Lip in a sentence | Use of the word lip examples

It’s also insulting that the White House is only paying lip service to high-skilled workers and their families.

So we managed to find some forensic lip readers.

And you know that the lip readers got it right, because they actually do fit.

Poptimism lip syncs along to the lip syncer.

“Didn’t the executive producer tell the makeup person to tone down the lip gloss when they’re waking up out of bed?”

This country pays a lot of lip service to the importance of the teaching profession, but we never put our money behind it.”

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in lip service.

Each announcement I found my lip quivering and my eyes welling up.

Other safeguards also feel like mere lip service. And Chief of Staff Kelly has paid lip service to the notion that women should be safe at work and at home.

As with any initiative that improves the bottom line, paying lip service to diversity isn’t enough.

At Père Lachaise in Paris, you can try to jump past a sheet of protective Plexiglass to leave a lip print for Oscar Wilde.

Mercedes looked at them, and she looked at me, and her lip curled.

It could be best likened to that of children’s lip gloss.

“You know, ‘Be tough,’ ‘Stiff upper lip,’ ‘You’re the provider.'”

When Nia did her last scene, Terrence was having some sort of allergic reaction and his lip began swelling.

Both she and Asia gave killer performances in the lip sync but finally it was finally time for The Vixen to go.

He’d also like hydrating lip balms and a personal masseuse.

may see this as lip service.

And I really hope everyone involved is wearing the same terrible lip liner and culottes as in the original.

And he [can] smell Catherine’s lip gloss penguin which is green.

[It shows them lip syncing to Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot songs.]

I didn’t want any lip action with Mark Zuckerberg.

A good red lip, a quality mascara, and a great concealer seem to be on-trend no matter where you live.

Plus, it looks great with any lip shade from nude to deep plum.”

“In past years, the bold lip statement style took over Brazilian’s woman faces, paired with natural and effortless skin and eyes.”

lip focused makeup is definitely an interest for women in our region,” Harris said.

“Accentuated by a red toned lip colour, terracotta red, orange toned red, and more yellow based red lips are popular and easily accessible.”

“The matte lip is still the preferred texture among Mexican women,” Cisneros said, adding that MAC’s liptensity is a popular product.

Kylie’s birthday collection features lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner and glitter eyes, and it launched on August 6.

That’s why I started a separate non-surgical page, where I’m letting people know I do lip fillers, Botox, and facials.

Her upper lip was bruised and swollen after the encounter because, she said, he had grabbed onto it with his mouth.

Her upper lip was puffed out and blue, and appeared to have been hit.”

But there are a lot of inconsistencies — you really see it with Bart’s upper lip.

Is that a quiver of your lip, a stray tear loosening in your eye?

“I just think we are not at that point in the cycle,” lip said.

Paige paid lip service to that fear, once again showing she’s got a bit of a knack for spycraft, however reluctant.

Enough with the lip service.

Imagine that, the NFL paying lip service to a problem they have no intention of solving.

The line boasts 91 products, including shimmer skinsticks, lip gloss, blotting powder, and more.

Despite paying lip service to respecting journalists, Sessions did not take questions from reporters at the end of the news conference.

“He takes great lip service to wanting new ideas, but he doesn’t value or respect outside opinion,” the source said.

I picked up a lip gloss, looked at it, decided I’d already had something similar and put it down.

Temple says he was beaten to a pulp … his 2 front teeth got chipped and his lip was busted.

But there was just one problem with the claim: It was pure lip service.

“Up until the 1980s, there was at least some lip service paid to rehabilitation.

His upper lip is wet.

She criticized Democrats who only pay lip service to communities of color, saying her mission is to start talking to voters now.

A lot of companies give lip service to women’s safety, but it’s not always the highest priority.

The man from Virginia took the Kentuckian’s lower lip between his teeth and ripped it down to his chin.

At the same time, you have beauty queens getting butt and lip enhancements.

And how neck kisses are sometimes better than lip kisses.

Our eyes met—then all of a sudden, her lip trembled.

And you work on lip trills or tongue trills, pitch slides.

Malhotra’s lip was busted open, but he didn’t have time to go to the hospital.

Would stars merely pay lip service to gender equality in between plugging their latest projects?

Othran demands that the guard move lest he be put on the ground with a split lip.

She paired it with a dark lip color and an elegant updo.

Yet the Republican Party has always paid lip service to the idea.

“People talk about lip reading like it’s some easy thing — it is not easy at all.

Flynn used his jewelry to great effect, smashing Huston’s lip and leaving a gash over his eye.

Its first product was a Vaseline-like lip balm.

The business, which also includes Chapstick lip balm and Caltrate supplements, is seen as attractive but has come to market at a bad time.

Plus, it bothered me how the movie paid lip service to some more progressive storylines without actually pushing any boundaries.

I developed opinions on Kristen Stewart (bit her lip too much) and Robert Pattinson (I appreciated his palpable hatred of the franchise).

What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained from one of these eagles?I had my bottom lip split open by a bald eagle.

So I shoved her back, and then she punched me in the mouth—my lip split open and was bleeding like crazy.

The procedure costs £1,050 [$1,477] and follows the same basic principles as a lip filler.

“I just think we are not at that point in the cycle,” lip said.

The least expensive item will be a $4.99 lip balm from ChapStick.

Denise entered 12-month-old Summer in the show, whose first-time nerves were quashed by a lip tickle.

It’s the brand’s first tinted lip balm.

Since you are probably going to be reapplying your lip product several times a day, finding an affordable one is important.

Trust us, it’s time to make yourself some homemade cinnamon buns—and step away from that lip balm display.

River has Down syndrome and was born with a cleft lip and palate and heart defects.

“Equifax’s breach was far more egregious than the Facebook issue, and there hasn’t been any significant legislation,” lip said.

And he bit his lip.

He claims the woman attacked him, punching him in the face and splitting his lip.

She trawled pages of listings before she messaged a seller to determine the authenticity of a $14 lip Kit.

The size of the tubes were different, so was the size of the box and the length of the lip liner.

“It stuck to my lip like a kind of glue and was hard to remove,” she said.

Poynter said that, personally, she cannot lip read well herself.

She looked impossibly cool; her red lip stain didn’t smudge as she devoured the greasy noodles.

(For me: the designated “junk drawer” in the kitchen where it lives among decommissioned lip balms and pens.)

So why were these two lip syncing for their lives, each for the second time?

She’s also the best lip sync assassin we’ve seen in years, as evinced by her performances the last two weeks.

Her final lip sync was professional, but it didn’t have the flair of comedy and originality that Monét showed.

I will say that you and Nina both slayed during the lip sync.

Washes of color are tripped up by the space it inhabits, the painter’s brush meeting a lip on its way across the canvas.

Cops say his lip was bleeding, and Katt had fled when they arrived.

She certainly did not belong in the final lip sync melee against Eureka and Aquaria.

During her lip sync against Kameron you could tell she was trying to pull a stunt that didn’t quite come off.

Salter’s lip curled.

(Because, well, she collected $10,000 winning that lip sync.)

The passage pays some lip service to the presumed discomforts associated with space travel—cold temperatures, for instance.

They’re at least aware enough of it to pay lip service to solving it.

Also I’m guilty of having a Kylie Jenner lip Kit which is what I’m wearing in the picture on the left.

Her own colorful hair and lip gloss—turquoise and a bright violet, respecitvely, the day we meet—are likely to draw compliments of their own.

Trixie eventually triumphed in a mediocre lip sync that neither of them slayed.

Amid anger, grief and uncertainty, there is deal of British stiff upper lip: “It’s not the end of the world,” said one.

I saw the busted lip and the clumps of hair on the floor.”

I noticed you both took your lip piercings out, which I also did quite recently – Tegan: How long did you have yours?

When Jeremiah noticed, his upper lip began to involuntarily curl, and suddenly the stark difference between their faces was clear.

Then I learned that corporate America only gives lip service to the idea of a mother finding life-work balance through flexibility from her employer.

The lip ring is a hangover from my pop-punk phase.

Maybe she just likes lip gloss a lot.

He warns Moran to expect his upper lip to go numb after he drinks it.

McCain and Graham have paid lip service to the plight of refugees, and Graham has suggested he might support legislation to let more enter.

I’ve got my lip done… it says “Rat Boy.”

As for the lip sync, they both seemed a little bit held back and uninspired.

“I just think we are not at that point in the cycle,” lip said.

I have been getting many inquiries about my debate lip color in the last two days.I GOT YOU.

Like robots locking steely, “lip“-like ports.

You can still use a bold lip to boost your confidence at work, even if your workplace is the House of Representatives.

Laura Leal had a bloody lip, a scratch on her cheek and a bruise on the middle of her chest.

“Oh, the Kylie lip Kit one?”

Brb making a lip sync video of “Alone”—which I know word for word—so Celine notices me too.

People give lip service to this.

“This is why the American people are sick of the lip service and the hypocrisy.

This skin treatment kit includes two five-minute facial masks, an eye rejuvenating gel, and (yes) a lip mask.

Watching that lip lick, I wanted to devour Timberlake like a 44-ounce Cherry Slurpee and then burp and return for more.

The fastback roof slopes to a spoiler lip — and a prancing horse in chrome.

Tim is a contender on Thursday’s “lip Sync Battle” — and one of his songs is “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

I don’t ask that with a curl to my lip either.

So, this is how old and pathetic- The lip, the lip– Yeah, the lipizzags.

Paul’s lip got busted up in the fray and trainers checked him out, but he was fine to return.

The last person to try it in a kayak, Jessie Sharp, went over the lip in 1990 and was never seen again.

Worse, Caroline’s lower lip appeared to be bleeding, a small drop of blood poised there in the shadows.

Both men look weirdly good when I put the Kylie Jenner lip kit Instagram filter on them.

Cosmetics’ first-ever Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection, where she created her own lip color that sold out within a week—and then three more times after that.

Did you know that you were going to leave when everyone started lip syncing?

I thought maybe she and the producers were like, “Actually, Eureka is the worst, she should be lip syncing for her life.”

And the lip sync was amazing.

There were guys who lip synced to the Pokémon song.

“Yeah, I know what you mean—it’s so difficult cutting up veg on a plate with a lip.”

Morgan brushes a thin layer of egg wash along the seam, which keeps the lip from turning upward.

Paired with pearls and a red lip, she nailed old-school glamour.

I recommend NIVEA lip balm!

The likeness of the doll to Harrison Ford is exact, down to the chin mole and the scar under his bottom lip.

Owens’ win cements WWE’s commitment to its New Era as more than just lip service.

Turning controversy into cash (as the Kardashians do so well), Kylie Jenner launched her own makeup brand after confronting rumors about her lip injections.

“Find something that makes you unique beyond the typical ‘lip sync for your life’ style of being extra,” they say.

Like getting “SIT HERE” tattooed on your upper lip, or a tribal tattoo literally anywhere on your body.

Gotta let all the girls know it’s OK to have a hairy top lip.

There’s an article too — if you care — and she talks about Tyga and lip injections.

General Motors (2018) by Ryan Eckes is published by Split lip Press and is available from Amazon and other online retailers.

“We need more than lip service.

Both Robbins and Zurock remain tight-lipped about the recipe for creating the unique flavour of the lip balm.

Kylie plugs her lip kit repeatedly.

PND just there for (lip) filler.

The judge says “thank you,” and she walks back to her seat, her head shaking and lower lip quivering.

One bullet entered beside his right nostril and exited just below his lower lip.

According to the suit, Maggitt punched Bowles in the face and bloodied his lip.

Honduras demonstrates the lack of international will in 2018 even to give lip service to the need for free and fair elections.

The pizza should be thin but even with a slight lip around the crust.

Or, as LL Cool J told Vogue about Zendaya following a triumphant guest-starring spot on lip Sync Battle in 2017, “She’s cool.

Then, many Republicans at least paid lip service in condemning Trump.

She didn’t go through a full-on punk phase, but she did have a lip piercing back in the day (#rebel!).

A different procedure, called lip tether surgery, is sometimes done when the frenulum of the upper lip connects it too tightly to the gums.

There is something incredibly naughty and extremely polite about the white touches of paint “glistening” on her lower lip.

I wanted to win every challenge: every mini challenge, every lip sync.

Over the past few years, doga has spread throughout Los Angeles like the lip injection trend currently rampaging through California’s suburbs.

Sexual predators are flooding the social media app and creating an unsafe environment for creators who post videos where they lip sync.

Not that I was any good at any of the aforementioned; I was just happy to get a lip shine going.

She adds: “I cannot settle for partial solutions and lip service.

According to SELF magazine, lip augmentation procedures have increased by 43 percent since 2000.

In 2015 alone, a lip procedure was performed every 20 minutes.

She is a great performer, a lip sync assassin, and can turn a stunning look, but it’s always expected.

However, it’s highly likely that he was paying lip service to the issue instead of actually caring about the corruption problem.

Like, lip syncing three songs a night for $20,000.

Craig and Heather are asleep; my thigh muscles are on fire; Fetu is grimacing and biting his bottom lip.

Suddenly she pushed me onto the nearest headstone and started biting my lip.

According to the narrative, a doctor at the hospital diagnosed A.M. with an “acute head injury, cervical strain, and laceration of the lip.”

I would lip sync, ‘Happy Birthday’.

This news can only be topped with the inevitable Kacey-themed lip sync, to which we say: YES IN TARNATION!

To him, The Zone is about going right up to the lip of weight loss limits and laughing as you pass it.

One of those shows is Spike TV’s lip Sync Battle, which the network announced Tuesday has been renewed for a third season.

lip Sync Battle is exactly what its title suggests: a lip-syncing competition.

lip Sync Battle was born May 8, 2013, on an episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

lip Sync Battle’s deep roster of A-list contestants has a lot to do with the show’s celebrity producers and hosts.

Simply put, lip Sync Battle is internet catnip.

Kylie is 18 and admitted to having artificial lip fillers.

lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on Spike TV.

Alexis once again proved a bore with her derivative fashion ideas, and was subsequently slaughtered in the elimination lip sync by Peppermint.

The young crab lover apparently suffered a cut lip and broken front tooth, according to the local Fox News affiliate.

And he [can] smell Catherine’s lip gloss penguin which is green.

I look at things now, I look at Bad lip Reading.

A missing nose, lip, cheek, jaw, or eye socket was replaced by a partial mask, often kept in place by a pair of glasses.

I think Bad lip Reading right now is the top of my watch list.

KS: Bad lip Reading.

Bad lip Reading.

You can see her slash of red lip and low slung guitar in St Vincent and Anna Calvi.

This technique is still used for facial reconstruction of the upper lip, nose, ears and around the eyes.

Her dark lip added just the right edge.

(If we were, who would we lip sync along to Cher with?)

Chinese-made TikTok lets users record a video of themselves lip syncing along to music or movies.

lip service about internet access while municipal fiber efforts still get trampled and so on.

I use Benefit’s Benetint Tinted lip and Cheek Stain in Rose ($30) every day.

Ren quickly cops on that if you wanna get anywhere in this country, you gotta pay some lip service to the Christians.

I probably wouldn’t repurchase this Glossier lip gloss ($13).

I bought the Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow ($18) because I’m a lip gloss addict.

A seed mic went into his lip piercing, jewelphones into his ears.

I also have Burt’s Bees Tinted lip Balm in Red Dahlia ($5).

What if we taught more boys to be emotionally literate instead of keeping a stiff upper lip?

You hear a lot of lip service paid to this, but actually, companies don’t really like it when you fail, you know?

We see so much more than just outfits and lip syncs.

In between Ozzy’s Boneyard hits, Ian would bite his lip and throw up the horns like your hyped-ass dad at a Rush show.

Vlada’s lawyer claimed Kylie Cosmetics had a “history of taking Haggerty’s original dripping lip art and passing it off as Kylie’s.”

It also can lip sync to Alexa spoken responses when asked for information about the weather, news or random facts.

I applied dark purple lip gloss and extra mascara.

“It is not enough to give lip service to equality,” Collins wrote.

Facebook’s plan to take on may involve more than just its own take on a lip syncing feature.

Like, lip Sync Live – which is still in testing – a way to broadcast your lip sync recordings to friends.

Instead of lip syncing for fun, people are actually singing and competing.

It’s no surprise, then, that it now has in its sights, with regard to lip syncing.

They’re mostly oils that are dabbed on your face, preferably above your upper lip.

In the end, Paul Ryan paid some lip service to their demands, and became speaker.

Eventually, however, she wipes off the lipstick in favor of lip balm and heads out for the night.

Right now Give Them Lala means lip gloss and highlighter, but it’s also “my umbrella for many things to come,” she says.

Halloween forces grown-ups to pay lip service to their inner-child, leaving everyone feeling (and acting) like morons.

I certainly didn’t pay lip service to it—to me, what they taught was as real as gravity.

The lip of the lid is stained slightly.

Nevertheless, the Doctors’ Syndicate is a powerful institution in Egypt and its protests have elicited some lip service from authorities.

But is Yadav merely performing lip service?

The creamy colors are also great as lip colors.

Step 3 – Strip the Bottle “There’s a broad lip at the top of the bottle and a cage.

But even if you’ve sabred correctly, the lip of the bottle is going to be sharp cut glass.

For better and for worse, Sasha’s “So Emotional” has come to define what makes a great lip sync on Drag Race.

On All Stars 3, nearly every lip sync involved a reveal, but they rarely landed anywhere near the level of Sasha’s.

Trump routinely pays lip service to the idea that he doesn’t “condone” violence.

“She’s not giving lip service to it.

Brits, after all, are stereotypically known for their stiff upper lips and whatnot, and nobody’s upper lip is stiffer than a royal’s.

It’s also trying new games like lip Sync Live and a Talent Show feature where users submit videos of them singing.

They might be content to be fortresses that hoard their money, while the best and brightest pay mostly only lip service to societal health.

All images courtesy the artist ​Jeff Pang does a back lip in Williamsburg.

Until it is … it’s a lot of lip service.

For the past several decades, diversity has been something that both sides of the political aisle at least paid lip service to.

It’s also started testing a lip Sync Live feature with a collection of chart-topping hits.

So, next time you’re having a bad day, stiffen your upper lip and think of poor Michelangelo.

If she wants to make it political, then so it shall be, even if it is lip syncing to the choir.

30 years later, “rabbit” means “dual-action vibrator” the same way “Chapstick” means “lip balm.”

And they aren’t just utilitarian convenience store-type products like lip balm either.

Ned Yost is missing, I would say, 95 percent of the top of his lip in this thing.

Asha turned to find Lynn biting her lip and staring back.

“Much of the time, makeup items like lip and eye colors are spur-of-the-moment, impulse buys.

“Up until the 1980s, there was at least some lip service paid to rehabilitation.

There are also makeup kits, bath soaps, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

And they’re actually playing music, it’s not just lip syncing like Britney Spears.

When they lip sync for their lives they are, in fact, graciously providing sustenance for the rest of us as well.

His lip was quivering, and I remember thinking: These people know they are in the wrong.

“To our knowledge, this type of lip has never been recorded before,” James Cook University marine biologist David Bellwood told Reuters.

I will never forget that guy’s quivering lip.

It’s clear in the mug shot — Wendell has scratches on his nose and upper lip.

They opened the newspaper in the morning, and I’m there with a cigarette on the end of me lip.

“Fat lip” — Sum 41 56.

They have lip balm.

“I’ve got no teeth anymore,” Lynn says, pulling down her bottom lip.

Now Kaufman’s group sells novelties like hot cheese glue guns and fidget spinners augmented with lip gloss.

Corbett first drew blood when he struck Jeffries’ lip in the tenth.

Bennie Vines tells us his busted lip is just one of several injuries he got when the fight broke out.

We’ve built systems that surpass us at speech recognition, image processing and lip reading; that can beat us at chess, Jeopardy!

Cleft lip and palate repair is a delicate procedure, and the outcome is sometimes hard to predict.

Glossier lip Gloss ($14) is the grown-up version of our favorite OG beauty product.

If you’re after a filled-out pucker, the NIOD lip Bio-lipid Concentrate ($60) works insanely well.

The art of the lip sync has had a profound impact on the state of our…ok no, but dammit is lip synching fun.

There are also themed categories like love songs and a special section for tracks coming from prior lip Sync Battles.

Levitt sees the app as a way to continue to build the lip Sync Battle community.

When you have to break out the safety goggles for a lip sync battle, you know things are about to get real.

In China, there’s little more than lip service paid to the right to free speech.

Whereas as we all know here with beauty products, personal care products, I have five lip balms from different brands in my bag.

Cloud Paint, Haloscope, lip gloss.

“Also, we find some discriminating structural features for predicting criminality, such as lip curvature, eye inner corner distance, and the so-called nose-mouth angle.”

The first set starts rolling in and I realize that I’m already caught inside and the lip is going to hit me.

It also doesn’t explain why Kylie launched her makeup empire with lip kits and not, say, a contouring kit.

In 2014, a year before the first lip kits dropped, rumors began swirling about whether Kylie had gotten cosmetic surgery — another Kardashian hallmark.

“How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao.

“I have temporary lip fillers.

lip injections are part of it, but so is their penchant for dark self-tanner.

Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way since launching its first lip kits in 2015.

Houston, who had a bruised cheek and a cut lip, said Brown had hit her.

They never make me feel dumb for caring about a Chanel lip gloss; they make me feel validated.

You can contract the virus by sharing personal items like razors, lip balms, towels, or eating utensils.

So it’s nice to be able to just kick back with my friends sometimes and talk about lip gloss, or whatever.

And in drag it would turn into a lip sync, but in wrestling it turns into a fight,” said DJ Accident Report.

We’re already hearing lots of lip service about Coleman, but how much will Atlanta actually use him once the preseason begins?

Dawn is chewing her lip with a knowing look, a wry expression on her face.

The 27-year-old has had breast implants, Botox injections, lip augmentations, and more—all in the name of what she calls “bimbofication.”

And a lot of that collects in the little reservoir between the screen protector and the outside lip.

“As a safety/security president, he wants to actually make people safer, not just pay lip service (see national security and vetting policies).”

It’s always about the lip.

She joked and twerked all over that stage in one of the best lip sync performances of all time.

Or Jay Leno with “Jaywalking.” Or Jimmy Fallon with thank-you notes and lip sync battles.

Facebook has offered lip service about breaking out of the echo chamber.

Keep an eye out for a brand-new mascara, shadow palette, eyeliner, and lip balm.

But really, other than the runway, it’s the “lip sync battle” segment that stands as the show’s crowning glory.

), at the end of each show, two drag queens compete by lip syncing to a famous pop song.

Now let’s return to lip Sync Battle, a concept apparently entirely invented by Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon.

Before I continue, I must emphasise that there’s nothing objectively wrong with lip Sync Battle.

To see a queer man in full drag death-dropping while lip synching Cher’s “Believe” to screams of “WERK!”

When asked about lip Sync Battle in an interview for Vulture he dismissed it with a metaphorical eye roll.

To that end, it would be unfair to claim that one singular community owns lip syncing, as a concept.

Olivia Munn took on Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” for tonight’s episode of lip Sync Battle.

And, to top if off, Chyna also has a lip kit.

Elvis could grow a fine beard, sure, but his facial hair clearly stopped well below his bottom lip.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum tackled her husband’s “Pony” for an upcoming episode of lip Sync Battle.

And in 2017, minimally invasive treatments, which include things like fillers, lip plumpers, and Botox, were up 2 percent over 2016 levels.

“Then you push your lip under the head and take a sip.”

Kylie Jenner, 21, made headlines in July when she revealed she was getting rid of her lip fillers.

That was the culmination of years of controversy surrounding her getting the lip injections in the first place.

It has everything: a melodramatic two-way mirror reveal (err, “Ruveal”), insatiable thirst for revenge, and a Rihanna lip sync for the ages.

lip readers, get to work.

Is there a lip reader in the crowd who can deconstruct this mystery for us?

To make it extra bold, pair a dark lip liner with a lighter lipstick to create an ombré effect.

Use a white gel eyeliner to create dots around your eyes, and finish the look with a shiny nude lip color.

You can go simple with the rest of your face makeup, but add a bold red lip to tie everything together.

He agrees with some of the midwife’s first findings: the stomach, the cysts, the extent of the cleft lip.

Luis Vega, the owner of City of Angels Tattoos, tells TMZ … Cardi randomly walked into his shop Monday looking to get her lip pierced.

He gives lip service to these sorts of things.

When you feel the fairy-kiss light textures of the lip Pigment and Marshmallow Concealer, you will know what I mean.

For this Thursday’s episode of lip Sync Battle, Tatum fully committed to a rendition of “Let It Go.”

Each had to pick a group of girls to lip sync in a parody musical called the PharmaRusical.

For this Thursday’s episode of lip Sync Battle, Tatum fully committed to a rendition of “Let It Go.”

This isn’t the pressure of just winning a competition like on Survivor or Big Brother—these two girls are literally lip syncing for their careers.

Finally we got to the lip sync.

Their prototype masks have black lacy trim and pink lip stencils, so they look like sex toys rather than medical equipment.

And it’s not only lip service, right?

Between their lip Sync Battle showdown and their stunning red carpet appearances, Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan Tatum have given us serious #relationshipgoals.

But, in reality, she was using lip balm up to 300 times per day.

lip balm “addiction” is frequently debated in dermatology and psychology.

The base of the bowl is curved to keep the food centered and an inner lip reduces spillage.

Burt’s Bees Original Peppermint was Kerri Doherty’s preferred brand when her lip balm usage went off the rails.

One day, during a stressful client presentation, Kerri’s lip balm ran out — and she panicked.

She looked at the tube and realized that, in her panic, she hadn’t actually purchased lip balm.

Kerri never sought professional treatment for her lip balm usage, and neither we nor Dr. Mattila are in a position to diagnose her.

lip Balm Anonymous lists EOS as one of the lesser villains of the lip balm industry.

“It’s not clear that this product is any less addictive,” writes lip Balm Anonymous.

“Indeed, the fragrance, flavor, and unique packaging are likely to only to continue the fetishizing of lip balm by addicts.”

Donald Trump is willing to pay lip service to the idea that such a movement is a bad thing.

‘Oh, I’m a lip balm addict.’

Update: Looks like Kylie’s wasting no time getting her new lip Kit colors to the masses.

Update, Jan. 14: Kylie has chosen a name for her new rose-colored lip Kit.

Peppermint-Bark lip Balmlip balm addicts, it’s time to fall in love with something of your own creation.

Namely, this sweet lip balm.

Drop 2-3 drops of peppermint oil into a small lip balm tin.

Let your lip balms set in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes before taking them out and going to town.

Trump, naturally, took to Twitter to complain.Trump’s likeness, however, will be appearing on Spike’s lip Sync Battle.

“There’s this lip balm called Lucas’ Papaw — it’s my favorite.”This season of PLL jumped forward five years.

At the end, Gates lets out his breath, bites his lip, and closes his eyes.

HSM lovers have responded with some of the best lip dubs we could ever hope for.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum tackled “Pony” for an upcoming episode of lip Sync Battle.

“R29: And have you always loved a bold lip?L.R.

The amped-up lip look is cool, edgy, and (luckily) a lot easier to pull off than you might think.

Watch the video above, then scroll down for steps to achieve the bomb lip look.Step 1.

Using a flat lip brush, paint gold pigment on your top and bottom lips.

This means that you can walk out the door with three different foundations, moisturizers, shampoos, even lip glosses all in one trip.

I left the room with black eyes, a bloody nose, my lip was busted open, ribs were broken.

A rectangular tray with a lip?” “Yes,” the strategist answered.

lip Sync Battle this week was Kaley Cuoco versus Josh Gad and, as usual, it did not disappoint.

(Read More) Lawyer Up: EOS lip balm is being sued for causing rashes.

“It’s sort of similar to the ‘stiff upper lip‘ thing British men have going on, but there are definitely differences.”

But don’t be fooled, Trixie is going for way more in her life than just a bold lip.

For the season two premiere of lip Sync Battle, he went all-out with a performance of Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls).”

I also have a pair of little baby scissors … My spike bag has lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner.”

lip Sync Battle might have trouble topping this one.

Lo hitting her marks (like a Fly Girl should) — and, apparently, really singing instead of lip syncing.

Why?My upper lip has become a little less stiff.

That lip color!

In the photo, Lovato is stripped down to her underwear — though still rocking a red lip.

Aesthetically, I’m a big fan of the vintage 1940s look: I like to go with a cat eye and a red lip.

Update: Kylie Jenner named her new lip Kit shade Mary Jo, after her grandmother Mary Jo Shannon.

I have a full bottom lip, and I have to overdraw my top lip to balance it out, which is where things get dicey.

Jenner first teased the color on Instagram, showing off the latest lip Kit installment — and just about everything else.

“Could this be a new lip kit color?

The loud, crimson lip color is definitely an unexpected stunner for the youngest Jenner.

), I’ll just wear inoffensive basic hot stuff, but maybe with a bright lip or something.

R29: You’re a lip sync pro.

The outfits: bubblegum pink lip gloss, layered tank tops with Soffe-like shorts, a baby blue prom dress, black elbow-length arm warmers.

But in a more important sense, it shows that the USADA program is working, or that it’s at least more than lip service.

“You can give me all of the lip service you want — which a lot of people did,” he says.

I became obsessed with waxing the “peach fuzz” above my lip.

Olivia Munn opted for a bright orange lip that was a dead ringer for her gown.

It feels good, even if the bagels taste like a vat of lip gloss.

Swipe on some lip balm and get going.

Our eyes met—then all of a sudden, her lip trembled.

Hopefully it will add up to a three-way lip sync battle sometime soon?

She rocked an oversized hoodie and, other than some lip gloss, no makeup.

They started by building a fantastic video creation experience centered on lip syncing.

It also has a lip to reduce the risk of spillage, plus the base is designed to prevent your cat from tipping it over.

Usually we just wipe it clean, but according to lip expert Anna Snodgrass, we should leave those prints alone.

They may reveal more than you think.Believe it or not, there’s a field of experts who specialize in lipsology and analyze lip prints.

Each speaks to different aspects of a lip print and unique personality traits like compassion, frugality, and more.

Mackenzie took some serious damage in her Octagon debut earlier this month (check out her lower lip!)

lip Sync Battle is always fertile ground for amazing performances and weird antics.

This week was no exception, as Tim Tebow and Nina Dobrev squared off in the lip ring.

She’s also quite influential to her followers — need we remind you of a little incident called the Kylie Jenner lip Challenge?

Repeat offenders of the lip sync ban could lose their licenses to perform.To her credit, Dingding appears to be taking the misstep in stride.

The storyline lets Stranger Things pay lip service to a few progressive ideas about intersectionality and class and gender privileges.

But on Thursday, beautiful people Gigi Hadid and Tyler Posey will duke it out on lip Sync Battle.

It’s true that Sanders gave a lot more than lip service to issues of racial and gender justice in this speech.

She has a long nose, and a mole above her lip.

Kylie’s transformations (and lip Kit happenings) may make up an overwhelming number of our stories, but Kendall is looking like a close contender.

Greenidge claimed that a MAC rep applied lipstick to her mouth, and she developed a cold sore on her lip two days later.

“The actual lip is not a mucus membrane, so you would have to put the lipstick inside your mouth,” she says.

He called for more focus on victims and listening, honestly, to the cause of these killings rather than simply paying lip service.

lip sculpting, in particular, is the contouring skill we’ve been trying to perfect over the past few months.

Kylie Jenner’s pop-up shop damn near shut down an entire major city … and this ain’t lip service.

The draw wasn’t just her famous lip kits, Kyshadows or Kyliners — but Kylie herself.

The line includes body lotion, hand cream, body salve, bar soap, body wash, lip balm, and an essential oil blend.

Uber, however, is maintaining a stiff upper lip on Lyft’s expansion.

Nor were we speculating about which new lip Kit shade she was sporting.

He tongues some dip in his lip and spits into a Speedway cup.

But would it translate to the lip Sync octagon?

Because we did lip sync videos and we were the first …

So we lip sync to famous songs and we … And that, by the way, that’s the end of the sentence.

The photog says his lip got split open and his jaw hurts.

Smoky eyes and HD foundation are mainstays on the red carpet, but it’s the red lip that always wins the gold.

Eileen has the pouty lower lip and cartoonish expression of some of the artist’s earlier floozies.

After the fight, Sanchez paid lip service to the idea of his evolution as a fighter.

The bold, red lip stands out in stark contrast to the blue water and her pale skin.

She had to explain to them that it was a metal lip balm in her pocket, not the bracelet.

The foam rises, but doesn’t overflow from the lip of the cup.

Pushed flush against the wall, the bookend frames the hole, while a lip (or what becomes a shelf) extends from it.

The brand also has lip glosses, lip palettes, and color-changing lip products on sale.

That could just be my upper lip, though.”

Juicy Shakers is a pigment-in-oil lip gloss created by professional makeup artist and Lancôme Makeup Creative Director Lisa Eldridge.

She brings the nightclub to the classroom and vice-versa by teaching critical race, postcolonial, and gender theories through lip sync and lecture.

Kourt K is the best Kylie lip Kit color.

The attention to detail with her lip gloss application!

“It’s absolute lip service from the NCAA when they say they are about education,” Gurney says.

Like, what happens when you don’t have lip stain or blotting tissues to get you through the day?

You have lip sync amnesia!

I owned a lip gloss in every frosted pink shade in middle school.

But aside from her staple lip, her face is bare.

A heavier application works well for areas of thicker skin, such as the cheeks, nostrils, chin, jaw, and upper lip.

Jenner, who had hinted at expanding her makeup empire before, just announced a new line of lip glosses with — get this — a motion-picture trailer.

Wearing thick, gooey, 2006-reminiscent lip gloss, of course.

This simple design allows the robot to climb over the lip of a window sill and even climb stairs.

Whether Box of Microphones will be the next lip Sync Battle juggernaut remains to be seen.

It was sort of like a lip sync seppuku.

Still, his fate seemed to have been sealed long before the lip sync even started.

VICE: My biggest question for you is, why didn’t you lip sync for your life?

I don’t lip sync, I’ve never lip synced.

I’ve lip synced twice in my life, and those times were to get on Drag Race.

Did you think about practicing lip syncing before going into the competition?

My strategy was to not lip sync.

We heard you say on the show, “Well, most performers in the UK don’t lip sync.”

Buzzy products (ahem, the Kylie lip Kit) are teased on Instagram and Twitter, and then sell out in seconds.

But Gibbons had Pillar bat leadoff throughout camp to see if lip service would manifest in results.

That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on Tarte’s Tarteist lip Paint.

But what really makes this lip wonder stand out is the shade range and its long wear.

Coming from someone who somehow acquires a new lip product a day, that’s not a statement to be taken likely.

Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte lip Paint, $20, available at Tarte.

From the moment the shell touched my lip and I tilted my head to knock the oyster back, I knew something was wrong.

There’s a joke about how Kim isn’t wearing a lip color, her lips are just chapped.

Lynn also told INSIDER that her bottom lip was “itchy, burning, and extremely swollen” after wearing it.

I dabbed my lips with a beet, then let it sit for a bit before brushing berry juice onto my lip again.

Now, I rock a good, bold brow, a few swipes of mascara, and a classic red lip.”

Between her constantly sold-out lip Kits, Puma partnership, new cooking show, and surprisingly addictive mobile game, Kylie Jenner is one busy 18-year-old.

With great attention to detail, they even added a chocolate drip, imitating the look of Kylie’s lip kit.

You were the one to encourage Kylie to open up about her lip injections.

I just regret that I didn’t try as hard in the lip sync.

How did it feel to be lip syncing against her in the final?

To be clear, the boys from Dublin aren’t lip syncing — just playing live to tape.

lip service and even big donations in the name of racial justice doesn’t absolve these tech innovators of pursuing better hiring practices.

As someone who totes around anywhere between three and eight lip products at all times, a tinted lip balm is always in rotation.

Take the humble tube of lip balm.

In two paintings, the slight clefts of an upper lip enlarge, lighten, and unfurl as sails.

Since Trump is a savvy politician, he will always give lip service to evangelical concerns as a way of holding his base.

It’s like muscle memory — a little foundation here, a swipe of brow gel there, and maybe a punchy lip for some color.

Watch out, NFL — Antonio Brown’s got some gnarly new lip hair … and he’s using it to haunt your dreams.

Modern black metal’s customary lip service to certain spiritual or occult influences often feels forced, or hollow; not so here.

Sure, you could take the cynical view that this just lip service, but these days, even that’s a victory of sorts.

And, really, you could get more creative with the lip art you jack.

Trump never paid lip service to conservative economic ideology.

Other days, you feel a little daring and take the extra time to contour or embrace a bold lip color.

In 2009, he beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna and left her with a swollen face, a split lip, and several bite marks on her arm.

“It’s time,” says the dermatologist standing in front of me, pushing her anesthetic needle through my lip.

Two months after that, I undergo another operation that gives me a normal lower lip for the first time since I was 14.

Read our lips: We’re not saying you need lip injections.

Ready to get your fill on the subject of lip injections?

“It’s a nice day, I’d like to go for a walk.” Jane’s lip twitched.

Hint: Skip the contour, and less is always more … except when it comes to a bold red lip or a smudgy, smoky eye.

Luckily, beloved affordable makeup line ColourPop feels our pain and is launching a whole new lip range, dubbed Matte X, to address the issue.

It’s flooded with wrinkled, old photographs of fierce-looking women with teased hair, maroon lip liner, crop tops, plaid shirts, and baggy denim.

I put my condoms and small überlube and lip balm in there, the three items I use a lot.

2016: Tatum and Dewan compete on lip Sync Battle.

If a candidate can simply pay lip service to your key issue to win over your voters, you’ve lost all your power.

The tagline for this season of Drag Race All Stars is “lip sync for your legacy.”

I gnawed my lip.

Apple says it cares about education, students and teachers, and the work it showed today suggests that it’s not just lip service.

(Read on to get the scoop on a lip topcoat that mattifies your favorite creamy lipsticks.)

Even the world’s most powerful authoritarian states, Russia and China, feel the need to pay occasional lip service to democratic ideals.

For starters, you may already have found your lip color soulmate in a creamy finish.

Finish with a glossy lip for a one-two punch of contrasting texture.

We dig the slicked-back, no-fuss hair and the shimmery coral lip, as well as the tropical-print high-neck dress.

So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a new foundation, SPF, or lip balm, go ahead and click “add to cart” today.

When it comes to cornering the lip market, however, nobody can beat candy purveyors.

While scented nail polishes are still pretty niche, lip Smackers are low-key iconic within the teen-girl and former-teen-girl set.

It may be spring, but the lip shade of the moment has nothing to do with timid neutrals or tulip pinks.

It launched with generic flavors, but two years later, the company partnered with Dr. Pepper to create the world’s first iconic lip balm.

We hope lip in a sentence examples were helpful.