Lo in a sentence | Use of the word lo examples

lo and behold, I just started clawing my way back into the match.

lo que permitió integrar jurisprudencia sobre el tema.

J lo wore a sexy, tiny crochet monokini, and A-Rod wore … well, who really cares?

The loophole is Khloe’s smartphone … which was used to take the lo images.

“He wants to come here really bad,” Rice said on the “Joe, lo & Dibs” show on 95.7 The Game.

I started to research the book and I discovered lo and behold, I didn’t know much about social media.

I guess Laguna Beach, just because I had a crush on lo.

And then came the onset of social media, and lo, GIFs were everywhere.

Repito lo que le dije personalmente, Sr. Trump: México jamás pagaría por un muro.

But lo ho ho, dear viewers!

“But lo and behold, it was a huge hit.

I lo…” (season 1, episode 20) Season one’s weakest element is its love stories, and this episode leans into them hard.

lo and behold, I ascended to the hallowed status of being in “good shape.”

And lo and behold, yes, there are these four quite different types that we’ll get into a little bit later.

lo and behold when we went out with our interview and surveys, we detected four very different types of what we call business builders.

Because you’ve got yields go up and the market tanks, then lo and behold as the market tanks the yields collapse.

lo said some protesters had thrown a toxic powder on some of his officers and others had attempted to interfere with the electrical system.

“That is why we left to reconsider our plans,” lo said.

She’s currently on Ortho Tri-Cyclen lo, and again, her libido has decreased.

— and tweeted, “Made losing this game not matter ‘as much’ after getting a chance to spend time with my guy lo.

As you were, lo x Follow Lauren on Twitter.

Check out the bed of roses, and yeah … he gave us a glimpse of J lo too.

lo song from the early 2000s, the PBB remixes are really “where it’s at.”

The cooled water then returns to the basement to gather more heat, and lo, the cycle continues.

Alvin Gray-El is suing J lo claiming ‘WoD’ is a total rip from an idea he first pitched to renowned choreographer Debbie Allen.

Copyright Office — but was told about 7 years later … there was already a similar show being produced by J lo and NBC.

BTW, Debbie has nothing to do with J lo‘s show.

We’ve reached out to J lo‘s camp and Debbie’s … so far no word back.

De lo Mio is awaiting distribution.

He started remembering specific lyrics, which was one of the early signs lo‘s condition was improving.

Rapper Shawty lo — famous for “Dey Know” — died early Wednesday morning in a car crash.

Not that J lo‘s lucky fan was thinking even for a second about A-Rod.

And lo, suddenly Jennifer’s Body is not a sex fantasy — it’s a revenge fantasy.

A spokesperson was very clear that lo’s hire does not mean it wants to sell you internet or cable.

Another thing lo will not work on: Free Basics, the company’s somewhat controversial app intended to bring certain internet services to emerging markets.

lo joined Google in 2010 after a decade working in telecom and investing.

lo ran the Google division for five years, leading operations for expansion in its initial three cities.

Here’s Facebook’s statement on lo joining the company: We’re excited to have Kevin join Facebook.

lo will report to Jason Taylor, Facebook’s VP for infrastructure.

Update: Here’s lo’s Facebook post announcing the news.

J lo and A-Rod caused quite the scene Friday night in Queens … with fans going insane.

The Taylor Gang/TM88 remix of Tove lo and Wiz Khalifa’s stoned duet “Influence,” premiering on Noisey today, is proof.

“I was very excited about this remix, not usually what I get back when sending out stems,” Tove lo told Noisey in an email.

We know Tove lo for her hooks about highs and habits, her quirky charm, and her refusal to apologize for her feminism and sexuality.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to do something visual like this,” lo says of the project.

The theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” hence the cross on J lo‘s chest.

Someone used what looks like black spray paint to deface J lo‘s star Tuesday … near the famed intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

A little “lo siento” would go a long way.

J lo‘s playing Blanco for HBO.

As for J lo … well, she was just being J lo with A-Rod.

And lo and behold, they still feel healing effects.

J lo might not have nailed it on the first time, but we’re guessing her co-star didn’t mind a couple retakes.

lo and behold, the bad water made “ugly” crystals.

Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted.

Facebook, Twitter, and other major platforms also use both AI and human moderators to police content, but lo warns that algorithms lack context.

Instead, lo said, it helps “social media companies identify where their systems are failing” in spotting hate groups.

lo x Follow Lauren on Twitter.

Before he was honored J lo came out and the 2 performed their duet, “Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta.”

What do Cardi B and Hailey Baldwin have in common with Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian and J lo?

J lo was quick on the draw and snapped a pic, as one of the kids conked out on her lap.

Come on!” And lo, they did.

A tribute concert Shawty lo planned for his recently deceased father, will now be his own memorial … TMZ has learned.

Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted.

They come in through Gamergate or whatever and then get turned on to politics and Trump.” And then, lo and behold, Gamergate happens.

The only thing moving faster than J lo and A-Rod’s relationship is the jet taking them all over the place.

Talk about racking up the miles … they spent Easter Sunday with their kids in the Dominican Republic, where J lo performed the night before.

Guest artists include Kevin lo, Nate Marshall, Maple Razsa, and Emily Rose Schofield.

After I turned 21, I finally landed in a hatted kitchen; Danny Russo’s lo Studio.

J lo and A-Rod just boarded a private jet together, and it’s decked out with tons of cute mementos for their engagement.

In recent years he has been conducting most of his activism on Facebook under the pen name lo Ngoc.

A-Rod and J lo stepped out Sunday evening heading to Nobu.

First time in history choosing J lo backfires?

And lo: As it was prophesied in the book of celebrity comebacks, Britney Spears returned to the VMA stage.

J lo changed everything we thought we knew about when to eat tacos.

(And lo, I finally found something I have in common with the president!)

& Tiny’s Shocking DivorceJ lo & Drake: Are They Actually Dating?

He’s also made cameos in movies with Jessica Simpson and J lo.

We got Mariah leaving The Beverly Hilton hotel when she reaffirmed her dislike for J lo, in the most high school of ways.

But, lo and behold, the Dopamines have returned with Tales of Interest, a textbook case of under-promising and over-delivering.

La canción es buena, y también lo es el video abstracto, pero trotó algo en mi memoria.

Jim lo Scalzo/Pool via Bloomberg.

He played Slowen lo, the alien who complained to authorities about Rose and Finn parking their ship on the beach.

It was a wild scene Wednesday outside Sirius Radio in New York, where J lo and her mom were swarmed by fans upon arrival.

lo and behold, I now have scientific validation.

And lo, that was the real moment we’d all been waiting for: The part us original RentHeads were waiting for!!

I think Werner Herzog’s recent documentary lo and Behold, really sums it up well.

“And lo and behold it is publicly known that she has done deviant sex so clearly she is fair game [to him].”

Alguien ha robado el busto de #cristianoronaldo Si alguien lo ve que llame a Madeira y pregunte por el encargado.

When I broke up with my boyfriend a year later, I stopped taking the pill and, lo and behold, had completely normal vaginal traffic!

Khaled and J lo were shooting Thursday in Miami, where she was rocking a highly visible thong.

Stopping men in their tracks is kinda what J lo does.

Trump: Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized Again J lo: Sued For Photo Of Herself Pete Davidson: Turning A New Leaf

Slight miscommunication on who was meant to make the lo hei, but we managed to mcguyver something out of what was in the fridge.

Fresh lo mein noodles make all the difference in this recipe, but if you can’t find those, the dried version will do just fine.

Coco also gave shout-outs to J lo and Anna Nicole Smith for seeing the vision.

HERE’S THE RUNDOWN:Sean Spicer Confronted In Apple StorePresident Trump: NCAA Bracket DissJustin Bieber Goes Off On Fan!J lo‘s New Man!

And lo, Denise joins the lawsuit, and both Patty and the show skip off to their next task within seconds.

Curioso que los jefes contraten a semejantes restauradores, a lo mejor se tendrían que restaurar los jefes que los contratan ¿No?

Por ahora tiene ya a San Jorge de la Estrella y lo ha restaurado.

But, J lo‘s eyes were laser-focused on her new diamond ring and seemed surprised as hell.

But one cryptocurrency is available within the country and lo and behold, you can use it to buy chicken tenders.

The art was gifted by the nonprofit foundation Chi lo lou Promotion, founded by the philanthropist and collector Ho lu Kwong.

We’re told during Calvin’s brief run-in with Kim Kardashian at J lo‘s birthday … music, Taylor and Kanye were not discussed.

Day 2: “I’m Da Man (Remix)” – Shawty lo feat.

Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, I’m Da Man, 2007/ “Dey Know (Dirty South Remix)” – Shawty lo feat.

Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Plies, and Lil Wayne, 2008 So Shawty lo died today.

And Shawty lo sounds amped that everyone showed up!

So to recap: We have Shawty lo to thank for many things, not least these two songs.

Photo: Lil Wayne and Shawty lo on the set of “WTF” by Thaddaeus McAdams / ExclusiveAccess.Net Follow Kyle Kramer on Twitter.

So lo and behold, in 2012, a company called Texas Brine was drilling near Bayou Corne for brine, which has many industrial uses.

But then, lo!

J lo and A-Rod seem to be sending silent messages to the world they’re perfect matches for each other.

And lo and behold, both groups had roughly the same amount of head trauma.

We’re told E11even nightclub acted swiftly after J lo bailed on the gig that would have scored her a million dollar payday.

lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World is currently playing in select cities throughout the US and can be watched online.

He wants to be a reporter and says he’s already landed one-on-ones with J lo, Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias, and Maroon 5.

For a queering of the Cinderella fairytale, read Malinda lo’s Ash.

“We don’t want incremental change,” Google Fiber’s Kevin lo said in a 2012 interview.

‘Cause losing J lo wasn’t enough.

J lo just kicked off “SOMOS LIVE!”

Yen lo, he trades consuming “beasts” for “a feast of bean curd.”

lo and behold, they did just that.

“Never surrender,” echoed through the streets as the protesters chanted near police headquarters and called on police chief Stephen lo to step down.

The government said they lo longer plan to pass the law, but citizens are still showing up to protest.

Now, it looks like J lo might finally seal the deal with the help of her real estate agent, Brett Lawyer.

Oh no, J lo … WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

And, we’re told, they’ve hired 2 creative directors who developed J lo‘s successful Vegas residency.

Eventually J lo gave up and went back to her music … ’cause Sox fans don’t forget.

And lo and behold, both groups had roughly the same amount of head trauma.

They just built 108 Garage and lo, people have come.

Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted.”

Last month we wondered, who the hell are lo Moon?

But lo and behold, the first full-length trailer for the movie is surprisingly captivating, a faithful adaptation of the traditionally animated 1994 original.

14, with her feature with Ozuna, “lo Modelo,” picking up steam at No.

“Chipper [Sensible Software programmer, Chris Chapman] and I played an awful lot of Kick Off 2 while making Mega lo Mania.

150 days since the #WeezerCoverAfrica mission began And lo, it eventually worked.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Star: Hospitalized After Eating Pot Brownie!J lo & A-Rod: Married!

lo was living her best life on that stage, and so were the rest of us with her.

Tariga calls it lo mein for simplicity, but in the Philippines—where she grew up—it’s known as pancit canton in her native Tagalog.

Meanwhile, you cook the fresh lo mein noodles till they’re al dente.

Goddesses, seeds, pentagrams, virgins, harvests, and juice—plop all of that together and lo, centuries of female-centric apple play is born.

If you’re still searching for a summer love jam, look no further than “lo Que Siento” by LA wunderkind Cuco.

Listen to the premiere of Cuco’s “lo Que Siento” below.

lo and behold,” he told New York Times.

“The end of Riina isn’t the end of Cosa Nostra,” the chief magistrate in Sicily’s capital of Palermo, Francesco lo Voi, told Reuters.

lo scrive Ifr, servizio Refinitiv, precisando che il titolo offrirà un premio di 185/190 punti base sulla curva swap.

J lo, we’re told, was enraged and ended the relationship … no discussion — simply, we’re done.

Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted.

J lo arrived at La Romana International Airport in the D.R.

J lo was a hit on arrival … easy to see why.

(And lo, on that front, it succeeded!)

Thinking it was just some package delivery, Dennis strolled outside and, lo and behold … someone pulled up in this SICK baby blue Bentley.

When I pulled out the measuring tape, lo and behold it was too big,” she explains.

lo and behold, it’s the hairy wide-eyed gumdrop you always wanted, a Tattletaildoll, who coos and yammers on just as you always hoped.

lo was hanging with Trevor Ariza Thursday night at the Copa America game between Mexico and Jamaica.

Over the next 17 years, lo and behold, people overwhelmingly chose piracy—whether through Limewire, Mediafire, Pirate Bay, or just trawling Google.

lo and behold, the person or policy has become “polarizing” and “divisive.” Right on cue, moderate Democrats recoil from the person or policy.

Well, fast forward to 2016, and lo ho ho, dear readers, what do you know?

But lo, it did.

And lo and behold, it produced gold and platinum.

Grab a can of Wong lo Kat — you’re going to want to stay up for this.

Our real estate spies tell us, J lo closed on an 8-acre Bel-Air estate and got a deal.

J lo, who was repped by super realtor Brett Lawyer, is selling her Hidden Hills estate for $12.5 mil.

lo and behold, it tasted like room-temperature Nutella.

‘Laguna Beach’ might be in her rear view, but lo Bosworth is still soaking up the rays … just a little further south now.

No slave to fashion, lo opted for a simple black one piece instead of a flashy bikini.

lo‘s flip out is good, but for our money — Bill O’Reilly’s still got the crown.

I know because Rachelle had me photograph her and her friends last week, so ‘all the social dynamics of lo can be represented.’

Then, Swedish pop sensation Tove lo reflects on how she got her start before sharing brand new music.

Tove lo“Tove lo – “True Disaster” Follow Noisey on Twitter.

I place the order for dan dan noodles and vegetable lo mein and walk to pick it up.

The seating chart also reveals where Bad Bunny, Camila Cabello, Drake, J lo and Cardi B will be hanging during Sunday night’s ceremony.

They delete it, and lo and behold, Ashley O shows up.

J lo snapped a selfie before taking a leap and A-Rod followed suit, albeit with a little less flair.

The couple wasn’t alone — J lo‘s manager, Benny Medina, also joined them on the trip.

BTW — J lo and A-Rod are #CoupleGoals.

Watch next: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Reviews Korn, Green Day and Tove lo

lots of people asked us how should we learn to program or what resources should we use,” explains co-founder Derek lo.

The idea, says lo, is to offer customized, modular, practical learning for developers — hence the app also has a course offering coding interview tips.

“There are a few very concrete ways that we differentiate ourselves,” lo tells TechCrunch.

lo, let the circle be unbroken.

So this really incentivizes people to actually learn it and learn it well,” says lo.

22 police were injured according to lo.

And that potential is what’s got Yale excited, according to lo.

Casper and J lo called it quits in August 2016 after several years of dating, but clearly there was no need for pity tears.

And lo, the inevitable other shoe drops.

“I think the answer to that is yes,” says lo, a little hesitantly.

Hong Kong police chief Stephen lo said his force was stretched dealing with anti-government protests in the rest of the city.

And lo, another ABC family sitcom appears on our list.

Political commentator Sonny lo said that balance outlined in the Basic Law is becoming harder to find.

lo and Behold premieres on January 23rd at Sundance.

As you know … J lo hit the stage with Motown legend Smokey Robinson and Ne-Yo.

Houston’s not the only one supporting her — Tyler Perry admits he was skeptical, but adds J lo won him over.

pic.twitter.com/rhOT1Xie0J J lo has said Motown producer Berry Gordy was thrilled she was involved in the tribute.

Soy una artista formada por la Bienal de La Habana y quizás por eso lo que sucede me duele más.

Werner Herzog dives into the world of robotics in his new documentary, lo and Behold.

Casper thinks it’s just another fight, but J lo is resolute — the relationship is over.

And lo and behold, you start bribing society at large.

lo and Behold has the flow of a hurried amusement park tour, spending the bare minimum with attractions that beg to be lingered in.

They make for striking companions with Werner Herzog’s documentary lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.

By contrast, I would not call the United Nude lo Res Car “aggressive.”

lo said some protesters had thrown a toxic powder on some of his officers and others had attempted to interfere with the electrical system.

“That is why we left to reconsider our plans,” lo said.

“There has been a return to the old, archaic rules of ‘Cosa Nostra’,” chief prosecutor Francesco lo Voi told reporters.

So we found ourselves facing danger and for that reason the police intervened rapidly,” lo Voi said.

J lo belted out “On the Floor” Sunday night to close out her final show in Vegas for the summer.

Even though he’s got J lo, there are clearly limits to A-Rod’s confidence.

Google’s Nat and lo shot a sort of behind-the-scenes with the team tasked with improving Now’s voice:

lo and behold, that’s what we’re seeing.

Two other activists, lo Kin-man and Wong Ka-kui, were jailed 7 and 3.5 years respectively for rioting.

Flume ft. Tove lo, “Say It” Australian producer Flume is releasing Skin, his second full-length, on May 27th.

#WeAllBleedBlue https://t.co/27o5fB69KE And then one week later, lo and behold: looks like @soIoucity is enjoying his first hockey game.

They would expect these items to be returned by the psychic but, lo and behold, they never were.

Check out the hook work from Little Dragon, AlunaGeorge, and Tove lo.

But lo and behold: the Flatev!

lo Moon just keep cropping up.

So when you get there for MUNA, get there early for lo Moon.

lo and behold, multiple videos of frogs trying desperately to hop in microgravity popped up.

Well lo and behold, they were all writing all the time, publishing small magazines that were beautiful and fascinating.

A free trip for two to Saint Martin, the perfect getaway for J lo during her Vegas show and American Idol judging.

is the logline for director Werner Herzog’s new documentary, lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.

J lo looked drop-dead gorgeous in some skintight spandex while shooting scenes in NYC Friday for her next flick, “Hustlers.”

In the meantime, bow down to J lo and Joseph Shivers … the guy who invented spandex!!

lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World opens in theaters and will be available on demand and on Amazon Video on August 19th.

The guest list was impressive — J lo, Alex Rodriguez, Sia, Paris Hilton, Dave Chappelle, Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyler, the Creator.

It’s very interesting that you are releasing lo and Behold at the same time as this completely online, digital class.

lo and Behold is officially being released in August, but in the meantime you’ve had the chance to screen it several times.

It used to be one of my favorites off the band’s 2012 masterpiece, Swing lo Magellan.

And lo, the energy bill passed.

lo launched her Las Vegas residency with a preview show for family and friends that went off without a single hitch.

lo hitting her marks (like a Fly Girl should) — and, apparently, really singing instead of lip syncing.

But lo and behold, that’s exactly where Samsung plopped its fingerprint scanner on the new (and otherwise delightful) Galaxy S8.

“I was living in a very strict building, and found that the sous vide method was perfect for discreet cannabis infusions,” lo shares.

lo agrees, noting that in the cannabis culinary world, “It feels like there’s a place for everyone, which is really encouraging.”

lo mejor de todo es su exclusiva locación, Fire Cay, isla privada en Bahamas a la que sólo podrás llegar en avión privado.

22 police were injured according to lo.

And so lo and behold, one day we typed in Behance, it actually said Behance.

lo tells me that the EZ-GO is deliberately designed to be as distant as possible from the current trends in automotive design.

In many cases that’s not a viable option,” says lo.

Instead of lo mein, order zha jiang mian: American-style lo mein noodles are thick wheat flour noodles that are stir-fried with vegetables or meat.

“The norm we see again and again online is that the way to be seen is to be inflammatory,” says lo.

That’s a dangerous precedent to set for internet social norms,” says lo.

Combining a serious response with a lighthearted joke may have worked for Bulkhead Interactive in this situation, says lo, but context is crucial.

Jusepe de Ribera, called lo Spagnoletto, followed with £5,893,000 ($7.4 million) for his painting “A Girl With a Tambourine (the Sense of Hearing)”.

lo and behold, along came the ACA.

And, lo and behold, the chilling effect is real.

Now, lo and behold, when our schools go to hell, and we penny-pinch our schools, who is in them?

Smokey Robinson Defends J lo‘s Motown Tribute Blac Chyna & Soulja Boy Hooking Up Shoes

J lo and Joanna finally got to work Sunday at J lo and A-Rod’s new Malibu home.

J lo is celebrating the big 5-0 at a shindig on Star Island — just off the coast of Miami Beach.

Ya gotta assume J lo‘s gonna go all out for her big day.

Standing beside her, Police Commissioner Stephen lo denied accusations law enforcement officials had colluded with gangs hired to attack protesters.

“Esto lo protege”, explicó.

“No me importa a quién se lo compre.

They did NOT strike a deal, but lo and behold, in August 2015 the Duffers were casting for their series, “Montauk.”

Volunteer justice tribunal members Willnet lo, Yvonne MacKenzie, and Minnie Minninnewah have agreed to supervise your indictment.” Three faces hovered into view.

You can follow Sean at @Rameswaram, you can follow Jami Ano @AmoMeant, and Carmen lo at @xo_karmin_ox.

But lo and behold, it keeps finding a way to be relevant.

J lo also showed off her MASSIVE new rock.

When she refused I said that I would and lo & behold, Ashley shows up.

You’ll recall J lo first put the crib on the market back in 2015 for $17 mil.

lo saying they were going against everything that the Motown era originally set out to be.

lo and behold, people got incrementally happier with every serving of fruit and veg they ate, up to eight a day.

lo also must have “hated” her predecessors’ performances.

lo better not salsa her way to the cookout because she is uninvited for that terrible performance.

And lo, Landgraf sent Ryan’s numbers to every one of FX’s showrunners and insisted that they course-correct.

lo better not salsa her way to the cookout because she is uninvited for that terrible performance,” preacher Jared Sawyer Jr. tweeted.

Michael Stewart, a professional photographer, says he took this pic of J lo earlier this year.

He’s pissed because he claims J lo, nor anyone on her team, got permission to use his photo.

lo, Chip called the weekend with the power couple a “Twilight Zone of hot people.” “What is going on!??

lo donning iconic ensembles from past decades in scenes conveying the video’s message of equality for women.

Of course, Khloe moved lo into a house near her to continue nursing him back to health.

lo and behold, a deal emerged.

’80s we did Working Girl, and then her dance look was just a modern day J. lo,” Haenn says.

lo gravitate towards?

lo Bosworth‘s refrigerator sounds like a healthy eater’s dream.

lo I’m very very happy for you, not just because you took my advice, but because you seem really happy together,” DeGeneres said.

Interesting that J lo wasn’t swayed by Kate’s claim — and also that Marciano still showed up and addressed his guests.

Yes, the latest Star Wars installment is here, and, lo, it is a satisfying, at times transporting entertainment.

Bradac has had a lot of success in music videos over the years … he’s appeared with J lo, Enrique Iglesias and Timbaland.

It’s a different kind of co-parenting.” “Right now, Baby lo is so new,” she added.

Abraham Conlon and Adrienne lo, the masterminds behind Fat Rice in Chicago, cook food that reflects their mixed heritage: Portuguese, Irish, Chinese, and American.

“That’s when J lo saw it, and decided she had to have it,” Cagle says.

Fill your assorted dumpling wrappers using Conlon and lo‘s easy-to-follow advice for sealing and folding them.

Conrad first got ready with her BFF lo Bosworth and then went to the dance with her friend David.

As for the party itself, everyone was turning up … even her kids hopped onstage and serenaded J lo with a birthday rap song.

He has credits on everyone from Animal Collective to Christina Aguilera and Cee lo Green.

“The Carcasse (‘lo Stregozzo’)” depicts a witch riding a skeletal monster through the underworld, accompanied by men, children, animals, and monstrous creatures.

He said on Harmontown that he realized that his aggressive behavior could undercut “her faith in her talent,” and lo, it did.

The devastation is beyond belief,” J lo said in an Instagram post backstage from her Las Vegas residency show.

“Baby lo & I are in St. Thomas!

“Ciertamente parece ser que no estaba en el mejor estado de salud, pero no es algo por lo cual uno predeciría la muerte”.

“Ciertamente parece ser que no estaba en el mejor estado de salud, pero no es algo por lo cual uno predeciría la muerte”.

Si la familia no pasa la entrevista, lo más probable es que los deporten a su país de origen.

lo hago en nombre de mi niña porque eso es lo que quería para ella”.

lo also celebrated Natasha’s accomplishment.

And lo and behold, she agrees… he hasn’t changed.

But, lo and behold, Vaughn’s Peter LaFleur is on hand too, along with long and Taylor, to represent the Average Joe’s.

Jennifer lopez’s ex-hubby was stunned at our news … J lo and Drake are on the road to hooking up.

One thing’s for sure — if J lo and Drake make any music together … Cris probably won’t listen.

He also, somewhat infamously, asked J lo point-blank about her butt … although that comment was at least on camera.

But lo and behold, the rapper showed up — without an entourage — and talked to Justin for more than 90 minutes.

lo went on to say that she’s glad Hollywood’s evolved for its close-minded aesthetic.

PLEASE RETWEET SHE IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 pic.twitter.com/w4WrU2BlUf — Peyton Meyer (@peytonmeyer22) May 19, 2017 lo and behold, no.

And ‘lo and behold, out walked Kudorw, much to Cox’s surprise.

lo still found time to peruse Facebook.

They left and said to Chris Mac, “Don’t do that to me, ever again.” And lo and behold … It became eBay.

lo since 2001’s ‘I’m Real,&apos” Sansone says in an open message to the star.

And finally, Tove lo gave the traditional cat eye a bold twist, thanks to celebrity makeup artist Colby Smith.

So I checked my spam folder and lo and behold, there was a confirmation email saying I had purchased all three.

On that one, an order of ha gow is just 30 cents; jasmine tea, 10 cents; lo mein, a whopping 75 cents.

lo fans are definitely a little jealous of Carli Lloyd right now.

He owns a crib down there, but J lo and Alex are just there ahead of her DR concert.

“Hoda was so excited to see J lo and was saying her outfit was channeling her inner J lo,” a partygoer tells PEOPLE.

J lo is living proof … when you take care of yourself you look better.

Pero todo lo que hicimos fue torturarnos mutuamente, fue algo realmente estúpido.

En primer lugar no sé lo que estaba haciendo con ella.

¿Quién no lo haría?

De hecho es una persona increíble, no es nada de lo que la gente piensa.

En este caso se trata más bien de lo segundo.

lo peor del tema es que la gracieta estuvo nominada al Grammy como mejor canción de Hard Rock.

Tenía 25 años, le llamaban el nuevo Bob Dylan, y lo cacharon besándose con Winona Ryder.

lo / Old number so it bounce back.” And the drama doesn’t stop there.

lo and behold, The Brady Bunch was picked up — but Henderson wasn’t there to play Carol Brady.

lo and behold, one of the demo men whipped a multi-tool from his belt and crafted me a substitute.

Pero lo primero es primero [but first things first] … nursing baby Dylan to start my day right!

“Chinese media organizations are doing surveillance in Taiwan,” lo Chih Cheng, a lawmaker from Tsai’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, told reporters.

lo and behold, there I was!

lo and behold, the rabbit populations crashed in the python regions — with three-quarters of them eaten by the snakes.

We’re told J lo pulled the plug on the relationship.

J lo, 47, and Casper, 29, started dating as far back as October 2011.

“Feliz cumpleaños mi niña hermosa, eres lo máximo y súper talentosa!

“And he was fuckin’ right.” And lo, Zoo decided to lean into its chaos and unleash some happily nonsensical hell.

los tres nos juntamos y escribimos unas canciones, hicimos un demo, se lo pasamos a nuestros amigos, con la esperanza de encontrar un vocalista.

J lo returned the favor to A-Rod Friday night, stopping her show in its tracks to wish her fiance a big, big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Eso es lo que pensaba.

A lo mejor es hora de entrar a nuestra fase psicodélica.

Eso es lo que tengo en la mente mientras escribo la letra.

But lo, Ron Howard’s contradictory narrator voice from Arrested Development deadpanned from the heavens and proclaimed, “they were wrong.”

J lo turned 50 on July 24 and A-Rod threw an amazing party for her.

As for the tour, it’s J lo‘s second to last show in America.

She ran into J lo in the bathroom, who was politely observational of Katy’s fashion choice.

Pura ternura: Isco salvó a un pajarito 🐦 y lo llevó a un costado del campo.

Arianny shot high … telling us she thinks of herself as a Selena-Tove lo hybrid.

lo danced to Cardi’s mega hit in an Instagram Stories video shared by her beau.

lo better not salsa her way to the cookout because she is uninvited for that terrible performance,” preacher Jared Sawyer Jr. tweeted on Sunday.

lo and behold … the promoter says he discovered Snoop was scheduled to play at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

“Cool Girl,” by Tove lo.

“Cool Girl,” by Tove lo.

lo and behold, they gave him one.

lo better not salsa her way to the cookout because she is uninvited for that terrible performance.

Try it with lightened-up Alfredo sauce, in chicken lo mein… even as a pasta-salad swap!

The acclaimed director was doing press around his forthcoming documentary about the internet, called lo and Behold.

But in addition to lo and Behold, Herzog recently launched an online filmmaking course for MasterClass.

lo and his sister Julianne!

looks like J lo ran through a bunch of the songs she does in her Vegas show.

Ndary lo (1961–2017), sculptor.

It’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend meets Singin’ in the Rain, and lo, it is a total delight.

“Like subverso says in the lyrics of the song at the end of the video, ‘el que comparte lo que aprende, es peligroso.'”

One fan happened to be wearing an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, and, lo and behold, Manson literally told him to take it off.

And all of a sudden the Big Ten conference comes up, and lo and behold there’s ESPN with deep pockets.

And lo, it was.

lo has several shows this week.

Reporting by Miguel lo Bianco; writing by Gram Slattery; Editing by Susan Thomas

earlier this month … and our sources told us lo just wasn’t in good enough shape to hang with the rest of the league.

Taiwan defense ministry spokesman Major General David lo told Reuters on Wednesday the missile batteries had been set up on Woody Island.

Taiwan defense ministry spokesman Major General David lo told Reuters on Wednesday the missile batteries had been set up on Woody Island.

cee lo green look like the thing #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/ze6nCfGepS — young sosa (@chulomang) February 13, 2017 Maybe this one’s a little more accessible.

lo and A-Rod.

Cee lo dressed like the gold Chipotle burrito pic.twitter.com/xNLwWLFsJF — Craig Bro Dude (@CraigSJ) February 13, 2017 Now we’re just hungry.

Asked if police had colluded with triads at the station, lo said the force had no connections to triads.

The 60th Grammy Awards are nigh, and lo, they are not messing around.

“J lo thinks I look amazing?

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan received a special tribute at the Premio lo Nuestro in Miami last night.

Drake & J lo sure look like a couple.

“R.I.P to my amazing niece Lauren ‘lo lo’ Braxton,” she captioned the sweet shot.

“Never surrender,” echoed through the streets as the protesters chanted near police headquarters and called on police chief Stephen lo to step down.

The couple announced their separation last month, one day after after J lo and Marc kissed on the lips at the Latin Grammys.

But lo and behold, Nick had one important visitor to face first — his ex Andi Dorfman.

But the actor isn’t worried about what it will do to his two-year marriage with wife Liv lo.

Police commissioner Stephen lo said there had been a need to “redeploy manpower from other districts”.

But lo and behold, about eight minutes later, co-host Steve Doocy said, “Let’s see if the lights are flickering at the White House.”

Lars Niki/Corbis/Getty Back when lo Bosworth spent her days at the beach and her nights at Area nightclub, her beauty M.O.

Atlanta rapper Carlos “Shawty lo” Walker died in a car accident in Fulton County, Georgia on Wednesday morning.

Shawty lo had been relaxing at an Atlanta-area strip club earlier in the night, posting videos from the venue to social media.

Shawty lo was ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene.

“Shawty lo was not just my artist he was my Brother He was My Friend.

I have been lo MGR for over 10 [years].

If you knew lo, then you know he was genuine.

He was Real.” Shawty lo leaves behind 11 children with 10 different women.

lo was recently spotted wearing the Saw-c Mattemoiselle lipstick shade, an orange shade that her makeup artist, Scott Barnes, paired with matching orange-tinged blush.

lo to give the company a huge boost!

lo and behold, he slept over five glorious, continuous hours!

“Thanks for the memories, J lo.

And lo and behold, she noticed that Delta had started scratching.

Hong Kong police chief Stephen lo described the protests as a “riot,” according to the Hong Kong Free Press.

lo and behold, a mere 15 minutes away are vegan parfaits and organic granola.

lo tune is his favorite: “Jenny From the Block,” of course!

BTW, Natasha and Ella have amazing voices and J lo‘s nurturing them.

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lo‘s opening weekend of her stint at Planet Hollywood.

Or rather, it’s a song like “Otherside”, the latest track from South london producer Mom Tudie, which features singer Giorgia lo.

lo and behold, on Friday morning Ellie gave signs indicating she was about to go into labor.

To this end I tracked down Tove lo and asked her on a date—our first.

lo included a clip of her baby girl singing the Alicia Keys ballad, “If I Ain’t Got You,” in her behind-the-scenes tour diary.

I meet lo one autumn day at OTB, a cocktail bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What have you been up to?Tove lo: Hi!

lo” means lynx in Swedish.

lo to Katy Perry.

lo and behold, they almost literally bumped into Chrissy … who happily improv’d this clip.

lo Keys (@loKeys910) August 22, 2017 RIP Dallas McCarver.

Katherine lo is the founder of the Eaton.

lo calls it a “Trojan Horse.”

“Well, wait until you slurp up our HIGH lo mein.

(Jim lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images)

lo had the right idea: love don’t cost a thing.

J lo‘s listed the Hidden Hills home she’s in now with Brett Lawyer and Tomer Fridman.

Watts has been nominated for an Academy Award twice for best actress in her performances in “21 Grams” (2003) and “lo Impossible” (2012).

He is perhaps best known for playing the villainous character Chen lo in the 2003 film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Once inside, Lauren finally decided to tell Ben she is in love with him … and ‘lo and behold, Ben said it back.

Of course, Casper and J lo dated for years before finally calling it quits in 2016.

Tove lo and Nick Jonas will perform their hit songs.

She walked in to start the ceremony, picked up the first rose and was about to hand it out when – lo and behold!

The rescuer, Shannon Jay, set a food trap and caught the cat, had his microchip tracked and lo and behold, it was Thomas.

J lo showed off her stunning bod with these pics over the weekend … schooling the Instagram world how to truly execute poolside pics.

Most recently, an American drone inadvertently killed Warren Weinstein and Giovanni lo Porto, development workers from America and Italy, respectively.

lo took the opportunity to address both the bigger picture and the more personal benefits of the current wave of female empowerment.

The hospitalization went down right after her mid-week meet-up with J lo and A-Rod — where Kim and co. enjoyed a taco Wednesday party.

lo also released a statement to PEOPLE, regarding her continued stance on eradicating sexual harassment in all workplaces.

lo, it’ll cost you $850.

Moore says J lo‘s cost $585, and A-Rod got his own last month for $495.

“Everyone should celebrate,” said lo Sze Ping, the boss of WWF-China, a group whose logo is the cuddly-looking creature.

lo confirmed the news when she shared a clip of herself on the set of the music video for her collaboration with Bad Bunny.

From J. lo’s teaser, the song appears to be an upbeat dance track with strong Spanish vocals.

J lo came looking the part — wearing an airy white dress, wedge sandals and a fancy Chanel bag in hand.

lo could care less [about a feud].

lo invited her to the show and birthday celebration because they’re friends.”

J lo arrived shortly thereafter and they left together at 1:30.

We’re told A-Rod respects J lo‘s business acumen and wanted her there.

lo and behold, “Girl 6” happens to be all about a phone sex operator — played beautifully, BTW, by Theresa Randle.

And could it be … Marc Anthony and J lo redux?

lo and behold … the mason jar exploded, and blew the fridge door off its hinges, and into Matt’s head.

Lamar and Khloe had called it quits long before that so it’s unclear how often BC and lo have crossed paths before.

lo and Behold” is a film about dreamers, yet the reveries of the title mean something more.

A recovering internet addict in “lo and Behold” explains that the danger of gaming is when the virtual becomes more appealing than the real.

A-Rod and J lo probably thinking … oui.

But even for viewers familiar with the many marvels and perils of the digital age, “lo and Behold” brims with an infectious wonder.

If it comes out, it comes out transformed.” “lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World” is screening in cinemas across America and Britain

Kim was bustin’ out of her black halter top and pink coat, while J lo shimmered in a glitter dress.

By contrast, says Mr lo, China has been the chief beneficiary of that order, having adopted wrenching economic reforms to capitalise on it.

They also threw fake money to promote J lo‘s new song, “Dinero,” with Cardi B and DJ Khaled.

J lo rewarded the group with a little dance number.

J lo remembers (so do we) how famously the “less is more” formula worked for her 17 years ago.

And Casper THINKS he’ll get back with J lo.

Allergan is the maker of the birth control pill 1 lo loestrin® Fe.

We’re told J lo had a blast dancing and spoiling her kids, solo.

Witnesses say there was zero fanfare or announcement … which, let’s face it, is NOT typical when J lo enters a room.

Interestingly, we’re told J lo didn’t sign anything — and that’s where we think everyone struck out.

Other vendors have lost their space to landlords cashing in on Bangkok’s booming property market, particularly in the area around Thong lo.

Soi Thong lo’s hawkers are scrambling to secure their livelihoods.

The devastation is beyond belief,” J lo said in an Instagram post backstage from her Las Vegas residency show.

We’ve reached out to J lo‘s camp, but haven’t heard back yet.

lo, BREXIT is under way.

Hill says he never heard a peep from Khaled — then lo and behold, 8 years later, ‘Keys’ dropped.

By Andrew lo.

Casper and J lo dated for several years before calling it quits in August 2016.

Khloe’s vowed to help nurse lo back to a full recovery.

Mr lo, who is now a professor at MIT, has spent much of his career battling to steer economics away from such narrow-minded thinking.

One answer, suggests Mr lo, is to create a financial equivalent of America’s National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

“I don’t think I won’t ever [not] talk to J lo.

It’s your little brother lo.

And then lo and behold, there were two solid lines.” Michael was Ashley’s main support system throughout the pregnancy.

The adaptive-markets hypothesis, devised by Andrew lo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suggests that the market develops in a manner akin to evolution.

J lo was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the show — one of the biggest moments of the night.

lo Suffers a Major Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage

lo and behold they say Tyga did just that … not to mention screwing them by being a no-show the year before at another gig.

lo is refusing to get treatment for addiction as Khloe insists he try something, even an outpatient program.

J lo and A-Rod donated $25k each to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts last month.

But lo and behold, Shannon doesn’t know that her ex’s wife-to-be has invited a certain trio that Shannon won’t be excited to see.

Yet as Bobo lo, an Australian expert on the relationship, argues in a recent book, this arrangement is unsustainable.

lo but because he was caught having parties of his own,” says the source.

Rudyard Kipling saw only pessimism: “lo, all our pomp of yesterday is one with Nineveh and Tyre!” Imperial doubt lay just beneath the jingoism.

Shawty lo died of blunt force trauma — but he had painkillers on him when he died, and smelled of alcohol … TMZ has learned.

The Economist recibió la grabación de un participante, quien también describió lo que estaba pasando en la sala simultáneamente.

It’s pretty obvious now — he has J lo‘s love.

During Thursday night’s Latin Grammys J lo presented Marc with an award and then they kissed on the lips.

However, J lo‘s manager, Benny Medina, tells us … they are “absolutely, categorically, 100% not back together.”

Pobre de él si a mí me deja hacer todo lo que yo tenga que hacer.

lo‘s been renting out the 8,557 square foot house for a few years now.

Va a hacer lo contrario que debemos de hacer.

Pero si yo llegué a poner yo ya sé lo que voy a hacer.

Pero si ese código de barra usted medio los mueve, medio lo arruina, medio lo toca groseramente, te arruina ese código de barra.

Y se lo digo yo que hicimos la prueba.

Entonces lo que, a mí me tienen que poner a firmar el acta porque soy miembro de la mesa.

lo, this week a list of SPD demands surfaced that proposed working with Mr Macron on issues like tax harmonisation and European investment.

Celine and J lo took the stage Wednesday night and will perform again this weekend.

“This centralised, Jacobin system” has dominated French life ever since, says Benazet Dazeas, director of lo Congrés, an Occitan language institute.

Atlanta rapper Shawty lo‘s funeral ended just the way he would have liked … with a pit stop at the local strip joint.

lo‘s hearse pulls up to the club and a mourners/patrons observe a candle-lit moment of silence.

MVLL: Claro, volví a a ver algunos apuntes, a releer partes, algunas cosas… The Economist: Y ¿por qué lo hizo?

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