Melting in a sentence | Use of the word melting examples

Conversely, Teresa Pągowska’s semi-abstract painting “Yellow Room” (1970) shows what looks like a woman melting under our gaze.

A series of streaky, semi-abstract photograms, each depicting a detail from the paintings’ landscapes as though it were melting or combusting, reinforces the association.

(The most popular red hot nickel ball clip, strangely, shows the ball melting through floral foam, which drew nearly 16 million views.)

By virtue of its size and diverse programming, Coachella, more than any other festival, is a cultural melting pot.

“You have that melting pot, you have that diversity.

“Paterson is a melting pot of multiple nationalities,” Elhelw said.

Glaciers are melting, global warming?

Faig Ahmed’s melting rug, too, toyed with unexpected thrills, physicalizing solid becoming liquid.

The Arctic is melting, the seas are rising, temperatures are increasing, and the world is burning.

I see in him something that I have seen in myself during my own recovery—a melting, a thawing, a curious glance at optimism.

It wasn’t a melting pot by any means.

There are four forms nestled in the melting raspberry-colored ground of “Untitled (6 – 73)” (1989).

4, 84×144” that depicts an “iceberg graveyard” where grounded glacial ice is melting, joined by a time-lapse video of her creating the large-scale drawing.

With the ground melting beneath them from global warming, Alaskan lawmakers are calling for more oil drilling to deal with the problem.

“It’s a melting pot of Islamist violence that’s been brewing for sometime,” he remarked.

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She’s fully booked for the next two months, which means a lot of baking, cooking, slicing, and melting to do.

There, the damage is compounded by melting permafrost and the loss of sea ice that in the past blunted the force of winter storms.

Younger ice is thinner than older ice and more susceptible to changes in temperature, and to melting. melting sea ice does not contribute much to sea level rise.

More importantly, the melting sea ice does impact something that contributes greatly to sea level rise: land ice.

As the sea surface melts, it grows darker, which traps more heat, causing more melting.

And Paige, poor Paige, is very nearly melting down in fear that she’s irreparably ruined her previously perfect life.

Hot coffee and melting ice cubes aren’t a good mix if you like your coffee to keep its integrity.

By next month, however, melting snows further upstream in Minnesota and the Dakotas could trigger more flooding, he said.

Chocolate melts at a much lower temperature (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) which means melting a peanut cluster bar with microwaves was much more remarkable.

As in many metropolises worldwide, the art on London streets reflects a melting pot of local and international talents.

The team’s results are published in the journal Nature Geoscience, and is titled ” Formation of Hadean granites by melting of igneous crust.”

The massive sheet of ice that covers Greenland has started melting six weeks earlier than normal, dumping more water into already rising oceans.

It’s a melting pot of all races in the world.

Her paintings are about a continual state of flux: morphing, dripping, and melting.

“pearls and melting brie,” “blonde with affected posture,” “redhead smokes marijuana from wooden pipe”).

Faces were melting.

Miller’s strategy of “melting snowflakes” might be his most deeply held belief.

But, this moment is all about True and we can already feel our hearts melting!

(Pay no attention to the melting permafrost behind the curtain.)

But now I can’t see society as anything other than a melting pot.”

It was a melting pot where anything seemed possible—creative, tolerant, cosmopolitan, innovative, and smooth.

Scientists have also noted that glaciers and ice sheets around the world are melting.

Two words in bright red, the tails of the letters melting like candle wax, the paint still fresh.

“It’s like a melting pot of everybody.”

That’s because the Northwest Passage is melting.

Serreze cautioned that not all scientists are in agreement about how the effects of melting sea ice will be felt further south.

First, Mann questions the notion that methane released from the melting Siberian permafrost will rapidly fry the Earth.

It’s plainly true that the world’s ice contains lots of carbon and is melting faster than expected.

And since 1998, it’s been melting due to climate change, adding about 0.027 inches a year to global sea levels.

The faster melting mainly occurred in the southwestern part of the ice sheet, a region that previously wasn’t thought to be thawing so rapidly.

Late last year, another research team found using on-the-ground measurements that one catchment in Greenland abruptly started melting 80 percent faster starting in 2003.

In another paper, Osterberg reported that the glaciers in Alaska’s Denali National Park are melting at their fastest rate in 400 years.

Summer temperatures are now melting 60 times more snow on Mt.

The country’s dizzying new array of anti-Trump groups haven’t just been marching, protesting, and melting Congressional phone lines.

The country’s dizzying new array of anti-Trump groups haven’t just been marching, protesting, and melting Congressional phone lines.

But this night feels like a melting pot of both worlds.

“We are not all Dali — we are not all melting,” Zulpo explained to Hyperallergic.

The study stops short of attributing the recent 2012–2016 drought to the melting of Arctic sea ice.

The study stops short of attributing the recent 2012–2016 drought to the melting of Arctic sea ice.

My chest and shoulders drooped like a melting vanilla ice cream cone.

It’s just a melting pot.

That’s why sea level is rising, because when the water heats, it expands, and also because of the melting of the ice caps.

One universal constant of summer is that we’re all melting basically all the time.

In this wonderful melting pot we live in, you can be a cunning organized criminal no matter where you’re from.

Or the melting lubricates more melting, and so forth.

But now a warming climate is thawing the permafrost and melting the ice that’s trapped inside, resulting in the collapse of the land.

It’s just this melting pot.

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Iggy Azalea just made her art collection a little more poppin’ by dropping serious cash on melting ice cream on a stick.

Those guys have real problems, but they pale compared to TV’s real problem — its audience is melting away, year by year.

Now that ice is melting faster, with sometimes deadly consequences.

The earth is getting steadily hotter, melting ice caps, glaciers and sea ice, according to scientists tracking global indicators of climate change.

Like a fire burning in a fireplace, the process of melting was similarly repetitive and hypnotic while simultaneously chaotic and unpredictable.

Martin’s books for dragons demolishing buildings and even melting stone with their fire.

“Generally, this is a melting ice cube of a segment,” the second source said.

It wasn’t because tires were melting, or fuel was overheating.

The notion of the nation as a melting pot is a largely abandoned assimilationist strategy.

Now it’s melting.

By 2300, another study in Nature Geoscience concludes, the melting permafrost and its resulting carbon feedback loops could contribute to 1.69°C of warming.

In other places, the melting permafrost is creating craters and sinkholes.

The melting may make some of these treasures briefly accessible — freed from the ice — but also threatens to quickly destroy them.

“Dirty Frank’s is an American melting pot with drinks,” the Inquirer wrote in 1973.

“Generally, this is a melting ice cube of a segment,” the second source said.

The gaffer tape was melting.

“We’re not a melting pot—we’re a cultural mosaic!”

You can already see their Instagrams: The sea, the sand, the coconut cocktails, the fireworks melting over purple sunsets. “

Less of a melting pot and more of a liquor still for the young Austin horde, there’s some kind of trouble for everyone.

This view of the rapidly melting Shirase Glacier in Antarctica provides a powerful visualization of the destabilizing effects of climate change.

All that warming is simmering the world’s oceans and melting ice caps and sea ice.

Instead, individual curanderos (healers) and spiritual guides lead small family groups in private rituals, huddled over candles melting into the floor.

Imagine: One minute you’re making a chia smoothie, and the next your face is melting.

But now, the ice is melting, opening the North up to exploration and exploitation.

The latter has an unusually low melting point (for a metal) or around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, e.g.

Liberty High’s student body is diverse, a melting pot of whites, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

Many scientists say that a combination of polar melting, carbon emissions, and ice-sheet collapses could cause severe flooding that overwhelms the city by 2100.

Its setting — the rural hamlet of Banshee, Pennsylvania — is likewise a melting pot of idiosyncratic elements that somehow come together beautifully.

Are we witnessing the failure of the American political experiment, or the idea of America as a melting pot?

The country has little infrastructure, such as ditches and sewers, to manage water run-off from rain or melting snow.

It’s a huge melting pot.

There seems, to me, a real kind of longing to it—an icy romance that’s just on the verge of melting.

Like a haunted house’s family portraits, there’s an element of black magic in those melting, grinning faces.

The ice is melting earlier, and freezing later, meaning more open water and more storms.

But on Midsummer, everything starts with steaming hot new potatoes and a big chunk of melting butter.

Sea levels are rising for two reasons, he explained: melting land ice, and the expansion of seawater as it warms up.

Both pose a huge health hazard, and when they land on snowcapped mountains and glaciers, they accelerate melting.

Though the clientele has changed over the years, the bathhouse remains one of the few, true melting pots in the city.

“It got to early summer, my orders were massive, and it got warmer and warmer, and the butter just started melting.

All appear to be melting.

Companies designed taller offshore oilrigs and pipelines able to withstand melting permafrost.

The ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica will keep melting.

For example, have you ever listened to icebergs melting?

Upon further investigation, the firefighters found a fire in the bathroom and the bathtub was, indeed, melting.

The firefighters used the showerhead to extinguish the melting fiberglass—no report on why the woman couldn’t just do that herself.

The toy—which looks kinda like Mr Potato Head meets a melting waxwork—was put up for auction on eBay yesterday.

On the other hand, limonene is notorious for its sour citrus odor and helps significantly at melting stress.

“It was just about me sort of melting under the pressure—personifying the pressure of life, heat,” he said.

And then basically its like you have a little melting pot of people.

[Jason Del Rey] Walt Disney Concert Hall is melting in the dark … Out: The hotel minibar.

“You have to remember, this business is still a melting ice cube,” said Squali.

They had to come from the melting of an older father or mother rock—we call it a precursor rock,” he said.

Figure skaters prefer ice set close to the melting point at 25°F for extra grip and control.

“But I’ve used a primitive molding strategy, putting these plastic chips into moulds I prepared and melting them with a kerosene stove.”

Also, pressure melting doesn’t happen instantaneously, as you can see in the video above.

This causes more friction, and more melting.

As Limmer explains, “basically all solids” will form a tiny liquid layer “when they are close to their melting temperature.” Mercury freezes at -37.89°F.

Think “extraordinarily” hot Arctic temperatures, rapidly melting glaciers, unprecedented extinctions, and month-after-month of broken climate records.

Though solid gallium would be more slippery near its melting point, would it be slippery enough for ice skating?

For me, just having that influence—I think Chicago is a nice melting pot.

But now, that ice is melting, opening up a new trade route for Russia’s cargo ships.

On Wednesday, scientists reported that in 2003, the ice sheet on Greenland suddenly began melting at a much faster rate.

How have you seen Kingston change over the course of the last few decades?It’s a massive city—a melting pot of coolness.

The blend is transferred to Cologne for melting and compression into molds.

In particular, sea level rise is one of the biggest consequences of the melting ice sheet.

With exhibitors from more than 50 countries, CES is truly a melting pot of innovation.

Glacial melting also flushes previously trapped water and sediment into the ocean.

The rapid increase in sea levels stems from warm ocean water melting the Antarctic ice sheets from the bottom up, the study said.

And glacial melting isn’t the only climate change-related worry for the team.

The sheets then break off from their glaciers, hastening the melting process as they drift into warmer waters.

[The study] throws into the mix some pretty major melting of those sheets.”

So it’s melting together.

And you have that melting pot.

Sounds like they’re melting.

Scientists believe the melting unearthed the frozen carcass of a reindeer that died in the last anthrax outbreak in 1968.

Scientists believe the melting unearthed the frozen carcass of a reindeer that died in the last anthrax outbreak in 1968.

It is a melting pot, and has given me broader research perspectives.

In that sense, there is subversive and untapped power in the melting pot.

The three-minute piece tells a story of meltdowns provoked by the heat and is told through unique characters who are, quite literally, melting.

Germany’s capital is a melting pot of cultures, and LiTE-HAUS intends to increase cross-cultural dialogue.

Hopkins goes onstage in long, ripped polyester dresses, sweat melting makeup into their stubble.

Assured Guaranty is “a melting ice cube that is paying out the drops while it still can,” Einhorn said.

It’s within this ethnolinguistic melting pot that he first encountered Swardspeak (aka Bekinese and Bekimon).

We walked across ice that was melting.

One of Mette Brink Søberg’s tasks at Noma is to prevent dishes from melting.

says that she hopes that her version of the event will redefine “the concept of a melting pot.”

A soft or “melting” local varietal of potato made its way into curries, stretching the dishes to feed many.

The ocean is raging, the icebergs are melting, sea levels are rising.

Her heavily-made up eyes scan the room’s decor: poured velvet curtains, flickering chandeliers, luxurious, worn-out upholstery, dusty tomes, melting candles.

And yet this song feels so warm, like a Nintendo 64 melting over a campfire.

Those guys have real problems, but they pale compare to TV’s real problem: Its audience is melting away, year by year.

That snow could have been affected by melting, compression, or drift.

He says there’s no way to know if Greenland glaciers would be melting without human activity.

Adams has conducted fieldwork in Antarctica, studying how melting permafrost will impact the microscopic ecosystem there.

What may look like red eye can lead to all sorts of bad effects including “corneal melting.”

This is frankly confounding: why would you decide to watch an awards show over undead dragons melting fortresses with ice-fire?

One such project is the ICESat-2 — a satellite that NASA says will measure melting sea ice in the Arctic more precisely than ever before.

Sounds good in theory, but it’s not an option—not if you want the locker room to avoid melting down into a toxic mess.

Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate because of climate change, the guides said.

melting salts—chemical name: sodium citrate—add silkiness and tanginess, while good old Parmesan and Cheddar make it, well, cheese.

There’s water everywhere, the ice caps are melting.

The Netherlands-based artist and animator starts with a live-action hand drawing a line graph, then explodes it with melting math concepts and trippy visuals.

“I go down rabbit holes on the internet,” she explains, melting butter and brown sugar in a pan.

Given the Brobdingnagian amount of ice it houses, a melting Antarctica has the potential to submerge coastlines around the world.

melting cheese, typically from a French mountain side.

And a great place to see its effects is through the melting of glaciers and ice sheets around the world.

They are melting the plastic waste down and feeding it through 3D printers to make intricate pieces such as car parts.

I didn’t get that from the melting pot; I got that from circumstances that I did not create.

What’s the point of trying to believe in myself, my relationships, and my dreams when Greenland is melting into a memory.

Pilsen is a beautiful melting pot of Mexican-American business owners, young students, and aspiring artists.

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It’s supposed to represent this melting pot, this big immigrant population and it doesn’t!

If New York was really a melting pot gentrification wouldn’t be thing.

The words, The American Dream are melting in a park in Cleveland, Ohio outside of the Republican National Convention this week.

The metaphor for assimilation can seem a little too on-the-nose, with the curry-spiced savory pie standing in for the melting pot.

Ligorano explains, “melting ice as a material is a perfect medium to show the disappearance of equality and opportunity.

Her last living dragon then burns the Iron Throne, melting it down with his fiery breath.

I took her to eat fondue at The melting Pot, ‘hood-romance style.

But she was melting down.

In Houston, commercial real estate, particularly the office market, is melting down.

At plate boundaries in the ocean, subduction moves water into the mantle, lowering the melting point of rock underneath the edges of continental plates.

“It’s melting on my palate!

One is constantly searching for evidence of melting to support the book’s theme.

What else feels like “moving in a liquid” or becoming “a melting piece of golden sand”?

What about melting your face into a tentacle monster then transforming into a swimming pool?

“I wanted the bodies to be melting together during a sexual encounter, which could be looked at as love or lust,” he continues.

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The color is jewel-like, making the most of its gouache medium, and I was happily lost in the melting topographies and odd architectural structures.

Pauly D is doubling down in his love for Jersey by committing to another 2 years of melting your face off with epic tunes.

melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape Want to understand how big pharma created the opioid epidemic?

It seems to me that Australia is, at the moment, a melting pot for young, talented artists.

SmartICE exists to complement and support traditional knowledge in the face of a rapidly melting Arctic.

“It was his melting clocks that made me take it on, I initially called them Dali clocks.

But at its dust-ridden core, Burning Man is a melting pot of demographics, subcultures, and psychedelic minds—each more annoying than the next.

Indeed, fuzzy Surrealism’s emphasis on chance and perceived ever-changing spontaneity probably helped form Schöffer’s final mind melting monuments.

I’m not so interested in postmodern pastiche, but I do think about a melting of my interests and the influence of external information.

The perfumed skin gives way to a melting creaminess that smears over a slice of sourdough.

The Night Of also uses race, religion, and the melting pot of New York really well.

When they tell you the way they get tattoo ink is by melting chess pieces, how could you not use that?

It’s made from a combination of sand, sodium-carbonate, boric oxide, and limestone—the result is a less dense material with a higher melting point.

But the glacier may be melting.

Pop music now is just a melting pot of so many types of artists writing so many types of songs.

The glacier is not only melting, but reshaping itself.

“Now our own development will be contributing to the melting,” Chaudhry noted.

“There is definitely increased melting at the terminus of these glaciers and they are thinning” said Rasul, of Pakistan’s meteorological department.

melting of the Batura glacier has led to a large lake forming next to the highway in recent years.

“Definitely, the new infrastructure projects including the (highway) itself will be threatened by the increased melting” Chaudhry said.

This anemic allegorical vanité reminds us that we are all melting and that it is advisable to meditate on the transient nature of life.

Rain and melting snow have caused severe flooding all across Iowa,” Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said on Sunday on Twitter.

The crew itself is a melting pot, drawing from all corners of the globe.

The one-minute video was made by inversing, then retiming, images of melting snow over several days.

Listen below, listen hard, and almost feel its heat melting the puddles outside.

Watch next: This climate pioneer has a crazy solution for keeping the melting arctic frozen

melting clocks, spindly-legged creatures, ants crawling everywhere—the images and major themes of Salvador Dalí imprint themselves into your consciousness.

The other thing that grabbed me about Reed’s strokes  is the way their drips undermined the horizontal movement, like melting ice cream.

He then closed the loop with a Dali-esque melting clock sequence.

“Why are the polar ice caps melting” “Humanity has issues, actually.”

When silica sand is heated to its melting point and then cooled down, it solidifies as glass.

Elsewhere he just floats around, throwing instruments together and melting them into an ethereal swirl.

Unlike the archetypical uniform of the Hacienda—bucket hat, gurning, the white male—the street soul scene was born from a cultural melting pot.

“Beyond the sparks, I saw what appeared to be melting wax splattering on the bulkhead opposite the blaze,” Linenger continued.

“But it was not melting max.

The fire was so hot that it was melting metal.”

The world is splintering like a melting iceberg.

Now the snow is melting too quickly to sustain the community through summer, he explained, and weather patterns are shifting.

And you get this melting pot of culture happening there.

Gilbert’s day job is in climate science—she studies the melting of the Antarctic ice shelves as part of her PhD.

Foggy dawns, a melting spring, and the pyramid of skulls unfold to the swelling violin melody.

Chicago sees itself as this diverse melting pot of culture, and Hyde Park is really that.

We’re losing our rivers, lakes, mountains, and our caps are melting.

The kitchen leads us to the library where a bartender is on her phone and a few oysters sit on melting ice.

The visuals were crazy, watching just the Capitol Building melting during the whole speech and listening to the god-awful orchestra.

Battleborn is many things at once, a veritable melting pot of genres.

There’s pinches of metal, hip-hop, reggae, and much more melting together in the typical 311 song.

melting ice threatens to expose all kinds of toxic debris in decades to come, and Greenland wants it cleaned up, now.

A melting Arctic will expose all kinds of stuff that people once thought would stay buried.

Like soft butter melting into a hot piece of sourdough, Brad Stank’s music is warm, smooth, and familiar.

Here’s what I’ve tried, and how each product worked out: Cleansing Balm, $69 I’ve written an ode to this melting balm.

That’s mostly because the area relies largely on melting snowpack for its summertime water supply.

Other metals like steel might be harder to make, because of the much higher melting point of the key steel ingredient iron.

Why it matters: Scientists knew rising seawater temperatures were melting the underside of ice shelves.

A true melting pot.

Having visited Greenland in the second season, Smith headed to Antarctica to investigate the melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet.

Her creations explore the melting point between the virtual and the real, recontextualizing and questioning ever-evolving IRL/URL boundaries with her digitally-minded approach.

But in a sense, climate denial is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

Saudi’s bars melting into Kendrick’s hook on “X” is refreshing.

And so there was this melting pot of meetings and interactions in these abandoned spaces.”

melting of the 7000-year-old glaciers could affect run-off into rivers and streams and, in turn, wildlife, as well as tourism.

But even though I had fun watching him make bombs and improvise zombie melting, his actions felt oddly out of sync with each other.

Recent research discovered ice melting on the surface across Antarctica – even at higher elevations.

Over the previous weekend, however, the global financial system started melting down as Lehman declared bankruptcy.

As the chart below shows, these 100-year-old industries are rapidly melting away in the face of on-demand competition.

In 2013 and 2014, a shocking number of starfish died along the Pacific coast, their bodies melting away from a mysterious wasting disease.

We look like two goths, melting in the sun.

Yes, Sweden as well, with its homogeneity being disrupted, its mythology as “open, prosperous, liberal, tolerant Sweden” is melting away.

When you think about melting glaciers, South America probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

In the Arctic, where icy habitats are melting together, even more weird stuff is going down.

I was still in the room, the walls were still melting, I was still alive, and dead and in hell.

I go into my room and take off all my clothes, and I look around, and the walls are just melting like candle wax.

I decided the walls were melting because I was not a good son to my mother.

When you have pictures of the ice melting from the satellites in space.

This year has seen plenty of bad climate news, from relentlessly hot temperatures to a melting Arctic, extreme drought, and out-of-control wildfire.

Pilsen is a beautiful melting pot of Mexican-American business owners, young students, and aspiring artists.

This is what it means when half the Arctic is melting.

melting ice in Greenland currently adds 0.8 millimeters of water to global ocean levels annually, more than any other region, according to NASA.

Now, that resistance is “melting away,” as one Senate Republican aide put it today.

The best time to see the waterfalls is in the spring, when the snow is melting.

And Congress passed TARP because the markets were melting down and it had no choice.

VERMONT: Quechee Gorge

Also known as “Vermont’s Grand Canyon,” Quechee Gorge was formed by melting glaciers around 13,000 years ago.

Dolls had to be frozen overnight to prevent them from melting under spotlights.

In his mind’s eye, Keegan saw the trail to the bottom melting away in a series of mudslides.

It might feel like the whole country is melting down and maybe even destined for a race war, but it’s chill.

The inherent volatility of smartphone batteries means there’s always a (very small) risk of phones melting down.

Glacial ice is melting.

A team of researchers led by NASA’s Oceans melting Greenland (OMG) project published their findings on Monday in Nature Geoscience.

But, it’s not just melting and re-forming the robots, Vanderborght says.

The heat changes the elastomer so it can move, but melting the material would destroy it, he says.

As long as that controlled chaos includes keeping those eyeballs from melting into a museum guest’s margarita, everything should be fine.

These children live in an isolated region, where melting polar caps means crucial changes in lifestyle.

“The melting season is stretched,” explained Marco Tedesco, professor at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

melting ice also speeds up the warming process, creating a dangerous kind of feedback loop.

It’s funny how you start melting into another culture and you start feeling more unified and cohesive.

That’s the product of time and practice, of melting yourself into a certain arrangement of guns and their associated ideas.

“@Jenil93_: @realDonaldTrump No melting of ice caps in the degree that global warming predicted.

Devastating hurricanes, Nazi and KKK parades, melting ice sheets, ISIS, and threats of nuclear war — We are daily bombarded with bad news.

“This is a region where the permafrost is already melting and the climate is changing.”

Chinneck also created a puddle to give the appearance it was melting into the nearby fountains—the puddle was created from 550 pounds of wax.

Innovations like these are really the tip of the proverbial (melting) iceberg.

If there’s one dish that’s emblematic of the dizzying cultural melting pot that is Macau, that dish would be minchi.

However, the researchers point out the shelf’s thinning is likely to change in response to the uneven melting.

That’s what WWE superstar Lana did while the rest of the city was melting.

Weather conditions above the melting point of ice also alter how snow accumulates, leading to snowpacks that are more sensitive to heat.

(One of my favorite little details in this whole season has been that the tattoo ink is made via melting down chess pieces.)

However, I think British farming will become stronger—which is great—but as a melting pot of multicultural cuisines, I do worry.

Glacier National Park is melting at an alarming rate, and it’s because of climate change.

The park experienced some ice loss starting in 1910, with “rapid and continual” melting beginning in the 1970s.

Glacier National Park is melting at an alarming rate, and it’s because of climate change.

The park experienced some ice loss starting in 1910, with “rapid and continual” melting beginning in the 1970s.

It’s just a melting pot of culture.

K: It’s unlike any other Broadway show that you”ll go to; the demographic in the audience is a total melting pot.

Greenland’s hulking glacier and the Arctic Sea ice are now marked by their rapid melting.

But while scientists were fretting over the western side of Antarctica, the eastern Antarctic ice sheet has been melting too.

The ice shelf, they measured, is melting at its base faster than all other ice shelves of similar size in East Antarctica.

Giants slabs of ice that give way 10 years from now, for example, could be the product of melting that started a decade ago.

The other big long-term factor is the melting of glacial ice.

Gritty details: “Glaciers are receding, ice caps are melting in the Arctic, many islands are sinking,” Modi said in his address.

Just you, the cicadas, and the endless sprawl of city limits melting into wooded nothingness.

That’s, in part, because metals have such a high melting point.

The station is even building its own rock melting facility.

James’ combination of durability and excellence is unprecedented and mind melting.

A rapidly melting Arctic has thrown polar bear distribution out of whack, Derocher explained.

The pieces of battery got so hot they started melting into asphalt once they hit the ground.

Sea ice melting does not contribute directly to sea-level rise.

(This wrenching National Geographic video of a starving polar bear really hits the impact of melting ice home.)

As the sea surface melts, it grows darker, which traps more heat, causing more melting.

These works consist of paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, zines, and books from a melting pot of artists young and old.

Marine life is in dramatic decline, and Antarctica has joined the North Pole in melting, which has far more disastrous implications.

Time is melting!

Oozy, melting Cheddar toasties.

$1,700 12 p.m. — I’m getting sick and it feels like my face is melting off.

Early spring rain and melting snow stranded people in South Dakota as water blocked roads.

Essentially, you should have begun icing them out exactly when the ice started melting.

Lucky for you, this programmable soldering iron that plays Tetris makes the act of melting metal onto circuits a bit more joyful.

The inherent volatility of smartphone batteries means there’s always a (very small) risk of phones melting down.

It took a series of electron beam radiation treatments to knock it back, she says, “melting the tumors away.”

My chest and shoulders drooped like a melting vanilla ice cream cone.

Between scandals over sex, secret meetings, political donors and the royal family, the government is melting down.

Trump, in short, is melting down.

As it closes in on the sun, the Parker Probe will have to deal with thousands of degrees of heat without melting.

The components not covered by the heat shield are made of a molybdenum alloy, which has a melting point of more than 4,000°F.

Drips of creamy paint become syrup, pasta sauce, and melting cheese.

Fresh water from melting sea ice seems to be weakening this current, which could be causing the Gulf to warm faster than other regions.

Fans began melting away after 20 minutes of Trumpian harangue.

Add the cream and butter and stir, mashing and melting the butter.

It’s a cultural melting pot, and in that way, very similar to New York City.

That may be the case, but that’s because the company is fixing and reselling your old phones, not because it’s melting them.

melting Arctic ice caps actually make operations easier in a way—it means greater ease of movement through the waters.

Whole continents are melting.

It’s all there: the melting pot, entrepreneurialism, and engineered corn.

Less of a melting pot and more of a liquor still for the young Austin horde, there’s some kind of trouble for everyone.

So they should be proactive and start melting down some metals into their own ammunition.

China is also interested in new sea lanes created by melting ice, for reasons both commercial and strategic.

Bashment, grime, UK funky, garage—Manchester party and label Swing Ting’s releases offer a fragrant melting pot (get it?)

The melting of the ice sheets will also have odd gravitational effects that will affect regional sea levels unevenly.

The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else in the world, and its glaciers are melting.

The impacts of a melting Arctic are being felt most urgently by the people who live there.

“Hawaii was the first great melting pot of Asian martial arts,” explains eclectic martial arts master Dan Inosanto.

His newest video, Fractals of Incidence, sees his signature slow-moving, cinematic long-shots of animated fractals in a deep blue landscape of melting, morphing ice.

“Our generation is the most ‘melting pot’ generation that we’ve seen.

The image’s surface ripples as if painted with watercolors or as though the building were melting.

These two are out here melting hearts and turning haters.

My back, which once propped up a lazy-but-mobile human male, was just melting away.

A paper earlier this year reported that Western Greenland is melting at its fastest rate in 400 years.

Trusel wanted to find out what we can conclude about melting in Greenland’s ice sheet as a whole.

This allows the ice to absorb more solar energy, thereby heating up and melting faster, which in turn allows the microorganisms to spread further.

He also perfectly illustrates the odd melting pot that is the fighting game community.

“As air temperatures warm, melting outpaces that warming,” Trusel said.

In addition to Greenland’s ice sheet, parts of the Antarctic ice sheet are melting as well.

If you’re not a fan of hot tuna, try melting cheese onto the bagels, topping it with the tuna mixture, and assembling.

“Federal resistance is melting away.

More Life is spring: The ice is melting, the sound is a little more equatorial, and the attitude is sunnier.

Shots of people passing through go distorted as if the images are melting through a fish-eye lens.

Both pose a huge health hazard, and when they land on snowcapped mountains and glaciers, they accelerate melting.

They threaded their way through the dark alleys, sweating, bad-breathed, anxious, melting in the heat.

An area twice the size of France is melting away in the Arctic.

In Antarctica, it’s melting, nature is melting,” he said.

First of all, it’s often said that if the U.S. is a cultural melting pot, Canada is a mosaic.

But they’re only the tip of the melting iceberg when it comes to the quality in the National League.

And yet this song feels so warm, like a Nintendo 64 melting over a campfire.

I saw my teenage self melting into particles and eventually disappearing altogether.

And it was caused by both rain and melting permafrost.

The Guardian is reporting that a flood due to melting arctic permafrost breached the facility, creating an icy mess.

Permafrost that has not thawed in millennia is now melting, potentially releasing untold viruses and bacteria that have been trapped inside.

I figured the game was going to continue, but I guess everyone in charge was too concerned about the ice cream melting.”

But some scientists, who worry these bears are under threat from a rapidly melting Arctic, aren’t so sure.

The Arctic, for example, is warming at more than twice the rate of the rest of the globe, melting sea ice, glaciers and permafrost.

Hurricanes: We know that climate change is melting land ice, which is causing sea levels to rise.

The change in climate — the thawing, the melting of the permafrost and the thawing of the permafrost — releases it into a human community.

said her chosen acts will be music’s “best forward thinkers” and the June event will redefine “the concept of a melting pot.

“The internet laps it up.” In truth, no one knows if melting sea ice caused that particular bear’s food shortage.

“The internet laps it up.” In truth, no one knows if melting sea ice caused that particular bear’s food shortage.

So far this summer, the world’s largest island has experienced cooler than average conditions for this time of year, limiting melting somewhat.

These initiatives, along with the promise of an honors program, enticed wealthier families and created an unlikely melting pot.

By the time the second verse concludes, the melting pot Kadiata is quickly becoming known for is evident.

Craig Charles might look a bit like a melting nodding dog in this picture.

Finally, he dips each into hot water to temper them and keep them from melting at room temperature.

A study published in 2011 in Nature Geoscience suggested rocks and other debris could be placed on glaciers to slow down the melting process.

Read: Republicans can’t stop melting down over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and socialism Ocasio Cortez responded to some of the losses on Twitter.

Read: Republicans can’t stop melting down over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and socialism Ocasio Cortez responded to some of the losses on Twitter.

And ice melting in polar regions isn’t something we should celebrate, anyway.

Right now, we’re working on these photographic sculptures—bending our pictures onto three-dimensional plaster shapes, melting our images over natural objects.

“If the ice had not been melting due to climate change, we would have had no job.”

“The first album always has that melting pot thing, which is great.

Your team digs and sifts through concrete and rubble, the heat melting the rubber soles of your boots.

“He added chemical compounds like lead and potassium to manipulate and lower the melting point so that he could use glass over glass.

We frequently read about pollution, the problems with plastics, mass deforestation, and the melting of ice shelves.

For years, electronics recyclers have made money by melting commodities—mostly gold, silver, and copper—from our old things.

AI seems to be very Chinese, so in the ethnic sense I think Silicon Valley is a remarkable melting pot.

The architecture serves as evidence of the melting pot of cultures the ancient town has always been.

It’s like my mind is melting, the neurotransmitters of my brain locked in a car like a puppy on a hot day.

The sweets are lumpy, caving in on themselves as though melting or decaying.

“I want you to know that my heart is yours,” he says, melting hearts in living rooms across America.

Not only have climbers burned themselves, they’ve even succeeded in melting climbing ropes.

Permafrost thaw caused by fires primes the tundra for future burns by melting the ice that moistens soils, he said.

Around Mosul, once a melting pot for ethnic and religious groups along the ancient Silk Road, IS destroyed Shi’ite shrines.

For the first time, scientists have used satellites to detect methane escaping into the atmosphere from melting permafrost.

Low-oxygen, swampy areas are hotspots for methane, and scientists have documented streams of the gas seeping out of Arctic lakes formed by melting permafrost.

In other parts of this region, melting permafrost has caused the ground to literally bubble and opened the massive Batagaika crater in northeastern Siberia.

As a DJ she’s been melting decks with a carefully curated selection of shapeshifting house and techno.

Among all the fighting games at Evo, FighterZ seems the biggest melting pot.

The titles are derived from the technical terminology of glaciers and icebergs, particularly formations caused by melting.

In this case, floods inundated fields quickly after multiple levees failed when rain and melting snow filled the Missouri River and other waterways.

“You can heat it from the other side, but you run the risk of melting the trackpad or the keyboard.”

This technique includes adding thickener to the cream, creating a honeycomb-like structure which helps to slow the melting process.

In America, if anything, for a cook, which is the melting pot of the world, imagine.

And the melting Arctic sea ice poses a risk to the narwhal up north.

Colgan’s climate simulations suggest that the Camp Century site could have primarily melting conditions as early as the year 2090.

Snow patches that were once perennial have been rapidly melting all over the Arctic, and Greenland is no exception.

Yes, but: The big question is — to what extent is the level of summer surface melting unusual?

What they found: In recent decades, there was a clear departure toward more melting, water percolation through the ice, and refreezing each winter.

The study concludes that as ice melts, the surface darkens, absorbing more heat and melting more ice.

Startling sea ice statistics: The Arctic sea ice cover is becoming thinner, younger and more prone to melting each summer.

Sea ice is disappearing, land-based ice is melting and a domino effect of ecosystem changes have been set into motion, with unknown results.

The Arctic sea ice cover is becoming thinner, younger and more prone to melting each summer.

We’re living in a melting pot of sound and people.

If not, at least we’ll know to thank Big Pumpkin when the world’s ice shelves finish melting.

(Throw in a Mexican-American cousin-in-law and a white sister-in-law, and we were one big ol’ melting pot.)

One section is melting 80% faster.

(However, Thwaites’ western region is still melting faster than its eastern one.)

The driving force, the destructive force, is the ice, and specifically, because of climate change, the timing and speed of its melting.

Meanwhile, the glaciers of BC are melting at an astonishing rate.

Today, while the glaciers still exist, they are melting earlier in the season, flooding before the Mackenzie has time to break up.

But the cultural melting pot that makes up the story of Pumpkins’ journey, A Band of Five, doesn’t define its narrative.

—Antoine De Saint-Exupery Since the 1960s, we have seen the failure of the melting pot ideology.

—Edward Said Canada has never been a melting pot; more like a tossed salad.

—Arnold Edinborough Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting.

I’m melting, melting.

—Margaret Hamilton Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting.

Adams has conducted fieldwork in Antarctica, studying how melting permafrost will impact the microscopic ecosystem there.

America is a melting pot and there’s always space for a new tradition.

To call Los Angeles a beauty melting pot would be a gross understatement.

Raise your hand if your makeup is currently melting off your face.

The big picture: Scientists are racing to better understand and anticipate the pace, extent and impacts of melting glaciers, both in Greenland and Antarctica.

Warmer oceans, in turn, mean more melting sea ice, and potentially devastating effects on marine life.

It will be a roller-coaster ride for temperatures, with Sunday’s warm start melting overnight snow and threatening flooding in areas including southeastern Massachusetts.

The study is based in part on high-resolution data gathered during NASA’s Oceans melting Greenland (OMG) mission, as well as other observations.

The other big long-term factor is the melting of glacial ice.

– Park, Hershey, Pennsylvania I’d apparently hide in the shower watching Star Trek and scream about melting walls.

Background: Offutt Air Force Base, a strategic command center in Nebraska, is essentially submerged after melting snow and heavy rain caused historic flooding.

melting snow and heavy rain from the “Bomb Cyclone” in the Midwest has caused historic flooding from the Platte and Missouri rivers.

melting ice is contributing to push up world sea levels.

The scenes in Algeria and Sudan — which follow protests last year in Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Tunisia — might indicate the winter frost is melting.

You repeat the refrain “It’s so hot I’ve been melting out here” while voices converse around you.

It all went into the melting pot.

It’s sort of an indescribable melting pot of constant inspiration and ideas.

So I believe that I don’t think we should just force people to watch polar caps melting.

Warmer ocean water also raises sea levels by melting ice, including around the edges of Antarctica and Greenland.

The room started melting and pulling me underground, my bed turned into a giant eyeball that I was riding through my own consciousness.

“The asphalt is melting,” cried out the speaker on the corner of the building.

“The asphalt is melting.”

Are the hard caked layers of stress and anxiety melting away, one by one, like a snake shedding its skin?

“Apart from the melting asphalt, I had no problems.

Kronner pops these bad boys under the broiler for some pre-assembly melting action.

You see: New Orleans is truly a city of many nations, a melting pot, a bubbling cauldron of many cultures.

Another Iowa voter, Christine, said in the focus group that Iowa’s recent floods may be linked to Arctic ice melting.

From Ayahuasca purges and melting rainbows, Aaron Axelrod’s art comes to life through live performances and video projections.

melting RAINBOWS **the film** HD // Aaron Axelrod from Aaron Axelrod on Vimeo.

Quebec’s Raglan nickel mine is facing melting “dry stacks” of tailings, something Lapointe attributes to botched climate change predictions by its operator.

“The lira is melting like a candle against the dollar,” he tweeted.

Will it be Techno Harvey down in the belly of the Berghain, or Disco Harvey melting faces at midnight in Marrakech?

Singaporean cuisine is a reflection of its rich history as a cultural melting pot, which dates back to its earliest, pre-colonial days.

I look forward to it as much as I do the sun melting the snow.

melting glaciers put it at risk of water shortages, while drought and desertification imperil its agriculture.

Belott’s “frozen artworks” signify duration in the interval between the water freezing and the ice melting.

“The most recent drawings are a melting pot of cultural influences,” says Depelchin.

We may feel for polar bears on melting ice floes, but they have little bearing on our day-to-day lives.

The Tower timeline ticks around Claire as she lay on the hot concrete, feeling, as she recalls, as though she were melting.

Gleeson thinks melting down the Iron Throne is “kind of a cool idea — the monarchy is literally dissolved.”

It’s not purely a black form of music, it’s a product of the melting pot of urban Britain.

), it’s mostly industrial machines melting resin into cosmetic packaging and employees assembling eyeliners for big beauty brands.

Two chewy cookies envelop a filling of sweet, creamy, slowly melting ice cream, enabling one to make frozen desserts into finger food.

But the miners have usually been able to avoid arrest by melting into the jungle, returning once the raids are over.

But Llanddewi-Brefi was a melting pot back then, so we didn’t question it.”

If you think you only had to worry about your makeup melting during the summer months, think again.

At the same time, its subscriber base — and the revenue that generates from subscription fees and ad sales — has been melting.

You storm off into the night, tears melting into the rain.

I can’t imagine the boy confused by melting snow and double decker buses.

In terms of sea level changes, however, the study found the effects of melting are more drastically felt in regions farther from its source.

According to InsideClimate News, melting sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere might raise water levels more in “the southern Pacific Ocean and equatorial regions.”

When you start melting food, chewing the food, you’re releasing aromatic compounds.

Can you handle a little bit of heckling, cliched as it was, without taking the bait and melting down?

And now, when he finds his mother dead by Jon’s hands, he reacts by melting down the Iron Throne with unrelenting fire.

Fresh, rich, and melting in the mouth, it was some of the best maguro either of us had ever eaten.

melting sea ice around Shishmaref is washing away the thawing arctic soils, leading to extreme erosion.

Unmoored from space, they are endlessly manipulable, melting into the emptiness around them.

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