have useful lifespans far in excess of that.

“It’s odd for Lady Gaga, of all people, to be pitting modern pop against authenticity,” writes Jon Pareles.

But President Donald Trumps’s 2016 campaign, the most racially divisive in modern history, escalated this into a kind of cold civil war.

It’s one of the most enduring and divisive (if petty) debates of modern American life.

Undeniably modern, their arrangement nonetheless is meant to evoke the mountains and valleys of the landscapes found in traditional Chinese painting.

Sadly, the modern world steadfastly refuses to let bygones be bygones.

Formula E makes a lot of sense to urban areas and people who live in large modern cities.

If anyone understands the cruel reality of modern fame, it’s Peter Crouch.

I would say that the technology and the way it will shape modern engineering is a given now.

“It’s an interesting finding in the modern era,” said Topol.

Donald Trump’s claim that the upcoming election is rigged against him is without precedent in modern US history.

This has become a bedrock belief of the modern GOP.

Susan Meiselas: Mediations continues at the San Francisco Museum of modern Art (151 3rd St, San Francisco) through October 21.

Jennicam would now be construed as some kind of quirky performance art, a sideways comment on the hi-def version of modern life.

Q: There is wide agreement America needs to spend much more on highways, transport, airports and other fundamentals of modern society.

“I wanted to start off with all the footage and imagine that footage in our game with a modern take.”

Lincoln Kirstein’s modern continues at the Museum of modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown, Manhattan) through June 15.

modern venture capital took root.

Direct connection is increasingly difficult, given the size of constituencies and the complexities of modern policymaking.

As you said, the invention of modern venture capital really did happen here.

It’s a critical perception that persists in modern culture to this day.

“The spirit will be that of the old games, but designed with modern hardware in mind.”

Because we really can’t afford to let Hollywood erase history and replace it with something a little more tailored to our modern sensibilities.

It’s an honor that a US president hasn’t been granted since the founding of modern China.

Is it modern Asian?

[57:55] In response, we wrote: “Murray talks about advances in population genetics as if they have validated modern racial groups.

These residents inspired street artist Biancoshock to create his latest project, where he posted logos of modern apps on their predecessors in the village.

What does modern jazz look like?

When it’s time to eat, you’ll find everything from modern eateries to establishments dating back to 1917.

*   *   * Nate Klug is the author of Rude Woods, a modern translation of Virgil’s Eclogues, and Anyone, a book of poems.

Old houses and buildings were being destroyed and replaced by new ones including modern skyscrapers.

If it weren’t for the two security watchtowers, Yingshan could be mistaken for a modern residential building.

In the village, crumbling homes stand alongside gated, modern ones painted gold.

The Retour Toronto proudly continues this lineage in the modern age.

Olafson and Mungan frame the understanding of VR systems like a form of modern magic, VR as an altered state, even a psychedelic experience.

modern technologies like VR are blurring the boundaries of reality, a job formerly performed by the arts.

How are modern technologies taking on this role?

The food, like many modern emergency food products, promises an expiration date that is up to a quarter century away.

They’re not MS-13 … but they’re also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States, into our modern society.

A smaller portion of the modern human genome comes from the Denisovans, a population we know only from a tiny fossil record.

The upcoming effort is also set to have the band reunite with modern Vampires of the City co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid.

Book a reservation at La Banane for one of the cities most coveted modern French bistros.

He adopts this approach for Jardins d’Été, but with modern technology.

What Rutherford did was make the language tighter and more modern.

To document the trek through “a modern fugitive’s eyes,” he, too, tried to avoid people.

Its powers are inexhaustible; it is a poetry of energy and life, always modern and provocative.

The intersection of hard liquor and modern medicine is rarely a good place to be.

Much like their modern 420-friendly brethren, these ancestral ents were fascinated by the simple beauty of the cannabis leaf.

According to the Guardian, the artwork was particularly lauded in an exhibition at the Tate modern dedicated to the Russian painter.

Steeped in modern and historic fine art traditions, Shaw’s work alludes equally to twentieth-century painting and photography, and the legacy of European masters.

reveals a lot about modern life.

Paddington 2 even directly quotes the famous “trapped in mechanical gears” sequence from Chaplin’s modern Times.)

First modern passenger airliner.

(Clearly, the repetitive geometric patterns typical of North African aesthetics appealed to modern artist Paul Klee during his career-changing stay in Tunisia.)

Cranbrook’s promotional materials frame Girard’s singular aesthetic as an “antidote” to modern design.

Rendering old games in the modern engine is something of an obsession for the modding community.

Look at an old entry from “modern American Usage” and see which words I added and how it changed in the new book.

And Burchfield’s third edition was really not a third edition of Fowler but his own usage book — but that was “modern English Usage.”

Then Oxford added “Garner” to the title, I guess in the second edition, and it became “Garner’s modern American Usage.”

The Kindle format for “modern American Usage” was not good, and there were complaints about it.

The first prototype for the modern female condom was created by a Danish doctor named Lasse Hessel.

But he has come to entirely overshadow Alana and be considered the true founder of modern inceldom.

The result, in their view, is that modern Western society is defined by a kind of sexual class system.

In the piece, Douthat levels a critique of modern sexual mores that wouldn’t sound entirely out of place in a blackpilled web forum.

No team has won more than 11 in a row in the modern era.

The incel focus on the modern sexual marketplace, in particular, speaks to the specific anxieties today’s young men feel.

Many modern 18-wheelers contain televisions, fridges and other appliances.

Kalashnikov chooses his footage with care and edits them together to create a uniquely compelling journey through the roads of modern Russia.

It shows the head of an animal, visibly bigger than that of a modern wolf, covered with fur and with teeth visible.

We’re going to start using our best and most modern equipment.

From bakers to chefs to brewers, the mentors of the ancient and modern guilds continue to berate their poorly paid apprentices to excellence.

It was going to be four weeks out the greatest defeat in the modern history of American politics.

Everyone knows that modern air travel is a cold, cruel mistress.

This last feature alone makes the hashtag one of the greatest developments of the modern internet.

You can’t really function in modern society without electricity.

Inspired by modern architecture and Japanese culture, her fashion posts maintain a starkness that elevates the fashion pieces as art objects.

“This is one of the most fundamental decisions that government has taken in modern times.

Justine Flatley, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Reuters, said: “UGC is authentic, resonates with audiences and plays an essential role in modern media.

When Roupenian leans into her ability to explore and explode modern archetypes like this, she’s a breathtakingly exhilarating force.

If the painting sells for more than £300,000, it will set a new record for a modern Nigerian artist.

These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise, and one that will create a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system.

La Chica, a.k.a., Sophie Fustec, is a French-Venezuelan musician who combines traditional Latin American musical forms with modern electronic pop.

modern Luxury with Silicon Valley will skew a bit higher end, and more in line with our core modern Luxury publications,” she added.

America’s largest cultural export used to be its entertainment — today, it is modern communication, thanks to Silicon Valley.

“This was presented to them as an opportunity to have nice, modern apartments in this high rise building.

“I was keen to have some modern elements,” said Rowe.

The “modern Family” actress and “Magic Mike” actor got married in 2015.

“There’s not a lot of privacy … We were probably the only modern house in Bedford.

There were repeated calls for clergy members to practice discernment rather than judgment, especially when dealing with the complexities of modern family life.

There were repeated calls for clergy members to practice discernment rather than judgment, especially when dealing with the complexities of modern family life.

: Palette (Loen/Fave) Since going “mature” four years ago on her breakthrough album, modern Times, I.U.

He is the author of “Under the Shadow: Rage and Revolution in modern Turkey.” Follow him on Twitter @kayagenc

In 1959, Pope John XXIII had invited Roman Catholic leaders to discuss the role of the Church in the modern world.

Catholic leaders reviewed everything from interreligious dialogue to the role of the Church in the modern world.

He didn’t, however, have his hands on the first notable piece of modern consumer privacy legislation, the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Almost no side of modern pop is untouched by it, or avoids its methodology, from Drake to Rihanna to Flume.

“They’re sampling older cambia records and mixing it with modern day production techniques.”

Scroll through a modern mermaid’s Instagram feed, and you’ll be spellbound by shot after shot of them gliding effortlessly into the depths.

It’s a reason for their current success: They appeal to the modern imagination, blurring the line between myth and actual life.

Eight years later, he’s stepping down after presiding over one of the most impressive turnaround stories in modern business history.

Bausch first brought these works to BAM in 1984, which helped permanently cement her status in the modern dance world.

In this very modern tragedy, exclusion on social media is the deadliest of blows.

Trumbull is the godfather of all modern miniature making and special effects.

You’re using almost 1980s-era kind of visual effects technology, but then also very modern motion-controlled camera programming kind of stuff.

Technology should have done away with these frivolties by now with a sleeker, modern version of the tradition.

Is our current understanding of genetics and heredity fueling any modern prejudices?

Her shirt’s big, swaggy pockets, however, looked totally modern.

And yet it’s evolved into one of the most popular sports in the modern world.

The difference is that Trump is the modern male archetype.

Our journalists were embedded in the movement that set up the biggest anti-City riots in modern times.

A modern day shell shock?

How can you include black Americans in modern politics if you don’t talk about police violence and voter suppression?

And it’s one of those fictions of the modern state that it’s not going to be easy to rebuild.

It’s a reaction against the post-Recession dominance of minimalism, and, one might argue, a salve for the anxiety of modern life.

The aftermath was a modern sports rarity: pure, unadulterated appreciation.

The idea of women demonstrating true solidarity with each other as working women is a bit complicated in the modern era.

While once I could not imagine that, now it is part of our modern Islamic legacy.

This was the foundation of the modern welfare state; this was the New Deal.

After three separate diagnoses, McWilliams’ condition has been officially deemed “incurable” by modern approved medicine.

The San Francisco Museum of modern Art named Kara Walker as the recipient of the 2018 Contemporary Vision Award.

He will be given a fully modern and updated hospital room.

Also reviewed this week: children’s tales from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, a pulpy sci-fi throwback, and an incredible indie comic about modern life.

She has a monthly real estate column with modern Luxury’s Manhattan magazine, and a culinary destination column in Accent and Forum magazines.

The result is a hilarious, sometimes-heartbreaking look at modern life.

​You pay $25 to go to the Museum of modern Art, or the Whitney, or Guggenheim, but not the Met.

With the addition of Neil Gorsuch to the bench in April, the Supreme Court became one of the most conservative-leaning in modern history.

The art and science of secure communication is integral to everything from instant messaging apps to online banking and modern warfare.

Put simply, some level of anxiety is a healthy, normal, reasonable reaction to modern life.

Away is one of — if not the most— popular luggage brand catering to modern travelers.

With the addition of Neil Gorsuch to the bench in April, the Supreme Court became one of the most conservative-leaning in modern history.

And that speaks to a bizarre fact of modern life: Starbucks is no longer just a coffee chain.

That was before almost all the modern conservative media infrastructure.

(modern Family won the comedy series prize five times in a row, even though it decidedly didn’t deserve at least some of those trophies.)

Ripped Hugh Jackman fights Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, and other classic baddies with jerry-rigged medieval versions of modern weapons.

Christie’s Impressionist and modern Art Day Sale in London brought in a total of £16,723,000 (~$22,014,000) on February 28.

His supporters hail him as a hero for exposing what they describe as abuse of power by modern states and for championing free speech.

Christie’s Impressionist and modern Works on Paper sale in London brought in a total of £7,098,875 (~$9,345,000) on February 28.

This week, the matchmaking giant released the results of a recent survey it commissioned called “modern Dating Myths.”

To see more results from the “modern Dating Myths” survey, click here.

Sort of a modern day “Judge Judy.” HR: It’s like “Dr Phil” only going one way.

The mass of land mammals, for example, is one-seventh what it was before modern humans walked out of the African savannah.

During the 2016 prison strikes, protesters characterized the practice as modern slavery.

And, like any dutiful curator, Barnett’s approach implicitly argues that Marc and Macke belong among the pantheon of Europe’s modern masters.

April 20 marks the 20-year anniversary of that shooting, which is often considered the first modern school shooting.

In 2002, there was even an adaptation of Van Gogh’s life story set within the modern day music industry (because, why not).

Terry Stotts has been, very quietly, one of the vanguards of modern Basketball.

The ball moves along per the modern tactical script, but the actors don’t say their lines quite right.

This will help Molotov achieve critical mass and become a must, a destination for modern TV consumption.

Crossing the threshold from political boyhood to political adulthood was described in terms that sound very much like modern discussions of puberty.

This argument betrays an ignorance of what is actually involved in modern beef production.

This important book makes clear that we need a modern version of the Wide Awake movement.

The area is in the order of 56 million hectares, close in size to a modern country like France.

Hyperallergic travels to Cairo to see one among a new wave of exhibitions that are reintroducing Egyptian modern art to a wider audience.

Wait, we are sorta living in a modern time version of this.

The giant ocean predator Megalodon was dying off in the seas, while the first anatomically modern humans were dominating ecosystems on land.

Egyptian modern art appears to be the latest to undergo this process of rediscovery and integration into the larger history of art.

In short, modern trade deals like the TPP are about a lot more than just trade.

But modern trade deals do a lot more than that.

It’s one which is sanitized and corporate, but also lashed to the turbulent whims of one of modern American history’s great weirdos.

Eva Kreienkamp writes in Gender-Marketing that a man’s depilation is an example of how modern gender roles can be broken.

Decades ago, DARPA research developed the packet-switching method that became the foundation of the modern internet.

In fact, modern life is a complicated mix of burdens and advantages — for each sex.

The curator of the exhibition is Isabelle Dervaux, Acquavella Curator and Department Head, modern and Contemporary Drawings, the Morgan Library & Museum.

But changes at the electric agency known as PREPA, which Rossello called one of the most troubled organizations in modern history, will be gradual.

This is a timeless and universal story, not necessarily a modern or American one.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is perhaps the most powerful leader China has seen since Communist leader Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China.

“If you have a state that has a modern system already and it comes down, then the Stafford act makes sense,” Rosselló said.

The original plan was defeated by 230 votes — the worst loss for a government in modern British history.

The world, especially the modern world, was not built for me.

In office, he failed to overhaul or shrink a financial system that represents everything wrong with the modern economy.

It set the stage for the worst leader in modern times to tweet his way into office on a wave of indignation.

The artists in modern Art 90 introduced a visual language that, according to Ko, was “abstract and symbolist.

modern art is a liberation,” he said.

Artist Nina Katchadourian spent two years exploring the dustiest realms of New York’s Museum of modern Art for a new audio tour.

But for a modern understanding of the relationship between art and drugs, writer Thomas De Quincey is pivotal, suggests Jay.

Even before the production officially debuted, Julius Caesar was drawn into the perpetual outrage machine that powers modern American political media.

In 1973, the BBC produced a modern adaptation of the play called Heil Caesar, ostensibly set in an unnamed country.

And a 2012 Royal Shakespeare Company production set the play in a modern African state.

Disney’s testimony was a powerful, searing indictment of modern capitalism.

In recent years, American shoppers may have noticed the creep of modern French brands like Sandro, Maje, and the Kooples.

I’m playing Words With Friends, Scrabble’s modern heir and likely successor.

It took literally hundreds and hundreds of years to invent the guitar and its modern incarnation-the electric guitar.

Peterson is currently embroiled in an academic debate with university administrators over what constitutes the goal of modern higher education.

Thus they reasoned: Pepe is just a modern day Kek, and both of these frog gods are like the iconoclastic Trump.

“FDR had created the modern Democratic Party by deploying the state on behalf of ordinary citizens — ordinary white citizens,” he writes.

Crosley built her name on trenchant analysis of modern foibles, and she lives up to her reputation here.

We have, quite literally, the biggest rules debacle in modern NHL history to remind us of that.

This was a thoroughly modern murder case.

While the look is definitely retro-inspired, the cuts feel very modern, with high-neck halters and high-waisted briefs, tank-style one-pieces, and really low-key cutouts.

“But what it looks like to me is you have a medieval regime trying to repeatedly flout modern diplomatic norms.

A second glance reveals the crowd watching the procession to be modern, smart phone-wielding tourists.

The agreement between Milne and Slesinger was the first of its kind and brokered into existence the modern licensing industry.

But he also seemed frustrated by a wide range of modern tech products and trends, including drones, online video and cloud software.

It started in the middle ages and went right through the Renaissance to the modern age.

Indeed, it does not appear ever to have been used successfully in modern times as an offensive tool against a president.

What does modern cannibalism look like today?Cannibalism still occurs.

Sanders was forced to go on the defensive over the 2007 vote, comparing the guest worker provisions with modern slavery.

Sanders was forced to go on the defensive over the 2007 vote, comparing the guest worker provisions with modern slavery.

Generally speaking, connections to white nationalists and neo-Nazis are disqualifiers in modern American politics.

Another crucial aspect of the modern GIF is its nature as a quick, all-purpose form of expression.

In 1987, it’s highly unlikely that anyone imagined what a broad range and role the GIF would play in modern internet culture.

Moga, the modern Japanese woman, red-lipped and bob-haired, appears often in Deco Japan — in paintings, in prints, and on the covers of jazz songbooks.

He represented the modern action hero, with all his sensitivities laid bare in the face of tragedy.

Denis Mack Smith (1920–2017), historian of modern Italy.

This sense is underscored by the absence of modern conveniences: no televisions or radios are waiting to be put on the trucks.

They direct attention, which is the coin of the realm in modern politics.

ACT UP members stood throughout the galleries holding abbreviated articles about the modern HIV/AIDS epidemic and its enduring effects on the global population.

The Great Migration is a modern movement that, in many ways, is still unfolding.

A single flight of stairs is enough to traverse the centuries: The room pops with technicolor hues and modern fashions.

It was the fiber for the modern woman,” the conservator tells us.

Per modern Healthcare, some advocates are disappointed that some of the changes they think are most important have been left out.

—Constance Grady Sing, Unburied, Sing is a breathtaking look at the struggles of family and race in modern Mississippi.

The short explanation has to do with an economic downturn and one of the most dramatic corruption scandals in modern political history.

We still have modern slavery.

Historian, activist, author, and VICE Contributor Blair Imani stopped by VICE LIVE to talk about her book, modern HERstory.

She’s also landed other gigs on shows like “Big Bang Theory,” “modern Family” and “NCIS.”

And that’s good news for me, because you can find it pretty much anywhere in modern America.

The 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy, including Abbott & Costello’s renowned “Who’s on First” routine: Abbott: Who is on first.

So for many Germans this resolution is about facing up to German historical guilt — something modern Germany is founded upon,” McGuinness writes.

In the 1981 broadcast, and in Arceneaux’s modern retelling, the camera flips back and forth to reactions from the audience.

modern Albanian uses Latin characters.

They incorporate ancient materials like beads and laces, as well as modern materials, like neoprene, canvas, and polyester.

It’s not the revolutionary movie it’s sometimes described as (the modern musical is a very well-trod genre!

His encyclopedic Animism exhibition explored modern boundary practices—the mutual production of culture and nature, life and non-life, human and non-human.

Related: How Japan’s Master Printer Merged modern Graphic Art and Buddhism Pokémon Turned 21!

This installation is curated by Rebecca Hart, Vicki and Kent Logan Curator of modern and Contemporary Art.

I can happily report that, in my experience, it’s a speedy, modern piece of hardware that is well worth its $300 price tag.

In a world where everyone has a supercomputer with a high-definition touchscreen in his or her pocket, the Nintendo Switch feels modern.

Though Christopher Eccleston opened up the modern age of “Doctor Who,” Tennant breathed life into the character.

Together Shin-Hanga and Sosaku Hanga (or “Creative Prints”) brought the woodblock print into the modern age.

If you’re worried about people losing their jobs, the fact that most modern jobs are resistant to automation sounds like good news.

Aleksandr Maslov received a suspended jail sentence for throwing Molotov cocktails at an exterior wall of the Tate modern last November.

As Brazil battles the biggest yellow fever outbreak in modern times, researchers are warning of the risk of the virus spreading internationally.

Celebrity diets have been rumor fodder since modern celebrities were a thing.

That includes at least one grandparent of more than 40 percent of Americans, and those people fueled modern economic growth in this country.

In modern times, the casting of electoral votes has been a purely ceremonial occasion where the results in the states have been rubber-stamped.

But in the interests of transparency, modern presidents have routinely disclosed their returns to the public voluntarily.

The ability to recognize faces in photos and put those into the modern equivalent of a photo album — we call this product Memories.”

The leaked tools are dated around 2013, so they don’t affect modern Windows operating systems such as Windows 10.

The quintessential modern day British songwriter and king of Wimbledon is returning with a new album later this year.

Ultimately, modern technology stacks enable it all, by delivering financing services on-demand and often for free.”

A modern system of income taxes was largely infeasible, but collecting fees at a fixed number of ports was pretty straightforward.

What is their place in a modern music landscape so defined by trap beats and streaming metrics?

modern Vampires of the City would be their ultimate crossover, determining an unshakeable appeal to more than just hip kids.

Well, New York sculptor Pat Lasch had that exact experience at the Museum of modern Art.

The game lasted 4 hours, 42 minutes — three minutes short of the modern era record for a nine-inning game.

The app part of Drivemode exists today as a free download for any modern Android phone; it already has more than 400,000 downloads.

From a postapocalyptic thriller to a heartbreaking portrait of modern America, here are Amazon’s top 10 books for 2016.


“A very personal tour of a segment of our culture that’s losing its way in modern America.”

Each card depicted a modern or contemporary artist, but out of the 32 cards in the pack, only four were women.

I feel like it allows you to step inside a psychological space in a way that’s extremely modern.

Stone’s portrayal of Olive Penderghast in the movie, a modern take on “The Scarlet Letter,” earned her a lot of fans.

The speakers included in this set are drop-dead gorgeous and are modern and sleek-looking enough to spiff up any desk they sit on.

The company is also helping nonprofits like Crisis Text Line and the American Red Cross deliver their vital services via modern tools.

Why is U.S. tax money aiding a leader accused of the worst abuses in Egypt’s modern history?

The nursing home’s management is very modern.

The equipment at the plant is shiny and modern, but the olive oil—all-natural, unfiltered, and exquisitely fresh—has been the same for generations.

One overarching criticism I tend to read about Wolfmother is that the band isn’t doing enough to push modern music forward.

There’s definitely a link between a lot of modern music and the past.

Unfortunately, running away from a deadline or punching your boss isn’t a particularly helpful response in modern life.

After that, you’re looking at stadiums built in the 2000s like Heinz and CenturyLink Fields, which are near-flawless, modern stadiums.

To modern eyes, the arguments that fill Kendi’s pages read as ridiculous, even when they are made by historical figures we now revere.

This pattern has played out across American history, and these ideas have persisted well into the modern age.

For better and for worse, policy leadership in the modern era tends to come from the White House.

Before we became a developing culture in modern history, our ancestors were basically hunters and collectors for almost 200,000 years.

But it also helped fuel the modern drug trade.

Referencing the work of the artist Constantin Guys, he maintained, with anti-classical élan, that modern life be the inspiration for art.

We need to make a conscious decision to go in another direction by creating a more modern and democratically competitive kind of conservatism.

“Our goal was to remove the more modern materials, and we would spend days peeling back layers of wallpaper.

At Vagabond, he put chapulines on the menu and served a modern mash-up that was part Asian, part Latin, and distinctly his own.

It’s been 16 years since al-Qaeda launched the deadliest terrorist attack in modern history, killing 3,000 people.

For modern Odyssey (2001–04), Sarah Caron photographed immigrants arriving on Mediterranean islands whose economies relied on welcoming travelers of a different sort: tourists.

But it offers an interesting glimpse into how decades-old assumptions are sometimes used — perhaps incorrectly — in modern policy making.

The problem is that the context of full-scale nuclear fallout simulations might not best represent modern everyday life.

This, then, would put most modern, consumer or “prosumer” drones outside the threshold.

I thought that was the most modern version of a superhero or superheroine story I had ever heard.

Ron Magliozzi was promoted to curator in the department of film at the Museum of modern Art.

They’re also going big on ice creams, giving classic iced treats a modern makeover.

— 18-year-old “The availability of information allows modern teens to be more informed and causes them to be more disillusioned than those of past generations.”

“Earthrise” also provided the visual groundwork for one of the most controversial ideas in modern scientific history—the Gaia hypothesis.

Made for his solo show in 1931 at the Museum of modern Art in New York, the work now resides in Philadelphia’s collection.

Yet what this fatigue proves is how much we still don’t know about the full breadth of modern art in Mexico.

But Trump’s reaction to the special counsel is in fact a dramatic departure from the standard set by modern American presidents.

Swann Galleries’s sale of Old Master Through modern Prints in New York brought in a total of $1,722,680 on May 2.

At one point, he authorized the enslavement of hundreds of men and women at Banjarmasin (modern day Borneo) for a failed colony.

There’s never been a major party candidate in the modern era more friendly to a Russian dictator’s interests.

Zaytoven is the chief architect of Atlanta’s modern trap sound, but for one night, he was dethroned as the king of this domain.

The Stunning and modern Seafront Villa in Colonia de Saint Jordi, Spain, looks out onto the Mediterranean sea.

With an increasing number of modern Indian restaurants extending their wine menus, it seems diners are no longer content with a bottle of Kingfisher.

Brazil has been plagued by severe corruption for much of its modern history.

Today, a company called Robop tries to solve that problem with modern robotic falcons that move their heads and produce simulated birdcalls.

More than 1 million cholera cases have been reported, the worst outbreak in modern history.

To learn about modern slang, he strikes up a relationship with Barbara Stanwyck’s nightclub singer.

It’s more a collection of patents and brand name — like the modern “Blackberry” — which Lenovo acquired in 2014.

The crash was the second disaster involving the 737 MAX, the world’s most-sold modern passenger aircraft, in less than five months.

The US power grid is, by some estimates, the largest machine in the world, a continent-spanning wonder of the modern age.

Under modern budgetary procedures, spending and borrowing are unconnected.

modern Family” star Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny on the show, publicly announced the death of his father who died last week.

: The Story of modern Pop, a deeply engrossing summary of the last 50 years in pop music.

modern sex worker activism started around the same time as the rise of feminist and other social justice movements in the 1970s.

Anticipating tax reform and increased deregulations, businesses have merged at a faster pace than in the first year of any other modern presidency.

Today, Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government.

And while the food at Hotel Herman is decidedly modern and ingredient-centered, Mercier doesn’t get hung up on trends either.

Too many of the tropes and delivery mechanisms of modern media are designed precisely to bypass critical filters.

This view is unforgivable to many, because the basic tenets of modern player acquisition prove that football fandom makes fools of us all.

That’s the lowest cap on annual refugee admissions in modern history.

The artist was correct that his abilities lie in telling stories; but he was mistaken that US modern art doesn’t “go in” for storytelling.

That’s the lowest cap on annual refugee admissions in modern history.

The CIA and Museum of modern Art (MoMA) were allies promoting Abstract Expressionism in Europe.

It was one of the worst times in the modern era to be a Leafs fan, and that’s really saying something.

modern competitive computer games like StarCraft are much, much more complicated.

Millions of people could die in one of the worst famines of modern times.

Three thousand more years passed before they began to use a system of little points that eventually evolved into our modern punctuation.

He sent the rapper a handwritten letter praising his new album, writing (in cursive, no less) … “A modern Day Masterpiece.

“She will be the perfect modern princess.

But have humans always associated animals with status, or is this a uniquely modern phenomenon?

TRUMP: To me, America First is a brand-new modern term.

It was used as a brand-new, very modern term.

Looking ahead, self-learning software will be the one thing that distinguishes legacy enterprise applications from modern ones.

Despite the abundant processing power and bandwidth of modern devices, there’s just something simple and delightful about short, looping, sound-free animations.

modern machine learning techniques are leaps and bounds beyond what Eliza and those early chatbots could do.

That said, there is something irrepressible about the Champions League, synonymous as it is with the obscenely lucrative world of modern football.

How conscious were of you of the parallels to police killings in modern America when working on the book?

When you think about it, is that not what modern football is all about?

Writing is, after all, not only a relatively modern phenomenon, it is also the mode of communication for the educated.

Hamilton rebuts this with a verse that sounds very persuasive to modern ears: A civics lesson from a slaver.

Hamilton was missing two critical elements of the modern policy toolkit — progressive taxes and the welfare state.

We are presented with ordinary objects — some, in the modern era, physically indistinguishable from utilitarian objects — and told that these hold special meaning.

“It was basically modern day slavery.

But “did modern humans look over there and see a Neanderthal and say, ‘Hmm, not bad’?”

“Instead of finding Neanderthal segments in modern human genomes, we identified modern, human-like segments in one of the Neanderthal genome,” he says.

When modern humans first left Africa, we traveled to a Europe and Middle East that Neanderthals had colonized some thousands of years before.

“They [modern humans] had never seen anything like themselves or not like themselves,” she says. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen female characters from sci-fi and fantasy franchises being recruited for the modern feminist movement.

In the hands of certain writers, numerous comics characters have gotten modern feminist reinventions.

So it makes sense that modern feminism seems to be increasingly turning to female characters as feminist icons.

The reservation-only element may also seem like a modern touch, but it’s more of a logistics thing than a way to be exclusive.

“For us, it’s not about just making a game that plays like a modern River City Ransom.

Meanwhile on Earth, Aleksandra Mir’s “Space Tapestry” project remains on view at modern Art Oxford and Tate Liverpool.

“You’re going into today’s modern town square, the internet,” said Levin.

“To allow them to die would signal the failure of our supposedly infallible modern medical system.”

Tomii adds that their ideas were “out there” in an aesthetic-conceptual wilderness, too, compared to those of more mainstream modern artists.

“At least he’s still here,” well-meaning well-wishers — who have tacitly accepted the modern idea that sustained life trumps all — assured my family.

And “Hang the DJ” offers a nefarious evolution of the kind of modern dating apps many viewers are all too familiar with.

“There aren’t a whole lot of individuals who you can point to that single-handedly contributed to building a demonstrable portion of the modern economy.

More than other modern presidents, Trump has treated the news media as an opposition party.

In this modern age, when there’s so much noise … And one of the things that happened is your story exploded on social media.

The modern divorce in the age of Tinder and algorithms and things.

Chatbot creators could even take inspiration from a number of excellent and unusual modern adventure games.

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of modern Art acquired two new works by Ai Weiwei.

The group’s take on Swan Lake roasts the classic Russian ballet with flair, while Patterns in Space mocks the tropes of modern dance.

The dry lakebed that is now the foundation of the modern metropolis amplifies shaking from earthquakes.

When I heard Timbaland in modern R&B, which then changed my interest in modern dance music.

Europe is currently facing its worst modern refugee crisis.

But lately death-obsessed modern hipsters have reclaimed the term as a badge of their everyday misanthropy and love of black sun hats.

Over 10,000 were registered between July and October, the bloodiest four-month period since modern records began in 1997.

The refugee ceiling of 45,000 set last year was the lowest since 1980, when the modern refugee program was established.

There’s a range of ways countries have increased their unionization rate in the past that could be updated for the modern era.

Elizabeth Gershoff: I think there are two main reasons we still do it in the modern age.

His critique of democracy is wildly exaggerated, and there’s a streak of illiberalism in his thought that ought to offend the modern reader.

I don’t want to say a modern punk rock movement because punk was about something entirely different.

These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise, and one that will create a safe, modern, and lawful immigration system.

As VanDerWerff notes, there’s a shift from the “analog world” into a more modern one centered on the internet and technology.

She also added in modern details, like denim from old jeans that she used to make the kitchen staff’s dresses.

“So you have the trousers, with other modern touches like fake leather to supplement.

And he certainly never could have imagined the modern art world and its institutions.

The evidence presented in an NIH funded 2012 Depression Review suggests modern humans may indeed be in the midst of a depression epidemic.

“It’s the kind of swath-yourself-in-bubble-wrap thinking that has turned modern pregnancy into a nine-month slog of joyless paranoia,” Ruth Graham wrote in Slate.

Heck, emoji is so old that the original set entered the Museum of modern Art’s permanent collection last year!

Véronique Chagnon-Burke, Academic Director, Christie’s Education, New York said “Women art dealers have played a central role in the development of modern art.

Yet many of the habits and hang-ups of the modern conservative movement are embedded in its DNA.

Girard threw out the usual dark-wood trim, red-leather banquettes and heavy-frame mirrors and, typically, created an atmosphere of modern elegance and flair.

The modern world (or so the right-wing narrative often goes) is corrupt, morally decrepit, decadent, and decayed.

Something of that aesthetic permeates the modern crop of traditionalist Catholics today.

Rather, he says, they share a “dissatisfaction with modern life in many ways for the same reasons liberals were dissatisfied before.

modern labor law dates back to 1938, when Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act.

When the specimen was compared against DNA samples from 605 modern dogs and wolves, a tale of two doggy cities emerged.

Balancing the concerns of modern shoppers has never been trickier.

Biles is arguably the most dominant athlete in modern sports.

His inventive spirit helped kickstart the modern VR revolution and build an industry.

Even a casual survey of modern history thus suggests that breakdowns of international order litter the historical landscape.

Consider the order-building project that established the modern international system.

During a presentation at the modern Day Marine expo here Thursday, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command operator Master Sgt.

Following all of the exposure at PM, the Museum of modern Art bought photos and he was suddenly freelancing for Vogue.

“I don’t think anything in the modern era of the automotive industry really compares in terms of method and volume,” he said.

Alan Duncan, a minister at the Foreign Office, said Johnson’s comments marked “one of the most disgusting moments in modern British politics”.

As the site explodes in popularity, then, what this reveals about users—and perhaps the intolerable nature of modern existence—goes way beyond their naked flesh.

This solution dates back to the Roman Empire, before modern development had wiped out most coastal wetlands, and before current sea level rise.

We order the Akamaru modern ramen, made with a Tonkatsu pork broth and thin, wavy noodles.

Each of Cicierega’s three albums emphasizes the enduring influence of the 1990s in modern pop culture.

To an extent in the modern world, that means access to global markets — grain can be shipped to Europe and timber to Japan.

More than 50 people were killed and hundreds more injured in what’s now the largest mass shooting in modern American history.

Tate modern‘s new wing, the Switch House, open to the public today.

Clément Chéroux was appointed senior curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of modern Art (SFMOMA).

This work is less about solidarity and more about mass alienation in the modern cityscape.

Anna Winger: You have to understand the Cold War to understand modern Germany.

The US prison population has exploded over the past few decades, creating the modern era of mass incarceration.

Jörg: Martin is the part of the first generation of Germans who are truly modern.

He noted that the past 115 years were the warmest in modern civilization and that the past few years were the warmest on record.

But with 230 years of experience in modern democracy, we now have plenty of data on what works best.

He was also the first candidate in modern US history to refuse to release his tax returns.

Hunter-killer drones, which have essentially changed the face of modern warfare, are increasingly in demand and U.S. models considered the most advanced.

“By any reasonable measure, Trump was the least transparent presidential candidate in modern history.”

Ahead of the launch of its Model X SUV in late 2015, Tesla gave Business Insider a peek inside its modern factory.

In fact, that is its core strength, the one thing that few modern vampire shows or franchises have been able to do: It lasted.

And the “modern geodesic domes” and “luxury tents” were soggy, wet disaster-relief tents.

She’s arguably better at the job than any other modern speaker.

(The father of one of his victims told the Observer, “He’s a modern day master scam artist.

“It’s not an expensive, chichi toy; it’s critical to modern life,” he says.

And so, even in the face of this 16-year-old’s undeniable physical genius, I found myself fretting at his modern NBA fit.

Christie’s modern British Art Evening sale in London brought in a total of £17,875,750 (~$22,915,000) on November 19.

Christie’s modern British Art Day sale in London brought in a total of £4,397,750 (~$5,625,000) on November 20.

But should a scientologist fall sick, they get treated by medical doctors, take medicine as prescribed, and rely on modern medical care.

And that data has become essential to a modern day farm’s success.

So how do you prepare students to make a living in the modern economy?

Uranus, your modern planetary ruler, is the planet of innovation and independence.

This marks the first time in the modern era that a businessman will take control and lead our country.

modern Warfare opens with the SAS, on base at Credenhill, repeatedly drilling their infiltration of a cargo ship.

The novel was supposed to be a reflection of modern life.

Gris is not only one of the few modern artists who appears in Cornell’s boxes, but also one of the few men.

Hugely popular on celebrity Instagram accounts, the Waist Trainer is basically a modern corset.

As in any modern corporation, the NFL’s ideal employee is a fungible and frictionless engine of production.

It is unsubstantiated by modern medical science.

It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire of modern times in California.

modern systems can alarm when someone is walking in the wrong direction—going in through an exit-only corridor, for example.

That, perhaps more than anything else, sets these modern social movements apart from liberation struggles of the past.

Slavery is alive and well in the modern US.

In some ways it is very modern, very neoliberal, but restrictive in others,” explains Fuica.

Many prominent pioneers of modern neurology wrote of its benefits in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It is poignant that the Borghi mini-retrospective is on view concurrently with Making Space: Women Artists Inventing Abstraction at the Museum of modern Art.

modern acts from Wet to Com Truise use 80s textures to lend their music a mature identity.

But look, living in modern society is complicated.

And there’s a bit of modern flair in the mix as well — Cámara says that almost anything can be part of a taco.

Abrams transformed Trek into a modern blockbuster franchise, rapid-fire and action-heavy, with little time for social and political engagement.

The 14k gold curves through the ear and clutches a freshwater pearl on the end, for a more modern, but still classic look.

Elizabeth Turk is represented by Hirschl & Adler modern.

To deal with that, modern skyscrapers use a slew of architectural tricks to confuse the wind.

ISIS, by contrast, doesn’t believe in borders or recognize the validity of the modern nation state.

Here is St. Vincent covering “modern Girl” by Sleater-fucking-Kinney: Lots to love here.

modern audiences seem to take little stock in the rasping thoughts of movie-chair pundits.

These three men are wizards of modern dance thriving on the power of a song that inexplicably gets better with every listen.

Forever Pizza is the modern day art version of breaking the bread.

Tolkien, the father of modern fantasy, created his world of Middleearth as, essentially, a hoped-for past.

A proper, “rational” modern city.

Can a modern city really take back most of its streets from cars?

Earlier this year she had another major solo show at modern Art Oxford.

Its question is as pressing as ever: What place do the aged have in modern society?

One of the main themes running through the exhibition seems to be the juxtaposition of the distant past with the modern present.

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