Lions in a sentence | Use of the word lions examples

Kim Kelly is chasing sea lions on Twitter.

The options are 50 eagles, ten crocodiles, three bears, seven bulls, one hunter, 15 wolves, 10,000 rats, five gorillas, and four lions.

The mines maneuvered with uncanny grace, dodging debris and leaping over obstacles like lions, stalking anything that moved.

That is what tigers and lions do when they are living in the wild and going about their business.

At Casela Park in Mauritius, petting cheetahs and lions inside their enclosures costs, respectively, about $20 or $25.

The album cover is a picture of a dead Somali baby beneath a cartoon of Egyptian pharaohs and African lions.

Pompey, a general of Ancient Rome, allegedly marched 600 lions and twenty elephants into the Colosseum to be slaughtered for sport.

Sharma’s departure comes after the company changed its name in June from xAd at the Cannes lions festival in France.

At first glance, Pedro and Samson may just look like lions.

For as cool as mind-controlled lions are, however, there’s no way they could beat the simple majesty of our following creature.

He also gets thrown into a lions‘ den but is saved by an angel.

Valued at $35 million, the property will be just you, your guests, and the local lions.

Tahrir al-Sham said “the lions of jihad and martyrdom will be waiting to pounce” against any incursion into Idlib.

Impulsively, she molded rugged, delicate objects — sirens, horses, trees, fruits, lions, houses — building an imaginary of loss and love.

In Xi’an in northwest China, university students spent 10 hours applying face masks to over 800 stone lions.

Becker is an undrafted rookie out of Miami (Ohio) who spent time briefly with the Detroit lions earlier this offseason.

Detroit has been playing tough the last few weeks, losing to the lions isn’t as humiliating as it might sometimes be.

Various other companies — including Apple, Dell, Time Warner, Comcast, Sony Pictures, lions Gate, and Starz — urged the governor to veto the bill.

He said he wanted to “blow off some steam,” and only brought the gun for mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

We broke the story, the former Detroit lions star was arrested for allegedly attacking a guy in L.A. on January 30th.

We are not about to be a meal for lions.

After a tranquilizer accidentally hit Ferrada, the lions began to maul and drag him back to their den.

Police said that they found what they believe to be a suicide note, scrawled with drawings of lions and signed by “Jesus.”

The lions went on to defeat the heavy favorites Canada 3-1 to claim the cup in Slovakia.

—New England added tight end Michael Roberts in a trade with the Detroit lions.

According to multiple reports, the lions are owed a seventh-round pick in return.

Moore reportedly is assured of $18 million, more than the $16 million guarantee that the Detroit lions gave Justin Coleman in March.

The incident was under review but there were no plans to change how the lions would be managed, the zoo said.

Sea lions typically eat sardines, anchovies, hake, rockfish, and squid.

Temple, seriously one of the kindest looking men on earth, was in South Africa checking out some lions and doing some poses.

The Eagles play the lions this weekend … we’ll see if the Wentz Wagon will continue to roll.

This is with the Texans leading the lions 14-3 by the way.

A safari guide at the Klaserie Game Reserve in South Africa captured footage of several lions attacking an old male giraffe.

Some of the lions held the giraffe by its hind legs while another one climbed up its back.

It took the giraffe five hours to successfully fend off the lions.

“On our early morning game drive, we found a pride of sleeping lions, as they usually do.

What came next was an epic hours-long exhausting stand-off between the lions and an old male bull giraffe.

According to Pienaar, they watched the lions stalking the bull for about 20 minutes before they made their move.

Two of the lions can be seen grabbing its back legs and holding on while another jumped onto its back.

There is also a lions preseason game across the street Thursday night, which would present a logistical problem.

They won a #GlassLion at the 2015 Cannes lions International Festival of Creativity for earlier work on this campaign.

A more public display of Hula’s work comes from a collaboration with Instagram for the Facebook Cannes lions Festival 2016.

And then there’s London, currently without an Elite League team although once home to Wembley lions, Harringay Racers, and London Knights.

There’s the Cannes lions, there’s The Webby Awards, and there’s sort of the Clio Awards.

Tanzania lost two-thirds of its lions from 1993 to 2014, despite a trophy hunting program.

This is not the Paris police force’s first run-in with lions in the city.

“The lions went away.”

“We don’t celebrate or tolerate the killing of lions and tigers.

“You get animals that suddenly go on a tear, whether it’s tigers or lions or sharks or humans.”

When will the lions of Hwange National Park be left to live out their years as wild born free lions should?”

It also keeps captive African lions, white tigers, and leopards.

“But I will find a way to sell meat to the lions.”

We have always been confident in Matt’s character and recommended him highly to become the head coach of the Detroit lions.”

Speaking of, the lions sit in the NFC’s No.

Win any two and they’re assured a spot in the field; lose this week against the lions and things start getting sketchy.

Side note — Bush played with the Saints, lions, Bills, Dolphins and 49ers … but, he only roots for ONE team these days.

I wanted to see things more immediate,” he explained at a talk Wednesday from the Cannes lions advertising festival on the French Riviera.

Four lions and Duffleblog are good examples of finding humor in both the absurd and the awful.

Jenkins took over as the Cougars’ head coach, and even though the Detroit lions selected Ware with the No.

Of course, this isn’t a documentary, and the lions (and most everything else) are animated, not real animals.

He plots — with the lions’ sworn enemies, the hyenas — to kill them both and take the crown.

It’s not like people can’t imagine talking lions, of course.

After Penn State’s win over Rutgers, Patrick Chambers, the Nittany lions coach, tried to equivocate on his opponent’s behalf.

“These are the mice,” he said, “not the lions” — banking executives who knew their company’s mortgages were bad but sold them anyway.

Wildlife advocates said that move contradicts the agency’s decision last year to extend Endangered Species Act protections to African lions.

It’s impossible to talk about the Detroit lions this offseason and not bring up the likely retirement of Calvin Johnson.

The lions can’t realistically replace Calvin Johnson; no team could.

Losing Johnson may at least provide some long-term help for the lions, in that his cap number is and always has been ridiculous.

The lions retained Caldwell because he checks off a lot of head coach boxes.

The lions hit big in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Ansah still has a fifth-year option, which the lions will pick up after he rampaged through the league for 14.5 sacks last season.

If Johnson walks away, the lions are in a pretty good spot to negotiate with each guy.

Regardless, the lions finally have some players of their own worth keeping, and it’s time to pony up for them.

Lukin Linklater originates from the Native Villages of Afognak and Port lions (Masiqsirraq in Alutiiq), a small inlet community in northern Alaska.

MC’s is an ordinary-looking establishment; white walls, a small swimming pool, Turkish flags dangling outside, and bronzed lions flanking the gate.

The lions‘ wins over Minnesota and New Orleans in the past two weeks have helped their chances enormously.

With a round-robin against the division and Week 3 win over the lions in hand, they could definitely make a run at it.

For the Seahawks, it’s now all about playoff seeding: Can they stay a half-game ahead of the lions even without safety Earl Thomas?

The Giants didn’t look impressive at Pittsburgh in their Week 13 loss, and face a brutal remaining schedule: Cowboys, lions, Eagles, and Washington.

The 20-year-old stripped naked, entered the enclosure, and wrapped his arms around the neck of one of the lions.

The 20-year-old stripped naked, entered the enclosure, and wrapped his arms around the neck of one of the lions.

“The zoo deaths of Bantu, Arturo, and the lions were all avoidable tragedies,” said Dawes.

DON’T TRY TO CATCH A FALLING KITCHEN KNIFE … or you could slice your tendon open like ex-Detroit lions tight end Joe Fauria.

The first line of the movie is Josh saying, “lions and tigers were kings of the jungle then they wound up in cages.

I could deal with lions and nudity, but somebody saying he’s God instead of me?

But can they stop charging bulls and bears and lions?

On the set of “The Young lions,” actor Marlon Brando (pictured) had a rivalry with co-star Montgomery Clift.

lions are technically cats, right?

Another comment is “oh lawd they comin,” talking about the lions.

I can also buy my own “Daniel in the lions’ Den” for 350 cubes.

His Foley High School lions were in Mobile to face the LeFlore High School Rattlers.

Meanwhile, the lions Stadium has been turned into a carnival, with inflatable challenge games and courses.

As far as his job status, “I’m 100% the head coach of the Detroit lions.”

Representatives for Harvey Weinstein and lions Gate did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Nittany lions, meanwhile, lost a far more competitive game to Michigan State that was disappointing in its own way.

The reformers enjoy the support of Barack Obama many moderate Democratic mayors, while the unions are supported by liberal lions such as Sens.

lions Gate bought Starz for $4.4 billion in a cash-and-stock deal in 2016.

Shares of lions Gate rose about 12% on the report, while those of CBS were marginally down in afternoon trading.

Reports on Abdullah’s possible return from a sprained foot are all over the map, but the Detroit lions would love to have him.

Imagine Barry Sanders working at a car factory in Detroit after his time with the lions.

By the way … Roary the lions mascot and Blitz the Seahawks mascot also hit the track … and clocked in SLOWER than Katy.

The Nittany lions’ lead grew to double digits early in the second half.

Forward Donovon Jack came off the bench to score 14 points for the Nittany lions, who had lost two straight and four of five.

They may look like ferocious big cats, but mountain lions are extremely chill.

The Nittany lions opened the second half with a 17-8 run, tying the game on a layup by Mike Watkins at the 13-minute mark.

The Nittany lions return home to take on Rutgers on Saturday, followed by a visit from No.

Shep Garner added 10 points and grabbed eight rebounds for the Nittany lions, who were held to 35.5 percent field goal shooting.

Kittle also had a potential touchdown opportunity but was held by the lions when he broke free.

The Detroit lions can clinch just their third postseason appearance since 2000 with a victory on Monday night.

The bad news is the lions are the lions, and therefore liable to lions it up at any given time.

Interestingly enough, the Cowboys are the last team the lions have faced in the playoffs.

Plus, it would come one week after the Browns declined to join the lions as the only franchise to finish 0-16.

It’s an exclusive club of badness to which only the lions belong (sorry, Buccaneers, but 0-14 just isn’t quite as inept).

“They fed BJ to the lions in that one,” Koscheck said.

Now, the oceanographic center is livestreaming the weird and wonderful noises of dolphins, sea lions, and other ocean dwellers, for all to enjoy.

The Nittany lions will next play at Northwestern on Saturday.

Josh Reaves scored 10 points and grabbed a career-high 13 rebounds for the Nittany lions (10-4), who had their three-game winning streak snapped.

The Nittany lions controlled play for large portions of the first half.

Carr made two and Nazeer Bostick added one for the Nittany lions who combined to shoot 58 percent from long distance in the first.

Sitting at 0-12, the Cleveland Browns are only four losses from matching the 2008 Detroit lions in the record books.

Detroit lions tight end Eric Ebron found a pretty cool way to honor his grandfather — custom cleats saluting his incredible military service.

Most people know Riz Ahmed as the lead in the British comedy Four lions.

I mean, those are lions taking down a gazelle—it’s not just a happy nature shot.

Boys who call themselves the lions.

Home to the Tigers, Pistons, lions, and Red Wings, Detroit is a proud and historic sports town.

But rather than join the Three lions for the matches, Rooney told Southgate he is ending his 14-year involvement with the senior team.

The last time a manager with no experience ran a team was the historically awful 2008 lions, who went 0-16.

They go by many names — cougars, mountain lions, pumas, panthers — but they are all the same animal.

Definitely a ‘hands to the face’ penalty on the lions here.

Nevertheless, it’s a credit to the lions that they converted the first down anyway and got a field goal out of the drive.

The Seahawks offensive line, which seemed to have found itself against the Detroit lions last week, was shredded by the Falcons’ front seven.

In the season three premiere, she’s watching a nature documentary, in which a pride of lions take down a water buffalo.

That’s the day Penn State plays in-state rival Pitt, which will likely be favored over the Nittany lions.

The Nittany lions will be expected to lose.

So far during his Nittany lions tenure, Franklin is 0-8 against every decent-quality team he has faced—Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Northwestern.

And Nittany lions fans are not going to be satisfied with mid-tier bowl games forever.

She’s partnered with Teen Vogue, spoken at the Cannes lions festival, and been featured on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 List.

Badgers and Nittany lions fans will cry foul, but that’s a realistic possibility.

Kramer started 46 games for the Bears from 1994-1998, and also played for the Falcons, lions and Chargers during his 10-year NFL career.

Kornack: Think about nature programs where you see antelopes torn to shreds by lions while they’re still alive.

The Gophers quickly regained the lead and staged a 7-0 run to go up 71-63, but the Nittany lions responded with a 16-0 run.

This happened 3.5 million years ago, and it probably happened because our ancestors had to protect themselves against large predators like lions and leopards.

But also … well, he is thrown to the lions, so to speak.

The previous season, the lions, who had averaged an NCAA-record 122.4 points per game, defeated the Gulls 152-137, but they couldn’t stop Bradshaw.

lions Gate Entertainment Corp (LGFa.N) rose 5.2 percent on investor speculation it could become an acquisition target.

We are bigger assholes than even the sea lions and tuna.

We are filing this from the Cameroon team hotel, where the Indomitable lions have just returned from training.

Wood also told the Detroit Free Press, that he thought it was just the lions who were getting the Sheeran Effect.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the lions Club, but they just gave me $1,250 worth of gas cards for people.

We’re not being fed to the lions!

“They were fed to the lions.”

Smells of popcorn, lions, sweat, and danger don’t fill the “middle-of-nowhere” air.

Kaaya joined the Colts in December 2017 after being signed off the Detroit lions’ practice squad.

They’re more dangerous than murderers, lions, and ghosts.

Listen to the man himself casually describe to TMZ Sports how he SPARS WITH lions as part of his training.

The Nittany lions led for 9:23 of the first 20 minutes but shot just 35 percent from the floor on 9-of-26 shooting.

You heard us … lions, like Simba and Mufasa except real and not animated … meaning totally capable of ripping your face off at any minute.

They were especially concerned that the same warnings that doctors give about cat allergies were not extended to lions.

It was a swift and decisive reality check that left many lions fans stunned.

Now the lions get to travel to Seattle and play the Seahawks on Saturday night.

(Vegas’ CES, held in January each year, is the early-year equivalent to Cannes lions.)

The unofficial center of the city is Al-Manara Square, a traffic circle with five stone lions perched in its center.

These front-end loaders, in effect, were two starving lions fighting for the last bits of an already picked-clean zebra carcass.

The Cornhuskers shot 56.4 percent (31 of 55) while holding the lions to just 26.8 percent (15 of 56).

Six players scored in double figures for the lions (1-2) in their home opener on Friday, a 78-57 win against William Carey.

The lions took an early 5-2 lead on Marlain Veal’s layup and 3-point jumper.

Moses Greenwood gave the lions a 7-4 lead at the 16:36 mark before the Cornhuskers offense got in high gear.

For the game, the lions committed 25 turnovers, which Nebraska turned into 33 points.

The lions did outrebound the Cornhuskers in the first 20 minutes but Nebraska ended up on top in that category, 39-30.

On Saturday, Cunningham and the Three lions Pride group will travel with their banner to Nizhny Novgorod for England’s second qualifying match.

Image: AFP Photo/Handout/Shibukawa Animal Park The phrase “escaped zoo animals” conjures up visions of marauding lions and stampeding elephants breaking free of their paddocks.

“Razana was probably an opportunistic animal, just like hyenas and lions,” Dal Sasso told me over email.

In reality, these lions are defined by their confidence, loyalty, and warmth.

When he made his Millwall debut, the lions were still in the old Third Division.

#4 CRACKMAN “My living room is full of lions treasures.

My garage also has a lions mural on it that this talented young artist painted for me.

I also just got a 14-seat lions‘ minibus that we are going to take to tailgates.”

Thankfully, they have the help of several lions that Jackson has apparently tamed into doing his bidding.

You can also find mountain lions, coyotes, and mushrooms that pop up as soon as rain begins.

While this is the sign of royalty, we also know that lions can be lazy.

Those who buy into neo-masculinist ideology are not lions led by donkeys, but “betas” led by “alphas.”

Golladay made eight catches for 113 yards and recently-signed Bruce Ellington made six receptions for 52 yards for the lions (4-6).

The lions regained the lead on Stafford’s 19-yard pass to Golladay.

The lions held a 10-7 halftime lead.

The next five possessions in the game ended with punts before the lions moved in front on Prater’s 54-yard field goal.

lions, mammoths, rhinoceroses, and cave bears make up the majority of painted animals, in addition to a plethora of other animals.

Cannes is technically an awards conference for advertisers, and the Cannes lions website claims 15,000 attendees despite registration fees as high as €3,750.

The Detroit lions are Little Caesar’s.

His latest stint, with the Niagara River lions of Canada’s pro basketball league, lasted less than two weeks.

It’s not only jaguars: Predator control and hunting also extirpated mountain lions from the southwest and midwest.

After being released by the River lions, Deguara could have signed on with another team in Europe.

Dave Grohl—lead Foo Fighter, savior of safely practised rock and roll, and occasional muppet—played a private solo show at Cannes lions last night.

I was also mistaken for Paul Yoon at an award ceremony where he won the Young lions Award.

lions Defense (17% owned).

Detroit lions (3-4) — It’s the Super Bowl.

lions down five.

The lions have—hang on.

Therefore, by rule, which was just invented before the play in secret in the league office, the game is over, lions lose.”

I guess what I’m saying is, the lions, no matter what, will find a way to not win the Super Bowl.

They’ve won five straight against the Panthers, the Dolphins, the lions, the Rodgers-less Packers, and the Bears.

Now he DJs reggae and dancehall under the name DJ Laobang, and is working with Far East lions, a reggae crew in town.

A few years later he hooked up with DJ Shohei, from Okinawa, and started Far East lions.

When you reach the lions (second cage on the left), push her in.

The Giants are basically the Detroit lions with a slightly more forgiving curse.

I shall tell the keeper not to feed the lions until tomorrow.”

She ought to have given the lions some jam, I thought to myself.

He’s no longer a Dolphin — dude got shipped out to the Detroit lions earlier this month.

Only once in NFL history has a team played 16 games and lost every time: the 2008 Detroit lions.

What is “lions Den”​ about?

Marvin Jones, Detroit lions WR.

Volunteers usually make contact with the YPG, which actively recruits Westerners, through social media channels such as the lions of Rojava Facebook page.

lions, Packers, Vikings … thoughts?

Do we allow mountain lions to roam?

Matt Stafford, Detroit lions.

Some people would argue yes — what a beautiful idea to have grizzly bears and mountain lions still with us.

Nittany lions F Lamar Stevens is averaging 16.3 points and 10.3 rebounds over his last three games.

Darius Slay, Detroit lions CB Remember that thing about middling teams brigading for Their One Guy?

Leos are famous for their big egos, but even the hottest lions have self-esteem issues sometime.

“We fought like lions,” he said.

The Detroit lions host the division rival Chicago Bears this Saturday, so naturally the topic du jour was film.

They may not look much like living lions, but they preserve both historic DNA and visuals of the animal.

It was called the Hunter’s Fort lions Club.

Schwartz was fired after his lions underachieved to a 7-9 record in 2013.

It was enough to seal the game with a walkoff, game-winning TD for the lions in overtime, 22-16.

Sea lions popped their heads out of the water, gasping asthmatically.

• Eric Ebron Catching the Ball: lions fans may never forgive their athletic 2014 No.

They didn’t even beat the lions at home, which they’d done every single year since 1992.

They mostly focused on large carnivores like lions and leopards, but included some data on hippos too.

I played a festival the week before, called Barn on the Farm, and did “Four lions” for my encore.

Go back to basics and make friends with sea lions in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay.

Kendricks won’t travel with the team to Detroit to their game against the lions on Thursday night.

Penn State fans don’t take kindly to losing to Pitt, and the Nittany lions didn’t seem like the better team.

Nittany lions fans also haven’t let me forget what I have said about Franklin.

Newspaper accounts for Stone’s 1949 debut with the San Francisco Sea lions mention her driving in two runs in her first at bat.

Famous for the three lions on their shirt, England mysteriously chose a bear as their official mascot for Euro ’96.

Some, with their colors and old landscapes in hunting lodges with their lions and eagles, have the odd look of old oleographs.

The US Navy already uses trained dolphins and sea lions to find underwater mines and other objects.

That’s what happened in 2003 when the Detroit lions hired Steve Mariucci without interviewing a minority candidate.

(Five of them turned down interview offers, deducing that the lions‘ decision had already been made.)

Cecil was a prized attraction at the park and was being closely studied as part of a research project on endangered lions.

Each time a person entered the room, the two sea lions would try to get their attention, presumably in an attempt to get food.

Forgive me for not taking the cheese after Royal posted seven grabs for 111 yards and a red-zone touchdown Week 4 against the lions.

Using the lions at home against Case Keenum and the Rams isn’t a bad plan, either.

He pitched in Japan with the Seibu Saitama lions for a season, and then he came back.

The former Colts and lions head coach joined first-year head coach Flores’ staff in February.

Anquan Boldin, WR, lions (24% owned).

With long-haired manes, Barbary lions once inhabited the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa but have been considered extinct in the wild for decades.

My favorite part was learning about the giraffes and the lions.

Across 36 minutes, the record crackles, moans, and shivers with the sounds of shattering ice, barking sea lions, and birdsong.

Quin, a fourth-round pick of the Texans in 2009, spent his first four seasons in Houston before joining the lions.

That’s right: The lions are now 5-4, and Stafford’s late-game heroics are responsible for every single one of the lions‘ wins.

lions devoured the man, authorities say.

“It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” a spokesman told AFP.

The lions left almost nothing behind, according to police, who have yet to identify the victim.

lions devoured the man, authorities say.

“It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” a spokesman told AFP.

The lions left almost nothing behind, according to police, who have yet to identify the victim.

Bears QB Mitch Trubisky and lions QB Matt Stafford — who both posted vids of them destroying some suds in response.

Of course, Rodgers has demolished both the Bears and the lions in his career … so no coming back for Stafford and Trubisky from here.

lions sport monocles, birds act as judges, the king is a penguin, and one illustration has a falcon wearing a cravat and sleuthing-style hat.

[He] moved to France to learn from the country’s culinary lions and to absorb its traditions and techniques.”

“A lone female scientist without the strong backing of a university must have looked like easy prey to 14 climate-action lions,” Crockford wrote.

The U.S. Navy, for example, is hot on bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, since dolphins possess incredible sonar abilities that can surpass modern technology.

Sea lions attach recovery lines to navy equipment, since they can dive and resurface quickly without getting “the bends” like a human might.

The U.S. Navy, for example, is hot on bottlenose dolphins and sea lions, since dolphins possess incredible sonar abilities that can surpass modern technology.

Sea lions attach recovery lines to navy equipment, since they can dive and resurface quickly without getting “the bends” like a human might.

QB: Matthew Stafford, $5,400

Matthew Stafford hasn’t played up to expectations so far this season, disappointing fantasy players and lions fans alike.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon in Three-Rivers, Québec, lions clash to contest supremacy.

Crossing a two-way street is the same as being chased by lions.

The lions share of homeowner remodeling–45 percent—is done in by homeowners in the 25 most expensive housing markets.

The Detroit lions ran up a 21-3 lead on them before they mounted a failed comeback attempt.

lions 27, Bears 24 Matthew Stafford completed 21 of 31 passes for 299 yards and two touchdowns, and Detroit outlasted Chicago.

A go-ahead, 52-yard field goal by kicker Matt Prater with 1:35 remaining helped the lions (6-4) win their third consecutive game.

I can’t remember the first time I heard “Three lions”.

Meanwhile, Matt’s working pretty hard too — gearing up for the NFL season with the Detroit lions.

“Three lions” is still here, because “Three lions” is all of us, whether we care about football or not.

As Baddiel explains in the BBC Documentary, “Three lions” isn’t about winning, and it isn’t about losing.

Her characters morph into animals, and women grow the bodies of lions or birds.

You look at lions and they’re considered lazy from our standpoint.

I’d take pictures of lions, and people would find my website.

At that time, they were working with performing animals—exotics such as lions, tigers, elephants, and camels.

The lions faded down the stretch as well, though Matt Stafford had a standout year.

Against a depleted Legion of Boom, he and the lions have a decent shot at an upset.

“Three lions,” “World In Motion,” “Vindaloo.”

Nobody wearing three lions on their shirt at kick-off tonight can afford to take the Icelanders lightly.

Their pickled grey matter will proceed to sing a psychokinetic version of “Three lions“, while being sporadically electrocuted by an enormous power node.

Even lions fans can appreciate this …

The Eagles are on a bye week … but then they’ve got the lions, Redskins, Vikings and Cowboys.

It ended in an interception, but it’s what got the Nittany lions to this point in the first place.

Rating: Two lil’ lions and a timber wolf—we basically bought a zoo.

Penguins and sea lions, though both widely known for being cute as hell, have also been observed mating with the dead.

Joe Schmidt, the veteran leader of the lions defense in 1963, was starting his first season as Detroit’s head coach in 1967.

They would later go on to play a key role in Marvin Gaye’s tryout with the lions in 1970.

Whichever one of them gets the nod, it is highly unlikely to usher in a new era of international dominance for The Three lions.

You’re not subject to changes in weather or water temperature or predators or pathogens or sea lions tearing up nets.

[] Cannes lions, the ad industry’s biggest party, might finally be sobering up.

Florida panthers are a subspecies of cougar (also known as mountain lions, pumas, or catamounts).

lions faced off against Baltimore at B.C.

lions running back Sean Millington on the experience: “They were the All-American team and they were supposed to wipe the floor with us.

The campaign nabbed the Grand Prix in the Direct category at the Cannes lions, elbowing out State Street and McCann’s “Fearless Girl.

A freshman has led the Nittany lions in scoring in each contest.

“I dutifully peeled the reflectors off and carved teensy tiny Crasher lions out of them to adorn an outfit with.

Drew Brees continues to put up huge passing numbers but threw three interceptions and no touchdowns against the lions.

Golden is now working as an assistant coach for the Detroit lions.

—Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Stafford played through broken bones in his back last year, according to a team reporter.

The Moon is in Leo, a sign pretty much as lazy as you are—cows and lions really love to lay around.

He played in all four games, throwing for 691 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions as the lions went 2-2.

Once lions began to mentor him, “it started making sense and you realize, those dudes who are good, they didn’t really start good.

The last time they went, her son became dizzy with laughter, spotting lions, elephants, giraffes, and hyenas.

The Detroit lions QB and the ATL Falcons QB just wrapped up a couples vacation with their smokin’ hot wives in the Bahamas.

FYI, Matt’s Falcons have played Matt’s lions 3 times in their careers — with Ryan winning 2 of the 3 meetings.

Like the guys with the lions there.

Five male lions are known to have successfully made it across the highway, two of which have sired litters of kittens.

Further back are chambers where the inhabitants could have slept protected from hyenas, lions, leopards, and other predators.

Efforts to build safe crossings for the lions, such as underpasses and bridges, are fortunately in the works.

Her family, for example, uses a semi-automatic firearm when they go hiking to protect themselves against mountain lions.

He deserves to win because of lions?Not really, but that suggestion… you know what I mean.

Our bus driver on this tour also told me he was a medium and that I have lions looking after me.

Fully maned lions.

The Bills and lions have met in the preseason finale every year since 2002.

The lions had won the previous nine matchups.

Lamar Stevens had 26 points, and Mike Watkins had 20 points and 15 rebounds for the Nittany lions (13-6, 3-3 Big Ten).

There’s no way of knowing if the Salt lions will be in the place you think it is, and that can be distressing.

But Carr dribbled to the left elbow, before pulling up and hitting the winning jumper for the Nittany lions.

The Cornhuskers’ reserves outscored Penn State’s bench 27-7, but couldn’t keep up with the Nittany lions on the backboards and were outrebounded 48-36.

And not just local fauna; exotic birds, lions, and even chameleons appeared in art, literature, and philosophical thought.

The Packers claimed Roberts off waivers from the Detroit lions on Monday.

But the weapons were apparently no help to the group when they found themselves face-to-face with some angry lions.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that Fox said he and his workers found shoes and human remains—including a skull—scattered near the lions‘ den.

The Detroit lions QB is currently in Cabo with Matt Ryan and his wife, Sarah Ryan.

This time, though, the park’s rhinos apparently had some lions watching their backs.

Obviously the lions must think he’s pretty good … you don’t just hand out that type of cash to scrubs.

Tanzania lost two-thirds of its lions from 1993 to 2014, despite a trophy hunting program.

He is second on the league-leading lions in scoring, despite having missed ten games with an upper-body injury.

“Top priority for us is user experience,” he said from a beachside cabana at the Cannes lions advertising festival on Tuesday.

NFC NORTH The lions failed a massive test when they lost at the Giants in Week 14.

How likely is it the Cowboys lose to both the lions this weekend and the Eagles the next?

They released their debut album the same year “Three lions” went to number 1 and Oasis spent 134 weeks in the charts.

Jim Caldwell, Detroit lions 2.

Wahlberg was out in Bev Hills when a photog broke the news to him about CJ’s retirement from the Detroit lions.

And with this varied world comes varied fauna: leopards, rhinos, baboons, lions, hippos, crocodiles, horses, camels, rabbits, cats.”

He hops into his truck (decked out in lions logos) or his new 14-seater minibus and heads to root for his city.

The lions of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham are beginning to attack all the crusaders.”

As a young lad, I can remember being home and my dad throwing shoes at the TV while watching the lions play football.

I called the lions‘ organization.

I spoke to the man who was the CEO for the lions at that time.

The lions even sent stuff to the funeral home with their condolences to the Crachiola family.

Unfortunately, the lions are also a bit of a statistical anomaly.

I started wearing my bib-overalls cut into shorts with the hardhat and the lions‘ Argyle socks with my lineman boots.

(If applicable) My living room is full of lions‘ treasures.

My garage also has a lions‘ mural on it that this talented young artist painted for me.

I also just got a 14-seat lions‘ minibus that we are going to take to tailgates.

They always want to know what happened to the lions today?

I answer, “Because I’m a lions fan and I’m proud to be one!”

You know there’s only one team in Michigan and that’s the Detroit lions.

Detroit is often called a hockey town, but believe me, on lions‘ game days, it is a football city.

When the lions start putting together a real winning season, it’s going to go nuts in Detroit.

The biggest reason to believe the lions can hang in this game is the play of star cornerback Darius Slay.

And it happens against the backdrop of sex lions and a murder at sea.

Even that might not be good enough, as the lions can get to 11 wins before going head-to-head to the Packers in Week 17.

My read: I like the lions to keep this game close.

I’m nervous about the lions converting in the red zone.

And I think Seattle escapes in a game that’s a little more high-scoring than lions coach Jim Caldwell is comfortable with.

As human populations increase and prey decreases, man-eating could become a viable option for lions, the researchers wrote.

lions rarely eat humans.

They compared them to zoo lions, wild lions, cheetahs (which do not eat bones) and hyenas (which scavenge and eat entire carcasses).

If the lions were desperate and scavenging for food, they expected to see evidence of bone-crunching on their teeth, similar to hyenas.

Two young sea lions get into a playful tiff near Hornby Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Detroit lions (9-7) Where things went wrong: The lions died in Week 3 but it took 13 weeks for it to become official.

With their winged lions, tapestry brick, interior murals, and stained glass windows, Sullivan’s banks instantly draw the eye.

Dwayne Washington reinjured his ankle against the New Orleans Saints and had to leave, and Zenner jumped back into the lions‘ backfield mix.

Don’t want to wake up the, uh, lions?

But Leo also appears to be extremely malnourished, with ribs that poke out and a mane that’s scragglier than the other lions.

I’d be interviewing players of the the Uni-President 7-Eleven lions about their diets.

They dance and sing in homage to the Three lions.

The sea lions show signs of domoic acid poisoning, a toxin that is produced by the algae Pseudo-nitzchia.

The toxin builds up in the sea lions, which eat fish that consume the algae.

lions slinking against jeep tires, with buffalo blood on their noses, the guides whispering and turning off the engines.

lions sleep so they can hunt and they hunt so they can eat.

But then, another lion trots in to rescue him, the hyenas scatter, the lions flop on top of each other in the grass.

Soon after, Attenborough tells us, the two lions are driven from their pride, now old enough to start one of their own.

2: Life With the lions album, into a beat-blasting mood piece.

Eric Ebron, a player for the Detroit lions, responded on Twitter this morning:

Sea lions, things like that.

Archival footage of Cartel Land and Sicario courtesy of A+E Networks, lions Gate Films, and The Orchard.

The Nittany lions were known for having porous offensive lines in their first two years, and really a mediocre offense in general.

The Nittany lions gave up 341 rushing yards on the day, and were absolutely demolished in the trenches.

The lions probably put Forsett in an unfair position in Week 6, having to use him just days after signing him out of desperation.

2: Life with the lions (1969), since they had first met in London three years earlier.

Carson Wentz was intercepted on a desperation heave in Detroit as the lions upset the Eagles for Philly’s first loss of the season.

With the lions game included, things look marginally better—60.2/5.5/2.2/88.4—but still near the worst, if not the worst of his career.

One of the coaches of the Las Vegas Red lions posted the video … saying the kids decided on their own to protest.

BTW — the Red lions won 28-13.

Imagine lions and zebras, both currently found in southern Africa, fleeing in different directions.

The Detroit lions‘ Matthew Stafford, another former No.

LVMH is expected to announce a joint business partnership with Tencent during the Cannes lions media conference that month.

There’s also a stork and a group of lions riding tanks.

Detroit lions star Marvin Jones listen up … sure you might’ve killed your “American Idol” audition like O.J.

lions fans will definitely agree.

Owners dressed their pups as lions and cows and confusing memes, and there were even contests to award the canines for their cute outfits.

Next up for the Rams — the Detroit lions on Dec. 2.

You can feed lions and even share mud baths with rhinos.

The lions‘ pass defense is, let’s say, not highly esteemed.

On the other side of the ball, quarterback Matthew Stafford’s accuracy and effectiveness has made the lions‘ poor running game irrelevant.

Though lions tailbacks combined for just 63 yards on 20 attempts, the lions out-possessed the Saints by almost 14 minutes.

For the first time all year long, the 8-4 lions won a game by dominating wire to wire.

But that’s the only qualifier on what’s a huge statement win for Stafford and the lions.

Nobody thought the lions would be in this position at the beginning of the year, and certainly not after their 1-3 start.

We’ve reached out to lions Management, so far no word back.

Now, Patricia — along with the top Detroit lions execs — issued a statement saying the allegations were BS in the first place.

The Detroit lions came into the contest a miserable 1-3, having helped the winless Chicago be not-so winless anymore.

A lions offense brimming with first- and second-round picks mustered just six points against a punchless Bears defense decimated by injury.

Instead, the Eagles allowed touchdowns on each of the lions‘ first two drives.

The lions secondary—that had provided wet-tissue resistance to everyone from Aaron Rodgers to Brian Hoyer—was stymieing a quarterback who’d been shredding everybody.

The Detroit lions are remembering the city’s greatest singer — sending their “deepest condolences to the family and friends of Aretha Franklin.”

The lions tweeted out, “Aretha was a groundbreaker and an icon whose legacy will live on forever.”

lions average less than one minute.

(The Sports Xchange) – The Detroit lions found the perfect remedy for a three-game losing streak.

Matthew Stafford threw his 200th career touchdown pass as the lions beat the punchless Packers 30-17 on Monday.

Stafford’s 25-yard completion to Jones on third-and-10 was the key play, making the lions six of nine on third down.

He appeared in only one game, completing one of three passes for six yards in a 34-9 loss to the Detroit lions on Thanksgiving.

Idris Elba and Dominic West, late of The Wire, play a pair of presumably wisecracking sea lions.

Here’s how Detroit lions tight end Eric Ebron got down in San Fran last night.

DeMarcus Ware and Demaryius Thomas are celebrating their Super Bowl victory over the Panthers … by staring down lions on a South African safari.

The Broncos superstars are visiting the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa — home to lions, leopards and elephants.

FYI, Bre is Breanna Tate — sister of Detroit lions wide receiver Golden Tate.

Nittany lions coach James Franklin even got in there to prevent his players from tussling.

Kramer started 46 games for the Bears from 1994-1998, and also played for the Falcons, lions and Chargers during his 10-year NFL career.

Detroit lions: WR LaQuon Treadwell, Ole Miss Treadwell isn’t Calvin Johnson, but he does have the dimensions teams look for in a No.

27-year-old Culpo is coming off a wild breakup with 33-year-old NFL star Danny Amendola, a wide receiver for the Detroit lions.

The Nittany lions would also have to hope Michigan doesn’t stay in front of them.

Trophy hunting—where large, rare animals like lions are killed simply to be stuffed and mounted—is a controversial sport.

And Ringling will continue featuring lions, tigers, kangaroos, and other large animals in their performances.

This was a buoyant time for the Three lions.

lions Love [ft. Joachim]9.

“That’d be like letting the lions run the zoo,” they laugh.

The heroic one, with lions and tigers in cages and whatnot.

I performed tricks with sea lions.

With Matt Stafford not playing the opener for the lions, Jake Rudock and Matt Cassel, in his 14th season, posted similar numbers.

Running back Ameer Abdullah scored the lions’ only touchdown on a 1-yard run.

March 22 (Reuters) – lions Gate Entertainment Corp: * lions GATE ENTERTAINMENT – ENTERED AMENDMENT NO.

If Matthew Stafford doesn’t crack under center for the lions this year, all four teams could finish near, at, or above .500.

This year, the Nittany lions cemented themselves as the cream of the challenger crop following Saturday’s 42-13 drubbing of Michigan.

Among the species in the area are badgers, coyotes, pronghorn, bobcats, and mountain lions, he said.

Along the way, they come face to face with some sea lions who are sure to be the breakout stars of this movie.

The lions didn’t do badly in free agency, and they probably would’ve improved slightly had Johnson stayed.

The lions were able to keep most of their better free agents, with only Abdul-Quddus fleeing for more money.

But outside of those two, the lions don’t have much settled in the secondary.

Her gown sent a clear message that she belonged to the Lannisters: it was patterned gold and trimmed with lions, their house’s sigil.

lions belong in the wild, where their needs can be fully met, not in captivity for use as entertainment or photo props.

After playing for the University of Tennessee, Mike was drafted by the lions, where he would stay for the next 10 seasons.

This incentivizes large fish and creatures (like sea lions) looking for a tasty snack to hang out in the area.

Fat sea lions swim around us, large schools of silvery fish whirl around the beams, and oil’s being extracted underneath it all.

“They made a family trip to interact with dolphins, sea lions and stingrays,” a source told PEOPLE.

According to ADI, almost all of the lions have been declawed or have had teeth removed, leaving them unable to survive in the wild.

Instead, they’ll be brought to Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, a 12,355-acre reserve that already houses six other lions and two tigers.

—Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is questionable to play Sunday against the Detroit lions, though he practiced all week and expects to play.

—Defensive end Ziggy Ansah could rejoin the Detroit lions on the field Sunday for the first time since injuring his shoulder in Week 1.

Seven of the islands most well-known species, including giant tortoises, penguins and sea lions, are at risk of declining as the planet warms.

American Airlines’ latest dictum does not mention lions, tigers or bears.

NFC With their emphatic Monday Night Football win over the Detroit lions, the Dallas Cowboys locked up the NFC’s No.

Junagadh is located just two kilometres away from the boundary of the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses 45 lions.

Wildlife experts say that it is common to find lions trespassing into the town as their population grows.

lions can have sex for up to 20 hours straight.

The lions will have gone 4-1 against the Eagles, Packers, Rams and Saints while the Falcons will have gone 3-2.

then Jacqueline Salome and her husband stole the show on the wonderful set @alexameadeart created here at Cannes lions for Instagram.

—The Rams officially activated cornerback Aqib Talib from injured reserve, clearing the way for him to play Sunday at the Detroit lions.

Women at the Cannes lions creative festival in France found a rude surprise in their inbox on Wednesday.

—The Detroit lions signed wide receivers Tom Kennedy and Jordan Smallwood following their rookie minicamp.

Lamar Stevens scored 22 points on 9-for-18 shooting for the Nittany lions, who had no other players score in double figures.

Chambers apologized to Dread and his family for the incident and accepted the suspension announced by Nittany lions athletic director Sandy Barbour.

Thirty two thousand of those trophies came from Africa’s “Big Five” hunts, which include African lions, elephants, cape buffalos, rhinos, and leopards.

Trophy hunters killed 29,000 mountain lions in the United States between 2005 and 2014.

In February, 12 lions and six leopards had died as a result of the situation.

The young lions will now live in the zoo’s Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit.

While in town for the Cannes lions Festival of Creativity, she stayed in a stunning $40 million Airbnb.

They scored just 20 points against the Detroit lions, last place in defensive DVOA, despite the team being without ace cornerback Darius Slay.

Mike Utley played guard three years for the Detroit lions from 1989 until 1991, when he was paralyzed on the field.

Mike Utley: It was the 11th game of the year, the Detroit lions against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Nittany lions hit 42.6 percent of their long-distance attempts (11 of 26) and shot 33.8 percent (22 of 65) overall from the floor.

You can find Katie resisting the urge to watch Four lions again on Twitter.

According to BBC, a suspected rhino poacher died at the park after allegedly being trampled on by an elephant and then eaten by lions.

When I first saw this one, I was ready to roll my eyes (really?…weather-controlling lions?). — Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) July 19, 2019 The Lion King lions look too real. — Detroit lions (@lions) August 16, 2018 Deeply saddened by the passing of a beloved friend and queen/warrior Aretha Franklin.

He was hurt Nov. 6 against the Detroit lions.

Both gorillas and lions are capable of ripping humans limb from limb.

We won over 90 Cannes lions this year alone so there is no need for scam projects.

They won a #GlassLion at the 2015 Cannes lions International Festival of Creativity for earlier work on this campaign.

Simba and Nala, having gone through lion puberty, are now adult lions.

As a song on its own and not attached to hormone-ravaged young adult lions, Donald Glover and Beyoncé’s version soars.

Nobody, after all, really needs a documentary about lions, but with lip-syncing.

Unlike jaguars and tigers, lions don’t like water,” the zoo wrote in the post about the incident.

lions or tigers are predators, but gorillas are peaceful vegetarians.

Kemp’s group went to lions and Pistons games, ate buffalo wings, and bowled.

Inside, however, is a museum-worthy collection of more than 600 taxidermy pieces, ranging from full-size stuffed lions to spare legs, heads, and animal carcasses.

The Nittany lions are young, with two freshmen – Lamar Stevens and Tony Carr – among their top four scorers.

Posing with tigers and lions and other massive creatures has become a tired trope in the world of dating apps.

lions and tigers and girls in flower crowns, oh my!

No, it’s not lions, tigers or elephants: it’s rescue dogs.

We hope lions in a sentence examples were helpful.