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I was getting miked up to be on MSNBC and I look up and you’re there on “Morning Joe.” I was …

During production he was miked, and there is definitely an audio track.

The show is also filmed in front of a live studio audience, whose laughter is miked up in a way where every single chortle serves to create a massive cacophony of sound.

It mixes with the live buzzing of bees, miked up in their chapel, to form a disquieting drone.

Not literally—I’ve never miked up any of the presses or anything like that—but kind of more like the hidden sound of the process, or a sound to complement that certain something that all prints share.”

This is just the worst thing he’s said to Billy Bush while miked on an Access Hollywood bus.” Jost then questioned why so many Republican candidates were just now distancing themselves from Trump in the wake of the comments, adding that even Tic Tac, which Trump mentioned in the recording, condemned the remarks in a tweet on Saturday.

We are getting the Justice miked,” Steinberg told the assembly.

Who cared if the director hadn’t miked the actors properly?

When carefully miked and connected to a keyboard, the vessels, each with its own resonance, can be induced to play a two-and-a-half-octave scale, flats and sharps included.

“During production he was miked, and there is definitely an audio track,” it continues.

“During production he was miked, and there is definitely an audio track,” she wrote, referring to the production of “The Apprentice.”

When we had Ethan, River and Jason Presson trapped up in the blue-screen “spaceship,” they were miked up, so we overheard their conversations, and it was remarkably reassuring that they were saying the same things I’d said with my friends when I was 13.

She had it miked up: contact mikes.

I’m glad I’m miked up because this stinks!” At halftime, viewers got a better sense of the styles of each team.

“We are miked and it is going right to Oval Office,” he said.

Harper was miked, allowing the commentators the chance to chat with him as the game progressed.

Most of what we heard was the cast, their voices as heavily miked as they are in the rest of the show: a necessity given the wind, which makes sound a different challenge every night.

The wording is a little bit different obviously because you are miked up, and you have to be a little careful about the words that come out but no, as far as the information is concerned, whatever is needed to get the job done, I’m speaking it.

“I miked them differently.

“First of all, when you are miked you don’t sing in the same range, so there was a part of my voice, the lower register, I’d never used in opera,” she said.

In the live room, three drum sets, two pianos, bongos, all miked and ready to record at any given moment,” he said.

Are singers properly miked?

The actors (who also include James Himmelsbach as Oram’s fictional former engineer, Horace Ohm) are miked so the sound designers Tyler Kieffer and Brandon Wolcott can manipulate their voices and integrate them into the audioscape.

CHICAGO — Up since 5 a.m., Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt was miked up and ready to go inside Loyola-Chicago’s empty basketball arena when the clock struck 6:30 Tuesday morning and the television cameras went live.

“You’re the style police.” Mr. France said, “I was miked earlier.

In “quarks” the vocalist Charmaine Lee and Mr. Pluta created a dystopian world of thuds, gurgles and sandy abrasions through extended vocal techniques that were creatively miked, processed and amplified at often brutal volume.

“They’re miked up with some of the best mics you can buy.

Cathcart recorded the album with the windows open, singing vocals into his miked chimney and turning to his roommate for help with the arrangements.

Both are miked up, their gray armchairs angled toward one another in front of a tastefully neutral background.

Highlight reels produced by its movie studio, NFL Films, are full of vérité touches — players miked up during games, glimpses of locker-room celebrations.

The image of success and power today is someone miked up and prowling around a stage or orating from behind a lectern.

The image of success and power today is someone miked up and prowling around a stage or orating from behind a lectern.

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