Marking in a sentence | Use of the word marking examples

The Nasdaq Composite dropped 91.06 points, or 1.16 percent, to 7,788.45, marking its first weekly percentage decline since march.

State-run telecommunications monopoly ETECSA announced the trial, with Tuesday marking the first time internet services were available nationwide.

Slightly bitter-tasting foods like leafy greens and legumes have a pH higher than 7, marking them as alkaline, or basic.

The fence stood under the baking sun, a present danger to the forest McNab loved, marking a land ready to burn.

marking her top shoulder joint are “S”-like symbols, and below on her arm is a pricked “L”-shaped line.

Long-planned events marking the anniversary continued as scheduled, beginning with a Thursday evening church service and a community vigil Friday night at the memorial.

Kaepernick last year became the face of Nike’s advertisement marking the 30th anniversary of the company’s “Just Do It” slogan.

We didn’t even need that shot of the crushed vial, marking his hand with stigmata, to understand what a sacrifice he’d made.

Kaepernick last year became the face of Nike’s advertisement marking the 30th anniversary of the company’s “Just Do It” slogan.

Xs being drawn marking out which parts of the Calais camp will be destroyed.

China will maintain prudent monetary policy and keep liquidity reasonably ample, the report said, marking a reiteration of its monetary policy stance.

Still, the survey’s gauge of expected sales for July fell to -11 from +7 for June, marking its lowest level since August 2016.

On his arm is a tattoo of the state of West Virginia with an X marking Madison, the seat of Boone County.

The 2018 sales fell short of the group’s target of 7.55 million vehicles, marking their fourth consecutive annual sales goal miss.

Louisville heads to Syracuse next week, marking a nominal step up in competition, and Charlotte hosts Elon, who doesn’t have Lamar Jackson.

The freedom of navigation operation comes weeks after a major naval parade marking 70 years since the founding of the Chinese navy.

Even without presidential proclamations, June has been Pride Month since the 1970s, marking the anniversary of the landmark Stonewall Rebellion in New York City.

Seeds carried by the Chang’e 4 probe sprouted buds, marking the first time any biological matter had been grown on Earth’s satellite.

Seeds carried by the Chang’e 4 probe sprouted buds, marking the first time any biological matter had been grown on Earth’s satellite.

On the streets of Binghamton, only steps from a sign marking the location where the flight simulator was invented, signs of the epidemic abound.

Home values in Sydney inched up 0.1% last month, marking its first monthly rise since July 2017.

Brett Gardner homered in the ninth, marking the 15th straight game with a homer for the Yankees.

Shares of American International Group Inc slid 9.0 percent, marking its worst day in four years after the global insurer posted a quarterly loss.

Each is part of Cité Mémoire (Memory City), marking the city’s 375th anniversary in 2017.

Instead All County siphoned millions of dollars from Fred Trump’s empire by simply marking up purchases already made by his employees.

Romancing SaGa, though, departed radically from the previous SaGa games, marking it as a fitting transition into what became a truly different series.

Apple announced the iPhone SE Monday, marking a return to the four-inch screens from the iPhone 5 and 5S.

In the two years since Freudian, his voice—dreamy and angelic—breathed new life into R&B, marking him as a frontrunner of the genre.

A map marking the luxury homes belonging to Russian government ministers and President Vladmir Putin’s friends.

A map marking the luxury homes belonging to Russian government ministers and President Vladmir Putin’s friends.

The 10th goal, above, came with a defense-dissecting pass from Messi (granted, the marking was horrible) upon which Suarez capitalized.

The stock closed at $20.49 on Friday, marking a 35 percent decline in 2017.

Most recently he cancelled yet another round of holiday celebrations marking Union Day on April 26.

On conventional maps, simple lines marking a floodplain boundary often are interpreted as separating safe zones and those at risk, Bledsoe said.

Burgess now chairs the Energy and Commerce health subcommittee, where he is currently marking up the American Health Care Act without a CBO score.

The Dutch are marking the centennial of their most famous modern art movement, De Stijl, a term coined by Piet Mondrian in 1917.

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, enters psychic, sensitive Water sign Scorpio on October 10, marking the beginning of a yearlong transformation.

Do you think that having a personal website is the equivalent of marking your territory or having a plot of land?

The QuickDraw DIY Self marking Measuring Tape is our top choice because its innovative built-in pencil ensures you mark the same spot you measured.

—The Seattle Mariners recalled right-hander Dan Altavilla from Triple-A Tacoma, marking the reliever’s third tour with the team this season.

Floods and rain The year started off with torrential rainfall in California, marking the wettest winter in a century.

At crucial moments, the dinner table appears, marking the transitions and choices that drive his films.

The “eye” was caught in a staring contest with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), marking a rare moment for astronomy.

It was only after the civil rights movement that America began scoring in the 70s and 80s, marking it as a largely successful democracy.

We’re told the woman was found with “hand print marking to her neck area and small scratches to her arms.”

The summer solstice arrives just after 6:30pm EST on Monday, June 20, marking the longest day of the year.

College graduation ceremonies will soon begin around the US, marking the culmination of four hard years of undergraduate studies for new graduates.

She was due to return home in a few weeks for Eid al-Fitr, a Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

Labellers at Qianji make roughly 100 yuan ($14.50) a day marking data points on photographs of people, surveillance footage and street images.

You go to the supermarket to buy some eggs, and see that some are marked have a logo marking them as certified humane.

Monday’s vote was accompanied by guarded optimism, marking the first election since Robert Mugabe was ousted from power in a November coup.

Murders did spike by 10 percent between 2014 and 2015 (when the most recent data is available), marking a six-year high.

Rights group Amnesty International welcomed the decision as “marking an exciting new era of acceptance, which should inspire other African countries to follow suit”.

A full moon in fiery Aries arrives October 5, marking the culmination of a creative project.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, marking the beginning of a yearlong journey.

Libra season kicks off September 22, marking the autumn equinox!

Then there’s one example of an individual European marking his newly colonized territory: The name Francisco Alegre is scribbled on a cave wall.

Similarities between the cave marking and Alegre’s official signature suggest he himself visited the cave and couldn’t resist tagging it.

Digital revenues for the year were $6.7 billion, marking a 10.2 percent rise from the previous year.

Then she’s just marking time, more or less, and dealing with an ineffectual not-that-scary government.

Both waits were worth it—each band produced material that easily stood alongside their illustrious earlier albums, marking triumphant returns to form.

It’s actually a pretty big deal, marking the first time that EKG results have ever been made available directly to a patient/consumer.

marking the OHNY event was live reggae and jazz music, vendors selling exotic wares, and a natural hair show.

They are marking up products so that Instacart can make a profit as a third-party vendor, and customers get Instacart receipts emailed to them.

Not marking your luggage You’ve been there, done that, and now you’re almost home.

May revenue rose just 7.6 percent, down from 32 percent in April, marking the slowest revenue growth month for the game.

Sometimes she can become too focused, spending far too long marking individual essays, or rooted like a statue in her chair.

marking sometimes made me want to explode with anger.

It’s a show marking the centennial of her genesis as an artist.

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is hosting a yearlong series of exhibitions marking their 50th year celebrating, and saving, art environments.

Stiller and a bunch of other celebs are marking Veterans Day by supporting Homes for Our Troops with a massive online auction.

But at least the marking time is interesting.

It contains a mausoleum marking the spot where the Prophet Mohammad’s standard bearer is said to be buried.

Venus meets Uranus, marking the beginning of an exciting new journey—but first, your focus is on your home as the moon enters Sagittarius.

Named the Grand Summer Event, the brand is marking down many of its shoes with Grand.Øs cushioning technology.

** The Hang Seng index ended up 2.3% at 27,578.64 points, after marking its best session since Dec. 3, 2018.

The sore is a chancre, marking the primary stage of the disease.

Now … the worst have gathered around each other,” he added in a speech marking the beginning of the academic year at Tehran University.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk wasted no time re-igniting an old flame … marking their territory with a kiss.

Hogg’s Twitter history also shows tweets as far back as 2015 marking himself at the Florida school.

Hillary Clinton joined Cuomo on Friday, September 7, for an event marking the completion of the project.

The other followed with “February 15, 2014 / The Justice System” marking the day a Florida jury declared a mistrial in Dunn’s case.

“Sources also told K2 that agencies are marking up items that are not strictly media, for example, ad serving.

Under Armour’s latest big brand campaign launches Tuesday, marking a shift of more ad dollars to digital.

A marking of the years.

The Arctic Monkey’s third record takes a different direction, marking a departure from the first two.

President Obama holds a moment of silence at a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks at the Pentagon.

The idea, according to fuse*, is to disorient the spectator, while also marking the end of AMYGDALA’s cycle.

A new moon in Pisces arrives on March 17, marking the beginning of a new cycle around your career and your reputation.

Yet 500 people are expected to come out to celebrate him this weekend, marking the 30th anniversary of his death.

The work is considered a breakthrough in Kusama’s career, marking her shift toward large-scale installations and projects that involve performance and interaction.

Gorgeous pixel art depicts the cyberjudge herself, with harsh fluorescents marking the projectiles you need to avoid to keep it going.

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10, marking the beginning of a yearlong journey of expansion—in the literal and metaphorical sense.

He asked me where my belly button was, marking off the target in front of my left kidney with his fingers.

Their quick yet decisive brushwork arouses the sensuousness of blank surfaces and marking upon them.

Rights group Amnesty International welcomed the decision as “marking an exciting new era of acceptance, which should inspire other African countries to follow suit”.

A marble plaque on the side of Pizzeria Brandi marking their 100th anniversary.

On March 26, the ESA released this map marking in green where the space station could conceivably crash.

Indonesian shares fell as much 2.3 percent, marking their biggest drop in 14 months.

Google Maps is marking road closures in real time ahead of the storm’s U.S. landfall, projected for Sunday morning.

Tony Lazarou had jumped ship by that point, marking the ignominious end of his involvement in the sad and sorry affair.

Kosovo and neighboring Albania on Monday celebrated a Flag Day holiday marking the 104th anniversary of Albanian independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Netflix now has a bigger international base of users than domestic, marking a tipping point for the streaming service.

Made up of 100 portraits, the project will close in 2018, marking the century anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK.

Oil prices fell, marking the largest monthly decline in two years, on supply worries after OPEC output reached a 2018 high in July.

Bond funds attracted $3 billion during the recent seven-day period, marking 19 straight weeks taking in cash, ICI said.

** The most liquid 3-year Korean treasury bond yield fell by 6.2 basis points to 1.424%, marking its lowest since November 2016.

“We see 2-3bp widening across the corporate investment-grade universe but that’s more traders marking wider,” another banker said.

The new Chrysler vans featured updated interiors and engines, marking significant upgrades in comfort, utility, and performance.

Hershey’s shares were down 6.2 percent at $101.43 in morning trading, marking its worst day in more than two years.

His remarks were made in a speech marking the 73rd anniversary of the peninsula’s liberation from Japanese rule from 1910-45.

Today brings a powerful full moon in Aries, marking a shift with your relationships.

Trump signed the order after an event marking the National Day of Prayer and nuns from the Little Sisters were at the signing.

Her supervisors were always marking her down on evaluations for that sort of editorializing.

Are you really marking that as occult?'”

And so I think a lot of it had to do with marking your territory, drawing a line saying, “That was then.

He came up to my radio show, marking the first time he had played records outside of his home.

On Thursday, it fell 4.3 basis points, marking its biggest single-day fall since a 5.5 basis point drop on May 21, 2009.

If elected, he will be seated for a decade, marking a new era of inclusion for the country’s judiciary.

That hostility led to passage of the federal Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, marking the first significant law restricting U.S. immigration.

Congress has been deadlocked, with delays and dissension marking even basic governing duties.

Your focus will stay in the financial realm once the Sun enters security conscious Cancer on June 21 (also marking the summer equinox!).

He followed updates on Twitter and Bell’s website, marking his calendar for the beer’s advent in DC.

marking a chemical Schedule I makes it incredibly hard to do any kind of scientific study.

More than 36,000 people toured the region in 2016, marking a 34 percent increase in visitation compared to 2015.

Google is marking the day with a Google Doodle.

These symbols were used to protect the individual who created it or the area into which they inscribed the marking.

Columbia’s July 6 parade, marking its secession from the United States, features several mechanical horses.

marking the occasion will be the anticipated return of duo Sasha & John Digweed, who last played together on US soil at Ultra 2010.

A nurse gave me a plastic bracelet with my name on it, marking a clear transition into a patient.

On Monday, the doctors and key medical staff were off marking their appreciation for the nation’s commanders-in-chief or whatever, but some routines resumed.

On Monday, aggressive Mars squares off with expansive Jupiter, marking a big day for your career.

Neptune ends its retrograde on Saturday, marking a powerful time to connect emotionally with your partners.

People began returning to the area on Thursday with many marking their respects for the victims by leaving candles in the main Kleber square.

In modern times, such actual marking still sometimes occurs.

French 30-year bond yields increased almost nine basis points to 1.14%, marking their biggest one-day rise since December 2017.

THURSDAY – French D-Day ceremonies – Trump attends ceremonies in France marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy on June 6.

Just last October, someone reportedly fired dozens of rounds into a sign marking the spot on the Tallahatchie River where Roy Bryant and J.W.

In a September interview marking 10 years since the financial crisis, Warren was asked about breaking up big banks.

It also means you become more vigilant and obsessed with marking who is an insider and who is not.

Libra season kicks off September 22, marking the autumn equinox!

He says it was his way of marking his work, so no one could steal it.

Labellers at Qianji make roughly 100 yuan ($14.50) a day marking data points on photographs of people, surveillance footage and street images.

Google is marking the day with a Google Doodle.

After four hours of digging holes, he found the casque buried next to a wall marking the perimeter of the gardens.

To make room for new styles, the brand is marking down select items by up to 50% off under its “Last Chance” section.

Folks across the country are marking this week with the REV UP Campaign (Register!

There’s also a song with Gonjasufi, marking the first time the two artists have collaborated on new music in over ten years.

If the game clicks, it clicks, and you’re one of the obsessed, marking your time with the game in days, not hours.

The Sun enters Cancer, marking the summer solstice, on June 21.

Brooklyn countercultural music festival, Afropunk, has announced the lineup for its 2016 edition, marking 12 years of celebrating black music and culture.

1B Chris Davis (stomach virus) was not in the starting lineup on Monday, marking the second game he missed this season.

In 1962, NASA launched the Mariner 2 probe past Venus, marking the first successful planetary flyby for the agency.

On Sunday, June 22, there was to be a celebration marking the opening of the Komsomol Lake.

In early trading, the currency rose to 1153.1 per dollar, marking its highest intraday level since April 24.

Kesha plans to release a new song with Zedd this Friday, marking her first original output in three years.

The sun and Mercury enter and meet in fellow air sign Gemini today, too, marking the beginning of an exciting new journey.

It enters Scorpio on October 10, marking the beginning of a yearlong period of good luck and expansion in your reputation and professional success.

According to Benjamin Dodman at France 24, four women did the job at midnight, marking the time and the start of the walkout.

Twitter shares tumbled 19 percent to $34.75 in afternoon trading, marking their biggest one-day drop since Oct. 6, 2016.

Macquarie Group Ltd climbed 1.2 percent, marking its fourth consecutive session of gains.

In it, bin Laden urges a subordinate to wrap the threat of global warming into a propaganda push marking the 9/11 anniversary.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, marking the winter solstice, and soon after we have a new moon in Capricorn on December 29.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is contributing $15 million, marking its first debt project in Lebanon.

These babies are soft, ideal for quick note-taking, writing your grocery list, or marking down which EPA employees are on your shit list.

Chicago producer and DJ Jason Garden, aka Olin, has shared the Conne EP, marking the debut release on his own Boundary Monument imprint.

the trio carried a plaster buffalo skull dripping with fringe and tapestry, marking them “The Wild Wombs of the West.”

London producer, Lexxi, has shared a new track entitled “Red Eyez,” marking his first new material in about six months.

The Bruins eliminated the Maple Leafs on Wednesday, marking the fourth time in history that the two franchises had met in a game seven.

Barbed wire fences are unrolled like sheets of aluminum foil, marking the transparent frontier at which point the strangers can go no further.

On the wall above the churn is a chart marking the pH content relative to fermentation time.

The president is expected to address his people before his term formally expires, marking the end of a storied career.

Services brought in $7.2 billion in revenue last quarter, marking an 18 percent year-on-year improvement.

Services brought in $7.2 billion in revenue last quarter, marking an 18 percent year-on-year improvement.

There were 128 law enforcement fatalities in 2017, a 10 percent drop, marking the second-safest year for law enforcement since 1959.

There were 128 law enforcement fatalities in 2017, a 10 percent drop, marking the second-safest year for law enforcement since 1959.

Apparently, the bureau was not happy with Bagdikian’s article in the Providence Journal-Bulletin marking Hoover’s 37th anniversary running the agency.

A new moon, also in Virgo, arrives this evening, marking a new beginning in your social life.

By this time Chambers references, the international political landscape had altered too, the fall of the Berlin Wall marking a shift toward rapid globalization.

“A lot of this discussion is about male geeks marking their territory,” Wu told me.

2 from Montreal-based RAMZi, aka Phoebé Guillemot, marking the label’s first full-length from a female producer.

On November 11, it hosted the first of a three-date Cocoon residency, marking the first ever in San Francisco.

It seems to me that Robins is simultaneously marking and shaping time, and that the perforations allude to time’s dominion over us all.

Thus marking the first time that has ever been written of Josh Thole.

Communication planet Mercury meets with your ruling planet Jupiter in your sign today, marking the beginning of some important, illuminating conversations and projects.

By the end of the set hundreds of juggalos were stained pink from Gwar blood, marking them out.

They’re just not the type of players worth marking your calendar so you can watch warm up.

When the voter is approved, he or she will fill out the ballot on her phone, marking the preferred candidates.

The decision, marking the first time a federal appeals court has found such protections for transgender students under Title IX, could have wide impact.

Libra season begins September 22, marking the autumn equinox!

NASA’s InSight lander has detected a “marsquake,” marking the first time seismic activity has ever been recorded on Mars.

In contrast to other Italian teams, Milan defended using a zonal marking system and aimed to regularly play an offside trap.

marking her first studio feature, Martin will star as the younger version of the lead character.

It will be considered again in court on the 2nd of May, marking a new phase for this landmark case.

NC State held a 48-29 halftime lead, marking the Wolfpack’s most first-half points against an ACC opponent this season.

The marking was erratic at best, and the center backs seemed to have an aversion to clearance.

The bark shield bears a bullet hole, marking the first shot fired in the long history of violence toward the continent’s Indigenous people.

That week, they were due to be marking their 50th wedding anniversary.

More good news: On September 22, the Sun enters Libra, marking the beginning of autumn, and Mercury ends its retrograde in Virgo!

Or automatically marking on a map where you parked your car.

Today’s new moon in Taurus is very intense for you, Libra, marking a clear ending and beginning in your life.

Anna Paola Protasio’s “marking Time” (2013), on view with Nohra Haime Gallery, similarly reveals some surprising detail.

The yuan rose 0.6% against the dollar in June, marking its first monthly gain since February.

The yuan rose 0.6% against the dollar in June, marking its first monthly gain since February.

It came during the summer marking the 20th year of the WNBA, and on the 40th anniversary of women’s basketball’s Olympic debut.

Odebrecht filed for bankruptcy protection last month with debts of almost 100 billion reais ($26 billion), marking the largest corporate collapse in Brazilian history.

The fair stretches out over a series of long hallways, with little white signs marking the rooms and projects like flags at full staff.

The U.S. benchmark closed 0.38% lower on Thursday after marking its highest since May 23 at $60.94.

It’s an animal of an album, marking its territory with merciless attacks, and getting uncomfortably close in its confessionals.

The powerful White Walker was able to touch Bran, marking him with an icy palm print.

Though FOUO is not an official security classification, government agencies use it as a protective marking and to exempt information from public disclosure.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has recently become publicly more open to the idea, marking a change from earlier Disney statements.

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, marking the beginning of an important two-and-a-half-year journey to build your empire.

A new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18, marking a fresh start around sensitive, emotional issues from which you need to move on.

Still, the survey’s gauge of expected sales for July fell to -11 from +7 for June, marking its lowest level since August 2016.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a plaque marking the location of the newest settlement in the Golan Heights on Sunday.

Nevertheless, the ceremony marking the name and location of the settlement was conducted with much fanfare by the Israeli government.

There’s a new moon in Pisces on March 17, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your relationships.

The summer solstice arrives on June 21, Cancer, marking the start of your season!

For months afterward, the F-15 displayed, under its canopy, a painted-on kill marking in the shape of a missile.

The Sun enters fellow Air sign Libra on September 22, marking the autumn equinox, and bringing a shift in energy.

marking the southern corner of a mysterious patch of land known as the Bridgewater Triangle, Freetown is full of unusual tales.

In other places, people buried their dead on muddy hillsides churned up by the storm, marking their resting place with simple wooden crosses.

Thirty-two people were slaughtered during a 24-hour police operation that started Tuesday, marking the deadliest day in the Philippines ongoing drug crackdown.

The archives have collected declassified images that were taken at ceremonies marking national holidays like May Day and the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

It was only after the civil rights movement that America began scoring in the 70s and 80s, marking it as a largely successful democracy.

Depending on who you ask, the Trump presidency is marking either the death of satire or a golden age for comedy.

Bernie Sanders won the Wyoming caucuses on Saturday afternoon, marking his eighth victory over Hillary Clinton in the last nine contests.

Almost as a ritual marking his initiation into the brewers’ rank, Bjergsø urged Astley to try some sticky, swamp-green hop extract.

Materials stocks closed up 0.3 percent, marking their fourth straight session of gains, with index heavyweight BHP Billiton finishing 0.2 percent higher.

At Hawking’s request, the memorial stone marking his grave is inscribed with his influential entropy equation describing black hole dynamics.

Kosovo and neighboring Albania on Monday celebrated a Flag Day holiday marking the 104th anniversary of Albanian independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Reconfigurations made to the substructures of painting — often marking cultural tipping points — become new supports for other planes of thinking and acting.

Last year, I rushed to the Chinese province of Ningxia for Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

People are judged similarly, with their appearances and status symbols marking them as worthwhile.

But Fallout 3 came out in 2008, marking seven years in between direct sequels.

A new moon arrives in your sign this evening, Capricorn, marking a powerful time for you to sit with your truth.

Three-month LME copper closed 1.4 percent down at $6,755 a tonne, marking a fourth session of losses.

Google is marking the occasion with one of its trademark doodles.

Thus the song wavers, unsure if it’s marking a past that never fully arrived or a future that seems less possible each day.

The euro was down 0.32 percent against the dollar EUR= at $1.1463, marking a weekly gain of 0.6 percent.

European equity funds remained unloved with investors pulling $600 million, marking the 64th week of outflows in the last 66.

Production volumes fell for the sixth month, marking the longest period of decline since 2012-13.

As we come around the first curves, crosses appear, marking the fateful place where two people died.

The drawings are her way of marking and shaping time.

* LifeWatch said it had received CE marking of Conformity for its internally-developed LifeWatch Mobile Cardiac Telemetry patch.

China’s car sales fell 2.8 percent in 2018, marking the first contraction since the 1990s, according to industry association data.

In only 30 seconds, he presents a century of data through a series of stills marking the annual temperature anomalies across the globe.

You select the services each page should go to by marking them at the bottom.

In fact, all of Darboven’s work, her creation of a new language, can be read as a form of marking time.

China leaves Huawei founder off honor roll marking 40 years of economic success

Collectors invested in bulbs months before they bloomed and exerted little control over tulips’ coloration, the foremost marking of their value.

“The retailer had no interest of selling his liquor online so was not marking it up, selling at true retail cost.”

In 2015, the women’s bodybuilding division was dropped from Ms. Olympia – marking the possible end of women’s bodybuilding.

The company on Friday filed confidentially for an IPO, marking the beginning of a race to the stock markets for the two ride-hailing giants.

A memorial marking the anniversary of the January attacks will take place on the square on Sunday.

A crude map was printed on the piece of paper, marking a pathway through fields and woodland to the border.

A crude map was printed on the piece of paper, marking a pathway through fields and woodland to the border.

The intervening years—and the tattoos marking their passage—have added up quickly.

You just want to get some marking on there to give you variation in flavor and texture.

She and Trump both attended ceremonies in France marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day operation that helped end World War Two.

Parsley Health has just opened a new, fully redesigned space on Fifth Avenue in New York City, marking the first true Parsley Health Center.

But two months later, the phone is dead, marking the most abrupt and spectacular fall for a major flagship of the smartphone era.

Argentina’s peso hit a record low against the dollar, marking new struggles for that developing economy.

On the screen, a graphics onslaught includes a dizzying array of flashing signs, hashtags, slogans, and flames marking the “Burning Question.”

Next month, Heard will perform at Croatia’s Dimensions Festival, marking his first live performance in 20 years.

The three major U.S. indexes rose on Friday, marking their third straight week of gains.

Platinum gained 1.5% to $839.51, marking a one-week high.

Labellers at Qianji make roughly 100 yuan ($14.50) a day marking data points on photographs of people, surveillance footage and street images.

The smell coats your fingers and clothes, marking you as smoker.

ET), came two weeks after North Korea fired a missile that disintegrated minutes into flight, marking its fourth consecutive failure since March.

Residential construction contracted at a 3.5 percent rate, marking the fourth straight quarterly decline.

Nobody seems to know precisely when the Western Christian church started marking Advent as a season on its calendar.

Longtime Facebook board members Reed Hastings and Erskine Bowles will leave the board, marking a major shakeup for the board’s composition.

His vote broke the 50-50 tie — marking the first time a VP has had to cast the tiebreaker on a Cabinet nominee.

The Nikkei/Markit purchasing managers’ index (PMI) fell to 47.5, from 48.4 in May, marking the seventh decline in the past eight months.

He was approved by a voice vote in 2006, marking the vote uncontroversial.

Instead, it’s about xenophobia: about marking Europe as a place for (mostly white) Europeans and keeping out the (mostly Muslim) foreign threats.

Many publishers are already marking up their pages, as it allows Google to provide more detailed information in its other search verticals.

On Friday morning, North Korea conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear test to date, marking another step forward in its nuclear weapons program.

Rocket Internet -backed Zen Rooms has launched its budget hotel network in Brazil, marking its first foray outside of Asia.

Signs marking the zones will also be put in place.

The event is set to take place in venues across Brooklyn from November 4-13, marking its ninth annual edition.

We put an intention into every single marking,” Wells explained.

This history was visible in the mihrab (the niche marking the direction of prayer) on the south wall of the cella.

Archaeologist Donald Grayson cautioned there could be other explanations for the marking on the bones.

(Henrik himself wouldn’t go until the seventh round that year, marking the last known time that his life wasn’t completely perfect.)

However, financials rose 9% in the second quarter of 2019, marking its best second quarter in 10 years.

The cost of a comprehensive policy rose 19 percent, marking the biggest annual rise recorded by the index since 2011.

In 2014, it paid $8.3 billion to buy travel and expense management software firm Concur, marking the company’s largest acquisition ever.

Connecting is a big theme during this time of month, especially since the Sun enters emotional Cancer on June 21, marking the summer solstice!

This weekend, 14 presidential hopefuls are descending on California for state Democrats’ annual convention, marking the biggest gathering of candidates thus far this cycle.

(Google is marking the first day of spring with a Google Doodle.)

Sets may be marking a moment where Microsoft opens itself up to taking more chances rather than using WIP simply to squash bugs.

Columbia’s July 6 parade, marking its secession from the United States, features several mechanical horses.

The U.S. shot down a pro-Syrian drone Monday even after the Russian warnings, marking the third such downing this month.

Today, France is celebrating Bastille Day, their holiday marking the 1789 Storming of the Bastille.

Today he would have been 190 years old, and Google is marking the occasion with a Google Doodle in his honor.

JD launched unmanned convenience stores, a hallmark of its Chinese business, in Indonesia last year, marking its first overseas effort with the technology.

These registered as messages of disdain, or as territorial marking.

It’s already troubling to some that marking yourself as “interested” in a public event is also public post.

Private equity firms marking down the value of portfolio startups, companies raising down rounds and other negative indicators are prompting investors to get thriftier.

A marking’s essence can change.

Satisfying the EPA regulation to design a marking system to deter human intrusion for millenia, WIPP opened in 1999.

Their pink glow reflects off the surfaces of the other vitrines, marking the scientific specimens with abstract pink scribbles.

Members of a biker gang wearing 1%er patches, marking them as outlaws, commissioned Gorupo to engrave their leader’s pistol, says Gino.

All three top spots were dominated by Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks, marking the format’s best year since 2012.

By marking features in each subsequent picture, the drone can tell the shape and depth of holes based on what changed in each photo.

When she failed to complete this week’s puzzle challenge in time — marking the Goliath tribe’s first loss — her exit seemed nearly guaranteed.

In a final scene on the burial side, the camera zooms out and pans over dozens of white concrete graves marking the hill.

An Israeli company acquired by Amazon last year has announced a new line of semiconductors, marking Amazon’s first foray into the chipmaking market.

It was an online book marking startup.

Alteryx, the data analytics company, went public on the New York Stock Exchange today, marking the third IPO of the year.

There’s also a red marking up top that appears when the camera is obstructed.

Mercury enters Pisces on February 17, followed by the Sun on February 18, marking the official beginning of Pisces season.

Opposition to nuclear power has seen communities across the country file lawsuits to prevent restarts, marking a serious challenge for Abe’s pro-nuclear stance.

Saturn enters Capricorn (your opposite sign) today, marking the beginning of a new two-and-a-half-year journey around commitment within your relationships.

June 2007: The first iPhone is released, marking the beginning of the proliferation of iMessage and other popular messenger apps.

Local Pokémon trainers around the world have been marking PokéStops and gyms in their area using Google Maps.

Three years later, the Black Panther would hit the scene in Fantastic Four #52, marking the debut of the first mainstream black superhero.

But some of his comments did not match previous statements from Riyadh, marking yet another shift in the official story.

Fires that started in July in Montana burned for months, marking the state’s second-worst season.

That’s up 4.9% from last year, marking the biggest year-over-year increase in holiday shopping since 2011.

The Fall came out in 2014, and Part 2 seems to have taken longer than its developers anticipated, marking nearly four years in-between releases.

Its total revenue rose nearly 20 percent to about 721 billion yuan, marking the fastest pace of growth in two years.

Mckesson filmed the white line marking the side of the road in his video to show he was not blocking traffic as he walked.

London 1666 is part of a serious of events marking the Great Fire and its impact on London’s architecture, character, and cityscape.

Visit Great Fire 350’s website here to learn more about the events marking the Great Fire of London’s anniversary.

Kim made his maiden public address in April 15, 2012 at a parade marking the centenary of his grandfather’s birth.

Lenovo is including Google Assistant on a new “smart display,” marking yet another category of device getting its voice interface.

As such, Apple won’t be prompting users with an additional sign up or notification marking the new data collection in Safari. – Space Exploration Technologies Corp successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday on its initial test flight, marking another coup for founder Elon Musk.

He lost the popular vote by a hefty 46 to 48 percent, marking him from the start as an unusually unpopular winner.

The Sun enters fellow Water sign Pisces today, too, marking the beginning of a season of fun, flirtation, and creativity!

The Sun enters grounded earth sign Taurus at 11:13 PM, marking the start of a sensual and creative season.

The stock market continued to fall at market open Wednesday morning, marking the fourth straight day of losses.

Scott Walker on Tuesday, marking a long-sought victory for Wisconsin Democrats.

Fireworks surrounding the olympic stadium shot in to the sky marking the official start to the Winter Games.

While it initially seemed as though the digit signified an anniversary, it turns out that Lovato was just marking the day they’d met.

Instead, Comey said, each had the letter C in parentheses — a marking for confidential classified information — down in the body.

Markofski recommends marking the day a win by sticking to reasonable portions, cutting back on dinner rolls, and limiting your pre-dinner snacking to vegetables.

German-speaking vandals often steal the Italian-language signs marking the Similaun hiking trails in protest.

It was just one of many recent appearances marking her return to the spotlight, and she was bringing it.

Nevertheless, the Kurds have been marking their territory in the run-up to the vote.

On Wall Street on Friday, the S&P 500 lost 1.91 percent to 2,599.95, marking its lowest close since April 2.

The Sun will enter Cancer on June 21, marking the summer solstice and continuing the good vibes.

Google is marking the day with a Google Doodle.

marking the Infinite gives voice and equal footing to Aboriginal artists as artists the world over.

marking the Infinite continues at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University (Woldenberg Art Center, New Orleans) through December 30.

Yesterday, Theresa May announced a series of punitive measures that included the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats, marking a huge escalation in international tensions.

Everything is covered with relentless hatch marking, conveying a sense of paranoia and desperation within the enclosed space.

Directed by Havana marking and presented by Oliver Bullough.

Monks are preparing a ritual marking the first anniversary of the previous king, King Bhumibol’s, death.

The university is marking 75 years of its James Weldon Johnson Collection, which celebrates the man and his immense legacy.

“If you’re selling beer, you’re marking it up three times.

This year’s festivities were a far cry from his days of marking the occasion in Las Vegas.

Also on September 22, the Sun enters Libra, marking the autumn equinox.

She captioned the photo by marking the date and writing, “One year down!”

But do Dara’s forms adequately suggest these powerful questions about the painful processes of marking bodies and boundaries?

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22, marking the beginning of your month!

Along with Firth and Renée Zellweger (marking her return to the big screen in her first major role since 2008’s Leatherheads, yay!

There were violent protests in Hong Kong on Monday, marking 22 years since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule.

“Rival” artists Banksy and and King Robbo have engaged in an epic battle of one-upmanship, marking over each other’s work for decades.

They run with stories about the incident, marking a significant step on the road to ending gay discrimination in bars.

Then–US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice delivered a speech in Juba at the ceremony marking the formation of the state.

Live Music

Visit Music City supports free live music venues across the Nashville, with guitar-pick signs marking these venues.

The Croatian music festival has just announced its initial 2016 lineup, marking its ninth year of existence.

ET with the dedication of an interim embassy in Jerusalem, officially marking the move from Tel Aviv.

(Google is marking the first day of spring with a Google Doodle.)

Shipments dropped from 44.4 million down to 36.4 million, marking an 18% drop year over year for the first quarter.

Now, 157 years after the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter — marking the beginning of the Civil War — Americans still debate its causes.

Red is typically the most prominent color in these tableaux, marking flames, blood, and the fiery skin of demons — the only ones ever smiling.

Google is marking the day with a Google Doodle.

Tech Talk: Apple announced a 13% drop in first-quarter sales, marking the tech giant’s first revenue decline in 13 years.

Thursday’s agreement follows the recent merger of rival Russian taxi players Fasten and Rutaxi, marking a rapid consolidation of the market.

Standing at a bridge over a river marking Nahuel Huapi’s southern limit, surrounded by felled lodgepoles, Moretti likes what he sees.

Time Warp announced the full 2016 lineup, marking their twenty-second year of existence since being founded in 1994.

“Leading all 10 websites AND requires editor approval before marking as ‘nuclear.’

But Fallout 3 came out in 2008, marking seven years in between direct sequels.

(As an aside: please please please stop marking yourself safe on Facebook if/when something bad happens in your town.

In the essay “On Ownership, marking the Body, and Tattooing as a Feminist Act,” s.e.

On September 22, the Sun enters Air sign Libra, marking the beginning of autumn.

Exciting conversations will take place this morning, Sagittarius, and the Sun enters Cancer late tonight, marking the summer solstice.

The discovery set off a monthlong investigation, during which the city threatened to ” yellow tag” the building, marking it as potentially hazardous to residents.

Director Woody Allen’s latest film, Café Society, opened the festival, marking his third time having the privilege.

In the first half of 2018, the MSCI Asia-ex-Japan index .MIAPJ0000PUS fell 5.4 percent, marking its biggest drop in five years.

Its total revenue rose nearly 20 percent to about 721 billion yuan, marking the fastest pace of growth in two years.

In 2018, China’s car market shrank 5.8 percent, marking its first contraction in over two decades.

We debated marking him down as undecided or a no, and settled on the former.

Essentially, hating pumpkin spice lattes is our way of othering those who drink them, and in the process, marking ourselves as decidedly un-basic.

Compared to one year ago, pending home sales were down 0.7%, marking the 17th straight month of annual decreases.

Fortis shares rose as much as 4.2 percent to 155 rupees on Tuesday, marking their biggest intraday percentage gain in nearly two weeks.

Temperature in the capital Seoul reached a daily high of 39.6 degrees Celsius in midday, marking the highest in 111 years.

The Sun leaves your sign and enters Libra today, marking the autumn equinox!

So will you be marking your calendars for these limited-quantity, fashion-approved goodies?

Unilever offers DSC the ability to plug into existing international marking and distribution channels.

Even Hillary joined the ranks, marking the first time a presidential candidate marched in the parade.

The online fundraising platform ActBlue raised $100 million in August for Democratic candidates, marking their biggest fundraising month since they launched in 2004.

Chilean label Drumma Records is marking its fifth anniversary and 15th release with the help of two of its country’s finest exports.

He is more important than ever,” the Jackson estate said in a statement marking the anniversary.

She spits, marking her territory.

Fossil Group, Louis Vuitton and Montblanc have all signed up to use the tech, perhaps marking the perceived way forward for the operating system.

This new development will allow scientists to build circuits without actually touching them, marking a major step forward for potential uses of the material.

He laughs when I suggest that they’ve inadvertently begun marking their timeline with Valentine’s Days.

America’s teen birthrate has hit a new low, marking the seventh straight year of decline.

It also means you become more vigilant and obsessed with marking who is an insider and who is not.

the trio carried a plaster buffalo skull dripping with fringe and tapestry, marking them “The Wild Wombs of the West.”

The exhibition, marking the centennial of World War I’s end, is a partnership with the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach.

Advertising increased by 47 percent and generated 20 percent of total revenues, marking the first time that the segment has reached that mark.

A statue marking the spot by the lake was erected in 1967, and renovated in the 1980s and 1990s.

But nope, there she is again in episode three, and the show sure feels like it’s marking time with her.

The sun meets Uranus on April 22, marking the beginning of an unexpected new cycle in your career or your life in public.

It’s also apparently scheduled to arrive with some optional Bluetooth headphones, marking a new product category for the wearable maker.

But the setback initiative, if successful, would substantially limit future drilling while marking an aggressive public effort to thwart development due to safety fears.

The Sun entered fellow Water sign Cancer early this morning, marking the summer solstice and kicking off a season of fun and romance!

… Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo saw an 11-game hitting streak snapped on Sunday, marking his third double-digit hitting streak this season.

Saturn enters Capricorn this month, marking the beginning of a new two-and-a-half year journey toward stronger leadership and material gain.

The Trump administration reimposed sanctions on Iran on Monday morning, marking another step in its maximum pressure campaign.

The latter had a habit of marking his roommates with an iron rod and was clearly reigning terror in the prison.

Facebook is marking the occasion, in a few different ways.

Vladimir Putin’s words at a gala reception a few days ago marking the upcoming Defenders of the Fatherland Day spoke to this.

The track-list reads like a roll call, with names like “ZORA,” “EARTHA,” and “MILES” marking themselves present.

A grimy scar cuts across retail windows, marking the height of the flooding.

At a ceremony marking the re-launch, Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said the plane “disintegrated” meters above the ground.

But it was an impressive victory nonetheless, marking the first time anyone — human or machine — has achieved the feat.

Cover image: Russian President Vladimir Putin waves during the awarding ceremony marking the International Volunteer’s Day on December 5, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The crayon is meant for marking up a record, so you know where the get down starts.

A crowd of 38,634 attended the game, marking the fourth sellout for the White Sox this season.

Japan is marking the imperial transition with an unprecedented 10-day holiday that some analysts say will give the economy at least a short-term boost.

Residential construction fell at a 2.8 percent rate, marking the fifth straight quarterly decline.

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s talk about how to do effective marking on the cheap.

Perhaps the most emblematic moment marking the beginning of the end for Christie came several years before he was ever formally a candidate.

The track-list reads like a roll call, with names like “ZORA,” “EARTHA,” and “MILES” marking themselves present.

We slowly paged through the images, images by Peter Hujar, David Armstrong, Larry Clark, marking up repro imperfections.

We went through all the proofs, marking up color corrections.

New York artist Margaret Chardiet is marking the tenth anniversary of her Pharmakon project with a new album, Contact.

Dell shares opened at $46 on Friday, marking its market valuation at $16 billion, as per Refinitiv data.

The NBA announced last month that it would launch the Basketball African League (BAL), marking another advancement for U.S. commercial influence in African markets.

The site is set to become a major tourist attraction, with Sheikh Mohammed permanently marking his territory onto the city.

The lights rise at 2AM, marking the end of the night.

Libra season begins September 22, marking the autumn equinox!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said a 2-minute silence would be held Friday, marking one week since the attacks on two Christchurch mosques.

On March 20 the Sun enters Aries, marking the spring equinox!

But more and more, the Colonies plot line feels like marking time while we wait for something explosive to happen.

CoD: Black Ops 4 is available today, marking yet another chapter in the franchise’s history.

Scotland avoided the shutout when Claire Emslie scored in the 79th minute, marking the country’s first-ever goal in Women’s World Cup play.

Finally, a few items have even the most jaded of beauty editors marking their calendars in anticipation.

Odebrecht filed for bankruptcy protection last month with debts of almost 100 billion reais ($26 billion), marking the largest corporate collapse in Brazilian history.

With that in mind, imagine DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge as a stake in the ground marking where that work starts.

This, if anywhere, is where season five is sort of marking time.

Beyond Meat shares popped 163% yesterday on their first day of trading, marking the best IPO day performance since before the financial crisis.

All four referees missed it, marking another blown call in a postseason filled with them.

In the image above, pieces of kelp create an abstract arrangement of lines as if they were marking up the scene’s coastal backdrop.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will head to North Korea this week, marking the first visit by a Chinese leader since 2005, AP reports.

In November 2014, the CIA, in a series of tweets marking the 35th anniversary of the hostage crisis, fact-checked the film.

“And how these tools are marking this new era of digital colonialism and data colonialism.

If I gained weight, I knew they were silently marking it to themselves.

Here At Home: Less than half of Americans support the death penalty — marking the lowest figure in 45 years.

We’re marking the occasion with this ode to their most adorable moments.

For clarity, I’m going to move character by character, marking how each member of Winchester’s community made it through the season.

The Netflix series stars Mike Colter as the bulletproof titular character, marking a milestone for diversity in superhero treatments on the small screen.

Scarlett Johansson wore Marchesa to the Met Gala Monday night, marking the brand’s first major foray into fashion after 2017’s scandal.

Project Runway is moving back to Bravo, marking a shift out of the shadow of Harvey Weinstein.

Teachers can also add review materials like explanations, supplemental websites or review videos, instead of just marking answers as wrong.

Facebook will just keep moving the goalposts and marking its own homework.

MSCI’s all-country world stock index .MIWD00000PUS was down 1.1 percent, while European shares .FTEU3 closed off 1 percent, marking their fourth down day.

Father’s Day is officially less than two weeks away, marking the beginning of another agonizing hunt for the perfect gift.

But that said, for the love of humanity, when something bad happens, please stop marking yourself safe on Facebook.

A $1 billion valuation was until recently a significant badge of honor for a technology company, marking it as an unusually successful outlier.

“5G is not simply about making smartphones faster,” Intel VP Asha Keddy told the press in a statement marking the deal.

It’s not like we can perform mandatory vehicle inspections when satellites cross the Karman Line, marking the border between atmosphere and space.

These include de-cluttering spaces, clearing obstructions to doorways, clearly marking exits, and having an emergency plan.

On May 12, the label is marking its 100th release with a compilation, Ed Rec 100.

For the flash sale’s inaugural launch on Thursday, Barneys Warehouse is marking down all accessories site-wide.

They sustained flight for 48 hours, marking a 2,400 percent improvement over the usual flight time.

Rocky straddled his lap, her skirt hiked above her knees and the sun-warmed wooden bench marking patterns into her skin.

(Camille accidentally breaks a photo of her and Marian later in the episode, too, marking sharp object number four).

Sacred Games dropped on Netflix on July 6, marking the very first Indian original series for the streaming platform.

SpaceX successfully deployed both satellites, marking on all accounts a successful mission for today’s launch.

Either way, it’s time to start marking your calendars and spending a lot of time indoors.

MissGlamorazzi) came out as gay on the site, marking a milestone for vloggers everywhere.

“I think that marking the difference is a mistake.

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday last night, marking the last legal shift into adulthood for the main Kardashian family members.

I think that a lot of what we do with tracking these airstrikes and civilian casualties is at least marking them.

Sony’s marking tomorrow’s long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV with a limited edition version of its A-Series Hi-Res Audio-friendly Walkman.

Libra’s solar season coincides with the fall equinox, marking the midpoint between nature’s “youth” and its “old age,” Hill adds.

Denying that changing the brand’s logo was “marking my territory,” Slimane said he expected it to cause a reaction.

Markle’s proud mom Doria Ragland was also present, marking her first official post-wedding appearance.

This expanded nation-wide in 2017 and has since spread worldwide, marking Instagram’s entrance onto a global stage as an e-commerce platform.

Another American, Sarah Sellers, finished right behind her, marking the first one-two finish for US women since 1979.

He had deceived referees on numerous occasions, and so they compensated by marking him out.

The June 18-19 race will also be marking the 50th anniversary of Ford’s first victory at the Sarthe circuit in western France.

I have another character, Matrices, and she’s a gray dog, with folded back ears, and has a marking on her forehead.

Just look at that bad clearance, shoddy marking, and blame-gaming on the Venezuela goal.

What is the immediate effect of marking a story false — does it stop spreading?

The cats all die, marking Shirley’s first real encounter with the permanence of death.

Last night, Radiohead played London’s Roundhouse, marking their first string of live shows since 2012.

He gives another reference to Making a Murderer in this episode, marking the second time a featured player has mentioned the show itself.

September 22 is a powerful day: Mercury connects with Pluto, and the Sun enters Air sign Libra, marking the autumn equinox.

It added 2.1 percent last week, marking its fourth week of gains.

We hope marking in a sentence examples were helpful.