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“He started his campaign with a speech where he called mexicans rapists and criminals,” Kaine said, listing Trump’s most controversial campaign statements.

mexicans head to the polls on July 1 to elect their next president in what has been a highly anticipated and hard-fought contest.

Its creators believed that mexicans, while critical of President Trump’s anti-immigrant sentiments, also resented the Central American refugees entering their own country.

mexicans dislike him so much they are selling Donald Trump piñatas like hotcakes.

So one way for mexicans to get around their country’s strict gun laws is to simply walk across the border.

Two Argentine citizens and an unspecified number of mexicans were among the dead, the Argentine and Mexican governments said.

After the election, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico to ask mexicans about their views on America, post-election.

The wall,” I wonder if what they’re really saying is, “Keep mexicans out.”

Earlier in October, US representatives rolled out some stridently anti-free trade proposals that the Canadian and mexicans considered absolute nonstarters.

As we reported, the Prez checked out some wall, and at a news conference he called mexicans “incredible climbers.”

Andrés backed out in protest weeks after Trump declared his presidential candidacy and made comments many saw as denigrating toward undocumented immigrants, especially mexicans.

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They call mexicans rapists.

They call mexicans rapists.

Lots of mexicans.

my parents are Mexican who are not to be confused with mexicans still living in México.

those mexicans call themselves Mexicanos.

It’s certainly true that in the 1990s, millions of mexicans moved to the US.

Remarkably, in 2014, for the first time in recorded US history, there were more Border Patrols apprehensions of non-mexicans than mexicans.

The Jihadis and those stinking Russians hooked up against us and started channeling weapons to the mexicans like there was no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Starbucks still has a business partner with a man who has called mexicans rapists, stereotyped the Muslim community as terrorists, and disgraces women.

This year, captains only managed to fill a quarter of the low level positions normally held by mexicans and Nicaraguans during the summer.

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If mexicans make some concessions, then Trump can declare victory and seek congressional approval — without upending the global trading system.

The connection between Trump’s rhetorical attacks on mexicans and his supporters’ attacks on mexicans is lost on no one.

There is a net decrease in the number of mexicans and more migrants from countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

But if López Obrador secures the presidential seat in July and manages to carry out his political promises, mexicans could potentially see wide-sweeping reforms.

During the campaign, Trump got away with everything from calling mexicans rapists or promising to ban Muslims from entering the country.

So now mexicans are tired of the government’s wrongdoings.

“I felt the irritation of mexicans in my own skin, and I understand it completely.

“I felt the irritation of mexicans in my own skin, and I understand it completely.

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mexicans received 11 percent fewer immigrant visas in fiscal year 2018 compared to 2017.

Meanwhile, mexicans‘ own annual individual consumption has dropped from 9 kg to 7.5 kg.

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Unaccompanied minors, mexicans and people with known physical or mental health issues are supposed to be exempt.

“As president of all mexicans, I agree with (their) remarks,” he said.

The deal will not apply to mexicans seeking asylum in the US from Mexico, but will apply to all other groups.

Meanwhile, unauthorized border crossings of single adults, mexicans, and people looking for seasonal work have greatly declined.

Bargent, the Colombia-based organized crime expert, said mexicans have stepped up to meet the American demand.

“Because you’re mexicans,” the woman said.

Fewer mexicans are coming to the US, and more have departed for Mexico.

In 2015, she tweeted: mexicans wrecked Mexico & think invading the USA will magically cure them them of their retarded dysfunction.

We’ve got Puerto Ricans and Cubans and mexicans and El Salvadorians, and we’ve got white guys, too because we like white guys.

We cannot have a president who insults mexicans and Latinos, Muslims, women and African-Americans.

This is a candidate who rocketed to the top of the GOP primary polls by calling mexicans rapists.

But there are a couple of policies the US could push to raise revenue on the backs of Mexico — or mexicans, or Mexican Americans.

The running theme of Trump’s campaign has been to build a gigantic wall to keep mexicans out.

“Historically, mexicans are known to fight with the arts because it’s the only voice they have,” Bernstorff tells The Creators Project.

mexicans were doing the same with agave for pulque, and the Chinese chewed millet to make xiǎomǐ jiǔ (millet wine).

Moreover, immigrants from Asia, mostly China and India, are now outpacing those from Mexico — yet the complaints focus on mexicans.

In that spirit, he vowed to build a wall to keep undocumented mexicans out of the United States.

A study by the Pew Research Center in September identified crime and corruption as the top concerns for mexicans.

“The Peruvian model works for the mexicans because they can deal directly with someone at the level of Caracol,” says Soberon.

(Photo by Nathaniel Janowitz/VICE News) “Corruption is the main evil that affects mexicans,” said De Hoyos.

He can proudly cite his plans to ban the people who aren’t like most Americans — mexicans and Muslims.

But for some mexicans, no proposal that promises to address drug violence, however novel, can simply be ignored.

Or is the worry more a cultural one — in which Trump supporters really oppose the immigration of mexicans?

“I’ve worked with Colombians, mexicans, members of organized crime.”

The Chinese look at the Nissin Foods, the Maruchan noodles, as, like, how mexicans would look at Taco Bell.

He has called mexicans rapists and criminals, discouraged black renters, bragged about grabbing women’s genitals, advocated banning Muslims and encouraged physical violence.

A majority of mexicans, 73 percent, supported banning the practice in a 2013 poll, up from 57 percent two years before.

As Vox’s Dara Lind pointed out at the time Trump floated this proposal, mexicans emigrants do send home a large amount in remittances.

“There’s a general feeling that the mexicans capitulated in some key areas,” Unifor president Jerry Dias said in a phone interview.

They provide more choice for consumers, while also serving as a way for mexicans to earn additional income, according to Gauthier.

“The chosen target of attack is Muslims and mexicans, but tomorrow it will be women, LGBT communities, Jews, trade unions and others.

When it comes to Muslims (and some other groups, like mexicans), Trump simply doesn’t share that view.

Between 2009 and 2014 more mexicans were returning home to Mexico than were arriving in the U.S., according to Pew.

Now its appeal has expanded to a much broader cross section of mexicans who feel themselves on the edge in some way.

After all, there are some 35 million mexicans in the U.S. versus one million Jamaican-Americans and 289,000 Venezuelan-Americans.

She said the driver “ran into a group of mexicans.

Day of the Dead is, perhaps, one of the most important holidays for mexicans.

Over the past decades, Texas had experienced unprecedentedly large waves of immigration, particularly from poorer mexicans looking for employment in Texas’s stronger economy.

“We find this completely unacceptable for mexicans to pay for the wall that you are thinking of building,” Peña Nieto told Trump.

He insults mexicans?

The Trump administration wants to align treatment of Central Americans seeking asylum with that of Canadians and mexicans.

The town is the same size now as it was then, thanks to the mexicans and their all-American kids.

“He started with mexicans, he’s now with Muslims,” she said.

And the arrival of so many migrants and deported mexicans “adds an extra tinder to that fire,” Slack said.

Do you want to stop Donald Trump from rounding up mexicans into camps?

It was the smirk, many mexicans observed, of a man accustomed to getting away with it.

It was the smirk, many mexicans observed, of a man accustomed to getting away with it.

“The government has realized that mexicans are absolutely fed up with political corruption, privilege, and impunity.

Pivoting from mexicans to Muslims was his solution.

Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, has labeled mexicans drug runners and rapists and called for a massive wall along the border.

Consulates could get mexicans lawyers in the past — but it might take a little time.

“Some mexicans have a hostile reaction toward this ‘difficult migrant’ who walks with others and denounces abuses.

And Trump identifies mexicans and Muslims as the internal enemy.

Los mexicanos tienen maña.” mexicans have knack.

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Most mexicans drink beer, mezcal, tequila, or aguas frescas to accompany meals.

Marijuana [was] associated with mexicans, and cocaine [was] associated with African American jazz musicians in the early 20th century.

He said that about all mexicans.

“They hate mexicans.

He started his campaign calling mexicans rapists and criminals.

Apparently “Blacks” and mexicans was NOT the correct answer.”

PARAISO, Mexico (Reuters) – Until recently, Edgar Barrera enjoyed a life many mexicans could only hope for.

Temporary work in the states would be extended so as also to benefit mexicans, said Pena Nieto, who leaves office on Nov. 30.

Like many mexicans, he was wary of widespread corruption in police ranks and feared they would only make matters worse.

Barrera booked a ticket to Canada, where mexicans can travel with no visa.

The Argentine Pope has yet to endear himself to mexicans the way that John Paul II did.

In Comitán, mexicans reported having to show identification while on public transit to prove they weren’t a migrant.

“It reminded me of the mexicans who lost their children,” he said, explaining how his own search for answers following the tragedy was stymied.

His rise to the top of the polls has been powered by outlandish comments — including some bigoted comments about mexicans, Muslims, and women.

mexicans are suffering the consequences accordingly.”

In 2017, 19.7 percent of New mexicans lived below the poverty rate.

He wants you to believe that we can solve our biggest problems by deporting mexicans and shutting out Muslims.

The mexicans were jovial and confident.

As for the Donald’s controversial comments about mexicans and Muslims … we’re told ‘Ye’s not down with any of that.

Somebody said, “We need someone to cover this, who can we get?” KS: This was about the mexicans

Just around that time, we had heard from a Mexican friend that around 40% of mexicans can’t enter the U.S.

And many mexicans, including them, cannot enter the U.S.––the same state as Ellie.

He said worse things, of course, about mexicans, an ethnic group that had a small and growing presence in the Ozarks.

Hartman says he had to overlook parts of Trump’s campaign—the wall, the comments about Muslims and mexicans.

The deportation of mexicans would be one of the government’s major concerns at the meeting, said the official, who declined to be named.

“It’s not fair.” With many relatives living in the United States, mexicans have traditionally shown support for migrants.

However, a recent survey by polling firm Consulta Mitofsky showed just over a third of mexicans wanted the migrants to be sent home.

It wasn’t that he hasn’t said something that bigoted about mexicans: he’s said things that are actually more bigoted about mexicans.

Antonio felt much more welcome in Mexico for a variety of reasons, but mostly because mexicans really appreciated what he put out there.

And it’s the Chinese and it’s the mexicans and it’s the Muslims.

They didn’t want to acknowledge that it was an economy shifting from manufacturing to services that took their jobs as opposed to mexicans.

It symbolizes the monumental contributions made by mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the US, and captures a neglected narrative in American history.

Many mexicans would like to see the government take a tougher line with the U.S. president.

He employs 15 laborers, all of them mexicans who used to work in the fruit or cut-flower industries.

But with talk about a giant wall to keep out mexicans, and bans on Muslims, God Loves still resonates.

As a result, more mexicans are now leaving the country than coming to the U.S.

KAINE: Donald Trump has called mexicans rapists and criminals.

On Saturday night, a lot of press outlets reported that the mexicans had denied there was a deal.

They’re worried about the mexicans, I’m worried about the robots.

“Kushner is the son-in-law of someone who called mexicans ‘killers and rapists,’” historian and essayist Enrique Krauze tweeted on Tuesday.

Peña Nieto traded barbs with Trump, but many mexicans felt that their president didn’t challenge Trump enough.

[laughs] No, it’s not mexicans, it’s microchips.

Before the Gold Rush, Spanish-speaking mexicans and indigenous people outnumbered English-speaking white settlers in California by a wide margin.

It’s not just Muslims or mexicans or African Americans.

What he has offered most clearly and consistently is a deep hostility to immigrants, particularly to mexicans and Muslims.

He calls mexicans rapists and Muslims terrorists.

For this, and his suggestions that mexicans are rapists and drug runners worthy of deportation, he’s been reviled down south.

We blame mexicans.

Since then, the rhetoric has only gotten uglier — and the policies, harsher — for mexicans and other immigrants to the US.

His campaign has been a steady stream of provocative statements about women, Muslims, mexicans, and other groups.

UKIP treats these people essentially the way Trump treats mexicans: blasting them, as our new pub friend Bob had, as criminals stealing British jobs.

The crowd cheered loudly as he also suggested it would be able to kill mexicans.

What AMLO did have that every other candidate lacked was an unimpeachable reputation in the eyes of millions of mexicans.

This, despite a recent Pew poll that suggested more mexicans are returning to Mexico than are crossing into the US.

“The Americans have a much greater capacity … to outlast the mexicans,” he said.

“For mexicans it’s a life or death issue.

Unlike his remarks about Megyn Kelly or Muslims or mexicans, Trump is beating a full retreat from his initial comments.

“Mexico is not a safe place for mexicans.

There are way fewer mexicans, and substantially more people from the Northern Triangle of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador).

That message has not been popular with all mexicans, many of whom fear for their own futures.

It’s mexicans, Chinese and then Filipinos.

canadians are worse at voting than Slovenians and mexicans They are, after all, just human.

I am going to do very well with the Hispanics, the mexicans.”

Trump doesn’t mind that the press savages him for wanting to ban Muslims from entering America or for calling mexicans rapists.

In fact, unauthorized border crossings by mexicans have been on a nearly continuous decline since apprehensions peaked at 1.6 million in 2000.

Today, the vast majority of the people being apprehended at the border are Central Americans rather than mexicans.

For instance, they have said, some people on the list could be mexicans fleeing the federal government.

In fact, unauthorized border crossings by mexicans have been on a nearly continuous decline since apprehensions peaked at 1.6 million in 2000.

Today, the vast majority of the people being apprehended at the border are Central Americans rather than mexicans.

During his presidential campaign, Trump shocked the media and half of the country by declaring mexicans rapists and outlining an isolationist vision for America.

mexicans will go back to Mexico.

He wrongly assumed a classmate was Mexican and made derogatory comments about Hispanics and mexicans.

“We were black, Asian, mexicans, but we were all a community.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back, and in New York I probably talk most to mexicans in Spanish.

You think Trump is mean to the mexicans?

Rob Kardashian’s text messages that triggered a criminal threat investigation are strewn with disparaging references to gays, mexicans and African-Americans.

Flake then urged Trump to stop attacking mexicans, according to the report.

— “I hope you religious cuz after I beat your ass with about 30 mexicans u better hope God lets u into heaven.”

When Trump offended mexicans, they sought to hear from Latinos.

“Much more than the United States, which is an atomized country, mexicans see themselves as part of groups, especially family groups,” he said.

It was him casting mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals”.

Trump keeps “blackmailing, offending and denigrating Mexico and mexicans,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday.

In response, mexicans are celebrating South Korea — to say thank you.

Korea!” The mexicans found a South Korean outside the stadium There’s a good reason for all the South Korea-Mexico bonhomie.

Tens of thousands of mexicans enter the United States daily to work or study, and many were trying to get to Thanksgiving celebrations.

“The kind of jobs that mexicans in the United States are getting is changing,” Cervantes told VICE News.

mexicans are rapists After Trump took office, he defended his opening campaign speech line that mexicans are rapists.

Calls mexicans rapists?

The deal will not apply to mexicans seeking asylum in the US from Mexico, but will apply to all other groups.

Trump has praised the wall Israel constructed, but mexicans — Jew and gentile, government and private citizen — did not take kindly to the comparison.

As mexicans and Jews we back the actions adopted by our government … in the negotiations with the United States.”

About 87 percent of mexicans believe that building a wall along the border is an act of aggression against Mexico.

MEXICO CITY – Like a lot of mexicans, Julia Reyes is following news reports of the migrant caravan with mixed emotions.

“His opinions about women, Muslims, mexicans… those ideas used to be improper for political discourse.

“This was their way of saying, ‘We are not lazy dirty mexicans.

More Central American migrants were apprehended on the U.S. southern border than mexicans this year.

But that’s just for mexicans, cause we love lime on all of our meals.

His comments about mexicans during his campaign speech did exactly what political communications consultants tell their clients to do.

On average, mexicans eat 90 kilos of tortillas per year.

Trump’s comments don’t come as a surprise to the mexicans.

Who else would launch a presidential campaign by calling mexicans rapists and murderers?

His book reported that “Buchanan has written too many inflammatory, outrageous, and controversial things” and “has systematically bashed Blacks, mexicans, and Gays.”

So this is an indication that not all mexicans are bad people.

“When have you seen a boring fight amongst two mexicans?”

mexicans need to start debating those crazy ideas that he is after, using figures that do not correspond to truth.”

“We do not need a president whose cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry, is insulting mexicans and Latinos and Muslims and women,” he added.

“We do not need a president whose cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry, is insulting mexicans and Latinos and Muslims and women,” he added.

The mass migration of people included mexicans, Chileans, Peruvians, and Chinese, alongside free Africans who also sought opportunity in the west.

I want to inform the mexicans Joaquin Guzman Loera [El Chapo] has been arrested.”

Lopez Obrador had strong words of his own, likening Trump’s rhetoric about mexicans to Hitler’s vilification of Jews.

It claims his decision was “motivated, at least in part, by a discriminatory motive” against mexicans, who are the largest beneficiary of the program.

He’s labeled minority groups in sweeping generalities, calling mexicans rapists and criminals and claiming that “a lot of” Muslims hate America.

I told the mexicans, we have to keep companies, but they’re getting a lot also.

At once, Trump is insulting mexicans, and then the disabled, and then prisoners of war and then Muslims and then women.

mexicans have protested in other areas where troops have been deployed to prevent fuel theft.

They’re also portraits of cult heroes, as certain non-violent thieves gained a kind of respect among some mexicans.

He climbed to the top of the polls in this election by calling mexicans rapists and killers.

I arrived here shortly before the guy came down the escalator at Trump Tower to declare his candidacy and call mexicans rapists.

The honor bestowed on Kushner was a trending topic on Twitter, where it appeared to be mostly criticized by prominent mexicans.

The market was busier than usual on Tuesday as many mexicans buy fireworks to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

A recent Pew poll suggested more mexicans are leaving than entering the United States.

According to a study by the National Commission on Human Rights in Mexico, 85 to 95 percent of mexicans believe the police are corrupt.

“The political climate obviously hasn’t been all that friendly toward immigrants and mexicans.

One recent newspaper poll found that seven in 10 mexicans oppose it.

“With all of the stupid things he has said about mexicans, I thought people would like to see him burning as Judas,” Linares said.

Linares said it’s generally rare for mexicans to choose a foreign figure as the effigy to burn in the Holy Saturday tradition.

As we investigate this alleged incident, we learn why some mexicans are more loyal to drug lords than to their own government.

The press conference after the meeting was always going to be controversial because of Trump’s multiple insults directed at Mexico and mexicans.

For mexicans, it seems, lion remains an acquired taste.

(Reuters) – Millions of mexicans will go to the polls on Sunday to choose a new president.

Tortillas are eaten most days by the majority of mexicans, particularly the poor, but corn in Mexico has never been just food.

mexicans do much of the work in this country that Americans, probably, simply won’t do.

He’s gone after mexicans, Muslims, and refugees, often cherry-picking stories of immigrant crime and inviting anti-immigrant extremists to depict “foreigners” as threatening invaders.

This is one reason so few mexicans trust the authorities, and why many feel there’s no reason to even call 911.

The court also issued judgments against nine other people, including one American and four mexicans.

“Many mexicans work in the drug trade and in organized crime.

It’s also unclear whether Covington was targeting mexicans specifically, or people he believed to be associated with the Mexican mafia.

It’s also unclear whether Covington was targeting mexicans specifically, or people he believed to be associated with the Mexican mafia.

The conflicting motives make police unsure whether the attack would be considered targeted against mexicans in general.

He doesn’t call all mexicans, he doesn’t say all of that, but that’s really how it’s presented.

What did you think when you heard Trump say that mexicans are rapists and criminals?

The Harris campaign told the Times that she donated the money from Trump to charities after the then-presidential candidate made derogatory statements about mexicans.

mexicans with dignity repudiate your discourse of hate.”

I’m a first-generation immigrant, let alone a Mexican American, and he’s doing everything he can to keep mexicans and Latin Americans out.

We keep investing in Mexico, we’re not going to be having more mexicans coming to America undocumented.

“We don’t want foreigners here and we know you and your family aren’t mexicans.

“It’s always easier to blame a larger force for your problems, whether that’s mexicans or greedy factory owners,” he says.

“No turning back, Trump, your offenses toward mexicans, Muslims and more, you have dug the hole where you are today.

“No turning back, Trump, your offenses toward mexicans, Muslims and more, you have dug the hole where you are today.

Meanwhile, the response to the caravan among mexicans has been mixed.

But in 2014, for the first time, the Border Patrol apprehended more Central Americans than mexicans.

During the campaign, white voters seemed undeterred by his racist remarks about Muslims and mexicans.

There is a temporary visa for professionals that’s used by Canadians and some mexicans called the TN.

They closed the projects, and now it’s only black people and mexicans who live around there.

We heard it in Trump’s racist hysteria about mexicans in the summer of 2015.

“The Nigerians invited the mexicans in to leverage their expertise in these industrial-scale, high-yield productions,” the agency’s spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju, told reporters.

“The Nigerians invited the mexicans in to leverage their expertise in these industrial-scale, high-yield productions,” the agency’s spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju, told reporters.

The official did not give any information regarding what drug trafficking organization the four arrested mexicans are believed to be associated with.

mexicans aren’t going to come over and train (people) unless they are dealing in large amounts.”

“We’ve known about the mexicans for a while,” he said.

There’s no evidence that Thiel agrees with Trump’s more outlandish comments about mexicans and Muslims.

AMLO, meanwhile, only received 34 percent of the vote from mexicans living abroad.

But in 2018, voting preferences both at home in Mexico and amongst mexicans abroad were strongly in favor of AMLO—even weeks before Election Day.

“We don’t want any mexicans to go out of the country.

We’ve been bullied in our social networks by mexicans.

Many mexicans expected their president to try and bolster his own sagging poll numbers by publicly upbraiding Trump.

Many mexicans want to see their government take a harder line.

At the 2015 Oscars ceremony, best-picture winner Alejandro González Iñárritu called on mexicans to “find and build a government that we deserve.”

Overall, Puerto Ricans are 41% of the Latino population in Central Florida, while mexicans have surpassed the population of Cubans since 2000.

Trump’s attacks on Muslims, mexicans, and other ethnic and religious groups have infuriated many people, including more than a few outside the US.

Facts about Muslims, and mexicans — historical facts — have as little relevance to him as current realities.

Clinton called him “un-American” and Sanders called him someone who “insults mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans.”

Penn asked Chapo about Donald Trump and his comments about mexicans … and the drug lord called Trump “Mi amigo.”

Oliver added, “In his very first campaign speech, he called mexicans ‘rapists’ — and that was just the beginning.

“People of this country are not going to elect a president who insults mexicans, Muslims, women,” Sanders said at the Columbus rally.

He has made out entire groups — mexicans, Muslims, refugees, immigrants — as people to be feared and the cause of all your problems.

Trump voters can sign up to be election “observers,” looking for, as one Trump supporter told the Boston Globe, “mexicans.

When Buff said that mexicans don’t ever really become American, I looked fascinated and asked him what he meant by “mexicans.”

Buff ended up admitting that second-generation mexicans tend to assimilate pretty well, and he corrected “allowance” to “family budget.”

Like Trump, Buff ended up turning the wall into a fence and admitting the mexicans would never pay.

Buff, like Trump, claimed that mexicans were swarming over the border.

(CNN)mexicans are setting fire to Donald Trump.

mexicans, instead, burn cardboard effigies of the devil, politicians and people they generally don’t like.

When he declared his presidential campaign, he called mexicans emigrating to the United States “criminals” and “rapists.”

He’s vowed to make Mexico pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, which has drawn the ire of many mexicans.

Discussions of mexicans in the United States are often constricted by political rhetoric focusing on immigration and the drug trade.

Well, beating up on mexicans who make eight bucks an hour is not going to deal with the real issue.”

I want to inform mexicans Joaquín Guzmán Loera has been arrested.”

mexicans come to America, often taking jobs that American citizens don’t or won’t.

A recent poll found most mexicans wanted to save NAFTA.

Tens of thousands of mexicans died when drug cartels fragmented after Mexican security forces killed or put their leaders in jail.

During the 2016 campaign, which he kicked off by calling mexicans rapists, he tweeted something very similar: Happy #CincoDeMayo!

For Republicans, it’s mexicans here illegally and Muslims.

Francis also mentioned the difficulties faced by mexicans living in the United States.

For the first time since records began, fewer mexicans left the country in 2012 than returned home.

And that’s before you even turn to his deranged attacks on mexicans, Muslims, women, the disabled, POWs and more.

A separate study found that Americans answered identically when asked a question about “immigrants” and the same question about “mexicans.”

His rising popularity in opinion polls suggest mexicans back the efforts so far.

And Trump never dubbed all mexicans rapists and criminals.

On the news, Trump is holding forth on something or the other again: evil mexicans, evil Muslims, evil Democrats.

Trump began his presidential bid nearly four years ago by smearing mexicans as rapists and criminals.

He said he would treat Trump’s administration with respect but would demand the same for mexicans.

“I will come if at first you apologize to Mexico, to mexicans, to Mexican people.

And the governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for New mexicans,” Lonegran said.

mexicans and African Americans were the ones who used cannabis,” he said.

He has called mexicans “rapists” and “anchor babies.”

Now some prominent mexicans are raising their own quibbles about the border.

But Trump’s election and repeated targeting of mexicans has gone a long way to sour that relationship.

Unlike most mexicans, Don Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin did know what this meant: He had been to Europe.

Now, facing the certainty of a Trump presidency, mexicans have little to do but look for a positive spin on the election result.

“It’s time for mexicans to ‘turn on their batteries,’” said prominent Mexico City civil liberties attorney Jesus Robles Maloof.

Now, facing the certainty of a Trump presidency, mexicans have little to do but look for a positive spin on the election result.

“It’s time for mexicans to ‘turn on their batteries,’” said prominent Mexico City civil liberties attorney Jesus Robles Maloof.

His latest run-in with mexicans came as he pointedly noted the ethnicity of the judge presiding over a lawsuit related to Trump University.

Around Muslims, mexicans and immigrants of all variety, issues, if you will, of tolerance and extremism.

When you add in the spike we’ve seen against Muslims and mexicans, it’s really extremely alarming.

“The governor hopes to visit with Mr. Trump in the near future to discuss this issue and others that affect New mexicans.

Meanwhile, mexicans continued to face the day-to-day racism of an Anglo society that saw them as aliens.

US Vice President Joe Biden has slammed the “attitudes toward mexicans and Mexico generally” coming from some US presidential candidates.

US Vice President Joe Biden has slammed the “attitudes toward mexicans and Mexico generally” coming from some US presidential candidates.

What is life like on the border for law abiding mexicans and Mexican Americans?

The mexicans were making a riskier calculation, but they often had little choice: If they wanted to be successful, they worked with the Zetas.

Trump has charged that some mexicans entering the U.S. are criminals and proposed building a wall along the border.

Better them than blacks, Catholics, mexicans, Chinese or Indians, he said, according to Reagan.

‘The mexicans are producing a better-quality product and moving into markets previously dominated by the Colombians.’

Bargent, the Colombia-based organized crime expert, said mexicans have stepped up to meet the American demand.

Zakaria asked the Mexican president how he felt about the presumptive Republican nominee’s characterization of mexicans.

“I cannot agree with such a generalization for mexicans,” said Peña Nieto.

“There is no way to agree with comments like these which describe all mexicans in such a way.”

Perfumania got out of the Trump biz in July 2015 … right after he announced his candidacy, and said mexicans were rapists and drug dealers.

Pew reports that more mexicans left than came to the United States since the end of the Great Recession.

They didn’t identify with being mexicans.”

And Donald Trump incredibly said mexicans have special climbing talents.

That difference can create tensions among native New mexicans and Latinos who arrived from other countries.

But when it comes to casting their ballots, Hispanic New mexicans seem to favor those with last names similar to theirs.

Throughout this campaign he has insulted mexicans and Latinos.

“He distanced himself from Trump’s controversial policies and comments that have enraged women, Muslims, mexicans, African-Americans and the impoverished across the nation.”

mexicans are recognized worldwide for our peculiar taste towards this ingredient.

It’s such a part of our culture, it’s so woven into our cultural fabric as mexicans,” Guajardo said.

The Portuguese had a gang, the Spanish, the mexicans.

“Quiero informar a los mexicans que Joaquin Guzman Loera ha sido detenido.

It is clear Trump’s comments on mexicans led to the cancellations, and both chefs filed counter-suits against Trump.

“But I didn’t want the mexicans to pay for it,” he says.

As we were dating, we found that these two seemingly different communities of people, Pakistanis and mexicans, actually had a lot in common.

“The enemies have ranged from mexicans to women to Muslims to immigrants in general to Hillary Clinton supporters to certain states even.”

mexicans and Mexican immigrants to the US Day one, speech one.

Muslims are like blank; mexicans are like blank.

Except in Arizona, the Duke boys are mexicans.

He began his campaign by calling mexicans rapists and wants to prevent immigrants from entering the country.

— “@realDonaldTrump, I invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans.

mexicans tend to be well acquainted with American politics and culture.

So the relationship, while far from perfect, is quite good for Americans and mexicans alike.

Fox answered Trump’s tweet with his own, saying, “I invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans.

The two can also talk about that wall Trump swears the mexicans will pay for (Pena Nieto says not on your life).

It was clear Trump was trying to avoid attacking mexicans generally, and keep his focus on undocumented immigrants.

“They’re great people, and great leaders,” he said of mexicans during his Phoenix speech, “but they’re going to pay for the wall.”

Racing through Cozumel, players are treated to the bodies of mexicans floating dead in water.

Families fear impact But for some mexicans, Trump’s proposals are no laughing matter.

mexicans have dignity and we repudiate your discourse of hate.”

And then he opened his mouth and confirmed what mexicans feared would happen all along: He talked about the wall.

mexicans walk arm in arm, mezcal bottles swinging at their sides.

True, many mexicans see Peña Nieto as incompetent and even corrupt.

So at the very least, mexicans expected Peña Nieto to reprimand his guest.

Despite the fantastical nature of the encounter, the Mexican President confronted head-on Trump’s disinformation campaign against mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

For the courage to face off with Trump, President Enrique Peña Nieto should get kudos for defending the honor of mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

mexicans, after all, still hold the key to a locked US voting demographic.

The threat of violence is now routine for many mexicans; the news here is filled with beheadings, mutilations, and disappearances.

“He stands for what Donald Trump stands for, and that is, mexicans are ‘rapists.'”

Though it is important to note that there are currently more mexicans leaving than entering the US, according to a recent Pew report.

It’s about immigrants, it’s about mexicans, it’s about women, it’s about everybody else.

“The mexicans,” he said, “cannot believe what they are getting away with” in trade arrangements with the United States.)

“Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of mexicans,” the website says.

Given the number of politicians that drink here, some mexicans would say it is.

He blames Muslims and mexicans for our problems.

mexicans will call enchiladas one thing and Hondurans will call it a different thing.

The nominee of a major presidential party has described mexicans and immigrants as drug dealers and rapists.

Some research shows that more mexicans may have left the U.S. voluntarily due to fears of apprehension.

For mexicans and Mexican-Americans who grew up on the U.S.-Mexico border, these words trigger overwhelming sensations.

Washington (CNN)Video was released Friday of Donald Trump acknowledging that his now-famous comments calling mexicans “rapists” harmed his business interests.

Considering the fact that for many mexicans, the salsa is often as important as the food itself, the pressure was high.

Delfin gets much more satisfaction, however, from being able to connect mexicans to a new way of appreciating their old comfort foods.

But a recent Pew poll does suggest more mexicans are now leaving than entering America.

The senator slammed Trump for speaking of mexicans as rapists and criminals, to which Pence responded: “You whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

“These guys say all mexicans are bad,” Kaine claimed.

While Trump has made a border wall the centerpiece of his campaign, there is no record of him saying that all mexicans are bad.

Not all mexicans are indigenous, but many are, and many more aren’t fully aware of their indigeneity.

There aren’t any references to mexicans in Pence’s Twitter feed.

“We as mexicans remember the greats and how they fought.

Kaine had said: “When Donald Trump says women should be punished, that mexicans are rapists and criminals, he is showing you who he is.”

The street is the greatest restaurant that mexicans have.

Dorilocos are a clear example that we mexicans won’t listen to any advice when it comes to our cravings.

He chided Kaine for “whipping out that Mexican thing again,” as though calling mexicans rapists should be no big deal.

The mexicans in the hood, the government don’t even get it.

A wall would be offensive to mexicans, said Saenz.

When he announced his candidacy Trump talked about the need to stop mexicans from coming into the country with a wall.

I cannot think of any other reason for your blatant insult and denigration of immigrants—especially mexicans.”

“He came to prominence by attacking immigrant mexicans and saying they are rapists.

Endlessly repeating Clinton’s e-mail debacle or Trump’s pronouncements on mexicans or women ultimately magnifies their impact on voting decisions.

Mariachi is like folk music for mexicans, but narco-corrido banda is mariachi’s bastard step-child with a cocaine problem.

Trump on immigrants: “But you have people coming in and I’m not just saying mexicans.

When Trump promised a wall to keep out mexicans, many who are now “outraged” cheered him on.

Trump’s rhetoric about mexicans and his vow to build a wall have helped accelerate those Democratic efforts.

During the presidential campaign, he has denigrated Muslims, mexicans and women.

And I know that you know the things Donald Trump has said about mexicans and veterans and Muslims and women are wrong.

I mean, it’s a disgrace for humanity in general, but not for mexicans in particular….

The mexicans will surely see the project as an affront, so it would require massive feats of diplomacy.

mexicans rule in the US, he tells me with satisfaction.

mexicans living there should come back here and open places like those that I’ve just mentioned.

“He started off his campaign with his announcement calling mexicans rapists and criminals.

“In the way he (says) in interviews something wrong about Latinos, something wrong about mexicans, something wrong, in general, about women is disrespectful.

On June 16, 2015, the first day of his campaign, Trump called mexicans “rapists.”

Seven out of ten mexicans are overweight, and three out of ten are clinically obese.

In the decade after NAFTA’s passage, the proportion of calories that mexicans got from carbonated beverages shot up forty percent.

– The crowd cheered loudly as he also suggested it would be able to kill mexicans.

Read: mexicans brace for possible Trump win And in Pennsylvania, 53% of the electorate agree that trade is bad for jobs.

In the past, it mainly housed displaced mexicans fleeing the violence that plagues the southern states of Michoacán and Guerrero.

(Disclaimer: When I say mexicans, I mean Mexican citizens.

So learning Spanish has fundamentally changed my worldview: I no longer see the same dichotomy between Americans and mexicans.

The parents blame “mexicans.”

Many mexicans say Trump catapulted himself to the presidency, in large part, by insulting Mexican immigrants with racist and xenophobic speech.

In Schuyler, Lugo said, it was first mexicans, then Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Peruvians, Africans, and Cubans.

Meawhile, after the harsh things Trump had to say about mexicans, you wouldn’t think too many Hispanic voters would back Trump.

mexicans, Muslims, rapists, extremist Islam, Crooked Hillary, drain the swamp!

When he calls mexicans rapists, he is invoking an image of a vulnerable white woman attacked by a brown man.

mexicans have an eye for color when it comes to design.

He doesn’t think Trump is serious about building a wall that mexicans will pay for.

No to a president who calls mexicans rapists,” the Facebook invite for an Atlanta protest says.

Scott Montgomery—CEO of Brandtailers, a California ad agency—said, “It’s like mexicans coming up and trying to sell us hot dogs.”

mexicans were “rapists” and Muslims weren’t doing enough to police the would-be terrorists in their communities.

We displaced the mexicans, broke the bodies of countless immigrant workers to build the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Hoover Dam.

The nation’s first “drug czar” Harry Anslinger used fear about its promotion by mexicans and black people to stir panic.

As is the case nationally, where mexicans account for the majority of illegal immigrants, most of the workers were from Mexico or Guatemala.

And it wasn’t just individual mexicans who were worried.

Now, New mexicans who are students, people of color, working class, or live in rural areas will have better access to reproductive care.

His problem, though, is twofold: How do you negotiate with one of the people whom mexicans despise most?

(mexicans have not forgiven Peña Nieto for inviting Trump for a visit in August).

The poll surveyed 1,200 adult mexicans between April 7-10, and has a margin of error of less than 3.8 percent.

He also called some mexicans “rapists,” and added, “Some, I assume, are good people.”

A toll-free number has been created by the Center for Information and Assistance to mexicans (CIAM), which is free for Mexican immigrants living abroad.

Temporary work in the states would be extended so as also to benefit mexicans, said Pena Nieto, who leaves office on Nov. 30.

Andres claimed he canceled plans for the project after Trump made disparaging remarks about mexicans during the presidential campaign.

Everyone knows that we mexicans work so hard and we don’t come here to do whatever we want to.

He’s not one of the mexicans Trump has described as “bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and they’re rapists.”

Then came the evil brands like Mission and Guerrero tortillas to capitalize on this; and mexicans need their tortillas, one way or another.”

“They make jokes about mexicans.

A school telecast that went up on YouTube included a joke of the day, which on one occasion was about mexicans, the girls said.

“Part of it is to not focus on the birther comment or the comment about mexicans at his campaign announcement.

Two mexicans who also worked for the festival, Rafael Antonio Penaloza and Geovanni Francisco Ruiz Murillo, died.

mexicans, we’re in a bad place,” says Esparza.

But mexicans are upset about more than just gas.

“We’re not going to insult mexicans,” he said to cheers.

During the campaign, he made remarks that were offensive to Muslims, mexicans and women, for starters.

However, the disparaging remarks the President-elect has made about many groups, including women, mexicans, and Muslims, are deeply contrary to my values.

Five mexicans, four Americans, two Canadians and a Colombian were listed among the wounded.

He pledged to build a wall to keep immigrants out and called mexicans “rapists” and “killers.”

To single out a single race, for mexicans, it’s the same thing that happened to us as African Americans.

Why it matters : mexicans were outraged when Videgaray helped bring Trump to Mexico and forced him out of the government.

Like Magid, Episcopalians had been criticized for hosting and praying with Trump, whose campaign included harsh language about Muslims, mexicans and women.

The mexicans didn’t want Trump to get the credit.

The mexicans are higher than that.

Marquis Staples traveled to Mexico City from Wisconsin to make sure mexicans know there is opposition to Trump in the United States.

If that means inciting hysterics about mexicans, game on!

Trump’s historically xenophobic attitudes toward Mexico are already having a negative effect—and not on mexicans, although that will undoubtedly come.

Obviously, it’s not only mexicans and Latinos who drink Corona, or that every Mexican and Latino drinks it.

Cinco de Mayo shout out: “It’s Cinco de Mayo, a great opportunity to celebrate the contributions of mexicans and Mexican-Americans.”

“There are a lot of stereotypes of mexicans in the US, but there are also stereotypes of Americans in Mexico.

Trump’s attacks on mexicans and Muslims, mocking of disabled people, and refusal to denounce the KKK violate these values to the extreme.”

“There are a lot of stereotypes of mexicans in the US, but there are also stereotypes of Americans in Mexico.

Will Trump go after remittances from mexicans living in the US — Mexico’s largest source of cash — to pay for the wall?

“There’s a lot of: ‘Well, what about mexicans?

One Trump idea is to tax remittances – the money mexicans in the US send home.

… We have to stop illegal immigration… Half of Americans aren’t getting jobs, [yet] all the mexicans are getting jobs.”

Respect Many mexicans argue what’s really at stake is pride.

That money is a lifeline for many poor mexicans, especially when the economy is struggling.

mexicans have dignity and we reject his hate speech,” she added.

Apprehensions of mexicans trying to enter the country illegally are near a 50-year low, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

Will mexicans say adios to American goods?

Discretion extends to the kitchen, where I’m told the Chinese do all the cooking and the mexicans only assist with preparation.

In 2013, you were awarded a Michelin star, which makes you one of three mexicans who received that honor.

This time though, he emphasized that there was also work for mexicans seeking jobs.

If it is meant to be Mexico, the ad is misguided, as lately there are more mexicans leaving the US than entering.

mexicans made up 52% of all unauthorized immigrants in 2014, but their numbers have declined in recent years, the center reported.

Sweep away all that, he tells poor mexicans, and their lives will improve.

His plan to make mexicans pay for a border wall has also drawn the ire of many here.

But if you go to a state prison, it’s full of blacks and mexicans.

mexicans waved flags that read “Fuera Peña” or “Peña Out.”

I would like to inform mexicans that Joaquín Guzmán Loera has been detained.”

And a 7-year-old named Toby asked about proposed cuts to public television and alienating mexicans by building a border wall.

“Donald Trump makes mexicans not important to people who are in Arkansas who like mexicans, like me, my grandma,” Toby Smith said.

The number of mexicans granted asylum in the U.S. more than tripled between 2011 and 2016 — from 264 to 919.

mexicans staged massive anti-US protests Sunday, forming human chains along the border where Trump would like to build a wall.

Commonalities between mexicans (native, first-, second-, third gen) and the Manchester icon aren’t too difficult to unravel.

That’s quite a familiar scenario for mexicans, immigrants, and Chicanos encountering the dynamic between the two cultures of Mexico and the US.

“Donald Trump makes mexicans not important to people who are in Arkansas who like mexicans, like me, my grandma,” Smith said.

That caveat echoes Donald Trump’s campaign-launching proclamation that mexicans bring drugs and crime, and are rapists, though “some” are good people.

She, and a growing number of mexicans, combine the two by trading goods and services for sex.

The way he characterized mexicans who come to this country illegally was another instance.”

mexicans were switching to healthier alternatives.

“Mexican American people have no more challenges than any other Americans, I believe that the majority of mexicans are hard-working, family-loving people.

They think there are mexicans pouring across the border when, in fact, the traffic is in the opposite direction.

Also featured: a look at how a charity is giving shelter to mexicans in need.

Here At Home: An L.A. county sheriff official resigned after his emails mocking Muslims, mexicans, and women went public.

He wants to build a wall to keep out the mexicans, and he wants to kick out and alienate all the Muslims.

Critics also say a tax on remittances would likely push mexicans to find other ways to get cash over the border.

As these numbers have risen, there has been a dramatic decline in apprehensions of mexicans, both among children and adults.

Sitting inside an office in a modern glass-and-concrete building in downtown Tijuana, Felix Diaz said mexicans and Americans had built strong relationships.

The Trump effect: Goldwyn notes that Trump’s threat to withdraw from NAFTA, aggressive immigration posture, and insulting comments about mexicans could influence AMLO.

In an interview with the South Bend Tribune, she recalled her husband saying, ” ‘He’s going to get rid of the mexicans.’

Half the population isn’t part of the banking system (and only 15 percent of mexicans even have a credit card).

The 1965 act ended a program that allowed mexicans to work on U.S. farms but remain residents of Mexico.

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