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In the end, though, it was Carrie Fisher who won the award posthumously for her memoir The Princess Diarist.

The title comes from a Chinese proverb that Kay Redfield Jamison wrote about in her memoir, An Unquiet Mind.

In a review of the memoir Solitary: Unbroken by Four Decades in Solitary Confinement.

Obama also wrote in her memoir that she would never forgive Donald Trump for his role in the birther conspiracy theory about Barack Obama.

“A memoir of friendship” deceives by sounding simple.

This was memoir, after all.

And lets not forget Michelle Obama opening up about smoking pot as a teen in her memoir Becoming.

Jacob Tobia is a writer, performer, producer, LGBTQ advocate, and author of the forthcoming memoir, Sissy.

In her own memoir, Rousey talked about how Tarverdyan would purposely ignore, criticize, and upset her during sparring sessions.

A juicy memoir not only stands to earn a former Trump official a small fortune, thanks to an unprecedented interest in administration intrigue.

His book is part manifesto, part memoir, and part guide to activism.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published eight books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

Delving more into memoir, Pekar recalls his youth and myriad struggles to find his purpose in life during that period.

She’s the author of the parenting memoir Mom, I’m Not a Kid Anymore.

Wortmann’s memoir is an intimate portrait of his OCD and the various ways he’s hurt and helped himself.

Meredith later wrote about the experience in her memoir, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters.

While promoting his new memoir during a weekend interview with NPR, McEnroe called Serena “the best female player ever—no question.”

In Bush’s 2010 memoir, Decision Points, Bush even refers to perceptions of Cheney as “dark and heartless, the Darth Vader of the administration.”

(His 2012 memoir sets the story three years earlier.)

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

“We took what we wanted,” Kevin Weeks, a former Bulger lieutenant who would eventually testify against him, wrote in “Brutal,” his memoir.

Last summer, the memoir took readers through the behind-the-scenes drama of the hit E!

Priestdaddy is a funny and perverse and melancholy memoir, a terrific accomplishment from poet Patricia Lockwood.

White, and The Journals of John Cheever, which Moby said was critical in helping him write his new memoir, Porcelain.

she writes in her memoir.

That view, Levy readily acknowledges, comes from a place of privilege, and that’s the largest complaint that’s been levied against her memoir.

Assata Shakur’s memoir, Assata, that’s a favorite.

In Chow’s memoir, he writes about speaking to high schools, middle schools, and at-risk youth—all to stop kids from following in his footsteps.

At the time, Chow recalls in his memoir, the decision to testify against Chong challenged his view of the world.

Random House imprint Spiegel & Grau has acquired Pao’s memoir, titled “Reset,” and you can read a press release about it below.

“George Bush’s misuse of the pardon power made the cover-up complete,” Walsh wrote in his memoir, Firewall.

It’s the best version of what you might hope for when you’re reading a memoir by the poet laureate of Twitter.

What emerges is the souvenir of a country, a memoir in color.

Your book reads a bit like a memoir, but you frame it as a novel.

Also, it seems to me I’ve never wanted to write a memoir.

I don’t really understand the motivation behind writing a memoir the way I understand the motivation behind writing a novel.

She’s writing a memoir on America’s behalf, attempting to trace the steps that got us to this precipice.

She hasn’t stopped, even as she’s shifted genres from journalism to fiction to memoir and back again.

In June, Valenti published Sex Object, a memoir that strings together sometimes painful stories about experiencing sexism.

Living in time, he writes poems that weave together different genres: essay, history, memoir, philosophical inquiry, and pedagogy.

The real-life Bloom wrote a memoir about these games, which Sorkin adapted for the movie.

Furthermore, memoir itself is a subjective genre, where what is remembered has its own legitimacy and meaning.

Now she’s on a press tour promoting her new memoir, Brave, as well as the E!

I have a memoir coming out next year that will more thoroughly go into my time doing that work.

That was when they came across a chef named Anthony Bourdain, whose memoir Kitchen Confidential had put his star on the rise.

George M. Johnson is an HIV advocate whose upcoming YA memoir deals with blackness, queerness, and navigating life at its intersection.

Currently, she is working on a memoir in essays in which she journeys to uncover her family’s hidden past.

In 2014, Dunham published her memoir Not That Kind of Girl.

The right-wing outlet TruthRevolt aggregated Williamson’s claims with the full passages from Dunham’s memoir, and the story exploded.

Prejean documented the incident mentioned above in her 2009 memoir Still Standing.

Interspersed with his architectural drawings are gridded illustrations of childhood memories, like an outsider art take on a graphic novel memoir.

‘s tell-all memoir.

The actress had been promoting her latest memoir, The Princess Diarist, in London before she suffered her heart attack last Friday.

That’s unheard of for a memoir from an unknown person.

I was one of the very first unknown nobodies to write a memoir.

Then Hammer of the Gods came out and they realized that a genre was being created of rock ‘n’ roll memoir.

Kristen Radtke’s graphic memoir uses photos and the death of her uncle as touchstones to illustrate parallel forms of decay and loss.

In 1980, Martin Scorsese released the brilliant motion picture Raging Bull, based on Jake LaMotta’s 1970 memoir of the same name.

It’s a memoir about the difficulty of writing a memoir and the limitations of narrative.

It’s a memoir, but it’s also a directive.

He wrote, in his memoir on Philip Guston, that working is the only way to figure out where to go next.

He tried to write the story of his father abandoning the family as a novel twice before writing his memoir Furthering My Education.

Tinsley’s new book, Beyoncé in Formation: Remixing Black Feminism, expands on her popular course in a vibrant blend of memoir and cultural analysis.

Personal memoir runs alongside a compelling overview of country and blues history in relation to Beyoncé’s oeuvre.

Omarosa also published a memoir, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” last August.

Her memoir, Daddy, was published by Barnacle/Rare Bird in 2014.

“The responsibility is immense.” The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated memoir is now available from online booksellers and Abrams ComicArts.

He’s the author of “Principles: Life and Work,” which the New York Times described as part memoir and part how-to guide.

That was the name of my memoir, was “Sausage Fest.” But it’s true, it’s so true.

In her memoir, “#GIRLBOSS,” Amoruso said she never planned on running a huge company.

Gordon’s new memoir, “They Call Me Supermensch,” explores some of the other crazy PR coups in music history.

Hell, their young handyman was made famous enough to get his own New Yorker article, memoir, and documentary.

She has written for the Fix and is currently working on a memoir.

It is one stop of many on Comey’s book tour for his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty.

Garza’s memoir is the rare sex addiction narrative from a female perspective, and a profoundly genuine, gripping story that any reader can appreciate.

(For the record, he acknowledges the self-absorption and douchiness of writing a memoir in your twenties.)

Prestel published Mr Chow: 50 Years, an illustrated memoir by restaurateur and art collector Michael Chow.

Drew Barrymore wrote the original bad girl celebrity memoir in 1990 with Little Girl Lost.

From The Elephants In My Backyard, A memoir (Regan Arts) © 2016 by Rajiv Surendra.

And then I did my father-daughter memoir called “Best Seat in the House” about my dad.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the daughter of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, has written a memoir about life with her world-famous father — and it sounds absolutely brutal.

“I had the best job in America,” she wrote in a 1994 memoir about her time as first lady.

Ultimately it suggests that we exist in an series of overlapping architectures, each with its own rules for storytelling: journalism, memoir, visual art, theater.

Michelle Obama is currently promoting her new memoir “Becoming” and is gracing some magazine covers in the process.

She is writing a memoir on pregnancy, motherhood, and sisterhood.

“A Brief History,” first performed in 2010, draws inspiration from a passage in Claude Lévi-Strauss’s 1955 memoir Tristes Tropiques.

In a revealing new memoir published Tuesday, former first lady Michelle Obama shares her thoughts preceding the historic November 4 night in 2008.

Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated campaign memoir officially has a title and cover.

The publisher writes that it is Clinton’s most personal memoir yet.

He was a contributor to Bloody Elbow and and published a memoir earlier this year.

Brierley wrote about his life story in his memoir, A Long Way Home, and now it’s been turned into Lion.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published eight books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

But I wanted, more than anything, to be pleasantly surprised by Clinton’s memoir.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

It echoes themes in O’Donnell’s second memoir Celebrity Detox: The Fame Game.

Frequent Beatles collaborator actor Victor Spinetti offers a markedly different version of the story in his memoir Up Front: His Strictly Confidential Autobiography (2006).

Really, Paris Can Wait feels like the beginning of a story that someone would write a best-selling memoir about afterward.

As for the claims that Samantha is working on a memoir called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister?

In Close to the Knives, his seminal memoir from 1991, Wojnarowicz writes “words can strip the power from a memory or an event.

In her new memoir Becoming, she opens up about these expectations and how they affected her.

The book is structured partly as a memoir, partly as a series of essays, and partly as a series of imagined dialogues.

Her memoir is being published by Viking Books and her year-long stint at the ride-hail company is even being turned into a movie.

Even Burt’s book is burning up the charts … his memoir, “But Enough About Me: A memoir,” is No.

SJP was with the former First Lady Wednesday night at the Barclays Center to discuss Michelle’s best-selling memoir, “Becoming.”

In this memoir, the reader not only is informed of Cunningham’s choreography but also the relationships and community that brought it to life.

John Doran’s MENK column for VICE UK was reworked into the acclaimed memoir, Jolly Lad, published by Strange Attractor.

Still, Preger’s memoir can balance very well on its own, which is to be expected from someone who’s danced for so long.

McGowan has been promoting her new memoir, Brave, and an E!

Toward the memoir‘s end, Anselmi decides to kill himself, too—then opts to get an MFA instead.

(Christo has not responded to a request to elaborate on this aspect of the memoir.)

However, I am now quite rich in inspiration, which helps as I put the last touches on that teen novel and a funny memoir.

When asked if he would ever write a memoir, he said, “No memoirs.

Now, she is adding memoir author to that list.

Her excellent graphic memoir Everything Is Flammable comes out on April 18 from Uncivilized Books.

MUNCHIES: Can you tell me about the title of your book: Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A memoir?

Does it annoy you that your memoir, which is about food above all, gets more attention because of your romantic life?

That’s what Lauren Collins’s French husband Olivier says to her early on in When in French, Collins’s new memoir.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

She is writing a memoir on pregnancy, motherhood, and sisterhood.

In his 2007 New York Times-bestselling memoir Tweak, Sheff chronicles his dark plunge into heroin and meth addiction.

There’s a reason the legendary New Yorker critic Pauline Kael considered her movie reviews to be her memoir.

“Gemma wrote in her memoir, “I gave one look at that baby and I thought, ‘Where will I be able to bury him?’

The plot of The Trump Prophecy (to the extent that there is a plot) is simple and based on a memoir.

The Indie pop group The Magnetic Fields released their 11th studio album, “50 Song memoir,” on Friday.

Merritt championed the idea for writing his memoir in verse to his label’s president.

The Indie pop group The Magnetic Fields released their 11th studio album, “50 Song memoir,” on Friday.

Merritt championed the idea for writing his memoir in verse to his label’s president.

But in 2008, she published a barely contrite memoir about that period in her life, entitled Can You Ever Forgive Me?

This is essentially the hottest way to end a memoir.

In her memoir, she describes him only a little.

Israel wrote in her memoir that she eventually realized he’d been skimming money off the top of the duo’s sales, too.

And your new book is sort of a memoir?

I mean, in some ways it’s a memoir, of kind of … It’s not, “Hey, on Thursday I had a great omelette.” But …

In addition, Hemingway wrote in her 2015 memoir that after she turned 18, Allen tried to get her to go to Paris with him.

Sarah, I’m going to describe this as part memoir, part manifesto.

So, memoir we get, that’s part of your life, right?

The documentary, and a memoir published on May 22 called “The Restless Wave,” were conceived before McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017.

An amateur photographer, Bornier set out to travel across China on a personal quest to make images for a travel memoir.

But it is a memoir, there’s crazy stories in it.

Like any good memoir, it provides a pathway on which women who’ve had similar experiences might find some space to do the same.

Profoundly honest and confrontational, Laymon’s Heaavy successfully conquers the memoir’s confessional project.

Nike ended up recalling the shoe because the flared heel could cause injuries, co-founder Phil Knight wrote in his memoir, ” Shoe Dog.”

In September, Bruce Springsteen opened up about having severe depression in his early sixties in the lead-up to his memoir Born to Run.

As the ghostwriter for Donald Trump’s 1987 memoir The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz spent more than a year with the businessman.

Barack Obama’s book will be a “straightforward memoir about his presidency,” according to the Associated Press.

It’s as much a treatise on politics as it is a memoir.

Chung, now managing editor at Catapult and author of an upcoming memoir about adoption, sometimes slips into Slack.

“The cosmonauts had not trained for this landing scenario,” Chertok said in his memoir.

Estrich has steadfastly defended Ailes’ from accusations of sexual assault, including when Megyn Kelly wrote about Ailes’ behavior in her memoir.

When she finally turns toward the next phase of her life, she begins writing a memoir about herself and her mother.

Heike Geissler wrote her 2018 memoir of working in an Amazon distribution center in Leipzig, Germany, as a novel.

Last week I spoke to Wilde about his memoir via Skype.

Sheridan’s movies often have what I call the “Hillbilly Elegy problem,” after the best-selling memoir by J.D.

And we have a moving chapter from Sherman Alexie’s upcoming memoir, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.

She speaks fluent Hebrew; in 2015, she wrote, directed, and starred in a Hebrew-language adaptation of Israeli author Amos Oz’s memoir.

So his call to abolish the Senate, announced in an Atlantic excerpt from his new memoir, is pretty notable.

He spoke with Business Insider last year about his 2014 memoir ” Even This I Get to Experience.”

The cover of Michelle Obama’s newly released memoir, Becoming, shows the former first lady leaning forward, a big smile on her face.

Tama Janowitz has emerged from seclusion to debut her first memoir, Scream.

I asked Jacob Tomsky, author of Heads in Beds: A Reckless memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality, if nosy housekeepers are a thing.

The memoir does not gush or wax poetic about her time spent surrounded by great artistic minds.

Bill Clinton has a new book out, not a memoir but a thriller co-authored with James Patterson called The President Is Missing.

In the follow-up to her 2012 graphic memoir about bipolar disorder, Marbles, Ellen Forney offers practical strategies for achieving mental stability.

More than a memoir or sequel, Rock Steady is an illustrated reference book whose eight chapters explore eight distinct topics related to mental health.

Each chapter of Tuten’s memoir precisely details a specific moment of realization, however wayward and, at times, harrowing.

Judge is the author of a 1997 memoir titled “Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk,” which recounts his experiences as a teenage alcoholic.

Yet the memoir stops around 1964, long before he publishes his first novel in 1972.

He also said he is writing his memoir.

Her memoir explains post-9/11 America.

[Kara Swisher] Read Mark Judge’s out-of-print “Wasted” memoir for free, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

He is also pitcher for the VICE softball team and author of the memoir Making Rent in Bed-Stuy.

Omarosa also published a memoir, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” last August.

There’s a real gap in that memoir market for women.

The connections between disco, dancing, and the Pictures Generation were further strengthened by Douglas Crimp in his memoir, Before Pictures (Dancing Foxes Press).

My visual art practice incorporates drawing, sculpture, pyrography, performance, and video, and my writing has included fiction, poetry, memoir, and criticism.

In her memoir “Miles to Go,” Cyrus explained how she originally wasn’t aiming for the lead role when she auditioned for “Hannah Montana.”

Since Trump’s election, Lewandowski has published a memoir about the campaign — which Trump has tweeted about.

“There is never a time onstage when I’m not thinking about my heart,” she wrote in her memoir.

His memoir is a 432 page journey through his life, and I wish I had more footage to tell every story in there.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

The main draws — aside from candidate — are actress Elizabeth Banks; author of the best-selling memoir “Wild,” Cheryl Strayed; and U.S.

Reportedly, they are making $65 million, which is an unprecedented amount of money for a presidential memoir.

The dedication page of her memoir read simply: “For Doyle, thank you.” Doyle graduated Lodi High School in 1982.

It isn’t only a presidential memoir by an extremely popular ex-president during a time when nostalgia for his administration is increasing.

It isn’t even only a presidential memoir by our first black president.

It’s a presidential memoir that actually stands a chance of being a good book, with both historical and literary merit.

Carroll’s accusation was published on Friday in a New York magazine article adapted from her new memoir.

Prince’s memoir, The Beautiful Ones, will also be available on October 29.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — There’s a fine line between graphic novel and graphic memoir.

Harris reported a personal income of $157,352 from her work as a senator and $320,125 in income from her memoir, The Truths We Hold.

Fragment per a una autobiografia (A Personal memoir.

Published in 2010, her memoir, Staying True, was an instant national best-seller.

We got Billie in Bev Hills Tuesday, hours after Carrie’s 2016 memoir, “The Princess Diarist,” earned a spoken word nom.

Al Franken, Giant of the Senate inverts the typical political memoir.

But his posthumously published memoir, Fashion Climbing, focuses on the part of his career that long preceded the establishment of Bill Cunningham, fashion legend.

Cunningham doesn’t build his memoir around people or relationships or places where he lived: He builds it around the hats he made.

In his new memoir, “Then It Fell Apart,” Moby claimed he briefly dated Portman when he was 33 and she was 20.

In his new memoir, “Then It Fell Apart,” Moby claimed he briefly dated Portman when he was 33 and she was 20.

She’s the bestselling author of the painfully hilarious memoir, Self-Inflicted Wounds.

She writes in her memoir about an incident that took place when she was a toddler.

Throughout her memoir, Stacey writes that she never feels beautiful.

says Riaz Khan, a 50-year-old ex-member who’s written a memoir about his time in the gang.

Based on Lee Israel’s memoir of the same name, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Clinton didn’t want the case, she wrote in her 2003 memoir Living History.

In 2017, Murad published a memoir of her ordeal, “The Last Girl”.

A lightly edited transcript, interspersed with excerpts from Rabassa’s memoir If This Be Treason, follows.

The people that he saw on the streets “seemed troubled and melancholy,” he wrote in his first memoir.

Syms found the exhibition’s title in Margo Jefferson’s Negroland: A memoir (2015), though the phrase is originally from the philosopher William James.

He says she had been writing her memoir, “My Life to Live,” and just completed it last weekend.

It’s a memoir, but it also includes a lot of information about writing, about … Yeah, there’s some how-to, right?

There have been a lot of stories told by men who got away with sexual assault — Roman Polanski wrote a memoir!

In his 2010 memoir, ” On Writing,” he shared advice for aspiring authors.

Plus, his 2018 memoir Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back): A memoir of Recording and Discording with Wilco, Etc.

He continued to attack me after I left, particularly after word was out that I was writing a memoir.

In the beloved fashion photographer’s posthumous memoir, we get a peek into his origin story.

It’s almost like we’re reading the memoir of an entirely different person.

Fashion Climbing: A memoir with Photographs by Billy Cunningham is out from Penguin Random House.

But it’s not, she hastens to clarify, a weight-loss memoir.

In her new memoir, “Just the Funny Parts,” she also talks about sexism in the workplace — among other things.

The Dallas-based journalist wrote a memoir called Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, which was published in 2015.

In her memoir Picasso, My Grandfather, the artist’s granddaughter Marina Picasso describes the psychological trauma he inflicted on her and her family.

They tell a version of the truth[…] memoir has the word ‘memory’ in it, and that’s what it’s for.”

Beard came out as gay in a revised version of his memoir, Delights and Prejudices, in 1981.

She is currently working on her first memoir.

But, the footman confessed in his memoir — this is that leering David John Payne again — sometimes he did run out.

(After all, memoir is still one of the highest-selling genres of books.)

John Doran’s acclaimed memoir Jolly Lad, based on his long-running column MENK for VICE, is available from Strange Attractor Press.

His memoir describes an early life filled with sexual trauma and strangeness.

Sy Hersh just wrote a memoir, right?

asked Asa Akira to a crowd of fans as she cracked open a copy of Dirty Thirty, her new memoir.

Abramović may have lost this major case, but at least she has the publication of her memoir to look forward to next month.

The author discussed the musical based on her graphic memoir “Fun Home.” The air taxi could take off this summer.

He has declined a literary prize and delayed the publication of an upcoming memoir.

This column was the inspiration for John Doran’s acclaimed memoir Jolly Lad, about the recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness.

Her new memoir, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?, is being published this week by Twelve.

I’ve read Ann Rule’s classic memoir of her friendship with Bundy, A Stranger Beside Me.

Triste Tropique, which borrows its name from Claude Lévi-Strauss’s melancholic memoir and travelogue, differs from its social media version in a few ways.

Comey’s new memoir, A Higher Loyalty, is due to come out on Tuesday.

John has a memoir out now called ‘If A Wicked Man.’

In Maria Sharapova’s new memoir Unstoppable, which came out September 12, she mentions Serena Williams more than 100 times.

In her memoir Swallow the Fish, Gabrielle Civil examines the narratives she’s ingested since childhood and by which she found herself creatively propelled.

On Thursday, Axios revealed the title of Comey’s forthcoming (and much-anticipated) memoir — and it’s an explicit, defiant jab at the president.

On Friday, Bill Burns will present his new memoir, Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us, published by YYZ Books.

A hefty settlement can keep a famous figure from penning a tell-all memoir or making the rounds of talk shows, the attorney said.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

The leader of Senate Republicans wrote about how his views on campaign finance shifted in his 2016 memoir, The Long Game.

Officially it is classified as a memoir and as true crime, but those aren’t quite right.

True crime is as popular as it has ever been; memoir, and its attendant first-person content industry, more so than ever.

Nelson herself resists strict classification, even though The Red Parts’ original printing bore the phrase “a memoir” in its title.

It’s not a memoir, but it is about the impulses that animate that form.

His life’s so amazing he commissioned an aspiring writer named Noah B. to author a memoir for him—Randy!

And, for this fake memoir, it’s a combination of Noah’s purple prose applied to a really mediocre person.

I mean we should talk … this book is a memoir, right?

But a memoir, generally, by definition, is your impression of events, right?

In his memoir, “Password from the Third Floor”, Thae describes North Korean leader Kim as “impatient, impulsive and violent”.

Escape to Berlin is destined to become a classic American memoir.

During this time, his first vahine (native wife) was a 13-year-old named Teha’amana, called Tehura in the memoir.

Somehow, in keeping with the persistent and uncanny spirits in the memoir and Rush’s life, the bullet was always missing in the chamber.

In her 2009 memoir Wishful Drinking, Fisher wrote about her difficult relationship with the Star Wars franchise.

Birthday settles itself somewhere more firmly as a memoir.

He is currently writing a memoir about his experience with chronic illness, which he also blogs about at

Mary wrote a memoir called ‘Fall to Pieces’ about life with Scott and his battles with drugs.

Omarosa also published a memoir, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” last August.

It is a biography, and contains narration from Ebert’s memoir of the same name.

We are here following the publication of his new memoir, Between Them: Remembering My Parents.

I could fill a memoir with examples just from my own life, but the manifesto led to a few more instances.

The book is both a depression memoir and a satire of the self-help genre.

Writing memoir is really hard, for a simple reason: Our lives are messy.

And now, 12 years later, the memoir has been adapted into an engaging and often touching film.

Since memoir relies on an individual person’s memory — and memory fades and morphs over time — this may be inevitable.

I’m working on a memoir about physical fitness and mortality.

Lately, the now 50-year-old producer/DJ/animal rights activist/vegan/photographer/TeaNY co-founder has been promoting his new memoir, Porcelain, not so much his music.

And I think in approaching trying to write a memoir, by definition, you have to omit a lot of stuff.

That’s the title the British actor David Niven gave his best-selling 1972 memoir, lifting a phrase from an e.e.

She described the incident in her memoir without naming Ratner, claiming the man was eating cocktail shrimp while he masturbated.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

Tyson previously admitted to smoking cannabis in his memoir, “Undisputed Truth.”

10% Happier was “an argument dressed up as a memoir,” he told me.

Michelle will hit 10 U.S. cities for her stadium tour to launch the sale of her memoir, “Becoming.”

A successful memoir from a former first lady must walk a fine line.

Becoming, the new memoir from Michelle Obama, walks the First Lady Tightrope with Obama’s characteristic aplomb.

And both that title and Judge’s 1997 memoir detail rampant alcohol abuse at the school, including his own.

Congress member and civil rights hero John Lewis is nominated for March: Book Three, the final volume in his graphic novel memoir series.

Her nonfiction memoir and journalism comics have been featured in various publications, including the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Narratively, Bright, and the Huffington Post.

Thorough in his research, James seems to have read the different versions of her unpublished memoir, which details her childhood.

I understand this partly from recalling his memoir The Women, which I read as an undergraduate student.

Titled Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul, Glaude’s book is part memoir, part American history, and part political polemic.

Some call St. Augustine’s Confessions the first Western autobiography, but it’s really the first Western memoir.

Tyler Wetherall is the author of No Way Home: A memoir of Life on the Run (St. Martin’s Press, 2018).

One can’t help but compare Rachel Lindsay’s Rx with the famed and best-selling bipolar graphic memoir Marbles by Seattle-based cartoonist Ellen Forney.

It was “an epitomizing drama,” Chambers wrote in his memoir Witness, a book that would become a bible for the conservative movement.

As he recalled in his 2011 memoir “Idea Man,” he overheard Gates and Ballmer secretly plotting to reduce his ownership stake.

It’s a quality she didn’t even realise she possessed until reading Melbourne-based critic Brodie Lancaster’s memoir, No Way!

It’s because Crosby’s dirty laundry wasn’t aired until 1983, when his son Gary published the memoir Going My Own Way.

One of the guys—the one named “Graham of Dope”—actually wrote a memoir, he got so popular.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

She opened a sweet shop at one point, acted in a few small movies, settled down to have a family, and wrote a memoir.

His 2007 memoir, What a Party!, is more or less a 436-page brag about how close he is to Bill and Hillary.

Owen Husney is currently working at UCLA and working on his memoir.

Artist and activist Kate Evans’s new graphic memoir, Threads: From the Refugee Crisis, aims to shine a light on this important issue.

I’m actually interested in nonfiction and memoir, because I think that’s underrepresented in translation.

The next book I’m doing is a memoir.

The memoir is by Gabriela Ybarra, called The Dinner Guest.

On April 5th, he and co-author Constantine Markides will release his memoir, Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian through Akashic Books.

It’s a memoir.

Carroll’s accusation was published on Friday in a New York magazine article adapted from her new memoir.

He recently released a memoir called Hard-Core: Life of My Own.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

Best known for her memoir Six Chapters From My Life Downunder (1981).

Lyric essays can be highly fragmented, asterisks heavy, atonal wonders, and they can be tightly braided works of memoir and research.

Is it a memoir in a traditional sense?

Jackson is also a lifelong activist who self-published her memoir, The Transexual From Tobago.

The report was released as advance copies of Comey’s new memoir were obtained by the press.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

The memoir is book-ended by texts from a slavery researcher, a comic’s journalist, and a Human Rights Watch expert.

Now he’s writing a memoir.

According to publisher ICM, Prince himself was going to remedy that by releasing a memoir, but he died before it could be completed.

(He says in his memoir that he drew inspiration from his own father to create Archie.)

Exhbit A: Asahd is only a few days old and already being forced to read his father’s memoir.

In the second half of the 20th century, many mentally ill women took control of their own stories through memoir.

She eventually turned her extraordinary life story into a long-running play and memoir of the same name: From the Mississippi Delta.

“Somehow, just by walking in and being who I was, I’d made the grade,” She writes in her memoir.

The book has a tinge of the confessional, but none of the sentimentality one may associate with memoir.

Sounds Like Titanic, a debut memoir by Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman, is the definition of an overdeliver.

We handled it badly,” wrote then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice in her 2011 memoir.

David Litt is the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir Thanks, Obama, from which this essay is adapted.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

This “essence” – more than the mere confession of life’s private moments – is the promise of every worthwhile memoir.

To both authors, poetry is the underlying principle of human experience, and it lurks somewhere beneath the surface of the prose memoir.

“‘I have never seen it but by all accounts it is terrible,” he wrote in a memoir.

If Tsabari’s work showcases the author’s storytelling skills within a compelling narrative, Shalmiyev’s memoir is a comparatively experimental work.

These names explain her ambitions as a writer who is also a consummate reader, and whose memoir is a journey through literature.

Palin seized the comment as the foundation of her post-election image, even making it the title of her memoir.

Did Marr read his former bandmate’s memoir before writing his own?

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City .

A major component of outreach to Muslim youth—one that Rice later described in her memoir as “near to my own heart”—was through sport.

Plus, Ferrar has a memoir about her relationship with Stringfield forthcoming.

VICE is proud to present an exclusive excerpt from her hilarious upcoming memoir, Priestdaddy, out from Riverhead in May 2017.

Vance, author of the best-selling memoir Hillbilly Elegy.

But Hawking tells in his 2013 memoir how Wilde became more and more depressed as her husband’s condition worsened.

The letters she wrote on her journey are regarded as the first travel memoir.

Shrill, the new Hulu series based on the 2016 memoir by Lindy West, is anything but shrill.

frontwoman turn her private journals into a punk rock memoir.

The New York Times even relegated it to their books section; Carroll’s story was an excerpt from her new memoir, due out Tuesday.

(memoir, HarperCollins, reissued 2018) Chloe Caldwell’s Women also follows the arc of a formerly-straight-identifying woman who falls for a masculine-presenting lesbian.

This book, however, does not follow any traditional tropes of romance, instead braiding the literary genres of memoir, fiction, and auto-fiction.

The New York Times even relegated it to their books section; Carroll’s story was an excerpt from her new memoir, due out Tuesday.

To learn more about Prout’s memoir, out Tuesday, click here.

Not everybody is going to overcome their addiction, write a memoir, become famous, [and] be on Oprah.

Wagner’s text makes genre-defying movements between poetry, essay, and memoir.

While writing my memoir recently, I did all I could to help grow the Latino vote.

Frances Stroh explores in her memoir how the growth and dissolution of Detroit, Stroh’s Beer, and her family share a similar arc.

Not everybody is going to overcome their addiction, write a memoir, become famous, [and] be on Oprah.

The memoir about her experience was adapted into the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black.

In this case it’s another genre—fictional, serial story-telling—one a good distance away from journalism, memoir, and essays.

1 negotiator with North Korea” in his 2014 memoir.

Well, I realized if I didn’t write my memoir, who would?

While it was originally based on chef Eddie Huang’s pointed memoir, it’s since become its own sharp and funny family sitcom.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

In an excerpt from her memoir, Marathon Woman, Switzer had no understanding of what her entering the marathon would quickly become.

She later wrote a memoir named for her campaign slogan, ” Unbought and Unbossed.”

In his memoir “My Prison Without Bars,” Rose admitted to betting on baseball.

VICE: I know that you have a memoir coming out soon.

His 1999 memoir Last Man on the Moon, co-written with Don Davis, was the basis for a 2014 feature-length documentary of the same name.

He’s the author of A Stone of Hope, a memoir released by Harper Collins and a presidential appointee from Barack Obama.

Though Marnell’s new memoir is compelling in a grimy, voyeuristic way, the most striking thing about it is the ending.

After crashing and burning at xoJane, Marnell began writing her memoir the same day it was due, from rehab in Thailand.

Redefine The Breakdown Of “Us” Vs. “Them”
iO Tillett Wright is a writer, activist, photographer and the author of the memoir Darling Days.

McCain also announced his upcoming book — a memoir called “The Restless Wave” — will be his last.

The graphic memoir functioned not only as an art book, but also as a protest piece against Japan’s outdated obscenity laws.

Her memoir, Hot Pants In Hollywood: Sex, Secrets & Sitcoms, will be available on Amazon this spring.

I’m finishing up work on a memoir and also working on a book for children.

“My problem with the word feminist is that it’s exclusionary and alienating,” Kelly wrote in her memoir.

For readers of Tales of the City, many of the stories he writes about in his new memoir, Logical Family, will look familiar.

Neither the chapter nor Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father (which deals extensively with his time organizing) mentions Alinsky by name.

Her new memoir, My Life With Bob, is about the emotional engagement and enthusiasm that readers have for books.

VICE: You’d been cannibalizing your life for fiction for decades—what made you dive in and do a straight up memoir?

I thought it would make sense to arrange them in some sort of form as a memoir.

I’m reading a memoir called The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald that came out in 1945.

The memoir is partially about that.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published eight books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

singer Laura Jane Grace’s upcoming memoir, TRANNY, including an introduction by co-author Dan Ozzi.

This month’s issue includes an emotional chapter, entitled “Harvest,” from Alexie’s new memoir, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.

Michelle Obama joined the ranks of former first ladies turned authors on Tuesday with the launch of her new memoir, Becoming.

Michelle Obama writes in the memoir that she never expected America to elect a black man for president.

The memoir chronicles Johnson’s journey, from learning about polyamory to finding many loves.

I found myself suddenly wondering if I had read a traditional romantic memoir.

Melissa Febos is a writer and essayist who penned the critically acclaimed memoir, Whip Smart, in 2010.

Keke Palmer made it clear that her new book I Don’t Belong To You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice isn’t a memoir.

In other words, it’s only part memoir.

In his memoir, he’s surprisingly candid: He mainly got into politics because of ambition.

He wrote an entire memoir about his own drinking during that time, which features episodes in which Judge doesn’t remember what he’s done.

Her memoir Through the Glass became an instant best-seller when it was published in 2011, and is now required reading at numerous universities.

In fact, part of her new memoir will be about taking off from the craziness of her life.

As far as we’re concerned, Saturdays are meant for sleeping in, lounging around in sweats, and curling up with our favorite new memoir.

Obama’s new memoir, ” Becoming,” is set to be released Tuesday.

Town & Country on Monday published an interview between Oprah Winfrey and Obama, whose new memoir, ” Becoming,” is set to be released Tuesday.

Dreams From My Father, released in 1995, is a memoir that focuses on family history.

Winfrey quoted Obama as saying in her memoir that she “hated being a lawyer.”

If ever there was a place on earth where one could, oh I don’t know…begin writing a memoir?

Marielle Heller (The Diary of a Teenage Girl) directs Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, based on the memoir by Lee Israel.

There’s been tension in the air recently after Ziegler didn’t mention Miller in her memoir, The Maddie Diaries: A memoir.

That answer comes in the form of her new memoir, aptly titled The Rules Do Not Apply.

In the memoir, it serves as an example of the kind of responsible choices Clinton made as a candidate.

Sestero liked it so much he agreed to meet with Bissell, and then went on to co-write his memoir with him.

Franco, as a longtime fan of The Room, then reviewed said memoir, The Disaster Artist, for Vice.

Why not write a memoir?

Buck’s memoir Lucky Bastard hits bookstores November 15.

The essay, published in the Atlantic, was adapted from the soon-to-be-published afterword of Clinton’s 2017 memoir about the 2016 presidential election, What Happened.

“It’s thrown in your face everyday,” he says in an interview with George Stephanopoulos about his upcoming memoir Nevertheless.

TS: How much do you think Trump’s going to get to write his memoir from jail?

And He did,” he writes in his new memoir Life’s Work: A Moral Argument For Choice.

Roxane Gay’s new memoir, Hunger, is a radical book.

Hunger is an intimate and vulnerable memoir, one that takes its readers into dark and uncomfortable places.

Currently, Kris is struggling with the contents of Caitlyn Jenner’s new memoir, which paints the mother in a negative light.

Slice Harvester: A memoir in Pizza is available now from Simon & Schuster.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians are not happy with Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir.

Now, Rokudenashiko is telling her story in a new manga memoir titled What is Obscenity?

The memoir is translated by Ishii, a writer and proprietor of the gay manga paraphernalia brand MASSIVE.

The result was Cameraperson, a filmmaker’s memoir constructed from footage Johnson had shot for various docs.

Ashley Graham’s new memoir reveals that the model was sexually assaulted by a family friend at age 10.

• Autobiography deal for “Kind of Blue: A Political memoir“.

The show is based on the life of Kim Reid and her subsequent memoir, No Place Safe.

At least that’s what she wants us to believe in her new memoir titled, I’m Fine…And Other Lies.

(BD would later write the memoir My Mother’s Keeper, which characterized Davis as an abusive alcoholic.)

One detail from his new memoir, Nevertheless, has been making the rounds in various media outlets, and it’s not great.

Brunetti then proposed that Baldwin should send the Mini’s First Time producers a signed copy of the memoir, along with an apology.

Sure, she talked about the Paris robbery and Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir, but let us not overlook that shiny hair.

True to her word, Caitlyn brings Kris a copy of her memoir.

The book is part memoir, and part manual.

Blumenthal brags in his memoir that the play was staged at the LA Theatre Works and the National Press Club in DC.

Luckily, we have Amoruso’s own account in her memoir, #Girlboss, for fact-checking.

I finished reading “Dispatches,” the memoir by Michael Herr, who covered some of the major events of the Vietnam War.

Kim comes to her mother’s defense, remarking on how Kris’ absence from the memoir “doesn’t make sense.” So, what’s the deal?

“So it is not that Vibration Cooking is completely unprecedented as a cookbook memoir if you look even just at that one precursor.

In The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn actually explains the Kris-sized hole in the memoir.

“The Kardashian side feels slighted by their noticeable absence,” Jenner writes in the memoir.

Imagine, too, how the family would respond to Jenner’s real thoughts on the Kardashians being published in the memoir.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

The verdict coincides with the English-language release of Igarashi’s graphic memoir, What Is Obscenity?

Caitlyn Jenner’s much-anticipated memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, is out today, and it’s bound to spark discussions about trans issues.

From Chris Edwards’ newly released memoir, BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some

That’s because Mindy Kaling optioned an Obama-era White House memoir with an eye to bring it to the small screen.

He taught at New York University between 1990 and 2016, and has published six books, including his 2015 memoir Going Into the City.

Baldwin’s memoir, Nevertheless, was released this week.

“I was 47, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was,” Baldwin wrote in his memoir.

He’s been vacationing, giving speeches, writing a memoir, and just overall glowing.

An addiction memoir written by an active addict is bound to be boring as well.

In October, Bündchen released a memoir called “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life,” in which she revealed her decision behind quitting the show.

The next step after that is usually to write a memoir.

Check it out below and keep an eye out for Laura Jane Grace’s forthcoming memoir, Tranny, co-written with Noisey editor Dan Ozzi.

So far, there’s no word on whether the memoir will address accusations made in December 2016 that the Gaines’ church is anti-LGBTQ.

She joked repeatedly about her upcoming memoir and said the process of writing the book has been “cathartic,” but also “excruciating” and “painful.”

Johnson’s story is the subject of her new memoir ‘After Life’ … and Kim’s role is obviously significant.

Mac, he wrote in his memoir, drew inspiration from New Orleans folklore about a root doctor who flourished in the mid-1800s.

The film “Postcards from the Edge,” based on her memoir about Debbie and Carrie’s relationship, has also bumped up in iTunes’ charts.

Oh and her recently-released memoir became an instant New York Times bestseller, but NBD.

“I’m working on a memoir.

It’s called Choose Your Own Disaster, and it’s a choose your own adventure memoir.”

Until I talked to Gabourey Sidibe about the audiobook version of her new memoir, This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare.

What was your writing process for this memoir?

This excerpt has been adapted from journalist and best-selling author Jo Piazza’s memoir How to Be Married, which hit shelves on April 18.

The film is based on the titular memoir by journalist, Jeanette Walls.

Working with photographs from the 1960s and ‘70s, she painted a visual memoir of their emigration from the Philippines and resettlement in Chicago.

Kendall Jenner is airing her frustrations with Caitlyn Jenner’s new memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

With her memoir, Shindle herself unpacked the calcified policies and gender politics that have made the contest a national laughingstock.

Gay was there to promote her new memoir, Hunger, which details her life through the lens of her body.

Up on the hill, Morby sought company in Patti Smith’s memoir of transience, M Train, and lots of Nina Simone.

In a new memoir, five-time Olympic medalist Sanya Richards-Ross revealed that she had an abortion shortly before competing in the 2008 summer games.

“It’s hard releasing a work of memoir that is obviously only a snapshot of everything that was going on,” says Tavassoli.

In a new memoir, she confronts the drug’s risks and taboos—including the psychotropic effects explored by famed opium eater Thomas de Quincey.

While I’d prefer to see the Kardashians reacting to literary fiction on TV, Caitlyn Jenner’s tell-all memoir will suffice.

When a high-profile memoir like Caitlyn Jenner’s drops, the public is invited to enter a cloistered world.

The show expounds upon its original source material, Piper Kerman’s memoir of the same name.

“He was one of those inventors I got over from Europe to form Multiprises,” she brags in her memoir Swanson on Swanson.

His latest book, Party of One, is a memoir about music, coming out, and feeling weird.

Jenner fell out with ex-wife Kris Jenner and her children thanks to allegations made in her new memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

This column was the inspiration for John Doran’s acclaimed memoir ‘Jolly Lad’, about the recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness.

(For the record, he acknowledges the self-absorption and douchiness of writing a memoir in your twenties.)

For a comedian’s memoir, Kevin Hart’s new book I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons touches on some serious topics.

In 2013, Jones moved into Dustin’s house in the hills to work on his memoir.

“Brick by brick, I’d built an unstable house with Torrei, one that was doomed to collapse,” Hart writes in his memoir.

For a little DIY STEM learning inspiration read this wonderful childhood memoir by TechCrunch’s very own John Biggs — a self-confessed STEM toy sceptic.

This week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the show addresses the controversy between the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner about Jenner’s memoir.

In his memoir, Ottosen describes “George” as the one who gave the orders, and as the one who was also the most unpredictable.

After reading his memoir, learning more details about the 37-year-old’s life story, and considering his sophisticated wordplay, it’s no shock that Mr.

Tobia recently published Sissy, their memoir, which delves further into gender identity and non-conformity from a deeply personal place.

(Dolly will someday write a pain-riddled memoir about how her psycho-manipulative mom ripped their family to shreds.

Typically, critics associate the subjects to CW shows, but Lansky has created a literary memoir as good as Mary Karr’s Lit.

He published a memoir in September.

Clinton’s upcoming memoir isn’t the first political book to be called What Happened.

McClellan’s memoir was an unexpectedly critical take on his former boss that became a best-seller.

In addition to being a calligrapher and chalkboard artist (yes, that’s a job), Surendra is writing a memoir called Elephants in My Backyard.

(Oldham described the experience in a 2003 memoir called Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss and Survival at Sea.)

“I am pregnant and alone,” Parker wrote in her memoir Dear Mr. You.

Her new memoir, Diary of a F.A.T.

(Fed Up and Tired) Girl is my first memoir, and initially I started writing this as a novel.

Shala Monroque: Last summer, I read Grace Jones’ memoir I’ll Never Write My memoirs.

— Excerpt from Being Ana: A memoir of Anorexia Nervosa That was seventeen years ago.

We hope memoir in a sentence examples were helpful.