Lots in a sentence | Use of the word lots examples

The thing is that violent, racist ideologies have spent lots of time in the mainstream.

Instead, it creates massive, sprawling ensembles that feature lots and lots of potential protagonists.

That you will have lots of opinions.

The metal music genre has lots of subgenres and nuances.

“Some of the money is believed to have gone to her, lots of money,” Mahathir said.

There are lots of possible explanations for why the 1992 election turned out as it did.

Most video games have weapons, and lots of those weapons happen to be guns.

Early voting is usually a good measure of enthusiasm; lots of early voters means lots of decided voters.

Why is that, given that … they sell millions of cars and make lots of money, this group doesn’t?

Not just at parking lots, insurance companies, like you could iterate and iterate and iterate.

There’s lots of evidence that you’re stopping people at the start of their lives.

It’s not only a music radio, they are trying to offer lots of stuff.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a “Despicable Me” movie without lots of Minions.

lots of expletives.

lots of talk around career and your reputation will begin happening, too, now that Mercury is in Libra.

I’ve read lots of those medical bills — 1,182 of them, to be exact.

There were lots of phone calls and faxes involved.

lots of the teens leaving or forgoing Facebook are turning to Instagram instead, which Facebook owns.

lots of babies—breast fed—that’s what women need.”

These are real stories from progressive door knockers — and lots of progressives knocked doors.

lots of showering.

I think that there are lots of different ways to do venture capital.

I think there are lots of different ways to make money.

In the game, there are lots of small blocks that interlock to form a stable tower.

It’s sort of the film equivalent of a guy who thinks wearing a hat and drinking lots of whiskey makes him seem interesting.

“I played lots of construction games with my pet ants.

“I played lots of construction games.

We need to show that we have lots of young entrepreneurs who want to change the world with science.”

Now there are lots of rocket companies, lots of interesting car companies.

Also, beauty standards and lots of other pressures that for me seemed very tied to gender.

I took lots and lots of photos of the mud.

“Enjoy a diet filled with lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains,” Sheth, who wasn’t involved in the study, said by email.

You can see lots of discussion and debate and political fighting over who has wealth in America, and whether that should change.

But, okay, yeah, there are some movies that receive lots and lots of boos.

And while lots of consumers shop online, most shopping still happens in brick-and-mortar stores.

She’s worked at lots of places like Wall Street Journal and Condé Nast.

You went around for three years interviewing lots of different people from tech, everywhere.

I both talked to lots of executives who are trying to get this right, and then I also delved into the research.

There was lots of back-and-forth discussion.

Cable operators pay you lots of money for licensing your content.

Yeah, and there are lots of really fantastic chefs who are reaching incredible levels of success and acclaim and popularity.

Just… y’know… with lots of jokes and surreal flights of fancy.

And I realized that at the parties there were lots of girls who went to be seen, more with a city-type of clothing.

Update: Yup, lots of posts from Gawker alumni are up there now.

lots of people share their location with Snapchat when they take pictures or videos.

Artificial intelligence Zuckerberg and Facebook are building lots of artificial intelligence software, but it’s unclear where he falls on the debate around regulation.

Machine learning is best when lots of data is fed into an algorithm — the more data, the better.

lots of people think that America has undergone massive shift in its work culture.

In an environment where both candidates are spending lots of money on ads, they may not change any minds.

The people that voted for me — lots of people are saying they saw things happen.

They were showing pictures that were very unflattering, as unflattering — from certain angles — that were taken early and lots of other things.

lots of us choose it.

There’s lots of time for things to change, and state polling tends to follow national vote swings.

“They have lots of more important things to worry about,” Kalt says.

lots of people are going to have to develop lots of different components and put them together before we can truly defeat aging.”

In the past, the quarterly shareholder letter Netflix puts out would have lots of interesting ideas and numbers.

So, with each new material the process involved much trial-and-error and lots of do-overs — and still does.

There are lots of shades of tan in this group of works.

Obamacare includes lots of policies that change the way doctors get paid, with the aim of slowing the ever-growing cost of health care.

This is one gift that will inevitably see lots of use.

Iger also argues, correctly, that lots of people like sports, and that isn’t changing.

You have lots of places in the country where the Blue plan is the only carrier.

lots of them.

But there are lots of other diseases.

The red lotus seeds mean fertility: have lots of babies.

lots of young Montrealers have left for Syria?

Although, he added, he’s seen lots of French citizens.

As it turns out, lots of people!

Coaches who spend lots of time pursuing them—and shopping their own services to the highest bidder via actual agents—shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

I’m sure there are lots of other examples that we could point to.

There were lots of other stars … Jamie Foxx and The Weeknd.

“It’s cliche, but there were lots of emotions,” he said in an e-mail.

Obviously the resonance of the ’90s is still with us in lots of ways and you’re seeing the fruits of it.

Yet none of this would have been possible without rockets—lots and lots of rockets.

”That resonate a lots with me,” Virginia responds.

I feel like lots of folks in the climate discussion lack that.

They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us.

There’s lots of swelling songs about romance and death, and clattering instrumentals that tend toward emotional overwhelm.

You win elections by getting the votes of lots of people who don’t agree with you about everything.

In general, people are wrong about lots of things — especially when you ask them to guess in situations where nothing is at stake.

Desalination requires lots of energy – one reason it is not more widely used around the world.

lots of women are Republicans, just like lots of women are Democrats,” Dolan said.

And lots of things could have gone right that would have made the difference.

Fewer parking lots hogging precious Manhattan real estate.

There’s lots of different opinions on that.

There are lots of theories.

But there are lots of states where quality varies dramatically by the type of care.

And though Woods seems fringey, he’s followed by lots of people, including Donald Trump, Jr. Woods’s post is far from an aberration.

lots of emphasis is put on who wins and who loses.

And universal time is already spontaneously being adopted from the ground up for lots of practical reasons.

The sale’s top lots, Henri Matisse’s “Tête” (1936) and “Femme accoudée” (1935), sold for $75,000 each.

After all, lots of others are out there warming the troposphere: power plants, trucking, the military, you name it.

“We’re seeing lots of young people in Europe not interested in drugs, they’re interested in fighting — in the ring, with rules.

lots is happening today in your partnerships, Leo!

The Moon enters fellow Air sign Aquarius today, sending you lots of good energy and opportunities to have fun.

It’s also just a great tool for lots of different people who need to know what that org chart looks like.

lots of it.

lots of it.

There were lots of alien sightings and fake bank robberies.

First of all, drives lots of traffic.

Right, in lots of ways.

That’s the difference is understanding lots of ways and reaching people lots of ways.

Countries like Australia have lots of success with PPPs.

Second, governments also fund lots of infrastructure that isn’t profitable, like rail transit.

And foiled plots are costly for the groups behind them, which usually sink lots of time, money, and other valuable resources into them.


Avocados aren’t the only food that depend on lots of water to grow.

It’s the same for lots of people.

— came from foods that are packed with lots of flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

lots of strippers.

lots of talk about how tough this has been for him and his family,” NBC News’s Ken Dilanian tweeted.

John, we have lots to talk about.

It’s pretty amazing that these OKRs have never leaked out of Google or, for that matter, lots of organizations that use them.

In other words, there are lots of reasons to provide parental leave, but it may not necessarily directly eliminate the gender gap.

It comes from lots of farms all over the world.

But he’s talked about it as sort of an open megaphone for him to reach lots of people.

But this is one of the things that unnerves lots of people.

But, there’s lots of dashboards.

TOLEDO, Ohio (Reuters) – lots of workplaces have a hot seat.

For one thing, companies helped build these things out, rather than trying to make lots of money off of them.

lots of small changes can add up.” If you like smoothies, throw your fruits, veggies, and nuts in a blender.

Art people have lots to look forward to in season five.

Variation is key, so you don’t get bored, so I ate lots of small snacks, like almonds and raisins.

I supplemented with cod liver oil and with dried lamb leg and lots of cheese I had brought with me.

There are lots of examples and tough lessons learned that remind us to maintain our humility.

UFC 206 has lots to contend with.

“So we keep the prices cheap and we get lots of people in and it’s fun.

And Disney is taking lots of heat for not making it clear … gators lurk in its lagoons.

Serve warm with lots of butter.

lots of LDC projects are wish-lists, not investable projects,” she said.

There are lots of stereotypes made, subconsciously or not, about people’s behavior; that gay people are all part of an underground culture.

All feel very of-the-moment, and lots of options are under $100.

lots of other great talents also add their names, including members of Worriers, the Menzingers, awakebutstillinbed, Tigers Jaw, etc.

Night Demon Trax is me in ghetto mode, straight-up banging club trax with tough drums and lots of chopped samples.

When the company prepared to raise money in the winter, both GIC and SoftBank expressed interest in investing lots of capital.

Trump always gets lots of airtime.

lots of people on Twitter got mad.

lots of pictures of the candidate showing how friendly they are get circulated on social media.

But you can now buy the same stuff in lots of places — whether from Amazon or a brand’s own website.

There are lots and lots of reasons to take LCOE with a grain of salt.

I focused on Zee Aero’s 10-propeller design above, but there are lots of other prototypes under development.

Since Apple’s event, there has been lots of talk about the new MacBook Pros, especially among the Apple commentariat.

Companies are complex organizations with lots of different people.

There were lots of photo-sharing services but you were unique in terms of what you offered.

The reason why we’re seeing the growth we have … Because you do it well in lots of places.

They see lots of parallels there, especially in how the two systems are structured.

lots of players are fighting for this market,” Ciuriak told me in an email.

And I say that to your listeners, I disagreed with John Brennan on lots of stuff.

lots of pins.

Congress has lots of tools to bring the president to heel.

That naturally led a lot of people to want to buy it, giving the government a reason to take out lots of debt.

There are lots of papers on this.

Anyway, there’s lots of things that can be really cool.

We have lots more podcasts for your listening pleasure.

I really, really love how it unites the chaotic deconstruction and anger of current club music with lots of melody.

He shows that having lots of educated people around is good for low-skilled people.

“I believe, and there’s lots of people who disagree with me, is that this is an impulse control problem,” Gentile said.

lots of apps integrate directly with Pocket, including the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser, to let you save articles and videos.

Universal Basic has been tried in Sweden, from lots of different countries are trying this.

Other families have waited in emergency parking lots and on curbs for fear of how much it would cost to step inside.

You broke in the way that lots of people try to break in.

I was very lucky for lots of reasons.

There are limits on the amount people can donate — $6,600 — but lots of celebs have dug deep to support Abrams.

There are lots of explanations for the low rates of treatment, including stigma against drug addicts.

But there are lots of other questions.” The FDA warning letter also raises many questions.

There’s lots of sex and drugs on camera.

But for lots of reasons, Rocketboom fell apart, and Know Your Meme was caught in the middle of that.

Good news, though: Cruise has lots of options.

lots of fingers were crossed for what would come from this fateful Super Bowl Sunday.

Their routine is well-rehearsed, walking me through empty lots of demolished homes and sharing memories.

lots of TV shows try to find ways to make their final seasons reflect their first seasons.

Women have found lots of happiness and joy and creativity through cooking over the years.

Or there was another middle-class mother, Marta, and she had lots of resources at her disposal.

If you have enough money, there are already lots of ways that you can get some help.

So if you can afford it, there are lots of answers.

But then for lots of the families in our study, all of those things were totally out of reach.

There are already lots of church dinners and community dinners happening all the time.

lots of data.

There’s lots, and I mean lots, more in the report.

And then the upper left quadrant would be lower creativity but lots of compassion.

lots of chatter about money and values arises this morning.

“I have lots of good dishes that I like to make,” he said.

Well, lots of things, but mainly energy storage.

lots of drama.

I also think there’s lots of things where they can have efficiencies that you just see.

We have lots to discuss, but we’re going to take a quick break now to hear a word from our sponsor.

There’s lots of issues around regulation, around safety, around all kinds of stuff.

In an interview, Janice Mathis, the council’s executive director, said: “lots of products target African-Americans.

But when they talk about mobile, lots of people still talk about it as something you take with you, on the go.

“There are lots of triggers that, using AI, we could effectively — in nanoseconds, milliseconds, monitor these kinds of things.

Of course, almost by definition there are lots of Republican Party elected officials who fit the broad criteria of being neither Trump nor Cruz.

“It was a big transparent bowl with two small lots,” he told reporters eager for details of the novelty.

Expect lots of gorgeous visuals undercut by loads of murky emotional drama.

lots of them will say something like, “Man, I’m dead, can you bring me back to life?”

lots of times, they’ll offer to pay me, but I’ve never taken a dime.

lots of different things can cause ED, including depression and neurological disorders, so counseling and therapy can also be effective treatments.

lots of cars stranded along BW8.

If it turns out there needs to be additional costs on the person, there are lots of additional things you could do.

They’re rewarded with all sorts of things, including lots of money.

They just sort of screwed the government constantly on lots of computer systems.

At this time, I had lots of relationships in the industry, and we felt we could do live journalism.

Shutterstock Plenty of researchers still do things the old-fashioned way and simply ask lots of people about sex through interviews and surveys.

It was lots of fun.”

lots of random things would happen in the space.

lots of companies, to be clear, are built around products that are bad.

lots of people have smartphones.

lots of games!

lots and lots of policy, in lots and lots of places.

“You saw lots of exemptions which really watered down its efficacy.

So lots of customers got notified that they needed to visit Healthcare.gov to find new plans.

They’re very well protected in lots of ways, both physically and through the software infrastructure.

But lots of families had other emergencies—heart attacks, going into labor.

It is clear that there are lots of elected politicians from lots of parties that want to join the League,” he said.

Easterners have no idea how agriculture works in this country because there are lots of cute little farms with picket fences and 100 acres.

“The ERG are splintering and lots of them are coming around to the deal through gritted teeth.”

“There was lots of police [at the house],” Balch said.

There are lots of places online that will host pirated streams.

There are lots of tech people — and I’ve met lots of tech people who are deeply committed to psychedelics of all different kinds.

It’s a really interesting question and lots of people think we are.

It’s similar to a modernist house, where you don’t have lots of trim and embellishments.

There are lots of policy challenges in American hospital that seem really intractable and difficult to solve.

One law that has gotten lots of positive attention is New York’s balance billing policy, which went into effect in early 2015.

I got lots of thank-you notes, and so on and so on.

This is going to be… We have lots to talk about.

The idea of … And she does have flawless taste in lots of things.

You are in there lots of times.

lots of seismologists have worked on that problem for many decades.

Except in Fifty Shades, this involves lots of sex, and in Old Fashioned, this involves, well, no sex at all.

You can do lots of things to shift.

Olivia Culpo’s holiday shopping outfit is giving everyone lots of ideas … for gifts.

— so states can’t get more money by dumping lots of seniors in favor of 24-year-olds.

I had lots of fun times with my friends when I would smoke,” he says.

The first comics I read were Superman, The Fantastic Four, Wolverine, The Punisher, and lots of others.

The memos were filled with lots of juicy rumors, known to a number of outlets for months.

I’ve come across lots of characters and stories that I otherwise wouldn’t know about.”

There are lots of conversations about the lack of diversity in science and tech these days.

So this movie set the template for lots of these mockumentaries, many of which are made by Christopher Guest.

There are lots of differences between these insurers — starting with their size — but they do have one important thing in common.

But yeah, I mean, we look at lots of businesses.

They were not like formal gangs—not like a New York crime family with a single Godfather—but alliances with lots of smaller gangs.

Naturally, his chief strategist is getting lots of blame for that.

Kanye knows Trump has lots of people in his ear so he wanted a face-to-face to get on the radar now.

You’ll have lots on your plate over the next year, but you need to be well-rested if you want to accomplish anything.

Smithsonian Gardens launched a free app to share and collect American gardening stories, from 19th-century Detroit potato patches to community greenspaces in vacant lots.

The average American generates about 1,500 pounds of garbage annually, and then spends lots of tax dollars disposing of it.

The average American generates about 1,500 pounds of garbage annually, and then spends lots of tax dollars disposing of it.

lots of lost coal jobs are centered in Appalachia, for instance, which isn’t exactly a hotbed of solar development.

Solar is still a young industry, freewheeling, with lots of churn.

They have gone down lots of other rabbit trails but not that question.

And Vox Media has a big disruptive workforce; lots of people work from lots of places around the country.

Like lots of people know who Jake Paul is, or Logan Paul is, or both.

“Physicians are nurturing; lots of healthcare jobs that have been mostly male are nurturing, supportive occupations as well.

And, lots of it.

Essentially, lots of Americans support gun control, but it’s not really their top priority when they go out to vote.

Bella was headed for parts unknown Thursday when he pointed out she was showing lots of skin.

It is a debate where we have lots and lots of evidence of where Trump and others stand.

By the mid-2010s, lots of listeners had agreed to leave EDM in the past..

A rocket engine that burns liquid fuel involves lots of plumbing and fine-tuning.

lots of sports leagues are experimenting with digital streams via Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, or even virtual reality headsets.

lots of money.

I need lots of walls because I like to work on several pieces at once.

lots of feeling,” Slaton went on.

It has lots of crisp presets that you can combine together to make some nice spacey rhythms.

I have lots of unreleased material.

lots of friends in town at the moment.

(Read: lots of jumpsuits).

“For a woman with lots of household responsibilities, it is difficult to travel so much.”

The sort that makes you want to drink lots (responsibly obv).

There are lots of things that could potentially be interfering with the success of these programs.

Seductive Venus mingles with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, bringing you lots of luck and some opportunities to meet new people and enjoy yourself!

But my kids who are 17 and 20 will watch lots of shows that are just formatted better for them.

Here it’s the collision of money and lots of talent, ideas.

This is just what the newly available charge data looks like at lots and lots of hospitals.

But overall, they saw no benefits to taking aspirin, and lots of potential risks.

It is directed at lots of people who are trying to do that.

There are lots of things we humans do alone in life.

lots of approval granting: “Project X is looking great!”

There are lots of things you can do using virtual reality, you probably just aren’t aware of them.

Obviously, there’s lots of polarization that’s already existed.

lots of people will be like, ‘Oh my God, is that a Wild Wolf harness?

I think the Ice Age movies just like having lots of celebrities in their voice casts.

lots more to do: ending gun violence, combating climate change, access to healthcare.

lots of drawings were done on sheets of standard sketchbook paper that could be found in any art supply store.

The climate science programs get lots of attention, but those other Earth-monitoring programs are hugely valuable — often in unexpected ways.

And there’s lots of laws why they don’t want that to happen, too.

A final tip: Take lots.

There are lots of ways Trump is creating a fundamental asymmetry at the presidential level whose impact we can’t gauge on the down-ballot races.

I heard lots of great readings here.

Do you think it takes away … lots of kids are doing other things.

We’re all comfortable there, we’ll see lots of old friends and it’ll be fun.

That streak of nostalgia and longing for an imagined past infuses lots of fantasy.

The site features fancy hotels and resorts frequented by lots of celebs, from Beyonce and Jay Z to George and Amal.

He said the app is intended to work with full textbook pages and news stories with lots of text.

They would need lots of room to turn.

Summize is getting lots of love on Product Hunt, a popular Reddit-like site for surfacing new apps and products in the tech community.

So beware: lots of creepy synths in action.

The “skeleton staff” has been unable to provide the full park experience, she says, and that has caused lots of confusion across the country.

Gaffney works as a critical care doctor and supports Medicare-for-all for lots of reasons.

lots more locals who we spoke to about the by-election agreed.

“The lines have been long, the parking lots jam-packed.

For most people, it’s home delivery, but he’s delivered to Safeway parking lots, bus stops, offices, or even alleyways.

With age, you start to invest less in the outcome of that—but, yeah, sure, I’ve been there lots of times.

I’ve got lots of those in my future, too.

“A lot of the characters I read are unflawed, really likeable gals, with lots of gumption,” Brie said at a Netflix event.

There was the birth of the PC era and lots of opportunity for startups.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen showed off lots of leg in her Zuhair Murad gown.

lots of stars wore velvet on the red carpet, but Henson wore it best.

The music is cartoon pop, lots of slide guitar and syncopated rhythms.

Justin had tequila and apparently lots of it the night before, and he swears the green juice cures all that ails him.

“I don’t really want strawberries in December when there are lots of other things like apples, pears, and quinces.

KS: So we’ve got lots and lots more, so next one.

She advised her friend to be wary of Trump’s power, that he had lots of lawyers.

“Amazon, it’s a huge corporation, they have lots of money,” Ross said.

So that would be my one concern, but there are lots of students that only use Chromebooks.

Why, when you’re dealing with lots of strangers, has the violent death rate come down so dramatically?

Her recipe’s a family secret, but she uses lots of meat stock.”

“I was already gathering lots of art books and forming relationships with small presses and magazines by attending launches,” she tells The Creators Project.

And it notes that lots of its programming will be available on demand, which may be plenty for most people.

Kaine had a good Spanish accent, a decent Donald Trump impression— and lots and lots of dad jokes.

A typical campaign involves lots and lots of contact between studios, publicists, and the voters.

We’re so familiar with this condition, these parking lots and highways and where to get a coffee.

There’s all kinds of conspiracy theories online about lots of different things, including from aliens to alligators in the toilet, things like that.

It could also be lots of other people.

They wrote back often, and sent lots of beautiful postcards, so that everyone at home could keep up with their adventures.

Communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, so expect lots of talk to take place around money, security, and values during this time.

That won lots of press coverage but didn’t move Speaker Paul Ryan into relenting.

There are lots of conversations about the lack of diversity in science and tech these days.

There are lots of different applications out there that you can try.

“They’ve even closed down livestock farms here because of the environmental policies and lots of farmers are out of work,” he said.

One way is to have lots of relays with lots of bandwidth.

For those who assume all sci-fi contains lots of action, this is evidence otherwise, and a nice change of pace.

lots of ambient soundscapes meshed with simple melodies.

I know it’s popular because sometimes I write about it, and lots and lots of people read those stories.

Not the cardboard cut-outs that lots of medical ethics and law tends to assume they are,” Foster says.

There are lots of reasons economists hate that approach, though, particularly as Trump is employing it.

I noticed this on “Mindhunter.” Tons of advertising spent, three weeks after it’d been out, I’m seeing lots and lots of ads.

And so lots of independent movies get made but getting seen with any larger audience or distributed into theaters, that becomes the problem.

Earn.com stands out as a very real use case of cryptocurrency, however, in an age where lots of projects remain theoretical.

lots of variables impact my ability to make tips.

The United States is a big country, and it’s possible to cherry-pick examples of lots of different things happening.

lots of cultures have stories of wild men living in the wilderness, giant and hairy and not quite human.

“In motorsports, the safety infrastructure is incredible and something that’s been developed over many years out of lots of casualties,” Trimble said.

Like lots of other VR fans, he argues that the industry is still in its most nascent stage.

The Moon is in fellow Air sign Libra today, sending you lots of luck, Aquarius!

But LinkedIn has a large user base and lots of people who already use the site to post and find jobs.

They’re doing a version of this, and also there’s lots of people who are aggregating news, who are explaining the news.

lots of different ways to do a version of this.

Those of us who follow lots of politicians and politicized news sources are outliers, and we shouldn’t extrapolate too much from our weird experience.

The maiden flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket got lots of attention in February for sending a Tesla into orbit around earth.

But there’s lots of gray areas, right?

For the moment, there was a jacuzzi on the roof and lots of wine and Thai takeout that needed consuming.

They did lots of tests in Fromm’s factories so that the condoms were 100 percent protective, and hole-free.

They couldn’t get through the people, lots of resources.

There’s lots of industries where we haven’t heard these stories yet.

lots of power concentrated in the hands of a few men.

There are lots of prospective disasters that would kill many humans, maybe even most of us.

Of course, I received lots of notice as a pioneer of electronic music.

“There’s lots of evidence throughout the health care system that we don’t do a great job at managing chronic health conditions in general.

I refused a bunch of things that would have brought me lots of money.

Or a city zoning that made it an immediate priority to turn parking lots into affordable housing without any further permits.

But that hasn’t stopped people from making lots of money off them.

If the two finalists end level, they draw lots.

Other lots included works by Marc Chagall, Georges Braque, and Joan Miro.

lots included “A Guru Mask Representing Gu” from the Ivory Coast, which fetched $300,000.

Yep, I own lots of @Nike I’ve been a life-long customer, since I was kid.

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world

When you picture a desert, you probably imagine lots of sun and sand.

“When these events happen lots of people have their lives washed away in water, and it’s sad.” And the battering has begun.

There are lots of male coaches particularly out there and I can totally see it’s really hard to understand.”

lots of things from net neutrality to media ownership, and we’re going to talk about a lot of them.

lots of comments flooded the agency.

The other is that lots of people voted for the newly elected president without necessarily buying deeply into his vision of health insurance reform.

lots of businesses lose money in recessions, of course.

Howard County officials have calculated that 170 damaged cars are now being towed to impound lots.

I have lots of friends and a job I love too.

There’s lots of different, there’s print media, there’s … but it’s all pretty much the same.

A lot of amazing reporting has been going on over Cambridge Analytica from the Guardian and from lots and lots of sources.

Getting dumped from lots of groups, I think, one.

Like lots of things are done with uranium.

China has lots of unique natural landscapes and geological formations.

But lots of people have still assumed/hoped that an ESPN subscription service would be, you know … ESPN.

Builders complained about a lack of buildable lots and increasing construction material costs.

When the forums started, there were lots of boards about credit cards and insurance.

Does it complicate things that lots of these women came forward in the media or on Twitter before talking to a cop?Yes.

We have these two consumer apps that generate lots of data.

And then also we’re doing lots with data licensing.

Obviously, if you are an oil company with lots of debt, you need to make a profit in order to make those debt payments.

I mean, there’s lots of stories.

lots of different kinds of things, if they’re moving into other businesses.

“This look is achieved with lots of mascara, and possibly with the addition of false lashes everywhere,” she said.

lots of makeup mavens in India are taking their inspiration straight from social media.

Unaudited statements are just like this: lots of financial assertions with absolutely no evidence that they are reliable in the slightest.

It’s got lots of N.E.R.D.

I ask for recipes, I ask for lots and lots of things.

There’s lots of things to do on there.

For the most part, the projections aren’t on landmarks but they appears in side alleys and around parking lots.

There’s lots of ways you can use it, but at its basic, simplest level, it was originally a device that did your electrocardiogram.

lots of big questions.

Stranger Things might be a hodgepodge of lots of other things, but there’s a sincerity to it that’s hard to fake.

There’s lots of people who know that Sheryl Sandberg is a tech executive and can’t tell you what she does.

To that end, expect lots of outrageously gorgeous vistas — not exactly a huge surprise to any “Uncharted” fans.

You can also expect lots of cinematic moments with thoughtful dialogue, especially as Nadine and Chloe work out their mixed feelings for each other.

lots of important people in the tech world, how do you prioritize and sift through the ultimate invites?

It has convinced lots of state lawmakers, many of whom are likely predisposed to see EVs as hippie toys anyway.

I’ve picked up lots of ideas from other recipes, like Eastern European, Iranian food, Malaysian,” she explains.

This is all potentially strong stuff, with lots of room for double-crosses and big emotional reveals.

lots of people disagree.

It all comes down to money, Cruz complains — lots of money.

The result is lots and lots of queer female romance, aimed at providing fans with more of what they clearly want.

Both new transmission and lots of storage will eventually be necessary to get the grid to zero carbon.

The idea is for students to ask lots of questions about the firms, get to know some recruiters, and schedule some informational interviews.

lots of utilities are already doing it.

When there’s only so much city, and lots of people want to live there, prices go up.

Just start with this post and this post, which contain links to lots of other resources.

But there are lots of complications with this line of thinking.

lots of Mexicans.

“There’s been lots of research on this,” Carroll said.

But whole lots of Americans got that attitude, and we tolerate it because you can hide your feelings.

In 2003, two plaintiffs sued for false advertising, claiming the supposed spring water was groundwater from sources surrounded by ”asphalt parking lots.”

lots of talk is sure to happen today, and much of it will concern your home, family, or even your childhood.

Just be ready for lots of references to her time starring on “The O.C.”

They already know which neighborhoods have lots of immigrants.

Broadly, Dansinger said, that means lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of lean protein.

People who want lots of government programs but also are skeptical of abortion and immigration are a more typical kind of moderate.

In lots of families with political divides, politics might come up less and less.

Koger’s objection, which lots of Senate rules wonks share, is that at least when you change the rules, you change them for everyone.

“It’s definitely fun looking on Instagram and you can see lots of people replicating that angle and shot,” Azerrad says.

There are lots of cameras at the hotel capturing what happens in public areas, but not where the confrontation went down.

“We used to just take our bikes and ride all over the vacant lots that were here.

Met lots of girls.

“Loop unbundling was tried by lots of competitors after the 1996 Telecom Act,” he told me.

lots of changes to your work and public life take place this weekend as Uranus ends its retrograde.

There are lots of different reasons why people go to protests.

I know lots of fellow white women who are like ‘I’m one of the boys’ and they do terrible comedy,” Mausner said.

Moreover, tech scales from a business perspective, whereas hiring lots of people doesn’t.

Moreover, tech scales from a business perspective, whereas hiring lots of people doesn’t.

That left lots of places with just one insurer selling coverage Insurers were already on the fence about the marketplaces.

Someday, fingers crossed, this free “art” will become very valuable and I can sell it on eBay for lots of money.

But there are, instead, lots of quasi-experiments and statistical matching studies, and they all find that air pollution is worse than we thought.

lots of individual companies have failed in the region.

When I do these projects, I’ll do lots of subcultural work, and I’ll trace back to who were the pioneers.

Many are now stored in parking lots around the United States.

I believe that, but there’s lots of evidence to the contrary, right?

There are lots of times when professionals are not in front of a screen.

“There’s lots of attention most recently on health and wellness that has a lot of focus on extreme behaviors surrounding food,” Smolar says.

But then it struck me: the parking lots.

lots to remember here — Selena’s new blonde ‘do, Diana bringing back the sparkle outfits … you name it, AMAs had it.

It started out as a series that featured lots of different women who wielded power very differently from each other.

The contract expired at $551.50 a tonne, down from $639 at the May expiry, when deliveries reached 3,156 lots.

lots of the country may be very ready for … single-payer as an idea, as a slogan.

There are lots of health-care sites, apps and a growing number of “connected” health devices.

So, pro-life protesters, don’t forget to pace yourself, drink lots of water, and wear comfortable shoes during the march.

Early voting is usually a good measure of enthusiasm, Gronke notes; lots of early voters means lots of decided voters.

“Since it’s such a rare thing, it’d be too bad to have lots left over,” she said.

The 18-year-old rapper has had lots of legal trouble … he wrecked a Lambo, among other things.

lots of women are attracted to wealthy men.

Actually, lots of are still playing No Man’s Sky.

I hope people don’t get too mad at us about that because I know lots people get mad about that.

There were lots of things that we were watching like that.

lots of technology in the background that’s coming along that could really, really get us off of the dependence on the cellular networks.

For lots of people, that’s where things can get a little strange—reports of trippy, vivid dreams after taking cough syrup are common.

Since your body makes histamine during allergic reactions, you’ll find the drug in lots of allergy meds, too.

They’re actually really bursty (meaning lots of similarly themed posts at the same time).

But there are lots of other creative ways to wrap a gift without resorting to used wrapping paper or skipping gift wrap altogether.

And you and I and lots of other people want to hear a specific song at a specific time.

There’s lots of reasons.

On the other hand, lots of people are happy just to have some music on.

There are lots of technology companies that have one big hit and then stop growing once that initial product matures.

lots of people are streaming the Rio Olympics.

So we work with lots of partial studies.

There’s lots of other stuff to do online.

But there’s been lots of guys since then, and some shockers.

Scanning lots of books.

lots of the kids selling drugs have come from broken homes, where the father is not there.

Some young men were able to make lots of money, silly money, buying Lamborghinis, Porsches, and second homes in Jamaica.

I’ve just spent a year in Wandsworth Prison, and there are lots of young black kids coming in for drug dealing.

lots of people.

We have lots of research already from up in Alaska, where they have a small guaranteed income from the Earned Income Tax Credit.

But historically, there are lots of other forms of American hawkishness.

I think maybe even more broadly, we’re seeing an interest in lots of different kinds of projects being nominated for Best Picture.

Then after that, I got into polar expeditions and had lots of fun up in the cold for many years.

Yet another way of looking at it: Netflix has made lots of splashy deals with content makers in the last few years.

Clement Greenberg was wrong about lots of things, but he was right about that.

These comments made lots and lots of addiction experts angry.

lots of people see potential with Snapchat, which is why the company has a market cap above $17 billion.

Take broiler chickens: They suffer all kinds of health problems because they’re bred to grow fast and put on lots of meat.

He has been doing designs for lots of different bands within metal and punk, and he does it better than anyone else, I think.

The sale’s top lots, Ingo Maurer’s “Porca Miseria!

There are women who are very enthusiastic about casual sex, and there are lots of men who are not at all.

My grandfather, great-grandparents, had dairy farms, I grew up in a place with lots of little farms.

lots more #SzechuanSauce and locations.

There were lots of administrations.

Normally for something of this import, lots of layers below have worked this all up.

“The median was 50 percent; lots of the students were 60 to 70 percent,” Chetty recalls.

And there have been lots of memos done and it is all just still …

There are lots of policy issues with which I disagree with this administration.

While there’s lots of animal research, human studies on fasting are only just beginning to ramp up.

Just know that there are lots of question marks about the long-term health consequences of fasting.

Simpson’s former Rockingham estate may hold lots of secrets, but unlocking them may be next to impossible … with one glimmer of hope.

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lots of small changes can add up,” Hannah Holscher, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, told Vox.

And then it turns out that lots of technical legal details mean that the actual renegotiating has to be delayed for a while.

We hope lots in a sentence examples were helpful.