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Most Republicans are prepared to go to the mat for the fossil fuel industry.

Master of Arts in Teaching: MECA’s 10-month mat program prepares artists to translate their unique personal qualities into creative teaching practices.

mat candidates are able to complete their student teaching anywhere in the world and are employed across the U.S. and internationally.

mat Staver, who heads the anti-LGBTQ Liberty Counsel, told me that he doesn’t know whether the White House will sign the leaked order.

Executives made no mention of a wireless charging mat, or content deals for Apple TV, as some industry analysts had expected.

She lays out the terms of her success not just in victories on the mat but as social activism.

Her broad shoulders and strength, ostensibly assets on the mat, became perceived flaws in a teenage girl’s body image.

If so, does it mean for them to live in a world where three men must share one straw mat at night?

Then you can drag it back to your mat, open up the catalog, and find out who discovered it, and what notes they left.

on the cheer mat??

I used to sleep on that raft mat.

Clay adjusted and stepped in once more and a third left hook sent him to the mat as if he had been shot.

Foreman spiraled to the mat and was counted out in one of the great upsets in heavyweight history.

Bits of glass crunch while walking along what might have been a doorstep or welcome mat.

heightens his originals — and so did I, and mat Brinkman, too.

An expandable table with a mat cutter and a beautiful bookcase that I built for my art books complete the room.

Thornton got on the mat with Santos and got what he now calls “predictable results.”

Nurmagomedov can shoot, he can trip, he can throw, he can lift, or he can drag a guy to the mat with his weight.

In this fashion Nurmagomedov could keep collapsing Johnson back to the mat and pounding him with the other hand.

That’s a kind of tai chi—like sumo wrestling without hitting, in which you push the other person off the mat.

mat Staver, the attorney who co-founded and leads Liberty Counsel, explains this cause through the eyes of a victim.

And along the floor she wove a mylar petate — an ancient mat used by indigenous peoples in Mexico and Central America.

Trujillo had terrific success early in using the momentum of Nurmagomedov dragging him to the mat to roll through into a granby.

If the current standoff continues, Redstone may have to decide whether losing Moonves is worth going to the mat for Bakish, the up-and-comer.

I’m a world-class judoka — my work on the mat will speak for itself.

“The smart wrestler will, therefore, come up off the mat as often as possible.”

Instead he bares the load across the dome of his back and through his knees, elbows and head into the mat.

The main concern was taking the scapula as far from the mat as possible to avoid the possibility of a pin.

The mat didn’t catch fire, and Roman fled in his car to a nearby gas station, where police cornered him.

The mat didn’t catch fire, and Roman fled in his car to a nearby gas station, where police cornered him.

A stiff jab sent Swanson to the mat and Moicano quickly found himself in the mount.

As the class begins, instructor Daniela Olds tells us to move our mats into a circle, with her own mat at the center.

Why not get people in the door who might otherwise never unroll a mat in their spliff-littered apartments?

His opponent would instinctively follow his glance, and that’s when the actor would send his foe tumbling to the mat.

These wrestlers usually charge £150 for an hour-long private battle in a private mat room, though I got my ass handed to me gratis.

David Levy believed in what BR had a chance to become and went to the mat at Time Warner to acquire us.

Catherine Rosamond was named chair of the mat Art Education department.

When the jailers opened his cell door, Distin shielded his body with a sleeping mat, speaking unintelligibly.

Once in leg irons, Turner shocked him again for not letting go of the mat.

From there, Karakhanyan surged back in the third, controlling the fight on the mat.

I didn’t see any marks on the mat when I sprayed it down at the end.

“The children consistently described that numerous children sleep on a single mat.

Some have six children on a mat,” she said.

But the other side of this tumbling axe kick is that it throws the kicker to the mat.

Instead of a welcome mat, I just see the word “WELCOME” printed on the porch where the mat should be.

Then Post starts talking wrestling, and says he’d be down to throw down some suplexes on the mat if the opportunity presented itself.

Yager followed his man to the mat and applied an armbar with his legs from the scarf hold.

But mat is on his A-game.

mat used to sit on a bucket when we’d play.

I knelt on the foam mat in front of Amethyst and adjusted my ponytail.

After several seconds, we fell to the mat and rolled around.

For her part, Lynch gamely went on after a brief moment down on the mat.

When he deploys a rubber floor mat, in “(Greaseproof) Floor mat-Hide” (2015), he folds it and lets its manipulated bulk sit on the floor.

I thought these Google employees really went to the mat; they really went to the mattresses, as they say.

A suction silicone placemat

ezpz Happy mat, $24.99, available at Amazon Parents will appreciate any help given this holiday season.

Sprawled on my yoga mat, the sound waves seemed to dance across my skin.

While I packed up my mat, I reflected.

All you need is a small amount of space and a mat.

It’s about what you’re capable of on the mat.”

It wasn’t helped by his famous flying knee attempt against Fedor Emelianenko which led to him plummeting face first into the mat.

Old-fashioned bakes, more wincing from mat, and perhaps the highest compliment Mary Berry could give someone: “Queen Victoria would be proud.”

mat Hoffman is considered to be one of the best vertical ramp riders in the history of BMX and the creator of big air.

In 2008, he posted his first project as mat Musto, an EP titled Brightness, and glimpsed his power—it clocked a million plays.

The thought of rubbing up against the mat and wearing tight leggings hurts my skin.

Giovanni Reda managed to get mat to spill some good ones as part of the latest installment of REDA FOR THE WORLD.

As Emelianenko began to tire he would step in and sling the exhausted Cro Cop to the mat to recover his breath.

Even band members Brian Sella and mat Uychich get moved to convulsions (to varying degrees of convincingness).

And you wrote that you don’t “stink like a sweet and sour bar mat” anymore.

As the crowd began to boo, the referee called El Shehaby back to the mat and told him to bow.

Now it’s time to go and continue to add to the legacy off the mat and try to change the world.”

Undercook your cut, and it will be a mouthful of bloody meat juice; overcook it, and it will become a tough, brown mat.

we were taught to play “mat ball,” which I believe was kind of like kickball except with giant gymnastics mats instead of bases.

So obvi I just kicked that ball, jogged to the first-base mat, and sat down.

One more jab sent Guidon to the mat and Schilt was through to the second round.

Schilt threw up a quick left high kick and Ghita collapsed to the mat.

Against Rousey, this saw her get immediately clinched and thrown to the mat.

We all “belonged.” When I’m doing yoga, it’s just me and my mat and this sense of peace.

Everyone in Dream Daddy felt human, and that’s why I’m still so mad at mat’s decision.

I’ve gone on my mat and cried.

I’ve gone on my mat and laughed.

I’ve gone on my mat and had joy.

I’ve gone on my mat and had rage.

In comparison, the only provisions I had were a sleeping bag, foam mat, ear plugs—and a large bag of Cheetos.

Battles begin on a mat that is approximately two feet by three feet.

Wireless charging has remained largely limited to powering a single device placed in a specific spot on a charging mat.

Last November, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the National Sheriffs’ Association called on jails to introduce medication-assisted treatment, or mat.

“Most important, mat can help rebuild and save the lives of those with substance use disorders,” the guidelines note.

Marion County Jail provides very limited mat.

And mat might have a prophylactic effect, so opioid users who overdose are less likely to die.

“Had mat policy been in place, there may have been a different result,” she said.

Five large loading doors open into the parking lot, allowing fresh air and natural light to spill onto the training mat.

To prove it, we’re rounding up 30 of our favorite fitness moves that only require a yoga mat.

To get someone to turn out of an attack and place their shoulders on the mat would seem to be far easier.

But turning your shoulders to the mat in a wrestling match is essentially submitting to being pinned.

Correction: This photo essay originally featured a rug that had a similar appearance to a prayer mat.

Coils are entwined here, unraveled slightly there, and entangled and woven into a mat here.

Lesson #7: If you find a dead pig on your welcome mat, do not bury it.

Either way, Baller Yoga has the perfect yoga mat for you.

And once you’ve got your mat, may we suggest this $365 foam roller to go with it?

Three U.S. Coast Guard personnel in blue uniforms played on a mat with three toddlers.

A Flair for Combat Like his countryman, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Zabit places great value on hand traps when the fight hits the mat.

Working with 1 sheet laver at a time, place laver on a sushi mat, shiny side down.

An overhand and an extra right on the end sent Jacobs to the mat.

And they only allow you to be on mat if you’d already done the counseling program and failed.

Follow mat on Twitter.

I breathed slowly, stretched, shook, and repeated the mantra: I am the only person on my mat.

mat, which includes drugs such as buprenorphine or methadone, is widely considered the most effective method for treating opioid addiction.

They bowed to their coach and began jogging around the mat.

People crowd around the monitors, eagerly seeking the names of the competitors and which mat they’re assigned to fight.

Come to mat 2 or you will be disqualified!”

He’d pound the mat and yell: “Come on!”

Desi’s match is on mat 9.

The Nationals signed RHP mat Latos, who started 4-0 with an 0.74 ERA with the White Sox before a tailspin led to his release.

The referee motions for the two boys to come onto the mat.

The two boys meet in the middle of the mat.

“When Desi is on the mat, he isn’t a boy with autism,” Nikki says.

Mukerji founded Yogastra, an organic yoga mat company based in Bangalore, as an alternative to the toxic manufacturing of many mats on the market.

She didn’t even have a bed and was sleeping on a pad a little thicker than a yoga mat.

The mat, meanwhile, is two-sided to allow for faster (hard side) or finer, slower (cloth side) movements.

As we previously reported, she wasn’t home and construction workers found him lying on a mat in the garage.

You see a real cross-section of society on the mat.

In 2012, tech writer mat Honan was infamously victimized by a clever social engineering attack that hit his accounts on Twitter, Apple, and Amazon.

Loughran hit the mat and was unable to rise to beat the count.

In the fourth round he caught the giant reaching and sent him to the mat with a left hook.

MA and MFA application deadline is February 1, mat and MA Ed application deadline is April 1.

Looking at its wonderful arm, delicate needle and fresh slip mat, I can breathe again: a turntable.

Our sources tell TMZ … the rapper is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets.

Console and personal computing, mobile gaming, all saw significant growth, according to mat Piscatella, a video games industry analyst for The NPD Group.

Davis might not want the takedown and it is hard to imagine McGeary getting the stronger wrestler to the mat.

Once you’ve picked out your class and go-to mat, your challenge is to somehow choose a pair of pants to wear for yoga.

The mat is similar to acupuncture, except needles don’t puncture his skin.

Finally, maybe Apple will tell us why the AirPower charging mat is still not available.

Just don’t roll out the welcome mat for him.

Why was Salesforce willing to go the mat for a chance to buy Twitter last year, before it fell through?

The crook of his knee bounced into Whitaker and he fell to the mat.

The last gallery offers some respite with “Undercurrent (red)” (2008), a web of red cables knit together to form an enormous mat.

Check out our guide to 10 different types of yoga, and you’ll hit the mat feeling completely informed.

A child lies on a mat in an informal camp for displaced people in Adamawa State.

There’s nothing to castrate with women, no fears of unmanliness looming over the sight of screaming and pounding on the mat.

But when Weidman caught Rockhold’s kicks, Rockhold used the guillotine and a shin to keep turning Weidman to the mat.

I spend more time on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mat these days and very little in the ring.

A yoga mat is a simple thing.

Walking through a freak bout of torrential rain clutching a yoga mat didn’t exactly help lift my spirits.

A trip sent Correia to the mat and she back rolled towards the fence.

Aliakbari, a gold medallist Greco-Roman wrestler in the discipline’s world championships opted to instantly take the fight down to the mat.

My mom laid out her yoga mat, and we sat down.

That is, until a greasy mess is running down your face, dripping onto your yoga mat, or caked onto your pillowcase.

The first time Brown stepped in Lawler dug his heels into the mat and cracked Brown on the jaw with a hard right hook.

This is a finish on the mat when the attacking wrestler can get a single hook and get underneath the far arm.

But more importantly, they are strong signals that there are Republicans willing to go to the mat over Trump’s far-right immigration agenda.

The guard, who had been lounging on a woven mat in the shade, levered himself upright on wiry arms.

One engineer said he had wanted to fix a problem with the Model S’s driver’s seat floor mat since 2012.

If you’re in need of a little motivation to start dusting off your yoga mat, look no further.

As designed, the floor mat could interfere with the brake, the engineer claimed.

You can follow mat on Twitter.

For three rounds—including a first that could have been scored 10-8—the talented lightweight dominated his foe on the feet and on the mat.

It looks like a camping mat, covered with clear plastic.

From there, the Iranian quickly moved to side control and rained down short punches and hammerfists while on the mat.

But, once again, King Reina took the fight down to the mat and had her way with Alpha Female.

They will carry a mat, a bottle of water, perhaps a snack or a book to read.

Best of all, none of these require anything other than a floor mat.

(It doesn’t usually matter because I use my mat mostly at home).

But in these contentious times, it can never hurt to roll out a welcome mat on top of our welcome mat.

While some feel Beggs’ strength puts him at an advantage, his fight extends beyond the mat.

The Roanoke Times finally did a story on medication-assisted treatment, or mat, which combines therapy with medications like methadone or Suboxone.

From the mat to the dance floor — Simone Biles is joining the next season of Dancing With The Stars!

As soon as I’m on a yoga mat, I feel more in touch with myself.

Slightly awkwardly, she lays out the terry cloth over the blue studio mat that she just got out of the cupboard.

Right now, the best “wireless” charging phones don’t require a direct power connection but must be in contact with a mat or charger.

As we perform a position on our stomachs, I leave a mark on my mat that reminds me of an Yves Klein painting.

mat took the knowledge and practices of the racing industry and started to apply them in just about every industry you can think of.

mat pioneered VR simulators for drivers long before they began to emerge again in recent years.

If you don’t have a reusable water bottle or stretching mat handy, it can be easy to forget these two important steps.

Apple is more likely to want the incredible team and technologies developed inside mat, while McLaren needs mat to maintain its competitiveness in racing.

KS: What do you think about this mat?

When is that mat coming out?

KS: There’s a mat, right?

Are you getting the mat?

CS: I haven’t gotten the mat yet.

I’ve neglected my own yoga mat too many times to count, but Netflix wants to change that for all of us.

Harm reduction is traditionally used to refer to rational drug policy like needle exchanges or medication-assisted treatment (mat) for people struggling with opioid problems.

Several studies have found that mat can cut mortality among opioid addiction patients by half or more.

But mat remains inaccessible, in large part due to strict policies surrounding it.

Getting away from the previous square-shaped mat, athletes will compete on an octagon-shaped mat at the Rio Games.

This will be another example of making taekwondo more exciting as the octagon-shaped mat will encourage combatants to engage in more continuous action.

You have to come up off the mat sometimes to secure that knockout punch.

He is widely known for a proposal to simplify the annual tax return so that it could be written on a beer mat.

It appears that Cattrall rolls the bamboo mat in with the edible ingredients, which makes it all the more entertaining to watch.

Nolan assured her that he’d be waiting for her and settled down on a bath mat outside her shower.

Is there a way to overcome the stigma that led him to push away mat?

I believe that, 100 percent.” Charlie credits his success to a signature feature of Vermont’s system: its embrace of mat.

And that’s especially true if you’re literally horizontal on a cushy mat.

Charlie was skeptical of Vermont’s system, mostly because he was skeptical of mat.

Studies, including systematic reviews of the research, have found that mat cuts all-cause mortality among opioid addiction patients by half or more.

It doesn’t mean every single day you’re going to get on the mat and feel epically amazing.

But even beyond federal law, Vermont realized that there was another problem with getting more providers on board with mat.

That doesn’t mean Vermont sees mat as the only answer to the opioid epidemic.

You’re supposed to sit, lie, or stand barefoot on the mat for anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

Some acupressure mat brands insist that using the mats can help you sleep, relieve muscle tension, and even reduce stress and anxiety.

Despite these marketing and anecdotal claims, is there any substantial proof that using an acupressure mat can be beneficial?

But he emphasized again and again that he couldn’t have done it without mat, describing his progress in near disbelief: “It’s crazy, man.

Acupuncturists want to make it clear that using an acupressure mat is not the same thing as going to get acupuncture.

A critical part of acupuncture is working with an actual human acupuncturist, which you can’t replicate with a mat, Lynch says.

So who is an acupressure mat for?

In truth, if you can endure the pain of sitting on a spiky mat, it’s probably not going to kill you.

The mat features 10 “power poses” that let you stretch, massage and feel better while standing.

This could drive away some potential patients who, for whatever reason, don’t like the hub and spoke model or are opposed to mat.

Firstly the objective is not to pin the opponent’s shoulders to the mat, it is to ‘show his navel to the heavens’.

He then gave up a homer to opposing pitcher mat Latos and a three-run shot to Anthony Rendon in the second.

The mat is reported to finally be hitting later this year or early next, along with new AirPods.

Such offenders, she said, could open a gym and perform what she called “maneuvers” on kids on the mat.

Winner: mat Barzal, New York IslandersRunners-up: Brock Boeser, Vancouver Canucks; Clayton Keller, Arizona Coyotes Did they get it right?

Sometimes, I’ll even set up a yoga mat in my living room and do a quick sun salutation.

As soon as Glenn landed any shots of substance on Dunham in the second round, he found his back on the mat again.

Lay yourself down on this mat.

The family soon found out what the problem was, says Jollimore: “a gray mat inside the septic tank” that had blocked the pipe.

There are no ink pens allowed here—only pencils—and the dirt on your shoes gets trapped on a sticky mat at the front door.

The one thing you do need for yoga, however, is a mat.

He also noticed that I no longer toted my bodega coffee into the studio alongside my mat for the 7 a.m. classes.

In my research, one mat popped up repeatedly as the best choice — the Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel mat.

Despite being so thin, the mat‘s material is built to last.

The mat has also been featured as a top pick by The Yoga Nomads, Bustle, Well + Good, My Five Acres blog, and Shape.

The best budget mat

The Gaiam Foldable Travel Yoga mat is a compact and grippy option with an under-$20 price tag.

Infrequent travelers, then, will love the Gaiam Foldable Travel Yoga mat.

This one-pound mat is even more lightweight than the Manduka eKO Superlite, but it’s slightly thicker 2-mm thick.

As far as the travel mat itself goes, it’s a popular choice among shoppers and reviewers.

Among Amazon customers, the mat has a 4-star rating based on 316 reviews.

The best multi-size mat

The Jade Yoga Travel mat comes in two sizes to accommodate people of different heights.

The Jade Yoga Travel mat is available in 68-inch and 74-inch lengths so you can choose the right one based on your height.

Bustle, Well + Good, Shape, and Sol Solute all highly recommend the Jade Yoga Travel mat.

The best reversible mat

The cleverly named Reversible (Un)mat from Lululemon is like having two lightweight yoga mats for the price of one.

The Reversible (Un)mat from Lululemon helps solve that problem with a moisture-absorbing polyurethane-coated layer on one side.

If you get super sweaty during a vigorous practice, use this grippier side to keep yourself from slip-sliding off the mat.

This mat is on the thinner side at 1.5 mm.

The mat is also recommended by The Strategist.

Lululemon’s original Reversible Yoga mat is one of Prevention’s top picks.

The best machine-washable mat

The Clever Yoga Travel mat is odor-resistant and simple to clean, which is great news for practitioners of hot yoga.

Is it just me or is cleaning your yoga mat the worst chore?

Most of the time they need to be wiped-down, which is time-consuming and not necessarily foolproof if you’ve got a sticky, grippy mat.

The Clever Yoga Travel mat is actually machine-washable, which is great for travelers who may have to pack quickly after practice.

The mat is 1-mm thick and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

Overall, shoppers give the mat a 4.1 rating based on approximately 65 reviews.

The Clever Yoga Travel mat is also recommended by Bustle and Shape.

The duo begin with a some classic jiu jitsu pummeling before Diaz uses various trips to send the compliant Avila down to the mat.

It had been a while since I’d found space on my mat.

I settle back, into my mat.

But a Pilates reformer class is distinctly different than a mat Pilates class, says Michelle Fama, co-founder of Core Pilates NYC.

In general, Pilates reformer classes tend to be much more expensive than mat classes.

So, if you can’t afford a reformer class, is a mat Pilates class just as good?

Also, trying a few reformer classes might actually improve your mat practice, because it can help guide you into perfect alignment, Fama says.

“On the mat, it’s just you and your body in space, so it’s tougher to find precision,” she says.

His face is planted into the mat and he never gets up.

“Is it OK for me to stand on a Muslim prayer mat?” I asked.

Just adjacent to that, a blue wrestling mat was barely visible in the grass.

In front of the altar we laid the Muslim prayer mat on the floor.

My Indonesian friend had texted back, telling me not to stand on the mat.

Tickets are $75 each, and you’ll be required to bring your own mat.

MA & MFA deadline: February 1 mat & MA Ed deadline: April 1 For more information, visit

“North Carolina is a good place for artists,” mat tells me upstairs at east London venue Moth Club.

But mat‘s own relationship with religion is one that didn’t involve church.

It was a lot more metal,” mat says, laughing.

mat and Delany’s living situation made writing difficult, which began to put a strain on their relationship beyond the band.

I had a situation where someone was illegally using my music and essentially took $10k off me,” mat says.

“Just being able to pay my bills for as long as possible to me is the ultimate dream,” mat says.

mat admits they were freaking out about it, considering they’ve never left the US – even for vacation.

As they’re packing up their gear to leave, mat looks over at me.

A Punk mood emanated from the British gallery of Paul Stolper, which was showing the works of Jamie Reid and mat Collishaw.

By design, the exercises features on Daily Burn 365 are tailored for novices, with no equipment necessary beyond the occasional yoga mat.

He and his team basically choreograph it, and then we bring out the mats, and then they teach you on the mat.

Thus programmer mat Kelsey created a bee counter to see just how many of his winged honeymakers are hanging out in his hives.

mat Latos is 3-0 with a 0.49 ERA.

Punches that would knock another candidate to the mat seem to glance off him like they’re hitting a force field.

Apple had big plans for the charging mat when it was launched nearly a year ago.

TCU DE mat Boesen recorded a sack in each of the last three games.

I catalogued it and brought it back to the mat for safe keeping.

The line also includes a Death Star workout ball and a Hans Solo trapped in carbonite yoga mat.

“Jabba the Hut’s favorite palace decoration,” as Onnit calls Hans Solo, could also become your new favorite yoga mat.

Amazon/$38.99 This high-quality yoga mat folds into a rectangle for non-awkward carrying.

Namaste   the mat says.

As we ate, a quiet man named mat whom I’d known for years but never really talked to, spoke up.

mat’s father did not want either.

One day, mat’s father said goodbye to his kids.

mat was grateful Betsy could depart painlessly and surrounded by loved ones.

Girded by mat’s story, we focused on the positives.

mat got to see ALS end better for Betsy than it did for his father.

She would pick out the discards of mat boards, cut out to create windows, and, with permission, take the beautifully beveled pieces.

… RHP mat Latos also started Tuesday for Syracuse.

Lombard followed Magny to the mat and began wailing away at Magny’s turtle.

Magny stretched him out, belly down, trapping his arms to the mat and began to rain in more shots behind the ears.

With a full year since its last mention onstage at Apple’s last hardware event, Apple’s AirPower wireless charger mat is still missing.

Rounds one and three of this one clearly belonged to Vassell, who was the far more effective man on the mat.

The works are all either acrylic on mat board, acrylic on paper, ink on mat board, or ink on paper.

McGregor also took Holloway to the mat well before he blew out his ACL attempting to knee slide through Holloway’s guard.

Each night, I wind down using an acupressure mat (also known as bed of nails…).

It takes Jon Jones stepping onto a crowded mat and roughhousing with normal people to see how dominant he is in absolute terms.

Jai Gurudev espoused an egalitarian spiritual philosophy called “sant mat,” which refutes the hierarchy of India’s invidious traditional caste system.

Without mat, the annual death rate from opioid addiction is 2–3 percent.

mat can cut that in half—even when people continue to use drugs.

At first, Gyro was practiced seated on a chair or mat, without any equipment, and called “Gyrokinesis.”

Some days are more pleasant than others, and today I definitely bring all my BS from the day onto the mat.

Follow along as Kron fuels himself through the brutal days of training that have made him so dominant on the mat.

HAX company BabyBe created a “soft robotics” smart mat to help the development of premature babies.

I find one and grab my mat and water and power walk over since they have a strict late policy.

But the champion rallied and rattled off a volley of punches and kicks, and finally dragging Hendricks to the mat to rapturous applause.

He also is known for his proposal to simplify the annual tax return so that it could be written on a beer mat.

When classes finally started, I introduced myself in tutorials as “mat, the Christian” and began wearing a homemade “I heart Jesus” T-shirt.

Follow mat on Twitter.

They put the mat over it to fix a problem.

Chair shots go to the flat of the back to mitigate the impact, there’s a mat outside the ring.

I quickly sign up for a free one-week pass and my friend drops my mat next to a cute shirtless guy.

It’s been a sincere pleasure working with Bertie [Cordingley, Rock Pamper Scissors’ MD], mat and their team.

mat is one of our most popular mentors in London.

I’m feeling antsy, so I wipe down the bathroom, my yoga mat, and a few other surfaces around the house.

A triptych video projection, also titled “Black mat Oriole” (2017), deciphers these mysterious props, and is the core of the show.

I rent a mat and towel and buy water before settling in for two hours of class.

I show my monthly membership card and then rent a mat and towel.

Suki Seokyeong Kang: Black mat Oriole continues at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia (118 S. 36th Street) through August 12.

A mesh mat was used for the pitch, as you can see in this photo.

Evenly spread the remaining prepared ingredients on top of the rice and roll the bamboo mat, firmly squeezing as you go.

This is not a man who drops his knee to the mat and comes in over a huge distance, or a guy like B.J.

A play mat isn’t a necessity, but it can be good to have.

6:50 a.m. — I’m up and out the door, book and yoga mat in tow.

They also felt pretty clunky when I did core exercises on a mat.

Flair never had flashy moves, was never a chiseled bodybuilder type, and mostly leaned on mat wrestling and basic suplexes.

In 2017, Apple announced the Qi-compatible AirPower mat, a device that would charge multiple devices at once simply by placing them on the mat.

Today, however, a new rumor has breathed life back into hopes for an AirPower mat.

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in October that the AirPower mat could be released in first quarter 2019.

I rolled over on my mat and ignored him, and the old man beside me said something to him.

It’s extremely difficult for opioid users to get access to mat in some conservative states, and that won’t change under the Republican plan.

It’s extremely difficult for opioid users to get access to mat in some conservative states, and that won’t change under the Republican plan.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan went to the mat on Sunday over the decision of three German cities to cancel upcoming Turkish political rallies.

The end came as Coleman easily threw Takada to the mat, before walking back into Takada’s guard.

He and his wife hide a Quran and a prayer mat underneath their bed.

Half-caffeinated coffee followed by 15 minutes laying on a yoga mat in my office.

It just looks like a charging mat.

So, your hands and feet are able to stay positioned on the mat, and your mat feels dry to the touch.

I used the GRP in a Y7 hot yoga class, and despite how absolutely drenched I was, the mat actually worked.

When sweat dripped on the mat, it got damp, but not slippery.

Plus, the bottom of the mat stuck to the floor and it didn’t slide around during class, she said.

According to Sessler, they wanted the mat to feel dense to provide support at all points of contact.

“The density on the GRP mat creates a really luxurious feel and makes for an elevated practice,” she says.

The other noteworthy thing about this mat is that it’s quite heavy, so you definitely need a bag to carry it.

I would put AirPower mat and that’s it.

I almost buy a bunny-themed yoga mat, but resist the urge.

After lounging around a bit, I decide to pull out my yoga mat and do a pilates Youtube video.

I’m considering traveling with a yoga mat to encourage working out while away from home.

8 p.m. — After I put away my yoga mat, I plop onto my bed and cue up the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix.

Mariana & mat Mariana, most importantly, needs a travel buddy for her summer in Europe.

This is probably why she drifts back towards mat, her ex.

mat reveals in this episode that he slept with someone else during a break.

There are some technicalities involved: Mariana claims they were in a fight, but mat says they broke up.

Despite her differences with mat, Mariana agrees to sing a song Brandon wrote for the rehearsal dinner that night.

mat and Mariana, though.

Mariana dated mat during college, but, after he picked up an STI touring with a band called Dark Veil, she ended things.

Mariana, ever mercurial, chose mat over Wyatt, leaving Wyatt to become a proto-Jesus.

mat & Mariana Over!

Grab a Larabar before settling onto a mat and moving into child’s pose.

Grab my yoga mat and the rest of my coffee and head out the door.

He threw Bpaet down one last time, and while there on the mat, he kicked Bpaet in the head like a soccer ball.

You can practice at home, on the road, in your cubicle, or pretty much anywhere else with just your smartphone and a mat.

If you have trouble falling asleep, purchase a weighted blanket, or perhaps a sleep induction mat, or just watch a hypnosis video on YouTube.

But, before you order your next book or a new yoga mat, take a look at the food.

Today: a software engineer working in tech who makes $286,000 a year and spends some of her money this week on a yoga mat.

Ever try to Cat’s Cradle a yoga mat inside one of those string strap carriers after a sweaty Vinyasa class?

Or, ever try to enter a packed bus with a rolled yoga mat under your arm?

What makes a good yoga mat bag?

Pretty straightforward: it should carry your yoga mat without making a big thing out of it — and it helps if it’s cute, too.

I probably won a few more than I lost, but nothing special on the mat.”

“I’m sure that’s because I’m not getting my ass handed to me on the wrestling mat anymore,” he mused, before adding.

After eating the first sledgehammer lead and being dropped to the mat, it all spiralled out of control for Hari.

As for Johnson, he returned to the mat after the incident and qualified for the prestigious regional championships.

Daily Total: $0 Day Two 6:15 a.m. — Alarm goes off, and it’s right to the yoga mat.

Daily Total: $38.77 Day Four 6:30 a.m. — Up and made it to the mat!

The release compiled Vedic and Hindu chants of peace and harmony, and is particularly good for placing a welcome mat on the dance floor.

I run home to drop off my yoga mat and walk to work.

AirPower Among Apple’s newest technology, the AirPower wireless, multi-device charging mat is still shrouded in mystery.

El Shehaby refused … though when the ref called both men back to the mat, the Egyptian gave a quick head bow.

7:30 p.m. — We get to the studio and I realize that I forgot my mat on my kitchen table.

I lay the yoga mat on my hall floor and spend a few minutes on it, stretching, lifting, and planking.

I realize this slightly too late, and I have to wring out the bath mat.

There’s a blue jumpsuit on the green mat; the cell itself has not been cleaned since the last occupant.

“Works with AirPower mat”.

Apple first announced the AirPower mat in 2017 saying it would arrive the next year along with a wireless charging case for AirPods.

“We have serious concerns,” mat dos Santos, legal director of ACLU-Oregon said in a statement posted to Twitter.

Yes!— as I nodded serenely from my mat.

She recalled how a previous employer in Nigeria had welcomed her with a thin mat and a leather whip.

Against Stevie Ray, a grueling clinch fight allowed Felder to score a knee and finish with elbows on the mat.

Though Kennedy started strong, rag-dolling Gastelum on the mat, Gastelum slowly began to pick his foe apart on the feet.

With the right positions, even your roommate’s shower caddy and your nasty bath mat can be useful during sex.

There is overwhelming evidence behind mat.

Studies, including systematic reviews of the research, have found that mat cuts all-cause mortality among opioid addiction patients by half or more.

Some states have taken steps to make mat more available, but the data suggests not enough have.

For more on mat’s role in combating the opioid epidemic, read Vox’s explainer.

After yoga, I drop my mat at my apartment and go on a quick 30-minute run on the river.

Fifteen minutes after the first workout we headed over to a local MMA facility for a lunchtime open mat jiu-jitsu session.

Then he shifted gears and began to speak about how the welcome mat needed to be rolled up.

My sister texts me to tell me she’s coming by around 10:30, so I roll out my yoga mat and do some stretching.

I leave the stroller and carrier at home — too much with a yoga mat — and carry her.

I bike to the studio and settle on my mat.

$25 10 p.m. — I buy a new bath mat on Amazon since ours is getting pretty raggedy.

We got Cruz outside of Dulles airport, ticking off the benefits of the portable American-made mat he recently listed for sale on his website.

He says Samantha hit the windshield and fell to the floor mat.

It’s a larger mat that lets users charge their iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time.

With a mat and the right attitude, you too can be a yoga-flowing homebody.

8:30 p.m. — Crank up my humidifier, roll out my yoga mat, and do some “Yoga with Adriene” in my room, followed by a shower.

Rocky was having fun, although he claims he slipped when he hit the mat.

I’ll rent a mat.

Another $2 mat.

The Royal Family typically doesn’t fully roll out the welcome mat until vows are taken, but Meghan has broken the mold.

ERP is 8-15 credits, depending on the time of day and type of class (reformer is my favorite and cost more than mat).

“This is like a good yoga mat,” the politician said while laying on the unfolded rectangle of cardboard.

“I don’t have a good yoga mat here yet, so I should just use cardboard.”

This is an intense, hour-long class done entirely on your yoga mat.

Correction: This photo essay originally featured a rug that had a similar appearance to a prayer mat.

My mat was right next to the heater this time — rookie mistake.

4 p.m. — I sign up for a mat Pilates class for tomorrow morning.

TBH, you could do this move with a bench, box, or thick foam balance mat and it’d still be good.

Finding the perfect grippy yoga mat, or the comfiest running shoes, will show your mom that you just get her.

There’s never enough blankets so we all have to squeeze together, two girls per sleeping mat.

We finish off with two core exercises, bicycles and planks, before collapsing into the mat.

A fighter gets blasted in the head or thrown to the mat when he makes an error.

Follow mat on Twitter.

Download this calendar to have on your phone, so you can stop scrolling aimlessly on a mat and get grooving.

Which muddies the water a bit when it comes to amateur wrestlers making the decision about moving from the mat to the cage.

Extend your legs back behind you into a plank, or keep your knees down on the mat to modify the exercise.

She will be joined on the tour by software developer and artist mat Dryhurst, who is her partner, and Brooklyn multi-disciplinary artist Colin Self.

I remember to bring a reusable water bottle, but I don’t have a mat at home.

A mat and nonslip towel are $5 combined.

I invested in my own mat, and I do yoga at home most of the time.

My mat is a few years old, and was about $150.

It’s a pure battle of wills—and everything else you bring to the mat with you, including anxieties, skills, natural talents, injuries, and muscles.

The new version is built around the same unique form factor, featuring a 3D scanner and projector, coupled with a touch input mat.

And kind of cool, especially as I got a better handle on it as the day progressed and I racked up more mat time.

Garella worked at Pininfarina at the time, before starting up mat.

Like, why the mat?

A right hand glanced Magny’s jaw at just the right time and the American hit the mat face first.

But if Volkanovski can’t simply drag his man to the mat, it opens up more opportunities on the feet.

C Daniel Catenacci was acquired by the New York Rangers from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for D mat Bodie on Tuesday.

A slick spinning back elbow caught Pickett leaning and sent him to the mat.

“One word: Amazon,” said mat Baxter, global chief executive of Initiative, an ad buying agency owned by IPG Mediabrands whose clients include Amazon.

And there are the Charles Oliveiras who can control and out position him on the mat.

There are definitely some “wow” moments as you control projected objects and applications using the touch mat.

One interesting note was Holzken’s repeated dropping to the mat when Groenhart caught him on one leg.

Holzken, when caught out of position, repeatedly fell to the mat in a tactic recalling the ‘dropping’ of Daniel Mendoza’s day.

Going to the mat in a moment of disadvantage to avoid a particularly dangerous moment or gain a moment to recover.

The augmented reality headset operates in three parts: computer, glasses, and mat.

The computer provides the power to produce the image, which is projected from cameras on the rims of the glasses onto a reflective mat.

For anyone else, they just see a reflective gray mat.

CastAR’s viewing mat also flatters table-top game design.

Clipping Lawler over the back of the head with this sent Lawler to a hand on the mat briefly in the first round.

“Retaliation is important at times,” said Tiwari, as he sat with 17 men squeezed around a straw mat on the shed floor.

Read mat Honan’s devastating critique of How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet for a full account of this company’s failings.

Below you can observe the BallerYoga mat in use on a beach.

mat even does business with companies that are way outside the automotive world, sharing its technology with the likes of GlaxoSmithKline and KPMG.

You’re like, “You might as well tell everyone that the key is under the mat, you guys, come on!

In past fights, The Monsoon’s Achilles heel has typically reared its ugly head when he has been taken down to the mat.

With only seconds left in a match, when a lead looked insurmountable, mat-side coaches abandoned their wrestlers and moved to another mat.

“Platforms are eating our business, and we’re letting it happen,” wrote mat Yurow, then director of audience development at The New York Times.

Instead, I sat through two ceremonies drinking a quarter of a cup, feeling nothing, and proceeding to doze off on my mat.

It made a pair of augmented reality glasses that could project images onto a reflective mat, letting users interact with a wand.

I’ve also got me yoga mat.

The opponent is lying on the mat, face-up.

The mat features fast charging, too.

I made out like I was going to the loo, leaving my yoga mat and bedding in the room.

Police chief Abu Samah mat said the man was the boyfriend of the second female suspect.

But a good mouse mat is still a pretty nice thing to have, just for the feel under your hands, if nothing else.

Self-described “dance gamer” Jayce dances through games using a DDR mat connected to Nintendo Wii U.

Each time Johnson hit the mat, by knockdown or by failed takedown, the exhausted Gaethje beckoned him back up to the feet.

Sometimes, when a player lifts their mouse off the mat and places it back down, the cursor can jump and skitter across the screen.

“First, you need to jump up and down this mat barefoot,” a bridesmaid announces.

She points to an acupuncture mat filled with sharp grooves.

A left hand through the guard as he recovered his leg allowed Saenchai to send Slimani to the mat in the first round.

That’s why someone as great as Marcelo Garcia can go out there and be near untouchable at times on the mat.

The Boring Company has also received support from Maryland governor Larry Hogan, whose administration rolled out a welcome mat and provided a utility permit.

The AirPower mat differs from most other wireless chargers by offering support for charging up to three different devices at once.

Why do you think that happened?mat Whitecross: Music moves on; it’s the same in every generation.

The other wrestler is sent across the mat or down into it.

“We didn’t want to end up in the same scenario as when we had that difficult transition to mobile,” says CEO mat Annal.

Caroline Williams is sitting on her yoga mat in a Manhattan studio.

Instead, next to Williams’ mat is a Bible.

When Schilt kicked, he had to get his left foot back to the mat, and then move his right foot to start retreating.

She was a competent, high energy mat wrestler with a decently honed sense of dramatic timing in the ring.

Now, it has another piece of hardware to boast about: a 99 yuan (about $15 USD) wireless charging mat, as spotted by AndroidCentral.

The mat supports the Qi spec with a maximum charge of 7.5W.

Xiaomi says the Mi Mix 2S takes three hours to get a full charge from the mat.

There’s no word yet on if the mat will be released outside of China.

A woven black, white, and red large plastic mat lies beneath the octagonal tables for coloring.

It’s a smart mat that’s designed to blend the digital and physical worlds by sensing touch, gestures, and objects.

Objects can be easily tagged with NFC stickers, so you could stack them and have the mat translate that physical object into Minecraft.

My finishing move is me jumping six-foot in the air and driving a dude’s face into the mat with my ass…

I was angling into cobra pose, twisting my torso upwards as my legs lay on the mat, when one squeaked out.

AirPower: Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat was announced back alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last fall, promised for sometime this year.

Apple first announced its AirPower wireless charging mat 282 days ago back in September, with a 2018 release promise.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is now aiming to start selling its AirPower wireless charging mat before or in September.

This is something mat is always ranting about on Twitter.

Apple also has its AirPower charging mat finally arriving this September, so where would another wireless charger fit into its ecosystem anyway?

That’s something a lot of people can relate to—to seek comfort on the yoga mat.

The conversation of awareness of yourself and then of your surroundings—a yoga practice will definitely give you that, so definitely get on your mat.

The Wireless Charger Duo comes as Apple continues working away on its AirPower mat, which was first announced at last September’s iPhone event.

He lurched forward before collapsing onto the mat.

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