Means in a sentence | Use of the word means examples

In real terms, that means keeping your mind on a long leash: letting it wander a little, before gently bringing it back to heel.

For most candidates, “call time” means calling wealthy donors and asking for money.

Layla Shaikley doesn’t just embody the new term, which means “Muslim hipster” — she helped coin it.

About halfway through the movie, Jack discovers that he shines, which means he has psychic abilities.

An increase in life expectancy combined with a lack of risk for pregnancy means that more and more senior citizens are having unprotected sex.

That means the vast majority of drugs aren’t safe or effective enough to be used — they don’t do what they were supposed to do.

It means Sanders has to beat Clinton by around 58 percent to 42 percent pretty much constantly.

One reason why: Having diabetes means you can no longer control your blood sugars.

And having more sugar in your blood stream means more sugar in your organs, including the brain.

If that means they can’t issue visas in the meantime, certainly the Chinese would understand.

That means Snapchat has now raised around $1.4 billion in total.

At a high level, we will take enforcement action against organizations that use/have historically used violence as a means to advance their cause.

READ: Venezuelans continue their exodus after Maduro’s re-election “The government is increasingly shutting down any means of a peaceful democratic solution,” said Moya-Ocampos.

The callup was more a move of necessity, a means of acquiring some backup for a bullpen that was stretched thin.

That means they relieve themselves in toilets filled with cedar, which Poole’s Land manager, Michael Goodliffe, 47, claims disinfects everything.

But the problem is that these changes also affect nuclear weapons technology, which means the carefully balanced nuclear equilibrium is constantly being destabilized.

Whatever it means, it’s a nice object full of pretty colors, patterns, and images.

Republicans still control the White House and the Senate, which means passing any climate-related legislation will be difficult, if not impossible.

Republicans still control the White House and the Senate, which means passing any climate-related legislation will be difficult, if not impossible.

That means the peace agreement can’t be implemented — and is effectively dead.

This means that a group that lowballed their estimates is rewarded — while a nonprofit that set an ambitious goal gets penalized.

HHS administration officials claimed they made this change because public awareness of the health care law is high, which means less advertising is needed.

Its impact is subtle, but basically, it means that simply repeating a lie makes it more likely to be misidentified as truth.

UltraFico might help people of average means with short credit histories, but it’s questionable if the score will change circumstances for the underprivileged.

First, my plan will begin with safety at home which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism.

Because what “listo” means in Spanish is prepared, battle-tested, rock-solid, up for anything, never backing down.

Fewer people with insurance means more people show up at the emergency room who can’t afford their care.

He once again communicates through an unlikely means (a series of crayon drawings, as opposed to season one’s Christmas lights).

The attackers had some “limited success,” according to intelligence reports reviewed by the Globe, but it’s unclear exactly what that means.

It has to include reparations, and that means accountability for the people that brought us to the catastrophic place we were.

They forgot that building a technology to purely mirror a user base means it will reflect ALL of that user base.

Or maybe it’s because it contains the line “let me ride your christmas sleigh”, which we all know means something hella dirty.

That means they have less time to discuss problems and techniques with each other and improve their skills.

Usually, when more people have jobs, it means more people with access to employer-sponsored health insurance.

Early voting is usually a good measure of enthusiasm; lots of early voters means lots of decided voters.

As the editors suggest, it means that game history still has some big, unresolved questions: “What types of histories are being written?

That means your weekly manicure date is likely an investment in your positive outlook, rather than an indulgence.

He means the world not only to his friends and family, but to all of us looking for more than just answers in music.

Richards says Skinny Teatox only has a team of “three to four,” which means very little overhead.

She has a support system and the means to hire a lawyer.

The artwork has no essential, shrouded meaning; all that it means is inscribed on the surface.

Microgrid just means a small, freestanding grid.

That means WWE will feature tag-team matches — one male and one female wrestler per team — for 12 straight weeks.

But fall TV means less and less for networks in terms of quality, as well as in terms of their bottom lines.

Ranked-choice voting means that a third-party candidate is less likely to be a “spoiler.” It could allow more third-party candidates to run.

More time to give also means more time to improve as philanthropists.

That means more work, less corruption, seriousness,” he said.

That means that in 2016, only 28 states are going to have state exit poll results published.

That’s very important to pundits as they try to interpret what it means.

The Moon enters Capricorn today, the sign opposite from you on the zodiac wheel, which means your attention is now on relationships.

Of course, that still means it will probably outlive you or I.

What that means isn’t exactly clear, but it’ll almost certainly contain a decent amount of bug fixes.

Now Robins is CEO of the new joint entity and Eccles is chairman, which means the two will be working together closely.

“You think ecologically tuned life means being all efficient and pure,” reads Morton’s 2016 pinned tweet on Twitter.

This may make some adults feel alienated and unsure about what their diagnosis actually means, as well as what support they may receive.

Tanno is a “Marc Jacobs Beauty Global Artistry Ambassador.” This means that the brand pays her to use and publicize its products.

This means that the artist would use all products from the sponsoring brand and be prepared to discuss them with media.

A material connection means that a brand is paying or giving free product to an artist or celebrity.

Wolfe deconstructs, rearranges, and literally paints over traditional means of information.

Good foreign policy means building people to people relationships.

This situation is by no means unique to Game of Thrones, either.

That means stakes get higher, big moments get bigger, and the twists get twistier.

But it also means that time starts to speed up, even on shows that are generally rigid about its passage.

Which means that in reality, the remarkable thing is just how far congressional Republicans have been willing to go to protect Trump.

They feel aggressively analog, in part because their technical means instantly recalls origami, a quintessentially manual craft.

“Police have shown the greatest tolerance to the protesters…but their means of expressing views have become illegal, irrational and unreasonable.

Here he is in full: It also means we must change our foreign policy.

As training modules evolve to tackle even more complex interactions and experiences, VR may become a means to improve soft skills and build confidence.

It might be a better life for you, but what about those people who don’t have the means to leave?

To leave means to pour your dollars, your time, your effort and energy into another country.

That means even the most benign interpretation of Trump’s tweet should still be cause for deep, deep concern.

Cold, hard cash: One day you might have to tell your grandchildren what this phrase means, because cash is quickly fading into irrelevance.

And unlike the HUAC in Watkins, Ways and means is acting with a legitimate congressional purpose and within its clear jurisdictional authority.

Reflect on what “home” means to you today.

All of this means the funding for conservation work is reduced.

“For the ECB, this all means: probably more easing ahead,” Sebastian Wanke of KfW Research wrote in a note.

The move means the United States is now the only major country where the planes are now operating.

This, in turn led to a conversation on social media about what it means to be self-made.

BTW … turns out the term “Canadian Ballet” means strip club up north.

But then they’d have to find other ways to make money, which means they’d likely charge us to use their services.

That means their interests are often independent of the broader question of preventing crime and promoting safety.

GrayKey’s existence “means that adding backdoors isn’t so much a question of adding a secure door to the walls of a stone castle.

This means that, in the coming months, low-income residents of Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah should be able to sign up for coverage.

This means patience and understanding, but also exploring other options and methods of stimulation.

“Typically the range is leased or sold to big telecom companies, which means you can’t use those frequencies without permission,” Cline said.

That means it’s going to need more out of its cap-and-trade system.

That effectively means that there’s no longer a cap in the cap-and-trade system.

It means he’s not there yet.

Dremann said he fielded texts all weekend from transgender people currently serving in the military, confused about what the new policy means for them.

For Turkle, at least, it’s transforming what it means to be human.

Mobile technology means we’re always on, always plugged in, always stimulated, always in a constant state of self-presentation.

We’re not really asking questions about what the good life looks like or what it means to be engaged citizens.

It means recognizing when we occupy relatively privileged positions that it is incumbent on us to advance others and not only ourselves.

But a lot of these things are just far more insidious because now it’s trendy to be progressive and liberal, whatever that means.

They’re moving at the same speed as us, which means that we can see their body language, the nuances of their face.

More people means more consumers and more emitters, so the thing to do is slow the rise of population.

At base, the paleo lifestyle says that a return to health (as in politics) means a return to our past.

If I were still a practicing artist, and I had the means, I might seriously consider moving there.

That means spending weeks compiling information.

The deal is working as an arms control agreement, but not as a means of transforming Iran’s role in the Middle East.

Then it means spending several more reading thousands of pages of information, finding patterns, and putting together themes about yourself and your opponent.

Occasionally, a tip pans out, which means you have to run down the leads yourself, gathering information available on the public record.

“The condition means no other country has the right to compensate for another country’s oil production decrease.

Which means if there’s something sketchy in Trump’s finances, or the finances of the Trump Organization, Weisselberg likely knows about it.

“The future of crypto — especially as it applies to the means of exchange — that future is undetermined,” Collison said.

First, most devices have their own apps, which often means you have to switch from app to app to get common things done.

Each club is usually dominated by civically minded members of the local business elite, which in New York means bankers.

I knew I wasn’t born here but I didn’t know what that means as far as how I transitioned into an adult.”

Little electricity means little light, and at night the heavens are lit by a sharp crescent moon and brilliant constellations of stars.

“If we have a minister who is not appreciated in Berlin it means he’s the right minister …

Destruction can sometimes be really creative because it means you have to rebuild and look at things fresh.

The mood he’s trying to capture means he finds him playing a lot of vocal heavy material, and ballads always go down well.

That means under Justice Department rules he would not be able to succeed Rosenstein in taking charge of the special counsel probe.

So politics is a means to what they see as a religious goal?

Communication means not just wrapping our heads around terms we use but the actual framework through which we perceive reality.

Women have to overcome suspicions of weakness, which means they have to be much more explicit about their willingness to fight.

Winter in the northeast means many variations on potatoes, parsnips, turnips, and beets; many of them rich, creamy, and heavy.

So finishing up, let’s talk a little bit about what that means for the creators of these technologies.

Which means — one might cry out indignantly — that Hasbro is trying to obscure Monopoly’s ideological roots even more than they already have!

That means millions of people may lose their health insurance in the coming years.

This is because it reminds me of vomit, and I think if I see something like this, it means I will be sick later.

That means it’s likely that a new Congress, elected after the midterm elections in November, will be signing off on the deal.

“If this means tearing down all the old gods, so be it.” It looks the #MeToo movement is finally coming for Woody Allen.

“If this means tearing down all the old gods, so be it.” On Twitter, Farrow accepted the apology.

BORIS JOHNSON, 55 – “Delay means defeat” Johnson is one of British politics’ most recognisable faces.

This all means that we have growing evidence that the uninsured rate has ticked upwards since President Trump came into office.

That means they still have to pay rent to house bodies.

This basically means that Paul Manafort, who was brought in as campaign chairman months ago, has been demoted.

Which means that for the first time, Netflix has a chance to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Oh well, maybe I’ll take a bit of a sicky bum if it means I can ride across London for £7.90.

Omarosa’s resignation is not effective until Jan. 20 … which means she’ll get a full year under her belt.

One reasons is it means everyone doesn’t share America’s economic growth.

That means it has to prioritize fending off Beijing and Moscow while slightly minimizing the need to fight terrorists.

And that means the networks and streaming services that distribute TV content still have a lot more sway than, say, the big film studios.

Producing all those episodes of television is expensive, which means reasonably deep pockets are required just to enter the game.

Groups like Rodina (“Motherland” in Russian) are part of that effort to find other means of protest.

“It means Xi is effectively unassailable.

“That means Elizabethkingia are quickly adapting to antibiotics.”

Anyway, in Amazon’s world now means organic, fresh, obscure, like emu eggs or exotic juices.

This vote postponement means Britain will remain in Brexit limbo for just a little bit longer — with really no idea of what comes next.

People don’t understand what a bubble means.

The fundamentals of the agreement won’t change — which means the deal’s defeat has been delayed but probably not averted.

But the fact that it’s a physical thing also means it’s limited quantity, whereas an entire digital currency …

That means there are basically just two winners from Microsoft’s purchase.

Of course, “slight” for these guys still means “15-minute instrumental epics, split into movements” so some things never change.

Being a front-runner often means enduring the worst of the criticism from your opponents, but Biden escaped an onslaught, at least for one night.

You’re not surprised or shocked anymore.” Walters hopes that the renewed energy around the gun control debate means that something may actually change.

That is what she means by Dada presentism.

That means it’s reasonable to think that the audience’s allegiances might naturally align with Jackson in the SNL sequence.

And that means problems that can be named, and the people who name them, become the most obvious targets when their ideals are failed.

Cases of massive wrongdoing like Weinstein’s require follow-up reporting, an attempt to figure out how something happened — which means sharing blame more widely.

To successfully call out hypocrisy means to prove that a politician’s words aren’t to be trusted, because they don’t reflect her beliefs.

In today’s world that means mostly mobile.

It means you care about where you do your grocery shopping, how you do your cooking, how many Instagram followers you have.

You know what that means.

We talk to people like JJ Johnson who are kind of blazing the new trail of what it means to be a chef.

Especially if it means they can steam a good ham.

You’re more careful, and realize the gravity of what it means if something happened to you.

And that means they can’t trace it back to its source.

Vermont’s frigid climate, even in early autumn, means outdoors sports (frisbee, soccer, field hockey) sometimes must move inside the field house.

(I’ve heard people describe it as in the “Alphaverse,” whatever that means.)

Nintendo was onto something, and hopefully Miiverse’s retirement on Wii U means some plans for a more ambitious form of community interaction.

If they’re irrational, it means they can’t be allowed to have nukes.

The company released an update to stop those unexpected shutdowns, which also means the phones work a little more slowly.

That means she gets a HUGE tax break, but it also means she has to jump through hoops to make the slightest alteration.

That means lobbying for changes and fixes that will make cities more amenable to the growth of their products.

It also means that employers must make “reasonable adjustments” to work practices and provide other aids and adaptations.

But, when the alleged assaults occurred in the ’80s, the statute of limitations was 3 years, which means it has long since run out.

Everyone, including the artist, agrees that Schutz doesn’t know what it means to be Black in America.

“An updated label means that providers in states that require adherence to the FDA-approved Mifeprex label will not have to practice outdated medicine.”

What’s more disturbing is that Schutz doesn’t seem to know what it means to be white in America.

Gerasimov argued that “non-military means” had eclipsed weapons in their strategic importance.

He advocates using “military means of a concealed character,” including “actions of informational conflict” in order to accomplish Russian strategic objectives.

More to the point, there’s literally nothing the Ways and means committee could do to reduce the 70,000-page figure.

Look back at the Ways and means tweet, above.

Which potential president he means was not specified.

Trump regularly depends on his children for counsel, and buying time with them could be a means to get the ear of their father.

They’re questions that get to the very core of what it means to be conscious–questions scientists are still trying to answer.

The declaration of death means a person’s body must be removed from life-support.

It means reducing our current coal consumption by one-third.

What this means is that we still have a chance to limit a very significant amount of warming this century.

Jones told the Indianapolis Star that Trump’s latest comments, among the threats he’s receiving, means the union leader is doing his job.

Remember, we’re talking about a global average, which means a change over every part of the world.

This means less deep and REM sleep—a.k.a.

The fact that it’s so hard to even imagine this film means it’s going to be astonishing.

The role means that I typically work on designing new typefaces for various writing systems, e.g.

The second role means that I can take letters designed by myself or others and compile them into working font software.

Your entire dead family means nothing to you now that he has saved you from, I don’t know, having a job.

So it starts small but it means people and communities should talk and not shout at each other.

MEPs aren’t exactly as high profile as national political figures, either, which means they’re not being vetted as closely.

We’ve spoken before about how being Zimbabwean means you face a lot of specific challenges when it comes to making your work visible.

It just means that instead of shooting early, they’ll take steps to avoid using force as much as possible.

Uber says its service means fewer people will own cars.

They think you’re working in it means something somewhere didn’t go according to plan for you.

Which means she’ll be a lot less sus when you make her these grapefruit, gin and St. Germain shots.

None of this means Carter’s work is without merit — after all, he created The X-Files.

If that means more collabs with KC … we’re not mad.

It also means our guy in D.C. won’t be getting candid moments with YOUR elected officials.

Amash seems determined to do it his way, whatever that means for his political future.

But the thing that really gets me is the speech Buffy gives the Potentials about what it means to be Chosen.

In layman terms that means we usually can’t just extract money from them, but we sometimes have to do other things.

And you might often have to walk a distance to your hotel, which means dragging all your luggage with you.

Because when a president is successful that means the United States is successful.

Which means every breath they breathe in, and every breath their rescuers breathe in, strips a tiny about of oxygen from their environment.

This post dives into what that means in practice, and who might be best positioned to deliver on this vision.

That means Mueller is likely digging deeper into other possible links between Trump and Russia — which spells bad news for the administration.

So I guess that means stormy.

The collective also teaches that the voices should be validated as a means to seeking meaning, even if only metaphorical.

The negative effects of returns aren’t limited to the environment: More returns means more stress on the employees who then must process them.

Singapore has high population density, and its limited land area means a majority of the 5.6 million people live in apartments.

Too little water means there will not be enough mass to slow down the angular momentum and make the bottle land consistently.

This means camps and summer programs and traveling teams, but those cost a lot of money.

What it publishes explains a great deal of Trump’s appeal — and is helping to define what “Trumpism” means.

That means if birth control moved over the counter, women might have to start paying more out of pocket for their contraceptives.

There’s no doubt that going forward that analytics will—as a means to help us make better decisions, that’s probably here to stay.”

“That means more women get pregnant, and babies cost a lot more than birth control.

This means that whoever gets appointed could serve for 30 or more years — a tenure that is becoming more and more the norm.

While Christensen doesn’t think the MJIA is a magic bullet by any means, he thinks meaningful reform is impossible without it.

That means that if a commander turns down a legitimate case, it might not always be obvious.

Which means, yet again, that the impasse prevails and the UK is still barreling toward the March 29 Brexit deadline.

This is by no means a comprehensive list.

That means that the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) is dead.

“You do understand what self-deprecation means from somebody who already exists in the margins?” she asks.

But now, even the Trump-Kim meeting is in jeopardy — which means Trump may lose the opportunity to strike a historic deal.

It is serious but not self-serious; it means without bluntly moralizing.

But studying gunshot victims in Philadelphia means studying mostly young, black men.

But studying gunshot victims in Philadelphia means studying mostly young, black men.

Instead, she counsels her patients to salvage their mental health and well-being, even if this means divorcing a relative.

It means he’s never seen.

Simpson fits the planes together through simple utilitarian means – notches, slits, and canvas straps.

The basic means by which the works rise up from the floor, balanced like a sturdy set of cards, is part of their meaning.

BORIS JOHNSON, 55 – “Delay means defeat” Johnson is one of British politics’ most recognisable faces.

But while long walks and museums are great, eventually you need to eat, which means the issue is going to come up.

In the United States, “Outlander” lives on Starz, which means that this will be the easiest way to get your fix.

This means that painting isn’t dead or even exhausted.

“Patient means that we see no need to rush to judgment,” Powell said.

This means, lawyers say, that Williams potentially remained conscious throughout his execution.

This means, lawyers say, that Williams potentially remained conscious throughout his execution.

That means it shows not just their locations in the sky but their distance from Earth as well.

That means the new, divided Congress will take up the trade deal in 2019.

It just means that they were scared and had to stack it.”

Last but by no means least, the journalists who’ve been covering this campaign understood perfectly well what he’s been saying.

That means eBay will terminate Flipkart’s license to use the brand name.

It means that, for a lot of people, one computer is pretty much interchangeable with any other.

If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

“I think there’s a distinction here between goals and means,” Min told me over coffee.

The precarious height of pylons means they can be hazards during earthquakes and storms.

He thinks the goal of universal health care is more important than the means.

This means the brand must make the most of every customer interaction to drive sales.

It also means companies can analyse the impact of each change, validate their strategy at every step, and quickly expand on successful activity.

That is by no means an uncommon reaction.

That means that about 100 billion people were born before me.

They’re focused on passing something, by whatever means necessary.

Haley also said the Syria strike was a way of informing Iran, who backs Assad, that the US means business.

Indeed, being bad is by no means an impediment to success in a capitalist economy.

Since the account is there and since many other people use Facebook, that means I sometimes get messages on Facebook.

But in future years, it means that companies won’t have depreciation deductions, and will in fact pay more.

It was used as a means of subjugating the population under Stalin, and has become prevalent once again under the current administration.

And that means pushing back tax reform, and pushing back passage of a new budget resolution.

Ignoring the Southern evangelical tradition also means ignoring the way that movement shaped the broader development of conservatism in America.

And that means getting a landslide in California, by far the biggest contest remaining.

The same guy who’s now working with an idol of his—and look at what it means to him.

Sooner or later, humanity must live sustainably or it won’t go on living — that’s what “sustainable” means.

The result means her position as leader of the party cannot be challenged for 12 months.

Thus far, libra means a thoughtful Facebook, an adult Facebook, a Facebook we can trust.

Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and a cherished three-day weekend, usually means cookouts, visiting national memorials, and hard-to-beat retail sales.

We spoke to Harris about what the term “takatāpui” means to those it continues to envelop, educate, and empower.

BROADLY: Most of the world, New Zealanders included, won’t know what “takatāpui” means or represents.

And that means you have these meaningful shared experiences, which build unique relationships between players.”

While widely known as the underlying technology for Bitcoin, blockchain may be best understood as a means of storing data.

That means that because some Planned Parenthood health centers perform abortions, all Planned Parenthood centers would be barred from getting Title X funding.

In a lot of cases, photos end up being compressed, which means they’re no longer raw.

From my point of view, one of the really important means he turned to was poetry.

Wind and solar are not “dispatchable,” which means grid operators can’t turn them on and off at will.

Cheap natural gas means that flexible natural gas plants are getting cheaper to run than their lumbering baseload competitors.

But their small size means they can zip through Karachi’s five lanes of frequently gridlocked traffic at high velocity.

That means, in competitive wholesale energy markets, VRE can “bid in” power at $0, lowering the average price that all generators end up receiving.

That means there are a lot of other factors to consider.

“It’s why conventions like this keep getting bigger, but it also means there’s less quality control.”

In many ways this is a good thing: it means fans’ tributes are not limited to those prescribed by officialdom.

“Threatening” means the rockets struck populated areas or were intercepted beforehand.

—What Scott Pruitt means for the future of the EPA —How Donald Trump’s promises to bring back coal jobs are impossible to keep

“It means we want the world.

“Revolution is a word that no longer means anything.

It also means now is the time to rank the episodes we already have, before the revival comes to skew the ratings.

That means the threat of guns and gun violence, terrifying as it is, is relatively minimal.

He’ll always be able to shoot, which means he’ll always require at least one defender’s attention.

This means residents who rely on social services are losing out.

That means that when moving to a new city, you should consider renting for a few months while you search for a permanent home.

I want to thank everyone for their support, it means the world to me during this time.

If particularly severe problems are discovered, the entire deal could fall through, which means the house-hunting process will have to start all over again.

AT&T wants to buy Time Warner — which means that some media allies may soon become media competitors.

The willingness to go into the hardest places within myself to create for me means that I can touch the Infinity.”

Yes, this means that the church must often preach against the state.

“I manage my own network,” is the third line the player reads in the game—naturally, the young audience knows exactly what this means.

are easily forgivable if it means we get more of this show in the future (please?).

It’s been a roller-coaster for him in the last couple of rounds but he had a day off and that means a lot.

That means the universities and athletes are usually renegotiating contracts every year.

“When a fighter needs to pay their own way to compete, it means they spend less time focusing on their training.

It means a small piece of human skin, or the hair of a rat, fell into food during production.

But what this means for the presidential nomination is still unclear.

Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip.

The willingness to go into the hardest places within myself to create for me means that I can touch the Infinity.”

Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip.

Climate change means change.

It means we have won!

Listening to Kanye’s new album means supporting Kanye.

That means PIF acting as a cornerstone investor on some major hometown ventures with foreign investors expected to join in.

As the world’s largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia has the means to step in if private funding doesn’t materialize for the projects.

Clapping means he did a good thing!

Maker continued … “Being from a war-torn country, basketball for me has always been a means to bring people together.”

It means that our society only values women under certain narrow conditions.

It means that for many voters, Trump’s toxic masculinity was a deep part of his appeal.

It means that misogyny is alive and well in the United States, and that it probably helped Trump win.

The trial was expected sometime this year, but the settlement announcement means that the case ends here.

This means that the show isn’t about its premise in any conventional sense.

And repealing Obamacare sounds easy, but gets harder when you have to tell voters what that means.

That means it could react to touch rather than using a mechanical button you need to physically press down.

And even if it does not, they will be disciplined by other means, like financial markets,” a fourth senior euro zone official said.

If so, it means no tapping on faces to make sure the camera focuses correctly.

That means you can take faster selfies, and they’ll be better photos overall.

And if we stop paying attention, and stop engaging, that means we’ve effectively given up.

Poor summer liquidity, aggravated by a broad-based emerging markets sell-off in early August, means cutting big overweights is tricky.

And, in fact, every day for the last long period of days this stock market means, companies, have been hitting new highs.

It means that city living interacts with our brains and possibly interacts with psychological, genetic, or social risk factors.”

Me: Extra dry, my ass Chearno: “Actually, extra dry means sweeter.

Facebook’s dramatic push into livestreaming video means Twitter-owned Periscope should be on high alert.

More demand means more fares for drivers to collect, Uber reasoned, with the increase in ridership offsetting the smaller base fares.

It means that the algorithm could have much greater implications for solving problems in the real world.

It’s very scary and I think we’re also at a point where it’s super important to remember what all that means.

When billions of people choose to communicate electronically with one another, that changes what it means to be human.

On some level, I really do think that Arnold wants to take down Donald Trump, by any means necessary.

He possesses the same lack of shame that Trump boasts, which means he’ll do anything for his show or to promote his show.

And that means that national Republican enthusiasm for Uber isn’t necessarily a good thing for the company.

This means more children may linger in foster care, advocates say.

This means more children may linger in foster care, advocates say.

Basically, this means hurling ladders, columns, toilets, palm trees, air conditioning units, or whatever dangerous detritus comes your way into an increasingly unstable tower.

That means they’ve been living here for at least 20 years.

Fewer available guns means fewer gun murders.

Instead, prayer is a means through which we communicate our hearts to God, and we surrender to his perfect will.

In other words, prayer is a means through which we remind ourselves, and God, that God is God and we are not.

What this means is that the schisms within May’s party could ultimately protect her from a leadership challenge.

But what I’m trying to do is make clear what Nixon did and what Nixonian really means.

Shrinking the grid means that losing smaller generation sources has a larger impact on reliability.

That means massive hurricanes will almost always disable grids for a period of time.

That means the default solution — rebuilding the island’s electrical grid the way it was — may end up becoming the likeliest scenario.

Technology can be helpful, it can be a means for facilitating our ability to reflect on humanity and connect with others.

“Think about what that means if half of them decide to go with the renewable-battery pack route.

BORIS JOHNSON, 55 – “Delay means defeat” Johnson is one of British politics’ most recognizable faces.

And that people cancel you and that you’re the … And it just means that you didn’t pull it off.

They have no idea what that means.

I don’t know what it means, but it’s a size zero.

This is what Careful means now.

“San Francisco is experiencing a major housing crisis and the elderly and disabled and those who don’t have means are particularly vulnerable.

But by scaling them up through other means — like pop-up sites — you may start seeing a broader community effect, Beletsky argued.

Unlike the effects of deforestation, which can be closely observed by satellite constellations, overhunting is difficult to monitor through traditional means.

That means tectonic plates jostle each other over time.

“We forget about this threat because we have not had an earthquake there for a while.” “A while” means more than 300 years.

This means Theresa May is likely to remain as prime minister.

This means that anyone in the vicinity could hack the infected device, according to the researchers.

A story that redefines what success means for a nation founded imperfectly on near-perfect ideals.

This means Joey from “Friends” is now running the show.

In reality, none of those “kill-by” deadlines likely means anything.

The next April, Republican House Ways and means chair Dave Camp scheduled another hearing to review which tax extenders should be kept.

They leave with no gas, no life preservers, and no means of communication on board.

Siedell uses the following analogy with his students to explain what he means.

That means a lack of focus is perhaps inevitable.

What this means is that the EPA is not going after polluters like it used to.

That means my BMI is 25.1, which puts me square in the category of Overweight.

No deal means there would be no transition so the exit, set in law as 2300 GMT on March 29, would be abrupt.

“Having the needle in the center means you’ve been reading on both sides.

“Teen Mom 2” premiered last night which means more drama, more baby daddies and more Jenelle Evans.

OPEC sources say this means future meetings and decisions may be even more fraught.

She asks viewers to think about what that means.

None of this necessarily means that opposites don’t attract.

That means the number of EVs on the market will more than double over the next few years, and not just because of Tesla.

The Model 3 also means a big change in Tesla’s customer base.

“This means a lot to me,” Bencic said.

“It means motion, flow, vibration.

As long as you have a badge or a seal, the end justifies the means.

This means calling “their friends, their former bosses, their peers,” to see if the person has a reputation for being driven, trustworthy, and respected.

In the aggregate, this means higher taxes for a few people but lower taxes for the vast majority of Americans.

“This means that we have seeds from more or less all countries in the world,” Asdal said.

And that means any diseases those partners might have can spread more easily too.

That means Republicans have to either hold their caucus together perfectly or get one Democrat to defect for every Republican defection.

First, it was observational research, which means it can only tell us about an association and not cause and effect.

That means building a wall on the Southern border, and it means hiring more heroes like CJ to keep our communities safe.

Anyone can look up what “black tie” means and understand exactly what’s expected of them wardrobe-wise.

However, a saturated News Feed means it doesn’t have that luxury.

In confronting these dangers, we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict, and unmatched power is the surest means of our defense.

The anti-fascist movement, at its core — where antifa draws many of its principles — sees violence is an acceptable means of countering fascism.

• Garnett Setting the Tone: It’s almost impossible to overstate how much strong run-blocking means for the success of a Chip Kelly offense.

The problem is by no means confined to labs, of course.

This means that the pressures of conformity, although they feel so insurmountable, can be transformed through sheer defiance.

Often, this means that the pregnant person is using their own expertise to try and figure out their own risks.

That’s what it means?

This means advertisers and publishers can simply change the code they use to deliver their ads to defeat them.

But, relax, and listen, and if something does occur to you, by all means

That means Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will not have to embark on politically unpalatable belt-tightening in 2019.

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

This means this May is actually 35% lower than the trend established over the previous decade.

And this institutional failure to address this problem means that more and more black girls are being pushed into the school-to-prison pipeline.

And yes, maybe that means less sex for some — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Miranda July’s work means a great deal to me because it makes me feel comfortable and understood.

That means Vivendi, which owns 24 percent of TIM, will have to agree to any inclusion of its network.

I am by no means saying that because the Parkland teens are minors they are beyond reproach.

And inflation is decreasing, which means workers’ paychecks are stretching a bit further.

Kim’s still wearing very little makeup and still kinda dressing down — if down means rocking lace tights with destroyed denim.

Historically, more educated voters have participated in polls, which means that they’re overrepresented in the results.

That means the total daily capacity via the high speed rail will be fewer than 15,000 people per day.

That means breakfast itself may not account for differences in bodyweight or disease between the two groups.

Partisanship is a dirty word in American politics, even as growing partisan polarization means it makes more sense for citizens to vote as partisans.

That means it has an enormous and well-developed set of policies and procedures, and a team of trained humans to keep it running smoothly.

Which means that we’ve got to, under the category of worrying about opioid addiction in this country, continue worrying about Medicaid funding.

This means that the firm had less competition from new investors who would dilute its ownership stake.

This means young people, too.

But not everyone is convinced by the study’s findings, with crypto enthusiasts somewhat split on what it means for their beloved currency.

But not everyone is convinced by the study’s findings, with crypto enthusiasts somewhat split on what it means for their beloved currency.

A smaller female legislative bench means fewer women are likely to run for president.

But that means the product still has a ways to go before potentially hitting the market.

But EEG is accessible, portable, and inexpensive—and that means a lot.

He also offered a full-throated endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in 2014: Trade means jobs, but trade also means security.

That means Staples removes the dry voiceover narration and the distracting “Mickey Mousing” in the original shorts.

Kyle Lowry’s contract year means the clock is ticking.

Harry quotes the old adage that “Manners maketh the man,” and then spends much of the movie teaching Eggsy what that means.

And part of that means refusing to ever look down on others.

But given that Microsoft recently locked users out from using Google with Cortana, it means that those users are a captive audience for Bing.

That basically means that, as long as he can preserve support from the nationalist party, Erdoğan now holds even greater legislative power.

And as Microsoft marches towards one billion Windows 10 users, as is its goal, it means more Bing users coming down the pipeline.

I think what that really means is how do we secure our schools and make sure our students are safe.

For Tom Petty, rock ‘n’ roll means playing a good show for the crowd every night, every week, every month, indefinitely.

Mercury retrograde begins in your sign today, Leo, which means you’ll be repeating yourself and getting frustrated by delays and miscommunications.

Anything that made it harder to pass the bill probably means you get no bill.

And that means that putting small barriers between them and suicide methods can meaningfully prevent suicides.

In general, that means infrastructure, like roads or, as the Trump administration will argue, a border wall.

This arc probably means very little to the casual JAY-Z listener, yet it’s everything to the JAY-Z zealot.

This means petty stuff like bribes but also numerous very public high level corruption cases.

On September 30, Rahbek is releasing that album’s direct followup Love means Taking Action.

This means petty stuff like bribes but also numerous very public high level corruption cases.

His new report shows what that looks like and what it means for American cities, and it’s not pretty.

Listen to Love means Taking Action and check out the conversation below.

Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip.

This means you’ll see purses shaped like cupcakes, cars, cameras, penguins, Dalmatians, Klondike bars, and license plates.

This means there’s a good chance glyphosate residue lurks in both GMO and non-GMO foods.

The widespread use of Roundup means there are potentially many food products—some carrying an “all-natural” label on their packaging—that also contain glyphosate residue.

It means making upskirting a criminal offense, as well as sexual extortion.

Crow’s clearly the favorite; doesn’t mean he’ll win, just means he’s the favorite.

HOYER: That doesn’t mean it’s right, just means — TILLEMANN: No, I hear you.

The House Ways and means Committee is seeking his tax returns.

I saw that the president actually retweeted you the other day, which means that the president follows you, perhaps.

“Old school” means hard work!

To date, electric vehicles have mostly been a curiosity, a means for the wealthy to display their eco-credentials.

The other charge, which is more interesting for our purposes, is “assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury.”

That also means even late abortion is permitted if a doctor determines that a fetus isn’t viable, due to severe anomalies or other reasons.

And get this … we’re told Harry started giving Meghan royal homework months ago, which means he knew she was a keeper.

Abloh is the first African-American artistic director at Louis Vuitton, bringing some much-needed diversity to an industry that hardly understands what that word means.

That was my biggest problem, was, why would you change something that means so much to us?”

Its name means “beyond the known world.” Though scientists have detected it with telescopes, they don’t know a lot about it.

This means that, in Idaho, health insurance plans could once again deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions — or charge them higher prices.

And it was because I was experiencing those things,” by which he means his awakening in love.

I really am trying to explore what misinformation means.

That means most companies and shops cannot operate, and will likely file claims for business interruption, which is covered in most commercial policies.

This means that Olshey is genetically half-suit.

They’re going to win their series, which means this season is going to look like a triumph in retrospect.

This means that, while some people do become so frightened by an overdose they are able to immediately stop, most people can’t.

I sometimes try to think about what 1 million impressions in a day really means, and I get totally spooked out.

Your ruling planet Mercury shifts signs today, which means you’ll feel a change in your life!

“I was wrong, it means a lot to people who were affected by them.

But if it comes back positive, all it means is that your body has traces of antibodies from exposure to the virus.

But that means something, then you’re dissatisfied for a long period then, right?

It means that there are more nails to pound.

So all means of news delivery is shifting really dramatically.

There’s, one is they control the means of distribution or the current way people get a lot of their news.

So that means you still have to build a sustainable thing that pays for itself.

None of this means we should care any less about police killings.

Endangering unknowing or innocent subjects in the name of some future advance means placing the health of some people over the health of others.

This means no music, no nothing.

Update privacy policies and put together a simple, easy-to-find online FAQ about what the GDPR means for customer data to cover bases.

Note that that also means Postmates market share might be slightly overrepresented.

It wasn’t an easy childhood by any means,” says Cisneros.

It is by no means this year’s biggest casualty on the capital’s fetish scene.

In a vote on the Brexit deal likely to be the most important in Britain for decades, that means every vote counts.

The word palenque means “arena” or “ring.” Roughly 4,000 people live in this town which, cut off from Cartagena, lies along the Caribbean coast.

To begin with the obvious, Taurus literally means bull in Latin.

That means it doesn’t matter anymore, you know?”

“Living near humans provides better food and shelter, but it also means more competition for these limited resources.”

This means that Amtrak doesn’t always have control over what goes down on the tracks.

This means needed qualifiers and nuance are bound to be omitted.

People think “significantly different” means that the difference is salient or relevant.

It just means that it is probably greater than nothing.

In rural areas, not owning land means not being able to eat, let alone earn any money.

It means not having a home and always depending on men.

The speech bubble design is used by other services, including Facebook and Instagram, which means they’re probably pretty familiar to people.

Williams describes his current aesthetic position as “mimesis at mid-point.” By “mid-point,” he means the intersection of abstraction and representation.

But on the other hand, if I’m innocent it means that everyone’s vulnerable.

This means that jellyfish don’t move the way they used to,” explains Scott-Douglas.

This juxtaposition embodies Foy’s understanding of what it means to be an artist.

The Constitution means nothing if the people charged with enforcing it don’t care about it.

This means during most full moons, the shadow misses the moon, as you can see in the diagram above.

Committed means you have to achieve them.

We hope means in a sentence examples were helpful.