Maneuver in a sentence | Use of the word maneuver examples

“We think we have on both sides exhausted the margin for maneuver under our respective mandates,” the EU official said.

“We would stress that it is important to preserve some room for maneuver for more serious downturns,” he said.

The most recent maneuver was first reported on Tuesday: Dwyane Wade will join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Though talks may soon be revived, some analysts pegged one country as the clear winner from Trump’s latest diplomatic maneuver: China.

ZTE makes inexpensive smartphones and relies on parts made in the US, meaning the maneuver was essentially a death sentence for the company.

This maneuver in particular infuriated Democrats, who saw it as Netanyahu aligning with the GOP to torpedo one of Obama’s signature accomplishments.

It’s a maneuver that makes Chinese exports cheaper and thus gives them a boost abroad.

Researchers think soft robots could assist in surgery, since they can maneuver in ways that traditional robots don’t.

During the competition, they’ll try to maneuver across difficult terrains.

It’s a canny maneuver by Kim, and it’s not clear if Trump knows he’s being played.

The prosecution could request a mistrial, but such a maneuver was very unlikely, Ohlin said.

“We think we have, on both sides, exhausted our margin of maneuver under our respective mandates,” one senior EU official said.

(His co-worker heroically administered the Heimlich maneuver, ending his sweet dreams of electric cars and rebooted dead relatives.)

We see this volatility in McConnell’s maneuver that kept Garland off the bench.

“We would stress that it is important to preserve some room for maneuver for more serious downturns,” he said.

A poor-fitting spacesuit means it’s harder to maneuver in space, and harder to complete the technical aspects of the spacewalk.

Scooters are also physically smaller than bicycles, meaning they’re easier to maneuver and, perhaps more important, take up less space when parked.

When India tried pulling a few banknotes from circulation in 2016 in a similar maneuver, the results were pretty disastrous.

When the signal is flashing, drivers — both humans and robot — are expected to maneuver their way through oncoming traffic.

They still have room to maneuver, but less so than ever before.

While immersed in the film, viewers can maneuver through the virtual world and wander to different planets.

The crew of the American plane described the intercept maneuver as “unsafe.”

Naismith himself liked the maneuver, but others in his Muscularly Christian cohort found the move ostentatious and thought it encouraged rough, individualist play.

I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can to maneuver in what was a difficult environment,” Kasich said.

I’m just a guy trying to do the best I can to maneuver in what was a difficult environment,” Kasich said.

Later this year, Norway will host its biggest NATO maneuver in decades.

As might be expected, this rescue maneuver didn’t always work out as planned.

The maneuver has ignited a global discussion about the role of social media in the face of crisis.

Why would Trump ever agree this self-deflating maneuver?

Ethics experts say Treasury’s maneuver will make identifying activities like those Butina has been accused of even harder to track.

“His margin of maneuver is narrow but he is not without weapons,” Simon said.

But the maneuver may not stand up to legal scrutiny once challenged in court.

In this latest maneuver, Warren is looking to set herself apart from some of her primary opponents, such as Sens.

The Chinese ship put bumpers on its side, suggesting it expected a possible collision when it ran the maneuver.

For Sean Estelle, a member of the Chicago DSA Executive Committee, endorsing Sanders is at least in part a strategic political maneuver.

The seemingly undemocratic maneuver has enraged City Council members, some of whom attended today’s rally.

Even with great powers allied against her she finds a way to maneuver and change things.

As I roam the streets, performing bombastic flips over every car I pass, each flashy maneuver only adds to my sense of loneliness.

On busy sidewalks, riders have to maneuver around pedestrians, pets, and potholes.

Trump should realize that he cannot bluster or maneuver his way out of the special counsel’s investigation.

Donald Trump’s campaign has understood that he is not held to those [campaign] standards, and that gives him room to maneuver.

She’s doing the Melissa McCarthy/Tiffany Haddish maneuver, and doing it exceptionally well.

This is a quite radical maneuver — arguably more radical than simply abolishing the filibuster — and thus bears some explaining.

It replaces a principled argument for majority rule with a procedural maneuver that’s hard to explain and harder to defend.

She is languid, as if engaged in a powerful yoga maneuver or floating in water, while he hovers over her.

In response, the federal government argued last week that the injunction maneuver is a ploy to bypass proper legal proceedings.

CBS’s audacious maneuver involved issuing a special dividend that would have severely watered down her voting shares.

Top Canadian officials have also warned the White House against this kind of maneuver.

ASAP Rocky and ASAP Nast trying to maneuver through the Webster Hall crowd.

So Italy is a country that has no room to maneuver.

The NYPD was using the helicopter to look for a missing person and had to perform an evasive maneuver.

Babis has denied any wrongdoing, calling the allegations a political maneuver.

I also found it pretty challenging, as I repeatedly failed to properly maneuver my bathtub and crashed after collecting just a handful of rubles.

Both survived in good shape, according to Ortiz, but the maneuver also put law enforcement on high alert.

Two technicians maneuver another bag, this one containing orange liquid and suspended from a thick rope, and settle it on top of the other.

I can’t turn counterclockwise with fluidity, cannot stop, and have yet to master the important skate-and-dribble-simultaneously maneuver.

“Excuse me,” I said, attempting to maneuver around her.

“We think we have on both sides exhausted the margin for maneuver under our respective mandates,” the person said.

Its design provides for better balance and stability, while a bottom fin makes it easier to maneuver.

“This is a president who’s engaged in an absolutely renegade maneuver,” Rep. Raskin said.

There’s also some evidence that, like a good scare, this maneuver can interrupt the hiccup reflex.

Analysts say Beijing’s move to adopt a GDP target range, rather than a single growth figure, gives policymakers room to maneuver.

The Soviets perceived this as an evasive maneuver, which was seen as an admission of guilt.

Even Conway, the woman who brought us “alternative facts,” couldn’t maneuver her way out of this one.

“The pilot thought he could maneuver the aircraft and land.

This is the same maneuver that was used in an attempt to block the border wall national emergency declaration in March.

“Normal drones can’t maneuver on the ground at all.

The TAGSAM is attached to the end of an 11-foot-long robotic arm, complete with elbow and wrist joints to help it maneuver into place.

“They are small, easy to hide, easy to maneuver and you can’t tell what kind of warhead they are carrying.

Police finally forced him to a stop thanks to a gentle PIT maneuver.

“This unsafe action forced Chancellorsville to execute all engines back full and to maneuver to avoid collision,” Navy spokesperson Cmdr.

The officer involved in the deadly chokehold — a maneuver banned under the New York Police Patrol Guide — was not indicted for Garner’s death.

The officer involved in the deadly chokehold — a maneuver banned under the New York Police Patrol Guide — was not indicted for Garner’s death.

(Peters can no longer maneuver the truck’s clutch because of his military days.

But such a maneuver would draw a backlash and could be challenged in court, they said.

A few times, Oezdemir calls Greg Jones, the wrestling coach and three-time NCAA champion, over to clarify the proper execution of a maneuver.

The maneuver got some blowback.

It’s a true art form and Ocean Spray executes this maneuver brilliantly.

This makes it easy to maneuver, but it does raise questions of durability.

The reviewer found this push mower easy to maneuver thanks to its lightweight design.

He was much more satisfied with his Greenworks mower because it could handle wet grass and was easy to maneuver.

The other senators were furious that he had the “temerity” to screw up their “brilliant maneuver to increase our debt without any fingerprints.”

For years whenever the public opinion about Drake would veer left, he would charm or maneuver his way into a better position.

“While operating in the Philippine Sea, a Russian Destroyer Udaloy I DD 572 made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville,” U.S.

“If inflation falls, central banks will have even less room to maneuver when faced with a slowdown,” Williams said.

Policy-wise, ruling out aggressive mass deportation still gives Trump a lot of room to maneuver.

The trade actions will not be carried out immediately, so there may be room for maneuver.

This landing maneuver, in which the aircraft circles the airport and lands safely, is fairly common and well-known among pilots.

“Our highly skilled pilots regularly train to conduct the standard maneuver known as a ‘go around’,” British Airways told NDTV in a statement.

Banning Yiannopoulos is certainly not a maneuver without downside for Twitter.

Humans, however, are also responsible for another maneuver that disrespects the animal: nomenclature.

Then there was Trump’s illegal financial maneuver back in 1986.

But from an international vantage point, Trump’s maneuver here is totally predictable.

Qualcomm’s maneuver worked.

It can also maneuver around objects in a more complex environment than it could before to find you when you summon it.

Had it been a human driver taking a road test, the maneuver would have resulted in an automatic failure.

Philadelphia manager Gabe Kapler opted for the maneuver with his team averaging just 3.9 runs during a 6-12 stretch.

This maneuver has not been attempted in recent history — not since the Civil War, in fact.

If true, it suggests Putin is seriously worried about his future — and that he dramatically misunderstands the risks in this maneuver.

Tons of people made out on the Robin Hood-esque maneuver … it ended up costing Marriott more than $50,000!

The Jag is also equipped with semi-autonomous parking technology that uses ultrasonic sensors that help maneuver the car into parking spaces.

And the far-right, eurosceptic Alternative for Germany is now the third biggest party in the Bundestag, further curbing Merkel’s room for maneuver.

German coalition agreements are strict, with the contours set out in them limiting the government’s room for maneuver.

It was so much easier to maneuver around.

You can perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.

Check out the high-flying maneuver for yourself in this footage of the much-anticipated event.

“While operating in the Philippine Sea, a Russian Destroyer … made an unsafe maneuver against USS Chancellorsville,” U.S.

” Suddenly, she does a lightning quick maneuver and sweeps my legs from beneath me.

Ross executes this maneuver as an act of defiance “for all the fatboys out there.”

Given that he had just said Northam should resign, this was contradictory at best, and a self-serving maneuver at worst.

Shell needs to appear game, to appear to take climate change seriously, but also to leave itself room to maneuver.

The L3 uprising is potentially as destructive to the continuity of this universe as the Holdo maneuver depicted in The Last Jedi (2017).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected New York Democrat, called PAYGO “a dark political maneuver designed to hamstring progress on healthcare” on Twitter.

“You used your size to maneuver me, quickly, into the elevator,” wrote Lumet in the column.

But Trudeau has little room for maneuver.

Still, many factors limit China’s room for maneuver when it comes to Treasuries.

Not to mention, a drone would be easier to maneuver around a room than a robot on wheels.

They pulled a sneaky maneuver to make marijuana quasi-illegal in the first place with the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act.

Some of it was attributable to skill, to pilots who could take out a bomber and captains who could maneuver ships through choppy seas.

Everyday, the Cruise cars maneuver around double-parked vehicles, for a total of between 200 and 800 times altogether.

Also, the effective date of China’s move depended on when the U.S. action took effect, providing room for maneuver.

It had to quickly maneuver to not hit the jettisoned parachute.

“SpaceX is designing our satellites to maneuver thousands of times in their lifetime,” she added.

Barring a last-minute maneuver, Elliott will begin his suspension when the Cowboys visit the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

In essence, both companies are trying to legally maneuver one another out of having any control over Snopes.

“You used your size to maneuver me, quickly, into the elevator.

These are heavy, difficult to maneuver and against a fire like this, largely ineffective.

Added an extra maneuver but it handled it.

“We still have room to maneuver so we can go to an even more expansionary monetary policy.

The polycarbonate suitcases are light, tough, and easy to maneuver, and when personalized with their favorite colors, highly distinctive.

Already, public sector pay cuts he has ordered have been temporarily frozen by the Supreme Court, raising questions about his room for maneuver.

This landing maneuver could prove dicey.

“We either fail to see a dangerous situation, don’t make the right decision to avoid trouble or can’t execute the correct maneuver,” Light says.

The parliamentary majority retained by the handful of parties in Kabila’s coalition will curtail Tshisekedi’s room for maneuver.

So she was hard-pressed to top her signature swimwear maneuver when hosting a pool party in Las Vegas this weekend.

That being said, Duterte doesn’t have a lot of room to maneuver here.

“You used your size to maneuver me, quickly, into the elevator,” wrote Lumet in the column.

Kayaking aficionados who participated in the discussion were tickled to learn that the maneuver had another, very different meaning.

“Donald was always trying to maneuver politically to get things done,” Shapiro’s brother Barry told the Journal.

She forced her colleagues’ hands in a deft public maneuver that made it hard for them not to go along with her.

The Chinese ship put bumpers on its side, suggesting it expected a possible collision when it ran the maneuver.

But further increases are due which would eliminate the bank’s room for maneuver.

“The Shiny Trinket maneuver” 2.

“I was very fortunate I was able to maneuver myself out of it without too much struggle.”

So, it is actually not a face-saving maneuver.

We all live in bodies, bodies that we must maneuver through the world.

His room to maneuver is extremely small, and that’s entirely his own doing.

“It was clearly a speculative maneuver to reduce prices,” Lemos said.

Cifuentes kept his word, gifting his partner a $1 million chopper specially designed to maneuver in tight spaces.

And Jews have long been accused of being disloyal citizens secretly working to maneuver governments to pursue disastrous policies solely for their own benefit.

A referendum on the program could give Iran’s leaders space to maneuver and a chance to resolve the stand-off with the United States.

By some metrics, it has room to maneuver.

That could give the independence movement room to maneuver.

Female politicians often get asked about how they maneuver between the demands of motherhood and their job.

It’s a defensive maneuver that pipsqueak sea creatures employ to dance away from the jaws of hungry predators.

It is a clear maneuver to intimidate, extort, and discipline union leaders and the political opposition,” the party wrote.

If you didn’t make the maneuver, you just came back to Earth.

“I’m not going to be able to maneuver for much longer.” She says that her weight has “taken everything away” from her life.

Thus, a vote against approval is (at best) simply a protest or dilatory maneuver.

If we agree on this list beforehand, that gives us much more room to maneuver!

However, it’s unlikely that he would go for such a maneuver.

At this point, my teen was resorting to the same maneuver I had pulled at that age: head down, eyes closed.

At one point he pulled off a maneuver his friend calls “so risky” as he recorded the flight.

Nusra insists on its agenda, it doesn’t want to maneuver at all,” said a frustrated Ahrar commander, accusing it of “damaging the revolution”.

The cracking sound this highly sophisticated maneuver makes is paramount.

They were traveling in an armored rescue vehicle which could maneuver in the fast moving water as they looked for stranded storm victims.

New photos beamed home after it completed that daredevil maneuver show the planet’s atmosphere from a closer distance than ever before.

NASA was confident that Cassini would move into its new orbit without much of a problem, but it was still a risky maneuver.

The Heimlich maneuver has saved an estimated 50,000 US lives and many, many more worldwide.

The frame anchors a clever pulley system that allows her to maneuver the canvas and position it onto different areas on the wall.

“It’s not like somebody had something stuck in their throat and I gave them the Heimlich maneuver.

The more the characters maneuver to hang on to their power, the more entrenched the horrible systems that need to change become.

Of course, however, this sort of maneuver would require nonstop communication in order to be safe.

Here’s NASA’s visualization of the maneuver.

Sometimes, she even has to maneuver the cell phone from home screen to picture mode.

How did the divers maneuver the stretchers through the narrowest parts of the cave?

Of course, if it detects a car in the other lane, it won’t carry out the maneuver.

“I was really interested to work out a list of rules that Lenny used to maneuver through the terrain of the Vatican,” he reveals.

Republicans, meanwhile, argue that the focus on these allegations is simply another last-ditch political maneuver to try to delay a vote on Kavanaugh.

The maneuver rattled markets and garnered widespread blowback in the US and abroad.

That corporate maneuver is known as a tax inversion. Whether such a maneuver would be legal is not clear — even Mnuchin emphasized to the Times that he wasn’t sure it is.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is testing autonomous drones that can maneuver around obstacles at up to 45 mph.

The maneuver is an escalation in the Senate’s debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Not easy to maneuver a boat in 150-mph winds!”

From commercial coach to G6 … smooth maneuver.

Not easy to maneuver a boat in 150-mph winds!”

Swap out any element of the premise I just described, and there’s still some room to maneuver.

Given Amazon’s penchant to try to break into, well, everything, such a maneuver might make sense, however.

As a book-end to the record, its expansive sound also offers room for George to maneuver into his next chapter.

So responsibility comes in what you say, and how you do it, and how you maneuver.

It’s run by volunteers around the world who are able to maneuver the camera to get the best possible angle.

Today, maneuver similar to the Apollo docking are performed completely automatically.

And Jews have long been accused of being disloyal citizens secretly working to maneuver governments to pursue disastrous policies solely for their own benefit.

Control surfaces on the glide vehicle mean it can steer an unpredictable course and maneuver sharply as it approaches impact.

(Fun fact: both Guadagnino and Chalamet took it upon themselves to independently test out whether the maneuver would be physically possible).

Osiris-Rex will then extend its robot arm to snatch a sample of Bennu’s terrain in a “touch-and-go” maneuver set for July 2020.

It seemed like he was trying to maneuver and shake the cables to get the parachute to open.

This was one more maneuver in a long-running battle between Congress and the administration.

As Poradzisz performed the Heimlich maneuver, O’Connor reached down into her throat to clear an air passage.

“If inflation falls, central banks will have even less room to maneuver when faced with a slowdown,” Williams said.

A U.S. official described the Russian maneuver as “strafing runs” without firing any weapons.

Now, barring a final legal maneuver, he would be erased from Earth by a system in which I was a key participant.

“We still have room to maneuver so we can go to an even more expansionary monetary policy.

This is the second barrel roll maneuver over a U.S. aircraft by the Russians this month.

“She’s got plenty of room to maneuver,” said a senior Democratic aide.

He learned how to maneuver in the peloton, which is difficult for runners to do, and that convinced me.

It was 1974 when he created the lifesaving maneuver and the American Medical Association gave it his name.

On Monday — at age 96 — he got to use his own maneuver on someone who was choking.

The Heimlich maneuver has been adopted over the world as the standard response to a choking victim.

The Russian fighter came within 50 feet of the U.S. jet during the maneuver, a spokesman for the U.S. European Command said.

Video captured from an apartment above shows Cote maneuver the car in an attempt to flee.

It’s even better with JoyCons in the Grip, or with a Pro Controller, giving those thumbs more room to maneuver.

His room for maneuver as president will depend considerably on how much control his National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party can exercise in Congress.

Dr. Henry Heimlich, the man behind an anti-choking maneuver that’s undoubtedly saved thousands of lives has died.

According to local reports, Heimlich — inventor of the Heimlich maneuver — passed away just after midnight Friday in a Cincinatti, OH care facility.

Then the Neustrashimyy repeatedly asked Gravely over radio to maintain a safe distance while the Neustrashimyy continued to maneuver to get closer to Gravely.

It’s a kind of moneyball, left-field genius maneuver that gives him a statistical edge.

Before a maneuver, you must always imagine the most awful thing the contingent world might throw your way.

This was not part of the original plan, and it was seen as a risky maneuver.

I also think people forget that there is a sweet hand maneuver that goes with it, too!”

If the maneuver doesn’t work, the solar-powered space probe’s batteries might die before it swings back around Jupiter to face the sun.

The U.S. Navy described the maneuver in a statement as unsafe, “erratic” and “aggressive.”

About a week after that maneuver it took this composite image from 3.9 million miles away.

“We still have room to maneuver, we can go to an even more expansionary monetary policy,” Jordan told a press conference.

The whole group is seemingly oblivious to the cars and trucks attempting to maneuver around them.

The U.S. Navy described the maneuver in a statement as unsafe, “erratic” and “aggressive.”

Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold, a maneuver prohibited by the New York Police Department’s patrol guide, when he stopped breathing.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo put him in a chokehold, a maneuver prohibited by the New York Police Department’s patrol guide, when he stopped breathing.

The U.S. Navy described the maneuver in a statement as unsafe, “erratic” and “aggressive.”

The maneuver that Mueller uses in Volume 2 is extraordinary.

Room to maneuver?

The Mueller report turns out to be a crime novel, philosophy of science text, logic game, and strategic maneuver all at once.

We laugh because we think it’s the best way to diffuse an awkward situation — or to maneuver out of a dangerous one.

Some fear Europe’s room for maneuver is limited.

So when the British Library digitized the towering tome, it required several people to maneuver it to a platform for its high-resolution photographs.

Harteau also said that a take-down maneuver used by Ringgenberg, which had be the focus of criticism from activists, was justified.

(The Japanese sub commander testified such a defensive maneuver would not have saved the ship.)

According to the newspaper, the incoming influx of kits will be considered a “protest maneuver.”

Abbas doesn’t have much room to maneuver these days.

How quickly can a pilot maneuver the balloon — especially an aircraft that’s weighed down with a large gondola filled with people?

Maybe all he really cares about is the wall, and Republican reformers and their allies in Congress will have room to maneuver.

The climber appeared to resist the maneuver but the officers successfully pulled him in.

The latest maneuver by his attorneys is a long shot to get him off the hook.

The latest maneuver by his attorneys is a long shot to get him off the hook.

Befriending Stan was a strategic maneuver, but it wasn’t the KGB who befriended Stan.

But the typically scattered nature of Trump’s comments have left plenty of room for maneuver.

Here’s NASA’s visualization of the maneuver.

Uses may have been found for it in other conflicts, but the Ragnarok of technology and maneuver warfare never came to pass.

Note, however, that the underlying predicate for all this is that the strong US economy gives Trump room to maneuver.

Once in space, the Tiangong-2 will maneuver itself into orbit roughly 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) above the Earth, CCTV reported.

The Split S maneuver will not be performed in Blue Angels shows until at least next year, the report said.

JP: At first I didn’t know how to maneuver the paint, or how to change something if it wasn’t working.

Neptune’s fog can be hard for detail-oriented Mercury to maneuver, and this may be very frustrating when you try to communicate with partners.

That corporate maneuver is known as a tax inversion.

What’s the dynamic like in a situation like this where you both have so much room to maneuver?

Every hotel that we stay in is different and Aziza is trained to maneuver around from checking in to getting to my room.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is using a legal maneuver that might give Daniels the chance to tell her story.

The maneuver prompted anger in Beijing.

“That’s a high-risk maneuver and we don’t do that.

Check out the video … the suspects were able to maneuver around the bus, but not before tossing a sandwich.

An unidentified man ran up to Arnold’s back and leaped into a drop-kick maneuver, making contact with the actor and propelling him forward.

Canada and Mexico, which initially dismissed most of Washington’s demands as unworkable, now say there is room to maneuver.

The video’s hysterical, watching Loyale maneuver around Rozay’s monitoring bracelet.

Kermit Schweidel, an El Paso resident who was among the 42 individuals indicted in the audacious maneuver, remembers it well.

The way we maneuver around it is different.

Why does one gender get to maneuver the world and not have to worry.

As you can see, a chocolate ring donut allows ample room for maneuver: And how about the cavity test?

It allowed for two controllers to maneuver a single character in a game.

“Communications,” a feature with DRAM, certainly conjures the soul of “Smooth Operator,“ as the two maneuver through romance with complete candor.

The unauthorized radio transmissions would force pilots to abort landings and perform a “go around” (an emergency maneuver) instead.

You get one maneuver.

How is that?It definitely is an arena full of extroverts but I know how to maneuver in those environments.

Even his hateful self-satisfaction can be a relief; Duvall’s Commander is a monster, but Offred can maneuver under his eye.

The traffic was as bad as I’d feared, especially downtown, but I learned to maneuver around using the freeway.

Given the kind of campaign he has run, which included the themes of xenophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, this is a high risk maneuver.

Near future or not, it is physically impossible for trains to make such a maneuver.”

MSFVs and similar vehicles come with their own drawbacks, as they are large, harder to maneuver, and expensive.

“This is a political maneuver, and it has nothing to do with reality, it’s all about politics,” he said.

The former will be considerably easier than the latter and there is, at present, no feasible plan to execute the 2-for-1 maneuver.

While not unexpected, it is still an eye-catching maneuver by a party that has traditionally defined itself by opposition to all things Western.

Like Kosmos, Luch’s ability to maneuver has the potential to make it into a satellite killer.

“You could grab ahold of a satellite and maneuver it out of its mission,” said Graziani.

Over the following weeks, it slowly built up the momentum to maneuver into lunar orbit on April 4.

Once people are infected with fear, there’s little room to maneuver.

We don’t have huge amounts of room for maneuver.

(CNN)Dr. Henry Heimlich, who invented the world-famous Heimlich maneuver to save people from choking, died Saturday at age 96, his family said.

Heimlich said the editors told him they were considering the “Heimlich Method” or the “Heimlich maneuver.”

Anyone can save the life of a choking person — even a child can perform the Heimlich maneuver.”

This year, he performed his maneuver on a woman seated next to him at Deupree House, the senior community where he lived.

“So he had to give me the Heimlich maneuver.

Before any of them had a go, Big Tim demonstrated the first maneuver on Kelly, who gamely screamed “Eyes!

The committee was initially expected to vote Tuesday, but Democrats used a procedural maneuver to delay the committee vote until Wednesday.

And more than position or maneuver, the most important factor in deciding those battles has been how each unit matches up against its opposite.

It was another maneuver in the battle for New York, another advance of the neoliberal shift.

Their capsule landed upright on dry land, meaning they had to maneuver themselves halfway out of the capsule before being helped out.

A Trump administration official would not say how often the White House intends to use the maneuver.

Once upon a time, it was Michaels’ finishing maneuver, and among the more sacrosanct moves in wrestling.

They have invented moves on two separate occasions that went on to earn Best Wrestling maneuver.

I worked my way up to a two-pin lock, performing the same maneuver.

“Congratulations to Iraqi forces for completing complex maneuver ops to secure #Mosul airport from #ISIS terrorists,” he tweeted.

“Congratulations to Iraqi forces for completing complex maneuver ops to secure #Mosul airport from #ISIS terrorists,” he tweeted.

Our maneuver drew tremendous press attention on this law and fueled citizen pressure on Congress, which eventually succumbed and abandoned it.

Democrats used a similar maneuver to pass some aspects of the original bill.

David Raposa: That maneuver has an actual name?

There are limits to Erdogan’s room for maneuver.

(According to one report, Bannon welcomed the chaos and protests, which seems less like a tactical maneuver than the cackle of a madman.)

Some Republicans, however, fear such a maneuver could set a dangerous precedent for when they do not control the upper chamber.

They are still reacting to this maneuver.”

Traditionally, many prefer to operate in shades of gray that give them room to maneuver.

A successful engine burn maneuver prompted an outbreak of applause among the space agency’s ground controllers.

‘Left on their terms’ The Resolute Support statement called the move a strategic maneuver that had been planned for “some time.”

On a daily basis, that means scores of riders have to maneuver through a vital transit network that largely doesn’t work for them.

They are still reacting to this maneuver.”

Admittedly, the room for maneuver is constrained by the aftermath of the campaign.

The maneuver would help Republicans end a Democratic filibuster next week over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

When you’re riding, you can pretty much lean from side to side to maneuver.

This maneuver has succeeded in postponing a full-scale military confrontation between Turkey, Syrian rebels and Kurds.

The tradeoff is that Spencer cannot jump, only maneuver by swooping around like a spider caught in the breeze.

It just gained a lot of weight and significance along the way and became this amazing, life-changing maneuver.

Together, they enact a chess game of sex, politics, and betrayal in which they maneuver around one another, as dominance continually changes hands.

Stories circulated that two people were saved from choking because their rescuers knew the Heimlich maneuver from the opening scene.

I once saved a man who was choking to death in the chow hall by performing the Heimlich maneuver on him.

One officer performed a “PIT” maneuver, a strategic way of ramming a car to disable it.

In the midst of Independence Day festivities, NASA’s Juno orbiter celebrated its own American heritage with a daredevil maneuver.

He’s growing weary of the balancing act necessary to maneuver in the lawless game of rap and is ready to move forward.

“As the vehicle was spinning out of control from the PIT maneuver, Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head,” police said.

Local authorities do have some room to maneuver.

(For the record, I stopped because I was trying to figure out how to maneuver around without lifting my front foot.)

They maneuver the politics and the messaging necessary to operate in all these sites.

Even on a trail or other designated recreation spot, different users maneuver around each other.

They also have to maneuver around obstacles.

A pro spicy maneuver would be to use Taco Bell hot sauce on some KFC.

But Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, famous for his athletic ability, was well prepared for Trump’s maneuver.

For starters, AMRAAM missiles maneuver aerodynamically.

It was back to feeling like it did before, but slightly easier to maneuver.

“The pilot thought he could maneuver the aircraft and land.

Given room to maneuver behind the net, he tallied his fifth goal on a backhand wraparound at 2:23.

If Democrats refuse to cooperate, the White House could seek to pass the bill with a simple majority in a maneuver known as reconciliation.

This will be a complicated and risky maneuver, which is why NASA is inviting interdisciplinary thinkers to participate in its 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, “The Russian fighter carried out a ‘greeting’ maneuver.

She stopped for a brief moment and watched the driver of the tractor try unsuccessfully to maneuver the vehicle out of the soaked ground.

Yes, the Holdo maneuver is in there too.

“There are ways to maneuver around the current red flags that have been put in the ground,” Reade said.

Deadfire manages to maneuver itself between those two things, and it’s impressive for that alone.

After trying to dislodge the small piece of metal with the Heimlich maneuver, Joniec took Britton to the nearest urgent care center.

It’s also one that’s required him to maneuver with extreme pushback from the Toronto Police and frequent reminders of his past.

It does take Cassee a bit longer to maneuver around the stage, but she breaks out a hell of a handstand push-up between moves.

But his room for maneuver will remain limited.

Give the NHL credit for leaving themselves some room to maneuver here.

This wasn’t a maneuver that could work with gradual pressure like tightening a vice.

The clamp closes through a ratcheting mechanism so I had to get the maneuver started with my own strength.

The resilience features on comms and infrared satellites might include better thrusters, allowing the spacecraft to maneuver more quickly in order to avoid attack.

Control surfaces on the glide vehicle mean it can steer an unpredictable course and maneuver sharply as it approaches impact.

On missions, players create and maneuver a team of soldiers who tactically take out waves of aliens.

As the Republican Governor tried to maneuver through the coffeeshop with his entourage, Jennings cried out, “You don’t care about working people!

Apple has been blamed for not being more transparent about the sneaky maneuver.

“We basically go through a reflex maneuver to force open the airway.

Over the last few years, the coach of the NBA’s best team has saved his finishing maneuver for only the most important situations.

The maneuver under consideration, according to the three sources, would mirror steps taken by another sanctioned Russian tycoon, Viktor Vekselberg.

The methods include the standard side straddle, the waist-straddling maneuver, the reverse bear hug method, the handstand and the Evetts-Russomano method.

Or it could be a simple procedural maneuver to satisfy curiosity and establish a baseline of his perceived NFL value.

The question is if you can maneuver.

In “a head-butt maneuver, the planes fly just in advance of another to create heavy wake and get its attention,” Davis explained.

It’s hard to forget that Obama failed to support marriage equality during his 2008 campaign (what some say was a calculated political maneuver).

How do you maneuver it at ALL?

Dauman filed a legal challenge to that maneuver, arguing that Redstone was being manipulated by his daughter Shari.

The report cited other studies of success treating cases of persistent or intractable hiccups with the Heimlich maneuver, sex, acupuncture, and nerve stimulation.

Holmes: He inherently knows where he has room to maneuver and where he doesn’t.

Learning how to maneuver through the VR with controllers was fairly easy, if not intuitive.

For the writers of the series, the maneuver marked what amounted to a solution to a problem.

At first, her signature maneuver was a low blow.

He is weakened at home, barreling from one self-inflicted political firestorm to another, leaving limited room for maneuver on foreign policy.

The department has banned officers from using chokeholds for decades, saying the maneuver is too risky.

And yet, the machines still struggle with the maneuver.

“A right-hand turn is a consistent maneuver,” Leigh explained.

The trade actions will not be carried out immediately, so there may be room for maneuver.

The maneuver started when George W. Bush was President and Democrat Harry Reid was the Senate majority leader, then continued under Barack Obama.

The disconnect has been manifest in contracting LME time-spreads with shorts having to maneuver in a shrinking LME stocks landscape.

When she expresses outrage at a risky military maneuver, British officers shrug that dying in battle is just “what soldiers do.”

Checker Cab gave them an interesting severance opportunity: teach the taxibots the best way to maneuver through Los Angeles.

Dauman filed a legal challenge to that maneuver, arguing that Redstone was being manipulated by his daughter Shari.

It’s the “yes, but” rhetorical maneuver — condemn racism but add a qualifier to diminish the sincerity of what you just said.

As a pivotal regional player, Pakistan today has greater room for maneuver in foreign policy.

(CNN)As his brother tells it, Sammy Saldivar tried his best to maneuver around Harvey’s floodwaters.

Such a maneuver could defuse a showdown with House conservatives over the debt limit.

The debate commission put a stop to Trump’s Maury maneuver, telling the campaign that security would intervene if Trump tried.

Even for human pilots, identifying obstacles and deciding precisely how to maneuver a fast-flying aircraft around them poses a serious challenge.

But at the same time, Trump’s room to maneuver with his base may also be wider than some pundits assume.

Babis has denied wrongdoing, calling the case a political maneuver.

Despite the outrage over that maneuver, gouging like that is standard operating procedure in the ruthless pharmaceutical world.

They’re trying to figure out how to maneuver within the markets, is the bottom line.

Monday a Russian fighter jet came within five feet of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft in the Baltic Sea in an unsafe maneuver.

The bill failed to gain enough support among Senate Republicans to be passed under a special legislative maneuver known as budget reconciliation.

Over just the past week, Trump has executed this maneuver three separate times.

“Even the night when all this happened, I had to maneuver carefully to go to safety.”

You’d need larger machines to do the heavy lifting and smaller bots to maneuver within tight spaces in the construction process.

Make no mistake, the widely praised Mueller is no softie and is capable of such a maneuver.

Although the grill was designed to do this, Dante helps his workers because he wants to do this maneuver in one sudden movement.

Unlike cubesats that orbit Earth, deep space cubesats will often need to maneuver as they hurtle toward other planets.

Each successful maneuver goaded the defense into a subsequent overreaction, at which point Davis changed tacks.

I also included his neck as a backup maneuver.

Six tries of this maneuver got me nowhere.

I went to my final maneuver.

You have to be mindful of that and maneuver it carefully, while also taking risks.

To dice a tomato, you basically want to maneuver around the core and slice up all the meaty tomato goodness.

Had nationalism not raised its divisive head, they may have more political room for maneuver.

The dirty, the good or whatever, if you just keep yourself together and you’re smart, you can maneuver through it.

Use 3dRudder to maneuver through your existing PC games or navigate emerging virtual reality worlds while sitting.

Video from the scene showed one man dressed in shorts trying to help firefighters maneuver a victim on a stretcher away from the building.

The maneuver, already used by more than a dozen multinationals, involves a one-time write-off of the entire value of a company’s subsidiaries.

With just a few words, Kim showed he could maintain his arsenal and maneuver between the US and a key regional ally.

Mick Foley probably has grounds for a lawsuit over gimmick infringement with the sock maneuver, but kudos on a surprisingly decent piledriver.

Or they could maneuver an impulsive president into committing to reduce U.S. forces on the peninsula.

Nelson, Scott’s possible opponent in 2018, slammed the maneuver.

You’ll also vacuum nearly everywhere thanks to the Light Ball design that helps it maneuver into tighter spaces.

The company, which spun out of MIT in 2014, manufactures ion engines that enable satellites to maneuver in space and avoid these collisions.

“Halting sneeze via blocking nostrils and mouth is a dangerous maneuver,” the report recommended.

“I don’t think the Presidential Council has many alternatives or much margin for maneuver,” said a North African diplomatic source.

While I was trying to maneuver through life without legal status, I was also dealing with the realities of being black in America.

Bremmer said he’d be stunned to see direct Russian military retaliation, since “for all the headlines, this wasn’t a particularly risky maneuver.”

Navigation algorithms enable the Seaglider robots to maneuver autonomously.

Later that year, an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association labeled it the Heimlich maneuver.

This was the first step in a choreographed legislative maneuver we have seen many times.

Nothing has become more conclusive in the 44 years since the Heimlich maneuver saved its first life.

That has to be in the back of your mind if you’re a world leader trying to maneuver in high-stakes negotiations with Trump.”

If China concludes that this maneuver can pacify him and avert a trade war, we might see movement in this direction.

It’s the kind of football maneuver that transcends fandom and goes down in history.

Given how reliant the unpopular President is on his base, his room for maneuver seems limited.

It’s also not very intuitive to maneuver and doesn’t pick up immediately that you are trying to swipe through the menu at times.

My biggest challenge was really learning how to maneuver these territories and be mindful of their respective cultures and working methods.

Sen. John Thune, another member of GOP leadership, said the maneuver would be a “pretty heavy lift.”

“As we progress, we will get more images—and I’m sure we’re going to do another maneuver,” Pelletier said.

Henry Heimlich, MD, the creator of the world-famous Heimlich maneuver, just saved a fellow resident at his retirement home from choking.

He swiftly performed the maneuver on an 87-year-old woman who was choking on a piece of hamburger.

@CoryBooker’s drop & roll maneuver was legit,” he said.

For more information about the Heimlich maneuver, find a training course near you.

Authorities followed and a SWAT team performed a tactical maneuver to force Conditt to stop the SUV.

Literally, the suitcase comes apart in two pieces, making it really easy to maneuver.

Not so with this evasive maneuver.

The Kentucky Education Association, which represents teachers and other education professionals, slammed the maneuver as a “classic legislative bait and switch.”

This seizure of evidence pursuant to search warrant on an attorney’s office is a highly unusual and dangerous maneuver by any prosecutor.

Unlike ballistic missiles, which follow a fixed and therefore predictable trajectory, hypersonic missiles can maneuver, making them difficult to defend against.”

He’s one of the few politicians who seems able to maneuver institutional Washington without completely alienating the party’s base.

You get to know another country’s people, its language, and its quirks so you can effectively maneuver on the global stage.

But some governments and national lobbying groups have been pushing to give their lenders more time and room to maneuver.

Yet the ability to maneuver in response to business challenges is the one thing a startup founder needs most.

He’s asking them to trust that, given room to maneuver, he’ll bring the trade standoffs to a satisfactory conclusion.

Moderate Republicans are using a rarely-used and rarely-successful procedural maneuver called a “discharge petition.”

There are plenty of cameras positioned around the vehicle to help maneuver this land yacht.

I’ve gotten really into lifting and, when performing big movements like squats and deadlifts, I don’t hesitate to perform a Valsalva maneuver.

Though Jackson was in marvelous shape, even he couldn’t do the maneuver without help.

The trade actions will not be carried out immediately, so there may be room for maneuver.

Republican leaders are working to stave off a procedural maneuver by a group of moderates that would trigger votes on four competing immigration bills.

Deficit reduction as well as spending rises on security after recent Islamist militant attacks have left the government little room for maneuver.

Some saw it as a back-door maneuver to diminish the political power of racial minorities such as blacks, Asians and Native Americans.

I’m guessing no, it felt really like an Ian (Ryan Merriman) maneuver.

As these supply ships often conduct this maneuver whilst docked with the ISS, the nudge does not appear to be a significantly risky maneuver.

The procedural maneuver is just three signatures short of succeeding, including two Republicans.

Why it matters: This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, such maneuver.

Risk of motivating rich taxpayers to go to other countries or maneuver to hide their wealth.

His tweet on immigration was a classic maneuver by a populist leader with authoritarian instincts.

The Heimlich maneuver is the same in space as on Earth.

One of her ribs was broken when Manchin performed the Heimlich maneuver on her.

If we need to maneuver it, we will.

A female customer rushes to help him and tries performing the Heimlich maneuver but it doesn’t work.

Sounds like you’re saying it’s a political maneuver.

Harris ran to the man and began performing the Heimlich maneuver.

My armored knights were roasting inside their armor, and every maneuver left them dangerously fatigued.

“In the distance, I could see several vehicles trying to maneuver and turn back on the road,” he said.

Airline pilots are trained regularly on the appropriate procedures to maneuver after encountering a wind shear event produced by a thunderstorm.

Cameras Like Lidar sensors, cameras help AVs understand their environment and maneuver accordingly.

Eventually, chatter appears to reference a maneuver the stolen plane has just done.

The techniques include a variation of holds and throws, including a particularly brutal maneuver which can be described only as a hair throw.

Not long before the crash, a pilot who’d been helping controllers advise Russell appears to mention the maneuver.

At 1.3 seconds before impact, the self-driving system determined that an emergency braking maneuver was needed to mitigate a collision, according to the NTSB.

“The exercise is not directed against any third party” and will focus on “maneuver defense, firepower strikes and counterattack,” it added.

The “Carlton” dance seems to be pretty immediately recognizable for its dorky arm-swinging maneuver, but that didn’t cut it for copyright officials.

Brilliant maneuver, Ellen.

Economists dismissed the currency maneuver as a scam.

Using this, I was able to maneuver through a surprise baseball conversation without incident during my week.

From there, maneuver your vehicle of choice to face your target and hit the fire button.

Trump’s legal maneuver on Saturday marked a significant development in the lengthy legal saga involving Daniels.

“The Syrian air defenses must have taken that maneuver for a new attack by the Israeli air force,” he said.

This is a commonplace law enforcement maneuver.

But also, Heather Dunbar was very righteous; she was not as willing and as adept to maneuver as Elizabeth Keane is.

Then, the operator may choose to fire up the satellite’s thrusters and maneuver it out of harm’s way.

Given the odds, satellite operators don’t always choose to maneuver their spacecrafts, according to Robert Hall, the director of ComSpOC at AGI.

With interest payments on public debt eating up 3.5 percent of output, Croatia’s next government will have little room for maneuver.

The onus would be on the Chinese ship to keep safe distance from and maneuver past the US ship.

The accounting maneuver largely insulates their consolidated financial results from Venezuela’s economic turmoil.

The Autopark system could help drivers steer through a parallel parking maneuver with the touch of a button.

“Institutions are bound to internal hierarchies that aren’t easy to maneuver,” Dolle told me by email.

In my experience, it found the code without having to maneuver the camera at all.

The teams have published a study describing their findings as they look to build invertebrate-inspired robotics able to squeeze into and maneuver around obstacles.

But the most well-known is the Heimlich maneuver, named for it’s recently-deceased inventor.

Here are the basic Heimlich maneuver steps, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic.

But if you haven’t been trained to perform that properly, the Mayo Clinic advises you to stick with the Heimlich maneuver.

To give a pregnant person the Heimlich maneuver, the steps are basically the same.

While new to me, this surprisingly complicated maneuver must challenge every woman.

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