Managed in a sentence | Use of the word managed examples

Somehow, Joaquín had managed to claim her place atop it about ten minutes after HBO’s video went up.

The Republican Party also managed to maintain its majorities in both houses of Congress in Tuesday’s vote.

He managed to touch all of us so deeply and profoundly.

Warner further demanded that Uber share how it managed to find the hackers in the first place.

“He managed to escape and run down the street to a nearby gym.

Quantum previously managed assets for Angola’s wealth fund but the two have been involved in a legal dispute since last year.

Yet they somehow managed to travel to 140 countries and all seven continents, documenting their trips with tens of thousands of photos.

Those things are managed by professional managers.

So we managed to find some forensic lip readers.

Firefighters had managed to contain 41 percent of the Carr blaze by Sunday, and authorities were letting some evacuees return.

But Trump himself earned millions of dollars in salary and managed to relieve himself of personal debts while running the company into the ground.

Huawei has also managed to get ahead of rivals by selling more feature-packed phones, analysts said.

Along with Erickson, the gallery is now managed by Luke Hussack, with help from fellow artist Jackie Riccio.

The ball hit the dirt and Plawecki’s chest protector and still managed to make a pretty good impression on his shorn chest.

This is not the first time Netflix has managed to finagle an Oscar nomination.

Yet despite his absence at the debate, Trump still managed to dominate the discussion onstage.

Yet despite his absence at the debate, Trump still managed to dominate the discussion onstage.

It was perfect that she managed to do that.

Over 25 years, the number of managed bee colonies in Pennsylvania had decreased by more than half, found a 2006 report.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: Nature managed by indigenous peoples and local communities is under increasing pressure but generally declining less rapidly than in other lands.

Republicans have managed to make tax cuts less popular than Obamacare.

It has managed to successfully put the missile into space, but it has not been able to bring it back down to Earth.

I managed less than a minute with all of my clients that day.

CMS does not negotiate prices or purchase drugs, but sets ground rules for the managed care companies and state Medicaid agencies that do.

The biggest question she has managed to avoid is whether she will pardon her father.

Haaretz and Kan said that another Palestinian businessman who had attended Manama managed to evade arrest.

This is when Kalt finally managed to get some traction.

Despite being knocked to the ground by police, she managed to get her camera and rolls of film to a friend who biked away.

Yet professor Shin Kubota has managed to rejuvenate one of his charges 14 times, before a typhoon washed it away.

Or does the term reflect a system that organized and managed a group of artists?

His political legacy will be that he managed to unify the fractured conservative movement in Canada and quell infighting amongst its ranks.

The Best Self Co. Journal helps people map out their five- or 10-year plans in a tangible, easily managed way.

During his tenure, Cryan has stabilised the bank, raised capital, confronted legal challenges and managed the demands of greater regulation.

The ceasefire hasn’t managed to completely halt the violence.

I can only assume that I managed it.

“We can’t do a lot to regulate how the game’s played, and we’ve really managed to relinquish that control,” Hilmar says.

“We managed to get in and the atmosphere felt religious.

A year ago, a convention dedicated to Trump seemed outlandish, but he managed to pull it off and score the nomination.

“I managed to make it without any injuries,” he said.

Even the hard-hit S&P500 energy and financial sectors managed to close the session with slight gains after a late afternoon rally.

Less than half were viable embryos, but scientists managed to implant 11 into six female hosts.

He managed to play his enemies off against each other as tribal warfare, separatist movements and Islamist militants destabilized Yemen.

And while staying under the radar might feel like wishful thinking, other equally prominent companies have managed to do this successfully in the past.

He managed to get himself banned from, though not before he built up a small following among the site’s more radical users.

Waco wants to leave you morally conflicted, but through the three episodes I’ve seen, it hasn’t quite managed the complicated balancing act.

One Puerto Rican farmer, for example, managed to restore power with the solar panels he installed before the storm.

We know Snapchat was built on App Engine, which basically allows clients to host their main software on datacenters managed by Google.

The system, managed by the Office of Emergency Management, allows alerts to be targeted to a specific geographic region.

I even managed to shake off a bad cold, which would normally have landed me in bed.

The suspect was armed with a single, .45-caliber handgun and smoke devices and police said he managed to fire around 30 shots in total.

The suspect was armed with a single, .45-caliber handgun and smoke devices and police said he managed to fire around 30 shots in total.

“They’re concerned it can’t be managed and there isn’t a way to provide services and also assure people’s safety.”

We are equally hypnotized and managed by power structure, not more, not really less.

Stormy told cops she managed to dodge the fan, but then Crain shoved her down.

Tam managed to fit in, but the rest of us may not be so lucky.

That might explain how he managed to have the highest Google search interest throughout the night, as the above chart shows.

Dovgan managed to escape sexual violence by handing over the information they demanded.

A month and a half after her search began, Christine managed to fortuitously book a ski condo in Alpensia on

I had managed to scrape up contacts in a few cities, mostly Russian friends of friends intrigued at the idea of hosting actual Americans.

“In junior high I managed to speak a little to a couple of friends, but I regressed in high school,” she says.

Together, the two men managed 260 cabs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, some for other owners.

(Cohen blamed Freidman, who managed the taxis in question, for the unpaid taxes.)

I think what we managed to do is that the music and the images are completely fused.

As French people fall out of love with old-fashioned cooking, fine-dining experts have managed to reclaim it, bringing the flavors up to date.

Overwhelming devastation in Fort McMurray — Don Scott (@DonaldKScott)May 4, 2016 “It’s managed chaos.

Here are the three ways he managed to finesse it.

Jabin Botsford, a staff photographer for the Washington Post, managed to take a photo that reveals one paragraph of Trump’s “very good” agreement.

I managed to bring four other people to a nearby lighthouse, which is something I haven’t gotten to do before.

But on Monday, one pioneering New Yorker managed to turn the most uncomfortable part of the city into his own private sanctuary.

Thankfully, and at Motherboard’s prodding, T-Mobile managed to rectify the issue overnight.

From this tenuous footing, Sakai managed to scramble to the roof of a nearby building that hadn’t washed away.

Video managed to lead to charges in cases where there likely wouldn’t have been charges before.

“I was actually quite impressed that they managed to take the information-retrieval, search type of methods and push them quite that far.

Though the plan was to only show up for a single day, due to his condition, Gabe managed to surprise everyone.

The then-Expedia CEO managed to remain shrouded in mystery as the company’s board of directors got closer to nailing down their pick.

Jeff managed to try it one night while Lizzie and I were upstairs.

But I still managed to leave feeling a certain, base-level sense of satisfaction.

One (but of course not the only) reason Cooper managed to overperform: McCrory’s disastrous anti-LGBTQ law.

It may be blasphemy to say this, but it’s true: on Wretch, Simon et al have managed to out-Saint Vitus Saint Vitus themselves.

And there have been moments where the US looked to be in grave trouble and managed to bounce back.

We managed to upset everyone, probably.

Still, those gains managed to top economist expectations for an addition of 125,000 jobs.

In 2015, Kleon managed to read more than 60 books.

Difficult to access, managed by the Department of Correction, the mass grave of over a million burials remains obscure.

They managed to succeed and move past that.

It’s managed to be pretty successful, especially for a small northeastern metro area.

Arianna Huffington, cofounder and editor of The Huffington Post, has managed to resist the siren call of her smartphone.

But that has its own problems, which have to be carefully managed.

These bunkers are not an anomaly; they are part of a legacy of improperly managed radioactive sites across Russia.

Trump, by contrast, has simply said that his businesses will be managed by his adult children.

“Citizens can see for themselves how their fisheries are being effectively managed and hold leaders accountable for long-term sustainability,” the project’s website notes.

And DeAndre Jordan somehow managed to surprise even himself.

Someone like Paul Ryan … the man who managed to get himself elected speaker while maintaining that he didn’t want the job.

Erickson, a conservative from South Dakota who managed the 1992 presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan, has reportedly visited Butina in prison.

Produced and managed Blue Öyster Cult.

Police say the gunman was wounded, but managed to flee in a taxi.

Only two farmers in Qaraqosh managed to grow wheat this year.

No other candidate managed double-digits.

It’s still unclear how Causey managed to get ahold of all those items.

In that instance, Causey also managed to last about two days outside before he was captured and sent back to prison.

The pair managed to answer why the noodles break the way they do, but not how to break them without shattering.

Passaro’s defense managed to sidestep [key issues] in many ways.

[…] I’ve managed to make social commentary that’s time-sensitive, and digital chopping-ups on an app that’s a bobo-fuckin’ Photoshop…

Juan’s former attorney and rep for his estate, Guillermo Pous, backs Ivan’s account … telling us Munoz never managed Juan.

In fact, two-thirds of the Australian population support same-sex marriage, yet no government has managed to push it through.

Throughout the three seasons of the philosophical comedy, its managed to achieve the inconceivable.

Mercer had managed to muster energy to go to the gym and rewarded herself with a post-workout shake.

As the CTO and co-founder of Kayak, I managed all the customer emails for the first few months.

Still, Washington politics under the Trump administration managed to taint the traditional bipartisanship of veteran affairs, Shulkin said.

“Libor related commercial and conduct risks may be much more effectively managed by avoiding Libor altogether,” Schooling Latter said.

“We will be looking for evidence that these books are being managed down, and we will not allow an increase,” Schooling Latter said.

I think there were a number of mistakes that she made just in terms of how she managed people.

Who hadn’t managed that many people at Google.

It’s like, okay, all right, he managed a small amount of people and now a thousand.

Ossoff managed to mobilize the Democratic base while running a campaign with broad appeal.

More to the point, Iran has even managed to grow its Shiite support base among Sunni-ruled nations.

Both women say they managed to get into cars and escape the situation.

No worries, though, because he managed to kill the cat after a vicious fight, Kauffman told Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Both women say they managed to get into cars and escape the situation.

No worries, though, because he managed to kill the cat after a vicious fight, Kauffman told Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

He conceded that the government might not have managed to ratify an exit deal in parliament before European elections are held on May 23-26.

Twitter managed to lose money on its $2.5 billion in ad revenue last year.

TheSkimm co-founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg have managed to build a product that deeply engages with a hard-fought-over demographic of female millennials.

Richard, 26, also managed to escape falling over.

So, mischief managed, he and I headed down into the belly of the office to commandeer a tiny conference room.

Firefighters managed to halt the advance of the blaze within several hours, carving containment lines around 20 percent of its perimeter, the dispatcher said.

We managed to make it to the front of the line.

One gets the impression that Geys, as much as any artist ever managed to, achieved an integration of art and life.

One gets the impression that he, as much as any artist ever managed to, achieved an integration of art and life.

For the first time in my career, I think, I even managed to pay off one of the credit cards.

Yet Coffman, the incumbent Republican, has managed to hang on to his seat since he was elected nearly a decade ago.

We’re not sure how Hamachiyo managed to make this look cool, but he did.

He made his WWF debut in 1985 — while managed by the “Mouth of the South,” Jimmy Hart.

Indeed, while Democrats managed to pass sweeping financial regulatory reforms, banks were not fundamentally fixed so as to prevent another recession.

So far in 2019, only Virginia and New Jersey have managed to turn their NDA legislation into law.

The tiny object managed to cause a lot of damage because it was travelling at high speeds.

Casper has managed to make mattresses a sexy, branded purchase.

The partnership will be managed by a 10-person board composed of five representatives from Blackstone and four from Thomson Reuters.

“It will have to be managed carefully with a great deal of prep work,” she said on Twitter.

So there’s a whole set-up around safely managed drinking water and sanitation that we help countries establish.

And it found an audience far beyond my animation work… It managed to cross this intersection between art and games,” OReilly says.

Ogumike made 66.9 percent of her twos, but incredibly, managed to shoot 16-for-26 from three-point range this year, good for a 61.5 percent clip.

Firing Rex Tillerson via Twitter was bad enough, but President Trump just managed to one-up himself with his former secretary of state.

Firing Rex Tillerson via Twitter was bad enough, but President Trump just managed to one-up himself with his former secretary of state.

Some of our colleagues were hit, though, thank God, many others managed to get out.

She managed to touch on a lot of major topics in her first work and she even incorporated a comic within her comic.

“She has managed a party from scratch to this level.

Happily, David is made of stronger stuff than I, and he managed to get us out of there with our vows intact.

At once, the resolution managed to create the appearance of division among Democrats and give Republicans a big, fat target.

At once, the resolution managed to create the appearance of division among Democrats and give Republicans a big, fat target.

The offering will be managed by the investment banking units of JPMorgan Chase & Co, Bank of America Corp and Banco do Brasil.

For all its problems (and there are many), democracy has managed to thrive.

Some hold public office and have managed to generate an early fundraising base, while others are still trying to raise their profile.

But on Monday, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro managed to sneak a camera into a station in El Paso.

And Chan and Zuckerberg know what happens when gifts aren’t properly managed.

But on Monday, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro managed to sneak a camera into a station in El Paso.

The problems run deeper, and they reveal the limits of professionally managed campaigns.

But beginning with his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he managed to ask the right questions of the country.

The plane, which was on its way from NYC to Dallas, managed to touch down relatively safely in Philly.

Each race on the Red Hook Crit circuit is managed by a “zone leader”: an experienced event staffer with a strong cycling background.

The navigation is then very iPhone-like, managed through a round, white home button that picks up the iPhone’s critical interface feature.

He even managed to execute a perfectly timed out-of-bounds jump pass without diving into any of the pale sportswriters camped out on the baseline.

Among his best finds, he managed to lure Olympic netminder Noora Raty from Finland to anchor the teams that won 62 straight games.

Contained with a hexagon, the architect managed to corral even this sphere into his vision.

Luckily Stuart managed to persuade the founders to come over to work with Swain and his team on creating Toast Ale.

It has to be an Olympic Games record that Sweden has managed to nail.

As for the game, it was a fight — but the Predators managed to pull off a 5-4 victory in double overtime.

He managed vote totals of less than 1 percent in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month and the New Hampshire primary.

Lagrew has now managed similar feats at the eight hospitals where he’s worked since, and at hundreds more in the state through CMQCC.

But it is emblematic of Tillerson’s style, in a way that shows how he managed to alienate his own employees so thoroughly.

Conservatives managed to add this little thing at the eleventh hour.

It’s managed to condense everything that everyone hates about Arsenal fans into a pure, unadulterated three-minute and two seconds horrorshow.

He managed to get to London, and thus he and his three sons survived the Holocaust.

How had he managed to free himself?

Dany was shocked that the Lannisters had managed to construct a weapon that could injure one of her dragons.

I managed to graduate at the age of 22 (funnily enough, dropping out of high school caused me to start college a year early).

He never managed 15 goals or topped the 40-point mark, but he hung around the league until 2008.

And Lara’s team has managed to keep the momentum going.

i will never get over how the game of thrones writers managed to ruin most of the women’s characters this season.

I’ve already covered Greg Hardy (who since then has managed to start a tone-deaf push for employment thanks to Adam Schefter.

I managed to get in a few strong pieces, small triumphs that were overtly counter to the paper’s general conservatism.

MoviePass just managed to be on the bleeding edge of that change, and is now scrambling to stay in the game.

Each in our own way, we managed to make room for solitude.

I found him backstage, managed to ask him what he was wearing.

Some chapters were difficult, such as the poetry in Arabic, but based on context, I managed to get relatively far.

And Chan and Zuckerberg know what happens when gifts aren’t properly managed.

But they managed to beat Portugal away and stay ahead of Denmark and arch-rivals Serbia for second place in Group I.

Indeed, in 2003, Northern Ireland managed to go ten straight games without scoring a goal.

“We are not going to be managed.

National parks have, especially in recent decades, been managed with a light hand.

“We are not going to be managed.

He managed to knock one off against Amazon.

We managed as a band to write three songs together before going in and recording a record.

He issues a 10-year bond, double the maturity that the current government has managed, demonstrating that investors buy into his vision.

According to Su’s indictment, he managed to steal 630,000 files from Boeing’s system, totalling some 65 gigabytes of data, from 2010 onwards.

Point72 managed his personal fortune during the ban.

He also managed to grab volumes of data relating to the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets, both of which are made by Lockheed Martin.

The withdrawal from drugs like alcohol and benzodiazepines can be really problematic and dangerous if not managed properly.”

Russia has managed to weaponize the American press — and use it as a potent weapon against Hillary Clinton.

Obama managed third place, with 61,155 mentions, and Clinton came in seventh, with 23,843 mentions.

“We are fighting a genetic bottleneck,” said Christopher Cockel, a project coordinator at the seed bank managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

He’d managed to avoid me.

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, since some comedies, like Arrested Development (2004), have managed to sneak in once in a while.

Whatever Harris was doing obviously worked, because Ferguson managed to gas himself out while in mount and doing nothing.

The company has managed to rack up a $37.4 million deficit, much of which was accumulated in 2017.

He was convicted twice in Mexico, and managed to escape from Mexican prison both times.

Audi managed to engineer a true mini R8 here, because it embodies everything that defines its larger, faster big brother.

Sitting at my table, I can’t believe I’ve managed to order.

Sabre said it had disclosed a cybersecurity incident involving servers managed by an unnamed third party in 2015.

Other attendees complained the event had been heavily stage managed to distract from their dissatisfaction.

Actually, while writing this, I somehow managed to be listening to Hellogoodbye.

You managed to get out before it died.

Bulk of the assets managed by private banks in Asia comes from China that mints two new billionaires every week.

She still managed, though.

He managed to find a job hand-loading eighty kilogram bags of rice on to jerry-build transport trucks.

Even if I had managed to make it through cold-turkey withdrawals, she could have died in the process.

The show even managed to embrace the sitcom staple of a season-ending wedding with an impressive balance of cheese and wit.

But Jess’s broken heart still managed to exist in the same episode as these shenanigans without feeling out of place or unnecessarily “heavy.”

The pilots managed to lift the nose slightly using the electric thumb switches on their control column.

Spring even managed to get legendary Nigerian artist and designer Lemi Ghariokwu to contribute to the project.

Until the end, however, Mitchell managed to keep another more important memento from his time in space.

As for how “Aiden” managed to take over Drake’s account, however briefly, details remain scarce.

Afghan soldiers backed by U.S. forces managed to push back the heavily armed rebels last week.

Russia has managed to take out around 2 million tonnes of it from the pipeline system, mostly via the Ust-Luga port.

Manson had managed to infiltrate both the heart of Hollywood and the heart of middle-class America.

I actually managed to get quite a few but—though they looked impressively lengthy.

All in all, I’d managed to save a breathtaking 32 cents.

She never looked the way artists were supposed to look; even when she was broke, she managed to look like a million dollars.

Maybe I’ve managed up to my capacity, however it worked out.” Yeah.

But as far as history records, just two zines managed to successfully publish slash fiction in the 1980s.

When asked how he’s managed to stave off retirement, he guesses it’s because of his style.

“We knew this website was poorly managed,” they write.

How has Trump managed to hold onto this support?

They somehow managed to keep that massive wedding ring in frame while taking the shot in her new White House residence.

I understood that question was a way of asking: had I managed that all-important empathy?

In some cases, black Airbnb users who’ve managed to successfully book a rental have gone on to experience discrimination during their stay: Yo!

One key area in which F1 differs from the NFL is the way the broadcasting is managed within the two sports.

The company managed $6.3 trillion in assets as of June 30.

Separate managed accounts made up 38% of demand, according to LPC Refinitiv data.

During his six-month detention, he was tortured — but still somehow managed to provide medical care to other tortured detainees.

Many Obama-era regulatory regimes managed to keep the cellphone market competitive and costs down for consumers.

At least with Eugene, McDermitt has managed to make the character’s improbable moral descent interesting, if confusing.

Before this year, they’d only managed that sort of playoff comeback four times in their entire franchise history.

The most outrageous variant FIBA, basketball’s international federation, has managed to cook up and promote is a three by three, half-court take.

In the transgender canvassing study, trans and nontrans canvassers alike managed to reduce people’s anti-transgender attitudes.

The strikes focused heavily on Aleppo’s east, where rebels have managed to maintain control.

The strikes focused heavily on Aleppo’s east, where rebels have managed to maintain control.

And even though Fraser has managed to nix meat from his menu today, we never would’ve missed it.

But somehow, the one-page outline for tax reform that administration officials released on Wednesday managed to include fewer details than his campaign plan.

And time and again, the airlines managed to use the political clout to stall reform.

For the last century, Einstein’s theory of relativity has managed to predict the results of every test thrown at it.

He has managed to market the brand in such a way that everyone thinks it’s a lot bigger than it actually is.

She’s a pop star, with a meticulously tended and managed image.

The thoroughly decent Henman never managed to match the feat of his far steelier predecessor.

“We have until now managed to avoid such dramatic incidents (in Marseille).

He somehow managed to congratulate Obama for “gutting” his hard-earned welfare reform.

The president’s 2020 budget proposal, which he released Monday, managed to anger everyone from retirees to childhood cancer researchers.

There’s also a subtheory that Bran didn’t get stuck in the Night King’s body but still managed to influence him significantly.

If that weren’t bad enough, I had managed to land in the app’s Top Live category.

People seeking refuge have been turned away and sent back to the danger they just managed to flee.

Mikey managed to do start his own ice cream shop.

Their total was 225 skips, which beat out their archival Hiromi Elementary School, who managed a paltry 217 skips in 2013.

Gossip Girl never quite managed to give Chuck the standard bad-boy-to-romantic-lead redemption arc.

There’s no central screen, so the right screen covers the entire infotainment suite, managed using a small cluster of knobs and buttons.

That’s in part because while the Good Friday Agreement managed the conflict, Ó Beacháin said, it didn’t resolve it.

The ambulance managed to pick them up.

Officials said firefighters battling the blazes on 20 fronts managed to avoid them from spreading.

Yet despite the chaos, Trump managed to deliver an address that galvanized the party base that came to see him speak.

Yet despite the chaos, Trump managed to deliver an address that galvanized the party base that came to see him speak.

I will say this, I think Amazon has managed this better than any of the other tech giants.

The fact that the FBI managed to defeat the encryption on Farook’s iPhone might seem like bad news for privacy-conscious iPhone users.

It tried, it really did try, but as a nation we managed to resist its neon and Raz-Ber-Rita sodden charms.

The intrepid journalist who managed to track down El Chapo and get him to agree to an on-the-record conversation?

Jana Hunter of , playing guitar with backing tracks, managed to cut through the inevitable exhaustion.

Donald Trump has managed to lead the Republican presidential race for months without running a single television ad.

North Korea has very little arable land, and the collective farms it managed to build were radically inefficient.

Instead of fighting against their depression, these teenage girls have managed to turn the disorder into a fundamental part of their identity.

A handful who managed to get into the square were also quickly led away after shouting “Kazakhstan forward!” and insulting security officers.

He managed to sort through and figure out which one was mine and they honed it down to New Orleans.

Last year, we managed to get, I think, exactly half the speakers at Code were women.

Mariah Carey’s former manager — the woman who fiercely protected her and managed numerous crises — has sued her… TMZ has learned.

Gibson, the New York Times concluded, “has found himself back in Tinseltown’s warm embrace.” He has successfully managed a comeback.

Trump even managed to get in some howlers that had nothing to do with climate change.

Iconiq is the high-powered but low-profile investment firm that has managed money for the Silicon Valley uber-wealthy like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

Hailing from the Blumberg housing projects in North Philly, the brothers managed to build a strong, lifelong bond despite difficult circumstances.

And in the last month, we’ve seen how activists and lawmakers have managed to pressure candidates into more ambitious climate policy proposals.

… We’ve constantly made [intervention] trade-offs in the past, and managed to sustain the grand strategy.”

This was the case in Washington, D.C., which has a publicly funded, docked bike-sharing system managed by Motivate called Capital Bikeshare.

He managed to write best-selling books and attract patients from across the country to NYU.

A family member managed to get him a plane ticket and a fake passport, with an American visa due to expire in eight days.

While several thousand had managed to cross into nearby countries, others were hiding out from violence in the state of Western Equatoria.

Melillo managed to spy through the cracks in the fence and saw that nature had swallowed every square centimeter of the club’s interior.

But Business Insider managed to wangle a copy of her 46-page China roadmap report, out January 4.

Enough people bought the act, and he managed to get elected.

The market has been so crowded that none of the companies have managed to earn significant profits.

I managed to play lots of vinyl as they had a great set up which is always a nice bonus.

The STOXX still managed a weekly gain of 0.5 percent, while MSCI’s index is down nearly 5 percent over the past two weeks.

It’s a very complicated situation, but the war has been terribly managed, and certainly there’s been massive loss of life.

This time, Bolton likely managed to anger another world leader: Trump.

denote areas managed by different Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).

“We’ve managed a decade of low margins, and we’ve not much direct exposure to Brexit,” he said.

Some of my friends managed to get to Europe, why not me?”

Some of my friends managed to get to Europe, why not me?”

This year, captains only managed to fill a quarter of the low level positions normally held by Mexicans and Nicaraguans during the summer.

Despite the dialogue and connection I sought out, I had not managed to overcome prejudice.

Most municipal transit systems are publicly owned and managed, and many of them run ads to help fund their operations.

The prison personnel are centralized and stable, and they are managed by the prison.

Exempts managed care programs funded through Medi–Cal.

He even managed to hang onto his statue.

Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, managed to stay in the Democratic race against Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, managed to stay in the Democratic race against Hillary Clinton.

Later on, some of the Founding Fathers managed to stoke interest in the Illuminati in the United States.

And that’s part of how he managed to do so well.

Special shouts out to those who managed to stay chill in style.

Bogut had career-lows in terms of usage percentage over the last two seasons, but still managed to put up career highs in assist percentage.

Nor have brighter growth numbers managed to lift German 10-year bond yields much above zero percent yet.

He managed to flee to Russia, where he still lives to this day.

Somehow neither Matthew nor I managed to have sex there.

Travis needs to be managed because he’s on top of the world but he has changed everything.

He managed to flee to Russia, where he still lives to this day.

The GAM Greensill Supply Chain Finance fund is managed by Zurich-based GAM Holding, with help from London-based Greensill.

It was a bit of a botch job, like, but it managed to stay there all day.

No such group for Republican women has managed to harness that kind of firepower.

Following my doctor’s recommendation might tighten my grip on the life I’ve managed to salvage.

Nick Dutch: We managed to see the pizza delivered live as well, which was exceptionally exciting.

We’ve all formed shapes out of mud or natural clay, but few of us have managed to make anything beautiful.

has managed to keep its results on the down-low.

Republicans have only managed to put up a somewhat formidable candidate in one of the 10 Democratic seats up: Nevada.

Slocum told Sports Illustrated writer Curry Kirkpatrick in the article, “John has managed to piss off coaches all over the country.”

At around 10 AM, cops finally managed to get him down from the freeway, placing a massive inflatable cushion beneath the overpass.

He’d been front-and-center at press briefings as FEMA managed Hurricane Lane in Hawaii earlier this month.

“Identity has to be managed, and they employ violence to redeem themselves.

Over past decades, the two worlds have managed to thrive alongside each other, often with intriguing overlap.

A string of wins was broken in 2012, when he managed the short-lived presidential campaign of Tim Pawlenty, a former Republican governor of Minnesota.

She overcame a childhood marked by abandonment and mistreatment and somehow managed not to become bitter or broken.

BPY has about $87 billion in assets, part of more than $330 billion managed by its parent Brookfield.

(Ohio Governor John Kasich, who at least managed to win his home state, remains in the presidential race alongside Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.)

Only a few candidates have managed the nomination without winning either the Iowa caucus or the New Hampshire primary.

Whatever the reason, Rubio never managed to clear the “establishment lane” for himself.

Meese, James, and incoming White House Chief of Staff James Baker managed the personnel process, with the president-elect having the final say.

Reagan sometimes turned to his “kitchen Cabinet” of wealthy California friends, but the transition chiefs managed to limit their influence.

Baker had twice managed the presidential campaigns of Reagan’s opponents (Gerald Ford in 1976 and George H.W.

Reagan managed to strike a balance between ideological fealty and political pragmatism.

Why should there be any belief that anything involving Lee or a fractured locker room or just a poorly managed team will be remedied?

Conflicts in Reagan’s circle were managed successfully.

“Pilots managed to land the aircraft back [in] Mogadishu Airport safely and without any further incident.

“Pilots managed to land the aircraft back [in] Mogadishu Airport safely and without any further incident.

I notice that Simz sounds a little apologetic about just how many styles she’s managed to cram onto the album’s ten tracks.

Through the course of the trial, the defense managed to get the Crown to admit that this wasn’t just a key.

It has to be an Olympic Games record that Sweden has managed to nail.

We managed to get the inside story from one of the world’s most secretive and elite meetings, the Bilderberg Group.

“These inspection criteria are very stringent expectations but are rather easily met if a laboratory is managed properly,” says Koch.

FBI agent Peter Strzok has managed an incredible feat — he’s united both Democrats and Republicans in their hatred of him.

FBI agent Peter Strzok has managed an incredible feat — he’s united both Democrats and Republicans in their hatred of him.

You shouldn’t have to worry about dying because another player managed to open a loot box that gave them an unfair advantage over you.

You know that if it managed somehow to fall on you, there will only be recrimination and blame all around, and a closed-casket funeral.

Every diocese is the same—and the reason for that is the Church is a hierarchal organization, managed from the top-down.

The incident was under review but there were no plans to change how the lions would be managed, the zoo said.

That part was true, I guess, but the game managed to undercut this in the most hilarious way: Yeah, of course.

“The Republicans have managed to take a bad bill and make it worse,” said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

(We still managed to review The Life of Pablo 41 times, though).

But Pruitt has managed to keep his job in part because he is one of President Trump’s most productive subordinates.

Eurowings’ long-haul business will also be managed by Lufthansa in future.

I managed to miss Zoey, Tory and Migos.

He was always a bit sick—he had managed to survive AIDS, but his HIV treatment was never quite enough to make him well again.

The sale of legal weed in Canada is managed at the provincial level, and each province has its own rules around retail sales.

The sale of legal weed in Canada is managed at the provincial level, and each province has its own rules around retail sales.

In more than 200 slides last year, and in record time, she managed to outline the latest trends in mobile, commerce, transportation and advertising.

It managed to seem something like a speech you’d give while running a presidential campaign while still sounding like Trump.

But House Democrats managed to, um, trump that to dominate the news cycle for the rest of the day.

Qiu, who previously acted as a general manager at Didi, last managed the company’s premiere or luxury business.

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address managed an impressive rhetorical feat.

“Sales managed only a tepid reversal in January from December’s deep freeze,” said Douglas Porter, chief economist at BMO Capital Markets in Toronto.

“Through the help of a lot of people, I managed to come back and now …

As described in a paper out Wednesday in the journal Nature, the group has managed to fabricate tiny needles made of gold.

She saw her business through the Great Depression and managed to keep it under her control after her costly divorce from her second husband.

Filled with young families and the jaded middle aged, my section managed a polite “WAT-FORD” in time with Harry’s cadence.

She along with many others want to see an overhaul of how sex offenders are managed from a legal standpoint.

If a hospital hasn’t paid a hacker, presumably it has managed to protect patient or other files from permanent loss.

“No matter what platform we’ve been on, we’ve managed to find an audience that really likes our content,” he said.

If he ever managed that, that would be good, very good, for the US.

His parents managed to run out of the store before the roof partially collapsed.

His parents managed to run out of the store before the roof partially collapsed.

A security guard, she said, managed to deal with only one incident, but no one was permanently stationed at the hole.

Defying early expectations, Democrats managed to seize a five-seat majority in the House of Representatives and a two-seat majority in the US Senate.

I managed to find her later that morning.

But Reagan, Clinton, and Obama managed to bounce back afterward, through either economic good fortune or political savvy.

“We managed to get the architect of the Rose Bowl memorial to design it,” the director said.

Swift’s speech was classy and empowering, and managed to get its sharp point across, all while highlighting the crass territory West wandered into.

He even turns to Cato (a terrifically unsettling Alano Miller), a fellow slave who’s managed to become a Macon family favorite.

Planned Parenthood managed to win a legal battle that will almost certainly serve as precedent for this one.

I still can’t believe we managed to do it.

Somehow Trump managed to spin a simple question about dead Green Berets into a full-blown scandal.

“Clocks weren’t managed properly.

Of course, that’s something no other program has managed to accomplish.

The episode managed to acknowledge a show’s deep roots while excavating them.

Baker says Fischer did a good job in Israel, where he managed the central bank from 2005 to 2013.

In less than a decade, Brazil had managed to cut the proportion of its population living in extreme poverty in half.

On April 17, Cunha managed to secure the required two-thirds vote to send the impeachment charges forward into the Senate.

The least mysterious element to this story is that someone managed to collect so much NASA stuff.

The next day, Gomes managed to raise his batting average with a double, but disaster struck in his second at-bat.

The monks were held for about two months and found dead, except Schumacher, who managed to escape.

In retrospect, do you think, “Oh, I could have stepped in earlier, I could have managed this differently”?

While 56 girls managed to escape, 219 remained in captivity.

There has been an explosion of startups following the 2016 election that have managed to raise millions of dollars and galvanize hoards of volunteers.

Another nonpartisan survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found relief that Congress had not managed to repeal the health law.

I think the fact that Ella managed to cure herself probably appeals to quite a lot of people.

So far, Berkeley, California, is the only city in the US that has managed to pass a soda tax.

That’s when Brian revealed his father had, somehow, managed to get the account back.

Earlier this week, Crews managed to get Harris charged with a crime.

Earlier this week, Crews managed to get Harris charged with a crime.

The class wasn’t anything like I was expecting—it managed to be both weirder and more intimate.

Instead, you leave money in a trust, managed by a trustee, for the benefit of the animal.

Amongst women who have survived the berm, some of the most harrowing stories come from those who managed it alone.

Officer Bailey came out on crutches at Nationals Park, yet still managed to throw out the first pitch.

It’s just amazing.” Ryan’s defenders portray him as a principled legislator trapped by the coalition he managed.

Law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ … the woman somehow managed to get on the premises of Justin’s crib.

Police managed to apprehend her Sunday and slapped the cuffs on her on the sidewalk outside the home.

Epstein had at one time been an investor in a hedge fund managed by those executives.

Talk about Lyft, because they managed to hold on.

Justin Bieber was still fired up when passersby managed to break up his Cleveland brawl.

But when she did snap, she still managed to surprise the hell out of all of us.

The story of how al-Qaeda managed to succeed as ISIS collapsed in Syria offers insight into al-Qaeda’s strategy for resurgence more broadly.

Clinton managed to stand her ground in New York, the state she represented for eight years in the Senate.

Clinton managed to stand her ground in New York, the state she represented for eight years in the Senate.

Eventually a group of angry shareholders managed to raise enough money to fund a private prosecution.

But the news still managed to spread across the frozen Ural Mountains.

Despite this, he somehow still managed to raise money to direct more movies based on video games, which always ended up a critical disaster.

But the news still managed to spread across the frozen Ural Mountains.

Yet despite the constraints and pressure, some workers managed to strike sensible compromises between various demands.

Tourist areas managed to get around the bans.

Carter’s managed to stay so vital as a part of Chicago’s house community by always bucking trends and staying himself.

Although she didn’t incorporate art-making into her spiritual practice until her forties, she managed to produce hundreds of works.

It’s not exactly like Trump has managed to bend Congress to his will so far.

Things reached a groan inducing low this week as Cody Garbrandt managed to out his entire team for performance enhancing drug use.

That isn’t to say, however, that The Man in the High Castle has always managed to live up to its potential.

Now Branstad is ambassador to China, and Medicaid managed care is overseen by his Republican successor, Gov.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated in 2016 that 81 percent of Medicaid enrollees, about 65 million people, were covered by managed care.

I wouldn’t expect a widespread relitigation of the value of managed care any time soon.

They managed their pools, staffing them with lifeguards.

I’d argue that India has managed to survive because the founding generation, Gandhi and Nehru in particular, were so committed to democracy.

It’s managed to harness the energy, connection, and competitiveness of a live group fitness class.

We managed to get the right legislation through, and the results speak for themselves.

Since the kidnapping, 57 girls have managed to find their way home, but two years later the vast majority are still missing.

It is important to understand how these various parts of the grid are managed in the US.

But over its past three seasons, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has often managed to make 30 Rock look like sober realism.

More information can be generated, and with artificial intelligence and machine learning, information and energy can both be more intelligently managed.

Kristov, De Martini, and Taft sketch two ways that the profusion of DERs can be managed, involving different roles for TSOs and DSOs.

Everything below the TD interface would be managed and optimized by the DSO.

I managed to actually become friends with the head manager and got the job on the spot.”

It finally came, but they managed to drop it off the van, and bend the front forks.

JS: Oldenberg managed.

But Musk managed to squeeze a lot of information into that short period of time.

“It was managed incredibly well,” he said.

It erases the stories of enslaved black people who, despite the most oppressive circumstances, managed to lead as many as 313 rebellions.

Trump managed to pull off an aikido-esque move wherein he redirected Fox News’s firepower away from himself and onto Cruz.

Are there famous cases where someone managed to do this?There’s a really great case about this out of Germany.

Persona 5 makes an argument for a form of selfishness that the other games said had to be heavily managed.

But Obama’s speech managed to do all of that without feeling like a cliché.

Blackrock has ballooned to 4.7 trillion of managed assets since 2008 mirroring the exponential enrichment of elites during economic crisis worldwide.

And the Jagr routine managed to make everyone forget about Subban’s first attempt, which was just ridiculous.

She fought the charge and eventually managed to get it removed from her bill.

We came back and we managed to make the difference.

Robot is still a part of Elliot, and needs to be managed rather than “deleted,” as Elliot would prefer.

Some of the gun stockholders are passively managed index funds.

Several dozen rowers and canoeists managed to successfully complete a demonstration on Sunday despite the conditions and Rolland said he was unfazed.

Some states still managed to import sodium thiopental from overseas sources.

Companies selling bottled water, he argues, have managed to convince people that buying water is a healthier choice than sugary soda.

“I’m happy that I managed to be on the podium and also get a few points against Lewis.” Editing by Alan Baldwin/Pritha Sarkar

Which brings up what’s funny about the Veep universe: Two women have managed to become president, kind of accidentally.

Eventually, staff and store patrons managed to corral the cattle out of the store.

States have managed to increase people’s pay without costing people jobs.

And Gottlieb has managed all this when many of his counterparts in other agencies are tearing down regulations, following President Trump’s orders.

Every time the Broncos managed to disrupt the Panthers, it seemed as if Miller was there.

For finance-types in Canada, it means that you can buy a stake in a pool of bitcoin managed by First Block Capital.

Until now, Christians had largely managed to avoid the worst of the island’s conflict and communal tensions.

After years of research and $10 million, Klee managed to develop one — but it tasted only marginally superior to what was available in supermarkets.

They managed to escape and enter Hong Kong as visitors, lawyer Michael Vidler said.

Australia has even managed to reduce its smoking rate to an all-time low of 13 percent.

One was floored briefly, where Dettinger was seen kicking out at him, but the policeman managed to get up and retreat.

The powerful tobacco lobby in the US has managed to delay federal regulation of the industry for decades.

The serious, very hardcore Yakuza storyline mixed with silly side quests and fun mini games somehow managed to feel cohesive and smooth.

He had not managed a top-10 finish in his first 27 majors before last year’s PGA Championship, where he tied for sixth.

Investment banking units of Caixa, UBS Group, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and XP Investimentos managed the offering.

“And the result is that you can end up with something that is fairly reasonable and well managed – or the exact opposite.

Marcato managed $1.5 billion as of midyear last year, according to the Hedge Fund Intelligence Billion Dollar Club ranking.

I don’t even know how this one person must have done it, but they managed to get poo on the door.”

And these have often been improperly managed, as the longleaf pine has a regenerative cycle that relies on fire.

They also confiscated his photographs and video, but he still managed to share the material on Facebook, where they still reside.

Trump managed, too, to demolish the prevailing bipartisan free-trade dogma with another seemingly unhinged sally: the stark image of a 2,000-mile wall.

“We have managed to reach an agreement in the European Council.

That narrative was enhanced by the fifth season of the series, which managed to adapt the darkest novels and somehow make them even nastier.

In roughly 24 hours, whoever is behind this wave of infections has managed to rack up $10,000 and counting.

He managed a handful of victories before losing the strap to Sugar Ray Robinson.

Japan Tobacco managed to roll out its vaping product, Ploom TECH, only by 2017 after repeated production delays.

But most of the content we create are by artists, musicians, comedians that are managed in-house as well.

He’s managed by Scooter Braun.

They’ve managed to pull themselves back and get back into cloud.

I think conservatives had gotten too complacent, just too confident, in a way, that these things could be managed.

He’s an industry veteran who has managed the success of stars like Blondie, Meatloaf, and the Bee Gees.

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