Look in a sentence | Use of the word look examples

If you want to look for ideas then hypofrontal zoning out will help you,” Chrysikou says.

And follow our coverage throughout the week for an insider’s look at the search giant’s next big steps.

Takahata shifts between the two timelines, each one with its own unique look.

The likelihood of conviction and the length of a criminal sentence has been linked to how attractive, modest, or even light-complected defendants look.

His suit covered up his arm tattoos and his shorter hair, shaven face, and glasses made him look socioeconomically privileged.

Take a look below … Tony in all his glory.

Pipelines face increasing scrutiny from environmental groups worried about leaks, and U.S. Great Lakes states are taking a hard look at the risks.

Three years after my first effort, if feels like an opportune time to revisit the analysis and take a look at some new trends.

Put another way: I doubt that people explicitly choose jobs by asking themselves, “What would look best in my future NYT wedding announcement?”

But when you try and look for any information regarding the elderly, there just isn’t much.”

If you take a close look at the track list, you can see what sort of trip I was imagining for myself.

I look forward to seeing how people respond to it.

Some even argue that if you want to bolster medical innovation, you need to look well beyond the FDA.

Do you look back and think Krajicek was just the better player in the final?

But I try to look at it from both sides of the coin.

look at Australia, look at Spain, look at Sweden, they’re struggling with the same challenges the USA is struggling with right now.

look at any NFL team or any NBA team, that’s where they excel.

“I couldn’t stand to look at them.

Is it that somebody didn’t look at you correctly?

“This book gave us the opportunity to look past politics and look at the heart of it,” Tibbetts said.

look, I can’t blame the Conservative Movement rabbis.

To understand how influential K-pop is worldwide, look no further than social media.

You just look at the way Bush was speaking about gay marriage at every single campaign event in the 2004 election.

A program on March 18–19 will look at how video art and psychotherapy both bred narcissism in the 1970s.

Here’s a good look at the tie-in and selection process.

This is a fun show to look at, if nothing else.

In that vein, this investment doesn’t look bad.

“I took a look at eight LPs.

If you look up from your cell phone you’ll see we’re doing a show up here.

(2D animation is a dying style, and the computer effects that looked thrillingly state-of-the-art 27 years ago now look sadly dated.)

Swimsuit cover girl Ashley’s look was … not healthy in the long run.

“You look at what animates Democratic voters, you look at what animates Democratic politicians, it’s health care, it’s increasingly climate.

look, people clamor for … You and I.

So, you look at Donald Trump … Did he give it to her?

look at what Donald Trump did in the intervening time between an old Congress and a new Congress.

look, they can’t seem to agree on basic functioning of the government.

I mean, you look at what animates Democratic voters, you look at what animates Democratic politicians, it’s health care, it’s increasingly climate.

I would say … look, I think Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House is one of the most important wins that we will have.

I mean, look, this is …

Just to do it, look at my mentions, because I’m human and there’s still blood in my veins.

You know what, maybe you look inward and say why didn’t you see me before.

But look deeper than a few screenshots, and that basic “platformer” pigeonhole, and Abe’s Oddysee was quite clearly something else.

I do look at the amazing graphics, and I’m wowed.

Well, let’s just look at who’s winning in the world, right now.

When ad revenue isn’t enough, social-media stars look to brand deals to make the big bucks.

I’d like to see more things from Lale that look like the cover.

I’d like to see more covers that look like the insides.

So managers will simply have to look at the software or platform to see all the instances of a driver being distracted.

The protests come at a time of growing frustration for Palestinians as prospects for an independent Palestinian state look poor.

On the latest episode of Recode Decode, Nicole Wong, the former deputy CTO of the United States, lays out what that might look like.

Building walls and blocking out people is not the way to look at the immigration issue.

[0949 EDT] – CNN is working frantically to find their “source.” look hard because it doesn’t exist.

A place where the present is filtered to look old while the old renews itself constantly.

And I won’t look the other way.

The point is, Democrats look increasingly uncompetitive for the Senate in states that aren’t at least purple-ish.

As the years passed, critics began to give “Vertigo” a second look.

Not matter where they come from, how much money they have, what they look like, how they worship, or who they love.

look at what happened after you committed this terrible, heinous sin!

But the chance of that happening doesn’t look good.

(For another example, look over at NBC’s This Is Us.)

A lot of people don’t really know what I look like.”

They come in and look for different things.

And Facebook’s 2018 doesn’t look much better.

“That’s how I look at it.

Mylan and Rajiv Malik both intend to defend this case vigorously, and we look forward to the opportunity to present a full defense.”

The larger task is to survey the changing geography of British politics and look squarely at the failure of the left in this country.

Pichai described DragonFly as a “limited effort internally,” and said the company developed “what search could look like” in China.

“We would look at what the conditions are to operate,” Pichai said.

Jupiter’s storms and clouds form patterns that can look as trippy as they are beautiful.

look, Alabama isn’t stuck in the 1980s.

And in China, where I look like everyone, but inside I really feel like a foreigner, it all made me think, what if?

“We focus on realistic feeling armaments for our clients that look cool and don’t break the immersion in their product,” he said.

They’re both from ArtPop which is my favorite album and I just like how they look.

In the mornings I’m ready to wake up and look at them and they’re all on the ground.

One’s the city during sunset and the other is the city at dusk so they just look really nice side by side.

It’s less look at this and more look at this whole world of things.

“Trump may look like a quick fix to Americans fed up with the big role money plays in our government.

The actress wore a bandeau — look it up — under a blazer and it got some double takes.

“That’s the kind of thing we can look forward to: Machines that are brilliant and smart.”

They look to every corner of the platform to seek out fit models, Australian surfer babes, and more.

In these works women look directly at the viewer and, in some cases, turn the gaze back on us in ways that feel disconcerting.

She stares out at us, determinedly, with a look of concentration on her face.

Or look at what’s happening in Flint [Michigan].

They created an association named DOC, and started to look for artists and crews to start flooding the place.

Here’s a look at the cast of “Despicable Me 3.”

“I want you to look me in the eye.

“Does this change the way we look at their work?

One, called “Ova-Glan” promises to help buyers “achieve maximum feminine results.” On Reddit, trans people also look for vials in far-flung cities.

Whatever the reaction, viewers will enjoy this look back at Japan’s rich artistic history.

The girls hit up The Nice Guy in WeHo and displayed their trademark “no-emotion” look as they left together.

But it’s worth pausing briefly to take a look at how the country reached this boiling point.

I look at the styles, see what story they create.”

That’s just who they are and how they look at their money.” This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

Certain men in the newsroom, I thought, started to look at me differently.

“For us, it was important to have a point of view and a lens through which to look at this story.

Still, the initial indicators we have look good for Clinton, who was itching for some good news for her campaign.

Or look at the price of a common antibiotic ointment called bacitracin (you might know it better by its brand name, Neosporin).

The official Trump-inauguration photos were edited to make the crowd size look bigger, according to a new report.

“When you look at overall positioning, we have seen a dramatic reduction in long dollar bets and it has settled into a sideway pattern.

You can toggle through each goal and take a closer look at the portfolio of investments.

When asked about it by the TMZ reporter, Lahren responded, “See, look, I hang out with black people.

That was the inspiration for our chic Biba glam moment #sagawards I wanted the texture to look like a glaze on the eyes.

I used a pump of Dew Drops in “Dew You?” mixes in with Shameless foundation to get that glossy skin look.

look, I’m a human being with a pulse.

(Hopefully long enough to look at more maps.

They then would give the look breakdown and do any corresponding interviews for it,” the industry source said.

The “look” includes only products from the brand paying the artist.

“Would love to work with you for the ‘get the look,’” the email read.

These become the perennially popular “get the look” stories.

“It’s to the benefit of the celebrity to get press, talking about their flawless makeup look.

People can come and look at a single post and might not look at an influencer’s entire body of work,” she explains.

If you look at national polls, Trump’s favorability ratings have always been negative.

We look forward to receiving the Trump administration’s legislative proposal as we continue our work on these issues,” McConnell said in the statement.

Here’s a look at the comparisons.

Ali knew a certain irrefutable truth about masculinity: Make a man look agitated, make him look in the mirror and contemplate his worthiness?

look at Tyson, coming unraveled like he was permanently alive in the middle of a fever dream.

look at [his children’s nanny] Miss Elly.

After all, it was Western civilizations that turned the Japanese look into a caricature, used in propaganda material during the war.

Oh, and look out for MOVIE SIGN!

But there was a strong air of satisfaction, enough to make his “no” vote look much more like an “undecided” vote.

What did the United States look like to Ottoman observers in 1803?

We’ll take a careful look at these emerging technologies, explaining how these technologies work and exploring what they can — and can’t — do.

Have a look for yourself: Local milk people?

Here it is, complete with a tantalizing look at the plot and the characters who’ll take us into this side of the galaxy.

Part of their considerable charm is that they look like they were made quickly, without undue fuss.

Do you really want to look at Jake Locker’s picture and lie to yourself summer after summer?

If he lands someplace without a solid passing game or offensive line, he could look like Gurley did in ’16.

My point is that we need to look at foreign policy as more than just the crisis of the day.

It didn’t make Buttigieg look weak; it made Swalwell look desperate.

Obviously, we don’t know how the games will actually play out, but on paper, they could not look any better.

What would Iran look like today if their democratic government had not been overthrown?

At first, it didn’t even seem to matter, because Gurriel didn’t look like he could hit big league pitching.

As we did with Iran, if North Korea continues to refuse to negotiate seriously, we should look for ways to tighten international sanctions.

“If you look at our production, it is hovering around 10 million bpd so we do have additional spare capacity,” he said.

And they’re damn fine to look at, too.

What does it look like?

Senator Kamala Harris of California, like Klobuchar a former prosecutor, has also said she would look to pardon low-level drug offenders.

What do you think the point is of them spending that time talking about what the future might look like?

If you even look at — and our reporter at the Information Quarry has done some great work on this in Facebook, Messenger perform.

I’m not anti advertising, and I think that successful media companies, if you look, have multiple revenue streams.

(Do not look up North Dakota Y94 radio station’s tattoo parlor for toddlers!)

look it up.

Actually, if you look at one of the things they care about … Taxes.

If you look at the financials of the public companies, it’s rough, it’s rough out there.

And there would be Apple News, which is, how do you look at that?

How do you look at the digital advertising business?

look at on TV about his rallies and stuff, people chanting “Fake News.” We hear it all the time.

How do you look at all this?

look at the Washington Post.

look what’s happened in LA, Dr. [Patrick] Soon-Shiong is doing some great investments.

One Trump supporter told the Boston Globe: “I’ll look for … well, it’s called racial profiling.

They still tended to look longer at photographs of their friends than pictures of other random monkeys.

Just look at The Bachelor; it didn’t fall far, but it fell nonetheless.

look, all that is nice and everything … but the dude should be most proud of his beach bod.

Yeah, it was definitely an interesting … ’Cause we were based in La Crescenta, which is not what I had envisioned LA to look like.

Here’s a look at only one character from this broad tapestry: the second Rhaenys Targaryen.

But what does that even look like?

I had to look at the data.

Talk a little about how you look at venture capital when you started and right now.

I look up to 40 like crazy.

You’ve got to look at the data.

Because I’m so forgetful, I usually search “sober” in my tweets, or look at Facebook memories to remind myself when to celebrate.

How do you look at this scene now?

How do you look at where we are right now and where venture capital is in investment?

I think if you look at a lot of our pure early-stage venture capital firms, you would see the same thing.

Yes, you’re not to look at your phone.

I took off the tail and sewed on giant pom-poms that look like heads of cauliflower painted blue.

How do you look at commerce?

How do you look at it?

“How does that photo look?

look, I think that’s one area where you can play the trend of e-commerce, without having to worry about Amazon.

Do I look like a royal tart?”

There are countries in the Middle East that look like that.

You look at Blue Apron that was started in Brooklyn, for instance.

You look at a company like Bellhops, which is trying to build a marketplace for movers.

That’s an easy one for you, of course yes, Snapchat’s so much better, but how do you look at that?

When you see the video, Andy definitely has the look and feel of a stumping candidate.

look out for your friends.

Mr. Chairman, Senator Feinstein, and Members of the Committee, I look forward to the rest of the hearing and to your questions.

So if your passion sparks you to know how Archaeopteryx flew, here’s what you do: Just be patient, And look in the park!

look in the zoo!

“I look back and just say, maybe that was the best thing that happened to me,” he added.

Take a look at this chart from the University of Oxford’s Max Roser.

In times of depression, they’ve given me something sweet to look forward to at the end of the day.

The Prison Policy Initiative argues that we need to look at who’s benefiting from locking up so many people to find out.

Another way to look at it is that evolution has perhaps favored human communities wherein liberal minds and conservative minds are in constant tension.

Take a look at what happened.

Just look to Alex Jones, who actively spread conspiracy theories due to his popularity on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Day’s photos look like yearbook portraits from the coolest high school in the universe.

It is a starting point and helps human studies know where to look.

That everybody’s listening to … look!

I look to their work for immaculate compositions and nuance of expression and gesture.

No, but I mean, look, branding works funny, right?

look, I don’t do everything, there’s a reason I’m on this program.

He really brought the emotion and intensity I was after and how brilliant is that whole look?!

Just look at the widely panned, excessively sexualized Spider-Woman cover—this, despite research that shows that nearly half of comic book consumers today are female.

Most of the companies we all look up to and write about and think about and think are doing well, do not make profit.

I think literally, no joke, so here’s a good number, I could look this up.

Although similar negotiations between the chambers killed off the GOP attempt to kill Obamacare, the prospects look much rosier for tax reform.

After one year of President Trump, Obamacare doesn’t really look all that different than it did under President Obama.

look, either nicknames happen naturally or they’re earned.

Although similar negotiations between the chambers killed off the GOP attempt to kill Obamacare, the prospects look much rosier for tax reform.

look for Today, Explained on Apple Podcasts and subscribe!

look at the elbow action.

Many British conservatives look at the European bureaucracy in Brussels the same way American conservatives view the Washington bureaucracy.

look at this: look at this little hand cry for help.

Here’s a look back at many calories ingested in the name of true democracy.

In a moment, we’ll look at a variety of ways that the oil industry shaped cap-and-trade design to its advantage.

So to begin with, let’s take a look at oversupply.

look, the movie’s called Captain Underpants.

In a statement, Subway seemed to recognize that it wasn’t a good look.

Your Twitter app will soon look different from how you remembered it, especially if you use an iPhone.

Both men confessed to kidnapping and murdering Till in an interview with look Magazine, published January 1956.

To make them more understandable, I used a 3D modeling program to show what all that snow would look like in one snowball.

The results get even more mind-boggling when you look at all the snow that fell across the United States over this past weekend.

The fact of the matter is, now they’re changing visa applications so they can look at your social media accounts.

It’s in the way you look at a piece of art and understand that it’s a part of a global narrative.

A little-known fact about Toronto is that our libraries and other educational facilities look like doom fortresses.

I look at this moment, though, and genuinely wonder how many citizens are actually committed to the rule of law.

If you look at something like Blue Origin, Bezos’s rocket company, they’ve never had to have a for-profit business.

“It’s kind of nice for families to have something to look at.

Only now do they look like successes.

The supermoon doesn’t have any astronomical significance other than making for a slightly larger target for backyard astronomers to look at.

You can show the automakers what this is supposed to look like, and they are still going to struggle to build it.

That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this time.

On their computers they have CAD drawings of what this rocket will look like.

Now whether that sounds cautiously optimistic or typical “don’t look behind the curtain” PR doublespeak, it’s anyone’s guess.

Do DJs actually look cool performing on television?

For some, the answer to the tariffs has been to look beyond China for supplies.

TS: I would love to get into what OKRs look like from where you sit, as a venture capitalist.

look what happened.

Disappointingly, the sensor doesn’t look like an actual nose — more like a rainbow postage stamp.

Check out the track below, and look forward to the RBMA festival to take over NYC in April and May.

I propose that we should look instead to standing to explain the phenomenon that illocutionary silencing intends to explain.

The divers were continuing to look for one man and two women, she said.

How do you look at your relationship?

How do you look at how about what happened there?

How do you look at your relationship with tech?

How do you look at it, besides jacking up prices?

Since 1924, here’s the evolution of The Boxcar Children: We don’t yet know what the Boxcar Children movies will look like.

Otherwise, look what happened.

Psychic and physical instability is reflected in these nifty but nippy portraits by the apparent semi-floating/shifting of the model and her watery, bland look.

Watch VICE Japan’s documentary on the artist, and take a look at Hang’s Athens Love (2016) series, below.

How would you look at that?

“I would look at it like diminishing returns every minute that goes by on this.” This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

look, Lou’s got his work cut out for him … but stranger things have happened!

look at the New Museum, where the administration hired a union-busting firm after their staff expressed interest in unionizing.

What does this look like?

look at the tools in the toolbox.

So if he says, “look, I want to turn this into something different,” did you have any reservations about trying to do that?

look back to the lead up to the crash in 2008.

I just look at this now.

look at it this way.

It was me saying I would no longer agree to look at drafts of speeches or anything like that.

I think that there are so many people who look around and say this just isn’t working.

look, I’ll give you the best proof point on that.

San Francisco does not look like Jacksonville.

When you look at commercials for junk food, McDonald’s, soda, chips, you see more African Americans than Caucasians.

look, when this all started, when the campaign started to really get going, I actually consulted.

look, I think that’s crazy.

Psychologically, we tend to associate with people who look like us.

His skill is being enough of a showman and enough of a wild unpredictable where you can’t look away.

Here is a look at how Whitaker might stop or slow the Mueller investigation and the risks he might run in doing so.

To second-guess things, and to look at things a little differently as well.

You want to look free enough to not wear socks, but you also want a layer of cotton between your feet and your shoes.

“Neffenger is only doing this because the media and Congress are making him look bad.”

But one night, as I casually undressed to take a shower, I paused in the mirror to take a closer look at it.

Take a look at the gorgeous Winnie Harlow, a black model with generalized vitiligo.

I didn’t just look up examples of people like Winnie Harlow.

This looked like telling myself that I like the way I look, even if I didn’t believe it some days.

I look interesting.

I am the last person in the world to look at for any computer expertise.

You might have curtains that are green: Well, if you look at the curtains, they’re actually 500 shades of green.

I look different.

There is a way to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see.

VICE News got an exclusive look inside the continuing efforts to clean up.

We knew what those colors were and we had to make them look as accurate as we could.

It was so hard to look at, and yet you couldn’t look away at the same time.

look, I wasn’t out to exploit anything, but at the same time, I think the opposite of exploitation is to sanitize.

And especially around their mouths, it was really interesting to look, especially the teeth, actually, some of the teeth were pretty awful.

How do you look at storytelling going forward?

look at us, the Strokes, White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand—even Razorlight, Kaiser Chiefs, all that stuff.

look, they did a great job using that media landscape to their advantage.

The first one was, we said, “Okay, look, we have to look across the entire media spectrum.

The patrol cars look very similar to those of the NYPD, which volunteers say help their deterrence efforts.

You can really see what does the environment look like, and how do you take action on that?

“I started ignoring the mission and just going around in the submarine and just having a look at what was there.

If you look at the motives, that’s always a good place to start.

What we saw was a bot network start to amplify that to a point where then … What does that look like?

The first way to look at population is as a pure numbers game.

What does an amplification look like?

look at here.

look at here.” Picture it this way.

When you bring it to a corporation, “look, this new thing just was bot-related.” What’s the first thing they do?

How to identify this mindset: Take a deep inward look and examine your unconscious bias.

And it’s like, look, I’d like to ding Facebook and Google all day long but not for things they don’t do.

Let’s look at corporations.

And that video can look extremely genuine to the naked eye.

No, I mean, look, I think Twitter, Facebook, all these platforms serve a really great purpose in getting news and information.

Everywhere you look, the color red sticks out.

“The reasons for this investigation look like horseshit to me, to use the legal term.

Well look, the Fred stuff really worked.

So look, proximity, right?

Well look, ratings still make the world turn.

And when you look at the volumes of …

What’s the future look like?

Take a look … Conor leans in and takes a few quiet, private shots at Floyd.

The glass will probably look something like this one from George W. Bush’s 2007 lighting.

The issue has taken on new urgency as U.S. wireless carriers look for partners as they rollout 5G networks.

You can look at the special elections in 2017, note the Democratic defeats, and declare the party is doomed.

And a look at the upcoming economic calendar: Monthly core durable goods and weekly crude numbers are out in the US.

The result is a look at how mental illness and art-making can interact in often profound ways.

“If you come and take a look now it’s like a ghost town.”

If you look at the 3 month, 6 month and 12 month averages they all have a one handle on them.

Regardless, the timing doesn’t look good for Trump.

“North Korea will do something, the Chinese will be annoyed, they’ll crack down and say, ‘Hey, look, we’re good global citizens.'”

The reasons people aren’t eating fiber look a like like the reasons they’re not following a healthy diet generally.

Of course, some Republican plans that look doomed are, in fact, doomed.

While the language in the bill was struck down, it did vaguely lay out what the new force would look like.

“However, it’s hard to look at that as a positive thing when it’s still a discriminatory policy….

“However, it’s hard to look at that as a positive thing when it’s still a discriminatory policy….

“No matter how many people we have on the team, we’ll ever be able to look at everything,” Zuckerberg said.

A cookbook

Not only is this cookbook full of delicious recipes, it was inspired by artists, so it will look great on her shelf.

A love-themed pin

This love-themed mug brooch would look great on a tote or a jacket.

People trying to look like African Americans with Afros and dressing in hip-hop fashions.

“Like look at this Thomas Kinkade painting.

Art people have lots to look forward to in season five.

But if you look around the country, in places like Kansas City, the mob also had influence there.

We look at that as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to get creative and try new things.

Trump’s prospects for righting his campaign ship look even bleaker in light of the fundraising figures his campaign released Monday.

It seems likely that Facebook will take a hard look at cryptocurrencies in the process.

And he’s so sensitive, look at that tiny white dog!” Allen Ginsberg: “She’s an old anarchist from the 30’s.

Obviously, all that cursing and jumping payed off, because holy shit does that guy look comfortable.

But when you look at the books, women are not there.

If you look at certain books of conceptual art, what is talked about is what men did.

It reminds me of vomit, and I cannot look at it, smell it, or see people pour it into a glass.

It’s important to note here that when we talk about French Girls, we are referring to a specific Parisian look.

A natural beauty look is preferred, as are neutral shades like black, gray, and khaki.

More to the point, its rebellious look has been inspired by London’s music and fashion scene since the beginning.

Women everywhere are under a metric ton of pressure to look a certain way.

But please, while you get there, make it look easy.

Two, it would look pretty lame on T-Mobile’s part to proclaim how “hip” and “cool” it is only to leave behind paying customers.

It excites me fighting guys like that, who look all crazy.

I took one against Palhares and look how that worked out for me.

Prosecutors from a specialized data unit will look into whether there were security breaches that allowed the firm to illegally access personal data.

But with less than two weeks to go, they can’t seem to agree on what tax reform should look like.

If they don’t, the knowledge workforce is going to look for the next new best thing.

Eventually.” I know if I were to look closely at my own experiences, I might find the same thing.

Suddenly, they could barely look at each another.

All the researchers did is (literally) look more closely at the landscape and find a bunch of stuff previous flood maps missed.

If climate change is an accelerant of flooding, as many scientists expect, it will only make that already dubious decision look worse.

), look up at the southeastern sky.

We didn’t look like the others—we didn’t have funny techno haircuts.

So if you can spot it on New Year’s Eve, look out for it then.

If you can’t find C/2016 U1 NEOWISE on New Year’s Eve exactly, there’s another comet to look out for.

NASA explains where to look out for Comet 45P in this video.

Both shows are about the dawn of artificial intelligence and what that might look like.

Pepe’s followers look for synchronicity everywhere, building up a mythos from something that began as an innocuous cartoon character.

Eleanor expounds on the difference between Asians and Americans, noting how even though Asian Americans look Asian, they are American at heart.

“You look at the numbers at every category, it’s great,” Trump said.

For a more detailed look at mahjong, read here.

I look at margin of safety.

“Also, thank you for your nice letter – I look forward to seeing you soon!”, Trump said, without elaborating.

But even the biggest blockbusters sometimes contain scenes that look like a bunch of fight scenes were thrown into a blender.

“The odds were bad and I had to look elsewhere,” said Conru.

The movie obviously doesn’t want to look like any superhero movie — animated or live action — that you’ve ever seen.

look, it’s not like you really need another reason not to eat your lunch out of a grease-soaked paper sack every day.

“They tried to look like they were doing something good, but they were faking everything,” Rosendo said.

“I’m supposed to have a hairy chest and gold chains, a slick look?”

“When I concentrate on features they start slipping away, I can’t pull together what they look like.

This is what his eyebrows look like.

“Doctors may also not look for it in women as much for the same reason.

With streetwear, I was safe knowing I wouldn’t look like anyone in my class, let alone my neighborhood.

look what they did in San Bernardino.”

On Thursday, the final reading of euro-area inflation for January was revised down to 0.3% year-over-year from its previous look of 0.4%.

Or, you can look at the the cartoon below to understand how the distribution of wealth has changed in America, and why.

Finally, we look at the history of basic income around the world and deconstruct the policy itself.

We’ve gotten used to telling the iPhone’s Siri to give us directions, look up restaurants, and remind us of appointments.

To really understand which sequels performed the poorest, it’s crucial to look at how they compared with their prequels.

“I thought, he hasn’t moved – he hasn’t flinched, it didn’t look right,” she told the Daily Mail.

I look white.

Taking a deeper look at the 25 most disappointing sequels, there appears to be no shortage of such “vomit launch.”

For Collage as Painting, Kate Abercrombie and Trevor Winkfield look at mysterious, esoteric, and sometimes troubling aspects of everyday life.

We create tools that are made of fake plants, like plastic silicone rubber plants that look really lifelike.

Image courtesy of Picardi Cities with buildings that look the same is nothing new, Picardi notes.

While the look is definitely retro-inspired, the cuts feel very modern, with high-neck halters and high-waisted briefs, tank-style one-pieces, and really low-key cutouts.

As the world crashes around us in real life, we look forward to escaping into the imaginative anime world of this forceful female writer.

Here’s a look at what Amazon and its employees will have to face in Long Island City.

Most of the questions are broad and look at what Trump was thinking, as opposed to specific factual questions.

“How does the draw-down of forces look now?

The pager she amps up in the movie Captain Marvel will look clunkily out of place.

Let’s take a closer look to see what’s working for the Bulls, and what needs to work better.

Just look at the fast break below.

And then if you look at African American women and Latinas, even less, and for doing the same work,” she said.

(You can take a look at the memorably terrifying reveal of the attack here.)

They will look at the proposed deal and wait to see if the British cabinet has approved it.

Laughing as I walk out the door, I turn around to look at the house one more time.

A few years ago, I took a longer look at how the US had become something of a model for fisheries management.

Earlier today, pop star Taylor Swift released a brand-new single titled “look What You Made Me Do.”

For the past five hours, Breitbart News has been tweeting lyrics from “look What You Made Me Do” alongside its own articles—and nothing else.

But various experts and politicians have attempted to hypothesize what a progressive approach to the problem might look like.

Underneath the foil, linoleum is visible, a manufactured material intended to look natural, but the variability of the pattern is not random.

Seemingly organic swirls that are manufactured to look abstract are actually predictable.

Linoleum can’t look like marble, plywood can’t recreate the grain of mahogany, and we cannot hide who and what we already are.

A clean face helps make Barbie look younger, and thus, more like her owner.

So as teams look to retool, they are looking for offensive-minded coaches.

They look at their shoes and they wander off.

The men were like, had that look in their eyes like, “Don’t call on me.

After taking a closer look at the mysterious object, he noticed a thin layer of blood coating the end of the 18-inch package.

Her mane becomes a sort of cape as she faces away, as though owning her look without longing for rescue.

So the question becomes: What would it look like to invest that money into prevention?

What does Black Lives Matter look like under the Trump administration?

look, in a humanitarian crisis … we should be ready, Congressman, to intervene — god forbid there is genocide — but not without congressional approval.

Some analysts say those figures now look optimistic.

look closer and you will find that the best character in Sex and the City is actually… Mr. Big.

Graphic: For a look at battleground states – tmsnrt.rs/2PmsO7M Graphic: Can Democrats regain control of the House?

They look routinely elegant in the clip, rocking suits with beautiful prints and being accompanied by horses in the background.

“These sites, they just look like Swiss cheese now,” he says.

So all that stuff will play a role and we’ll look more at it as he develops more.”

At first they were amused: look at you, little guy, little Cole.

You should look at this article KQED Arts just put out today.

I heard from a friend after three calls; I went to look and I didn’t see anything.

Law enforcement and ordinary concerned citizens pulled out all the stops to look for Tibbetts.

She wears gleaming jewelry, but most arresting are her eyes, which look straight at the viewer, and are just the slightest bit droopy.

look at that,” he said.

Or is it more, “look, here’s the finished product.

And now look at it.

And I’ve had great role models who have consistently shown me: Your career could look like this in five, 10, or 20 years.

Of course, look, we’re modern-day programmers.

look, we all have that same goal, right?

Yeah, look, those types of opportunities cross our paths every so often.

What I would say is, look, my sense is they’re still doing well.

look, again, I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing in all the platforms.

But as the former favorite François Fillon fights for his political life, the scene doesn’t look anything like the one political observers had expected.

But as the former favorite François Fillon fights for his political life, the scene doesn’t look anything like the one political observers had expected.

Then about an hour later, I heard smashing glass and someone yelling “look what you made me do!”.

IceCube detects neutrinos on a regular basis, and astronomers look at blazars on a regular basis.

look, I’m not going to dispute American intelligence services’ recommendations,” Kushner said when asked about the intelligence community’s conclusion.

Here is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive short selling opportunities.

If you look at his tweets, Trump didn’t tweet the words “stock market” again until June.

A lot of the labels can go in and look and see an artist’s most collected release, most wanted release.

So the labels will come look at that data to decide which records they want to repress.

So I look it up, and sure enough, it was submitted by Brent.

An acquisition is not a priority for the company, but Xu said he would certainly look at opportunities now that he has the money.

look, is he Usain Bolt?

We can’t guarantee we’ll answer all of your questions, but rest assured, we’ll be taking a look at them.

This is what that dive will look like from Cassini’s perspective.

Literally: Below, NASA animates what the crash will likely look like.

In some ways, Snap does look like Facebook.

look: I’m not someone who’s going to avoid war at all costs.

look at these!

“Now we look at [piercing] much more as self-expression and self-chosen and maybe even as works of art.

“If you look at what has happened in the past, there is reason to believe there will be pushback,” Paul said.

Most shows succeed when they’re not constantly shouting at you to look at what they’re doing, but not New Girl.

“If Europe does not look carefully to future challenges, Europe will dry up.

I also want to look at health care.

-Josh Visser, managing editor look, I’m not going for pure deaths here.

“…and had this deer-in-the-headlights look.”

But it’s instructive to look at Kelly’s own management style.

Take a look at this chart from Brian Schaffner, a political scientist at Tufts University, analyzing a poll conducted just before the election.

Not an archetype or even a type, she is persuasively individual, in part because of skeptical look on her face.

“But they’re big, they’re menacing, they look like they need to be perfect.

And there are three heads carved from fieldstone; deliberately unfinished, they have the weathered look of artifacts unearthed in Italy.

Quick, what do you see when you look at this photo, carbs or reptiles?

He did not give any details on what the rule could look like, saying the agency was still soliciting comments from stakeholders.

I took a look at myself in the mirror after doing a disgusting amount of cocaine and I didn’t like what I saw.

There was a point early in my career when I started to internationally travel and I’d look at my passport and say “Moscow?

And look how things turned out… And look what I’m drowning in!

But looking beyond the slapdash production to the actual content of the message doesn’t make things look much better.

French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin’s latest, Ismael’s Ghosts, offers a nuanced look at how women in mid-life grapple with fear and loneliness.

You can read Spencer Tunick’s statement about his RNC installation here and look at his website to learn more about his career.

Well, look no further than tonight’s Use Your Voice summit.

“If you look at the fans that you see at Formula E, they are quite different to F1 fans.

“At the end of the day, we have to look after the place where we live.

While these shows look like each other’s antitheses, they have more in common than meets the eye.

look man, I need healthcare.

The whole bright-striped snake had a gentle look.

I was extremely nervous before my first Craigslist rendezvous, but I tried my best to make my feet look presentable.

I don’t know why I did this, but I decided that I needed things to look normal, so I helped him push.

But when you see the areas, you look at where we are creating jobs – it is impressive.

The Queen recently reportedly said that Charlotte likes to “look after” her older brother.

“We look forward to seeing what ideas they come back with,” Trump wrote.

It’s that doctors knew what to look for.

So how does invasive surgery look?

look below if you like.

But although they look like computer-generated creations, Ahmed’s intricate artworks are actually entirely woven by hand.

I grew up in the city, and when I look back, I realize I was constantly surrounded by goth people and places.

At Space, the crowd is young and decked out in black; I notice less of a fetish-y look and more metal T-shirts.

look there, son,” says an old man, sitting in the stadium with his stupid grandson.

Instead, have the curiosity to look around corners and the courage to push for reinvention.

“We’re taking a hard look at it,” Cornyn said after leaving a Senate Finance Committee, without offering any further details.

look at that J.J. Hickson hustle.

They look right into the camera.

But look back on the just-finished year in legislating, and one thing becomes clear — a lot of legislating happened in 2015.

All year, Republicans have been running against Hillary Clinton rather than Obama, so making Obama look bad has stopped being a legislative priority.

His work from the 1940s recalls at times the atmospheric landscapes of Charles Burchfield; at other times, it has a quasi-cubist look.

So, even though we know he’s not running, we went ahead and took a look at where Zuck stands on the issues anyway.

So here’s a look at candidate Zuckerberg and where he stands.

look back at the Ways and Means tweet, above.

It makes him look good.

We hope look in a sentence examples were helpful.