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And then it was used in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

And then it was used in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Just like guns tend to sell well after mass shootings, it’s possible bump stocks are flying off the shelves post-Vegas.

The watchdog group was established by President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the Snowden leaks to assuage public concern about mass surveillance.

Several mass graves have since been uncovered.

Business was bad for gun makers even before the latest mass shooting.

It came when Trump brought up the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Yet Hillary Clinton is proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness.

The political satire, based partially on “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” could not appeal to mass audiences.

Now even the doves are starting to roll over,” said Brad McMillan, Chief Investment Officer for Commonwealth Financial Network, in Waltham, mass.

As I see my feed unravel, I realize another mass shooting has taken place in a nightclub.

When the smoke cleared from “Blackwater,” season two’s landmark episode-long conflict, television’s depiction of mass violence would never be the same.

The topic came up after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando back in June.

Do Americans really want to end mass incarceration?

The survey of more than 2,000 registered voters posed several questions regarding mass incarceration.

But the story looks very different when violent crimes — again, the major cause of mass incarceration — are up for question.

To anyone who wants to truly end mass incarceration, all of these numbers should be concerning.

At the same time, mass incarceration has ravaged certain communities.

Images of immolating Buddhist monks were mass distributed in the ’60s, for example.

We also face the threat of these groups obtaining weapons of mass destruction, and preventing that must be a priority.

Lopez sought to downplay the extent of the violence, saying it was not a “mass casualty” incident.

“He never refers specifically to mass murder of the Jewish people at Auschwitz, nor uses the words Holocaust or Shoah.

They’re small — just 15 or so miles across — but contain a mass equal to the sun.

“He wants to be in court and put the prosecutor on the stand.” Read: Rodrigo Duterte stands accused of mass murder.

“He wants to be in court and put the prosecutor on the stand.” Read: Rodrigo Duterte stands accused of mass murder.

“We’re not going for the mass market” stresses Dzuyen.

Here’s what I teach my students in diversity and mass communication: If people self-identify as something, we should take their words for it.

Chelsea Reynolds is a PhD candidate in mass communication at the University of Minnesota.

In recent years, mass incarceration’s cost has typically been estimated to be in the ballpark of around $80 billion a year.

But the mass incarceration costs aren’t just at the federal level.

If mass incarceration isn’t serving its most basic purpose, why is it still going on?

That helps explain why, for example, public prison staff unions are some of the biggest lobbyists for mass incarceration in the country.

Taking on these different interest groups is crucial to dismantling mass incarceration.

But as history shows, these impassioned calls after a mass shooting never yield meaningful changes.

But it was during the Reconstruction era that followed the Civil War that wholesale racial terrorism began to take hold on a mass scale.

The downfall of Bashir follows the toppling this month of Algerian strongman Abdelaziz Bouteflika, also following mass protests after two decades in power.

Within the first six months of 2016 alone, the United States has seen 159 mass shootings—in comparison to 18 across the entire European continent.

By comparison, only five of this year’s attacks read as the archetypal mass shooting in the American imagination.

Mateen’s attack was a terrible and year-defining incident that has driven the issue of mass gun violence to the fore.

“My mam went to mass earlier.

Another dozen of the year’s mass shootings thus far have clearly stemmed from family disputes—especially domestic violence.

“If, however, Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price,” wrote Spicer.

While some studies have shown links between aggressive behavior and video games, none have substantiated that they can be a factor in mass shootings.

Juno has sensors that can detect magnetic fields, as well as the mass and composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

It’s a critical time as Tesla attempts to ramp up from a luxury automaker to a mass market one while also becoming profitable.

History is inert, a congealed mass of free market and libertarian-leaning politics, a stinking fatberg in ideology’s own sewer pipe.

This isn’t the first mass shooting in Wilkinsburg, a town with only about 16,000 people.

There’s mass unemployment, sometimes at virtually 100 percent.

Solid state electric battery cells will replace NMC cells and become mass production ready in the second half of the 2020’s, Sommer said.

I don’t have the muscle mass for it.

John Kennedy’s inaugural address even went so far as to attempt to disavow any intention of racking up a mass of early wins.

After mass shootings, politicians and other officials try to point to all sorts of explanations for why an attack happened.

Everything is being replaced by mass production.

The group emerged in the fall of 2013 after the last wave of mass opposition appeared to fade.

That moment culminated in a mass demonstration at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow during the days of Putin’s inauguration, but faded afterwards.

But in addition to that, some criminal justice reform advocates worry the campaign and others like it could help perpetuate mass incarceration.

Dauber shot back at this criticism by pointing out that it’s not the campaign’s goal to continue mass incarceration.

The recall campaign opposed mandatory minimums, which are harsh sentences that, according to an analysis by the National Research Council, helped foster mass incarceration.

Even if this only applies to violent cases like Turner’s, that would still perpetuate mass incarceration.

This is why it was called “Saturday mass,” by the people who fell into its groove.

mass displacement and the forced separation of families has been one of the more consequential effects of the conflict.

mass displacement and the forced separation of families has been one of the more consequential effects of the conflict.

Jeffrey Stockbridge’s images reinsert those with opioid addictions into public discourses, picking up where mass media has failed.

Do you think this mass trend of major labels pressing records is a bubble?

At BioWare, his coworkers might produce five scenes for mass Effect, while DiLiberto made 25.

As Dyches explains it, NASA already knows the mass of Saturn plus its rings.

But it’s difficult to subtract out the mass of the planet’s rings from those estimates.

That measurement can then determine the mass of the rings.

As Cassini descends into the atmosphere, “several of the instruments will be on,” including the mass spectrometer, Dyches says.

From a law enforcement standpoint, these attacks are much more akin to a mass shooting than a 9/11-style grand plot.

If you set out to make a mass appeal movie, it’s easy to end up with vanilla.

The site only recently got public notice when mass graves were uncovered during construction ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

There’s a lot of concern about the possibility of robots displacing human workers and causing mass unemployment.

Lawyers for 7 women who’ve filed a defamation suit against Bill Cosby grilled his wife on Monday in a Springfield, mass.

mass transit construction costs in the United States appear to be far higher than what European countries pay for comparable projects.

4chan is a well-known hub for circulating fake information and conspiracy theories after mass shootings and other terror attacks.

4chan is a well-known hub for circulating fake information and conspiracy theories after mass shootings and other terror attacks.

There is no great mass of die-hard Zuckerberg or Schultz fans out there in the country, and that’s not a coincidence.

Extortion and other crimes reportedly continued, however, and the discovery of mass graves suggested that the killings may have simply continued clandestinely.

Another 1,400 mass shootings have happened since.

“I think we’re beyond the place in which Washington responds to mass shootings,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) told reporters.

The document states their rejection of mass deportation and their requirements for police accountability.

Their bodies will be there as a solid mass, a reminder that they exist, that they matter.

And since the law’s passage, there has not been a single mass shooting in Australia.

With cuts to Medicaid, recipients may face no other choice but living in nursing homes — or worse, mass hospitalization.

But mass popular support for the change suggests a push isn’t totally hopeless.

As mass media give way to the more personalized media, it would’ve seemed quaint if not dated for Lazarus to critique television.

Elizabeth King experiments with human perception in her installation of mannequin-like sculptures at mass MoCA.

mass protests erupted, forcing the government to respond with stiffer penalties.

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mass protests erupted, forcing the government to respond with stiffer penalties.

Too little water means there will not be enough mass to slow down the angular momentum and make the bottle land consistently.

Alt-righters tend to oppose mass immigration on the grounds that Latin Americans and Muslims dilute the excellence of white culture.

Hello.Vote targets people who are more likely to engage on a smartphone than with someone on the street or in a mass mailing.

In Toronto, police raids of four gay bathhouses on February 5, 1981 sparked mass protests and galvanized a community.

You are not all congregating in the one place, and having some sort of mass experience.

By now, mass shootings have become almost routine in America.

They then used Einstein’s theory to calculate the white dwarf’s mass.

The team determined the mass of a collapsed stellar remnant called a white dwarf star.

This means not just more mass shootings, but gun violence in general, which the US has a lot more of than its developed peers.

Einstein himself believed you could, in theory, obtain mass measurements from gravitational lensing.

mass shootings actually make up a small fraction of America’s gun deaths, constituting less than 2 percent of such deaths in 2016.

Most recently, they’ve blamed mental health issues for mass shootings.

“The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the ‘chief’ perpetrators of mass murder,” he concluded.

It was the worst mass shooting in Australia’s history.

It permits just enough criticism to maintain the illusion of dissent and only acts overtly when fears of mass protest or collective action arise.

There’s a constant risk of collective action or mass protest.

In this day and age, Carlton, who died of starvation while in jail awaiting trial, would be classified as a mass murderer.

Such sweet, empty fare has major mass appeal.

Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry indicate that the sample was either made from cow, sheep, or goat milk.

The supermassive black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy is a beast, with a mass of 6.5 billion suns.

Obviously, the advent of mass production and agrochemicals have lead to the occasional contaminant finding its way into German beers.

Alot of people are convinced that artificial intelligence is going to create mass technical unemployment.

Benedict had also barred McCarrick from traveling, lecturing publicly, or celebrating a public mass.

The physicists estimate it would take an asteroid with a mass of 1.7 quintillion kilograms or greater to incinerate the oceans.

Military stalemate ensues: the Houthis control the port and coalition-backed Yemeni forces mass on the outskirts.

“I think, again, looking at shuttle service, and how to get mass transit service improved and expanded, without overburdening adjacent side streets.”

“You always destroy yourself.” Meredith has insight into what it means to forgive a mass shooter.

mass deportation, he elaborated, “would constitute a level of inhumanity the American people would never accept.”

mass immigration, complete openness, and submission to all these free trade agreements, are directly contrary to the defense of sovereignty,” she said.

By some estimates, mass incarceration costs as much as $80 billion each year — mostly at the state and local levels.

That’s a very high cost for mass incarceration policies that the empirical research shows have no longer significantly cut crime.

These tactics, which regularly flouted international law, ultimately broke eastern Aleppo’s rebels and led to the mass evacuation last week.

The forum tilted overwhelmingly male; one of its administrators openly praised mass killers and encouraged another forum member to commit murder.

The phrase “going ER” is the term of choice among incels for committing mass violence.

These hijackings ended with inconvenience, not with mass tragedy.

LN: As I read The Skies Belong to Us, I was struck by a parallel with mass shootings.

Even though the result is a lot less deadly, is it fair to compare this to the mass shooting epidemic?

This kind of mass killer praise — referring to Lépine as a “saint” in one’s username — is part of the culture of

Yet in the immediate wake of another mass killing, advocacy for violence isn’t treated as a serious concern by the forum’s administrator.

But despite that, experts on mass violence are deeply concerned by what they see from the incel community.

But focusing too much on mass killings obscures the other ways incels harm the people around them.

Gary Panter’s comic Jimbo, which satirically documented punk subculture, was also featured in Slash long before he gained mass artistic recognition.

mass production of print introduced a new relationship between art and text, one that would be different than the tradition of medieval illuminated manuscripts.

On display, these pages once again become objects of mass consumption.

Already farmed on a mass basis, the chickpea doesn’t pose any immediate shortage concerns, either.

In the academic literature, short sleep has been associated with higher blood pressure, body mass index, and increased calcification of the coronary artery.

I cried because until that moment, I had felt defeated by mass incarceration.

Do you believe now 30, 40 years of mass incarceration targeted disproportionately towards African-Americans, harsher sentences, disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system?

… Do you think, just yes or no that, this system of mass incarceration has disproportionately benefitted African-American communities?

In the last nine years, Glocks have figured prominently in at least five mass shootings.

Based on recent history, it doesn’t make a difference if a mass shooter is using a rifle or handgun, VanDriel said.

Abrams says she has “a boundless belief in Georgia’s future,” and talks about Medicaid expansion, middle-class taxes, and mass transit.

“It’s not like other mass shooting events, where he was a disgruntled former employee or customer or bullied school student,” Stewart said.

The report, referred to as a taxonomy, is a mass of graphs, tables and methodologies to determine whether an investment is green.

He pointed to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March, which left 50 people dead.

With the click of a button, visitors could also mass email or fax electors in many states.

After that, the category is mass chaos.

We start losing bone mass, which makes leg bones brittle.

Unlike other mass shootings, Parkland has remained in the news because of survivors’ persistent activism and organizing.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “thoughts and prayers” will not prevent another mass shooting.

They believe that arming more teachers will allow educators to keep students safe by defending them from a mass shooter.

mass shootings actually make up a small fraction of America’s gun deaths, constituting less than 2 percent of such deaths in 2013.

While Michael Kors is associated with all-American style and mass appeal, Versace is inextricably tied to Italian design and luxurious high-fashion flair.

GREAT DETERRENT!” Reality, however, is more complicated: Even when people are armed, that doesn’t mean they can properly respond to a mass shooting.

Then he participated in mass shooting simulations to see how he would hold up in such a scenario.

The fundamental problem is that mass shootings are traumatizing, terrifying events.

These products sit at price points both accessible and ultra high-end, from independent brands and mass market players alike.

You need a critical mass of athletes and organizers, sponsors, broadcasters, fans—you need all these things to come together and become a self-sustaining cycle.

On the official map of Disney World, there is a blank green mass in the middle of Bay Lake in Orlando, Florida.

Palij denied participating in atrocities or mass killings to the New York Times in 2003.

These local prosecutors are key drivers of mass incarceration, often deciding unilaterally just how harshly the law will be enforced.

So to really pull back mass incarceration, states will need to make changes.

The tasks of ending mass incarceration and reforming the police, then, are going to fall almost wholly to cities and states.

Show them statistics about how gun control ended mass shootings in other countries.

What would that even look like, if not the young survivors of a mass shooting?

Yet Hillary Clinton is proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration, and mass lawlessness.”

Phil Scott of Vermont, was moved to make change after finding out about a recently averted mass shooting in his home state.

What can be done to prevent future mass shootings?

I’m wondering what you think the states can do and also what the federal government can do to prevent future mass shootings.

After just one mass shooting, New Zealand’s Parliament on Wednesday voted 119-1 to ban most semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles in the country.

The swift action comes after last month’s mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which a white supremacist killed 50 people.

What do you think states can do to try to prevent future mass shootings?

The attack Saturday came exactly six months after a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The result: It took just one mass shooting for New Zealand to move to change its gun laws.

Despite the gaps, New Zealand’s gun laws hadn’t gone through significant changes since a mass shooting led to reforms in 1992.

The funding has been directed toward efforts ranging from fortifying river embankments, to implementing emergency management systems like cyclone shelters and mass evacuation plans.

Yeah, he probably didn’t know, but he knew it when it got this critical force and then he did know, critical mass.

The Mountain Will Fall is out on mass Appeal on June 24.

But last year, scientists did just that, calculating the total mass of all life on earth as we know it.

Vox’s Javier Zarracina and Brian Resnick put together a helpful visual of the mass of all life.

The mass of bacteria is 1,100 times more than the mass of all humans put together, for example.

Poaching, deforestation, and other forms of human activity have dramatically reduced the mass of life on Earth.

The mass of land mammals, for example, is one-seventh what it was before modern humans walked out of the African savannah.

The claimant said the first assault took place in the priests’ sacristy after mass in late 1996.

The man, Akayed Ullah, was convicted of six criminal counts, including use of a weapon of mass destruction and support of a terrorist organization.

U.N. investigators have called for senior military officers to be prosecuted over allegations of mass killings, gang rapes and arson.

The rumors spread like wildfire, triggering mass panic in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Officials described it as mass hysteria, asserting there had been no deaths confirmed.

This will help Molotov achieve critical mass and become a must, a destination for modern TV consumption.

Bouteflika, who has faced more than a month of mass protests, might announce his resignation on Tuesday, the private station said, citing political sources.

Students and activists have planned a mass walkout from classrooms on March 14 to protest gun violence in the U.S.

“If you want to go mass volume, you have to go after the customers,” the source said.

There was a mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday.

“There’s just mass confusion out there,” reports Steven Stasoiski, a tax accountant and insurance agent in Seal Beach, Calif.

Her enormous mass of hair is adorned with strings of pearls, and butterflies have alighted on her skin.

By then, they were getting nervous about mass deportations under Trump.

For instance, society is stuck with debates about whether or not gun access or mental illness cause mass shootings.

One problem the auto industry must overcome for mass adoption of electric vehicles is a lack of national charging infrastructure for use by consumers.

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The term “mass extinction” conjures up apocalyptic visions of raging wildfires, erupting volcanoes, and asteroids locked on collision courses with the Earth.

“There is a powerful analogy between the Earth’s first mass extinction and what is happening today,” Darroch said.

Hundreds of Palestinians blocked Patriarch Theophilos III’s convoy as he drove to a church in Bethlehem to attend an Orthodox Christmas mass.

Plastic China (2016) looks at the environmental and social impact of mass production via a plastic waste facility in a small town.

Since 1850, the island has lost two-thirds of its land mass.

Since 1850, the island has lost two-thirds of its land mass.

Their farm will observe local customs, she adds, eschewing mass slaughter of livestock in deference to Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Johann ‘Rukeli’ Trollmann’s body was fired full of bullets and thrown in a mass grave with the other corpses of Wittenberge camp.

“These mass murders are depressingly pervasive.

Some were worried there’d be a mass exodus of company insiders cashing out once they were allowed to sell.

Feinstein said the Republican Party’s failure to act on the mass shootings across the country is “cowardice of epic proportions.”

mass transit was shut down in downtown Dallas after the attack, with several sections of the downtown area barred from the public.

A freeze on North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and missile programs is also likely to be on the agenda.

It is this distortion that is the telltale sign that the light is being influenced by an invisible mass: dark matter.

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He went with his daughter Luci, who was a Catholic convert, to mass, and got comfort from it.

And thousands of protesters spontaneously erupted in mass demonstrations at airports throughout the country after his “Muslim ban” was announced in late January.

“The reason we started carrying it was because it was such a coveted item with makeup artists, not because it was a mass trend.

But it is a mass trend.

mass shootings actually make up a small fraction of America’s gun deaths, constituting less than 2 percent of such deaths in 2016.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads The sun comprises 99.8% of our solar system’s mass.

About one in every 100 homicides in the UK is linked to a mass, serial, or spree chain of killings.

Extortion and other crimes reportedly continued, however, and the discovery of mass graves suggested that the killings may have simply continued clandestinely.

Synthetic testosterone is an anabolic steroid, the same drug bodybuilders and athletes inject to build muscle mass, just at a lower dosage.

Such sculptures were mass produced, often in the northern United States, after the Civil War.

“It’s a mass killing machine.”

Who RU2 Day: mass Media and the Fine Art Print is on view at the CMA through March 24.

7) What do we know about stopping mass shootings?

Less than a month after the mass shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, left 10 people dead, Gov.

The exhibition contains few images of bodies or prisoners, foregrounding other methods of visualizing the injustice of mass incarceration.

States across the country are increasingly embracing smartphone technology, apps and social media surveillance in a bid to stop mass shootings — before they happen.

Furthermore, most “mass shootings” aren’t how we imagine them; they’re not school shootings or other public massacres.

The connection between mass shooters and allegations of domestic violence is nothing new.

mass shootings are so scary because they’re so unpredictable.

But in fact, most “mass shootings” are all too predictable.

And 70 percent of all mass shootings happen inside the home, not out in public.

We can’t predict who will become a mass shooter, nor can we save every potential victim of domestic violence.

When Steven Hassan was 19 years old, he was recruited by the Unification Church, an infamous cult know for its mass marriage ceremonies.

Without access to this equipment, people with disabilities could face mass hospitalization.

It’s at this time of heightened tensions, mass anxiety, and public awakening that VICE Impact joins the fray.

Meanwhile, critics of Maduro are blaming the mass shortages and price hikes on the president’s failed economic policies.

But as the season wraps up, there could be a “mass exodus,” as Sarah Perez writes.

Just this past week, the two countries broke off diplomatic ties after a mass execution in Saudi Arabia that included a prominent Shia cleric.

A nuclear weapon, on the other hand, requires even higher enrichment, typically around 90 percent, though it needs much less mass than a reactor.

The mass included readings in three different indigenous languages — Tzeltal, Tzotzil, and Chol — while traditional xylophone-like marimbas provided music.

Later in the day he also formally decreed authorized that mass could now be said in nahuatl, Mexico’s most-used indigenous language.

When it comes to the mass market, he says, “you have three seconds to kind of get that point across.”

One health concept he doesn’t think the mass market is ready for, though, are certain beauty regimens, such as intravenous vitamins.

“I think they’re just making it more available to the mass market.”

The effect that this civil strife and mass emigration has had on the nation’s football team has been profound.

The following contains minor spoilers for mass Effect: Andromeda and Gravity Rush 2.

“In a time when most states are facing revenue shortages,” the study concludes, “the potential budgetary impacts of mass deportation merits careful consideration.”

Ironically, my biggest disappointment of the year— mass Effect: Andromeda—is also the one to do this best.

Trump’s proclamation said mass migration on the border had precipitated a crisis and he was acting to protect the national interest.

So how did granite go from niche countertop to mass fixation?

Kelly explains that human feces is about 75 percent water; the remaining quarter is a solid mass, mostly bacteria and undigested food.

A year ago today, on February 14, 2018, it happened again: another mass shooting in America.

This has become an American routine: After a mass shooting, the debate over guns and gun violence starts up once again.

So why is it that for all the outrage and mourning with every mass shooting, nothing seems to change?

America’s latest conflict about race began with a mass shooting, a flag, and some statues.

It was the worst mass shooting in Australia’s history.

Yet other, less-covered kinds of gun violence kill far more Americans than even these mass shootings.

Under a broad definition of mass shooting, these incidents killed fewer than 500 people in the US in 2016.

So while politicians often lean on mass shootings to call for gun control, the problem goes far beyond those incidents.

What if popular music does not really express and describe what the mass of Americans is experiencing?

Very rarely does mass attention on an issue result in a tangible shift in how things work.

Since then, there have been, by some estimates, nearly 2,000 mass shootings.

The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention.

And the deadliest mass shooting in US history was an explicitly anti-LGBTQ attack at a gay nightclub.

The government is currently testing the waters to see what caused the mass death, but pollution is a suspected culprit.

Given that America is dealing with an immediate gun violence problem, as mass shootings and deaths pile up, the report is worth taking seriously.

That’s about the mass of half an apple.

Rodrigo Duterte stands accused of mass murder.

The Historic Districts Council included New York City’s mass grave, Hart Island, among its Six to Celebrate neighborhood preservation priorities.

Difficult to access, managed by the Department of Correction, the mass grave of over a million burials remains obscure.

Some are killed in crackdowns and later found in mass unmarked graves, while others disappear while attempting to cross the border into Pakistan.

Ryan Walton, a retired U.S. Army soldier and survivor of the 2009 Fort Hood mass shooting, says marijuana changed his life.

The 67-year-old won his country’s first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.

The 67-year-old won his country’s first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.

Industrialization and mass consumption in Turkey has also given rise boza being sold in plastic bottles, available at corner shops and supermarkets.

mass transit systems have come under attack around the world.

Take James Turrell’s Into the Light exhibition at mass MoCA.

Barr doesn’t just have a record of supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

To be fair, you’re also not flooding the airways with fake news after a mass shooting.

But it also suggests that much of Barr’s initial work on criminal justice issues, particularly his support for mass incarceration, was misguided.

They go to mass and celebrate holidays.

(The research shows these sentences and other mass incarceration policies have long reached the point of diminishing returns, and don’t significantly reduce crime.)

And it provided a kind of template for many acts of mass gun violence that would follow.

They’re armed and, in theory, prepared to put their life on the line in the event of a mass shooting.

They’re armed and, in theory, prepared to put their life on the line in the event of a mass shooting.

Remember the victims of color that face mass shootings every day.

But the rash of high-publicity mass shootings in recent years seems to have shifted Democrats’ calculations.

“Sexist jokes and attitudes in the workplace get a pass because there’s no critical mass in the other direction trying to correct it.”

Philadelphia just became one of the few cities to take among the surest steps possible to unravel mass incarceration.

Krasner campaigned on the most progressive agenda of all the candidates, promising to end “mass incarceration” by effectively starving the criminal justice system.

Prosecutors, in short, were driving mass incarceration.

Despite the role of prosecutors in driving up mass incarceration, reformers have for the most part ignored these actors over the past few years.

I think that for a message to be listened to and accepted by mass groups of people, the image comes first.

Interestingly, it seems as if the Chinese government isn’t taking the threat of mass fried chicken protests lightly.

Meanwhile, America’s highways, mass transit systems, and and sewage plants aren’t getting any younger.

Like many mass shooters, he also had a prior record of violence, including domestic violence.

Before a product is manufactured at mass scale, it first has to be modeled and prototyped, often a slow and costly process.

The government is scrambling to arrange a rescue of the airline, which was placed under special administration in 2017, to avoid mass layoffs.

Which means a critical mass of Republicans may well decide that discretion is the better part of valor and ultimately opt against repeal.

The alert infamously triggered mass panic in Hawaii for about 38 minutes on the morning of Jan. 13.

The language changed from Latin to the vernacular, priests faced the people and popular music was welcomed into mass.

Any mass political movement becomes, to an extent, self-referential.

This time, he put himself in front of the camera, making his first — but not final — plea for an end to mass shootings.

Their anger, and their activism, is interrupting the typical mass shooting narrative.

And you’ve seen the mass incarceration of peaceful activists alongside hardened jihadists, which threatens to turn more Egyptians to terrorism.

Queen Latifah officiated a mass wedding with the declaration “Open your heart.”

Earlier on Wednesday, social media exploded into a frenzy over another potential mass shooting at the University of California in Los Angeles.

So why should we care any less just because it doesn’t fall under the label of a mass shooting?

Obviously, mass shootings are terrible.

Based on the mass Shooting Tracker, 502 of those deaths were from mass shootings.

Again, this is not to say that Americans shouldn’t care about mass shootings.

Yet these other gun deaths don’t just get little attention compared with mass shootings — they get almost no attention at all.

As particularly deadly events, mass shootings are intended to draw more attention, whether the goal is to terrorize or to garner infamy.

The Iraqi army, decimated by mass defections, couldn’t retake the province on its own.

But challenges, and the songs that score them, add a connective, traceable nervous system to the writhing mass of grainy video loops.

The mass of people spanned more than 40 city blocks.

And Trump’s main attention-getting scheme is to say something outrageous that, almost by definition, is likely to be unpopular with the mass public.

For example, DJI’s newish Mavic drone, which weighs in around 740g, currently requires registration — but might not if mass limits are loosened.

“You might lose some muscle mass by lowering your testosterone level,” Karkazis said.

Yet they exist so clearly and quantifiably, with mass, texture, and shape.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova responded to Sheremet’s murder by calling Ukraine a “mass grave” for journalists.

To support his nascent career, Leonelli had worked odd jobs—as an apartment leasing agent in Boston, an overnight dock worker outside of Springfield, mass.

The rampage, which ended with Mateen dead, is the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

High-capacity magazines have been used by many mass shooters.

A 2013 analysis by Mother Jones found that half of mass shooters between 1982 and 2012 used magazines that held more than ten rounds.

Donald Trump will make an official visit to London regardless of the threat of mass protests, the U.S. ambassador to Britain said Friday.

They act as testament to his most successful form of collective mass action: the march.

It’s only about eight percent of the mass of our Sun, and 11 percent of its radius.

At the same time, the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. live under the threat of mass deportations.

At the same time, the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. live under the threat of mass deportations.

A black “boot”-like form emerging at the bottom grounds the mass on the page.

The remains of Subasic’s son and husband were both found in mass graves by International Commission of Missing Persons (ICMP) workers.

Tesla is looking to raise up to $1.15 billion in funding ahead of producing its first mass market vehicle, the Model 3.

As mass polarization deepens and media sources continue to balkanize, citizens who see bias in the traditional purveyors of information (mainstream media, academia, etc.)

And, remember, the priest at mass actually has the power to literally, in effect, change bread into God through transubstantiation.

Most priest survivors I know cannot go to mass, even if they want to.

There is no plan for a mass evacuation, which could only be done voluntarily, partly because there is nowhere to go.

In the past 20 years, Muslim women reached a critical mass in reclaiming their agency and responsibilities.

Another mass shooting.

Twenty-two people were injured during the mass shooting last Sunday.

The mass shooting shock-anger-frustration routine feels depressingly familiar.

Such mass incarceration disproportionately affects people of color, as black men are six times as likely to be imprisoned and jailed than white men.

It would be mass murder on a scale rarely seen in human history.

The Model 3 might be for the mass market, but it evokes the luxury EVs that Tesla is selling.

The municipal government is carrying out mass evictions as it prepares to level some 430 million square feet of illegal housing.

The Antioch neighborhood was the scene of a mass shooting last September.

“This is our second mass shooting in 7 months,” Briley wrote on Twitter.

Now they’re becoming useless, as overprescription and overuse in mass farming lead to the rise of drug-resistant “superbugs.”

But after multiple pleas, Congress hasn’t acted, even after the grisly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

“We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees this kind of mass violence erupt with this kind of frequency.”

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Clarity Haynes: Baba Na Gig continues at the Kniznick Gallery at Brandeis University (415 South St, Waltham, mass.)

“Anytime there is a mass gathering of international people going to one place, there’s always a mixing of infectious agents.

People thought it was the holiday cup, and a mass freakout ensued.

And in a town notorious for its mass arrests over the pipeline, demonstrators outside the hotel promised to step up their presence Saturday.

The concentrated mass has an intensity and complexity which feels compressed.”

Is it security or mass surveillance?

The mass rally, which police said drew 338,000 participants at its peak, forced Lam to apologize for planning to push the bill through.

Sanders, who’s spoken out against mass incarceration since at least 1991, wants to change that.

It was the worst mass shooting in Australia’s history.

ARSA said in a statement last week the 10 Rohingya in the mass grave were “innocent civilians” and not members of their group.

At HuffPost, Marina Fang runs through the history of how the media missed the story; it reads like a tale of mass denial.

This evidence dramatically changes the mass shooting’s narrative; politicians and individuals across the political spectrum had positioned it as an anti-LGBTQ hate crime.

“It doesn’t have the mass majority going with it yet.

After a mass shooting, observers, including journalists, often search for a motive, sometimes even before the first victims have been identified.

They’ve earned millions of followers by decrying political correctness, warning about the dangers of Islam and mass migration, and mocking social justice warriors.

The report cited 640 cases of individual torture and 36 cases of mass torture.

After mass shootings, like the one this weekend in Orlando, America always has one of two national conversations.

“Digital surveillance is no longer the preserve of countries that enjoy the resources to conduct mass and targeted surveillance based on in-house tools.

We’re all used to this division of labor, given how often mass shootings happen in this country.

Cover image: mass.

rises to the center of the field from a mass of blood-red strokes.

In 2016, we’ve seen hundreds of mass shootings.

There have been dozens of mass shootings since, including ones last month in San Bernardino and at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

It’s the last three responses to mass shootings that have drawn more poignant anger and frustration from the president.

Despite the views of academics like Metzinger, Zuckerberg predicts it will take ten years​ for the technology to reach mass market.

Then there are those who see antifa everywhere: behind every scandal, every mass shooting, and every disaster.

Over the course of Clinton’s tenure, the nation’s prison population nearly quadrupled, ushering in the contemporary era of mass incarceration.

Hillary has called for an end to mass incarceration.

She hit the major points of mass incarceration and policing, but only alluded to changes without clearly offering anything concrete.

These artists are the Indonesian version of Tame Impala or Bon Iver in terms of popularity and mass appeal.

Discoveries of mass graves have become common.

Discoveries of mass graves have become common.

In 2006, the government in Alberta carried out a mass wolf cull, which resulted in the death of nearly 1,000 animals.

In 2006, the government in Alberta carried out a mass wolf cull, which resulted in the death of nearly 1,000 animals.

“We can’t let another winter pass us by without stopping this mass extermination!”

The cemetery mass was attended by U.S.

Dutch voters narrowly rejected a controversial law on Wednesday which would have given government intelligence agencies the power to carry out mass surveillance.

Dutch voters narrowly rejected a controversial law on Wednesday which would have given government intelligence agencies the power to carry out mass surveillance.

An ideal example of a reliable report, he said, is the Phoenix Lights mass sighting in 1997.

But following a string of crimes that have soured public attitudes toward migrants – including mass sexual assaults in Cologne, murders.

“Digital surveillance is no longer the preserve of countries that enjoy the resources to conduct mass and targeted surveillance based on in-house tools.

That renders its mass use impractical.

The last full-scale coup in 1980 led to mass arrests of politicians and others, torture and executions.

So it makes sense that a president who’s talked about the need to reduce mass incarceration would use commutations as a tool.

You get to answer questions about processed cheese, America’s special brand of racism, and mass shootings.

Alt-righters tend to oppose mass immigration on the grounds that Latin Americans and Muslims dilute the excellence of white culture.

[Makena Kelly / The Verge] Twilio is buying SendGrid, which helps companies send mass marketing emails, for $2 billion.

Even as late as 2005, mass killings were followed by genuine grief, the speechlessness that’s proper to atrocity.

They were considering what Schulte called the “Dunkirk plan”: putting out a mass communiqué to supporters.

For once, we are seeing a mass movement that is extremely dedicated to gun control.

Almost like a solution to the era of mass reproducibility, blockchain is seen more as a way to create scarcity instead of availability.

Slightly higher empty mass for the rocket stage.

If “mass method” was bound to get into our thinking back then, how is it shaping our thinking now?

Sir John Chilcot, author of the report, said intelligence on weapons of mass destruction was “presented with certainty that was not justified.”

This work is less about solidarity and more about mass alienation in the modern cityscape.

The practice of democracy has always been messy and chaotic, and mass ignorance wasn’t the exception but the rule.

The US prison population has exploded over the past few decades, creating the modern era of mass incarceration.

This matters because it helps us understand the relationship between mass incarceration and the crime explosion that happened in the 1960s and ’70s.

Many people have also obtained tickets to the Phoenix Park mass, but won’t attend as a visual protest against the abuse scandal.

They’re products of an earlier era, and as veteran lawmakers, they’re more comfortable with congressional jargon than with mass communication.

Yet for Germans, recognizing the genocide is crucially important to coming to terms with their own history of mass slaughter.

First conjure the crime — the generational destruction of human bodies — and all of its related offenses — domestic terrorism, poll taxes, mass incarceration.

The batteries created at the Gigafactory will enable the company to produce its first mass market car, the Model 3.

Over Black Friday weekend last month, Amazon workers in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK staged mass walkouts, protesting poor conditions and low wages.

But its intention was not to be journalistically accurate; it was meant to evoke fear, specifically of an uncontrollable mass of people.

They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none.

There were no weapons of mass destruction.

(The three leaders in the House who shot down Pelosi’s rush for a quick vote on minority leader were mass.

I envisioned mass migrations, ocean waves as tall as buildings, and sad polar bears on isolated ice sheets.

Melville House is aiming to have its edition — a low-cost mass market paperback plus an ebook — out within 10 days of the drop.

It will be the first mass market paperback Melville House has put out in history.

Some research suggests that these local policymakers have been responsible for the continuation of mass incarceration in recent years.

As one example, prosecutors have played a major role in mass incarceration.

The report falsely claimed he wanted “mass immigration of Muslim men to Europe”.

Prosecutors were driving mass incarceration.

But it’s exactly because these races are local that they should matter a lot to anyone who’s interested in reversing mass incarceration.

For more on mass incarceration, read Vox’s explainer.

To meet European Union emissions rules it plans to mass produce electric cars in 2020.

There’s just enough egg to bind this fluffy mass of crustacean together.

Bump stocks have not played a prominent role in other recent U.S. mass shootings.

But they are no more underrepresented among the financial elite than they are among the broad mass of inventors.

As the sun sheds its outer layers, its mass will decrease, loosening its gravitational hold on all of the planets.

mass change starts with one person inspiring another.”

Bulger, portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2015 film “Black mass,” was feared for his short temper and brutality.

Scientists have long wondered — based on measurements of the dwarf planet’s mass — if Ceres might have vast amounts of ice in its mantle.

Salazar also holds traditional Sunday mass that combines the youthful demeanor of his social media videos with Catholic prayers and traditions.

The timing was also sensitive after recent mass demonstrations in Hong Kong and the June 4 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

There’s not mass disinformation on Stack Overflow.

It could have mandated better prison conditions in general, making it more costly to maintain mass incarceration.

But take a step back and think about how you’d design a program actually intended to produce mass lifesavers like those people.

It ended mass incarceration in California.”

Was he just your garden-variety murderous straight man (98 percent of all mass shootings in America are committed by men)?

The mobster inspired several other film and TV characters, and 2015’s “Black mass,” starring Johnny Depp as Bulger.

She helped coordinate the mass demonstrations against the Iraq War in 2004 and has been actively involved in the various anti-Trump protests since 2017.

mass marches usually do not work as pressure tactics.

The unprecedented mass protest and civil disobedience are part of long-running demonstrations that began almost immediately after Trump was elected

Source: The Washington Post

In football, in lacrosse, in hockey, there’s mass substitutions that happen.

You don’t need to be a mass … sports don’t need to be mass anymore.

It feels like every little thing becomes like mass hysteria.

Maybe I ought to go to law school and join Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner’s office, to help dismantle mass incarceration.

The desire for the public sector to think and build big with mass transit died after the New Deal.

But mass hate wasn’t the worst part of leaving London.

Hurricane Irma’s catastrophic winds barreling their way to Florida have triggered a mass exodus and Miami International Airport is feeling the squeeze.

Following Monday’s attack, cities including Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles increased security for their mass transit systems.

Trump “is prepared to ensure a DPRK free of its weapons of mass destruction is also a secure North Korea,” Pompeo said.

Jerry Brown, and former Congress member and mass shooting victim Gabby Giffords — served as opening acts to the main event: President Barack Obama.

So Columbine happened here, so we were impacted very early on, in the current era of mass shootings.

Ready to mass block Twitter’s most lucrative advertisers with me?

Ready to mass block Twitter’s most lucrative advertisers with me?

The bluster of sporting commentators aside, Bolanos is passionate and effusive about his weapon of mass destruction.

The critical mass makes a difference.

We sentence people to life in prison all the time — and not only for murders or mass killings.

Assad’s basic bet was that he could better withstand an armed revolt than a mass civil uprising.

Legal experts said it was hard to hold premises and firearms manufacturers responsible for mass shootings.

“The one tactic that’s never been used before is having, at mass scale, the hallways and tunnels full,” Byrne told VICE News.

Here are some highlights: Trump is 6-foot-3 and 239 pounds — one pound shy of obesity, according to the body mass index.

It will “aim to unlock access to areas underserved by traditional mass transit and improve connectivity to existing transit lines,” Ng writes.

It seemed to be the remains of a mass execution.

Nor does it mean that Japan is immune is to mass killing completely, as Monday’s horrible events prove.

Nearly 50 mass graves have been uncovered outside the town since 2014.

Barry McCaughley, sommelier for Covent Garden Indian restaurant Moti Mahal, has reservations about a mass wine and Indian food revolution.

He’s just run away.’ And then after that everybody started crying.” The attack is the worst ever peacetime mass killing in New Zealand.

The United Nations said that blockade raised the prospect of mass starvation before it was partially lifted.

How do you feel about the mass protests against Trump?They’re a little too focused on social justice for my taste.

In addition to the El Niño, the warm coastal waters may be influenced by a mass of cold water in the North Atlantic.

The group’s website,, says the public should not be shielded from the gruesome scenes of mass shootings.

Those two strands of historical narrative — Salem as a site of mass panic, and Salem as witch city — are factually opposed to each other.

Around 50 percent of their mass is made up of bacteria, representing some of the 1,000-plus species of microbes that live in your gut.

It was the first mass extinction caused by human activity.

Selling a mass reach ad with a priority on total eyeballs versus targeting is more akin to TV advertising than traditional online media buys.

The mass attempt resulted in 11 injured police officers and two hospitalized migrants.

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” read one sign at LaGuardia, a jab at a response often uttered by lawmakers after mass shootings.

Astrophysicists know dark matter exists because its mass has gravitational effects on galaxies.

U.N. investigators have said the operation was executed with “genocidal intent” and included mass killings, gang rapes and widespread arson.

That meteor had the mass of the Eiffel Tower until it hit the atmosphere and started breaking up.

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Ethan Hayes-Chute: List Projects continues at MIT List Visual Arts Center (Wiesner Bldg, 20 Ames St, Cambridge, mass.)

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Doris Salcedo: The Materiality of Mourning continues at the Harvard Art Museums (32 Quincy St, Cambridge, mass.)

Once you have a critical mass of such people it becomes easy to recruit more of them.

(CO-6 and the area around it have seen numerous mass shootings over the years.)

Did you let her die at the end of mass Effect 2?

And, indeed, the Ciclovía is the largest, most frequent mass recreation event in the world.

Controlled mass Media, 7.

We hope mass in a sentence examples were helpful.