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I transferred the site to a new domain, and announced it on social media platforms and mailing lists.

Since 2008, “Speed Racer” has popped up on many critical lists as an underrated and overlooked film.

Being an academic work, the journal is aiming for something more than a collection of anecdotes about consoles and lists must-play obscure game titles.

(The FDA’s website lists the drug as “currently in shortage” but provides no further information about when the shortage might be resolved.)

Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls, which is hidden deep in the Amazon, hasn’t made many bucket lists.

STRIVR also lists Chipotle and Lowe’s as clients.

1 on Amazon best-seller lists in the U.S. and Britain.

To find out more about them, The Creators Project spoke to MariNaomi:  The Creators Project: How many cartoonists are on each of your lists?

Every passing year brings more and more television, making year-end lists like this one increasingly difficult to compile.

Their website has a submissions tab that lists proposal requirements so artists can apply via email.

Choose from strategic lists and itineraries, and receive advice for linking multiple parks, interesting stops between them, and nearby attractions and state parks.

The IRS document for Greg Pence’s political organization lists Craig Kunkle as its “custodian.”

Awards nominations announcements are often pretty boring affairs, with famous people reading off lists of nominees at a podium.

Granted, the judges interview hopefuls about their kinks of choice—Macchia lists rope bondage, flogging and CBT among his—and quiz them on leather history.

Their names and contact information will be on Sanders’s campaign lists, and Sanders will be endorsing Clinton and campaigning for her.

Shkrum was only 26 when two Ukrainian political parties offered her spots in their electoral lists.

The sales went through despite Mateen’s name being included on two federal watch lists for suspected terrorists.

For a slight variation on that, head to, which lists the subgenres purely alphabetically and has a search bar at the top.

Bad client lists allow us to let other providers know about risky behavior from the client.

As a trans sex worker, bad client lists and references are essential to my safety.

The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage,” he told Reuters.

In his prettiest and most relaxed croon, Petty lists a number of travel tropes, images of flight, of transition, of constant motion.

The video lists a number of signs it claims points to autism, including Barron clapping without slapping his hands together.

He lists raising the minimum wage on his campaign website under its “fighting for women’s rights” section.

Sometimes, the difference is extremely significant, a fact that’s noticeable because the site lists the two scores side by side.

This year, the organization lists 60 women.

His LinkedIn profile lists him as “Director of Procurement, Strategic Deals Team” at Apple.

It’s been downloaded in 206 countries and territories around the world, seen rave reviews, and made a number of best-of podcast lists.

Now, ASCAP lists the Fray lead singer Isaac Slade and guitarist Joe King as co-writers of “Closer” on their website.

Early Church lists place him as second or third in the list of Roman bishops after Peter.

The Constitution just lists “high crimes and misdemeanors” as cause for impeachment.

Richard Berg-Andersson lists nine electors who have indeed gone “rogue” and refused to support their state’s presidential choice in the past 100 years.

They gave us lists yesterday of voters who should be included and excluded.” She was in the list to be included, Djukayeva added.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, they were given priority on 150-person waiting lists for the city’s most popular shelter program.

They had heard horror stories about other countries’ health care systems, long waiting lists and the like.

The report gives lists of the most searched things in a variety of categories.

But for some odd reason, we do it in healthcare.” Healthcare Bluebook often lists providers who offer discounts if patients pay cash up front.

To (partially) answer that, take a look at platforms’ end-of-the-year lists.

I’m complaining about the sameness of all these lists, yet can I name something important that isn’t on them?

Perceptual ad-blocking, on the other hand, ignores those codes and those lists.

Is it “Chemistry,” a rhythmically wooden reggae-inflected blues-rocker that lists cliched pickup lines as if revealing something deep and horrifying about gender relations?

The complaint even lists a few specific tracks, like Gaga’s A Star is Born hit “Shallow” and “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence.

She was also featured on her son’s famous “Top 10” lists and “Cooking with Dave’s Mom” segments.

We board the plane buoyed by high expectations and a folder full of Top Ten lists.

Chuko topped a bunch of lists, and thus ranked high on The Matrix.

Making that data available means doing a lot more than posting charge lists.

IMBD lists 65 uses of “Respect” in TV and film, but frankly, that sounds like a lowball to us — surely there must be hundreds.

(For example, sex workers often exchange “bad date lists,” or information about which clients to stay away from.)

The form lists several major tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, Uber and Airbnb, as suggested options to choose as employees’ place of work.

Myanmar government officials did not answer phone calls seeking comment on the Rohingya lists.

The handwritten lists were compiled by volunteers, photocopied, and passed from person to person.

It is also unclear how many versions of the lists there are.

Wells said he believes the lists will have value for investigators into possible crimes against humanity.

MSF did not respond to requests for comment on the Rohingya lists.

For Mohammed Suleman, a shopkeeper from Tula Toli, the Rohingya lists are a legacy for his five-year-old daughter.

Pennsylvania lists these delegate candidates on the ballot without any disclosure of which presidential candidate (if any) they support.

Then there were email contact lists as a distribution model.

Toyota had five vehicles on the lists, more than any other automaker, and two more than Kia and General Motors, which tied for second.

The market research company JD Power on Wednesday released its lists of the best vehicles from model year 2018 that cost less than $65,000.

The company produced four lists ranking the top five vehicles in four different price segments: $15,000-$19,999, $20,000-$32,999, $33,000-$44,999, and $45,000-$65,000.

(JD Power said it used data from over 3.2 million “verified ownership experiences” to create the lists.)

Toyota had five vehicles on the lists, more than any other automaker, and two more than Kia and General Motors, which tied for second.

Vehicles from Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan also made the lists.

The Saudi Society of Forensic Medicine lists him as a board member.

Iranian online shopping site Digikala lists the top nine tomato paste items as out of stock, and the rest as “coming soon”.

It lists dozens and dozens of car-related interests.

As far as my Twitter interests go, it lists 190.

— Spreadsheets were found containing lists of athletes whose samples had been saved.

The films Cannes picks for its screenings and awards inevitably land on the must-watch lists of cinephiles around the world.

Political movements without concrete lists of demands are considered juvenile.

JL: You know, that’s why these lists suck.

Email lists, chatbots, virtual reality, and Facebook’s latest product that publishers are dependent upon won’t save or eliminate anything.

Potential attendees have to meet with one of the organizers before being added to email and text message lists.

Leonardo’s “Codex Atlanticus,” a bound set of drawings and writings, lists the completion of eight St. Sebastians.

Summers lists several reasons he fears that Trump could seriously damage the world economy, but they really boil down to two.

Eyes follow him to the front of the hall, where he sits down stoically while a compère lists his novels and awards.

Fundraising email lists can be donated.

I know a lot of women who have mental lists of, like, what famous guys would you be devastated to find out was abusive.

“The City of Chicago has its own secretive [predictive policing] algorithm called the Strategic Subject lists (SSL).

The museum label and publication lists the wrong date Piyadasa’s piece was originally made — 1969 instead of 1970.

He was also interviewed by officials “for immigration purposes,” according to the Associated Press, but he wasn’t on any watch lists.

By 2003, mailing lists had been replaced by online message boards, and James admitted to The Wire that he’d trolled them.

“Happy hunting!” it said in one internal email asking for volunteers willing to build target lists for so-called Operation Mega.

“Happy hunting!” it said in one internal email asking for volunteers willing to build target lists for so-called Operation Mega.

The application lists Mark Neumann, a regulatory engineer, as its primary contact.

Another woman, a volunteer, gives us the walk lists for our turf.

Originally for the GameCube, the remake now routinely beats out the original on critics’ lists of the best Resident Evil games.

As of July 29, there are more than 119,000 candidates for organ transplantation on waiting lists, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing.

For example, Yale’s website lists total costs at a whopping $68,230.

Celebrities are often on the lists, which are featured twice a year.

The nation’s trading partners are already preparing lists of iconic made-in-America goods like bourbon and jeans to hit with their own restrictions.

The medicine, a mixture of synthetic estrogen and progesterone, lists suppression of ovulation as a side effect.

Now, Jennifer’s Body shows up on New York Times lists of great horror movies directed by women.

They then searched the friends lists of the accounts they found to establish where networks were located and how they communicated with each other.

They haven’t totally lost sight of this period, though, even if Zooropa isn’t making it onto their set lists.

This lists what the plan does.

Something as seemingly meaningless as reorganizing the break room, sorting out inventory, filing press lists will help the company in a major way.”

According to data company ScrapeHero, Amazon currently lists 119.9 million products, versus eBay’s self-reported 1.2 billion listings.

They recited lists of friends and neighbors who had left.

Climate change led most of their lists.

He added that he had seen lists produced by the Thai government of wanted people that was provided to neighboring nations.

“Everything you did exists somewhere, you’re on certain lists.”

Sign into your Amazon account and open the dropdown menu under “Accounts & lists.”

Peter and I have worked on lists before.

“It might be waiting lists or enrollment caps.

Another section of one of the documents lists some of the “trends” Facebook expects to see during the election season.

“Collaborative Wish lists,” or a group planning feature, is also coming to the Airbnb app.

The company currently lists no chief operating officer.

And Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush topped political prognosticators’ lists for the Republican nomination.

This week, we are rolling out his preseason lists.

And Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush topped political prognosticators’ lists for the Republican nomination.

As a rule, Noisey doesn’t run individual staffers’ year-end best-of lists.

Vanguard lists these numbers right next to the name of each of your holdings, but Fidelity makes you do a bit more digging.

(For example, Fidelity lists funds similar to its Contrafund here.)

The property website lists the average rent for an LA studio at $1,614.

(There are lots of lists of pantry essentials on the internet, like this one.)

2:38 PM PT — According to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Parker lists their date of separation as February 28, 2019.

But the best part of these lists is reading powerful people write about other powerful people.

It’s a style commonly used for bibliographies and “works cited” pages in MLA format, and sometimes for creating lists within documents.

He said customers were checked against international sanctions lists and described the number of e-resident customers of SEB as “insignificant”.

The weekly arrests and small-scale attacks, the dozens of kill lists, video after video filled with threats — it might just be terrorism overload.

Costa Rica-based MyBookie lists Pence as the No.

Costa Rica-based MyBookie lists Pence as the No.

2/2 The document properties suggest it was created on Jan. 8 and lists the name of a Washington lobbyist as the author.

Such lists “lack review or oversight” and thus could be viewed as having a chilling effect on free speech.

Nas lists his monthly expenses at $76,834.04 and that includes $20,245.70 that goes to helping various family members, including his father.

It now lists more than 2.7 million individuals and entities spanning a variety of categories.

An earlier round of $34 billion tariffs on Chinese goods lists industrial robots.

It lists no contemporary allegations of terrorism.

In contrast, states can cap enrollment for in-home supports, and run waiting lists.

But waiting lists long predate the ACA.

A contest where you see the protected lists, then guess at the roster with trades that you think will happen, too.

This week, we are rolling out his preseason lists.

The document, which was first published by the Guardian, lists broad categories at the beginning of the soldier’s 31-page file.

The document, which was first published by the Guardian, lists broad categories at the beginning of the soldier’s 31-page file.

The warehouse in question was not included in computerized inventory lists with PREPA failing to answer questions from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The online form also lists seven prominent figures for consideration, nominated by Pittsburgh historian Dr. Jessie B. Ramey.

The year-end list of year-end lists.

Richard Berg-Andersson lists nine electors who instead chose to go “rogue,” refusing to vote for their state’s choice for president.

I hate slideshow lists, but Talksport made a slideshow list ranking the net spending of the top English clubs since 1992-93.

Opendoor resells the homes it buys and lists those homes for sale on its website.

This directory from NeedyMeds lists nearly 4,000 low-cost dental clinics across the country.

Such was the enthusiasm for buying shares that many mining companies kept ‘sucker lists’ of gullible investors.

He lists his music influences, hobbies and talents — with a special shout-out to his pops.

His new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” currently ranks at the tops of the bestseller lists.

Soylent’s Food Bar lists “whole algal flour” as its sixth ingredient.

The document lists violence against women, environmental justice, and rights for LGBTQIA+ and immigrant communities among its chief concerns.

But great performances are always worth watching, even if they don’t end up on year-end lists during awards season.

Canada’s provinces and territories now need to consider adding PrEP to their lists of subsidized medicines.”

With those glorious, graphic, split leaves, it’s no surprise that it’s on so many people wish lists at the moment.”

The lists aren’t long.)

This is not the same as having long lists of features, specs, speeds and feeds.

Feldman believes that wines like vinhão could find a place on wine lists similar to the one she has curated at Cala.

LG: What do you use for to-do lists?

Leo said McGahn carefully scrutinized the lists of nominees and was not simply a rubber stamp.

It added, however, that there was no indication that compiling the lists was illegal.

A company makes a product, lists it on Amazon to sell it, and people buy it.

Under “People who have reportedly experienced the syndrome,” Wikipedia lists Neil Gaiman, Sheryl Sandberg, Sonia Sotomayor, Emma Watson, and Albert Einstein.

Here’s a theme found across my GOTY lists: How does a game push a genre forward?

Tap into these parts of yourself by letting go of your to-do lists and following your gut, wherever it takes you.

Yes, I have made many lists in my day.

I feel like lists are useful.

I love to see … It’s just a spectator sport, but I love all the year end lists and what books and everything.

But she said the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission still lists decapitation as an option on its website.

There are plenty of lists out there like this that have good deals for preppers.

—Lewis Thomas Enough organization, enough lists and we think we can control the uncontrollable.

The document, from the National Counter-Intelligence Unit, lists Akwesasne under the heading “sabotage by criminals/terrorists.”

She also lists live-in fiance Josh’s monthly income at $10k.

I’d make to-do lists just in case I felt like I needed to leave for good.

Facebook friends lists can be hidden, phone contacts can be given different names, and direct messages can be deleted.

And the history of watch lists show that they’re shaped at least as much by political pressures as by intelligence needs.

Who else could make lists of zip codes visually thrilling?

Based on the lists available on the PHWA’s website, only 25 of the organization’s roughly 294 members are women.

The price lists that many hospitals are releasing to comply with this regulation are often incredibly difficult to read.

He does think there’s a market for an all-in-one, farming-focused app that would integrate chore lists, chat functions, and records.

Collins said only 2,700 people the lists are US citizens, meaning relatively few Americans will see their ability to buy guns affected.

Still, it also lists plans for 77 retirements.

Neither Everytown, which didn’t respond to a request for comment this week, nor Giffords lists assault-style weapons among their top issues.

The document lists them as a “significant condition” contributing to her death as cerebrovascular accident coma.

It was just all going onto mailing lists and stuff like that.

It lists the Trump administration’s possible reversal on ZTE as one of those concerns.

The IEA lists three important factors here: 1) A few key sources of oil have been cut off due to disruptions.

After a few minutes, Grapes’ mind turned to inventory lists.

It lists the names and affiliations of college professors whose opinions and views submitters find offensive.

It’s also packed with supplemental lists, so you’ll have more than enough to watch.

The original score even lists the man’s part as “Wolf” and the woman’s part as “Mouse,” making the predator/prey dynamic creepily explicit.

Anyone who drops a feature of any kind will immediately fall behind the competition in terms of feature lists and lose sales.

Many of these firms have controversial client lists, including countries with abysmal human rights records such as Sudan, Ethiopia, and Russia.

The dedicated tab, which will roll out in the next few weeks, lists catastrophes and crises all over the world.

A 2013 conference on the Carribean coconut industry lists Teddy Ouellet, CEO of 7 Oceanz and resident of Guyana and Canada, as a participant.

The site lists his girlfriend as Melissa Ferguson.

A pack of Narcan containing two doses lists at a price of $125, while generic naloxone retails at around $40 per dose.

Another example is there are a bunch of companies in a bunch of different industries that are selling software that effectively sorts lists better.

It has stopped providing easy access to lists that helped companies evaluate the success of their ads by showing which users clicked on them.

More and more airports have developed apps that help travelers navigate the terminals with maps, lists of services, etc.

Be sure to check back every week for updated lists, and find more fantasy advice from Christopher here.

A 2012 version of SOCAFRICA’s strategic planning documents also obtained by VICE News lists five major terror groups.

The database lists SPLC-labelled hate groups and their corresponding Facebook page, divided according to ideology.

Mostly, it plainly lists the Hall’s slate of programming.

Like too many developing countries, countries like Chad and Niger rank high on lists of the world’s most fragile states.

A few other things of note from the lists include: You can check out the full lists at Variety.

The following lists companies that have received falsely certified parts or are checking whether they have received them.

She had the address lists of the Democratic Party, worked with cutting-edge big data analysts from BlueLabs and received support from Google and DreamWorks.

The board’s head, Tibisay Lucena, is on U.S., EU and Canadian sanctions lists accused of violating democracy.

Its goal is to get medical societies to develop lists of treatments of minimal clinical benefit to patients.

2 on the algorithmically generated “hot new releases” and best-sellers lists, and remains No.

Gaming the Amazon lists is as simple as a little coordinated effort: A rash of early sales is exactly what the algorithm looks for.

Eighty-three percent also favor barring gun purchases by those on federal no-fly or watch lists, the survey found.

Our bucket lists.

It then lists buttons that users can click to read articles from organizations like, Lead Stories, PolitiFact, the Associated Press, and 20 Minutes.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israelis vote in a parliamentary election on Tuesday, choosing among party lists of candidates to serve in the 120-seat Knesset.

In the meantime, you should subscribe to the tor-announce and tor-relays mailing lists to stay abreast of all things relay-related.

We obtained Stan’s death certificate, and it lists heart failure and respiratory failure as the cause of death.

If nothing else, it should add a generous number of titles to your reading and watching lists (both in sci-fi and theory).

“New lists and candidates have won.

They could impose enrollment caps and waiting lists, and they could cut the range of services provided to poor children.

He’s demanded that any existing surveillance videos, incident reports, crew and passenger lists, and other pieces of evidence aren’t tampered with or destroyed.

People with anxiety do things like check and recheck work, problem-solve and make lists, all in an attempt to ensure a good outcome.

It lists her employment and education history, as well as experience which she considered relevant.

Wait lists for low-income housing are absurdly long, and would not provide the level of medical oversight that he needed.

Frey’s will lists Cindy Millican — to whom he was married for more than 25 years — as sole heir to his fortune.

The will lists assets of $100,000 … but, obviously, Frey had much, much more dough than that.

As I watched my friends and colleagues stress over their end of the year lists, I immediately opted out.

Clinton leads Trump by about 7 points in polling averages, and every major election forecasting model lists her as the overwhelming favorite.

Trump lists Navarro’s 2006 book The Coming China Wars as No.

Among the other known and proven players who should rise on offseason lists are Hornets guard Kemba Walker and Celtics forward Al Horford.

THE ACCUSATION This is apparently an image from Party’s old SoundClick profile that lists his supposedly correct age.

The site lists the names, photos, addresses, and other information for doctors who provide abortions (or “abortionists,” as the website calls them).

Eich lists his (meager) possessions, lingering on a “precious” nail, which, ominously, he keeps hidden.

Pennsylvania State University—one of the leading agricultural authorities in the US—even lists candy and chocolate among its alternative feed ration recommendations.

Then, teams come up with two lists.

The document lists Distorn’s alleged wrongdoings as falsifying a 25 million baht ($785,000) charity receipt and tax evasion.

The site, which lists no contact information, doesn’t specify how investors will be paid out though.

The site, which lists no contact information, doesn’t specify how investors will be paid out though.

She lists the date of separation as June 29, 2017 and requests both joint legal and physical custody.

They’re the ones who are actually going to create these lists of defined values, among other things.

Prank site How to Revenge lists one using egg whites, plain yogurt, water, cornstarch, and just a pinch of salt.

This article from our colleagues at the Verge lists some of the better ones.

After all, Aron lists all her books for sale on her site.

Missing lists swelled to over 2,000 after disasters such as Hurricanes Irma and Michael, which came ashore in Florida in the past two years.

But every company lists more plans in the spring than they intend to offer in November enrollment.

2018 – Deutsche Bank lists DWS, generating proceeds of around 1.4 billion euros.

The couple wed in 1992 but she lists February 8, 2015 as their date of separation.

Women carry lists of these private drivers in their phones, and we call and call until we find one who’s available.

Make people feel good

Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of ” Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” lists “liking” someone as a major “weapon of influence.”

Mechanical breast milk pumps awkwardly babysit the diagrams, bills, and to-do lists.

He lists issues that younger voters gravitate toward addressing, including unemployment, job insecurity, and unaffordable housing, as well as climate change and social justice.

We talk a lot about politicians’ and candidates’ reading lists.

Their waiting lists can run into months or years.

TMZ has obtained a copy of Dream’s birth certificate, which lists Dr. Paul Crane as the delivery doc.

Robot,” and my casting director, Susie Farris, who’s amazing, she kept giving me lists of names.

Just adding more women directors to lists provided to producers for consideration on projects would be a step up, she says.

A year later, the lists (which can stretch to more than 100 items) are just exhaustive news recaps.

We’re allergic to idle time because it’s time we could be using to tackle our monstrous and ever-growing to-do lists.

But most lists made available to the public, and players were listed alphabetically.

And, as if to show off, he also lists all the books he reads.

“COPPA lists various methods of attaining verifiable parental consent that have been approved by the FTC,” the complaint says.

I ask for a coffee and what the menu lists as “Chinese licor.”

— Obama’s 2016 lists pepper the standbys with some (slightly) deeper cuts.

The Sunday Times, which lists the 1,000 wealthiest individuals and families in the UK, ranked the richest hedge fund managers in Britain.

It also features illustrated diagrams, ingredient lists, and prose calling for social change and armed revolution.

As one example, many people with insurance often end up on waiting lists spanning weeks or months just to get into drug use treatment.

The document also lists Matt and Ross Duffer as writers and directors of the series.

Five other states also remove voters from their registration lists for failure to vote.

Richard Berg-Andersson lists nine electors who have indeed gone “rogue” and refused to support their state’s presidential choice in the past 100 years.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) among other provisions had forbade removing voters from registration lists for failing to vote.

The ADI website lists 80 North American agencies that have met the organization’s strict standards for training protocols.

Netflix: “How would you build and test a metric to compare two users’ ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?”

Despite an uproar on Chinese social media, Costco’s warehouse locations map still lists Taiwan as a country.

H&M lists Taiwan and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as countries on its website, as does Uniqlo.

Some palliative care patients have responded by drawing up “bucket lists.”

She lists as her key experience serving as a paralegal in the US Army.

While her time on the national political stage has been brief, Harris’ name has been featured prominently on lists of potential presidential candidates.

I like to check off lists.

These lists will be available on the home screen in Apple Maps underneath your favorites and Siri-suggested destinations.

Mercury’s entry into fiery Sagittarius finds you busy getting organized and tackling your to-do lists.

Currently, only 1 in 4 households eligible for federal aid receive public housing; ex-offenders who pass screenings join long waiting lists for new units.

By gaining direct access to candidate donor lists, the DNC can consolidate a database of potential donors and activists.

Other bits and bobs — poems banged out on typewriters and marked up, lists, and collectible memorabilia — share space with the drawings.

Unlike his peers in Chelsea, Linge includes a breakdown of the monthly payments near each item on his gallery’s price lists.

It’s helpful that the EWG lists many of them.

This week, New Andean Architecture, decoding an Inca communication system, women at the Uffizi, “queer” as refusal, some ‘best of’ lists, and more.

Here’s how it reads: Under “Work and Education” she lists — “I fuller feeling lose weight.”

In the book, she lists her favorite girly colors, clothes, and daydreams as concrete proof of her identity.

His website’s issues section lists only seven issues — one of them is Immigration Reform and another is Paying for the Wall.

It lists 43 items — none of which involve Donald Trump.

Part of the job of his lab is to translate soldiers’ wish lists into field-ready technology.

Half of the 450 seats in Ukraine’s parliament are elected via party lists and the other half in single-member constituencies.

According to the new docs … the couple lists the date of separation as April 1, 2017.

We obtained Penny’s death certificate, issued Monday … and it lists heart failure as the primary cause of death.

The SecureWorks report lists hacks for hotel rewards points starting at $10 for 50,000 points, up to $200 for 1,000,000 miles.

And for the rare book that manages to establish enough of a presence on various best-seller lists, a self-sustaining momentum develops.

“The Graduate” (1967)

“The Graduate” tops many “Best” lists and for good reason.

That’s because the different lists don’t all use the same data.

Here’s a breakdown of how the five major lists — Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Indiebound, Amazon, and the New York Times — work.

Some of its genre lists appear every week, but others are published and updated more sporadically.

Amazon offers two different best-seller lists: Amazon Charts and Amazon Best Sellers.

Getting people to fill out forms and hand over their information to build out contact lists isn’t a novel strategy for political campaigns.

In that sense, all the major best-seller lists are biased, including the New York Times’s.

All best-seller lists are compromises and guesses and interpretations of fuzzy data, including the New York Times best-seller list.

“We don’t keep statistics or any lists of members.

They stay connected via message boards and email lists and regularly share tips, observations, and advice.

When he made one of his many gaffes, it got added to numerous lists written in good fun.

On the site, Google also lists its guidelines for registering these requests, which involves questions of public interest, freedom of speech, and journalistic value.

If you’ve ever compared shampoo and conditioner ingredient lists, you know that there’s sometimes overlap between what’s in each bottle.

In the docs, she lists their date of separation as November 2015 — although they didn’t announce the split until March 2016.

The Freedom Caucus typically lists the costs of these regulations ($1.4 billion for the ozone rule) without mentioning any possible public health benefits.

St. John lists eight ways to come up with big ideas: 1.

It’s why most “Best Batman Games Ever” lists often throw some extremely average titles into the mix.

Barrie Trinkle: It was so old-school when I was going [in 1973]; you found whatever books and lists you could dig up.

And she had lists of the old words used in previous Bees, which they didn’t post and was actually really valuable.

The F-rating website lists only 16 films which get the much rarer “triple F rating,” meaning that they meet all three criteria.

But it also means lists like these require far more grains of salt than they might have in the past.

The Saudi Society of Forensic Medicine lists him as a board member.

One of the first celebrity U.S. chief executives, his autobiography made best-seller lists in the mid-1980s.

Now two senior British members of parliament (MPs) have called for an inquiry into Britain’s role in the assassination lists.

Now two senior British members of parliament (MPs) have called for an inquiry into Britain’s role in the assassination lists.

The report lists colleagues “located at GCHQ, the Joint Narcotics Analysis Centre London (JNAC), and the Interagency Operations Coordination Centre (IOCC) in Kabul.”

Lebanon’s main parties are sectarian, but for elections they create tactical alliances across religious lines to form joint candidate lists for each constituency.

Activist groups had valuable lists of donors and volunteers.

The major mobile platforms like iOS and Android allow developers to collect people’s contact lists with permission.

A Facebook page linked to Hodgkinson lists him as the owner of JTH Inspections.

As well as checking their credentials as residents of Myanmar, he said, authorities would check returnees against lists of suspected “terrorists”.

You will often see values added to lists with a function called append().

Barrie Trinkle: It was so old-school when I was going [in 1973]; you found whatever books and lists you could dig up.

And she had lists of the old words used in previous Bees, which they didn’t post and was actually really valuable.

We populated our Christmas lists with Pokémon toys.

Despite Barr’s argument that the evidence of Trump’s corrupt intent is insufficient, the Mueller report lists other possible motivations.

Blankenship had long railed against federal safety rules, and his mines racked up long lists of violations.

Blankenship had long railed against federal safety rules, and his mines racked up long lists of violations.

I can look at lists of the most powerful women in business and see many people who look like me.

You group them into two lists: the ones you love and the ones you don’t.

You group them into two lists: the ones who shouldn’t be alive and the ones who shouldn’t be dead.

You group them into two lists: the living and the dead.

Bookstores expanded their YA sections; publishers began investing more money in their YA and children’s lists.

b) Prepare a verbal and visual presentation that lists your accomplishments and goals for the future.

Senator Susan Collins says she’s not giving up on her fight to keep people on terror watch lists from buying guns.

It’s likely to assure Thomas’s continued and well-deserved dominance on the best-seller lists.

Half of the 450 seats in Ukraine’s parliament are elected via party lists and the other half in single-member constituencies.

The Tor project lists a few of the best practices to follow while using it.

All lists like this must start with Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

What could help, researchers suggest, is more female instructors, woman-only study groups, randomized lists to call on students in class, or small-group discussions.

Conveniently, its front page lists, alongside a Carroll Gardens address, a phone number.

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They have just lists of companies that can do this, or nonprofits or churches that will take mattresses.

I spent most of 2018 ignoring the literary lists that urged me to read Moshfegh’s new novel, My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

Alessandra Sanguinetti: When I shoot, I set out with scenes in mind, with lists, and quickly scrawl storyboard kind of reminders.

Right, so let’s talk about the CEO’s salary, which is always a hot topic among journalists, they love putting the lists up.

His booking sheet lists him at 5’8″ and 160 lbs.

For evidence, they included Duane Sr.’s 1958 birth certificate … which lists John Nelson as Duane’s father — same as Prince.

And Mirren keeps popping up on other awards lists for Trumbo, so I guess.

The money was payment for lead lists.

IFan’s website lists no contact details and links to Twitter and Facebook pages redirect to the home page.

lists of hard-to-remember and frequently changed passwords are typically written down and kept within easy reach of the person’s computer.

Prospective parents today are looking at up to $50,000 in agency fees and waiting lists of up to five years to get a child.

Blige lists the date of separation as “to be determined” — unclear why.

But it still lists diversity issues in science as a core principle.

Some airlines reportedly have waiting lists of 20,000 people.

Three European security officials said the passenger manifest for Flight 804 contained no names on terrorism watch lists.

(They failed, though the effort shot the book up the best-seller lists).

You’ll see Java at the top of many “most profitable” lists and it is for sure an in-demand skill.

This story lists 10 of those appointees.

The members of It Never Happened quickly began to compile lists of other demonstrably provable events that they nonetheless believe to have never happened.

In the Venezuelan border town of Urena, residents signed up to unofficial waiting lists for aid.

Clinton leads Trump by about 7 points in polling averages, and every major election forecasting model lists her as the overwhelming favorite.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists cancer as the sole consequential health effect of plutonium exposure.

If the company doesn’t comply, he proceeds to the next stage and lists company data for sale without naming the organisation.

After feeling unsettled by the price lists, I decided to browse through the gift shop created especially for this exhibition.

It’s important, however, to not lose sight of the most important name on those lists: China.

The first one the bill lists is Syria.

One page lists “the most persuasive words in the English language”: “You, New, Money, Easy, Discovery, Free, Results, Save, Proven, Guarantee, and Love.”

Fugleberg came up with the number based on statistics from the Gun Violence Archive, which lists more than 700 mass shootings since Pulse.

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“), add things we suddenly remember while driving to to-do lists, or listen to audiobooks.

Retailers had successfully kept high-profile consumer electronics such as cell phones and television sets off of previous tariff lists.

She lists some of its associations and meanings.

7/17– According to the docs, Eli lists the couple’s date of separation as July 12 of this year.

Rovio’s privacy policy lists all of the places it sends data.

The Breakthrough Starshot website lists around 20 different engineering hurdles scientists will have to overcome before any of this is possible.

Clinton leads Trump by about 7 points in polling averages, and every major election forecasting model lists her as the overwhelming favorite.

And they were on lists because they visited certain mosques that we were looking at because they were in certain groups and so on.

Republicans have a far-more-focused approach to their State of the Union guests lists.

It also requested lists of any systems that use Kaspersky products and the names of any U.S. government contractors or subcontractors that do so.

That program does not have waiting lists or lifetime limits.

But if you don’t want to splurge, the Huffington Post lists some awesome techniques using various combinations of spatulas, washcloths, plastic wrap, and yoga.

The OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer is at the top of several expert lists, including Wirecutter, Food & Wine, and InformedMag.

4:43 PM PT — In the divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — Camp lists “irreconcilable difference” as the cause for the split.

They could impose enrollment caps and waiting lists, and they could cut the range of services provided to poor children.

The Dimmit County Central Appraisal District, where the property is located, lists the property’s current owners as Stratton Oilfield Systems.

Clinton leads Trump by about 7 points in polling averages, and every major election forecasting model lists her as the overwhelming favorite.

Typically, when Republicans are in power, we’re told we get GOP-heavy guest lists to reflect what newsmakers are thinking.

But when Democrats are in power, we’re told we get GOP-heavy guest lists to provide a counterpoint to officeholders.

The certificate lists the immediate cause of death as “deferred” — which could mean officials are still waiting for autopsy results.

He lists the public funds gone to develop the drug in a Patients for Affordable Drugs analysis.

He lists the date of separation as March 27, 2018.

In the docs, she lists off her injuries from the assault — cervical sprain, several disc injuries, wrist derangement, concussion and post-traumatic headaches.

“Oh, there’s wait lists,” that sort of thing.

He recently retired but he still assists me with putting together wine lists sometimes.

The document also lists metabolic acidosis, intra-abdominal hemorrhage and diffuse atherosclerotic vascular disease.

It’s a series of questions, he lists: “Who am I?

The Department of Homeland Security lists the University of Farmington on its website displaying certified schools for international students.

Playlist for Life created “100 Years: A Century of Song,” which lists the 100 most popular songs each year between 1915-2015.

In addition, attackers could see the posts and lists of friends and groups of about 400,000 users.

It lists non-legislative measures that need to be carried out by 2020, although the official said there “could be delays”.

But he gave up after a frustrating search through mutual fund stock lists, holding companies and subsidiaries.

The website lists 10 reasons not to keep raccoons as pets.

You say you hate lists?

But we also know that you love reading lists.

On Writing now routinely tops lists of the best pieces of writing advice ever written.

The Vaughn index sent to VICE News lists only the recipients of top secret emails Hillary Clinton sent and received.

Big biennales like Manifesta, in contrast, remain up there with building glitzy contemporary art museums on many modern cities’ lists of priorities.

“Had we had cleaner lists, had we had not such a transient population, we would be focused more on the volunteer recruitment,” he said.

Chyna lists “Does 1-100” as defendants — that’s legal speak for people you could later add to the lawsuit.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the man had not been on any watch lists in New Zealand or Australia.

(Red lists are publications meant to draw attention to and prevent antiquities trafficking.)

He was also interviewed by officials “for immigration purposes,” according to the Associated Press, but he wasn’t on any watch lists.

They are, quite literally, lists of direct links to files, many—but not all—of which are useless junk.

When she was uninsured, getting into rehab involved waiting lists and daily phone calls to see if a publicly funded bed had opened up.

The doc lists the translation as “the twins.”

The “In Memoriam” section of Volume 10 of the 1911 American Dental Journal lists ten dentists who passed away that year.

Additional emotional stress can come from isolation, which the CDC lists as one of the main risk factors for suicide.

Also low on voters’ priority lists is a pet issue of journalists: Clinton’s months-long refusal to hold press conferences.

It’s no coincidence that Toronto’s Respire lists all of the above as influences for their sophomore record, Dénouement.

Democrats urged gun control measures such as tighter background checks and legislation to curb the sale of weapons to people on government watch lists.

The marriage application lists their government names — Russell Carrington Wilson and Ciara Princess Harris.

I like the format of this book because it lists questions, which you can practice yourself, and you can see suggested answers.

The first and second lists total 6.4 billion euros.

If you’re searching for a person, the results are sorted into separate lists for emails from and to that person.

That article lists seven total arrests, and states that four of those arrested were expected to go to court, and two were paroled.

You can view your files in icons, lists, and now columns, so you can dig through file hierarchies.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Nazi-hunting organization, lists Oberlander as one of the world’s most-wanted WWII-era war criminals.

States could automatically enroll people in Medicaid, for example, by using lists of people on other public assistance programs.

But the dresses worn on the red carpet will live on forever, immortalized in a deluge of best-dressed lists.

Back then, these lists had heft, and were absolute.

The current glut of lists has all but zapped them of their novelty, not to mention impact.

Beauty and the Beast, for instance, sits comfortably in the top spot on both lists.

The lists are also important to celebrities who are vying for lucrative beauty, fashion, and accessories campaigns.

“For [designers, the lists] definitely matter.”

And best-dressed lists can be critical cogs in the publicity machines designed to build and bolster a star’s brand equity.

Diane Kruger, Carey Mulligan, Chloë Sevigny, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, and Victoria Beckham are among the notables who consistently pop up on best-dressed lists.

Playing it too safe with a gown and styling can also keep you off the best-dressed lists.

Both lists have many of the same films on them, albeit in different spots: Wonder Woman is No.

lists, of course, are subjective.

We amassed an absurd collection of maps, topographies, lists of geological formations, regional histories, and archaeological accounts from the 19th century.

Be sure to also check out ThinkProgress’s Ian Millhiser and the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin, who have very useful lists.

They came up with lists of things they knew and had skills for and knew there was a need for.

End-of-the-year lists can be overwhelming.

(Case in point: this year’s chart-topping “NO,” which lists all the ways she denies boys asking her for dates.)

He also lists the Mr. Rogers documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

And, with all year-end lists, we have to ask … who did Obama snub?

But what it can do is moderate everything it lists and provide trigger warnings in reviews of the videos it posts about.

The set lists were brilliant, comprising of mini sets four to five songs in length from each of their studio albums.

These rooms were marked with a plus sign on the KGB lists, which meant the room was equipped with stationary surveillance equipment.

Both competitions include a mix of national and international teams, but African nations and players are noticeably absent from participant lists.

The 120 Knesset seats are allocated by proportional representation to party lists.

The Washington Post lists other prospects, including freshman Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a conservative critic of Trump, and Ohio Gov.

All of these records have wound up on multiple metal publications’ year-end best-of lists, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Clinton’s and Sanders’s donor lists reveal how the Democratic candidates are resonating with different parts of Silicon Valley.

So despite normally hating lists, I celebrated this one, on their behalves.

He lists them both at every campaign stop, and promises he’ll run on that agenda specifically, calling them his two major bills.

One of the first celebrity U.S. chief executives, his autobiography made best-seller lists in the mid-1980s.

He also lists this schedule as his employees’ normal working hours.

On public forums and “whisper networks” like shared lists, they can swap information about dangerous clients or agents.

We’ve obtained a copy of Natalie’s will, which lists $1.3 million in assets.

Whitten used lists throughout his journals to track his progress and goals.

This is what people talk about, the lists, quizzes … lists, quizzes, all that kind of stuff.

So all the lists.

Interestingly, she lists the date of separation as Nov. 24.

And a lot of our videos … The creation of lists and quizzes like that.

It lists non-legislative measures that need to be carried out by 2020, although the official said there “could be delays”.

Sift through the database on Creative Commons, where you can find favorite images, save them to your own lists, and add tags.

A new report from the FAA lists 583 separate drone incidents reported from August 2015 through January 2016.

The report also lists hundreds of incidents in which drones approached airports or flew above the 500-foot altitude limit proposed by the FAA.

As the film draws to a close, a voiceover by one of the group lists the SCOT-PEP demands.

(National Geographic lists average life spans in the wild to be between 50 and 80 years.)

(The filing lists them only as Party A, Party B, Party C and Party D, though Party A is likely Salesforce.)

Finally, these apps will no longer be able to see lists of your taggable and mutual friends.

This is not the same as having long lists of features, specs, speeds and feeds.

It also lists helping new businesses write off more of their initial costs.

The documentary unpacks key plot points of each of those lives, but not in a way that merely lists her many accomplishments.

There are bots in Slack, the business-focused messaging service, many of which aim to help with work-related tasks like expenses or to-do lists.

Bynum’s bio lists her as a former assistant to “Dr.

I take my lists and then add everything/anything in between the assigned locations and never stop shooting or filming during the flights.

The Trump campaign has also been especially shameless in using scammy Facebook ads and email lists to extract donations from supporters.

But it will immediately give access to hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of people on existing waiting lists.

Half of the 450 seats in Ukraine’s parliament are elected on party lists and the other half in single-member constituencies.

It’s clear Facebook already understands that friend lists have gotten too big.

lists lose some potency when they get too long.

Although Hemsworth’s page lists the release date as June 13th, Hemsworth publicly dropped the song on the 16th.

Heather lists the date of separation as Monday, August 8th … the same day she filed the docs.

FanDuel, which had Curry at -125 following the Warriors’ Game 2 victory, now lists him at -115 and Leonard at -104.

The report lists 206 such releases, all from the week of Jan. 28.

The report lists 206 such releases, all from the week of Jan. 28.

Every December, music publications unveil their Albums of the Year lists, Noisey included.

To pull back the curtain on this process, a lot of work goes into curating the albums and compiling these lists.

There are long lists of American historical figures who simply haven’t had a great movie made about them.

I saw that people made lists.

But some planners, however, do not recommend that you make two lists.

“I don’t believe in making two lists,” wedding planner Linda Payne said.

I was like, lists are important so I’m going to make a list.

We hope lists in a sentence examples were helpful.