Lover in a sentence | Use of the word lover examples

Letters were found inside Aaron Hernandez’s cell when his body was found, but none of them were written to a gay lover.

Hernandez’s lawyer, Jose Baez, tells TMZ Sports, “Rumors of letters to a gay lover, in or out of prison, are false.

The death of Ygritte, Jon Snow’s star-crossed wildling lover, in his arms!

Henney is an animal lover who grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, has nursed injured owls and ridden in rodeos.

Marina Abramovic reconciled with her former collaborator and lover Ulay, following a talk at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

As you can imagine, no one wanted to believe their lover, brother, relative or friend was gone forever.

We’re trying to do a show that we want to watch as a television lover.

“Let’s assume the person had a very special former lover who made him or her feel a certain thrill.

A tea proprietor, a lover of puns and cats, in recent years very conservative-minded, and maybe just a flat out wild man.

With temperatures often dipping into the 40s in their winter, our summer time, it should be on every cold-weather lover‘s bucket list.

Lisicky and M looking at an old photograph; a long car ride while M’s new lover waits at home; a dinner.

“It’s upsetting to think about,” she tells her sister while describing a fight with an earlier lover, lately deceased.

The choreography entailed Cunningham sitting as still as possible for the duration of his dead lover’s most famous work.

I’ll leave that to you, but here’s what I know is that, I had tweeted … I’m a big animal lover.

Longtime Oprah lover over here.

(It was originally published in the UK under the title Two Lipsticks and a lover in 2005.)

She rates him as a husband, a lover, a father, a provider.

It could be an enemy, a friend, a lover — but we must always be taught by the people that we meet.

She flexes her flow on “Part Time lover,” a song she wishes were longer that dons a soulful Xscape sample.

The question is as much for her fans as for a lover.

But her new lover‘s substance issues didn’t stop at weed.

Around the web, professional reviewers found these to be the best overall briquettes for the average backyard barbecue lover.

I’m sure Lil Wayne, avid sports lover, is following it closely.

The cheesy scenes that play out so often in films, like the race to the airport to catch a departing lover.

It was as if suddenly my art was the lover that I thought about all the time.

That I’m bad at sex, that I can never really satisfy a lover, that I’m a bad partner.

Here’s Broadly’s gift guide for the nostalgia lover and another one specifically for coworkers.

And I’m a tech journalist and a gadget lover, not a mainstream consumer.

“I’m in a relationship where I’m the spurned lover.

In the story and video for “Pretty,” Abel hunts down a former lover to murder her and the man she left him for.

For one of those years, Jesenská was briefly Kafka’s lover.

“Dyaa” finds Martine remembering her lover back in Benin.

Here he is trying to understand everything about the beast that will kill his friends (and maybe even his lover).

The former speaker of the House, a lover of science fiction and adultery.Why Him?

Just as she was maturing as an artist, she became entangled with Stieglitz, as lover and companion, yes, but also as subject.

Piano & a Microphone 1983 will also feature stripped-down versions of “Purple Rain” and “International lover.”

In one public appearance just before the vote, he said that he was “not a lover of the European Union.”

Pinto sued her, and Nanette filed a restraining order against her lover‘s ex-wife.

“Thread” (2012) depicts a woman kissing her lover’s naked back, her mouth delivering a healing touch of another kind.

Take advantage of it by connecting with a lover or making art.

What he tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act.”

Upon discovering him, Dorothy, desperate for any kind of human contact, violently demands he become her lover.

For much of that time, though, Strzok was texting his co-worker and lover Lisa Page privately expressing his contempt for Trump.

Our featured photo entry is from Certified Grill lover @thebutcher_and_bbq – Reverse searing is where it’s at.

This one focuses on the Beastie Boys, the rise of Def Jam, Krush Groove and Beat Street, KRS-One, Dr. Dre, and Egyptian lover.

Guccifer 2.0: i’m a hacker, manager, philosopher, women lover.

Please help my lover get a liver!

Packaged in a matching gift box, it’s a great present for the discerning polka-dot lover in your life.

And now, thanks to meat giant Smithfield Foods, it could be a reality for one lucky pork lover.

John Woolford (1920–2016), muse and lover of Benjamin Britten.

“Could I use this to spy on say, my wife or lover?,” Joseph asked.

Years later, her former lover would claim that the KGB intercepted the letters.

These probably taste best if fed to you by a beautiful lover.

The whole thing might seem unbearably frivolous and unimportant, revolving as it does around Kardashians, a scorned celebrity lover, and social media.

“With her, it’s like love without the headaches,” Pomme says of Suzanne to Darius (Ali Rafie), her Iranian lover whose grooviness is short-lived.

She was also briefly Hofmann’s lover.

How often do you adjust who you are to make other people happy, to please your lover, or to impress your boss?

I’m an animal lover and I ran away crying.”

“BEEF lover [sic] SHOULDN’T MISS THIS PLACE,” reads a recent Yelp review.

At gathering of sales executives, the then-president requested a song called “N—– lover“.

Over the last three decades, Broussard, now 52, has continued to record and perform as Egyptian lover.

To honor Egyptian lover’s enduring legacy, Stones Throw will release a collection of his early material, Egyptian lover 1983-1988 Anthology, on April 15.

Though Broussard declined to share any freaky tales, there’s an entire Egyptian lover catalog that captures their spirit.

Why now?Egyptian lover: It was actually supposed to come out on the 30th anniversary, which would’ve been 2014.

It’s definitely the beginning of Egyptian lover’s career and everything I did until ‘88.

Egyptian lover‘s 1983-1988 anthology is out April 15 via Stones Throw.

My father plays the piano, my mother is a music lover as well.

One of my partners—I hate the word “partner”—I like “lover.”

My lover‘s former lover replied, “We’re family too!”

I love the idea of communal living—the idea of being in proximity to everyone I love, friend and lover and in-between.

After years of attending operas, the true opera lover is encouraged to announce her preferred lineage — does she love Italian?

Blanche Blackwell (1912–2017), heiress and lover of Ian Fleming.

Instantly people went, ‘Oooh, it’s the gay lover then.’

Lamb is a longtime lover of computer music.

On the biggest single of his short career, “SAD!,” he explicitly threatened suicide to a lover if they ever left him.

To that end, Cersei will probably perish in the season seven finale, at the hand of her brother and lover, Jaime.

Villiers was a close friend of Charles’s father, James I — and also, many historians believe, his lover.

Even say it’s just a domestic dispute case – some estranged lover wants to kill their lover.

I had a lot of sex, but I wanted to meet a lover in Europe, like Lizzie McGuire did in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

In the season’s fourth episode, “The Captain,” he follows her to a meeting with a man he assumes to be her secret lover.

(BoJack physically assaults his female co-star and lover this season, in an on-set stunt that goes horribly wrong partly because he’s so high.)

TRACKLIST:Aisling Iris – Hey lover (Original Mix) [Makin Moves]Leon Lour – Purpose To BeEvelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’DEVolution – Gio (feat.

In her performance here, there’s no polish or pretense — Franklin seems like she’s singing directly to her no-good lover.

Contrary to her darkness, Lilith in Virgo is a natural at getting inside her lover’s mind.

This is a fantastic day to be lazy with a lover.

We last saw Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) braining his former lover Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) after being revealed as a robot.

“But on the other hand, I also happen to be a huge bleeding-heart animal lover, and the two don’t really mix.”

You are living in an extraordinary time to be a music lover and listener.

But on the other hand, I also happen to be a huge bleeding-heart animal lover, and the two don’t really mix.

In the early 1980s, no one in Los Angeles was cooler than Egyptian lover.

Gol (the rose or flower) alludes to the beloved, while Bolbol (nightingale) symbolizes the lover.

It was that huge, especially Egyptian lover.

Your author, in keeping with coastal elitist stereotypes, is a fervent lover of greens.

Egyptian lover started letting the gangsters record on their stuff.

Juan Atkins, the Underground Resistance, Cybotron–that’s what Egyptian lover and them were playing, but also the Kraftwerk stuff.

Me, Egyptian lover, and Peanut Butter Wolf go out sometimes; Egypt was telling me that Michael Jackson came in disguise, and was studying shit.

We even include Egyptian lover, and Uncle Jamm’s Army, and Cybotron, it’s all mixed in.

Real heartbreaking stuff for a lifelong sausage lover.

It’s almost like New Orleans with second lines—we have a culture as well, and it was Uncle Jamm’s Army and Egyptian lover.

It’s an ideal gift for the offbeat office supplies and stationery lover.

I think sometimes it comes from guilt from let’s say being a self-proclaimed animal lover and not willing to go vegan.

Here, he pleads for a lover’s forgiveness and her return to his life and, more immediately and specifically, his bed.

It is where Zeus’s lover Leto found refuge from Hera’s wrath to give birth to Apollo and Artemis.

In your life, that connection might be with a friend, or a family member, or a lover.

“All I had that would interest this little lover was a @SargentoCheese Balanced Breaks—the white cheddar/nuts/cranberry one.

But who wants a robot lover that can dump them at any time?

Does the term denote a burly physique or an older lover?

But being a daddy lover does mean that the game industry hasn’t really catered to some of your appetites.

Technically, Maar won this one, but she was replaced several years later by a new muse, lover, and model, Françoise Gilot.

Can she not have had a lover, and known joys, and many sorrows?

I used to have a lover who insisted that when a song came to mind, it was trying to tell me something.

Romeo was a lover, not a lout.”

“But, you know, that’s what Trump gets for sleeping with Peña Nieto’s lover while he was in a coma.”

Then in 1929 her already tumultuous life was upended when her lover, the Cuban revolutionary Julio Antoio Mella, was shot.

Mateen was ‘100 percent’ gay, says a man who claims to have been Orlando shooter’s lover.

With a daemon, you can even touch your lover’s soul, as Will and Lyra touch each other’s daemons.

Vita Sackville-West was an accomplished author and poet in her own right, but today she’s best remembered as Virginia Woolf’s lover.

What starts as a romantic fantasy to spoil her lover soon twists into something altogether more painful and feverish.

Thus, Grace is the character we latch onto, while her British lover is the maybe-robot who winds up dead.

EK: Given how cheap meat it is — and how delicious it is — why would a meat lover switch?

She’d never call that grim; Death was a force she came to see over her lifetime as a kind of liberating lover.

To conclude: If your lover ever offers up a bench as a rendezvous point, say no.

She knows he has been accused of paying for a lover to have an abortion and has admitted taking cocaine.

They featured explosions, murders, jokes, were-monsters, and two different stories about women stuck in computer simulations trying desperately to find their lover.

Like Daenerys refusing to bring her lover Daario Naharis to Westeros, Dolores puts the fight before love.

As in, maybe a lover or a partner they take on the side who develops feelings for them, and everything’s a shit-show.

If you look at the FBI statements with [Peter] Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page.

Want to make a certain lover a part of your daily routine?

For those who want to meet the gun lover of their dreams, is still up and running.

#DumbAsARockMika and lover #JealousJoe are lost, confused & saddened since @POTUS @realDonaldTrump stopped returning their calls!

Which is just what Rocketman does, particularly once his manager and lover John Reid (Richard Madden) enters the picture.

Dude’s clearly an animal lover.

), the words “lover” and “soldier,” and a ring of black slime dripping from his right eye, which he debuted on Instagram.

At the peak of his career, he has coasted on the patronage and attention of his married lover, the Countess de Guilleroy, for years.

In each show, the abused woman gets a whole song excusing her lover‘s violence while justifying her decision to stay with him.

Imagine this: You and your lover are gently drifting down the canals of Venice without a care in the world.

I’m a lover of reality TV.

“In Act One, Scene One, Brick suggests that Maggie take a lover.

Additionally, many legends describe Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, as a passionate cannabis lover.

She might not be immortal or wealthy or inhuman, but her lover is.

Sidebar: Nina Sky’s new single “Champion lover” is *insert fire emoji*.

“No art lover wants to see a replica Rembrandt, a fake Freud, or a simulacra of Seurat,” he sniffed.

But this is actually an unsurprising, if still inexplicable, move — the ever-eccentric Musk has always been a lover of memes.

If you’re not a cat lover (and, honestly, how dare you?

For Nekfeu himself, just like his crew L’Entourage, is nothing else but a rap lover, and it’s easy to hear that.

“I’m an animal lover,” she said, “and I just want to share my animals with people, who love them like I do.”

You and your lover lay atop a glistening virginal shore.

If observed with more than a passing glance, the paintings reveal that this lover Boy was in some ways a lover of boys.

Stein’s dog functions as a lover sometimes, and sometimes Alice functions as a dog.

But the joke in The lovers is the swap: The spouse becomes the secret lover.

According to Avola, these are the cities that every beer lover should visit in 2016.

It’s fascinating, my mother’s a Fox News lover.

In this story the beautiful, but very human Drusille, is about to receive her lover, a poverty-stricken King returning from a multi-year voyage.

“When you’re feeling like a lover / Nothing really matters anymore,” Cave sings on “I Need You.”

Mary Magdalene has shown up in popular culture, too — but often mischaracterized as a temptress, or as Jesus’s lover.

“When I was deployed (in the military), I couldn’t have animals, but I am an animal lover,” he said.

Can lover horoscopes tell me how to make my crush like me?The truth is, astrologers are not pick up artists.

A much more effective application of lover horoscopes is to use them to reflect on yourself in combination with the person you care about.

Could friend and lover horoscopes be helpful for other types of relationships?

(In her hit single “I Say a Little Prayer for You,” Franklin makes pining for a lover sounds like an urgent benediction.)

In Mein Kampf, Hitler portrays himself as a talented artist and lover of architecture.

She consents in order to prove allegiance to her lover.

Aury wrote this book to intellectually seduce her lover through an erotic fantasy.

The Dark Chocolate lover‘s Chocolate Bar

If you’re madly in love with dark chocolate, this one is for you.

In a social media post to Watson, Griner wrote … “My best friend, my lover, my partner in life.

Is it about an old lover?

I am a huge technology lover and an early adopter of all kind of gizmos and gadgets.

I think the next one “So Real.” I really love the title “lover, You Should’ve Come Over.” That’s coming up.

Potato salad is, truly, timeless, if you’re an unwavering lover of mayonnaise.

I do like “lover, You Should’ve Come Over” and that Grizzly Bear song “So Real.” I’m just not into the grunge.

She’s a lover.

An inveterate ice cream lover, I’ve never been a fan of the latter category.

Tell me more about how the mattress’s “lover detection system” works.

Everyone knows that splitting with a lover means losing a huge source of physical affection, intimacy, and mutual care.

This is a magical evening to go to out with friends, spend time with a lover, or create some art.

If you want a lover this impending cuffing season, and you want to find one efficiently (it’s cold out there!

As if that weren’t scandal enough, his would-be victim was his former lover, Norman Scott.

If you’re looking for a potential lover to go on meaningful adventures with this cuffing season, ask a Pisces!

He was my best friend and my lover.

If you’re looking for an empathetic lover who won’t judge you this cuffing season, look no further than a Virgo.

However, with titles like  “Michael Brown, Ferguson, Shedding My Whiteness” and “Nigga lover” (all 2016), your smile freezes on your face.

Words are pronounced very precisely, vowels are lengthened, exhalations are amplified, a portrait of the perfect, sincere, shallow lover is affectionately painted.

In the painting, Picasso plays the part of a harlequin seated at the bar, next to his lover, Germaine Pinchot.

But she’s often been mischaracterized in popular culture as a temptress, or as Jesus’s lover.

As a music lover, I’ve always used song lyrics as my own form of therapy.

A man is cheating on his girlfriend with his male lover’s boyfriend?!

In 1961, chicken a la king was a cream sauce lover‘s dream.

– Guzman escaped into a tunnel hidden beneath a bathtub when U.S. agents raided one of his homes in 2014, said Sanchez, his lover.

In its most basic form, “Tam Lin” tells the story of a girl named Janet whose lover is a fairy knight named Tam Lin.

Saturday is sexy and action-packed as fighter Mars is challenged by lover Venus.

And I think that’s a smart move for a small-phone lover.

Even an al fresco lover like Yogi Bear has never seen a picnic basket like this one.

Passions are ignited on Saturday afternoon as lover Venus clashes with fighter Mars.

I’m not the only beauty lover to seek a holy grail.

Motherboard contacted Mobistealth and asked whether one could use the company’s products to spy on their wife or lover.

Moreover, as an electronic music lover, I love loops, they act as a mantra for me, whether they are visuals or sounds.

The manager told cops George had said, “I didn’t know you were a n***** lover.”

But the bud wasn’t Peron’s—it was his lover‘s, Jonathan West.

Day drinking on a roof with a lover.

I mean, you can’t eat all the sausage off the meat lover’s pizza; you’ve got to spread the topping love around.

On “Daddy Issues”—one of the album’s only nods to EDM, marked with videogame blips—Lovato warns a potential lover of her romantic foibles.

Therein lies the secret of an unforgettable carnitas experience, especially if you are a pork belly lover.

Even Julien’s cat, Nevermore, is unfriendly and “condescending” to human beings, as Madame X, a cat lover, describes it.

She had been sleeping next to her lover, Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera.

She had been sleeping next to her lover, Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera.

His lover, who is not testing any products, enjoyed it just as much.

Her lover, charged with the same crime, got a little more than five years.

Douglas exchanged quite a lot of rather sappy, bad poetry with her lover but most likely no fluids.

Anna, Marthe’s friend and eventual lover, is a trans man who watches the queer capital of Europe slip backward from progress.

It’s believed that the Texas native was killed by her lover‘s wife, who walked in on her husband in bed with Beddie.

I’m not sure if this is an ode to music, sex, or a lover.

“You’re a lover of baseball, what’s your batting average?

That final figure is an homage to a lover who left De Forest for a husband her parents deemed more appropriate.

offering, with the singer crooning about cozying up to a lover while it’s cold outside.

The Dark Reese’s Thins were a chocolate lover‘s dream These Thins were rich, decadent, and had a silky, smooth texture.

That’s Nicholas, another Diet Coke lover in his mid-twenties.

A friend or lover cannot let you down if you place no hopes in them.

You want to tell me who my lover should be and the positions I should have sexually.

She knows he has been accused of paying for a lover to have an abortion and has admitted taking cocaine.

That concept is most active in some of the lover paintings.

(In 2015, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for giving classified information to his lover and biographer Paula Broadwell.)

She even took on a lover, the Florentine nobleman Francesco Maria Maringhi, who provided support to both her and, oddly, also her husband.

Legend has it that a beautiful princess ran away to the cave with her commoner lover.

Her father sent soldiers to kill the lover, prompting the princess to commit suicide.

A Dutch court ruled that Marina Abramović violated a contract with her former collaborator and lover, Ulay.

What happened to Susan Sontag, seen in a photograph but missing her circle, including her lover, photographer Annie Leibowitz, and playwright Irene Fornes.

“Everybody is an actor in a parallel world,” China Tracy says to her lover.

Now his wife has a boyfriend (lover).

After you’ve given up, read Janet Malcolm’s illuminating biography on Stein and Alice B. Toklas, her long-time lover.

Is it okay to use an old sex toy on a new lover?

I had a lot of sex, but I wanted to meet a lover in Europe, like Lizzie McGuire did in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Simply put, Park City is a winter sports lover‘s paradise.

The kind of eye contact you save for a magic moment with a lover.

Everything from Yaz (“Situation (U.S. 12″ mix)”) to Change with the song, “A lover‘s Holiday.”

In Western culture, telling a potential lover that you don’t have any friends is a major red flag.

But that deal only applied to her new material, starting with this year’s forthcoming album lover.

As Schilling croons about a wayward lover, you can feel her yearn for the idealized world in her imagination.

Indanavetta Putri is a single mother, a lover of short movies, and a freelance writer.

Whether than means a lover, friend, community, or cause, “teaming up” is a big part of the average Gemini’s life!

Does the term denote a burly physique or an older lover?

But being a daddy lover does mean that the game industry hasn’t really catered to some of your appetites.

A secret lover could even enter the scene!

Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence The last time I saw him he was walking down lover’s lane holding his own hand.

Colin is definitely the antithesis of a technology lover when it comes to being a music nerd.

Have a lover you were keeping a secret?

History The word amateur derives from the Latin word, amator, or lover.

But here are four Simon works we think every theater lover should know.

And if you’re a book lover, check out the nearby poetry-themed cafe and bar La Poesia.

“Friend lover” is out now on Vroom Vroom Follow RIVRS on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

It’s right in line with some of the most time-honored star-crossed lover tropes that literature has ever served up.

From an early age, Aghdam was an activist and animal lover.

You don’t even want to deal with your bestie or your lover!

The rules I set for myself changed, and what I want to see in a lover is totally different now than before transition.

Her second lover “looked like J-Lo.

The soil attaches itself to your body like a lover.

When we’re not prepared, “The End” is the lover breaking up with you in the middle of a dinner date.

In the video cast across the darkened space by a projector, Camaleón coos that over his falcon like a lover.

In his post, Kalanick reflected on the kind of person his mother was, saying “she was a lover.

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, a painter, a lover of musicals, a talented mimic.

As a fashion lover and sales person, she understands the psychology behind the decision; consumers believe higher price points equal superior products.

News from a faraway place or lover could arrive this evening.

One of the main and most important requirements for inclusion is to be female-identifying and a lover of film.

Look this lover in the eye wonder what your children might have looked like – would they have had these eyes or yours.

This scene contrasts with those of Hockney painting and repainting his former lover.

In an exclusive interview with Motherboard, Guccifer 2.0 denied the accusation, claiming to be a Romanian “hacker, manager, philosopher, women lover.”

You boil eggs for your lover’s snack and listen to old records together.

The Detroit and São Paulo-based artist is an innate lover of abstraction, and it shows in his penchant for graphics that mimic digital art.

She has many interests, is a hat lover, was a belly dancer, had pet monkeys, and still enjoys Metaxa Brandy.

As Thorpe, Hugh Grant is devastating to watch, as is Ben Whishaw as his former lover, Norman Scott.

Her lover, Dorothee (Katrina Lenk), who plays the other lesbian lover, is frustrated with Reina.

“Once you’ve had a lover robot, you’ll never want a real man again.”

First it’s proof of a lover‘s bond; then, paradoxically, it becomes a way to be released from love’s grip.

A mysterious secret lover is suspected, for instance: a handsome Finnish clockmaker.

This [season’s] first episode we discover Frank lying on his dead lover‘s grave, having sex with it.

In 2014, a jilted lover claimed his ex-girlfriend had been unfaithful to him.

The narrator is writing to the man who his lover is cheating on him with.Damn, dog.

Can you guess the Latin lover behind the built bod?

And despite all that … we’re told Kash remains an animal lover.

These younger matchmakers have a lover to complement you in all your quirkiness, while older matchmakers don’t even know what Snapchat is.

“Their sophistication will never trump a lover‘s touch.

Lead singles “Boyfriend” and “My lover Cindy” are buoyant and percussive; sexually charged and couched in emotional intelligence—but also playful.

To keep his relationship, David removed his lover’s autonomy.

Feher was always a great lover of color, and the shell works in this show reaffirm this.

I am a friend and lover.

One student—a guy—admired Emma’s aristocratic lover, Rodolphe.

So whether you’re a lover or a fighter, here’s what to do if someone starts trouble with you.

We have a president-elect who is a self-proclaimed fast-food lover, and who has appointed a fast-food CEO to his Cabinet.

In fact, a mysterious lover may enter your life, or you could have a discreet romantic encounter.

So Matt brings up Vanessa, the lover whom Fisk sent out of the country to keep safe from his enemies.

A lifetime animal lover, she hated their captivity, and made a number of photos that showed their power and grace.

Over the years, the Amazon accounts, which bear names such as GC lover and Blue Iguana, have held nearly $1.9 million in funds combined.

Amazon has shut down the GC lover account, according to the filing.

“I did a project with George Jones, and I was not exactly a big country music lover.

For Mr. Chang, Ray is a lover.

The spellbound chorus, describing a riptide that may also be a lover, strengthens the song’s inexorable pull.

When she can’t find any more, she puts her potential lover through a series of tests to see whether he is “sponge-worthy.”

A lover of all aesthetics futuristic, Zhestkov is rapt with what technology is and what it will become, and it shows in Perpetual Path.

I am a dog lover.

Oral will see you through these times, but God forbid your lover glances up and makes eye contact with you.

Australian media reported that Curtis, Dawson’s teen lover, was the key witness whose evidence had led to the breakthrough in the case.

Sharon brings up Fran’s lover.

Are you hiding something from a lover or friends who would look down on you?

To have one lover die is tragic; two seems careless.

These pictures weren’t for Facebook, or Instagram, or a lover.

I am an artist, mother, student, and lover.

And then she walked in and it was literally like their long-lost lover, friend.

Jimmy’s friend, lover, and occasional coworker Kim (Rhea Seehorn), however, is someone who sees both what Jimmy is and what he could be.

Under-Cover lover There’s snuggling in bed, and then there’s snuggling in bed with your hand between your legs.

Over a Jay Eaux-produced beat, she sings about how she and a lover end up “ obsessed with mistrust and mistakes we’ve made”.

If you’re an Under-Cover lover, you might be more submissive — and into sex that feels a little more buttoned-up.

Bonus: There’s absolutely nothing that makes you a better lover than knowing what you like.

All of the guests think that Kimmy is Jacqueline’s lesbian lover and they congratulate her on her being the belle of the ball.

Her twin brother and on-again, off-again lover Jaime, however, can be heard in voiceover, pledging his loyalty to the living.

As in Meredith’s literal, slightly manic, spring cleaning, after she threw her new lover out of the house in an obviously guilty rage.

It essentially reads as an ancient erotic dream, with the protagonist searching a fantasy landscape for his lover.

Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is a magical gadget that Business Insider has highlighted as the perfect accessory for the pizza lover.

Laurie is the eternal lover; Jo the eternal beloved.

Alison Stevenson Basic is a lover of Western and Chinese cuisine, pop music, rock ‘n’ roll, punk, and jazz.

By all reports, Blanchett is a lover of fashion, and certainly wears it well.

You are waiting for a lover who will never return from a stint serving overseas.

This feels like holding your current lover in your arms staring out the window thinking about better days with a working heater.

Here, he channels The Weeknd’s “Sidewalks” from Starboy, sounding like a jilted lover over the guitar strings.

In many spiritual traditions, be it Sufi or Tantra, the ultimate lover for the seeker, is God.

If you’re a cat lover and a Game of Thrones fan, your dream just came true.

Instead of soliciting at their brothel gates, they took on a babu, one dedicated client that can blur the lines of a lover.

Charles is Louise’s secret lover, so Jamie and Claire plot to use this information to their advantage when the dinner party comes around.

Whether photos are published by a former lover or an anonymous hacker, the consequences are the same, the report notes.

The song “Send My Love (To Your New lover)” plays as the words, “Premieres May 22” pops up on the screen.

A long-distance lover could enter the scene, or some wonderful news from far away could arrive!

His twin sister (and lover) Cersei, meanwhile, has a much juicier storyline.

He wrote, “On May 4th 2016 I got engaged to my lover and my best friend @kaitlynn_carter.

On top of that, he also shot the arrow that killed Snow’s lover, Ygritte.

He’s an absolute, pure-hearted lover of life, and one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

When he got here, the plant lover spent his days walking North America—through the US and Mexico—working at plant nurseries.

Hilary Duff has long been an animal lover.

Get a text from a former lover?

If you want to take a closer look and conjecture for yourself — perhaps it’s a secret lover?

However, the best bet might be her own brother (and incestuous lover) Jaime.

“Where they portray the architect, the mother, the murderer, the lover.

Serve it on salad, as a dip, on your lover‘s abdomen, or straight from the spoon into your mouth.

“He is a tough-minded lover who doesn’t recognize the brush-off.

Italo Cover lover will launch there tomorrow night.

His previous narrative short film Absence Of Love tells the triangulated stories of brothers, father, and lover.

The boys also gave a shout-out to co-star Michiel Huisman, who plays Daario Naharis, another of Dany’s foxy advisers (and her sometime lover).

Pregnant by her married lover, she cast a spell that ensured she would never again love a man.

“It makes me seem down and I don’t know, maybe like a better lover or something.

Wesley Snipes plays the married Black lover to Annabella Sciorra’s Italian-American Brooklynite, and both catch flak from family, friends, and strangers.

Nothing like being woken up at 5 AM by a hurt, raging mad lover who just found out you slept with your ex.

The numbers from the Harris Poll don’t lie, but at the end of the day, I’m still a Chipotle lover for life.

This vigor of expression, which she shared with her former mentor and lover, lifts Claudel out of the 19th-century morass of marketable figurines.

The challenge for visitors to this somewhat academic museum is to make an appraisal of Claudel the artist, not the doomed lover.

Beyoncé can smash car windows as a scorned lover in the context of Lemonade.

My old dress, the one I thought I’d never have to wear again, lies like a jilted lover in the corner.

On Lemonade, Beyoncé suggests her cheating lover call “Becky with the good hair.”

I’m the Echo lover of all time.

You give in to an elusive lover, bit by bit, until you no longer recognize yourself.

The natural impulse is to abandon ship (which is why abandonment, by a lover and by God, is at the center of Angels).

Talk about being a selfless lover.

A lover of neon athletic gear with a death wish?

By all reports, Blanchett is a lover of fashion, and certainly wears it well.

Whether you’ve pissed off 300 million consumers or your own lover, you need to know the tricky art of screwing up.

I will turn majestically to my lover, Drake, and he will be inspired to write a song about me.

Reunion Union,” she wrote on Instagram, referencing fan favourite “lover‘s Spit” from You Forgot It In People.

Pamela has been an environmentalist and animal lover since childhood.

Let us say that those words of the lover, so often repeated: Fear Not.

The media outlet hasn’t been able to confirm the alleged lover’s claims.

However, Greg Broussard, known best as The Egyptian lover, knows a little secret about the Teutonic techno titans that originated that swinging robotic sound.

She wrote songs from male and female perspectives: sister, mother, son, lover, and predator.

At one point, Wolf had been keen to get an all-new Egyptian lover record out of Broussar, an idea he rejected idea outright.

lover: Your Gemini crush’s mind is buzzing today, so you better text them back.

You can hear the Purple One’s influence throughout The Egyptian lover‘s catalogue.

lover: Cancer is totally in their feelings about their relationships.

“Everybody was saying it was the West Coast sound, but it was Egyptian lover sound!”

But whether Dre borrowed, co-opted, or outright stole The Egyptian lover‘s shine, only one of these men is a household name today.

He continues to play Egyptian lover shows all over the world, bringing that 808 bump and vocoder funk to a wide range of crowds.

Egyptian lover 1983-1988 is out now on Stones Throw Records.

The Egyptian lover is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud Gary Suarez is on Twitter.

lover: Your Leo crush feels bogged down by all their chores today, but killing time online is something that can brighten their day.

lover: Congratulate your Virgo crush on all of the ground they’ve covered.

lover: You can tell Scorpio a lot, revealing yourself so much that it teeters on oversharing.

lover: Your Sagittarius crush is so excited about what you have to say today!

A friend or lover may prove a frustrating distraction.

lover: Your Capricorn crush is incredibly sensitive to the actions of others today, so make your intentions clear.

lover: It’s party time for your Aquarius crush.

lover: Social life-related stresses can bum out your Pisces crush earlier today.

lover: You can learn a lot about Aries’s mind today.

lover: After a busy day thinking about their financial security, your Taurus crush is tired and a little somber.

I would share the robot with my lover, and we’d have five of them.

Hellblade tells the story of Senua—a warrior woman on an Orpheus-style quest to free the soul of her dead lover.

Before Senua set out to free the soul of her dead lover, she spent time in the wilderness in exile from her tribe.

The slow jam finds Syd in a delicate Aaliyah mode as she woos a lover.

“Please” sways through a lover’s apology while remaining sweet; “Summer Days” picks up the tempo, switching between contrasting heat and cold.

Just the thing for waking up, watching the sun rise, and contemplating whether or not you should take the cabana boy as your lover.

Olive’s uncle, Frank (Steve Carell), is a Proust scholar who just tried to commit suicide after being scorned by his lover.

She believes that going beyond your comfort zone is how you learn something new about yourself — and your lover.

Unfortunately, the glamorous lives of the luxury-condo-living woman and her alien lover are far removed from the gritty reality of running a chicken hof.

Or, you know, the drop of his lover from a Night’s Watch arrow.

He’s a lover of animals, really not afraid of commitment, and has the sexual expectations of a Duggar.

Woe to the lover who scorns Guard.

Allegiance to a friend, or a lover, or a family member … that gives you a fighting chance.

If what was blocking you and a lover was timing or work, things could begin blooming!

You’ve never heard of an English lover.

Despite the name, the track is about trying to say goodbye to a lover who has been getting some action on the side.

It’s like a Ralph Lauren campaign brought to life under the watchful eye of Swift, who’s rocking a lover top.

Daphne was typing an email to her lover when she noticed the bumps on the back of her hand.

“In my mind, that was my lover.”

Crouching among the treasures collected on the art lover Francen’s table is a porcelain seated Buddha.

And yet she kept thinking of what she was doing as “writing an email to my lover.”

“If you must know,” she sniffed haughtily, “I have a lover.”

“He said he was meeting a lover,” Daphne heard her say.

Now, some researchers at Carman Neustaedter’s Simon Fraser University lab hope to bridge this lover‘s gap with a virtual-reality technology called “Flex-N-Feel.”

Likewise, Pet lover, Bookworm, and Labman hinted at their off-air identities in their cards, although never their exact location.

Fans know Miley Cyrus as a mostly responsible dog lover, with at least four dogs to her name.

He’s the former boss of Susan Giordano, who prosecutors implied was Durst’s lover.

Natalie Compton is a prodigious eater and lover of booze, and does not recommend crash dieting or detoxing except in the name of journalism.

(In the simulation viewers see, Shaw shoots herself instead of killing her lover.)

Jake became a crazy-attentive lover — more so than he already was.

But the heartbreak is like losing a lover or something like that.

I’m a very selfish lover, I like to be with one person and focus on that person.

The nanny says Shahi whipped out pics of her lover‘s junk, and said she wanted to “move on with her life” … without Howey.

I’m an extreme lover

I would argue that I’m actually a cat lover, and I’m arguing for the humane treatment of cats.

Sure, your lover is really hot and has the body you’ve been praying for, but do they ever show up on time?

“I am a lover of Italian, Japanese, and Indian restaurants,” he said recently.

I’m a very selfish lover; I like to be with one person and focus on that person.

It’s going to be called lover, and it comes out August 23.

I’m an extreme lover

But there are others, too; the Indian, the Indian Muslim, and the Malay carts all have something to offer the curious food lover.

As a lover of drama and attention, I, personally, can relate.

This means that a cat lover could be served an ad for dog food, or a healthy person could get an ad for medicine.

The second single from lover is now here.

To quote Swift herself: I’m just like, “This is exhausting.” lover will be out on August 23.

An intimate night in with a lover or close friends is the way to go this evening.

I wanted to recapture that feeling of having a lover, instead of a live-in laundry-doer.

Like a sweater from a lover, they hang blankly for our inspection.

It can become your lover; your substitute child.

Or to reconnect with a lover you need closure with.

Galapagos: A nature lover‘s deam come true, the Galapagos Islands deserve a place on every traveler’s bucket list.

It’s a beach lover‘s paradise, and the beauty of Indonesia isn’t limited to its shores.

The italicized “exquisite” that a lover calls her matters, in part, because the apparent complement nonetheless renders Sharif, Iranian-American, exotic, overly precious.

OK, let’s role-play; pretend you’re me, and I’ll be a strapping lover.

Oh, as a book lover it’s the dream job.

Make sure your lover doesn’t sneak a peak at your phone as you check your scandalous messages this morning.

I’m an underdog lover by nature, so I think it’s funny a lot of people didn’t like it.

You are the eminently lovable and the lover.

It was obvious that I was making all these collages about (a lover who had recently bailed).

A tape recently made public reveals that Bacon was busted by the Chelsea drug squad after a feud with his lover George Dyer.

It’s the number one played in my iTunes … “lover‘s Carvings.”

Although shocked by his lover’s death, Bacon continued prepping for his exhibition as normal.

The built-in Corporal Positioning System (CPS) provides reliable directions, routing hands to locations pre-requested by each lover.

Bacon lover Mushatt Jones also never smoked or drank.

Nova, who is Black, and her married police officer lover, Calvin, who is white, are arguing.

I also think that female friendship, when it’s deep enough, can become this very multifaceted thing: You become the friend, platonic lover, mother.

She loves cats so much that her Twitter bio reads, “I’m an actress, book lover and aspiring cat.”

Perfect for: When you’re trying to figure out whether you should break up with your lover.

Because I feel like I am a very passionate lover and I like that one-on-one passion.

Jason says he’s a vegan and an animal lover, and his shirt is simply a way to protest the family’s values.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads “Caress my darkness, liminal lover” is the title of three paintings by Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi.

If you’re a coffee lover, you probably already have your coffee routine down pat.

“He also states that Escobar’s lover Virginia Vallejo, known as Valeria on Narcos, never actually met with his mother.

A friend or lover is totally down for the ride!

These are teachable moments which could potentially bring you and your lover closer together.

If you want your lover to eat your ass, hold it open and explain exactly how you’d like it.

Nova, on the other hand, is trying to figure out her feelings for her lover, Calvin.

In Greek mythology, Zephyrus, the West Wind, was desirous of Hyacinth, a young man who was the lover of the god Apollo.

The space between lover and beloved is torturous, but to close that space is to extinguish desire.

Ruffalo, a longtime LGBT ally, played Bomer’s lover in The Normal Heart, an HBO drama about AIDS.

To that end, Cersei will probably perish in the season seven finale, at the hand of her brother and lover, Jaime.

Dear So Sad Today, After a long-awaited reunion with a past lover after 7 months travelling, I find myself with an aching heart.

And if you’re an oyster lover, you’d better hope they hurry.

His anchor is the memory of the sweet nothings he exchanged with his lover Kohana.

When Mom asks, Buddy says that Sis texted to announce that she and her lover had just blown up the nuclear power plant.

She said her guerrilla lover had a fast jet and they flew there.

We’re stuck yearning for it—and deeply captivated by desire—like a lover we can’t have.”

Claudel was Rodin’s pupil before she became his lover and muse; desire was at the center of their work.

What he tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act.”

Perhaps more than any other holiday, Halloween is a beauty lover‘s dream.

Increasingly intolerant to Kokoschka’s consuming passion and jealousy, she reconnected with her former lover, architect Walter Gropius.

Pick up that red phone and see if your lover feels like a little Netflix and C(apitol )Hill.

Driving north on State Route 29, I understood why Napa County is sometimes referred to as a wine lover‘s Disneyland.

It’s a shopping lover‘s fever dream.

Said song includes Edwards singing about “fakin’ it” in the bedroom and hoping that her ex’s new lover is having “better sex.”

Even Tyrion, lover of women and relatively fair-minded, gets a schooling from Missandei when he claims to know the plight of her people.

Robert quickly reminds her that her lover‘s name is Julian.

He’s obviously very hurt, because the last scene of the episode is him googling his wife’s lover, Julian.

All you need to do is invite your lover over for movie night, dim the lights, and press play.

Her Joyride bio identifies her as an “actress and car lover.”

She was the wife of Mario Vespucci and the lover of Julein de Médicis.

Language is a small lake, a deep lake, a lover, an exotic land.

“He’s been my lover and my friend for a really long time.

It was difficult,” explains the 29-year-old croissant lover.

He had, she said, spent Christmas with his wife and daughters and New Year with a lover.

When you’re a makeup lover, your personal stash is your story.

A partner can be many things: a lover, a coworker, an enemy.

Or in the physical warmth of a lover‘s arms?

You’re craving connection, so call a friend or lover and spend time together.

A “no” answer from a boss, friend, or lover could free up some time for you to nap or snack.

Ferry’s caricature of the lover who’d grow potatoes by the score (How’s that for mashed-potato schmaltz?)

“Petty lover,” for its title alone.

I am a technology innovator, and I’m also a lover of nature.

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