Luggage in a sentence | Use of the word luggage examples

It includes a short provision that would ban vaping devices from being brought on board, even in carry-on luggage.

You’ll still get primary rental car insurance and the same level of trip cancellation, trip delay, lost luggage, and delayed luggage reimbursement.

And you might often have to walk a distance to your hotel, which means dragging all your luggage with you.

A personalized passport cover and luggage tag.

Gift them a passport cover and luggage tag for all the destinations they haven’t yet made it to.

They had already unloaded my luggage and everything.” Asgari was confused.

They had already unloaded my luggage and everything.

Her luggage hasn’t been located either, Fine said.

John Legend had a rough landing in NYC when someone at JFK airport stole his luggage with some very expensive items.

John arrived at JFK Thursday when a Delta greeter made a mistake and left his bag on the luggage cart.

The great thing about carry-on luggage is that you don’t have to choose the most expensive brands to be satisfied.

Check our luggage buying guide and suitcase Ratings to find the best brands and advice on selecting bags that meet your needs.

What’s up with all that luggage??!!

Alex would throw my luggage through windows.

He might also ask God for forgiveness … in the carry-on luggage department.

The whole phenomenon of walking through metal detectors and having your carry-on luggage searched is something that didn’t start until 1973.

The most obvious restriction involves carry-on luggage.

However, American and United prohibits any luggage that will require the use of an overhead bin.

Away is one of — if not the most— popular luggage brand catering to modern travelers.

It’s interesting … nothing other than the cash was taken, despite the fact that all of their luggage and jewelry were in the room.

Leather luggage stickers

Gift Away Leather luggage Stickers, $15 Add some personality to her suitcase with these artistic 100% leather stickers.

Wherever she’s traveling, she’ll be able to immediately identify her luggage.

Clearly, size DOES matter to Dwayne — who used his oversized luggage to take a dig at his “Central Intelligence” co-star Kevin Hart.

They can detect when luggage is left unattended, or when previously unattended luggage is picked up and removed.

She’s literally luggage.

On the sidewalk outside the airport, their faces close, they gazed at the bustle of luggage and taxis.

You’ll never be caught out with oversized hand luggage with this baby — a snip at £400 ($560).

(If you have luggage you’ll need to drop it off, but if you’ve checked in beforehand, this goes quickly.)

Not marking your luggage You’ve been there, done that, and now you’re almost home.

All that’s left is to grab your luggage from baggage claim.

The thwarted smuggler had packed the sound system within his luggage on a flight bound for Belgium.

LG: Let them carry their damn luggage.

“Madame, you forgot your hand luggage,” a stranger said.

Some friends of mine will write little notes in the luggage saying, “Hey guys, this is a costume.

And at the Geneva Airport in Switzerland a robot is on hand to help check luggage.

Calling for information they issued a photograph of a man, dressed in white and wearing a hat, as he pushed a luggage trolley.

Calling for information they issued a photograph of a man, dressed in white and wearing a hat, as he pushed a luggage trolley.

According to law enforcement … the staffer found a bunch of stuff was missing, including luggage, sunglasses and other accessories.

One travel blogger used it as her main piece of luggage on a five-week trip to France.

They had already unloaded my luggage and everything.” For now, her US research plans are on hold.

Jone’s collection featured Dior’s first-ever collaboration with luxury luggage brand Rimowa, giving the collection futuristic, metal handbags, clutches and backpacks.

Visibly nervous parents crossed the pedestrian bridge, some with children and carrying luggage, a Reuters witness said.

The search is over … Andy Dalton’s missing luggage has finally been recovered!

Saleh has also staged airplane-based pranks, such as his claim earlier this month to have stowed away in luggage.

According to eyewitness accounts from ABC News, the bugs were spilling out of overhead luggage compartments and onto passengers.

Upon moving in and out of their units, the workers should expect to have the company examine the contents of their luggage.

And it’s hard to mistake this unique, handsome duffel with another traveler’s luggage.

Even with nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon, the Olympia luggage Rolling Duffel has a 4.2-star average rating.

Toy Story 2 resolves in a delightful flurry of chaos on a maze of luggage belts behind the scenes at an airport.

(luggage space is adequate for a weekend trip and little more.)

The area behind the seats is equipped with a pair of very old-school luggage tie-down straps.

I thought a kid stowing away in his dad’s luggage was one of adventure; apparently it was depressing.

Once they landed, Matt grabbed her luggage … and to avoid a scene, Kenya went back to her place in a separate car from Matt.

* Consumers will be affected by added tariffs on all products in the category of trunks, suitcases and luggage.

After some back-and-forth, Howie went back to the trunk and, out of nowhere, threw his luggage on the ground.

I stepped into the foyer, dropping my luggage in the prescribed compartment and sitting in the chair that levitated into the Punch Escrow chamber.

Travelers will use smart, sensor-embedded suitcases to track their belongings and avoid the frustration that comes with misplaced luggage.

(“Thank you so much for sending this bag right in time for this!” she says in one post tagging the luggage maker Tumi.)

“They went through my wallet and my luggage and then my cellphone, all my emails and my photos,” Camila told me over Skype.

(Not to be confused with the editorial arm of the luxury luggage company Away, which also uses it.)

Tone Loc tells us he first told the teen, “Your hat is whack” as he was grabbing his luggage from baggage claim.

Bangalore: People seem much more daring with the loads they are willing to bear while riding a motorcycle, whether it is luggage or people.

United runs a piss poor airline, according to a passenger who claims someone at the carrier opened her luggage and peed on her clothes.

So far, luggage brand Away and sneaker company Allbirds are brands the company is looking into bringing to the store later next year.

In Dubai, Emirates has begun searching carry-on bags and questioning passengers about their luggage, trip origin, and liquids.

Starting January 15th, a number of major airlines will ban any “smart luggage” that features a non-removable lithium-ion battery.

Travelers will still be allowed to check smart luggage with removable batteries, provided they take those batteries with them in the cabin.

luggage with removable batteries will also still be permissible as a carry-on item.

Other companies that make smart luggage with removable batteries, like Away, are taking a softer line in response to the news.

Just like a piece of well-arranged luggage, Fitz Packerton does a lot with surprisingly little.

I have been known to idly leave behind hand luggage, so one that follows me is something I gladly welcome.

I rummaged through the stash of readymade Indian food my mum had packed into my luggage, and made a bowl of Maggi instant noodles.

Doria Ragland got picked up Tuesday at her L.A. home, where she and her luggage were loaded into a chauffeur-driven SUV.

It’s basically people who smuggle something in their hand luggage who should not do that, right?

Last month, many major airlines enacted a ban on “smart luggage” with non-removable lithium-ion batteries.

The backup PJ just pulled up in front of the damaged one and their luggage is getting transferred.

Actually removing the battery from your smart luggage and watching your plane sit at the gate and STILL be denied entry.

According to their research, the fees have lowered the amount of luggage being processed, and that has improved airport baggage operations.

With huge glass panels on all sides, this car maintains an outdoor feel even when it’s filled up with people and luggage.

According to the FAA, Southwest regularly underestimates the total weight of luggage carried by its planes.

Now, it’s released something a bit more accessible (but still ridiculous) in price: a $370 luggage tracker called the Louis Vuitton Echo.

The Sigfox subscription allows you to the track your luggage at various airports globally.

Once you land, the app notifies you of the position of your luggage and whether it was opened during the trip.

This works when the device is inserted along the Horizon luggage’s hinge in the dedicated elastic band.

Airlines like Delta have played around with luggage tracking before using RFID tags.

The collection was extensive, including apparel for the whole family, dishes, luggage, and even a bike.

Every traveler wants to pack light, especially when it comes to carry-on luggage.

All of Bluesmart’s intellectual property, designs, and branding have been bought by luggage giant Travelpro.

Bluesmart was just one of a handful of companies making smart luggage.

The company says buyers can attempt a return or exchange with a retailer if they didn’t buy the luggage directly from Bluesmart.

(Bluesmart shut down, but it sold its intellectual property to luggage giant TravelPro.)

But the ban, and perhaps the change in sentiment toward smart luggage, will still hit Raden hard, according to the company.

For the next 10 years, I was a sympathy prop turned glorified luggage, bouncing around several countries, eventually attending nine different elementary schools.

Away’s luggage charges your phone while you wait for your flight.

The company makes carry-on bags and full-size suitcases, along with accessories like luggage tags and travel blankets.

Learn more about what it’s like to travel with Away’s luggage.

I also mentioned CHRiS CARDi for clothes and luggage, as well as soleRebels for eco-friendly, fair trade shoes.

The film then jumps forward to a grown-up Christopher (McGregor), who now works at a luggage company in London.

Cops accused the rapper of secreting weed in his luggage.

After you put your luggage through the scanners, they hardly check your person.

As we were driving to the airport on our way back, we realized that our ticket home didn’t include check-in luggage.

And at 100Wh (27,000mAh), it’s the highest-capacity battery approved by the FAA for your carry-on luggage.

He says he tried leaving but she insisted he move the luggage.

Visual approximation Also, merch is normal for high-end automakers — BMW sells hats, thermoses, luggage, and… $61 golf balls.

The company makes carry-on bags and full-size suitcases, along with accessories like luggage tags and travel blankets.

It’s worth noting that Away is one of several options for so-called “smart luggage,” with Raden and Bluesmart One also selling device-charging bags.

The bag has a lifetime guarantee, so it could be the only luggage you ever have to purchase.

They came out and said, “Mr. Trump,” and [the chauffeur] gets my luggage.

Jone’s collection featured Dior’s first-ever collaboration with luxury luggage brand Rimowa, giving the collection futuristic, metal handbags, clutches and backpacks.

My luggage hadn’t come through.

The luggage group said it would provide additional information in due course.

“Most discount airlines will charge you for every piece of checked in luggage.

But when your luggage is made of dessert, packing a little something to tickle your tongue is never an issue.

Price: ~$198Buy on: Amazon For whatever your travel plans might be, you always need a good, dependable piece of luggage.

If you want to take your chances with hidden city ticketing, he advises not purchasing a round-trip ticket and only bringing carry-on luggage.

Passports, itineraries, and literal luggage are being carried around the entire movie, begging to be left behind.

I looked out for the emergency exits at concerts; I watched people’s behavior and spotted abandoned luggage on public transport.

My luggage is also Tumi.

If you see my full luggage setup, the briefcase makes more sense.

It fits perfectly on one side of my luggage.

Keep your luggage on the luggage rack.

Price: ~$198Buy on: Amazon For whatever your travel plans might be, you always need a good, dependable piece of luggage.

Just keep your luggage off of the bed and off the floor.

The EPA also suggests you keep your luggage zipped and closed whenever possible.

Also, inspect your luggage for bugs and store it away from your bedroom.

The garage or basement as good alternatives, but either way it’s not wise to store your luggage under your bed, the agency says.

Bus drivers (not mass transit)

Standard tip: $1 to $2 Only tip if they handle your luggage.

You’ll also have to be wary of the amount of luggage you’re carrying.

Behind the second row is space for storing luggage.

And because the conference was just a two-day affair, Cohn didn’t bring any checked luggage.

His cellphone rang, and the guy he left with the bags said AA wanted to charge him $6k for the excess luggage.

Basically, every suitcase has been carefully designed to give travelers the most functional luggage possible.

And the celeb-loved luggage brand has finally landed at one of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom — and in five new limited-edition colors.

A missed connecting flight, lost luggage, or navigating your way around an unfamiliar environment can all add to the stress level of travel.

These devices have to be checked into a person’s luggage if they are traveling to the US or the UK.

Also, I physically do not have the luggage to check my items.

It’s probably cheaper than the additional cost of checking in luggage.

Everyone else was forced to deplane while K-9 teams searched the plane and luggage.

When the passengers finally boarded the bus carrying cheap Chinese luggage, the mood was somber, but there was also a feeling of hope.

Then, he sat back and watched while someone from the bomb squad cautiously approached his luggage.

“No overhead bin luggage may be brought on board.” The release goes on to say that larger carry-ons must be checked at baggage.

They found her in the luggage.

Also, going in and out of the airport was always followed by a thorough luggage check.

It is unclear how the scorpion got onto the flight, although the most likely scenario is that it snuck onboard inside someone’s luggage.

Garcia grabbed her phone but left her luggage behind, losing her glasses in the shuffle.

It’s also illegal to fly with weed in carry-on or checked luggage.

Three reconfigured security lanes are equipped with upgraded features, including bins that are 25 percent larger and capable of holding roll-aboard luggage.

During both searches the books were located inside LEE’s luggage in a small, clear plastic travel pack.”

For them, the exhibit hall is what defines Comic-Con — and they have the overweight luggage to prove it.

So, what will the fashionable mom be packing in her monogrammed luggage this time?

It features a pass-through section to fit over a rolling luggage handle, making it ideal for road warriors.

The site features their best sellers in every category based on sales, including carry-on luggage, and updates it every hour.

“Her mother is a luggage heiress,” he heard a woman say.

The margins are better, and luggage is a lot easier to replicate.

Their luggage was loaded with “Family Guy,” “American Dad!”

Police found drugs inside 16 pieces of luggage.

FROM COINAGE: A Record Number of Millionaires Are Fleeing This Country Why ban carry-on devices but allow them in checked luggage?

The new security measures suggest a difference in the potential threat associated with carry-on luggage versus checked baggage.

There’s space for the luggage, the tote bags, the purses, the clutches.

CBSA officers also searched Meng’s luggage in violation of the right to privacy, the lawsuit said.

And because the two-volume catalogue, which costs 85 euros, was too massive for carry on luggage, I relied upon the affordable Short Guide.

Inside of the luggage we included trip itineraries and everything the couple would need on the various trips we designed.

But after searching through their luggage and discovering the Curious George manuscript, the soldiers had a sudden change of heart.

The friend had luggage that contained raincoats, ponchos, and waterproof socks that the friend allegedly took to an Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan.

Back in 2014, luggage maker Samsonite paid $85 million to buy Speck Products.

“Because of diplomatic immunity, they left very easily without having a problem with the luggage.

Things quickly start spiraling out of control: Is Lawrence’s character being paranoid and going through guests’ luggage and drinking weird yellow liquid?

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of anything from your luggage to, of course, a loved pet,” Munoz said.

American Airlines had the most trouble with baggage handling with a 0.36 percent likelihood of lost luggage.

Larger electronics — such as laptops, tablets/e-readers, and electronic cameras — will be allowed in checked luggage, but not as carry-ons.

Star Wars superfans, here’s your chance to travel far, far away — with a new luggage collection inspired by the film franchise.

And there are other little perks like a secret compartment to store your luggage.

But the luggage also included comfort items that were emotionally important to Hurt, such as a rosary and a lucky t-shirt.

Hurt’s luggage eventually came in on the last flight of the night, after all the couriers had left.

But the luggage came just in time, because Rowan was still there.

“This young lady brought this luggage herself in the middle of the night.

“Dallas I’m going to miss you so much😩😩😩,” she captioned a photo of her sitting on her luggage.

“Use T-shirts and socks to fill open spaces in your bag.” “Use luggage that actually works!

It sounds simple but packing is made that much easier when your suitcase is designed well,” says Kloss, who uses Away luggage.

  Last March, start-up luggage brand Away launched a powder-pink version of its bestselling hardside suitcases as part of a limited-edition capsule collection.

“I’d just lost my wallet and my luggage hadn’t come through,” Abumrad recalled on Recode Media with Peter Kafka.

Children played amid piles of luggage, clothes, and blankets as their families waited to board buses.

police investigators have found bloody clothing and sheets and a luggage cart with blood on it at the apartment building, according to NBC.

Muhammad said that one of his children – the oldest of whom is 11 years old – probably put the pipe bomb in his luggage.

He tosses her Louis Vuitton luggage into the sand to get her attention, but she doesn’t care.

Officials from the Transportation Security Administration at Boston Logan International Airport found a 20-pound lobster in someone’s checked luggage over the weekend.

It was treated like a piece of luggage.

“Ok bad news is two pieces of luggage are lost…good news is WE ARE IN CANNES!

Read More: A 22-year-old man was arrested at a Maryland airport after trying to board a plane with a gun in his luggage.

Miller is also accused of divvying $120,000 and having her friends carry the money in plastic bags in their luggage in August 2014.

10: luggage — WHAT luggage?

You see him, briefly, come home late one night, wrapped tight in a cold-to-the-touch peacoat and pulling some travel luggage.

Pharrell got the green light to put “Girl By Pharrell Williams” and “Pharrell Williams Girl” on clothing, lingerie, jewelry, athletic gear, luggage and cosmetics.

You like hanging out at the luggage carousel.

Macy’s: Save on select bed & bath, bedding, furniture, storage and organizers, home décor and luggage (through July 8).

It’s important to know that the smaller airlines within Tanzania have luggage restrictions for both carry on and checked bags.

The driver notified police after he spotted blood leaking from the luggage.

To a modern audience, at least, Newt’s briefcase has the potential to be the greatest piece of carry-on luggage ever designed.

It includes Tony Romo being stuffed into an overhead luggage bin during their team flight Sunday.

Try to limit your packing to a carry-on bag so you can avoid checked luggage fees.

… and collecting their luggage from the back of a shipping container in the dead of night.

When you enter, though, instead of rows of tightly packed chairs and overhead luggage bins, there’s a spacious medical facility.

He posted an Instagram photo of himself (luggage in hand) posing with sprinter Allyson Felix at an airport.

These next few days are offering up some major sales on rugs, furniture, luggage and more.

The Container Store: Destination Organized Travel Sale: Save on luggage, clothing accessories & organizers, bottles, gadgets, electronics and more.

Gadgets like electric toothbrushes and luggage are coming too.

A TSA officers told PEOPLE that they discovered a bag of marijuana in Jauregui’s carry-on luggage.

Elaborate snow and ice sculptures abound, and heated lobbies and storage areas for luggage are also standard.

Black Friday Deals: On Black Friday only, take 40 percent off the celeb-loved luggage brand TUMI.

And through 11/27, score 30 percent off your purchase on hundreds of handbags, luggage, backpacks, and more.

He said a similar system was already being tested for unattended luggage, which the camera reports after a certain number of minutes.

(Tongs are another item Ladau often includes in her luggage, much to the confusion of the TSA.)

Muhammad said that one of his children – the oldest of whom is 11 years old – probably put the pipe bomb in his luggage.

Three years ago, Josh Udashkin decided that the luggage industry was yet another market ripe for disruption.

luggage accounted for $30 billion in annual global sales at the time, yet was pretty underwhelming as a product category.

If Casper could build brand affinity in the unsexy mattress space, couldn’t Udashkin do it with luggage?

Dismayed with his luggage options, he wanted to make the best suitcase, in terms of not just style and price but also tech.

The app would send push notifications to relay flight information and when the suitcase arrived on the luggage carousel.

“Smartest luggage ever.” By Christmas, Raden’s inventory of 19,000 suitcases had completely sold out, and there was a 7,000-person waitlist.

Raden suitcases were put on tons of best luggage roundups.

It launched around the same time as another smart luggage brand, Away.

In addition to Away, there was Bluesmart, which began selling smart luggage after crowdfunding its product in 2014 on Indiegogo.

Eurie Kim, a partner at Forerunner Ventures, says she was attracted to Away because of its founders’ multifaceted aspirations for their luggage company.

Maybe it was because smart luggage was no longer a novelty, or potential customers were flocking to Away instead.

Macy’s: Winter Weekend Sale: Save on select bed and bath, dining and entertaining, furniture, kitchen, luggage, lighting and more.

Then came the smart luggage ban on airplanes.

“There was no one who would invest in this business with this risk.” It wasn’t that the FAA rule made Raden luggage unusable.

Real life is getting your own bags off the [luggage carousel].

Here are a few incredible travel discounts we’ve unearthed, including steals on airfare, cruises, all-inclusive vacations, luggage, comfortable walking shoes, and more.

If you’re looking for deals and steals on luggage, Kohl’s has you covered.

This Friday Macy’s will offer discounts on hardside, softside, spinner, and lightweight luggage from top brands — with some exclusive to Macy’s.

Why would Universal Pictures drop $593 million on marketing last year that included clothes, accessories, fruit labeling, vehicles, life-size models, toys, linen and luggage?

Keep in mind this procedure is only for checked luggage, not a carry-on bag.

Rashida Jones has already proven her style prowess, having launched jewelry and luggage lines in the past year.

He’s a luggage salesman by day and drag queen by weekend, where he goes by the stage name Faux Breez.

Kate Spade New York “Off We Go Two of a Kind” luggage tag set, $26; 4.

Facebook is now using bus stops and luggage carousels to convince people to use its livestreaming video product, Facebook Live.

I was running late and rushed to the spa with my luggage in tow.

The offense allegedly occurred as the child was waiting near a luggage carousel.

Somebody offered you a free trip abroad, but the free luggage they offered is lined with cocaine.

Somebody offered you a free trip abroad, but the free luggage they offered is lined with cocaine.

According to the FBI, Santiago allegedly flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a 9mm gun in his checked luggage.

Venezuelans crossing the border are easily distinguished by their luggage.

Venezuelans crossing the border are easily distinguished by their luggage.

Ink arrived at his L.A.-area home Thursday evening and found a bunch of luggage in his backyard, which he hadn’t put there.

We also had luggage with us.

Check out our list of cutting-edge luggage choices.

After 3 AM shift change, I hear the young homie packing up, a struggle with his luggage, too heavy maybe, but why so much?

Carrying luggage for strangers may seem sketchy, but AirWayBill insists that everything is kosher.

Soooo funnny ‘don’t worry ma’am your luggage is onboard.&apos”

Instead, they’re simply putting other people’s unwrapped items in their own luggage and collecting a fee for it.

Not to mention, you can buy a set of two suitcases for less than one might cost from other luggage brands.

It all began when Rihanna flew him over in her hand luggage to perform “Work” live at the Brit Awards.

“I think we underestimate the toll that carrying luggage has on us, especially if you travel a lot,” Jones said.

We’re told Bentley threw in a “free” Breitling Bentley edition watch and some limited edition Bentley luggage.

When my team and I finally learned what our customers wanted, the line developed and grew organically to shoes, luggage, beauty, and more.

Then just lift the luggage in the air and its weight will display on the LED screen.

The in-depth search was initiated because of a medical cream she had packed in her carry-on luggage, Albert says.

Jackson claims she and her family waited for over an hour to get their luggage returned to them.

Its first product, the Bluesmart One, was an innovative piece of luggage that was the first real player in the “smart luggage” market.

Four hours later the luggage ban was lifted on London flights, but remained in place for those to Amsterdam and Paris.

Families spread out their luggage on sidewalks and streets, with children playing and adults napping.

Bloomingdale’s: Save on bath, bedding, sheets, pillows, and comforters, home decor, luggage and travel, rugs, furniture and mattresses.

One cannot consider so many of these would-be revolutionary designs without concluding that carry-on luggage has become the new mousetrap.

His idea was the “Trunki”, a piece of brightly coloured children’s luggage with four wheels and a leash (see top picture).

The TSA found thousands of other illegal items in passengers’ luggage.

You can see him kicking the hatch of his Toyota RAV4 … and slamming his guitar case and luggage onto the sidewalk.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian had to haul extra luggage to the airport … and appeared to handle it all on their own.

At one point the lorry passed a group of about 30 people and their luggage, waiting by their crashed bus.

I just took a 45 min flight from the Bahamas to Miami and @AmericanAir lost our luggage in that short amount of time.

T-Pain’s carry-on luggage didn’t make it onto the plane, because security agents found a gun in it … TMZ has learned.

But when she packed them in her luggage, she caused much confusion at the airport.

YES she got her things back no I DO not HAVE HER luggage she called the police 🙃

The agents searched the luggage underneath the bus, everything inside, and the area surrounding the bus is completely roped off.

At the time, the airline insisted it had “no plans” to limit basic fares to carry-on luggage.

Still, he should probably double check his luggage every time he flies from now on.

According to CNN Travel, the ceiling, seat covers, luggage containers, trays and even amenities like cutlery and headphones boast nods to the franchise.

There are reports the pilot claims a piece of luggage may have hit the fuel-control cutoff valve, which caused the chopper to lose power.

He said a bomb had also been hidden in a large child’s doll in the luggage.

The plot was foiled because the luggage exceeded the airline’s weight limit, Machnouk said.

It wasn’t “I’m moving out” luggage … just one bag — and she was pretty smiley for cameras.

Asked whether the operation would have been successful if the luggage had not exceeded the weight limit, Machnouk said: “Probably, yes”.

The couple were spotted a few days ago at the Kahului Airport in Hawaii with their luggage, including a white wedding dress bag.

Still, in this era of luggage fees, it felt almost wasteful to let a baggage allotment go unfilled.

@AmericanAir it’s your turn to find the luggage now #unbelievable.”

You wait for your luggage at the carousel after a flight, but the last bags come and go, and yours isn’t among them.

Only a tiny fraction of passengers’ luggage makes it to Scottsboro.

(The airlines don’t turn a profit, but recoup some of their costs associated with tracking and handling lost luggage.)

As Reynolds told it, she first learned they were shipmates when she saw an inordinate amount of luggage being loaded onboard.

But it feels annoying to have to go through the extra step of either shedding luggage or shelling out more to fly.

He is charmed by the simply dressed Japanese guests, who carry their own luggage at the hotel where he works briefly as a doorman.

At Yinchuan airport, a returning pilgrim is waiting for his luggage.

The driver notified police after he spotted blood leaking from the luggage.

The results were clear: passengers and their carry-on luggage were, on average, 30 pounds (14 kilograms) heavier than expected.

Regular travel insurance covers flight cancellation, trip delays, lost luggage, flight accidents and medical emergencies.

It recently reached deals to buy an aircraft-leasing business, an airline caterer and an airport luggage handler.

Give us more dead bodies stuffed into luggage!

Indeed, according to a study by Skytrax, lost luggage was passengers’ number-one complaint last year, beating even flight delays and cramped seats.

Airlines have begun to attach these RFIDs to luggage tags.

Currently, as the Los Angeles Timesexplains, airlines generally track bags using bar codes printed on luggage tags.

Employees handling luggage must use handheld scanners to determine where the it is supposed to go and then direct it to the right plane.

And it’s never a bad idea to use one of the old-fashioned hand-written luggage labels with your e-mail and phone number.

Only after booking a flight will travellers enticed by such bargains realise they can’t bring their luggage on board.

You’ll still be able to take it with you if you’re flying domestically, either in a carry-on bag or as checked-in luggage.

Upon landing at the country’s busiest airport, your pilot may welcome you to Yangon, but your luggage will still be tagged RGN.

The bag was flagged by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff at Miami International Airport as it went through the luggage screening process.

In his luggage will be the first “Flashman” on his iPad.

Checking luggage containing banned items can result in fines as high as $10,000, as well as criminal referrals.

(Their luggage made it to Nevada, though, and had to be collected by a relative).

RFID tags on luggage, hotel keys stored on smartphones, apps that help make journeys seamless—expect progress to come thick and fast.

Mosquito repellent advertisements covered luggage conveyer belts as thousands of athletes descended on Rio, while tourists wandered the city in clouds of DEET.

I need a way to feel like a sane human when I’m living out of a piece of luggage at all times.

“You didn’t say anything about oversized luggage, excellency.”

Mr Santiago allegedly pulled a gun out of his luggage in the baggage reclaim area.

“I don’t have oversize luggage regulations for amusement’s sake.

If anything, it worked out very well, as we were able to skip all the luggage lines.

“Use rupiah for all transactions in Indonesia!” travellers are told, as they wait, interminably, at the luggage carousels.

Sometimes innocuous black luggage is the best place to hide things with a little lock because no one ever thinks to look there. Women’s The Getaway luggage Tag, $10; Buy It!

Extra screening of hand and checked luggage since the incident has led to some travel delays around the country.

And I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of Louis Vuitton luggage,” he jokes.

Where was our luggage?

Airports turn us into simple monsters designed to nap fitfully and guard luggage like Rottweilers.

Gita’s luggage compartment is a squat, drumlike cylinder that has been turned on its side.

These let the whole thing roll smoothly along, keeping the luggage compartment upright, at up to 35kph (22mph).

And in her luggage, Kym packed at least two perfectly on-theme suits.

The world’s largest luggage firm said late on Wednesday its first-half net sales rose to $1.85 billion from $1.59 billion a year earlier.

His style is essentially rap game Dahvie Vanity—rainbow hair, rainbow grillz, and “69” tattooed all over his body like a piece of designer luggage.

However, airlines have frequently copied each other in the past, like when they added fees for checked luggage.

This, by the way, will inevitably attract police dogs at the train station, rendering them temporarily insane as the luggage rolls by.

“We have two suitcases of tools, so we can double our chances in case our luggage gets lost,” Lionhart says.

Meanwhile, to my left, a server clad in a flight attendant-style uniform pulls dinner plates from an overhead luggage compartment.

A passenger survey released this week shows that European passengers face widespread delays and luggage problems.

24% of reported EU flights were delayed, 5% of flights were cancelled and 9% had luggage lost, damaged or delayed.

You walk down a hall and there’s luggage and strollers and wheelchairs thrown about everywhere.

Leave luggage in front of the door.

When the plane disembarked, the attendants flocked to help unload her luggage.

In the US and Europe, Airlines do not allow portable lithium ion batteries to be carried in checked luggage.

They are allowed in carry-on luggage but limited to a maximum of 100Wh, or up to 160Wh with prior airline approval.

For example, the cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger wanted to bring his drone, but disassembled in various parts and spread over various pieces of luggage.

CBP can search an American traveler’s luggage and vehicle without a warrant at the border.

“It’s a conservatory,” you’d say, putting your luggage down and looking around.

But the device was taken out of his luggage when it was deemed too heavy and the bomb never made it past airport security.

In Heat, as a detective whose obsession with chasing lowlifes has turned his face into old luggage.

Airlines had complained that alternative security options, such as enhanced screening of passengers and their carry-on luggage, had not been fully explored.

It involves a “little nerdy” Maple Leaf and some carry-on luggage.

We also had to pay to reserve seats (so the family could sit together) and to check luggage.

On March 22, a Lithuanian man landed in Barcelona and boarded metro line 9 with his luggage, but without a ticket.

Seats are narrower, legroom more cramped and luggage space elusive.

Other electronics, such as laptops, will be allowed in checked luggage.

IATA, the main international-airline association, hopes they can be averted, by increasing scrutiny of cabin luggage and employing better bomb-detecting technology.

After going through her computer, cell phone, luggage, and even searching her dog, Greene was strip searched.

He recalled once politely asking a customer to move some luggage that was blocking his sight.

In January of 2010, customs officials discovered eight horns in the luggage of two passengers arriving on a flight from Portugal.

Ragland, who will celebrate her 62nd birthday this month, was dressed casually as an airline staff member helped with her luggage.

Macy’s: Save on select bed & bath, dining & entertaining, furniture, kitchen, luggage & backpacks and mattresses.

TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said the lobster was found in a passenger’s carry-on luggage on Sunday at Terminal C of the airport.

All the shit was flying around the cabin, and all the carry-on luggage was everywhere, hitting the ceiling.

Of course, reducing the cost of putting luggage in the hold would help.

According to the Guardian, less than one passenger in six now pays to check-in luggage with the carrier.

luggage is sort of a strange thing in the context of Vallera’s wider work, if only because it’s actually pretty normal.

With work, evening and sportswear packages for both men and women, the service lessens the distress of losing your luggage.

Materials such as paint and canvas often still have to be brought in the luggage of foreign patrons.

FEES for checked luggage are working exactly as intended.

Those with checked bags have to pay slightly more and those without luggage have to pay slightly less.

Inside, where Kardashian had her monogrammed luggage on display, a queen bed and boho decor complements the retro ride.

The porter robot is also designed specifically for a airport gig, handling check-in payments and delivering luggage to vehicles.

Podgorica also remains Podgorica—except on your luggage tag.

How about the rear luggage carrier?

They carry luggage, some of it valuable.

Some have been known to plant bullets in luggage so they can “find” them and demand bribes not to have the owners arrested.

The portrait decorating the luggage carrier—do you know whose portrait that is?

Enterprising types had—and have—umpteen ways to sneak money out, from overpaying for imports to smuggling cash across the border in luggage.

Her makeup artist pulls a spray bottle from her rolling luggage and begins wildly spraying the air, shooting me right in the eyes.

Some friends of mine will write little notes in the luggage saying, “Hey guys, this is a costume.

There is, of course, also an increased risk of theft if you put your laptop into your checked luggage.

And they lost our luggage.

The boy told them she had walked with him into the woods with his luggage and then left him behind when she left.

“She had luggage and was wearing sunglasses.

@jetblue” My makeup luggage was stolen at JFK airport yesterday.

@JetBlue please help me find my luggage.

Why it matters: Passengers who can’t carry on laptops and other electronics must now place those items in checked luggage.

On board, police walk up and down ordering Uighurs to open their luggage again.

Typically luggage isn’t insured enough to cover expensive gear if it is lost or stolen.

Wizz cuts basic fares lower than Ryanair and makes even more back in extra charges on luggage and the like.

“Eliminate the red tape on permanently lost bags by adopting a ‘no questions asked’ policy on lost luggage.”

“Dallas I’m going to miss you so much,” Lindsay captioned an Instagram photo of her sitting on her luggage.

In her case, this involved a matching luggage set that fit in with her general aesthetic.

Or a passenger with more luggage than a carry-on suitcase.

He gets the door, he brings me flowers, he carries my luggage.

Worries about terrorism have also meant that many airports and train station have torn out their left luggage facilities.

His luggage was searched and he was interrogated at length regarding his possible illegal export of “dangerous munitions.”

So did workers pushing heavy carts, business travelers wheeling luggage, even runners and skateboarders.”

If your six-digit booking reference isn’t already on your boarding pass, ticket or luggage tag, you’ll still find it embedded in the barcode.

Macy’s: Save on select bed & bath, dining & entertaining, furniture, kitchen, luggage & backpacks and mattresses.

Shortly after arriving on Sunday, he tweeted, “Dear @SouthwestAir please locate our luggage.

Later, Murray took to Instagram to celebrate the Denver Broncos’ win and hypothesize why his luggage may have disappeared in the first place.

“The airline may have lost my luggage but still a good day!

Airline staff immediately unloaded the couple’s luggage and collected their car from the parking lot.

Last month, in a Border Security and Public Safety hearing, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly likened a cell phone search to a luggage search.

As for everything else, you’ll find a new emojis for outdoor accessories, such as luggage, compass and hiking shoes.

The airport has started a luggage return operation to reunite passengers with their belongings that were left behind in the chaos of the attacks.

luggage carts are parked next to forensic officers in front of Zaventem Airport in Brussels on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

It does not have an impact on Belgium’s main carrier, Brussels Airlines, which uses a different operator to handle luggage.

There’s also motion controls built in that let you open the luggage door with a wave of your arm.

“The suitcase itself will only set you back $225, which (believe it or not) is a really affordable price in the luggage market.

At the very least, you’ll never have to wonder if that is, indeed, your bag when it rolls around the luggage conveyor belt.

I just dropped my luggage and went to the floor.

Wonderful pieces of luggage,” Dion says.

After her first speech in Canada, she re-entered the U.S. in Cleveland where she had her luggage seized and searched at the airport.

He agrees that rather than pay me back now, he’ll pay for other trip related stuff (luggage and meals) until we’re even.

“But we’ve had people delivering bicycles and skis and checking additional luggage, and people were spending such a big price it made sense.

Ditto for figuring out which carousel your luggage is on.

Also inside the luggage were an aerosol can, a mason jar of liquid, a timing device, and wires and sticks, according to police.

According to forecasts from Research and Markets, sales of leather goods–including luggage, apparel and accessories–are expected to hit $91.2 billion globally by 2018.

Self-driving cars, airport luggage scans, security cameras with facial recognition, and various medical devices all employ AI systems, and more will in the future.

The luggage itself is worth estimated at $3,000 in addition to the cufflinks and other property inside.

Officials found 2.8 kilograms of heroin in her luggage, hidden in 36 bars of soap.

What are the luggage requirements for the airlines you’re considering flying?

“He started using these luggage straps to wrap around the block then grip on, but they kept breaking.

Other electronics, such as laptops, will be allowed in checked luggage.

I missed flights, had luggage basically torn apart.

Plus, with location tracking, you’ll always know where your luggage is.

Are you a minimalist who keeps it short and sweet or a maximalist who can artfully cram a lot into your luggage?

It’s sitting atop my rolling luggage, which is turned upside down on a small hotel coffee table.

Passengers offload their luggage numerous times, first onto airport buses, then onto trolleys.

Get the Etekcity Digital Hanging luggage Scale See Details

Guests will also have access to an on-demand concierge, as well as luggage storage.

Virgin also said it would offer a new “economy light” ticket which excludes checked luggage.

Meet Care-E, the airline’s friendly luggage trolley prototype.

From there, a customer will load their luggage onto it, and Care-E will guide them to their gates.

But this is more than a real-world test of a robotic luggage trolley — it’s also testing non-verbal interactions between machines and humans.

The Care-E can support two-pieces of luggage up to 85 pounds.

Yesterday in Phoenix, a “glitch” stranded 3,000 pieces of checked luggage.

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The Aspire xLite gives you an extra lightweight luggage option, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability.

Just $119.99 is a Prime Day steal for this Samsonite luggage set.

Late last year, US airlines united to announce a ban on the use of smart luggage, over battery combustion concerns.

Luckily, after some time a luggage cart drove by.

Consider downsizing luggage, shipping it to your destination or checking the carry-on bag.

A mobile app, UnattendedVaporware users can place augmented reality luggage inside the camera frame of their mobile device, then snap photos of it.

It plays with the international paranoia of unattended luggage, which state and airport officials urge travelers and commuters to report.

TC: You guys took umbrage when I suggested that luggage locks were pointless.

-Eliminate the red tape on permanently lost bags by adopting a “no questions asked” policy on lost luggage.

J: While I understand the irony you were attempting to convey with your mention of luggage locks being pointless, it’s somewhat misplaced.

While yes, using a TSA-approved padlock to lock your luggage is pointless now, it has actually always been pointless.

Away, every modern traveler’s go-to luggage company, is back once again with a killer collaboration.

Macy’s: Save on select bed and bath, dining and entertaining, furniture, kitchen items, luggage and backpacks, and mattresses.

On top of that, it seems very few people are aware that you are not required to use TSA locks on your luggage.

This brings up another important matter: most luggage itself is worthless garbage, as far as security is concerned.

Putting a lock on junk luggage is like locking a paper bag.

So, yeah, if you’re luggage is junk, don’t bother locking it.

There are Gucci flip-flops and Louis Vuitton luggage, bling, bedazzled OVO dice, too.

At the time, my husband and I were engaged and I had a monogram on my luggage with my initials of my maiden name.

The singer-songwriter, 51, lost her Louis Vuitton luggage after a recent Delta flight.

So, grab your luggage and get to the airport.

This Note7 was recalled and is banned on all flights in both checked and carry-on luggage.

And yet your luggage seems more half-empty than half-full.

Other reports said a part of a passenger’s luggage or a bag strap may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel shut-off button.

It also comes with all the premium luggage features you’ve come to expect, like a solid frame, four wheels, and a TSA-approved lock.

Away, a luggage startup founded in 2015, now has five stores and several celebrity partnerships.

It’s hard to say which is the most stressful part about being at the airport: getting to your gate or handling your luggage?

You can only bring luggage that weighs up to 40 pounds and a personal item.

Why buy no-frills luggage when you can find a suitcase that you could ride from terminal to terminal?

While luggage innovation has certainly gone in some interesting directions lately, one piece in particular has put a very bizarre twist on modern travel.

Bonus: A jump rope fits easily into a gym bag or luggage.

Hardside luggage set This three-piece luggage set is made of a lightweight yet durable material and has spinner wheels that move 360 degrees.

The coral dress and cosplay boots were carefully packed away in her luggage.

Detectives allege Wright’s luggage included $2,000 in cash, baby clothes, and a bottle.

The Finnish chef brought Douglas pine needles, bark, and pine shoots in his luggage.

Shop select women’s boots for $19.99, and enjoy big savings on apparel, jewelry, luggage, home goods and appliances.

You know those dogs you sometimes come across at airport security who sniff your luggage before you head off on your way?

Most of the luggage boasts a battery pack to charge electronic devices on the go.

The pricey Modobag — which allows travelers to ride their luggage to their gate — does not advertise a removable battery.

Smart luggage can be checked if the battery is removed.

Alternatively, the battery can remain in the luggage if it is take into the cabin.

Travelers should still power off the luggage when in the cabin following existing federal guidelines for lithium batteries.

Plus, it didn’t add much weight to my luggage.

The athletes took the challenge to identify their luggage in stride, posting numerous humorous pics and videos to Twitter.

According to surveillance tapes, Vermeiren says, the trio brought their bombs to the airport in suitcases, wheeling them through on luggage carts.

Video images also show one of the suspects abandoning his luggage cart and running off.

Enter the TJ Cruiser, which has the luggage capacity of a van and the design of an SUV.

Away, the new luggage brand, puts up elaborate sets that serve as the perfect backdrops for Instagram photos.

Tate’s luggage, personal makeup and other belongings will also be auctioned off.



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Three-piece luggage set
Everyone should have a good set of luggage.

Plus, giving your girlfriend luggage also gives you a reason to plan a trip together.

It’s a feeling,” and these bottles are the fragrance versions of packing up that namesake luggage and indulging your wanderlust.

Three-piece luggage set Everyone should have a good set of luggage.

Plus, giving your girlfriend luggage also gives you a reason to plan a trip together.

The procedure from there is basically the same as in other airports: You go through customs and collect your luggage.

Transport Minister James Macharia said replacement staff had been found to screen passengers and luggage.

But then you go through luggage control, where they asked us to show the images we had on our mobile phones and electronic devices.

“Basically their luggage is not full yet.

Normally you would get to F1 with luggage that was half full, and you just have to do the other half,” Villeneuve told

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