Loop in a sentence | Use of the word loop examples

What happens when users realize they’re trapped in a loop?

In December, Uber resumed limited self-driving car testing in Pittsburgh, restricting the cars to a small loop they can drive only in good weather.

It throws you for a sensory loop.

One to be adjusted based on solar time zones; the other was a counter going up to 1,000 on loop each day.

The only downside to these entrancing videos is that they don’t loop, but feel free to hit replay as many times as possible.

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was also not kept in the loop.

This is the dynamic we can expect President Trump to uphold: an instant feedback loop, powered by encouraging validation.

But the movie/video games influence loop doesn’t only go one way.

The button loop is also a nice inclusion, especially for boating and camping trips where hanging things to dry can be tricky.

How have emotions like shame or guilt played into a wider feedback loop of toxic behavior?

Effective policymaking is best thought of as a feedback loop: Good policies create constituencies that will support them.

“Here in the Senate, we aspire to be more than just a cog in a feedback loop,” Flake said.

Reports say that it’s just the song’s chorus on a loop for up to 20 or 30 minutes, which is frankly incredible.

The ultimate risk here is a kind of authoritarian doom loop.

The loop could be defused by the Boyd letter and the broader commitment of Justice Department prosecutors to the rule of law.

“This increase in precipitation, in turn, leads to an increase in vegetation cover, creating a positive feedback loop,” Li explains.

He simply could’ve laid off, went for the puck, or even did a loop and not get involved in the play at all.

As Trump’s representative to Moscow, he’ll be in the loop for all top-level diplomacy between the White House and the Kremlin.

The feedback loop distorts our perception.

I would say that it was more of feedback loop that I felt trapped inside of.

“She was just in the loop on it, and I don’t think that’s disqualifying.”

Mechanical engineer Christian Schürch brought Robotic loop to Lucerne’s Luga Trade Fair as an “eye-catcher,” demonstrating his school’s FANUC M-2iA/3S robotic arm.

you supernaturally loop through the same L-shaped corridor, never provided with information about who you are or what you’re supposed to do.

Get ready to loop it.

In the case of laptops, the administration is keeping the industry in the loop.

In turn, this pushes prices for that up, and yields lower, creating something of a self-fulfilling loop of buying and decreasing yields.

One digitally-realized aub undoes itself into an endless loop of smaller aubs, mimicking the self-contained gimmick of Russian nesting dolls.

“That’s why you want to be early so you can capture someone else’s customers,” said loop Capital analyst Andrew Wolf.

Less ice in the Arctic triggers a feedback loop.

He drew the feedback loop between what you believe about yourself, what others believe about you, and what comes to pass.

However, the loop only lights up when Hill himself is present, lying on a wooden platform at one end of the work.

The US’s failure to unbundle local loop (almost unique in developed world) makes NN much more significant here.

The US has tried something like local loop unbundling before to break up phone company monopolies.

Sprigman’s 2016 New Yorker article noted that broadband prices in Europe are lower in countries that make more use of local loop unbundling.

loop unbundling was tried by lots of competitors after the 1996 Telecom Act,” he told me.

loop unbundling in the context of broadband telecommunications is a difficult feat both technologically and economically, especially as bandwidth demands increase.

When I asked one Wall Street analyst about the prospect of local loop unbundling, he replied, via email, “You mean circa 1997?

It’s such a weird feedback loop.

Racism can also shape their choice of which fields to study — thereby, in a feedback loop, reinforcing stereotypes.

Theme park management games have a core loop built on some abstracted principles of business.

“This could actually lead to a negative feedback loop for workers.” Essentially, companies would find ways around the tax, or they’d cut jobs.

Nobody understands the mechanics of this — a great search-engine optimization/clickbait feedback loop scam — better than Google.

The week-long GIF-stravaganza follows up on the 2016 GIF art show loop Dreams to explore the past, present, and future of the medium.

The inaugural drop falls immediately into a giant loop that shoots you under water where an audience of amphibious beasts await you.

Here: (Is there a seam in the loop somewhere in there?

His previous work, the British series The Thick of It and its movie spin-off In the loop, took on similar ground across the Atlantic.

“They certainly don’t tell the pharmaceutical company, so there isn’t a feedback loop on symptoms that people are experiencing.”

It would run in a 3,200-kilometer loop around Afghanistan, connecting its four largest cities.

Because the first videocassettes were sixty minutes, he no longer needed to loop his work.

This created a feedback loop, and let Roman’s followers — she now has 132,000 — feel like they were in on something together.

Here is the thing: As the US stumbles through an ever-expanding loop of political claims, blames, leaks, and drips, what happens to time?

So I’d copy and paste a bunch of tracks and realize they were getting out of loop with each other.

The overwhelming majority of images are now made by machines for other machines, with humans rarely in the loop.

The Netherlands’ Trimbos Institute and UK drug safety organization The loop have both issued warnings about extra strong pills in Europe.

The footage that results is then edited and projected in an ever-lengthening loop on the giant screen at the western end of the gallery.

On the surface, you’re getting a compelling story about one woman battling her inner demons via a wildly entertaining time loop plot device.

I listened to the playlist we played of his favorite songs at the funeral—the same songs over and over, a memory loop.

The feedback loop is incredibly fast.

We are stuck in an infinite loop.

“The feedback loop only rolls in one direction,” Case said.

After all, this is media—the game itself is a feedback loop within a feedback loop.

Trump has demonstrated time and again that he believes a big part of his job is creating a positive feedback loop with the media.

And in doing, so I’m fueling the polarization-nationalization doom loop.

If a planet makes an illusory loop and no one sees it, is it an illusion at all?

Netscape added a simple extension that specified the number of times the animation would repeat (with a 0 meaning it would loop forever).

The result is a self-defeating feedback loop.

And really trying to create this feedback loop with a focus on the counties that flipped from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016.

Built around a ghostly loop of swooning vocals, the track sort of oozes along, caught in a swamp grief and loss.

Videos and photographs emerged on the Internet, showing that the Raptor jets have been active within the famous British Mach loop Low Flying Area.

The video above shows the US 5th generation fighter enter the British Mach loop LFA for the very first time on Apr.

I set the track in a loop to be able to work with no interruptions.

It’s never a good idea to have a policy that amplifies the motivational feedback loop of the adversaries you’re trying to stop.

So if you’re not in that feedback loop

Also, living far from New York and other centers of vogue culture makes it difficult to stay in the loop.

Ableton has announced the lineup for the second annual loop Festival.

Registration for loop 2016 is now open.

Last year, Holly Herndon opened up about her creative process at loop.

It works as one little piece of something, a GIF of pure domination you can play in a loop forever.

Agent Cooper is in a constant loop of endings and beginnings.

Watch: LA Gym Bros: The Men Behind The Muscles “What you get is a positive feedback loop,” Dr. Price argues.

Only around half of personal care products and pharmaceuticals are removed by treatment plants in a troubling “pee-to-food-to-pee loop.”

A nasty feedback loop is causing the seafloor to literally collapse and help the ocean acidity even faster.

And then like, the little loop that you get into that is cultural fit.

We’re getting that little dopamine surge every time we get a “Like” and that feedback loop gets deeper and deeper and deeper.

All this could make for a stellar farce on the order of Dr. Strangelove, Charlie Wilson’s War, or In the loop.

Rippon, meanwhile, opened his free skate with two double axels (“2A”) and a triple flip and triple loop combination (“3F+3Lo”).

Once gathered, it plays the remixed compositions on a loop through speakers for one minute.

Still, the laws all still require a person to be somewhere in the loop remotely in case something goes awry.

Three minutes before midnight, the electronic billboards pause their alternating loop of Lexus and Perrier ads to display a 10-second countdown.

But too often the worlds feel empty, hollow, the pieces are there, but they loop too obviously, there’s no real sense of discovery.

While she was there, she learned about the crochet loop, which the locals used to make wire baskets.

The act of making a loop, or bundling wires together and tying them with a knot, is central to her work.

I was Pavlov’s gay dog, stuck in an instinctual loop, literally swollen with rage.

In the back room, recordings of compositions by Morton Feldman and John Cage play on loop, including Morty’s “For Franz Kline” (1962).

It’s just a tiny sampling of the infinite feedback loop of challenges and memes within the TikTok ecosystem.

Ghostface Killah’s “Supreme Cliental,” was pretty much on endless loop.

There is a feedback loop.

Will just sent Katie a minute-long production loop over WhatsApp, and she replied immediately with a voice-note of her singing the chorus.

If true, this could be the start of an atmospheric feedback loop that charts us on a destructive path toward accelerated global warming.

“C” then “B” then “D” then back again, in a loop, until they lose the match.

“There’s this incredible natural thing—a mountain, really—and the whole historic city is built in a loop around it.

Attached to the ceiling, it consists of two nearly 20-foot-long metal strips flanking an equally long loop that resembles a giant steel rubber band.

VICE: Why did you get involved with The loop?Chemical X: I’m pro informed-choice.

The loop deal with reality.

As Fiona Measham [co-founder of The loop] says: “They are the last line of defense—a practical solution to a real problem.”

I have witnessed The loop’s process firsthand, and I’m an evangelical supporter of everything Fiona and her amazing volunteers do.

This, in turn, sets off the familiar feedback loop: The more voters express a preference for a candidate, the more electable the candidate becomes.

I’d probably prefer the former, but I just want as many people as possible to enter, as all proceeds go to The loop.

Are they real pills?No, we have had to make those as replica pills; otherwise, we’d get The loop in serious trouble.

Ending the festival with the same people I started it out with is a tidy closing of a loop.

These kinds of local reactions to the changes brought on by tourism and infrastructure investments create a complex feedback loop.

The works highlight the area’s most distinctive architectural features, showcasing exterior flourishes, through an endless circular loop.

In his depiction of Chicago, for example, his piece zooms in The loop, the region that categorizes the city’s bustling business district.

But the logic here is simple: The more warming, the greater the risk of kick-starting this feedback loop.

Another adds: “That’s what I love about it, it’s a feedback loop to measure how ur body feels.

Or a time loop.

That same innocent-looking loop also makes the dagger easy to use in tandem with a gun.

Slide the loop down over your finger like a ring, palm the dagger, and then reach for your gun.

The game locks you into inescapable situations that essentially loop your demise for an eternity, unless you go back to a previous save?

Above, within a sky-blue band, lines loop like clouds.

Enter Chris Brady of harm reduction organization The loop, and Rowan Sol of Facebook group Sesh Safety.

The regally spun webs of piano are eventually subsumed by waves of a feedback loop.

Beyond the core combat loop remaining satisfying, the amount of time I need to get something out of the game is very manageable.

Produced at Playwrights Horizons in association with Page 73, A Strange loop is a title with history.

Rather, A Strange loop is about how we twist ourselves into knots resisting and relenting to society’s expectations of our potential.

“The feedback loop through exchange rate and financial market channels appears to be elevated,” Brainard said.

A Strange loop continues through July 28 at Playwrights Horizons (416 West 42nd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan).

But the temptation lives.” The people behind the Times are stuck within this loop.

And the only way guaranteed to break that feedback loop is to buy what you need on the Steam Marketplace.

When: Saturday, June 2, from 12:00 – 1:30 PM Where: Daley Plaza Chicago loop at the Picasso sculpture.

It takes 415.5 years for a comet called C/1861 G1 Thatcher to do a loop around the sun.

GIFs inhabit the liminal space between still pictures and video, a sequence of images condemned to eternally loop, but never progress.

Ends in a circle or loop and doesn’t provide a throughway.

ELIZA drew users into a therapeutic loop, responding to questions by asking further questions about themselves.

Then I’d run a taped together loop of paper through it on that old-school tractor-feed.

This can then be used to make new plastic, obviating the need for fossil fuels and closing the production loop for plastic.

We’re caught in this loop of distrust.” I wanted to explain how that happened.

As a result, the feedback loop between Chinese food and Canadian culture actually operated in two different directions.

In Chicago, Trump’s feud was the main topic of conversation at the South loop Club sports bar.

It’s hard to watch someone trapped in an infinite loop of self-sabotage.

What the campaign and world building does, however, is pull you into the gameplay loop.

A simmering house track by Danish producer Kenneth Bager (thank you, Shazam) played on a loop as people settled in.

When watching episodes back to back, this pattern becomes an annoying loop, and no amount of self-aware narration can save it.

“It’s a never-ending loop,” said Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Temple University and author of Crook County.

Monday’s ceremony also closes a personal loop for Carter.

It’s about the loop.

Finding the killer is more about closing the loop on the story than it is justice.

The inner workings of the machine are driven by gears, levers, pulleys, and LEGO Technic parts, comprising a 32-bar loop.

But over the past two weeks, it seems that his administration has taken policies that affect the Pentagon without keeping it in the loop.

I found the time loop metaphor particularly adept for Elsinore because it was a good framework to convey tragedy in an interactive way.

Photo by Chad Kamenshine If you haven’t heard of them already, consider yourself officially out of the loop.

Closed loop differs from “open blasting,” a process prone to explosion that’s frequently used in makeshift labs.

In front of me, a grid of empty cubes floated in space, with a band of light passing over them on a loop.

For his part, Dorsey is trying to widen his own feedback loop.

In no time at all, I’d built a rudimentary loop.

Records played samples on a continuous loop, and audiences were invited to remix the sounds, even walking away with their own vinyl.

It suggests that Kushner and Manafort were also in the loop.

One popular account simply repeated the phrase on a loop, “Trust Black women.

But if that’s not enough, the show has embraced the slow-comfort feedback loop and developed an even gentler version of itself: Masterclass.

In the loop above, you can see my face and my artwork in all their medocrity.

Anonymous GOP sources in Congress told CNN they weren’t happy they were kept out of the loop.

In a gallery adjoining this forest of words, O’Grady’s single-channel video “Landscape (Western Hemisphere)” (2010–2012), plays on a loop.

In Ga bose gangwe, a group of black men are trapped in a loop of their bodies.

We rehearsed, drank, talked, rehearsed, slept, and rehearsed in a constant loop.

“Fortunately, in these systems a human was in the loop to abort any unwarranted retaliation to the falsely suspected attack,” Bundy writes.

Greenhouse gases began to accumulate in its atmosphere in a positive feedback loop that led to its modern incarnation as a tempestuous hellscape.

There’s no shit on a loop for you.

The process forms a feedback loop where the previous output is fed back to the input New Calm from ingMob on Vimeo.

Hope, the security analyst, however, thinks this is unlikely because he has been “out of the loop” for too long.

So, I sleep less and work harder, and it becomes a feedback loop.

I’ve almost exclusively been listening to that record on loop for the last month, actually.

Because, in a sense, aren’t all of our lives an endless loop of chewing and crossing, chewing and crossing?

Riekeles, for his part, sees an interesting “semantic loop” between anime’s cityscapes and contemporary architecture concerning the film Tokyo Scanner.

“We create a loop together, and Gerd does the arrangement, because he is a DJ—the DJ’s DJ!”

Thing is, weapons that go through that loop without any human intervention have actually been around since at least the 1990s.

Groenhart’s best work came with his right hand as he attempted to loop in hooks and straights while circling out to the right.

But eventually the taxes had an effect, “and with fewer people smoking … it becomes less acceptable to smoke, so it was a feedback loop.”

Salmi uses Photoshop on her tablet to animate each loop frame-by-frame.

The logical conclusion of this train of thought, as far as I can see, is clear: Let us engineer the perfect closed loop.

To stay in the loop on where the ride is going, you can follow Mindride here.

Bran didn’t change the past, he fulfilled a pre-determined loop of events.

Mostly just don’t really get how a lad so ordinary who once bought a loop pedal could have become such a colossal star?

loop yourself into the smooth moves of the paint mixture, with the full video below.

Presidential campaign announcements tend to be highly orchestrated PR events that loop in numerous journalists across multiple media outlets to maximize shock value.

Presidential campaign announcements tend to be highly orchestrated PR events that loop in numerous journalists across multiple media outlets to maximize shock value.

(Reuters) – The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (loop) on Tuesday said it has suspended operations at its marine terminal ahead of Hurricane Michael.

Trump further suggests not going off the grid completely and instead checking in with the team once a week to stay in the loop.

How did you break out of that loop?

I’d get to the last page and flip back to the beginning and keep reading it on a loop.

This album is full of bangers you want to listen to on a loop.

It really just felt like no other book had ever tuned me back into that eight-year-old who read Huck Finn on a loop.

Like loop Dreams, GIPHY’s first GIF art show last year, TIME_FRAME shatters even that loose definition.

That would signal to Facebook that these people wanted to see more of that type of content, creating a feedback loop.

Moreover, HG and anxiety can work as a sort of negative feedback loop, with each one exacerbating the other.

For information on safer drug use, visit The loop.

A thump of the kick drum triggers a fragment of a sampled drum loop.

The illness has clearly knocked him for a loop.

Though the circle line’s 45.9-kilometre loop takes three hours, it feels much preferable to sitting in traffic downtown.

In what the developers call “the nuke loop,” Fallout 76 players can hunt down nuclear codes and launch ICBMs at the map.

But some fans and critics were horrified by “the nuke loop” and I understand why.

I’m terrible at playing Call of Duty with mates, or with my brother who’s just on a prestige loop the whole time.

“Not only that but they mess them up and improvise around them and loop, loop, loop and the words change.

What keeps a lowest-common-demoninator, 30-second loop ingrained in our minds and culture?

It’s an endless loop.

All you can do is head to the dance floor in the burning disco where Chic is playing on an endless loop.

The loop adapter is both compact and universal.

It was a familiar loop, and a successful one, given the series’ regard.

Democratic coercion may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it builds a feedback loop through which suboptimal rules can get fixed.

Nudgeocracy, in contrast, lacks such a loop.

Thousands of cartoon faces undulate like waves on the ocean, smiling, laughing, and morphing in a neverending loop.

Toor’s unique brand of GIF art takes the seductive perfect loop and injects some ketamine directly into its blood surrogate.

It’s OK to be a little out of the loop right now, so turn your notifications off.

In a large monitor, a blue sky with white clouds plays on a loop.

“Higher exports mean the pipe is pumping more out of the (storage) caverns.” loop spokesman Wade Tornyos declined to comment.

Suezmax vessels Cap Felix and Amli Sky, last month departed loop for Greece and Italy, respectively, the data showed.

We’re just an insignificant conduit and nature is a feedback loop.

Chronic procrastinators are victims of a malfunctioning feedback loop.

Users can also send video messages that loop until friends manually dismiss them.

The promo involves 120 minutes of Vampire Weekend music playing on a loop.

And that’s way more valuable than just closing the loop at the end.

I wasn’t distracted by constantly being in an ongoing communication loop with my colleagues, but that also made me feel kind of isolated.

When I asked Wedding what she hopes for her daughter, she said, “In the short term, a tubeless closed loop system would be incredible.”

The AAC relies on a closed corrective loop between the brain, hands, and eyes.

The brain is very good at stuff, to the point of neurologically implementing an error correction loop, but technology still fights back.

López now uses workarounds to keep fans in the loop on his racier projects.

Sometimes I can find a perfect loop, which will be a track, which I’ve done several times in the last few years.

In his loop paintings, REVOK wrapped up a paint roller with different kinds of tape, depending on the composition.

The new model uses technology and data to connect production, distribution and monetization to create a feedback loop that optimizes the overall business.

“There’s a feedback loop.

But Price hasn’t yet made peace with losing his beloved Imago loop Hand Cannon.

(Players wanted the Imago loop Hand Cannon because it was a) rare and b) had great stats.)

He became more attached to the Imago loop Hand Cannon than “any ship, any item, any character.”

The loop would be the network of magnetic tracks that versions of the hyperloop could theoretically run on throughout the US.

The sounds range from traffic noises to snippets of dialogue to create a near 40-minute loop that crescendos before getting cut off halfway.

WMATA’s official proposal for alleviating this capacity crunch is to build a ton of new tunnels, as seen in this core loop idea.

This loop derives from older proposals for a separated Blue Line that was supposed to add service to Georgetown while alleviating the core crunch.

(Not to mention that even if some software engineer made a hot loop, it took Chris to make it into a hot song.)

I think it threw some people for a loop.

It is easier to imagine an eternal loop of building and destroying than it is to produce an actual future.

As you know … Khloe loves her some huge loop earrings.

Each interaction between visitor and work is unique, as the flowers generate neither on a loop nor are they pre-recorded.

Each instrument worked on a tape loop, and the computer on board would run a sequence of commands based on an internal clock.

But when it came time for the quadruple toe loop, he bobbled the landing of that jump as well.

They are not immune to the obsessive feedback loop of the internet, which for me, undermines the power of the experience.

“I wanted to communicate that and tried to make a video you could almost loop and not really see the start/end point.

The video is a loop showing two deer casually poking around in an idyllic forest.

The very last thing I did on the Courtney show—there was a soundcheck—and I made this guitar loop.

But I didn’t really trust what he was telling me because he had a tendency to be out of the loop.

Like, telling me J. Cole was groundbreaking level out of the loop.

“This often takes the form of recurring fights that repeat the same dysfunctional dynamics in a seemingly endless loop,” she said.

That type of “closed loop” thinking is where solutions to today’s recycling woes tend to be focused.

And how do we ensure a cradle-to-cradle loop instead of wasting resources?”

Sex, like computing, puts one body in a feedback loop with another.

By the time it’s reached the title track, a glacial loop, Cistern has become hypnotic.

One technique involves taking a camera, plugging it into a TV, and pointing it back at the TV, creating a delayed loop.

Konopka then begins to play around with this loop to generate patterns.

As the graph shows, the tide is beginning to turn toward the investment loop again.

“Lerping Triangle” by Varun Vachhar In a P5 sketch, the draw loop is where the action happens.

The draw loop is different.

Running code continuously in a loop means that we can program things that change over time.

One really cheap way to do this is just to add some small amount to xCoordinate every time the draw loop executes.

We really want just one ball and, as things are now, we’re drawing more and more of them on every loop.

If Cerrone’s hand did begin to get in the way, the right hand would loop around the outside of it.

But my natural state is more like a roller-coaster, inching me toward a peak, then releasing me into a sudden drop or nauseating loop.

It’s going to auto-play and it’s going to loop.

So all that is going to have a positive feedback loop in the economy over time.

In The loop: A Decade Of Remixes is available to order online via Fool’s Gold.

In the meantime, we might as well play Lana’s freshly-unveiled pair of A$AP Rocky-featuring tracks on loop.

Campus suicide prevention efforts can loop in counselors, faculty members, administrators, and resident assistants to ensure multiple touchpoints for every at-risk student.

That’s Minit, or, the core loop of Minit.

You might know where it is—players ride in a big loop near the high-rise construction in downtown Los Santos.

The loop repeats again, scarcely different than it was moments before.

Alternately, he said, passenger cars could be outfitted with retractable side wheels allowing them to travel through the loop autonomously.

The company also has proposed an East Coast loop that would run from Washington, D.C., to the Maryland suburbs.

So, that reminded me of an auxiliary echo set, like a feedback loop basically.

“It’s worse,” Cerva said of loop disease.

It’s not clear whether that issue is related to the loop disease identified by Cerva, Jones and the other technicians.

You lose when you’re not in the loop like a Hula Hoop.

I remember talking to Doug Morris saying … Well, Doug Morris was delusional and out of the loop and still is.

“Before the fall,” he tells me, “the feedback loop of social media became very compelling—I post more, search more, interact more.

This is like skydiving into an airy ether where Future and Kid Cudi wish you good morning on loop.

The closed loop of constant player interaction is, finally, broken.

The idea for it struck him originally while on the Yamanote train loop line in Tokyo.

Don’t Breathe is a sparse take on the home-invasion genre, while The Invitation throws conventional dinner party etiquette for a horrifying loop.

I plan to use the funds to close the loop on post-consumer waste.

I grew up watching that movie on a loop daily, until the VHS (and later, the DVD) started to skip from wear.

A good first step might be, as the EU’s algorithmic discrimination law suggests, keeping a human in the decision-making loop.

But Tetris has left Neubauer trapped in an unconquerable loop since he was about ten.

The space and technology scion wants to build a relatively small-scale version of the loop, a two-mile tunnel, near LA’s Sepulveda Pass.

The space and technology scion wants to build a relatively small-scale version of the loop, a two-mile tunnel, near LA’s Sepulveda Pass.

Who is this tunnel being built for?” The city, however, appears fully ready to hop on the loop.

On October 11, the Weatherman organization held a 300-person march through the loop, Chicago’s central business district.

What could Ru possibly do that would throw us for a loop anymore?

You’re absolutely right in that the painting with the ampersands is a type of endless feedback loop.

You note one in your book: the scary feedback loop between the fraying of the country and unequal political participation.

During normal days, a “daylight loop” cycles through 11 different-colored light moods.

The beat twists and turns as if navigating a maze, with a tenacious melodic loop keeping the entire track in a state of suspense.

It is a complete loop, a data sandbox in which the users are not sculptors but sand.

The voices loop and coil around Stickles’ ever-angering yelp, building in passion and fury before a sleigh bell-led outro.

Millions more watched, as news channels aired the footage on a loop through the following day.

Figures like regularfantasy, Sweetland, Blossom, Muñoz, and many others have created the exact positive feedback loop Pearson described.

It’s all pretty much a Casio keyboard loop, and then him singing, which is unbelievable.

They really keep you in the loop.

Behind these altars, a small choir stood on risers, accompanied by electronic music and a long loop of recorded singing bowls.

This repeating loop is called the Droste effect.

Hopefully, I can figure out how to loop it all together and make that sometime soon, because it’s my new baby.”

That said, this is still early (it’s the first paper to report a peripheral feedback loop for voice).

In truth, what exactly took place at the Taco Bell on South loop West on June 1 is unclear.

You’re trained to a different feedback loop.

Admittedly, it’s thrown the pin and patch world for a loop.

Socializing as an introvert works on a constant loop of interacting with people and downtime.

Kinda threw us all for a loop.

The predestination paradox is a causal loop, that is to say, a series of events that lead to their own beginning.

This interview was conducted in Berlin at Ableton’s loop Summit.

Like being the fruit to my loop, the smoke to my high, or even the ink and paint to my canvas and paper.

That’s one hell of a feedback loop.

There is a human in the loop, asking questions, and the machine is giving answers.

“So, what about all these movies I watch like Mission Impossible and stuff like that where they create this endless loop?”

For example, I often listen to small parts of a song on loop while I’m editing a specific section.

It’s all part of the feedback loop formed by Trump and Fox News.

Now, the new video above shows how traditionally talented musicians can sample and loop various instruments.

The loop aspect of [the gifs] is nice.

He kept Secretary of State Rex Tillerson out of the loop.

It is a precise replica of itself: a repetitive loop as conceptually redundant as it is historically empty.

You don’t even need a playlist—the outdoor clubs along the loop will take care of that.

(This Twitter embed below shows the same thing, playing on a loop.)

It’s going to be the next Austin neighborhood you don’t recognize in a few years.North loop is the real gem.

More could be said, but North loop has probably already been jinxed.

Pathways loop back up with each other, opening shortcuts.

Movies create a kind of feedback loop, whereby prisons look far darker and more interesting than they are.

There is a feedback loop.

I hope the feedback loop exists and that it’s a good feedback loop.

I mean, it’d be kind of terrible if it were a bad feedback loop.

We don’t want him looping into the loop.

He inflated them frantically, tied two to each belt loop.

Some call the language and its script “Voynichese.” The letters loop prettily, and the text runs from left to right, top to bottom.

So I pumped the stereo all the way up and played “Leave” by JoJo on loop for half an hour until they left.

“It’s just a loop with a twist in it,” Kuhn says.

When I think about how these fundamentalisms feed on one another, it’s hard to see how this loop gets closed.

The Christian right has created a ridiculous feedback loop by making their own studies to bolster the policy they back.

The digital video is on a loop that lasts a little less than 17 minutes.

And all of this we saw played on a loop on 24-hour news channels.

And that song’s still playing from the car radio, on a never-fucking ending loop from hell.

I went through a phase after I just put my record out where I put that song on a loop for an entire day.

Soft chatter, music, and laughter loop on a soundtrack.

“Therefore, it’s necessary to break this feedback loop… for example, by slowing capital outflows,” he said.

He’d go from territory to territory on a loop, never staying anywhere too long, and he’d work his gimmick to bloody perfection.

At times, she listens to a single song on a loop while working on a painting.

Push the long end through the loop which is behind the shorter end.

Equally as persistent as the gap is its close cousin, the loop.

“The loop gets a lot more people here than you could possibly think.

Behind the stage, a slideshow of vintage personal ads seeking sex and romance written by lesbians in the 80s plays on loop.

Once that extra layer of jokes is in place, though, everything becomes a feedback loop.

The smug style created a feedback loop.

We were stuck in a continuous negative loop, and things wouldn’t improve unless we broke the cycle.

“The main use for something like this is the notion of human in the loop AI,” he told Motherboard when asked about screenplay.

The latter song wasn’t actually a sample, according to the producer, but a custom loop created by fellow Torontonian studio whiz Frank Dukes.

There are other cars, too, that are trying to make this loop.

In a UK first, forensic drugs testing charity The loop ran a drop-in facility within the festival.

“Closing the loop” means knowing how well a given ad impression succeeded.

We watched it on a never-ending loop the same way other kids might watch their favorite Disney movies.

(Admittedly, my first web page, in 1997, an X Files tribute, auto-played a MIDI version of the theme song, on a loop.)

Speaking to The FADER, UMFANG shared that the track was just “a simple loop” made all on a DR-202 drum machine.

“It’s a nasty feedback loop.”

Right, now imagine this playing on a loop.

“So basically we have closed the energy cycle loop,” he parped.

He’s often Ian’s escort out of the negative feedback loop of inactivity.

Scorpion Dagger, a.k.a., James Kerr, might be from Canada, but what’s more American than his loop of Jesus riding an eagle?

I made sure I was not doing this, and I had to learn to remove that pause, that extra loop from my thought process.

A soundtrack accompanies each painting, playing throughout the gallery on a loop.

The biggest match of the year takes place every Halloween at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago’s South loop.

“Rather than double jumps, singularly, we would match a double toe-double loop.

An oral history of Apple’s Infinite loop campus.

This will likely throw you for a loop or make you cry, but guess what, Gemini?

Soundtracked by an endless loop of James Brown screaming about how he “feels good,” I bought us a card for some fair rides.

After another sad loop around the block, I was beginning to lose hope.

If he does win the award, they should just show this play on loop.

It’s this amazing feedback loop.

Excuse me for being rude, but I feel like we are stuck in a time loop.

Check the video (an art loop by Joel Kefali), read a chat with Nick and catch the band at Laneway​ in January.

In the meantime, we’ll just watch this GIF on loop until our eyes roll out of our heads.

Every 22 minutes, you hear the telltale musical cue that fires when your loop is coming to an end.

And what about the organizers of the many other festivals that haven’t followed The loop‘s pioneering testing?

Dr. Henry Fisher, policy director of Volteface and senior chemist at The loop, agrees.

At first you’re thinking, ‘is that a sample on a loop or what?’

“The loop have a good reputation, but you need to build up relationships and trust for our service,” he says.

“It’s really like the loop of my life,” Koze says of his guests.

The loop‘s testing came to the table, and that’s why they co-funded it.”

You have things that are acute that have a feedback loop, in terms of building up tolerance.

It was just an endless loop of embarrassments: fluffed conversations and spilled drinks.

It’s a horrible loop.

Justin Bieber is being sued by an indie pop star who claims the Biebs jacked her vocal loop for his monster hit “Sorry.”

I’d already had two long-term injuries, and I seemed to be stuck in that loop.

The feedback loop, in which instability promotes proliferation, brings into sharp focus the need to promote nuclear disarmament.

There are all sorts of mutually-agreed-upon places where I permit cum, but only if you loop me in first.

If Hassan has his way, this seemingly simple device—called a Beam—will close the loop between cyberspace and meat-space.

“I seen everything growing up as a kid, like, just by him keeping me in the loop.

in a furious and agitated loop.

She says she wants to stay in her loop, but she can’t.

“Mother Drum” is organized into three sections, presented in a continuous loop with no discernible beginning or end.

They freeze up, and we learn they are stuck in a loop because the woodcutter robot glitched out and fled into the woods.

“Mother Drum” is a fugue, a repeating musical motif designed to run in an infinite loop.

But the problem I am currently having with it is that it often makes the core play loop so quite boring.

The creative narrative of White America with Native America is on its own loop, despite dynamic interventions by celebrated artists.

2016 was the first year in which Dr. Measham’s charity The loop had on-site drug testing at a major British festival.

Not exactly in the loop there, Foxy!

It’s a feedback loop that only intensifies the fear.

UK organization The loop has harm reduction advice for drug use on its website, encouraging responsible dosing, hydration, and chill-out periods.

she repeated on a loop, kicking her worn moccasins against the carpeted grey floor.

“I recently broke up with someone and was out of the loop with swiping,” she explains.

The multichannel video projection is an imminently watchable loop that comes to life across a series of floor-mounted screens and wall-mounted painted grounds.

Google has bought out major video billboards on the Strip, playing “Hey Google” ads for Assistant on loop.

In the meantime, we suggest the museum just loop the Smashing Pumpkins’ 1995 album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

As I explained in the book it came about with our soundman Charlie having a little Bully machine, a little loop machine.

A longtime master of the seamless loop, Austin-born New York-based animator Zolloc has taken his GIF game to the next level.

The western side’s Bajada Scenic loop Drive has expansive views, ancient rock art, and some short wildflower hikes along the way.

It also features a loop made from a Cornish fisherman weaving a traditional lobster pot out of reeds.”

This loop of 24 holes carved into limestone bedrock is believed to be a Tequesta structure, between 1,7000 and 2,000 years old.

“I like to watch certain movies on a loop for days while I work on a drawing or painting.

Jonah Peretti talks over and over about all the feedback he wants and how that loop makes all the products better.

There was no digital feedback loop to tell producers the answers to these questions and what audiences really wanted.

I put that riff on a loop and then played drums over it.

And it’s the perfect thing to throw on when you’re looking for something to throw you for a loop.

“Nissan needs to be in the loop,” an FCA source told Reuters shortly before the deal fell apart.

It’s a draining process, but one whose reward loop fuels the next obstacle.

In AfterEffects he duplicates the clip then changes the blending mode so each part of the loop burns through to the front.

And I think part of that is like that feedback loop.

The Ark has two screening areas that, during my visit, played two movies on loop.

It’s a feedback loop that only intensifies the fear.

Every year, what we think we know about Earth’s prehistoric fauna gets thrown for a loop.

In the loop satirizes the inefficiency of government by looping the American relationship with Britain into the story and making the stakes very high.

Watch the trailer for In the loop:

By contrast, a dozen white neighborhoods along the Highway 610 loop have been zoned favorably — “Viable” — for safekeeping.

The longer loop spirals over and under itself, and both are coated with paint and plaster.

Laid on the floor, “Infill loop” (2017) is a frame made of marble, machinable wax, resin, gelatin, and plaster parts.

And she’s not alone; the loop is one of a number of organizations that won’t let the drug dog lie.

While all of the loop‘s success so far has come locally, Measham does see one quick fix that could be applied nationally.

And in the meantime, if you don’t have a Tidal subscription, Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current is playing Prince on a loop.

The time loop does, however, offer reprieve from the task at hand.

That creates a feedback loop that exacerbates the whole situation.

A loop of warped, trippy hold-music godliness.

William: Music is a loop.

Sometimes it feels like their lives are on a loop, for all eternity, in supermarkets, at the Super Bowl.

The entire room glistens with moody light and a constant cacophony plays on a tape loop.

Which comes first nowadays, the musician or the machine?Both—it’s a loop.

The visuals are then projected back onto his body, with the light triggering his eye muscles, creating a feedback loop of audiovisual cinema.

Also included in the feedback loop is audio generated by Rizaldi’s eye muscle movements.

It’s a closed loop.

With Sunderland losing their second game of the campaign to Middlesbrough, the season’s endless loop has reset.

I just listened to it on a loop on my Walkman.

Our favorite travel mug and a tea infuser combination is the 16oz Contigo West loop Travel Mug and Tea Infuser (sold separately).

The Contigo West loop Travel Mug and Tea Infuser avoids all those pitfalls, and at less than $30, it’s a good deal.

The female figure climbs into the rope’s loop, perching in a pedestrian yet statuesque pose.

It’s sort of an ongoing loop of people always wanting what you were focused on before.

“Echo” is a good name for Amazon’s device because it creates an algorithmic feedback loop in which nothing original emerges.

Normally a song’s key center is the last note or first note in every four-bar loop.

This circular loop of need, compassion, and gratitude gets at the heart of organ donation.

Suitably, the “Groundhog Day loop” appears most frequently throughout science-fiction-based TV shows, along with other shows that possess supernatural ties.

The tape loop?

This “is the first time that it has been shown that different species, dog and human, can interact and affect the oxytocin loop.”

Anyway, just watch this thing on a loop and forget about losing Prince for a bit.

In another room, though, Barry had installed four plasma screens with videos playing on a loop.

This week we installed the first tubes on columns, a major step in our development loop.

It’s a faithful rendering of Lennon’s 1973 song, replete with a near-identical trance-like violin loop.

It’s got the kind of small-but-satisfying feedback loop that never gets tiring for me.

Whether over a dancehall riddim, a dembow loop, or a boom bap beat, he truly is a G.O.A.T.

Over a reconfigured loop of the soulful NO I.D.

For this week’s GIF Six-Pack, we’re highlighting six original artworks created for loop Dreams.

According to the company’s website, mugwort has a calming effect and aids sleep, while 5-HTP creates something called an “REM rebound loop.”

Enemies appear to nullify their ability to attack you by constantly teleporting in a loop.

I take another loop around, and find a guy holding a sign that says, “Wanna Talk to a Racist?”

APIs help close the loop.

[Laughs] Cause that was the one that threw me for a loop.

“There’s a feedback loop,” Wilson told me.

Having actually been right threw me for a loop.

The internet is an eternal feedback loop.

The compound also includes a roasting workshop and a cafe, making it a closed loop of farm-to-cup coffee.

I think that for Twitch, because we’re not building an addiction loop, it’s a little different.

The band is feeding off the energy of crowd, and vice versa, creating a feedback loop of energy.

This vendor was the terminus of a long loop which we’d feverishly cycle throughout the day.

I want to loop back to get me Nell Scovell.

“It becomes a feedback loop when you start yelling.

So why don’t the most popular apps just enable the latest, greatest use cases and create an “open loop,” networking their existing apps?

Iodine co-founder Thomas Goetz demonstrated how this might work on his Start app with a built-in drug adherence feedback loop.

The alternate-universe murals appear to be fixed on a never-ending, 3D loop.

In Chicago, the southern end of the loop is where Cubs and White Sox fans face off.

The loop would also have dedicated vehicles for pedestrians and bicyclists that Musk speculated could cost about $1 a ride, if shared.

The vehicles designated for public transport would run in a loop and get priority.

“The loop will be transport within cities and the hyperloop will be transport between them.”

Getting your foot in takes a bit of maneuvering and some tugging at the loop on the heel.

pen loop, key leash, water bottle holder).

Consumption that entirely removes the consumer’s decision-making process from the transactional loop is quite the capitalist wet dream.

Arrivo has one project underway in Colorado — a plan to loop Boulder and Denver together using its variation on the hyperloop model.

When it ends, the cycle begins again, making the record itself its own unsettling loop.

He then closed the loop with a Dali-esque melting clock sequence.

Many of his samples have a 4- or 8-bar loop, which influenced me a lot.

I started comping with the same type of loop, which was like the glue to the music we were playing.

We often get into improvisational stuff, so if you do a 4- or 8-bar loop, it’s something that people can hold on to.

Pence might be an ignorant science denier who is out of the loop even on things that happen in the administration.

“The TV will freeze and restart then get stuck in the loop over and over again,” wrote a consumer on CNET’s Samsung forum.

We hope loop in a sentence examples were helpful.