Maintain in a sentence | Use of the word maintain examples

That being the case, we maintain that this is one of the greatest build-ups to a goal we’ve ever seen.

After serving the nation most use security clearances (and their trustworthiness) to contribute to national defense or to help US industries maintain an advantage.

Reduce the heat to medium and cook for 45 minutes, adjusting the heat as necessary to maintain a steady, consistent pressure.

So to maintain parity, we are developing a new air-launched cruise missile that can carry nuclear weapons.

The show’s giddy nihilism is assembled from easily readable individual images that maintain a dark babble of disconcerting humor.

Voter rolls are much easier to maintain and verify.

The Republican Party also managed to maintain its majorities in both houses of Congress in Tuesday’s vote.

Some conservatives have argued that this strengthens the incentive for people to maintain coverage, because they would otherwise risk facing higher premiums.

Pro-Assad government forces still maintain control over a few areas in the city’s center, including its airport.

“It is very likely that we will maintain our submitted resolutions,” Denis Branche, managing director with Phitrust told Reuters.

As serialized shows get older, they need to work harder to maintain our interest.

Respecting the elders’ decisions, no matter how unjust or harsh, is required to maintain honor.

It called on protesters to maintain a sit-in outside the defense ministry that began on Saturday.

To maintain its lead, the South Korean government has committed $450 million to robotics over the next five years.

Federal agencies maintain more than 6,000 costly data centers, Kushner told tech executives, some of which are decades old and cost taxpayers great sums.

U.S.-trained Iraqi special forces and local police patrolled to maintain order.

But since we can’t put the genie back in the bottle, we must maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear force.”

And for the show to maintain its internal stakes, the two lives Barry is living have to constantly be threatening each other.

“Policymakers have both a strong incentive and scope to support growth and maintain financial stability in the near term,” the bank wrote.

Fiat Chrysler said that at times cruise control systems automatically initiate acceleration to help vehicles maintain driver-selected speeds, including when going uphill.

How do you maintain healthy personal and professional lives?

Whether it’s to keep their jobs or to maintain the peace, there are some things that airline workers just can’t tell travelers.

Abusive people also turn the tables by becoming angry with the victim as a way to maintain power and control.

Jesse says Aryn Drake-Lee continues to make it difficult for him to maintain a stable relationship with his 4-year-old Sadie and 2-year-old Maceo.

Immigration officials maintain that the plans for these raids were in motion long before Trump took office.

Being able to have and make sure we’re able to maintain a baseload on our grid is of national security.

The left has no such machine (and even if it did, it is too demographically and economically heterogeneous to maintain a simple common narrative).

Yet they still maintain a ban on me.

I think that you can have platforms that engage data and use data but you can still maintain people’s privacy and consent.

Inspired by modern architecture and Japanese culture, her fashion posts maintain a starkness that elevates the fashion pieces as art objects.

Prewar Britain was a classic status quo power, trying to maintain its own empire and keep Hitler from gobbling up everyone else.

Fifty percent of registered voters say they would prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 40 percent say they want Republicans to maintain control.

He resolved never to act on, or even carelessly reveal, his feelings, although he struggled at times to maintain composure.

Initiatives like these have helped Law and Justice maintain strong public support.

And although the internet is largely free of fingerprints, Ruff’s work beckons us to maintain that same criticality.

In this case, we received reports related to four different videos on the Pages that Infowars and Alex Jones maintain on Facebook.

Was it because the flat paint application used so far was deemed insufficient to maintain the status of the new wall reliefs as paintings?

All of these factors and others are likely working together to maintain racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

How could we possibly maintain a website from the hinterlands of Siberia?

“They’ll want to maintain control of the process next time around, especially after seeing what happens when you have an insurgent running.”

Republicans, however, say the funding in the DHS bill could be used to maintain or increase the number of detention beds.

Limiting their consumption, the CDC says, can help people maintain a healthy weight and have a healthy diet.

I couldn’t afford to live in the expensive areas that Facebook dictated you live in and maintain our middle-class lifestyle.

There are lots of examples and tough lessons learned that remind us to maintain our humility.

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs maintain a tight-knit community of Muslims from the countries of both the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

It can interfere with the delicate balance our bodies need to maintain.

They maintain that she had made remarks in a private conversation in 2016 on the volume of mosque loudspeakers.

It’s likely going to maintain that lead over the next few years.

“We never want our customers to maintain a relationship with another supplier.” Reporting by Ernest Scheyder; Editing by Phil Berlowitz

Last month a bipartisan group of 16 Senators asked the Department of Justice to maintain its guidance so banks could continue serving the industry.

The EU wants to maintain the current mutual access to fishing waters, which often means EU countries and companies fishing in UK waters.

But my work has helped me maintain a certain level of sanity and a certain level of clarity.

“Being responsive to a partner’s needs is a promising way to instill and maintain this elusive sensation over time.”

It’s a promising sign that two goth nights could maintain such strong momentum side by side.

Black has backed her to maintain her focus.

Stopping change can only maintain the status quo and the status quo — poverty, environmental catastrophe — is unacceptable.

While Menendez wasn’t convicted and continues to maintain his innocence, it appears New Jersey voters aren’t as convinced.

Some days it just feels like my easy pace is harder to maintain, some days I’ve just had soreness.

Yeah, or just maintain some of the things that make them feel good.

“China will maintain our long-standing commitment to reform and opening in order to continue to expand and open.

It’s easier to maintain getting home to a “real life” as a perpetual goal if the town and its people are clearly fabricated.

But perhaps noticing the success of such a strategy, savvy queens now try and maintain control of the entire DragCon experience.

Planes, ships, and submarines are complex to build and very expensive to maintain, making land-based cruise missiles a good option.

Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to maintain a simmer.

Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to maintain a simmer.

SSAB said it would encourage U.S. government officials to maintain the long-standing positive trade relationship between the United States and the Nordic countries.

The Democratic Party was officially supposed to maintain a neutral stance throughout the primary, and Wasserman Schultz failed to appear credibly balanced.

They maintain strong and effective control over their territory and populations.

In order to maintain his image as a dealmaker, Trump needed to pull off some kind of grand gesture.

It’s important for students to try and maintain their grades, but they shouldn’t overly worry about minor fluctuations, he said.

Can Clarke bounce back from his horrific injury and maintain his place on the UFC roster?

Mulvaney acknowledged it was a strain to maintain two offices, two staffs and several phones.

Dublin would enable a bank like JPMorgan to maintain access to the EU market by relocating services, and therefore jobs, to the city.

So they maintain the culture and that’s expandable.

Now the 43rd president hopes to use his influence to maintain the Republican-held Senate as a “check and balance” on the White House.

The kitchen turns, frankly, into a scene of mild chaos, though they maintain a sense of composure throughout.

Game of Thrones has always shown Dany making compromises to maintain power, so a slide down into tyranny isn’t that hard to imagine.

I maintain that that’s a big advantage for us.

Pryor and Begich were both up for reelection in 2014, and they hoped to maintain support of gun owners in their gun-heavy, Republican-leaning states.

Until last fall, the Federal Communications Commission maintained rules requiring licensed local broadcast stations to maintain local news studios.

Harriet’s struggle to maintain her own integrity while caring for her children and holding the family together in extreme poverty is sharply drawn.

It’s harder to maintain enthusiasm otherwise.

The deal would help uphold the international non-proliferation regime, maintain regional peace and stability and solve “other hot issues” around the world, he said.

Can you unpack why you maintain that the opposite of objectivity is not partisanship, or that it shouldn’t be?

Last winter, the boiler burst — but the museum hopes to restore its condition and maintain its historic character.

Facebook does not plan to maintain a leadership role after 2019.

Strabismus is a binocular vision disorder characterized by the partial or complete inability to maintain eye alignment on a fixed object.

The new projects, Terrazas said, would help Chile maintain its share of global lithium production amid a sharp increase in global demand.

Being able to maintain that is important.

“Reuters News will maintain complete editorial freedom, and continue to operate under the Trust Principles,” Smith said in a statement.

The Turkish leader has long said that a strong central government was necessary to fend off threats of terrorism and maintain a stable nation.

KS: Which you then maintain and manage.

The second part of that, when there’s so many variety of them, it’s really hard to maintain them.

So it helps you maintain a stable sense of identity over time, which is probably illusory but very useful.

Students must maintain their campus jobs in addition to staying on top of their school work to remain enrolled at the college.

The court’s decision will determine whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull can maintain his shaky grip on power.

Others I know maintain subscriptions to vitamin and health supplement providers, razor manufacturers, and wardrobe rental services.

Undoubtedly, C of O must work hard to maintain its endowment as well as its tuition-free model.

Lloyd believes the overt wit, which some would call kitsch, the brand puts forth is what’s helped Kate Spade maintain loyalty.

Lloyd believes the overt wit, which some would call kitsch, the brand puts forth is what’s helped Kate Spade maintain loyalty.

They also employ, according to the website, “forensic hypnosis” which they maintain “is useful in eliciting information from a complainant, victim or witness.”

Dakota jokes that it’s hard to “recruit trauma friends” but that it is of the utmost importance to maintain this connection.

China will maintain prudent monetary policy and keep liquidity reasonably ample, the report said, marking a reiteration of its monetary policy stance.

Skoda Auto said it had rejected the claims and continued to maintain that owners of affected vehicles did not suffer any damage.

A resource like Fortepan, which includes images from WWII, helps maintain Hungary’s true history.

I maintain that she showed great comedic timing and delivery in Fifty Shades of Grey, and I will go down with that ship.

It was grief.” She took on multiple jobs to maintain the family: cutting wood, making local alcohol, frying little fish for salel.

(Europe and Japan also maintain similar records.)

Seawalls are expensive to build and maintain, and do not stand up well to severe storms.

So they’re trying to figure out how to maintain order, I guess, and at the same time pretend they’re not media companies.

In addition to European pressure, a bloc of Latin American nations plus Canada were to meet on Monday seeking to maintain pressure on Maduro.

Some inmates lose the ability to maintain a state of alertness, while others develop crippling obsessions.”

It was even able to maintain that durable outer shell—the material was just as hard as it had been before it was damaged.

Doing so allows Putin to tap into the capabilities of the underground Russian hacking community while being able to maintain plausible deniability.

Norman and Esther struggle to maintain control of their own star images, eloping in order to avoid the prying eyes of celebrity journalists.

“You have to maintain this persona that, you know, ‘I’m an adult, I got this,’ when inside, you’re just screaming.

It is hard to maintain your composure,” Pummill tells me.

Many orthopedic surgeons and medical societies disputed the study and pressed insurance companies to maintain coverage of the procedure.

While virtually all doctors support evidence-based medicine in the abstract, clinicians and medical societies seek to maintain their professional and clinical autonomy.

They only knew how to maintain them — after a lightning strike or spontaneous conflagration of brush got one started.

This could maintain the threat of U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods long term.

“We call on all nations to maintain decisive pressure on (North Korea), including by fully implementing existing U.N. sanctions,” the statement said.

But I struggle to maintain that same perspective when I see nostalgia creep into the MMA world.

She seems to maintain a kind of radical openness to her collaborators and maybe to the universe.

The Trump campaign is making a halfhearted effort to maintain plausible deniability.

Toebbe’s tidy vivisections contain sudden shifts that break the logic of the painting’s structure but help maintain coherence.

The senator did maintain his party’s line as he urged the country to move forward now that the report has been made public.

“If they can maintain focus for that amount of time, then the program makes the next trial more difficult by extending the time.

“Then they are asked if they were able to maintain focus.

When something breaks, it’s a lot more expensive to fix than it would have been to just maintain it all along.

Yet of course there’s that other, darker reason he’s able to maintain such sky-high support.

How does she maintain her alliance with Euron?

Which is sad, because some formulas maintain their potency for hit after hit after of cheek-flushing hits.

It’s not just that Clinton has to maintain perfect grace in the face of a perfectly graceless opponent.

It could have mandated better prison conditions in general, making it more costly to maintain mass incarceration.

Under that deal, the YPG would withdraw from Manbij and Turkish and U.S. forces would jointly maintain security and stability around the town.

It loses funds, it will not be able to maintain the programs and projects that have been previously developed.

It is seeking to maintain output despite rapidly falling ore grades at its deposits.

More preparation to maintain the food supply in a catastrophe might make us significantly safer.

“We believe all cultures and all people are equal, have a right to preserve and maintain their cultural identity.

The White House often struggles to maintain momentum on policy when Trump’s tweets and off-the-cuff remarks upstage his scripted speeches.

And so long as they’re dependent on foreign resources simply to maintain minimal security while fighting an insurgency, they won’t be self-sufficient.

If you can maintain the stalemate, the approximate stalemate that we have now, you at least preserve some options.

The team, which has relied on its imposing defensive structure to get through low-scoring games, didn’t maintain its usual composure.

So, as you’d imagine, special interest groups are fighting desperately to maintain the current tax breaks.

Douce says she is grateful for volunteers who are taking it upon themselves to help maintain parks.

“We continue to maintain the diplomatically led efforts in the United Nations,” he told reporters.

NASA officials now must decide how or whether to maintain a U.S. presence on the $100 billion orbital research laboratory.

All police departments maintain arrest logs that are deemed public under the Freedom of Information Act.

“Our only goal is to maintain a clean search for our clientele,” he said.

The pair fled Russia following accusations of sexual assault, a charge they maintain is politically motivated.

The habit became easier to maintain, and I learned to get extremely creative with recipes involving beans and lentils.

The former Alphabet employee seems to maintain a leading role in the department as second-in-command.

He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his early 20s, but managed to maintain stability for years.

The dispute pits key U.S. allies against each other, and has complicated efforts to maintain a united front against Iran.

And Senate Republicans, who will maintain a majority until at least January, seem likely to oblige in that scenario.

Military support from Russia and Iran, longtime Assad allies, has helped his tottering regime maintain control over large swaths of the country.

If Amazon is going to maintain its unlikely lead in this category in 2017, it’s going to have to solve this discovery problem.

As markets fluctuate, they automatically rebalance your portfolio to maintain an optimal mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Shares of Ssangyong Motor closed 4% weaker after the company said it would suspend its Pyeongtake factory to maintain optimum inventory.

Local communities have established tree nurseries to support the effort, realizing how looking after the environment also helps maintain their incomes, Kadziponye said.

Like Booker, Fuller is a rookie and as such may not get enough work in his first season to maintain week-to-week fantasy value.

Carmakers have struggled to maintain profit margins faced with the rising costs of making electric, connected and autonomous cars.

How does he maintain it?

The Chinese internet regulator released this statement (emphasis mine): All websites must consistently maintain the right propaganda direction.

“It’s important to maintain high standards when you are looking at the performance of new solutions,” he said.

Facebook, Google, Amazon and everyone else are trying to find ways to maintain their dominance on mobile.

The vehicles, which Uber worked with Volvo to develop, still require a human to maintain some level of control behind the wheel.

If women swing towards Democrats, Republicans will have a difficult time finding a way to gerrymander women voters to maintain their House majority.

A number of institutions have already taken the promising step of announcing that they will maintain existing policies.

But the franchise struggled to maintain fan interest in the latter half of the aughts.

Perhaps it’s better to keep things simpler, to maintain that doctors are responsible to their patients only, except in truly extraordinary circumstances.

It helps explain why people maintain strong partisan identities even when most voters don’t hold much in the way of firm political beliefs.

It took off on Twitter, and soon they had to quit playing Pokémon Go to maintain the site.

Broadly speaking, your body will try its best to maintain equilibrium in the brain.

The sedative effects will start to wear off, but your brain is still trying to maintain its equilibrium.

Cities can build running and biking trails and parks and maintain and expand the ones they already have.

“I ultimately concluded that I could not carry out these new instructions and maintain my integrity,” McGurk wrote in an email to colleagues.

The roots of this spiritual inclination are evident in the paintings on view at the Hammer, but they maintain a foundation in reality.

The PBM will also charge MakeBelieve an administrative fee on top of this to maintain the operation of processing the prescription claims and rebates.

Kurds may be geographically divided, but they maintain their cultural unity, which they have established over two millennia.

The distinction is important to maintain.

“Working in science fiction allows you to maintain a certain detachment from the material,” Fagen says in the intro to Kamakiriad’s making-of featurette.

The organization’s affiliates in each state, as well as several patients, sued in federal court to maintain the funding.

But Gulf officials scrambled to maintain an appearance of resolve and strength after the revision.

How can he maintain that there is no contract, no obligation.

Will Amber find a way to maintain her identity and keep her true love and acquire a castle full of stuff?

We’re told the compromise was lower price, but Hef gets to maintain access to the home for the rest of his life.

(Israel has no term limits; prime ministers serve for as long as they maintain 61-seat majorities.)

The government said it would allocate funds to maintain and boost conservation efforts.

I see political life as a struggle to maintain a very difficult tension between regression and progress.

I will spend more money to maintain my Apple presence, but is there something exciting that I would spend a lot of money on?

But narrowing of the beach is making it difficult to maintain a parking lot.

Mayfield was the one who, in 2006, added Don to the rotating collection of potential storm names that international scientists maintain.

Though Catalan officials maintain that the works were acquired legally, Aragon claims the monastery’s nuns didn’t have the authority to sell them.

Human migrations into urban areas place excessive demands on city infrastructures that cannot maintain adequate control of water, sewage, or quality housing.

Moon said Kim and Trump should meet in the near future to maintain the momentum for dialogue.

Labor unions were largely credited with helping maintain stable middle-class factory jobs in Rust Belt states like Missouri in the ’50s and ’60s.

And if Lyft is strong enough, then how do you maintain margins?

Wood Mackenzie estimates Pertamina needs to boost spending to $6 billion in 2022, from just over $4 billion last year, just to maintain output.

People who don’t maintain “continuous coverage” would have to pay a hefty fine if they buy health insurance after being uninsured for too long.

The threat of this penalty is meant to induce healthy people to maintain coverage when they’re healthy, just like the individual mandate.

What will change are rulings on issues where Kennedy has helped maintain a shaky 5-4 center-left consensus.

As a result, the emotions they produce are in some ways less real, even as we maintain they are, they really are.

We maintain constant and intensive diplomatic, intelligence, and law enforcement cooperation within the United States Government and with… …our foreign partners.

“It is the child’s movement that helps them maintain the necessary level of arousal needed to complete cognitively demanding tasks.”

Conventionally each character requires a three dimensional model sheet so that the team can maintain uniformity.

“Although private Egyptian companies will remain under pressure over the summer months, we maintain our outlook that conditions will improve,” Richards said.

So it would be vastly more expensive for the US to maintain the military capability it has today without NATO.

“It is also common for some victims to maintain contact in an attempt to regain control over their assault.

Others may maintain contact in an attempt to regain a feeling of normalcy.”

These policies are meant to maintain employee safety as well as to prevent racial profiling of customers.

A nominal annual amount goes out automatically to both parties to maintain dialogue.

The current chaos is instead the logical backlash to the inequalities that the existing power structures have created in order to maintain themselves.

First, it’s possible to maintain a clean hot tub that minimizes risk.

Rather, the current chaos is the logical backlash to the inequalities that the existing power structures have created in order to maintain themselves.

India and China are similar markets in terms of both size and the cost of undercutting prices to maintain or grow demand.

He also complained about U.S. calls to maintain sanctions on North Korea and reluctance to declare a formal end to the Korean War.

I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.

Top military leaders at the Pentagon contend that prosecutions must remain with commanders to maintain good order and discipline.

With the hashtags “Promisemadepromisekept” and “lessonlearnt” the carrier said it would maintain the economy fares.

All maintain their particular conventions through which a kind of truth emerges.

It permits just enough criticism to maintain the illusion of dissent and only acts overtly when fears of mass protest or collective action arise.

In the meantime, many countries have grounded the model, while Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Authority maintain the plane is safe to operate.

“We will continue to maintain communication with relevant parties,” Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing in Beijing.

“The important part is to maintain the connection to the treatment system.”

Mnuchin said the United States was prepared to come to a deal with China, but also to maintain tariffs if necessary.

She says these all combine to minimize consequences for perpetrators and maintain a culture in which assaults occur.

“I expect us to maintain capital cost and discipline,” Wirth said.

The gold coated ceramic plates heat up quickly and maintain an even temperature, eliminating the chance for any hair damaging hot spots as well.

I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.

Fine hair is especially prone to heat damage, and with such fine strands, it can be hard to maintain any sort of volume.

“There is continued overwhelming bipartisan commitment in the United States of America in both political parties to maintain our commitment to NATO,” he said.

Huacahuasi’s lodge, completed in 2014, employs locals to maintain the lodge and cook in the restaurant.

Other options exist that could help Huallhuaray maintain its culture while also making life easier for residents.

The funds were intended to help the country maintain stability through presidential and parliamentary elections and to service heavy debt payments in 2019.

“Of course, once on board, Cruise employees are expected to maintain unquestioned respect for every individual,” the spokesperson continued.

The group reports first-half sales on July 25, with all eyes on whether Gucci can maintain its momentum.

of Taxation and Finance says tampons are used to “control a normal bodily function and to maintain personal cleanliness.”

The strikes focused heavily on Aleppo’s east, where rebels have managed to maintain control.

Given the times, how can anyone maintain that optimism has any value at all?

The strikes focused heavily on Aleppo’s east, where rebels have managed to maintain control.

Carmakers have struggled to maintain profit margins faced with the rising costs of making electric, connected and autonomous cars.

“At the same time, the college continues to maintain expectations of the department, despite their operating with less people.

When we tell one lie, in order to maintain that lie, we’re so often forced to lie again.

The regulator has also kept cash ratios high to maintain tight liquidity to curb inflation, attract foreign investors into bonds and support the currency.

It also wants to maintain an image of strength, which is about projecting power not just abroad but also at home.

You want to maintain dignity and respect for someone who passed away.

A surcharge for people who don’t maintain continuous coverage.

But unlike Australia, New Zealand does not maintain a registry of all guns.

His goal is to topple the elitists he despises, to boost himself, and to maintain his power.

If they want to maintain the trust of their constituents and become a better, stronger party, they can’t make the same mistake this time.

But they require constant vigilance and are hard to maintain.

Maybe these businesses aren’t quite as good as they think they are, because they’re a little more expensive to maintain properly.

It was too hard to maintain.

“The first thing you must do is maintain order, and who has authority over there?

To state the overly obvious, we simply couldn’t be sure whether Biden would maintain his polling advantage until he actually entered the race.

I still maintain that’s one of the heaviest albums of all of the 70s.

Reduce the heat to maintain a simmer and cook 1 ½ to 2 hours, or until the beef is soft .

Lower the heat to maintain a simmer and cover.

China will also maintain prudent monetary policy and keep liquidity reasonably ample, the cabinet added, reaffirming the current monetary policy stance.

But Zuckerberg has also made a series of savvy decisions that have allowed the company to maintain momentum as others have stumbled.

“You want to maintain dignity and respect for someone who passed away.

Among the dead were four other engineers who worked to maintain streets and protect wetlands and three right-of-way agents who reviewed property lines.

And even worse, there’s a continuing war against academia, with universities feeling the need to maintain their reputations with fewer resources.

Instead, they’ve moved to acknowledging it and condemning it — but maintain that Trump is worth supporting anyway.

maintain some festivity without leaving your dirty apartment—or even opening the blinds!—by checking out these five Irish filmmakers who are worth your time.

But we also maintain the brush, so that we don’t have combustible materials.

Accompanying visuals, such as the “Probably Not Important” music video, maintain a breakneck pace that matches their high energy live performances.

A vocal contingent of House Republicans were displeased with this option, however, and urged Trump to maintain his opposition — something which he clearly has.

And an arrest record for even minor crimes can damage someone’s ability to get or maintain a legal job.

But in prison, it’s not always easy to maintain thick hair like mine, so I trimmed it to a fade.

This willingness to share nonproprietary data to help cities better maintain and operate infrastructure is an about-face from the Uber of the past.

Developments on the trade front and central bank follow through will determine if July can maintain the momentum.

All countries, including the U.S., maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv instead.

Recognizable beats maintain a degree of tension regardless of the fact that we know the outcome.

The couple attempts to maintain their marriage during Roy’s prison sentence, challenged by the separation and distance.

It was not clear if Tesla could maintain that level of production for a longer period.

Dos Santos said particular attention should be paid to those smaller police forces who maintain a “what’s the big deal” attitude.

Can HWS maintain their balance, and if so for how long?

If you’re hoping to maintain a fish-friendly diet, try those with healthy levels of omega fatty acids, including salmon.

With recognition of problems and the inclusion of marginalized communities comes the desire to change and progress rather than maintain.

Throughout the transition, Obama has attempted to maintain good relations with the incoming president, and to make clear that he respects the electoral process.

The driver, 61-year-old Steven F. Hoppenbrouwer, was also charged with failure to maintain lane and not wearing a seatbelt.

Victory for Shadary could help Kabila maintain influence behind the scenes.

Their bill would also eliminate the Conservation Stewardship Program, which helps farmers maintain air, soil, and water quality on their lands.

For Republicans uncertain about whether Trump has the discipline to maintain focus for his campaign, the latest comments were concerning.

Today, tobacco companies maintain some of the most extensive state lobbying networks in the country, totaling hundreds of lobbyists.

Today, tobacco companies maintain some of the most extensive state lobbying networks in the country, totaling hundreds of lobbyists.

The second partner, Edge of Arabia, chose to maintain its leadership.

Russian officials, however, maintain the American was on a spy mission.

Russian officials, however, maintain the American was on a spy mission.

It now struggles to maintain a presence on the surface web.

Instead, they agreed to maintain close ties “through newly designed Command Post exercises and revised field training programs.” That’s huge.

And to the extent it was about states’ rights at all, it was about a state’s right to maintain slavery.

“We hope that China and the United States can work hard together to maintain the healthy and stable development of trade and business ties.

Heck, she’s even reunited with him since their split just to maintain the father-daughter relationship.

Lakuti: Of course, we live in the greatest age for misinformation, and this is deliberate from the top- to maintain the status quo.

This isn’t the same as racial prejudice, but it absolutely helps maintain a system of racism.

And fifth, we must maintain the links between our people.

We maintain sustainability by not wasting anything.

For example, the harmonization of laws and regulations across the EU means that companies can maintain a single corporate headquarters for all of Europe.

Whether it’s from Volvo or another automaker, Uber will likely have to buy, maintain and insure its own cars.

Nature is the best magic to maintain everything.

Huawei is allowed to buy U.S. goods until Aug. 19 to maintain existing telecoms networks and provide software updates to its smartphones.

They do, the platforms are still trying to maintain something of a unified global standard, so that could have an effect, too.

Zelenskiy has said he will maintain the central bank’s independence.

He also helped maintain and operate a Patriot missile launching station and served at air defense outposts in Texas and South Korea.

“The IDF soldiers, our children, maintain high ethical standards at a time when they are bravely fighting bloodthirsty murderers in severe operational conditions.”

Inflating attendance numbers exemplifies Vince’s approach to the business, doing whatever it takes to maintain a certain image.

The group reports first-half sales on July 25, with all eyes on whether Gucci can maintain its momentum.

As pro wrestling shows go, that’s not a terrible status quo to maintain going into the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

“As a sandwich artist you will greet and serve guests, prepare food and maintain food safety and sanitation standards.”

Some laws exist to maintain an orderly society and impart a sense of morality upon its citizens.

Some experts believe the subways need another $35 billion just to maintain adequate service.

You should find humor in your own intensity, even if you maintain that intensity.

The ubiquity of Snapchat and Instagram among teenagers now has ramped-up the potential to humiliate and therefore the need to maintain, or restore reputation.

It would also help maintain and service the fleets, whose cars are leased to independent drivers.

Alstom said it does not “maintain contact or discussions with any of the country’s representatives”.

There was no financial data as we do not maintain that information.”

Monero’s developers say its characteristics make it a useful tool for companies looking to maintain commercial secrecy.

She felt, on a visceral level, the injustice and inhumanity of being denied entry to your home after leaving to maintain family ties.

Even online, lower-cost alternatives like Talkspace and BetterHelp were too expensive to maintain.

It also intends to maintain Red Hat’s headquarters, facilities, brands and practices.

Journalists’ sources are typically protected to ensure the sources’ safety or maintain the relationship between source and reporter.

“If Chuck Schumer wants to maintain any credibility as a progressive leader, he needs to shut the Supreme Court seat down.

With the injection of new investments from Ford and Microsoft, EMC wants to maintain its control of Pivotal.

Philippe said the state would do all it could to maintain order.

But Walker said on Facebook that the legislation would increase accountability and maintain a system of checks and balances.

“And with Britain, we want to maintain a close partnership despite the withdrawal from the European Union,” she added.

That’s their model in many ways, and they are going to try to maintain that approach.

Experts had been warning for months that under Trump, the US hasn’t been doing enough to maintain its competitive edge.

Then in 1962, Spider-Man arrived on the scene and became the definitive Marvel character (a status he would maintain throughout the ’80s).

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to maintain a simmer.

Some mothers are managing to continue to feed their pups but only enough to just maintain their weight.

“They (the women) will maintain their innocence,” Hisyam Teh, Huong’s lawyer, told Reuters.

In the absence of slavery, white people created new tools to maintain the color line, like sharecropping, and voter disenfranchisement.

A proportional system is likely to make it harder for Georgian Dream to maintain its dominance in parliament without building a coalition.

Every single time Donald Trump lies, that principle gets a little shakier and harder to maintain.

And I think women have to work double time to maintain relationships and their work.

How am I going to maintain a business and support my family?”

Halston’s brand followed the same trajectory as disco, skyrocketing to a level of popularity that was too much to maintain.

Ryan and congressional Republicans may maintain that Trump’s executive order does not explicitly call for a ban on Muslims.

(I maintain that this was a valid complaint.)

Within the general crowd, Fitbit is winning the fitness angle with those looking to maintain and those looking to get more fit.

This little-known plea allows defendants to maintain their innocence despite pleading guilty.

The new projects, Terrazas said, would help Chile maintain its share of global lithium production amid a sharp increase in global demand.

Local communities have established tree nurseries to support the effort, realizing how looking after the environment also helps maintain their incomes, Kadziponye said.

He thought he could maintain these two lives separately, as many of us do, balancing a professional career with a sometimes debaucherous private side.

Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to maintain a simmer, and cook, stirring occasionally, until thick about 2 hours.

Extinctions: As the world warms, many plant and animal species will need to shift habitats at a rapid rate to maintain their current conditions.

Pressure on Kenyans and the international community to maintain stability in Kenya is high; the country is a regional economic and humanitarian hub.

Our goal is always to maintain quality or enhance quality for the gameplay and to understand what players expect from the game,” says Singh.

“Since then, we have learned much about how to maintain incredibly high expectations yet to do so with warmth, joy and purposeful rationale.”

How do you resolve that and maintain credibility?

Trump might agree to that because he’s openly questioned why the US still maintain a troop presence on the peninsula.

And Title II is not the way to maintain it.

#Dallas police officers maintain traffic control to ensure the safety of the demonstrators.

Instead, it imposes what is essentially a huge fine on those who do not maintain “continuous coverage”: i.e.

But sure, I have to maintain authority.

And if you’re too poor to maintain a cocaine regimen, then energy drinks will have to suffice.

“However, with this increased connectivity, it is important that consumers and manufacturers maintain awareness of potential cyber security threats,” the warning reads.

Any sexual needs I have beyond that are my responsibility to maintain.”

Democratic aides believe that most drug makers will do what they must to maintain a monopoly in the United States.

They depend on the flow of those scheduled dollars to maintain the interstate highway system and other prime routes.

“It’s really just an opportunity for the president to maintain his engagement as he has very closely with his Chinese counterpart.

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to maintain a simmer.

But egg producers maintain that the shift will adversely impact customers.

Republicans now maintain control in both legislative chambers in 32 states; in 17 of those, the GOP has a veto-proof majority.

The struggle is to maintain whatever idea you have yourself.

“We were somewhat surprised … since our instructions were to maintain weight and not lose weight,” Cooper said in an email to Reuters Health.

For the study, 111 adults, ages 18 to 65, were instructed to maintain their weight through the 2017-2018 holiday season.

“For example, if someone likes to exercise, they can use that and adjust exercise levels to maintain weight.

The massive battery installation will help the electricity grid in South Australia maintain reliability as it shifts to renewable wind energy.

This need to somehow maintain a hopeful status quo is a weak spot of the American sitcom.

A bicycle was less expensive to buy and maintain than a horse, and it wouldn’t buck you if spooked.

Seko said Abe told Iranian leaders that Japan wanted to maintain economic cooperation with Iran, including buying crude oil when international circumstances allowed.

Breakthroughs are hard to maintain, but in this era of peak TV, there seem to be multiple networks having them with every new year.

One is to maintain the integrity of the project, which is to get from Everett to Tacoma — to maintain what the voters voted on.

“The superblock project aims to recapture what was always ours.” The priority now is to maintain steady progress.

(I maintain that it would be nice if someone talked about me the way Ben Affleck talks about Tom Brady.)

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to maintain a simmer.

Islamabad says the Pakistani Taliban maintain sanctuaries in Afghanistan.

Indeed, if the agitators can maintain their enthusiasm for about 20 more months, a Democratic congressional majority might be within reach.

Reduce the heat to maintain a simmer and cook, uncovered, for 4 hours.

Tap into the grounded energy of the Capricorn moon to maintain your chill during this electric day.

Reduce the heat to maintain a simmer and add the tuna.

The work is both inviting and puzzling, which is a difficult balance to maintain.

In recent years, an increasing number of organizations are turning to VoIP systems because they are cheaper to install and maintain.

Without sufficient money coming in, the country had to rely on its printing presses in an attempt to maintain living standards.

(Later investigation would suggest that some of those numbers had been doctored to maintain federal compliance.)

Monero’s developers say its characteristics make it a useful tool for companies looking to maintain commercial secrecy.

Now, some moderates, like Sen. Manchin, maintain the Democratic Party has already lost working class voters.

The contractors were also required to maintain nearly 500 historic Benning homes, and agreed to control lead, asbestos, mold, basement flooding and other risks.

Despite parliament’s decision to maintain the tax, he says the fight isn’t over.

Are you a gambling man?You know, I maintain that if those casinos were giving away money, they’d be in shacks.

We maintain it and we are not going to give up,” Wine said.

I think it’s good to be flexible and maintain that flexibility.

A proportional system is likely to make it harder for Georgian Dream to maintain its dominance in parliament without building a coalition.

So it’s very hard to maintain margins without controlling your distribution and in this case the distribution is the actual automobile.

It must be important for you to maintain that level of comfort and discretion.

Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.”

Huawei is allowed to buy U.S. goods until Aug. 19 to maintain existing telecoms networks and provide software updates to its smartphones.

The German combination would be listed in Frankfurt, while UniCredit would maintain its listing and headquarters in Milan.

That would maintain the simplicity and manageability of wholesale markets.

To maintain a greater degree of creative control, she began producing pictures under Lois Weber Productions in 1917.

Speaking in Ankara, Erdogan said Turkey had would maintain its presence and activities in Syria until the country became safe for everyone.

We’ll have to see if they maintain their tightening bias at their next meeting,” he told clients.

I didn’t see any collusion, I’ll maintain that.” “I’m supportive of the president, but that is a mistake.

Now, he’s turning to women and transwomen of color fighting to maintain their own agency.

Viewing officeholders as unpopular and, in President Trump’s case, possibly elected illegitimately produces cognitive dissonance, more than most can comfortably maintain.

Do they possess the ability to maintain an open mind?

Some Eastern Catholic churches are also allowed to maintain their tradition of having married priests.

Resident Advisor visited Tokyo’s Five G shop to see how they maintain vintage synths.

She said the program aims to “encourage inmates to develop and maintain family and community ties that will assist them in becoming law-abiding citizens.”

The United States must “catch up” to China if it hopes to maintain economic, security and cultural relevance in Africa.

maintain the center, and all else will hold.

To address the root concern here, local and state jurisdictions simply need more funding — to build up and maintain treatment.

“As neighbors, China and North Korea maintain normal business and trade exchanges,” Chinese customs spokesperson Huang Songping told reporters Thursday.

The incentive to maintain an ever-expanding yet sustainable model is addictive.

The Obama administration struggled to maintain calm in the aftermath of those events.

The effect has been a natural slackening of the efforts required to maintain the stability and security to which Americans have become accustomed.

The court orders Apple to make “reasonable efforts” to maintain the integrity of the data on the phone.

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases,” Trump wrote.

Those 18 jets are the “minimum number” Canada needs to maintain its international obligations, according to the government.

Those 18 jets are the “minimum number” Canada needs to maintain its international obligations, according to the government.

But that was a difficult fiction to maintain while the quota system existed.

The instrument uses a liquid helium cooled cryostat that features a special magnetic refrigerator to maintain temperature at 100 millikelvin (-459℉).

So the win for Boston on Thursday will be, can they maintain the pace at which they play all their other opponents.

Aoun says that even with an ever-expanding roster of services at Forward, he plans to maintain the same price for its monthly membership program.

“It just seems to me that there are not that many collectors even worldwide to maintain this type of growth.

ECB President Mario Draghi is expected to maintain guidance about the possibility of more stimulus.

Roofstock has a list of certified property managers that it works with to maintain the property and do all of the landlord drudgery.

In that span of time, he lost the ability to maintain normal psychological function.

In that span of time, he lost the ability to maintain normal psychological function.

Sources previously told Reuters that China will maintain its growth target at “around 6.5 percent”.

We’ve got to be able to maintain an industrial sector, a manufacturing sector.

For the majority of those treated, the services provided are adequate to maintain stability.

Bombast and scandals aside, Trump’s top Cabinet members are working to maintain US policy toward Russia, not change it.

Dylan has continued to maintain her story, backed by her mother and her brother Ronan.

Amazon holds the largest share of government contracts to maintain databases about detainees and undocumented people.

The bill would maintain seven individual and family income tax brackets but cut rates.

The video subtly reflects on the desire to maintain and restore these landmarks instead of rebuilding them.

My boyfriend was on edge, he couldn’t maintain an erection—he just kept pacing the room.

Some use algorithms to maintain stable values.

“This i9 in this MacBook can’t even maintain the base clock speed,” Lee said in his video.

Huawei is allowed to buy U.S. goods until Aug. 19 to maintain existing telecoms networks and provide software updates to its smartphones.

It failed to maintain base clock.”

Instead, Microsoft said it has been required to maintain secrecy about more than 2,500 legal demands over the past 18 months.

The story, as teenaged Jennifer insists and adult Jennifer prefers to maintain, is meant to be fiction.

Medical science is structured to have doctors probe patients, instruct them to do this or that to maintain or regain good health.

The likeliest outcome on Tuesday appears to be Democrats taking back the House, while Republicans maintain their hold on the Senate.

Independent contractors often advertise, maintain a visible business location, and are available to work in the relevant market.

Women are better because they maintain social connections better than men.

The Committee is also proposing to maintain funding for the National Gallery of Art at last year’s level, at around $155.5 million.

It sets a level for ICE detention capacity — an “average daily population” of detained immigrants — and gives ICE enough money to maintain that capacity.

Right now Ellen’s happy to maintain her role behind the scenes and have me be on the frontline with people.

After a few minutes she felt it take hold and she shunted some gas to maintain altitude.

Normally for the secretary of state, this responsibility would’ve belonged to people in federal government who have the expertise to maintain email systems.

His lawyers maintain that Williams remained conscious during his execution, and are now fighting Arkansas in court to release the results of his autopsy.

It’s much easier for the US to maintain that there’s no need to change the status quo.

Fortunately, Sonic has fans who can maintain his reputation even when the official stuff coming out of Sega cannot.

While American collections of East Asian art have grown tremendously, the specialized conservation laboratories that maintain these collections have not.

The projections pointing to a growing 2018 supply deficit could influence debate on how long to maintain the curbs.

The tradition of Asian painting conservation is an artisan-like craft you learn through apprenticeship, which is not an easy system to maintain.

This allowed him to maintain total control over Facebook as it grew.

“It would exclude a talented young biologist who struggled to maintain above-average grades in humanities classes.

We maintain our freedom of whatever we want to host and say and whom we want to invite.

When a natural disaster hits, these strict standards often become impossible to maintain amid the chaos.

Plus, the whole thing is ultimately just a treatise on how difficult it is to maintain adult male friendships past your 20s.

He would like to maintain this dynamic.

William and his family are among the few that continue to maintain this tradition.

But it might be a hard one to maintain.

The digital boom has helped the United States maintain its status — for now — as the world’s political and economic leader.

However, Trump does have some powerful incentives to maintain good relations with McConnell.

At the same time, Facebook was desperate to maintain its reputation as a politically innocuous technology company.

Shumaker-Hammond says most fertility clinics don’t offer in-house counseling services, but do maintain a list of therapists to refer patients to.

“I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.

“I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.

But old workstations like this simply do not maintain their value.

“And on the rebel side, it seems that the Americans maintain effective channels of communication with different armed groups.”

Texas will want to maintain its free trade agreement and other privileges.

An Army spokesperson said the goal was to have standards that were “necessary to maintain uniformity within a military population.”

“Most managers are incompetent and maintain their jobs via inertia and politics.”

Google might also have an incentive to maintain ads served by its own ads network, giving its business an additional edge.

Just maintain while you’re traveling and that’s usually going to still help you so that when you back, you’re still healthy.

Still, Mr. Eric Sir wrote, “Human employees maintain this robot.

Damon and Powell both maintain their regular 9-to-5 jobs and prefer to think of Project Project as a a hobby.

CenturyLink expects to maintain its annual dividend of $2.16 per share.

The combined company will be headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana and will maintain a significant presence in Colorado and the Denver metropolitan area.

Ernest tried, and failed, to maintain a poker face.

I used to feel this pressure to maintain the cycle—record, release, tour, repeat.

“All of our efforts in the past were directed to maintain bipartisan support, which we felt was essential for Israel.

For this reason we also maintain the opinion that most of our articles are not worth reading, so we also do not read them.

“The internet, and social media in particular, has made it impossible for Israel to maintain its stranglehold over information,” Greenwald told me.

It would also maintain a foothold in China, where both FCA and Renault are marginal players.

And that means you have to always maintain India at arm’s length.

It is seeking to maintain output despite rapidly falling ore grades at its deposits.

This could maintain the threat of U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods for the long term.

How would he maintain relations with undemocratic countries?

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