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Love you, ma!

“We’re two kids,” said Anish Dalal, who co-founded the company last year with Thomas ma.

Dalal and ma have made a business out of turning celebrities into emojis, those fun virtual stickers you sprinkle into your iMessages.

But CEO ma Huateng plans to launch its WeChat ecosystem in malaysia next year.

Alibaba’s ma said innovation needed space to develop and it was not the government’s role to protect business.

Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and Elizabeth Warren (ma), Rep. mark Pocan (WI), New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Mystery of Worcester’s Leonardo continues at the Worcester Art Museum (55 Salisbury St, Worcester, ma) through June 3.

Any big-sum cash fraud would be tough to pull off without help from bankers or auditors, said accounting consultant ma Junsheng.

The North Carolina-bred MC was all set to take the stage Friday night at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, ma — where he was headlining.

ma’am, we don’t curtail our activities,” McCabe said.

On the way to that level, though, you make stops at places like Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, ma.

President Joko Widodo earlier on Thursday announced his intention to run for second term with top cleric ma’ruf Amin as vice presidential candidate.

Oct. 27 – Boston, ma @ First Baptist ChurchFri.

Baruch College’s ma in Arts Administration is a leadership program for activists, educators, and managers in the arts.

Remy ma and Nicki Minaj should both back away from the mic, because the damage is done … according to Lil Jon.

In 2013, ma estimates, coal pollution alone caused 366,000 deaths.

“Our study highlights the urgent need for even more aggressive strategies to reduce emissions from coal and from other sectors,” ma said.

“In retail, there’s a disruption under way,” said ma.

JD: For me I think it’s Bezos; Jack ma is close as well.

And ma, too, you are right 100 percent.

Rep. Seth Moulton (ma), for example, who’s been leading the charge against Pelosi, could conceivably do this well.

[Christopher Mims / The Wall Street Journal] Jack ma wants to retire.

By 2010 the festival was gently pushing boundaries with a piece by ma Ei, whose work focused on the inequality of women in society.

many companies and many people don’t have the opportunity to work 996,” ma said.

“In this world, everyone wants success, wants a nice life, wants to be respected,” ma said.

The University at Buffalo Department of Art invites applications to its MFA in Studio Art and the ma in Visual Studies.

Our MFA and ma programs exceed traditional boundaries and encourage diverse practices, art and activism, and emerging fields.

Funding options include full tuition scholarships for MFA students and university funding opportunities for ma students.

The ma in Visual Studies is designed for students interested in visual culture, art history, critical theory, and science technology studies.

many cities in Shanxi rank the lowest in the country when it comes to environment law enforcement and information disclosure,” ma said.

ma of the IPE said polluting firms in cities like Jincheng had long taken advantage of the system.

ma Bell was the monopoly in 1934 that Title II was designed for.

Dear ma and Pa,It’s Day 2 of the #SecondCivilWar.

He is just the quintessential — I’ll date myself — Joe Friday, “just the facts, ma’am,” kind of guy.

ma students have their thesis show in the Boor Sculpture Building, with public receptions for both events.

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is proud to present a solo exhibition by Jennifer Wen ma.

But they plant corn, which consumes a lot of water,” says ma, who graduated from Beijing Normal University with a doctorate in ecology.

The local government provides piping, which ma teaches local farmers to use.

The “American Horror Story” stars were shopping and canoodling around Provincetown, ma Friday … with plenty of PDA .

continues at the Rose Art Museum (Brandeis University, 415 South Street, Waltham, ma) through June 5.

[via email announcement] Dan Monroe will retire from his role as director of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, ma.

“She said, ‘ma, I’mma get me a place, but I’m gonna live here,’” recalled Griffin.

“I’ma estimate this wig at about like $700.

Kate is $42,000 in student loan debt for her ma in architectural acoustics from Johns Hopkins University.

The woman described the bike and I heard him say, “ma’am, I don’t think that’s your son’s bike.”

In 2006, Lubna was one of four new appointments by PIF to the board of ma’aden 1211.SE, the Gulf’s largest miner.

“Yes, ma’am.” “You remember a neighborhood called Lewisia?” “Sure.

It decided to subject the Internet to utility-style regulation designed in the 1930s to govern ma Bell.

Yes, ma’am.

The affected cities include Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington D.C., Sacramento, Ann Arbor, Bernardsville, NJ, and Brockton, ma.

For “ma chatte, mon copyright,” she was held in jail for two days before a judge ordered her to stand trial this past Wednesday.

While running for president, ma told a group of indigenous villagers: “I see you as human beings.”

Candidates must have a completed an ma degree in fine arts conservation or in libraries and archives, computer science or information science programs.

Certified financial planner Roger ma recommends putting any extra funds toward the credit card with the highest interest rate first.

And the former two, ma Thanegi said, “need huge investments” by Myanmar standards.

Jack ma to meet with the @realDonaldTrump today to discuss the $BABA commitment to create 1 million new jobs in the U.S.

But instead, ma and other Alibaba execs have said repeatedly that they’d rather help U.S. business sell into China.

“Our U.S. strategy is simple and clear,” ma said in a 2015 op-ed.

Update: Here’s ma, flanked by Alibaba president and Goldman Sachs veteran Michael Evans, arriving late Monday morning at Trump Tower.

JUST IN: Alibaba’s Jack ma arrives at Trump Tower for meeting with the President-elect.

Though she didn’t spend much time in the kitchen, ma made sure she got her cake, and she made sure she ate it, too.

ma winked at us and danced around the table with a cocktail shaker she’d nicked from me.

The man in the Empty Space continues at maSS MoCA (87 marshall St, North Adams, ma) through October 13.

A similar ban is being considered in Somerville, ma, and Oakland, CA.

“No, ma’am,” he said.

24 – Somerville, ma @ ONCE Somerville Mon.

He’s an artist ripe for an ma thesis, a PhD dissertation, and many books.

Elizabeth Warren (ma) and Kamala Harris (CA).

Cover image: Drug addicts in recovery listen to a counselor at a substance abuse treatment center on march 22, 2016 in Westborough, ma.

“When Remy [ma]’s up here, ask her about her bars.

“Yes, ma’am.” I previously asked Trump administration officials if this was the case, but I got no straight answers.

Baruch College’s ma in Arts Administration is a leadership program for activists, educators, and managers in the arts.

WAKEFIELD, ma — “People used to be afraid to say, ‘I’m a Republican.’

Among the batch of artists are rappers Yung Lean, Young ma, Tommy Genesis, and Afrikan Boy.

“I’ma get mine.

níchiwamiskwén | nimidet | ma sœur | my sister is a step, even a leap, closer to the autonomy of the people.

I’ma get some of Lonzo’s.

If LaVar gets some, I’ma get them too.”

Jagwar ma recently made a thunderous return to the fray with their single “O B 1.”

Around the corner, Case ma’Claim showcases his command of photorealism.

As Kuffner explained, ma’Claim dusted many layers of aerosol to create his image of two hands threading a needle.

The ma Curatorial Practice program at the School of Visual Arts is pleased to announce its Winter-Spring 2019 events.

Events will take place at SVA ma Curatorial Practice, 132 W. 21st Street, 10th floor, NYC.

Applications for the ma Program in Curatorial Practice is now being accepted.

In 2015, ma Jian, then counter-intelligence chief at the ministry, was put under investigation for corruption and expelled from the party the following year.

The last debate could have been rated as ma: mature audiences, per TV parental guidelines.

A video confession surfaced on Chinese websites and social media in April in which ma admitted to accepting bribes.

Guo has denied ma’s allegations.

The government announced in February last year that ma would be prosecuted, but has given no other information since.

Skyscrapers already fill manhattan, but the majority of them look the same, write American designers Jayong Shim, Dailong ma, and Tai Feng.

1/ Meet Dave, 21 from ma.

“I do think free speech is in danger.” 1/ Meet Ron Villareale, 71, from Easton, ma.

Both 24 and from Methuen, ma.

Nicki Minaj ain’t afraid to put her ass on the line … on the heels of Remy ma talking serious trash about it.

He wanted to be the sort of person who could turn up in Silicon Valley and be treated like Jack ma or mark Zuckerberg.

Kamala Harris (CA), Elizabeth Warren (ma), and Cory Booker (NJ).

Nicki Minaj’s ex says Nicki took a major hit from Remy ma … and she shouldn’t count on him to help her recover.

It really feels like we’re walking into the past because this place is very vintage—like a ma and pop shop.

Like her ma, Kaia is also a well-established model in her own right.

So before you start, “have all the infrastructure in place,” certified financial planner Roger ma said.

Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), Kamala Harris (CA), and Elizabeth Warren (ma) — who voted against it.

Dan Lomas, Programme Leader, ma Intelligence and Security Studies, University of Salford This article was originally published on The Conversation.

and I told her, ‘I’m just walking, ma, it’s good.’

ma has been in charge of macroeconomic policies and the financial sector.

The 71-year-old ma was left out of the Politburo in October, suggesting he is likely to step down soon.

Liu is also set to replace ma as head of the cabinet-level Financial Stability and Development Committee (FSDC), three of the sources said.

The obvious question: Does Tsai and ma’s interest make Alibaba a likely suitor for Rent the Runway?

Nov. 11 – Somerville, ma @ Boston Hassel Fest (Once Lounge) Mon.

Elizabeth Warren (ma) and Kamala Harris (CA), and possibly Sherrod Brown (OH).

In an enigmatic statement over email, ma gave some mythical background on the dance-floor bomb.

Andrew Weatherall recently shared a sprawling 10-minute of Jagwar ma that sounds like wet concrete smells.

“For the whole democratic camp it’s a political defeat,” said ma Ngok, a political scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Chyna fired back, basically telling her ma to mind her own damn business.

The exhibition was curated by Yomna Osman in partial fulfillment of her ma in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts.

On view from July 1 to September 30, 2019 in New Bedford, ma.

Warren Wilson College offers the first and only low-residency ma in Critical and Historical Craft Studies in the US.

“The glaciers are gone, and so are the cordyceps,” said ma, 49, who has been picking cordyceps in Qinghai for the past 14 years.

Alexandra ma contributed to this report.

Almost all of my cordyceps income goes towards sustaining that shop,” ma told Reuters.

The demand this year is not too good,” said ma Jingguang, a Guangdong-based merchant on a cordyceps inspection tour in Xinghai county.

Even a local driver in ma’s entourage in Qinghai owns an Audi convertible.

Je reconnais que c’est maladroit de ma part.

Kamala Harris (CA), Elizabeth Warren (ma) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) — had been unable to attend.

They run the gamut from little-known alt-rock bands (Car Seat Headrest, Mothers) to legends (Yo-Yo ma, Adele).

We hope that China and the United States can negotiate together to avoid a trade war,” said the carrier’s Chief Executive ma Xulun.

The one-year low-residency ma is for already licensed educators looking to invigorate their practice and expand their leadership opportunities.

Alibaba can no longer meet that promise, ma told Chinese news agency Xinhua on Wednesday.

With a ma in art from Tokyo Educational University, Kasahara taught the subject in prestigious high schools in Tokyo for over 30 years.

The amphibious assault ship USS ma kin Island transits the Arabian Sea on march 3.

ma bought 240 units late last year for more than 80 million yuan ($11.6 million).

And some people who have already invested, like ma, have run into problems.

ma said the developer would not sign formal contracts for 45 of the units he bought and did not return the deposits.

Ping An told Reuters it had taken back some units because the buyers had not met payment deadlines, a claim ma denied.

“This has totally messed up my plan, and is putting massive cash-flow pressure on me,” ma said.

ma mao, 40, a businessman from the northern coal hub of Shanxi, was one of many property investors who have settled in Xishuangbanna.

ma bought 240 units late last year for more than 80 million yuan ($11.6 million).

But good ma is elusive and even subjective.

And some people who have already invested, like ma, have run into problems.

ma said the developer would not sign formal contracts for 45 of the units he bought and did not return the deposits.

Ping An told Reuters it had taken back some units because the buyers had not met payment deadlines, a claim ma denied.

“This has totally messed up my plan, and is putting massive cash-flow pressure on me,” ma said.

How about the irrepressible, “OK ma, what’s your preference / nice and slow or fast and reckless?”

As the good momma‘s boy that I am, I immediately called my mom for some quick advice: “ma!

The two founded ma ma as a space for critical dialogues through art and gathering.

The show at ma ma in Toronto presents three works showcasing Linklater’s versatility.

Slay All Day: Tanya Lukin Linklater continues at ma ma through to October 15.

HANNAH RYAN: I’m a nanny-hyphenate-photographer from Amherst, ma.

Sometimes adding, as if he has just thought of it— ma’am.

Yes, ma’am.

ma’am.” If this is mockery, you don’t acknowledge it.

ma’am?” Kroff is looking at you expectantly.

“Also, know what, ma’am?—I’m his guardian.

ma’am—I’ll walk you to your car, OK?

Hayao Miyazaki once explained this to Roger Ebert as ma, the soundless beats between claps of the hand.

Adventure Time had lots of ma.

ma students have their thesis show in the Boor Sculpture Building, with public receptions for both events.

Then you go to the bathroom and start googling ma degrees.

Press on with adulthood; don’t take out a loan to do an ma in Creative Entrepreneurship.

“If he want this work, I’ma f**k him up,” Broner told TMZ Sports.

Ant is controlled by Alibaba founder Jack ma.

The formerly on-again, off-again couple spent part of Thanksgiving weekend doing duets during drag queen karaoke in Provincetown, ma.

I was the only Black student in my ma program at the University of Leiden in the early 2010s.

ma Hnin, which translates to “Mrs.

At that time, there were no Burmese markets, but ma Hnin started cooking out of her home.

Elizabeth Warren (ma), Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and Gov.

So much Dra(y)ma, and the Warriors still beat the Clippers 123-113.

Beginning this Friday, students in the ma Photography course at the London College of Communication will be exhibiting their final projects.

Chris Bethell’s ma Photography project is based on an elaborate lie.

The economic situation is not good, and that could last for a long time, ma said at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin.

“And I’ma tell that y’all be dropping chicken on the floor.

Blues wouldn’t exist without the number of lesbian and bisexual women involved in it, like Bessie Smith, ma Rainey, and Billie Holiday.

I was busy doing a philosophy ma at the time.

Exhibition coordinated by marisa Espe, ma ’20, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.

Yo ma teases me and my friends on how slow we are.

It’s because they understand how important nature is,” Tgbil Ichang, Yo ma‘s father and Yuraw’s younger brother, says.

No, ma’am!

I wouldn’t bet ma house on it!And a Smash Hits question from the old biscuit tin… Do you like sardines?Sylvia: “Hmm.

The other doctor repeatedly calls her “ma’am” during their conversation, while inaccurately describing the situation.

After taking a deep breath, she tells him, “stop calling me ma’am, I’m a doctor just like you,” then corrects his mistakes.

matt, 23, Dedham, ma How long ago did you start lucid dreaming?

The partnership, ma said, will help the IOC attract a younger, millennial audience.

“We met last year to talk about digital and how we can make the Olympics digital,” ma said at the press conference.

ma will step down in exactly one year on Sept. 10, 2019, and current Alibaba Chief Executive Daniel Zhang will replace him as chairman.

ma will complete his current term on Alibaba’s board of directors following the company’s annual general meeting in 2020.

many staffers at the venue are in bands—a problem for ma, as they regularly leave the city to go on tour.

But it doesn’t allude to a bitter business situation that festers between ma and Sides.

Throughout the menu, Lei rather than ma is described as the venue’s owner, but the recipe was ma‘s mother’s.

“Lei was like this even as a student,” says ma, who met her husband when they were at school together.

Instead, ma claims, Lei’s presence now rests at Punk Rock Noodle.

ma is unrepentant.

Those jobs are now lost, ma says.

Those jobs are now lost, ma says.

Cult stories don’t get much weirder than the tale of Osho, ma Ananad Sheela, and Oregon’s Rajneeshpuram community.

ma initially made the pledge to help create a million new jobs in January 2017, in a meeting with Trump just before his inauguration.

When I ask what led him to choose ma Gastronomie, Henderson says it’s one of those books that’s “hard not to love.”

ma Gastronomie to many was a rather old fashioned book but to Henderson, it’s a great “modernist source.”

Then, with the help of fellow designer Mike ma, she turned it into a suit that people wear when buried.

In 1692 Ann Putnam accused the former Salem Village minister, George Burroughs, of being the master of all witches in ma.

Nov. 18 – Allston, ma @ Great Scott ^ Sun.

Chris Brown, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Remy ma, T.I., Daddy Yankee, Iggy Azalea were among the many stars who showed up.

But Jack ma has always been keen to downplay the importance of these numbers.

Rather than scale, ma said he looks for “steady” growth.

ma’s words are in line with the company’s ongoing quest for potential partners to power its retail ecosystem.

Alibaba Chairman ma has also projected what would become a norm for Singles’ Day today.

Her ma from Radcliffe gave her three degrees to match her husband’s set.

In 2016, ma coined the term “new retail” to describe a future of seamless integration between online and offline retail sales.

SoftBank founder and CEO masayoshi Son is a close friend of Alibaba founder Jack ma.

I approached the reception desk to ask for directions to ma Xiang Xing.

Additional reporting by Wyman ma; Editing by James Pomfret and; Simon Cameron-Moore

Neil Mendoza has an ma in math and computer science from Oxford University and an MFA in design media art from UCLA.

“I love ma students so have to do what will make them understand wat am teaching,” he wrote.

They don’t fight any villains there; instead, they visit with ma and Pa Kent.

ma would have loved to see you in it.”

I don’t know what I call you!” while Harrison and margaret chanted together, “You call her ma’am!

Kalief later apologized and told me, “ma, I don’t know what happened, but I was back at Rikers, and I had to fight.”

Join a rigorous and supportive low-residency MFA community in the brand new facilities of the Lunder Art Center in Cambridge, ma.

ma said such changes in the external environment is “only for reference” in terms of its impact on the central bank’s monetary policies.

And then he said, “ma, I gotta talk to you.”

So we went outside the gate and he said, “ma I don’t know what to do.”

The one-year low-residency ma is for already licensed educators looking to invigorate their practice and expand their leadership opportunities.

And I’ma make you feel me.

It took a couple weeks, but Remy ma is in police custody for allegedly punching Brittney Taylor at a concert last month.

13 – Allston, ma – Great Scott Jul.

Company founder Jack ma even presented a magic trick on stage.

On Sunday at 6pm, a film screening of works by Nuttaphol ma, Behrouze Rae, and others will close out the exhibition.

Remy ma and Papoose are now proud parents … after an emotional struggle to have a child.

BUT FIRST… An update on the Remy ma and Nicki Minaj thing we’ve been following for the last two weeks.

Al Rajhi Bank rose 2.9 percent and Samba Financial Group 3.5 percent, while Saudi Arabian Mining Co (ma’aden) advanced by 6.1 percent.

ma says this includes direct integration with StackBlitz and Glitch, two web-based IDEs.

Converting aspects of the online space ran parallel in ma Photography student Neale Willis’ work, another Nova shortlister.

For instance, ma envisioned a future where a merchant on Alibaba’s consumer-facing marketplace Taobao would directly source from, its business-to-business e-commerce arm.

Julius Cowyn-Foulkes, 24-year-old ma Art and Science student, designed three sculptures influenced by Complexity Theory, or more specifically, how the human body is comprised.

Alibaba declined to comment on the GitHub movement, although founder Jack ma shared on Weibo Friday his view on the 996 regime.

Alchemy of the Soul: maría magdalena Campos-Pons continues at the Peabody Essex Museum (161 Essex Street, Salem, ma) through April 3.

“No companies should or can force employees into working 996,” wrote ma.

Photo source: Jack ma via Weibo Photo source: Jack ma via Weibo “There is a belief that more hours equals more learning.

Nicki Minaj just fired back at Remy ma, but is it enough?

He also produced a riveting photograph of ma Desheng, calling for artistic freedom, which is utterly iconic.

8 – Boston, ma @ House of BluesAug.

: 4 states (CA, CO, ma, and MN) already mandate their utilities to get involved with community solar projects by law.

Speaking to USA Today after his event, Jimmy ma discussed his song choice: “Figure skating is an extreme sport,” he said.

“Stronger analytics lead to stronger insights, which lead to better opportunities to optimize content and strategies for brands,” ma tells Axios.

Jack ma – Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group 3.

Jack ma, $28.6 billion (Alibaba): More small U.S. companies on its ecommerce platform, saying it could create a million jobs.

He met his now wife, ma’ata, who taught him Tongan as he helped her improve her English.

It’s all a media war,” said 50-year-old former construction worker Jaafar Abu Ahmad from a rural area near ma’arat al-Nuaman town.

Common Threads: Weaving Stories Across Time continues at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (25 Evans Way, Boston, ma 02115) through January 13, 2019.

ma’s concern is not unexpected.

Founded in 1998 by entrepreneur ma Huateng, Tencent is one of Asia’s largest tech companies, best known for its WeChat mobile messaging app.

In college [at Babson in Wellesley, ma.

SVA’s ma Curatorial Practice program is thrilled to announce the exhibitions and public events that culminate the 2019 degree.

ma Curatorial Practice balances hands-on training with history, theory, and building a professional international network.

Apply to the MFA or ma in Socially Engaged Art by February 1, 2019 to be considered for fellowships and assistantships.

Interestingly, Carl opted to file his response to Angie’s divorce petition all by himself — look, ma … no lawyers!

It even fought with Long ma, a mechanical Dragon-Horse, in two dramatic battles.

Why this matters: The findings led ma to pull thousands of drivers off the road.

Our ma in Art History emphasizes a global perspective and offers highly regarded concentrations in Art Museum Studies and Art Museum Education.

Graduates of our justice-oriented Art Education ma program are fully employed as art teachers and teaching artists across the country.

Paul Herbet, Jeremy ma and Victor Hwang: As WSJ points out, all three have worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Speaking of moms … happy birthday to Andy’s ma, Mrs. Ruiz!

LiAngelo Ball has got 2 powerful forces trying to secure his release from China … UCLA and Alibaba founder Jack ma … TMZ Sports has learned.

As once source put it, “UCLA and ma are pulling out all the political stops to resolve this.”

Bang Bim_Tek Off $omething ma$h (AyoKiff_Bad Co. Roadmix) 7.

When it comes to companies like Apple, Google and Amazon, ma said, “Large scale was the model.

Alibaba CEO Jack ma has pledged that the e-commerce giant will create 1 million U.S. jobs within 5 years.

Who signed off: John Kasich (OH), Brian Sandoval (NV), Charlie Baker (ma).

4 – Boston, ma @ Great ScottThu.

Design Studies (ma) Can design make us more altruistic?

Boston, ma: There is a planned “Free Speech Rally” for this Saturday in Boston.

Jack ma is China’s richest, with a net worth of $35.7 billion.

(CNN) Georges Island, ma covered up a headstone honoring Confederate soldiers in June.

“My ma got me into Tupac,” he says.

9 Boston, ma @ Great ScottJul.

And fringe arguments have a way of becoming mainstream: Critics of ma Bell and Microsoft looked like outliers before picking up steam.

Kamala Harris (CA), Cory Booker (NJ), Elizabeth Warren (ma), and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) are all demanding that Fairfax resign.

The ma Curatorial Practice program at the School of Visual Arts celebrates the opening of its major year-end exhibitions.

Reports of Jack ma’s impending retirement are greatly exaggerated, it seems.

The exact details will be announced on ma’s birthday, September 10.

ma stepped back from a daily role when he moved from CEO to chairman in 2013.

13-year Alibaba veteran Jonathan Lu stepped into ma’s shoes as CEO.

Without them, life has no meaning,” ma wrote on Twitter.

ma: I went to school was because of my teachers: from the beginning, even in Mexico, they were very supportive of me.

ma: I applied to a few schools and got into one, but they said that I couldn’t get accepted because I was undocumented.

“I sat down with our senior executives 10 years ago, and asked what Alibaba would do without me,” ma told SCMP in an interview.

ma: I sold my artwork to friends and neighbors in my hometown, Santa Rosa.

ma: I wanted to thank my community for making it possible for me to go to college.

Key quotes: manufacturing is no longer the main driver of job creation, said ma.

ma says people should not think about artificial or human intelligence, but about machine intelligence.

ma: I spent about a month in Italy.

ma: I got DACA when I was a student at Yale.

In the past 30 years, we made people like machines, said ma.

ma: If the program ends, I won’t be able to teach at Pratt.

ma: I was a member in the first meeting, when we brought the group together.

ma: Technically I’m still undocumented.

Founder and CEO of Alibaba, Jack ma: “[I]n the past 30 years we made people like machines.

The lineup includes Bill Clinton, Apple’s Tim Cook, Alibaba’s Jack ma and French President Emmanuel macron.

He took aim at ma Bell during a segment on “infuriating” bag charges imposed by the airlines.

UCLA apologized to Alibaba — founded by Jack ma.

As we previously reported, ma also put in work behind the scenes to get the boys back to America.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (ma): Donating $5000 to Casa Myrna, a non-profit in Boston.

They were starting their ma program the year that I went and they gave us scholarships and a stipend.

ma said lower employment at Foxconn affected the livelihoods of those in the town.

During the summer months, ma said, she can’t get a ticket to the movie theater because there are so many people.

23 – Cambridge, ma – Great Scott Apr.

China-born, Brooklyn-residing photographer Hailun ma is inspired by everything from the Chinese royal family to Cindy Sherman.

30 – Boston, ma @ The Sinclair Thu.

Go deeper: The New York Times has a rundown of the different stories emerging from ma Bell and DOJ.

“We use a lot of peanut oil,” Burmese food and travel writer ma Thanegi tells me.

may 1 – Boston,ma @ Middle East Mon.

Ed markey (ma): “I join my colleagues in calling for Senator Franken to step aside and resign.

**Canada-headquartered Barrick Gold Corp (ABX.TO) has a joint venture with ma’aden.

Elizabeth Warren (ma): She advised Franken to resign, per the Boston Globe.

The inaugural cabaret, presented by SVA’s ma Curatorial Practice, promises live music, theater, video art, poetry, cocktails and more.

Remy ma is currently facing the same exact charges for an allegedly punching Brittney back in April during a concert.

ma said the company will probably add just 15 new employees over the next year.

“Really important film-going experiences become milestones in people’s lives,” said ma.

He saw Sick of It All play a show 22 years ago at Pearl Street in Northampton, ma.

ma: I haven’t met Drake, but I have of course met people who have met Drake.

ma: Wouldn’t it be fun for him to have a cameo in season two of The Handmaid’s Tale?

Why it matters: “The garrulous style belies the ‘just the facts, ma’am’ approach many defense lawyers advocate.”

I’m just sensitive, ma.)

Like, “I’ma make this for the radio and this for the club.” No.

ma and MFA application deadline is February 1, maT and ma Ed application deadline is April 1.

Palestinian news agency ma’an reports that several Palestinian factions could join the strike (including Islamic Jihad and Hamas).

—Chung-Pei ma, Judy Chandler Webb Professor of Astronomy and Physics at the University of California, Berkeley Humans are adaptable.

But while Twitter pundits were quick to revile her, I couldn’t help but feel I understood ma Anand Sheela.

​Last summer, there was absolutely no escaping Keith Ape’s “It G ma“.

“Still on probation?” “Nine more months, ma’am,” the driver says.

This intensive ma program is well suited for both established professionals and graduates wishing to continue their studies at an advanced level.

“It turns out, Donigan acquired that sweater while working at a marc Jacobs store in Provincetown, ma.

By this time Fahram was in malaysia studying for an ma at the International Islamic University.

ma Jun told Xinhua that China will consider measures to help sectors that are hardest-hit by the trade war with the United States.

“What Jack ma said to me was: ‘Wu Zhao, helping small and medium enterprises is our company’s mission.

PRIESTAP: Not equal to this one, no, ma’am.

outside a Dunkin’ Donuts; or Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, greeting Car Talk listeners from Cambridge, “Our fair city,” ma.

Rico Nasty)11) Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, & Sage The Gemini – Don’t Get Much Better12) Pitbull & J Balvin – Hey ma (feat.

El Taiger)14) J Balvin & Pitbull – Hey ma (feat.

Alex ma contributed to this article.

I was like, “he’s gonna like it, ma!”

An accountant by training, Zhang is soft-spoken and pragmatic, in contrast to ma’s flamboyance.

Remy ma waited four days.

Yes, ma’am, please.

“This is a dream come true, ma Long is my idol, so beating him here in my home country is amazing,” Harimoto said.

After racing to a 3-0 lead, the youngster faced a stern test as ma pulled two games back.

World number two ma, one of the game’s top players in recent decades, was gracious in defeat and hailed Harimoto’s progress.

Yes, ma’am, please, please.

Yes, ma’am, please.

It’s 7:30 p.m. on Saturday in Acushnet, ma, and this is Vidal’s second stop of the night.

Applications are still open for EGS programs this August and October – ma, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Certificate, Certificate of Study, or Individual Seminars.

“How’d the other salsa turn out, ma?”

Central Saint martins ma Industrial Design student Lucinda Mulholland is acutely aware of communication obstacles.

A different kind of badge is created by ma Industrial Design student Robert Tang and his design for communication in our digital future.

Last year ma invested 300 million yuan ($45 million) in a rural education project in China.

ma stated his concerns about a trade war in August, telling CNN, “We should keep on going along the path of globalization.

It’s packaged as a letter to Dilla from his mother, ma Dukes.

Rep. Seth Moulton (ma), for example, who’s been leading the charge against Pelosi, could conceivably do this well.

And, I’m pretty sure my booty no longer qualifies as ‘concave’ — take THAT, ma.”

Warren Wilson College announces the launch of the first ma in Critical and Historical Craft Studies.

“I’m extremely excited to partner with Roblox,” said Steven ma, senior vice president of Tencent, in a statement.

Early on Sunday, as Brazilian fencer Ghislain Perrier, parried lunges by ma Jianfei, the local crowd jeered the Chinese rival, even though he won.

Jack ma, the CEO of Alibaba, will star in the movie “Gongshoudao.

We talked last night with founder and CEO Shan-Lyn ma to learn more.

The Qalandiya International grew out of the annual Jerusalem Show at Al mamal Foundation in East Jerusalem in 2012.

In a two-month residency at Al mamal, the duo researched the politics and economics of the old city through its residents’ food practices.

But we’re training ma students.

I’m also confused about China banning hip-hop, especially because ma$iwei just made a Sprite commercial.

Yes, ma’am, go ahead.

Yes, ma’am, go ahead.

Currently, you can try it out in Springfield, ma.

And that’s where Young ma comes in.

Inventur — Art in Germany, 1943–55 continues at the Special Exhibitions Gallery of the Harvard Art Museums (32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, ma) through June 3.

Ricky ma, robot-maker and Hong Kong resident, realized that he would probably never meet Scarlett Johansson.

The winner — Geoffrey Esper from Oxford, ma — did him 35 better for this year’s belt.

ma says that he loved robots as a child.

“After a year and $50,000, ma had his replicant woman.

12 – Boston, ma @ Middle East DownstairsWed.

ma students have their thesis show in the Boor Sculpture Building, with public receptions for both events.

Fat Joe and Remy ma played “All The Way Up” which, if nothing else, felt like a proper prelude to something bigger.

Instead, Joey Crack and Remy ma did the more practical New York City OG move by bringing out Young M.A.

The night ended in a sing-along tribute to Biggie, with appearances from Faith Evans, Lil Kim, 112, ma$e, and The Lox.

It wasn’t something to stop the presses over, exactly—the Remy ma stuff was much more shareable on social media.

“Wasn’t part of your plan to trick Mr. Boyd into coming down so that you could arrest him?” “No ma’am,” Sandy replied.

Then, we sit in on therapy sessions with Freddie Gibbs and Young ma with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh of VICELAND’s The Therapist.

Stooki Sound)”Ka5sh – “I’m Depressed” The Therapist Freddie Gibbs – “Crushed Glass”Young ma – “EAT”

So he, along with tech gurus Sergey Brin, mark Zuckerberg, and Jack ma, created the Breakthrough Prize.

The first daughter will be a legacy at the Cambridge, ma, university — both of her parents attended Harvard Law School.

“There is no more party ma’am,” he told a reporter for the Daily Beast.

And I said, ‘Excuse me, ma’am.

The sale’s top lot, ma Xinle’s “Horses” (2012) sold for $312,500.

Moments of stillness, what Hayao Miyazaki would call “ma,” are Missouri-based artist Kelsey Wroten’s specialty.

“The time in between my clapping is ma,” Miyazaki once told Roger Ebert.

“Jack ma of Alibaba and Pony ma of Tencent built tech empires that dominate China’s digital economy.

Hailun ma is probably used to having her work compared with the role-playing, performance art photographer Cindy Sherman.

“Their top leaders share a surname, though Alibaba’s Jack ma and Tencent’s Pony ma aren’t related.”

At heart, though, is the relationship Hailun ma has with the camera.

Hailun ma laughs again, this time without covering her mouth.

That is Xi’s policy, so it has to be ma‘s, too.

Last year, Jack ma, founder of JD’s e-commerce rival Alibaba, called Belt and Road “a responsibility and an opportunity.”

For Alibaba that’s Jack ma, for us it’s Richard Liu,” said one person who works at

So, according to this account, Xi dispatched Alibaba’s ma to have a chat with Trump.

“As much as they are perceived to be an online company, increasingly they have to go to offline,” ma said.

Meeting the U.S. president-elect at Trump Tower, ma said that Alibaba would create 1 million jobs in the U.S.

Absent those six deals, 2016 would have been just a tad higher than the three prior years, ma writes.

The bottom line: ma attributes the four companies’ 2016 dealmaking to pessimism gripping the Chinese business community, otherwise known as capital flight.

I mean, the South China Morning Post obviously has this problem with Jack ma.

Last year, Alibaba CEO Jack ma said that technological revolution, after all, “caused World War I.”

He said that these scenes where nothing really happens are called “ma,” or “emptiness.”

ma was booked for indecent exposure, and bail was set at $10,000.

During the rally, the complaint says, ma was “protesting claimed abuses of unequal treatment of women based on gender discrimination.”

ma is seeking punitive and exemplary damages for physical pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

One thing he definitely can’t ask in the future … what did you ever do for me, ma?

— When he sees Amy’s nightgownBest one-liner, Ben edition: “[The Chinese are] still on the road, ma’am.

His lawyers made the 64-mile drive from their Everett, ma, office whenever they want to prep him for his case.

ma was an amalgamation of three separate recovery groups for people addicted to cannabis.

Within a couple of years, ma became aware of similar groups that had also formed around the world, something they considered serendipitous.

Lori said she joined ma 13 years ago after hearing about it from a psychiatrist.

One of the bishops who met the Vatican delegation was Joseph ma Yinglin, the bishop of Kunming in Yunnan province, according to Catholic sources.

Liu, 66, is also the front-runner to replace ma as head of the cabinet-level Financial Stability and Development Committee.

ma is president of the Chinese Catholic Bishops’ Conference and vice-chairman of the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

The matter of Thaddeus ma Daqin also needs to be settled.

ma, 71, is seen as publicity shy and not as high-profile as Xi’s top economic advisor Liu He, but trusted by Xi.

ma Rainey and Chuck Berry also deserve credit.

To cap off the premiere, Diddy, ma$e, Kim, Carl Thomas, and Faith Evans came out to perform their hits, seemingly missing no steps.

The Department of Art and Art History at University at Albany is accepting applications for 2016 MFA and ma programs in Studio Art.

The 1-year, 30-credit ma program is one of the most affordable in the country.

ma accounts for about a third of all Medicare beneficiaries.

Some ma enrollees will prefer the plans that don’t.

When Jack ma co-founded e-commerce behemoth Alibaba in 1999, China’s internet culture barely existed.

My darling, my love, mon amour, ma chérie, poussin, mouton, bébé.

In a letter to shareholders and employees, ma said he will step down in a year and be succeeded by company CEO Daniel Zhang.

I first wrote about Barraza in my ma thesis, and I also wrote about Performing Mexicanidad.

(In retirement, ma plans to return to his roots and focus on education through his philanthropic foundation.)

ma made up for his lack of a technical background with a universal charm that won over state leaders and celebrities.

Plus, in his “Final Two,” Dan discusses the retirement of Alibaba’s Jack ma and the rise of robot restaurants.

Yung ma was appointed curator in the Centre Pompidou’s contemporary and prospective creation department through a partnership with the K11 Art Foundation.

ma never claimed Alibaba would hire a million Americans.

Jack ma will step down as Alibaba’s executive chairman on the company’s 20th anniversary, which comes one year from today.

Somos is a rock band from Boston, ma that makes thoughtful, hopeful music.

He joins a growing number of publicly out LGBTQ artists, including iLovemakonnen, Le1f, Young ma, and of course, Frank Ocean.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated ma is CEO.

Oct. 29 – Boston, ma @ Cafe 939 at BerkleeTue.

Already, working in Cambridge, ma, I feel like POS tablets are ubiquitous, and that feeling is growing in cities across the country.

Trump told reporters that he and ma had a “great meeting” and would do great things together.

ma plans are all the rage among hospital-owned insurers, too.

ma enrollment increased 8% in 2018, and the feds expect a 12% enrollment bump for 2019.

The bottom line: Both Democrats and Republicans support ma, so the enrollment wave likely won’t subside in the near term.

ma has its problems, though.

ma adds: “Just this week I diagnosed chlamydia in a teenager.

(malaysia’s government appointed ma as an economic advisor last November.)

ma Lee Vue, 35, had flown in from Laos via Tokyo.

ma Lee Vue, 35, had flown in from Laos via Tokyo.

The backdrop: ma has long kept a distance from Chinese politics.

Lazy Mom is a collaboration between New York-based artists Josie Keefe and Phyllis ma.

She’s also got an ma from Columbia.

As Keefe and ma explained to us, “One of the first rules we are taught in life is not to play with your food.

Notably, the triumphant GOP caucus then chose to swap leaders, dumping James mann (IL) in favor of Frederick Gillett (ma) by a 138-69 vote.

many ma plans offer $0 premiums and extra perks that don’t exist in standard Medicare, like vision and hearing coverage and gym memberships.

ma plans also cap enrollees’ out-of-pocket expenses.

ma’am, I am not aware of that,” Bridenstine said.

Yes, but: Federal marketing materials rarely mention ma‘s tradeoffs.

ma plans limit which doctors and hospitals people can see, and they require prior approval for certain procedures.

ma plans spend less on care, yet continue to cost taxpayers more than traditional Medicare.

People who enroll in ma often can’t buy a Medigap plan if they later decide to switch to traditional Medicare.

Where it stands: The Affordable Care Act slashed payments to ma insurers, but other Obama administration policies bolstered the industry.

HHS championed ma in a new policy document this week, on the heels of positive marketing.

What we’re hearing: Wall Street is beyond bullish on the major ma insurers like UnitedHealth Group and Humana.

But if Remy ma was willing to call out Nicki’s brother, who knows how far Minaj will go.

Are Remy ma and Nicki Minaj the new Jay Z and Nas?

What’s happening: Jack ma, the richest man in China, has been a member of the Communist Party since the 1980s.

ma Hla Hla may, 33, has been working as a community health worker with the IRC for 18 months in Da Paing Muslim camp.

ma Hla Hla may’s favorite part of her job is assisting with reproductive health work.

Although conditions have improved since ma Hla Hla may arrived, she does not want to remain in Da Paing Muslim camp permanently.

He’s also studying too much for his ma to go out right now.

Winners: Most insurers are winners to some degree, considering ma is “a friendly environment” right now for the industry.

By the numbers: Together, three companies control more than half of the ma market.

Yes, but: Federal prosecutors and auditors are scrutinizing the coding practices of ma insurers and may be willing to claw back overpayments soon.

ma: It was hugely important to us that the manifesto undermine the position from which it is situated.

With ma po tofu, for instance, someone invented that, and it’s still being eaten to this day.

ma is poised to take the role as magic Leap closes its latest tranche of funding, which our insider confirmed includes participation from Alibaba.

First custom baby Balmain and Givenchy, now stealing ma‘s Balenciaga?

Warren Wilson College offers the first and only low-residency ma in Critical and Historical Craft Studies in the US.

Instead, it’s: “I’m going round yer ma‘s.”

It’s not a lease clause, and it’s not legally binding, but as “ma!

ma said trade tensions would likely impact Chinese and foreign companies immediately and negatively.

“You may win the battle, but you lose the war,” ma said at the shareholder event in Hangzhou.

ma said new trade rules were needed over the longterm.

ma made the comments in what he said was his last speech to shareholders as chairman of the Chinese internet giant.

maybe there are questions from the people all over Indonesia why Professor Dr. ma’ruf Amin was chosen.

The map highlights enrollment data from 2017, when there were 19.2 million ma enrollees.

My sons laugh at this: “ma, you should now have two drinks!

ma is far less popular in states with sparse populations, like Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming.

Between the lines: States with high concentrations of ma enrollees also have dominant systems of hospitals and doctors that sell ma plans.

Decades later, China “completely skipped the credit card era and entered the age of mobile payment,” says Joy ma, a Paulson Institute analyst.

Yes, ma’am.

Yes, ma’am.

“So my son actually started tearing, because he was like, ‘That had to be a horrible life, ma.’

Yes, ma’am.

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