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Watch the #io16 keynote live on @YouTube 360 this Wed 10AM PT.

It’s also about learning to live to the extent one can in one’s own body.

I used to live in the Stuttgart region [in southwest Germany], and now I’m in Istanbul.

Here in Istanbul I sometimes perform live and play [DJ sets].

And on Re/code Replay, you can hear all the audio from our live events, including some don’t-miss sessions from Code/Media 2016.

There’s a long line of people waiting to get into the Oloffson and catch RAM live.

I’m sitting … You live in Los Angeles!

(The producers and director who set up the Throne, tasked with unlocking the gates, had only just taken their video live.

“A lot of times if you tell a prospective employer you live in Poole’s Land, you’re done.

Because of hygiene, if you’re a server and they know you live in a tent in a forest…” says a 25-year-old named Adam.

“People my age all want to live in a house and work a nine-to-five job.

“I just wanted to live.

The Netflix documentary “The American Meme” shows how social-media stars and influencers live their lives.

It’s pretty remarkable … Kathie was a phenom with Regis Philbin on their morning show, “live with Regis and Kathie Lee.”

This brand started out of this bar in Guatemala, where I live.

Kim Cullen was appointed executive director of New York live Arts.

Instead of helping homeless people find food and housing, she was helping low-income Americans get medical care and live healthier lives.

Because millions of birds live on factory farms producing eggs, and the conditions they’re kept in are pretty terrible.

It’s going to be quite some time before they’re able to live at home.”

Here’s the bigger issue for most people who want to stream the game: The internet really isn’t set up to stream live sports.

With almost no family left, she does not know where she will live next, or what she will do to survive.

The final of the 100-meter race on Sunday night will air live on NBC.

To watch the first round and semifinal live, you’ll need to stream them on

I live in Washington, one of three US states (Oregon and Colorado are the others) that does all its voting by mail.

Brady then said his other two kids — 5-year-old Vivian and 8-year-old Benny — live in Boston with him and Gisele.

A shaman’s there with a live pig on the ground, eventually they gut the pig — WYH: — and drink the blood.

Your “live Laugh Love” poster is going to say a lot more about you than anything you could actually say.

Have you guys seen him live?

Republican leaders have been complaining for years about the Freedom Caucus, the group of hard-right House members who live to annoy the party brass.

I’m not going to live a happy, long life with my partner,'” said Townsend.

A pre-register link has gone live on the Google Play Store.

Twitter is battling Facebook for livestreaming supremacy with the launch of 360-degree live video.

Twitter is introducing 360-degree live video streaming to its streaming app Periscope.

But Amazon has been ramping up its interest in live sports.

He’d been thinking about dropping live shows altogether, having lost faith in the industry after the fall.

Somebody said to me outside on the street, “I loved your movie, how were you able to live with such an unlikable person?

The first woman to paint herself pregnant did not live long enough to see the fruits of her labor.

Becker’s freedom of expression and desire to live a non-conventional life, which were reflected in her work, were not always considered ground-breaking.

There are a lot of things that are going to contribute to how well or how poorly you live.

Lucy is played by “Saturday Night live” alum Kristen Wiig, whose comedic chops pair perfectly with Carell’s talent.

live TV footage appeared to show a handful of protesters being detained after being wrestled to the ground.

Hef may be gone, but Halsey is making damn sure … his memory will live on.

He went by the name of Gary Pratt, and was about to live out the highlight of his career.

Milk VR is its platform built for 360-degree videos, which currently live inside its Gear VR headset, a partnership with Facebook’s Oculus.

One year later, Hodel abandoned his family to live in the Philippines; he wouldn’t return to the United States until age 83 in 1990.

“We like nonfiction, and we live in fictitious times,” he said to a heated crowd.

“We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president.

“We live in the most incarcerated country in the world,” Legend controversially proclaimed.

“I live in San Antonio, that’s why I’m so worried,” Lorna Yamira Colon, 41, said via Facebook.

We do not live in that world.

So the benefits of the vaccine — the protection of children and the communities they live in — vastly outweigh the harms.

At this rate, the comet probably only has 150 years left to live.

There are about 300,000 people who live within three miles (5 km) of the facility.

They live in spaces, attend schools, and play on streets largely walled off from police.

It’s great to hear Kristín Anna’s songs on the album, but a different matter altogether to experience them live.

Naveen Jain has a number of moonshot projects — including helping people live on the moon.

DirecTV Now will be a package of live TV delivered over the internet wherever you are — no cable box or satellite dish necessary.

Other competitors including Hulu and YouTube are reportedly readying their own packages for streaming live TV but have yet to name a price.


“Canada is one of the most affordable countries to live and work for foreigners, with comparably low rental and transport costs,” says WorldFirst.

People coming to work in the US — who aid American companies and generally benefit the overall economy — are entitled to live full lives.

I live inside a vast ecology of unknowable connections, surrounded by people I cannot fully understand.

Is there enough support for queer artists where you live?

If he says she’s fine, she’ll be allowed to live.

The point isn’t to live till 80, it’s to have a good life until 80.”

He also composes music for games, and has toured as a member of Gotye’s live band.

They can start their own businesses and live out their dreams.

But another fake account, @elohumsk, reposted the same exact tweet, which was still live as of press time.

Recode is covering the event live here.

Our sister site, The Verge, will also be covering the event live here.

And Six Colors, the excellent Apple-focused site by former Macworld editor Jason Snell, promises live coverage on its trusty @SixColorsEvent Twitter feed.

We cannot convincingly promote democracy abroad if we do not live it vigorously here at home.

In Dub Love, Bengolea, Chaignaud, and company mix diverse forms—ballet, modern, African, club, and dancehall—while dancing to dub music mixed live.

All of the activities end at 6 PM, but make sure to stay for the courtyard party with live music and refreshments.

“But knowing me, it doesn’t seem likely, and I can’t live my life based on unlikely scenarios.” The gynecologist’s condescending smile faded slightly.

Swedish citizens who live abroad are not eligible for subsidized elective health care.

You live in Sweden, and the world is always going to get better and better.

Fortunately for Kanye, Kenny was in town, happens to live nearby and most importantly … was stoked to do it.

[O’Rourke is only hiring staffers who live in Texas.]

And my bet is that you will be rewarded by people who are so grateful someone is actually going to live accordingly.

So we sold everything and left for a year of open-ended world exploration with the ultimate goal of finding a new place to live.

Whether or not Trump becomes president, those who support his bigotry will still live in the United States.

Still, it’s notable that these ads are airing in what is in fact the safest time in recent history to live in America.

Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, “I’m not hiding anybody’s data,” she joked in a live taping of the Recode Decode podcast.

Internally, the prison is controlled by the facções, whose members live in rancid, densely packed cellblocks that armed guards only enter in riot gear.

All 77 flights were from one store to a dozen select customers who live within a mile of the shop.

Notice above where I said Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice debut grabbed just 4.95 million “live” viewers?

It covers people who watched the broadcast either live or on their DVRs shortly after its broadcast.

(These numbers are what they sound like — everybody who watched live or within three days of broadcast.

You live in Silicon Valley, what prevents that from happening here?

We all live in Amazon’s world at this point, in the commerce space.

Or if you live in a place where there’s real questions about the stability of the government.

If you live in a country that has that turmoil.

If you live in Silicon Valley, you don’t necessarily see the other use cases.

I live on the sunrise side of the mountain, not the sunset side of the mountain.

Michael’s estate controls all of his properties, meaning … technically, Paris needed permission to live there.

She and bf Michael Snoddy recently posted pics from the backyard — he comes and goes, but does NOT live there.

And, at last, IoT can manifest its true potential to revolutionize the world we live in.

Thousands more could be forced to live a lie and make secret the most basic fact about their person: their gender.

“The film often feels like a throwaway ‘Saturday Night live’ sketch padded out to 90 minutes,” one complained.

After 54 years of this, there are still seven people who live there!

This isn’t just a theoretical issue for you, since you live in the small city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The question of how to live is not easy.

There’s actually a huge LGBTQI community—it’s considered one of the most LGBTQI-friendly and positive places to live.

But if the Keeper is building a new life in with new relationships, then don’t they live here now?

But the present is where we actually live.

For the first time, the festival will be broadcast live on Viceland, our new television network.

“I ask everyone to please make final preparations to your family emergency plan, especially those that live in mobile homes and low-lying areas.”

Since Facebook launched its live video platform in April 2016, death has become a worrying trend among several videos shared through the feature.

While using his Instagram live feature, a 13-year-old boy in Georgia accidentally shot himself when handling a gun in April 2017.

Cover image: Screenshot from Prentis Robinson’s Facebook live video.

EU law guarantees that citizens of one EU country have the right to travel, live, and take jobs in other EU countries.

You can barely live on that.

But she also feared the judgment of people who had no idea about what it meant to live with a spinal cord injury.

TMZ broke the story … production sources told us the singer was going to reference her epic legal battle during her live BMAs performance.

We choose to let them, let people live like this.

… most of the homeless people live, actually.

So it’s all well and good- Who wants to live in Utah?

But California’s a nicer place to live.

Banerjee also visited one of the injured junior doctors and her meeting with the striking medics was streamed live on television.

And I believe that dialogue is how we get to understand that there are many ways to live together without actually being in agreement.

“Parents should be able to assist their daughters wherever possible and have them live lives as comfortable as their sons,” Mitei said.

We live on and through our screens, and we’re always plugged in, always distracted.

Think Chromeo with more live instruments and a seedier, insouciant slink.

Listening to that record, I was like this is a completely different world from the one in which I live.

Our technologies aren’t necessarily helping us live a good and meaningful life.

The rest of the week, these screens play live Twitch channels.

“You’ve got to have fun if you’re going to live this long,” she insists.

But in my mind, my grandmother’s true legacy is her determination to live her best life.

You can also get live updates and breaking news from the stage.

What you’re describing is a dystopia that I don’t want to live in and I don’t want my daughter to live in.

Yet Trump may feel some obligation to live up to his aggressive rhetoric on the campaign trail all the same.

I live in a food desert in San Diego, with no grocery store but several fast-food restaurants.

Their orphan progeny will then return to the ground and will live the next 17 years in silence.

(Note: There are some broods of cicadas that live just 13 years in the Southeast.

People will say that if you think about this country, African Americans used to live in the South.

Milbury is read his rights on live TV.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads How Should We live?

How Should We live?

Many of the women represented in How Should We live?

In the process, its waived more 30 environmental regulations that could harm more than 100 plant and animal species that live along the border.

How Should We live?

In the process, its waived more 30 environmental regulations that could harm more than 100 plant and animal species that live along the border.

Blackland Radio 66.6 birthed a lot of niggas, [ASAP Rocky’s] live.

Real life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s “kiss” during an episode of “Saturday Night live.”

Advocates of such exchanges argue that the people using drugs already live in these areas.

Again, the vast majority of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims live in countries with which the US is friendly.

TMZ broke the story … Kris helped Rob buy a house in the Calabasas community where his sisters live.

The love and intimacy that a kiss represents, I could not live without that.

Fortunately, he didn’t go through with it and Floyd Mayweather invited him to live with him to help him sort through his issues.

As we reported, Chris knew his family history of heart problems … another reason he was determined to leave Isis enough to live comfortably.

We almost found out live in Vegas moments ago when the two started trashing each other to their faces … and it was awesome!

Kamal has never met his relatives who live in Ethiopia.

Almost 7,500 Ukrainians arrived to live in Israel in 2015, according to the Jewish Agency, a 230 percent rise on 2013 figures.

While elites in ‘ Pyongyhattan’ live lavishly, people outside the capital still face shortages of food, medicine, and other basic necessities.

“Where you live should not determine how healthy you are.”

But we probably don’t live in that world.

It’s not about The Way We live Now, or a rich historical reproduction of The Way We lived Then.

“We’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted…

“Also this is one of the most beautiful spots in London and other coworking spots have a lot to live up to.

There is sure to be more live performances of the album coming soon.

Animal advocates will no doubt be on the lookout to see whether these companies live up to their promises.

The third-person observer in me said, “If you live through this, find a way to use all this in a positive way.

More inventive for people to broadcast live on Periscope can only help.

CFH: Some artists had to leave their countries, live in exile.

Luckily, I live with a partner who doesn’t care about these things, who can eat the perfectly good food so it’s not wasted.

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

If you live in China and you want to protest American interests, what do you do?

“I knew it was ugly,” he says of the country where he and his sister, both born in the US, now live.

I want to live on my own terms and follow my own ambition.

What a world we’d live in.

At the same time, I live here.

That’s just how I live my life.

Money earned from live stream views will be used towards aiding victims of Hurricane Maria through the organization Direct Relief.

VICE spoke to Danial to hear what it’s like to live among the dead.

It must have been bizarre to watch everyone live ordinary lives in these very extraordinary surroundings.Definitely.

By the time we’re at the ten-minute mark, we already know the viewer of the tape only has seven days to live.

The payments will be based on the counties in which farmers live, not by crop, according to the agency.

“Individuals now do not live amongst others of different partisan affiliations.

So let’s talk about that where live theater is, let’s talk about that first.

And live theater is a different thing.

A year later, their asylum was granted; Rios and her family today live in Pflugerville, Texas.

“I am sure I will live for many more years.” Reporting by Alexandra Ulmer; Writing by Daniel Wallis; Editing by Alistair Bell

Is there like a range of experience in live theater? was founded in 1993 but went live in 1995 as a free beta.

I live in New York!

Like an NBC live show of it.

We will not do an NBC live show.

This has already angered blue-state Republicans in the House, whose constituents live with high local and state taxes and rely on those deductions.

[laughing] Or not because we’ll just live and live and live!

I think the idea of doing a Broadway musical live on TV has been an enormous boon to both TV and theater.

They didn’t come to me because — I didn’t wanna do one of those live shows.

With an ongoing TV series, you really live in the show for years.

One of the side effects of Facebook live is piracy.

Preorders​ are live now, and we’ve got both slabs streaming below.

Fewer than 200 people live in this village just five miles east of Jerusalem.

Fewer than 200 people live in this village just five miles east of Jerusalem.

I asked Mike Edwards, General Manager for Audible Magic, on how this applies to live sport: “live presents technical issues.

Lustbader and Shockley live blocks away from the GLF’s former meeting site.

What do you think about live in the kind of video you do?

This is true in Britain, where I live, and in America, where you live.

There’s a push of varying degrees from Facebook and Twitter and some other people saying live is really important on traditional TV.

live is sort of the last bastion of where they can get big audience, big ad dollars.

Is there a live play for you, or that’s not really what you’re interested in?

There have been … Emeril live used to be on the Food Network, so that was a good example of a show that was live.

I could imagine shows like that as a type of show that would be attractive in our categories, but were also live.

The best example on Snapchat is live stories, they’ve curated the middle, right?

We live in exactly the kind of world you’d expect greedy, self-interested creatures to produce.

The chief himself had tweeted just before the event, urging his followers to “watch live” as the conference began.

“The amount of people who can make meaningful live content on a daily basis is very, very few,” he said.

(The National Science Foundation is live streaming their press conference announcing the findings.

— and the best political science we have suggests that such divides exist between Americans who live in different places and socialize with different people.

So we live in an America that believes in Captain America.

“I’m angry that this administration and so many lawmakers don’t care whether or not I live or die,” Finch says.

She added, “Yes, [Jesus] did live in Egypt for three-and-a-half years.

Thousands of homeless people live in Skid Row, and many of them identify as artists.

I thought, ‘I can’t live with this fear, I have to go into a church,'” Ramirez reflected.

Long live Vila Autódromo, Rio Without Removals.

“No one wanted to live here because it was deserted; there was no electricity and no water,” Penha said.

VICE News reports from Russia’s radioactive hotspots, where residents continue to live amid radiation.

We got dinner, hit it off, and when I told him my secret — that I live with my parents — he totally understood.

This process it working both ways—we finish a song, and then we work out how to play it live.

And now we’re working out how to play a song live in different ways.

You had to undergo a bit of a shift to play this stuff live, I imagine.

We got signed before we ever played live.

We wanted to play electronic music live, and that needed more people—particularly when you’ve got two lazy people just singing.

Lotti: It’s still evolving, the live show.

We really wanted to bring that to the forefront and give people that live experience.

I hope you find your power and are able to live beyond the shackles of chemical dependency.

I was just a crazy party kid who grew up worshipping Warhol and Hunter Thompson and Ken Kesey and wanted to live the life.

There are some wicked electronic bands out there who use Ableton live to the fullest of their potential.

You’ll remember … millions watched April’s live stream through her pregnancy and birth of her baby boy, Tajiri, nearly two months ago.

Remember: we record live on our Twitch.

Formula E makes a lot of sense to urban areas and people who live in large modern cities.

“At the end of the day, we have to look after the place where we live.

If you live in an area that was once underwater, it’s not hard to find the fossils of hyoliths.

“How can you live that story and not believe that America deserves our optimism, deserves our courage, deserves our hope?” Buttigieg asked.

live results are below, powered by Decision Desk.

Fact is … it’s not inconsistent to shun fancy cars and jewelry but still live nicely, when the nice stuff serves a purpose.

live results will be posted below when they are available.

I live on Manhattan.

I’m going to live a long time, Lauren.

If you want to do that on your own, by the way, listen, I live in San Francisco.

The evening will feature live performances by Eartheater and special guests, presented by Mount Analog.

Oh … and the live stream sponsor just changed from Toys R Us to Babies R Us.

The live stream is still going below — take a look at the new baby calf … already walking around!

“My guess is the work’s not gonna live on,” he continues.

The point is that people who believe in a better world have been implicated in the fallen world we live in.

Kara Swisher is live from SXSW interviewing HBO VEEP cast members David Mandel, Timothy Simons and Matt Walsh.

It also diversified the options, giving users live television and access to multiple channels of music programs.

“While other companies want you to live in a virtual world, Pinterest encourages people to live in the real world,” a spokesperson wrote.

Now, if a fight ends before the movie’s over, we just live with it.

That’s a horrible way to live.

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For a lot of people who live in little suburbs and places that are very safe, it can be soul-killing.”

Nice places to visit, maybe, but you wouldn’t want to live there the way you do with a good dive.

Try letting yourself live in the moment.

Since Warner Bros. pre-approved each video before it went live, the company can’t even plead ignorance.

And if I didn’t live in DC and actually had real congressional representation, I might want somebody to call those representatives for me.

The King is dead, long live the King.

Parts of Miiverse live on in places like Splatoon 2’s lobby, where people can drop in messages (often about Knack 2).

So just to live a life of integrity and try a new way of being is the important work.

“I had a toxic divorce from my ex-wife and she’s poisoned my kids, and I have to live with that,” West told AP.

Arie tried to do damage control on a live special Tuesday night called ‘After the Final Rose,’ but that didn’t work.

Trans women of color often live on the extreme margins of society, on the streets or in low-income housing.

“Despite whether players think I cheated or not, I am a person with a life to live just as much as the next person.

When you live in the midst of darkness, finding some way to make light is human and necessary.

The announcement streamed live on NASA TV on April 13, but you can watch the replay right here.

Bamford is a pretty huge stand-up comic — she’s appeared on everything from ‘Stephen Colbert’ to ‘Conan’ and “Jimmy Kimmel live.”

They may be better at PR, but the police still actually hate on QPOC communities and people live in fear of the police.

She says he told her he wanted to have the baby and “all three of us live together.”

However, if you don’t have a TV, just check out the online live stream above.

When: 9 pm Eastern Where: University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee TV: PBS Online: An online live stream will be available.

“There is extensive literature showing that forcing service members to live a lie makes it harder for them to do their job,” Belkin added.

Plenty of people live to 89 these days.

Similarly sized rodents usually live for about five years.

The oldest mouse ever to live was called Yoda.

I live in New York City, so half my take-home salary goes to rent anyways.

But if we do work out how to streamline our biology to defeat aging, would he want to live forever?

That’s real life, and I plan to live it while I can.”

“And we live in this amazing democracy, with amazing freedom of speech, and a presidential candidate should embrace that.”

I want to live in a country where I can totally disagree with somebody’s politics but still work side by side with them.

(As a Saturday Night live sketch joked recently, sometimes a movie is just a movie.)

We have live results below, powered by Decision Desk.

The new An Inconvenient Sequel — subtitle: Truth to Power — takes the most optimistic view of how to live in a post-truth age.

When people can imagine themselves in others’ shoes, they start to see why people live and think as they do.

And in a roundabout way, it seems like Marvel Studios has revealed that Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner) will live to see another day.

I think we need more everyday people—not just career politicians but people living the challenges that working people live every day.

We’ll cover it live here, and we’ll post video and audio of the full interview in the coming days.

You can also get live updates and breaking news from the stage.

It can also be a good option for women who live in rural areas far away from a doctor’s office.

Let them live.

IT’S live MUSIC!

Couples fell in love listening to Muse, and seeing them live brought them closer together.

On Thursday, Obama will be hosting a live town-hall discussion where he will answer questions from the audience, broadcast live at 8pm ET.

At least for now, the Office of Congressional Ethics will live another day.

“His remarkable legislative and personal legacy transformed the country and will live on for years to come,” Holcomb said in a statement.

Until that point, he must continue to live with the very real threat of extradition hanging over him.

At 18, most girls live in a world of secret anguish.

Mum’s the word on what the tribute will include, but we know it will be right after live‘s set.

There, she planned to discuss research from her 2015 book The Gay Revolution and chronicle the struggle for LGBTQ rights to a live audience.

My wife wanted to live; a suicidal person wants to die.

It’s true: Germs do live on bars of soap.

This time, scientists funded by Dial contaminated soap bars with 70 times the amount of bacteria that normally live on used soap.

The data comes with one important caveat: Brookings used GDP data that’s based on where people work, not where they live.

“The most simple, low-tech solution for climate change if you live on the shore is that you elevate the land,” he said.

“The most simple, low-tech solution for climate change if you live on the shore is that you elevate the land,” he said.

On Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel live, Romney read one of those tweets, along with tweets from Trump’s supporters.

I think it would be great if we could perform with sounds like that in live as well.

The project would have been closer to live action, much like most features in animation.

We always record like how we play live.

I personally live my life every day thinking “we only have limited times in our lives”.

LeBron reacted to the tweet live on NBA TV.

The South Dakota will live or die based on its crew’s ability to stick together and problem solve.

You’re going to hear a lot about the great American eclipse in coming weeks, even if you don’t live in the US (sorry).

Translation: Getting the message might convince Republicans to stay home for fear of generating conflict with people they live with, who disagree with them.

But still, in 2016, “I live in fear for my parents, knowing that at any time they could be deported.”

He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials.

He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials.

At this time, I had lots of relationships in the industry, and we felt we could do live journalism.

Dozens were seen tussling with police, yelling and demanding ambulances be called, live footage through Facebook showed.

Singapore has high population density, and its limited land area means a majority of the 5.6 million people live in apartments.

I’m talking to Lauren Duca, live, in person.

Because they watched it live.

Totally, because they did it live, so I was worried at first.

Finally, the Rooftop Smokehouse can smoke in peace, and their old neighbours can live in peace, too, without the smoke.

She’s rebelled against her city-sensibility, her snobbery toward people who don’t live difficult, artistic lives.

The effort is part of Area 120, a division where select employees can work on small startups that live inside Google.

This Saturday, Pack will host a live podcast taping at Chimento Contemporary featuring Zeal Harris, Alexandra Grant, Shizu Saldamando, and Cole James.

At that time, her family was unable to live at home.

Venture-backed, direct-to-consumer startups can live and die by their customer acquisition costs.

Since this is near where I live and it is getting #National attention: what are your thoughts?

At that time, her family was unable to live at home.

However, it’s live where Kikimora is experienced best, transforming their songs into extended improvisational jams that turn into a big dance party.

Catch them live, this Sunday, February 19, on!

But you’re not just going to learn about sustainability at Sterling, you’re basically going to live it.

“That’s more people than live in Iceland,” he says (around 330,000, since you’re wondering).

According to several of Meek’s fans, his initial confrontation with police was documented on his Instagram’s live stream.

Make a reservation at the Nevada Museum of Art for Sunday brunch with a live band.

Earlier this month, Gorillaz announced a new festival and their first live show since 2010.

You can watch a live stream above.

I’m going to go back there and live.”

I thought, I’m not going to be paranoid, I can’t live like this forever, so I opened the door.

Though Norman is clearly enthused about the diaper idea, he suspects that the time for “gross” to live in the spotlight will be brief.

The Oscars will take place on Sunday, February 24 and air live on ABC at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific.

Facebook has also paid video creators to make live and on-demand content.

People definitely think it’s uncool to live there.”

I can’t remember where we got the idea from where all of the characters live in different flats in this block.

Lyrics have always called the listener to live a different life, but also paint poetic images.

Yes, it’s where Paul Kelly used to live.

Traditional Synthesizer Music is the first time he’s made a record by performing pieces live in one take.

Winnipeg is such an affordable place to live too, compared to a place like Toronto.

It costs about a quarter of the money to live here.

If you don’t live it on a daily basis, there’s no point,” said Julien.

“When you live through a social movement, it makes an impression on you,” said Julien.

Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed?”

“Cendrars taught me that you must live poetry, before you start writing” noted Philippe Soupault.

Not all of them, but a large share, are seeking asylum — seeking to live legally in the US.

Facebook has, at various points, favored live videos, short videos, and long videos.

We won’t ever see Babysnake down at the park again, but his spirit will live on always.

Long live Babysnake.”

Zahra, a 42-year-old trans woman from Baghdad and Asma’s roommate in Athens, left Iraq for one reason: to live openly as a woman.

So he had to live with the fact that at his last Olympics, he didn’t even get a chance to compete for gold.

“I don’t want to live in Europe.

“It was the cheapest place to live.

In contrast, Claire (Rosario Dawson) and Karen, who don’t wield as much power as the aforementioned women, live safer, more protected lives.

About 6,600 people live in Silsbee, which is located about 100 miles Northwest of Houston.

About 6,600 people live in Silsbee, which is located about 100 miles Northwest of Houston.

There’ll be theatrical burlesque, live jazz ensembles, and a 60-foot midnight ball drop.

Half the people who will ever live are in the first half of the list.

I live in the UK, so it will be interesting to see if Amazon will sell real trees online over here as well!

This is stupid logic, and no way to live your life.

Genetically or digitally enhanced humans could live for centuries and have few children.

Hierarchies in the art world and the dependencies they produce (yes, even we have to live from something!)

To keep going is to live; to survive is to love — again.

Democrats want Trump, who last year ordered an end to DACA in March, to live up to an earlier agreement to protect the Dreamers.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Parkeology, a series of live events and web programs that explores the unknown histories of urban parks.

Sooner or later, humanity must live sustainably or it won’t go on living — that’s what “sustainable” means.

“In today’s Air Force, people of different moral and religious values work, live, and fight together on a daily basis.

), and it’s too often heedless of potential consequences (hello, Facebook live!).

I know people are frustrated about gentrification happening in the city, but the reality is, we live in a free market society.

The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city.

“If I could live without [being known for my Instagram], I would love to.

“Glad that’s changed, or we’d live in a culinary wasteland of well-done steak & ketchup.” (Ooh, double burn!).

It’s Total Power Exchange but not completely, which is where you have an “owner” and they dictate how you live your life.

Among the Awá tribe, who live in Brazilian forests of Maranhão, coatis, capuchin and howler monkeys are often raised as pets.

“The moment I had the courage to live authentically and unapologetically, I faced a lot of backlash from society,” she says.

For the characters in this movie, who have sufficient economic resources, it may be a live possibility to just chill out.

Today, Morrissey played seven songs from his upcoming album Low in High School in a live session with BBC 6 Music.

Drawn (in charcoal) and painted (in oil) from multiple live sittings rather than photographs, they are studies as much as they are biographies.

They will continue to live in poverty.

“We live in a globalized world,” Roque said.

She says Shirdon phoned her and said he was in Turkey and “wanted to live in a Muslim country.”

The answers on Ye aren’t evocative or provoking enough to live up to the prelude.

They’re supposed to live in WASPy dysfunction together forever!

What’s it like to live a life of open-source self-care?

I’m an incredibly lucky person to live in a region with such exceptional academics and ample opportunities to pursue my interests.

The not-simple part comes if you’ve already got your Souleyman album—Wenu Wenu itself, or the live Haflat Garbia, say.

“He was a hacker, but he tried to live some of that [by] challenging the bylaws,” he said.

Sports that don’t live in the mainstream can suffocate without attention.

We are not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live, or what to believe.

Which Margaret Atwood dystopia do you want to live in?

On-the-ground at live shows, Nissen documented the energy of the scene, often in bygone venues like the Tropicana and the Starwood.

“What do I think of Bobby Moynihan mocking me on Saturday Night live?

They all live in Flavortown.

He has that authority because of the nature of the world we live in.

Over 2 years, a map was created, and the commands were read out to Jordan by a text-to-speech interface live as he played.

Yolandi and Ninja won’t stop working together, it seems, and the name Die Antwoord will live on in their projects.

“But I have to live like this.” For him, his job is not a choice but an inevitability.

Even football and the Super Bowl — considered the last holdouts where advertisers could guarantee huge live audiences would be watching — are not immune.

(For a live blog on the U.S. stock market, click or type live/ in a news window.)

If you live outside the U.S., you can click here to find crisis centers around the world.

But an estimated 200,000 live in Georgia, sometimes ranging far inland from the state’s relatively short strip of Atlantic coastline.

Alligators currently live as far north as North Carolina.

In order to get authorization to experiment on live animals, research facilities have to file annual reports to the USDA.

They’re growing really fast, as is Hulu’s live service, and some others in that space.

“You can’t let acts like that dictate how you live your life,” Siemann told me.

Around 20,000 Jewish settlers live in the Golan itself, many working in farming, leisure and tourism.

That’s what I would live or die on.

This is why I don’t live in New York in the media world.

When my father was released, we tried to live like he had never been gone.

He convinces a prisoner, Clayton, who is convicted of murder, to sign over his consciousness, to live on after he is executed.

In New Jersey, where they live, former felony drug offenders are denied some forms of welfare.

I know the notion that he was meant to live my father’s life was always looming in his mind.

live your best life.

Many middle-class voters feel Macron did not live up to his promise of re-energising the economy and cleaning up politics.

Who requested an entire month off his job to come to Iowa to live at camp Cruz and to volunteer full time.

long live smokin Joe!!!!”

Can a fly twenty-year-old live?

The deal is a bit of a coup for Twitter, which has been pushing to bring more live video to the platform.

Nearly half of Puerto Rico’s disabled residents live in poverty – twice the rate of those in the 50 states.

Radio journalist Luis Manuel Medina was in mid-broadcast when his Facebook live stream ended abruptly.

I choose now to live as a gay man.

She will be missed but the memory of her greatness as a musician and a fine human being will live with us forever.

The part of America I live in—big-city, liberal, too many brunch places—is worried about Donald Trump.

Does it live up to “Cat Person”?

And you realized that we all live in a culture with a certain amount of trauma, and we tend to not process those things.

What area of Austin do you like?I live in south Austin, and it’s a little bit slower.

And live music.

That shouldn’t feel like a radical notion, but we live in a culture that often expects something in return for good deeds.

We live in a culture that incentivizes disgraceful behavior, that incentivizes divisiveness.

“We campesinos live from the earth, from the water.

Hospital del Niño is first of many solar+storage projects going live.

I needed something to change because it was too long of a life to live in that sort of constant anxiety-ridden, anxious space.

Almost half of South Korean baby boomers live in poverty – the highest among members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

While many senior citizens live in loneliness and poverty, baby boomers also wield substantial buying power, bolstered by home ownership, savings and social protection.

These apps typically offer on-demand content, and in best case scenarios, they’ll have a live stream of the network.

Here are the network apps that will be streaming NFL games live this year: The catch?

For the NFL season, Twitter has secured the rights to live stream 10 Thursday Night Football games.

You pay a monthly fee that starts at $29.99 per month, and you get to stream live cable channels without the cable contract.

“Our customers will be able to enjoy streaming live sports at home or on the go.”

But most people aren’t entomologists (people who study bugs), and apparently, some entomologists live for this shit.

live Blog: On the Ground at the 2016 Iowa Caucuses A White Nationalist Super PAC is Campaigning for Trump in Iowa

Luckily it does feel cathartic to get it all out there—to let it live outside of you so to speak.

This is impossible, because only 1.5 percent of Americans live in households that have incomes that high.

Sad the [sic] we still live in a time where this kind of intolerance still exists in my sport and elsewhere.

It’s all based on where you live.

Yeah one of the cool things is once the app is live, we can add stuff in on the fly.

The Labour leader actually performed relatively well in high-profile media interviews, like a live grilling from popular TV host Jeremy Paxman.

Before long, McKay was eyeing a spot on Saturday Night live.

Three million EU citizens currently live in the UK; 250,000 EU citizens moved to the UK last year alone.

I could live on that, without a second job.

In many ways, it offers a more intimate experience than Facebook by connecting people to others who actually live in their community.

What if instead of insisting we live in a culture of individualism and perfectionism, of unyielding patriarchal strength, we accepted frailty?

Is there enough support for queer artists where you live?

They live in gigantic houses with spacious bedrooms, and their parents barely seem to exist.

Even if it’s in irony, couldn’t the filmmaker see that calling a place where only white people live “Pleasantville,” a bit concerning?

If you’re in the eastern US, you’ll be able to watch the whole show live, starting at 7 a.m.

Shortly after, we hosted a Facebook live Q&A with Ron Pollack, the executive director of Families USA.

An estimated 200 million people live within a day’s drive of the path of totality.

We’re gonna get married and I don’t know if we’re gonna live together.

live performances will take place November 28–December 4.

Popping off too early is visceral proof they cannot please a partner or live up to the expectations of masculinity.

Once they know that, they don’t live in fear of being fired.

After the oil crises “we realized we live virtually in the woodshed,” said Henrik Johansson, environmental coordinator at Vaxjo municipality.

So at the very least it’s a live question, something many parents and prospective parents are wrestling with in good faith.

Weighing up to a little under 6 tons, these elephants can live for up to 60 years in the wild, according to National Geographic.

The crime rate is fairly low according to Arcadis’ report, and people who live there enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

It was a lot of fun being able to play that music live accompanying the film.

This is not to say that you have to live in a city if you care about climate change.

live wherever you want.

Watch the interview live on YouTube and below.

In 2014, more than 23,00 US infants died, which puts the rate of deaths per 1,000 live births consistently higher than other developed countries.

I’ve never stockpiled anything before, because I live in the middle of London, an incredible city that has everything.

They don’t have a place to live in Lausanne.

That same weekend, they performed their first live show in five years at London’s Printworks.

I live in a state in the heart of the heart of the country.

Do you have somewhere to live in Switzerland, or somewhere to work?

I live in a state in the heart of the heart of the country.

While the video was quickly removed, the screenshots circulating on Twitter will live forever.

Nicolas attributes this to the inclusiveness of the profession: “In live modeling, all morphologies are drawn — young, old, beautiful, ugly, fat, thin.

There are no physical barriers to becoming a live model.

While the video was quickly removed, the screenshots circulating on Twitter will live forever.

Just as with live, there are no signs that Facebook wishes to be in this game long-term.

Donald Glover is a live wire.

Saturday Night live has been lucky to have Kate McKinnon’s manic energy for four years now, but 2016 was her best year yet.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over the trauma of what happened, I’m just learning how to live with it,” said Rizaeva.

Through 18 hours of wind and rain, Ashlee braved live power lines and deep water, to help save more than 40 lives.

Seong-ho’s story is a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom.

A people whose heroes live not only in the past, but all around us — defending hope, pride, and the American way.

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